Dark Shadows
April 1968

      Episode 461
      Worldvision Rerun 249
      Tape Date: March 26, 1968 (ABC #66-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  April 1, 1968 Monday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Dan Curtis

         In 1968, the clock in the foyer of Collinwood starts to strike
      midnight.  Inside the drawing room, everyone is still looking shocked 
      at Phyllis Wick.  Julia exclaims, "I don't understand!"  Roger 
      exclaims, "Vicky!  Vicky!  She's not here!"  He rushes out to the 
      foyer to see if Vicky's there.  While everyone else is looking for 
      Vicky, Barnabas goes to Phyllis Wicks and, in a very menacing voice, 
      asks, "What are YOU doing here?"  Suddenly, Phyllis Wicky puts her 
      hands to her throat and says, "AH! AH!", as if there were something 
      uncomfortably tight around it. 
         In 1796, the noose has just been put around Vicky's neck.  She is 
      then hanged.
         In 1968, Phyliss Wick screams horribly and collapses onto the
         In 1796, the body is taken down from the gallows.  The executioner
      takes off the mask.  The jailer exclaims, "It's not her!  That's not
      the prisoner!  That's not the woman we hanged!".  It is Phyllis Wick...
         In 1968, everyone has rushed over to Phyllis Wick, only to find,
      to their surprise, that it's no longer Phyllis Wick, but Vicky.
      Carolyn exclaims, "It's Vicky!"  Someone exclaims, "That's impossible!
      What happened, Miss Winters?"  Someone else says, "I don't understand..."
      Elizabeth tells Roger, "Roger, call a doctor", but Julia announces, "No.
      That's not necessary.  I'm a doctor".  Elizabeth, looking very surprised,
      exclaims, "Miss Hoffman!"  Julia tells her, "I owe you an explanation,
      I know.  And you shall have it.  Now, do you have some smelling salts?"
      Carolyn says, "I'll get them" and leaves to do so.  Vicky revives and
      sees Barnabas.  Barnabas says, "Vicky, it's Barnabas".  Vicky exclaims,
      "Barnabas!  Millicent was right!  She said you weren't dead!  I'm so
      glad!  Why didn't you want anyone to know you were alive?  I don't 
      understand..."  Roger remarks, "Millicent? Millicent Collins lived 
      almost 200 years ago!".  Vicky sees Elizabeth standing there and 
      says, "Mrs. Collins".  Elizabeth, puzzled, asks, "Mrs. Collins?" 
      Vicky suddenly realizes where she is and exclaims, "Elizabeth!  Julia! 
      Roger!  I'm back!!!!"  Julia says, "I'll take her upstairs", and takes 
      Vicky by the arm, but Vicky cries out in pain, "My arm!"  Julia sees
      some marks on Vicky's neck and exclaims, "Vicky!  These marks look 
      like rope burns!" "Vicky, where have you been?"  Vicky replies, "I don't
      know".  Someone says, "What are you doing in that dress? There are so
      many questions to ask!"  As Roger is taking Vicky out the door, Carolyn
      returns with the smelling salts.  Carolyn says, "Vicky!".  Vicky says,
      "Millicent!"  Puzzled, Roger and Carolyn take Vicky upstairs.  Barnabas
      asks Julia, "Anything I can do?"  Julia replies, "I'll send for you.
      As soon as I think it wise" and leaves.  Elizabeth asks Barnabas,
      "Barnabas, you had a premonition about this seance, didn't you?  You
      didn't want us to have this seance".  Barnabas replies, "No".
      Elizabeth  asks, "What happened to Miss Wick?"  Barnabas replies,
      "She's back in her own time now".  Elizabeth remarks, "The family
      history will tell if there was a Phyllis Wick".  She goes to the
      table to get the family history and is surprised to find that it's
      gone.  She asks, "Where is it? It was here". Elizabeth accuses
      Barnabas of knowing more about what happend than he's admitting.
      They are interrupted by Julia, who comes into the room and says,
      "I gave her a sedative, but she's asking for you". Barnabas says,
      "Thank you", but Julia says, "No, Barnabas. She's asking for Mrs.
      Stoddard".  Elizabeth leaves.  Barnabas asks Julia, "You're not
      going to let me see her, are you?"  Julia asks, "You really believe
      she went into the past, don't you?  What if she's upstairs telling
      Mrs. Stoddard everything about you right now?  You're always in such
      control of everything.  It's so interesting to see you when you're
      not!" and walks away.
         Elizabeth and Julia are upstairs with Vicky, who's in her own
      bed.  Julia asks, "Is she asleep, Mrs. Stoddard?"  Elizabeth replies,
      "She seems to be".  Julia says, "Good. I'd like to explain."
      Elizabeth tells her, "That can wait for later", but Julia says, "No, 
      I'd like to explain now.  I came here because I needed a change. My
      work at the hospital was getting to be too much.  I was in danger of
      having a nervous breakdown if I didn't get some rest.  Dr. Woodard
      knew about my interest in this area and your family, and arranged
      for me to come here as a historian.  I AM writing a book.  I hope
      you allow me to stay to finish it..."  Vicky regains conciousness
      and moans, "UNHHHHH...It hurts!"  Elizabeth asks, "What's wrong?" 
      Julia replies, "A bullet wound, I would guess".  Elizabeth exclaims,
      "That's impossible!"  Julia remarks, "Look at this bandage.  It's 
      wound around her arm as if they had no tape."  Elizabeth asks, "But 
      what about the bullet wound?"  Julia replies, "It's about two weeks 
      old, I'd say".  Elizabeth exclaims, "But I see her every day!"  Vicky 
      starts to says, "Peter! You've got to save him!"  Elizabeth asks,
      "What's wrong, Vicky?"  Vicky replies, "The gallows!  I remember 
      hearing Peter's voice, then the man saying, 'May God have mercy on 
      your unrepentent soul', the I remember dropping!"  Elizabeth assures
      her, "You're all right now.  You're back at Collinwood".  Vicky asks,  
      "But where is Peter?"  Julia asks, "Vicky, who is Peter?"  Vicky
      replies, "I DO know someone named Peter.  But where?  How?  Where was 
      I?  Peter, help me!  Help me!"  Meanwhile, a bat flutters outside the 
         The clock by Vicky's bed reads 2:00.   Vicky is sleeping peacefully.
      Elizabeth is watching over her, while Julia sits in an armchair.
      Elizabeth tells Julia, "She's been sleeping for some time now.  You
      must get some rest".  Julia replies, "No".  Elizabeth insists, "At 
      least go get a cup of tea".  Julia replies, "No, you go".  Elizabeth
      tells her, "Barnabas and Roger will want to know what happened. I 
      don't know what to say to them".  Julia leaves with her.  Barnabas 
      materializes in the room and calls, "Vicky? Vicky! Wake up, my dear!" 
      Vicky awakens and says, "Barnabas!"  Barnabas tells her, "I know I 
      shouldn't have come to your room, but I was worried about you." 
      Vicky asks, "Why did Josette tell me you were dead?  She came to see 
      me in jail.  Why was I in jail?"  Barnabas tells her, "You're back at
      Collinwood now".  Vicky says, "I'm so confused, Barnabas".  Barnabas
      asks, "About what?"  Vicky replies, "About you".  Barnabas asks, "Why?"
      Vicky replies, "Because when Josette came to see me in jail, she 
      blamed me for killing you.  She said I put a curse on you.  You don't 
      think I put a curse on you, do you?"  Barnabas replies, "No. I am 
      under no curse".  Vicky remarks, "Poor Josette.  I tried to prevent 
      her death.  I told the countess she would lose a black onyx ring like 
      yours.  But they told me you were dead.  I don't remember anything 
      else.  Only....that you weren't dead.  But Millicent said it was 
      supposed to be secret".  Barnabas asks, "Do you know why it was 
      supposed to be a secret?"  Vicky starts to say, "No...", then suddenly
      exclaims, "I WAS there!"  Julia comes back.  She is furious to find 
      Barnabas there and orders him out, "Get out of this room, Barnabas! 
      And do not come back!  She will not be alone.  All night!"  Barnabas 
      leaves.  Vicky says, "I frigtened him..."  Julia replies, "Yes".
      Vicky says, "I didn't mean to...Julia!  I WAS there!  I WAS!  In 
      another time!  With people I'll never see again!  Julia!  What am 
      I going to do, what?"
         Barnabas goes downstairs.  He finds Carolyn in the drawing room
      alone.  He tells her, "You must divert the eminent Dr. Hoffman
      tomorrow evening.  I don't care how.  I must be with her alone".
      Carolyn asks, "Vicky?  But you were with her alone tonight".  Barnabas
      replies, "Yes, but not long enough".  Carolyn asks, "What are you 
      going to do?"  Barnabas replies, "She must speak me alone, or she must 
      never speak again!"                    
         Episode 462
         Worldvision Rerun 250
         Tape Date: March 27, 1968 (ABC #67-DRK-68)
         Air Date:  April 2, 1968 Tuesday
         Writer:    Sam Hall
         Director:  John Sedwick

