Dark Shadows
February 1969

        Episode 681
        Worldvision Rerun 466
        Tape Date: January 27, 1969 (ABC #26-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  February 3, 1969 Monday
        Writer:    Gordon Russell
        Director:  Dan Curtis

           Maggie runs out of the West Wing and downstairs into the
        foyer, where Elizabeth is talking to Chris and Carolyn, who
        have just come home from a date.  Maggie tells them she's
        just seen a strange man in the West Wing. Chris and Carolyn
        go up to search the West Wing. Elizabeth takes Maggie into
        the drawing room and asks her what happened. As Maggie describes
        the man, she suddenly realizes that the man fits the description
        of the man Mrs. Johnson claims to have seen at the cottage.
        Elizabeth asks Maggie why she was in the West Wing.  Maggie
        tells her about following David there earlier and about
        David's strange disappearance there.  She tells Elizabeth that
        when she found David missing from his room tonight, she thought
        he might have gone to the West Wing again and went there to
        see if he did.  She tells Elizabeth that she thinks David knows
        something about the man, that he must have had a very good
        reason to go to the West Wing in spite of the fact he was
        grounded to his room. 
           Chris and Carolyn search the West Wing, but don't find
           Quentin appears in David's room and talks to David
        telepathically.  We can tell by David's side of the 
        conversation that Quentin's telling him about a plan 
        involving someone named "Mr. Juggins".  Carolyn and Chris,
        passing by in the hallway outside, hear David talking and
        come in to see who he's talking to, but when they open
        the door, they see David there alone. Quentin is gone.
        Carolyn asks David who he was talking to.  David replies that
        he was talking to himself.  Carolyn and Chris leave.
           Elizabeth and Maggie go to David's room and question him.
        David claims to know nothing about he man Maggie claims to 
        have seen, but does admit having gone to the West Wing.  Asked
        if he had any special reason for going there, David replies
        that he got bored in his room and that was the only place
        he could go where no one could see him wandering around,
        disobeying his punishment. Maggie asks how he disappeared
        from the storage room. David lies, "I didn't. I was hiding".
        Maggie tells him she doesn't believe him, that the storage
        room is pretty small and she's sure she searched it throughly,
        and accuses him of lying, saying she thinks he's still hiding
        something. David insists that he's not, that he was hiding,
        that Maggie just didn't find him because she didn't know 
        where to look. He volunteers to show them the hiding place.
           David takes Elizabeth and Maggie into the West Wing and
        into the storage room.  When they shine a flashlight around,
        they see a man dressed in 19th century clothes, just as
        Maggie described. Elizabeth and Maggie gasp, but when they
        shine the flashlight at the head, they see that it's just
        a dummy, with an egg-shaped head and a painted-on face.
        David explains, "That's just Mr. Juggins, a friend of me
        and Amy!".  Elizabeth asks Maggie, "Could be what you saw?"
        Episode 682
        Worldvision Rerun 467
        Tape Date: January 28, 1969 (ABC #27-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  February 4, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:    Ron Sproat
        Director:  Dan Curtis

           It is late at night and everyone in the house is asleep
        except for two people.  
           Unable to sleep and not believing "Mr. Juggins" is what
        she saw, Maggie is in the drawing room staring out the window.
        Mrs. Johnson, locking up the house, comes into the drawing
        room and finds Maggie there.  They talk, and Maggie tells
        Mrs. Johnson, "I saw the man you saw at the cottage too, but
        HERE, at Collinwood".  Mrs. Johnson asks, "Why don't you tell
        Mrs. Stoddard?".  Maggie replies, "I have, but she doesn't
        believe me because David managed to convince her what I saw
        was a clothes mannequin".  Mrs. Johnson agrees that the children
        are somehow involved and calls them evil.  Maggie disagrees,
        saying she thinks it's the man who's evil, that he's influencing
        the children.  
           Later, Maggie goes to sleep and has a dream in which she
        goes into the West Wing and looks at Mr. Juggins. The mannequin
        fades away and turns into Quentin's ghost.  Maggie asks, "Who are
        you?  What do you want?", but Quentin doesn't answer. Instead, he
        pulls a scarf from inside his coat and starts to strangle Maggie
        with it.  
           The next day, maggie tells Barnabas about seeing the man, 
        and about her dream, saying she thinks the dream is a warning
        to her to leave Collinwood, not really expecting him to believe
        her.  Barnabas surprises her by telling her he does believe her,
        that he knows something strange is going on at Collinwood because
        he and Julia saw a strange woman in Victorian clothes a few
        days ago who led them to Chris when he was ill and needed Julia's
        help. Maggie asks what they can do about it.  Barnabas replies
        that he'll call Professor Stokes.
           When Stokes comes, Barnabas tells him the things that have
        happened at Collinwood recently.  Stokes mentions the psychic
        he had brought here, Janet Findley, saying she was in the prime
        of her life and perfectly healthy, that he doesn't believe she
        really died of a heart attack as the coroner says.  He tells
        Barnabas that if Janet Findley was indeed killed by some
        force in the house and not natural causes, he spirit would
        still be in the house and may be able to help them.  He
        suggests they have a seance to contact her.
           There are only two other people in the house, Maggie and
        Mrs. Johnson, Carolyn and Elizabeth having gone to Bangor
        for dinner.  Maggie and Mrs. Johnson are in Maggie's room,
        talking about the children.  Maggie is looking in the mirror,
        brushing her hair.  Mrs. Johnson sits down at the writing 
        desk, picks up a scarf she finds on it and starts toying
        with it.  Maggie sees this in the mirror and turns around,
        a look of shock on her face.  She exclaims, "That was the 
        scarf I was strangled with in the dream!!!".
           Maggie and Mrs. Johnson rush down into the drawing room
        with the scarf and tell Barnabas and Stokes about it. 
        Stokes tells Maggie and Mrs. Johnson they must have a 
        seance.  Mrs. Johnson tells Stokes she doesn't want to
        be part of it, but Stokes tells her she and Maggie must
        take part in it, as they are the only people present who
        have seen the man.  
           The seance starts.  Stokes calls to the Janet Findley. 
        The door the the bedroom hallway at the top of the stairs
        myteriously by itself, and something invisible apparently
        comes out and comes down the stairs into the drawing room.
        The spirit of Janet Findley possesses Mrs. Johnson and 
        speaks through her, saying something cryptic about, 
        "The children!  The panel!  The room!". Stokes asks the 
        spirit to be more specific, and the spirit explains, "I found 
        the room and waited there.  HE came and killed me!".  Mrs. Johnson 
        collapses, unconscious.
        Episode 683 (Kinescope)
        Worldvision Rerun 467A*
        Tape Date: January 29, 1969 (ABC #28-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  February 5, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:    Ron Sproat
        Director:  Lela Swift

           Barnabas tells Julia about the seance.  Julia asks what
        the spirit meant by "The children!".  Barnabas replies, "It
        can mean only one of three things.  Either the children are
        in danger, or they know who killed Findley, or perhaps they're
        the ones who killed her".
           They finds Amy and questions her about Janet Findley.  After 
        questioning her, Julia is convinced that the children knew
        nothing about Findley's death, that in fact, they don't even
        know she's dead.  Julia explains to Barnabas that Elizabeth
        never told the children about Findley's death, not wanting to
        shock and scare them.  Julia suggests that maybe Chris is 
        somehow involved in it since someone did try to kill him.
        She tells Barnabas that although Chris doesn't consciously
        know anything about the blond woman who saved him, subconciously
        he might, and if that's the case, it can be gotten by hypnosis.
           Amy goes to Chris' cottage.  Chris asks, "How are you?"  Amy
        replies, "Happy, happier than I've ever been before".  Chris 
        asks, "Why?"  Amy replies, "Because you're all right".  Chris asks,
        "Why wouldn't I be all right?" Amy suddenly goes off on a tangent, 
        saying, "Mrs. Stoddard took David and me to Bangor last night".  
        Chris, puzzled, asks "Are you trying to change the subject?"
        Amy replies, "No, I just thought you'd like to hear about my
        trip".  They are interrupted by the arrival of Barnabas and
        Julia, who say they want to talk to Chris in privat. Amy leaves.  
        Julia tells Chris that she thinks he may have subconscious 
        knowledge about the mysterious blond woman, knowledge that might be
        unlocked by hypnosis.  Chris is dubious, but agrees to let Julia
        hypnotize him.
           Amy is in the woods.  Beth appears to her and Beth gives
        her an old wooden doll and instructs her telepathically what 
        to do with it.
           Julia hypnotizes Chris and finds that he doesn't have any
        subconcious knowledge of the blond woman either.
           In the woods, Amy tells Beth, "I'll do it as long as no one
        will be hurt.  No one's going to be hurt?  Promise?"  Beth
        nods yes.  There is the sound of someone approaching.  Amy
        hides.  Beth vanishes.  Barnabas and Julia pass by.  Amy
        comes out of hiding and looks for Beth, but finds she isn't
           As Julia and Barnabas get to the front door of Collinwood,
        Julia brings up a possibility they hadn't considered before,
        "What if we can't find a cure for Chris? Then we'll have no
        alternative but to expose him and turn him in to the authorities".
        Barnabas sadly agrees.
           At the cottage, a strange feeling comes over Chris and he 
        leaves the cottage and goes into the woods.  There, Beth
        appears to him. Chris tries to talk to her, but Beth remains
        silent.  She points to a spot on the ground.  Chris looks.
        Beth then points at a tree.  Chris looking at the tree, says,
        "Why are you pointing at that tree?", but when he turns back to 
        look at Beth, she's gone.
           At Collinwood, Julia can't find Amy and goes to look for her.
           Chris rushes to Collinwood and tells Barnabas, "I saw her!
        I saw the woman you talked about!"  Barnabas tells Chris, "You'd
        better take me to the spot you saw her".  
           Not having found Amy, Julia returns to the drawing room and
        finds that she's there.  She asks Amy where she's been.  Amy
        replies that she's been playing in the basement.  Julia 
        notices that Amy is holding a wooden doll and asks her about
        it.  Amy replies that she found it in the basement.  
           Barnabas and Chris go to the spot in the woods where Chris
        saw Beth.  Chris points out the spot on the ground Beth had
        pointed to, then points to the tree she pointed to.  He is
        surprised to see that there's a shovel leaning against the tree
        now. Barnabas says, "She obviously wants us to dig here".  
        They dig, and find what looks like a child's coffin.  They
        begin to pry the lid open...

* Worldvision initally skipped this episode in the syndication package,
  however a kinescope was located in the late 1980s and added to Cycle IV of
  the syndcation package.
        Episode 684
        Worldvision Rerun 468
        Tape Date: January 30, 1969 (ABC #29-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  February 6, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Lela Swift

           Barnabas and Chris pry open the coffin.  They find that
        it contains the remains of a child.  Chris points to something
        the child is wearing and asks, "What's that right there?"  Barnabas
        looks and says, "A pentagram!  Someone here long ago needed 
        protection against a werewolf!".  Chris exclaims, "I don't believe
        it!  You mean there was a werewolf here before?"  Barnabas replies,
        "That's the only thing it can mean".  Chris asks, "Then why haven't
        we ever heard about it?"  Barnabas replies, "Perhaps the people
        who knew about it were as quiet about it as Julia and I are about
        you".  Chris remarks, "It must have something to do with me.  How
        old do you think it is?"  Barnabas replies, "50 to 75 years old,
        I'd say.  It certainly isn't the pine box used in an earlier era".
        Chris wonders, "If it has something to do with me, then why is
        it here on Collins property?"  Barnabas asks, "Was your family
        here in Collinsport 75 years ago?"  Chris replies, "Yes, but they
        had nothing to do with the Collinses.  If only the blonde woman
        would speak!".  Barnabas replies, "Perhaps she can't, or perhaps
        she dares not.  We'd better put the child back in its grave".
        They rebury the child.  They do not notice the ghost of Quentin
        watching them from behind some trees.
           It is late at night at Collinwood.  David goes down into
        the library and gets a book called "Ghosts and Exorcisms".
        Carolyn catches David there and tells him it's past his
        bedtime.  Then she notices the book he's holding and asks
        him why he's reading something like that.  David starts to talk
        about the strange things that have been happening at Collinwood
        and appears to be trying - in an oblique manner - to tell 
        Carolyn about Quentin, but suddenly stops when he sees Quentin
        standing outside the window.      
           In the woods, Barnabas and Chris wonder why the blonde woman
        wanted them to dig up the child.  Chris remarks, "There's some
        clue we must be missing!  I don't think she led us here just
        to find the pentagram!".  Barnabas replies, "Maybe it is all
        we need". 
           David is in Quentin's secret room with Quentin.  Quentin
        apparently having just instructed David to do something, David
        says, "No, I don't want to do it, Quentin!  Every time you ask
        me to do something like this, terrible things happen!"  Quentin
        stares menancingly at David.  David screams, "NO!  NO!  All right,
        Quientin, I'll get the medallion for you!".  Quentin smiles.
           It is the next day. Barnabas is sitting at the desk in
        the drawing room of Collinwood examining the medallion with
        a maginifying glass.  David is in the drawing room too, throwing 
        darts shaped like rockets at a dartboard bearing the title, "Rocket 
        Darts" he has set up on a chair, making quite a racket.  Irritated 
        by the noise, Barnabas asks, "Do you have to do that here?"  David
        asks, "What are you doing?"  Barnabas replies, "Trying to read the
        inscription on this medallion".  David asks, "What does it say?"
        Barnabas reads it aloud, "To guard you from the wrath of Cerebrus".
        David asks, "Who's Cerebrus?"  Barnabas replies, "You should know 
        that.  Cerebrus is the wild dog that guards the gates of hell".  
        Carolyn comes walking into the room and remarks, "What's with the 
        mythology lesson?"  Barnabas replies, "It's an inscription on this 
        old medallion I found in an old trunk in the basement of the old 
        house", lying about where he found the medallion.  Carolyn asks,
        "May I see it?"  Barnabas hands her the medallion and magnifying
        glass.  Carolyn examines the medallion and remarks, "The jeweller's
        mark looks familiar".  Barnabas replies, "I thought so too".  Carolyn
        gets a silver candlestick, compares the jeweller's mark on it to the
        one on the medallion, and annouces that they're the same.  She tells
        Barnabas that the medallion must have been made at the same place
        the candlestick was made, Braithwaite's. Carolyn leaves, and Barnabas
        looks in the telephone book for a Braithwaite's.  He finds a listing
        for it and telephones it, "Hello, Mr. Braithwaite, this is Barnabas
        Collins".  Braithwaite, a very aged man (Abe Vigoda), replies,
        "Barnabas Collins?  A pleasure to hear from you, Mr. Collins!".
        Barnabas tells him, "Mr. Braithwaite, I wanted to discuss a curious
        medallion with you.  It has your firm's mark on it".  Braithwaite
        remarks, "Yes, our firm has been in business since 1781.  We've
        made most of your family's jewelry".  Barnabas asks, "Mind if I
        bring it over for you to take a look at it?..."  While Barnabas'
        back is turned, David takes the medallion and hides it behind his
        dartboard.  Barnabas finishes his telephone call.  He comes back
        to the desk and, finding the medallion missing, accuses David of
        stealing it.  David denies it.  Barnabas points out, "It must
        have been you.  You were the only other person in the room".  David
        denies taking it and to prove he doesn't have the medallion, empties
        the contents of his pockets onto the desk.  The medallion isn't among
        them.  Barnabas apoligizes to David for accusing him, then wonders,
        "What could have happened to it?"  David points out, "A lot of
        strange thinks happen in this house".  As Barnabas  searches for the
        medallion, David takes his dartboard - and the medallion - and leaves.
           Barnabas goes to Braithwaite's jewelry shop in town.
        Braithwaite is a very old man.  Having lost the medallion,
        Barnabas shows Braithwaite a drawing of it instead and
        asks him, "I'd like to know who had it made".  At first the
        jeweler says, "I have a memory...", the memory fades immediately.
        Barnbas begs, "It's vital.  A friend and I...it means a great deal
        to us.  Now, could you consult your records?  Just from my family's
        accounts.  I'm sure it was made for our family.  It was found
        on Collins property".  Braithwaite complains, "Our records
        go back a long way!", but Barnabas tells him,  "You won't have 
        to look through all of them, just those for the Victorian period.  
        I'm pretty sure that's when it was made". Braithwaite agrees to 
        look, but tells Barnabas he's too busy to do so now and will do it 
        later after the shop closes.  Barnabas tells him, "I'll be at
        Collinwood tonight.  If you find it tonight, call me there".
           At Collinwood, Carolyn and Chris are preparing to go out on
        a date.  Barnabas comes into the room, saying, "Don't let me
        bother you two.  I just came in to get the newspaper".  Carolyn
        leaves to get her coat.  Chris asks, "Learned anything about the
        medallion yet?"  Barnabas replies, "No. I'll tell you as soon as
        I do".  Carolyn returns with her coat, and she and Chris leaves.
