Major RANT!

OK… would someone tell me if NBC is airing the Olympics or political coverage? It started during the coverage of the opening ceremonies on Friday night… there goes Bob Costas and Matt Lauer commenting on politics of countries as they parade through the track.

Then, I turn on NBC just now, and there is Mr. Costas again interviewing Dubyah about political crises and issues.

Is it just me, or did I think that the Olympic movement was about nations unifying together to compete in peace and such? Where the hell is the place for this kind of shit in an Olympic telecast? NBC can take their Olympic coverage and shove it.

That is all.

EDIT: Just for the record, I like Bob Costas very much, and think he is brave for even asking legitimate questions of Dubyah. I question the NBC decision makers.

2 Replies to “Major RANT!”

  1. And saying that Costas asked more pressing questions of Bush in comparison to the rest of the handpuppets at NBC is like saying that a Whopper is healthier than a Big Mac.

  2. In some respects, NBC should be applauded for interjecting political discussion into the coverage, such as when Bob Costas harshly criticized China’s decision to revoke Joey Cheek’s visa due to his criticism for China’s role in the Darfur genocide.

    Frankly, there are a lot of issues that the media needs to address, and any discussion of those issues is, in my eyes, greatly preferable to NBC glossing over all of these controversies with a “let’s pretend everything is a-OK” attitude. Of course, they follow that up with the Bush interview you mentioned, which I also saw. It’s sad to think that, in comparison to the softball interviews the network has fed him in the past, Bob Costas is more capable of asking pointed questions of ImPOTUS than any of their so-called “news” personalities (Keith Olbermann excepted).

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