             Julia hypnotizes Vicky to try to find out what she knows, but
         manages to get only fragmentary babbling from her about wanting
         to save someone named Peter.
            Vicky has a dream in which the ghost of Jeremiah tells her
         to beware of Barnabas. (But he does not tell her why.)
            Barnabas tries to get Julia to tell him what Vicky knows, but
         she refuses to tell him. He tells her he recognized the woman
         who appeared in the seance, that she was Sarah's governess, that
         she was tried and found guilty of witchcraft and was to be hung
         the day he was chained in his coffin. He tells her he realizes 
         that Vicky must have taken her place in the past and is afraid
         she might have discovered the truth about him. Julia tells
         Barnabas that Vicky has only fragmentary memories of what 
            Julia goes to see Vicky. Vicky tells her about the dream.
         Julia tells her she went into town and looked into town 
         records and found there WAS a Peter Bradford, that he was
         hanged in 1795 for the murder of a Noah Gifford. Vicky
         breaks down crying and repeats "I loved him..." over and
            Julia tells Barnabas about Vicky saying she loved Peter
         Bradford. This appears to bother Barnabas. Julia tells Barnabas
         not to do anything to Vicky if she starts to remember too much
         because she can make her forget the same way she made Maggie
            Barnabas does not listen and visits Vicky. She starts to
         babble about Joshua, Naomi and Josette, whom she says came to
         America to marry Barnabas, not Jeremiah as the family history
         says. She tells him that the ghost of Jermiah came to her and
         told her to beware of HIM, but that she dismissed that as
         ridiculous. Feigning sympathy for her, he embraces her and
         bares his fangs...
         Episode 463
         Worldvision Rerun 251
         Tape Date: March 28, 1968 (ABC #68-DRK-68)
         Air Date:  April 3, 1968 Wednesday
         Writer:    Sam Hall
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Vicky is taken to the cemetary by Elizabeth. There, she finds 
         Peter's grave. It states that he lived from January 13, 1770 
         - April 3, 1795. Vicky moans that it's April 3, 1968 and almost 
         dusk and Peter's being hanged back in 1795 right now and there's 
         nothing she can do about it. She remarks that he is innocent, that 
         SHE killed Noah Gifford. She starts to remember that it was in this 
         graveyard that she killed Gifford, that it was because he was 
         strangling Daniel, but she cannot remember anything more. Suddenly, 
         Vicky tells Elizabeth she has to go into town, that she doesn't
         know why, but that she knows she has to go there.
            At Collinwood, Barnabas tells Carolyn that he bit Vicky and asks
         if she notices any difference in her. They are interrupted by
         Vicky and Elizabeth returning. Vicky is carrying a large, flat
         rectangular object wrapped in a light blue cloth. Elizabeth
         remarks that they were driving through town and Vicky suddenly
         had her stop at an antique shop on impulse, went in and bought a 
         portrait. Vicky unwraps the portrait. Barnabas is stunned. It is a 
         portrait of Angelique. He abruptly excuses himself and leaves. 
            Later, Tony Peterson arrives at Collinwood to take Carolyn to
         dinner, but Barnabas telepathically summons her from the Old House.
         Carolyn tells Peterson she has something she has to do quickly and
         tells him to wait in the foyer.
            Carolyn goes to the old house. There, Barnabas tells Carolyn
         he knows why Vicky showed no response to his bite. She tells
         her it is because of the influence of Angelique the witch and
         tell her she must destroy the portrait for him. She tells him,
         "That's ridiculous. One doesn't buy witches in antique shops."
         Barnabas is irritated at this and tells her he'll do it himself.
         Needing comfort and nourishment, he then bites her. Unknown to
         them, Tony Peterson has followed Carolyn to the old house and
         is spying on them through the window...
            At 2:00 in the morning, Barnabas sneaks into Collinwood.
         He cuts the picture from the frame, throws it into the
         fire and watches it burn. He hears a woman's laughter and
         turns. He is shocked to see that the picture is back in the
         frame, unharmed...   
         Episode 464
         Worldvision Rerun 252
         Tape Date: March 29, 1968 (ABC #69-DRK-68)
         Air Date:  April 4, 1968 Thursday
         Writer:    Gordon Russell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Roger falls in love with the portrait of Angelique, which seems
         to have a strange effect on him. While looking at it, he puzzles
         Julia by calling her "Countess DuPres". When she asks why he called
         her this, he denies having done so.
            Roger dismisses Vicky's claim that she travelled to the past
         as just a a dream. Reminded about the appearance of Phyllis
         Wick, he dismisses it as mass hallucination.
            A Professor Elliot Stokes (Thayer David) comes to Collinwood
         and offers to buy the portrait of Angelique, saying that he had
         seen it in the antique store and planned to buy it, but found
         it had been sold when he came back. He remarks that he had an
         ancestor named Ben Stokes who used to work at Collinwood. He tells
         them that Ben Stokes had written his memoirs, but that they were
         unpublished and only one copy exist. Barnabas remarks that he 
         thought most servants in those days couldn't read or write. 
         Stokes replies that neither could Ben, until he was over 40 years
         old, but that Ben's history is a bit mysterious, that he was
         indentured to the Collins family until the year 1805, but
         that Joshua Collins freed him for some unknown reason in 1795,
         giving him $100, a substantial sum in those days, and a plot of
         land north of Collinsport where Ben lived happily, dying at the age
         of 75. Barnabas is relieve when Stokes tells him that Ben's memoirs
         had been in a fire and only fragments of it remain. Stokes remarks
         that he thinks the woman in the portrait is somehow related to Ben.
         Vicky suddenly remembers and exclaims that the woman in the portrait
         is named Angelique and Ben HATED her because she was a witch who had
         married the first Barnabas and tried to destroy the Collins family
         and nearly succeeded. Roger pooh-poohs what Vicky says, saying the
         family history never mentions a woman named Angelique. Failing to
         convince Vicky to sell him the picture, Stokes leaves. Barnabas
         leaves too.
            Outside, Barnabas and Stokes talk. Stokes tells Barnabas he
         already knew the woman in the picture was named Angelique, but
         that he didn't know she was a witch. He dismisses Roger's objection
         by saying that the "official" family history doesn't tell 
         everything. He tells Barnabas that he has some small psychic 
         powers and senses that Vicky somehow knows the past almost as
         if she lived it. He tells Barnabas that Vicky might be able to
         help him solve a mystery he has been investigating : the Collinport
         Stranglings of 1795.
            Barnabas decides that Vicky is starting to remember too much
         and becoming too much of a threat to him. He bites her again,
         planning to "guide her into a new life." 
            Later, Julia goes into check on Vicky and sees the bites on
         her neck. She confronts Barnabas and threatens to expose him
         if he doesn't stop.
         Episode 465
         Worldvision Rerun 253
         Tape Date: April 1, 1968 (ABC #70-DRK-68)
         Air Date:  April 5, 1968 Friday
         Writer:    Gordon Russell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Barnabas sends Vicky a telepathic message telling her he's
         going to take her away from Collinwood forever tonight.
            Joe Haskell comes to Collinwood. He tells Vicky he found something
         belonging to her, the charm bracelet Maggie had given her for 
         her birthday. He tells her she'll never guess where he found it.
         But before he can tell her, she tells him, "I know. The old 
         courthouse." He tells her she is right, that he was helping 
         salvage the fixtures before it was demolished and found it there.
            Vicky falls asleep in the drawing room and has a dream in which
         she visits Peter Bradford in his cell. She tells him she will help
         him by going to Nathan and getting him to change his testimony
         about seeing him shoot Noah. She finds Nathan, but he tells her
         he cannot help her because he is dead, and so is she, he by
         strangulation and she by hanging. Vicky returns to Peter's
         cell but finds it empty. She sees him being hanged outside.
            Vicky wakes up calling, "Peter!" Barnabas is there. He tells
         her he has come to take her away, but she tells him she remembers
         the events leading up to her shooting Noah now, that she was
         hiding in a secret room in the Collins family crypt. She tells
         him that before they go, she wants to go and see if there really
         is a secret room in the Collin's family crypt and thus prove
         whether she really did travel into the past. 
            Vicky drives on the way to the cemetary with Barnabas. He tells
         her he is worried they might missed the boat he has booked passage
         on. He asks her how she could know about a secret room if it was
         secret. She tells him Ben had hidden her in there. Suddenly,
         Vicky sees a man who looks just like Peter Bradford, except
         he is dressed in modern clothes, standing right in the middle
         of the road. She screams, "Peter!", swerves to avoid hitting him,
         and hits a tree.
         Episode 466
         Worldvision Rerun 254
         Tape Date:  April 2, 1968 (ABC #71-DRK-68)
         Air Date:   April 8, 1968 Monday
         Writer:     Sam Hall
         Director:   John Sedwick

