I am not one to post a lot of political things on social media or even on this blog.  I do not want to speak in this forum about who I am going to vote for, or why you should vote for them.  Lots of friends and acquaintances do that already.

But there is one thing that everyone can agree upon:  Vote.  Just, vote.

No matter who you like or dislike, let your voice be heard.  Get out there and let your thoughts be known in the ballot box.  Because, whether you believe it or not, your vote does count.  Especially in local races where good people like you and me do things you probably don’t think about.  Everything from maintaining the infrastructure of our communities to how our schools are ran.  You name it, your local elected officials are involved with it.

The right people for those jobs have to be there, and if you don’t make your voice heard about it, then you don’t have a place to complain about whether or not you like that person.  So, whenever you have an election, albeit local, state or national (and maybe someday intergalactic, who knows), get out there and make your voice count.  Just vote.