Dark Shadows
February 1967

       Episode 158
       Tape Date: January 25, 1967 (ABC #23-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 1, 1967 Wednesday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  Lela Swift

          The doctor is called again to examine Elizabeth. He is with Roger
       in her room, examining her. He goes to Roger and tells him, "This
       is the strangest case I've ever seen. Never seen anything like it."
       Roger asks, "What is it?" The doctor replies, "Let's talk about it
       outside." Roger and the doctor go downstairs. In the foyer, the
       doctor tells Roger, "I can't find anything physically wrong with
       her. Every test I've done comes out OK. But there are tests I can't
       do here." He suggests that Elizabeth be taken to a hospital in Boston
       for further tests and asks, "Do I have your permission to do this?."
       Roger replies, "You have my permission, but that's not the problem.
       The problem will be getting hers. It'll take a stick of dynamite
       to get her out of this house."  The doctor replies, "It'll have to
       be done."
          Carolyn and Vicky are inside the drawing room. Roger comes in and
       tells them what the doctor said. Carolyn tells him, "It'll be hard
       to convince her to leave the house." Roger replies, "We'll have to
          Roger goes upstairs and tells Elizabeth the doctor wants her to
       go to a hospital in Boston. Elizabeth exclaims, "That's inpossible!
       I won't leave this house. It's just fatigue, that's all, nothing
       more. A few days rest and I'll be fine." Roger tries to convince her
       she needs to go to Boston, but she refuses. She asks to speak to
       Carolyn. Roger brings Carolyn, who's just outside, in. Elizabeth
       tells Carolyn, "You're my daughter and they can't do anything to
       me without your permission." She asks her to promise not to let them
       take her to the hospital. Carolyn replies, "I can't do that, Mother."
       Elizabeth asks to speak to her lawyer. Carolyn leaves.
          Elizabeth asks to speak to Vicky. Roger gets Vicky. Elizabeth
       tells him she'd like to speak to Vicky alone. Roger leaves. Elizabeth
       tells Vicky, "Laura is going to try to take every advantage of my
       absence to see David. Make sure she doesn't! You've got to keep
       David away from his mother!" Vicky asks, "But what if his father
       wants him to see her?" Elizabeth moans, "Nobody can help me..."
       Vicky leaves. A few seconds later, Elizabeth turns and is surprised
       to see Laura standing in her room. She asks, "What are you doing
       here?" Laura replies, "I came to pay you a visit." Elizabeth asks,
       "Why did they let you up here?" Laura replies, "They don't know I'm
       up here." Elizabeth asks, "What do you want?" Laura answers, "Only
       what's mine. My son." Elizabeth exclaims, "NO!". Laura calmly
       replies, "You can't stop me. I told you, you can't stand in my way!"
       She tells her, "Rest. You're going to have a nice long rest."
       Elizabeth replies, "I won't! I won't let you have Davied! There's
       something about you. But I can't quite remember what..." Laura
       tells her, "And you won't. Your memories are disappearing into the
       fog. Time is stopping for you, coming to a halt. No past, no future,
       only the nothingness of limbo..."
          Downstairs, Carolyn and Roger argue about sending Elizabeth to
       the hospital. A voice asks, "What's all the excitement?" Roget turns
       and is surprised to see Laura standing in the doorway. He remarks,
       "Oh. I didn't hear you come in" and tells her about Elizabeth, how
       she's sick and will have to go to a hospital in Boston. Laura
       remarks, "How awful. I'm terribly sorry." Carolyn asks, in a very
       sarcastic voice, "Are you really?" Laura replies, "Yes. Yes I am."
       Carolyn tells her, "You probably think this is very convenient for
       you. Well, it won't be so easy!" and leaves. Roger tells Laura,
       "Elizabeth was really adamant about you not getting David." Laura
       asks,"But how will she be able to stop me when she's in the
       hospital?" Roger replies, "Don't underestimate her. As long as she
       can talk, she can give orders to Carolyn or her lawyer to stop you."
       Laura mutters, "That may not be a problem." Suddenly, Carolyn,
       upstairs, screams. Roger and Vicky rush into Elizabeth's room.
       Elizabeth is lying in bed, catatonic, unable to move or speak.
       July 19, 1995 - II
       Episode 159
       Tape Date: January 27, 1967 (ABC #24-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 2, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Vicky is downstairs alone. There's a knock at the door. She
       answers. It's Frank Garner. He asks, "What happened? You message
       said it was urgent!" Vicky tells him about Elizabeth and says, "I
       think Laura Collins had something to do with her illness!" Frank
       asks, "How?" Vicky replies, "I don't know. It's just a strong
       feeling I have." She explains, "Mrs. Stoddard wanted to see you,
       but it's too late now." Vicky remarks on all the strange things
       that have been happening. Frank replies, "Well, I can't help you
       with that. I deal in facts, not the supernatural." He thinks for a
       moment then says, "But I think I know someone who can. There's
       a professor at Dartmouth who specializes in the study of the
       supernatural. A Professor Guthrie. I think we should call him."
          Laura is indeed taking advantage of Elizabeth's illness to see
       David. After a day of fun, they race to the cottage. David wins.
       Laura tells him, "We used to do that all the time when you were
       little. Only, then, I used to let you win. Now you win all by
       yourself."  They sit down by the fire to warm themselves. David
       asks, "Can I tend the fire?" Laura replies, "Sure." David takes
       a poker and starts poking in the fire. Laura tells him, "You can
       put another log on it if you want." David does. The fire burns
       high. Laura tells him, "You can come here and take care of the
       fire anytime you want. It's burning hight now, but it'll be almost
       out tomorrow morning. Come here tomorrow morning, have breakfast
       with me and put another log on the fire. It would be nice if you
       could come over and spend the night sometime. No one will ever come
       between us, David!" David asks, "Who would want to?" Laura replies,
       "There was someone, but that won't happen now..."
          The clock strikes 9:00 PM at Collinwood. Vicky is pacing around
       nervously. David comes in through the front doors. Vicky asks,
       "Where have you been?" David replies, "Out." Vicky asks, "Out
       where?" David replies, "With my mother at the cottage. I'm going
       to be spending a lot of time with my mother." Vicky tells him, "I
       want to talk to you" and takes him into the drawing room. She tells
       him, "You Aunt Elizabeth is in the hospital. She left me some orders.
       She told me she's concerned about the amount of studying you've been
       doing. You're going to have to spend more time at your lessons. We're
       going to start right after breakfast tomorrow." David protests, "But
       I'm going to have breakfast with my mother tomorrow! Then she's going
       to let me tend the fire!" Vicky, shocked, gasps, "She lets you play
       with the fire?!" She tells him, "Well, she can come over here and
       have breakfast, but you're going to have stay here and start your
       lessons right afterward." David shouts, "You're just trying to keep
       me from my mother!" Laura, who's just come in, tells David, "David,
       Miss Winters would never do that, I'm sure." David runs to her. Laura
       tells him to apoligize to Vicky. David tells Laura, "She's just
       trying to give me all this work to keep me away from you!" Laura
       asks Vicky, "Are you?" Vicky lies, "No, of course not. He's just
       behind in his studies, that's all." Laura remarks, "I had no idea
       he was behind in his studies!" She tells David, "Maybe you should
       stay in all day tomorrow and catch up with your lessons. Then we can
       go out the next day." Vicky interrupts, "He's pretty far behind. I
       don't think he'll be able to catch up in a day." Laura asks, "How
       long, then?" Vicky replies "I'm not sure." Laura tells David to go
       to bed so he can be up "bright and early" tomorrow morning to start
       on his lessons. David leaves.
          Laura tells Vicky, "You used to be so helpful to me, Vicky.
       What's happened? Does Mrs. Stoddard have anything to do wit this?"
       Vicky denies that anything's happened, saying she's just carrying out
       her responsiblities. Laura tells her, "No matter what, I WILL get
       Episode 160
       Tape Date: January 26, 1967 (ABC #25-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 3, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Carolyn is sitting in Elizabeth's room watching over her. Vicky
       comes in and asks how Elizabeth is. Carolyn replies, "No change.
       Not a movement, not a blink, nothing." Vicky asks, "Carolyn, why
       don't you go downstairs and get something to eat. I'll watch over
       her while you're away." Carolyn refuses to leave her mother, saying,
       "I have the feeling she's trying to tell me something." She turns
       to Elizabeth and asks, "Mother, try to talk to me! What are you
       trying to tell me?" But Elizabeth does not answer. Vicky tells her,
       "Carolyn, you know, your mother should really be in a hospital.
       That's what the doctor recommended." But Carolyn replies, "No. It was
       her last wish to me that she not be taken from the house. I'm not
       going to go against her wishes just because of the word of one doctor.
       I'm going to call specialists to see what they say." Vicky tells her,
       "Oh, yes. There is a specialist coming. A Dr. Peter Guthrie. Frank
       Garner called him." After Vicky leaves the room, Roger comes in.
       He asks Carolyn how Elizabeth is. Carolyhn replies, "The same."
       Roger tells her, "She should really be in a hospital", but Carolyn
       insists that she be kept at Collinwood, saying, "That's what she
       wanted and that's the way it's going to be!"
          There's a knock at the front door. Vicky answers. It's Dr. Peter
       Guthrie. They go into the drawing room to talk. Dr. Guthrie tells
       Vicky his speciality is parapsychology. Vicky asks, "You mean ESP?"
       Guthrie replies, "Yes, but much more than that. I investigate all
       other sorts of psychic phenomena too." He tells her she should
       present him as a  psychologist to the family, though. He asks to
       see Elizabeth. As they exit the drawing room, they run into Roger
       coming down the stairs into the foyer. Vicky introduces him and
       Guthrie to one another. Roger tells Guthrie, "I hopw you can convince
       my niece to have my sister moved to a hospital." Guthrie replies,
       "Mr. Collins, if what I suspect is true, Mrs. Stoddard won't spend
       another minute in this house!"
          Vicky takes Guthrie to Elizabeth's room. Carolyn is in there with
       Elizabeth. Guthrie tells Carolyn he's a psycholigist, saying he
       thinks Elizabeth has a psychsomatic illness. Carolyn asks, "You
       mean you think it's mental?" Guthrie replies, "Yes. I talked to her
       doctor and what he told me leads me to believe so." He asks some
       questions about Elizabeth. He asks about what she was doing just
       before her illness. Carolyn tells him about how she kept talking
       about forgetting something, about how she said she remembers going
       out the front door, then remember coming back in but not remember
       where she went or what she did. Guthrie remarks that it sounds like
       Elizabeth has been the victim of some sort of mental trauma, that
       memory loss of this sort seems to indicate this. He examines her.