            The phone rings at Collinwood. Julia answers. She is informed
         by a nurse at the Collinsport Hospital that Barnabas and Vicky have 
         been in an auto accident and that Barnabas is in critical condition.  
         She rushes out of Collinwood to go to the hospital.
            At the hospital, a doctor orders a blood transfusion for 
         Barnabas, saying he has little blood, in fact the lowest blood
         count he's ever encountered. He remarks that this must be because
         Barnabas must have lost a lot of blood in the accident, but then
         expects the clothing Barnabas had been wearing and is puzzled by
         the fact that his clothing showed no trace of serious bleeding.
            The man who looks like Peter Bradford visits an unconscious
         Vicky, but the nurse finds him in there and kicks him out. He
         sneaks back in. Vicky regains consciousness, sees him and calls
         him, "Peter! Peter Bradford" He tells her his name isn't Peter, 
         that he doesn't know who Peter Bradford is, that he's only there
         becaues he caused the accident. He tells her his name is "Jeff
         Clark". The nurse comes in again, sees Clark there and kicks him
         out again, saying, "Dr. Lang will be very upset!" Clark becomes
         upset at the mention of the name "Dr. Lange" and leaves.
            Dr. Lang comes and examines Vicky. He finds the holes on her
         neck. While he is questioning her about them, a nurse rushes into
         the room and tells him someone is trying to take Barnabas out of
         the hospital. 
            Dr. Lang goes to Barnabas' room and finds Julia Hoffman in
         there on the telephone trying to make arrangements to take
         Barnabas away. He questions her and she tells him she is treating
         Barnabas for a rare blood disease and must have him moved for
         special care. He sees through her lies and tells her he is a 
         student of rare blood disorders and knows Barnabas is a 
         vampire and knows that she knows it. He refuses to release
         Barnabas from the hospital. Julia asks him to cover the windows
         so that no light can come in. This he agrees to do.
            Barnabas awakens and finds Dr. Lang in the room with him. 
         He asks him what time it is. Dr. Lang replies, "Almost four O'clock."
         Barnabas, thinking he means 4:00 in the morning and that
         the sun is about to come up soon, becomes frantic and asks to
         be allowed to leave.   Dr. Lang advises him against it, saying
         he's injected him with a number of drugs, some of them new
         and experimental.  But Barnabas refuses to listen and tries
         to leave, but Dr. Lang tells him, "It's four o'clock, yes, but in
         the afternoon!" and pulls open the curtains. The room fills with
         sunlight. Barnabas screams...
         Episode 467
         Worldvision Rerun 255
         Tape Date:  April 3, 1968 (ABC #72-DRK-68)
         Air Date:   April 9, 1968 Tuesday
         Writer:     Sam Hall
         Director:   Lela Swift

