Dark Shadows
April 1967

          Episode 201
          Tape Date:  March 20, 1967 (ABC #66-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   April 3, 1967 Monday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   John Sedwick

             Roger comes down and complains, "Ridiculous, this time of
          night!" Elizabath asks, "What's this all about?" Burke replies,
          "You'll find out in a few minutes." Roger tells Burke, "All
          right, I'll talk about it, but Liz stays out of it", but
          Burke insists, "Liz stays in!" He goes to the door of the
          drawing room, gestures them inside and asks, "Shall we step
          inside?"  Everyone goes inside the drawing room. Burke goes
          in too and closes the doors.
             Sam recounts the story of what he saw that night. Roger
          exclaims, "He's lying! How could he see who was driving? It
          was dark. It was Burke behind the wheel!" Burke shouts,
          "That's a lie!" Roger continues, "They're conniving against
          us, conniving against the Collins family!" Burke asks, "Then
          why did you give Sam that $15,000 10 years ago?" Elizabeth
          remarks, "$15,000. That was for those paintings, wasn't it,
          Roger?" Sam remarks, "Yes, ostensibly. He wanted those paintings
          so much he threw them away!" Roger lies, "It wasn't a bribe. It
          was extortion. Sam threatened to go to the authorities and lie
          that he saw me at the wheel if I didn't give him the money."
          Burke points out the dubiousness of this, "If that were true,
          I'm sure you would've gone to the authorities yourself and had
          Sam put in jail for extortion in 2 minutes flat". Elizabeth
          tells Burke she believes him, saying, "I suppose I always
          really knew the truth. You must've waited a long time for
          this. What are you going to do?" Burke replies, "What do
          YOU want to do? You're the keeper of the Collins conscience."
          Elizabeth tells him, "Call the police if you want to". Burke
          replies, "No. I'm leaving it up to you." Roger asks Elizabeth,
          "What are you going to do?" Elizabeth replies, "Call the police".
          Roger exclaims, "LIZ!"
             Outside the foyer, Jason McGuire is eavesdropping through the
          doors. He is startled to hear a voice call, "Mr. McGuire!" He 
          turns around and sees Vicky standing there. Vicky asks, "What 
          are you doing?" McGuire lies, "Uh, there's a book in there I
          want to get. I was just waiting for the conversation to end"
          Vicky tells McGuire, "I'm looking for David. Have you seen
          him? Sometimes he likes to wander the house late at night when
          he thinks everyone's asleep". McGuire tells Vicky he hasn't
          seen David.
             Inside the drawing room, Roger whines, "Liz, I beg you!",
          but Elizabeth replies, "I'm sorry Roger", and goes to the phone.
          She picks up the receiver and starts to dial. Suddenly, Burke
          takes the receiver out of her hand and hangs it up. He asks,
          "You were really going to call the police, weren't you? Well,
          you needn't do that. I just wanted to see if you really had the
          guts to." He explains, "I've had my moment. I just wanted to
          see what it was like to have the Collins family under my 
          thumb". Elizabeth insists on calling, saying, "I don't want to
          be under your power, to have you coming up here any time you 
          feel like it to have some fun."  Burke assures her, "You don't
          have to worry about that. I'll never bring this up again, under
          one condition." He turns to Roger and says, "That you confess,
          right here, right now, in front of Liz, in front of me. I want
          to hear you say the words!" Roger pauses, then finally says,
          in a very halting voice, "I was driving the car. I hit the man.
          I killed him." Burke prompts, "And the money?" Roger continues,
          "And I gave the money to Sam to keep him quiet". Burke tells
          him, "Now one more thing: say 'I sent an innocent man to 
          prison for five years'". Roger repeats, "I sent an innocent man
          to prison for five years". Burke remarks, "At last. Now it's
          over. I thought I wanted to see you rot in prison, but a man
          like you rots wherever he is" and leaves. Sam leaves too. Roger,
          full of shame, begs Elizabeth, "Don't look at me like that. 
             Jason McGuire, talking to someone on the telephone, says,
          "I heard part of a conversation. I think Liz is going to
          call the police. We've got to get ready to move out - fast!!"
             Jason McGuire goes down into the basement and starts tampering
          with the lock on the locked door again. David comes down into 
          the basement, finds him there and asks him what he's doing.
          McGuire lies, "Miss Winters said she was looking for you and I
          was helping her". David remarks, "I wouldn't have been in there.
          No one ever goes in there, not even me, and I've been all over
          the house". McGuire asks, "What's in there, anyway?" David
          replies, "Nobody knows, and I hope no one ever finds out".
          McGuire asks, "Why?" David explains, "Because I think it's 
          fun to have a mystery". McGuire remarks, "Sometimes the facts
          are more terrible than the mystery". David asks, "What do you
          mean? Are you talking about what's in that closet?" McGuire
          replies, "No, just in general" and takes David upstairs.
             Elizabeth keeps staring balefully at Roger. Roger says,
          "I'm waiting. Go ahead. Say it. You want me to leave Collinwood,
          don't you?" Elizabeth replies, "I don't want to talk about it
          tonight". Roger begs, "Please, Liz. I have nowhere else to go.
          Please, let me stay, if not for my sake, for David's". Elizabeth 
          explodes, "Everyone makes mistakes, but you had to compound hit 
          and run with cowardice and bribery! You sent an innocent man to 
          jail for five years! I can't talk about it anymore! Please leave
          me alone!" Roger leaves. 
             Elizabeth looks out into the foyer and sees David going up 
          the stairs. She calls out, "David! Where are you doing?" 
          David replies, "Going to bed". Elizabeth goes to him and tells
          him, "You were supposed to be in bed hours ago!" David replies,
          "Oh, I was just looking around". He asks, "Aunt Elizabeth, are
          the facts sometimes more terrible than the mystery?" Elizabeth
          asks, "What do you mean?" David replies, "I saw Mr. McGuire in
          the basement. He told me that. At first I thought he was talking
          about what was in the closet, but he told me he was just talking
          in general". Elizabeth exclaims, "What?! He was in the basement?!" 
             In the study, Vicky tells Carolyn, "David's finally in bed.
          Guess who found him. Mr. McGuire". She tells Carolyn that David
          had told her he went down into the basement and found McGuire 
          there, that he claimed to be looking for him. She tells Carolyn
          she's dubious about this. She tells her she doesn't trust him,
          telling her about catching him in the foyer apparently 
          eavesdroping. Carolyn replies, "I don't trust him either".
             Elizabeth goes down into the basement and finds McGuire down
          there trying to open the lock and asks, "What are you doing? I
          don't want anyone in there, even you! I going to have to ask
          you to leave Collinwood!" McGuire replies, "Maybe I just wanted
          to pay my respects. Paul was a good friend of mine. Pity you had
          to kill him. And weren't you lucky to have a good friend like
          me around to bury him...." Elizabeth cries, "Stop it!" McGuire
          replies, "Sorry, Liz, but you made me say it. Please don't make 
          me say it again".  
          Episode 202
          Tape Date:  March 21, 1967 (ABC #67-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   April 4, 1967 Tuesday
          Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:   John Sedwick

             (First mentions of Barnabas! In the prologue, after first
          talking a bit about a stranger at Collinwood (McGuire), Vicky
          says, "But there is another stranger in Collinsport, one who
          will soon unleash a force that will affect all of us".)
             Maggie goes to the Blue Whale and sits down at a table.
          Willie Loomis, who's sitting at the bar, asks the bartender,
          "See that girl over there? I want to buy her a drink!" The 
          bartender pours a beer, brings it over to Maggie and points out 
          Willie to her. Maggie refuses the drink. When the bartender tells 
          Willie, he comes over to Maggie's table and asks, "What's the 
          matter? I just wanted to buy you a drink!" Maggie replies, "I'm
          waiting for someone". Willie sits down at Maggie's table. Maggie
          tells him, "I'd rather you not sit there". Willie explodes, 
          "Look! No one tells me where to sit or not to sit!" He starts to
          harass her. Finally, Joe shows up. Maggie, relieved, exclaims,
          "Oh, Joe!" Joe apoligizes to Maggie for being late. Willie
          complains to Joe, "Hey! You're interrupting us!" Maggie tells
          Joe, "Come on, Joe, let's move to another table". Willie retorts,
          "That won't do any good. I'll just follow you." Joe replies, 
          "No you won't". Willie asks, "You going to stop me?" Joe 
          answers, "Yes I will". Willie makes fun of Joe's clothes, 
          and tells him he's not going to let him some lowly fisherman
          from a "third-rate town" push him around. They are about to 
          come to blows when suddenly a voice calls out, "Willie!"
          It's Jason McGuire.  He comes to the table, sends Willie over
          to the bar, then apoligizes to Maggie and Joe, saying, "I'll
          see he doesn't bother you again".
             Jason goes to the bar and reprimands Willie for his actions,
          calling him a "fool". Willie asks him, "What's the name of that
          place you're staying at?" Jason replies, "Collinwood". Willie
          tells him, "Collinwood. Well, I've made up my mind I'm going
          to stay there". Jason replies, "You're not only a fool, you're
          out of your mind!" Willie complains, "You said we'd be together.
          I don't call you at Collinwood and me in that lousy little room
          together". He complains that Jason promised they'd be partners,
          complains about the inequity of their partnership, about how
          Jason seems to be getting so much more than him. Jason tugs at
          his suit jacket and replies, "This is all I have right now. What
          do you want me to do? Split it with you? Wear the jacket and 
          give you the pants? Just wait. We'll both be getting much more
          than this soon". Willie takes a crumple of bills out of his
          pocket and complains, "Well, this is all I have now". Jason
          gives him some money, saying, "Here. This'll hold you for
          awhile". Willie snorts, "That won't hold me for ten minutes!"
          Jason angrily replies, "Well, you're going to have to make it
          last". Willie continues to whine, "You're living there in that
          house. I don't see why I can't". Jason angrily tells him, "If
          you do, you'll spoil everything! Just wait a little longer.
          I've been waiting 18 years for this. All you have to do is
          wait a few more days. If you don't like it, you can leave on
          the very next bus out of here.  This is MY caper and I'm going
          to do it my way." Willie agrees to follow orders. Jason is
          somewhat dubious. Willie asks, "What's the matter, don't you
          trust me?" Jason replies, "Willie, if you were someone who
          could be trusted, you wouldn't be my partner!"  They laugh.
             Jason goes back to Collinwood. He goes into the study, looks
          around, finds a box of expensive cigars, takes one, sits down
          in armchair, and smokes the cigar, savoring each expensive puff.
          Carolyn comes in. Jason tells her, "Oh, I was just enjoying this
          exquisite cigar. It's only a little thing, but I find that it's
          the little things like this that make life worth living". Carolyn
          remarks, "They're Uncle Roger's favorites". Sitting down on the
          armchair next to Jason, she asks, "I'd like to ask you something.
          I've never met my father. I've only seen old photos of him. I've
          asked about him, but I've never got any answers. Now, you knew
          him, you've spent time with him". Jason remarks, "And you want to
          ask me about him. I don't know where he is now; the last time I
          saw him was 18 years ago. But I can tell you about him. I can
          start with his laugh. He had a deep, hearty laugh. When he found
          something really funny, he'd laugh until he had tears running
          down his cheeks. Everyone loved him. Both men, and women. I was
          really surprised when he married your mother, though. He wasn't
          really a man for marriage. I think the horizon was more attractive
          to him than any woman could possibly be." Carolyn asks, "Is that
          why he left my mother?" Jason replies, "Could be". Carolyn,
          having heard enough, excuses herself. Jason tells her, "If you
          ever want to hear any more stories about your father, just ask".
          Carolyn leaves.
             Carolyn goes out into the foyer and starts up the stairs.
          When she is about halfway up, there's a knock at the door.
          Carolyn comes back down and opens the door. It's Willie Loomis.
          He tells her, "Hello. I'm looking for a friend of mine
          who's staying here, Jason McGuire. My name is Willie Loomis."
          Jason comes out into the foyer and Willie says, "Oh, there
          he is." Jason remarks, "Hi, Willie". Willie remarks, "I've
          been thinking. I've decided to accept your invitation".
          Episode 203
          Tape Date:  March 22, 1967 (ABC #68-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   April 5, 1967 Wednesday
          Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:   John Sedwick

