Snowpocalypse 2017

So, the snow is here in Knoxville.  Yet, everyone acts around here like it’s never snowed before.  I just don’t get that.  Snow is supposed to be a beautiful thing of nature.  People should really stop and admire its beauty.  No, really, stop and get off the roads and appreciate it for what it is.

That’s why TV stations are on the air with snow updates, you know?  Because people don’t know how to stay off the roads in inclement weather.  Maybe I should start a driving school to try to teach people how to drive in the snow?   Maybe not, because I’m not 100% in it either.  I drive slow in the stuff just on the five minute drive from the house to the station.  That drive becomes 10-15 minutes in the bad stuff, especially ice.

Seriously folks, if you don’t have to get out. DON’T. GET. OUT. PERIOD.