Dark Shadows
February 1970

     Episode 941
     Worldvision Rerun 715
     Tape Date:  January 14, 1970 (ABC #26-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 2, 1970 Monday
     Writer:     Sam Hall
     Director:   Henry Kaplan

        Carolyn drinks the drink Jeb gives her and almost immediately loses
     consciousness. He picks her up and starts to carry her up the stairs
     but Quentin comes into the shop and orders him to put her down. They
     stop. Jeb grabs a knife, but Quentin manages to disarm him. He then
     picks up a vase and knocks him out. He takes Carolyn and leaves.
        At Collinwood, Barnabas nervously awaits Quentin, wondering if he
     should have gone with him.  He decides to go and see what happened.
     Maggie comes down the stairs and volunteers to help, but Barnabas tells
     her not to and asks her to go on the errand Elizabeth had asked her to
     do.  Elizabeth comes down and Maggie leaves.  Elizabeth tells Barnabas
     that she is upset that almost everyone has seen 'their leader' in his
     new form except her. There's a knock on the door. Elizabeth answers it
     and finds Quentin carrying an unconscious Carolyn....
        At the antique shop, Jeb regains conciousness and vows to get even
     with Quentin.
        While Elizabeth is upstairs with Carolyn, Barnabas tells Quentin he
     should have gone with him, but Quentin replies that it's best if they
     think he's still a Leviathan so he can find out what their plans are.
        Elizabeth is upstairs watching over Carolyn, who's unconscious in bed.
     Barnabas comes in and tells her Julia's on her way.  He tells her that
     maybe she should go and thank Quentin, who told her that Carolyn had
     fainted at the antique shop and he happened to be there.  Elizabeth
     tells Barnabas she's uneasy about Quentin. Barnabas replies that it's not
     his fault that he's a descendent of the ghost. She admits that he's
        Outside in the woods, Jeb spies on Collinwood.  Elizabeth comes down
     to the drawing room and thanks Quentin. Barnabas comes back down.
     Quentin excuses himself and leaves Collinwood.  Barnabas tells Elizabeth
     that Julia has examined Carolyn and says that her fainting was caused
     by stress over Paul's death and strongly advised that she be taken
     away from Collinwood for a rest.  He tells her that he has arranged
     for her to stay at a nearby island and that they are to leave tonight.
        In the woods, Jeb is hiding behind a tree. Quentin passes him on his
     way to Collinsport but doesn't see him.  Maggie walks by on her way
     back to Collinwood. She is startled when Jeb suddenly comes out from
     behind the tree.  He starts to talk to her.  She tries to get away by
     saying she's got to get back to Collinwood before the storm starts,
     but he grabs her arm and says "Wait a minute..".
        Carolyn tells them she doesn't want to go away, that she wants to
     stay at Collinwood and find out what really happened to Paul.
        At the shop, Jeb picks up the mess caused by the fight.  Barnabas
     comes in and tells him that Maggie is missing, that from recent
     experience, he knows that when something strange happens, he is usually
     responsible and demands to know where she is.  Jeb denies knowing
     anything about her, saying she's not his type.  After Barnabas leaves,
     Jeb shouts, "He's in love with her!" and laughs uproarlously.
        In a crypt in the cemetary, Maggies is lying on a slab....
     Episode 942
     Worldvision Rerun 716
     Tape Date:  January 15, 1970 (ABC #27-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 3, 1970 Tuesday
     Writer:     Violet Welles
     Director:   Henry Kaplan

        A man comes to the antique store and identifies himselfs as
     Bruno (Michael Stroka). He tells Jeb he is a Leviathan and proves that
     this is the case by showing him the Naga ring that he is wearing. He
     offers his services and asks what he can do.
       At Collinwood, Barnabas talks to the authorities to see if there is
     any word about Maggie. There isn't. David rolls into the room in a
     wheelchair. Barnabas remarks that it's too bad what happened. David
     replies that he deserved it. Barnabas retorts that he didn't, that Jeb
     was impulsive in what he did, and that that impulsiveness is a weakness.
     He asks David to look in the book and see if Jeb has any other weaknesses.
     David asks why.  Barnabas replies that they'll need to know Jeb's
     weaknesses to protect him from them.
       Maggie awakens and finds herself in the crypt and wonders what she is
     doing in there.  She tries the door and finds it locked. Then it opens
     and Sheriff Davenport comes in.  She screams, "But you're dead ! You're
       Jeb finishes giving orders to Bruno and asks him if he understands
     what he is to do to Maggie. He replies that he does.
       David, looking throught the book, finds a weakness...
       Bruno goes to the tomb, where he finds Sheriff Davenport guarding
     Maggie. He orders the sheriff out of the room, then pulls a knife and
     tries to get Maggie to tell him all she knows about Barnabas, but she
     refuses to tell him anything.
       David goes to the antique store and tells Jeb about Barnabas telling
     him to look for a weakness. He tells him that he found one but came
     here with it instead. He tells him that there is one thing that he,
     Jeb, is vulnerable to: the wolf that walks like a man.  A look of fear
     crosses Jeb's face, but then quickly disappears when he assures himself
     that there can't be a creature like that within a hundred miles. Jeb
     tells David that he has done well, and tells him not to tell Barnabas.
     He tells him he is suspicious of Barnabas, and orders David to keep an
     eye on him.  Bruno returns, and David leaves.  Bruno tells Jeb he couldn't
     get anything out of Maggie. Jeb replies that he knows what to do next.
     He tells Bruno that he is to go to Portsmouth. Bruno asks why. Jeb tells
     him that there might be some questions, and he wants to make sure that
     the answers are right...
        Jeb goes to the tomb, carrying the Naga box with him.  He orders
     the sheriff out of the room and orders Maggie to open the box...
     Episode 943
     Worldvision Rerun 717
     Tape Date:  January 16, 1970 (ABC #28-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 4, 1970 Wednesday
     Writer:     Sam Hall
     Director:   Henry Kaplan

        Maggie refuses to open the box. Jeb threatens to turn her into a
     creature like the sheriff if she does not. She does. He tells her to
     look inside. She does. He asks her what she sees.  She tells him it's
     empty. He tells her it's not empty, and asks her if she feels any
     different. She tells him that she's no longer afraid of him. He tells
     her that the box was full of peace, and that she's now one of them,
     that there are many of them, Elizabeth, David, Barnabas,etc.
        Barnabas, in the foyer at Collinwood, calls the authorities again
     to check up on Maggie. Again they have found nothing. Julia suggests
     that he have them check the antique shop, but Barnabas vetoes the idea,
     saying that he isn't sure that Jeb had anything to do with her
     disappearance, and that he doesn't want to do anything to let the
     Leviathans know that he's no longer one of them, that they can only
     be defeated from the inside...
        Jeb asks Maggie to tell him all she knows about Barnabas, but she tells
     him she knows nothing. He asks her to tell all she knows about Quentin,
     but she tells him that all she knows is that he had had an accident.
        Barnabas and Julia continue to ponder what to do about Maggie when
     Julia notices an envelope lying on the floor.  They open it and find
     that it is a note from Maggie to Barnabas saying that she'd be away
     for a few days because she's gone to visit an aunt who's come to Portland
     from Montreal. Barnabas is suspicious and asks how they could have missed
     the letter lying in plain sight on the floor. Julia suggests that perhaps
     it was on the table and just fell to the floor now.  Barnabas starts
     to call the Inn in Portland mentioned in the note, but Maggie suddenly
     walks in through the front door.  She apologizes for any inconvience
     she may have caused by her sudden departure and tells Barnabas she has
     something important to talk to him about privately.  She goes upstairs
     with her bag.  Barnabas tells Julia she is still suspicious. Julia tells
     him not to be, that they have someting more immediate to worry about,
     that tonight is the night of the full moon, and that Chris'll be turning
     into a werewolf...
        At the cottage, Chris is having the same thought, looking at an
     alarm clock noting that it's only 5 hours till sunset.  He walks out
     of the cottage to go get Julia to take him to Windcliff, but is
     surprised to run into Sabrina.  They go back into the cottage. He
     begs her to leave, but she refuses.  She is carrying a parcel with
     her. She tells him to open it. He does. It is some sort of flower.
     She tells him it's a 'Moon Poppy'. She explains that she's been doing
     some research on lycanthropy, and found an article in a British Journal
     by a scientist who claims to have found a cure in the moon poppy and
     wrote a letter to him and he sent her one. She tells him that the poppy
     will only bloom when the moon is full, and that he must eat it at that
     time. She leaves.
        Barnabas goes to the cottage and tells Chris he must go to Windcliff.
     Chris refuses, saying he wants to stay here and try the poppy.  Barnabas
     tells him they can bring the poppy to Windcliff and then points out a
     flaw in his plan, that he'll be a wolf when the poppy is in bloom and
     that he won't want to eat it then. Chris retorts that that's exactly why
     he wants to stay here, that here, in familiar surroundings, he thinks
     he might remember...
        Barnabas returns to Collinwood and tells Julia about Chris.  Julia
     leaves to try to talk to him.  Maggies comes down and asks Barnabas
     where he's been, that she's wanted to talk to him.  They go into the
     drawing room. She tells him about being kidnapped by Jeb, that he made
     her open a box and that something was supposed to happen, but nothing
     did, and that she went along and pretended something did and that Jeb
     apparently now thinks that she is under his control. Barnabas realizes
     that they can use this to their advantage.  Julia returns and tells
     Barnabas that she could not convince Chris.  Barnabas tells Julia that
     they now have a new ally and points to Maggie...
       At the cottage, the poppy blooms. Chris turns into a werewolf, and
     reaches out for the poppy...
     Episode 944
     Worldvision Rerun 718
     Tape Date:  January 19, 1970 (ABC #29-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 5, 1970 Thursday
     Writer:     Violet Welles
     Director:   Henry Kaplan

        The wolf reaches out for the poppy, but then suddenly grabs it and
     hurls it to the ground instead of eating int and runs out of the cottage.
        Jeb is talking to Maggie on the phone. He is upset that she has
     not managed to learn from Barnabas where Carolyn is and tells her to
     try harder.  Bruno returns and tells him he has taken care of things
     in Portland.
        Barnabas goes to the cottage and finds the poppy lying on the floor
     and picks it up.  Sabrina shows up, sees him holding it and, realizing
     that Chris has not eaten it, becomes hysterical. Barnabas tries to calm
     her down, but she screams that she must find him and runs out of the
     cottage into the woods.  Barnabas tries to follow her.
        At the antique shop, Jeb hears the werewolf howling and is terrified
     by it.  Bruno asks what's the matter. Jeb explains that it's a werewolf
     and that it's the one thing that can destroy him.  Bruno pulls out a
     gun and tells him that he'll take care of it. Jeb tries to explain that
     an ordinary gun won't work, that only silver bullets will work, but
     Bruno rushes out without heeding his warning.
        Barnabas, having been unsucessful in finding Sabrina, returns to
     Collinwood. The phone rings. He answers. It's Angelique, asking to come
     to South Windward Island. He asks her what she wants, but she tells him
     she can only tell him in person.
        Sabrina continues to wander throught the woods looking for Chris.
        Jeb is in the shop, still terrified by the howling of the wolf.
     Barnabas drops by to see him and asks what's the matter. Jeb explains
     that there's a werewolf in the vicinity and tells him he'll give him a
     test of loyalty: kill the werewolf.
        Sabrina runs into the werewolf in the woods. They stare at each
     other. Suddenly, Bruno appears and shoots the werewolf point blank.
     The werewolf flees.  Sabrina is distraught and cries, over and over
     again, " Why did you do that?  He wouldn't have hurt me..."
        Barnabas arrives at South Windward Island.  Angelique tells him that
     he'll have to find another place for Elizabeth and Carolyn. Barnabas
     is shocked and says, "I thought that you said you talked to your
     husband about them and got his permission for them to stay as long
     as necessary..". She answers that that is true, but that her husband
     is not the problem, that earlier, Elizabeth started staring at her
     and remarked, "I know I've seen you somewhere before..", that it's
     only a matter of time before she recognizes her as Cassandra.
     Angelique asks Barnabas to take them away tonight. Barnabas tells
     her he'll need time to make arrangements, and he can't until tomorrow.
     Angelique agrees, "All right. Tomorrow, then..."
        Bruno returns to the shop and tells Jeb that he was right about
     the bullets, that he shot the werewolf but that he didn't seem to do
     much harm.  He tells him that he discovered something very important,
     a girl who seemed to know the werewolf and through whom it might be
     tracked down.  He tells him that her name is Sabrina Stuart and that
     he escorted her back to the Collinsport Inn where she said she lived
     with her brother, who was not there, that he suspects the brother.
     After Bruno leaves, Jeb receives a telephone call. The caller tells
     him that Carolyn is at South Windward Island. Jeb is overjoyed. He
     continues to talk to the caller and answers, "Tomorrow? No, not
     tomorrow.  TONIGHT!!".
     Episode 945
     Worldvision Rerun 719
     Tape Date:  January 20, 1970 (ABC #30-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 6, 1970 Friday
     Writer:     Gordon Russell
     Director:   Henry Kaplan

        Carolyn is talking with Elizabeth, arguing that she's had enough
     rest and that it's time to return to Collinwood.  Angelique comes
     into the room and Elizabeth stares at her again, saying she's sure
     she's seen her somewhere before.  Angelique is 'saved' by a telephone
     call from Sky in which he asks her to come pick him up at the Logansport
     airport. She leaves.
       A little after Angelique leaves, the phone rings again. Elizabeth
     answers. It's Jeb. He tells her to return to Collinwood alone
     immediately. He tells her she is to make anyone who's around think
     it's Mrs. Johnson who called.  Elizabeth hangs up and tells Carolyn
     that she has to go back to Collinwood, that Mrs. Johnson just called
     and reminded her that there are some company papers she has to sign
     by 9 am tomorrow. 