             Jason takes Willie into the drawing room, closes the doors,
          and asks him, "What are you doing here? I told you not to come
          here!" Willie replies, "I know what you told me, but I came here
          to help you". Jason tells him, "The only thing you can do is ruin
          things. Now get out of here and go back to your room". Willie
          replies, "I can't. I got kicked out. I didn't have enough money
          for the room. I got into an argument with the landlord and pushed
          him around a little", illustrating by making punching motions.
          He tells Jason, "I'm staying right here. You're not going to
          evict me, are you?" He looks around and remarks, "This place
          looks just like a museum. Do people really live here?" Jason
          replies, "Yes they do, people who'll never get used to someone
          like you." Willie tells Jason, "Well, talk to her. You said
          you have some kind of hold on the woman who owns this house."
          Jason gives up and tells Willie, "All right. I'll try to
          arrange it with Mrs. Johnson first. Prepare to give her some
          blarney". He warns Willie, "Now don't touch anything" and leaves.
             Jason goes out into the foyer and sees Mrs. Johnson coming 
          down the stairs. He calls her, "Oh, Mrs. Johnson", then 
          compliments her on how she's done his laundry. He remarks, "By 
          the way, you know those old shirts I have?" Mrs. Johnson asks,
          "You mean the ones with the frayed collars?" Jason replies, "Yes.
          Do you know of a charity in town I could give them to?" Mrs.
          Johnson, surprised, replies, "Yes. That's very nice of you".
          Jason tells her he'll leave them on a chair for her tomorrow,
          then remarks, "By the way, have you prepared that extra room
          Mrs. Stoddard asked you to prepare?" Mrs. Johnson replies,
          "She didn't tell me about any extra room". Jason tells her,
          "It must have slipped her mind". Mrs. Johnson asks, "Who is
          it for?" Jason replies, "I have a guest. He's going to be 
          staying here for a little while". Mrs. Johnson tells him, "In
          that case, I'll check with Mrs. Stoddard". Jason asks, "Do 
          you doubt my word, Mrs. Johnson?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "No,
          but she's my employer. I'll have to check with her first". 
          Jason tells her, "My friend, he's a nice guy. He's right 
          in the drawing room. Why don't you come in and meet him?"
          He takes her into the drawing room. Willie asks, "Are you 
          the Mrs. Johnson I've heard so much about? Mr. McGuire's told
          me a lot of nice things about you." Jason effuses, "Oh, she's
          such a great cook! The apple pie I had last night was just
          exquisite, with a nice thick slice of cheddar cheese on top!"
          Willie remarks, "That sounds good. I can't wait to have some".
          Mrs. Johnson, looking somewhat embarassed, tells Willie, "Well,
          I'm sorry, but there's not a crumb left. Your friend here made
          sure of that!" Willie remarks, "You must make your husband 
          really happy". Mrs. Johnson explains, "I'm a widow. My husband
          used to be a seamen". Willie tells her, "Well, me and Jason here
          understand what it's like to be a seaman. It must have been a 
          real comfort to him to have you to come home to". Mrs. Johnson,
          now totally flattered, goes to fix up the extra room. After
          she leaves, Willie asks Jason, "Is the food really good here?"
          Jason replies, "It's atrocious! She burns everything to death!"
          He tells Willie, "We've got her convinced, but she doesn't
          own the house. Liz does. I'll have to face her soon".
             Mrs. Johnson, going up the stairs, runs into Elizabeth, who's
          coming downm, and tells her, "Oh, Mrs. Stoddard, I was just going
          up to prepare that extra room like you asked." Elizabeth, puzzled,
          asks, "What?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "It's for Mr. Loomis, that
          friend of Mr. McGuire's who's going to be staying here. Mr. 
          McGuire told me he told you." 
             Elizabeth goes into the drawing room and tells Jason, "Jason,
          I want to talk to you!" Jason tells Willie, "There's a study down
          the hall. Why don't you go there while we talk?" Willie leaves.
          Elizabeth asks Jason, "Who is this man?" Jason answers, "He's 
          to me what Paul used to be, my best friend". Elizabeth asks, 
          "What's he doing here?" Jason tells her, "Just passing by."
          Elizabeth sarcastically remarks, "Just the way you're just
          passing by, I suppose". Jason asks, "Didn't I mention him to
          you a few days ago?" Elizabeth replies, "No you didn't". Jason
          tells her, "I took it upon myself to invite him to stay here.
          I didn't think you'd mind." Elizabeth explodes, "How dare you!" 
          Jason calmly tells her, "I want him to stay, Liz, and you know 
          what, I want YOU to want him to stay" Elizabeth angrily replies, 
          "I want him out of here!" Jason tells her, "Why don't we go 
          downstairs to the closet and talk about this? Let's see you
          tell me what I can and cannot do knowing what's in that closet!" 
             Vicky goes into the study and, surprised to see Willie in 
          there, says, "Oh, hello. I just wanted to get a book". Willie
          remarks, "You're Miss Winters, Miss Vicky Winters, the governess".
          Vicky asks, "How did you know?" WIllie replies, "I saw you at
          the Blue Whale the other night. I had to find out who you were,
          and I did. We'll be seeing a lot more of each other. I'm going
          to be staying here." Vicky is shocked. She selects a book and
          starts to leave, but Willie bars her way. Vicky says, "Excuse
          me", but Willie replies, "Oh, don't go" and, hlocking her way,
          refuses to let her leave and starts to harass her. Elizabeth
          comes into the room, sees this and shouts, "Leave her alone!"
          Jason comes in and asks, "What's going on in here?" Elizabeth
          replies, "Your friend was annoying Vicky". Willie protests,
         "I didn't touch her! I was just talking to her!" Jason asks
         Vicky, "Did he do anything to you?" Vicky admits that Willie
         had not touched her, that he was just talking. Jason remarks,
         "Well, I guess we don't really have any problem here" and leaves,
         taking Willie with him.
             Vicky asks Elizabeth, "Mrs. Stoddard, who ARE these men?"
          Elizabeth replies, "My guests". Vicky asks, "But why are you 
          letting men like them stay here?" Elizabeth replies, "I've told
          you. They're my guests. Now please don't ask me any more 
          questions!" and leaves, leaving Vicky standing there puzzled.
          Episode 204
          Tape Date:  March 24, 1967 (ABC #69-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   April 6, 1967 Thursday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   John Sedwick

             It is the next morning. Vicky and Carolyn go into the 
          dining room to have their morning coffee. Carolyn asks Vicky,
          "Who was that strange man who came here last night? Vicky 
          replies, "A friend of Mr. McGuire's. Mrs. Stoddard is letting
          him stay here." Vicky tells Carolyn about Willie harassing
          her last night. Carolyn asks, "Does Mother know about this?
          Vicky replies that she does. Carolyn asks, "And she didn't kick
          him out?" Vicky replies, "No." Carolyn is shocked. She remarks,
          "Mother's been acting very strangely lately. It's as if she
          no longer has a mind of her own. It almost seems as if this
          Jason McGuire has some hold over her..." She tells Vicky, "You
          seem afraid of this Willy Loomis". Vicky replies "I am, but it
          wasn't because of what happened last night. He was insulting and
          insinuating last night, but that's not why I'm frightened of
          him. It's because of something I saw the other day at the
          Blue Whale. Willie was there. An old man accidently brushed
          against him. It was nothing, but Willie exploded. He was ready 
          to attack the man and would have if Mr. McGuire hadn't stopped
          him. I'll never forget the look on his face. He looked like a
          man capable of murder". 
             Roger is in the drawing room going through his mail. Willie
          wakes up, comes out of the bedroom hallway, comes downstairs
          and goes into the drawing room. He introduces himself to 
          Roger. Roger, shocked to find that Elizabeth is letting yet
          ANOTHER guest stay at Collinwood, remarks, "Maybe we should have
          a revolving door installed for all of Mr. McGuire's friends",
          excuses himself and leaves.
             After speaking to Elizabeth, Roger goes into the dining 
          room and exasperatedly remarks to Carolyn, "I just don't 
          understand your mother! I asked her about this Willie fellow.
          She told me that she was allowing him to stay here, and that's
          that. When I asked her why she was letting him stay here, she
          got angry and told me that if I didn't like it, I could leave."
          Willie comes into the room. Roger, who's apparently already
          developed a great dislike for him, excuses himself and leaves.
          Vicky and Carolyn also excuse themselves and prepare to leave,
          but Willie orders, "Wait!" He tells them, "I want breakfast. 
          I want YOU to get me my breakfast". He remarks, "I like company 
          with my breakfast." He orders Carolyn, "Sit down!" He tells Vicky,
          "Two eggs, over easy. Toast, and a steak. I'm really hungry
          this morning". Vicky leaves, saying, "I'll go tell Mrs. Johnson"
             Willie stares at Carolyn. Carolyn sits there nervously with
          her eyes averted. Willie asks, "What do you do for action around
          here, kicks?" He tells her, "I'm a man who knows what I like and
          I like what I see..."
             Later, Vicky is sitting with Burke Devlin at a table at the
          Blue Whale. Vicky tells him about Willie. Burke is shocked. 
          Vicky tells him, "Carolyn is afraid of him, and so am I".
          Burke volunteers to "take care of the punk", but Vicky asks
          him not to get involved. Burke notices that a strange expression
          has suddenly appeared on Vicky's face and asks, "What's the
          matter?" Vicky replies, "Over there. There he is". Burke looks 
          over toward the door. Willie's just come in. Burke remarks,
          "I think I'll go have a talk with him", but Vicky begs, "Please,
          Burke, no." and manages to talk him out of it. Willie comes over
          to the table and starts to talk to Vicky. Burke tells him, 
          sternly, "The lady's having dinner". Willie asks, "Who are you?"
          Burke replies, "Burke Devlin". Willie replies, "I've heard of
          you. You some kind of big shot around here, aren't you?" Burke
          replies, "Yes, and I've heard about you, too. You're staying
          at Collinwood, aren't you? Well, I have some advice to give you.
          There are three ladies living at Collinwood. You'd better treat
          them right!" Willie angily replies, "I don't take advice". Burke
          tells him, "Well, you'd better take this advice". Willie 
          remarks, "Big man, eh? You might be a big man in this hick town.
          You might be able to order the local yokels around, but you 
          can't tell ME what to do!" Burke remarks, "We'll see". Willie
          asks, "You gonna make me?" Burke stands up and says, "Yes". 
          Willie and Burke almost come to blows, but Vicky stops them. 
          She asks Willie, "Can't you just go?" Willie replies, "Why not?
          Things are starting to get boring around here" and leaves.
               Carolyn is in the drawing room at Collinwood, sitting at
          the desk writing some letters. She hears the fron door and
          calls out, "Vicky?" But it is not Vicky who comes walking into
          the room. It is Willie. Carolyn remarks, "I thought you were
          going out tonight". Willie replies, "I got bored and came back".
          Carolyn gathers her things, gets up, says, "Good night" and
          prepares to leave. Willie asks, "Where are you going?" Carolyn
          replies, "Up to bed. It's late".  Willie protests, "It's not
          THAT late." He bars her way and asks, "How about a nightcap?"
          Carolyn asks, "Why don't you get one yourself?" She gestures
          toward the liquor cabinet and tells him, "The liquor's right
          there". Willie replies, "I want YOU to fix me one". Carolyn
          replies, "All right",  pours him a brandy and gives it to him.
          Willie downs it with a gulp. Carolyn tries to leave, but Willie
          still refuses to let her do so. He tells her, "I like you.
          You're blond. I like blonds". He strokes her hair. Carolyn pulls
          away from him and exclaims, "NEVER TOUCH ME AGAIN! YOU DISGUST
          ME! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Willie asks, "And if I don't?" He closes
          the drawing room doors, and starts to walk towards Carolyn.
          Frightened, she backs away from him, stoping when she reaches
          the desk. She orders, "Leave me alone!" Willie asks, "Why should
          I?" Carolyn opens a drawer, pulls out a gun and points it at him.
          She tells him, "It's my Uncle Roger's gun and it's loaded! If
          you don't leave me alone, I'll blow your head off! Get out of
          here or I'll shoot!" Willie holds up his hands and tells Carolyn,
          "Don't get excited, little lady" and leaves, going upstairs.
          Episode 205
          Tape Date:  March 23, 1967 (ABC #70-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   April 7, 1967 Friday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   John Sedwick

             The next morning, Carolyn goes into the drawing room, opens
          the desk drawer again, and looks at it. Elizabeth comes into
          the room. Carolyn quickly hides the gun behind her back.
          Elizabeth says, "Good morning", then, noticing that something
          seems wrond with Carolyn asks, "Something wrong? You're as
          white as a sheet. What's that you have behind your back. Show
          it to me". Carolyn does. Elizabeth exclaims, "It's Roger's
          gun! What are you doing with that?" Carolyn tells her, "Last
          night, I almost used it. I almost killed a man." Elizabeth
          asks, "Who?!" Carolyn replies, "Mr. McGuire's friend Willie".
          She recounts to Elizabeth what happened last night. Elizabeth
          comforts Carolyn and assures her, "I'll make sure it never
          happens again!".
             Jason is in the study reading the morning paper. Elizabeth
          comes in and angrily announces, "I want your friend to leave
          this house immediately! He tried to attack Carolyn last night!"
          Jasons says, "Oh, there must have been some misunderstanding",
          but Elizabeth tells him, "There was no misunderstanding. She
          had to threaten him with a gun to get him to leave her alone."
          Jason promises, "I'll speak to him". Elizabeth replies, 
          "You'll do more than just talk to him. You'll tell him to
          leave!" Jason asks, "And if I don't?" Elizabeth replies,
          "I'll go to the police, then". Jason asks, "You'd really 
          go that far?" Elizabeth replies, "Yes. I'd do anything to
          protect Carolyn". Jason remarks, "You'd have a few things
          to explain if you go to the police. Like what your husband's
          body is doing buried under the closet floor downstairs". 
          Elizabeth tells him, "Nevertheless, I'll still call them.
          Carolyn's safety is more important to me than anything 
          else, including my own life". Jason, convinced she's serious
          about calling the police, tells her, "OK, I'll tell him to
          leave. But it'll take time to deal with him, a few days to
          a week maybe". Elizabeth tells him, "No. Not in a week. I
          want him out TODAY". Jason replies, "Liz, Willie is a 
          difficult man to deal with. It'll take a few days. He could
          cause a lot of trouble for both me and you" He assures 
          Elizabeth that he'll make sure Willie won't bother 
          Carolyn or Vicky in those few days. Elizabeth asks, "Can I
          trust you?" Jason replies, "You trusted me once before. Did
          I let you down?" Elizabeth admits that he didn't.
             Willie comes downstairs. In the foyer, he sees Carolyn
          in the drawing room alone. She is looking at the fire, her
          back to him. Seeing her turn, Willie quickly hides to the side
          of the door. Carolyn comes out of the drawing room. Willie
          jumps out at her and exclaims, "Good morning!", startling
          Carolyn. He starts to bother her again, saying, "You should
          be nicer to me. I'm a houseguest here". Carolyn shouts,
          "PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!" Willie is startled to hear Elizabeth's 
          voice echo, "That's right! Leave her alone!" Willie looks over
          toward the door under the stairs and sees Elizabeth and 
          Jason standing there. Elizabeth comes over and asks Carolyn,
          "Will you excuses us?" After Carolyn leaves, Elizabeth tells  
          Willie, "Leave my daugher alone!" Willie tries to lie, "I
          was just talking to her last night, that's all..", but Elizabeth
          rebuts, "Then why did she feel it necessary to protect herself
          with a gun?" She announces, with finality, "Leave Carolyn
          alone or I'll call the police!" and leaves. 
             Jason takes Willie into the drawing room and reprimands him,
          "You idiot! You stupid idiot! You know what you almost did?
          You almost ruined the whole thing! She's serious about calling
          the police, and if she does, we're both dead!" He orders 
          Willie, "Leave Carolyn and Vicky alone!". He tells him, "Just
          wait a little. We have the chance to make a big bundle here!"
          Willie looks at the portrait above the mantel and asks, 
          "How rich is this family?" Jason replies, "They're worth
          millions and millions of dollars!"
             Elizabeth goes to Carolyn and tells her, "Willie Loomis won't
          be bothering you anymore". Carolyn asks, "When's he leaving?"
          Elizabeth replies, "In a few days to week". Carolyn, shocked,
          exclaims, "A few days to a week?! I'd think you'd ask him to
          leave TODAY after what he did!" Elizabeth tells her, "I couldn't
          ask him to leave on such short notice. He's a friend of Jason's"
          Carolyn asks, "Why not? Is Jason McGuire THAT good a friend that
          you'd let someone like Willie stay here a whole week?" Elizabeth
          replies, "Yes he is. He helped me a great deal when your father
          walked out on us". Carolyn protests, "It seems more like
          he has some kind of hold over you!" Elizabeth denies this.
          Carolyn tells her, "All right, If that's what you say. But
          some day, I'm going to find out the truth!"
             David goes into the drawing room and finds Willie and Jason
          looking at the portraits in the drawing room. Happy to be of
          help, he tells them about the portraits, "That one's of Isaac
          Collins. He founded the town. And that one, that's my  
          my great great grandfather, Jeremiah Collins. He was married 
          to Josette. Her picture's in the old house." Jason, bored, 
          tells Wilie, "I'm going into town. Want to come with me?" 
          Willie replies, "No". Jason leaves. David tells Willie, "We've 
          got lots of pictures. Want to see another one?" He takes Willie 
          out into the foyer and points out the portrait of a dark haired
          man on the wall to the right of the front doors. He explains,
          "That's Barnabas Collins. He went to England and died there".
          Willie, noticing the ring the man in the picture is wearing,
          remarks, "That's some ring!" David tell him, "Oh, we have lots of
          jewelry like that around. They call them 'family heirlooms'".
          Carolyn appears on the landing and tells David, "David! Vicky's
          looking for you!" David goes upstairs with Carolyn. Willie
          continues to stare at the ring in the portrait, greed in
          his eyes. He thinks to himself, "I'd like to get my hands on
          some jewelry like that. I'd grab them and run. All Jason
          can say is wait, wait. I'm sick of waiting around this house,
          waiting. Oh, what's the use. I think I'll go get something
          to drink". He goes out the front doors, presumably to go
          to the Blue Whale. 
             The sound of a heartbeats start to come from the portrait,
          and the eyes light up, as if alive....
          Pre-empted Monday, April 10, 1967 due to strike by American
          Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
	    "The Man Who Never Was" shown in its place. (ABC #71-DRK-67)
          Episode 206
          Tape Date:  March 27, 1967 (ABC #72-DRK-67)*
          Air Date:   April 11, 1967 Tuesday*
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   Lela Swift

