Nick Breaks Down the Flix

(Yes… a public post!)

With a new year comes new ideas…

Ladies and gentlemen, the first in a new series of video and audio features this year…

Nick Breaks Down the Flix…

And you thought I was going to put that film studies minor to waste, now did you?

Here’s Part One:


And Part Two:



One Reply to “Nick Breaks Down the Flix”

  1. First things first… Excellent production. You’ve come a long way since the time you’ve started. (And as someone who loves radio, lemme tell you, your voice has VERY much matured. 🙂

    Only thought I really had was what you said about the digging of Jason’s grave. (Which incidentally, Tommy wakes up just as Jason is face to face with him and about to strike him with the machete.) The first time I saw the grave being so close to ground level, I thought the same thing you did. However upon later re-watchings over the years, I sometimes wonder this:

    Since it WAS a dream sequence, perhaps the reasoning behind Jason not being dug so deep into the ground, was because Tommy hadn’t let him “die” in his mind. If he was still living in his mind, he wouldn’t be 6 feet under because he would then “be alive still”. I later felt like it was a metaphor.

    Keep these going. Look forward to the next one. Need movie ideas? 🙂

    (And incidently, “fat kid”… Have you lost weight? Looks like since the last time I saw you on webcam that you’ve lost some. 😉

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