Hey Blog, How’ve You Been?

I guess I should update this thing every once in a while, eh?

Vlogging has taken up the better part of the day-to-day life these days. I do seem to be more focused on that than anything. However, with new tools that I have gotten lately, I have come to realize that I could be doing more with this particular blog.

Speaking of the vlog (which is called Nick and Greg, btw, please do go and look) I have new ideas constantly. It’s a blessing, but a hindrance sometimes. Like at this particular moment. It’s 8:10am on Sunday morning, March 11th. I should be in bed, but I am not. Daylight Saving Time started last night, so that’s one less hour of sleep right out of the box. Dammit.

Guess I’d better go get some sleep while I can.