            (The Part of Willie Loomis will be played by John Karlen...)
             Elizabeth is in her bedroom buffing her nails. Vicky is in
          there with her, telling her about David's progress. Vicky
          tells her, "Mrs. Stoddard, I think David's progressed past 
          his reading text. I think it would be best now if I let him
          choose books he's interested in to read. I think he'll progress
          faster that way", but she notices that Elizabeth doesn't seem
          to paying much attention to what she's saying. She asks, "Mrs.
          Stoddard, is there anything I can do?" Elizabeth asks, "About
          what?" Vicky replies, "You seem to be worried about something".
          Elizabeth denies that she's worried, saying, "I'm fine. You're
          the one who looks worried". Vicky tells her, "No, I'm not
          worried. I'm frightened". She tells Elizabeth that she's 
          frightened of Willie, especially after what happenedd with
          Carolyn. Elizabeth assures her, "I've already talked to Jason
          and he's assured me it will never happen again", but Vicky
          tells her, "No, Mrs. Stoddard, it's not only that, I'm frightened
          for YOU. I'm afraid you're in some kind of trouble". Elizabeth
          angrily denies that she is.  
             Down in the foyer, Willie is looking at the portrait of 
          Barnabas. Mrs. Johnson is busy dusting the bannister. Willie
          remarks, "You know, I saw someone who looked just like this
          in New York. Only, he was a beatnik and wasn't dressed so
          fancy". Mrs Johnson warns him, "You'd better not let Mr. Roger
          hear you comparing his ancestor to a beatnik!" Mrs. Johnson
          goes on to dust the grandfather clock. Willie starts to comment
          on the jewelry the man in the portrait is wearing. He asks
          Mrs. Johnson, "I'll bet they still have that ring and that pin."
          He tells her he's heard about the famous Collins jewels and asks 
          if she's ever seen them, but Mrs. Johnson, getting suspicious, 
          tells him, "I don't know anything, and if you're smart, you'll
          get your mind off rings and jewels".
             Vicky is in Burke's hotel room. Burke, holding some clothing
          belonging to David, asks, "You want me to put these in a bag?
          I forgot I had them in my car. I found them when I was having
          my tires rotated. David really enjoyed that fishing trip. You 
          should have seen his face when that plane landed on that lake!..". 
          He sees that Vicky isn't listening and seems to be preoccupied. 
          Thinking he knows what the problem is, he asks, "Tell me what
          he did, that creep Willie!" Vicky answers, "Nothing", but Burke,
          not believing her, continues to press her on it and finallly
          Vicky blurts out, "Carolyn had to use a gun to keep Willie
          away!" Burke is shocked and tells Vicky, "There's only one
          thing for you to do. Tell Liz". Vicky tells him, "She already
          knows about it". Burke remarks, "She gave Willie his walking
          papers, didn't she?" Vicky tells him, "No, she just talked
          to Mr. McGuire about it". Burke is shocked. He exclaims,
          "What's going on up there, Vicky?" He pauses for a few
          seconds, then says, "Come on. Let's go". Vicky asks, "Where?"
          Burke replies, "To Collinwood. I'm going to see Liz. It sounds
          to me like she's caught up in something and I want to help".
          Vicky asks, "I thought you and Mrs. Stoddard were enemies".
          Burke replies, "We are". Vicky asks, "Then why do you want to 
          help her?" Burke replies, "If anyone's going to bring her
          down, I want it to be me!" 
             At Collinwood, Burke having told her he wants to help her,
          Elizabeth tells him, "I have no intention of finishing this
          discussion!" Vicky remarks, "He's only trying to help!",
          but Elizabeth angrily admonishes her, "You had to go to
          Burke with this, didn't you?" Burke defends Vicky, "She didn't
          come to me to tell me about this. I had to drag it out of her.
          Now I'm going to say what I came here to say. You have a 
          very dangerous man in this house." Elizabeth tells him, "Now 
          that you've said it, Goodbye!" Burke tells her, "You need
          help". Elizabeth asks, "Why would you want to help me? You 
          hate me". Burke tells her, "I don't hate you. I hate the
          Collins Family and all it stands for". Elizabeth tells him
          firmly, "I repeat. I don't need help". Burke, exasperated,
          says, "OK. I tried". Elizabeth thanks him for offering to 
          help. Burke, surprised at the sincerity in her voice, 
          asks, "You really mean that, don't you?" Elizabeth replies, 
             Vicky walks into the foyer. Willie, who's just come down the 
          stairs into the foyer, starts to harass her again. Burke comes
          out into the foyer and tells him to stop. Willie snidely
          remarks, "It's the Big Man!" Elizabeth comes out into the 
          foyer to see what's going on. Burke tells Willie, "Stay
          away from Miss Winters. Far, far away". Elizabeth begs,
          "Willie, please leave". Willie remarks to Burke, "Good thing
          for you these ladies are here or I'd..." Burke, furious,
          grabs Willie by the lapels, whirls him around and slams him
          against the grandfather clock. Elizabeth shouts, "Burke! Let
          go of him". Burke does so, reluctantly. Willie brushes himself
          off and walks away, an angry look on his face. 
             Burke asks Elizabeth, "You still maintain that you don't
          need any help after seeing that?" Elizabeth replies, "All I saw
          was two men with terrible tempers". Burke asks, "Did you see 
          what he was doing to Vicky? Do you call that nothing? Pride, 
          is that what it is? Are you refusing my help because of your 
          pride?" Elizabeth denies this and again repeats, "I don't need 
          any help". Burke continues, "Please, Liz. If not for your sake, 
          then for the sake of the girls. What's wrong? Do those men have 
          some kind of hold on you or something?" Elizabeth, now getting 
          very distraught, shouts, "NO! NO! I've already told you. I don't 
          need any help!" and runs off. 
* This episode was originally slated as #71-DRK-67 to air Monday, April 10th,
but was pushed back one day due to the AFTRA strike.
          Episode 207
          Tape Date:  March 28, 1967 (ABC #73-DRK-67)*
          Air Date:   April 12, 1967 Wednesday*
          Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Willie and Jason are drinking at the bar of the Blue Whale.
           Wille thanks Jason for buying him drinks, but then complains,
           "When am I going to be able to buy YOU drinks. When am I going
           to get some money? I'm tired of waiting". Jason retorts, "It's
           YOUR fault it's taking so long. If you hadn't come to stay
           at Collinwood and messed things up, I'd have the money by now"
           Willie, not liking this remark, angrily says, "I'm tired of
           waiting. I'm tired of being blamed. If I don't see some dough
           soon, I'LL show you how to get some!" Jason tries to satisfy
           him. He takes his wallet out and gives all the money in it
           to Willie, but Willie snidely remarks, "How long do you think
           THIS will last me?" He sees something and remarks, "Well, well,
           here come some of the local heroes." Jason looks and see that
           Maggie, Sam and Joe have come in and sat down at one of the
           tables. He warns Willie, "Don't cause any trouble..."
              At the table, Maggie tells Sam and Joe, "Look..." They
           do and see Jason and Willie at the bar. Sam, who's never seen
           them before, asks, "Who are they?" Maggie tells him, "Friends
           of the Collins Family. One of them seems OK, but the other..."
              Jason warns Willie, "I don't want see you tangling with
           anyone." Willie replies, "I won't, but I won't let anyone 
           push me around, either". Jason tells him, "Willie, you've got
           to learn to get along with people". Willie replies, "There's
           only one guy around here I really don't get along with. Burke
           Devlin. We came close to tangling a couple of times already.
           Sooner or later, we're going to have it out". Suddenly,
           Willie remarks, "Well, well. Look who just stepped in". 
           Jason looks over at the entrance. Standing there is Burke
           Devlin, staring at Willie. Willie complains, "Look at him,
           just staring at me. I'll stare him down, if that's what he
           wants". Willie stares back at Burke. Jason tells Willie,
           "C'mon! We don't want to make an enemy. Turn away, Willie,
           turn away!" Willie does so, reluctantly. 
              Burke goes down and sits down at the table with Joe, 
           Maggie and Sam. He warns them about Willie. Joe tells him,
           "I already know about him. We've already tangled. He was
           annoying Maggie". Burke remarks, "I don't know know how
           Mrs. Stoddard could let him stay at Collinwood with the
           girls there. I offered my help, but she refused it". 
              Jason tells Willie, "We want that man as a friend, Willie.
           He did five years". Willie, surprised, says, "You mean he's
           an ex-con? He walks around here like he owns the place and he
           did a stretch?! Well, it just goes to show you, you can never
           tell about people!" Jason continues, "He has a lot of
           money now. He's an important man around here". 
              Jason goes to Burke and asks, "Can I talk to you privately?"
           Bure replies, "Sure". They go and sit down at another table.  
           Jason asks, "Let me buy you a drink. What do you want?" Burke
           answers, "Bourbon". Jason tells the bartender, "Two bourbons,
           pleae". Jason tells Burke, "I want to talk to you about my 
           friend". Burke tells Jason what he thinks of his friend,  
           "He's the worst creep that's crawled out from under a rock 
           in a long time. If he lets out another peep, I'm going to wipe 
           the streets with him!"
              Meanwhile, Willie goes over to Sam, who's gone to the bar,
           and tells him he wants to buy him a drink. Sam asks, "Why?"
           Willie replies, "I haven't had much luck making friends in
           this town and I thought I'd give it one last try". Sam
           tells him, "Well, you've come to the right person. I'm the
           friendliest person in town!" Willie tells the bartender,
           "Give the man another of whatever he's having on me!"
              At the table, Joe gestures over to the bar with his head
           and tells Maggie, "Looks like your father's in good company".
           Maggie groans, "Oh, no", but Joe reassures her, "Don't worry.
           That creep only bothers girls". 
              Jason having told him some sob story about Willie's childhood,
           Burke sarcastically remarks, "OK, his mother hated him and he
           had to have his security blanket until he was 19. So what?"
           Jason tries to convince him, "Basically, he's a nice guy..",
           but Burke doesn't seem to be buying it. Instead, he remarks,
           "You seem to have the run of the house at Collinwood. Let me
           tells you something. I like those people up there. I'm worried
           about them". Jason interrupts him, "I don't know what you're
           talking about".
              Sam and Willie are still talking. Sam apparently having told
           him his profession,  Willie remarks, "No kidding! You're an
           artist? You make a lot of money?" Sam replies, "Just enough
           to get by on". Willie asks, a leering look in his eyes, "You
           ever paint girls? What I mean is, you ever have models?" Sam,
           not liking this, gets upset and asks, "Look, can we change the
              At the table, Joe tells Maggie, "A boat's going to be coming
           in soon. I've got to go and do something there. I'll be back" 
           and leaves. 
              Willie continues to bug Sam, "Come on, tell me about the
           models." Sam angrily tells him, "I don't use models, I tell
           you!", but Willie keeps harassing him about it. Maggie, seeing
           this, comes to the bar and tells Sam, "Come on, Pop. It's time
           to go". Willie remarks, "I get it. You don't want me to talk
           to him, that it?" He asks Sam, "So this is your daughter, eh?"
           He looks leeringly at Maggie and asks, "She ever model for you?
           She has the figure for it". This really angers Sam and he
           exclaims, "SHUT UP!". Suddenly, Wilie hears a voice from behing
           shout, "If you have something to say, say it to me!" He turns
           and sees Burke standing there. Burke tells him, "In ten seconds,
           you're going to be gone!" Willie asks, "And who's going to send
           me away?" Burke replies, "I am". Jason comes and tries to get
           them apart, but Willie just pushes him away. Burke tells Willie,
           "Now there's the door. Are you going to go out or do you want
           to be carried out?" Willie laughingly exclaims, "Now that's
           my boy! You talking just like an ex-con now!" Burke, infuriated,
           slaps and backhands him. Willie, now equally infuriated, pulls
           a knife out of his jacket pocket and opens it. The bartender
           tries to stop them, but Burke just pushes him away, saying,
           "I can handle this!"
              Burke and Willie circle. Willie lunges, thrusting the knife
           at Burke. Burke intercepts his hand, grabbing Willie's wrist.
           He twists it, forcing Willie to drop the knife, then pounds
           Willie with two tremendous blows, knocking him down. Someone
           asks Burke, "Are you all right?", a really stupid question.
           Burke shouts at Jason, "Get him out of here! Get your buddy
           out of town, quick, or I'll have to do something about him!" 
              Jason and Willie are outside. Willie is nursing his sore
           jaw. He growls, "I'm going to kill him. I swear I'm going to
           kill him!" Jason tries to calm him, down, "Sure, Willie, sure.
           But wait until after I've got the money. That makes sense,
           doesn't it?" Willie admits it does. He grumbles, "I'd better
           get a lot of dough out of this". Jason assures him, "You
           will, Willie, you will".
* This episode was originally slated as #72-DRK-67 to air Tuesday April 11th,
but was pushed back one day due to the AFTRA strike.
           Episode 208
           Tape Date:  April 11, 1967 (ABC #74-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 13, 1967 Thursday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   Lela Swift

