Dark Shadows
March 1971

    Episode 1221
    Tape Date:  February 16, 1971 (ABC #46-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 1, 1971 Monday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Everyone leaves to to let Morgan and Catharine talk. Morgan tells
    Catharine, "I will not let it happen! I will not let you go into that
    room!" Catharine replies that she must, that they must follow the agreed
    rules of the lottery. Morgan tells her they must flee. Catharine reminds
    him that according to the legends, they cannot flee the curse. Morgan
    tells her, "You must not go into that room. Look what happened to 
    Gabriel! And he only spent half and hour in there!"  Catharine assures
    him that that won't happen to her because she doesn't believe in the
    curse, that she's sure what happened to those who had stayed in the room
    happened because of their belief in the curse, that they were the 
    victims of their own fear. Morgan asks, "What about Tim Braithwaite? He
    had no knowledge of the curse".  But Catharine has an answer for that.
    She replies, "Maybe Gabriel killed him in his crazed state when he came".
       At the old house, Bramwell is agonizing over what Catharine has told
    him. Daphne comes in. Seeing the worried look on his face, she asks,
    "What's wrong?" He lies that nothing is. There's a knock at the door.
    Bramwell answers. It's Julia. She comes in and tells them she and Flora
    have heard about their marriage and have given them a wedding gift. She
    gives Bramwell a painting wrapped in blue paper. Bramwell unwraps it
    and finds that it's the old portrait of his father Barnabas. Daphne,
    who's never seen it before, remarks on how much he resembles his father.
    Bramwell leaves to get some brandy. Julia tells Daphne that Catharine
    has been chosen for the lottery. Bramwell, who has come back with the
    brandy, hears this and angrily asks Julia, "And you were going to keep
    this secret to me?!" They argue but then notice that Daphne is gone.
       Daphne goes to Collinwood and begs Catharine, "Please, Catharine,
    please, you must not go into that room tonight!"  Catharine refuses to
    listen, saying, "There's nothing to discuss."  Morgan walks into the 
    room. Daphne asks him, "Are you just going to let her go into that room?"
    Morgan replies that he's done everything he can to try to stop her, but
    she won't listen. 
       Catharine, having received a note from Bramwell asking her to meet
    him at the gazebo, goes and meets him there. He tells her that he has
    heard about her being selected in the lottery and begs her not to go
    through with it for the sake of the child. She tells him that it's for
    the sake of the child that she MUST go through with it, that she doesn't
    want it to have to experience a lottery the next generation. She tells 
    him she intends to break the curse.
       At Collinwood, Morgan asks Julia to escort Catharine to the room when
    the time comes, saying he can't bear to do it himself.
       The clock in the foyer shows 5:10. Night is falling. Julia goes into
    the drawing room and tells Catharine it is time. She takes her to the
    room, but when she puts the key in the lock and tries to open the door,
    she finds that it won't open. She remarks, "I don't understand what's 
    wrong. I'm sure this is the right key!"  They are startled to hear 
    Morgan's voice answer from inside the room, "It is the right key. The
    lock has been changed. Quentin has the only key. We decided that it 
    would be best this way. I'm taking your place, Catharine. I will spend 
    the night in the room!"
    Episode 1222
    Tape Date:  February 19, 1971 (ABC #47-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 2, 1971 Tuesday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Catharine bangs on the door, begging Morgan to reconsider. She tells
    him, "I must be the one who spends the night in the room. I was chosen in
    the lottery. Those are the rules!"  Morgan replies, "Our rules. The curse
    only says that it must be a Collins who spends the night in the room."
    Catharine asks Julia, "Do something!", but she replies that there's 
    nothing she can do. Catharine runs off.
       Catharine goes to Quentin and demands that he give her the key. He
    refuses. He admits to her that he and Morgan had decided that it would
    be one of them who would go into the room, that they never had any 
    intention of letting a woman do it, no matter who won the lottery.
       Morgan explores the room. He looks behind a curtain and finds not
    a window, but a door. He tries to open it, but finds that it is locked.
       The clock in the foyer now shows 9:00. Catharine, Julia and Quentin
    are in the drawing room, waiting for morning. There's a knock at the
    door. Julia answers. It's Kendrick Young. She tells him they're busy, but
    he barges in, saying it's important. He tells Julia that he suspects that
    Gabriel is hiding in the house, that the fact that the police have found
    no trace of him anywhere leave no other alternative. Julia insists that
    Gabriel isn't at Collinwood.        
       In the room, Morgan, using a heavy metal vase, breaks the lock to
    the door he had found. He goes in.
       Julia tells Kendrick they're very busy and orders him to leave, but
    just as he is about to do so, Melanie comes down and exclaims "Kendrick!"
    She tells Julia she'd like to speak to Kendrick. Julia reluctantly 
    agrees. Melanie and Kendrick go into the drawing room. Julia and Quentin
    notice that Catharine is gone.   
       In the drawing room, Melanie and Kendrick talk. Kendrick asks
    Melanie about her past. Melanie tells him she was adopted, but doesn't
    know anything about her real parents.   
       Catharine goes to the room and calls to Morgan, but gets no answer.
    Quentin comes. Catharine tells her she called to Morgan but got no 
    answer. He tells her there's nothing he can do about that and takes her 
       Melanie and Kendrick finish talking. They kiss. He leaves.
       Quentin goes to Julia and tells her he found Catharine and took her
    to Melanie to look after her. It's now 11:00. Quentin remarks, "Why does
    time seem to go so slowly when you want it to go quickly?"
       Quentin, Julia, Catharine and Melanie wait in the drawing room for
    dawn. Six O'clock comes, and the sun rises. Catharine starts to run out
    of the room to get Morgan, but Quentin stops her and tells her it would
    be better if he and Julia go get him.
       Julia and Quentin go to the room. Quentin unlocks the door and they
    go in. They find Morgan sitting in a chair. Quentin asks, "Are you all
    right?" Morgan replies, "Yes". 
       Julia and Quentin take Morgan downstairs. Catharine sees them coming
    down the stairs and, overjoyed to see Morgan all right, runs to him and
    embraces him.  She asks to be alone with her husband.  Catharine takes
    Morgan into the drawing room while everyone else leaves.  Morgan looks
    around the drawing room, a strange look on is face. Catharine asks, "Is
    there anything wrong, Morgan?" Morgan replies, "Stop calling me Morgan.
    That's not my name."
    Episode 1223
    Tape Date:  February 22, 1971 (ABC #48-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 3, 1971 Wednesday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Catharine, alarmed, calls for Julia. Julia and Melanie come. Morgan
    asks Julia, "Are you the present mistress of Collinwood?" Julia, puzzled,
    asks, "What?"  Morgan remarks, "Oh. I see  you're confused."  She asks him
    what he means, but he refuses to tell her, saying, "The less you know,
    the better."  Melanie tries to talk to him, but he does not seem to know
    her.  When she tells him her name is "Melanie" he remarks, "Melanie",
    pretty name - for a Collins".  He speaks of the Collins as if he doesn't
    like them.  He tells her he wants nothing to do with them and asks to be
    left alone, saying he has things to do.  Julia asks him, "If you're not
    Morgan, who are you?"  He refuses to answer and tells them he is tired.
    Catharine takes him up to their room.  She tells him "You can trust me. 
    I'm your wife", but he replies, "I have no wife!"
       Julia returns to the drawing room and tells Melanie that she's told
    Flora and Quentin about Morgan's condition. Melanie remarks, "The room's
    made him mad, like all the others!", but Julia tells her, "No. I don't
    think so. He didn't seem mad, he was totally coherent. I think maybe he's
    possessed!"  Catharine comes back down.  She tells them, "I didn't learn
    anything more except that whoever he thinks he is isn't married." 
       Later, Julia is sitting in the drawing room alone reading the ledger
    Morgan and Quentin had found, seeing if she can find anything. Melanie
    comes in and asks Julia what she knows about her real parents. Julia
    replies, "I told you before. I don't know anything about them." But when
    Melanie continues to press her for information, Julia tells her, "Justin
    was on the Board of Directors of the Concord Orphanage where you were.
    That's where he adopted you." Melanie asks why her out of all the 
    children there. Julia replies, "He knew your parents before they died."
    Melanie asks what her real parents names were, but Julia tells her she
    doesn't know.
       Catharine goes to her and Morgan's bedroom and finds Morgan lying there
    sleeping. She goes to the window and looks out. Morgan wakes up and joins
    her. He remarks, "Beautiful. It hasn't changed a bit." She asks, "Are you
    familiar with the grounds?"  He replies that he is.  He points to the
    cottage and asks, "That cottage.  Who lives there right now?"  Catharine
    replies, "Ben Stokes and his granddaughter Carrie".  She asks why he wants
    to know.  He replies, "Oh, no reason. Just curious." She asks, "You said
    you knew the grounds from before. How long ago?"  He replies, "You're all
    just choking on your curiosity, aren't you?"  He yells, "I don't want you
    spying on me!", and runs out of the room, locking her in there.
       Melanie goes to Justin's desk and snoops around. She finds a secret
    drawer. Inside is a page from a very old letter. She reads it. It appears
    to be from Justin telling someone that he has adopted Melanie and doesn't
    care what she thinks. Julia comes in and asks what she's doing. Melanie
    shows her the letter and asks why she lied that her parents were dead
    when she was adopted, that this letter indicates otherwise. Julia asks
    what she means. She replies that it's to her mother. Julia points out 
    that the first page is missing and asks her how she would know who it was
    to. Melanie replies that from the contents, she gets the idea that it's
    to her mother. Julia tells her she's wrong, that it's to Flora, that 
    Flora was very opposed to adopting her, though she eventually came to 
    love her very much. After Melanie leaves the room, Julia takes the
    letter and burns it in the candle flame.                            
       Morgan sneaks into the foyer and out the front doors. He goes to
    the cottage and finds Carrie there. He asks, "Carrie, is your grandfather
    here?"  Carrie replies, "No. I'm here all alone".  Morgan tells her
    there's something in the cellar he needs and asks her for the key. Sensing
    that something is wrong with him with her psychic powers, she refuses.
    Suddenly, she seems to fall into a trance.  Puzzled, Morgan waves his
    hand in front of her face, but gets no reaction.  He takes a shovel and 
    breaks the lock to the cellar door.   