        Barnabas sits down and reads the paper.  David comes into the
        room and asks, "Did that medallion cost a lot of money?" 
        Barnabas replies, "I don't think so".  David says, "Oh, I thought
        it did.  You seemed very upset you lost it".  Barnabas replies,
        "It meant a lot to me personally", then says, "Oh, David.  Tell
        Mrs. Johnson I might be getting a phone call tonight from Mr.
        Braithwaite the jeweller.  I'll be in your father's study. Tell
        her to tell me if the call comes" and leaves.
           Braithwaite, reading an entry in a ledger, exclaims
        "Oh God! How could I have forgotten that?!", and telephones
        Collinwood.  David answers the phone.  Braithwaite asks, "Mr.
        Barnabas Collins?"  David replies, "No, this is David Collins".
        Braithwaite says, "Tell Mr. Barnabas Collins that I have the
        information he was looking for!  I'm driving past Collinwood
        on my way home.  Tell him I'll drop by and give it to him".
        The ghost of Quentin appears, grabs the receiver from David and 
        listens.  Braithwaite continues speaking, saying, "I'll bring the 
        ledger too.  It has the name of the purchaser of the medallion
        in it.  I don't know how I could have forgotten it!  It was one of
        the first pieces I ever made myself!  I'll be by soon!" and hangs
        up.  David complains to Quentin, "You had no right to do that!"
        Quentin stares menacingly.  David, frightened, backs up the 
        stairs.  He tells Quentin, "I've got tell Barnabas Mr. Braithwaite's
        coming to see him..."  Quentin continues to stare menancingly.
        David asks, "What do you want, what???"
        Episode 685
        Worldvision Rerun 469
        Tape Date: January 31, 1969 (ABC #30-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  February 7, 1969 Friday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Lela Swift

           Quentin telepathically tells David to so something.  David
        seems reluctant and asks, "Will anyone be hurt by it?".  Quentin
        promises that no one will.  Amy comes down the stairs.  As soon 
        as Quentin sees her, he disappears.  Elizabeth comes down into
        the drawing room holding a telegram.  She tells David, "Get dressed.
        This is a telegram from your father.  He says he's coming back
        today. He's going be landing at Portland Airport.  He's anxious
        to see you and wants us to meet him there".  David replies that
        he can't go because he's got something else planned.  Elizabeth
        is puzzled and asks, "Is anything wrong, David?", but David 
        hurriedly says, "I can't explain!", and runs fromt he room.  
        Elizabeth leaves to get Roger, alone.
           David and Amy again discuss the bad situation they're in with
        Quentin and wish they had never found the room.  David remarks,
        "Some of the things Quentin wants us to do don't make any sense.
        He doesn't want me to tell Barnabas that Mr. Braithwaite is
        coming.  Maybe they only make sense to Quentin.  He's doing 
        something to us, something to us all..."
           Amy goes to Barnabas' room and  finds Barnabas packing. She
        asks him why he's leaving.  Barnabas explains that he was only
        staying at Collinwood to watch over them while Roger was away,
        and now that Roger's coming back, will return to live at the
        Old House.  Amy asks Barnabas, "Have you ever been afraid of
        anyone?"  Barnabas replies, "Of course".  Amy asks, "What did
        you do?"  Barnabas says, "Why don't you tell me who you're
        afraid of?  It would help if you did".  Amy lies, "No one.
        It was just a story I was reading.  A boy in it was afraid.
        I never thought a boy would be afraid before".   She then
        remarks, "I wish I could live at the Old House too. This house
        is so old and gloomy".
           Braithwaite comes to Collinwood.  David answers the door.
        Braithwaite remarks, "You must be young David Collins.  I never
        remember there being a David Collins before.  My name is Ezra
        Braithwaite, as was my father's before me, and his father's
        before him.  Once you find a name like Ezra, you don't let go
        of it!  Now David, that's a new-fangled sort of name..."  David
        points out, "No it isn't!  King David, in the bible!".   David
        shows Braithwaite to the drawing room.  There, Braithwaite sits
        down at the desk and takes off the pair of glasses he's wearing 
        and puts on a pair of reading glasses.  David asks, "Why did you 
        switch glasses?".  Braithwaite explains that the pair he's wearing 
        are reading glasses, for looking at things close up, while the pair 
        he was wearing when he came were for looking at things at a greater 
        distances. David asks, "Why don't you wear bifocals?".  Braithwaite 
        replies, "I have no use for such modern contraptions".  He then 
        starts examining some of the things in the room.  He picks up a 
        candlestick, looks at it closely, and announces, "My father made 
        this!  He had a way with candlesticks!".  David, still curious about 
        the glasses, asks, "Can you see me now?"  Braithwaite looks and, 
        seeing a blurry face, replies, "I can tell someone's there", then 
        tells David, "Go tell Mr. Barnabas I have the records he wants."  As 
        David turns to leave, Braithwaite picks up a decorative silver 
        saucer from the desk, examines it, and remarks, "This is one of ours 
        too.  I swear, you Collinses have more silver than the shop does!".  
        David leaves the romm - closing the drawing room's double doors 
        behind him.  Braithwaite picks up another article from the desk, 
        examines it, and remarks, "No, not one of ours.  They must have 
        purchased this in the city.  They would have been better off if 
        they'd come to us..."  He turns his attention back to the ledger 
        he's brought with him.  Quentin enters the drawing room through the 
        secret passage and walks over to the desk, where Braithwaite is 
        sitting looking at the ledger.  At first, Braithwaite, engrossed
        in what he's doing, doesn't notice Quentin.  He looks through
        the ledger, muttering, "I should have marked it!  I should have
        known I wouldn't remember it by the time I got here...Oh yes,
        April 16, 1897".  He suddenly notices Quentin standing there.
        Braithwaite sees Quentin, but not clearly, as he has his
        reading glasses on, and says, "Oh, Mr. Collins!  Oh, of course
        you're not Mr. Barnabas Collins.  You must be his friend.  I've
        got the information you wanted about the pentagram.  I made it
        myself.  It's the first piece of silver jewelry I ever made
        myself, when I was 15 1/2 years old.  I even engraved the
        quotation on the back.  Now why would someone like me forget 
        the first piece of silver jewelry I ever made?"  He turns to the 
        ledger and continues, "It's all right here, in my own handwriting.  
        It hasn't improved all these years.  It says here, 'One silver 
        medallion, engraved with the quotation "To guard you from the 
        wrath of Cerebrus", ordered by Miss Beth Chavez and charged
        to the account of Quentin Collins'".  Having finished reading 
        this from the ledger, Braithwaite takes off his reading glasses 
        and puts on his normal glasses.  Now able to see clearly at a 
        distance, he sees Quentin clearly. At first, seemingly unconcerned, 
        he nonchalently says, "Why, I know you".  He then thinks a bit and 
        says, "Yes, you're Quentin Collins", still sounding unconcerned.  
        He thinks some more, then says in a very shocked voice, "But you're 
        dead!  You're dead!  You're dead!". 
           Upstairs, Barnabas is talking to David, "You must tell me what's
        wrong, David!".  David tells Barnabas, "But Mr. Braithwaite is
        downstairs waiting for you!".  Barnabas says, "We can finish our
        conversation later.  Come."
           Down in the drawing room, Quentin takes the ledger with him
        and leaves through the secret passage, closing the secret panel
        after him.
           Barnabas and David come downstairs and go into the drawing
        room.  They find Braithwaite sitting at the desk.  Barnabas says,
        "Mr. Braithwaite", but Braithwaite doesn't answer.  David remarks,
        "He must have fallen asleep".  Barnabas goes up to Braithwaite,
        and says, "Mr. Braithwaite...", touching him gently on the shoulder.
        Braithwaite falls off the chair onto the floor.  David exclaims,
        NO! NO!  What's happened?"  Barnabas shouts, "Go get Julia!".
        David exclaims, "He can't be dead, he can't be!".  Barnabas
        repeats, "Get Julia!".
        Episode 686
        Worldvision Rerun 470
        Tape Date: February 3, 1969 (ABC #31-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  February 10, 1969 Monday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Lela Swift

           It is the next day.  Barnabas is pacing around in the
        drawing room, looking like he's waiting for someone.  Finally,
        Julia comes in through the front doors.  Barnabas quickly rushes
        out into the foyer to talk to  her.  Julia tells Barnabas that the 
        autopsy showed that Ezra Braithwaite died of simple heart failure. 
        Barnabas is doubtful, remarking, "Janet Findley supposedly died
        of heart failure too. Strange that there would be so many cases of 
        heart failure in the house".  Julia protests, "I watched the autopsy
        myself.  Mr. Braithwait was a very old man.  There was no sign of 
        foul play...", but Barnabas insists, "I know Ezra Braithwaite was
        murdered!".  Julia asks, "How do you know that?"  Barnabas explains,
        "Braithwaite had a ledger with him when he came here tonight.  David
        told me that.  Now where is it?"  Julia asks, "You mean you think
        someone killed him for the book?"  Barnabas replies, "That book had
        infomation I wanted to know.  Braithwaite knew who he had sold the
        pentagram to".  Julia asks, "Who do you suspect?  Certainly not the
        woman!  Why would she lead you to the medallion?"  Barnabas replies,
        "The man Mrs. Johnson and Maggie said they saw.  The woman is in
        conflict with the man.  She wants us to know the secret, the man
        doesn't.  But the spirit has a helper.  We must make him help us
           The ledger is lying on the roll top desk in Quentin's secret
        room.  David, curious as to why the ledger is so important that
        Quentin would kill for it, steals it and brings it to his
        room, saying, "I have to find out why he did what he did!  I
        have to!" He starts to look through it, reading, "Accounts,
        Braithwaite and Company.  January to June, 1897", but the ghost of 
        Beth suddenly appears.  Thinking she wants to stop him, David
        begs Beth, "Beth!  Don't tell Quentin I have the book!  I just have
        to find out!  He's terrible, Beth!  He says he won't hurt anyone,
        but then he does!  Don't tell him I have the book!", but Beth 
        motions for him to continue.  David asks, "You won't tell him?  
        He didn't send you?  You want me to open the book?  You want 
        me to know?"  David opens the ledger to a bookmarked page and 
        finds a line there that reads, "One silver medallion in the shape 
        of a pentagram, engraved  'To guard you from Cerebrus', ordered by 
        Miss Beth Chavez, paid for from the account of Quentin Collins".  
        Quentin's music starts to play, and David, realizing that Quentin 
        is in the room, invisible, apologizes for stealing the ledger, then 
        says, "I'll do anything you say, Quentin" and tears a page from the 
        ledger.  There's a knock at the door, and David quickly hides the 
        ledger under his pillow.  He opens the door and lets Barnabas and 
        Julia in.  Barnabas tells David, "There's something I must know.
        You said Mr. Braithwaite had a ledger with him when he came to
        the house".  Julia chimes in, "It's important, David".  David asks,
        "Why?"  Barnabas explains, "If he had a ledger when he came, someone
        must have taken it".  David lies, "I must have been mistaken about
        the ledger".  Barnabas asks, "David, did you take the ledger?"
        David complains, "You always accuse me!".  Barnabas replies, "You
        always put me in the position to accuse you".  David, starting
        to become hysterical, shouts, "I didn't have anything to do with
        it, I didn't!"  Roger comes into the room.  David shouts, "Father!
        Barnabas thinks I took the book!  He hates me!".  Roger asks, 
        "Barnabas, what's this all mean?"  Barnabas tells Roger about
        Braithwaite's death and the missing ledger.  Roger remarks, "A
        tragedy.  Mr. Braithwaite was a craftsman from the old tradition".
        He asks to talk to David alone.  As Barnabas and Julia are leaving,
        Roger remarks, "All this about an old account book.  Really, 
        Barnabas, your preoccupation with the past has made you lose all
        sense of proportion!".
           Roger asks David why he didn't come to Portland to meet him.
        David replies, "A lot of things have happened while you were
        away.  I knew you and Aunt Elizabeth would just sit in the car 
        and talk about Vicky and the other stuff, and I'd be bored".
        Roger says, "On the plane back, I was thinking, you and I should
        try to be better friends.  I hope you'll want to make the effort.  
        I will".  David starts to cry.  Roger asks, "Why don't you tell
        me in your own words what's happened here while I was away.  I'm
        sure you know some things your Aunt Elizabeth don't".  David
        exclaims, "I don't know anything!".  Roger says, "All right, David.
        You tell me when you're ready to" and leaves.  David takes the
        ledger back out from under his pillow and returns it to Quentin's
        secret room.
           Downstairs in the drawing room, Barnabas and Julia ask
        Elizabeth if she has any old family records, accounts or
        photos they could look at.  Elizabeth asks Barnabas, "Could
        you tell me what this is all about?  I'd like to know what's
        happening in my own house", but Barnabas tells her, "Some 
        things can't be explained until the end of the story comes".
        He promises to tell her everything when he can.  Elizabeth
        says, "The storage room is locked.  I'll go get the keys.
        I'd also like to look in on David first, if you don't mind".
        Barnabas and Julia reply that they don't.  Elizabeth leaves.
        Julia asks Barnabas, "Exactly what are we looking for?"
        Barnabas replies, "A receipt from the jeweller, a photo
        perhaps, any kind of clue".  Julia warns, "Whoever killed
        Braithwaite will try to stop us...".  They are interrupted
        by Roger coming into the room.  Roger is very angry.  He accuses
        Barnabas of mistreating David while he was away, of accusing David 
        of stealing the ledger with no evidence.  He asks, "Maybe Maggie
        or Mrs. Johnson put it somewhere".  Barnabas replies, "No, I've
        already asked them".  Roger asks, "Did you question them until
        they cried like you did to David?"  He remarks, "Barnabas, you've
        been reading too many mystery novels...", then noticing a ledger
        sitting right on the desk, continues, "If there's any mystery at
        all.  Is that it?"  Julia gasps, "It wasn't here before!"  Roger
        sarcastically remarks, "You probably just didn't search the room
        carefully enough.  If it wasn't there before, who put it there,
        a ghost?"  Barnabas looks through the journal, sees that a page
        is missing, and says, "Whoever did took something!  There's a page 
        missing!".  Roger, rolling his eyes in exasperation, says, "I
        suppose David is to be blamed for tearing out the page".  Barnabas
        says, "I'm not blaming anyone yet".  Roger, now very angry, says,
        "Why do you continue this farce?  Why do you see a crime where
        there is none?"  Elizabeth returns with the key to the storage
        room.  Barnabas and Julia prepare to leave, but Roger tells Barnabas,
        "I'd like to talk to you alone" and insists that he stay.  Julia    
        says, "I'll start", and leaves with Elizabeth.  Roger angrily tells
        Barnabas, "I don't like the way you managed things while I was away.
        You're responsible for getting the children hysterical.  You caused
        my sister to talk about nothing but ghosts and spirits in the
        car on the way back".  Barnabas protests, "It wasn't me!  It was
        the seance!".  Roger counters, "You should never have allowed the
        seance to take place", then tells Barnabas, "You will go upstairs
        and apoligize to my son.  Otherwise, you will no longer be welcome
           Meanwhile, Elizabeth has taken Julia to the room in the
        basement where the photo albums are kept.  It is very cobwebby 
        and dusty.  Elizabeth tells Julia that no one has been in this 
        room for years.  She tells Julia to lock the door when she's 
        finished and leaves.  Julia looks through some photo albums and 
        finds a picture of the woman who led them to the cottage. It is
        dated 1897.  Suddenly, the door slams shut.  Julia tries
        to open it, but finds herself locked in.  The window opens,
        and a strong wind blows into the room.  Julia feels a presence
        and exclaims, "Who is in this room?  Who?  Answer me!"
        Episode 687
        Worldvision Rerun 471
        Tape Date:  February 4, 1969 (ABC #32-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 11, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Frightened, Julia bangs on the door and shouts for help.
        The wind stops.  Barnabas opens the door from the outside.
        Julia tells him what happened while she was in the room
        alone, but when she shows him the photo album, the picture
        of Beth is gone...
           Carolyn and Chris return from a date and go to the drawing
        room.  Carolyn asks Chris if he believes in marriage.  Chris
        tells her he believes in it and plans to get married sometime
        in the future. 
           Chris returns to the cottage, where he is suddenly wracked 
        by werewolf pains.                           
           Barnabas and Julia go up to the drawing room. They are alone
        there.  They discuss what happened downstairs, and decide that
        since the blond woman would have no reason to take the picture,
        it must have been the other spirit who did so. The phone rings.
        Barnabas answers.  Chris tells him to come down to the cottage
        quickly.  Barnabas asks why, but Chris refuses to tell him on
        the phone, just telling him it's an emergency and asking him to
        come quickly. 
