Dark Shadows
April 1970

    Episode 983
    Worldvision Rerun 757
    Tape Date:  March 13, 1970 (ABC #68-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   April 1, 1970 Wednesday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

      Maggie is pacing around in the drawing room looking very anxious
   and worried.  Elizabeth comes in and asks, "Are you ready to meet the
   children?"  Maggie replies, "Yes. I think it might be better if
   Quentin was with me", but Elizabeth disagrees, "I think it would be
   better if you did this alone.  It's about time Daniel realized that
   you're now Mrs. Collins".
      Upstairs in Daniel's room, Amy is saying to Daniel, "I'm so glad
   you've decided to meet her".  Daniel replies, "I'm going to go much
   more than just meet her.  I'm going to drive her from this house!",
   snapping a comb in anger.
      Amy asks, "Why?"  Daniel replies, "I want her out of this house!"
   Amy protests, "But your father married her.  She must be nice."
   Daniel replies, "He didn't marry her because of that.  He married
   her because he was lonely.  She'll be sorry she ever came into this
      Quentin is in the drawing room with Maggie discussing her fears
   about meeting the children.  Quentin assures her everthing will turn
   out OK.  Chris comes into the room.  Quentin introduces him to Maggie,
   "Cousin Chris, also lawyer, and manager of the estate for me."  Chris
   tells Quentin, "I need to talk to you in private. It's about Bruno".
   Quentin asks, "What about him?"  Chris replies, "He's come back.  They
   go out into the foyer and close the doors.  Quentin asks, "How long has
   he been back?"  Chris replies, "Elizabeth discovered him in Angelique's
   room a few days ago."  Quentin asks, "Who let him in?" Chris replies,
   "He let himself in."  Quentin asks, "Where is he now?"  Chris replies,
   "In the cottage.  I passed by it a few minutes ago and heard him
   inside playing the piano".  Quentin asks, "What did you do?"  Chris
   replies, "Nothing.  I wanted to talk to you first.  He said Angelique
   gave him permission to stay there".  Quentin growls, "Angelique is dead.
   He can't count on her benevolence anymore.  I want him off my property!
   Call me if he gives you any trouble!" and storms off angrily again.  Chris
   goes into the drawing room and apoligizes, "Sorry if I got your husband
   angry.  Have you seen the estate?" Maggie replies that she hasn't.
   Chris promises to give her a tour sometime, saying, "I want you to
   be happy here".  Maggie replies, "I want to make Mr. Collins happy,
   as happy as he was with the first Mrs. Collins".  Chris gets a sad
   look on his face and says, "Angelique became a legend in her own
   time.  It will be difficult to live up to a legend".
      Elizabeth goes into Daniel's room and tells the children, "Your
   father told me to bring you down".
      Quentin has calmed down and returned.  He apoligizes to Maggie
   for getting angry about Bruno and storming off.  Maggie asks, "Who
   is Bruno?  Why do you dislike him so much?"  Quentin replies, "Someone
   I hope you'll never meet.  The less said about him, the better".
   Elizabeth brings the children in.  Quentin introduces them to Maggie,
   "My son Daniel, and cousin Amy, Chris' sister".  Amy cherrily says,
   "Pleased to meet you!  But I don't know what to call you."  Maggie tells
   her, "How about Maggie?"  Quentin says, "I have work to do.  I'll leave
   you to get acquainted" and leaves.
      In the foyer, Elizabeth tells Quentin, "You don't know how devoted
   Daniel was to Angelique...."  Quentin becomes angry again, says,
   "I'll be in my study!" and storms off again.
      In the drawing room, Maggie and Amy are talking amiably.  Amy asks,
   "Have you been in Collinsport before?"  Maggie replies, "I used to live
   here when I was a child, but we moved away when I was eight".  Daniel,
   however, works on a jigsaw puzzle, studiously ignoring Maggie.  Trying
   to get him to talk, she goes to him and says, "I'll be needing your help".
   He asks, "How?"  Maggie replies, "Collinwood is such a huge estate, I'll
   need someone to show me around", but Daniel coldly replies, "Chris will
   show you the estate.  That's his job.  Everyone in Collinwood has a job
   to do.  That's the way my mother wanted it.  She said Collinwood was like
   a big clock you could run your life by".  The clock strikes noon.  Daniel
   asks, "Have you met the gardener yet?"  Maggie replies that she hasn't.
   Daniel tells her, "My mother used to meet the gardener everday at noon
   to tell him what to do.  She planned all the landscaping.  That's why
   Collinwood is so beautiful".  Maggie is very intimidated.
      When they have finished, Daniel goes out into the foyer.  Elizabeth
   coldly remarks, "You must be proud of that performance of yours in there".
   Daniel replies, "I knew you'd be out here listening, I just knew it",
   not seeming to care what she thinks. After the children leave,  Elizabeth
   tries to reassure Maggie, "It's going to take time", but Maggie moans,
   "I was a disaster!"  Elizabeth explains, "The boy is living in the past.
   He's never accepted his mother's death.  You're going to have to be the
   one to get him to accept it.".  Maggie remarks, "His mother must have been
   some woman".  Elizabeth replies, "Yes she was".
      Daniel takes Amy to Angelique's room.  Amy asks, "Why are we here?"
   Daniel replies, "This is the only place in the house we can talk.  I've
   thought of a way to get rid of Maggie!"  Amy tells him, "I'm not going
   to help you!  It isn't right!"  Daniel grabs her arm and puts it in a
   hammerlock.  She reluctantly agrees to help.  He starts to tell her
   his plan, "There's a secret panel..."
      Quentin has returned and is with Maggie, asking her, "How can you
   say you failed after only one meeting?"  Maggie replies, "He hates me!
   He'll always hate me!"  Quentin assures her, "He just doesn't know you.
   You have to show him you're his friend.  To know you is to love you!
   He'll come around!".
      Daniel is with Amy in a secret passage, going over his plan with her,
   "All you have to do is stand here.  My mother's room is just on the
   other side.  You can hear everything we say.  Now repeat to me, when
   do you start humming hum?"  Amy replies, "When you say 'Mother, please
   sing to me again'".
      The clock in the foyer reads 6:25.  Maggie is in the drawing room,
   reading a newspaper.  David comes in looking for Quentin.  Maggie tells
   him Quentin's not there and suggests he try the study.  The clock in
   the foyer strikes 6:30.  Daniel says, "Silly me.  There's only one place
   he could be. He's there every day at this time".  Maggie asks, "Where?"