            After getting over the initial shock, Barnabas finds, to
         his amazement, that the sunlight has absolutely no effect
         on him and even opens the window and goes out on the balcony
         to look at the sun. Dr. Lang tells him he knows he is a 
         vampire, or rather, WAS a vampire. He tells him he as somehow
         managed to cure him - by accident, but assures him he has
         complete records of what he has done.
            At Collinwood, Roger is staring at the portrait of Angelique.
         The phone (COllinsport 4099) rings, but Roger does not appear to
         notice. The phone rings about 10 times. Elizabeth, who's been in
         another part of the house, comes running to answer, but is too late.
         By the time she gets to the foyer, the phone has stopped ringing.
         She goes into the foyer and asks Roger why he did not answer the
         phone, but he appears to be in some sort of trance. He calls
         her Naomi and starts to yell at her the way a man might yell
         at his wife 100 years ago. Shocked, Elizabeth slaps him. He
         snaps out of it. She asks him why he didn't answer the phone and
         why he talked to her like that, but finds he doesn't remember
         any of it.
            Roger and Elizabeth go to visit Barnabas at the hospital.
         While Elizabeth talks to Barnabas, Roger remains silent, a
         strange look on his face. Dr. Lang comes in.  Barnabas introduces
         him to Elizabeth and Roger.  Elizabeth greets him, but Roger just
         gives him a cold handshake and doesn't say a word.  While Dr. Lange
         is talking to Elizabeth and Barnabas, Roger remains silend and
         steals Lange's "head-mirror", which the doctor has put on a table.
         Lang leaves. Elizabeth admonishes Roger for being so rude as not
         to say a word to Dr. Lange. But Roger, instead of answering
         Elizabeth, turns to Barnabas, says, "It's not this easy!" and
         leaves, leaving Barnabas and Elizabeth puzzled.
            Roger returns to Collinwood and goes to the portrait. The
         portrait telepathically tells him to twist the headband tight.
         Roger does so. 
            At the hospital, Barnabas is now alone in the room with Dr.
         Lange, Elizabeth having left.  He is telling Dr. Lang about
         Angelique when suddenly Lang grabs his head and complains of
         suddenly having an excruciating headache. He falls to his knees
         and screams, "I can't see!"
            At Collinwood, the portrait instructs Roger to throw the
         headband into the fire, but Roger, sensing that something
         terrible will happen if he does, refuses to do so. Instead,
         he hurls it across the room. Angelique's control of him is 
         apparentely not yet complete.  
            At the hospital, Lange's headache and blindness suddenly
         disappear. Barnabas tells Lang that he recognizes what has
         just happened. He tells Lang he has become the target of
         Angelique's wrath. He begs him to stop treating him and let
         him revert into a vampire. Lang refuses. Barnabas warns him,
         "If you don't stop, Angelique will kill you!"
          Episode 468
          Worldvision Rerun 256
          Tape Date:  April 4, 1968 (ABC #73-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 10, 1968 Wednesday
          Writer:     Sam Hall
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Dr. Lang examines Vicky and finds that the wounds on her
          neck are gone. Vicky asks how this is possible. Lang tells
          her the wounds are gone because their cause is gone, but
          does not explain further.
             Having been released from the hospital by Lange, Vicky is
          packing her things to leave. Jeff Clark comes in and talks
          to her about her thinking he is someone named Peter Bradford.
          He mentions that he is staying at the Collinsport Inn. Dr.
          Lang comes in and tells Vicky that Barnabas wants to see
          her before she goes. Vicky leaves to go see him. After she
          leaves, Lang orders Jeff to stay away from Vicky. Their
          conversation reveals that Jeff works for Lange. The nature
          of their work is not mentioned, but it is clear from the
          conversation that Jeff does not like it, but he has no choice
          but to do it for some reason. Lang tells him to leave Vicky
          alone because he might have plans for her. He orders Jeff to
          leave.  Jeff leaves.
             Vicky returns to her hospital room. Lang tells her Jeff had
          to leave for an urgent appointment Lang asks her some questions
          about herself, saying it's for the medical record. Vicky tells him
          she is a foundling without any family.
             At Collinwood, Julia finds Carolyn acting strangely, as if
          she were no longer under the spell of a vampire. Carolyn takes
          off her scarf, saying she no longer feels like wearing it. 
          Julia sees that the holes in her neck are gone.
             When Vicky returns, she tells Carolyn about Jeff. Carolyn
          convinces Vicky that she must learn more about him as it may
          answer some of her questions about her experiences. Vicky calls
          the Collinsport Inn but finds that Jeff Clark is not registered
          there and never has been.                            
             Vicky decides to check to see if there is a secret room in
          the Collins Family mausoleum. Julia goes with her. WHen they get
          there, they find that Jeff is in the crypt. Vicky asks him what
          he is doing there. He tells her that he was taking a walk when
          the storm started and he ran in there for shelter. Vicky tells 
          him this is one of the last places she saw Peter. She asks him
          if he remembers being the secret room with her and giving her
          the gun. At first, he becomes angry that she keeps thinking he
          is Peter Bradford, but then apoligizes and tells her this talk
          of guns and secret rooms bothers him, but says he does know
          why. Julia asks Vicky about the secret room, but Vicky tells her
          that all she can remember is that it is behind one of the panels,
          but that she doesn't remember which one or how to open it. While
          they are talking, Jeff paces around with his hand to his forehead
          as if he is trying to remember something. Suddenly, he walks over
          to the middle panel, pulls the ring in the lion's mouth and opens
          the secret panel.
          Episode 469
          Worldvision Rerun 257
          Tape Date:  April 5, 1968 (ABC #74-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 11, 1968 Thursday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Vicky asks Jeff how he know about the ring, but he tells her
          he doesn't know, that it "just happened". 
             They go inside the secret room. There, Vicky suddenly remembers
          hiding in there with Daniel, up to the killing of Noah. Julia
          asks if she remembers seeing a coffin in there and is relieved
          when Vicky tells her that she remembers seeing no coffin in the
          room when she was hiding in there. Julia questions her further
          and finds that she knows nothing about the secret room, just
          that she had hidden there. 
             Barnabas awakens and screams for Lang. When Lang arrives,
          Barnabas tells him that he had a sudden urge for blood, but that
          it is gone now. Lang tells him that, in his present condition,
          there might be temporary relapses. Lang tells him not to worry
          because he has discovered a permanent cure.
             Julia visits Lang and tells him she had visited Barnabas and
          learned about his claim of having found a permanent cure. She 
          asks him about it, but he refuses to tell her anything. As she
          gets up to leave, Jeff comes through the door. Julia says
          "Goodbye" politely and leaves. Jeff tells Lang he is concerned
          that Julia saw them together because she and Vicky had seen
          earlier at the cemetary. Lang ask if they saw him digging.
          Jeff replies that they didn't. Lang, looking relieved, asks him 
          Vicky and Julia were doing at Stanhope Cemetary. Jeff replies 
          that they were not at Stanhope, but at the Eagle Hill cemetary. 
          Lang asks him what he was doing at Eagle Hill cemetary, saying, 
          "There hasn't been a burial there in 50 years!" Jeff replies that 
          he doesn't know. Lang asks Jeff if he's returned empty handed. 
          Jeff replies that he has. Lang becomes angry and orders him to
          go to Stanhope and carry out his orders. Jeff tells Lang that
          now that he knows Vicky, he doesn't want to continue doing what
          he's been doing for him anymore, that he feels it's a sick thing
          to do and it makes him feel dirty and rotten when he's with
          Vicky.  Lang orders him to stay away from Vicky, saying Barnabas
          loves and wants to marry her and any interference would get in
          the way of his plans. Jeff refuses.  Lang threatens to tell Vicky
          he, Jeff, had been in an institution for the criminally insane,
          convicted of murder, if he does not obey.
          Episode 470
          Worldvision Rerun 258
          Tape Date:  April 8, 1968 (ABC #75-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 12, 1968 Friday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   Lela Swift