           Barnabas and Julia rush to the cottage.  Chris tells them he's
        starting to have the werewolf pains. Barnabas asks,  "That's
        impossible! There's no full moon tonight". Chris replies, "I 
        know! It's never happened before!".  Barnabas asks, "How much
        longer before the transformation starts?"  Chris replies, "Twenty
        or thirty minutes".  Barnabas says, "Good.  Then there's enough
        time to get you to the mausoleum".  Barnabas, using Julia's
        car, rushes Chris to the secret room in the mausoleum while
        Julia stays at the cottage.   The clock reads 1:10 AM.
           There's a knock at the door of Collinwood.  Carolyn answers
        it. A look of great surprise appears on her face and she exclaims, 
        "JEFF!! JEFF CLARK!!"  The man replies, "I beg your pardon.  My name 
        isn't Jeff Clark.  It's Ned Stuart".  Carolyn says, "Ned Stuart?
        It's amazing!"  Jeff remarks, "It's obvious I resemble someone you
        know".  Carolyn corrects him, "Someone I used to know.  He 
        disappeared some time ago".  Ned Stuart tells Carolyn, "I'm here to 
        see Chris Jennings.  I'm a friend of his from out west".  Carolyn 
        tells Stuart, "Chris isn't here".  Stuart replies, "I'll wait for 
        him, then".  Carolyn explains, "He doesn't live at Collinwood.  He 
        lives in the caretaker's cottage".  Ned asks, "Is he there right
        now?"  Carolyn replies, "Yes, but he's probably asleep".  Ned asks 
        for directions to the cottage. Carolyn gives them to him.  She tells 
        Ned, "I'll telephone Chris and tell him you're coming", but Ned 
        says, "No! I want this to be a surprise".  After Ned leaves, 
        Carolyn, not trusting him, decides to call Chris anyway.  
           The phone in the cottage rings. Julia, not knowing how
        to explain her presence there, just lets it ring.
           Barnabas returns to the cottage and tells Julia he got
        Chris to the secret room in the crypt just in time. They
        worry that Chris' condition has gotten worse, that he might
        now turn into a werewolf at any time, not just during the
        full moon.  They are interrupted by a knock at the door.
        They open it.  Ned Stuart is standing there.  Barnabas
        and Julia are speechless. Knowing what the cause of their
        shock must be after his experience with Carolyn, he quickly
        explains that he's not Jeff Clark, but Ned Stuart, a friend
        of Chris Jennings' from out west.  He tells them he's looking
        for Chris.  They tell him Chris isn't there and won't be back
        until tomorrow.  Both Barnabas and Julia seem suspicious of
        Ned, just as Carolyn was, and Barnabas mentions to Ned that Chris 
        has never mentioned him before.  Ned replies, "He's probably
        never mentioned my sister either, or the fact that he was
        engaged to her". Julia asks, "The engagement was broken?",
        thinking tha that was the reason for Ned's visit.  Ned replies,
        "You could say that. Jennings Chris just disappeared one night, 
        and my sister was in no condition to tell anyone what happened".  
        Julia asks, "You mean she's dead?".  Ned replies, "Now that would
        be the logical conclusion, wouldn't it?".
        Episode 688
        Worldvision Rerun 472
        Tape Date:  February 5, 1969 (ABC #33-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 12, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Julia questions Ned further about his sister, but he
        refuses to say anything more on the subject. Barnabas and
        Julia tell Ned it's getting late and suggest they all leave,
        but Ned refuses to do so, saying he'll stay and wait for
        Chris.  Barnabas and Julia tell him they don't think it's
        right to let him stay there alone and stay too.
           In the drawing room, David tries to confront Quentin,
        saying, "Quentin!  Why won't you appear to me?  I've been
        looking all over for you!  Why won't you appear to me?
        I know!  It's because you're ashamed to!  You promised me
        you wouldn't harm Mr. Braithwaite, but you killed him!  You
        went back on your word!  I had a nightmare last night!  Mr.
        Braithwaite came out of  his grave, pointed his finger at
        me and said I was to blame for his death too!  I'm afraid,
        Quentin!  After tonight, I'm not going to do what you want
        anymore!"  Quentin's music starts to play.  David starts to
        say, "It won't do any good, Quentin!  I'm not going to play
        the game anymore!", but quickly becomes possessed again.  He 
        sits down at the desk, uncaps a fountain pen, and begins to
        write something.
           At 3:00 in the morning, Maggie wanders by and notices David
        still awake in the drawing room. She asks him what he's doing
        still awake at this hour. He replies that he couldn't sleep
        and decided to write a story, "A story about a man who was
        been cursed by a wicked, wicked woman and turned into a wild 
        animal sometimes because of the curse and killed people, even 
        people he loved.  One day, he found a secret room and thought he 
        could escape the curse by hiding in the room.  But someone let
        him out, someone who didn't want him to suffer from the curse
        any longer.  Then the man was killed in the woods by a hunter,
        and that's how he found his peace".  Maggie tells David he has to 
        go to bed because it's late, but David becomes angry and runs 
        out the front door into the woods.  Maggie runs after him.
           At the cottage, Ned finally decides to leave, saying he
        doesn't think Chris will be back tonight.  After he leaves,
        Barnabas and Julia wonder if he knows about Chris' secret.
           Maggie is in the woods, searching for David. She runs into
        Ned and is, like everyone else, shocked, thinking he's Jeff.
        Ned explains, "I'm not Jeff Clark, as everyone in the area
        seems to think.  I'm Ned Stuart, a friend of Chris Jennings'
        from out west". He asks Maggie, "What are you doing in the
        woods this time of night?".  Maggie explains how she's looking
        for David.  Ned tells her he'll help her search.
           Barnabas and Julia return to Collinwood.  Julia asks, "Do you
        think Stuart knows Chris' secret?"  Barnabas replies, "No, it
        seems more like he was trying to get information from us". Julia 
        remarks, "It's strange how Stuart introduced the subject of his
        sister, then dropped the subject".  Barnabas replies, "I think his
        sister's the real reason he's come to see Chris".  Julia asks, "Do
        you think Chris killed her?"  Barnabas defends Chris,  "If he did,
        he's not responsible for what he does when he tranforms", then says,
        "I'm going back to the old house.  I'll be back here tomorrow" and
        turns to leave, but Julia finds David's story on the floor, starts 
        to read it, and exclaims, "Barnabas! Wait!"  She shows the story to
        him.  They read the story and are shocked to see how much it matches 
        Chris' situation.   Barnabas exclaims, "David knows Chris' secret!",
        but Julia, doubtful, says, "It's probably just a coincidence.  How
        could he know?".  Barnabas replies that he thinks the spirit told 
        David.  He rushes out to go to the  mausoleum to make sure that the 
        part about someone letting the man out doesn't happen. 
           Ned and Maggie, not having found David, decide to give up
        and call the police.  They hear a noise in the bushes. Ned
        pulls out a gun and goes to investigate.  When he returns,
        he tells Maggie it was just an animal. Maggie is shocked that
        Ned is carrying a gun and asks him why.  Ned replies, "For
        protection - I've heard about the attacks around Collinsport".
           David enters the mausoleum, grabs the ring, and prepares
        to open the secret door...
        Episode 689
        Worldvision Rerun 473
        Tape Date:  February 6, 1969 (ABC #34-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 13, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           But he stops when he hears a voice behind him asks, "What
        are you doing here?".  David turns and sees it's Barnabas.
        David tells Barnabas, "I had an argument with Maggie and
        came here to hide".  David tells Barnabas he heard sounds
        coming from behind the wall.  Barnabas asks, "Do you hear
        them now?"  David replies, "No".  Barnabas asks, "Isn't it
        possible that in your frightened condition you just imagined
        it?"  David replies, "Yes, I guess so".  Barnabas takes David 
        back to Collinwood.  After sending David up to his room, Maggie 
        tells Barnabas that David has been acting strangely lately.  
        Barnabas asks, "How?".  Maggie explains, "He seems almost like 
        two people. Sometimes he seems like a normal little boy, but other 
        times he seems like another person, another person who frightens me.
        It's like he's an empty shell, like all the things that make him
        David are smothered by something else, something cold and unfeeling".
        She tells Barnabas, "Maybe I'm responsible, maybe David can't accept 
        me as a replacement for Vicky".  Barnabas replies that he doesn't 
        think that's the reason.
           Maggie goes up to David's room and is surprised to find
        that he's still not asleep, even though it's almost morning.
        David begs, "Please don't leave me alone here!"  Maggie asks,
        "What's the matter?"  David replies, "I'm afraid!  I'm so
        afraid!".  Maggie promises, "I won't leave you", and asks, "What
        are you afraid of?"  David replies, "I don't think I can tell
        you", but Maggie insists, "Tell me what's been frightening you
        the past few days, and maybe I can help you".  David moans, "You
        can't!  No one can!"  Maggie tells him, "You've got to tell someone,
        if you keep it locked up inside you, the fear will just grow and
        grow", but David insists, "I can't, Maggie, I can't!".  
           It is morning.  Barnabas goes to the mausoleum to let
        Chris out.  He asks Chris,  "Who is Ned Stuart?"  Chris asks,
        "Where did you hear that name?"  Barnabas replies, "From Ned
        Stuart himself.  He came to Collinwood last night looking
        for you, and Carolyn directed him to the cottage".  Chris remarks, 
        "So he's caught up with me at last. He's been after me for the
        last two years".  Barnabas asks, "Why?  Does he know your secret?".  
        Chris replies, "I have no idea what he knows". Barnabas asks, "Then
        why is he here?  Could it have anything to do with his sister?".  
        Chris asks, "What did he tell you about her?"  Barnabas replies,
        "Not much, but from what he did tell us, Julia and I got the 
        impression she was dead.  He told us you were engaged to her.
        You don't seem very surprised to hear she's dead".  Chris replies,
        "I'm not.  The memory's been haunting me for the last two years."
        Barnabas asks, "Did you kill her?"  Chris replies, "I must have."
        Barnabas asks, "But you really don't know, do you?"  Chris
        admits he doesn't, "No.  But she was the first person to see
        the transformation..."  He tells Barnabas what happened,
        "One day when I knew the full moon would be coming, I told
        her I would be going out of town for the weekend.  What I
        didn't know what that she was planning a surprise birthday
        party for me in my room.  She opened the door with her key.
        and saw me standing there.  She stood there, her arms full of party
        things and refused to leave unless I told her why I hadn't gone out 
        of town.  Then the transformation happened, and I don't remember
        what happened next..."  Barnabas remarks, "Then if she was in
        the room when the tranformation occured, she must have become
        a victim of the werewolf".  Chris sadly agrees, "Yes", then
        says, "I loved her, like I love Carolyn, and Amy.  I can't stay
        in Collinsport any longer!  The same thing could happen to them!".  
        Barnabas begs him not to leave, saying, "You've got to stay!
        We've already found a way to control your violence by putting you 
        in this room. If you stay, maybe we can find a cure!", but Chris 
        replies, "No, not with Ned Stuart here.  He's here to avenge his 
        sister's death, and he won't stop until he does.  He came close the 
        other night.  It must have been him who poisoned my whiskey."  
        Barnabas points out, "But he said he didn't get here till last 
        night".  Chris replies, "Do you think he'd tell you the truth?"  
           Back at Collinwood, Maggie, seeing that David has finally
        gone to sleep, leaves David's room.  Quentin's ghost then
        appears and awakens David.  David fearfully tells Quentin,
        "I tried to do what you told me to, I tried to open the door
        to the secret room, but Barnabas caught me!", then asks, "You
        never told me what was in the secret room.  What did you want
        me to let out?", but Quentin doesn't answer.  David tells Quentin,
        "You hurt people, and it frightens me when you do those things!".
           Elizabeth awakens and comes down into the foyer.  At the
        same time, Barnabas enters through the front door. Elizabeth
        remarks, "You're up early this morning".  Barnabas replies,
        "I haven't been to bed", and tells her, "I've come to talk
        to David. It's important.  Can we go into the drawing room?".  
        They go into the drawing room to talk, but are shocked to find 
        that it's been trashed, the furniture all thrown in disarray. 
        Elizabeth exclaims, "My God! What's happened?"  Barnabas replies,
        "I don't know how this could have happened!  I was here not long
        ago and there was nothing wrong".  Maggie comes into the drawing 
        room and is also shocked at its condition. She too remarks that she 
        was in the drawing room not long ago and it wasn't like this.  
        Elizabeth remarks, "You two seem to have had a busy night".  Maggie 
        tells Elizabeth about David's running off, and tells her the 
        children have been acting strangely lately.  Elizabeth asks, "Could 
        they be responsible for this?", but Maggie replies, "No. I just left
        David, and when I checked on Amy at 5 oclock, she was sound asleep".
        Elizabeth remarks, "Well, someone must be responsible".
           Upstairs in David's room, David tells Quentin, "No, I don't
        want to play this new game!  I don't want to scare everyone from
        this house, and I don't want to live here alone with you, either".
        Quentin glares menancingly at David and starts to approach him.  
        David, frightened, tries to apoligize, "I'm sorry, Quentin, I didn't 
        mean it!", but Quentin touches David on the left arm and David 
        starts to scream in pain, "Help!  My arm's on fire!" and starts to 
        try to put out some invisible flames.
           Maggie, walking through the bedroom hallway on the way
        to her room, passes David's room and hears him screaming.
        This is followed by the sound of a man laughing.  Maggie
        opens the door and goes in.  She finds David alone in the
        room, lying on the floor unconcious.
        Episode 690
        Worldvision Rerun 474
        Tape Date:  February 7, 1969 (ABC #35-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 14, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Ralph Ellis
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Maggie goes to David, whose arm can be seen to have been
        burned.  She tries to revive him.  David, at first only
        semi-consciouness, cries, "I'm sorry, Quentin! Don't hurt me!",
        and begs for forgiveness, but then regains full consciousness and
        stops.  Maggie asks, "What happened?  Who was in this room with
        you?".  David replies, "No one".  Maggie says, "Don't lie, David.
        I heard you screaming, and a man laughing".  David points out,
        "You can see there's no one in here except us".  Maggie insists,
        "But I heard a man laughing".  David lies, "That was just me.
        I was just playing.  I was pretending to be a man laughing".
        Maggie, not believing him, says, "David, I can't believe that.
        Tell me what happened.  Why were you lying on the floor?"
        David lies, "I just got out of bed and fell down", but Maggie,
        still not believing him, asks, "Was it Quentin?".  David is shocked
        and asks, "Where did you hear that name?".  Maggie replies, "From
        you".  David exclaims, "No you didn't! I never said that name!".
        Maggie tells him, "You did, when you were unsconcious".  David
        insists, "It was just a game of make-believe!".  Maggie replies,
        "It's not a game.  That burn mark on your arm's not imaginary".
        David lies, "It's not a burn mark, it's just a bruise from when
        I fell down".  Maggie tells him, "I didn't imagine the laugh, and
        I didn't imagine that man I saw in the West Wing.  Was that Quentin?"
        David becomes very frightened and starts to cry.  Maggie asks, "What
        kind of man is he?  What's he done to you?" She hugs David and
        promises, "I'll find this man and you'll never have to be afraid
        of him again", but David tears himself away, exclaiming "You can't!
        No one can!", and runs from the room.
           Outside Collinwood, Ned Stuart is about to knock at the
        door when suddenly it opens and David runs past him outside.
        Ned goes in.  Maggie comes down the stairs into the foyer.
        Ned greets her, "Hello, Miss Evan". Maggie asks, "Have you
        seen David?"  Ned jokes, "I think that was him running outside.
        He was going awfully fast.  What does he do, give you the slip about
        once a day?".  Maggie tells Ned, "No time to talk to you right now!"
        and runs out after David.  Ned hears a girl singing.  He goes into
        the drawing room and finds Amy in there doing a jigsaw puzzle,
        singing as she works.  Ned asks, "What are you doing?"  Amy
        replies, "I'm trying to finish this jigsaw puzzle, but I can't
        find the piece that goes there".  Ned asks, "Are you all alone
        in the house?".  Amy replies, "No.  Maggie is upstairs".
        Ned tells her, "No she isn't. She just went outside chasing
        your brother David".  Amy tells him, "David isn't my brother.
        My brother is named Chris".  Ned asks, "Chris Jennings?".
        Amy replies, "Yes".  Ned tells Amy, "I came here to see Chris".
        Amy asks, "Why?"  Ned replies, "I'm sort of trying to solve a
        puzzle, just like you are".  Chris happens to come into the room.
