Bloopers of a special kind

You know, I always have been a fan of the original Star Trek series, never liked stuff past Next Gen. I have searched high and low for many years for just one thing that you think would be easy to find, but seems impossible at the same time.

At the christmas party every year, the cast and crew of Star Trek viewed a gag reel full of bloopers. These were meant for the cast and crew as souvenirs, but was shown to the public at conventions over the years. What I’ve been looking for is the complete copies from all three seasons. I was first exposed to the bloopers with a tape I bought at a convention in 1997, but this was far from complete. Most people see fit to edit and move stuff around to their own leisure. I think this is an atrocity to the original reel. I prefer to see it as is, uncut and uncensored.

So, the question remains, does anyone know of anyone or anywhere where I can find the UNEDITED versions?

Not expecting a response, but it’s a shot in the dark.