Greg scored big time for our production company today…

First, some back story… WEMT Fox 39 was housed on Hanover Road here in Johnson City up until 2005, then after Bluestone (under the guise of Aurora), bought the station’s operations from Sinclair, they moved the operations and master control to Bristol at WCYB.

Fast forward to this last weekend, and Greg gets an email that the former building has been sold, and the new owners, Bonten Media Group, want to get rid of everything out of the buidling to make way for some possible new tenants. Including equipment. Yes, you heard that right, equipment.

So, Mooneyhan/Brobeck Productions is now equipped with a Sony VO-9800 3/4″ U-Matic SP record deck, and a Sony BVW-95 Betacam SP side loading cart deck (playback only). Wow, equipment that cost a buttload brand new was handed to us without question. The latter was used in a Betacart setup, most of which is going to the ETSU Division of Broadcasting (so, I’ll be seeing more of where it came from, too). Also, lots of BNC cables. The decks work perfectly, which means that we can import anything off Betacam SP or 3/4″ U-Matic!

Wow, what a way to move up in technology… now if only we could get a Betacam SX or a DVCam machine…

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  1. Ahh, a post I can understand!!! 😛

    We could probably use one of those U-Matic decks at OCAT——the one deck we have not only is non-functional, but is holding a tape hostage!! [What I was told, they were trying to dub it to a newer format]

    The Betacart looks interesting—-I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it until today. I did know about the 2″ quad cart machine, but not a Betacam one……..of course, nowadays, off-the-shelf, plain-Jane VTR’s can be controlled by special automation equipment. Ahh, the evolution of technology……

    Nothing else, though? No cameras, or switchers, or CG’s or anything?

    1. Nope, most of the other stuff went to ETSU Broadcasting (which I’ll get to have a hand in helping to restore, I hope.)

      I also ended up with 288 Simpsons tapes from what was left of the programming library, 99% of the first 13 seasons, albeit in edited form.

      Not a bad haul indeed.

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