             It is midnight. Vicky comes downstairs and hears voices in
          the drawing room, but when she looks in, she finds that Roger
          is alone in there. He sees her and accuses her of eavesdropping.     
          She apoligizes, saying she didn't mean to. He tells her he 
          doesn't like the frame on the portrait and will go into town
          to get it reframed. Vicky tells him, "But Roger, all the shops
          are closed this time of night." He asks her why she calls him
          "Roger", saying his name is "Joshua". He takes the portrait
          and starts towards the front doors, but Vicky bars his way. 
          He threatens to harm her if she doesn't get out of the way.
          Vicky picks up the telephone and shouts, "Look, Roger, this
          proves that it's the 20th century!" Roger snaps out of the
          trance. Vicky tells Roger the portrait is evil, but Roger
          dismisses her claim as "ridiculous". Vicky starts to go upstairs.
          Roger looks at the painting and, becoming possessed again,
          picks it up and goes out the front doors. Vicky sees this but 
          comes down too late to stop him. She goes into the drawing
          room and falls asleep there.
             When she awakens in the morning, Roger and the portrait are
          still gone. Jeff comes and asks her if she is in love with
          Barnabas. Vicky replies that she is not, that she was planning
          to marry him at one time but no longer feels like doing so
          for some reason. She tells Jeff she must go to the hospital and
          tell Barnabas this. Jeff warns her against going to the hospital,
          saying it's not a safe place for her, but will not explain what
          he means. Vicky complains about his secretiveness and tells him
          she doesn't even know what he does for a living. He tells her
          he works for Lang, but will tell her no more, asking her to
          trust him like she did Peter Bradford. He tells her if she must
          go to the hospital, to make it a quick visit.                          
            At the hospital, Barnabas is dressed and getting ready to
          leave. He is looking at himself in the mirror.  Vicky comes and
          tells him that she is remembering more about her trip to the past
          and says she thinks she was there for two reasons, one, to save
          Daniel Collins and two, to meet Peter Bradford. She tells him
          she is certain that Jeff Clark is somehow really Peter Bradford,
          and until she can find out for sure, she cannot marry him, 
             Barnabas, devastated, goes to Dr. Lang's house and tells him
          to stop the experiments, saying Vicky will not marry him, and 
          there's no point in starting a new life without her. Lang, not
          wanting to stop the experiments, is furious. He asks Barnabas
          if Vicky's refusal to marry him has anything to do with Jeff
          Clark.  Barnabas tells him that it does. Lang tells Barnabas
          that Jeff works for him and tells him he will take care of it.
          Jeff Clark comes into the room, carrying a large box. He looks
          surprised to see Barnabas there. Barnabas excuses himself and
          leaves. Jeff puts the box on a table. Lang opens it and
          pronounces it, "A perfect specimen!". Inside lies a severed
          arm, lying on ice...
          Episode 471
          Worldvision Rerun 259
          Tape Date:  April 9, 1968 (ABC #76-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 15, 1968 Monday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Elizabeth tells Mrs. Johnson to hang the portrait of Angelique
          on the wall over the desk, but Mrs. Johnson tells her that the
          portrait is on longer on the easel where it was. Elizabeth 
          remarks, "Maybe Roger knows where it is", but Mrs. Johnson 
          tells her that Roger's not in the house, and that his bed hasn't 
          been slept in. Elizabeth, worried, tells Mrs. Johnson that she 
          will call the authorities if he doesn't show up by night. Mrs.
          Johnson tells Elizabeth that her grown son is coming to stay in  
          Collinsport for a while and asks if he could stay at Collinwood.
          Elizabeth replies, "Certainly."
             Barnabas drops by. Elizabeth tells him Roger is missing, and
          has been acting strangely ever since Vicky brought the portrait
          home. She tells him of Roger's continual staring at the portrait,
          She recouts the incident where he called her "Naomi" and insisted
          his name was "Joshua". Barnabas recommends that the portrait be
          removed due to its strange influence on Roger, but Elizabeth
          tells him that the portrait is gone and no one knows what
          happened to it. Vicky, who's just come into the room, tells
          Elizabeth she knows what happened to it and recounts the
          events of the previous night. Elizabeth tells her she will
          have the grounds searched and leaves. Barnabas stares at
          Vicky's neck and gets the urge to bite it. He tells Vicky
          he suddenly does not feel well and must go to see Dr. Lange
          and leaves.
             There is a knock at the door. Vicky answers it and screams.
          Standing there is a man who looks just like Noah Gifford.
          He identifies himself as Harry Johnson. Elizabeth comes running
          and asks Vicky what's wrong. Vicky replies that the man looks
          just like the man she shot in the past. Mrs. Johnson comes and
          asks what's wrong. Elizbeth replies, "Nothing. Just a case of
          mistaken identity" and takes a shaken Vicky to her room. Mrs.
          Johnson takes her son into the drawing room and asks him what
          he did to cause Vicky to scream. He replies that he did nothing,
          that it must have been a case of mistaken identity as the
          woman said. She tells him he had better watch himself this time,
          that if he should get "itchy fingers" again, she will not be
          able to help him and he'll have to go back to prison.
             While cleaning Roger's room, Mrs. Johnson finds Dr. Lang's
          head-mirror and takes it to Elizabeth, who finds Lang's name
          on it.
             Shaken by the relapse, Barnabas goes to Dr. Lang and demands
          to know more about his permanent cure. Lang refuses to tell him
          the details, but does tell him that as part of the cure, he
          can give him the physical appearance of Jeff Clark if he
             Late at night, Harry Johnson, not heeding his mother's warning,
          goes into the drawing room, closes the doors and starts going
          through the desk drawers.
          Episode 472
          Worldvision Rerun 260
          Tape Date:  April 10, 1968 (ABC #77-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 16, 1968 Tuesday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   John Sedwick

             While discussing the disappearance of Roger and the portrait,
          Barnabas tells Julia who Angelique was. Julia takes Lang's
          headmirror out of a drawer, tells Barnabas that Roger had stolen
          it and asks if he knows why he would do such a thing. Barnabas
          tells her Lang's life is danger and they leave to go to him.
             Roger goes to Dr. Lang's house/office and pretends he wants
          to have a physical examination. While Lang's back is turned,
          Roger takes an antique harpoon hanging on the wall as a decoration
          and prepares to kill Lang with it, but a knock at the door snaps
          him out of the trance. Barnabas and Julia come in and Julia
          takes Roger back to Collinwood. Barnabas tells Lang that Roger
          was possessed by Angelique and was trying to kill him, but Lang
          thinks this is ridiculous. Barnabas shows him his head mirror
          and tells him it was found in Roger's room. He tells him that 
          it was used to cause his headaches by sympathetic magic. Julia
          returns and tells them Roger escaped while she was taking him
          back to Collinwood. 
             Roger shows up at Professor Elliot Stoke's house and knocks
          at the door. Stokes answers and tells him, "I don't have much
          time to talk to you. I'm waiting for one of my students - I teach
          at Rockport University - in fact, I thought it was her." Roger
          comes in, holding the portrait, wrapped in paper, and tells Stokes
          he and Vicky have decided to give it to him. He unwraps the
          portrait, but THE CANVAS IS BLANK.
             Barnabas and Julia return to Collinwood and are shocked to
          find that the portrait of Angelique is back on the easel...
          Episode 473
          Worldvision Rerun 261
          Tape Date:  April 11, 1968 (ABC #78-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 17, 1968 Wednesday
          Writer:     Sam Hall
          Director:   John Sedwick