       He tries to talk to her, but she doesn't reply. He claps loudly
       next to her ear. No response. He hits her elbow with a reflex-testing
       mallet. No movement. He shines a pen flashlight into her eyes.
       No response. He tells Carolyn, "Mrs. Stoddard. Your mother is in
       a trance!" Carolyn asks, "A trance?" Guthrie replies, "Yes, a trance.
       It's as if she'd been put under a hypnotic spell. Vicky asks, "How
       can that be?" Guthrie replies, "I don't know, but she'll have to be
       taken to a hospital." Carolyn tells him, "No, we can't. It was her
       wish that she be kept here." But Guthrie tells her, "Miss Stoddard,
       it's essential that she be taken from here. The influenced that
       caused her condition could still be in this house." Carolyn asks,
       "What influence?" Guthrie replies, "I don't know. But this condition
       might be permanent." Carolyn gasps, "Oh, no!" Guthrie continues,
       "Moving her out of this house will give her the best chance of
       recovery. Do I have your permission to move her?" Carolyn replies,
       "Yes." Guthrie tells Carolyn and Vicky that he'll have to stay at
       Collinwood for awhile to try to find out the cause of Elizabeth's
       illness, but that they should keep his real motive for being here
       as secret as possible. Carolyn looks at her mother and asks Guthrie,
       "Can she see us?" Guthrie replies, "Her eyes can only see the
       nameless terror that put her in this condition."
       Episode 161
       Tape Date: January 30, 1967 (ABC #26-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 6, 1967 Monday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Elizabeth has been moved to a hospital*. Vicky and Carolyn are
       having breakfast in the kitchen. Carolyn is very depressed and
       isn't eating. Vicky tells her, "You've got to eat something." Carolyn
       moans, "It was her last wish that she not be taken from this house,
       and I've broken my promise not to." Vicky tells her, "You had no
       choice. The doctor said you had to." Carolyn remarks, "I have the
       feeling I'm never going to see my mother again." Vicky tells her,
       "She's not going to die. Physically, she's in perfect condition."
       Carolyn says, "But if she does die, I'll never forgive myself for
       ignoring her last wish." Guthrie comes down to breakfasst.   They
       ask him if he's discovered anything. He replies, "Not yet. These
       things take time." He tells them, "I believe there's some sort of
       psychic condittion around here. That's why we needed to move her."
       Carolyn asks, "But what would want to harm my mother?" Guthrie
       replies, "That's what I hope to find out."
          Carolyn leaves the kitchen. She runs into Roger in the foyer.
       He tells her, "I have something I want to talk to you about." They
       go into the drawing room. Roger asks, "What's going on around here?
       Why's this Dr. Guthrie still here?" Carolyn replies, "To help
       mother." Roger asks, "But how can he help here? She's no longer
       here." Carolyn evades the question, saying, "I'm in charge here
       and as long as I want him here, he'll stay."
          Guthrie questions Vicky in the kitchen about things around
       Collinwood. Vicky tells him about Laura wanting to take David and
       Elizabeth not wanting her to. Guthrie asks about David. Vicky tells
       him, "He's an unusual boy." She tells him about his going to the
       old house to see ghosts. She tells him that the ghost of Josette
       Collins haunts the place. Guthrie remarks, "Maybe he just has a
       lively imagination." Vicky replies, "No. I've seen her myself!"
          Guthrie exits the kitchen. He runs into Roger in the foyer
       and tells him he'd like to ask him a few questions. Roger is
       very cold to Guthrie. He tells him, "Sorry, I haven't got the
       time" and goes into the drawing room. Guthrie follows him in
       there and tells him, "I'm trying to help your sister." Roger
       remarks, "You should be at the hospital, then." Guthrie tells
       him, "I'm trying to establish the cause of her condition." He
       asks about the relationship between Elizabeth and Laura, but
       Roger refuses to talk to him. Vicky comes into the room. She
       asks, "Am I interrupting anything?" Roger replies, "No, I was
       just leaving" and leaves. Vicky asks Guthrie, "Not much luck
       talking to Roger, huh?" Guthrie replies, "No indeed." Vicky asks,
       "What's your next move?" Guthrie replies, "I think I'll get to
       know young David. I think I'll get him to go down to the old
       house with me. I'd like to see what happens..."

       * Joan Bennett, the actress who played Elizabeth Collins Stoddard,
        was a famous movie actress in her youth. She accepted the part
        because he career had faded. Nonetheless, she was still a fairly
        well known name in the '60's and the Dark Shadows producers hired
        her for that reason, giving her a special contract that gave her
        some time off every year. So every year during Dark Shadow's five
        year run, the writers would have something happen to her and she
        would be shuffled off to the hospital, not to be seen for several
        weeks. This is the first time.
       Episode 162
       Tape Date: February 2, 1967 (ABC #27-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 7, 1967 Tuesday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          It is the next day. All the tests on Elizabeth at the hospital
       have come back negative. Vicky asks, "Could Mrs. Collins be behind
       this?" Guthrie replies, "That's a possibility". Vicky tells him,
       "I need to know because Mrs. Stoddard wanted me to keep her from
       David, and I want to know whether I should do so or not." Guthrie
       replies, "If I were you, I'd do everything in my power to keep
       that boy from Mrs. Collins." Vicky asks, "So you do suspect her?"
       Guthrie replies, "I wouldn't go that far, but I will say this.
       There is a force here strong enough to put Mrs. Stoddard in the
       hospital, and it appears that the greatest amount of friction here
       is between Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Stoddard." Guthrie tells Vicky,
       "I have a few more questions to ask you. Frank Garner told me
       a little about your compulsion to go to the crypt and what happened
       there. Can you tell me a little more about that?" Vicky tells him
       about it. Guthrie asks, "And you feel Josette Collins had something
       to do with this?" Vicky replies, "Yes. I smelled jasmine perfume
       there." She explains how she also smelled jasmine perfume when she
       saw Josette at the old house. He asks, "Did you really see her?"
       Vicky replies, "Yes." Guthrie asks, "Has anyone else seen her?"
       Vicky tells him, "Yes, David has." She tells him, "I think
       Josette is trying to tell me something about Mrs. Collins."
          David is with Laura at the cottage. They talk about him staying
       over for the night. David tells Laura that Vicky probably won't want
       to let him. Laura asks David if he's given any more thought to
       leaving with her. He tells her, "Yes, I've thought about it. I'm
       not sure I want to leave Collinwood." She tells him, "You'll
       like it where I'm going to take you. I'm not going to force you to
       make a decision now, but you'll have to sooner or later. We don't
       have that much time."
          David returns to Collinwood. He calls, "Vicky!", but there's no
       answer. He goes into the drawing room and runs into Guthrie there.
       Guthrie tells him Vicky isn't there. Guthrie remarks, "I understand
       you've seen some ghosts." David replies that he has. Guthrie asks
       him to tell him about them. David, surprised that Guthrie is
       interested, tells him about Bill Malloy's ghost, then about Josette
       Collin's ghost. He suggests to Guthrie, "Let's go to the old house.
       That's where she usually appears." Vicky, who's been out looking
       for David, comes into the room and tells him he has some lessons to
       do. David replies, "I can't right now. I'm going to the old house
       with Mr. Guthrie. And afterwards, I'm going to see my mother."
       Vicky tells him, "No you aren't. You have a lot of work to do."
       David retorts, "Yes I am. And I'm going to stay with her tonight
       and there's nothing you can do about it!" Vicky replies, "We'll
          David takes Guthrie to the old house and shows him the portrait
       of Josette. Guthrie asks David to describe Josette's ghost. David
       tells him, "She's always wearing a long white dress, and there's
       this sweet perfume smell everytime she appears." Guthrie asks,
       "Does it smell like jasmine?" David replies, "Yes, I think so."
       Guthrie asks, "Why does she haunt the old house?" David replies,
       "Because she killed herself by jumping off Widow's Hill." Guthrie
       asks, "Why?" David replies, "Nobody knows. I wish she'd appear now.
       I need to ask her a question. I need to know whether I should stay
       at Collinwood or go with my mother."
          Vicky goes to the cottage to talk to Laura. She tells her, "David
       is falling behind in his schoolwork again. He told me he's planning
       to spend the night here. I don't think that would be a good idea."
       Laura replies, "I'm sure I can have him do his schoolwork while
       he's here." Vicky objects, "But he'll have to wake up very early
       to catch up on his work..." Laura interjects, "What's wrong? I've
       already told you I'll see to it that he does his work. Tell me
       the truth. You want to keep him away from me, don't you?" She
       warns Vicky, "Don't try to get between me and David. It wouldn't
       be wise. In fact, it would be very unwise."
          Guthrie remarks to David, "It looks to me like Josette Collins
       isn't going to appear." David replies, "She can't. She only appears
       to one person at a time." Guthrie tells him, "In that case, I guess
       I'll go look around" and goes upstairs. David talks to Josette's
       portrait, saying, "Josette, please appear. I need to ask you a
       question. I need to know whether to go with mother or not."
       Suddenly, he exclaims, "I smell your perfume! You're here!"
       The portrait of Josette starts to glow. David exclaims, "You've
       got to tell me what to do!" Suddenly, the picture changes. It is
       no longer a portrait of Josette, but the picture of Laura standing
       in fire, the one that Roger destroyed, with David's face painted in.
       David shouts, "THAT'S MY PICTURE!!!"
       Episode 163
       Tape Date: February 1, 1967 (ABC #28-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 8, 1967 Wednesday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Guthrie, hearing David shout, shouts, "David! What's the matter?"
       from upstairs. The picture fades away, becoming the portrait of
       Josette again. Guthrie comes running downstairs. He asks, "What's
       the matter, David?" David sees that the picture is gone and shouts,
       "My picture! What happened to it? It's gone!" Guthrie, puzzled,
       remarks, "But it's hanging right there." David tells him, "No, not
       that one. MY picture, the one of my mother. It was there where the
       painting of Josette was." Guthrie asks about the picture. David
       describes it to him. He tells him about how the giant Laura head
       materialized out of it one time and scared him. He adds, "But it
       was different this time. There used to be a blank space in it,
       but this time it was filled in. With me!"
          Roger goes to the cottage to talk to Laura about taking David.
       She tells him, "I've got to get around Liz's wishes. She's got
       Vicky and Carolyn carrying out her orders. I've got to spend more
       time with David to win him over. I've got to stop Vicky from
       interfering. I need just one night. One night and he'll be mine
       completely! " Roger tells her, "I'll take care of Vicky." Laura
       asks, "and Elizabeth?" Roger replies, "By the time she gets out
       of the hospital, it'll be all over except for the shouting."