       Catharine bangs on the bedroom door and screams for someone to let
    her out. Julia hears her, comes and lets her out. She tells her that
    Morgan escaped. Julia says, "We must search the house for him!", but
    Catharine tells her she doesn't think he's in the house, that he seemed
    to be interested in the cottage and she thinks he might have gone there.
       Morgan comes back up from the cellar holding a book. He leafs through
    the pages. He looks at Carrie. She is still sitting still in the chair
    in the trance. Julia and Catharine come in. Julia asks, "What are you doing
    here?  Morgan replies "I don't have to tell you.  I come and go as I
    please."  They see Carrie and Julia demands to know what he did to her.
    Morgan replies, "I didn't do anything to her. I don't know why she's 
    in that state."  Suddenly, Carrie comes out of the trance, looks at
    Morgan and exclaims, "I know who you are!  I know who you are!  You're
    James Forsyth!"
    Episode 1224
    Tape Date:  February 23, 1971 (ABC #49-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 4, 1971 Thursday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Catharine asks, "Who's James Forsyth?" Julia replies, "He's the one
    who put the curse on the family." Morgan laughs and says, "Is that what
    the family thinks?  It's not true.  I have absolutely nothing to do with
    the curse!" Julia asks "What do you want here?"  Carrie remarks, "He went
    downstairs".  Julia tells him, "If you were looking for your ledger, it's
    too late. It's note there any more."  Morgan replies, "No. I was looking
    for this" and holds up the book he found.  Julia asks, "What is that?",
    but he refuses to tell her and leaves.
       Bramwell returns to the old house and tells Daphne that he went to 
    Collinwood and learned that Morgan had stayed in the room instead of 
    Catharine, but he learned little beyond this fact. Catharine notices that
    Bramwell has a worried look on his face and asks what's wrong. Bramwell
    lies that nothing is, but Daphne asks, "It's Catharine, isn't it?" 
    When Bramwell doesn't answer, Daphne screams, "It's always Catharine!"
    and runs off.
       Morgan reads a passage from the book he had found: "As for Sarah,
    ...She went to the cottage expecting to find the lovers trysting. 
    Instead, she found me, and now is buried in a grave where no one will
    ever find her!" Morgan says, "Now I know what I must do, and I will 
    attend to it tonight!"
       In the drawing room at Collinwood, Julia and Catharine wonder where
    Morgan is. Suddenly, Catharine starts to feel faint again. Julia asks
    what's wrong. Catharine replies, "Nothing. It's just everything's that's
    happened in the last couple of days." Julia leaves to get some smelling
    salts. Bramwell comes. He asks, "What happened to Morgan? I came here
    earlier but could only find out that he spent the night in the room
    instead of you." Catharine tells him what happened. Bramwell tries to
    convince Catharine that she cannot stay and have the baby at Collinwood
    with so many strange things happening, that she cannot "stay in this house
    I hate so much!" They hear Julia's voice asks, "If you hate it so much,
    why have you come here?"  Bramwell tells he just came to see how Morgan
    was and leaves.  Julia tells Catharine that she suspects that there's 
    still something going on between her and Bramwell, that there's some
    kind of secret, that she can sense this it in the atmosphere when they're
    together. Catharine denies it.
       Morgan sneaks into the cottage. In the dark, he accidently knocks
    something over. Hearing this, Carrie comes into the room and finds
    Morgan in there. She asks him what he wants. He asks her if, with the
    powers she has, she has ever sensed a spirit in the house, the spirit
    of a woman who was brutally murdered. Carrie replies that she hasn't and,
    frightened, tries to run, but Morgan grabs her, throws her into an 
    adjoining and locks the door. 
       Bramwell returns to the old house. When Daphne learns that he has gone
    to Collinwood and spoken to Catharine, she accuses him of still loving
    Catharine and tells him that if he wants to prove he doesn't, he must
    leave Collinsport with her. He refuses, saying, "If you want to leave
    Collinsport, you can go yourself!" Daphne, upset, runs upstairs.
      Morgan goes to the cellar of the cottage and digs. He finds a skeleton
    buried there and remarks, "He said no one would ever find you, but I
    have!"  Suddenly, a wind starts to blow things around, even though it's
    INSIDE.  Morgan exclaims, "Yes, Brutus, I have found her!  I know it is
    you!  So we meet again after all these years!  Show yourself so that we
    may fight again!" The ghost of Brutus Collins shows itself...
    Episode 1225
    Tape Date:  February 24, 1971 (ABC #50-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 5, 1971 Friday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       The ghost of Brutus Collins (Louis Edmonds) shows itself. Morgan
    tells it he intends to right some wrongs. The ghost attacks him.
       Melanie and Julia are in the drawing room at Collinwood. There's a
    knock at the door. Julia answers. It's Carrie. She tells Julia that
    Morgan came to the cottage again, that he seemed crazy, that he locked
    her in a room, but she managed to escape through a window. Julia takes
    Carrie to go to the cottage, but when she opens the door to go out, she
    finds Kendrick Young standing there. He tells Julia he wants to talk to 
    Melanie. Julia tells him, "Stay here. I want to talk to you later" and
    leaves with Carrie. Melanie invites Kendrick into the drawing room, but
    he tells her he'd rather go outside to talk, that he doesn't want to 
    be overheard.
       Julia and Carrie go to the cottage. Carrie tells Julia that she
    thought she heard Morgan go downstairs when she was locked in. They
    go downstairs and find Morgan lying on the ground. Julia bends down,
    examines him and tells Carrie, "He's still breathing. We've got to get
    him back to Collinwood."  Suddenly, Carrie exclaims, "I sense something!
    It's the same angry spirit I felt a Collinwood a few days ago!"  A wind
    comes up.  Carrie exclaims, "It's him!  It's the spirit!  It doesn't want
    you touching Morgan!"  They see the skeleton of Sarah.  Julia tells Carrie
    to go to Collinwood and tell Quentin.
       Kendrick and Melanie have gone to the gazebo. Kendrick tells Melanie
    that he's gone and done some research and found that the story she's
    been told about her adoption is a lie, that while it is true that Justin
    Collins had been on the board of directors of Concord Orphanage, he did
    not adopt her from there, that there is no record of her ever having been
    there. Melanie thanks him for finding out for her and asks why he did it.
    He replies, "Because I can tell it's important to you".
       Morgan awakens and finds himself lying on a sofa in the drawing room
    at Collinwood with Julia sitting near him. He asks her how he got there.
    Julia replies, "Quentin and two servants brought you here." She asks
    him to tell her what he's doing, saying, "It would be to your advantage
    to tell".  Morgan laughs and replies, "It's never to my advantage to talk
    to a Collins!"  Julia tells him that his grudge is with the Collins of
    160 years ago, not with the present Collins family. She tells him they
    can help him, but he replies, "You're the ones who need help!" and
    refuses to tell her anything.  She asks him not to go back to the cottage
    again, saying it's too dangerous.  He agrees to do this on one condition,
    that the skeleton found in the cellar be given a proper burial.  Julia
    asks who the skeleton is.  Morgan replies, "Sarah Forsyth, my sister!"
    Julia asks how she came to be buried in the cellar.  Morgan refuses to
    tell her, saying, "If you want to know, ask your ancestor Brutus Collins.
    He's still there..."
       It is 9:45. Julia is now sitting alone in the drawing room, drinking
    a cup of coffee or tea.  She hears the front door open, and Kendrick and
    Melanie coming inside.  Kendrick and Melanie talk for a few moments then
    say goodnight. Melanie goes upstairs and Kendrick turns to leave, but
    Julia comes out into the foyer and reminds him that she had asked to talk
    to him. They go into the drawing room. Julia closes the doors. She
    accuses him of interfering, of putting questions into Melanie's head
    about her adoption. Kendrick tells her that he's done some investigation
    and found that the story Melanie has been told about her adoption is a
    lie and asks, "What is the truth?  What is it that everyone is trying
    to keep from Melanie?"  Julia angrily demands that he get out and goes
    and opens the door, but when she does, she sees Melanie coming down
    the stairs, saying, "Death!  Death is the answer!  Soon, everyone in this
    house will die and the curse will be appeased!"  Julia quickly closes the
    doors and says to Kendrick, "Maybe we CAN discuss the matter a little
    longer, Mr. Young...", but Kendrick replies, "What is  it you don't want
    me to see in the foyer?" and pushes by her and goes into the foyer to
    see.  He goes out and finds Melanie standing there.  He goes up to her
    and asks her what wrong, but she shocks him by saying, "Who are you?
    You're not a Collins?  Get out of this house!  Everyone in this house is
    destined to die!"  Kendrick turns to Julia and says, "What's wrong with
    her?  I demand to know what's wrong with her!"
    Episode 1226 
    Tape Date:  March 1, 1971 (ABC #51-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 8, 1971 Monday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Julia tells Kendrick, "Stop shouting. I'll tell you in due time."
    She turns to Melanie, tells her, "You know where you must go" and
    takes her away.
       It is 10:30. Julia comes back down and tells Kendrick, "Now you know
    why she can never leave Collinwood.  She tells him about Melanie's
    attacks.  He asks how long they've been happening. She replies, "About
    10 years" . Kendrick asks, "Could it be she's under a spell or curse?
    I've heard rumors of this in the village."  Julia flatly denies this,
    saying he shouldn't believe the wild rumors he hears in the village.
    Melanie comes back into the room and asks, in a surprised voice, "Why
    Kendrick!  What are you still doing here?"  Kendrick, shocked, says
    "Goodnight, Melanie!" and abruptly leaves.  Melanie asks Julia, "Why did
    you leave so suddenly?  Did you say something to him?  What did you do?"
    Julia replies, "I didn't do anything.  You had one of your attacks . He
    saw you change."  Melanie runs off, saying she's got to find him and
    try to explain.
       Flora comes down and Julia tells her what happened. Flora tells Julia
    they've got to get Quentin to go after Melanie.
       Melanie, walking through the woods on her way to the village, runs
    into Gabriel.  He tells her, "Glad to see you!  I need your help!" She
    offers to take him back to Collinwood, but he refuses, saying the police
    will find him if he goes back there. He gives her a letter to give to 
       Melanie returns to Collinwood. Julia asks, "You couldn't have been to 
    the village and back so quickly!"  Melanie replies that she never got to
    the village, that she ran into Gabriel in the woods, that he gave her a
    letter to give to Flora.  She gives Flora the letter.  Flora opens it and
    reads it . It in, Gabriel tells her he needs her help and asks her to
    meet him at 12:00 midnight at the gazebo. Julia asks, "Surely you're
    not going to go, are you?"  Flora replies that she will, that Gabriel is
    her son and she must try to help him.  Julia tries to argue her out of
    this but is unsuccessful.