        Seeing Ned there, he sends Amy away, then tells Ned, "I know it was
        you who tried to kill me by poisoning my whiskey!", but Ned denies
        it, saying, "I might end up wanting to kill you, but all I want
        right now is the answers to some questions". Chris tells him, "I
        don't know anything about the death of your sister".  Ned
        replies, "Sabrina's not dead".  Chris asks, "She isn't?"  Ned
        tells him, "No, she didn't.  Come see her yourself".  Chris
        refuses, "When I left that town, I promised never to go back",
        but Ned tells him, "You don't have to go back. She's right here.
        I've brought her with me.  She's at the Collinsport Inn.  Come
        see her".  Chris asks, "What has she told you?"  Ned replies,
        "Nothing".  Chris mutters to himself, "I don't see how that's possible.
        If she was in that room she must know..."  Ned asks, "Why don't you
        come and see her?", but Chris says, "I can't".  Ned insists, "Come
        see her, just come see her!"
           David, in the woods, hears Maggie calling him, but does
        not respond.  Maggie goes right past him without seeing him.
        David turns and is surprised to see Amy standing there. 
        He asks, "Did HE send you?"  Amy asks, "Who?" David replies,
        "Quentin".  Amy tells him, "No".  David asks, "Then why did
        you come looking for me?"  Amy replies, "I heard about you running 
        from the house and wanted to find out why you ran off. David tells 
        her, "I'm so afraid!  Quentin came to see me this morning.  He's
        very angry with me, just because I don't want to do it".  Amy
        asks, "Do what?"  David replies, "Do what he wanted me to do.
        Quentin's not the friend we thought he was, Amy!  You know what
        he wants us to do?  He wants us to drive everyone else from
        the house, then live there alone with him!"  Amy says, "But I
        don't what to live there alone with him!". David replies, "Me
        neither.  If I only knew, I'd never have started playing
        the game!".  Amy notes, "We can't stay out here forever",
        and asks David, "What are we going to do?".  David replies,
        "There's only one thing we can do.  We've got to tell Maggie! 
        She promised to help!".  Amy, frightened, says, "No, David!
        He'll punish us! I'm afraid!".  David tells her, "We can't
        stay out here forever.  We've got to go tell Maggie.  No
        one else understands".  Suddenly, the Quentin appears.  Terrified, 
        Amy exclaims, "Oh, David!  Tell him we didn't mean it!  Tell
        him not to punish us!", but David, staring at Quentin, tells 
        her, "It won't do any good.  Quentin is going to teach us a lesson 
        we'll never forget".  
           Later at Collinwood, Maggie goes into the drawing room and
        finds David, who has returned, and Amy in there.  After talking
        to them for awhile, she tells David that she's puzzled that he's
        so different from the way he was this morning. David explains
        that it's just that he's in a better mood.  Amy exclaims,
        "I'm finished!  I've finished the puzzle".  Maggie and David
        look at the puzzle.  Maggie remarks, "David, you don't seem
        very excited".  Amy remarks, "Boys usually don't like jigsaw
        puzzles".  David asks Maggie, "Are we alone in the house?".  
        Maggie replies, "Yes. Mrs. Johnson and Aunt Elizabeth went into
        town and won't be back unti later". David and Amy tell Maggie 
        they're bored and want something to do.  Amy tells Maggie,
        "I'd like to go outside", but Maggie refuses to let them
        go, saying, "It's raining outside".  Amy asks, "Didn't you like
        to play in the rain when you were a little girl?"  Maggie
        tells her firmly, "You're NOT going outside!".  The children
        continue to complain that there's nothing to do.  Maggie asks,
        "Why don't we just sit here and talk?", but the children are
        not very enthuastic about the idea.  They asks to play a game
        and suggest Hide and Seek again, but Maggie says, "No. Not after 
        the way you two broke the rules last time".  The children then 
        suggest Dress Up, and ask Maggie if she'd like to play too.  
        Maggie declines, but tell them they can play it if they want to,
        asking, "Let me see you when you've dressed up".  The children
        promise, "We will!  Be ready for a surprise!" and go upstairs
        to Dress Up.
           After waiting a long time for them, Maggie goes upstairs
        to see what's taking the children so long. She goes into David's
        room, but finds no one there.  She calls for the children, but
        there's no reply.  After Maggie leaves, the doorknob to David's
        room turns, the door opens, and something invisible comes out.
        Maggie goes to searches for the children, thinking they've decided
        to play Hide and Seek again.  In the foyer, the door blows open.  
        Maggie close it, then goes into the door under the stairs.  The
        door to the bedroom hall opens, and something invisible walks 
        out onto the landing. 
           Maggie goes into a study we've never seen before to see if 
        the children are in there.  They aren't. Not finding them,
        she exits and goes out into a hallway, but sees something
        that causes a look of terror to come onto her face and
        retreats back into the study, closing the door after her.
        The doorknow starts to turn.  The sound of a man's laugh is
        heard outside, followed by David's voice calling, "Maggie, can
        you hear us?  We know you're in there!"  Amy's voice chimes in,
        "Maggie, why don't you answer?  Why don't you come out into the
        hallway?  There's someone here who wants to meet you!"  David
        adds, "Yes, and he wants you to meet him too!  Why don't you
        come out?"  Amy says, "Why don't you come out?  He won't hurt

        (Maggie is probably sorry she didn't follow her own advice to
         Vicky in the first episode when she called Vicky "a jerk,
         J-E-R-K" for being stupid enough to go to work at Collinwood).
        Episode 691
        Worldvision Rerun 475
        Tape Date:  February 11, 1969 (ABC #36-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 17, 1969 Monday
        Writer:     Ralph Ellis
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           David and Amy beg Maggie to open the door, saying, "It's
        dark out here and we're afraid!".  For some reason, Maggie
        does so.  David and Amy come in...followed by Quentin.  
        The children tell Maggie not to be afraid, that Quentin won't
        hurt her, but Quentin pulls out a scarf and starts to approach
        Maggie menacingly, the scarf raised ready to strangle her.
        The children beg Quentin not to hurt Maggie, reminding him,
        "You promised not to! You promised you would only play a
        game with her!  Please, we'll be good!  We'll do whatever you 
        tell us!".  Maggie screams and faints.  Suddenly, there's a scream
        from the doorway.  It's Mrs. Johnson, coming into the room.
        She sees Quentin. Elizabeth comes into the room right after 
        Mrs. Johnson, but by that time, Quentin has vanished. Mrs.
        Johnson tells Elizabeth, "That's the man I saw at the cottage!",
        but Elizabeth says, "There couldn't have been a man in this
        room.  I came in just seconds after you did, and I didn't
        see any man".  Mrs. Johnson turns to the children and says,
        "You MUST have seen him! Tell her!", but the children lie
        that they didn't see anyone. Elizabeth tells Mrs. Johnson to
        take the chidren up to their room.  Mrs. Johnson does so.
           Up in David's room, the children, very frightened, beg
        Mrs. Johnson not to leave them.  David blurts out, "He'll
        hurt us!"  Mrs. Johnson exclaims, "So, there IS a man!  I'll
        lock you two up here and go and tells Mrs. Stoddard what
        you said!".  The children beg not to be left alone, but
        in spite of the children's pleas,  Mrs. Johnson tells the
        children there's nothing in the room to hurt them and leaves.
           In the study, Elizabeth is trying to rouse Maggie.  She
        finds the scarf lying next to Maggie.  Maggie regains consciousness
        and exclaims, "That man!".  Elizabeth tells her, "There's no man
        here".  Maggie insists, "There was!  It was that man Mrs. Johnson
        saw at the cottage!".  Mrs. Johnson comes into the room.  Maggie
        continues, "I opened the door!  The children..." Mrs. Johnson
        interrupts, "The children are all right.  They're upstairs in
        David's room".  Maggie says, "They're NOT all right!  I know what's
        wrong now!  They're POSSESSED!".  Elizabeth asks, "Possessed?  By
        what?"  Maggie replies, "That man!  But he's not a real man.  He's
        evil, but somehow, he's something not real".  Elizabeth asks, "You
        mean he's a ghost?"  Mrs. Johnson pipes in, "I knew it!  I knew he
        was something not quite real when I saw him at the cottage!".
        Maggie says, "Mrs. Johnson's right!  He's possessed David and Amy,
        and he's got them doing terrible things!".  Elizabeth remarks,
        "That doesn't make any sense", but Mrs. Johnson says, "It does!
        The children were yelling and screaming upstairs that he was
        coming to punish them!". Elizabeth decides to go up and check
        on the children.
           In David's room, the children decide they've got to tell
        someone about Quentin.  Suddenly, Quentin appears.  The
        children tell him they refuse to help him anymore.  As punishment,
        he temporarily blinds Amy, but disappear when Elizabeth arrives.
        She asks the children, "What's wrong?"  At first, the children lie
        that Maggie who was trying to frighten them with stories about a
        mysterious man, but when Elizabeth says, "I've got to go to the old
        house to see Dr. Hoffman and tries to leave the room, they become
        terrified and beg her, "Don't leave us alone!  He'll come back
        and punish us!" and go crazy.  David screams, "We did what you
        wanted!  Leave us alone!".  Amy screams, "Please don't punish us!"
        They run around the room begging Quentin not to punish them.
        Elizabeth exclaims, "My God!  Maggie was right!  They ARE possessed!"
           Elizabeth returns to Collinwood from the Old House.  Maggie
        asks, "Did you speak to Julia?"  Elizabeth replies, "No, no one
        was at home".  Maggie asks, "What are we going to do?"  Elizabeth
        replies, "Call Professor Stokes.  He's our only hope.  If anyone
        can do anything, he can. Go and call him.  His number's in the 
        study.  I'll go up and see the children".  Maggie goes to the
        study, looks up the number and starts to call.  The phone starts
        to ring.  Maggie begs, "Please answer!  Please!"  Suddenly, she
        notices that the house has become completely quiet, that the sound
        of the storm outside have stopped.
           Upstairs, Elizabeth is walking back to David's room.
        She too notices that the storm has stopped.  She goes into
        David's room.  Mrs. Johnson exclaims, "Oh, Mrs. Stoddard!  Come
        quickly!"   Elizabeth finds that both the children are unconscious
        and asks, "What happened?"  Mrs. Johnson tells her, "I don't
        know.  They were both yelling and screaming, then suddenly
        stopped and collapsed.  It was so unnatural!  What does this
        mean?"  Elizabeth replies, "I don't know".  Mrs. Johnson
        continues, "And it became so silent suddenly, there's no
        more thunder or lightning, and you can't even hear the rain
        anymore".  Elizabeth suggests, "It's probably stopped", but
        Mrs. Johnson tells her, "No, it's still raining outside, you
        just can't hear it.  It's as quiet as a tomb.  Something's
        going to happen, I know it, somthing TERRIBLE!".   Elizabeth
        tries to assure her, "Mrs. Johnson, nothing's going to happen.
        Right now, our only concern is the children...".  But she is
        wrong.  Suddenly, the room fills with Quentin's music.  Mrs.
        Johnson asks, "What's that?"  Elizabeth replies, "Old music.
        It sounds like an old record".  Mrs. Johnson asks, "Where's
        it coming from?"  Elizabeth replies, "I don't know, but it's
        getting louder".  David suddenly regains conciuousness and
        announces, in a strange monotone, "It's too late!  It's to
        late to be afraid!" and laughs, "HA HA HA HA HA ...".  He is
        joined by a deep male laugh.  The room echoes with laughter,
        both David's and the unseen man's.  Both Eliabeth and Mrs.
        Johnson are terrified...
        Episode 692
        Worldvision Rerun 476
        Tape Date:  February 12, 1969 (ABC #37-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 18, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           It is morning.  Julia comes to Collinwood.  Elizabeth
        recounts the events of last night to her.  She tells Julia
        that Maggie claims that the children are possessed by a
        spirit and that she believes Maggie's claim.  Julia corrects
        her, "They're possessed by TWO spirits", and tells Elizabeth
        about the blond woman she and Barnabas saw.  Elizabeth complains,
        "Why didn't you tell me this before?"  Julia replies, "We didn't
        think you'd believe it".  Elizabeth says, "I believe it now".
        Professor Stokes arrives.  In the drawing room, he announces, 
        "There's been a definite change in here since I was here last.  
        The very atmosphere in the room has changed drastically..."
           At the cottage, Chris receives a phone call from Ned Stuart.
        Ned complains, "I've been calling you all morning.  Where have
        you been?"  Chris lies, "I've been doing some work on the
        estate".  Ned tells him, "Sabrina would like to see you now.
        When can you see her?"  Chris replies, "I don't know".  Ned
        remarks, "You mean you don't care".  Chris exclaims, "No!".
        Ned says, "You'd better make it soon.  She's getting impatient,
        and so am I".  After the telephone call, Chris takes a framed 
        photograph out of a drawer and looks at it.
           In the drawing room at Collinwood, Stokes asks, "Mrs. Johnson 
        and Miss Evans are both convinced that the children know about
        the apparations?"  Elizabeth replies, "Yes".  Stokes says, "There's
        a supernatural presence here.  I could sense it when we held the
        seance here.  But it's much stronger now.  Both of the children
        exhibit all the signs of possession.  Tell me, are there ever times
        when they revert to normal?"  Elizabeth replies, "Yes".  Stokes
        tells her, "Then that means the possession isn't complete yet".
        Elizabeth asks, "You mean it could be?"  Stokes replies, "Yes.
        It would mean complete loss of free will".  Elizabeth asks, "What
        are you going to do?"  Stokes replies, "I won't know until I've
        spoken to the children.  I'd like to speak to Mrs. Johnson and
        Miss Evans as well".  Elizabeth says, "I'll bring them down here",
        but Stokes tells her, "No, I'd like to speak to each of them in
        their rooms alone" and leaves to go up to do so.  The phone
        rinds.  Elizabeth answers.  Chris asks, "I'd like to speak
        to either Barnabas or Dr. Hoffman".  Elizabeth gives the phone
        to Julia.  Chris tells Julia, "Julia!  I've got to see you right
        away!".  Julia asks, "Can't it wait? - Something's happened here at 
        Collinwood", but Chris tells her, "NO!  I think it may be an 
        emergency!  I think there may be someone who knows my secret!". 
        Julia tells her, "I'll get there as soon as I can!"  Chris looks 
        at the framed photograph.  It is of a beautiful young woman, with 
        lovely dark hair.
           Julia is at the cottage, looking at the photograph.  She remarks,
        "She was a very pretty girl".  Chris corrects her, "She IS a very
        beautiful girl".  Julia protests, "But she's dead".  Chris replies,
        "She's not dead".  Julia asks, "How did you find out she's still
        alive?"  Chris replies, "Ned told me.  Not only is she alive, she's
        in town".  Julia asks, "And you think she may know about you?" 
        Chris replies, "Of course she knows!  Didn't Barnabas tell you
        about the last time she saw me?"  Julia tells him, "Chris, you've
        got to think about this rationally", but Chris replies, "I don't
        have to.  I remember what happened".  Julia reminds him, "But you
        told us you don't remember anything that happens after the 
        transformation, so you don't really remember what happened".    
        Chris points out, "But she was in the room.  She must have gotten
        out alive, and she must know, too".  Julia asks, "Then why didn't
        Ned go to the police?  She must have told him.  Why did they come
        here instead?".  Chris admits that he has no answer to that.  Julia 
        tells him, "I'm afraid there's only one way for you to find out".  
        Chris says, "If you mean go there and talk to her, I can't face her 
        again!".  Julia tells him, "It's the only way you'll be able to find 
        out why they're here".
           At Collinwood, Elizabeth is alone in the drawing room,
        sitting at the desk reading some mail.  Behind her, the
        secret panel opens.  A ghostly left hand comes out, floats
        over to the table, picks up a letter opener, and raises
        it to stab Elizabeth, who doesn't see it. Suddenly, there's
        a shout, "Watch out, Mrs. Stoddard!!!", and the hand vanishes.
        The letter opener drops to the floor.  Elizabeth looks toward
        in the direction of the voice and finds it's Professor Stokes,
        who came into the room just in time and asks, "Professor Stokes!
        What's the matter?"  Stokes tells Elizabeth, "You were very nearly
        killed".  Elizabeth asks, "How?  There was no one else in the
        room".  Stokes remarks, "Letter openers don't move by themselves"
        and tells her about the attempted attack.  He notices the open 
        secret passage and asks Elizabeth, "Where does that passage lead?"  
        Elizabeth replies, "I don't know. It hasn't been used in years".  
        Stokes tells her, "That's not true.  I suspect the children have 
        been using it".  
           At the cottage, Julia reiterates to Chris that the only way
        he can learn what Sabrina knows is to go see her.  She picks
        up the phone and hold the receiver out to him.  Chris pauses,
        then takes it and calls Ned Stuart's room at the Collinsport
           Ned tells Chris, "Just get here as soon as you can.  Both of
        us are looking forward to seeing you".  After he hangs up, he
        calls out to someone off camera, "Sabrina!  That was him!  He's
        coming to see you now!".
