OK, so California’s supreme court has thrown out Prop. 22… a great happening indeed for gay marriage. But, those damn conservatives are trying to get a referendum on the ballot to define marriage just like the hated Prop. 1 in Tennessee back in 2006… to define marriage as one man and one woman. I hate this goddamn limited thinking moronic society that we live in. It’s pure discrimination. You know that proposition will pass, the church always manages to get the vote out when they need it.

Why is it that the only state that allows marriages is one of the most expensive to live in, at least I think it is.

Maybe Greg and I should just move to Canada.


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  1. You are aware that gay marriage is legal is *2* US states now…

    Massachusetts and Iowa. (Don’t ask me how Iowa got ahead of New Jersey. I thought for sure NJ would have been the next one.)

    And apparently, there used to be a way that gay couples from RI could benefit from Massachusetts’ law… Forget how that worked though…

    1. I did not know that…

      I guess civil unions are more important than traditional marriage now that I think about it. I still wonder though.

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