       It is midnight. Flora is in the gazebo, waiting for Gabriel. Gabriel
    comes.  Flora tells him, "The worst is over. I'm here, Gabriel."  Gabriel
    replies, "Yes you are!".  Behind his back, he is holding a knife...
    Episode 1227
    Tape Date:  March 2, 1971 (ABC #52-DRK-71)
    Air Date:   March 9, 1971 Tuesday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Flora tells Gabriel that she'll take him back to Collinwood, that
    they'll take care of him and get him help, but Gabriel refuses, saying
    he's sure the police will find him if he goes back. He tells her he
    needs money to run away, and tells her he needs her jewels. He raises
    the knife and demands her jewels. He starts to approach her menacingly,
    a crazed expression on his face. Suddenly, he is tackled by Kendrick, who
    comes out of nowhere. They fight. In the fight, Gabriel ends up stabbed
    with the knife. 
       At Collinwood, Quentin it outside the door to Melanie's room. He is
    talking through the door, trying to get her to come out. She refuses,
    saying she's staying in the room where she can't hurt anyone, that she'll
    never again kill anyone the way she killed Kendrick's sister. Melanie
    mentions that Flora is going to meet Gabriel at the Gazebo.
       At the Gazebo, Gabriel, lying on the ground, gives out a wounded moan.
    Flora exclaims, "He's still alive!"  Kendrick says, "Yes. Alive to stand
    trial for the murder of my sister!"  Flora blurts out. "It wasn't Gabriel
    who killed your sister!"  Kendrick asks, "Who was it, then? It sounds like
    you know!"  Flora tells him she doesn't, but he tells her he doesn't
    believe her and tries to force her to tell him, but Quentin suddenly
    shows up and forces him to leave. Quenin and Flora prepare to take 
    Gabriel back to Collinwood.
       At Collinwood, Kendrick goes to Melanie and tells her, "I've sorted
    a lot of things out in my mind. I want to be with you, I want us to 
    fight these attacks together."  Melanie replies that they can't be
    together, that it's not just the attacks, but something else. Kendrick
    asks her to tell her what it is, saying there's nothing she can tell him
    that'll make him feel differently about her.  Melanie starts to say
    something, but stops, unable to tell him.
       Gabriel is in the tower room at Collinwood. His wound, a superficial
    flesh wound, has been treated and he is up an walking. Quentin is in
    the room with him. Quentin asks him what he saw in the room, saying it
    might help them end the curse if they knew. Gabriel remarks, "It was
    hideous!"  Quentin asks, "What was?" Gabriel replies, "I can't remember!
    I just know it was hideous! Ever since that night, I've tried to
    remember, but I can't!"  Quentin tells him to try to. Gabriel thinks and
    says, "I I'm standing in the room, and I feel terrified, and then..
    Quentin!  I remember what happened in the room now!" Quentin asks,
    "What?", but suddenly Gabriel goes crazy and attacks him. Quentin manages
    to overcome Gabriel and leaves, locking him in the Tower room.
       Quentin goes downstairs and tells Flora what happened with Gabriel.
    Flora tells Quentin something's got to be done about Kendrick's snooping.
    Quentin replies, "I'll go talk to him in his hotel room.  I'll tell him
    something that'll stop all his suspicions."
       It is 7:30. Kendrick comes to Collinwood. Quentin has apparently missed
    him. Kendrick tells Flora that he wants to try to help Melanie. He tells
    Flora, "We may have started out as enemies, but we can be allies." He
    tells her they can start by her telling him who killed his sister. Flora
    again maintains that she doesn't know.  Suddenly, Melanie comes into the
    room and says, "Mother, you've got to tell him!  I tried, but couldn't.
    Tell him, mother!"
    Episode 1228
    Tape Date: February 25, 1971 (ABC #53-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 10, 1971 Wednesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Kendrick asks, "Tell me what?" Flora doesn't say anything. Melanie
    blurts out, "That I killed Stella!" Kendrick, shocked, asks, "What do
    you mean? How did it happen? It was an accident, wasn't it?" Flora tells
    Melanie to leave. Melanie runs from the room in tears. Flora tells 
    Kendrick not to take what Melanie just said seriously, that she imagined
    that she killed Stella, that these are the ramblings of a troubled mind.
       After Kendrick leaves, Flora tells Melanie that if Kendrick has gone
    to the police and they come here, she is to deny that she ever said she
    killed Stella, that the police will believe the word of a Collins over
    that of a stranger.   
       Daphne tells Bramwell that she has decided to stay with him.
       Kendrick, walking around, runs into Melanie, who's sitting in the
    gazebo thinking. She asks, "Have you told the police?" Kendrick replies
    that he hasn't, that he's thought about it and doesn't believe that
    she killed Stella. Melanie replies that she could have when she was 
    possessed, but Kendrick replies that he doesn't think so, that he's
    seen her when she's in that state, that the "person she is when in that
    state" seems to be in great pain, but does not seem to be a killer. He
    asks her to marry him. Melanie replies that she isn't sure she wants to..
       Catharine comes downstairs into the foyer. Flora asks her how Morgan
    is. Catharine, who seems quite dejected, asks, "How can you still call
    him Morgan? He's James Forsyth now." Catharine tells her she thinks 
    Morgan is gone forever. Flora tells her she's got to have hope and stand 
    by him, that he risked himself for her.            
       At the old house, Daphne finds Bramwell putting on his coat in the
    entry hall and asks him where he's going. Bramwell replies that he's
    going to town on business. She asks, "Business? At this time of night?"
    Bramwell explains that he's going to a bar on the waterfront to talk to
    a sailor who might know something about his ship. She asks if she can go
    with him. He replies, "NO! You can't cling to me 24 hours a day! That's
    not what a marriage is all about!" and leaves.
       Bramwell goes to Collinwood. Flora answers the door and lets him in.
    Bramwell tells her he came to see how Morgan is. She tells him she 
    doesn't believe, that his claim doesn't "ring true". She tells him she
    knows he came to see Catharine. She tells him she won't let him, that
    he is married to Daphne and Catharine to Morgan, that he has to leave
    her alone now.
       Bramwell leaves and wanders around the grounds. He finds Catharine
    sitting at the Gazebo. They talk for awhile. Bramwell tells Catharine
    "It is you that I love. I will always love you. They end up kissing. 
    From behind some bushes, Daphne, who has apparently followed Bramwell, 
    sees them....
    Episode 1229
    Tape Date: Feburary 26, 1971 (ABC #54-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 11, 1971 Thursday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Catharine tells Bramwell, "I love you too and always will, but it 
    doesn't make any difference. You are married to Daphne and I am married 
    to Morgan. Nothing can change that. Our whole situation is hopeless!"
       In the drawing room at Collinwood, Morgan is holding the blue vase 
    used in the lottery and is looking at it. Julia comes into the room, 
    sees this and asks, "Is there any reason why you're looking at that 
    particular vase?" Morgan replies, "I remember giving this to Brutus 
    Collins as a gift." Julia asks, "And how did you come to know Brutus
    Collins?" Morgan replies, "Why do you asks that? You know very well it
    was you who introduced me to your brother Brutus, Constance!" Realizing
    that Morgan has become even more confused and thinks it's 1680, asks,
    "Why do you hate us so?" Morgan angrily replies, "You know very well 
    why!" and storms out of the room. 
       It is 8:15. Daphne comes to Collinwood and goes into the drawing room.
    She sees the box containing the pistols used in the duel lying on a 
    table. She opens the box, takes out one of the pistols and points it
    at her head, intending to commit suicide, but quickly puts it back into
    the box when she hears the front door. Bramwell comes in. He goes into
    the drawing room and finds Daphne in there. He asks her what she doing
    here. She replies, "I was about to ask you the same thing." He tells her
    he came to see Flora, that he had an argument with her a few days ago
    and wants to talk to her about it. Daphne tells him she came here to see
    her sister Catharine. 
       Julia and Catharine come down the stairs. Catharine asks, "and you 
    have no idea where he went?" Julia replies that doesn't know where he 
    (Morgan) went. They go into the drawing room and find Daphne and 
    Bramwell in there. Julia tells them what happen. Bramwell leaves, saying
    "I'll go and try to find him." Julia leaves too. Catharine tries to talk
    to Daphne, but Daphne tells her she'd like to be alone and Catharine
    leaves. Daphne takes the pistol out of the box again and points it to 
    her head, but then puts it down, saying, "I can't! I can't do it!"
       Morgan goes to the cottage and shouts, "Amanda! Amanda! I'm here!
    Please come to me!". Receiving no reply, he sits down in a chair and
       Julia goes into the drawing room and finds Daphne sitting in there.
    Noticing the expression on her face, she asks, "What's wrong?" Daphne
    lies, "Nothing", but Julia asks, "It's Catharine and Bramwell, isn't 
    it?" She tells Daphne that she knows that Catharine and Bramwell have
    been seeing each other secretly. Daphne tells Julia, "I've got to find
    a way to make Bramwell love ME. I love him so much!" Julia tells her
    she's sure she'll succeed.
       At the cottage, Carrie comes in through the front door. Morgan, 
    seeing her, calls out, "Amanda!", but when she turns on the light and
    he sees her face, he says, "Sarah! What are you doing here? Do you have
    a message from Amanda? Did Constance keep her from coming here? I will 
    put a stop to her treachery!"
       At Collinwood, Daphne tells Julia she's been very understanding. 
    Bramwell comes in, saying he was unable to find Morgan. Daphne excuses
    herself, saying she's going upstairs to see her sister. Julia reprimands
    Bramwell for not being a better husband. He asks her what she means, but
    before she can tell him, Daphne comes back downstairs. 
       Bramwell and Daphne have left Collinwood and walking  back to the old 
    house. Bramwell asks Daphne what she and Julia were talking about, but
    Daphne just tells him, "We talked about a great many things." After they 
    pass a clump of trees near Collinwood, Morgan comes out from behind the 
    trees. In his hands is a piece of cord, knotted in the middle.