           At Collinwood, Elizabeth asks, "What makes you think the children 
        have been using the passage?".  Stokes explains, "Miss Evans told me 
        of an incident where the children appeared in the drawing room right 
        after she had found it empty.  They must have used the secret 
        passage".  He tells Elizabeth, "I've talked to Mrs. Johnson, Miss 
        Evans, and both of the chilren. Things are worse than I thought. 
        Everyone in the house is in danger.  Miss Stoddard, I'd like
        to perform an exorcism of this house".  Elizabeth asks, "Exorcism?"
        Stokes replies, "Let me explain exactly what an exorcism is".  
           Julia and Chris arrive at Ned's room at the Collinsport Inn.
        Ned, angered that Chris has brought Julia, says, "I was expecting
        you alone!  I didn't expect you to bring anyone!".  Chris replies,
        "You didn't say I couldn't".  Ned remarks, "So you brought a doctor".
        Chris replies, "She isn't here as a doctor.  She's here as a friend".
        Ned remarks, "This wasn't meant to be a social visit" and goes to 
        get Sabrina.  Chris tells Julia, "I don't know if I can go through
        with this".  Julia replies, "It's too late to back out now."  Ned
        brings Sabrina into the room, Chris is shocked.  Sabrina is in a 
        wheelchair.  Her face is pale, her once lovely dark hair now 
        completly white.  Her once beautiful face now somehow appears to be 
        still young, but also old and wrinkled at the same time.  Chris 
        exclaims, "My God!  Sabrina!  What happened?"  Julia looks at 
        Sabrina and tells Chris, "She can't answer you.  She's in a state 
        of shock".  Ned says, "Right, Doctor.  She can't speak".  Chris
        asks, "How long has she been like this?"  Ned replies, "Nearly two
        years."  Julia asks, "Do you know what caused this?"  Ned replies,
        "If I did, I wouldn't be here".  Chris asks, "What do you know?"
        Ned replies, "I found her one morning like this.  She was at your
        place to put up some party decorations for a surprise birthday
        party for you.  You said you were out of town, but I think you
        were there.  I think you know what happened".  Chris denies this.  
        Ned says, "Well, someone was in that room.  There had been a 
        tremendous struggle in there.  The radiator had been torn from the 
        wall".  He continues, "All the doctors said there was nothing 
        physically wrong with Sabrina.  She can see and hear.  They said 
        seeing whoever was in the room might snap her out of it.  Now, if 
        you were that man in the room..."  He turns to Sabrina and tells 
        her, "Sabrina, he's here now.  Try to remember!  Try!"  Sabrina looks
        at Chris, stretches out a hand toward Chris, then tries to get up 
        out of the wheelchair, but collapses onto the floor.
        Episode 693
        Worldvision Rerun 477
        Tape Date:  February 13, 1969 (ABC #38-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 19, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Julia and Chris return to Collinwood.  Chris is very upset
        at seeing the sorry condition Sabrina is in.  Julia invites
        him to come into the drawing room and have a drink, but Chris
        replies, "No, that won't solve anything.  I can't think of
        anything else but her sitting there like that!  She was young,
        alive, now she's a vegetable!"  Julia tries to reassure him,
        "You're not responsible...", but Chris exclaims, "Of course I
        am!" and goes out the front doors, very upset.  Stokes, who's 
        just come into the foyer and seen Chris leave,  asks Julia,
        "What's Mr. Jennings so upset about?"  Julia replies, "Oh, he's
        having some problems".  Stokes remarks, "That tells me precisely
        nothing, which is exactly what you want me to know", then tells
        Julia, "I'm going to need you here tonight".  Julia asks, "Why?"
        Stokes replies, "I'm going to exorcise the ghosts from this house,
        and you're going to help me".  Julia asks, "Exorcise the ghosts
        from the house?"  Stokes says, "I will conduct the ritual itself
        outside the house.  You will stay inside the house.  Let's go into 
        the drawing room to talk about this".  Inside the drawing room,  
        Julia asks, "I don't know what I can do to help, but I'll do 
        whatever you want".  Stokes tells her, "I want you and one other 
        person to stay in this room...". Suddenly, he stops and pauses, 
        then continues, "I will go outside to perform the ceremony..."  
        As he is talking, he quietly makes his way over to the secret panel, 
        opens it, grabs David, who's inside, and drags him out.  Julia 
        exclaims, "David!".  Stokes explains, "I had noticed earlier that 
        someone had been using the secret passage, so I sprinkled some sugar 
        on the floor inside.  All I needed to hear was the crunch of one
        footstep".  David tries to lie, "I was playing Hide and Seek with 
        Amy", but Stokes tells him,  "David, I think we need to have a 
        little talk".  David protests, "But we already had a talk this 
        afternoon!".  Stokes tells him, "Things are different right now.
        We're going to have to have another talk".  David, continuing
        his lie that he was playing Hide and Seek with Amy, says, "I'd
        better go tell Amy first so she won't look for me", but Stokes 
        replies, "I know you're lying.  You weren't playing Hide and Seek
        with Amy.  Amy has been in her room with Maggie for the past
        hour.  Why don't you tell us what's been happening to you?"
        David lies, "Nothing!".  Stokes says, "Sit down, David", sits 
        him down on the couch and asks him, "Do you know what the word 
        'possession' means?".  David replies, "It's like someone owning 
        something".  Stokes replies, "Right".  He pulls a pencil from his 
        pocket and says, "For example, I possess this pencil, and it does
        whatever I want it to.  Suppose it stopped doing what I wanted it
        to.  I could discard it and buy another one, or perhaps I could
        become angry and destroy it".  He breaks the pencil in two and asks
        David, "Do you understand?".  David replies, "I think so". Stokes 
        continues, "I think possession is the cause of all the recent 
        problems in this house.  I think I sense the presence of a man in
        this house."  David vehemently denies that there's any presence in 
        the house, but Stokes insists that there is.  David continues to 
        deny that there's any presence in the room;  Stokes continues to 
        insist there is.  Suddenly, Stokes suddenly points towards the 
        window and exclaims, "There he is!  By the window!". David screams,
        "NO!  NO!" and turns to look, but sees nothing. He realizes that 
        Stokes has fooled him into admitting that there is in fact a spirit.  
        Stokes says, "Sorry, David.  I had to find a way to come to terms
        with you" and warns him, "Right now, the spirit only possesses
        you when it suits his needs, but the time will come when he'll
        want to possess you permanently, and when that happens, David
        Collins will cease to exist".
           Having returned to the cottage and thought things over,
        Chris comes back to Collinwood and finds Carolyn in the garden.
        Carolyn, seeing the look on his face, asks, "What's the matter?"
        Chris replies, "I've been spending the afternoon at the cottage
        thinking things over.  I've got to leave Collinsport".  Carolyn
        asks, "Leave?"  Chris replies, "Yes.  I'm all packed up and 
        ready to leave.  I'm sorry things didn't work out".  Carolyn
        asks, "Things?"  Chris explains, "You and me".  Carolyn asks
        him to explain, saying, "Couldn't this be the one time you explained
        things to me?", but Chris replies, "I wouldn't know where to start".
        Carolyn remarks, "You never want to make a commitment.  That's why
        you keep moving from place to place".  Chris replies, "No, that's
        not it.  I just can't explain".  Carolyn says, "Don't tell me 
        you're doing this because you love me".  Chris replies, "I DO
        love you".  Carolyn says, "And I love you.  There.  We've both
        said it.  I guess the book's closed now" and leaves, heartbroken.  
        Julia, who's been listening, comes outside and says, "Chris, I
        hear you're leaving".  Chris replies, "Yes. I don't want to hurt
        her".  Julia says, "You already have. Chris, you can't run away 
        from your problems this way. If you're leaving to avoid 
        putting Carolyn in danger, it'll just be some other woman 
        somewhere else.  Stay here and let Barnabas and me help you", but 
        Chris replies that he's doubtful they can still insists on leaving.
        Julia tells him, "If you won't stay for Carolyn, stay for Amy".
        Chris asks, "What do you mean?"  Julia tells him about the evil
        spirits. Chris is shocked that no one's told him about this
        until now.  Julia continues, telling Chris that there's another 
        reason for him to stay, "There seems to be some connection between 
        the spirits and your curse.  If we could only find out what, maybe 
        we'll be able to find a cure". Chris says, "I'll stay".  
           Stokes goes into the drawing room.  He finds Carolyn weeping
        quietly in there. He tells her to go fetch David.  Carolyn
        leaves to do so. Julia comes into the room.  Stokes tells her,
        "I've just sent Carolyn to get David.  I want you and Carolyn to
        watch him very carefully and keep him in this room if he tries
        to leave, by force, if necessary.  I'm ready to start the exorcism".
        He gives Julia her instructions, "You and Carolyn are to stay in
        the drawing room with David.  I will be performing the exorcism
        outside on the threshhold. You and Carolyn are to keep David in the
        drawing room if he tries to leave no matter what happens - by force,
        if neccessary.  What him for signs that the exorcism has worked.
        Look for a marked change.  If there is no change, then we will have
        failed".  He tells her, "You'll know if Quentin's spirit has left
        David if David undergoes a marked change in behavior".  Carolyn
        comes down with David.  The spirit of Quentin, sensing that they
        are about to do something against him, starts to throw an occult
        tantrum. The house fills with Quentin's music.  Stokes remarks,
        "That's my cue to begin".  Outside, a storm comes up from nowhere.
        Stokes says, "Yes, it's definitely time.  Julia, you tell Carolyn
        what to do" and goes outside to perform the exorcism.
           Outside, Stokes, holding a forked branch by the non-forked
        part, starts the ceremony, "Whoever you are, the time has come!
        I adjure thee, evil spirit, by the name of the lord of the quick
        and the dead, in the name of he who has the power to cast thee
        to hell, leave this house!"   
           Inside, David becomes hysterical, shouting, "He's crazy!  Stokes
        is crazy!  He'll kill us all!  It's HIS house, not ours!  You can't
        get rid of him!  You'll be sorry!" and tries to get out of the
        drawing room, but Julia and Carolyn restrain him.  David faints and
        the lighs go out.  
           Outside, Stokes continues the exorcism, "Evil sprits, defilers
        of virtue, destroyers of the innocent, cast thyselves from this 
          Inside, the music suddenly stops, the lights come back on,
        and the storm stops.  Julia remarks, "It's stopped".
          Outside, Stokes too notices that the storm has stopped.
          Inside, David regains consciousness and wonders, "What am I doing
        in the down here in the drawing room?", having remembered nothing of
        what's just happened.  Stokes comes back into the drawing room.
        Julia tells him, "Professor Stokes, I think you've succeeded.
        David is all right".  Stokes corrects her, "Doctor, IF I've
        succeeded, he's all right".  Julia asks, "What do you mean IF?
        You have".  Stokes answers, "It appears that I have, but I've made
        arrangements with Mrs. Stoddard to stay the night here to make
        sure".  David says, "I want to go to my room", but Julia tells him,
        "Not yet.  Wait for  you Aunt Elizabeth.  She said she was coming
        down to see you when it was over".
           It is midnight.  Stokes is in his room for the night.  He takes
        out a cigarette, puts it in his mouth, then starts searching in his
        pockets for some matches.  Finding none, he starts searching the
        room for some.  While looking through the dresser drawers, he is
        stunned to see in the mirror not his own reflection looking back at
        him, but Quentin's.  Stokes turns around to see if anyone is in
        the room, but sees no one.  He turns back and sees Quentin's
        reflection still in the mirror.  Quentin laughs.  Stokes hears a
        crackling sound, turns around, and is shocked to see that the drapes
        are on fire.  He runs to the door and tries to open it, but finds it
        Episode 694
        Worldvision Rerun 478
        Tape Date:  February 14, 1969 (ABC #39-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 20, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Unable to open the door, Stokes grabs a candlestick and
        smashes the mirror.  The flames suddenly disappear. Stokes
        examines the drapes and finds them undamaged and mutters,
        "They were just an illusion, after all".  Roger, having heard
        the commotion, comes and bangs on the door and shouts, "Are you
        all right?"  Stokes replies, "No, I am not!".  Roger shouts,
        "Your door is locked!".  Stokes goes and lets Roger in.  Roger
        says, "I heard laughing, then a crash."  He looks over, sees
        the broken mirror and exclaims, "The mirror!".  Stokes explains,
        "I've just received an ultimatum from the ghost...".  Roger
        interrupts, "There are no ghosts!  I just agreed to that exorcism
        to ease my sister's mind!".
           Downstairs in the drawing room, Elizabeth tells David,
        "You should get some rest.  I want you to sleep extra late
        tomorrow morning", but David tells her, "I can't. There's
        something I've got to do".  Elizabeth tells him, "I don't
        want you keeping any more secrets", but David says, "I can't
        talk to you about his rignt now.  Can't it wait?  I just want
        to make sure he never comes back".  Elizabeth assures him,
        "He won't.  We've taken care of that".  David replies, "There
        are ways to make sure!".  Elizabeth tries to assure David that
        Stokes has taken care of everything and they don't have to worry
        about Quentin anymore.  But she is immediately proven wrong.
        Quentin's music fills the room. Elizabeth, frightened, shouts
        "Professor Stokes!  Professor Stokes!" and runs out of the room
        to get Stokes, shouting at David to follow her.  But as soon as
        Elizabeth is outside the drawing room, the doors slam shut, trapping
        David inside.  Elizabeth does not notice that David is not right
        behind her and continues running upstairs.  Quentin materializes
        in the drawing room.  David screams, "Don't come near me!  Don't
        touch me!  Help!  Help!", but suddenly falls silent, finding that
        he can no longer speak...
           Elizabeth runs up to Stoke's room and asks, "Professor Stokes!
        What does that music mean?"  Stokes replies, "It means we have
        failed".  Roger sarcastically remarks, "It means the children
        are up to some trick".  Stokes asks, "The children!  Where are
        they?"  Elizabeth replies, "David was right behind me!". But 
        when she looks behind, she suddenly realizes that David is not 
        with her.  Everyone rushes downstairs.  Inside the drawing room, 
        Quentin, hearing them coming, vanishes.  David, completely terrified 
        now, runs out of the drawing room, and out of the house.  Roger 
        shouts, "David!  Come here!"  goes after him.  The music stops.
        Elizabeth asks, "The music, why has it stopped?"  Stokes replies,
        "Perhaps he no longer has any need for it.  There are things we
        must do, but first, we must make sure Amy Jennings is all right".
           David reaches the old house and shouts, "He can't!  He can't
        come in here!".  Barnabas asks, "Who?"  David replies, "The man
        in my dreams!".  Roger arrives and shouts, "So!  That's where
        you are!  What a fright you gave us all!  What do you mean by
        running out of the house like that?  We're going back to
        Collinwood!"  David replies, "I can't!  I've been having these
        dreams there!  I can't sleep at night!  Can't I sleep here
        tonight?"  Barnabas asks, "What harm could it do?"  Roger
        says, "All right, David", then asks Barnabas, "Are you sure
        it won't inconvenience you?"  Barnabas says, "Of course not".
        Roger tells David, "Go to bed soon, and don't bother Barnabas",
        then tells Barnabas, "Make sure he goes to bed soon".
        After Roger leaves, Barnabas asks David, "Who drove you out
        of Collinwood?".  David asks, "If I tell you, can you promise
        to let me stay here forever?"  Barnabas replies, "I can't
        promise you that, but I promise to do what I can to help you".
        David starts to reply, "It all started one night when I was
        showing Amy around Collinwood..." but then sees Quentin outside the
        window and shouts, "It's only a game!  They'll punish me if I tell
        you!  I don't know what to do!  I don't know what to do!" and runs
           When Roger gets back to Collinwood, he tells Elizabeth about
        letting David stay at the old house and asks if she minds.
        Elizabeth replies, "Of course I don't mind.  I should've
        thought of sending Amy there too.  I'm worried about her".
        Stokes butts in, "I'd continue to worry about Amy too, and
        you, Maggie, and anyone else staying in this house.  There
        have already been two deaths here, and I can assure you there
        will be more if anyone continues living here.  The spirits will
        kill anyone who wants to stop them from taking the two children".
        He suggests that the house be evacuated.  Elizabeth agrees to
        do so, but Roger pooh-poohs the idea, saying, "I'm not going!
        This is all a lot of foolishness!  Stokes...".   Stokes interrupts,
        "I already know your opinion of me, Mr. Collins".  Elizabeth goes
        to tell everyone about the evacuation, and Stokes goes up to pack,
        leaving Roger alone in the drawing room.   As he is pouring himself
        a drink, he thinks to himself, "Why do I have the feeling someone
        is watching me? No one is!  It's ridiculous!...Over there!  By the
        window!...but no one's there.  What did you think you saw?  I'm
        getting as bad as the rest of them!"  Suddenly, the doors slam shut
        by themselves. Roger thinks, "There IS someone here!  There is!"
        and calls out, "Who is it?  Who is in this room?  What do you want?