              It is the next morning.  Willie Loomis walks down the
           stairs into the fower and looks at the portrait again.
           Elizabeth is inside the drawing room.  Jason enters and
           says, "Good Morning". Elizabeth tells Jason that she's heard
           about the fight between Burke and Willie and announces, "I want
           your friend out of Collinsport!  I said it and I mean it!".
           Jason grumbles, "I'm not used to following orders".  Elizabeth
           continues, "I don't care!  He must leave Collinwood as soon as
           possible!"  Jason surprises her, "I agree completely!  As far
           as I'm concerned, he's no fried of mine!".  Elizabeth, surprised,
           says, "What?"  Jason continues, "Willie will very soon be out
           of Collinwood and out of Collinsport".  Elizabeth remarks, "Well
           then, I consider the matter settled", but Jason tells her, "I'm
           afraid the matter's not settled.  If Willie leaves, he must have
           money to leave".  Elizebeth gets the hint but says, "If you want
           me to give your friend money, the answer is no!".  Jason continues,
           "Willie can't get from here to there without money. Now since it
           is you who wants him to leave, I think it's just fair that you
           give him the money to do so".  Elizabeth agrees, "I'll give him
           bus fare to Bangor", but Jason says, "You'll have to give him
           more than that to make up for his inconvience.  One thousand
           dollars".  Elizebeth refuses, "He won't get it!  I won't get
           involved in anything so sordid!"  Jason reminds her, "But you
           already have".  Suddenly, the clasp to Elizabeth's brooch
           breaks.  Jason picks it up and examines it.  Elizabeth demands,
           "My brooch, please!".  Jason hands it to her.  Jason tells
           her, "I insist that you give Willie $1000".  Elizabeth replies,
           "Insist all you like.  He's not getting the money".  Jason
           retorts, "Then Willie's not leaving Collinwood".  Eliazabth
           threatens, "Then I'll call the police!".  Jason confidently
           remarks, "You won't do that", but Elizabeth tells him, "Yes
           I will.  That man is a threat to my family.  There comes a time
           when I've got to stop thinking about myself".  Jason tries to
           haggle, "$500, then".  Elizabeth defiantly says, "No!".  Jason
           reasons, "That's a small price to get rid of an inconvenience.
           Liz, you're a businesswoman.  Think of this as a cost/benefit
           analysis.  Think of the benefit you'll get for the cost".
           Elizabeth asks, "$500 and he'll be gone?"  Jason assures her,
           "Yes".  Elizabeth thinks about it then reluctantly agrees to $500.
           Jason tells her, "You're being very sensible", but Elizabeth,
           replies, "Am I?", a look of doubt on her fact.
              Later, Elizabeth having left the room, Willie and Jason
           are in the drawing room drinking coffee.  Willie is grumbling
           about the fight, vowing. "I'm going to kill Burke Devlin", but
           Jason tells him, "No.  Liz is going to give you $500 to leave
           Collinsport.  You're going to take it and leave here as soon
           as possible".  Willie grumbles, "Only $500?"  Jason reminds him,
           "It's a lot more than you have now".  Willie retorts, "But it's
           a lot less than I expected get" and refuses, saying he'd rather
           stay and deal with Burke Devlin.  They argue about this.  Willie
           happens to see Elizabeth's brooch lying on the table.  Suddenly,
           he agrees with Jason that it would be best if he took the money
           and left town.  Jason leaves.  Willie pockets the brooch.
              Some time later, David is alone in the drawing room, lying
           on his stomach on the couch reading a book.  Elizabeth comes in
           and starts to look around the room.  David asks, "Lose something?"
           Elizabeth replies, "I'm not sure".  David asks, "What are you
           looking for?"  Elizabeth tells him, "You know that yellow brooch
           with the diamonds?"  David asks, "You mean that one your great-
           grandmother gave you for your eighteenth birthday?"  Elizabeth
           replies, "Yes, that's the one.  Have you seen it?"  David
           tells her, "The last time I saw it was when you wore it on
           your birthday".  Elizabeth explains, "I had it on this morning
           and the clasp broke".  David asks, "You mean you could have
           lost it anywhere?"  Elizabeth replies, "I'm sure I lost it in
           here somewhere".  They both look for it.  Suddenly, Elizabeth
           remembers something and says, "Never mind, David.  I think I
           know where it is.  In fact, I'm sure I do!" and leaves.  David
           lies back on the couch and goes back to his book.
           Jason is in the study.  He selects a book from the bookcase
           and sits down on one of the confortable chairs next to the
           fireplace.  Elizabeth comes storming into the room and announces,
           "May I barge in, please?"  Jason asks, "I beg your pardon?"
           Elizabeth demands, "My brooch, give it back to me!".  Jason
           reminds her, "But I gave it back to you, and you put it on the
           table".  Elizabeth says, "You know very well it isn't on the
           table anymore".  Jason insists, "I don't have it!", but Elizabeth
           says, "Then I'm sure you know where it is!  If it really is
           missing, I'm going to have to call the insurance company,
           and they'll send investigators, and I'm sure you wouldn't want
           that!".  Jason promises to try to find the brooch.
              Willie is sitting at the kitchen table, spooning sugar into
           his coffee.  Jason comes into the room and asks, "Where is it?"
           Willie replies, "I was about to ask the same question of YOU.
           I was going to ask you about the money".  Jason tells her,
           "I'm asking you about Mrs. Stoddard's pin!"  Willie lies, "I don't
           know what you're talking about".  Jason demands, "Stand up!".
           Willie defiantly asks, "Where's the five?"  Jason angrilly
           says, "I'll count to five, and I'll tell Mrs. Stoddard I found
           the pin and where the police can find it!  One...Two...Three...
           Four..."  Willie again lies, "I don't have it!".  Jason
           continues, "I mean it, Willie!".  Willie reluctantly takes the
           brooch out of his shirt pocket and gives it to Jason.  He mutters,
           "I only wanted it because it's so pretty", but Jason says, "You
           wanted it because it's worth a fortune!  How many times have I
           told you that there's a right way and a wrong way to steal
           money?  The wrong way is to steal something that'll be notice
           missing in five minutes!"  Willie tries to explain, "I thought
           I'd be gone before she missed it", but Jason continues, "Even
           if you were, the insurance investigators would have tracked
           you down!  Willie, if you want to steal something, steal
           something that won't be missed!".  He reminds him, "Now, you're
           leaving, remember!"  Jason grumbles that he'll have to try
           to convince Elizabeth that he found the brooch and leaves.
           Willie leaves too.
              Jason goes to the drawing room and proceeds to get on his
           hands and knees and pretends to search for the brooch.  Elizabeth
           comes walking in and says, "You know that's a waste of time.
           You know perfectly well where it is".  Jason pretends to find
           it, holds it up and announces, "Ah, here it is!".  Elizabeth
           says, "You put it there!  David and already looked and it
           didn't find anything there".  Jason says, "Maybe I have sharper
           eyes", but Elizabeth tells him, "I'm calling the police!".
           Jason argues her out of this, reminding her of what could happen
           if she did, telling her she wouldn't want that to happen, if
           not for her sake, for Carolyn and David's.  He adds, "Once
           Willie's gone, everything's going to be better".  Elizabeth
           agrees not to call the police.
           Willie enters the study with David.  David asks, "You really
           sure you want to see pictures of my ancestors?"  Willie replies,
           "You said you'd show them to me".  David happily says, "OK",
           goes to the bookshelf, points at the top shelf and says,
           "Get that one for me".  Willie reaches up and pulls out a large
           old volume.  David explains, "That's an old one, it has the oldest
           pictures of Collins family.  They only goes back to the 17th century
           in this country.  Before that, you'd have to go back to Europe.
           They're not really photographs of them. They're photographs of old
           portraits of them". He opens the book, points to a picture and tells
           Willie, "Now that's mu great,great,great,great,great grandmother
           Abigail Collins.  Willie looks and remarks, "Now that's some necklace
           she's wearing". David points to another picture and starts to
           explain, "That my great, great, great uncle...", but Willie
           interrupts him, saying, "Wait. What happened to all those jewels?
           Were they sold?" David replies, "No, the Collins Family would NEVER
           do that! The Collins family believes in handing things down from
           generation to generation."  Willie asks, "So where are they now?"
           David replies, "I don't know. I never bothered to find out about
           that".  David points to another photo and tells Willie, "Now
           that's Naomi Collins. She was strange. They say she had all her
           jewels BURIED with her! Isn't that silly?" He points to another one
           and remarks, "And this is my great great uncle, he gave away
           EVERYTHING he had and became a missionary...", but Willie no longer
           seems to be paying any attention.
           Willie goes out into the foyer and starts at the portrait
           of Barnabas again. He touches the picture of jewels in the portrait
           and mutters, "They're so pretty, jewels are!  Sometimes you don't
           even have to see them.  You know how pretty they are just by
           touching them". Suddenly, he is startled to hear the sound of a
           heartbeat...The eyes of the man in the portrait light up eerily.
           Episode 209
           Tape Date:  April 12, 1967 (ABC #75-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 14, 1967 Friday 
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   Lela Swift

              Willie stares at the portrait, a look of shock on his
           face. Jason McGuire comes into the foyer, sees Willie staring
           at portrait strangely and asks, "Willie! What's the matter
           with you?" The sound abruptly stops. Willie gasps, "Jason!
           Did you hear it? The sound?" Jason asks, "What sound?" Willie
           tells him, "The sound...The sound of a heart beating!" Jason
           replies, "The sound of a heart beating coming from that
           portrait? Willie, either you need to get your hearing checked
           or you're letting this old house get to you!" Willie thinks
           about it then agrees, "It couldn't have been what I thought
           it was. That would be impossible". Jason tells him, "I've
           got something to talk to you about". He takes him into the
           drawing room and tells him, "Liz has had it with you. She
           wants you out, today". He reminds him, "She's agreed to give
           you $500." Willie again complains, "That all?" Jason promises him,
           "When I get more, I'll share it with you. Now, why don't you take
           a trip? Maybe to the tropics. Enjoy yourself. I'll join you
           when I'm finished here." Willie replies, "All right". Jason
           is overjoyed that Willie has finally agreed to leave, but
           then Willie adds, "In a couple of days". Jason exclaims,
           "No, immediately!", but Willie steadfastly refuses to do so,
           promising, "I'll leave in a couple of days". Jason asks, "What
           are you up to, Willie?" Willie denies that he's up to anything.
           Jason tells him, "You'd better not be planning to steal those
           jewels again, you'd be tracked down immediately". Willie
           replies, cryptically, "I'm not planning to steal anything
           that can be traced". Before Jason can find out what he means,
           Vicky comes in. Jason tells Willie to go to his room. Willie
           replies, "I've got better things to do" then obediently leaves.
           Vicky asks Jason, "Is he leaving?" Jason replies, "Yes."
           Vicky asks, "When" Jason replies, "Soon" Vicky asks, "You, are
           you leaving too?" Jason replies, "No, Miss Winters. In fact,
           I just might be staying here for quite a while!" He apoligizes
           for any inconvenience he might be causing her, and also about
              Willie is sitting at the table in the study, a pile of
           books in front of him. Mrs. Johnson comes in to dust and
           remarks, "You're making quite a clutter of books there. What
           are you doing?" Willie explains, "Reading the history of the
           Collins family." Mrs. Johnson remarks, "You don't seem to me
           to be the type of person to be interested in something like
           that". Willie explains, "David got me interested. He told
           me about one of his ancestors, a Naomi Collins, who had
           her jewels buried with her." Mrs. Johnson replies, "Yes,
           I've heard all the legends". Willie asks, "Think there's
           any truth to it?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "I've never given
           much thought to it. Let the dead rest at Eagle Hill Cemetary
           where they belong, that's what I say". Willie asks, "Eagle Hill?
           All the Collins buried there?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "No, just
           some. The rest are buried in the regular Collinsport cemetary".
           Willie remarks, "I think I passed the Eagle Hill cemetary on
           my way here. To the south of town, isn't it?" Mrs. Johnson
           replies, "No, it's about five miles to the north. The one
           you passed, that's the regular cemetary". Mrs. Johnson finishes
           dusting and tells Willie, "Make sure to put those books back
           when you're finished with them". Willie mumbles, "Sure, sure.."
              Willie goes to Eagle Hill Cemetary and starts reading the
           names on the headstones, using a flashlight for illumination.
           He is startled to hear a voice asks, "What do you want?"
           He turns around and sees the aged caretaker, the same one who
           guarded the Stockbridge mausoleum. Willie replies, "I'm looking
           for a grave, the grave of Naomi Collins". The caretaker asks,
           "Are you a relative?" Willie lies, "Yes. I'm here on a short
           visit. I'll be leaving tomorrow and I just wanted to pay my
           respects. Can you tell me where her grave is?". The caretaker
           replies, "There's no grave. She's in a tomb". Willie asks,
           "Where's the tomb?" The aged caretaker replies, "I don't
           think I'll tell you. It's not safe there. There's a legend
           about the Collins tomb that there's some kind of evil force
           there. Joshua Collins said so. It was passed down from
           generation to generation. After he died, he was the last one
           entombed in there. He had it sealed after his death." Willie
           asks, "And no one's been in there since?" The caretaker replies,
           "No, everyone's been to afraid to go in there. Even I haven't
           been in there.  There's a presence in there that's EVIL! EVIL!".
           Willie, not believing the ghost stories, is elated that no one
           has been in there to steal the jewels before him. He asks the
           caretaker, "What if I come back in the morning?" The caretaker
           mutters, "Yes. In the daylight. It'll be safer". He points and
           tells Willie, "It's right over there, through those trees."
           Willie thanks him and tells him, "I'll be back in the morning"
              Jason goes into the study and asks Mrs. Johnson, "Have
           you seen Willie?" Mrs. Johnson complains, "He left a
           little while ago". Jason asks, "Do you know where?" Mrs.
           Johnson replies, "No, he didn't tell me. Just drove off in
           his car." She starts to complain about the mess he made in
           the study, "He promised to put these books back, but he didn't".
           Jason, surprised, asks, "Willie!? Books!? In all the time I've
           known him, I've never known Willie to read a book!" Mrs. Johnson
           remarks, "Well, he was reading these". Jason asks, "What are
           they?" Mrs. Johnson tells him, "They're histories of the Collins
           Family". Jason asks, "What was he interested in?" Mrs. Johnson
           replies, "Well, we talked about several things....legends
           about some jewels". Jason mumbles, "He was, was he?"
              Willie, as usual, has lied. He goes to the the tomb,
           and tries the gate but finds it locked. Again he is startled
           to hear a voice shout at him from behind. This time it
           says, "NO! I told you not to come here at night! I told
           you it wasn't safe!" Willie turns and sees the caretaker
           standing there. Irritated, he asks, "Followd me, did you?" The
           caretaker replies, "No, I saw the light from your flashlight
           and came to see what it was". Willie, giving up, tells the
           caretaker, "OK, I'll come back tomorrow morning". Suddenly,
           he hears the heartbeat again. He exclaims, "Listen! The
           sound! Don't you hear it?" The caretaker replies, "No, I
           don't hear a thing". Willie says, "I heard it once before.
           Sounds like a heartbeat. You really can't hear it?" The
           caretaker replies, "No, I don't hear anything". The sound
           suddenly stops. Willie notes, "It's stopped now". The caretaker
           tells him, "There wasn't any sound.  Your ears were playing
           tricks on you. Now go, please". Willie replies, "OK. Goodnight"
           and leaves. The caretaker checks the gate to see if it's
           securely locked and, seeing that it is, leaves. The sound of a
           heart beating starts again...
           Episode 210
	     Worldvision Rerun 1
           Tape Date:  April 13, 1967 (ABC #76-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 17, 1967 Monday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   Lela Swift

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. There are no limits to the things
		  some men will do. They sink to the bottomless depths of corruption, 
		  they will desecrate sacred ground, and violate that which should 
		  remain sealed forever."