       At Collinwood, Julia tells Catharine, "Your sister seems quite 
    unhappy." Catharine replies, "There's nothing I can do about that."
    Julia replies, "Yes there is. You can stop seeing Bramwell secretly".
    Catharine angrily tells her that she and Bramwell are just old friends.
    She tells her to mind her own business, that she'll see whomever she 
    wants to see and leaves.
       Julia is sitting in the drawing room sitting in a chair reading a 
    book. Morgan sneaks in through the front doors, comes quietly into the
    drawing room, sneaks up behind Julia, wraps the cord around her throat
    and starts to strangle her, shouting, "You're not going to ever stop
    me from seeing Amanda again!"
    Episode 1230
    Tape Date: March 3, 1971 (ABC #55-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 12, 1971 Friday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Hearing the noise, Quentin comes running into the drawing room, sees
    Morgan strangling Julia, pulls him off and shoves him across the room.
    Morgan starts toward Quentin, rope raised, but Quentin pulls one of the
    pistols from the box, aims it at him and orders him to stop. Morgan 
    stops. Quentin, keeping the pistol aimed at Morgan, kneels down and 
    examines Julia. He finds that she's alive.  Catharine comes in and asks 
    what happened. Quentin replies, "Your husband tried to kill Julia!" He
    tells her Morgan is dangerous now and he's going to take him upstairs 
    and lock him up. As he is being taken away, Morgan shouts, "Tell 
    Constance when she comes to that I'll try it again!"
       At the cottage, Ben Stokes comes in. Carrie tells him that Morgan has
    been coming to the cottage, acting strangely and frightening her.
       Quentin takes Morgan upstairs and locks him in a room. 
       Quentin goes back down to the drawing room and tells Catharine and 
    Julia, who's now regained conciousness and is all right, that they're 
    going to have to do something about Morgan, that they're going to have
    to try to hold an exorcism and evict the spirit of James Fletcher from 
    his body, that he's afraid he'll die if they don't do something. He
    tells them they'll need Carrie's powers to hold the exorcism. He leaves,
    saying he's going to the cottage to get her, but when he gets to the
    door, he runs into Ben Stokes coming in. Quentin greets Stokes, saying
    "I didn't know you were back from Boston." Ben asks, "Where's Morgan?"
    Quentin asks why he wants to see Morgan. Ben replies, "Because I'd like
    to kill him!" He tells Quentin that Morgan has been going to the cottage,
    acting strangely and frightening Carrie. Quentin explains to Ben that
    Morgan hasn't been himself lately, that he's been possessed and that
    they're going to need Carrie's help to exorcise him. Ben is reluctant
    to allow this, but Quentin assures him that she's in no danger.
       It is 11:15. Quentin goes into the drawing room and tells Catharine
    and Julia that Carrie is coming and they'll have to bring Morgan down,
    that he'll have to be at the exorcism. Julia asks how they'll be able to
    control him. Quentin tells them he has a plan.
       Catharine goes into the room where Morgan is locked. She tells him 
    she's come to help him. He asks why. She replies, "Because we have a 
    common goal. We both hate Constance and want to see her dead!" He is
    dubious, but she manages to convince him this is the truth. Saying,
    "Now we are allies, let's have a drink to celebrate our alliance!".
    She goes to a table on which are a decanter and some glasses, pours a 
    drink, pours some kind of drug in it, and gives it to him. She then pours
    another for herself. They both drink. Morgan starts to feel dizzy, then
    collapses onto the floor, unconcious. Catharine goes to the door, opens 
    it and tells Quentin, who's standing outside, that it's worked.
       Everyone, Quentin, Catharine, Julia, Carrie, Ben and and unconcious
    Morgan, are sitting at a large round table in the drawing room. The 
    seance starts, and Carrie calls for the spirit of James Fletcher to
    speak. Suddenly, Morgan, who has been slumpled down on the table 
    unconcious, sits up and starts to talk. Carrie asks him why he's 
    possessing the body of Morgan Collins. Morgan replies, "in order to 
    right a wrong."  Suddenly, he exclaims, "Brutus! Brutus Collins is here 
    to send me back to the grave!" He gets up and runs out the doors and 
    closes them. Quentin goes to give chase, but finds the doors locked. 
    Julia tells him, "I have another key!" and opens the doors. They both
    go out to find Morgan.
       Julia is walking through what looks like the bedroom hallway. She 
    hears Morgan shouting "Stay away from me!" in one of the rooms. She goes 
    inside and finds Morgan in there. Morgan tells her, "Brutus Collins has 
    come to send me back to the tomb! There's not much time! I must tell you 
    the truth about what happened in 1680!" Suddenly, he looks up and 
    exclaims, "Brutus! You're here! But you can't stop me, Brutus! Your 
    family will finally know the truth about the curse!"
    Episode 1231
    Tape Date: March 4, 1971 (ABC #56-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 15, 1971 Monday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift

       Morgan/James Fletcher that he had met Brutus Collins in 1677, that
    he was introduced to him by Brutus' sister Constance, that they became
    fast friends and then business partners, but that after three years, he
    started to learn things about Brutus Collins...
       The story is told with a flashback:
       It is 1680 at Collinwood. Brutus Collins (Louis Edmonds) is sitting
    in the drawing room writing in a ledger. James Fletcher (James Prentice),
    comes in through the front doors and into the drawing room. Fletcher 
    tells Brutus, "I came to talk about our partnership." Brutus complains
    that it's late, that he was about to go to bed. Fletcher remarks, "I
    thought you wouldn't need to sleep, with your interest in the occult. I
    would've thought you'd have whipped up some spell or potion that would
    allow you to not sleep." He then continues, "I came to talk about our
    partnership. Isn't it strange how you keep getting richer while I keep
    getting poorer?" Brutus replies, "James, it isn't my fault that you
    squander your money. Fletcher tells him he isn't spending it, he isn't
    getting it in the first place. He accuses Brutus Collins of embezzling.
    Brutus denies this and tells him, "You can have the books audited, if 
    you like." Fletcher replies, "I know those books won't show anything.
    I want to see the REAL figures, I want to see the books you keep in 
    secret!" Brutus replies that no such books exist. He acts offended and
    tells Fletcher, "I want this partnership dissolved!" Fletcher replies,
    "Fine! But I want what's coming to me!" Brutus tells him, "Don't worry.
    You'll get what's coming to you!" Fletcher leaves in anger. On his way
    out, he passes a woman (Nancy Barrett), says, "Good night, Mrs. Collins".
    Amanda Collins, wife of Brutus, asks him what happened. Brutus tells him
    that he and Fletcher have decided to dissolve their partnership. He
    remarks, "I think you'll be very sorry to see Mr. Fletcher leave the
    Collins-Fletcher Trading Company." Amanda asks, "Why do you say that?"
    Brutus replies, "I think you know very well what I mean!" Amanda tells
    him she doesn't know what he means. She goes to front door, takes a 
    coat from the coat rack, and puts it on. Brutus asks, "Where are you 
    going?" She replies, "Out!" and leaves. Brutus tells Constance, who's
    just come into the room, "Follow her and see what she does!"
       Amanda goes to James Fletcher's. They kiss. She asks him what 
    happened. Fletcher tells her he suspects Brutus of cheating him and 
    confronted him, but that he can't prove it. He tells her he suspects
    Brutus is keeping some books with the real figures in them somewhere
    and says, "If only I could find them..." Amanda tells him, "I think I 
    know where they are! I found out just yesterday that Brutus has a secret
    work room at Collinwood. The door to it is hidden behind some drapes
    in his bedroom." Fletcher thanks her and tells her he'll go get the 
    books. She warns him to be careful. He tells her he will. He tells her
    to meet him at 9:00 tomorrow morning, that after he gets the books, 
    they'll go to town together. nbeknownst to them, Constance is 
    eavesdropping on them from outside...
       Constance returns to Collinwood and tells Brutus what she heard.
       The clock in the foyer at Collinwood shows 2:20. James Fletcher 
    sneaks into Collinwood and goes up the stairs. Unknown to him, Brutus is
    hiding in a dark corner of the foyer and sees him go up. Fletcher goes
    into Brutus' bedroom( what would later become the curse room)*, finds 
    the door behind the drapes, opens in and goes inside. He goes down a 
    flight of stairs and finds a room with a desk piled with ledgers. He 
    opens one of them, looks through it and exclaims, "Good Lord! It's worse 
    than I thought! He's embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars**! He's 
    stealing me blind!" He is shocked to hear Brutus' voice behind him say, 
    "I couldn't have put it better myself!" He turns and finds Brutus 
    standing there. Fletcher tells him that with this evidence, it'll be 
    easy to have him convicted. He tells him he'll have no problem finding 
    witnesses against him, that almost everyone dislikes him, even his own 
    sons. Fletcher stacks several of the ledgers in a pile, preparing to take
    them, but Brutus picks up a heavy metal candlestick and hits him on the 
    back of the head, knocking him out.
       Fletcher is lying on a table on which Brutus has put him. Brutus is
    standing next to him. He is holding a mortar and pestle in which he is
    mixing something. Brutus says, "Oh no, James, I'm not going to let you
    die just like that and rest peacefully. You were right. I do dabble in the
    occult. I'm going to make sure you spend all eternity troubled and 
    without rest!"  
       Having waited long past 9:00 for Fletcher, Amanda returns to
    Collinwood. She runs into Constance in the foyer. Constance asks her
    where she's been. Amanda lies that she went out for a walk. Worried 
    about Fletcher and wanting to ask if she knows anything about him but
    not able to, she slyly asks, "Has there been any news about the 
    dissolution of the partnership?" Constance tells her that Brutus has
    told her that Fletcer had changed his mind and suddenly left town.
       Amanda goes to the secret room and finds Fletcher lying dead on a
    table. She holds his head and cries. Brutus comes in and sarcastically
    remarks, "How touching!" Amanda cries, "You killed him!" Brutus replies
    that he did, and that now she's going to get what she's always wanted,
    to be with James Fletcher. He grabs her and strangles her. He then puts
    her on a table next to Fletcher.
       Brutus comes up the stairs and out into his bedroom. He is surprised
    to find Constance there. She tells him she came to talk to him. He tells 
    her, "Get out! Forget you ever saw that door. It doesn't exist!" 