   "Standing in front of my mother's portrait, remembering her.  Sometimes
   he talks to her".  Maggie asks, "Why are you trying to upset me?"
   Daniel replies, "I'm not trying to upset you.  I'm just telling you
   where he is".   Maggie tells him, "He couldn't be there.   He's not
   the kind of man who would cling to the past".  Daniel replies, "Shows
   how much you know him.  He loved her very much.  He'll never get over
   her death.  If you don't believe me, go up and see for yourself!"
      Maggie goes up to Angelique's room.  She looks around, but finds
   that Quentin isn't there.  Daniel comes into the room.  Maggie remarks,
   "Your father's not here".  Daniel replies, "Maybe he left before you
   came".  He looks at the portrait and says, "Isn't she beautiful?  Soon,
   she'll be back."  Maggie remarks, "That's ridiculous".  Daniel shouts,
   "She told me she would be back!"  Maggie says, "That's nonsense", but
   Daniel continues, "But she said she would!  She told me after she was
   gone!  Please, mother, sing to me again!"  The sound of someone humming
   Brahm's "Lullaby" is heard.  Maggie screams, "It's not possible!
   It's a trick!", but Daniel insists, "It's not a trick!  She's still
   here!  She never left!"  Maggie shouts, "Stop it!" and runs off.
   Amy comes into the room.  Daniel congratulates her, "You were wonderful!
   You did exactly what I wanted", then with a puzzled look on his face,
   "How did you get here so fast from the secret passage?"  Amy replies,
   "I wasn't in the secret passage.  That's what I came here to tell you.
   Chris stopped me downstairs.  I just got here.  It wasn't me".  Daniel
   looks at the portrait and asks, "If it wasn't you, then who was it?"
    Episode 984
    Worldvision Rerun 758
    Tape Date:  March 16, 1970 (ABC #69-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   April 2, 1970 Thursday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

     Daniel stares at Angelique's portrait.  Amy asks, "Daniel, what's
   wrong?"  Daniel replies, "It was HER!  She's back!  She sang to me!"
   Amy tells him, "That's not possible.  It must have been your imagination",
   but Daniel insists, "It wasn't my imagination!  I heard it and Maggie
   heard it too!  She IS back!".  Amy points out, "People can't come back
   from the dead".  Daniel insists, "Maybe she did!  Maybe I can make her
   sing again!  Sing, mother!" Amy becomes frightened, screams, "I don't
   want to hear it!  I don't want to!" and runs off".  But this time there
   is no humming.  Daniel looks at the portrait and says, "I heard you hum,
   and that's all that matters".
      In the drawing room, Maggie asks Julia, "Do you know where Mr.
   Collins is?"  Julia replies, "In his study". Maggie asks, "Could you
   go and get him for me?  I have something important to talk to him
   about", but Julia refuses, saying, "He doesn't like to be bothered
   when he's in his study".  Just at that moment, Quentin comes walking
   into the room.  He tells Julia, "You may leave, Miss Hoffman".  Julia
   leaves.  He asks Maggie, "What's wrong?"  Maggie asks, "Is it true that
   you go to Anglique's room every day to meditate and remember her?"
   Quentin asks, "Where did you get that idea?"  Maggie replies, "Daniel
   told me.  So I went there..."  Quentin interrupts, "You went to Angelique's
   room?!"  Maggie continues, "I had to!  Ever since I came into this house,
   I've been compared to Anglique, how beautiful she was, how efficient
   she was..."  Quentin assure her, "No matter what anyone says, you've
   replaced her.  I don't know what Daniel told you, but I haven't been
   in Angelique's room since the day she died".  Maggie remarks, "Then
   it must have been a childish prank".  Quentin asks, "What was?"
   Maggie recounts what happened.  Quentin becomes angry and says, "It
   won't happen again!  I'm going to talk to him!" and storms off.
      Maggie is coming out into the foyer.  At the same time, Julia
   comes out from the door under the stairs.  Julia asks, "Is something
   wrong, Mrs. Collins?"  Maggie replies, "Everthing I do turns out to
   be wrong!  So far, I've been a total disaster!"  Julia replies, "The
   first Mrs. Collins couldn't do anything wrong as far as Daniel was
   concerned.  It was the little things she did".  Maggie asks, "What
   little things?"  Julia replies, "For example, Daniel broke on of
   his favorite records the other day.  The first Mrs. Collin would
   have noticed and replaced it".  Maggie asks, "Do you know where I
   could find a copy of this record?'  Julia replis, "Yes I do..."
      Quentin is in Daniel's room, chatising him for playing a prank
   on Maggie, "I don't want you playing anymore jokes..."  Daniel
   insists, "I wasn't playing a joke!  I heard my mother!  She's
   somewhere in the house trying to communicate with us!"  Quentin
   becomes angry and says, "No more such talk!  Angelique is dead.
   From this moment on, I forbid you from going into that room!"
      Quentin is in the drawing room reading a newspaper.  He hears
   the front doors open.  He gets up to see who it is.  It's Maggie,
   her arms laden with shopping bags and packages.  Quentin quips,
   "It looks like you've been to every store in town".  Maggie replies,
   "I had to go everywhere I remembered as a child.  Would you believe
   I even ran into two people who recognized me?"  Quentin remarks,
   "I find your innocence so charming.  EVERYONE recognized you.  You're
   the new mistress of Collinwood.  They just didn't say anything".  He
   asks, "What did you buy?"  Maggie replies, "Lot's of thing,s and a
   pecialAsurprise for Daniel".  Quentin asks, "What is it?", but Maggie
   refuses to tell him, saying, "You'll find out when he does!".  Quentin
   replies, "OK, I like surprises.  I'm glad to see you're taking the
   initiative with Daniel".
      Julia is talking with Daniel in his room, "As difficult as it
   is for all of us, things will change, Daniel".  Daniel replies,
   "They won't as long as SHE's here".  Julia remarks, "Your father
   told me about that prank you played on her".  Daniel insists, "It
   wasn't a prank!  It really happened!"  Julia asks, "Tell me about it",
   but Daniel refuses, "I don't want to talk about it".  Julia begs,
   "You know how devoted I was to her.  Please tell me what happened!"
   Daniel tells her.  Julia says, "Then there's still hope!  She hasn't
   abandoned us, and now I know she never will!"  Quentin peeks in through
   the door and tells David, "Your stepmother has a surprise for you!"
   and leaves.  Daniel tells Julia, "I'm not going", but Julia says,
   "I suggest you do.  Take my advice and go.  My intuition tells me
   that this is a surprise you will like!"
