The Price is Wrong

OK… I have officially had it with The Price is Right.

Someone tried to bid $2 million in contestant’s row this morning. That’s right, $2 million on a one-bid item. I don’t know what Stan Blits thinks he’s doing, but he needs to go back to selecting music. He’s not worthy of co-producer. I have transformed in one show from a back seat critic to a harsh critic. How does this staff pick such ludicrous and moronic contestants?

I think I’ll cleanse myself of this by watching some old episodes on tape… (pops one in) ahhh, feel much much better.

Jay Wolpert, where are you when we need you?

4 Replies to “The Price is Wrong”

  1. I may be going a little extreme here, but I consider his 3 $xx69 bids an attempt to challenge the rules of broadcast decency.

    I sure hope the FCC is going to do something.

    1. You’re kidding, right? While it shows that the contestant has the maturity of a high school freshman, there’s nothing even borderline indecent about bidding $469 or whatever. We should be up in arms if the FCC *did* step in and tried to do something.

      1. Ok, so I am. I was still quite steamed and disturbed by his idea of “being funny” when I wrote that.

        But the guy was a jerk. That, we all know.

  2. What bugs me is that all these months later, Drew still doesn’t have the basic rules down pat. It’s embarrassing to see him quickly blurting out an important addendum to the game description that he forgot to mention at the outset after the contestant has already started playing. Like playing Make Your Move, the contestant has already started moving the markers around, and Drew has to jump in with “Ohandtheycan’toverlap. They can’t overlap. Yeah.” Or in Switcheroo, when he tells the contestant “Yeah, we don’t care about those other four prizes, you just want the car.” I bet the sponsor LOVES that.

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