Trek Review: “The Galileo Seven”

Welcome to 1967!  As Trek begins the new year, it tells a tale of test and survival on a mysterious planetoid.  It’s the episode that introduces the shuttlecraft to Trek lore, “The Galileo Seven.

While I want to like this episode 100%, I have always had this nagging feeling that there was something amiss in this storyline.  Time and time again I have tried to realize what that thought was.  Every time I watch it, I’m just so pulled in by the story that I don’t stop to analyze that nagging feeling I keep having.

I guess the problem I have is that Spock has this crew with him and most of them have to constantly question his methods and his lack of emotion.  Shouldn’t they already know that about Spock?  Any intelligent being should know and respect the differences in one another.  I realize of course that it has to be this way in order for the plot to work.  That’s why it doesn’t detract too much for me to not be able to enjoy the episode.

I like the conflict between Kirk and High Commissioner Ferris a lot, it adds an interesting dynamic to the desperate search that is ongoing to find the missing shuttle crew.

All around, another great story and a great episode to open 1967 for Trek.

Next week, we meet one of the most interesting foes in all of Trek lore, with comparisons to some later omnipotent beings: