Nick’s Mix – Thoughts on “This Is Us”

Oh a whim, back in September, I decided to watch the pilot of a new show called “This Is Us.”  It was kind of a blind shot in the dark for me.  I hadn’t read much about the show prior to that first time I watched it.   Boy, was I amazed, mesmerized, and blown away all at the same time.

If you want a description of the show, I won’t waist your time here.  Try Wikipedia for that.  I’ll just go right into my thoughts.

This is one of the greatest shows I have seen in the last decade.  It’s very rare to have such a high quality, family oriented drama that brings back the great hallmarks of what a TV show used to be and should be.   This is the kind of show that is touching yet modern.

The writing and editing are top notch.  It’s so impressive how they can weave and connect the past of the Pearson family to the present so seamlessly that you’re always having an “aha” moment.  For example, in last night’s Thanksgiving episode, “Pilgrim Rick,”  the hat and the ball of yarn that came from young Kate’s sweater.

I could go on for hours and hours about this show, but I promise you that if you just watch the show, you will be very impressed.  For starters, you can go here and watch it on your favorite device.  Mark my words, this show will be an Emmy contender.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.