      In the drawing room, Maggie is taking an LP out of its sleeve
   and putting it onto the turntable of an old-fashioned console
   stereo.  Amy comes into the room, saying, "I was told you were in
   here.  I've been looking for you".  Maggie replies, "I just got
   back.  Why have you been looking for me?"  Amy holds out a bouquet
   of flowers, saying, "To give you these.  I picked them from the
   greenhouse especially for you".  Maggie says, "Thank you.  I appreciate
   it".  Amy tells her, "You'll have to be patient with Daniel."  Maggie
   agrees, "I'll be very patient with him".  Amy remarks, "I knew you'd
   be like this even before you came.  Maggie, we're going to be good
   friends!"  Daniel comes into the room, saying, "My father said
   you had a surprise for me".  Maggie replies, "Yes!  I hope you like
   it!  Both of you sit down!  I'd like you to listen to something!"
   Maggie has both Daniel and Amy sit on the couch for her surprise.  She
   goes and turns the record player on.  Some piano music plays.  Amy
   listens with a look of shock on her face.  Daniel, on the other hand,
   starts to grin evilly.   Maggie asks, "What's wrong, Amy?"  Suddenly,
   Quentin comes bursting into the room, stomps over to the stereo and turns
   if off, then shouts, "Who's played that record?!"  Maggie replies,
   "I did".  Quentin shouts, "What a stupid thing to do!!!!" Maggie runs
   from the room in tears.  Daniel smiles and says, "She'll never be my
   mother, never!"
      Maggie is alone in the foyer, agonizing over what happened.  Julia
   comes into the foyer and asks, "Is something wrong, Mrs. Collins?"
   Maggie shouts, "You know something's wrong!  You knew how he would
   respond to that record, yet you deliberately kept it from me!"  Julia
   lies, "I didn't".  Maggie asks, "Then why don't you tell me?!" Quentin,
   who's come into the foyer, says, "I'd like and answer to
   that question too.  Sorry I exploded, Maggie."  Maggie, still distraught,
   exclaims, "Everthing I do turns out all wrong!" and runs off.
   Quentin remarks to Julia, "She thought you were to blame.  Obviously,
   there must be a reason".  Julia admits, "It was I who suggested she
   buy that record for Daniel."  Quentin says, "You know how I feel about
   that record!"  Julia explains, "I thought it would help Mrs. Collins'
   relationship with Daniel.  I didn't think of how it would affect you".
   Quentin tells her, "My feelings don't matter right now.  You've hurt
   my wife.  You should appoligize to her.  See that this never happens
   again!"  Julia replies, "I will".
      Maggie is in Angelique's room talking to the portrait, "If only
   you were flesh and blood!  Then I could fight you.  But how can I
   fight a presence?"  Julia comes into the room and says, "I apologize.
   I'm very sorry about what happened.  I thought only of how Daniel
   would like the record.  I didn't stop to think how it would affect
   Mr.Collins".  Maggie accepts her apology.  Julia looks up at the
   portrait and says, "I forgot how much Mr. Collins her.  Everyone loved
   her.  And how can you blame them?  Look at her.  She was the heart
   and soul and lifeblood of Collinwood, a legend in her own life."  Maggie
   gripes, "Only you could turn an apology into a testimonial!", then adds,
   "Excuse me, I'm going to apologize to my husband.  I've made my mistake.
   But I learn, Miss Hoffman, I learn!" and leaves.  Julia, now alone in
   the room, says to the portrait, "This house needs you more than anyone!
   If you can come back, please find a way to do it!  We're waiting for you!"
      Maggie is going down the foyer stairs thinking to herself,  "Quentin
   told me it would be a challenge.  Now I must find a way to rise to
   the challenge, no matter how many of them are against me!  I am the
   mistress of Collinwood, and no one can change that! No one!" She is
   surprised to hear an unfamiliar female voice in the drawing room saying,
   "I'm sorry I didn't notify you in advance.  It must have been quite a
   shock!" Quentin replies, "Well, I must admit I didn't know what to think
   at first.  Would you like a sherry?"  The female voice responds, "I'd love
   one".  Maggie looks into the room and gasps, "My God, she's back!  She's
   come back!"  Inside sipping a sherry is Angelique..."
   Episode 985
   Worldvision Rerun 759
   Tape Date:  March 17, 1970 (ABC #70-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 3, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Violet Welles
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Maggie, terrified, has run back to her room and is sitting there
   in a state of shock.  Quentin comes knocking at the door, but Maggie
   just sits there not answering.  Finally, Quentin opens the door and
   goes in.  He tells her, "Let me explain...", but she screams, "What's
   there to explain?  I saw her there!"  The woman appears at the doorway,
   saying, "I thought it would be best to get it over with quickly".
   Maggie shouts, "Don't let her near me!  Don't!" Quentin tells the
   woman to go back to the drawing room. He then explains to Maggie,
   "Maggie, that woman's name is  Alexis, she's Angelique's twin sister.
   She's just arrived from Florence.  She's just heard of Angelique's
   death. Now let's go downstairs", but Maggie is still hysterical and
   screams, "I don't want to see her!"  Quentin gives up and leaves,
   saying, "We have a guest downstairs.  One of us has to be with her".
      Chris is in what looks to be a laboratory in a cellar somewhere.
   With him is the man who looks like Jeb Hawkes.  The man, whom Chris
   addresses as "Cyrus", is saying, "I saw Angelique!  I was driving
   through town and saw her walking in the street!".  Chris replie,
   "Cyrus, you're a scientist".  Cyrus asks, "What does that have to
   do with it?"  Chris replies, "Scientists deal with facts.  Angelique
   is dead.  It's a fact that people don't return from the dead."
   Cyrus counters, "At one time people believed the earth was flat
   and that the sun revolved around the earth.  To them, these were
   facts, and they were wrong.  I saw Angelique!  I saw her walking
   in the street!"  Chris replies, "There must be some explanation".
   He suggests, "You've been working too hard.  You've locked yourself
   in this basement for over a year!  It can't be good for your health!"
   Cyrus remarks, "You wouldn't understand what I'm doing here".  Chris
   asks,  "What ARE you doing here?  I'd like to know", but Cyrus refuses
   to tell him, saying, "You might misunderstand".  Chris insists, saying,
   "I'm a friend".  Cyrus tells him, "Man is chemical in composition.
