Well, here’s how it all went…

Tuesday: “The Big Bang Theory” was awesome! Look for the episode I’m at to air on 3/24 on CBS. The session took roughly three hours to do.

Wednesday: Went to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at the El Capitan on Hollywood Boulevard. Anne Heche and Joel McHale were the guests, along with the musical group Coheed and Cambria. I’m not much on newer rock music, I’m afraid. It was fun being in a cramped studio… didn’t make my studio that I usually work in feel too bad.

Thursday: CBS Television City. Saw two episodes (last Thursday and Friday) of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I got a hat and Greg got a t-shirt. Booyeah! Thursday the funny Wanda Sykes was a guest. It was great. Did you know that his audience seats only 113? Yes, that’s Studio 56 for you, which used to be an upstairs rehearsal hall at CBS TVC.

Friday: Back to Warner Brothers for “Two and a Half Men”. This episode also airs 3/24 on CBS. Great story and funny jokes in this episode. Four hours later, we were laughed to death and spent.

…And this is where the trip turns nightmarish. Somehow, while at WB, my wallet falls out of my pants. We get back to the hotel room, and I found out it was gone. I called WB Security and gave them my info and filed a lost and found report. I am so worried you couldn’t even imagine at this point.

Saturday: Didn’t do much of anything. Decided to go to the beach in Santa Monica to try and take my mind off of things.

Sunday: Repeat last part of Saturday. Went to the Paley center again and did have some fun watching lots of rarities there. And then, at 1:00 AM, on to the sidewalk outside of CBS Television City. 6:00 AM comes and me, Greg and Chris got Order of Arrival slips #8, #9 and #10 for Price is Right. We leave, have breakfast, come back. Security asks for my ID, I tell them what happened last Friday night. They refuse me admittance onto the lot. I was devastated, but I didn’t make a scene fully realizing that they are within their rights to refuse me admittance. So, we all left and went home.

Later that afternoon, WB Security calls and says that my wallet was found. I go to Burbank and pick it up.

Tuesday: Fly home.

It’s a trip I’ll never forget. It did convince me of one thing. If I want to be truly happy, southern CA is the place that I need to be. Maybe not immediately, but sometime in the future. I just fit in there.

But don’t be sad that I didn’t get to see Price, I’m just happy I got my wallet back in one piece!

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  1. Wow, what an amazing trip with a happy ending. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see TPiR, since both of us know how much you love that show.

  2. Oh well. I didn’t see “Price” when I was in LA [it wasn’t taping, though…], but I had enough fun just seeing the place where all the fun happens. Just be glad you at least got in there to see Craig—-I would be!! [and I don’t even watch his show!]

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