My Nephew

If there is one thing I hold very close to my heart, it’s my family.  I have always been very proud of my entire family, even the in-laws (they are great too, contrary to what popular humor of the past would have you believe.)

My youngest nephew, Houston, at the ripe age of 7 (almost 8), is quite the sharp guy.  Whenever we can, we try to buy him a board game that is appropriate for his age.  One to stimulate his mind and have fun all at the same time.  Games like Operation, Candy Land, and Monopoly Junior.  This Christmas Day, we bought him Battleship.  I think we can call ourselves proud Uncles for the fact that on only the second playing of the game, he won the game very handily.

This guy is a bright fellow, and I am pretty certain he is going to go far in life.  Yes, I am making this assumption based on the result of a board game, but I have known this child for a long time, and mark my words, I think he is going to do wonderful things when he grows older.

I just wanted to be proud and boast about that fact.