       In the antique store, Jeb looks at a picture of Carolyn and says,
     "Soon, you will be mine...", goes into his room and transforms into
     his true form..
       Elizabeth says goodbye to Carolyn and leaves.  Carolyn takes a
     book from the bookcase and tries to read, but can only think of Jeb.
     She wonders why she is so obsessed by someone she met only a few times.
     The phone rings. Carolyn answers. It's for Sky. She takes a message.
     Suddenly, strange things begin to happen. A picture falls from the
     wall. She puts it back up. Then the door blows open. She shuts it.
     The lights go out and she hears a crashing sound. Frightened, she flees
     upstairs and hides in her room. She continues to hear strange noises.
     Then she hears the sound of classical music coming from somewhere.
     She goes out into the hall and hears that it's coming from the
     room directly opposite in the hallway.  She can see the shadow of someone
     on the slatted door and asks "Who's there?".  The door opens. It's
     Sky. They go back downstairs. He apologizes to her for frightening her.
     Outside, Jeb, in his true form, is breathing ominously. Carolyn asks Sky
     where Angelique is, saying she thought she was going to pick him up.
     He replies that Angelique is not here, that she was supposed to pick
     him up, but that she didn't make it in time, that she must have been
     held up in the storm or something, and he had to come back because he
     was expecting an important telephone call and called a taxi. Carolyn
     suddenly remembers and tells him about the call earlier. He leaves to
     return the call and Carolyn dozes off in a chair.  She has a dream
     in which she is in the antique shop and Jeb appears to her.  She mentions
     that they have not known each other long. He replies that they have, that
     he can remember her holding and caressing him.  Carolyn, puzzled, replies
     that she doesn't remember doing this. He shows her his birthmark and
     reveals to her that he was Joseph, and Alexander, and Michael..
     She is stunned and asks how this is possible. He holds up his hands and
     tells her to come to him.  She sees that his hands are covered with blood
     and awakens screaming.
       Sky asks her what's wrong. She tells him she had a bad dream. He
     takes her up to her bedroom.
       Sky comes downstairs and opens a door.....
       Back from a commercial break, we see a trail of slimy looking
     footsteps starting from the door which Sky opened and going up
     the stairs....
       Carolyn starts to doze off, but is awakened by the sound of heavy
     footsteps. Frightened, she cries out for Sky. The bedroom doors blow
     open. She screams.....
     Episode 946
     Worldvision Rerun 720
     Tape Date:  January 21, 1970 (ABC #31-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 9, 1970 Monday
     Writer:     Gordon Russell
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Carolyn screams at what she sees and faints. The creature stops
     and turns into human form.  Jeb walks up to Carolyn and says,
     "I couldn't go through with it...".  Sky comes in and asks what
     happened. Jeb replies that nothing did, that he couldn't go through
     with it because Carolyn was terrified of him, and he doesn't want
     it that way, that he wants her to want him.  Sky asks what about when
     she wakes up. Jeb assures him that she won't remember anything when she
     awakens. He leaves, saying he's going to Collinwood to finally meet his
     future mother-in-law.
       At Collinwood, Elizabeth hears the werewolf lurking about outside.
     She goes into the foyer and picks up the phone and is about to make a
     call when suddenly Bruno appears and tells her to put down the phone.
     Elizabeth demands to know who he is. Bruno identifies himself and shows
     her the ring. He tells her Jeb's orders are that she talk to no one.
     The wolf howls again.  Bruno tells Elizabeth that it's a danger to Jeb
     and goes out after it.
       Carolyn awakens and finds Sky standing over her. She asks what
     happened. He tells her she was sleepwalking and tripped over something
     and knocked herself unconscious.
       Jeb comes to Collinwood. He asks Elizabeth where Bruno is.  Elizabeth
     tells him that Bruno went out to hunt the werewolf.
       In the woods, Bruno just misses crossing paths with the werewolf...
       Jeb asks Elizabeth whose idea it was to take Carolyn to Little
     Windward Island. Elizabeth replies that it was Barnabas'.  Bruno
     returns and tells them he couldn't find the werewolf.  Jeb tells
     Elizabeth that he wants to talk to Bruno privately. She goes upstairs.
     Jeb tells Bruno that he has a personal score to settle, that they
     have a traitor on their hands: Barnabas. Bruno warns Jeb against going
     out where the werewolf may be lurking, but Jeb doesn't heed his warning,
     pointing out that he, Bruno, has already said that he's searched the
     area and didn't find the werewolf.
        Jeb walks through the woods on his way to the old house.  Just as
     he gets near the end, he hears the wolf stalking him and runs to the
     old house. He manages to get inside and lock the doors.  He cries out
     to Barnabas for help.  He hears the wolf again and looks toward the
     window. The wolf is looking at him from outside.  It jumps through
     the window...
     Episode 947
     Worldvision Rerun 721
     Tape Date:  January 22, 1970 (ABC #32-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 10, 1970 Tuesday
     Writer:     Gordon Russell
     Director:   Lela Swift

        The wolf attacks Jeb. Jeb tries to flee up the stairs but the wolf
     catches knocks him unconscious.  Luckily for Jeb, just as the wolf is
     about to kill him, the sun rises and the wolf staggers to the living
     room writhing with transformation pains, falls to the floor unconscious
     and turns back into Chris Jennings...
        Barnabas comes in and sees Chris and Jeb, both unconscious. Chris
     moans and regains consciousness. He sees Jeb and says, "Oh, no...".
     Barnabas tells him not to worry about that and to go home and come
     back later and he'll explain everything.
        Jeb regains consciousness and finds Barnabas. At first he is furious
     and demands to know why he didn't come when he cried for help, but
     Barnabas tells him he wasn't in the house when he called and lies that
     he saved his life, that when he came in, he found the werewolf just
     about to kill him but drove him away. Jeb, dubious, asks how he managed
     to drive it away.  Barnabas tells him he used his walking stick, the
     head of which is made of silver, to drive it away.  Jeb tells Barnabas
     that he had suspected him of being disloyal, but that he must have been
     wrong because he could easily have let the wolf kill him. He asks him
     why he sent Carolyn to Little Windward Island, then.  Barnabas replies
     that he thought he, Jeb, was going too fast.  Jeb tells him he now
     agrees, that he learned where she was and went there last night and
     couldn't go through with it.
       Angelique returns to the Rumson residence on Little Windward Island.
     She is furious that he was not ther when she went to pick him up and
     demands to know what happened. Sky lies that he was making some phone
     calls while waiting and learned from the secretary of a client that
     he was going to call the Rumson residence and he rushed home.
     Angelique believes this.  Barnabas comes and tells Angelique that
     things have changed and he has to talk to her alone.  Sky leaves and
     Barnabas tells Angelique what happened and tells her he's come to take
     Carolyn away.
        After Barnabas and Carolyn leave, Sky tells Angelique he can tell from
     her nervous behavior that she's keeping secrets from him, that she must
     not be telling him the whole truth about why Carolyn was here.  Angelique
     at first refuses to tell him, but when he tells her that keeping secrets
     from one another will be devasting to their relationship, she tells him
     about how Carolyn being in danger from a cult called the Leviathans,
     how Barnabas was once part of this cult, but no longer is and is now
     doing everything he can to defeat them...
        Sky goes to the antique shop and tells Jeb what Angelique told him.
     He asks Jeb what he's going to do.  Jeb asks, "Have you ever seen a
     vampire?". Sky answers no. Jeb continues, "We'll, soon you will..."
        Chris, all cleaned up and dressed in fresh clothes, goes to the
     old house to see Barnabas. He asks, "Well, is that man dead?". Barnabas
     replies that he wishes he were.  He explains that that man is a great
     danger to him, Chris, that he'll do everything in his power to find and
     kill the werewolf and warns Chris to be careful.  He tells Chris that the
     man is evil and a danger to everyone....
        Jeb, holding some sort of small animal cage, goes to the cemetary and
     finds the grave of a "Richard Fairbanks, 1730-1770" and remarks, "That's
     the one.  Hanged for murdering his wife and children. He'll do..". He
     chants an incantation over the grave and soon a bat flies from the
     distance into the cage, which he closes....
     Episode 948
     Worldvision Rerun 722
     Tape Date:  January 23, 1970 (ABC #33-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 11, 1970 Wednesday
     Writer:     Violet Welles
     Director:   Lela Swift

        At Collinwood, Barnabas tells Julia he's managed to convince Jeb
     that he's still a loyal Leviathan.
        Jeb returns to the antique shop with the bat.
        Barnabas tells Julia he's having difficulty fighting the Leviathan
     because of their claim that they're holding Josette hostage and that
     he wants to have a seance to contact her. He asks who else is in the
     house. Julia tells him that Maggie is.  They get her and have the
     seance. Josette speaks through Maggie. Barnabas asks her if she's being
     held hostage by the Leviathans.  Josette replies that she doesn't know
     who the 'Leviathans' are.  Barnabas asks her what happened to her. She
     replies that she waited for him, but when he didn't come, she took
     poison in despair.  Barnabas tells her he doesn't believe her, that this
     is a trick of the Leviathans.  Josette replies that if he doesn't, come
     to her grave tonight.  The seance ends.  Barnabas remarks that if it is
     indeed true that Josette is not being held hostage by the Leviathans,
     they can start their battle against them immediately.  Maggie asks how.
     Barnabas replies that they will first destroy the Leviathan box so that
     the Leviathans will no longer be able to enslave new members and they'll
     know who they'll be fighting against.  Carolyn comes into the room and
     makes a call to Jeb making a date for tonight.
        Maggie goes to the antique shop.  Jeb asks what she has learned about
     Barnabas.  Maggie replies that she still hasn't learned anything yet.
     Jeb gets angry, but Philip reminds him that it's time for him to go
     to Carolyn and he leaves.  Maggie tells Philip that Barnabas wants to
     see him alone in the woods.
        Philip goes to the woods as instructed.  At first, Barnabas tries
     to fool Philip into stealing the box for him, but in talking to him
     realizes that Philip has come to hate the Jeb and the Leviathans as
     much as he does and tells him outright.
        Jeb goes to Collinwood and meets Carolyn. They embrace and kiss..
        Barnabas goes to Josette's grave.  Her spirit appears to him and
     assures him that she is not being held prisoner, but that he is..
     by her memory.  She tells him to forget about her and find someone else.
     She gives him her ring to give to the new person and disappears.
     Barnabas is devastated.
        Carolyn tells Jeb about the strange dream she had about him.
        Philip goes to Jeb's room and searches for the box.  He eventually
     finds it in an otherwise empty armoire. He takes it and leaves. But
     when he gets downstairs, the lights come on.  Jeb is there. He says
     "Isn't it a little late to be going out, Phillip?"
     Episode 949
     Worldvision Rerun 723
     Tape Date:  January 26, 1970 (ABC #34-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 12, 1970 Thursday
     Writer:     Violet Welles
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Jeb tells Philip that he knows who he's taking the box to and not
     to worry - he's going to let him have it.  Philip is surprised and
     asks what he means. Jeb replies that he always gives people what they
     want and what he, Philip has been asking for is death, and that he's
     going to give it to him.  He picks up a heavy candlestick and prepares
     to kill Philip, but is interrupted by a knock on the door. Jeb puts
     the candlestick down and tells Philip he's lucky.  Philip opens the
     door. The man introduces himself as Lawrence Guthrie, Special
     investigator from the state capital Augusta investigating the strange
     murders that have occured in town.  He asks Philip some questions about
     Paul Stoddard.  Philip lies that although Paul Stoddard had come to the
     store on the night of his murder, he was only here for a few minutes.
     Guthrie asks Jeb what he was doing on that night.  Jeb replies that he
     wasn't in town yet, that he's a photographer and was travelling the
     country taking pictures.  As Guthrie is leaving, Philip desperately
     tells him he's going out too and will accompany him.  Jeb 'reminds'
     Philip that Megan doesn't know he's going, obviously a veiled threat
     against Megan. Philip tells Guthrie. "Oh yes, Megan. I don't think I
     can go tonight.".  Guthrie leaves.  Jeb tells Philip not to be so
     frightened, he's decided not to kill him, that he has a better idea,
     that if he's ever disloyal again, MEGAN will be the one to suffer..
        Amy and Carolyn are in the drawing room of Collinwood.  Amy is drawing
     a picture of the Naga with crayons.  Quentin comes in and Amy is terrified
     of him. Carolyn tries to convince her that she needn't be, that this isn't
     the same Quentin as the ghost, that he looks like him only because he's
     related to him.
        Jeb tells Philip he thinks Guthrie is suspicious of him, that he could
     tell that from the way he was questioning him earlier...
        From a phone booth somewhere, Guthrie makes a call to his office
     asking that they find out everything they can about a 'Jeb Hawkes'...
        The next day, a frightened Amy goes to the antique shop and tells
     Jeb that she's afraid of Quentin, that she wasn't sure before, but that
     now she's sure he's the same man as the ghost. He asks why. She tells
     him about a dream she had last night.  The dream is a flashback to
     something that happened with Quentin the ghost where originally the
     ghost had said, "Don't tell Barnabas, Julia or Maggie", but this time
     he said "Don't tell Barnabas, Julia, Maggie or Jeb".  Jeb tells her not
     to worry about it. He'll take care of it. Jeb is about to leave, saying
     he's going to go see Carolyn, but Amy tells him, "Carolyn's busy.
     She talking to a Mr. Guthrie..".
        At Collinwood, Guthrie is talking to Carolyn. The phone rings.