        Who's there?"  Quentin materializes in the drawing room...
           The clock reads 2:00 AM.  Stokes and Elizabeth come back down 
        into the foyer.  Elizabeth remarks, "I never thought I'd be leaving
        this house", then tells Stokes, "I'll have to come back tomorrow.
        I only packed enough for tonight", but Stokes tells her, "I don't
        think it would be safe to spend any more time here at all". 
        Elizabeth asks Stokes, "How long will we have to be gone?"
        Stokes replies, "I don't know.  Obviously, another exorcism will 
        have to be performed, this time by someone with considerably more
        power than I have.  Mrs. Stoddard, We must persuade your brother to
        go.  Elizabeth asks, "Where is he?"  Stokes replies, "I think he's
        in the drawing room".  Elizabeth opens the doors to the drawing
        room.  She finds Roger sitting in a chair, in a state of shock
        and exclaims, "Roger!  Tell us what happened!"  Roger moans,
        "I saw him!  Here!"  He tells Stokes,  "You were right!"  Stokes
        replies, "Mr. Collins, I'm truly sorry I was".  Elizabeth says,
        "Roger, you must come with us.  We'll decide what to do tomorrow".
        Roger agrees to go.  Elizabeth tells Stokes, "Roger and I will
        go in my car.  You follow in yours".  Stokes says, "I'll put the
        things in the car" and leaves.  Elizabeth remarks, "How quiet
        it is now!  I could almost believe we were alone".  They leave
        Collinwood.  Roger is the last to go out the door.  Just before
        leaving, he calls out defiantly, "We'll be back!  Have no doubt
        of that!" then leaves, closing the door behind him.  Quentin's
        music begins to play, and fills every room in the house. Quentin
        appears on the landing at the top of the stairs and laughs
        Episode 695
        Worldvision Rerun 479
        Tape Date:  February 15, 1969 (ABC #40-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 21, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Lela Swift

           It is morning at the old house.  David is staring out the
        window in the living room.  Amy comes into the living room
        and asks, "David, why are you looking through that window?"
        David replies, "You know".  Amy says, "But David, he can't
        come in here.  You know that!  We won't have to play the
        game again, ever!".  Barnabas comes into the room just in
        time to hear Amy talk about "the game".  He asks, "Good Morning,
        David.  Sleep well?"  David replies, "Yes", then says, "Come
        on, Amy.  Let's go", but Barnabas asks, "Children, what was
        that game you were just talking about just now?"  David replies,
        "It was just a game me and Amy used to play", and leaves with
        Amy.  Barnabas looks out the window and sees someone coming up
        the walk. There's a knock at the door.  Barnabas opens the
        door.  It's Chris.  He tells Barnabas, "Barnabas, the weirdest
        thing just happened to me.  On the way here, I saw a man
        standing at the edge of the woods near this old house.  He just
        stared at me".  Barnabas asks, "What did he look like?"  Chris
        describes him, "He was very tall.  He had long sideburns and
        was dressed in old fashioned clothing, a frock coat.  I called
        to him, but he didn't answer.  When I glanced away for a moment
        and looked back, he was gone".  Barnabas remarks, "He's followed
        us to this house!  He's knows where the children are!".
          Barnabas tells Chris about the spirits, and about events of last
        night.  He tells him, "And now you know as much as I do.  The
        family's staying here now.  Collinwood belongs to the ghosts now".
        Chris asks, "And what does the blond woman who led you to me
        have to do with it?"  Barnabas replies, "I've looked through all
        the old records trying to find out who she was.  I haven't found
        anything".  Chris moans, "I feel as though I'm trapped here!
        I don't know what's going to happen to me from one night to the
        next! I should keep moving!  Till I get caught..."  Barnabas tells
        him, "You know you can't do that!"  Barnabas looks out the window.
        Chris asks, "Barnabas, what is it?"  Barnabas replies, "David!
        He's outside!".  He opens the doors and yells out, "David!
        Come into the house, please!  You know you're not supposed
        to be outside alone!"  David protests, "But there's something
        I have to do!"  Barnabas reiterates, "You're not supposed to go
        outside except when Maggie is with you".  Maggie, who has come
        down the stairs, sees David outside the door and orders, "David!
        Come inside!"  David comes inside and complains, "It's like a
        prison in here!"  Maggie tells him, "You know I'm going to
        give you a test this afternoon.  Go study!  You have a lot
        to do!".  David replies, "All right, Maggie" and reluctantly
        goes upstairs.  Barnabas tells Maggie, "Chris said he ran into
        a strange man outside.  He said he was like someone from the
        past!".  Maggie asks, "Quentin?"  Barnabas asks, "How do you know
        that name?"  Maggie explains how she heard David say it when
        she found him lying semi-conscious on the floor of his room one
        day.  Barnabas tells her, "There WAS as Quentin Collins!  I read
        about him last night.  There must be a connection!"  He leads
        Maggie and Chris over to an old photo album sitting on a table and
        tells them, "Look through this and see if you can find the man you
        saw".  While Maggie and Chris are looking through the photo album ,
        Barnabas reads from another book, "Quentin Collins, born in 1870,
        year of death unknown".  Chris exclaims, "Here he is!"  Maggie agrees,
        "Yes, Barnabas, look!"  Barnabas looks and reads the caption written
        under the photograph, "Quentin Collins, just before he left for
        Paris". He asks, "Was the man you two saw any older than this?"
        Both Maggie and Chris say he wasn't.  Barnabas remarks, "Then
        he must have died shortly after going to Paris".  He wonders,
        "Why is his spirit haunting Collinwood now?  Why has he decided
        to possess the children?  Why?"
           Meanwhile, David, despite orders not to do so, has snuck
        out and has arrived outside the door to Collinwood.  A voice
        exclaims, "David!".  David turns and sees Amy there.  He asks,
        "What are you following me around for?"  Amy tells him, "You
        know you're not supposed to go in there!  You said you didn't
        want to play the game anymore!".  David replies, "I have to go
        in there!".  Amy warns him, "But Quentin's in there!  He won't
        let you come out again!  Remember how mean Quentin is?  Remember
        how much you hate him?"  David repeats, "I've got to go in there!"
        and opens the door.  Amy begs, "No, David, NO!  Don't, David,
        please don't!"  David again says, "I've got to go in there". 
        Amy asks, "Why?"  David asks, "Remember how we first met Quentin?"  
        Amy replies, "I talked to him in the phone we found in the storage
        room.  You want the phone again, don't you, David?  Why?  We don't
        want to talk to Quentin anymore".  David explains, "I've got to
        find it and break it up.  Then Quentin won't be able to reach us
        anymore.  Last night, I had a dream.  The telephone was in my room 
        ringing.  He was trying to get to me through it. It was ringing, 
        and ringing.  If I destroy the phone, he won't be able to contact 
        us anymore".  Amy says, "That was just a dream", but David replies, 
        "Dreams often tell you the future.  I've got to destroy the phone!"  
        Amy says, "I'll go with you!  Beth will protect me!".  David says, 
        "No!  I can't let you!", but Amy goes in anyway.  She calls, "Are 
        you here, Beth?  Can you help me one last time?  I've got to go to 
        Maggie's room and get the telephone.  All right!"  David asks, "Is 
        she really here?"  Amy replies, "I think so.  I'll go.  She'll 
        protect me.  Promise to stay here!"  David promises to stay just 
        outside the house.  Amy goes upstairs.
           Carolyn is at the caretaker's cottage, looking at a framed
        photograph of Chris with Amy.  Chris returns to the cottage and
        and finds Carolyn there.  Carolyn remarks, "When I arrived here,
        I expected to find the cottage empty.  Then I found this photo
        of you with Amy, and I knew you hadn't gone.  I knew you'd
        never leave this.  The mysterious Mr. Jennings, first he decides
        to leave for no discernable reason, then he decides to stay
        for no discernable reason.  I don't understand you".  Chris
        tells her, "Don't try".  Carolyn says, "I thought we had a
        romance going".  Chris tells her, "You're wrong", but Carolyn
        insists, "I'm right".  Chris says, "All right, then.  We HAD
        a romance going.  Past tense".  Carolyn asks to talk about it,
        but Chris refuses to do so.  Carolyn remarks, "The man who
        never offers a reason for anything.  But there must be some
        reason, some reason you won't tell me.  What is it?"  Chris
        still refuses to talk about it.  Carolyn insists, "Tell me.
        Maybe if you do, you'll be able to settle whatever's troubling
        you".  Chris replies, "Maybe there is somthing I've got to settle,
        maybe it's something I can only do alone.  I'm going to stay,
        Carolyn, but we can't see one another anymore.  Sorry, Carolyn,
        that's just the way it's going to have to be".  
          At Collinwood, David continues to wait for Amy.  He is getting
        worried, and thinks to himself, "What's taking her so long?  She
        just had to go to Maggie's room.  What if Quentin's stopped her?"
        He starts up the stairs, but when he is halfway up, Amy comes out
        onto the landing and says, "It's gone, David! It's gone!  The
        telephone's gone!  I looked everywhere for it, David, Maggie's
        room, your room, I even looked in Quentin's room, but I didn't
        find it!  What are we going to do now?"  David replies, "I don't
        know.  I'll figure out when we get outside".  They go down into
        the foyer.  The front doors slam shut, appearing to shut them in,
        but they are soon opened by Maggie from the outside.  The
        children quickly exit. Maggie scolds the children for coming to 
        Collinwood, "You two know you're not supposed to come here!
        What are you doing here?"  They tell her they just came to
        get the phone, but it wasn't in her room.  Maggie tells them,
        "It has to be in there.  It was in there when we left last
        night".  But she tells them to forget about it, they're not
        supposed to be here and tells them not to concern themselves
        with the phone anymore.  She asks them to promise not to come
        to Collinwood anymore. They promise.  Amy tells Maggie she
        promised to see Chris at the cottage.  Maggie replies, "All
        right, I'll take you there.  But you've got to make sure he
        takes you back to the old house.  You're not supposed to be
        out alone".
           At the cottage, Chris is telling Carolyn, "Believe me,
        for both our sakes, it's best if we don't see each other
        any more.  Don't cry".  Carolyn, weeping, says, "Goodbye,
        Chris.  I hope someday you'll be able to find someone you
        can tell your problems to. I had hoped I would be the one, but I
        guess I'm not." and leaves.  Amy comes just as Carolyn leaves.
        She asks, "What's wrong with Carolyn?  She was crying.  Did
        you make her unhappy, Chris?"  Chris replies, "Yeah, I guess
        I did.  But I made myself even unhappier..."
           It is late at night at the old house.  Barnabas and Maggie
        continue to look through old books trying to find information
        on Quentin.  Barnabas remarks, "It's astounding how little
        information there is about Quentin Collins.  It seems very little
        of interest happened in his life until he left for Europe.  But
        then, family histories aren't always accurate. Nothing here 
        indicates why he would want to possess the children or drive
        the family from Collinwood".  Maggie tells Barnabas, "You must
        be tired.  You should get some rest", but Barnabas refuses,
        saying, "No, not till I've something!  Why did he choose
        David?  He had a younger brother named Jamison who was about
        the same age as David, but that's no reason.  Why David?"  
           Upstairs in a bedroom, David is awakened by a phone ringing
        and is startled to find that Quentin's phone in his room
        ringing.  The room fills with Quentin's music.  Amy comes in, 
        saying, "It woke me".  She starts to talk - in a rather strange 
        way, "I'd forgotten how nice Beth is, and how pretty the music
           Down in the living room, Maggie, tired, says goodnight
        to Barnabas and goes upstairs.  Barnabas thinks to himself, 
        "Quentin Collins... When he lived, I lay in my coffin in that
        mausoleum.  He did not know about me, nor I him.  Now I must
        discover the secret of his life, but how?  How?"
           Maggie goes up to check on David.  She is shocked to
        find that David is not in the room, but the haunted phone is...
        Episode 696
        Worldvision Rerun 480
        Tape Date:  February 17, 1969 (ABC #41-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 24, 1969 Monday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Maggie comes down into the living room, carrying the
        haunted phone with her.  She tells Barnabas,  "Barnabas!
        Barnabas!  The children!  They're gone!"  Barnabas asks,
        "Have you checked everywhere?"  Maggie replies, "Yes!  I
        checked in Amy's room, and they're not there either!"  She
        holds up the phone and says, "I found this in David's room.
        It means Quentin has sent for them!  They're at Collinwood
        with him!  It wasn't here before!"  Barnabas asks, "Are you
        absolutely certain David or Amy didn't bring it with them?"
        Maggie replies, "Yes!  It was in my room when we left 
        Collinwood.  Quentin must have brought it here".  Barnabas
        asks, "Quentin communicates with them through it?"  Maggie
        replies, "Yes!".  Barnabas tells Maggie, "I've got to go to
        Collinwood to find the children!".  Maggie insists on going
        along, but Barnabas tells her, "No, you'd better stay. It's
        too dangerous.  We can't afford another tragedy.  You'll
        have to stay, Maggie".
           At Collinwood, Amy is looking for David, from whom she
        seems to have become seperated.  Quentin appears.  Amy looks
        terrified.  She asks him, "Did you tell David to run away from
        me?...Why?...What do you want us to do?...Quentin, where is David?"
        She tells him, "Quentin, I don't want to play the game anymore!
        I'm not going to stay here!"  But Quentin's music starts playing,
        and Amy appears to fall under his spell again and says, "All right,
        Quentin, I'll do whatever you want".
           At the old house, Barnabas gets Willie and tells him about
        having to find the children, who have gone to Collinwood.
        Frightened, Willie says, "Barnabas, I don't want to go there!
        Anyway, the children wouldn't have gone there this time of night".
        Barnabas replies that they would because they are possessed.
           At Collinwood, Quentin and Amy come down the stairs, Amy carrying
        a powder blue 19th century dress.  Amy remarks, "What a pretty
        dress, Quentin.  You know so many things about this house!  Like
        that old trunk this dress was in.  I'll bet even David didn't know
        about that!"  Suddenly, Quentin motions for her to be quiet.  Amy,
        puzzled, says, "I didn't hear anything..."
           Barnabas and Willie have just arrived outside the doors of
        Collinwood.  Barnabas tells Willie, "I'll search the West Wing
        while you search the rest of the house".  But when he tries to
        open the front doors, he finds them locked and tells Willie,
        "We'll have to enter through a window".  Inside, Quentin turns
        to leave.  Amy exclaims, "Don't leave me!".  Outside, Barnabas
        exclaims, "Hear that?  It's Amy!  We'll have to try one of
        the side windows!", but suddenly, the front doors open by
        themselves.  Barnabas goes inside, but Willie, frightened,
        remains outside.
           Barnabas, having searched upstairs, comes back downstairs.
        Willie, outside, finally musters enough courage to come in
        and join him.  They go into the drawing room.  They find the
        dress lying on the floor, but do not see Amy, who's hiding behind
        the curtains.  Willie, however, feels something and exclaims,
        "Something's watching me!  I can feel it!", but Barnabas discounts
        this as his imagination.  They put the dress on the couch and leave
        to search the rest of the house.  Quentin's music suddenly starts
        playing.  As they are halfway up the stairs, the lights come on.
        Willie asks, "Why did he do that?"  Barnabas replies, "He's laughing
        at us, that's all".  They go upstairs.  In the drawing room, Amy
        comes out from behind the curtains.  Quentin appears and whispers
        somthing in her ear.  Amy asks, "Why do you want me to get her,
        why, Quentin?  She's our friend!  Will you promise not to hurt
        her or scare her?"  Quentin responds telepathically.  Amy
        says, "All right, Quentin, then I'll get her".
           At the old house, Maggie sees Amy outside the window. Amy
        runs off when Maggie sees her.  Maggie shouts, "AMY! Don't run
        away!" and runs out the front doors to give chase.
           At Collinwood, Barnabas and Willie are searching the storage
        room where the children first found the phone, Barnabas explaining
        to Willie that Maggie once followed David here but found that David
        had dissappeared.  He theorizes, "There may be a secret passage,
        a passage that leads from this room".  They search the room for
        one, but do not find the secret passage.  They leave.  Quentin
        materializes in the room, a smile on his face...
           Amy runs into Collinwood and into the drawing room.  She closes
        the double doors behind her.  Maggie runs into Collinwood seconds
        after.  She hears the sound of Amy humming Quentin's music coming
        from behind the closed drawing room doors.  She opens the doors
        and sees Amy sitting on the floor inside the drawing room playing
        jacks.  Maggie exclaims, "Amy!".  Amy joyfully replies, "You've
        come to visit us, Maggie!"  Maggie says, "Please come with me!"
        Amy asks, "Why?"  Maggie replies, "Because you're not allowed
        in this house!".  Amy asks, "How can you say that?  I live here!"