             Vicky and Elizabeth find Roger's coat and luggage sitting in
          the foyer. This puzzles Vicky. She tells Elizabeth she saw
          Roger leave, and he had no luggage. They also notice that the
          portrait is back on its easel. Barnabas comes to Collinwood.
          Elizabeth leaves, saying she's going to call the shipyards and
          see if Roger is there. Barnabas tells Vicky that Angelique's
          portrait is having a bad influence on Roger and tells her she must
          get rid of it, as Angelique's power may still be active after
          200 years. Vicky agrees and tells him she will contact Prof.
          Elliot Stokes. Elizabeth returns and tells them that Roger hasn't
          shown up at the shipyards. Just as she says this, Roger comes in
          through the front doors and into the drawing room. He is in great
          spirits and asks that champagne be brought for a celebration.
          He announces that he has just been married. A woman come in.
          Roger introduces her as his new wife Cassandra, his new wife.
          Cassandra (Lara Parker) looks just like Angelique except she has
          jet black hair worn in a permanent.  Barnabas, shocked at the
          resemblance, excuses himself and leaves.  Elizabeth takes Roger
          into the study and argues with him about his sudden marriage. She
          tells him that she thinks something is seriously wrong with him
          mentally and that he should see a doctor.  In the drawing room,
          Vicky talks to Cassandra for awhile and learns that she is a
          student of Prof. Stokes and met Roger at Prof. Stokes house. Vicky
          excuses herself and leaves. Cassandra, now alone in the drawing 
          room, looks at Angelique's portrait and laughs...
          Episode 474
          Worldvision Rerun 262
          Tape Date:  April 12, 1968 (ABC #79-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 18, 1968 Thursday
          Writer:     Sam Hall
          Director:   John Sedwick

             Elizabeth tells Cassandra that Roger seems to be suffering
          from some psyciatric problems and it would be best for Roger if
          she had the marriage annulled, but Cassandra refuses to do so.
          Vicky notices Casssandra's resemblance to the portrait and
          mentions it to Elizabeth, but Elizabeth replies that that
          doesn't mean anything. 
            Vicky tells Julia that she thinks Cassandra IS Angelique and
          that Barnabas is in danger, but Julia dismisses her warning.
             At bedtime, in their bedroom,  Roger pours two glasses of 
          champagne, one for himself and one for Cassandra. While Roger is 
          not looking, Cassandra puts some kind of powder into Roger's 
          champagne. They drink. The drug puts Roger to sleep.
             Cassandra goes down into the foyer and goes to Barnahbas'
          portrait. She talks to it, saying, "If Vicky hadn't gone back
          into the past, I would never have known you had escaped from
          the chained coffin. You will not escape from my curse!" Vicky
          is right. She IS Angelique...
          Episode 475
          Worldvision Rerun 263
          Tape Date:  April 15, 1968 (ABC #80-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 19, 1968 Friday
          Writer:     Sam Hall
          Director:   John Sedwick

             Barnabas, at the Old House,  receives a note from Cassandra.
          He recognizes the handwriting as being that of Angelique. The note
          says that she will wait for him in the old house at 10:00. Professor
          Stokes arrives, having been called by Barnabas, who has asked
          him to bring a talisman that protects against witchcraft. 
          Barnabas offers to buy the talisman, but Stokes tells him 
          it's not for sale. Eventually, he agrees to lend it to Barnabas.
             At 10:00, Cassandra comes to the old house. Barnabas addresses
          her as "Angelique", and tells her he knows she's come to renew
          her curse. She denies this, tells him what he says makes no sense
          and leaves.
             Barnabas goes to Dr. Lang, shows him that talisman and tells
          him about it, but Lang dismisses it as superstition. Barnabas
          tries to convince him to take the medallion, saying he will
          be Angelique's first target since he's helping him escape the
          vampire curse. There's a knock at the door. Lang tells Barnabas
          he's expecting a patient and asks him to go to another room. 
          Barnabas leaves the room, leaving the talisman behind. Lang
          lets his patient in. It is Cassandra. She tells him she is a
          "Mrs. Blair" and is seeking treatment for a sprained ankle.
          While Lang is examining her, she tries to put a spell to kill
          him by causing him to have a heart attack.  Lang grabs his
          chest in pain, but stumbles around and manages to make his way
          over to his desk and pick up the talisman.  The amulet works and
          the spell stops.  Lang has no memory of what just happened.
          Cassandra, her plot foiled, leaves. After she leaves, Barnabas
          returns and tells Lang that Cassandra was Angelique. He tells Lang
          that due to the danger posed by her, he must give him the
          permanent cure immediately, but Lang tells him that his
          experiments aren't yet finished. Barnabas presses him for the
          details of the cure. Lang agrees that he should know and takes
          him to his laboratory.
             In his laboratory, Lang shows Barnabas an operating table
          covered by a cloth, referring to the thing underneath as
          "his creation", which he tells Barnabas is unfinished. He tells
          Barnabas he will drain his life force from his body and transfer
          it into his creation, and that in his new body, he will no longer
          be afflicted with the vampire curse and that the witch will think
          he died and not know he's really inhabiting another body. He lifts
          part of the cloth. We see an arm that looks like it's stitched
          to the rest of the body...
          Episode 476
          Worldvision Rerun 264
          Tape Date:  April 17, 1968 (ABC #81-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 22, 1968 Monday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Lang explains to Barnabas that his creation is finished except
          for the head. Barnabas asks Lang if there's any chance of failure.
          Lang replies that there is a small one. Barnabas asks what failure
          would mean. Lang replies that it would mean his death. Barnabas,
          fearing failure, tells Lang he's not sure he wants to go through
          with it.  Barnabas asks if he will his memories and feelings from
          his current life.  Lang replies that he doesn't know.  Lang tells
          him he will give him time to think about it.  He tells Barnabas
          that the choice of face will be his.  Barnabas asks, "Can you
          make me look like Jeff Clark?"  Lang replies, "I can make it BE
          the face of Jeff Clark!"
             Lang and Jeff go to the cemetary. Hiding in the trees with
          a shovel, they watch a gravedigger burying a body. When the
          gravedigger finishes and leaves, they go to the fresh grave.
          Lang orders Jeff to dig, but Jeff announces that he can no
          longer do this. He tells Lang that he quits, calling Lang a ghoul.
          Lang threatens to tell Vicky about Jeff's past, but Jeff replies
          that he has already decided to tell her about the sanitarium.
          Lang then threatens to tell Vicky about the murders Jeff's committed,
          but Jeff replies that he has no memories of ever having committed
          any murders and accuses Lang of having made them up. Lang tells
          Jeff he had been found wandering around the docks of Portsmouth in
          a dazed condition with a rope in his pocket, the fibers from which
          were later found to match those on the necks of two women who had
          been strangled with a rope. Jeff tells Lang he thinks he's bluffing.
             Barnabas meets Julia in the garden and tells her Lang has
          what he claims is a permanent cure for vampirism. He asks her
          what she knows about Lang. She tells him all she knows about Lang
          is that he's a competent surgeon. She asks Barnabas about the
          details of the permanent cure, but Barnabas refuses to tell her.
          Julia leaves. Barnabas sits and thinks for awhile, but then,
          hearing voices, leaves.
             Vicky and Jeff come into the garden. Jeff tells Vicky about
          his having once been confined to a sanitarium. He tells her
          he has no idea who he is or what he was doing before the
          sanitarium, but that with her help, he hopes to find out.
          She tells him she is certain he is Peter Bradford. They kiss.
          Barnabas, hiding in the trees, sees them...
          Episode 477
          Worldvision Rerun 265
          Tape Date:  April 16, 1968 (ABC #82-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 23, 1968 Tuesday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   John Sedwick