   If a compound can be made to change that composition, the man will be
   changed also.  I am distilling such a compound.  Furthermore, Man is
   not one person, but two.  One is good and one is evil.  These
   two persons are always with us, but if they can be seperated, good
   can operate without evil interferring."  Chris says, "I'm worried
   about you.  You seem to have become obsessed with an impractical
   idea".  Cyrus replies, "It's not impractical.  If you had let me
   have that chemist's address, I might have succeeded by now"..
   Chris remarks, "Then I'm glad I didn't give Angelique's address
   book to you".  Cyrus tells him, "Angelique believed in me.  She
   was the one who got me started".  Chris remarks, "Seperating good
   from evil.  I have no doubt which one appealed to her".
      In the drawing room of Collinwood, Alexis is telling Quentin, I must
   go.  I have such a devastating effect on Maggie", but Quentin insists
   that she stay, saying he makes the decisions at Colliwood, not Maggie.
   He calls for Julia.  Julia comes into the room and starts to say,
   "You called for me, Mr. Collins...", but suddenly gasps, "Ah!!!  It's
   you!" when she sees Alexis.
      After everything is cleared up, Quentin apologizes to Julia, "Hoffman,
   don't be upset.  If there was any way I could have told you in advance
   Alexis was here I would have."  Hoffman, in turn, says, "Sorry I lost
   my composure.  I should have known very well who she was.  Angelique has
   spoken of her twin sister many times."  Quentin tells Alexis, "Miss
   Hoffman will take care of you.  If you need anything, ask her".  Julia
   tells Alexis,  "The first Mrs. Collins spoke of you quite often".  Alexis
   remarks, "The news of her death came as a great shock to me".  Julia asks,
   "Didn't you get my letter?"  Alexis replies, "No".  Julia continues,
   "But I wrote to you in Tangiers at the last address I got from your
   sister".  Alexis replies, "Well, I never got the letter".  Quentin
   asks, "Then why did you come here?"  Alexis replies, "I just had a
   feeling I was needed here".  Quentin tells Julia, "I want you to make
   her stay here a comfortable one".  Julia says, "I'd like to give her
   the first Mrs. Collins' room, if you don't object".  Quentin replies,
   "No, I don't object".  Alexis says, "I'd like that very much".
      After they leave, Quentin thinks to himself, "I wish she didn't look
   so much like her.  I'm getting as bad as Maggie.  Of course she looks
   like her!  She's her sister, from far away.  But how far away?  I
      Back at the cellar lab,  Chris is telling Cyrus, "I'm worried about
   you.  I spoke to Dr. Reese the other night and he said you gave a talk
   about black magic at the scientific conference!"  Cyrus replies, "To
   quote Shakespeare, "There is more on heaven and earth than dreamt of
   in your philosophies, Horatio' - and in yours and Dr. Reese's".   Chris
   warns him, "This can only lead to trouble".  Cyrus counters, "This can
   only lead to glory.  Now if you will only give me the name of that
   chemist, I can be finished very quickly".  Chris replies, "No.  If
   there's any way to stop you, I'll stop you - before it's too late!"
      At Collinwood, Julia has brought Alexis to Angelique's room.
   Alexis exclaims, "This room is beautiful!"  Julia remarks, "It's just
   the way you left it!  Nothing's been changed!"  Alexis asks, "What are
   you talking about?"  Julia replies, "I can understand why you had to
   tell everyone else you're your twin sister, but you don't have to lie
   to me.  I know you've come back!"  Alexis exclaims, "That's impossible!
   Angelique's dead!  You can't come back from the dead!".  Julia replies,
   "Angelique is not like everyone else".  Alexis says emphatically,
   "She's dead, and I'm her sister".  She tells Julia her luggage is
   still in town and asks her to bring her one of Angelique's nightgowns.
   Julia asks, "Which one".  Alexis replies, "How should I know? I've never
   seen any of them before.  You pick one for me".  Julia brings a pink
   one with big, furry short sleeves, saying, "This was her favorite".
      As Julia is walking through the bedroom hallway, Maggie warily
   peeks out the door of her room.  Julia tells her, "Mrs. Collins,
   you might be interested in knowing that that yound lady is staying"
   Maggie replies, "I see.  By whose orders?"  Julia replies, Mr.
   Collins', of course".
      Maggie goes down into the drawing room and finds that Quentin is
   not there.  However, she finds that the brandy container is empty.
   She wonders, "Quentin, what is happening to you?  What is happening
   to all of us?"
      Quentin is lurking about outside the door to Angelique's room.
   He hears piano music coming from inside the room, the same music
   that was on the record Maggie had bought.  He opens the doors and
   goes in.  Alexis is playing the piano, her back to him.  Hearing
   him, she turns around and says, "Oh, I'm so sorry.  I couldn't
   sleep, and I found this piece of sheet music.  I hope I didn't
   disturb you".  Quentin replies, "No, not at all", staring at her.
   Alexis asks, "Oh, is it the gown?  Hoffman gave it to me.  I left
   my luggage in town.  I hope you don't mind".  Quentin replies, "No,
   you look so much like her, especially in this room".  Alexis asks,
   "You loved her very much, didn't you?  So did I".  She puts a hand on
   his shoulder to comfort him.  Maggie happens to come in the room and
   shocked, runs off.  Quentin goes after her.
      Quentin finds Maggie in the drawing room.  He tries to explain
   to her, but she just complains that he's never around, and even when
   he is, he seems to be a thousand miles away.  They get into a
   tremondous argument.  Maggie complains, "This is still Angelique's
   house!"  Quentin shouts, "If you don't like it here, then why don't
   you get out of Angelique's house?"  Maggie replies, "I will!" and
   storms out the front door.  Quentin goes out into the foyer as if
   to follow, but then stops, apparently changing his mind.  Alexis,
   who's on the stairs, asks,  "What happened?"  Quentin replies,
   "It's Maggie, she left".  Alexis asks, "Don't you think you'd better
   go after her?"  Quentin at first says, "No.  She's just being childish!"
   but then changes his mind again and goes and opens the front doors -
   just in time to hear a car start and drive off.  He remarks, "It's too
   late now, isn't it?"
   Episode 986
   Worldvision Rerun 760
   Tape Date:  March 18, 1970 (ABC #71-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 6, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Quentin is in the drawing room drinking.  Alexis, at the doorway,
   asks, "Would I be an intrusion if I came in?"  Quentin replies, "You
   wouldn't find me very good company".  Alexis comes in and says, "I had
   no idea Maggie would leave because of me.  Can't everyone see how
   different I am from Angelique?"  Quentin points out, "You look exactly
   like her".  Alexis replies, "But inside we're very different.  She
   had this inner radiance.  Everything was so easy for her.  Nothing
   was easy for me, least of all trying to be like her.  What woman
   wouldn't want to be like she was?  You must have loved her deeply".