    Constance replies, "All right. I'll go and talk to Amanda instead."
    Brutus tells her, "Constance isn't here anymore. She left town with
    Fletcher." Constance, surprised, "That's can't be true. I just spoke to
    her half an hour ago. Did something happen in that room?" She goes 
    downstairs to look before Brutus can stop her. She finds the bodies ot
    Fletcher and Amanda. She comes back up and exclaims, "You killed them!
    I think I see you as you are for the first time, Brutus! You're a 
    monster!" She picks up a letter opener and attacks him, but he manages to
    disarm and stabs her instead. Angry that the only person who liked him 
    had turned against him, he puts the curse the Collins Family...       
                           + End of Flashback +   
       Morgan/Fletcher finishes telling his story and tells Julia, "I don't 
    know how he did it, but he did as he said he would. I've had no rest for 
    the past 160 years.  Suddenly, Brutus Collins' ghost appears, points to 
    him and orders, "Go back! Go back!" Morgan/Fletcher makes some choking 
    noises and collapses unconcious. The ghost of Brutus Collins says, "The 
    curse goes on! The curse goes on! And it will bring more tragedy than 
 *  Why Fletcher would sneak into Brutus Collins at NIGHT, the time when he
    would most be expected to be in there, is not explained.
 ** In 1680, there was no United States. These were still part of the English
    Colonies. Hence, currency should be "pounds", not "Dollars"       
    Episode 1232
    Tape Date: March 5, 1971 (ABC #57-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 16, 1971 Tuesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift

       Morgan regains conciousness. Having no recollection of the past couple
    of weeks and thinking that this is the day after the night he went into
    the curse room, he sees Julia and exclaims, "I've done it! I'm all right!
    I've managed to spend the night in the room without anything happening! 
    The curse is over!" Julia replies, "No. Brutus Collin's ghost just 
    appeared and said the curse would continue, that it would bring even 
    more tragedy than before."  She tells him what has happened, that it was 
    Brutus Collins himself who put the curse on the family.
       Josette finds Daphne walking around near the old house. Josette
    remarks, "You look unhappy. What's wrong?" Daphne replies, "Nothing
    that won't work itself out in time." and leaves. Josette is holding
    a letter addressed to Barnabas.
       At Collinwood, Morgan walks into the drawing room and asks Julia,
    "Do you know where Catharine is? I've looked through the whole house 
    and can't find her." Julia replies that she doesn't know where she is.  
    Finding her tone of voice suspicious, Morgan asks, "Do you know something
    I don't? How many times did Bramwell come here while I was possessed?"
       Bramwell returns to the old house. Josette asks him where he's been.
    He replies that he's been out for a walk. Josette tells him a letter has
    come for him. Bramwell opens it and reads it. He is exultant. He tells
    Josette, "Finally! It's from James Cabot. He wants me to meet him at 
    midnight. He says he has some important information about my ship! This
    may change everything!" Josette remarks, "It won't change how things are
    for Daphne. Your marriage to her was a mistake. You still love Catharine.
    It isn't fair to Daphne" Bramwell asks, "Did you talk to her? Did she 
    say this to you?" Josette replies, "No. It's obvious."
       Daphne goes to Collinwood. Outside the door, she thinks about the 
    what she overheard Bramwell saying to Catharine, "It is you that I 
    love and will always love..." She goes in. Morgan is inside. Daphne 
    finds that he is normal again. She tells him she'd like to talk to her 
    sister Catharine. Morgan tells her, "She's not here. She's probably 
    sneaking around with Bramwell. You know, he took advantage of the 
    situation and came to see her every day while I was possesed! If he 
    comes here again, I'll kill him!" Julia, who's come into the room, tells
    him that he's wrong, that she's found out where Catharine has gone, that
    she's not with Bramwell, but at the Stokes Cottage taking care of Carrie,
    who fainted at the exorcism. Suddenly, Daphne complains of being dizzy
    and nearly collapses.
       Julia brings Daphne back to the old house and tells Josette about her
    sudden dizzy spell. They put Daphne on the sofa. She collapses, 
    unconcious. Josette goes and gets some smelling salts. When she returns,
    Julia tells her, "She's burning up with fever!" They revive Daphne with
    the smelling salts. She moans, "Why am I so hot?" Julia and Josette 
    decide that Daphne is more seriously ill  than they thought and decide 
    to call Dr. Fletcher.
       Later, Daphne comes down the stairs at the old house. Josette sees
    her and tells her "No! You've got to go back upstairs! The doctor said
    you must rest!" Daphne ask where Bramwell is. Josette tells her, "In the
    village on a business meeting" and takes her back upstairs.
       Morgan is in the drawing room at Collinwood, toyin with one of the
    duelling pistols. He puts it down when he hears the front door. Julis
    comes in and tells him they had to call a doctor for Daphne. Morgan 
    angrily remarks, "I know what's wrong with her. It's the way Bramwell 
    has been neglecting her. The man should be shot!"  
       At the old house, Daphne, lying in bed, asks Josette, "When is 
    Bramwell coming back?" Josette replies, "Soon. Very soon." Daphne asks
    Josette, "Why are you looking so sad?" Josette tells her she isn't sad,
    that it must be her imagination. They hear the front door downstairs,
    then Bramwell shouting, "Daphne? Where are you? We're rich!" He comes 
    upstairs, finds Josette and Daphne and exclaims, "My ship has finally
    come in! We're rich! We're rich! I know I haven't been a very good 
    husband, Daphne, but I promise, that'll change! We'll travel the world, 
    you and me!" He notices that she's sick and asks, "Daphne, what's 
    wrong?" Daphne replies, "It's nothing. The doctor said I'll be better in 
    a few days."
       Downstairs, Bramwell asks Josette, "Mother, what happened?" Josette
    replies, "It all came on so suddenly!" Bramwell asks, "Mother, what
    are you talking about? What did the doctor say?" Josette replies, 
    "Bramwell, Daphne's dying!"
    Episode 1233
    Tape Date: March 8, 1971 (ABC #58-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 17, 1971 Wednesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift

       Bramwell is sitting in the drawing room the old house, thinking. 
    Catharine comes and tell him, "Morgan told me Daphne was sick. What's
    wrong with her?" Bramwell tells her, "I went and talked to Dr. Fletcher
    myself. She's dying." Catharine is shocked. She asks if Daphne knows.
    Bramwell tells her, "She has no idea." Catharine asks to go up and see
    her. Bramwell tells her, "Be careful not to reveal anything to her..."
       Kendrick runs into Carrie at Collinwood. He tells her he has heard
    about her psychic powers and asks her if she would be willing to use
    them for him. She tell him, "I can't. My grandfather told me never to 
    use them again after something that happened here. Sorry to disappoint 
    you" Kendrick replies, "It'll be Melanie who'll be disappointed. I 
    wanted you to use your powers to find out who her real parents are. It's
    so important to her."
       At the old house, Daphne awakens and is surprised to find Catharine
    sitting by her bedside. Catharine apoligizes to her for the way she's
    been to her since she married Bramwell. Daphne tells her, "Everything
    will be so different now. Bramwell's ship has come in. We're rich. 
    We're going to travel and do so many things!" Catharine starts to 
    cry. Daphne asks her why she's crying.
       At Collinwood, Melanie comes in through the front door and sees 
    Kendrick in the drawing room. He asks her if she's made any decision
    about marrying him yet. She tells him she's reluctant to say yes, that
    it would be risky for him to marry her without them knowing more about
    her background. Kendrick tells her that he may have found a solution to
    that, that Carrie has agreed to try use her psychic power to find out
    who her real parents are. He tells her that Carrie will be coming here
    this evening and that they'll need something that belonged to one of
    her parents. Melanie tells him she doesn't have anything that belonged
    to her parents. Kendrick tells her they need something. Melanie tells him
    "If there is anything, it'll be in Justin's office."
       At the old house, Catharine comes back downstairs. Bramwell asks, 
    "Have you been crying?' Catharine replies that she has, that she couldn't
    stand it when Daphne told her all her bright hopes for her future. 
    Bramwell asks, "You didn't tell her why you were crying, did you?" 
    Catharine replies that she didn't, that when Daphne asked her, she lied
    to her that she was crying because she was ashamed of the way she had
    come between her and Bramwell. He tells her, "We've got to do 
    something! I going to call a specialist from Boston!", but Catharine
    dejectedly cries, "Oh, there's no hope!" and runs off crying. 
       Kendrick and Melanie search Justin's study but find nothing. Melanie
    remarks, "I should've known we wouldn't find anything. If there had been
    anything here, Julia would've destroyed it." While searching through a 
    draw, Kendrick notices something, that the chest is deeper than the 
    drawers. He takes all the drawers out and finds that there's a secret
    compartment in the back of the bureau. He opens it and finds a box in
    there. He opens the box and finds that it contains a blue handkerchief
    and some jewels. Inside is also a note saying, "Give these to Melanie
    when she grows up." Melanie exclaims, "These must be my mothers!"
    Kendrick asks, "Then why didn't Justin give them to you when you reached
    adulthood?" Melanie replies, "That was after his 'accident'. He never 
    had a chance to."
       At the old house, Barnabas goes up to see Daphne. She tells him that
    she's surprised to see him here, that she thought he'd be in the village
    busy with business now that his ship has come in. He replies, "No. 
    Remember not so long ago you stayed with me and nursed me back to health?
    I intend to stay with you and nurse you back to health!" Daphne tells 
    him, "Bramwell, you know that's not possible. I'm going to die. I know
    that." Bramwell tells her, "That's not true! Wherever did you get THAT
    idea?" Daphne tells him that she knows it is true, that she can tell by
    the look on everyone's face.
       At Collinwood, Carrie and Melanie are in the drawing room. It is
    evening, and Carrie has come to help Melanie find out who her real
    parents are. Melanie shows her the box of things that were her mother's.
    Carrie selects the handkerchief. Holding it, she starts to have a vision.
    She tells Melanie she sees a room. Inside the room is woman standing over
    a man in a coffin. She tells Melanie that the man is her father and the 
    woman her mother. Melanie says, "Then my father is dead, then" Carrie 
    replies, "Yes, but your mother is still alive, and somewhere very close 
    Episode 1234
    Tape Date: March 2, 1971 (ABC #59-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 18, 1971 Thursday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Melanie asks where the room is. Carrie replies that she can't tell.