     Carolyn answers. The caller, Philip with his voice disguised, asks to
     talk to Guthrie. Carolyn gives the phone to him.  Philip, no longer
     with his voice disguised, tells Guthrie to come to the shop, that
     there are some things he couldn't say to him before, things he can
     only tell him in private...
        Guthrie goes to the antique shop.  Philip tells him he's going to
     tell him all about the murders. Guthrie tells him to come down to
     the police station with him.  Philip tells him to come upstairs and
     take a look inside the room at the top of the stairs first, that it
     plays an important part in the murders. They go upstairs. Guthrie goes
     into the room. He walks to a table and turns on a lamp.  He sees Jeb
     in monster form, screams and runs to the door and tries to get out,
     but finds that Philip has locked it from outside.  Philip, outside,
     hears a blood-curdling scream inside the room. When it stops, he unlocks
     the door. It opens and Jeb, in human form, comes out. He tells Philip
     he's done well so far, and remarks, "Let's see if you can do the next
     part just as well - for Megan..."
        At Collinwood, Quentin comes and finds that Carolyn is about to go
     out. He asks her to wait, saying that Barnabas is coming and that he
     and Barnabas want to talk to her about something. Carolyn tells him
     she can't wait and that he should tell her now. They argue about this,
     and finally Quentin blurts out that she should stop seeing Jeb because
     he's the man who murdered her father. She refuses to believe him, saying
     Jeb wasn't even in town yet at the time, that he and Barnabas hate Jeb
     and will say anything to keep her from seeing him. Jeb bursts in through
     the door breathlessly says, "Terrible news. The special investigator
     has been murdered at the antique shop.  They've caught the murderer. It's
     the same man who kill your father." Carolyn asks who.  Jeb continues,
     "This is going to be hard for you, Carolyn. It's Philip Todd. He's
     Episode 950
     Worldvision Rerun 724
     Tape Date:  January 27, 1970 (ABC #35-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   February 13, 1970 Friday
     Writer:     Sam Hall
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Carolyn finds this hard to believe.  Quentin is dubious.  Jeb
     explains that the police say Philip is schizophrenic.  He explains
     that Philip walked into the police station and said "I did it again..",
     and then told them he had committed another murder.  Quentin, dubious,
     remarks that Paul's clothing were strangely burned when he was found
     and asks if this was the case with Guthrie. Jeb replies that it was.
     Quentin asks how Philip managed to do this. Jeb replies that Philip
     refuses to tell how he committed the murders.  Carolyn goes outside
     to call the sheriff to see if she can get any more informattion.
     After she hangs up, Barnabas comes in through the front door.  Carolyn
     tells him the shocking news.  She then goes upstairs to tell Elizabeth.
     Barnabas joins Quentin and Jeb in the drawing room.  Jeb admits to
     them that it was of course he who committed the murders and tells
     Barnabas it was HIS fault that he had to frame Philip, that he shouldn't
     have sent him to steal the box, that he had to be punished for that.
     Carolyn comes back down and asks Jeb to take her to the shop so she
     can see how Megan is doing. They leave.  Quentin tells Barnabas that
     he told Carolyn that Jeb murdered her father just before Jeb came with
     the news about Philip, but that she wouldn't believe him.  Barnabas
     tells Quentin that the Leviathans must be stopped, and that the first
     step is to steal the box, that they must do it tonight.
        In his room, Jeb takes the box out of the armoire, takes the bat
     from the cage and puts it in the box, and puts the box back in the
     armoire.  He gloats, "You can have the box any time you want it,
        Jeb goes back downstairs where Carolyn is waiting and tells her
     she can't see Megan because Megan is under heavy sedation. He comforts
     her about what happened and they kiss.  He tells her he'll take her
     back to Collinwood and they leave. He brings her back to Collinwood
     and leaves. Carolyn sits down in a chair in the drawing room and falls
        Quentin and Barnabas arrive at the shop and find it apparently empty.
     Quentin stands watch outside while Barnabas goes in to steal the box.
        Carolyn has the same dream she had before about Jeb, but this time
     it goes a little further.  When he holds up his bloody hands, she shrinks
     from him and brushes against a door, which opens. Inside, she sees a
     dead body, screams and asks Jeb what it is. Jeb quickly closes the door
     and tells her there's nothing in there, that it's just her imagination.
     Then a large amount of blood flows out from under the door. Jeb
     continues to insist that it's all her imagination. Carolyn awakens and
     says, "What does it mean? What does it mean?".
        Barnabas comes out of the shop holding the box.  He tells Quentin
     that there's only one place he can destroy it and he's going to take it
     there. He tells Quentin to stay here, that there's no telling what will
     happen when the box is destroyed, and that he is to stay here and see
     if anything happens to Jeb if he comes back.
        Barnabas takes the box to the Leviathan altar. He puts it down on
     the slab and raises his cane and prepares to smash the box to pieces.
     But suddenly, the box opens by itself. Barnabas is shocked to see that
     there is a bat inside. It flies out and attacks him, biting him on
     the neck...
   Episode 951
   Worldvision Rerun 725
   Tape Date:  January 28, 1970 (ABC #36-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 16, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Jeb comes and finds Barnabas unconscious on the ground. He takes the
   Naga box and leaves.  Barnabas regains consciousness, touches his neck,
   sees blood on his fingers and wails, "NO !!!"
      Jeb returns to the antique shop. Outside, Quentin sees that he has
   the box and, realizing that he has done something to Barnabas, demands
   to know what he's done to him.  Jeb refuses to tell him and they fight.
   Once again, Quentin proves to be a better fighter than Jeb in human form
   and gets the upper hand.  Jeb pulls a knife on him and orders him to leave.
   He does.
      Quentin returns to the old house and tells Julia what happened. Julia
   starts to cry, saying she knows what they must have done to Barnabas.
   They go to search for him.
      Barnabas goes to Collinwood with the intention of attacking Maggie.
   Standing outside, he looks up at her room.  But then his conscience gets
   the better of him and he decides not to and leaves.
      Barnabas goes to the Blue Whale and just sits there.  A woman comes
   in and asks the bartender if he knows where the antique shop is.
   Barnabas goes to her and tells her he knows where it is and starts to
   explain that the best way to find it is to go to the Collinsport Inn and
   the shop is directly across from the side entrance.  Then he notices that
   she's wearing a Naga medallion and realizes that she is a Leviathan.
   Julia and Quentin come in and are overjoyed to find him, but he brushes
   them off and says that he's busy.  They go to the bar.  Barnabas continues
   to talk to the woman, telling her that he can tell from her locket that
   she is a Leviathan and that he is one too. The woman explains to him that
   she's from Virginia and that Bruno made her a Leviathan.  At the bar,
   Quentin and Julia wonder what's happened, thinking that perhaps Jeb didn't
   turn him into a vampire, but merely turned him into a loyal Leviathan
   again.  Barnabas and the woman leave.
      Barnabas takes the woman to the old house. The woman asks where Jeb is,
   Barnabas apparently having told her he would be here. Barnabas replies that
   he'll be here soon.  He starts to ask her questions: how Bruno made her a
   Leviathan, how Bruno became a Leviathan, etc.  She starts to become
   suspicious and only tells him that Bruno told her a Mr. Strack made him
   a Leviathan.  They talk some more.  The woman gets even more suspicious
   and says, "You're not one of us!" and pulls a knife on him.  He stares
   into her eyes and uses his vampire powers to force her to drop the knife
   and replies, "You're right! I'm not one of you. I'll show you what I
   really am!". He bares his fangs. She screams.  He attacks her.
      Julia and Quentin and find Barnabas kneeling over the woman. Julia
   checks the woman, finds that she's dead and then sees the bites on her
   throat.  Barnabas turns from them, ashamed, saying he couldn't help it.
   Julia suggests that she start anti-vampire treatments on him immediately,
   but Barnabas angrily says, "Jeb can only transform into his true form in
   his room.  I'm going to make sure he never does again!" and storms out.
   Quentin starts to go after him, but Julia tells him not to bother, he
   wouldn't be able to stop him.  She tells him they have more important
   things to do, that they have to find a hiding place for Barnabas during the
   day, that if he continues to fight the Leviathan, they'll certainly
   try to destroy him.  She then remarks that in turning Barnabas into a
   vampire, he may have made the worst mistake of his life...
      Barnabas goes to the antique shop. He walks up the stairs and, hearing
   breathing from Jeb's room, knows he's in there. He goes back down and
   splashes gasoline all over the room from a can and lights it...
   Episode 952
   Worldvision Rerun 726
   Tape Date:  January 29, 1970 (ABC #37-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 17, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Violet Welles
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Megan returns and finds the shop on fire.  She calls for Jeb, but
   receives no answer.  Unable to go upstairs because of the flames, she
   is forced to leave the shop...
      Megan calls Elizabeth and tells her the terrible news, saying that the
   shop has completely burned down....
      Barnabas returns to the old house and recounts to Julia what happened,
   that he stood by and watched until the shop had totally burned down and
   didn't see Jeb leaving.  They wonder if he could possibly be dead.
   Barnabas tells Julia that even if he isn't, he isn't nearly so dangerous
   now because he can no longer transform into his true form and is now
   merely a human being.
      Megan goes to Collinwood. She and Elizabeth both despondently discuss
   Jeb, saying they can't believe he's dead.  Jeb walks in and says, "What
   makes you think I'm dead?. I'm not that easy to get rid of.". Overjoyed,
   Elizabeth goes to have a room made ready for him. Megan mentions to Jeb
   that she saw something strange, that she saw Barnabas in the crowd 
   watching the fire.
      At the old house, Julia gives Barnabas an anti-vampire injection and
   then goes upstairs. Jeb comes. Barnabas is shocked.  Jeb tells him he
   know he set the fire. Barnabas admits that he did, and vows to continue
   trying to kill him.  Jeb in turn vows to kill Barnabas, but says he
   won't do so just yet, that he's going to let him have the 'pleasure'
   of seeing him take over Collinwood and marry Carolyn. Julia comes
   down and is shocked to see Jeb. Jeb leaves.
      Later, Elizabeth tells Megan that she's glad Jeb is staying here
   because he and Carolyn seem to get along so well. Megan seems to become
   angry and leaves.
      Megan goes to jail and visits Philip and tells him what happened.
   Megan apparently having given him reason to think she's no longer a
   Leviathan, Philip suggests that now is the best time to take care of
   Jeb and leave Collinsport forever, but Megan warns against it, saying
   Jeb is no ordinary human and still dangerous. She tells him the best
   thing for her to do is still pretend to be loyal to the Leviathans.
      At Collinwood, Elizabeth shows Jeb his room, a very large one, in
   some building on the property and tells him he can use the adjoining
   room where he can be his own, higher self. Elizabeth tells Jeb she's
   going to go tell their leader Barnabas that he is staying here now,
   but Jeb tells her she is not to do this and reveals to her that Barnabas
   is a traitor.
      Barnabas awakens and thanks Julia for protecting him.  He leaves,
   saying there's something he must do.
      Barnabas goes to the jail and talks to Philip.
      Megan goes to see Jeb in his room. She tells him about her visit to
   Philip and how she fooled him. She tells Jeb she'll go consecrate
   the adjoining room right away so he can use it to turn to his true form.
   He tells her not to, that it wasn't her that consecrated it, but Oberon,
   that he'll have to come to her in a dream first.  He remarks that he isn't
   sure he wants to transform, that maybe he'd prefer to just stay in human
   form.  Megan, her voice full of jealousy, accuses him of just wanting to
   marry Carolyn as a human, that he can't do this because that's not the
   way the book says it's supposed to happen, that it is Carolyn who is
   supposed to transform to his kind, not he to hers.  Jeb accuses her of
   being jealous and they argue.  Suddenly, the lights go out and the door
   blows open. There is the sound of approaching footsteps.  Megan,
   frightened, turns to Jeb and asks him what he's doing but then notices
   that he is as surprised and frightened as she is. She asks, "Jeb! Who
   did you make angry?!".
   Episode 953
   Worldvision Rerun 727
   Tape Date: February 3, 1970 (ABC #38-DRK-70)
   Air Date:  February 18, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:    Sam Hall
   Director:  Henry Kaplan

      A shadowy figure walks up to the doorway, a man.  It is dark, and
   Jeb and Megan cannot see his features.  He starts to talk, "You always
   go too far, Jebez!" Jeb asks, "Who are you?  Come into this room!"
   The man continues, "I have watched you, both of you, both of your
   mistakes, your blundering, your imcomptence!  I have come to save
   the Leviathans!  I am tired of this darkness.  Let there be light!".
   The lights come back on.  The man announces, "I am Nicholas Blair".
   Jeb remarks, "The name means nothing to me".  Nicholas tells  Megan
   to leave, saying he wants to talk to Jeb alone.  Megan leaves. Nicholas
   asks Jeb, "Shall you give your explanation now for the crimes you have
   committed?"  Jeb looks away from him, not answering.  Nicholas angrily
   says, "Look at me, Jeb!  I can change anything!  Even Carolyn Stoddard's
   love for you!  Begin!  Now!"
      Carolyn is in the Drawing Room of Collinwood.  She is turning off the
   lights.  She hears the sound of the front door opening and calls out,
   "Jeb?"  But it's not Jeb, it's Megan.  Carolyn asks, "Megan, do you
   feel a presence in this room?"  Megan answers, "No, Carolyn, you must
   just be tired".  Carolyn agrees, "I suppose you're right.  I do need
   sleep.  But I keep having that dream.  Every night, it goes a stage
   further..."  Megan asks, "Tell me about it", but Carolyn replies,
   "I don't want to even think about it! How's Jeb?"  Megan answers,
   "Jeb's at the Carriage house.  He's just fine".
      At the Carriage house, Nicholas is scolding Jeb for his mistakes,
   telling him that framing Phillip for the murders and  bringing back
   the sherriff were bad mistakes.  He continues, "Every move unwise!