       David comes running in. He exclaims, "Mother! Mother! I've got
       something trememdous to tell you! I saw my picture!" Roger
       exclaims, "That's impossible!" David replies, "I saw it at the old
       house. I took Mr.Guthrie there. He wanted to see Josette Collin's
       ghost." He recounts what happened there. Roger angrily says, "I'm
       going to tave a talk with the good Dr. Guthrie!" and stomps off.
       David tells Laura, "This time, the painting was different. Instead
       of the blank space, I was in it with you. What do you think that
       means?" Laura replies, "Maybe that you should leave with me and be
       with me forever." She asks, "You do want to spend the night here
       with me, don't you?" David replies, "Yes, but what about my father?"
       Laura tells him, "I've already talked to your father and got his
       permission." She asks, "And how about not just tonight, but forever?"
       David replies, "I don't know. I'd miss my Aunt Elizabeth and Miss
       Winters." She asks him about Guthrie. He tells her Guthrie's been
       asking a lot of questions about everything.
          Roger goes to the old house and tells Guthrie, "I don't want you
       around my son. He has all sorts of fantasies about ghosts and
       such. We try to discourage him, and you're encouraging him!"
          Guthrie goes to the cottage to question Laura. As a pretext, he
       tells her, "I came to see if David's here." She tells him he isn't.
       Guthrie tries to question Laura, without being obvious about it.
       To see her reaction, he mentions how strange Elizabeth's illness is,
       saying, "It's like nothing I've ever seen. It's like nothing from
       this world. It's almost like it's from another world." He asks,
       "Do you believe in other world's, Mrs. Collins?" Laura replies,
       "I don't know. Why should it concern me when there are so many
       infinite possiblities in this one?"
       Episode 164
       Tape Date: January 31, 1967 (ABC #29-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 9, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          In the drawing room at Collinwood, Guthrie asks Vicky, "You're
       sure David never saw the painting after it was filled in?" Vicky
       replies that she is. Guthrie asks, "And you're sure no one could have
       told him about it?" She tells him, "No. I'm sure no one would have.
       If only Mrs. Stoddard could talk and tells us who was behind all
       this." Guthrie tells her, "Well, remember she could talk briefly
       before she got sick. She said that she had suffered a memory
       lapse of some sort, that she remembers going out to see someone
       but couldn't rememeber who it was or what happened. Now whoever
       that was must have had reason to think it important that she forget."
       Vicky tell him, "It must have been a stranger. Everyone on the
       estate says it wasn't them she saw." Guthrie asks, "Now about the
       artist you said painted that picture. A Samuel Evans, wasn't it?"
       Vicky replies, "Yes. But he didn't paint just one picture of Laura,
       he painted several. It was strange. He said he felt as though he
       had been compelled to do those paintings by some force against
       his will." Guthrie tells Vicky he'd like to talk to Sam. Vicky
       tells him, "We'd better check with his daughter first to avoid
       embarassament. When things are not going well for Sam, he tends to
       drink." She tells him about Sam's injury to his hands.
          At the Evan's cottage, Sam, who is still unable to paint because
       of his burned hands, still bandaged, complains to Maggie, "I don't
       know if I can make it through another day. A man who has nothing
       to do gets mighty thirsty." Maggie asks him to try and suggests a
       nice walk. Sam replies, "And go past the Blue Whale? I don't think I
       could stand the temptation." Maggie tells, "Well, go the other way,
       to the beach." Sam tells her, "I can't. Everything I go past the
       beach, I see a painting, a seascape in my head. It'll only make
       me think of painting."
          Vicky and Guthrie go to the Collinsport Inn. Vicky lies to Maggie
       that Guthrie is someone interested in her father's work and asks if
       it would be OK for him to drop by and the cottage and see her father.
       Maggie replies, "Sure! He'll be happy to see someone interested in
       his work!" Burke comes into the diner. He sees Vicky and tells her
       he'd like to talk to her. He sees Guthrie and adds, "If I'm not
       interrupting." Guthrie tells him, "Oh, no." He tells Vicky, "I can
       go myself. You showed me where to turn off."
           Sam is pacing around the cottage, bored and irritated. There's
       a knock at the door. Sam grumbles, "Go away!", but Guthrie comes in
       anyway, pretending he didn't hear clearly, saying, "Did you say come
       in?" He asks, "You ARE Samuel Evans, aren't you?" Sam replies, "SAM
       Evans. I haven't been Samuel since I was 7 years old." Guthrie lies
       that he's an admirer of his work and would like to browse around.
       Sam replies, "Go ahead" and waves him toward the stack of paintings
       leaning against the window. Guthrie goes through them and, not
       finding any of Laura among them,  remarks, "These seem to be mostly
       landscapes, but I see that you do portraiture too. I'm more
       interested in the portraiture. Do you have more?" Sam replies, "No.
       I only do those by commision", but by this time Guthrie has already
       started to go through some painting stored under a table. Sam, in a
       very uneasy voice, tries to get him to stop, telling him, "No! Those
       are all rejects, canvasses I plan to paint over." But Guthrie
       replies, "I find that an artist is not always the best judge of his
       own work.  Some of these might turn out to be quite good" and
       continues to go through the paintings. He pulls out the one burned
       through the center and asks, "What happened to this one? This was
       of Mrs. Laura Collins, wasn't it?" Sam lies, "No." Guthrie remarks,
       "But I heard you painted several." Sam tell him, "No. I didn't, and
       I didn't paint this. WHO ARE YOU? GET OUT!" Guthrie tells him, "You
       say you didn't paint this portrait of Mrs. Collins? I believe you."
       Sam, startled, remarks, "You do? Why? Who are you?" Guthrie replies,
       "Someone who might be able to find out who did paint this picture."
       Guthrie tells Sam he's a psychologist who's trying to get to the
       bottom of everything that's been happening, that he was told about
       him and the paintings by Vicky.
          At the diner, Burke tells Vicky, "The last time we met, things
       got a little heated. I don't think our difference of opinion about
       Laura should get between us." They both apoligize to each other
       about getting angry last time. But alas, they get into another
       argument about Laura. They finish arguing and go into the lobby.
       Burke tells Vicky that he wishes a speedy recovery for Elizabeth.
       Seeing the dubious look on Vicky's face, he says, "No. Really. I
       wouldn't want to see her out of the game before I've had my innings.
       She's a tough fighter. I saw her on the night she got sick. You
       would've thought the thunder and lightning came from her, not the
       storm." Vicky asks, "You saw her that night? Where?" Burke replies,
       "Yes. At the cottage. I only saw her briefly. She came, and I left.
       It looked like she was really about to have a go at Laura." Guthrie
       returns. Burke and Guthrie have a brief "fight" about who's going to
       drive Vicky home. Burke "loses" and leaves. Vicky tells Guthrie
       what she learned from Burke about Elizabeth's whereabouts during
       her memory lapse.
       Episode 165
       Tape Date: February 3, 1967 (ABC #30-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 10, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          It is now night. At Collinwood, Vicky walks into the foyer and
       finds David coming down the stairs carrying what looks like a child's
       toy suitcase. He heads for the door. Vicky asks, "David! Where are
       you going?" David replies, "To see my mother at the cottage." Vicky
       tells him, "No. It's too late." She grabs the suitcase and tries to
       take it from him. He refuses to let her have it. They struggle.
       The suitcase opens, and the contents fall out. Vicky sees them
       and exclaims, "David! Your pyjamas!" David tells her, "I'm going
       to spend the night with my mother!" Vicky tells him, "Look, David,
       we're not going to argue about this again." A male voice announces,
       "No. Indeed we're not." It is Roger, who's just walked into the
       foyer. He tells Vicky, "I've given him my permission to stay over."
       Vicky asks, "Could I talk to you?" Roger replies, "OK." David shouts,
       "You're going to let her talk you out of it!" and runs upstairs,
       upset. Vicky and Roger go into the drawing room to talk. Vicky
       tells Roger she thinks it would be unwise to let David spend the
       night with his mother. But she does not tells him about what she
       learned from Burke, saying only, "I think she has a bad effect on
       him." Carolyn comes into the room and asks, "What's wrong with
       David? He's sitting in the hallway outside his room with his toy
       suitcase looking very depressed." Roger explains, "Vicky doesn't
       want him to spend the night with his mother." Carolyn remarks,
       "Vicky doesn't want David to spend the night with his mother?
       That settles it, then. He's not going to spend the night with his
       mother. Mother left me in charge of the house, and I'll take
       Vicky's recommendation about what's good for David." Roger angrily
       tells them, "I think you have both exceeded your authority. He's MY
       son and I'm not going to let you two tell me what I can or cannot
       do with my own son! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take
       David to his mother!" and leaves.
          Carolyn tells Vicky, "I don't like the idea of David spending the
       night with his mother either. I have a feeling she's somehow
       responsible for what's happened to Mother, but I have no proof. It's
       just a feeling. I can tell you feel the same way." Vicky replies
       that she does and tells her, "I think I may have found some proof."
       Guthrie comes in. Vicky tells Carolyn what she learned from Burke.
          Roger takes David to the Cottage. Laura remarks, "You're late.
       I thought you'd changed you mind and wasn't coming." David explains,
       "Miss Winters tried to stop me."
          Carolyn exclaims, "I'm going to march right down to the cottage
       and find out what this is all about!" Guthrie tells her, "Don't.
       We have no real proof she did anything. It would be best if she
       didn't know we suspect her. I have something in mind. You both
       know the meaning of the word 'seance', don't you?" They reply
       that the do. Guthrie tells them he's thinking of having one.
       Carolyn asks Vicky, "Vicky, don't you thing you should tell Dr.
       Guthrie about David?" Vicky tells Guthrie that David is spending the
       night with his mother. Guthrie remarks, "I thought Mrs. Stoddard was
       against that." Vicky tells him, "Roger insisted, and there was no
       way we could stop him." Carolyn remarks, "Well, we can now. We've
       got to tell him about what Vicky found out." Guthrie tells her, "No,
       if we do, he'll probably go down there and confront her. I think the
       boy's safe enough with her, for tonight, at least. From what I hear,
       she's trying to win him over. She won't do anything to harm him.
       We can't have her knowing we suspect her. If she did, she wouldn't
       agree to take part in the seance, and we need her cooperation."
          In the cottage, David falls asleep in Laura's arms. Laura is
       sitting on the sofa, holding him contentedly. Suddenly, she gives
       a start and exclaims, "I know you're here! You're here, Josette!