              Willie Loomis returns to Collinwood and starts up the
           stairs. Jason McGuire comes into the foyer and asks, "Willie!
           Where are you going!" Jason tells him, "Wait a minute! Come
           down here! I want to talk to you! Where have you been?" Willie
           replies, "Out". Jason, angry at this answer, growls, "Don't
           give me an answer like that! What are you up to? I've seen
           you like quiet and cagey like this before. You're up to something,
           and I want to know what it is!" Willie claims he isn't up to
           anything. Jason presses him on this but Willie insists he isn't
           up to anything. Jason tells Willie, "Liz has got the money.
           I saw a man from the company bring an envelope up here for
           her. I want you to go up to your room and start packing
           right now!". Willie goes upstairs. The drawing room doors
           open. Elizabeth asks Jason to come in. He does. She gives
           him an envelope full of money and tells him, "Tell your
           friend to leave right now!"
              Willie, however, is not packing. He has left the house and
           gone to the toolshed and is putting tools into a carrying bag.
              Willie goes to the Eagle Hill Cemetary and goes to the Collins
              The clock in the foyer reads 11:00 p.m. Elizabeth is alone
           in the drawing room. Vicky goes into the drawing room and
           remarks, "Quiet here tonight". Elizabeth replies, "Yes. Carolyn's
           out again. She's been out a lot lately". Vicky complains, "That's
           because she's afraid of Willie Loomis. Mrs. Stoddard, I'm afraid
           of him too! How much longer are we going to have to put up with
           him?" Elizabeth assures her, "I've taken action. He's going
           to be leaving soon". Vicky remarks, "He's been acting strangely
           lately. He's developed quite an interest in the Collins Family.
           I've seen him staring at the portrait in the foyer a lot. I
           think he was particularly interested in the jewelry that
           man is wearing" Elizabeth, puzzled, asks, "Why would he
           be interested in jewels that exist only in a painting?"
              Using some of the tools he's "borrowed" from Collinwood, he
           breaks open the lock on the gate and goes in. Inside, he finds
           three stone sargophagi. He reads the plaque on the leftmost
           one. It reads, "Joshua Collins, 1755-1830" He then looks at
           the one in the middle. It reads, "Naomi Collins, 1761-1821".
           This being the one he wants, he tries to lift the stone lid
           of the middle sargophagus but finds he cannot budge it. He
           then goes to the bag, takes out a crowbar and tries to pry
           open the lid, but again cannot budge it. Frustrated, he sits
           down on the rightmost sarcophagus and lights up a cigarette,
           smokes and ponders the situation. Suddenly, he gets an idea
           and his face lights up. Putting the cigarette down on the
           sargopagus lid, he goes to his bag of tools and takes out a
           block and tackle set. he attaches one end to a ring on top
           of the middle sargophagus, and prepares to anchor the pulley
           to a ring in the mouth of an ornamental metal lion's head
           attached to the wall above the placque reading "Naomi Collins".
           Suddenly, the heartbeat sound starts again. Willie, terrified
           drops the pulley and runs to the gate.
              At Collinwood, Elizabeth asks Jason, "Well, is he gone?"
           Jason replies, "He said he was going up to pack". Elizabeth
           asks, "Was he satisfied with the money?" Jason replies, "Well,
           he will be". Elizabeth asks, "Will be?" Jason admits, "I haven't
           found him yet". Elizabeth angrily tells him, "I paid your price
           and I want my money's worth!" She demands, "Take care of this
           and take care of this quickly!"
              The heartbeat sound stops and Willie goes back to the pulley.
           He attaches it to the ring in the wall and, grabbing the other
           end of the rope, starts to pull. But to Willie's great surprise,
           instead of the sargophagus lid moving, the ring in the lion's
           mouth pulls out, attached to a wire, and the section of the wall
           under the lion's head opens in like a door. Willie shines his
           flashlight into the secret room revealed. A look of shock
           crosses his face, and he grabs his head, his mouth open in
           surprise. The heartbeat sounds starts again, but Willie doesn't
           seem to care. He goes into the secret room. Inside is a coffin,
           its lid secured by three chains. Willie goes and checks the
           chains and finds that each is secured with a heavy padlock.
           Wilie is ecstatic, thinking he must have found the secret hiding
           place of the Collins Family Jewels. Thinking the coffin must
           be full of jewels, he goes back out to get some tools from
           his bag. When he comes back in, he starts to break open
           the locks.
              Jason runs into Vicky. He remarks, "Soon my poor misunderstood
           friend will gone, and everything will be back to normal". Vicky
           replies, "He's left already. I saw him from the window. He was
           going away, carrying his things with him". Jason, puzzled, asks,
           "You saw him? Carrying things? But his things are still upstairs.
           And he wouldn't have left without...", patting the envelope full
           of money in his pocket.  He does not finish his sentence.
              Willie breaks open the last padlock. Using a crowbar, he
           breaks the lock on the coffin, then strains to open the
           coffin lid. As he is opening the coffin, he looks inside.
           A look of pure terror crosses his face. He tries to scream,
           but all that comes out is a wobbly, "AHHHHH". A left hand,
           wearing an onyx ring and  dressed in a frilly shirtsleeve of
           the type that was in fashion a couple of hundred years ago
           reaches out from inside the coffin and grabs Willie by the
           Episode 211 (Kinescope)
           Worldvision Rerun 2
           Tape Date:  April 14, 1967 (ABC #77-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 18, 1967 Tuesday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. The dawn will soon come to Collinwood 
		  and bring with it the unresolved troubles of another day. A man... 
		  a frightening and violent man has disappeared, but the fears he 
		  created have not disappeared with him. Wherever he is, some violence
		  is surely taking place."

              It is the next morning in the foyer at Collinwood. Jason
           tells Elizabeth, "I've looked all over for Willie. I have no
           idea where he is. Maybe he's already left", but Elizabeth
           doesn't believe it, "No, his things and the money are still here.
           I can see him leaving without saying GoodBye, but I can't
           believe he would leave without the money!"  She demands, "Find
           him and take care of it!" Jason whines, "But I can't. I don't
           know where he is!" Mrs. Johnson comes into the foyer and asks,
           "I was going to make up Mr. Loomis' room like you asked. You
           told me he had left, but his things are still there". Elizabeth
           tells her, "Make up the room later in the day". She turns to Jason
           and sternly tells him, "Tell me when he's gone" and leaves. Mrs.
           Johnson remarks to Jason, "I don't think your friend is planning
           to leave." Jason asks, "Why do you say that?" Mrs. Johnson
           replies, "I saw him going into the tool shed last night.
           He must have needed some tools for some reason". Jason
           asks, "Would you happen to know what?" Mrs. Johnson replies,
           "No. You're friends a strange man. When you talk to him, you
           can tells he's thinking something, but you never know what.
           I thought you might know what he was doing. After all, you
           know him quite well". Jason replies, "No, this time I don't"
           Mrs. Johnson surprises Jason by telling him, "You know, in
           a way, I'm sorry to see your friend go. Lately, we've gotten
           to talking a lot." Jason asks, "About what?" Mrs. Johnson
           replies, "About the Collins Family, the ones that are dead".
           She points to the portrait of Barnabas and remarks, "One of his
           favorite subjects was the young man in that portrait.  For
           some reason, he seemed real sorry to hear that that man moved
           to England and died there". She continues, "You know what
           I think he was really interested - pity to say this - I think
           he was really interested in the jewels that man is wearing".
           Jason asks, "Anything else you talked to him about?" Mrs.
           Johnson replies, "We talked about all the Collins Family
           Legends. He seemed especially interested in the legend
           of Naomi Collins. She was reputed to have had her jewels
           buried with her". Jason asks, "Mrs. Johnson, where was 
           this Naomi Collins buried?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "Funny,
           your friend asked me the exact same question. She's buried
           in that little cementary five miles north of here, Eagle Hill
           Cemetary". Jason, appearing to suspect something, puts on his
           coat and leaves.
              At Eagle Hill Cemetary, the caretaker finds the gate
           to the Collins Family mausoleum open. He remarks "Someone's 
           been in here!" He goes in. The secret door has been closed,
           and Willie's bag of tools are gone. Nothing seems to be amiss, 
           but the caretaker nevertheless exclaims, "Something's in here
           right now! Evil! I can feel it in the air! I know you're here!"
              Jason arrives at the cemetary and starts looking around 
           at the tombstones. He is only about 50 feet from the
           mausoleum. The caretaker comes out of the mausoleum and
           exclaims, "Go away! Go away! The living don't belong here!"
           Jason tells him, "I was looking for a friend of mine. A young
           man". The caretaker replies, "I should never have let him in
           here! Criminal! He came here to disturb the dead! He claimed
           to be a Collins coming here to pay his respects, but he was
           no Collins!" He shows Jason the broken lock on the gate to
           the mausoleum, telling him, "Your friend did this!" Jason
           asks, "Did you see him do it?" The caretaker replies, 
           indignantly, "No. If I had seen him doing it, I would have
           stopped him!" Jason asks, "Who's buried in there?" The
           caretaker replies, "Joshua Collins, his wife Naomi, and their
           daugher Sarah. They have another son who's buried in England".
           Jason, in spite of the caretaker's protests, goes inside the
           mausoleum. He sees that nothing's amiss. He reads Naomi
           Collins' plaque and asks, "Is that the Naomi Collins who
           is supposed to have had all her jewelry buried with her?"
           The old man replies, "Yes. Strange, that's the same question
           your friend asked me". Jason tells the caretaker, "You must
           be mistaken. I don't think it was my friend in here." The
           caretaker protests, "It must have been. Who else would have
           broken the lock". Jason tells him, "No, it couldn't have 
           been my friend. There are no signs he was in here."
           He remarks, cryptically, "My friends not one who would've
           gotten this far and not finished the job". Suddenly, Jason
           sees something lying on top of the right sargophagus. He
           picks it up and looks at it. It's the butt of a filter
           cigarette . The old man doesn't notice him doing this. Jason
           and the old man exit the tomb.  The caretaker tells Jason, "You
           must tell your friend never to come here again!" Jason tells
           him, "Look, I've already told you, he wasn't the one here", but
           the expression on his face indicates that he knows otherwise...
              Jason returns to Collinwood. Elizabeth confronts him in 
           the foyer and asks, "You STILL haven't found him?" Jason
           admits that he hasn't. Mrs. Johnson comes out of the door
           under the stairs and asks Elizabeth, "How many places should
           I set for dinner, Ma'am? Is that Willie Loomis still here?" 
           Elizabeth turns to Jason and asks, "Well, is he?" Jason
           complains, "I'm doing my best!" They both leave the room 
           in anger. Mrs. Johnson notices that Jason has put his coat
           and overcoat on the table and remarks, irritation in her
           voice, "Nobody ever hangs up anything in this house!", picks
           up Jason's things and goes and hangs them up on the coat rack
           near the door. There is are three knocks at the door. Mrs.
           Johnson opens the door. A man, whose face we do not see, asks,
           "I'd like to see Mrs. Stoddard if you'll be so kind". Mrs.
           Johnson just stands there, a look of incredulity on her face.
           The man asks, "This IS Collinwood, isn't it, and Mrs. Elizabeth
           Collins Stoddard does live here, doesn't she?" Mrs. Johnson
           replies, "Yes". The man tells her, "Well, would you be so good
           as to tell her her cousin is calling and is coming to pay his
           respects".  Mrs. Johnson asks, "Cousin?"  The man replies,
           "Yes, from England". Mrs. Johnson, still looking rather stunned,
           replies, haltingly, "Oh, yes... England... I'll go and tells Mrs.
           Stoddard". She motions for the man to come in, then starts up the
           stairs. The man turns and looks at the portrait of Barnabas Collins
           for a few seconds, then turns back, and we see why Mrs. Johnson
           looks so shocked.  He is the spitting image of the man in the
           portrait. The man adds, "Oh, yes. Would you be so kind as to tell
           her it's Barnabas Collins..."
           Episode 212
           Worldvision Rerun 3
           Tape Date:  April 15, 1967 (ABC #78-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 19, 1967 Wednesday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. Night is drawing nearer and nearer to
		  Collinwood. The man who disappeared into another night has not been
  		  found, but out of the falling dusk another man has come. A stranger
		  who is not a stranger. A man with a face long familiar to those who 
		  live at Collinwood... a man who has come a great distance, but who 
		  still bears deep within him a soul shaped by the far country from
		  which he came."