   Quentin replies, "No one knows that better than I do how exquisite
   she was".  Alexis asks, "Are you going to go find Maggie?"  Quentin
   says, "Perhaps".  Alexis says, "But she's your wife!" Quentin replies,
   "Please, if you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about it".  Alexis, upset
   at herself for upsetting him, remarks, "My talents are the opposite of my
   sister's. She could do no wrong.  I can't do anything right".  Quentin
   tries to change the subject, "Let me hire you a car in the morning.
   You'll want to go into town to visit your father, of course."  Alexis
   replies, "I want that least of all.  That's another difference between
   my sister and me.  I haven't had any contact with my father for years,
   and I'd like to keep it that way".  She says goodnight to him and leaves
   the room.
      Suddenly, Quentin hears a scream of terror in the foyer and runs
   out to see what it is.  Standing on the stairs is Amy, a look of terror
   on her face.  Looking at Alexis, she screams, "A ghost!"  Quentin tells
   her, "That's Alexis, Angelique's twin sister!", but Amy insists, "No!
   It's Angelique!" Alexis says, "Perhaps I should go upstairs until you
   get everything staightened out" and goes upstairs.  Amy says, "Daniel
   said she'd come back, but I didn't believe it!  I heard her say Maggie
   left.  Did she?"  Quentin replies, "Yes".  Amy remarks, "Of course she
   did, because Angelique came back!  Please make her come back!"  Quentin
   dismisses her, "That's not something you should concern yourself about.
   Go to bed!"  Amy refuses, saying, "No!  She's up there!", but Quentin
   orders her to go up and she reluctantly does.  He then says to himself,
   "I will not go after her!  It must be her decision to come back.  I
   will not go after her!"
      It is the next morning.  The clock in the foyer reads 9:00.  Quentin
   looks up a number in an address book then dials the number, "Hello,
   I'd like to make a person-to-person call...Maggie Collins...No, don't
   cancel the call...I'll talk to her sister...Hello, Jennifer, Maggie isn't
   there?... When she comes back, tell her I'd like to speak to her...Well,
   how are we supposed to settle our quarrel if she won't talk to me?...
   Would it help if I came to New York?....Jennifer, tell her I love her
   when she comes back... Yes, Alexis is still here, she wants to meet her
   nephew Daniel.  He's away right now....Goodbye".
      Cyrus is at the cottage visiting Bruno, telling him about seeing
   someone who looks just like Angelique, saying, "For a moment, I thought
   that perhaps your prophecy that Angelique would come back had come
   true."  He then tells Bruno, "I need that address book of Angelique's".
   Bruno asks, "Then why don't you just walk in and get it?"  Cyrus replies,
   "I tried that, but Chris wouldn't let me have it".  Bruno says, "So,you
   want me to steal it for you, is that it? I understand".  The front door
   opens and Quentin comes walking in.  Bruno complains, "Quentin, don't
   you believe in knocking before coming in?"  Quentin replies, "I don't
   believe in knocking on my own door."  He turns to Cyrus and asks, "If
   you'd excuse us, I'd like to speak to Bruno alone, please".  Cyrus
   obligingly leaves.  Quentin tells Bruno, "All right, I'll give you
   one hour to pack up and get off my property!"  Bruno retorts, "And
   I'll give you one minute to get off mine!"  He proudly holds up a
   piece of paper and says, "Take a look at this!  A deed from your late
   wife giving me sole possession of this cottage!"  Quentin says, "That's
   a fraud, a forgery!"  Bruno replies, "No such luck!  Your wife was a
   great patron of the arts.  She gave this to me in appreciation of all
   the music I dedicated to her."  Quentin says,  "We'll see about
   that!  I'm going to talk to Chris about this immediately!"  Bruno
   remarks, "If Chris is as clever a lawyer as I think he is, he'll see
   that my claim's legitimate".  He adds, "I hear you have an interesting new
   guest at Collinwood who resembles Angelique".  Quentin replies, "Twins
   often resemble one another, but what goes on at Collinwood is no business
   of yours" and leaves.  Bruno muses, "Twins, eh?.  I think I'll go see her".
      There's a knock at the door of Collinwood.  Amy answers.  It's
   Bruno.  Amy tells him, "She's up in her room".  Bruno asks, "Who's
   up in her room?"  Amy replies, "Quentin says her name is Alexis".
   Bruno asks, "How do you know who I want to see?"  Amy replies,
   "You always come to see her".  Bruno points out, "Alexis?  But I've
   never met her before".  Amy replies, "Go up.  You'll see.  I wonder
   if they'll make you call her Alexis too".
      In Angelique's room, Alexis is playing the piano.  Bruno comes in.
   Alexis stops playing.  Bruno asks, "Don't stop!  Keep playing!"
   Alexis asks, "May I ask what you are doing here?"  Bruno replies,
   "Until a few moments ago, listening to some of my music.  My name
   is Bruno".  Alexis says, "Oh, I recognize you now!  I like your
   music very much".  Bruno replies, "Thank you.  That piece was your
   sister's favorite".  Alexis remarks, "I can see why".  Bruno says,
   "There's a section where your sister always made the same mistake.
   I wonder if you're better.  Could you play it for me?", but Alexis
   begs off, "I'd be so nervous playing it for the composer I'd make
   nothing but mistakes".  She asks, "Do you want anything else?"  Bruno
   asks, "Why do you ask that?" Alexis replies, "The way you keep staring
   at me".  Bruno responds, "Yes, as a matter of fact there is. There's a
   book here I really need.  Could I borrow it?"  Alexis replies, "I don't
   see why not, it seems that you and Angelique were such good friends".
   Bruno looks around and finds the address book.  He then tells Alexis,
   "Welcome to Colliwood.  I live in a cottage on the estate.  Anglique
   deeded it me before she died.  Please, come visit me whenever you like.
   Are you staying long?"  Alexis replies, "For a few days.  I want to meet
   my nephew David.  He's away right now".  Bruno asks, "If you're the
   daughter of Timothy Stokes, why have I never had the pleasure of meeting
   you before?"  Alexis explains, "I've been living in Florence the past
   few years.  I sailed from Genoa and docked in New York".  Bruno asks,
   "How's the weather in New York, warmer than here?"  Alexis replies,
   "Yes, but not much".  After Bruno leaves, Alexis takes the sheet music
   from the piano, looks at the cover and sees that it's entitled, "Ode to
   Angelique" by Bruno Hess with a picture of Bruno there.