             Carolyn returns to Collinwood.  She is greeted at the door
          by Cassandra.  Carolyn asks, "Who are you?"  Cassandra replies,
          "I'm Mrs. Collins".  Carolyn, puzzled, replies, "I'm afraid I
          don't understand".  Cassandra explains, "I'm Roger's wife".
          Carolyn is shocked.  Tony Peterson comes to Collinwood and asks
          to talk to Caolyn. He and Carolyn go into the drawing room to talk
          and close the doors.
             Peterson angrily tells Carolyn he saw Barnabas kissing her
          at the old house. (Actually, he was biting her. Peterson mistook
          this for a sensual kiss.)
             Outside in the foyer, Cassandra opens Peterson's briefcase,
          which he has left on the table, and steals his cigarette
             Carolyn, sick of Peterson's jealousy, tells him to go talk
          to Barnabas about it. Peterson tells her he will.
             Peterson goes to the old house and tells Barnabas he saw him
          kissing Carolyn. Barnabas tells him it was nothing but an
          avuncular kiss. Peterson remarks that it looked like much more
          than that to him.
             Cassandra, in the garden, uses the lighter to cast a spell
          on Peterson and summon him to the garden.
             Peterson goes to the garden. There, Cassandra casts a spell
          on him putting him under her powers. She tells him that most
          of the time, he will be normal and have no knowledge of being
          under a spell, but any time she needs him, she will be able to
          summon him, put him into a trance and be able to have him do
          her bidding, and that after he is out of the trance, he will
          have no memory of what happened.
             Angelique comes to Barnabas in a dream. She tells him she
          will put a new curse on him, a dream curse, that that is how the
          curse will return to him.  She tells him that soon, someone will
          have a dream and be terrified by it and the feeling of terror won't
          leave until the person tells the second person in the chain. The
          second person in the chain will have the dream with more terrifying
          details filled and will be terrified until telling the third person
          in the chain and so on until finally the dream reaches the final
          person in the chain - him. She tells him "And what you see in the
          dream will turn your blood into ice!"
          Episode 478
          Worldvision Rerun 266
          Tape Date:  April 18, 1968 (ABC #83-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 24, 1968 Wednesday
          Writer:     Gordon Russell
          Director:   Lela Swift

             There's a knock at the door of Collinwood. Cassandra, who
          happens to be in the foyer, answers it. It is Maggie Evans.
          Maggie tells Cassandra that she's come to see Vicky. Cassandra
          is astonished by the Maggie's resemblance to Josette and
          keeps staring at her. When Maggie asks Cassandrawhy she is staring
          at her, Cassandra tells he she looks just like someone she knew
          a long time ago - when she was a child. Vicky comes down, and she
          and Maggie go into the drawing room to talk.
             In the foyer, Cassandra tells the portrait of Barnabas that
          because of her resemblance to Josette, she has decided that
          Maggie will be the first victim of the dream curse.
             In the drawing room, Vicky is pouring a cup of tea for Maggie.
          She asks her what she wants in it, cream or lemon, but Maggie
          seems a million miles off.  Vicky asks why she seems so
          distracted. Maggie tells Vicky that Cassandra had kept staring at
          her. Vicky realizes why but does not say anything. She asks 
          Maggie if a friend of hers, Jeff Clark, can stay at her cottage 
          until he finds a job. Maggie tells Vicky she'll arrange it
          with her father.                   
             Jeff, at Lang's house, telephones Vicky. Vicky tells him she
          has made the arrangements, that she has found a place for him
          to live temporarily. Peter prepares to leave Lang's house and
          service, but Lang ambushes him and injects him with something,
          knocking him out. 
             At night, Cassandra sends Maggie the dream curse. In it, Maggie
          hears a knock at the door of the cottage. She opens the door.
          Outside is Jeff Clark - whom she has never met. Jeff beckons
          to her to follow him. Maggies does't want to, but feels compelled
          to and does. Jeff leads her to a door, opens it, and gestures
          for her to go in. She does. But instead of following her in,
          Jeff closes the door and locks her in. Maggie hears Jeff's voice 
          reciting a poem,                                                
                    "Through sight and sound and faceless terror,
                    "Through endless corridors of trial and error,
                    "A head of blazing light does burn,
                    "And one door leads to the point of return...
             Maggie finds herself in a foggy room with many doors. She 
          tries two, but finds that both are locked. She starts to hear 
          music. It is the music from Josette's music box. She goes 
          and opens the door behind which the music is coming from, finds 
          it is unlocked and opens it. Inside is a green death's head 
          floating in the dark.  Maggie awakens, screaming.
             Jeff awakens and finds himself strapped to a table. Lang
          is standing over him. Jeff is puzzled and asks Lang why he 
          is strapped to the table and why didn't just kill him. Then
          he that Lang is holding a scalpel, then looks over and sees the
          headless creature lying on another table and suddenly realizes
          the Lang intends to use HIS head for the creature. He struggles,
          but Lang knocks him out with another injection, then places
          the scalpel to his neck and prepares to cut...
          Episode 479
          Worldvision Rerun 267
          Tape Date:  April 19, 1968 (ABC #84-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 25, 1968 Thursday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   Lela Swift