   And the most unwise is what you did to Barnabas Collins!  You made
   him a vampire, you made him totally useless to us!  He will be after
   you!  He will be relentless!"  Jeb promises, "I will take care of
   Barnabas Collins", but Nicholas says, "We must destroy him!  Now
   we will get to your greatest mistake.  You want to be HUMAN!  For
   a Leviathian, that is the greatest sin!  Give me the box.  This was MY
   idea, the resurrection of the Leviathans.  Now give me the box, or the
   next time Carolyn sees you, she will run from you, she will see you
   as you really are!..."  Jeb reluctantly gives him the box.  Nicholas
   continues, "I will go into this room and consecrate it so that you can
   transform it into what you really are.  Do you understand?"  Jeb
   answers meekly, "Yes", but after Nicholas has gone into the room and
   closed the door, Jeb says emphatically, "NO!"  He goes to the front
   door to flee, but as soon as he opens the door, he is surprised to
   find Nicholas standing outside.   Nicholas tells him, "Jeb!  You see,
   I can anticipate your every move!"  and asks him, "Am I going to
   continue to have to show you what powers I have?  Your room is now
   ready for you, Jeb" and steps inside.  Jeb begs,  "Don't make me
   change!",  but Nicholas replies, "I have no choice.  My last plan ended
   in failure.  I do not like to being punished for failure! I do not plan
   to fail again".  He warns Jeb,"I know you want to kill me, but you
   cannot kill me, Jeb, even in your other form", and orders,  "Get into
   that room!  Now!"  Jeb vows, "I'll get even with you!"  Nicholas
   replies, "I'll take that chance.  Now open that door, and go into
   that room!"  Jeb does so reluctantaly.  Nicholas lets Bruno in.
   He asks Nicholas, "Does he know I told you where to find him?"
   Nicholas replies, "No, I will protect you from him".  Bruno gestures
   toward the door of the consecrated room and sks, "Is that where?  I
   don't hear anything".  Nicholas explains, "He can delay it, but that
   is all".  Finally, the heavy breathing starts.  Nicholas exults, "All
   is well now, Bruno, all is well!"
      Carolyn in bed sleeping. She starts to dream again and cries out,
   "NO!  NO! Not again!  Not again!"  The dream continues.  She sees
   Jeb with blood on hands and asks, "Why is there blood on your hands,
   Jeb?  What have you done?  What have you done?" The door to the adjacent
   room opens.  Carolyn sees a body inside and asks Jeb, "Who's that?
   Who's that?  Jeb, you've killed someone!"  Jeb begs, "Don't believe
   that!"  Carolyn again asks, "Who is it??  Who is it?"  Jeb replies,
   "Nobody, Carolyn, nobody!" Blood starts to flow from under door.
   Carolyn looks for Jeb, but finds that he isn't in the room anymore.
   She opens the door and goes in.  She finds herself surrounded by
   darkness and calls out, "Where am I? Where's the body?" It starts to
   become lighter.  Carolyn notes, I'm in the cemetary!" and wonders
   aloud, "Who called me here?  I've got to find out who's body that is!
   Jeb had blood on his hands!"  Carolyn is standing next to a coffin
   that is next to a gravestone, about to be buried.  It opens all by
   itself.  Carolyn looks inside.  It is empty.  Carolyn asks aloud,
   "Whose grave is this, who?"  She looks at gravestone.  It reads
   "PAUL STODDARD". Carolyn awakens screaming.
      Nicholas is talking to Bruno, telling him about Jeb's mistakes, "I
   disagree with the sacrifice of Phillip Todd, but someone had to
   pay for those murders..."  He puts on his hat and gloves and tells
   Bruno that he's leaving for Collinwood.  Bruno starts to ask, "Let
   me ask you one question. Why Collinsport?"  Nicholas replies, "That
   is a question you may never ask, Bruno.  But there is a reason,
   a most important reason"  Nick leaves.
      The heaving breating stops. Bruno, worried, calls out, "Jeb?  Jeb?"
   Receiving no answer, he opens door and goes in. The breathing starts
   again.  Bruno sees Jeb in monster form comiing for him and screams,
   "NO! NO!  I didn't tell!  I told them nothing!  Don't kill me!  Don't!"
   Please!!!!!!"  He runs for the front door, but stops when he hears a
   voice call out, "Bruno!"  He turns and sees that Jeb has transformed back
   into his human form.  Bruno complains, "You were going to kill me!"
   Jeb replies, "IT was, not me, IT was!"  Bruno notes, "But you and it
   are the same".  Jeb replies,  "I don't want to transform into that thing,
   ever again!"  Bruno, puzzled, tells him, "But I want to be like you
   are, in there!"  Jeb replies, "You're not in love, Bruno".
      (The episode was cut off at this point by what looked like a
      technical problem at the SciFi station.  Not to worry!  The final
      scene is usually repeated at the beginning of the next episode!).
      At Collinwood, Carolyn is looking at herself in the mirror and
   trying to analyze her dream.  Jeb comes to the door. He tells her,
   "I had this feeling you were in trouble".  She tells him about her
   dream and tells her that she knows if they went to her father's
   grave tonight, they would find his coffin empty.  Carolyn nearly
   starts crying and flings herself into Jeb's arms.  Megan comes
   downstairs at that moment, and tells Carolyn she's got a sleeping
   pill for her.  Carolyn takes the pill then kisses Jeb.  Megan
   watches, a look of jealousy on her facr.  Carolyn goes upstairs, and
   Jeb tells Megan to meet him at Paul Stoddard's grave after Carolyn
   is asleep.  Megan agrees, still with a look of jealousy in her face.
      Jeb goes to Paul's grave and starts digging, while Megan is sitting
   with Carolyn in her room.  Finally, Megan leaves, and Carolyn turns
   out the light and attempts to go to sleep.
      Megan goes to the cemetery, where Jeb has uncovered Paul's coffin.
   He is afraid to open it.  "He's working against me!" he says.  Megan
   says that's Jeb's own fault for killing Paul, but since he's dug up this
   coffin he might as well open it.  Jeb opens the coffin, and inside... is
   a picture of Dennis Patrick with a really stupid smile on his face.  Of
   course to Jeb and Megan, this is the body of Paul Stoddard, with a really
   stupid smile on his face.  "Look at him, smiling at me, gloating" Jeb
   says.  He fears that Paul will tell Carolyn everything, so he decides
   that they must burn Paul's body.
   Episode 954
   Worldvision Rerun 728
   Tape Date:  February  2, 1970 (ABC #39-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 19, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Megan is on the terrace of Collinwood talking to Nicholas, telling
   him how she and Jeb opened Paul Stoddard's coffin, found his body
   grinning at Jeb, and how they burned it.  Nicholas tells Megan that
   doesn't solve their problem at all.  Megan asks why.  Nicholas replies,
   "Because burning a body just destroys the body.  The spirit remains.
   It will haunt Jeb Hawkes to his own grave!  And maybe I'll let it!"
   Megan becomes angry, grabs Nicholas and growls, "If you let anything
   happen to Jeb, I swear, I'll kill you!"  Nicholas calmly replies,
   "Take your hands off me".  Megan, starting to look frightened, does so.
   Nicholas continues, "Don't you EVER threaten me again, do you understand?"
   Megan remarks, "Sometimes I wonder whose side you're on".  Nicholas
   replies, "You can stop wondering.  I only said what I did because
   Jeb is immature and reckless.  Perhaps he might become less so because
   of such an experience".  Megan asks, "But you won't let anything really
   happen to him, will you?"  Nicholas notes, "You seem very concerned
   about him".  Megan replies, "It's just that he's my reponsibility".
   Nicholas says, "Is it your sense of responsibility that drives you,
   or something else?"  Megan says, "I don't know what you mean".  Nicholas
   tells her, "I think you're in love with him".  Megan lies, "That's not
   true".  Nicholas tells her, "I hope not.  All that matters is our
   cause.  YOU as an individual are expendable.  I know what it is to make
   mistakes.  I have superiors as well.  I cannot afford to fail a second
   time!  I want you to remain loyal to Jeb, but now the orders come
   from ME!".  He assures her, "I won't let any harm come to Jeb.  He's
   the one person who's indispensible to us".
      At the mansion on Little Windward Island, Sky Rumson is talking to
   someone on the phone, making an appointment to meet at the mansion
   tonight.  As he finishes talking and hangs up, Angelique comes into
   the room. She remarks, "Everything always goes so well with you.  What's
   your secret?" Sky replies, "I guess I'm just lucky", but Angelique
   tells him, "I know your secret.  No one can say no to you!", grabs
   him and kisses him.  She then asks him, "Who was that you were talking
   to on the phone?"  Sky replies, "A very important guest.  He'll be
   here in about two hours.  I'd like you to meet him."  Angelique averrs
   that she doesn't like sitting talking business, but Sky tells her,
   "It's not business. This man's the key to our entire future".
      Megan is still on the terrace.  She hears the sound of a bat.
   Suddenly, she sees Barnabas standing there.  She growls, "You're
   a traitor, and I can't wait to see Jeb punish you!"  Barnabas
   replies, "He's already punished me.  Can't you see?"  He grabs her.
   Megan tells him, "I want to go inside!  Let go of me or I'll scream!"
   Barnabas orders, "Look into my eyes!"  Megan says, "You're not like
   you used to be!  You're like a different person!  What are you going
   to do to me?"  Barnabas bares his fangs and bites her...
      Megan has been bitten.  Barnabas asks, "Do you still want to go
   inside?"  Megan replies, "No, I want to stay here with you."
   Barnabas continues, "And what about Jeb?  How do you feel about
   him?"  Megan replies, "I have no need for Jeb, only for you."
   Barnabas asks, "Are you willing to help me?"  Megan answers, "Yes".
   Barnabas asks, "There must be a way to destroy Jeb.  I order you to
   tell me what it is!"  Megan replies, "It's in the book.  Only
   David Collins can read the book".  Barnabas asks, "There's one other
   thing I need to find out.  Jeb couldn't have found out about me
   unless someone led him to me.  Who?" Megan replies, "A man who's been
   one of us for a long time.  A man named Sky Rumson".  Barnabas, looking
   surprised, remarks, "Now everything is beginning to make sense!"  He
   orders her to go back inside, saying, "I have important things to do!"
      At the Rumson mansion, Angelique is sitting in a chair and Sky
   is pacing around nervously.  Angelique tells Sky, "Maybe you should
   tell me about this man. I've never seen you so nervous!"  Sky replies,
   "I can't stress how important this man is to us.  He's responsible for
   everything I am".  Angelique remarks, "But everyone knows you're a
   self-made man".  Sky replies, "You'll see what I mean.".  Angelique
   tells him, "I think I'll go upstairs and let you two talk alone
   first, then I'll make my grand entrance".
      Barnabas has snuck into Angelique's bedroom and is lurking about.
   Angelique comes into the room and turns on the lights.  Barnabas calls
   out, "Angelique!"  Angelique, shocked to see him there, exclaims,
   "Barnabas!  What are you doing here?  You promised never to come
   here!  If my husband sees you here, I'm ruined!"  Barnabas tells her,
   "In my present state, I can leave unseeen".  Angelique asks, "What do you
   mean?"  Barnabas sarcastically remarks, "You of all people should
   be able to recognize what's happened".  Angelique belatedly notices
   that he's a vampire again and asks, "How did it happen?"  Barnabas
   replies, "Jeb found out about me - from your husband"  Angelique
   exclaims, "That's absurd!"  Barnabas tells her, "He's one of them,
   he's a Leviathan, and has been one for years".  They hear Sky
   coming and Barnabas hides behind the curtains.  Sky comes into the
   room and gives a small statuette to Angelique, saying it's a gift
   for her from that shop in Boston, that he noticed she seemed to
   like it when they were there.  Noticing that she seems distracted,
   asks, "Are you all right?"  Angelique replies, "Fine, it's just
   something about your thoughtfullness touches me".  The doorbell
   rings downstairs and Sky exclaims, "Ah!  Our guest has arrived!!" and
   rushes down to answer it.  Barnabas comes out from behind the curtains
   and remarks, "You're really in love with him, aren't you?"  Angelique
   tells him, "It was four months ago that we were at that shop in
   Boston, and he remembered that I liked this.  How can I believe
   that such a man is a Leviathan".  Barnabas says, "You should at
   least investigate the possibility!", but Angelique angrily tells
   him, "I refuse to discuss this any further!  Now leave!"
      Downstairs, Nicholas Blair is telling Sky about a reorganization
   he's planning.  Sky tells Blair, "I'd like to tell my wife.  This
   is the only part of my life she doesn't know about".  Blair asks,
   "You mean you want to make her one of us?"  Sky replies that he does.
   Blair reminds him, "You remember, not everyone is susceptible.
   I'll know when I take a look at her".  Angelique comes into the
   room and starts to say, "Sorry I took so long.." but stops with
   a look of pure shock on her face when she sees that Sky's guest
   is Nicholas Blair.  Sky introduces them to one another, "Dear,
   this is my good friend Nicholas Blair, Nicholas, this is my wife
   Angelique".  Angelique pretends never to have seen him before,
   "How do you do, Mr. Blair?"  Nicholas replies, "The pleasure
   has to be mine.  I'm not so easily taken by surprise!"  Sky
   asks, "Surprise?"  Blair explains, "It's just that she's far more
   beautiful that you led me to believe.  How did you meet her?"
   Sky replies, "In one of my very own magazines.  Angelique was
   modelling in it.  I'll leave you two to get acquainted.  I'll be
   back soon" and leaves.
