Well, most of the stress is over. I have, as of the time of this entry, one test to go and my college career is in the books.

It’s fulfilling, but at the same time bittersweet. I’ll miss the people that I have grown to know and love over the past three and a half years. I’ll treasure all of the memories that I have. But, it’s time to move on to a professional career. FINALLY!

I interviewed last Friday at WCYB for an open Production Assistant job. Starting pay is a measley $19k/year (we are a #92 market, mind you), but there is health and dental right out of the gate, and accruing vacation time. Not a bad deal if I get it.

Greg is where I’m worried however. There are no open jobs in the news department, and they don’t want to let him go. But, the stupid owners are sticking to their goddamn budgets and won’t create a new position for him. So, in other words, unless someone leaves or gets fired, he’s screwed. Nice way to go, you dimwits. Take someone who’s been hard working and loyal to you for two and a half years, even though you’re letting him produce during the holidays over someone you hired as a part time producer who is pure crap and slower than molasses in January, and you give the good guy the short end of the stick?

What a world we live in.

That is all.

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  1. I’m so proud of you. I remember you were somewhat reluctant to start college back in the day, and even had anxieties and issues your first year. Congrats, Nick. Getting your diploma will be the best day of your life.

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