Podcasting 101

(First blog update in a while, I know… I know…)

So, we had a great idea to, in addition to our vlogging, dip our toes into doing a podcast. The podcast can be a relaxed, chill atmosphere in which you can expand on a topic and/or speak on an area of expertise. Such is the case with our new podcast, “The Media Nuts.”

We recorded our first episode back on July 10th and released it today, July 17th, 2018. (Take note again historians!)

If you’d like to listen to it, go to medianuts.libsyn.com and check it out. We are working on getting on the various services as of this time of this post.

We are going to try to have episode #2 up at the beginning of August. We have already recorded it, I just have to finish the editing.

Note to self: use the blog more often! It could use some TLC!