              Elizabeth comes down, takes a look at Barnabas and exclaims,
           "I don't believe it! It IS Barnabas!" Barnabas replies, "And
           you are Cousin Elizabeth". Elizabeth continues, "It's uncanny!"
           Barnabas asks, "I beg your pardon?"  Elizabeth points out the
           portrait and asks, "That portrait over there, have you seen it?"
           Barnabas replies, "Yes. It's extraordinary, isn't it?" Elizabeth
           tells him, "Excuse me for staring, but I'd think I were looking
           at a..."  She pauses. Barnabas finishes her sentence for her,
           "A ghost? The Collins have always had a persistent strain".
           Elizabeth, now seeming to have recovered from her initial shock,
           tells the visitor, "Welcome to Collinwood". Barnabas replies,
           "Thank you, cousin", takes her hand and kisses it.  On his hand
           is an onyx ring that looks just like the one in the portrait.
           Elizabeth asks, "Excuse my curiosity, but I was under the
           impression that the man in the portrait, the son of Joshua and
           Naomi, died a few years after he arrived in England".  Barnabas
           replies, "Yes, but before he did, he married and had a son. That
           was my great, great grandfather". Elizabeth tells him, "I'm
           surprised. It's not in the family histories". Barnabas explains,
           "You must take into consideration how communications were
           back then. Two branches of a family seperated by some distance
           could lose track of its members very quickly". Elizabeth invites
           him into the drawing room.  Inside, Elizabeth remarks, "So, there's
           a whole branch of the Collins Family flourishing in England".
           Barnabas replies, "Flourishing is hardly the word. I'm the last
           surviving member". Elizabeth asks Barnabas to sit down, then asks,
           "What brings you here?" Barnabas replies, "I'm only here
           for a visit, but I might decide to settle down here
           permanently". Elizabeth tells him, "You must tell me more.
           Would you like to stay for dinner?" Barnabas replies, "No,
           I wouldn't want to intrude. Perhaps another time". Elizabeth
           tells him, "I wish I could ask you to stay here at Collinwood,
           but we have temporary guests here". Barnabas replies, "I
           prefer independent dwellings anyway". Elizabeth tells him,
           "You must come here again and often". Barnabas remarks,
           "I've always loved Collinwood. It's just as I remember it".
           Elizabeth asks, "Remember it? But I thought this was your
           first time here". Barnabas explains, "Yes it is, but I've
           heard so many stories and seen so many drawings of Collinwood,
           I feel as if I've been here before. I even know about the old
           house where our ancestors used to live".  He tells Elizabeth,
           "Now, I apoligize for troubling you. My travels have tired me.
           I have to go and rest". 
              Vicky and David come down the stairs. David is dressed to
           go out to play. Vicky warns him, "Make sure you come back in
           time for dinner tonight. Mrs. Johnson got quite angry when you
           were late for dinner last night". David retorts, "I don't think
           she was mad at ME. I think she was mad because Mr. Loomis never
           showed up at all". 
              After seeing David off, Vicky goes into the drawing room.
           Elizabeth introduces her to cousin Barnabas. Barnabas asks
           Vicky, "Why do you let them call you Vicky when Victoria
           is such a beautiful name?  So beautiful I wouldn't want to lose
           a syllable of it!", and kisses her hand. Elizabeth remarks to
           Vicky, "I don't have to tell you he's a Collins".  Vicky replies,
           "No you don't! He looks just like that portrait in the foyer!"
           Barnabas bows to Vicky and says, "Good Evening, Victoria",
           excuses himself and leaves.  Vicky tells Elizabeth,
           "What an extraordinary man! He was almost..."  She pauses
           to think of the word, then finishes, "...courtly!"  Vicky
           and Elizabeth then discuss Willie's strange disappearance.
              David is playing inside the old house, jumping off the steps
           from progressively higher steps. He hurts himself and sits
           on the floor, rubbing his knee. The doors opens. David asks,
           "Who's there?" A voice answers, "Barnabas". David asks,
           "Barnabas Collins?" The man replies, "Yes. Do you recognize
           me?" David replies, "Yes! I've seen your portrait a MILLION
           times!" Barnabas remarks, "MY portrait? You mean my ancestor's
           portrait". David asks, "You mean you're not the man in the
           foyer? You're not a ghost?" Barnabas replies, "No. Do you
           believe in ghosts?" David replies, "Yes. I talk to them
           here sometimes". He takes Barnabas to the portrait of
           Josette Collins and remarks, "Like her. I talk to her a
           lot. When she comes, the portrait starts to glow and 
           you can smell Jasmine in the air. She's a good ghost. She
           protects you if you're a Collins". David asks, "Would you
           like me to show you the old house? There are lots of secret
           passages upstairs". Barnabas replies, "Yes. I know all about
           this house. Like I was telling your Aunt, I've been hearing
           stories about Collinwood since I was a child". David asks,
           "Even the secret passage to the roof?" Barnabas replies, "Yes.
           It's a spiral staircase..." David, surprised that he would 
           know even about that one, exclaims, "That's right! You can
           go up there adn get a view of Widow's Hill. I like to go up
           there a lot. It's especially especially beautiful at the
           sunrise. A lot of times I sneak here before sunrise, go up 
           there and watch all the colors change as the sun comes up". 
           Barnabas remarks, "Sunrise..." in a very sad tone of voice. 
           David asks, "What's wrong? You seem sad, as if you'd lost
           something a long time ago".  Barnabas denies it.
              David returns to Collinwood and asks, "Is Mr. Loomis back
           yet?" Elizabeth replies, "No". David remarks, "I thought it
           was him at the old house, but it turned out to be Barnabas".
           Elizabeth asks, "Barnabas was at the old house?" David replies,
           "Yes". Elizabeth wonders, "Why would he want to go to the old
           house?" David looks at the portrait of Barnabas and remarks,
           "You know, they don't really look that much alike at all.
           The man in the picture looks MEAN, but the man at the old
           house looked more like he was sad, like he'd lost something".
              At the old house, Barnabas looks at the portrait of Josette
           and remarks, "I was a Collins. Why didn't you protect me? Where
           were you when I was turned into something even my own father
           loathed? The chains he bound me with have been broken, and now
           I can continue with my life, whatever that may bring!"
           Episode 213
           Worldvision Rerun 4
           Tape Date:  April 18, 1967 (ABC #79-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 20, 1967 Thursday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. These are uneasy days at Collinwood,
		  for two mysterious strangers have invaded the privacy of the great 
    		  house creating doubts and fears in the minds of every member of the 
		  Collins family. One of them has disappeared, and that in itself has
		  created an even greater mystery."

              Jason comes downstairs into the drawing room and asks 
           Elizabeth, "Liz, was Willie in this house last night?"
           Elizabeth replies, "No". Jason tells her, "Well, someone was
           here, either Willie or someone else. All his things, his
           clothes, his sea bag, are gone from his room. Could he have
           come in in the middle of the night and taken them?" ELizabeth
           tells her, "No, that would've been impossible. Every door to
           the house is locked securely at night". Jason remarks, "Well,
           Willie has a way of getting past locks". Elizabeth asks, "What
           about the money?" Jason refuses to give it back to her, saying
           "I'm holding it for him". They begin to argue. Carolyn comes
           into the room and asks them what they are arguing about. 
           Elizabeth replies, "Argument? We weren't arguing. You must
           have been mistaken". Carolyn shouts, "I know. You're really
           telling me to mind my own business, aren't you?" and runs
           off, upset.
              Joe Haskell and Burke Devlin are at the bar of the Blue 
           Whale. Burke asks Joe, "How's Maggie?" Joe replies, "Never 
           better". Burke remarks, "Is it my imagination or do I smell 
           orange blossoms in the future?" Joe replies, "Could be". Burke
           offers a toast, "To you and Maggie". Carolyn comes into the
           bar. Burke asks, "Hello, Carolyn, how are you?", but Carolyn 
           just ignores him. Burke tells Joe, "I suppose I deserved that". 
           Joe replies, "No argument from me". Burke remarks, "Maybe I was 
           a heel. Maybe if I apoligized to her. She's a nice kid. I'm 
           really sorry I hurt her". Joe suggests, "Well, maybe if you told 
           her you were sorry". Burke goes to Carolyn and offers to buy her
           a drink and tries to apoligize to her, but she tells him, 
           "I'm very upset about how things are going at Collinwood and I 
           don't feel like talking to you. Please go away". Burke goes 
           back to the bar and says, "No sale". Joe tells him, "Let me
           talk to her" and goes to Carolyn's table and sits down. Joe
           asks Carolyn, "How are you?" Carolyn replies, "Miserable".
           Joe asks "Why?" Carolyn replies, "Mother, the whole situation
           at Collinwood". Joe tells her, "If there's ever anything I can
           do, just ask. We're still friends, remember". Carolyn remarks,
           "I notice you're quite friendly with Burke right now. Why?"
           Joe replies, "There's no reason for us to be enemies anymore.
           There's no reason why you can't be friends with him either".
           Carolyn remarks, "There are MILLIONS of them!" She then
           admits, "I'm afraid of talking to him.  I know he was using me, 
           but deep down, I hoped he really loved me. I'm afraid of talking
           to him because I might find out I'm wrong. What do you think?".
           Joe replies, "I would be the last guy to know the answer to 
           that question. Maybe you should talk to him and find out
           once and for all. Believe me, it'll be the best thing. Bye, 
           I have to go meet Maggie. Think about what I said". Joe leaves.  
              Carolyn turns and looks at Burke. She sees Burke looking
           at her. Carolyn turns away. Burke turns away too. Carolyn 
           thinks for a bit, then goes to the bar and asks Burke, "Hello,
           Burke. That offer of a drink still open?" Burke replies that
           it is. He calls, "Bartender!", then orders a couple of drinks.
           Burke and Carolyn go to her table. The bartender brings the
           drinks. Burke thanks him, "Thanks, Bob". Carolyn asks,
           "What shall we drink to?"  Burke replies, "Whatever you want".
           Carolyn toasts, "To old times".  Burke apoligizes to Carolyn
           for using her to get at the Collins family. Carolyn is disappointed
           to find that he just wants to be friends and leaves. Burke offers
           her a ride, but she refuses, "I'll call a taxi.  I feel like being
              At Collinwood, Elizabeth explodes, "NO, Jason, I will NOT
           give you any more money. I've already given you $500". Jason
           replies, "That was for Willie". Elizabeth asks, "All right,
           how much do you want to clear out of here for good?" Jason
           protests, "Now how can you talk to me like that? I was a
           great help to you 18 years ago". Elizabeth replies, "You've 
           brought me nothing but grief and unhappiness for the last 18
           years!" Carolyn, who's just come home and come into the foyer,
           hears this last sentence. She goes into the drawing room and asks,
           "You two were arguing again. Don't deny it this time. I heard it
           clearly!"  She demands to know what they were arguing about.
           Elizabeth admits that they were arguing, but lies, "We were arguing
           about the night Willie tried to ..." She pauses, then says,
           "...bother you". Carolyn asks, "That's all?" Elizabeth
           replies, "Yes". Elizabeth complains that she has a headache
           and goes up to her room. Carolyn asks, "What were you REALLY
           talking about?  What did she mean whe she said that you caused
           her nothing but grief and unhappiness for the last 18 years? Why 18
           years?  What happened 18 years ago?" Jason replies, "She didn't
           mean anything. She just lost her temper". Carolyn replies, "I
           don't believe you. I think she's afraid of you". Jason
           asks, "Why should she be?" Carolyn replies, "I don't know,
           but I intend to find out!" Jason warns, "I wish you would
           stop asking so many questions. For your mother's sake. You
           could get her into trouble. You could get her into SERIOUS
           Episode 214
           Worldvision Rerun 5
           Tape Date:  April 17, 1967 (ABC #80-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 21, 1967 Friday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. There are two great houses at Collinwood.
		  One, alive with the present, the other, slowly decaying, filled with the
		  dead memories of the past."

              Vicky goes to the old house to look for David. She calls
           out "David!", but receives no answer. Suddenly, the front 
           door shuts. Vicky, suspecting David, shouts, "David! I know
           you did that!" She goes to open the door but finds that
           she can't. Hearing footsteps, she turns around and sees Barnabas
           coming down the stairs. He greets her, "Miss Winters". Vicky
           replies, "Mr. Collins". Barnabas apoligizes for startling her.
           Vicky remarks, "I didn't expect to find you here". Barnabas
           explains, "I was reliving my ancestor's past". Vicky explains,
           "The wind shut the door and I can't open it". Barnabas goes
           and opens it for her, explaining, "There's a techinique to it.
           The door has a tendency to stick". Vicky asks, "How could you
           know that?" Barnabas replies, "I know everything there is to
           know about this house, from conversations, letters, journals".
           Vicky remarks, "It must have been very beautiful once". Barnabas
           replies, "It's very beautiful now". Vicky asks, "How can you
           say that? It's falling apart!" Barnabas replies, "This house
           will never fall apart. It was built to last forever" and
           compares it to the pyramids.  Vicky protests, "Nothing lasts
           forever".  Barnabas corrects himself, "Indefinitely, then.
           You do know the difference between foreveer and indefinitely,
           don't you?"  Vicky replies that she does, that indefinitely
           doesn't mean forever, just with no definite end time.
           Barnabas tells her about the building of the house, "The foundation
           was made from rocks left by the glaciers tens of thousands
           of years ago, the beams were made from wood from ancient forests,
           that chandelier was imported from France, the bricks were imported
           from Holland, the wallpaper was painted by a Belgian artist, the
           parquet floor was made by an Italian craftsman, the moldings, the
           effort of a Spanish craftsman.  It was a house to be envied by
           a prince". He voice then saddens, and he tells her, "In spite
           of this, there was never any real happiness in this house, never
           any real love.  The beautiful exterior belied the hatred in
           this room.  This room saw much hatred, it saw the members of
           the family devour each other. On this staircase, a father hurled
           words at a son, words that would lead to the death of the son".
           He laughs strangely.  Vicky remarks, "There's one difference
           between this house and the pyramids.  This house wasn't built
           to be a tomb".  Barnabas echoes, "Yes, it wasn't BUILT to be a tomb"
           in a strange tone of voice.
              Roger returns to Collinwood. In the foyer, Carolyn asks
           him how his trip was. Roger replies, "Same as always. New
           England Chowder and Indian pudding. I got the recipe for
           the Indian pudding for Mrs. Johnson, not that I think it'll
           really help". Roger asks, "How's your mother?" Carolyn replies,
           "Physically, she's OK, but there is something bothering her,
           and I'm sure it has something to do with Jason McGuire".
           She brings him up to date, telling him Willie seems to
           have left. Roger quips, "Maybe he got an invitation from
           the ...of Monte Carlo, or maybe he just got tired of
           Mrs. Johnson's famous boiled dinners". Carolyn tells Roger, 
           "Oh yes, there's a new Collins in town, a Barnabas Collins". 
           Roger asks, "Barnabas Collin? The only Barnabas Collins I've 
           ever heard of is the one in the portrait in the foyer". Carolyn
           explains, "He's descended from that one". 
              Barnabas and Vicky come in through the front door into the
           foyer. Barnabas tells Vicky, "I'm glad you invited me up here".
           They go into the drawing room. Barnabas tells Roger, "Glad
           to see that the family is flourishing here. In England, I'm
           all that's left". Roger remarks, "We're all alive here".
           Barnabas replies, "It's that aliveness that interests me".
              Roger takes Barnabas into the study to talk, leaving Vicky
           and Carolyn in the foyer. Carolyn asks Vicky, "Like him?" Vicky
           replies, "Yes, but there's something odd about him. The way he
           talks.  The words he chooses. It's almost as if they have another
           meaning, as if he were really talking to himself. It's strange how
           much he knew about the old house.  You know how the front door
           there tends to stick? He knew how to open it right away, as if
           he'd done it a hundred times before".
              Roger and Barnabas are in the study. Roger explains to
           Barnabas, "This is where Joshua Collins used to conduct most
           of his business".  Roger asks Barnabas what he'd like a drink.
           Barnabas replies, "Sherry". Roger takes a bottle of sherry out.
           Barnabas remarks, "Amontillado, I see". Roger replies, "Yes.
           It's always been a great family favorite.  Jeremiah drank it
           frequently". Barnabas tells him, "Yes, I know. I understand
           Jeremiah Collins owned some vineyards in Spain, near Malaga".
           Roger replies, "Yes. In fact they stayed in the family long after
           Jeremiah's death. I think the family didn't finally sell them
           until a little after World War II". Roger pours two
           drinks and they drink a toast to the Collins Family. Roger,
           seeing the ring on Barnabas's finger, remarks, "That ring!
           I've seen it before! It's unmistakable!  It's in that portrait
           of Barnabas Collins in the foyer. He's wearing the exact same
           ring! Handed down to you, was it?" Barnabas replies, "Yes. Handed
           down". Roger asks, "May I ask you why you came here?" Barnabas
           replies, "Europe was a lonely place for me. When you're as wealthy
           as me, it's hard to make real friends. So I came to a place
           where I could find family and, hopefully, friends". He adds
           that he also came to do business, and asks Roger about
           investment possibilities.  Roger replies, "Well, I'm not the
           best investment counselor in the area, but I think I can get
           you pointed in the right direction".  Barnabas asks, "Are there
           any shipyards in the area?"  Roger tells him, "There's one,
           but I don't think they've built many ships of late".  Barnabas
           remarks, "Maybe I could change that".  Roger says, "If that's
           your line".  Barnabas replies, "Yes, as it was with the
           original Barnabas Collins".
              Roger takes Barnabas out into the foyer. Vicky and
           Carolyn are there. Barnabas remarks, "The old Collins Family
           was not known for their friendliness. The new one is friendly
              After Barnabas leaves, Carolyn asks Roger, "Well, Uncle
           Roger, you spent most of the time with him. What do you 
           think of him?" Roger replies that he thinks Barnabas is
           a very nice man. He gestures at the portrait of the original
           Barnabas and remarks, "Did you notice it, the ring.  He
           was wearing the very same ring!".  Vicky looks at the portrait
           and exclaims, "The portrait! The resemblance is amazing!"
           Carolyn remarks, "It's more than just a resemblance. It's almost
           as if this were actually a painting of HIM!".
              Outside, amid the sound of dogs howling, Barnabas stares
           at the house...
           Episode 215
           Worldvision Rerun 6
           Tape Date:  April 19, 1967 (ABC #81-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 24, 1967 Monday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. Violent intent has many consequences as
		  those discover who commit themselves to carry out such intentions.
		  This man is prepared to do just that."		  

