Sleep Struggles

My sleep study didn’t go so well.

I had trouble getting to sleep.  This has been common for me if I have to try to sleep in bed that I’m not used to.  I’m just so used to sleeping on the couch in the living room that my body has a hard time doing anything different.  I think another contributing factor is that I’m not active enough during the day and am not truly tired when I try to go to sleep sometimes.

I only slept for 34% of the test.  In case you’re curious, the test was from around 10:30pm through 5:00am.  I distinctly remember just lying there, trying to count sheep and trying to just shut down.  It wasn’t working very well for me.  The tech said they did get some data, but it’s very possible that they will have to do a second test.  This is common.  This test would more than likely be a fitting for the CPAP machine.  They have to get the pressure that I would need to use figured out during this second test.  I should know something in around two weeks.

I did come home and sleep some more, so I’ll be OK.  I think that I need to start being more active right now to try and help the initial problem.  I definitely can do that.