Sleep Test #2

One week ago from the time of this post, I had my second sleep study at UT Medical.  This test involved wearing the CPAP mask and figuring out what pressure would be ideal for me.

This means that I will be using the CPAP machine for sure to help with my sleep apnea.  I had the help of a prescribed generic tablet of Ambien this time.  The test started around 10:30pm, I fell asleep not long after.  Next thing I know, I wake up to go use the bathroom, and it’s just before 4:00am.  I slept almost all of that time on my back.  The amazing thing about that is that I haven’t slept on my back in years!  I usually fall asleep on my left side.  The problem has been that I eventually end up in a sitting position.  This has been going on for a good many years.

I’m glad I’ve been taking steps to combat this.  Now I’m just awaiting the analysis of this last study and when and where to get my machine.  I’m so looking foward to having a regular, restful night of sleep on a regular basis.