You know, it’s been real great getting GSN back a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been re-hooked on Trivia Trap… which, btw, if you’ll remember back when I first started this blog, the title of it was “The Trivia Trap”… and I’ve really gotten into Now You See It. Great shows, indeed, for late night viewing.

New year is uneventful for me so far, can’t wait for classes to start next Monday morning. Here’s what I’m taking…

FREN 2020 – Second Year French II
GEOG 1120 – Landforms and Processes
RTVF 4401 – Directing Talent for the Camera (dramatic and comedy talent, that is)
RTVF 4690 – Broadcast Management
ENGL 4320 – Film Criticism (for film studies minor, and don’t anybody dare make the first Jay Sherman joke, hehe).

“Clue Me In” is officially on hiatus due to the fact that Christian McKinney, our host, graduated. We have a couple of prospects in mind, and during this spring semester, we will give them auditions. Discussion and possible seeking of feedback might be forthcoming. I’ll keep my good friends here posted.


BTW, I am going to vote in the primary, but I haven’t a clue as to who to vote for. Yes, I’ve been keeping track, but apparently I’m a stupid undecided voter (as Family Guy would have us believe…)