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  1. Random thoughts after watching the clips. Keep in mind that with my TV background, there’s going to be more “this is what needs to be fixed” rather than fluffy compliments — that’s just how I work. Please don’t take this as me being down on the show — it’s good, and it has a lot of potential to be great.

    The Rice a Roni was a great touch.

    Travis Rodgers was much better than Christian McKinney — Travis at least appeared to be having fun with the game and was excited about it — Christian just seems scared of it.

    No matter who is hosting, one of these things doesn’t belong: Dress Shirt, Tie, Blue Jeans.

    The announcer needs to be a titch more upbeat — he was really close, though. I’d love to do some voice work (gratis, of course) if you’re interested — it’d be fun for me, too. 🙂

    The “Get The Picture” sound effects were cute, and they work for this show.

    Is it possible to have your graphics person trigger the SFX, at least for the clue reveals, so they’re always in sync?

    It would be good if there was some way to isolate the clue screen from a person who is out, rather than having them turn around — that’s just awkward, although I understand that you probably don’t have a better choice, either. Maybe individual monitors for the clue in their contestant positions that can be turned on/off remotely?

    Speaking of that, I imagine that you’re using the news set from your college TV station? Any chance of getting your own set? A game show produced by my former college TV station (“Triviaholix“) made their own set pretty inexpensively — there are a couple of pictures on that page (although they don’t show too much). If nothing else, can you put the show logo on those monitors rather then them just being there and off?

    A laser printer would make much more readable contestant name cards.

    Brief your contestants on being excited, or at least faking it, as they looked bored as hell, which doesn’t exactly lead to the viewers being excited. In the opening clip, they look like they’re waiting to hear a two-hour lecture about the history of prunes. They should be happy when they have answered a puzzle correctly, or won the grand prize in the bonus round.

    Oh, also brief them on writing very large and legibly — encourage them to take up most of the white board when writing their answers.

    Finally, encourage them to not hold their hands in front of their faces — that doesn’t make for good TV. (Contestant Jerry in the round one clip at -1:40.)

    In the bonus round clip, the following sentence makes no sense: “How fast you do it is going to depend on how much you’re gonna get.” I presume he was trying to say that the fewer clues the contestant uses to solve the puzzle, the bigger the bonus prize. I see that you changed the format of the bonus round, so that’s a moot point. What isn’t moot, however, is that it’d be good for the host to tell exactly how big the prize is that the contestant is going for. “Right now, Steve, you have the chance to win a $100 gift card to Target! Good luck!”

    Overall, I like it — I would have put together a game show when I was in college, but I had my hands full managing the TV station instead — I do regret not having time to have created a game show.

    1. Yeah, we have to use that set because the studio is VERY small. No room to expand at all.

      One of the monitors on the stage gives the contestants the view of the game board (watch the open clip again and look behind Christian).

      Most of everything you mentioned is spot on, and in fact, we (Greg and I) have already talked about improving on these points. Just wait until we add a lockout system to the mix (which we’re going to have to bite the bullet and buy).

      We had to replace Travis because of commitments. ETSU is such a suitcase college that we cannot do the show on a weekend. Christian offered to step in, but we’re going to have to coach him to have a lot more energy during the show (and rehearse him to death, too).

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