Leap Day

OK, so according to sport6449, if I don’t blog today, I won’t be cool, so here goes…

Final day of filming on “The Door” was postponed yesterday because it snowed on Wednesday and I didn’t want to take a chance on snow still being around. We were to film exteriors, one day scene, one night scene. Add to that it was cold as shit last night and I didn’t want to make anyone sick. So, we’ll try to pick those scenes up on March 13th (subject to change.)

You learn a lot about the process of making a movie once you’re actually doing it, such as make sure there is enough headroom there, lead the subject the right way on the close up, etc.

Now, to the even better stuff… I’m leaving for LA tomorrow. That’s right, another trip to the land of smog. Here’s the itinerary so far…

Sat 3/1: 12:35 PM flight from Knoxville to Memphis, then to LA. After getting the car rental and checking into the Homestead in Brea, will probably be too pooped to pop.
Sun 3/2: Trip to the Paley Center in Beverly Hills to look at some more rare goodies.
Mon 3/3: Lunch with one of Greg’s friends in San Bernardino.
Tues 3/4: Going to see “The Big Bang Theory” in person at the Warner Bros. lot… I got these tickets before I saw that Jason Alexander is going to be guesting on “New Adventurs of Old Christine”, which is recording that day on the same lot.
Wed 3/5: TBD
Thurs 3/6: CBS Television City to see The Late Late Show. Wanda Sykes is going to be one of the guests, I loved her in “Clerks II”.
Fri 3/7: Going back to the Warner lot to see “Two and a Half Men”, it’s an OK show, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.
Sat 3/8: TBD
Sun 3/9: TBD, late night, getting in that famous line on Fairfax!
Mon 3/10: TPIR with Drew… hopefully will get to see both shows that day (that is, if they’re still having to ask people to stay over)
Tues 3/11: Flying back, LA to Detroit then back to Knoxville.

And lots of stuff in between. It sounds like a lot of stuff to do, but I’m sure it’ll be fun!

I’ll be sure to post updates during the trip, I promise, and maybe some photos too!


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  1. So you’re finally coming on down to LA, eh? When you check out the MT&R (or whatever it’s called) in Beverly Hills, stop on by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf there! =)

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