       You're here in this room!" The ghost of Josette appears and starts
       to reach out toward David with her arms and starts to walk toward
       them slowly. Laura tells her, "What do you want? Leave me alone,
       Josette! He's mine, and as long as I hold him in my arms, you have
       no power over him! Stay away, Josette!" Josette stops. Laura tells
       her, "Now go away and never bother us again!" Josette disappears.
       David awakens and asks Laura, "Mother, who was here just right now?
       I have a feeling someone was." Laura lies, "No one was, dear. Go
       back to sleep."
       Episode 166
       Tape Date: February 6, 1967 (ABC #31-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 13, 1967  Monday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  Lela Swift

          It is the next morning. The clock in the foyer at Collinwood
       shows 11:20. In the drawing room, Vicky is playing a game of
       solitaire. Carolyn is pacing about nervously. She asks, "Where
       could he be? He should be back by now! We shouldn't have let
       him stay there! Something could've happened to him! I feel that
       every minute David is out of this house he's in terrible danger."
       Vicky tells her, "We can't put David under lock and key. THere's
       nothing we can do about it if your Uncle Roger wants to let him
       see his mother." Carolyn replies, "There is someting I can do. I
       can make Laura leave!" Vicky warns against it, saying, "But what
       if she takes him with her? What will you mother think then when
       she comes back? Besides, we need her here for what Dr. Guthrie
       has in mind." David returns. Carolyn hugs him, shouting, "Thank
       God you're back!" David remarks, "You would've thought I'd been
       away for 100 years, not just overnight." Carolyn asks him, "Did
       you enjoy yourself?" David replies, "Yes. I'm going to do it
       again tonight!" Carolyn, her expression suddenly turning stern,
       tells him, "David, I think we should talk about this first..."
       David shouts, "I will and you can't stop me!" Asked if anything
       happened last night, David replies, "No. Nothing could have. Josette
       was watching over me. I know because I could smell her perfume.
       Josette was watching over my mother's house." There's a knock at
       the door. Carolyn goes to answer. It's Joe Haskell. He tells
       Carolyn, "The accountant sent me to get a ledger your mother has
       here." Carolyn remarks nervously, "It's been a long time." Joe
       replies, "Yes it has." He gives her his sympathy for her mother.
       They talk about Elizabeth for awhile, and the town's gossip about
       it. Carolyn broaches the subject of getting back together, saying
       "I'm free again, Joe", but Joe replies, "I'm not." Carolyn,
       disappointed, turns to go upstairs, saying, "I'll get you the
       ledger." Joe asks, "Carolyn. We're still friends, right?" Carolyn
       replies, "Sure."
          Vicky asks David, "And you wern't scared?" David replies, "No.
       It was a nice dream. Mother held me in her arms all night long.
       I can't believe I used to be afraid of her. How silly!"
          Sam is at the bar of the Blue Whale, drinking and laughing with
       the other bar patrons. Maggie is sitting at a table with Joe, looking
       worried. Joe tells her, "Come on, Maggie, you're here with ME. Let
       you father have his fun. With you two, sometimes you can't tell the
       difference between parent and child." He jokes, "You'd better take
       some care of ME or I'll go fishing. There's plenty of fish in the
       sea, and I'm getting bites every day." Maggie remarks, "I get a
       feeling the fish you're talking about aren't in the ocean." Joe tells
       her, "I had to go to Collinwood today. Guess who I saw there." Maggie
       remarks, "So you were doing some fishing there, eh? Well, you won't
       find any fish up there. Just a big stone crab. Joe, if you want to
       get your head bitten off again, don't let ME stop you." Joe tells
       Maggie he told Carolyn no. At the bar, Sam laughs uproariously
       again. Maggie goes to check on him. Sam tells Maggie about Guthrie.
       Maggie tells Sam, "You've had enough". Sam replies, "They don't MAKE
          Burke comes into the Blue Whale. Seeing Joe, he sits down at
       Joe's table and asks, "Joe, how about a truce?" Joe replies, "Sure,
       why not? The object of our affections is no longer the object of
       mine." Burke tells him,  "I was about to tell you the same thing..."
       Maggie returns to the table. She remarks on how strange Guthrie is.
       She tells them that although he's supposed to be at Collinwood to
       help Elizabeth, he's been asking Sam questions that have nothing
       to do with her Elizabeth, questions about those paintings of Laura
       Collins, and about Laura Collins herself. Burke excuses himself,
       saying, "Maggie, I think I'll go buy your father a drink."
           Burke goes to the bar and says, "Hello, Evans. What's this about
       this Guthrie fellow?" Sam replies, "He said he was interested in my
       work. He was especially interested in those paintings of Laura being
       consumed by fire..."
       Episode 167
       Tape Date: February 7, 1967 (ABC #32-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 14, 1967  Tuesday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Vicky is talking with Dr. Guthrie. She tells him, "He said that
       it was dark and he couldn't see where he was, but that his mother
       was holding his hand, and from the sound, he thought he was near
       the sea. He said he had the strange feeling they were the only two
       people in an infinite world, that they were going toward a distant
       light, that as they went toward the light, there was a roaring that
       got louder and louder. He said they kept going toward the light,
       and the closer they got, the louder the roaring sound got. Finally,
       they got to the light and were about to fling themselves into it,
       but then he woke up. That was David's dream." Guthrie remarks, "Maybe
       it wasn't a dream." Vicky asks, "What do you mean?" Guthrie replies,
       "Maybe it was a vision. What disturbs me the most is the fact that
       David said he wasn't scared by this vision." Vicky asks, "What could
       be responsible for it?" Guthrie replies, "That's what I intend to
       find out."
          At the cottage, Laura is arguing with Roger. She tells him, "I
       want David NOW." Roger replies, "That's impossible. What's the
       hurry?" Laura is evasive on this. She begs him to let her have
       David now. Roger replies, "I'm sorry, Laura. I can't." Laura
       asks him, "What would you say if I went to Burke Devlin and said
       the word 'manslaughter' to him?" Roger tells her, "Go ahead!"
       Laura threatens to testify against him. Roger tells her, "You can't.
       If you do, you'll be found guilty of perjury and you'll never get
       custody of David." Laura dejectedly says, "Ok. You win for now."
       Roger replies, "For good, Laura."
          Vicky asks Guthrie, "How will we find out?" Guthrie replies,
       "By contacting someone who can help us. You've said you've felt
       that Josette Collins has been giving you clues. That's probably all
       she has in her powers to give up. With the seance, we'll be giving
       her more power to communicate." He tells her, "But everyone will
       have to be there." Vicky tells him she doesn't think it would be
       wise to have David there. At first, Guthrie is disagrees, saying
       he thinks it would be best if David were at the seance, but Vicky
       manages to argue him out of it.
          Later, Vicky, Guthrie, Carolyn and Roger are in the drawing room.
       Guthrie tells Roger about the seance and asks him to participate.
       Roger flatly refuses, saying, "It's nothing but superstitious
       nonsense! Is THIS how you're helping Liz? It's noting but quackery!",
       implying that Guthrie is a quack. He turns to leave. Guthrie tells
       him, "Wait. You want me to leave this house, don't you? There's
       a way to hasten that." Roger turns back and sarcastically asks,
       "A simple request?" Guthrie replies, "No. But if we have this
       seance and it fails, then there's really no reason for me to stay
       because there's nothing more I'd be able to do." Roger tells him,
       "Then by all means, let's start then!" Guthrie tells him, "Not right
       now. I'll tell you the time later." Guthrie leaves. Roger leaves.
       Carolyn remarks, "It'll be even harder to convince Laura to
       participate. You know, maybe I'll go down and let her know we know
       she lied about not seeing Mother that night. I'd like to see the
       look on her face when I tell her!" Vicky reminds her, "Dr. Guthrie
       told us it was important she not know we suspect her." Carolyn
       replies, "I'm not going to tell her we suspect her, just that we
       know she lied about not seeing Mother." Vicky warns her, "But what
       about what happened to your mother. It could happen to you..."
       But Carolyn, determined, replies, "I'm not afraid of her!"
          Carolyn goes down to the cottage. She lies, "I was taking a walk
       and the weather turned cold all of a sudden. I was near here so I
       dropped in to see if you had a scarf I could borrow." Laura replies,
       "Sure. I'll get you one." Carolyn looks out the window and remarks,
       "Nice view. Too bad you weren't looking out on the night of the
       storm. Maybe you could've seen what happened to Mother. You know,
       I've been wondering about something. Why didn't my mother come here
       when the storm started? I have a feeling she was nearer here than
       the house when it did. In fact I get the feeling she DID come here,
       that she was here in this very room." Laura replies, "All right,
       Carolyn, what are you getting at? If you have something to say,
       say it!" Carolyn replies, "All right. Why did you lie? Vicky learned
       from Burke that Mother came here that night. Why did you lie?"
       Laura replies, "Oh, I just thought it wasn't worth mentioning.
       She was only here for a moment. She said she was taking a walk and
       the storm started. She said she was close to here so she dropped
       by to see if I might not be more comfortable in the main house
       during the storm. I said no and she left. That's all. Do you
       still want this scarf?" Carolyn replies, coldly, "No. It's not
       necessary now. Amazing how fast the weather changes around here,
       isn't it?" and leaves.
       Episode 168
       Tape Date: February 8, 1967 (ABC #33-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 15, 1967 Wednesday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  Lela Swift

          It is a little later. Laura is sitting in the cottage, thinking.
       There's a knock at the door. Laura shouts, "Who is it?" A voice
       replies, "It's Burke. Let me in!" Laura refuses, saying, "No. I
       don't want any more trouble." But Burke tells her, "I have something
       urgent to tell you. Something that effects what you're trying to do!"
       Laura lets him in. Burke tells Laura that there's a man in town named
       Guthrie. Laura replies, "Yes, I know. He's just a doctor. He's here
       to study the psychological aspects of Mrs. Stoddard's collapse."
       Burke replies, "So why's he asking so many questions about you?"
       Laura tells him, "He knows about the conflict between me and Mrs.
       Stoddard. He probably just wants to know what effect it had on
       Elizabeth." Burke tells her, "Did you know he's been talking to
       Sam Evans? He asked him about those painting and about you, not
       Liz. From what I've been able to find out, all he seems to be
       interested in is YOU. Now why is this? I don't think he's a doctor.
       He doesn't ask the questions you'd expect a doctor to ask. Everyone
       says this, not just me. I think he's a detective." Laura asks,
       "Why would a detective want to know about me?" Burke replies, "That
       body in Phoenix..."
