A Rant

Recent Price is Right contestants/audience members…

OK, these people who have been out in line for ridiculous amounts of time get on stage and make complete fools of themselves.

Case in point on today’s show, an old lady who had no clue at all. She played “Stack the Deck”. After she got the right price on the last set of products, she was then asked it she’d like to be told the first, second, third or fourth number in the car. She asked for the first, and it was given to her. Then she had the nerve to say she meant the third number. They actually let her change her mind! I think that S&P would have a nightmare over that. She ended up losing anyway. But, win or lose, that still should not have happened.

There were some other weird characters on the show.

And don’t get me started on the ridiculous t-shirts that have gone from bad to worse as of late.

I think I speak right here in saying that sleep deprived individuals do not make great contestants on this show. It seems lately as if everyone is a “hey, I’m on this show with Bob, not on The Price is Right” attitude. (If that doesn’t make too much sense, I understand).

I know I sat out in this line back on March 4th/5th, but it’s getting way too ridiculous as we approach Bob’s last show. They need to find a different way of ticketing and bad to eliminate the ridiculous wait.