My Thoughts on Bob Barker

Well, as some of you know, today is Bob Barker’s last day on “The Price is Right”, and on television as he is now retiring.

I now offer my thoughts about today in TV history.

Bob has proven himself to be a good host over the course of his career, recognized by his peers with awards and accolades too numerous to count. You have to respect a tad bit a man who has been famous for only two game shows in 50 years. He knew how to get the reactions out of contestants to make the show interesting.

That being said, I can only give good words to his character in front of the camera. Based on what has been said about how he is off-camera, I would have to say that he is very unprofessional and very uncourteous to the people who have tried to work with him. If I were host, I would be nothing but a friend to each and every person who worked hard on the show. I would never show the level of attitude that he has shown to certain individuals, and I never will. It would violate my principles as not only a producer/director but as a human being. It’s just my human nature to enjoy each and every person’s unique talents and what they have to contribute, not to find petty reasons to try to get them off the show or be jealous of someone grabbing the spotlight.

That’s about all I have to say on this matter. All I can say is, have a good retirement, Bob, you’ve been ready for it for a long time.