              Burke Devlin goes to the Blue Whale. He sees Maggie sitting
           alone at a table. He goes to her and asks, "Mind if I join
           you?" She replies, "Sure. Go ahead". He sits down and asks,
           "Where's Joe?" She replies, "I wish I knew". Burke jokes,
           "You've got to tell him to get a watch. That sundial of his
           doesn't work at night!" Maggie tells Burke, "You did something
           we all appreciate. It was very effective. That's the only
           way to handle someone like Willie". Burke remarks, "That's
           why I came here, to see how effective I was". Jason comes
           into the Blue Whale. Maggie tells Burke, "I think you're
           about to find out just how effective you were. Jason McGuire's
           just come in". 
              Jason goes to the bar. Burke goes to him. He asks about 
           Willie, saying, "I haven't seen him around for awhile. Is
           he gone?". Jason replies, "If I told you he was, you probably
           wouldn't believe me, would you?" Burke replies, "No, I probably
           wouldn't". Jason asks, "Then what's the point of asking me?",
           then admits, "I have no idea where he is". Burke warns him,
           "If he comes back here, there'll be trouble. From me!"
              Burke goes back to Maggie's table and tells her, "No one
           seemes to know where Willie is". Joe finally arrives and sits
           down at the table. He apoligizes to Maggie for being late.
           Maggie asks Joe, "What's wrong? You looked depressed". Joe
           explains, "I been visiting an Uncle who owns a farm a few miles 
           outside of town. He's been looking all day for a missing calf.
           I was helping him. It was very strange. There were no break
           in the fences for it to have gotten out. This was a very
           special calf. My uncle kept it in a special place, but this
           morning, it was gone. There were no tracks to indicate
           that it was stolen, nothing. Finally, we found the calf,
           just a little while ago. It was on the other side of town.
           It was dead. My uncle had a vet take a look at it. It wasn't
           injured in any way, but it had died of a loss of blood. There
           wasn't a drop of blood in the entire body. The strange thing,
           there wasn't a trace of blood around the body either. It's
           like someone drained all the blood from it somewhere else
           and dumped the body there. The vet said the blood was extracted
           through two puncture marks in the neck. Now who would drain
           all the blood from a calf and dispose of the most valuable 
              Willie comes into the Blue Whale. Maggie says, "Burke..."
           Burke looks and sees Willie at the bar. He can't believe it.
           He does a double take and exclaims, "It's him!" Joe remarks,
           "Some people never learn." Burke remarks," I guess I'll just 
           have to repeat the lesson!" He goes to the bar and says loudly,
           "Loomis!" Willie doesn't respond. Burke shouts, "Loomis!"
           Willie turns and asks, "What is it?" Burke tells him, "It
           took a lot of nerve for you to come back here!" He reminds
           him he ordered him to leave town. Willie promises, "I won't
           cause any trouble. I'm sorry about what happened last time". 
           Noticing that Willie is acting strangely, his voice trembling,
           Burke asks, "Loomis? Are you all right? We got pretty rough
           last time. You're not hurt, are you?" Willie replies, "No".
           Burke asks, "What's the matter then?" Willie replies, "Nothing".
           Burke tells Willie, "I notice you haven't touched your drink.
           Why don't you have a drink?" Willie tries to, but his hand 
           trembles so much he can only manage to raise the glass 
           about halfway to his mouth. He gives up and puts it back
           down on the table. Burke asks, "What's wrong, Willie?",
           but Willie begs, "Leave me alone! Please!" Burke replies,
           "Sure" and leaves.  
              Burke goes to a table where Jason is sitting, points out
           Willie to him and tells him, "Your pal's in bad shape. 
           Something's wrong with him, something very strange!" 
           Jason asks, "What do you mean?" Burke replies, "His whole
           personality's different. He's shaking like a leaf." Jason
           remarks, "Willie? Shaking!?" Burke theorizes, "Maybe he 
           hurt himself badly when I knocked him down". Jason replies,
           "No, he was the same old self the day after the fight". 
           Burke tells him, "Well, he's not the same old self now.
           Take a look for yourself". Jason replies, "I will" and
           goes to Willie.
              Jason asks Willie, "You in trouble?" Willie replies, "No".
           Jason asks, "What's the matter?", but Willie just replies,
           "I don't want to talk about it!" Jason tells Willie, "I happen
           to know you went to the cemetary". Willie exclaims, "NO!"
           Jason continues, "I know you were there. You have a bad habit
           of leaving cigarette butts on the edge of things".  Jason
           notes that the cigarette is Willie's Brand, a "fancy foreign"
           cigarette not sold locally.  Willie still denies he had gone
           to the cemetary. Jason tells him, "I know what you're planning
           to do. You were asking a lot of questions about the Collins
           Family. You're planning to rob a grave, aren't you? Well, you'd
           better not!" He tells him he has $500 and will give it to him
           if he leaves town.  Willie refuses, saying, "I don't want it.
           I'll be staying here".
              Burke wonders what happened to Willie, but Joe doesn't
           appear to be listening. All he can talk about is, "I just
           keep thinking about that calf, lying there with all it's
           blood drained..."
              Jason notices that there are bloodstains on Willie's
           sleeve. He asks, "Willie. There are specks of blood on you
           sleeve!" He reaches out to investigate, but Willie grabs
           his wrist and won't let him. Jason asks, "Willie! Why
           are there specks of blood on your wrist?" 
           Episode 216
           Worldvision Rerun 7
           Tape Date:  April 20, 1967 (ABC #82-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 25, 1967 Tuesday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. A deceptive calm hovers over Collinwood,
		  for a man of great violence appears to be no longer violent. Yet fear 
		  and suspicion still persist. The false quiet may predict a new rush of 
		  destruction, the false calm may disguise the presence of an even greater
		  violence, and the sinister stillness may obscure an unmentionable evil."

              Willie doesn't say anything. Jason tells him, "I'm waiting
           for an answer, Willie!". Willie lies that it isn't blood,
           but Jason tells him, "I know blood when I see it" and asks, 
           "You were in a fight, weren't you, Willie?" Willie tries to 
           leave, but Jason grabs him and refuses to let him. He tells
           him, "Look at it and tell me that's not blood, Willie!" 
           Willie whines, "Please, I don't want to look at it! Don't
           make me look at it!" Jason tells Willie, "You're in trouble,
           aren't you, Willie?" He volunteers to help him, but Willie
           just tells him, "Leave me alone!" Burke comes up and asks,
           "Your friend sick or what?" Jason tells Burke he's going
           to take Willie back to Collinwood. Burke suggests that he
           take him to a hospital instead.
              At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Carolyn are arguing. Elizabeth
           tells Carolyn, "It's too late for you to go out!" She tells
           Carolyn that she knows why she's still going out all the
           time, that she knows she's still afraid Willie will come back.
           She assures her Willie is gone forever. Carolyn replies, "But
           you're not absoulutely sure of that!" The front doors open. 
           It is Jason and Willie. Jason tells Elizabeth, "You don't
           have to worry. Willie just came here to apoligize". Willie
           apoligizes. Elizabeth remarks, "I'm not impressed by this
           act". Jason insists that Willie is sincere. Carolyn is 
           suspicious. She tells Elizabeth, "Now we've heard the tender
           pitch. I wonder what's next." Jason asks to talk to Elizabeth 
           in private. Carolyn remarks, "You'll be sorry".                 
              With Elizabeth and Jason inside, Carolyn tells Willie she
           doesn't believe his apology. Willie tells her, "I did mean
           it" and apoligizes to her again. Carolyn is surprised at
           the sincerity of his apology and asks, "Are you all right?"
           Willie tells her he is. Carolyn leaves. Willie glances at
           the portrait of Barnabas.
              Inside the drawing room, Elizabeth exclaims, "What difference
           does it make if I believe him or not? All right, thank Willie
           for his apology, and tell him I wish him a happy journey."  
              In the foyer, Willie cowers, eyes averted, trying not to
           look at the picture. But he can't help himself. He takes a 
           look at it and screams, "AHHHHH!"
              Inside the drawing room, Jason and Elizabeth hear Willie
           screaming. They go out into the foyer and find Willie lying
           on the floor, unconscious.
              Willie awakens and finds himself in bed, Jason standing
           above him. He asks where he is. Jason tells him, "In  your
           room at Collinwood". Jason asks, "What happened? Are you all
           right? I'm sure Liz will change her mind and let you stay
           here now". Willie exclaims, "No! I can't stay here!" Jason
           tells him, "Quiet! I'll go down and talk to Liz". Willie
           tells him, "Tell her I apoligize. Tell her I'm sorry".
           Jason remarks, "You really ARE sick, aren't you?"
              Jason tells Elizabeth that Willie is very sick and will
           have to stay at Collinowood for until he recovers.
           Elizabeth tells Jason, "I knew it was leading to this!"
           She tells Jason she's dubious. Jason tells her, "The boy is
           too sick to leave. If you don't believe me, call a doctor".
           Elizabeth still refuses to believe it's anything more than
           a trick. Jason remarks, "Elizabeth, just because someone did
           something in the past doesn't necessarily mean they're always
           going to be bad. After all, I've never thought of you as being
           nothing more than a criminal! Now my friend, can he stay?"
           Elizabeth reluctantly replies, "He may stay".
              Elizabeth tries to explain to Carolyn about Willie's staying.
           To her surprise, Carolyn replies, "I understand. I don't think
           there's anything else you can do. You can't throw a sick man
           out onto the streets. I thought there was something wrong
           with him when he was apoligizing". She tells Elizabeth that
           Willie acted even sicker when she and Jason were in the drawing
           room. She tells her, "He seemed numb and in pain at the same 
           time. Not physically, but mentally, spirtually. I think something 
           strange has happened to him, something very, very strange."  
              Jason goes up to Willie and tells him, "I've talked to Liz.
           She's going to let you stay here as long as it takes you to 
           get better." Willie again says, "I don't want to stay here!" 
           Jason takes Willie's jacket off so he can rest better. He
           notices that Willie's right wrist is bandaged and remarks,
           "You're hurt!" Willie refuses to talk about it. Jason asks,
           "What happened? Was it a knife fight? You probably fainted
           from loss of blood." Willie reacts strangely to the word
           "blood", exclaiming, "Blood?!" Jason reaches out for Willie's
           wrist, but Willie pulls away, exclaiming, "No one touches it!
           No one! Stay away! You stay away from me!"
           Episode 217
           Worldvision Rerun 8
           Tape Date:  April 21, 1967 (ABC #83-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 26, 1967 Wednesday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   Lela Swift

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. It is late afternoon at Collinwood, 
		  and lengthening afternoon shadows are beginning to creep across
		  the walls of the great house. For one man, a man who has been struck
		  down by a mysterious illness, there is terror in the coming nightfall, 
		  danger in the lengthening shadows, and his heart is numbed by fear."

              It is now late afternoon. Willie awakens and asks Jason, 
           who's in his room with him, "What time is it?" Jason replies, 
           "A few minutes to four". Willie shouts, "I've got to get outta
           here!", but Jason tells him, "You can't. You're too sick
           to go anywhere! You need to rest. I've got to get you a doctor."
           Willie shouts, "NO! I don't need a doctor!" Jason retorts, "Yes
           you do. What happened to your right wrist?" Willie insists,
           "Nothing!", but Jason grabs his arm and takes the bandages off.
           He is surprised to find only a small wound and remarks, "You're
           right. It is nothing, only a little scratch". He takes a closer
           look at the arm then remarks, "Your arm, Willie. It's strange.
           I don't see any veins. And the color. It's gray. It looks
           almost like your arm has been drained of all it's blood".
           Willie asks, "Drained of blood?!" Jason replies, "I mean it
           looks like you've lost a lot of blood. But how could you have
           through this little scratch?" Willie explans, "I got into
           a bar fight. The other guy had a razor. The wound wasn't that
           big, but it bled a lot". Jason asks, "Are you telling me
           the truth?" Willie insists that he is, then loses consciousness.
              Carolyn tells Vicky that Willie is going to be staying at
           Collinwood again, explaining that he's sick. Vicky tells
           Carolyn, "I don't like the idea of Willie staying here again,
           even if he is sick". Carolyn replies, "Me either. In fact,
           I'm more afraid of him now than I was before". Vicky asks,
           "What do you mean?" Carolyn tells her, "It almost seems like
           it isn't Willie now. It almost seems like he's a completely
           different person, quiet, passive. I know it sounds crazy". 
           Jason comes downstairs. Carolyn asks, "How's Willie?" Jason
           replies, "He came to for a few minutes, but went to sleep
           again". He asks Vicky, "Could you do me a favor? Could you
           asks Mrs. Johnson to prepare a tray for Willie? He's very
           weak. He might need some nourishment when he wakes up".
           Vicky leaves to do so. Carolyn asks Jason, "Can we talk?"
           They go into the drawing room.
              In the drawing room, Carolyn asks Jason, "Where did Willie
           go while he was away from Collinwood?" Jason replies, "I don't
           know". She asks, "What did you mean when you told me not to
           ask too many questions or I'd get my mother into trouble?"
           Jason refuses to tell her, saying only, "I'm a friend of
           your mother's. I'm just trying to protect her. I'd like to
           be your friend too, if you'd let me". Carolyn replies, "I
           don't believe you. I know Mother's in some kind of trouble
           and you're the cause of it!". Jason remarks, "Sorry you believe
              Upstairs, Willie is tossing and turning in bed. He moans, 
           "It can't get dark again! Please don't let it get dark again!
           Don't let it happen again. I'm scared! I'm scared!" Vicky comes
           into the room carrying a tray. Willie cries out, "Who's there?"
           Vicky replies, "It's Vicky". Willie says, "Oh, Vicky. What do 
           you want?" Vicky tells him, "I have a tray for you. Mrs. Johnson
           made some dinner for you". Willie, in an alarmed tone of voice,
           exclaims, "Dinner?! It's time for dinner?!" Vicky replies,
           "Almost". Willie asks, "Is it dark out yet?" Vicky peeks
           through the curtains, looks out the window and tells him,
           "It's starting to get a little dark out". Willie asks, "But
           there's still some light?" Vicky replies, "Yes". Willie
           exclaims, "Then there's still time!" Vicky asks, "Time for
           what?" Willie replies, "Nothing". Vicky puts the tray down on
           the table by the bed and tells Willie, "I'll leave the
           tray right here". Willie explodes, "OK. Now get out!",
           then immediately apoligizes to Vicky for shouting at her.
           He tells her, "Just go, please". Vicky replies, "All right"
           and leaves. Willie gets out of bed and goes to put on his
           jacket. He looks at his bandaged right wrist and a look
           of fear comes across his face. He puts on his coat. Jason
           comes in and asks, "What are you doing up? Where are you 
           going?" Willie replies, "I've got to get out of this house!
           They don't like me. They don't want me here. I've got to
           to leave!" Jason replies, "Now I'm not going to argue.
           You're too sick to leave!" He takes Willie's coat off and
           puts him back to bed. He asks, "Why don't you tell me 
           what's wrong?", but Willie insists, "Nothing's wrong". Jason 
           tells Willie, "I'm going to take care of you whether you like 
           it or not". After a few minutes, Willie falls asleep and Jason 
              As soon as Jason leaves, Willie, who's been feigning 
           sleep, opens his eyes. He gets out of bed, opens the window,
           looks out and exclaims, "OH! It's too late! It's dark! It's
           too late! It's too late!" He hears the sound of a heartbeat,
           and says, "It's calling me! I hear, and I'm coming".
              Willie sneaks out of his room and goes downstairs. He's
           so weak, he nearly falls down the stairs, but manages to make
           it down to the foyer. He looks at the portrait of Barnabas and
           hears the heartbeat again. Jason comes into the foyer and 
           sees Willie. He exclaims, "Willie!" and grabs him. Willie
           shouts, "Let me go! Let me go!", but Jason refuses to let
           him go, saying, "Not until you do some explaining. Where
           are you going that's so important?" Willie wails, "I just
           have to leave! Please let me go!" Jason refuses, saying,
           "You're not going anywhere buy back to bed. You're so
           weak you can hardly stand". He starts to drag Willie
           back upstairs. At first Willie seems compliant, but suddenly,
           he pulls free of Jason's grasp, runs back downstairs, opens
           the front door and runs out. The sound of a car starting
           and leaving is heard. Jason grabs his coat from the coatrack,
           runs outside, and the sound of a second car starting and
           leaving is heard.
              Willie goes to Eagle Hill Cemetary and goes to the Collins
           Family Mausoleum. 
              Seconds later, the sound of a car stopping is heard. Jason
           comes running into the cemetary.
              In the tomb, Willie pulls the ring in the lion's mouth. The
           door opens, and the sound of a heart beating starts. Willie goes
           into the secret room and closes the secret door behind him.  
              Jason goes into the mausoleum. All is quiet. Looking around
           but finding nothing, he leaves. As soon as he is gone, the sound 
           of a heart beating starts again.
           Episode 218
           Worldvision Rerun 9
           Tape Date:  April 23, 1967 (ABC #84-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 27, 1967 Thursday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   John Sedwick