             But before Lang can cut, he is interrupted by a knock at the
          door. Lang answers it. It is Barnabas. He tells Lang that he is
          suffering from a relapse, that he is having an urge to drink blood.
          Barnabas sees Jeff lying on the table and, realizing what Lang is
          about to do, begins to feel guilty and tells Lang he has chosen not
          to go through with it. Lang, playing to Barnabas' jealousy, tells
          Barnabas that if he does not, Jeff and Vicky will marry. Barnabas
          agrees to the experiment and leaves the lab.
             Vicky comes to Lang's house to look for Jeff. She rings the
          doorbell but no one answers. Finding the door unlocked, she goes
          in and calls for Jeff. Barnabas, who's coming down from the lab
          upstairs, hears Vicky. He goes back up to the lab and tells Lang
          that Vicky is downstairs looking for Jeff. Lang goes down and
          tells Vicky that Jeff is not there, that he doesn't know where
          he is. Vicky starts to become hysterical and screams that she
          feels something terrible has happened to Jeff and starts to babble
          about how much she loves him, saying that for the first time in
          her life she was close to being happy. Barnabas, listening from
          upstairs, hears this and, becoming insanely jealous, goes to Lang's
          lab and prepares to kill Jeff. However, his conscience intervenes.
          He says, "Enough!" and unstraps Jeff. When Lang returns, Barnabas
          tells him that he has decided not to go through with the experiment,
          adding, "This time the decision is final!" Lang tells him that
          he'll have to kill Jeff anyway because he knows too much. Jeff
          regains consciousness, jumps off the table, grabs a scalpel and
          tries to attack Lang, but Lang once again manages to knock him out
          with an injection and straps him back to the table.
             Barnabas tells Lang it isn't necessary for him to kill Jeff,
          that he can get Julia to hypnotize him and make him forget
          everything, but Lang vetoes the idea, saying he doesn't want
          to get Julia involved because he doesn't want anyone else to
          know what he's been doing. Barnabas tells him Julia can be
          trusted to keep a secret, but Lang still refuses. Barnabas,
          not wanting a murder to occur, picks up the phone and tells
          Lang ,"I'm going to call Julia whether you like it or not and
          there's nothing you can do to stop me." But Lang opens a drawer, 
          takes out a pistol, and aims it at Barnabas. Barnabas, 
          unconcerned, tells Lang that bullets cannot harm him, but Lang 
          reminds him that he has been temporarily cured of vampirism and 
          CAN be harmed by bullets while temporarily not a vampire. He 
          tells Barnabas, "I'll give you until a count of three to put 
          the phone down. One...Two..."
          Episode 480
          Worldvision Rerun 268
          Tape Date:  April 22, 1968 (ABC #85-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 26, 1968 Friday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Barnabas puts the phone down. He again tries to convince Lang
          that Julia can be trusted, but Lang still refuses to let him
          call her. Barnabas again picks up the phone. He tells Lang,
          "I'm going to call her. I don't believe you'll kill me. I'm
          too necessary for your experiment." 
             At Collinwood, the phone rings. Cassandra and Julia are in
          the drawing room. Cassandra answers the phone, then gives it
          to Julia. Barnabas tells Julia to come to Lang's house. He
          tells her to bring the medallion she uses to hypnotize people
          with her.
             Julia goes to Lang's house. Barnabas and Lang tell her
          that Jeff was once in a mental hospital and was released into
          Lang's care. They lie that and went beserk tonight and attacked
          Lang, shouting that Lang wanted to kill him and cut his head
          off - obviously the ravings of a lunatic.  They tell Julia that
          she must hypnotize Jeff and make him forget the events of the
          night or it might drive him insane.
             Lang takes Julia to Jeff's room, where Jeff is tied up in
          bed. Julia tells Lang she needs to be alone with Jeff. Lang
          leaves. Jeff regains consciousness and tells Julia that Lang
          had planned to cut off his head and put it on a creature he
          had created out of body parts. Seeing the dubious look on Julia's
          face, he tells her, "If you don't believe me, go to the lab and
          look for yourself!"  Not believing his far-fetched story, Julia
          hypnotizes him and makes him forget the events of the night. Then,
          curious, she decides to go to Lang's lab and have a look anyway.
          She finds Lang's "creation" and screams. 
             Hearing Julia's screams, Barnabas and Lang come running to
          the lab. They explain the plan to her and ask for her cooperation.
          She tells them she will, saying, "I want to see Barnabas cured"
          and leaves.  Lang tells Barnabas he does not trust Julia and will
          follow her.  They do so.  Downstairs, Lang notices that a door
          to his sitting room, which should be open, is closed. Inside, Julia,
          uncomfortable with the idea that although Jeff will not be killed,
          someone else might be to complete the experiment, has decided to
          call the police.  Outside the locked door, Barnabas and Lang hear
          Julia telling the operator to connect her to the police...
          Episode 481
          Worldvision Rerun 269
          Tape Date:  April 23, 1968 (ABC #86-DRK-68)
          Air Date:   April 29, 1968 Monday
          Writer:     Sam Hall
          Director:   Lela Swift

             Barnabas gets Julia to hang up by shouting, "Julia!  Remember
          Someone! Dave Woodard!  Remember Dave Woodard!" Julia hangs up and
          comes out. Lang tells her he won't kill anyone for the head,
          saying he will get the head the same way he got the other
          body parts, from cadavers, and she agrees to be silent about the
             Barnabas and Julia return to Collinwood. In the garden, Julia
          tries to talk Barnabas out of taking part in Lang's experiment,
          but Barnabas replies that he must escape the vampire curse
          before Angelique can do anything. Unknown to them, Cassandra
          is hiding outside the garden fence eavesdropping on them.
          She hears Barnabas and Julia talking about Lang's plan, but
          they do not discuss the details. Barnabas sees Cassandra,
          grabs her and shouts, "Angelique!" Cassandra manages to
          struggle free, exclaims, "You're crazy!" and runs off.
             Cassandra summons Tony Peterson, puts him in a trance and tells
          him to go to Lang's house and steal the talisman. She tells
          him she'll make sure Lang isn't home. Peterson asks Cassandra,
          "Why did you choose me?" Cassandra replies, "Because you resemble
          someone I knew a long time ago. A Rev. Trask."
             Lang comes to the old house and asks Barnabas what he wants,
          saying his answering service told him he left a message asking
          him to come here. Barnabas replies, "I left you no message" and
          realizing this must be some plot of Angelique's, asks, "Do you
          have the talisman with you?" Lang searchs his pockets, doesn't
          find it and tells Barnabas, "I must have left it at my desk."
          Barnabas tells Lang they must go and get it.
             Peterson steals the talisman from Lang's desk. He goes and
          gives it to Cassandra. Cassandra is ecstatic, saying, "Now
          now only will Lang unable to save Barnabas, he'll be unable
          to save himself!"
       Episode 482
       Worldvision Rerun 270
       Tape Date:  April 24, 1968 (ABC #87-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   April 30, 1968 Tuesday
       Writer:     Sam Hall
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Barnabas and Lang rush to Lang's house, but when they get there,
       they find that the talisman is gone. They run into Jeff, who is
       packed and preparing to leave. Jeff tells Lang he has no memory
       of the previous night, but suspects something happened, that
       he doesn't believe Lang's story that he fell asleep while
       packing. He leaves. Barnabas and Lang decide that they  must
       act before Angelique can act. Lang remarks that things would
       go much faster if he had an assistant. Barnabas asks if such
       an assistant need be skilled; Lang replies that he only has to
       be able bodied, have good hands and be able to keep a secret.
       Barnabas tells Lang that his former servant Willie Loomis would
       be a good choice, but that he is confined to Windcliff Hospital
       at present. He suggests that maybe Julia could get him released
       into their care.
          At the Evan's cottage, Maggie is sitting on the sofa, still
       terrified by the dream. There's a knock at the door. She answers
       it. She is shocked to see that it is the man in her dream. The
       man introduces himself as Jeff Clark and tells her Vicky told
       him he could stay here for awhile. Maggie apoligizes to him,
       saying she had a dream in which was a man who looked just like
       him. Jeff asks about her dream. Maggie tells him. As soon as
       she is finished, she is surprised to find that the feeling of
       terror is completely gone.
          Vicky comes to the cottage and tells Jeff she is very angry
       at him for not meeting her last night as they had arranged. She
       mentions that she had gone to Lang's last night looking for him
       but that Lang had told her he wasn't there. Jeff now realizes
       that something DID happen last night. He notices Vicky's charm
       bracelet and reacts strangely to it. Vicky tells him about her
       witchcraft trial and mentions that was persecuted by someone
       named Trask. Jeff tells her he thinks he once knows someone
       named Trask, but cannot remember when or where.
          Later, at night, Jeff dozes off in a chair in the living room
       of the Evans Cottage and has a dream. It is almost the same as
       Maggie's, except when he opens the door of the cottage, he finds
       Dr. Lang there beckoning him. He follows him and, like Maggie, is
       locked in the room with many doors. He hears Lang's voice recite the
       same poem. He hears Josette's music coming from behind a door and
       opens it to find a green death's head, as did Maggie. He closes the
       door. The music starts to come from behind a different door. He opens
       it and finds a guillotine in the door frame. The blade falls loudly.
       Jeff awakens, terrified.

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