Road to a Teleplay- Episode #23789772

So I’m sitting outside of a McDonalds in the shade, and picked up a Wi-Fi on my laptop. Sweetness.

Working on episode one of a new drama serial. It’s tough. Having to map out the plot, write scenes and make sure that there is plenty of expository all at the same time.

I’m shooting for five or six shows out of this to be done live to tape in the studio next year. I hope I’m not asking for too much, because TV executives these days would just balk at this idea. They’d say “it’s too dated”.

Reason #1 why drama serials (mainly soaps) suck on TV today: Meddling Executives. They think they know what works. I can say with a resounding tone that THEY DO NOT. Just watch any soap for ten minutes, and you’ll barf.

Must… get… over… writer’s… block.

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  1. Too many idiot execs focus on the demographics, which is why you have a bunch of young, pretty preppies who look like they’re going to a “Dawson’s Creek” audition. It also explains why ABC’s primetime lineup is starting to look exactly the same.

    At least “Dallas” and its offspring had distinguishing features, in that the characters were fleshed out and, oh, I don’t know had personalities, and actual dialogue instead of cliched one-liners.

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