    Melanie asks if she knows who the woman is. Carrie replies that she 
    can't, that she's too blurry. She concentrates and then says, "Wait! 
    It's starting to become clear! It's...." Suddenly, they hear a voice
    shout "What are you doing?!" It is Julia. Carrie snaps out of it.
    Julia tells Carrie, "I thought your father told you never to do this 
    again!" and threatens to tell him. Carrie leaves. Melanie accuses Julia 
    of deliberately interrupting Carrie so she wouldn't find out who her
    real parents are. Julia denies this, saying she just didn't want to 
    see Carrie faint again. Melanie says, "Carrie told me my mother was 
    somewhere close by." Julia replies, "Carrie must have been mistaken.
    Your parents are both dead." Melanie cries, "I don't believe anything 
    you say anymore, Julia!" and runs from the room.    
       Morgan goes into the tower room. He gives Gabriel a flask containing
    some liquor. Gabriel takes it and greedily drinks from it. Gabiel tell
    Morgan he'd like to talk to Flora. Morgan is at first reluctant, but
    Gabriel manages to convince him that he isn't dangerous and Morgan 
    agrees to bring Flora. Gabriel does indeed seem to be sane and coherent.
    But after Morgan leaves, Gabriel takes off his tie and holds it in his
    hands in a manner suggesting he plans to strangle someone...
       Flora comes in through the front doors and goes into the drawing room
    where she finds Julia. She tells her, "I've been at the old house 
    visiting Daphne. I couldn't believe the news about her.." Morgan comes
    down and tells Flora that Gabriel wants to talk to her. Julia warns her
    to be careful. Flora leaves. Julia excuses herself, saying, "There's
    something I've got to attend to." 
       Julia goes to the Stokes Cottage. Carrie anwers the door and lets her
    in. Julia asks, "Is you father in?" Carrie replies that he's not, that 
    he's still at work. She asks, "You weren't going to tell him what I was
    doing at Collinwood, were you?" Julia assures her she's not planning to 
    tell him, that she came here to ask her some questions. She tells her
    to tells her everything she saw when she was Collinwood helping Melanie.
    Carrie recounts the vision to her. Julia asks "You know who Melanie's 
    mother is, don't you?" Carrie denies it, saying the vision was too
    blurry, but Julia says, "I know that's not true. I could tell from the
    expression on your face when I interrupted you that the vision must have
    become clear just for a moment and you saw who Melanie's mother was."
    Carrie admits that that is true. Julia tells her, "Now you know why 
    Melanie must never find out who her real parents are." Carrie replies,
    "No, I don't see why." Julia tells her to promise never to tell Melanie
    or she'll tell her father about her using her psychic powers again.
       In the tower room at Collinwood, Gabriel begs Flora to let out, saying
    he's all right now. Flora tell him she can't make that decision alone, 
    that she'll have to talk to the rest of the family first. Gabriel is
    angry and, while her back is turned to him, pulls out the tie and 
    prepares to strangle her, but quickly puts it back into his pocket when
    her hears Julia outside call "Flora? I'd like to talk to you?" Flora
    leaves to talk with Julia.
       Melanie goes to the Stokes Cottage and asks Carrie what she saw when
    Julia interrupted her. Carrie lies, "Nothing. The vision was still too
    blurry." Melanie asks her to try again, but Carrie refuses, saying she's
    afraid her father will find out.
       Melanie returns to Collinwood. Flora, in the drawing room, tells her
    "I'm glad you're back. I'm calling a family meeting." She tells everyone
    Gabriel claims to be sane and wants to be let out of the tower room and
    asks what they think. Morgan votes against it, saying that although
    he appears sane right now, Justin also had moments of sanity, but was 
    nevertheless dangerous at other times. Julia and Melanie agree with
    Morgan. Flora decides that Gabriel will stay locked in the tower room 
    and says, "I'll go tell him.", but Julia tells her, "No. I'll go tell 
    him. I was just about to go and bring him his dinner anyway."
       The clock in the foyer reads 10:00. Flora and Morgan are sitting in
    the drawing room. Flora says to Morgan, "Where's Julia? It's been an hour
    since Julia went to give Gabriel his dinner. I hope nothing's happened."
    Morgan tells her he'll go check.
       Morgan goes to the tower room,knocks and yells, "Julia! Are you still
    in there? Gabriel, is Julia in there? Gabriel, are YOU in there?" 
    Inside, Julia is lying on the floor next to a food tray. She is 
    completely still...
    Episode 1235
    Tape Date: March 9, 1971 (ABC #60-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 19, 1971 Friday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift

       Receiving no answer, Morgan opens the door and finds Julia inside
    lying on the floor. There is no sign of Gabriel. Morgan takes Julia
    down to the drawing room, where he revives her. She tells him what
    happened , "When I went in there, gave Gabriel his food and told him of
    the family's decision to keep him locked in there, he seemed to take
    it quite calmly. He asked me to keep him company while he ate. He seemed
    sane and harmless, so I agreed to do so, but as soon as my back was 
    turned, he hit me with something and that's the last thing I remember. 
    We've got to find him. He's dangerous!"
       At the old house,  Daphne tells Bramwell "You and Catharine belong
    together. That's the only way you can be happy..."
       In the foyer of Collinwood, Morgan runs into Catharine. She asks him,
    "Has Gabriel been found?" Morgan replies that he has not. Seeing that she
    is dressed to go out, he asks her where she's going. She tells him she's
    going to the old house. He gets angry about this.
       At the old house, Catharine asks Bramwell how Daphne is. He sadly
    replies, "She's getting weaker every moment." Catharine goes upstairs to
    see Daphne. Daphne starts to tell Catharine the same thing she told 
    Bramwell, that they belong together, but suddenly stops and tells 
    Catharine, "Bring Bramwell to me, please!" Catharine yells for Bramwell
    to come. He comes rushing in. Daphne tells her she'd like to talk to 
    Bramwell alone. Catharine leaves. Daphne tells Bramwell, "Don't ever
    feel guilty about me. A life without love is a life without meaning,
    but my life has had meaning. I've loved you..." and lapses into 
    unconciousness. Bramwell shouts, "Catharine! Get Dr. Fletcher! Hurry!"
       Bramwell comes downstairs and tells Catharine that Dr. Fletcher says
    Daphne is in a coma, that there's little sign of life and that there's
    no more he can do for her. 
       At Collinwood, Morgan tells Julia that there's no sign of Gabriel yet,
    but they're still looking for him. He tells her, "If Quentin finds him,
    he'll kill him." Julia is shocked, but Morgan tells her that Gabriel had
    asked Quentin before he went into the room to promise to kill him if  
    he came out crazy like Justin, that Quentin has been unable to bring 
    himself to do this until now, but now thinks it would be the best
    solution. Catharine comes in and tells them Daphne is in a coma.
       Later,Melanie goes into the drawing room and finds Julia alone in 
    there. She asks Julia, "I know Carrie must've seen something in her 
    vision. I think she knows who my mother is. I think you must've gone and
    told her not to tell me." Julia denies this, saying again, "Carrie is
    wrong. Both you parents are dead". Melanie shows the jewelry box she
    found in Justin's room and asks her if she knows who it belongs to.
    Julia replies that she doesn't. Melanie tells her, "I don't believe
    you anymore. The only thing I can trust you to tell me is lies!" and
      It is 9:10 the next morning. Morgan goes into the drawing room. 
    Julia asks him to tell her more about what he saw in Brutus's room. 
    Morgan replies, "Why don't we go there and I'll show you." Julia, 
    surprised, asks, "Go there?" Morgan replies, "Sure. Why not? It's
    only dangerous at night." They go into Brutus's room and to the secret
    door. Morgan pauses and asks, "Are you sure you want to go down there?
    It's not very pleasant..." Julia replies that she does. Morgan opens
    the door and they go down to Brutus' secret room. Julia looks inside 
    and screams, "Oh no! No! No!"
    Episode 1236
    Tape Date: March 10, 1971 (ABC #61-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 22, 1971 Monday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Inside, lying on the tables where Brutus Collins put them 160 years
    ago, lie the bodies of James Fletcher and Amanda Collins. They are 
    covered with cobwebs, but are totally unrotted. Julia gasps, "What did
    he do to them?" Morgan warns her not to touch them, that the last thing
    he did before being possessed was to touch the body of James Fletcher,
    that he thinks that's what caused him to become possessed. Suddenly, 
    the doors slams shut by itself. Morgan tries it but finds it locked.  
    Julia points at the bodies and shouts, "Look! One of them's moving!"
       Catharine tells Melanie, who's with her in her room, that she feels
    responsible for Daphne's condition...        
       Morgan looks at the bodies and sees no change. He tells Julia it must
    have been her imagination. Upstairs, the ghost of Brutus Collins appears
    and laughs.
       Melanie tells Catharine, "You've got to stop punishing yourself. It
    won't help Daphne get any better." Catharine goes to sleep and Melanie
    leaves. Catharine hears a noise, awakens and finds Gabriel in her room.
    Startled, she asks, "What do you want?" Gabriel replies, "I want to 
    leave!" and tells her he needs money to go away. She tells him she 
    doesn't have any, only a few dollars. Gabriel gets angry, pulls out a 
    knife and threatens to stab her, but she tells him she does have some
    jewelry, that she'll give it to him in exchange for the knife. He gives
    her the knife and she gives him the jewelry.
       In Brutus' secret room, Morgan lights a lamp. Julia starts to go 
    crazy with fear and screams, "We'll never get out! We'll never get out!
    We're going to die here!" Morgan slaps her.
       Melanie is wandering through the wing of the house where Brutus'
    room is. Perhaps she is looking for some clue about her mother. She
    hears the sound of banging and someone shouting, "Help! Let us out!"
    She follows the sounds to Brutus' room, finds Morgan and Julia and 
    lets them out.
       Gabriel is in the foyer. No one else is around, and he walks toward
    the front door to leave, but suddenly hears Brutus Collins' voice call
    to him, saying, "Gabriel! It's not time to go yet! Come to me!" Following
    the voice, he starts up the stairs.
       Gabriel follows the voice to Brutus' room. Outside the door, he 
    fearfully says, "NO! NOT THERE!", but Brutus' voice orders him to go in
    and he does. Inside, the ghost of Brutus Collins appears. He points to
    a knife lying on a table and orders Gabriel to take it, saying, "You're
    going to kill them all!!!" 