      Nicholas tells Angelique, "At the risk of sounding banal, it's
   a small world, isn't it?"  Angelique replies, "Too small for the
   both of us, Nicholas!".  Nicholas remarks, "You never expected to
   see me again, did you?  I've never seen sucha look of shock before.
   Was it just because you were just surprised to see me or finding
   out that your husband and I were friends?"  Angelique replies,
   "Both.  How long has he been a Leviathan?". Nicholas replies, "A
   long time now".  Angelique whines, "And I had begun to believe so
   much in Sky.  I thought escape was possible".  Blair tells her,
   "No one can escape, dear".  Angelique continues, "I could have lived
   with everything, but this deception..."   Blair asks, "And he
   knows everything about you?"  Angelique replies that she hasn't
   told him anything, that she wanted to lead a normal life with Sky.
   Blair snidely remarks, "How female, you're furious about his
   deception but see nothing wrong in yours!"  Sky returns.  Blair
   leaves, saying he has to go make a phone call.  Angelique asks
   Sky, "Sky, that secret I told you about Barnabas, did you tell
   anyone?"  Sky lies, "No", but Angelique continues, "You told
   Jeb Hawkes, didn't you?"  Sky again lies, "No".  Angelique says,
   Never mind. It's enough to know that Nicholas Blair is the source
   of all your success.  I was told the truth earlier tonight, but I
   refused to believe it, but now I have no choice.  You and your talk
   about not keeping secrets from one another, and here you've been
   keeping the biggest secret of all.  You're one of them, you're a
   Leviathan, aren't you?"  Sky replies, "Yes, and I want you to be
   too".  Angelique shouts, "Don't say any more!" and leaves angrily.
      Nicholas Blair comes back into the room and tells Sky,
   "Now that she knows about you, she is our deadly enemy.  She cannot
   become one of us.  You must destroy her".  Sky refuses, so Blair
   gestures at the mansion and says, "We made all this possible, and we
   can unmake it.  I'll give you a choice, Angelique or the Rumson empire."
   He lights a poker in the fire and tells Sky, "She must be destroyed with
   this.  This is the severest test we'll ever put you to, Sky.  I suggest
   you do not fail it".
       Angelique is upstairs packing.  Suddenly, Sky comes rushing
   through the door holding the burning poker.  Angelique exclaims,
   "Sky!  What are you doing?"  Sky replies, "I really wanted everything
   to work out, I really wanted it to, but now I'm going to have to
   destroy you" and starts to approach with the burning poker.  Angelique
   screams, "Sky!  NO!!! NO!!!!!"
   Episode 955
   Worldvision Rerun 729
   Tape Date:  January  30, 1970 (ABC #40-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 20, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Angelique exclaims, "Nicholas Blair sent you here to kill me!"
   Sky pauses and says, "You're not one of us".  Angelique takes advantage
   of the pause to quickly grab the statuette Sky had given her and wrap a
   necktie around its throat.  She tells Sky, "Please!  Don't make me!  Don't
   force me!" Sky asks, "What are you talking about?"  Angelique replies,
   "Nicholas Blair didn't tell you much about me, did he?" and tightens the
   cord.  Sky starts to strangle.  Angelique orders, "Put the poker in the
   fire, Sky".  Sky gasps, "What's happening to me?"  Angelique tells him,
   "Do as I say or I'll make it worse".  Sky puts the poker in the fire
   and asks, "What ARE you, anyway?"  Angelique replies, "Ask your friend
   Nicholas Blair", pulls the cord tighter and watches Sky go "AHHHH!"
   and collapse to the floor unconcious.  Angelique sadly notes,
   "Oh, maybe it was all wrong from the beginning.  We both kept from
   each other our deepest secrets".
      Barnabas is in the garden at Collinsport trying to summon Maggie.
   to come to him. Maggie comes out into the garden and says, "Barnabas?
   Barnabas, what are you doing here?  The strangest thing happened.
   I was sound asleep but awoke with the feeling that I had to come here".
   Barnabas replies, "Good.  I had to talk to you.  There's something
   I have for you, something very dear to me".  He gives her Josette's
   ring and continues, "I want you to wear this as a token of our
   friendship.  Maggie, believe me when I tell you how much I care
   for you".  They embrace, but are quickly startled by a voice saying,
   "Excuse me!"  They look and see that it's Quentin.  Quentin continues,
   "Sorry to interrupt, but Barnabas, I've got to talk to you".  Barnabas
   sends Magge away.  Quentin warns Barnabas, "I don't have to ask what
   might have happened if I didn't arrive.  In your present condition, all
   you can do is hurt her."  He continues, "I need you at the old house.
   Julia is having trouble finding Willie Loomis.  I'll have to protect
   you during the day until she does.  Let's go".
      Inside, Maggie is looking fondly at the ring.
      At the Old House, Quentin is dozing in a chair.  He is awakened by
   someone knocking at the front door.  He gets up, goes to the door
   and opens it.  He is shocked to see Angelique standing there.  Angelique
   quips, "Well, don't just stand there, Quentin, kiss me!".  Quentin gives
   her a quick peck on the cheek.  Angelique remarks, "You used to do much
   better than that".  Quentin replies, "We're both a lot older.  You said
   we'd meet again.  Why have we?"  Angelique replies, "Don't be so
   apprehensive.  I came here to meet Barnabas, but I guess it's not the
   right time.  I know what's happened to him.  I know the person who
   betrayed him to the Leviathans was my husband".  Quentin gasps, "Your
   husband?"  She tells him what happened.  Quentin asks, "What are your
   plans now?  Is there any way I can help?"  Angelique replies, "There's
   nothing you can do.  My interest in you in the past was nothing but
   a device to hurt Barnabas.  Barnabas has always been my one true
   love."  Quentin notes, "You look very tired.  Maybe you should go
   upstairs and get some rest".  Angelique replies, "I think I will.
   It feels good to be in this house I know so well.  I lived here and
   I loved here.  This is where it all started.  I think I'll sleep
   in Josette's room" and goes upstairs.
      It is later.  Quentin is reading a newspaper.  There's another
   knock at the door.  Quentin answers.  It is a man he's never seen
   before.  Quentin asks, "What can I do for you?"  The man introduces
   himself, "I'm Sky Rumson.  I thought I'd find my wife here".
   Angelique comes down the stair and says, "I'll see him".  She tells
   Quentin she wants to talk to Sky alone.  Quentin leaves the room.
   Angelique, looking irritated, asks, "Well, Sky, what is it?"
   Sky replies, "I've been talking with Nicholas Blair all day.  He
   told me about you.  I still love you...."  Angelique exclaims,
   "You think I could still love you after all this??  You tried to
   kill me!!!"  Sky replies, "Things are different now.  I told
   Nicholas how much I love you.  He's agreed to let us be together.
   All you have to do is change into one of us".  Angelique angrily
   replies, "I don't want anything to do with your side or Nicholas
   Blair! Go back and tell your master NO!  Now leave!  Go!"  Sky
   leaves.  Barnabas comes into the room, saying, "Quentin told me
   you were here".  They embrace.  Angelique admits, "You were right
   about everything, Barnabas!  I've been a complete fool.  Everything
   that's happened to you is my fault.  I told Sky everything about
   you.  I had no idea he'd betray you to the Leviathans."  She begs,
   "Barnabas, maybe we can start over again, like when we first met.
   Barnabas, we're both so alike, both outcasts.  I should have known
   I could never live a normal life.  I should have known it the first
   time I saw Nicholas Blair again."  Barnabas exclaims, "Nicholas Blair?
   What does he have to do with all this?"  Angelique tells him that
   Nicholas is back.  Barnabas recalls Nicholas' interest in Maggie
   in the past, and worries that he may turn his attentions to Maggie
   again.  He rushes to warn her.
      Barnabas and Maggie are in the garden at Collinwood.  Maggie
   exclaims, "Nicholas Blair is back?!  I don't know what to say!"
   Barnabas warns her, "He's in league with one of them, Jeb Hawkes.
   Jeb will tell him you're one of them, and he'll come to see you.
   You must never let him know you're not, or you'll be in jeopardy".
   They embrace and kiss.  Unknown to them, Angelique is watching
   them looking very jealous.
      Quentin and Maggie are in the drawing room of Collinwood.
   Quentin is saying, "There's no law you have to listen to my advice,
   but you should stay away from Barnabas Collins.  I'm telling you
   this for your own good and his!"  Maggie asks, "Why?"  Quentin
   replies, "There are people who want to harm Barnabas.  They might
   use you to trap him..."
      Meanwhile, Angelique is lurking about outside.  She thinks to
   herself, "You asked me if you could help me, Quentin.  Now you can!
   I am what I was and always shall be!  I call upon the powers of
   darkness to help me again!  Let there be a flame where there was
   no flame before!  And let that flame be love!"
      Inside, Quentin continues to argue with Maggie about her seeing
   Barnabas.  Maggie says, "I'm going to continue to see Barnabas,
   and there's nothing you can do to stop me!"  Suddenly, the fireplace
   flares.  They both look.
      Outside, Angelique continues chanting, "Quentin and Maggie! Look
   into the flames!  Your future is there!  Your future is love!
      Inside, Quentin says, "Maggie?"  Maggie replies, "Yes, Quentin?"
   They suddenly embrace and kiss.  Maggie asks, "What's happening to
   us?" Quentin replies, "I don't know!"  Maggie suddenly takes off
   the ring Barnbas gave her and throws it into the fire.  They embrace
   and kiss again.
      Outside, Angelique continues to chant, "Quentin Collins and Maggie
   Evans, it is this sign that binds you, this is the sign that binds you,
   and whenever it appears, no power can keep you apart!"
      Inside, Maggie and Quentin notice that the sign of the trident
   has appeard on the back of their hands.
   Episode 956
   Worldvision Rerun 730
   Tape Date:  February 4, 1970 (ABC #41-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 23, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Maggie and Quentin embrace and kiss again.  They are so engrossed
   in one another they do not notice that Amy has walked into the
   drawing room.  Maggie tells Quentin, "I feel disloyal".  Quentin
   asks, "To Barnabas?"  Maggie replies, "Yes".  Quentin tells her,
   "Maggie, you mustn't feel that way.  He couldn't expect us to fight
   it, and we couldn't if we tried.  We will still help him fight against
   Jeb. Our feelings toward one another won't affect that."  He warns
   her not to let Jeb find out she's not really a Leviathan, saying,
   "I can't lose you, not the way we feel now".  They still do not
   notice that Amy is listening to them...
      Amy goes to Elizabeth, who's working on something at a desk
   in another room, and tells her, "Maggie Evans opened the box,
   our box".  Elizabeth replies, "Jeb told me that secretly".  Amy
   tells her, "But she's fighting against us, Mrs. Stoddard!  Her,
   Quentin and Barnabas!  I thought Barnabas was one of our leaders!"
   Elizabeth tells Amy, "Amy, I think you'd better tell me exactly what's
      In the drawing room, Quentin and Maggie are both staring at their
   hands.  The trident marks have vanished, and they are surprised to
   find that they no longer have any feelings toward one another...
      After Quentin leaves, Maggie suddenly remember, "The ring!"
   and retrieves it from the fireplace.  Elizabeth come into the
   room and asks, "Maggie, would you mind helping me carry some
   books from the upstairs down to the cellar?  I wouldn't ask,
   but Mrs. Johnson has left for the day".  Maggie replies, "Certainly"
   They go up the stairs.  Nora watches them go up, then quickly goes
   to the front door, takes her coat from the coat rack, puts it on,
   and opens the front door.  To her surprise, a man is standing outside,
   just about to knock.  The man says, "Well, hello!  I was just about
   to knock.  I'm Willie Loomis, remember me?"  Amy replies, "Yes".
   Willie asks, "Where are you going to?"  Amy replies, "On an errand".
   Willie asks, "Can you tell me where Barnabas and Julia are?"
   Amy replies, "They aren't here".  Willie protests, "But I've
   already been to the Old House and they aren't there.  Where else
   could they be?"  Amy replies, "I don't know.  All I know is that
   they're not here".  Willie asks, "And Maggie Evans?"  Amy replies,
   "She's out.  She won't be back till later tonight".  Amy prepares
   to leave.  Willie asks, "Does Mrs. Stoddard know you're going out
   this time of night?"  Amy replies, "She's the one who sent me"
   and leaves.
      Elizabeth and Maggie are going up the stairs to the Tower room.
   Maggie remarks, "I didn't know you kept books up here".  Elizabeth
   replies, "I don't know why we do.  It really does need to be cleaned
   up".  Elizabeth unlocks the door to the Tower room and lets Maggie
   in.  Maggie remarks, "This room!  It's like stepping into another
   time!"  Suddenly, Elizabeth goes back outside, then closes and locks
   the door.  Maggie shouts, "Mrs. Stoddard!  What are you doing!?
   Let me out!  Mrs. Stoddard!  Why did you do this, why? Mrs. Stoddard?"
   But there is no answer.  Elizabeth has left.  Maggie thinks aloud,
   "She's found out!  She must have overheard Quentin and me!  That's
   the only explanation!  What am I going to do?"
      Willie is talking on the phone in the foyer making "kissy" noises.
   He then says, in a babyish voice,  "Oh, I can't help it, precious.
   Old Willie wants terribly to be with you, but can't just right
   now..."  Just as he finishes his call, he hears a voice exclaim,
   "Willie!"  He turns and sees that it's Elizabeth.  He tells her,
   "Barnabas and Julia sent for me. Are they here?"  Elizabeth
   replies that they're not.  Willie asks, "Is it all right if I
   wait here for them?"  Elizabeth replies, "Barnabas will not be
   coming here tonight".  Willie asks, "And Julia?  She still lives
   here, doesn't she?"  Elizabeth replies, "I don't know when she'll
   be back".   Willie announces, "I'm going to get married!'  Elizabeth
   replies, in a rather cold tone, "Congratulations".  Willie continues,
   "Bet this is going to shock a lot of people!  She's really out of
   this world...", but Elizabeth interrupts, "I don't have time to
   chat".  Willie tells her, "I'll go tell Maggie Evans the good news.