          Sam is still at the Blue Whale, drinking. Guthrie comes in, sees
       him and exclaims, "Hello!" Sam jokes, "I'm just here indulging in
       my favorite hobby. Would you like to give it a try?" Guthrie
       declines, saying, "No, I'm here to meet Burke Devlin. He called
       and left me a message asking me to meet him here." He remarks, "You
       never did tell me how you burned your hands." Sam replies, "I didn't
       burn my hands. Laura Collins did." Guthrie asks, "What do you mean?"
       Sam replies, "You'd never believe me" and declines to tell him.
       Guthrie promises, "Yes I will" and presses him on it. Finally Sam
       tells him, "Laura Collins told me she'd stop me from making any more
       paintings of her." Guthrie asks, "She threatened you?" Sam replies,
       "Yes", and tells him what happened.  He recounts, "I had been
       indulging in my favorite hobby. Now, my favorite hobby has caused
       many things, but sleepiness has never been one of them. This time it
       did.  I fell asleep and had a strange dream in which I saw Laura
       Collins, surrounded by fire. When I woke up, I saw real fire. I had
       dropped my cigarette onto a pile of newspapers on the floor. Now I
       don't know why I did this - I know better than to touch fire with
       my bare hands - but I did and burned them. I felt as if something
       COMPELLED me to do it!" Guthrie tells him, "Thank you. You've helped
       me a great deal. The pieces are starting to fit together." Burke
       shows up. He and Guthrie go to a table.
          Burke demands, "Who are you?" Guthrie replies, "Who do you think
       I am?" Burke answers, "I don't know, but I'm going to find out!"
       Guthrie remarks, "You seem suspicious." Burke replies, "Your
       questions are strange for a doctor." Guthrie asks Burke, "You
       saw Mrs. Stoddard when she went to the cottage on the night of
       the storm. What happened between Mrs. Stoddard and Mrs. Collins?"
       Burke replies, "I wouldn't know. I left right after she arrived."
          Guthrie goes to the cottage. He tells Laura, "I'd like to ask
       you a few questions. I understand you saw Mrs. Stoddard the day
       she collapsed. Why did she come to see you about?" Laura replies,
       "Just to see if I were comfortable here." Guthrie asks, "That's
       all?" Laura answers, "Yes. That's all. Sorry I can't be of any more
       help." Guthrie replies, "Maybe you have. I guess I'd better be
       leaving before the rain starts." He turns to leave, but turns back
       and tells Laura, "Oh, Mrs. Collins. One more thing. Would you
       accept an invitation to a seance." Laura asks, "A seance?" Guthrie
       asks, "You know what a seance, don't you. It's a meeting to contact
       the dead. It's going to be up at Collinwood." Laura asks, "Who do
       you want to contact?" Guthrie answers, "Josette Collins. Some of us
       think she might be able to tell us something about what's happening."
       Laura declines, saying, "I don't think so." Guthrie tells her, "Well,
       think about it." Laura asks, "Who'll be there?" Guthrie replies
       cryptically, "There'll be those of us who are invited, and those who
       are uninvited..."
       Episode 169
       Tape Date: February 9, 1967 (ABC #34-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 16, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Guthrie returns to Collinwood. Carolyn opens the door for him.
       Guthrie tells Carolyn, "I've just been to the cottage to invite
       Mrs. Collins to the seance." Carolyn asks, "What did she say?"
       Guthrie replies, "She declined." Carolyn asks, "Are you still
       planning to have the seance?"  Guthrie tells her, "Yes. In fact,
       I believe it might have better results without Mrs. Collins. She's
       hostile to what we have to do and might hinder communication."
          Vicky comes down into the drawing room. She finds Carolyn in
       there with Guthrie. Carolyn asks, "David asleep?" Vicky replies,
       "No. The storm's keeping him awake. Vicky asks Guthrie, "When's the
       seance?" Guthrie replies, "In an in an hour or so, or when David's
       asleep." Vicky asks, "Who's going to be there?" Guthrie tells her,
       "Oh, just me, you, Carolyn and Roger." Vicky remarks, "What about
       Mrs. Collins? I thought she was going to be there." Guthrie replies,
       "No, she won't be coming." There's a knock at the door. Vicky
       answers. It's Frank Garner. Vicky asks, "What are you doing here?"
       Garner replies, "Roger called me and asked me to come. He said it was
       an emergency. Do you know what he was talking about?" Vicky replies,
       "No." Roger comes into the foyer and tells Garner, "You're here.
       Good." Garnar asks,"What's so urgent?" Roger tells him, "Let's go
       into the study to talk."
          In the study, Roger tells Garner why he called him. Garner
       exclaims, "That's the only reason you called me? I'd hardly call
       that an emergency!" Roger tells him, "I'm not satisfied with how
       you're handling on my divorce case. It's taking far too long."
       Garner replies, "That can't be helped. These things take time."
       Roger tells him, "Well, do your best to expedite things. My wife's
       been pressing me to give her custody of David." Garner asks, "Is that
       all?" Roger replies, "No. There's one more thing. I want to ask you
       about my legal rights to the house and cannery while Elizabeth is
       in the hospital." Garner tells him, "Well, legally control of the
       house and cannery are in the hands of the closest next of kin, and
       by law that's Carolyn." Roger protests, "But's she's little more
       than a child! She's not mature enough. I've disagreed with some of
       the decisions she's made recently. Isn't there something you can
       do?" Garner replies, "Legally, she's an adult. There's nothing I can
       do for you here."
          Carolyn is pacing around in the drawing room nervously. Vicky
       comes downstairs and into the drawing room. She tells Carolyn,
       "David's asleep. Where's Dr. Guthrie?" Carolyn replies, "In the
       study making some notes." Carolyn tells Vicky, "I'm really worried
       about my mother. What if she NEVER recovers?" Vicky tries to assure
       her, "I'm sure she'll get better". Frank, having finished with Roger,
       comes into the drawing room. Carolyn asks him, "Please take me to
       see my mother!", but Frank replies, "No. I saw your mother this
       morning. The doctors feel it would be better for her if she didn't
       receive any visits from family members." Carolyn starts to get
       hysterical and shouts, "NO! I know you're lying to me! They told
       you she was never going to recover, that she was going to die!
       Nobody can help. The doctors don't know what to do and Guthrie's
       nothing but a quack. All he's going to do is hold this stupid seance!"
       Guthrie, who's been in the foyer, comes in and tells Carolyn, "I'm
       sorry you think that way, Miss Stoddard. Should we call it off, then?"
       Carolyn cries, "Yes! I know I'm never going to see my mother again!"
       and runs upstairs.
          Vicky asks Frank, "Frank, what DID the doctors say, really?"
       Frank replies, "It isn't good." Vicky asks, "They don't hold much
       hope for her?" Frank answers, "At this point, practically none.
       They've had absolutely no success in finding out what's wrong with
       her." Vicky asks Guthrie, "There's nothing you can do? You're
       not going to go on with the seance?" Guthrie replies, "Not if Miss
       Stoddard is is against it." Vicky begs him to reconsider, saying,
       "She just got hysterical. I'm sure she's for anything that will
       help her mother." Carolyn, who's come downstairs and been in the
       foyer, comes into the room and says, "Vicky is right." She apoligizes
       to Guthrie for calling him a quack and asks him to go on with the
       seance. He accepts her apology and tells her the seance will be in
       a few minutes. Frank asks, "Do you want me to stay?" Guthrie replies,
       "No. Just family members." He takes Frank over to the side of the
       room and tells him quietly, "I wish I were really as confident about
       what I'm about to do as I pretend to be with the two girls. To be
       honest, I'm terrified ." Frank asks, "Terrified of what? Of failure?"
       Guthrie replies, "Yes. Of failure. And of success." Frank, puzzled,
       asks, "Of success?" Guthrie replies, "Yes. We may call up something
       so strong, so strange, so impossible for the human mind to comprehend,
       that we may not be able to control it..."
       Episode 170
       Tape Date: February 10, 1967 (ABC #35-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 17, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Vicky tells Carolyn she's got a bad feeling about the seance,
       that she's convince something terrible is going to happen to her.
          Mrs. Johnson sets the furniture up as requested. She remarks that
       she is very dubious about all this. Guthrie sets up a small tape
       recorder (reel-to-reel. No casettes in 1967...). He turns it on and
       asks, "Mrs. Jonhson, would you like to say anything?" Mrs. Jonsnson
       replies, "No, thank you, I don't." Guthrie replays the tape: "Mrs.
       Johnson, would you like to say anything?...No, thank you, I don't!"
       He remarks, "You have a fine voice, Mrs. Johnson." Mrs. Johnson, who
       looks like she's never seen a tape recorder before, gasps, "Why,
       that doesn't sound anything at all like me!"*
           Everyone gathers in the drawing room. Guthrie has them all sit
       at the table. Guthrie announces, "The object here is to contact the
       ghost of Josette Collins. Now, we're pretty sure she's been trying
       to contact us and tell us something. She will either appear to us
       or speak to one of us." Guthrie tells everyone to put their hands
       flat on the table, fingers spread and touching those of their
       neighbor to either side, forming a circle which, he tells them,
       "you must keep this circle unbroken at all times!" The seance
       starts. Guthrie calls out,"Josette Collins, Josette Collins, I'm
       calling you, Josette Collins." He keeps repeating this. Vicky face
       starts to contort in a strange expression. Carolyn, concerned,
       asks, "Vicky?" Guthrie warns her, "No, leave her alone! Contact is
       being made!" Vicky starts to moan softly. Guthrie exclaims,
       "Something's here!" Vicky's moans start to get louder. Guthrie
       announces, "It's getting closer!" Vicky continues to moan louder
       and louder. Suddenly, the drawing room doors open. Standing in the
       doorway is a cloaked figure!
          A bright flash of lightning reveals the cloaked figure go be...
       Laura Collins. Guthrie exclaims, "Mrs. Collins!" Vicky, who's fallen
       out of the trance, gasps, "What is it?" Laura apoligizes, "Sorry
       to interrupt." Roger asks, "Laura, I thought you weren't going to
       come to the seance." Laura replies, "I changed my mind." Guthrie
       asks Vicky, "What happened, Miss Winters?" Vicky replies, "I felt
       I was in this long corridor. I felt the presence of Josette. I heard
       all you voices, but it seemed like you were all very far away."
       Guthrie remarks, "Excellent! That means Josette is eager to
       communicate with us. Would you like to try again, Miss Winters?"
       Vicky pauses for a moment, as if reluctant, but then annouces,
       "All right!" like a trooper. They start the seance again, this time
       with Laura present. Guthrie calls out to Josette just as he did the
       first time. As he calls, the portrait of Josette at the old house
       starts to glow. Josette appears and comes down from the portrait on
       her invisible stairs.