       Catharine asks Morgan to take her away from Collinwood. He tells her,
    "You're right. We need to take a trip." She tells him that's not what
    she meant, that she's wants to leave Collinwood forever. He refuses.
       It is 10:40. In the drawing room, Melanie tells Julia about her plans
    to marry Kendrick. Julia, shocked, tells her she can't do that in her
    condition. They argue, but Julia is unable to convince Melanie to change
    her mind and walks off in frustration. Gabriel comes into the draawing
    room through the secret door to the right of the fireplace and stabs
    Episode 1237
    Tape Date: March 11, 1971 (ABC #62-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 23, 1971 Tuesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Kendrick Young, coming to Collinwood to see Melanie, goes into the
    drawing room and stumbles upon Gabriel menacing a fallen Melanie. 
    Gabriel flees back through the secret passage. Hearing Kendricks calls
    for help, Morgan and Julia come. Told that Gabriel fled into the secret
    passage, Morgan gives chase. 
       Kendrick and Julia take Melanie up the her room and bandage her arm.
    She has only suffered a flesh wound in the arm and is not badly injured.
    Kendrick asks to be allowed to speak to Melanie alone. Julia leaves.
    Kendrick asks Melanie what she learned from Carrie. Carrie recounts what
    happened, saying Julia interrupted just as Carrie was about to tell her
    who her mother is. She tells him she later went to the Stokes Cottage
    and asked Carrie what she saw, but Carrie claimed the vision never became
    clear and she couldn't tell who the woman was. She tells him she suspects
    that Julia had gone to the Cottage and told Carrie not to tell her.
    Kendrick tells her he'll go talk to Carrie and see what he can find out.
       As Kendrick is in the foyer about to leave Collinwood, Julia asks what
    he and Melanie talked about. He refuses to tell her.
       Gabriel, in the secret passages, hears footsteps. He hides. Morgan
    comes into view and Gabriel ambushes him. In the passage is a display of
    a knight in armor holding a sword out in front of him. Morgan and Gabriel
    fight. In the fight, Morgan accidently pushes Gabriel into the sword.
       Morgan tells Julia that Gabriel is dead.
       Kendrick goes to the Stokes Cottage and asks Carrie about her vision.
    She lies to him that the vision never became clear enough for her to
    identify Melanie's mother. Kendrick tricks her. He tells her, "I know
    that that's not true. You're only saying that because Julia came here and
    told you not to tell anyone." Carrie replies, "No. Julia never came here
    to tell me that." Kendrick remarks, "That's not what your father said!"
    Carrie stupidly replies, "But my father wasn't here when Julia came!"
    Kendrck says, "SO! Julia did come here to tell you to keep quiet! This
    must mean you DID see who Melanie's mother is. Who is she? You've got
    to tell me!"
       Having been told (during the commercial break) who Melanie's mother 
    is, Kendrick gasps, "I can't believe it!" Carrie replies, "Now you know
    why Julia didn't want her to find out." Kendrick says "Goodbye" and turns
    to leave. Carrie asks him where he's going. He replies, "I have a few
    words to say to Melanie's mother!" and leaves.
       At Collinwood, Julia tells Melanie about Gabriel. She then goes into
    drawing room. She asks Morgan, "So you've attended to everything?" 
    Morgan replies that he has, except for one thing, and asks, "Who's going
    to tell Flora?" Kendrick comes in and tells Julia he's like to speak to 
    her alone. Morgan leaves. Kendrick tells Julia, "I know the truth now,
    Miss Collins! I know who Melanie's mother is!"
       Kendrick goes to Melanie's room and tell her he's learned who her 
    mother is. Melanie asks, "And she's near here?" Kendrick replies,"Nearer
    than you could ever have believed!" Melanie asks who she is. Kendrick 
    tells her, "Wouldn't it be better if you saw for yourself? She's coming!"
    There's a knock at the door. Melanie tells Kendrick, "Go answer it, 
    please. I'm frozen. I can't move..." Kendrick goes and opens the door.
    Melanie sees who it is, and a look of shock crosses Melanie's face.
    Episode 1238
    Tape Date: March 15, 1971 (ABC #63-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 24, 1971 Wednesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Melanie's mother is Josette! She comes in and they embrace. Kendrick
    leaves to let them talk alone. Julia comes in and and begs Josette not
    to tell Melanie the truth, saying it would destroy the family, but 
    Josettes demands that she leave, saying "I'd like to talk to Melanie 
    alone!" Josette tells Melanie the truth, that she was her daughter by 
    JUSTIN, that they had had a brief affair after her husband Barnabas had 
    died, that she had tried to take her to Boston, but Justin had tracked 
    her down and isisted that the child be raised at Collinwood. 
       At the old house, Bramwell is sitting by Daphne's bed. Daphne comes 
    out of her coma. She tells him she feels very tired, like she's just 
    run a very long distance. They talk. She seems to be getting well 
       Julia goes and tells Josette and Melanie that they must not tell the
    story to anyone else, that in doing so they would hurt Flora.           
       Josette returns to the old house. Bramwell tells her about Daphne's
    miraculous recovery. He notices that there's a look of extreme sadness 
    on her face which even this good news does not change. He asks what's
    wrong, but she just bursts into tears  without telling him anything.
       Melanie tells Kendrick what she learned about her background. She
    tells him, "I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt Flora, but
    I can't continue living a lie either." Kendrick replies, "Now that we 
    know the truth, there's one thing we can do. We can get married 
       The clock in the foyer shows 11:00. Barnabas barges in, sees Julia 
    and demands, "What happened to my mother while she was here? I've never
    seen her so upset in my life!" Suddenly, Josette comes running in and
    exclaims, "Bramwell! Something terrible's happening to Daphne!" 
      Bramwell rushes back to the old house and finds that Daphne taken a 
    turn for the worse. She tells him, "Bramwell, I have something I want to
    say to you before I go. You and Catharine belong together. You have my
    blessings to be with her..." and expires.
    Episode 1239
    Tape Date: March 16, 1971 (ABC #64-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 25, 1971 Thursday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Henry Kaplan

       Catharine rushes to the old house and finds Bramwell in the living
    room. She tells him, "I heard Daphne had taken a turn for the worse. How
    is she?" Bramwell replies, "Daphne's dead. She died a few minutes ago."
    Catharine is devastated. 
       Kendrick and Melanie return to Collinwood and announce to Julia, 
    "We're married!" Noticing the look of sadness on Julia's face, they
    ask her what's wrong. She tells them Daphne has taken a turn for the
    worse. She asks them if they plan to stay at Collinwood. They reply that
    they do, temporarily. She tells them she'll have a room prepared.
    Catharine returns. Julia asks, "How's Daphne?" Catharine tells her,
    "Daphne's dead."
       Julia tells Catharine she's worried about how Morgan will react to 
    this. Catharine, puzzled, asks, "Why? He hardly knew her." Julia tells 
    her that Morgan has been acting very strangely lately since Daphne has
    become ill, blaming Bramwell for it. 
       Bramwell in in the living room of the old house, grieving. Julia 
    comes to the old house and tells him she came to give the Collins family
    condolences. He thanks her and tells her to leave, saying he'd like to 
    be alone. She tells him that's not all she came for. She tells him she
    came to ask him to leave Collinsport, saying she thinks it would be best
    if he and Morgan weren't so close together now. He refuses, saying "If
    Morgan wants to try anything, he won't be so lucky this time!"
       Catharine thanks Julia for telling her about Morgan. She tells her 
    he was furious when she told him about Daphne's death, that she could
    barely calm him down. Kendrick comes in and tells them he's just put
    Melanie to bed, that she was quite affected by Daphne's death. He tells
    them he's changed his plans, that he now plans to take her away from 
    Collinwood as soon as possible.       
       Melanie is awakened in her room by the sound of the window opening.
    Brutus' ghost appears and tells her, "The curse goes on! You will make
    them all suffer as you have before! You will be the instrument of my
       Julia tries to change Kendrick's mind about taking Melanie away, but
    is unsucessful.
       Kendrick goes upstairs to Melanie, but is surprised to find that she
    is not in bed where he left her. He calls for Julia. She comes. Suddenly,
    Melanie pops out of the shadows and attacks Kendrick, shouting, "You
    don't belong here! You're not a Collins!" They manage to disarm her and
    put her in the tower room.
       Julia and Kendrick go down into the drawing room. The clock in the
    foyer shows 12 midnight. Julia tells Kendrick, "Now you know why she
    can't leave Collinwood." Suddenly, the lights go out and a strange, 
    ghostly noise fillss the room. Kendrick gasps, "What's that?!" Brutus'
    ghost appears and announces, "Hear me! She will not be sane again until
    another Collins enters the locked room!"
    Episode 1240
    Tape Date: March 17, 1971 (ABC #65-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 26, 1971 Friday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift
        Morgan is in a room with Flora consoling her about Gabriel. Julia 
    comes in and tells them what happened, about Melanie going mad and 
    Brutus's ghost appearing and saying that they're going have to have 
    another lottery or she'll stay that way forever. Flora sadly announces 
    that they're going to have to hold another lottery late this afternoon. 
    Morgan objects, saying Quentin is away and won't be back till Monday, 
    but Flora tells him they're just going to have to hold it without him. 
       Downstairs in the drawing room, Kendrick gives his condolences to 
    Catharine about Daphne. Catharine suddenly becomes dizzy and collapses
    onto the sofa. Morgan, who has just come into the room and seen this,
    asks, "Catharine! What's wrong?" and wants to call a doctor, but she
    manages to convince him, that it's nothing, that she's just upset Daphne.
    Morgan announces that there's going to be another lottery.
       Flora tells Kendrick that she thinks it would be best if he would 
    have his marriage to Melanie annulled. Kendrick vehemently refuses.
    He tells Flora that he considers himself now a Collins and will 
    participate in the lottery, that he hopes he's chosen. He vows to end
    the curse.
       Morgan tells Catharine that she's not going to participate in the 
    lottery this time. Again, she refuses, but he tells her she needs to 
    take of Daphne's funeral and gets her to agree. 
       Kendrick and Julia are in the drawing room talking about the lottery.
    Flora comes in and starts to prepare the slips.   
