Football Weather

As you no doubt have heard, the NFL is considering several plans to either move Super Bowl XLVIII up to Friday or Saturday or push it back to Monday.  Several people have already said what I agree with on this matter, that the NFL should have expected that this might happen when they announced that they were playing the game there a few years back.

But, the thing that gets me about this is that everyone is acting like it’s going to be the end of days if the NFL decides to move the game to a different time.  Yeah, I know you planned that party and booked that room, but it’s just a game!

Oh, what’s that, it cost you $225 for that Banquet Hall?  Oh…….. well, since you put it that way. Gee thanks, NFL.

DISCLAIMER: I in no way know what the NFL is going to do. The preceding is just a premonition.