      Quentin, sounding very frustrated, is talking on the telephone,
   "Chris, it's got to be a fraud or a forgery!  Angelique wouldn't do
   soemthing like that!... Well, stick with it!  We've got to get that
   parasite off my property!".  Amy comes up to him with a telegram.
   Quentin asks, "When did this come?"  Amy replies, "When you were out".
   Quentin looks at it and asks, "Who opened it?"  Amy apoligizes, "Sorry,
   I couldn't help it.  I wanted to see if Maggie was coming back.  She
   said she isn't sure, she has to think about it".  Quentin admonishes
   her, "You know what you did was very wrong".  Amy replies, "I know,
   but what about Alexis?  Maggie went away because of her!  At least I'm
   not as bad as her!"
      Cyrus is at the cottage with Bruno.  Bruno gives him the address
   book, saying, "Now you can continue with those experiment of yours".
   Cyrus thanks him.  Bruno replies, "Don't thank me, thank a certain
   young lady.  She's Angelique's twin sister".  Cyrus muses, "Twin, eh?"
   After Cyrus leaves, Bruno calls the operator and asks, "Connect me to a
   travel agency in New York...any one will do...any one that would have
   information on what ships docked in New York from Genoa for the past week...
   Yes, Genoa..."
      Quentin is lurking outside of Angelique's room.  He hears "Ode
   to Angelique" on the piano inside again.  He goes in.  Alexis suddenly
   stops playing and starts weeping.  Quentin asks, "Alexis, what's wrong?"
   Alexis replies, "I don't know.  Maybe it's the music.  Maybe it's this
   room, her room.  I don't know!".  Quentin replies, "I understand" and
   kisses her...
   Episode 987
   Worldvision Rerun 761
   Tape Date:  March 19, 1970 (ABC #72-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 7, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Alexis pulls away and says, "Quentin, please...".  Quentin stops
   and apoligizes, "I'm sorry.  I don't know what came over me".  Alexis
   replies, "You know and so do I.  You thought I was Angelique, just like
   everyone else.  It's been that way all my life, as if I didn't exist!
   You're just like Julia and Amy, you think I'm a ghost, and the way
   Bruno acted this afternoon..."  Quentin asks, "Bruno was here?"  Alexis
   replies, "Yes.  He wanted to see if I were Angelique".  Quentin vows,
   "He won't come here again!", but Alexis tells him, "It doesn't matter.
   I won't be here.  I thought you of all people would know who and what
   I am".  Quentin apologizes to her for thinking she was Angelique for
   a moment.  She tells him she's sorry for making Maggie leave and
   says maybe it would help if he left, but Quentin tells her, "It's
   not that easy.  I got a telegram from her saying she'll have to
   think things over before she decides anything".  Quentin finally
   convinces her to stay, "Please stay.  You have to.  You need to
   meet Daniel".
      Sabrina, dressed in a white lab coat, is in Cyrus' lab, reading
   a journal.  Bruno comes in and remarks,"Do you always dress in a
   stiff, starched coat?"  Sabrina replies, "It suits my personality".
   He tells her, "I think you'd look better in something soft and silky".
   Sabrina replies, "You'll never find out one way or the other!"  Bruno
   says, "Don't bet on that!" and tries to hug her, but stops when he sees
   Cyrus coming down.  Cyrus tells Sabrina to go upstairs, saying, "I'm
   expecting a special delivery package".  Sabrina obediently goes upstairs.
   Bruno asks Cyrus, "Are you really that cool or perhaps you didn't
   see what just happened".  Cyrus replies that he saw it but it doesn't
   bother him.  Bruno asks, "Don't you care?"  Cyrus replies, "About
   Sabrina?  Oh, I care very much".  Bruno asks, "Then why no blowup?"
   Cyrus replies, "Because it didn't mean anything".   Bruno asks, "How
   can you say that knowing how I am?"  Cyrus replies, "Because I know
   how Sabrina is".  Bruno continues, "But you know how well I play the
   game".  Cyrus replies, "That's why I need your blood for my tests".
   Bruno asks, "Is that why I'm indispensible for your experiments?"
   Cyrus takes a blood sample from him.  Bruno asks, "What would you say,
   Cyrus, if I were to tell you I was conducting an experiment of my own?"
   Cyrus replies that he wouldn't care.  Bruno continues,  "What if I
   were to tell you that my experiment dealt with something that would
   interest you?"  Cyrus replies, "We're not interested in the same
   things".  Bruno continues, "You aren't interested in the occult?"
   Cyrus replies, "My interests are in science.  All I want to do is
   gain knowledge to benefit mankine".  Bruno tells him,  "Mine has to
   do with bringing the dead back to life".  Cyrus asks,  "Does this
   have anyting to do with your prophecy that Angelique will return?"
   Bruno replies, "If you won't tell me about your experiment, I won't
   tell you about mine".  Just then, Sabrina comes back down the stairs.
   She tells Cyrus, "The package has arrived, but the man who brought it
   insists on seeing you".  Cyrus replies, "I can't see every messenger that
   comes here.  Go tell him you're authorized to take the package", but the
   man, a short, fat balding middle aged man, who has apparently followed
   Sabrina down, interrupts, "I suggest you see me.  I'm Horace Gladstone".
   Cyrus gasps, "You're Horace Gladstone!?" Gladstone remarks, "I thought
   you'd want to see me".   Cyrus tells Bruno and Sabrina to leave, saying
   he wants to speak to Gladstone alone.  After Bruno and Sabrina leave,
   Cyrus says to Gladstone, "It wasn't necessary for you to bring the
   package all the way from Boston yourself".  Gladstone replies, "I
   was interested in meeting the man who was working with this particular
   chemical synthesis.  I may not be as active as I used to be in the
   chemical field, but I've retained a particular interest in this synthesis.
   Its inclusion in your work naturally aroused my curioustiy, especially
   as to the aims of your experiment". Cyrus replies, "I don't discuss my
   work with anyone".  Gladstone warns him, "I hope you're aware of the
   potency of this synthesis".  Cyrus replies, "More than you do.  Good
   bye!"  But before Gladstone leaves, he warns, "One word of warning.
   One reason I am no longer active in chemistry is that I was coming
   closer and closer to truths that are best left unknown".