        Maggie says, "Not anymore!".  Amy says, "Yes I do.  David and I
        and Quentin live here now.  We're going to have so much fun!
        You don't know what it's going to be like!"  Maggie tells Amy,
        "You must come with me!".  Amy refuses, "No!  I won't!"  Maggie
        asks, "Don't you know what Quentin is trying to do to you and
        David?"  Quentin appears behind Maggie.  Noticing Amy looking
        funny, Maggie asks, "What's wrong, Amy", then looks behind and
        sees Quentin standing there.  Quentin closes the doors and starts
        to approach Maggie.  Maggie, terrified, demands, "Stay where you
        are!  Don't come any closer!"  Amy says, "He won't hurt you, Maggie.
        He just wants to meet you".  Quentin continues to approach.  Maggie
        shouts, "Stay away!  Don't touch me!"  Quentin touches her, and
        Maggie screams.  Upstairs, Barnabas hears this and exclaims,
        "A scream!"  He and Willie rush downstairs into the drawing room.
           There they find Amy drawing a crayon picture of a house on fire.
        Barnabas asks Amy,  "Amy, where's David?"  Willie asks, "Amy, why
        did you scream?"  Amy replies, "That wasn't me"  Willie asks, "Then
        who was it?"  Amy replies, "It was Maggie".  Willie exclaims, 
        "Maggie?!  Where is she?"  Amy doesn't answer.  Barnabas tells 
        Willie to take Amy back to the old house.  Amy remarks, "He'll let
        me go now".  Willie takes Amy away.  Barnabas thinks to himself,
        "I have to find them!  But which room?"  He boldly announces,
        "You won't take any of them!  Not Maggie, David or Amy!  I'll take
        them from you!".  Quentin replies by laughing, "HA HA HA HA HA!"
           When Willie gets back to the old house, he says to Amy, "You're
        lying!  Maggie wasn't at that house!" and calls for Maggie, but 
        receives no answer.  He wonders, "If she's not here and she's not
        at Collinwood, then where is she?"  Amy tells him, "She's not 
        anywhere. She's not anywhere anymore!".  Willie asks, "What do
        you mean?"  Amy replies, "You'll see!  You'll see!"
           At Collinwood, the clock strikes 2:00 AM.  Barnabas, having 
        searched the whole house and not found either Maggie or David, is
        coming down the stairs, thinking to himself, "Somewhere in this
        house, somewhere there must be a room I haven't searched, a room
        I haven't found.  But where?"  He prepares to leave, but then
        changes his mind, "No!  Don't leave.  Stay!  Quentin will come
        to me!  He must!"  He opens the drawing room doors to wait there
        for Quentin.  He is surprised to find Maggie there, dressed in the 
        old dress, sitting in a chair sewing.  He calls, "Maggie!".
        Maggie exclaims, "OH!  Who are you?"  Barnabas again says, "Maggie!"
        Maggie asks, "What did you call me?"  Barnabas, puzzled, says,
        "Maggie!  It's me, Barnabas!"  Maggie says, "I know no one named
        Barnabas.  Please leave here!  Get out, at once!"  Barnabas tells
        her, "You must come with me!  I know what's happened to you!
        You ARE Maggie Evans!".  Maggie replies, "NO!  My name... My name
        is..." then screams, "AHHHHH!" and faints.
        Episode 697
        Worldvision Rerun 481
        Tape Date:  February 18, 1969 (ABC #42-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 25, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Barnabas shouts, "MAGGIE!  MAGGIE" and shakes Maggie back to
        consciousness.  When she revives, she is back to normal, recognizing
        who Barnabas is and knowing she's Maggie Evsns.  She asks, "Barnabas!
        What happened?  These clothes, where did they come from?"  Barnabas
        asks, "You don't know?"  Maggie replies, "NO!"  She looks into a 
        mirror, notices her hair is styled in a 19th century style and says, 
        "My hair!  Barnabas, why don't I remember, why can't I remember?
        What happened to the dress I was wearing when I came here?"  
        Barnabas asks, "What is the last thing you remember?"  Maggie
        replies, "I followed Amy here.  WHERE'S AMY?!?!?"  Barnabas tells
        her, "She's all right.  She's back at the old house".  Reassured
        that Amy is all right, Maggie tells Barnabas her story, "I was
        trying to take Amy away from here, and he appeared".  Barnabas
        exclaims, "Quentin?!"  Maggie replies, "Yes.  I looked up into
        his face.  It was so cold and evil!  He touched me!  His hand,
        it was so cold!  It made me feel cold all over!  He called me
        by another name, a name that made these clothes feel right".
        Barnabas asks, "What was that name?"  Maggie replies, "I can't
        remember, I can't remember how I got into this dress, I can't 
        remember anything!"  Barnabas tells her, "We must find out where
        he took you".  Maggie suggests, "Ask Amy!  She was here.  She must
        know", but Barnabas replies, "She won't tell us.  She's completely 
        possessed now".  Maggie says, "We must find David!  If he's done 
        this to me, what has he done to David?"  Roger comes into the room 
        and asks, "Find David?"  Barnabas replies that he hasn't.  Roger
        vows, "I won't leave this house until I do!"  Barnabas tells
        Roger what happened to Maggie, about his finding her dressed in the
        old fashioned dress and how she doesn't remember what happened
        to her.  Roger  says, "I'm going to call the police!"  Barnabas
        asks, "And tell them what?  That you've been driven from your house
        by a ghost?  They'll think you mad!"  Roger replies, "They'll search
        the house".  Barnabas says, "I've already searched the house".
        Maggie begs Roger, "Don't stay here!  Something will happen to you!"
        Roger tells Barnabas to take Maggie back to the old house.  As
        Barnabas turns to do so, he says, "I'll be back", but Roger tells
        him, "No, I'd rather you stay with Maggie.  It's more important
        you stay with her in case she starts to remember something".
        Barnabas takes Maggie and leaves.  Roger picks up the phone in
        the drawing room and starts to dial.  Quentin's music fills the
        room, but Roger defiantly announces, "That doesn't frighten me!
        If you're in this room, show yourself!".  A book on the desk
        mysteriously opens by itself.  Roger goes to the desk and finds
        a note in the book that reads, "David is mine".  Roger says,
        "He is NOT yours!  I can't see you, but I can tell you this:
        I will find my son, and I will keep him from you forever!"
           By the time Roger returns to the old house, it is morning.
        He tells Barnabas, "Every time I picked up the phone to call
        the police, the music and the laughter would begin".  Barnabas
        asks, "And when the police came?"  Roger replies, "They found
        nothing".  Barnabas warns Roger, "Don't go back to that house!",
        but Roger replies, "I must.  I phoned Professor Stokes before
        I left Collinwood.  He's coming to Collinwood.  He might have
        some ideas.  He as a theory.  It seems that when the moon is
        full, possessed children are particularly active.  There's a full
        moon tonight.  He thought perhaps Quentin would show himself to
        us" and leaves.  Barnabas, reminded that the moon will be full,
        thinks, "And the full moon means something else for someone else..."
        The clock strikes 4:00 PM.  Barnabas exclaims, "Four o'clock!
        In a few hours, the moon will rise!  Chris!"
           The phone at the caretaker's cottage rings.  Chris answers
        it.  It is Ned.  He tells Chris, "Sabrina and I haven't left.
        Perhaps you'd like to know how she's doing.  You'd better be
        interested.  She's going to snap out of this and talk!  Listen!".
        Ned hold the receiver to Sabrina and tells her, "Sabrina, do
        what you did before!".  Sabrina says, "Chris...Chris...Chris..."
        Ned takes the receiver and tells Chris, "I want you to come
        here right now!  Maybe seeing you will help her remember more!"
        Chris replies, "I can't!"  Ned asks, "Don't you feel any
        responsiblity for her?"  Chris shouts, "I can't help her!" and
        hangs up.  Ned assures Sabrina, "He'll come, and he'll help us,
        or I'll kill him!  You'll remember, Sabrina, you'll remember!"
           At the cottage, Chris moans, "Sabrina!  Sabrina!  I want to
        help you, but I can't!"      
           Chris goes to the old house and tells Barnabas that Sabrina
        seems to be starting to remember and tells him, "Barnabas, she
        WILL remember!  Something's going to jog her memory and she'll
        remember!".  Barnabas promises to do something about it.  The
        clock strikes 6:00.  Barnabas says, "I'd better take you to
        the mausoleum.  Perhaps I can persuade them to leave town".  Chris' 
        werewolf pains start.  They rush out.
           Roger, returning from Collinwood, finds Maggie sitting
        by the fire in the old house.  He says, "Good Evening, Maggie.
        Feeling any better?"  Maggie replies, "Yes".  Roger asks,
        "Have you talked to Amy yet?"  Maggie replies, "Yes,  but she
        smiles sweetly at me without answering".  Roger remarks, "So,
        she's still possessed.  When we find David, how will he be?
        I had to leave Collinwood.  I had to get some rest.  But someone
        else will have to stay there.  Perhaps Barnabas".  Maggie tells
        Roger that Barnabas isn't at the old house, that he's gone into
        town.  Roger shows Maggie a piece of burnt cloth.  Maggie tells him 
        she recognizes it, that it's the remains of the dress she had been 
        wearing when she went to Collinwood and asks, "Where did you find 
        it?"  Roger tells her, "In the fireplace in Liz's room".  Maggie
        wonders, "Who could have done it?"  Roger replies, "Whoever it
        was, he wanted to erase all traces of Maggie Evans."  Maggie remarks,
        Yes, perhaps, Edward, but what kind of person would want to do
        that?"  Roger asks, "What did you call me?"  Maggie, puzzled,
        replies, "Edward?!  Now why would I call you Edward?"  Roger
        tells her, "Edward Collins was my grandfathere.  Quentin Collins
        was his brother.  I think Quentin may have been trying to pull
        you back into his time!  Has he succeeded with David?!"
           Barnabas goes to Ned's room at the Inn.  Ned is angry
        that it is Barnabas who has come instead of Chris.  Barnabas
        tells Ned, "You and your sister should leave town.  You're
        making things difficult for her by being here.  You see,
        Chris is in love with my cousin now".   Ned angrily says,
        "His life goes on, while Sabrina's like this!  You want to
        meet my sister?  She was beautiful once".  He brings Sabrina
        out and shows Barnabas what she's become.  He happens to put her
        by a window, and she stares out at a full moon while Ned and
        Barnabas talk.  Ned tells Barnabas, "Think your cousin could
        end up like this?  You didn't think of that, did you?"  Barnabas
        says, "Look at her.  Can't you see you're making things difficult
        for her by staying here?"  Ned replies, "I've got to make her
        remember, and if the only way to do that is to stay here, I'm
        going to stay here".  Unable to convince Ned to leave, Barnabas
        turns to Sabrina and says, "Goodbye, Miss Stuart.  Too bad your
        brother doesn't realize how difficult he's making things for
        you".  Sabrina notices Barnabas' wolf head cane and starts to
        react very strongly.  Seeing this, Ned exclaims,  "Your cane!
        Your wolf head's cane!", grabs Barnabas' cane and holds it in front
        of Sabrina's face to give her better look.  Sabrina starts
        to move her lips as if about to speak.  Ned exclaims, "She's
        remembering!  She's remembering!"
        Episode 698
        Worldvision Rerun 482
        Tape Date:  February 19, 1969 (ABC #43-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 26, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Sabrina doesn't say anything, but the sight of the cane
        causes her to have a flashback...
           It is two years ago.  Chris is in an apartment somewhere
        pacing around nervously.  Sabrina, young and beautiful with
        her lovely dark hair, goes to Chris' apartment and lets herself
        in with a key.  She is carrying a bag of things for a surprise
        party.  She is surprised to find Chris in the apartement,
        exclaiming, "Chris!  What are you doing here?  You're not supposed
        to be here!  You were supposed to leave to go skiing at 3 o'clock!"
        The clock reads 5:30.  She explains, "Ned gave me this key.  He
        stayed here last summer" and continues, "I was going to give you
        a surprise party.  Why didn't you go away for the weekend like
        you said?"  Chris tells her, "I was going to go, but I got the flu"
        and glances nervously at the clock.   Sabrina asks, "Why didn't you
        call and tell me?"  Chris starts having the wolf pains.  Sabrina
        says, "That's a symptom of the flu?!  I'll call the doctor".
        Chris says, "Please go!" and asks her to leave and leave him 
        alone. Sabrina tries to talk to Chris, but he explodes, "WILL
        YOU GET OUT OF HERE??"  Sabrina, shocked, says, "All right.  Guess
        I'll leave.  There's no point in having a surprise party that's
        not a surprise.  Why won't you let me help you, Chris, why?"
        and leaves.  As soon as Sabrina leaves, Chris takes out a pair 
        of leg shackles and shackles himself to the radiator - apparently 
        what he had been planning to do all along - his story about leaving 
        town just that, a story.  Sabrina, outside in the hallway, changes 
        her mind and decides to go back to try to talk to Chris again. 
        She opens the door and is shocked to see a werewolf chained to the 
           Sabrina ends her flashback, screams and loses consciousness.
        Barnabas telephones Julia.  Julia comes to Ned's room (#24, the same
        one Burke Devlin used to stay in).  Barnabas tells Julia what
        happened.  Julia asks Barnabas and Ned to leave the room to let her
        examine Sabrina, who's by now regained consciousness, in private.
        Barnabas and Ned leave the room, Ned reluctantly.  Julia asks Sabrina,
        "So, what was there about Mr. Collins' cane that frightned you?"
        Sabrina doesn't answer.  Julia continues, "Try to talk.  I think you
        can now.  You couldn't before, but you can now.  Sabrina, you can
        talk to me.  I'll do everything I can to help you".  But Sabrina
        remains silent.  Ned, hearing talking, comes rushing into the room
        and excitedly says, "I heard talking!  Was it her?"  Julia replies,
        "No, it was me.  I'm in the habit of talking to my patients when I
        examine them".  Julia gives Sabrina a short physical examination.
        She announces, "She's all right.  The only thing is her blood
        pressure's a little low, but now low enough to have caused her to
        black out".  She tells Ned, "I suggest we move her to my hospital..."
        Ned says, "NO!".  Julia says, "Windcliff has an excellent staff..",
        but Ned says, "NO!  She stays here with me!"  Barnabas comes into
        the room. Julia takes out a hypodermic syringe and prepares to give
        Sabrina an injection.  Ned asks, "What are you giving her?"  Julia
        replies, "A sedative".  Ned exclaims, "NO!"  Julia asks, "Why not?"
        Ned replies, "She's starting to remember.  I want her to be conscious
        in case she does".  Barnabas tells Julia, "I think it would be
        best if you stayed and watched over her", but Ned says, "NO!
        I can take care of her myself".  Ned takes out some money and
        asks Julia, "How much do I owe you?", but Julia replies, "I'll
        send you a bill".  Barnabas and Julia both say goodbye to Sabrina
        and leave.  As soon as they go, Ned asks Sabrina, "What did you
        remember, Sabrina?  What was it?  Look!  You're got to tell me!
        I know, Sabrina, it has something to do with that night, something
        to do with Chris!  Sabrina, please!"  But Sabrina says nothing.  
           Barnabas and Julia return to the old house.  Julia moans,
        "She knows!  She knows!"  Barnabas asks, "Then why didn't she 
        say anything?"  Julia replies, "I don't know.  But she will!"
        Barnabas remarks, "What a tragic situation.  Ned, using every
        bit of money he has to track down Chris.  And that girl.  He told
        me she's never looked in a mirror since that tragic day.  And
        Chris..."   Julia exclaims, "If Sabrina tells Ned, and Ned
        tells the police, we'll be held as accesories!".  Barnabas 
        tells her, "We've got to find a way to stop Ned from going to
        the police!"
           In Ned's room at the Inn, Ned continues asking Sabrina
        what she remembers, but Sabrina continues to remain silent.
        Finally, Ned decides it's futile.  He tells Sabrina he'll
        give her her sleeping pills to help her sleep, and leaves to
        get some water for her to take them.  While Ned is out of the 
        room, Sabrina gets out of the wheelchair, wanders over to a wall
        mirror, looks at her reflection and screams.  Ned comes rushing 
        back into the room, pulls Sabrina away from the mirror, telling 
        her, "Sabrina!  You know everything that's happened, don't you?
        Sabrina!  You've got to tell me!  Sabrina, if you don't tell me,
        I'm going to have to go find Jennings and drag him here!  Take a
        look in the mirror!  That's what he did to you!  Take a good look!"
        but Sabrina silent.  Ned asks, "You're protecting him, aren't you?
        You're still in love with him, aren't you?", but Sabrina remains
        silent, staring out the window at the full moon.  Ned says,
        "Stop looking at the moon and talk to me!  You've got to stop
        protecting him!", but Sabrina still remains silent.  Ned vows,
        "I'm not going to give up, Sabrina!"