   Do you know where she is?".  Elizabeth replies, "I haven't the
   faintest idea".  Willie asks, "Are you sure she isn't here?"
   Elizabeth, sounding irritated, replies, "I should know who's in
   this house.  Go to the Old House, Barnabas.  I'm sure he'd like
   to hear the news" and leaves.  Willie, looking  puzzled, says "Bye, Mrs.
   Stoddard", and leaves.
      Outside in the woods, Willie wonders, "Mrs. Stoddard, she never
   acted that way before.  She looked funny when I mentioned Barnabas
   and Maggie.  What's going on here?"  He hears a noise. It's Amy
   coming back.  He hides and watches.
      Elizabeth anxiously awaits Amy outside the front door of Collinwood.
   Elizabeth asks Amy, "Did you see Willie in the woods?"  Amy replies,
   "No".  Elizabeth remarks, "Good.  He would have asked too many
   questions".  Amy asks, "Is Maggie locked in the room?"  Elizabeth
   replies, "Yes".  They both go inside.  Willie, hiding, has heard
   every word.
      Elizabeth and Amy are in the drawing room.  Elizabeth asks, "Is
   Jeb coming?"  Amy replies, "Yes".  Elizabeth moans, "Oh, why did
   Maggie have to turn against us?"  Amy replies, "The important thing
   is that Jeb knows.  He's coming to take care of it soon!"
      Willie sneaks into Collinwood by climbing in through a window.
   He goes to the bedroom hallway and knocks on Maggie's door, calling,
   "Maggie!  Maggie!", but receives no answer.  He calls out again,
   "Maggie, are you in there?" but still gets no answer. He wonders,
   "Where is she?  Where?"
      Elizabeth asks Amy, "Is Jeb coming here in the form he is when
   he's in that room?"  Amy replies, "I don't know."  Elizabeth ponders,
   "I don't know if another murder is a good idea with all that talk
   that's going around after Paul and the Sherriff.  Poor Maggie..."
   Amy exclaims, "Mrs Stoddard!  Maggie's a traitor!"  Elizabeth sadly
   admits, "Yes, I forget that".   She tells Amy, "I think you'd better
   go check on Maggie".  Amy replies, "Yes, I think I'll tell her who's
   coming".  Elizabeth replies, "Yes, tell her that".  Amy goes upstairs.
   Willie, who's been hiding in the room under the stairs, follows her...
      Amy goes to the door of the Tower room and calls out, "Maggie!
   Maggie!"  Maggie shouts back, "Amy!  Amy!  Unlock the door!  There's
   been a terrible mistake!  I'm locked in here!"  Amy replies, "I can't
   do that, Maggie".  Maggie begs, "Please!", but Amy replies, "Only
   Jeb can".  Maggie, frightened, asks, "Jeb"?  Amy replies, "He's
   coming now, Maggie".  Maggie begs, "Please!  Don't leave me here!",
   but Amy leaves.
      The door to the Tower room opens.  Maggie, frightened, calls out,
   "Jeb?", but then sees who it is and exclaims, "Willie!  Willie Loomis!
   Help me out of here!"  Suddenly, from the outside, Amy, who hasn't
   really left, shuts and locks the door.  Willie exclaims, "It's a trap!
   It's a trap!"  Maggie sits down on the bed feeling hopeless. Willie
   sits down beside her and assures her, "Well get out of here, don't
      Elizabeth and Amy are standing by an open front door.  Elizabeth
   seems to feel bad about Willie, saying, "He told me about his
   marriage.  He told me about the new life he was going to have..."
   but Amy interrupts, "He tried to save Maggie's life!"  Elizabeth
   replies, "I suppose you're right".  They close the front door and
   leave.  Heavy breathing is heard, and slimy tracks are left on
   the carpet as something goes upstairs...
      Inside the Tower room, Willie remarks, "There's no way out."
   Suddenly, hears a heavy breathing noise and exclaims, "What's
   that noise, Maggie?"  Maggie replies, "It's breathing!"  Willie
   asks, "What breathes like THAT?"  Maggie cries out in fear,
   "Willie!"  Willie asks, "What IS it, Maggie?", but Maggie
   just cries, "It's outside the door!!!!"
   Episode 957
   Worldvision Rerun 731
   Tape Date:  February 5, 1970 (ABC #42-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 24, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      The lights in the tower room go out.  Maggie screams.  Suddenly,
   the breathing stops.  Maggie and Willie hear a human scream outside.
   Outside the door, Jeb has for some reason reverted to human form.
   A look of terror on his face, he screams, "NO!!! NO!!!" and runs
   off.  Willie and Maggie see a key in the keyhole unlocking the
   door.  Willie goes to open the door.  Maggie shouts, "NO!  It's
   a trap!", but Willie opens the door anyway.  He looks outside
   and tells Maggie, "There's no one here, Maggie!  Come one!  We've
   got to go!"  Maggie, still thinking it's a trap, tells Willie,
   "He's probably waiting at the end of the corridor for us!",
   but Willie replies, "We've got to take that chance!"
      At the Old House, Julia gives Barnabas a anti-vampire injection.
   Barnabas complains, "I don't understand.  You've given these to
   me before, but this time, they don't seem to be having any effect".
   Julia replies, "They're taking effect.  You just don't feel it
   yet.  You must trust me.  Jeb must not find your coffin!"  Barnabas
   assures her, "He'll never find where I've hidden it.  Right now, I'm
   more concerned about Maggie.  With her living in the same house as
   Elizabeth and Amy, they're certain to find out about her sooner of
   later".   Suddenly, Willie and Maggie come bursting into the room.
   Maggie is hysterical and screams, "They know about us!  They tried
   to kill us!  We heard that breathing!  We were locked in that room!"
   Willie explains what happened.  Maggie complains, "I feel so weak!"
   Julia takes her upstairs.  Willie exclaims, "Barnabas!  What's going
   on in this place???  I don't understand any of it!  Maggie tried
   to explain it to me, but it makes no sense!"  Barnabas replies, "I'm
   afraid that it does".   Willie asks, "But Mrs. Stoddard and Amy
   love Maggie.  Why would they try to hurt her?"  Barnabas remarks,
   "So they've found out about her.  So, he's decided to continue the
   murders".  Willie asks, "Murders?"  Barnabas replies, "Yes, murders.
   Please tell me how you escaped".  Willie remarks, "I've been through
   many things, but nothing like this!  First there was this loud
   breathing, then a man's scream, then someone runs away!  Then the
   key turns in the lock, but there's no one there!  Whatever let us
   out is no more human than what tried to get in!  When Julia called,
   she said we were in more trouble than we've ever been in before..."
   Barnabas interrupts, "More trouble you realize.  Every morning,
   I have to go to my coffin again..."  Willie exclaims, "Oh no,
   Barnabas!  How did it happen?"  Barnabas explains, "My punishment
   for fighting them.  But it won't stop me from continuing to fight
   them".  Willie says, "Barnabas!  You've got to explain to me what's
   happening!"  Barnabas remarks, "You deserve an explanation.  You've
   been through enough.
      Upstairs, Julia gives Maggie a sedative, assuring her, "You'll
   feel much better soon".  Maggie moans, "I've failed!  I've failed
   Barnabas!  Quentin and I were talking, and Mrs. Stoddard or Amy
   must have overheard us!  I'm afraid!  I'm so afraid!  It was so
   strange!  The key turned in the lock!  Who could've done it, Julila,
   who?"  Julia assures her, "You're safe here, Maggie.  You know that".
   Barnabas comes into the room.  Julia tells Maggie, "Try to get some
   rest" and leaves.  Maggie exclaims, "Oh, Barnabas!  So many things
   have happened."  Barnabas replies, "I came so close to losing you!
   What power could have driven Jeb from you?"   Maggie wonders, "Why
   did he change into human form?  Thank God he did!"  Barnabas remarks,
   "I never thought he could transform into the creature again after
   I burned down the antique shop.  They must have consecrated another
   room, made it into a room of evil.  We must find a way to stop
   him!  I can't have you in this sort of danger!"
      Downstairs, Willie is saying, "Oh, this is terible, Barnabas
   being this way again".  Julia replies, "I know, Willie. Those
   injections, until start to work Barnabas is in danger, more
   danger than he's ever been in before.  That's why we need your
   help, Willie".  Julia notices that Willie looks reluctant
   and asks, "What's wrong?"  Willie replies, "It's Roxanne!  She's
   waiting for me at a motel near Route 31.  We're going to visit
   her sister Sue Agatha.  That's the only family she has.  She's
   so pretty, Julia, so refined.  She's a real lady".  Julia asks,
   "Why can't you and Roxanne find a house here?"  Willie continues,
   "What I mean is I can't stay!"  Julia protests, "But you have to,
   Willie!  Barnabas needs you!"  Barnabas comes down the stairs into
   the room, but neither Willie or Julia notice him.  Willie explains,
   "When I first met Roxanne, I was working in a hospital.  That's what
   she thinks I am.  I can't come back here.  What am I going to tell
   Roxanne I'm doing for Barnabas?  Sorry, Julia, I can't stay".
   Barnabas chimes in, "No you can't, Willie.  You have your own life
   to lead".  Willie says, "I knew you'd understand, Barnabas.  I hope
   we're still friends".  Barnabas assures him, "We are".  Willie
   continues, "Well, I'd better be getting back to Roxanne.  I'll go
   up and say goodbye to Maggie" and goes upstairs.  Barnabas remarks
   to Julia, "I hope he and Roxanne are very happy".  Julia protests,
   "Barnabas, you could have talked him into staying!"  Barnabas replies,
   "I didn't want to".  Julia protests, "But Barnabas!  You need his
   help now more than ever!", but Barnabas replies, "I'll find someone
      Upstairs, Willie pours Maggie a cup of coffee.  Maggie says,
   "Willie, I've haven't even thanked you".  Willie replies, "But
   I didn't do anything".  Maggie says, "But you tried".  Willie
   admits, "I was afraid that one look at you and I'd forget
   Roxanne, but I haven't".  Maggie replies, "I'm glad you didn't".
   Willie apoligizes, "Sorry, I didn't mean that to sound the way
   it did", but Maggie tells him, "I understand".  Willie tells
   Maggie, "Maggie, you've got to take care of Barnabas and Julia!
   They're all alone now.  I never knew how terrible it was to be
   all alone until I wasn't".
      Down in the living room, Julia is arguing with Barnabas, "You
   can't find anyone else, Barnabas!  No one else can know your
   secret!"  Barnabas replies, "You and Quentin have done well
   enough...", but Julia says, "They'll soon start hunting you during
   the day..."  A voice interrupts, "Who will, Miss Hoffman?"  Barnabas
   and Julia look and are startled to see that Jeb has entered the
   room.  Jeb jokes, "It's nice to hear you talking about me".
   Barnabas asks, "What do you want here?"  Jeb replies, "To talk
   to you - alone".  Barnabas starts to say, "Julia...".  Julia
   interrupts, "No, Barnabas!"  Jeb quips, "Well, I didn't bring any
   silver bullets.  He'll be safe - for the moment!".  Barnabas begs,
   "Julia, please go".  Julia reluctantly leaves.  Jeb tells Barnabas,
   "I made a  mistake turning you into a vampire, but you've made
   mistakes too.  You made a mistake burning the antique shop, and
   you made a mistake turning Maggie Evans into a spy.  We're going
   to get Willie Loomis!  It'll be part of your punishment for being
   disloyal.  And I'm going to make you see me marry Carolyn".
   Barnabas promises, "I'll stop you!", but Jeb retorts, "I'll find
   your coffin!  I know you're responsible for what happened in the
   hallway, and I'll get you for it!  I'll get you!!" and leaves.
   Barnabas talks to himself, "What did happen in the hallway?
   What are the Leviathans weaknesses?  Werewolves, and ghosts.
   I don't know!  I don't know!".  Willie comes into the room and
   remarks, "You're talking to yourself.  That's a bad sign".
   Barnabas tells Willie, "Get away, Willie!  Get away before Jeb
   does something to you!"  Willie replies, "If you say so.  I hope
   you don't think I'm terrible for this, I feel bad about it, but
   I do have my own life to lead".  Barnabas assures him that he doesn't
   and says, "Goodbye, Willie".  Willie leaves.  Julia comes down.
   Barnabas tells her,  "Julia!  Whatever happened in that hallway must
   have been supernatural.  We've got to find out what it was!  In the
   book, it says the Leviathans are more afraid of the spirits of the dead
   than any other people!"  Suddenly, Willie comes bursting back in through
   the front doors.  He exclaims, "I can't leave!  I can't leave with
   things being the way they are!  Roxanne will just have to adjust!
   It'll be tough for me,  but I'm back".
      Julia goes back to Collinwood.  In the foyer, she thinks to
   herself, "What did stop Jeb from going into the tower room?
   Do we have an ally in this house we don't know about?  If I
   go to the Tower room, perhaps I could find evidence of whoever
   was there beside Jeb".  She goes up the stairs.  Jeb, who's been
   hiding in the room under the stairs, comes out into the foyer and
   follows her.
      Outside the tower room door, Julia is looking around when suddenly
   Jeb grabs her and demands, "Tell me where Barnabas' coffin is!  Tell
   me or I'll kill you!"  Suddenly, Jeb sees something that causes his face
   to contort in fear and screams, "Stay away from me!!! Stay away from me!!!"
   and runs away in terror.  Julia looks at the thing that scared Jeb and
   screams, "Who are you?  Tell me!  Who are you?  What do you want???"