          At Collinwood, Laura suddenly seems to give a start, as if she
       senses something. Vicky starts moaning again like she did the first
       time. Guthrie continues to call out to Josette. Vicky starts to moan
       louder and louder. Guthrie commands, "Speak to us, speak to us,
       Josette!" Carolyn starts to smell Jasmine and exclaims, "She's here!
       Josette! I smell Jasmine, her perfume!" Vicky starts to speak.
       Roger gasps, "She's speaking in French!" Carolyn protests, "But Vicky
       doesn't speak French!" Vicky continues to speak in French. "...Le
       petit garcon...Le feu...le presence du mal... cette personne
       s'appelle... cette personne s'appelle...AHHHHHHH!"** She screams and
       faints without finishing her last sentence.

       * Mrs. Johnson acts as if she never saw a tape recorder before.
         In 1967, this was possible.

   ** Having only a smattering of French, I only got these few words.
      They mean, "The little boy!  The fire!  The presence of the
      evil!  That person is named... That person is named...
      AHHHHHHH!" (Note that in French nouns and demonstratives
      have genders.  Here, "Cette personne" is feminine and
      therefore refers to a woman.
       Episode 171
       Tape Date: February 13, 1967 (ABC #36-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 20, 1967 Monday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          The lights are turned on. Guthrie tells everyone, "Miss Winters
       is all right. She's just fainted." Vicky regains conciousness and
       asks, "What happened?" Guthrie tells her, "You fainted." Vicky asks,
       "Did anything happen this time?" Carolyn tells her, "You spoke. In
       French." Vicky exclaims, "But I don't speak French!" Carolyn tells
       her, "It was Josette." Vicky asks, "What did she say?" Carolyn 
       replies, "I don't know. I don't know any French." Roger turns to
       Laura and says, "Laura, you do. What did she say?" Laura replies,
       "She wasn't very coherent. I didn't pay much attention to what she 
       said." Guthrie announces, "But I did. She spoke of someone who
       sleeps without sleeping and dreams without dreaming. She mentioned
       a little boy who she said was in great danger. She spole of fires 
       that have occured throughout the centuries. She said that there
       would be another one soon. She said there was an evil presence
       in this house and started to name it but screamed and fainted."
       He tells Vicky, "I think some hostile force prevented you from
       saying more." He asks her, "Do you remember what you were about
       to say?" Vicky replies, "Sorry. I don't remember saying anything
       at all." Guthrie asks, "Could you tell us what you DO remember?
       It may be of help." Vickly tells them, "I was out of this room,
       somewhere else. There was fire everywhere, all around me, falling
       from the sky, and I started to burn alive!" She gets quite distraught
       remembering this. Carolyn takes her up to her room. Roger tells
       Guthrie, "I'm going to take my wife back to the cottage. I want to
       have a word with you when I return." Guthrie rewinds the tape a bit
       and replays Vicky saying, "Cette personne s'appelle...Cette personne
       s'appelle AHHHHH!"
          At the cottage, Roger tells Laura, "Well, we don't have to worry
       about Dr. Guthrie anymore. He promised to leave after the seance."
       He asks, "Don't laugh, but do you suppose there could be anything
       to this?" Laura asks, "You're not starting to believe in this
       supernatural nonsense, are  you?" Roger replies, "Of course not."
       Laura tells her, "Vicky was just babbling, hallucinating." Roger
       reminds her, "But in French! How do you expain that? Vicky doesn't
       speak French." Laura replies, "There must be a logical explanation."* 
          In Vicky's room, Vicky tells Carolyn, "I can't stop thinking about
       those words I said!" Carolyn muses, "The little boy who's in danger.
       That must be David. Josette must be trying to protect him." Vicky
       wonders, "It must be those fires I was talking about. Maybe she's
       trying to warn us David is in danger of dying in a fire. But when
       and where?" Guthrie comes up and tells Vicky, "I just came up to see 
       if you were all right. Are you?" Vicky replies that she is. Carolyn 
       asks, "What stopped Vicky?"  Guthrie replies, "Another force. Another
       force at least as powerful as Josette." Carolyn remarks, "You mean
       my Aunt Laura." Guthrie carefully replies, "We have no proof of 
       that. All we know is that it is a powerful, hostile force. I think
       it might be a good idea for us to try again. At the old house, where
       Josette powers are the strongest." Vicky asks, "Will I have to
       participate again?" Guthrie replies, "Yes. Josette seems to like to
       speak through you." Vicky moans, "No..." Guthrie assures her, "I
       didn't say we would do it again. It was just a suggestion. We won't
       hold another seance except as a last resort. I don't want to put
       you through this again unless it's absolutely neccessary" He tells
       her, "Good night, Miss Winters" and leaves.
          Roger is in the drawing room. Carolyn and Guthrie come down.
       Roger tells Guthrie, "I have only one word to say to you. Goodbye."
       Guthrie replies, "But I'm not leaving, Mr. Collins." Roger angrily
       protests, "But you said you were leaving after the seance!" Guthrie
       replies, "I said I'd leave if the seance failed. It did not. It
       succeeded. Sorry if you misunderstood, Mr. Collins." They get into
       an argument. Carolyn interrupts, saying, "It's not your house, Uncle
       Roger, it's mine and you can't prevent me from letting whoever I
       want to come here come here, and If I say Dr. Guthrie can stay,
       he can stay and I do!" Roger protests, "Something's strange about
       him! What kind of psychologist holds seances ?!" Carolyn replies,
       "Dr. Guthrie is my only hope, the only hope I have of of ever
       seeing my mother again! Goodnight!"
          It is now 2:15. Vicky suddenly awakens and demands, "Who is it?
       Who's in the room? I know you're here!" Laura steps out of the
       shadows and apoligizes, "Oh, I startled you, Vicky. I'm sorry".
       Vicky asks, "What do you want?" Laura replies, "i just wanted to
       see if you wer all right. Are you?" Vicky tells her that she is.
       Laura tells her, "I was worried about you. That was a terrible
       experience you had tonight. I hope it never happens again." Vicky
       tells her, "Me too!" Laura tells her, "You know what? I have a
       feeling that it's not good for you being in this house. I think
       it would be best for you to leave Collinwood." Vicky asks, "Why?"
       Laura replies, "I don't really know. It's just a feeling I have.
       Anyway, David'll be leaving with me soon and you're going to have
       to find another family to work with anyway. Think about it." Vicky
       replies, "All right, Mrs. Collins." Suddenly, she notices that Laura
       is no longer there and exclaims, "Mrs. Collins! Mrs. Collins!"
       Episode 172
       Tape Date: February 14, 1967 (ABC #37-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 21, 1967 Tuesday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
        Director:  John Sedwick

          Mrs. Johnson is at the cottage doing some dusting. Laura tells her,
       "Be careful! Those things are fragile!" Mrs. Johnson replies, "So
       am I!" Laura asks, "What do you mean?" Mrs. Johnson explains, "It's
       my nerves. What was Miss Winters screaming about last night?" Laura
       lies, "I don't know." Mrs. Johnson remarks, "That Dr. Guthrie, I'd
       like to know what he's doctoring. If he's working on Mrs. Stoddard,
       then what's he doing here when she's lying in Boston? And what kind
       of psychology was he practicing last night? I smell someting fishy
       and it's not the wind off the bay!" Mrs. Johnson starts to poke at
       the fire. Laura shouts, "Mrs. Johnson! What are you doing?" Mrs.
       Johnson replies, "Putting out the fire so I can clean the hearth."
       Laura tells her, "NO! Don't touch that fire. It's cold in here!"
       Mrs. Johnson protests, "But it'll only take a few minutes." But
       Laura insists, "NO! Don't touch that fire! I want it burning all
       the time!" Mrs. Johnson replies, "Yes, Mrs. Collins" and leaves.
          Mrs. Johnson goes to the Collinsport Inn and goes to Burke's room.
       She tells him that a  seance was held at Collinwood last night with
       the objective of helping Elizabeth. Burke remarks, "A seance. That's
       something to contact ghosts, isn't it? I'd think a doctor would be
       able to do more for Liz than a ghost." Mrs. Johnson tells him, "It
       was Dr. Guthrie who held the seance!" Burke asks Mrs. Johnson,
       "Could you do me a favor? Could you keep Dr. Guthrie away from
       Vicky?" Mrs. Johnson replies that she will.
          After Mrs. Johnson leaves, Burke makes a telephone call. He tells
       the person on the other side, "Grant? I want you to run a check on
       a Dr. Peter Guthrie....No, you won't get on it tomorrow, you'll
       get on it NOW. I want to know everything about him IMMEDIATELY!"
          Dr. Guthrie tries to go upstairs to see Vicky, bur Mrs. Johnson
       refuses to let him, saying "I've been given instructions not to let
          Later, Laura tries to go upstairs to see Vicky. Mrs. Johnson
       refuses to let her up either. Laura tells her, "All right. I'll
       go up and see David, then." Mrs. Johnson tells her, "He's not up
       there. He's out with Miss Carolyn. She thought it would be better
       if he were out of the house with Miss Winters like this." Laura
       hears Carolyn say, "Jasmine" and asks, "What's that?" Mrs. Johnson
       replies, "Oh, that's Dr. Guthrie doing his homework."
          Laura goes into the drawing room and finds Dr. Guthrie listening
       to a tape of the seance, making notes as he listens. Guthrie sees
       her, stops the tape and says, "Good afternood, Mrs. Collins." They
       discuss the seance briefly. Laura tells him she thinks it was a
       failure because Vicky fainted before she could say much. Guthrie
       replies, "On the contrary, I learned many things from it." Laura
       asks, "Like what?" Guthrie declines to tell her, saying, "I haven't
       reached any definite conclusions yet." He gestures toward the
       tape recorder and tells her, "I'm using modern methods of research.
       I taped the seance." Laura remarks, "Oh, I didn't know."
          Burke barges into the cottage. Laura complains, "It's considered
       good manners to knock before coming in." Burke demands, "I'd like
       to know what's going on here!" She tells him she doesn't know. He
       asks about Guthrie. She tells him, "I have a feeling he's trying to
       block us. He's going to have to be stopped." Burke replies, "Yes. But
       how?" Laura replies, "By any means necessary."
          At Collinwood, Guthrie suddenly starts shouting, "Mrs. Johnson!
       Mrs. Johnson! Would you please come here quickly?" Mrs. Johnson
       comes into the drawing room. Guthrie asks her, "Mrs. Johnson, did you
       touch anything on this table while you were dusting in here?" She
       replies that she didn't. He asks, "You didn't touch the tape
       recorder?" She replies, "No. I wouldn't touch that thing with a ten
       foot pole!" He asks her, "Did you see anyone coming in or out of this
       room?" She replies, "No. Why?" He tells her, "Listen to this" and
       starts to tape recorder. But instead of the seance, there is only a
       strange crackling sound. Mrs. Johnson remarks, "Sounds like a fire
       crackling." Guthrie replies, "Yes. The sound of fire..."