           The sun having risen, Barnabas and Julia go to the
        mausoleum to release Chris from the secret room there.
        Inside the mausoleum in front of the secret door, Julia
        notes, "It's completely quiet".  Barnabas tells her, "That
        probably means Chris has passed out.  He usually blacks out
        after an attack", and opens the secret door.  Staring at
        them is a werewolf...
        Episode 699
        Worldvision Rerun 483
        Tape Date:  February 20, 1969 (ABC #44-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 27, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Barnabas quickly pulls the ring to close the door, but
        the werewolf manages to grab he edge of the door and hold
        it open.  Barnabas whacks the werewolf's fingers a few
        times with the silver head of his cane.  The werewolf lets
        go of the door and it closes.  Julia notes that Chris should've
        turned back into a human being by now, pointing out that the
        sun rose 2 hours ago.  She tells Barnabas that she's very 
        worried, that first, Chris turned into a werewolf when there
        was no full moon, now he's stayed a werewolf well into the
        daytime. She tells Barnabas she fears that Chris' condition
        is getting worse, that each time he turns into a werewolf,
        he'll stay a werewolf longer and longer, that she fears
        that there'll come a time when Chris remains a werewolf
        permanently and notes sadly, "Barnabas, perhaps the only answer
        is to..."  Barnabas asks, "To kill him?"  Julia notes, "We're
        not even close to finding a cure".  But Barnabas vetoes the
        idea and says, "It's safe as long as we keep him in that room".
        Julia reminds him, "We're not the only ones who know about that
        room".  Barnabas gestures towards the gate and says, "We'll
        have to find a way to lock that door".  
           At the old house, Amy goes to see Maggie, who's staying,
        appropriately, in Josette's room.  Maggie asks, "What are you
        doing here?  You were supposed to stay in your room!".  Amy
        replies that she got bored and asks, "Did you just wake up?".  
        Maggie replies, "I never went to sleep.  I was too worried about 
        David".  Convinced that Amy knows what happened to David, she tries 
        to get Amy to tell what she knows, but Amy replies, "I don't know
        where he is."  Not wanting to be questioned, she tells Maggie,
        "I've got to go back to my room".  But Maggie refuses to let her go.
        She tells Amy, "I've been thinking.  The other night when I saw you
        at the window and you ran, you weren't running away from me, were you?
        You were trying to lure me to Collinwood because someone wanted you
        to.  Who was it?  Was it Quentin?"  Amy denies that she was trying
        to lure her to Collinwood and asks to be allowed to go back to her
        room, but Maggie continues, "Don't you realize that Quentin is a
        bad person?  He might try to hurt David!"  Amy insists, "David will
        be all right!"  Maggie asks, "Why don't you take us there so we can
        see for ourselves?"  Amy exclaims, "I can't!"  Maggie asks, "Don't
        you want to help?"  Amy says, "I'd like to help, but if I say
        anything, Quentin will do something terrible to Chris!"  Julia comes
        into the room just as Amy says this and asks, "Why do you say that?
        What does Quentin have to do with Chris?"  Amy replies, "I can't say
        anything!".  Julia takes Amy away to question her and let Maggie get
        some sleep.
           After Julia takes Amy from the room, Maggie finally goes
        to bed and goes to sleep.  She has a dream in which she goes
        into the storage room and sees Mr. Juggins, then the hole at 
        the base of the wall leading into Quentin's secret room.  She 
        crawls through the hole into Quentin's room.  Quentin appears,
        holding the old dress she wore earlier.  Maggie exclaims, "I know 
        who you are!  You're Quentin, aren't you?  Why do you want me 
        here?  Why have you brought me here?"  QuentinHe tries to give the
        dress to Maggie, but Maggie says, "That's the dress I was wearing
        in the drawing room!  You've brought it for me?  I don't want it!"  
        Quentin starts to approach her.  Maggie tells him, "Stay where you
        are and don't come any closer!", but Quentin keeps coming, grabs 
        her and kisses her, then lets her go and laughs...  
           Maggie awakens and screams, "Julia!  Julia!"  Julia comes and
        asks, "Maggie!  What's the matter?".  Maggie asks for Barnabas, 
        but Julia tells her Barnabas isn't here.  Maggie tells Julia about 
        her dream, telling her that in her dream she was in a room, the 
        room , which she now remembers, Quentin took her to the other night 
        at Collinwood, a room she had never seen before.  Julia asks her
        about it, but Maggie still can't remember, saying, "I can remember
        only two other images of what happened, a dark, long, old staircase,
        and Mrs. Stoddard's room".  Julia asks, "What do they mean?"  Maggie
        replies, "I don't know".  Julia says, "Try, Maggie, try to remember
        They may be our only clues we have to find David.  Go over what
        happened last night".  Maggie recounts how she chased Amy to
        Collinwood, and being confronted by Quentin in the drawing room,
        "I thought he'd hurt me, but he just stood there staring at me".
        Julia prompts her, "Then he took you?"  Maggie replies, "Yes,
        up an old staircase, then I was in Mrs. Stoddard's room".  Julia
        asks, "With Quentin?"  Maggie replies, "No, all alone.  I had
        a strange feeling.  I knew it was Mrs. Stoddard's room, but for
        some reason, I thought of it as mine.  Then I left the room,
        drawn, pulled, somewhere else.  Down a long corridor to the
        West Wing.  To a room.  For some reason, a room I can't see
        clearly in my mind.  I remember seeing a figure standing there
        and thinking for some reason, "He's caught us!"  But then I
        saw that it wasn't a man.  It was a tailor's dummy with a 
        painted on face.  Mr. Juggins!  We've got to go to Collinwood!      
        I remember where it was!  It was the storage room in the West
        Wing, and there's an adjoining room none of us ever knew
        existed!  That's where David must be!  We've got to go there!"
        But Julia tells her, "It's too dangerous.  I'll go find Barnabas"
        Unknown to them, Amy has been eavesdropping on them outside the
           Barnabas, goes to the mausoleum, listens at the secret door
        and hears a low growling inside. Chris has still not changed
        back.  Julia comes rushing in to the mausoleum and tells 
        Barnabas, "Barnabas!  I'm glad I found you!  Maggie's remembered
        what happened to her the night before last!  She thinks she knows
        where David is!"             
           Amy goes to the storage room.  She pulls the box hiding the
        secret panel, takes a crowbar and starts to open the panel.
           Barnabas and Julia return to the old house.  Barnabas calls
        "Maggie?", and receiving no answer, goes into Josette's room
        and is surprised to find that Maggie isn't there.  Barnabas 
        remarks, "I hope she didn't go to Collinwood alone!  I'd better
        go find her!", but Maggie comes back to the room.  Julia asks,
        "Where were you?"  Maggie replies, "I couldn't find Amy!".
        Julia volunteers to go find Amy and leaves to do so.  Barnabas
        tells Maggie, "I'm puzzled.  Willie and I searched that storage
        room the other night.  We found no secret entrance".  Maggie
        replies, "Someone must have covered it up!".  Barnabas says, "All
        right.  Let's go and look".
           Amy goes into the hidden room to find David.  She calls out,
        "David, are you here?  David, there's something important I've
        got to tell you!  Please answer me!"  A hand touches her on
        the shoulder.  She turns and sees Quentin standing there.
        Amy, frightened, lies, "Quentin!  I only came to warn you!"
        and tells him, "I came to tell you Maggie and Barnabas are on
        their way!  They know about this room!   They think David's
        in here!  Please don't be mad at me!".
           Maggie and Barnabas arrive at Collinwood and start up the
           Amy tells Quentin, "I didn't tell them about the room! Maggie
        saw it in a dream!  Please don't be mad at me!"  Quentin silences
        Amy by causing her to lose her voice.
           Barnabas and Maggie enter the storage room.  They see the hole
        in the wall, just where Maggie said it would be.  Barnabas exclaims,
        "You're right!  There is a passage here!  It was sealed up when
        Willie and I searched here before".  He notices the crowbar lying
        beside the hole, picks it up and says, "Whoever unsealed it used
        this".  He starts to work on the upper panels with the crowbar.
        Maggie asks, "What are you going to do?"  Barnabas replies, "I'm
        going to rip off these panels, then go find out what's in that
        Episode 700
        Worldvision Rerun 484
        Tape Date:  February 21, 1969 (ABC #45-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   February 28, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Barnabas uses a crowbar to tear off some additional panels
        to allow easier access. He and Maggie enter Quentin's secret
        room.  Barnabas asks, "Is this the room you were in?"  Maggie
        replies, "Yes".  They look around for David, and call for him,
        but don't find him.  While they are doing this, they hear footsteps
        coming.  The door, which they had closed, opens...
           But it's only Professor Stokes.  Barnabas asks, "Professor Stokes,
        What are you doing here?"  Stokes replies, "I was searching the West
        Wing when I heard the sound of knocking coming from here and decided
        to come and investigate".  Barnabas explains, "That was me, ripping
        off the panels that covered the door to this room."  Stokes looks
        around the room and remarks, "Interesting room.  It looks like
        nothing's been disturbed in this room since the Victorian Era.
        We should be able to learn a great deal from this room".  Barnabas
        says, "I'm not concerned about this room.  I'm concerned about
        David".  Stokes asks, "You've found no signs of him in here?"
        Barnabas replies, "None".  Stokes looks around and notices the
        points of a pair of shoes sticking out from behind some curtains.
        He pulls the curtains back and finds Amy standing there.  She 
        collapses.  Barnabas tells Maggie to take Amy back to the old house.
        Maggie takes Amy and leaves.  Stokes tells Barnabas, "It's very 
        important that we've found this room.  It will tell us a lot about 
        Quentin".  He searches the roll top desk and finds a diary and a 
        number of flat wooden sticks, painted solid black on one side and 
        black with a white stripe in the middle on the other.  Barnabas asks,
        "Well?" Stokes explains to Barnabas, "Now I know a great deal more
        about Quentin that I did a few moments ago".  Barnabas asks, "What?"
        Stokes explains, "Quentin practiced the I-Ching, one of the
        oldest forms of diviniation in the world.  Also one of the most
        dangerous".  Barnabas asks, "Most dangerous?  Why?"  Stokes
        replies, "Because so little is known about it.  Even Confucius
        knew little about it.  I'll be able to tell you more after I've
        studied this journal".
           At the old house, Amy regains consciousness.  Maggie asks, "Amy!
        How are you feeling?"  Amy says, "Professor Stokes was wrong!  
        David IS at Collinwood!".  Maggie tells her, "I'll get Barnabas
        and Julia!", but Amy tells her, "NO!  They won't find him.  They
        want YOU to find him.  You've got to go soon, or David won't be 
        there anymore.  Only Jamison.  That's who Quentin wants David
        to be.  David is going to die!"
           Barnabas and Stokes return to the old house.  Stokes has
        with him the journal and the sticks. He takes them down into a 
        room in the cellar and puts them on a table.  He tells Barnabas,
        "I'd prefer to be left alone, if you don't mind".  Barnabas
        asks, "How long do you need?"  Stokes replies, "An hour or
        two should tell me how Quentin Collins used he I-Ching, and
        I'll be able to decide on a course of action".  Barnabas leaves
        and Stokes begins to study the journal.
           Maggie goes to Collinwood and searches for David, but cannot
        find him.  She goes back down to the foyer and puts her head
        against the wall in despair.  Suddenly, she hears a voice
        call, "Maggie!".  She looks up and sees David standing on the
        landing.  She exclaims, "David!".  David tells her, "Maggie,
        don't come up here, please!"  Maggie tells him, "I've come to
        take you away.  Don't you want to come with me?"  David replies,
        "Yes, but I don't want you to come up here".  Maggie looks around
        and shouts, presumably to Quentin, "I'm not going to let you
        keep David!"  She turns back to David and tells him, "Come to
        me, David!  You can if you try!"  David walks along the landing
        towards the stairs, glancing back towards the door fearfully.
        Suddenly, he stops.  Maggie shouts, "Quentin!  You can't have
        him!  He's not yours to have, and I'm going to make sure he
        never will be!  I'm not afraid of you!  I'm going to take David
        away from you!"  She tells David, "David, I'm coming up to
        get you!" and starts up the stairs, but David shouts, "No!
        Maggie!"  Maggie tells David, "You don't belong to him!  You
        belong with your family!  Come to me, David!"  David comes
        running down into Maggie's arms.  Maggie tells David, "David,
        before we go, there's one thing you must do.  You must send
        Quentin away.  I want you to take one last look through that
        door".  David screams, "NO!", but Maggie tells him, "It's
        the only way you'll ever be able to be free of Quentin".
        David looks.  The door closes.  Maggie announces, "David, we've
        won!".  But Maggie is wrong.  David collapses...
           Maggie has taken David back to the old house.  Julia is
        upstairs examining him while Maggie is downstairs in the
        living room with Barnabas.  She tells Barnabas what happened
        at Collinwood, blaming herself for what happened, saying, "I
        kept him there too long".  Julia comes down.  Maggie asks,
        "Julia, how's David".  Julia replies, "In a deep coma.  I did
        everything I could to try to get him to respond, but he didn't.
        He's still possessed by Quentin.  Unless we can get him to break
        his hold on him, David will die".  Barnabas asks, "How long does
        he have?"  Julia replies, "A few hours, maybe till morning.  If
        only we could contact Quentin".  Barnabas tells her, "There may
        be a way.  Julia, come with me!".
           Barnabas takes  Julia down into the cellar and asks Stokes,
        "Professor Stokes, this I-Ching you're studying, how does it work?"
        Stokes asks, "Why do you want to know?"  Barnabas replies, "I'll
        tell you after you've explained it to me".  Stokes explains, 
        "The I-Ching is a way of freeing the spirit.  As you can see,
        each rod has two sides, one a solid black color, the other black
        with a white band at the center.  They are shaken then tossed
        to form one of 64 hexagrams.  At this point, the subject sits
        and begins a period of intense concentration, picturing a door
        with the hexagram on it.  He must have the willpower to concentrate
        on the door until he sees it open inward.  When this happens, the
        spirit rises from the body and goes through the door".  Barnabas
        asks, "Would it be possible to use the I-Ching to contact Quentin
        Collins?"  Stokes replies, "Beyond the door, anything is possible".
        Barnabas announces that he will try to use the I-Ching to contact
        Quentin.  Stokes protests, "But it's too dangerous!"  Barnabas
        replies, "David will die if I don't!"  Stokes warns him, "There's
        no way of knowing what lies beyond the door!"  Julia agrees, "He's
        right.  It's too dangerous", but Barnabas says, "David is dying!
        If there's any chance, I must try it!"  Stokes reluctantly says,
        "Very well.  Toss the wands on the desk".  Barnabas does so.
        Stokes looks at the rods, arranges them in rows, and announces,
        "The 49th or Ko hexagram, called the hexagram of change". 
        Julia begs Barnabas not to go though with it, but Barnabas says,
        "I'll be all right".  Stokes sits him down in a chair in front
        of the table and tells him, "Close your eyes and concentrate 
        until you see the door with the hexagram on it".  Barnabas does
        so.  After a while, he says, "I see the door".  Stokes tells him,
        "Continue to concentrate until you see the door open away from
        you.  We must be completely silent until that happens".  Barnabas 
        concentrates and sees the door open and gasps, "AHHHH!".  Julia asks,
        "Will he see Quentin Collins in there?"  Stokes replies, "Only he
        will know".  Through the door, Barnabas sees a chained coffin...
        Julia asks, "How long will he remain in the trance?"  Stokes
        replies, "There's no way of telling.  You see, right now there
        are two Barnabas', the one we see sitting here, and one by the door.
        Julia asks, "You said this was the hexagram of change.  Does that
        mean Barnabas will change?"  Stokes replies, "According to the
        book of I-Ching, it means he will change, or be changed.  It 
        depends on where the door leads".  Barnabas moans.  Julia asks,
        "Can we speak to him?"  Stokes replies, "Yes", and asks Barnabas,
        "Do you see Quentin?"  Barnabas replies, "He's not here".  Stokes
        asks, "Tell me what you see".  Barnabas replies, "I want to go
        through the door, but cannot".  Stokes asks, "Do you see something
        beyond the door that frightens you?"  Barnabas replies, "The 
        mausoleum".  Julia gasps, "The mausoleum?!"  Stokes asks her,
        "Does that mean something to you?"  Julia lies, "No".  Stokes
        asks Barnabas, "Is there someone there with you?"  Barnabas replies,
        "No, only the coffin".  Julia exclaims, "Professor Stokes, we've
        got to stop this!"  Stokes asks, "Do you know where the door
        leads to?"  Julia replies, "No, but we've got to stop this before
        he's hurt!".  Barnabas announces, "I'm moving towards the coffin..."

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