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. There are those who walk the path of
		  darkness, a path that can never be lighted by good becuase evil hides
		  itself too well in the night, choosing the moment that it will reveal
		  its horrors."

              A few minutes after Jason exits the tomb, Barnabas comes
           walking out of it too...
              At Collinwood, Roger is talking on the phone in the drawing
           room. In a puzzled tone of voice, he asks, "Are you sure? Would
           you mind checking again?" After he hangs up, he tells Elizabeth,
           "Well, that's strange. I tried reaching Barnabas at the 
           Collinsport Inn, but they say he's not staying there." He
           adds, "Anywhere else would be a flophouse. There's not another
           decent hotel for a thousand miles". Elizabeth suggests, "Maybe
           he's staying with friends". Roger suggests to Elizabeth
           that they let him stay at Collinwood. Elizabeth replies that
           she doesn't think that would be such a good idea with Jason
           and Willie here. Roger, somewhat angry, remarks, "I don't
           see why you let those two sea dogs stay here but not a member
           of the family!" Elizabeth tells him, "I get the feeling from
           talking to him that Barnabas wouldn't accept anyway". There's
           a knock at the front door. Roger goes to answer. It's Barnabas.
           Roger remarks, "Elizabeth and I were just discussing you.
           I tried reaching you at the Collinsport Inn but they said
           you weren't staying there. We were wondering where you were
           staying". Roger takes Barnabas into the drawing room then asks, 
           "We were just wondering about your accomadations. We were 
           thinking you might like to stay here". Barnabas thanks them
           but declines then says, "I have a counterproposal. There's
           something I'd really like to do. I'd like to move into the
           old house". Roger and Elizabeth are puzzled. Roger exclaims,
           "But it's inhabitable! It's in a state of decay!" Barnabas
           replies, "It's not in a state of decay. Disuse, maybe, but not
           decay". Elizabeth asks, "But why do you want to live there?"
           Barnabas explains, "That house has been on my mind for many
           years.  I know every inch of it!  I was brought up with that
           house as the background for the stories of our family I heard.
           I saw my family die away until I was the last one of that branch
           that lived in that old house". Elizabeth asks something which
           has been on her mind, "I had the impression that the original
           Barnabas died in England without having married". Barnabas
           replies, "I can assure you that I'm the product of a proper
           union. Communications vere very bad in those days". Roger asks
           Barnabas, "But the old house is dreary and moldy. There's no
           electricity there". Barnabas replies, "I don't need electricity".
           Roger adds, "But it's filthy there". Barnabas replies, "I'll
           have it cleaned up". He adds, "I can assure you I'll bear
           any costs there may be to make it livable. And of course, I'll
           pay whatever rent you consider reasonable". Roger replies,
           "We wouldn't think of charging you any rent! But wouldn't
           it be better for you to stay here in the main house?" Barnabas
           insists he'd prefer to stay at the old house. Elizabeth
           tells him, "I'm worried that the old house might not be safe to
           live in. I'll have to think about it for a few days." She
           promises Barnabas that she'll let him know and leaves the
           room. Barnabas asks Roger to try to convince Elizabeth to 
           let him live in the old house.
              Jason McGuire is in the study pouring himself a drink. 
           Elizabeth come in and asks, "Where is Willie? Mrs. Johnson
           went into his room to get his tray and found he wasn't there!"
           Jason replies, "He went out". Elizabeth remarks, "I thought he
           was too sick to move". Jason replies, "He is. I tried to stop
           him from going,  but he's a headstrong young man..." Elizabeth
           tells him, "If he's strong enough to go out of the house, he's
           strong enough to leave permanently!" Jason insists that Willie
           is too sick to go. Elizabeth asks, "Why don't you call a doctor,
           then?" Jason replies, "Willie doesn't want a doctor". Elizabeth
           exasperatedly announces, "I want him out of here! I'm going
           to put an end to this right now!" Jason retorts, "Now you
           don't want to do that. The only end there is for us involves
           the police..." 
              Roger and Barnabas walk out into the foyer. Roger promises 
           Barnabas he'll try to convince Elizabeth to let him live in the 
           old house. Barnabas asks, "Oh yes. About that shipyard I was 
           interested in buying. I'd like the address of the owner, if 
           that's possible". Roger replies, "Give me a minute. I'll get it 
           for you" and leaves the foyer. Barnabas looks around the foyer.
           Jason comes out of the door under the stairs into the foyer.
           He sees Barnabas and says, "Hello". Barnabas replies, "Hello".
           Jason asks, "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Barnabas 
           replies, "Never". Jason continues, "I'm sure I've seen you
           somewhere before". Barnabas insists that that's impossible. 
           Jason explains, "I'm a friend of the family". Barnabas asks, 
           "Are you enjoying your stay here?" Jason replies, "Indeed I am. 
           This is a marvelous old house". He thinks for a bit then asks, 
           "How did you know I was staying here?" Barnabas replies, "Someone
           must have mentioned it to me". Jason once again remarks, "I 
           wish I could place you. I'm sure I've seen you before". Barnabas
           gestures toward the portrait and tells him, "This is what you
           must have seen. It's my ancestor". Jason exclaims, "Of course!
           The resemblance is amazing!" He adds, "I've heard stories about
           him". Barnabas asks, "What kind of stories?" Jason replies,
           "That he had every piece of jewelry he ever owned buried with
           him. Now, wouldn't that encourage grave robbers?  Isn't it
           possible that this unfortunate fellow's grave might have had
           a few unwelcome visitors?" Barnabas replies, "I can assure you
           that anyone trying to find his grave around here would be
           very disapponted. He was buried in England. And I assure you, his
           jewelry was properly disposed of.  Why are you so interested?"
           Jason replies, "Let's just say I hate to see crime encouraged".
              Roger tells Elizabeth, "Barnabas is gone. I found your 
           friend Jason McGuire working on him. I suppose he's interested 
           in anyone who looks like he has money". He remarks, "Barnabas
           is an interesting man. What do you think of his proposal?
           He's so steeped in family history, staying in the house where
           his forefathers lived would be quite a thrill for him". 
           Elizabeth replies, "I'm not ready to make a decision yet".
           Roger replies, "I'll call him tomorrow morning and tell
           him.", then suddenly realizes something and remarks, "You know,
           I still don't have his number. I meant to ask him, but I still
           don't know where he's staying".
              At Eagle Hill cemetary, Barnabas goes back into the Collins
           family tomb...
           Episode 219
           Worldvision Rerun 10
           Tape Date:  April 24, 1967 (ABC #85-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   April 28, 1967 Friday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   Lela Swift

	     Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. A dawn obscured by mists from the sea, 
		  slowly creeps toward Collinwood, and through the morning mists, a man 
		  emerges from the darkest pit the night can know. But the peace he looks
	 	  for will not come with the day, for through the mists into the morning,
		  he brings with him the tourment of the night."

              The clock in the foyer reads 5:00. Willie comes into the
           foyer through the door under the stairs, apparently having
           entered the house through the back door. He stumbles around
           a bit. Jason comes out of the drawing room into the foyer
           and exclaims, "There you are! I've waited up all night for
           you!" Willie begs, "Leave me alone". Jason replies, "I will.
           After a few questions! You were in the cemetary again, weren't
           you? Don't lie to me. I saw your car there! I want to know
           one thing and one thing only. What were you doing there? Why
           did you go there? I demand an answer!" Willie doesn't answer.
           Jason continues, "All right, then. I'll give you the answer.
           I know what you were doing there!" Willie gasps, "You do?!" 
           Jason replies, "Yes. You've been pretending you've been sick
           during the day so you can go there to rob a grave at night!
           You were looking for jewels, that's why you went to the 
           cemetary!" Willie replies, "Yes. Jewels". Jason exclaims,
           "You admit it then! I'm going to put a stop to this! I'm
           going to drive you into town and you're going to take the
           next bus out of town!" Willie begs, "I'm sick. I can't
           move. I don't feel well.." He falls to his knees and begs
           Jason not to kick him out. Jason at first asks, "How stupid
           do you think I am?", but eventually becomes convinced that
           maybe Willie really is sick, in spite of last night's excursion.
              Willie is lying in bed, asleep. Roger comes into the room
           and shouts, "Wake up!", waking him up. He tells him, "You're
           leaving!" Willie protests that he's sick. Roger tells him,
           "You're not sick. The whole house knows that's a blatant lie.
           Everyone knows you were out all last night!". He adds, "Don't
           expect to go to my sister and beg her to let you stay. She sent
           me to ask you to leave!" Willie tries to sit up but collapses
           back into bed. Roger sarcastically remarks, "I'll have to 
           hand it to you. You really manage to look sick. You look
           terrible!" He compliments Willie on his acting ability.
           Willie just lies there. Roger angrily shouts, "I don't intend
           to put up with this any longer!" and leaves. 
              Roger goes down to the drawing room. Jason is alone in there.
           Roger tells Jason to get Willie out of the house. Jason protests
           that Willie is sick. Roger tells Jason he thinks he's faking it.
           They argue. Roger tells Jason, "All right. There's one way to
           settle this once and for all. Let's call a doctor". Jason, 
           seeing no other option, agrees to this. Roger tells him, "Let
           me call one. I'll call one of the less addled quacks around here."
           The phone rings. Roger answers. It's the sheriff. Roger tells
           the sheriff, "I'm sorry, but my schedule is full for the
           day...Oh, all right. I'll be there". He hangs up and tells
           Jason, "That was the sheriff. He wants to see me. He said it
           was important. He wouldn't tell me what it was on the phone.
           The sheriff craves intelligent conversaion once in a while.
           He probably just wants me to to head some committee or other".
           He adds, "I won't have time to call the doctor. You'll have
           to do it". He hands a telephone directory to Jason, tells him,
           "You'll find him under Woodard" and leaves. Jason goes to the
           telephone and starts to dial.
              Roger is at the Sheriff's office. Puzzled, he asks the 
           sheriff, "If something is wrong with the cattle at the family's
           farms, why don't you call the vet?" The sheriff replies, "It
           was the vet who called us. He knows what's wrong with the
           cattle. They all died from loss of blood." Roger asks, "Why
           is that a matter for the sheriff's office?" The sheriff replies,
           "Each one died the same way. It was drained of all it's blood.
           Expertly". Roger asks, "Some sort of wild animal?" The sheriff
           replies, "No. A human was responsible". Roger asks, "Is this
           happening only on farms belonging to my family?" The sheriff
           replies, "No. It's happening all over the area". Roger remarks,
           "So it isn't just someone vandalizing Collins property. Who
           would want to do such a thing?" The sheriff replies, "That's
           what were going to have to try to find out". 
              At Collinwood, Dr. Woodard has just finished examining 
           Willie. He tells Jason, "There's no viral infection". Jason 
           asks, "Then why's he so sick?" Dr. Woodard replies, "He's
           not really sick." Jason, puzzled, asks, "What?" The doctor
           explains, "His heartbeat is way above normal. There's
           a reason for that. There's less blood in his body, so his
           heart has to work harder. What this man is suffering from
           is a loss of blood. An enormous loss of blood".
              The sheriff tells Roger, "We'll be on the lookout. Call
           us if you get any idea who might be responsible". Roger
           asks, "Drained of blood! Why would anyone want to do something 
           like that?" The sheriff assures him, "We don't know but we'll 
           find out". 
             Jason McGuire and Dr. Woodard are now in the foyer at
           Collinwood. Jason asks the doctor, "How could he have lost
           so much blood through such a small wound?" The doctor replies,
           "The wound is small, but it's deep. It goes all the way down
           into the vein". He adds, "I'm puzzled. How could a wound so
           deep have healed so quickly?" Jason asks, "Is that good or
           bad?" The doctor replies, "Neither. Just strange". He
           recommends, "See that your friend has as much rest as possible,
           and make sure he drinks a lot of fluids". Roger comes in
           through the front doors. Seeing Dr. Woodard, he asks, "Have
           you been able to diagnose what's ailing our houseguest?"
           Dr. Woodard replies, "As I've been telling Mr. McGuire here,
           there's nothing ailing him at all". Roger turns to Jason and
           remarks, "Nothing ailing him, eh?" He is about to say something
           else, but the doctor continues, "But he IS suffering from a
           severe loss of blood. He's going to need a lot of rest". Roger,
           a surprised look on his face, asks, "A loss of blood? How?" The
           doctor replies, "A deep wound on his arm". Roger looks like
           he's about to say something, but doesn't. The doctor asks, "Were
           you about to say something?" Roger replies, "No". The doctor
           continues, "As I was saying, he's going to need a lot of rest..."
           Upstairs, Willie is tossing and turning in bed. He whimpers,
           "No! I can't go back there! I won't! I won't!"
              At Eagle Hill Cemetary, the sound of howling dogs fill
           the air...

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