       Episode 173
       Tape Date: February 15, 1967 (ABC #38-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 22, 1967 Wednesday
       Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Laura begs Burke to convince David to go away with her, saying
       "You have a lot of influence with him".
          Vicky is in the drawing room putting some roses into a vase.
       David comes into the room and demands, "I want to talk to you!"
       Vicky remarks, "Aren't these roses nice? Dr. Guthrie sent them
       to me because I wasn't feeling well." David replies, "I don't
       care. I have something I want to talk to you about! I heard you
       had a seance last night!" Vicky asks, "How did you find out?"
       David tells her, "Mrs. Johnson told me." Vicky tells him, "Well,
       she shouldn't have. I'll have to talk to her about that." David
       tells Vicky he's upset he wasn't invited, saying, "Josette's MY
       friend! I should've been there!" Vicky puts her hand on David's
       shoulder and tries to calm him down. David pulls away, shouts,
       "Don't touch me! You can't make up!" and runs off.
          Laura tells Burke, "Now is the time for me to act with David."
       Burke replies, "I'll help". Laura tells him, "I've got to hurry."
       Burke asks, "Why?" Laura replies, "We've got to act while Liz is
       in the hospital. That was hard to arrange." Burke, puzzled, asks,
       "Arrange? What do you mean?" Laura, realizing her faux pas, replies,
       "Nothing. Just that it was hard to convince Roger and Carolyn to
       move her out of the house into the hospital." Burke tells her,
       "Well, I can't just march up to Collinwood and ask for David."
       Laura suggests, "Why don't you try old house or the old fishing
       shack? If you want me to help you, you've got to help me - to get
          Burke goes down to the fishing shack and finds David there
       trying to untangle a coil of rope. He takes the rope from him
       and starts to help him untangle it and suggests, "Why don't we rent
       a boat, go out into the bay and go fishing one of these days? It's
       been some time since I had a rod and reel in my hands." David asks,
       "Isn't it a little cold out in the bay this time of year?" Burke
       replies, "I have an old fishing jacket you can borrow. It should
       reach just to about your knees." David is ecstatic. Burke remarks,
       "You don't have much fun around here, do you?" David replies,
       "No." Burke asks, "How do you like your mother?" David replies,
       "I don't really know. Before she came back, I always thought about
       her, but when she came back, I was afraid of her for some reason.
       Now, I don't really know." Burke suggests, "Maybe it would be a good
       idea if you went away with her." David replies, "I don't mind going
       with her for a little while, but forever? I don't know." Vicky
       comes into the shack and exclaims, "David! That's where you've been!
       I've been looking all over for you! Don't EVER run off like that
       again!" David excitedly asks Burke, "Burke! Tell her about the
       fishing trip!" Burke tells Vicky he wants to take David fishing out
       on the bay. Vicky replies, "No, not now. It's too cold. Ask me again
       in the spring." David, upset, screams, "I'm going to go see my
       mother. You can't stop me! My father gave me permission!" and runs
       off. Burke asks Vicky how she is, telling her, "I know about what
       happened last night." Vicky replies, "Fine. Word travels fast
       around here, doesn't it?" They discuss the seance. Burke asks,
       "What's all this opposition to Laura?" Vicky replies, "A lot of
       strange things have happened since she came back." She enumerates
       them. She adds, "And she was the last person to see Mrs. Stoddard
       before she got sick, and lied about it."
          David goes to the cabin. He tells Laura Burke invited him to go on
       a fishing trip, but Vicky wouldn't let him. Laura tells him, "If you
       went away with me, I'd have let you go." David tells her, "Burke
       tells me I should go away with you." Laura asks, "And?" David replies,
       "I'll have to think about it." He asks her, "Mother, what's a
   seance?" She lies that she doesn't know.  David asks, "Why'd you go,
   then?" Laura lies, "I didn't go. I just happened to be there, that's
   all." He asks her to tell him about it. She lies, "There's nothing
   to tell. Vicky got upset and fainted, that's all. She's the high-
   strung, hysterical type."  She adds, "David, never listen to such
   people. If she ever says anything bad about me, don't listen."
   Burke comes in and tells David, "It's starting to get dark outside.
   I think you should be going back home, David." David leaves. Burke
   tells Laura, "I want to talk to you!" He tells her, "I've just
   talked to Vicky about you and there's a few things I'd like you
   to explain." He enumerates the mysterious things Vicky mentioned,
   the paintings, Sam's accident, etc. Laura replies, "How could I
   have been responsible for all those things?  It would take a
   supernatural being to do all that! Touch me! I'm nothing but
   flesh and blood." She takes his hand and puts it on her cheek.
   He leaves it there for a moment then pulls his hand back and says,
   "Laura, don't work on me." She tells him, "Please, think of the
   future. Think of you and me..."
        Episode 174
       Tape Date: February 16, 1967 (ABC #39-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 23, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Frank Garner comes to Collinwood, having been called earlier
       by Guthrie and told about the seance and the tape he had made of
       it. Guthrie tells him, "Something's happened to the tape since I
       talked to you. The seance is no longer on it." Frank asks, "You
       mean you accidently erased it?" Guthrie replies, "No, that's what
       I thought at first." He plays the tape and remarks, "At first I
       thought it was static, but it isn't. Listen closely. The sound
       is unmistakable." Frank listens and asks, "Fire?" Guthrie replies,
       "Yes. Fire. If only I could fit the pieces together." Frank asks,
       "You think you'd get a life sized portrait of Laura Collins, don't
       you?" Guthrie replies, "I wouldn't be surprised." Frank tells Garner,
       "By the way, they're going to close the case in Phoenix. Reilly's
       brought them a mountain of physical tests indicating that Laura
       Collins is alive and well and staying here. They're stumped and don't
       know what to do next. How's Mrs. Stoddard doing?" Guthrie replies,
       "I've spoken to Dr. Landis and he tells me she's doing better."
       Carolyn, who's just walked in and heard this, demands, "She's
       better? Tell me!" Guthrie replies, "Yes. She's better." Carolyn
       asks, "Can I see her?" Guthrie reconsiders his words, "Well, perhaps
       better is not the word I should have used. Let's say she's slightly
       improved. Her pulse and temperature are much closer to normal now.
       But she still can't talk or move and Dr. Landis still doesn't think
       family members should visit her yet." He adds, "But we have learned
       one thing. Distance seems to be helping her. Distance from Collinwood
       and whatever hostile force is here..."
          Joe Haskell comes to Collinwood with some papers for Guthrie to
       sign. Carolyn tells Joe that Guthrie and Garner have gone somewhere
       but will be back soon. They talk. Joe asks, "How's your mother?"
       Carolyn replies, "Improving. A little. They still won't let us see
       her." She tells him, "I feel alone, so alone." He reminds her,
       "We're still friends." She hugs him.
          In Arizona, at a Phoenix Police Department office, Lt. Dan Reilly
       and a Lt. Costa are signing some papers. They finish, and both give
       out sighs of relief. Lt. Reilly remarks, "Glad to see this case
       closed. I'm not a drinking man, but this case almost drove me to it."
       Lt. Costa replies, "I know what you mean." Lt. Reilly tells Lt. Costa,
       "Well, now that this is all over, I guess I'll be taking the fastest
       jet I can find home." Lt. Costa tells him, "Finished? Sorry, not yet.
       The body hasn't been released for burial yet. You've finished signing
       the police department forms, but as the person who identified Laura
       Collins as being alive in Maine, you've got to sign the morgue's
       interminable set of forms too."
          Joe tells Carolyn, "There are some rumors around town about this
       Dr. Guthrie. People are saying he's not a doctor at all. They're
       saying he's a cop. A cop from Phoenix investigating Laura's
       implication in that fire there." Carolyn assures Joe that Guthrie
       is indeed a doctor.
          Lt. Costa and Lt. Reilly are at the Phoenix morgue. Having
       finished signing the morgue's forms, Lt. Reilly calls Frank Garner
       at Collinwood and tells him, "I was told by your office that I could
       find you here. I just called to tell you the case in Phoenix is
       now officially closed." Garner thanks him for calling and telling
       him and hangs up. He tells the rest of the people in the drawing
       room, Guthrie, Joe and Carolyn. Carolyn is disappointed that the case
       has been closed, saying, "I hoped that they could learn something
       that could help Mother."
          In Phoenix, Lt. Costa goes over to the drawer holding the
       mysterious body. He looks at the sticker and remarks to Lt. Reilly,
       "Look. It still says, 'Laura Murdoch Collins'. They still haven't
       changed it back to 'body unidentified'." Reilly replies, "They're
       probably as confused as the rest of us." Costa opens the drawer
       to take a last look. He exclaims, "It can't be!" Reilly looks and
       suggests, "Maybe this is the wrong drawer." Costa replies, "No, this
       is the right drawer." He pulls the slab out. It is empty...
       Episode 175
       Tape Date: February 17, 1967 (ABC #40-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  February 24, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          At Collinwood, Guthrie tells Vicky about the body in Phoenix
       being missing. Vicky asks, "How is that possible? They must've made
       a mistake!" Guthrie replies, "No, they've checked it over and over
       again." He adds, "I can't wait to talk to Mrs. Collins about this!"
       Vicky remarks to Guthrie how there seems to one common denominator
       in all the strange things that have happened: fire.
          At the cottage, Burke tells Laura, "I've had Dr. Guthrie
       investigated. He's no ordinary psychologist. He's a parapsychologist.
       That means he studies the supernatural. Now what I want to know is,
       Why did they bring in such a man, and why is he so interested in YOU?"
       Laura replies that she doesn't know.
          Guthrie tells Vicky, "I can't wait to talk to Mrs. Collins about
       the body. I'm anxious to see her reaction!" There's a knock at the
       door. Vicky tells Guthrie, "Oh, that's probably Mrs. Johnson."