   Episode 958
   Worldvision Rerun 732
   Tape Date:  February 13, 1970 (ABC #43-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 25, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Violet Welles
   Director:   Lela Swift

       Julia sees the shadowy silouhette of a man wearing a cape and
   a hat with a very large brim.   She screams, "Who are you?  Tell me!
   Who are you?  What do you want???"  but the shadowy figure just
   fades away into nothingness.
      Julia and Quentin are in the drawing room of Collinwood.
   Julia is telling Quentin what happened, "I saw a caped figure.
   It was impossible to see who it was.  All I know is that there
   is a force in the house working against the Leviathans".  Elizabeth
   comes into the room and jokes, "What are you conspiring?"  Julia
   asks, "We were just wondering where Maggie Evans is".  Elizabeth
   replies, "In her note, she said she'd be back as soon as the
   situation with her family is settled".  She tells that everything
   turns out well for Maggie then leaves.  Quentin asks Julia how
   Elizabeth can lie like that, how she can try to kill Maggie one
   day then say she is concerned about her the next.  Julia replies,
   "Quentin, this is a house of lies.  The only way to get back is
   to smile and lie back".  Quentin quips, "Then I'm one ahead of
   them. I've had years of experience lying!".  Julia leaves to
   get some coffee.  In the foyer, she runs into Roger, who says,
   "I see Maggie Evans has left".  Julia replies, "Yes, family problems".
      Roger goes into the drawing room and, encountering Quentin for
   the first time, gasps, "You're back!", thinking it's the ghost.
   Quentin assures Roger he's not the ghost, but a descendant of the
   original Quentin Collins.  Roger remarks, "The original Quentin
   Collins was a cruel, terrible man.  A fascinating man.  I'd
   like to learn more about him", but Quentin replies, "I don't
   know much about him.  He only lived with my great-grandmother
   a short time, then left while he was quite young".  Julia returns
   with a tray of coffee.  Suddenly, Quentin's theme plays.  Quentin
   freezes in shock.  Roger asks, "What's the matter?"  Quentin lies,
   "Nothing", but Roger says, "Don't tell me nothing's the matter when
   I can clearly see something is!  Something is making you look
   frightened.  What's frightening you?  It's as though that music
   is frightening you".  Amy comes into the room and announces, "Look
   what I found!  Do you like it, Mr. Collins?"  Roger asks, "What in the
   world is going on here?  Amy, what are you doing?"  Amy replies, "I
   was just playing an old record n the study.  It sounds so old-timey""
   Roger tells her, "Amy, I don't think we need to hear that music!", but
   Amy calmy notes, "Everyone who heard that music first are dead now!".
   Roger shushes her, "We don't need that kind of talk!", but Amy
   repeats, "Do you like it, Mr. Collins?" to Quentin.  Quentin meekly
   replies, "Yes, I like it".  The music stops.  Amy gleefully says,
   "Let me play it again!".  Roger sternly tells her, "No, you will
   not!".  Amy complains, "Without Maggie, there's nothing to do!"
   Roger replies, "There are plenty of interesting books in this house.
   Let me find you some" and hauls her away.
      Quentin, looking alarmed, tells Julia, "She knows who I am!".
   Julia is dubious, "No, she was terrified of you.  She would never
   come into the room like that if she knew who you were", but Quentin
   reminds her, "She a different girl now.  First she tried to kill
   Maggie, now she's going to try to kill me!".
      Amy is in David's room with David telling him, "He heard the
   music and got afraid.  He IS the same man!  But Jeb willt take
   care of him!".  David replies, "Something's wrong.  Jeb's
   frightened."  Amy asks, "Of what?"  David replies, "I don't know.
   I've got to read the book to find out so we can protect him from it.
   Get the book, behind the books on the fourth shelf".  Amy gets the
   book as instructed.  David remarks, "The book's had all the answers
   before.  I hope it has one this time".
      In the drawing room, Elizabeth is talking on the phone to Jeb,
   discussing making Roger a Leviathan immediately, "He's going to
   become one eventually, it's best that he become one now.  Roger..."
   At that moment, Roger walks into the room and Elizabeth finishes,
   "is very proud of he estate" and hangs up.  Roger asks, "I heard
   you discussing me.  What about?"  Elizabeth lies that she and Jeb
   were discussing the Carriage House.  Roger grumbles, "Why are you
   letting him stay here?"  Elizabeth replies, "He had nowhere else
   to go".  Roger sarcastically asks, "They still rent rooms in
   Collinsport, don't they?"  Elizabeth points out that Carolyn is
   fond of Jeb, but Roger replies, "She can do better than an itinerant
   nobody who can snap a shutter once in a while.  And why is Megan
   Todd here?"  Elizabeth replies, "She's all alone".  Roger points
   out, "But she's married to the man who murdered Paul!  These people
   should be sent packing!  You're different!  You, and even David and
   Amy have changed!  Something's going on in this house I don't like,
   and I'm going to find out what it is!  I promise you that!".
      In David's room, David continues to look through the book.  Amy
   asks, "Just what are we looking for?  Can this thing harm Jeb?"  David
   finds something and announces, "Not if we can get rid of it!" and reads
   from the book, "If the spirit of the enemy should manifest itself from
   beyond he grave, there is a way to dispel its presence..."  Suddenly,
   the lights go out.  They light a candle, but it almost immediatlely
   blows out.  David tells her, "There's something weird here!  Something
   from beyond the grave!  Quick, get a flashlight so I can read the book
   before it can stop me!".  Amy quickly gets a flashlight and aims it
   at the book.  David resumes reading, "There is a way to dispel its
   presence...", but before he can finish the sentence, flies out of his
   hand onto the floor.  David exclaims, "It doesn't want me to read the
   book!  But I'm going to read it anyway!", but before he can pick the
   book up from the floor, it bursts into flames and burns up.  Amy
   exclaims, "David!  Let's get out of here!", but David replies,
   "It's not here anymore".  Amy asks, "How do you know?"  David replies,
   "Don't you feel it?  The chill's gone.  It came and did what it wanted
   to do, then it moved on".  Amy asks, "What are we going to do witout
   the book?"  David replies, "I don't know, Amy, I really don't know".
      Roger goes to the Old House looking for Barnabas.  Quentin answers
   the door and tells Roger that Barnabas isn't home.  Roger remarks,
   "I suppose I'll just continue my walk, then".  Quentin replies,
   "I like to walk when confronted by trouble too".  Roger asks, "Is
   it that apparent?"  Quentin replies that it is.  Roger says, "I think
   I'll sit down.  I wanted to talk to Barnabas, but maybe it would be
   better to talk to you.   You're a family member, but you're also
   a stranger seeing Collinwood for the first time.  You might have
   a clearer perspective.  Everything has become so strange to me.
   My sister seems a strange, my own son lies to me and disobeys me.
   It all adds up to something enormous I can't understand".  Quentin
   tells him, "Roger, please sit down.  I'm going to take a chance,
   a big chance.  I'm going to tell you an interesting story, and if
   you believe it, you're taking a chance too".  Roger asks, "What do
   you mean?"  Quentin replies, "What I'm going to tell you could
   cost you your life".
      David and Elizabeth are in the foyer.  They try to telephone Jeb
   but find that the phones are down because of the storm.  David tells
   Elizabeth to go and get Jeb, saying, "It's very important!  Very
      At the Old House, Quentin has finished telling the whole story of
   the Leviathans to Roger.  Roger exclaims, "To think that my own son
   is involved in something so incredible!  I'm going to take him away
   from all this!", but Quentin warns him that taking David away could
   result in David's death.  He adds, "We're trying to fight them,
   Barnabas, Julia and myself.  We could use your help".  Roger replies,
   "But if I fight them, I could lose my son in the most horrible way".
   Quentin asks, "What are you going to do, Roger?"  Roger replies,
   "I don't know, Quentin, I don't know".
       David is in his room writing in a notebook.  He thinks to himself,
   "I wish Aunt Elizabeth would hurry.  I wish she'd bring Jeb back here".
   The lights go out again.  David exclaims, "That chill!  It's come
   back!  Whatever it is, it's come back!"  He demands, "Who are you?
   I've got to know!"  Suddenly, the bedroom door flies open.  Outside
   are the legs of a man, apparently hanged from the ceiling.  David
   calls out, "Who are you?  What do you want?"
   Episode 959
   Worldvision Rerun 733
   Tape Date:  February 6, 1970 (ABC #44-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 26, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      David cries out, "Help!  Help!  Someone help me!  There's
   someone in the hall!   He's hanging there!"  Frightened, David
   rolls his wheelchair backwards in his room, putting distance between
   himself and the hanged man.  The lights suddenly come back on.  Bruno
   comes into the room and calls out, "David!  What's happening?"
   David replies, "Didn't you see him?  OUt in the hallway, there's
   a man hanging there".  Bruno replies, "I didn't see a thing
   there".  David protests, "But there was a man just hanging there!
   I didn't imagine it, Bruno!"  Bruno tells him, "I believe you.
   I'm just glad everything's OK now".  David asks, "What are you doing
   here?"  Bruno explains, "Jeb sent me".  David asks, "Why didn't he come
   himself?"  Bruno replies,  "When he heard the book burned, he said
   he had to see a very important person about it.  David, he's very
   concerned about you.  The book burned last night, right?"  David
   replies, "Right".  Bruno asks, "Can you tell me about it?"  David
   describes what happened, about how he felt a chill, how the lights
   went out, how he felt a presence in the room.  Bruno asks, "Did you
   see anyone?"  David replies, "No, but all of a sudden the book flew
   onto the floor and caught on fire".  Bruno remarks, "We've got to
   figure this all out, David".  David asks, "How?"  Bruno replies,
   "I don't know.  It's obvious that someone from beyond the grave
   is trying to contact you".  David asks, "Why someone from beyond
   the grave?"  Bruno replies, "Because only the apparitions of those
   killed dare try to harm the Leviathans!"
      Down in the drawing room, Carolyn is reminding Sabrina Stuart
   that it's time to go to her appointment.  Sabrina dejectedly remarks,
   "I don't know if changing my appearance is going to do any good.
   It might have the opposite effect seeing me the way I was when
   we were engaged".  Carolyn says she finds this a strange idea,
   but Sabrina explains that Chris gets into strange moods sometimes.
   Bruno comes down into the room. Carolyn asks, "What are you doing
   here?"  Bruno lies, "Jeb sent me to show David some of his
   photographs, but David started entertaining me with stories
   of your family's history.  Are there any books on this history
   of the Collinses around here?"  Carolyn replies, "There's one in
   the study. I'll go get it" and leaves.  As soon as Carolyn is
   out of the room, Bruno says to Sabrina, "Glad to see you. I wonder
   if you know there's a full moon tonight".  Sabrina lies, "I haven't
   even thought about that". Bruno asks, "Aren't you afraid?"  Sabrina
   lies, "No.  I'm making it a point to stay inside".  Bruno remarks,
   "Good idea.  I might not be there to save you this time".  Carolyn
   returns with a book and gives it to Bruno, telling him, "This one goes
   back to the late 17th century".  Bruno thanks her and leaves.  Sabrina
   asks, "Carolyn, how well do you know that man?"  Carolyn replies,
   "Very little, but he's a good friend of Jeb's".  Sabrina confesses,
   "He makes me nervous, to be perfectly truthful".  Carolyn replies,
   "He made me feel that way when we first met too, but once you get
   to know him, you'll find he's perfectly harmless".
      Bruno has gone back up to David's room and is reading through
   the book he borrowed from Carolyn.  David asks, "What are you
   reading about now?"  Bruno replies, "Joshua Collins and the late
   18th century".  He asks, "David, how accurate is this history?
   It may not tell everything.  If someone in this family did have
   dealings with the Leviathans, it might not be in this book".
   David asks, "Why does it have to be someone in this family?  It
   could have been anyone, a servant, or someone staying here".
   Bruno replies, "Then I guess it wouldn't be in this book.  I'm
   going back to Jeb..."   Suddenly, the lights go out.  Bruno asks,
   "What's happening?"  David replies, "It's just like last night".
   Suddenly, Bruno starts to strangle.  David exclaims, "What's
   happening??"  Bruno gasps, "Something's got me by the throat!
   It's choking me!  It's choking me! and starts running around the
   room thrashing and struggling.  David cries out, "Bruno!  What are
   you doing!  Are you all right!"   Suddenly, Bruno stops struggling
   and falls to the floor.  The lights come back on.  Around his neck
   is a noose.  He quickly pulls it off.  David gasps, "It's a noose!"
   Bruno looks at the noose and notes, "Yes, but it's all covered with
   mold, like it's been in someone's basement for a long time!  Someone
   or something put it there.  Whatever it was was trying to kill me!"
   David, looking frightened, says, "I don't think it would be good
   for anyone to stay in this room tonight".  Bruno replies, "Me neither.
   I'll go and get someone to move you downstairs".
      Carolyn returns with Sabrina.  Sabrina has had her hair cut and
   permed, and dyed brunette.  Sabrina worries, "I'm afraid Chris
   might not even recognize me".  Bruno, coming down the stairs,
   remarks, "I almost didn't recognize you!  You're very beautiful!"
   He tells Carolyn, "You'd better come up and see David.  He said he
   was afraid of something".  Carolyn and Bruno go upstairs.
      Sabrina looks at herself in the mirror.  A look of apprehension
   appears on her face.
      Up in David's room, David is telling Carolyn, "It's just a feeling
   I have.  I'm afraid to sleep here tonight".  Carolyn prompts him,
   "Try to explain, David", but David, not wanting to tell her what
   happened earlier, tells her, "It's just a kind of feeling that
   someone's been in this room, someone none of us can see.  What harm
   could it do if I slept somewhere else?"  Carolyn replies, "I suppose
   it couldn't do any harm.  We'll put you in another room".