      Bruno is talking on the phone to a travel agent, "No ships from
   Genoa?...None at all in the last week?...I see!  Well, thanks for
   the information!"  Suddenly, he grabs his throat as he starts to
   strangle.  He gasps, "No!  No!"
      Alexis is in Angelique's room playing "Ode to Angelique" on the
   piano once again when suddenly Bruno bursts into the room gasping,
   "Stop it!  Stop it!  I know you're doing this to me!  You and your
   spells!"  Alexis replies, "I don't know what you're talking about".
   Bruno gasps, "The doll!  Before it's too late!  You knew I called
   the travel office, didn't you?...The pain!  Please stop the pain!"
   But the pain suddenly stops.  Brunos says, "Thank you!  I feel
   better now!"  Alexis tells him, "Please leave, right now!", but
   Bruno says, "You never sailed to New York from Genoa, did you?
   There have been no ships from Genoa to New York in the past week!
   Why did you lie to me?"  Alexis replies, "I don't owe you an explanation!
   Didn't it occur to you that I might have wealthy friends and sailed
   on a private yacht?  Now go, or I'll call someone!"  Bruno replies,
   "I'm not going to leave.  My experiment's not over yet.  Why can't you
   just tell me the truth?"  Alexis shouts, "I can't stand it anymore!
   Please leave me alone!"
      Cyrus is with Sabrina at the lab.  Sabrina remarks, "You're so
   quiet, and so secretive about your journal".  Cyrus promises,
   "You'll know all you need to know as soon as the time comes".
   Sabrina finds a jewelry box on the table, opens it and finds a ring
   inside. She asks, "Cyrus, did you put this here?"  Cyrus replies, "What?
   Oh, the ring?  As a matter of fact, I did".  Sabrina asks, "Why?"
   Cyrus replies, "So you'd find it, of course".  Sabrina asks, "Is it
   for ME?"  Cyrus replies, "I don't know who else it would be for".
   Sabrina asks, with some trepidation, "Before I make a fool of myself and
   hug and kiss you, it's an engagement ring, isn't it?"  Cyrus replies
   that it is.  She hugs him and says, "I love yoU!"  Cyrus tells her,
   "There's one thing I have to warn you about.  You know how I am when it
   comes to my work".  Sabrina replies, "I don't mind".  Cyrus notes, "Some
   women would".  Sabrina replies, "Your devotion to your work is one of the
   things I like about you".  Cyrus starts to babble on about good and
   evil.  Sabrina, puzzled, asks, "Does this have anything to do with
   your experiment?"  Cyrus replies, "No, it's just an abstraction.
   No one's found ever an abstraction in a test tube".
      Bruno is in a graveyard somewhere.  He thinks, "Are you here, or
   are you somewhere else?  I have to know!"  He goes into a crypt.
   One of the tombs has the inscription,

                             1939 - 1969

    He takes out some tools and starts to break it open...
   Episode 988
   Worldvision Rerun 762
   Tape Date:  March 20, 1970 (ABC #73-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 8, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Bruno hammers at the tomb with a hammer and a pick.  Suddenly, he
   hears a voice behind him shout, "Bruno!"  He turns and sees that it's
   Quentin and Alexis.  Quentin remarks, "I didn't think even you would
   do something like this!"  Bruno replies, "I could think of no other
   way to prove the truth".  Quentin orders, "Get out!", but Bruno
   replies, "I'm going through with this.  I'm convinced that this
   grave is empty!"  Quentin threatens, "If you don't leave, I'm going to
   call the police".  Bruno replies, "You wouldn't do that.  You wouldn't
   to open up some things in the past".  Alexis asks, "What is he talking
   about?"  Quentin replies, "Nothing.  He's just making empty threats".
   Quentin tells Bruno, "I'll make you an offer to leave the estate and
   get out of Collinsport.  I know you won't leave voluntarily, so I'm going
   to give you $25,000 (worth about $150,000 in today's dollars!) in cash
   for the deed to the cottage".  Bruno replies, "Let me make a deal with
   you.  Let me open the grave and if there's a body in there, I'll give you
   the deed, leave town and never come back".  Alexis is aghast, "No!  I
   will not have my sister's tomb defiled!"  Quentin tells Bruno, "Get out!
   I'm going to have this tomb sealed, and if I find it's been tampered
   with, I WILL call the police!" Bruno leaves.  Quentin growls, "That man
   is a parasite!".  Alexis tells him, "I don't want to stay here any longer
   after what's just happened.  I'd prefer to come back another time".
   Quentin replies, "I understand.  I'll take you back to Collinwood" and
   takes her away.
      Bruno has gone to the cottage.  He grumbles to Cyrus, "If only I
   had a few more minutes, I would have had that grave opened and found
   no body in there!"  Cyrus tells him, "You believe that woman is
   Angelique because psychologically you want her to be".  Bruno moans,
   "Why can't you help me?  You're a scientist, there must be some way
   to prove she's Angelique!"  Cyrus refuses to do anything to help.
   Bruno asks, "How long are you going to stay cooped up here in your
   own little world".  Cyrus retorts, "Your world is even narrower.
   You're the only person in it.  Mine, on the other hand, is open to
   expansion, and expand it will, very soon!" Bruno exclaims, "I'm going
   to go mad if I don't find out tonight!" and storms off.
      At Collinwood, Alexis asks Quentin, "Any word from your wife?"  Quentin
   replies, "No".  Alexis asks, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
   Quentin replies, "No, this is just something I have to work out myself".
   She tells him, "Good night".  Quentin replies, "Good night.  I'll be
   down here if you need me".
      Sabrina is in the lab taking care of the rabbits.  Horace Gladstone
   comes down the stairs.  Sabrina asks, "How did you get in?"  Gladstone
   replies, "The door was open".  Sabrina becomes alarmed, says, "Oh,
   Cyrus will be very upset with me if he finds out I forgot to lock it!
   Excuse me!" and runs upstairs to lock the door.  Gladstone takes
   advantage of her absence to unlock a basement door.  Sabrina returns.
   Gladstone remarks, "I take it he isn't here.  Any chance he'll be
   back soon?"  Sabrina replies, "No, he has business in town.  He won't
   be back until late tonight.  He left me here to close the lab for him".
   Gladstone asks, "Why would he be so upset the door was open?" Sabrina
   replies, "His work is very important to him.  He considers this his
   private sanctuary.  He's very dedicated to his work".  Gladstone remarks,
   "Yes, I gathered as much in my conversation with him".  Sabrina tells
   him, "I have to close up the lab now".  Gladstone tells her, "When
   you see him, tell him  to call me.  I'll be at my hotel" and leaves.