       Morgan tells Catharine to promise "If I'm chosen and die in the room,
    promise not to marry Bramwell after!" Before she answers yes or no, Julia
    comes and tells them the lottery is ready.
       Flora prepares the slips and puts them into the vase. Everyone picks.
    (Only Flora, Morgan, Julia and Kendrick participate this time). Flora 
    opens her and announces, "Blank". Morgan opens his. It's blank too. 
    Kendrick remarks to Julia, "That leaves you and me." Julia fearfully
    asks, "Could you open yours first?" Kendrick does and announces, "I have
    chosen the X." 
    Episode 1241
    Tape Date: March 18, 1971 (ABC #66-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 29, 1971 Monday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift
       Bramwell comes to Collinwood and finds Kendrick alone in the drawing
    room. He asks him why he's so glum looking. Kendrick replies that there
    was another lottery held just this afternoon. Bramwell asks, "Who was
    chosen?" Kendrick replies, "I was."  Bramwell tells him, "Don't go 
    through with this madness! Take Melanie and leave!", but Kendrick tells
    him that he can't, that Melanie has gone mad and Brutus' ghost has told
    them she'll stay that way unless someone stays in the room. Catharine
    comes into the room and exclaims, "Bramwell?!  What are you doing here?"
    Kendrick excuses himself and leaves, saying he's going upstairs to see
    Melanie. Catharine begs Bramwell to leave before Morgan sees him. 
    Bramwell tells her he has something important talk to her about and
    asks her to meet him at 9:00 tonight in the gazebo. She agrees. Bramwell
    goes to the door to leave but just as he gets to the door of the drawing
    room he runs into Morgan coming in. Morgan turns to Catharine and tells
    her, "Catharine. Leave the room!" Catharine tries to calm him down but
    is unsucessful. He just tells her again, "Leave the room!" and she
    does. Morgan tells Bramwell, "You should thank Catharine. She saved your
    life. When I learned Daphne was dead, I was going to go and shoot you!"
    Bramwell replies that he finds it strange that he seems to be showing so
    much concern for Daphne now and tells him, "I don't think it's really
    Daphne you're concerned about. I think it's really because I'm your rival
    for Catharine again!" Morgan vehemently denies this and angrily orders 
    him to leave. Bramwell refuses, saying only the head of the household,
    Flora, has the right to do that. Morgan threatens to throw him out 
    physically and they start to fight, but Julia comes in and stops them.
       Kendrick goes to the tower room and tries to talk to Melanie, but 
    finds that she is still mad. When he tells her they have had another 
    lottery and he's been chosen, she tells him, "I'll rejoice when you die 
    in there!"   
       Kendrick comes out of the tower room and runs into Julia, who's on the
    way to Melanie with a tray of food. Julia remarks, "You went to see her,
    didn't you? I told you it wouldn't be any use."  He replies that he's 
    tired of the defeatist attitude all the Collins seem to have, that he's
    sure he'll be able to defeat the curse. Julia replies, "You sound like
    Catharine when she first came here, but she learned differently..."
       Morgan is in the drawing room drinking a cup of brandy. Kendrick comes
    in. Morgan asks Kendrick if he'd like a drink drink but Kendrick says no,
    saying, "I don't think it would help. He tells him, "I wish I could go 
    into the room right now! Waiting is the worst part!" Morgan tells him 
    he'll have to wait, that there isn't enough time for him to spend the 
    entire night tonight, and it's neccesary that he spend entire night.
    Kendrick says, "You know, I think I will have that drink!" and goes to
    the sideboard to pour himself one. Morgan tells him, "While you're at
    it, pour me another one." Morgan sees Catharine in the foyer, walking
    toward the front doors, dressed to go out. He goes into the foyer and
    asks her where she's going. She lies, "To the old house to see Daphne one
    last time alone before her funeral." Morgan appears to believe her and
    she leaves. Kendrick goes to Morgan to give him his drink, but Morgan
    waves him off, saying, "I've changed my mind!"
       Catharine meets Bramwell at the gazebo and asks him, "All right. What
    is it that was so important you talk to me about?" Bramwell replies, "I
    heard you fainted again!" Catharine asks him how he knows. Bramwell tells
    her, "There are some servants who are friendly with me and tell me 
    things. Catharine! You can't keep your pregnancy forever! It's goint to
    start to show soon. You've got to decide what to do! It's our child that 
    you're carrying and soon we're going to have to make a decision about 
    its future!" Unbeknownst to them, Morgan is spying on them from behind a 
    nearby tree...                         
    Episode 1242
    Tape Date: March 19, 1971 (ABC #67-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 30, 1971 Tuesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift

       Morgan returns to Collinwood and tells Kendrick, "I think I'll take
    that drink now!" Seeing the look on his face, Kendrick asks him what's
    wrong, but Morgan refuses to tell him, saying only, "Did you ever have
    the overwhelming urge to commit murder?" Kendrick leaves, saying he's
    going to see Melanie. Catharine returns to Collinwood. Morgan asks her,
    "How were things at the old house?" Catharine repies, "Fine." Morgan
    asks, "Did you see Bramwell there?" Catharine lies, "Only for a few 
    minutes. He had to leave to go somewhere."
       The next day, a small funeral is held for Daphne. Everyone goes except
    Flora, who is under doctors orders not to go. 
       The Collins return to Collinwood from the funeral. Everyone goes 
    upstairs except Morgan, who goes to the drawing room. There, he sits 
    down and writes a note.
       Morgan goes to the old house, slips the note under the door and
       Bramwell finds the note. It reads, "I know the truth now, Bramwell.
    Are you man enough to face me? Meet me in the West Wing of Collinwood
    at 5:00!" and is signed Morgan. 
       At Collinwood, Kendrick comes back downstairs, looks at the clock, 
    notes that it's 4:00 and notes that it's two more hours to go until he 
    has to go into the room and once again vows, "I WILL break the curse!" 
    Morgan returns. Kendrick notices that Morgan is in an oddly cheerful 
    mood and asks him why. Morgan refuses to tell him and leaves. Julia
    comes in. Kendrick tells her about Morgan's strange change in mood.
       At 4:10, Bramwell comes and sneaks upstairs. He goes into the West
    Wing and looks for Morgan. Morgan knocks him out with a candlestick and
    locks him in Brutus' room.
       The clock in the foyer shows 5:30. Kendrick, Julia and Catharine are
    sitting in the drawing room. Kedrick says, "Only half an hour to go! 
    I just want to get it over with!" Morgfan comes in and says,"That won't
    be necessary! Someone else has taken your place. Bramwell is in there
    right now. He's decided to stay in the room in your place." Julia, not
    believing this, exclaims, "You must've tricked him!" and demands the key.
    Morgan refuses to tell her where he hid it. Catharine runs out of the 
    room and goes to the West Wing. She goes to Brutus' room, bangs on the 
    door and shouts, "Bramwell! Bramwell!" Bramwell wakes up, sees where he
    is and calls out, "What am I doing in here? Catharine, open the door!.
    Catharine replies, "I can't. Morgan has the key. He's determined that
    you're going to spend the night in there!"
    Episode 1243
    Tape Date: March 22, 1971 (ABC #68-DRK-71)
    Air Date: March 31, 1971 Wednesday
    Writer: Gordon Russell
    Director: Lela Swift

       Catharine asks Bramwell how Morgan managed to lure him into the 
    room. Bramwell tells her about the note. He takes it out and reads it
    to her. She asks, "What could he mean by he 'knows the secret'?" Could
    he know about the child?" 
       Downstairs, Julia argues with Morgan, tryihg to get him to give her 
    the key. He refuses. She asks him, "You've always hated Bramwell. What
    has happened to cause you to do this now?" Morgan sees Catharine come
    down the stairs into the foyer, points to her and replies, "If you want
    to know, you can ask the little mother there!" Julia asks, "What do you
    mean by that? I demand an explanation!" Morgan doesn't say anything, so
    Catharine answers, "I'm going to have a baby." Julia, not getting it,
    congratulates her and Morgan but says, "I don't understand. What does
    this have to do with Bramwell?" Neither Morgan or Catharine answer. 
    Morgan takes Catharine away, saying he'd like to speak to is wife in 
    private. A funny, knowing look comes across Julia's face. Kendrick asks
    her what it is. She replies, "I know. I know why. But I'm not going to 
    tell anyone as long as I live..."     
       Kendrick asks Julia what's happening to Bramwell in the room. Julia
    replies, "No one knows what actually goes on inside. We only know that
    all who have spent the night in there come out dead or insane." Kendrick 
    asks, "Didn't Morgan take you into some secret room there once?' Julia
    replies, "Yes, but that was during the day when it's safe." A worried 
    look crosses her face and she says, "Oh no! Morgan warned me about 
    something that must not be touched! We must go warn Bramwell!"
       In Brutus' room, Bramwell is waiting in a chair, waiting for something
    to happen. He hears a ghostly wind and defiantly shouts, "Brutus? Is that
    you? Show yourself!" He hears the sound move to the edge of the room and
    disappear. Going to where he heard the sound disappear, he finds the door
    behind the curtain. He opens it and goes down into the secret room. He
    sees the two bodies. He reaches out to touch one...
       Suddenly, Bramwell hears the sound of banging on a door and someone 
    shouting his name. He goes upstairs and asks, "What is it?" From outside,
    Julia warns him, "There are two bodies down in a secret room. DON'T
    TOUCH THEM. Morgan did and was possessed." Bramwell asks her, "Who are
    they?" Julia replies, "James Fletcher and Amanda Collins."       
       In their bedroom, Morgan tells Catharine that he knows she's carrying
    Bramwell's child, that he followed her to the gazebo and overheard them
    talking. He asks her, "Why?" She begs for forgiveness, saying she did it
    during a moment of weakness before their marriage. She gets on her knees
    and begs him to let Bramwell out of the room. Morgan replies, "All right.
    If you love him that much, I will. Let's go there together!" They leave.
       Kendrick and Julia are back down in the drawing room. Kendrick notes
    that it's 8:00 and remarks, "10 more hours till sunrise!"
       Morgan and Catharine go to the Brutus' room, but instead of letting
    Bramwell out, Morgan opens the door, throws Catharine in, locks the door
    and exclaims, "Well, you have what you wanted! You and Bramwell are 
    together now, just as James and Amanda are ! And I hope you rot together 
    like James and Amanda!"

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