      There's a knock at the front door of Collinwood.  Sabrina, looking
   nervous, pauses, then answers it.  It's Chris Jennings.  She turns
   away from him.  Chris exclaims, "Sabrina!"  Sabrina turns back around
   and says, "Is that all you're going to say to me, my name?"  Chris
   says, "You're very beautiful".  Sabrina asks, "Then you approve?"
   Chris replies, "Yes, very much". Sabrina remarks, "I thought you might
   not want to see me the way I was".  Chris replies, "Seeing you this
   way makes me think no time has passed and no tragedy has happened".
   Suddenly, he gets a strange look on his face and he walks into the
   drawing room.  Sabrina follows him and asks, "Chris, what's wrong?"
   Chris replies, "I almost lost my head there.  Time HAS passed and
   the tragedy has been our specialty".  Sabrina says, "That's something
   we're not going to talk about now.  I want tonight to be very special.
   Please, for me?"  They kiss.  Bruno, now in the foyer, sees this.
   He quickly goes and hides in the room under the stairs.  Sabrina asks,
   Chris, "Can we go to the cottage?"  Chris asks, "What for?"  Sabrina
   replies, "I want to talk to you alone.  Please, Chris, this is very
   important".  Chris replies, "OK".  They leave.  Bruno comes back out
   into the foyer.  Carolyn comes down the stairs.  Bruno asks, "Is
   David OK?"  Carolyn replies, "Nothing wrong, he's just the world's
   greatest attention getter".  She asks, "Where's Sabrina?"  Bruno
   replies, "She left with a young man".  Carolyn tells him, "That must
   have been Chris Jennings.  Have you met him?"  Bruno replies, "No".
   Carolyn remarks, "I hope the change didn't upset him".  Bruno asks
   why it would.  Carolyn replies, "I don't know.  She was afraid that
   it might."  Bruno remarks, "It looks like they love each other very
   much".  Carolyn explains, "They were engaged to be married once,
   but something went wrong.  She wants to get back together, but I
   don't know if he does.  Chris is a very strange man".  Bruno asks,
   "How?"  Carolyn replies, "Once in a while he gets into these strange
   moods and disappears for days at a time".  Bruno remarks, "I've
   never seen him around town".  Carolyn explains, "He doesn't live in
   town.  He lives in a house near here".  Bruno suddenly excuses himself
   and says he has to leave.
      In the cottage, Chris and Sabrina are kissing passionately.
   Suddenly, Chris pulls away and says, "We've got to stop!"
   Sabrina asks, "Why?"  Chris replies, "We wouild just be repeating
   the past".  Sabrina says,  "The past wasn't so bad.  We were just
   a few days from being married when I happend to see you transform..."
   Chris, looking surprised, asks, "Sabrina!  You don't think we
   should still marry, do you?"  Sabrina are replies, "Why not>?
   We still love one another, don't we?"  Chris points out, "But if we
   married you'd be in constant danger", but Sabrina replies, "We'll
   find a way to live together!  We'll find a way to help you!  There
   must be a cure!"  Chris suggests, "First we find a cure, then we
   talk about marriage".  Sabrina says, "I won't give up!" and asks
   Chris to walk her to her car.
      As soon as they leave the cottage, Bruno, carrying a flashlight,
   sneaks in and start to search the place.  He opens a drawer and
   finds a length of chain, then a pair of handcuffs, then a revolver...
      Chris returns and sits in a chair.  He soon notices that the
   chain is on the desk, as is the handcuffs and a flashlight.  He
   quickly goes up to the desk to look when he feels a gun in his
   back, and a voice saying, "I've been waiting to meet you for
   a long time.  Why don't we go someplace and watch the moon come up
   Episode 960
   Worldvision Rerun 734
   Tape Date:  February 10, 1970 (ABC #45-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   February 27, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Bruno takes Chris to an abandoned crypt somewhere.  Chris asks,
   "What is this place?"  Bruno replies, "Your home for the next 24
   hours.  I want you to make yourself comfortable".  Chris asks,
   "Why have you brought me here?"  Bruno replies, "I have certain
   suspicions about you, and tomorrow night will prove or disprove them
   to me - when the moon is full!  Does the thought of a full moon frighten
   you, Mr. Jennings?"  Chris lies, "Nothing you've said makes any sense".
   Bruno continues, "So nothing will happen when the moon is full?"
   Chris again lies, "I don't know what you're talking about.  You're
   crazy!"  Bruno continues, "If I'm wrong, and nothing happens during
   the full moon, I'll let you free, but if something does, I'll have
   no choice but to kill you!"  Chris asks, "So you're going to sit
   here and wait?"  Bruno replies, "No, I have other important things
   to do."  Chris asks, "So you're going to leave me here alone?"
   Bruno replies, "No, I wouldn't want you to be lonely. You'll
   have company."  Chris asks, "Who's going to be my jailer?" Bruno
   replies, "Someone with whom you're very familiar".  Bruno summons
   a man into the room.  Chris sees him and exclaims, "NO!!! SHERIFF
   DAVENPORT! It can't be!"  Bruno asks, "Why not?"  Chris replies,
   "Because he's dead!"  Bruno explains, "He's been brought back
   to life, temporarily.  We have the power to do that".  Chris
   asks, "Who are 'we'?"  Bruno refuses to tell him.  The sherriff
   asks, "Why is he here?"  Bruno replies, "When the moon is full,
   he turns into an animal that prowls the woods for victims."  The
   sheriff asks, "What do you want me to do?"  Bruno replies, "Chain
   him to the wall and never leave him alone".  He hands the sheriff
   a revolver and continues, "This has 6 silver bullets.  When the
   moon is full, watch for a tranformation.  When the tranformation
   is complete, you are to kill him".  He turns to Chris and says,
   "You look so pathetic, I almost hope nothing does happen" and leaves.
      Jeb is at the Carriage House talking on the phone.  He asks,
   "How long ago did leave Collinwood?....Two hours ago???  He should
   have been here by now!!!...That idiot! That imbecile!...No, you
   stay there in case anything happens.  I'll wait here".  Jeb hangs
   up.  The door opens and Bruno walks into the room.  Jeb yells at
   him, "I sent you to do a simple job!"  Bruno replies, "I did it".
   Jeb asks, "It took you three hours to get some simple information?!"
   Bruno explains, "Something happened after I left Collinwood...",
   but before he can say what, Jeb interrupts, "Well, did something
   really happen to David, or was it just his imagination?"  Bruno
   replies, "It really happened.  I almost got killed their!" He
   tells Jeb how he suddenly felt a chill, how the lights went out,
   and how he felt something strangling, how when the lights came back
   on he found a noose around his throat.  Jeb asks, "A noose?!"
   Bruno replies, "A very old one, covered with mold".  Jeb asks,
   "Do you have it with you?"  Bruno replies, "Of course", and opens
   his briefcase to get it.  He is surprised to find that it isn't
   there and gasps, "I don't understand what happened! The noose is
   gone!"  Jeb remarks, "Someone is playing tricks on us, someone is
   trying to get at us from beyond the grave".  Bruno asks, "Who?"
   Jeb replies, "The spirit of Paul Stoddard.  Bruno, we've got to
   do something!"  Bruno suggests, "Maybe we should talk to Nicholas
   Blair about this".  Jeb replies, "No, I want to handle this
   myself".  Bruno remarks, "Well, I didn't say you couldn't".
   Jeb asks, "Why are you looking at me like that, like I'm afraid?"
   Bruno asks, "Afraid of what?"  Jeb replies, "The spirits of the
   dead".  Bruno asks, "Well, are you?"  Jeb angrily replies, "I am
   not, and don't think that I am!  I can see that  smug look on
   your face!" and slaps him, then continues, "I lead, and you follow,
   Bruno!  Don't you ever forget that!"  Bruno growls, "No one does
   that to me, not even you!" and attacks Jeb.  After they wrestle
   for a short time, Jeb quickly gets the upper hand and holds Bruno's
   arm in a hammerlock, telling him, "You've got guts, Bruno.  That's
   the only reason I keep you here".  Bruno shouts, "Let go of my
   arm!"  Jeb replies, "Not until we settle something!  Who's the
   leader, Bruno?"  Bruno replies, "You are!"  Jeb continues, "And
   who's the follower?"  Bruno replies, "I am!"  Jeb lets him out
   of the hammerlock.  Jeb warns him, "Now you remember that if you
   want to stay alive", then continues, "You were going to tell me
   something.  What happened after you left Collinwood?"  Bruno
   lies, "That girl I rescued last time from the werewolf, she
   was at Collinwood tonight, and I took her back to town".
   Jeb asks, "Is that all you were going to tell me?"  Bruno
   replies, "Yes".  Jeb asks, "She didn't know anything about the
   werewolf?"  Bruno replies, "If she did, she didn't tell me".
   Jeb complains, "The moon is going to be full tonight"  Bruno
   lies, "It's no good.  I don't thing she knows anything about the
   werewolf".  He asks Jeb, "What are you going to do now?"  Jeb
   replies, "I'm going to see David".  Bruno asks, "Why?"  Jeb
   answers, "To see if he remembers anything from the book about
   how to deal with the spirits of the dead" and leaves.  Bruno
   grabs a glass, throws it against the wall and grumbles, "There
   is a way to deal with you, Jeb, and maybe I'll use it!"
      The late Sheriff Davenport, holding a gun on Chris, announces,
   "It's almost time.  I'm going to chain you to the wall".  Chris
   replies, "And what if I don't want to be chained?" and makes a
   run for it, but the Sheriff quickly grabs him and holds him
   by the throat.  Chris shouts, "Get your hands off me!!!".
   The Sheriff lets him go, saying, "You don't like the feel of
   death, do you?".  He orders Chris to chain himself to the wall,
   and this time, Chris obediently does so.
      Roger is in the drawing room at Collinwood. Jeb comes walking
   in through the front door.  Roger angrily says, "Mr. Hawkes!
   It is customary to knock before entering!", but Jeb replies,
   "Mrs. Stoddard told me I could come and go as I please".
   Roger asks, "May I ask what you're doing here?"  Jeb replies,
   "I dropped by to see David.  I'm going to show him some photographs
   I took".  Roger asks, "Photographs of what?"  Jeb complains, "You
   ask a lot of questions, Mr. Collins.  David and I are good friends".
   Roger replies, "And if I don't like my son's choice of friends,
   then it's up to me to do something about it, isn't it?"  Jeb
   says, "What do you plan to do, Mr. Collins?"  Roger replies,
   "I don't think you should be here.  In fact, I forbid you from
   going up and seeing David".  Jeb remarks, "Then you have as
   sticky problem.  How are you going to stop me?" and goes upstairs.
   Roger makes a telephone call, "Yes...I'd like to speak to Quentin
   Collins...Quentin, it's Roger Collins...I've just met Jeb Hawkes
   for the first time, and I despise the man.  I will not let him corrupt
   everyone I care about!  I'm going to run him out of Collinwood!  I
   don't care what happens!  Someone has to tell him what an insufferable
   pig he is, and I'm going o do it,  Quentin, I'm going to do it!"
   As he hangs up he is startled to see Jeb standing in the doorway.
   Jeb remarks, "You're probably wondering how much I heard, Mr.
   Collins."  Roger replies, "I don't care how much you heard".
   Jeb continues, "I heard enought.  It was Quentin Collins you were
   talking to.  If you were talking to Quentin Collins, then you must
   know more about me that I thought.  You probably thought that
   Quentin's stories were all nonsense, but they're not.  They're
   all true.  We don't accept defeat.  Think about your son and
   your sister, think about how much you love them, and think about
   how you would feel if something were to happen to them."  Roger
   growls, "You're a monster!"  Jeb continues, "Don't mess with me!
   Don't rock the boat!  You just leave everything the way they
   are!" and leaves.  Roger angrily picks up the phone again and
   says, "Quentin Collins, please..."
      At the Carriage House, Bruno is pacing around with an unhappy
   look on his face.  Finally, he stops and stares into the fire,
   thinking, "I'm a lot smarter than Jeb thinks I am!  I don't
   want to be a follower!  I want to be a leader!  I'm glad I didn't
   tell Jeb about the werewolf.  If I had, it would have spoiled
   everything.  If something were to happen to him, I'm sure I could
   become leader.  There's no one else!"  He goes to the window and
   looks outside, noting, "It'll be dark soon, Jeb will be dead,
   and I'll be the leader!"  He puts on his coat and prepares to
   go out, but Jeb returns and asks, "Going somewhere, Bruno?"
   Bruno replies, "It's getting dark.  I'm going to prowl the
   woods looking for the werewolf", but Jeb tells him, "Stay.
   I want to talk to you".  He tells Bruno he's still worried
   about the spirit that seems to be hauning them, but he doesn't
   think it's Paul Stoddard anymore.  Bruno asks, "Why?". Jeb
   replies, "It's just a feeling I have".  Bruno impatiently
   says, "I've got to go hunt the werewolf", but Jeb says,
   "Why are you so anxious to leave?  You leave when I say
   you can leave!"
      At the crypt, Sherriff Davenport announces, "It's about
   time..."  Chris begs, "You don't have to go through with
   this!", but Davenport replies, "I have my orders.  I couldn't
   disobey them if I wanted to".  Chris points out, "Why not?
   You're dead!  You have nothing to lose!", but Davenport replies,
   "Even as I am now, I have something to lose".  Davenport goes
   outside, looks up and sees the full moon.  Inside, Chris screams
   as he is wracked with the tranformation pains.  The Sheriff
   goes back inside.  Chris' hands have become paws.  The Sheriff
   aims the gun at Chris...

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