The Positive Things

In light of my post telling my coming out story, I feel like I need to say a few positive things.  I have been very fortunate since I started on my current journey into the world of broadcasting to have met some great individuals who have encouraged me at every step to live my dreams.  You couldn’t ask for a greater experience than the one I’ve had.  My days in college at East Tennessee State University are some fond memories that I have.  I learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes and learned how to be a great person in life.  Not only in my career, but with everything in life.  Tom, Candy and Tammy were great teachers that really were a great influence on the strong professional I have become.

I have met great people outside of college as well.  You could consider this the last part of My Coming Out Story that I didn’t really expand upon, but it fits in here.  Three people in particular that I met in between my coming out and getting to where I wanted to be in life are very important in keeping my spirits up over the years.

Dan Darnell, you are a great person.  He let me come to his house on several occasions, even one Thanksgiving that I couldn’t go home to be with my family.  He would be my friend out in public when a lot of people wouldn’t have been.  That meant a very lot to me, and it still does to this day.  He has a heart of gold and I know that a lot of people like him for that.

Jon Hunter, you are a great guy as well.  He would come and take me places back in those dark days of 2003-2004 when I didn’t really have a reliable car and was walking to work.  He would hang out and not have a care in the world to be around a guy like me.  We would always give each other crap on our birthdays because he, well, let’s say is a little more “wiser” than I am (if you get my drift.) Haha.  One of these days Jon, you and your guy have to meet up with me and Greg and just catch up.  It’s been way too long.

Chris Ventura, our friend from the left coast!  He has known Greg longer than he’s known me, and it’s been almost a decade since we first met in person in sunny Los Angeles.  His warm compassion over the years has been so nice.  He’s a talented, ambitious guy who is just as much of a media geek as me and Greg are.

I also need to mention all of my online friends, too many to name in this one post.  Except for Klauss, he gets his name mentioned just because.

Of course, there are also many other people with whom I have worked with or have known in various places over the years, it would be impossible to try and mention them all here.  The post would literally go on for a day-and-a-half!  If you’ve ever been nice to me, know that it mattered a lot!

I realize that in the last 12 years since Greg and I have been a couple, and almost two years of marriage, that it seems like a lot of time has passed, but those memories of yesteryear seem like they only happened yesterday.  Has it really been that long?  Geez.

There are many great years ahead, and many more great memories to be made.  I am really looking foward to making them together.