       Guthrie tells her, "Can you do me one thing, Miss Winters? If that's
       Mrs. Collins, would you mind not telling her about the body?" Vicky
       replies, "Of course." Guthrie tells her he'll be going for a walk
       but will be back soon. Vicky goes to open the door. It's Burke
       Devlin. Vicky tells him, "I can't let you in." Guthrie comes by on
       his way out, tells Vicky he'll be back later and leaves. Burke
       asks, "Exactly why is he so interested in Laura?" Vicky, seemingly
       upset by the question, walks inside. Burke follows her into the
       drawing room. Vicky tells him, "He's just trying to do everything
       he can to help Mrs. Stoddard." Burke remarks, "He suspects Laura,
       doesn't he?" Vicky doesn't answer. Burke asks, "Let me put it this
       way, then. Why don't YOU trust Laura? I know you suspect her of
       having something to do with all this. Tell me." Vicky replies,
       "I can't." Burke pressures her to tell him and she replies, "All
       right. But you probably won't believe me." Vicky tells him, "I think
       Josette Collins has been trying to tell me something." She tells him
       about the crypt Josette lead her to, about all the apparent ancestors
       of Laura Murdoch Collins, all the the same name, Laura Murdoch
       followed by a married surname, about how they all died by fire,
       about the body in Phoenix begin gone, etc. She tells him, "Then
       there's the fact that she lied about seeing Mrs. Stoddard just before
       she got sick." She asks, "Am I wrong to not trust her?"
          Guthrie goes to the cottage and asks Laura, "Mind if I speak to
       you for a moment?" Laura replies, "Sorry, not now. I'm tired and
       would like to rest awhile." But Guthrie continues, "I got some news
       just a few minutes ago from Phoenix." Laura replies, "That could
       have nothing to do with me and doesn't interest me." Guthrie
       continues, "They decided to bury the body, but found that it had
       disappeared." Laura exclaims, "Gone?! But that's impossible! They
       must be mistaken!" She starts to rail against the stupidity of the
       Phoenix police, saying she'd expect such a thing from them. Guthrie
       tells her, "What does this mean, the fact that the body's
       disappeared? I saw that expression on your face. I know you know
       something you're not telling me." Laura denies this and tells Guthrie,
       "Now go away and leave me alone. I'm not going to warn you again!"
       Guthrie asks, "That sounds like a threat. Is it?" Laura replies,
       "You'll find out. Now go back to Collinwood!" Guthrie asks, "And if
       I refuse?" Before Laura can answer, the front door opens and Burke
       Devlin comes in. Laura tells him, "Burke! Do something! This man is
       bothering me and refuses to leave!" Guthrie remarks, "That won't
       be necessary. Goodbye" and leaves.
          Burke asks Laura, "Why did you lie about seeing Mrs. Stoddard on
       the night she got sick?" Laura replies, "Please, Burke. I can't
       talk about that right now."  Burke replies, "OK. But I'll be back.
       In the meantime, you'd better come up with some straightfoward
       answers" and leaves.
          Peter Guthries returns to Collinwood. He calls out, "Vicky?" and
       goes into the drawing room.
          At the cottage, Laura goes and sits by the fire and stares into
       it strangely.
          At Collinwood, Dr. Guthrie takes off his glasses and rubs his
       eyes with his hand, as if he's feeling strangely. He calls out,
       "Vicky! Vicky!" a few more times and starts to stumble around then
       falls to the floor next to the fireplace, unconscious.

         Episode 176
         Tape Date: February 19, 1967 (ABC #41-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  February 27, 1967 Monday
         Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Vicky comes into the drawing room and finds Guthrie stumbling
         around. Vicky tries to steady him and asks, "What's wrong?"
         Guthrie continues to stumble around and replies, "I don't know."
            David walks into the cottage and finds Laura sitting by the
         fire, staring into it. He calls out, "Mother?", but Laura appears
         to be in some sort of trance and doesn't seem to hear him. He goes
         up to her and asks, "Mother, what's the matter?", but still gets
         no response from her. Finally, he shouts, "Mother, Mother!", grabs
         her shoulder and shakes her. She snaps out of it.
            At Collinwood, Guthrie suddenly recovers.
            David asks Laura, "What's the matter, Mother? I've never seen
         anyone stare into a fire like that before." Laura replies that she
         was just daydreaming. She tells him she'd like to be alone. David
         gets very angry at this and starts to stomp out. Laura reconsiders
         what she's just said and calls out, "Wait, David. I didn't mean
         that." David comes back. Laura apoligizes for snapping at him,
         saying, "I was daydreaming. You startled me." David remarks,
         "I never saw anyone dream with their eyes open before." Laura
         tells him, "Here. Let me teach you." She tells him to stare into
         the fire. He does, but after awhile tells her, "I don't see
         anything." She tells him, "Soon you will; I'll teach you."
            At Collinwood, Vicky tells Guthrie, "You gave me quite a
         fright there. What happened?" Guthrie replies, "I don't know.
         What did it look like?" Vicky replies, "You reminded me of
         Mrs. Stoddard when she got sick. Can you describe what it felt
         like?" Guthrie replies, "Not really, but I have a feeling of
         time being all mixed up." Vicky exclaims, "Just like Mrs. Stoddard!
         She lost several hours too." Guthrie, now recovered, tells her,
         "But that's where the similarities end. I can remembere where I
         was just before this happened. I remember visiting Laura Collins."
         Vicky exclaims, "Mrs. Stoddard also paid a visit to Laura Collins!"
         David comes in through the front doors. Vicky scolds him, "Where
         have you been? You should've been home hours ago!" David replies,
         "I've been out playing. I just visited my mother." Guthrie asks,
         "When?" David replies, "I just left a few minutes ago." Guthrie
         asks, "Did anything unusual happen while you were there?" David
         replies, "Funny you should ask." He recounts what happened at
         the cottage.
            After David leaves, Guthrie tells Vicky, "It's clear the David
         interrupted his mother at the exact time I came out of the daze!"
         Vicky remarks, "That does it! I'm keeping David from his mother
         from now on!" Guthrie suggests, "And I think you should stay
         away from her as well. Whatever power Laura has must be destroyed!"
         At that exact moment, the front doors open. Standing there is
            Laura holds up a scarf and tells Vicky, "David left this scarf
         at the cottage." Vicky tells her, "That's impossible. I dressed
         him to go out earlier, and I didn't put a scarf on him." Laura
         replies, "Well, then maybe he left it when he stayed over. Here."
         Vicky takes the scarf and leaves.
            Guthrie bluntly asks Laura, "Aren't you surprised to see me up
         and around? That's what you came here to see, isn't it?" Laura
         pretends not to know what he's talking about. Guthrie tells her,
         "I think I'm starting to know all about you. You possess some sort
         of power stronger than anyting I've ever seen, and when I find out
         what it is, I'll tell everyone." Laura says, "Will you really?",
         laughs, and leaves.
         Episode 177
         Tape Date: February 20, 1967 (ABC #42-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  February 28, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Guthrie, holding a notepad, is pacing around the drawing room,
         thinking. Carolyn comes in and says, "Good morning. Vicky told
         me you wanted to talk to me." Guthrie replies that he does.
         He tells her, "Someone else experienced what happened to your
         mother." Carolyn asks, "Who?" Guthrie replies, "Me." Carolyn
         exclaims, "But that's impossible! You're standing right here,
         fine." Guthrie explains, "Something interrupted what was causing
         it. I also remember where I was just before it happened. I had
         just made a call to Laura Collins." Carolyn remarks, "I knew it!
         I knew she was behind all this!" Guthrie tells her, "I think I
         know what this is all about; unfortunately, I have nothing but
         circumstantial evidence, no real proof." He opens his notebook
         and tells Carolyn about Laura Murdoch Stockbridge, died by fire
         1767 and Laura Murdoch Radcliffe, died by fire 1867." He asks
         her, "You can probably guess the next year in the sequence."
         Carolyn replies, "1967!" Guthrie continues, "Yes. This year.
         And in Phoenix, a woman identified as Laura Murdoch Collins
         is burned to death. The answer has been staring us right in our
         face. The name of the city where the latest death occured.
         Phoenix." He tells Carolyn the story of the Phoenix bird and
         tells her he thinks Laura is some kind of Phoenix, burning up
         at intervals and reincarnating. Carolyn thinks this is far-fetched.
         He tells her, "Wait. I told you earlier I had no proof. I think
         there's a way I can get proof. I'll need help though. A strong
         young man who knows the area. Someone who will be discreet" Carolyn
         suggests, "There's a young man I used to go with. I think he'll
         help. His name is Joe Haskell." Guthrie warns, "What I have in mind
         might not be considered strictly legal, but it must be done."
            Joe and Maggie are talking at the diner. Carolyn comes in and
         asks to speak to Joe alone. They go to a table. Carolyn asks Joe,
         "When you were at the house last time, you offered to help my
         mother any way you can, didn't you?" Joe replies that he did.
         Carolyn tells him, "There may be a way you can help now." She
         tells him Dr. Guthrie needs his help. She tells him, "I'd better
         tell you about Dr. Guthrie first, though. He isn't the kind of
         doctor we've been telling everyone he is. He's not a psychologist;
         he's a parapsycholgist." Joe asks, "You mean he studies spooks
         and stuff?!" Carolyn replies, "Yes." She tells him, "Mother's
         not in a coma; she's in some sort of psychic trance." Joe,
         incredulous, exclaims, "You mean you think someone put a hex
         on her?!" They discuss the field of parapsychology. Carolyn
         thinks there's something to it. Joe is dubious, but agrees to
         help anyway. He asks what Guthrie wants him to do. Carolyn replies
         the she doesn't know. She asks, "Can you come right now?" Joe
         replies, "No, I can't just walk out on Maggie. I'll drop by
            At Collinwood, Dr. Guthrie is in the drawing room. Carolyn comes
         in bearing a tray of coffee.  Guthrie asks, "Vicky's upstairs with
         David?" Carolyn replies that she is. Guthrie asks, "And Roger?"
         Carolyn tells him, "Down at the Blue Whale playing Lord of the
         Manor." Guthrie tells her, "Good. We're alone then. I've been
         waiting to talk to you all night." Carolyn remarks, "I thought
         dinner would never end! It's funny how everything seems to take so
         long when you're waiting!" Guthrie asks, "Have you talked to
         Haskell?" Carolyn replies, "Yes. He's agreed to help. He's coming
         tonight." Guthrie remarks, "I hope he doesn't back out when I tell
         him what I want him to do." Carolyn remarks, "What DO you want to
         do? You haven't told ME yet." Guthrie tells her, "I think I'd
         rather wait until Joe gets here and  tell you both together."
         There's a knock at the door. Carolyn answers. It's Joe.
            Guthrie tells Joe, "I'm glad you agreed to help." Joe replies,
         "I'll do anything to help Carolyn's mother." Guthrie warns him,
         "Maybe this will be more than you bargained for. Do you believe
         in reincarnation?" Joe replies that he doesn't. Guthrie remarks,
         "Too bad. You might be less reluctant to do what I want you to
         do if you did.  I want you to help me open a grave."

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