      Alexis is in Angelique's room brushing her hair.  The doors
   suddenly burst open and Bruno comes barging into the room.  Alexis
   exclaims, "How dare you come here again!"  Bruno replies, "And I don't
   intend to leave!  Not until you tell me why you're torturing me like
   this!"  Alexis contemptuously remarks, "I don't think I've ever met
   anyone like you!"  Bruno points out, "That exactly what you said
   the first time we met 2 years ago!"  He whines, "Why are you doing
   this to me, pretending to be someone you aren't?  Without you, life
   is pointless for me!  You've got to tell me why!"  Alexis remarks,
   "I'm beginning to feel sorry for you.  Anyone who molds his life
   around someone coming back from the dead is to be pitied".  Bruno
   replies, "But YOU made me feel that way!  You gave me every reason
   to be!  If you will only tell me why you're rejecting me now!  I
   love you more than anything!  I love you!"  Alexis replies, "I'll
   tell you one thing, one last time.  I am not Angelique!"  Bruno
   replies, "I'll never accept that!"  Alexis tells him, "Then you must
   leave and never come here again!"  Bruno refuses to leave.  Alexis
   threatens, "Then I'll have to use force to get you out of here!"
   Bruno replies, "Then use it!"  Alexis leaves.
      Horace Gladstone lets himself into Cyrus' lab through the door
   he had unlocked earlier.  He snoops around with a flashlight.
   He sees Cyrus' rolltop desk, pries it open with a crowbar, finds
   Cyrus' scientific journal, and starts reading it...
      Quentin is in the drawing room.  Alexis comes into the room and
   says, "Sorry to disturb you, but that man, Bruno, he's back!  Now!
   In my room!"  Bruno appears at the doorway and says, "Ah, so you
   admit it's YOUR room!"  Quentin exclaims, "I told you you were
   forbidden from ever entering this house!"  Bruno asks, "Quentin,
   isn't it possible she fooled us at the seance and isn't dead?"
   Quentin replies, "You're mad!", but Bruno continues, "I'm surprised
   you don't realize who she is!  But then you never were as close to her
   as I was, were you?"  Quentin shouts, "GET OUT!"  Bruno mockingly says,
   "The master of Collinwood has spoken!" and  leaves, vowing, "We'll meet
   again!  We always do!"
      Gladstone reads Cyrus' journal,

           "With each passing day, I get steadily closer to the
         inescapable conclusion that Man is not one, but two, one
         good and one evil.  Now I have proof that each of these
         can be housed in seperate identities".

   Gladstone gasps, "In seperate identities!" He hears a door open.
     Cyrus comes down the stairs into his lab and turns on the lights.
   He finds his rolltop desk opened, a flashlight and a crowbar lying
   there.  He looks around and calls out, "All right!  Come out where
   I can see you!"  Gladstone comes out of hiding,  muttering, "This
   is a trifle embarassing".  Cyrus remarks, "Well, Mr. Gladstone.  My
   intuition told me you couldn't be trusted.  How long have you been here?"
   Gladstone replies, "Long enough to see that I've contributed to your
   most intriguing experiment.  I just couldn't contain my curiousity!
   Cyrus asks, "Has your curiosity been satisfied?"  Gladstone replies,
   "I'm afraid it hasn't.  Your handwriting leaves a lot to be desired.
   However, I have learned enough.  I too share your interest in elevating
   man.  I would like to help you".  Cyrus growls, "We share nothing in
   common!  Now leave!  I have much work to do!" Gladstone remarks, "I'll
   let you think about it for a few days.  I think you have entered on a
   lonely and perhaps dangerous course.  You may find yourself in need of
   a friend along the way".  Cyrus replies, "I'll keep that in mind.  Good
   night!".  Gladstone leaves.
      At Collinwood, Alexis comes into the drawing room carring a tea
   service.  She tells Quentin, "I brought you some tea".  She remarks,
   "I hope we've seen the last of that man Bruno".  Quentin replies, "I'm
   sure we haven't"  Alexis asks, "Isn't there any way of getting him off
   your property?"  Quentin replies, "Not according to my lawyer".
   Alexis remarks, "When he was here, he said mentioned a seance.  Would
   that have anything to do with my sister's death?"  Quentin replies,
   "You have every right to know everything about your sister, but..."
   Alexis interrupts, "But you'd rather not talk about it?"  Quentin
   replies, "If you don't mind".  Alexis replies, "Of course I don't".
      Cyrus is now alone in his lab.  He's holding a flask full of
   some dark liquid.  He takes a beaker and pour its contents into
   the flask and swirls it to mix it.  The liquid starts emitting
   vapor.  He pours some of it into a drinking glass, then goes and
   writes in his journal,

        "My theory is ready to be put to the test.  I am aware
     of the possible potency of the drug I have created and the
     danger I face.  Perhaps I am risking death, but I am not

      He is about to drink the liquid but stops when he hears a door.
   Sabrina comes down the stairs.  He remarks, "Oh, Sabrina, what
   are you doing  here?"  Sabrina replies, "I was about to ask you
   the same question.  I saw the lights on and came in to check".
   Cyrus explains, "I'm working late".  She tells him, "You look tired.
   You should get some rest".  He promises, "Perhaps I will soon.  The
   experiment is almost over".  Sabrina remarks, "It'll be good
   seeing more of you".  He reminds her, "I warned you about me and
   my work".  She replies, "Yes, you're very dedicated to your work.
   I like that.  I don't mind playing second fiddle to your work."
   He tells her, "Now run along, I have work to do".  Sabrina leaves.
      Cyrus picks up the glass again and looks at it.  He takes a
   deep breath then downs it with one gulp.  Suddenly, he stiffens
   and drops the glass, then grabs his stomach and groans in pain,
   then collapses onto the floor in agony.
   Episode 989
   Worldvision Rerun 763
   Tape Date:  March 24, 1970 (ABC #74-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 9, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      The next morning, Cyrus comes down into the lab dressed in a robe.
   He appears slightly disoriented.  Finding the basement back door
   wide open, he closes and locks it.  The phone rings.  Cyrus answers,
   "Hello?....Hello?...", but there is no response, so he hangs up.
   He is surprised to find an almost empty liquor bottle on a table.
   He then finds his glasses, the lenses broken, lying on the floor.
   He takes a fresh pair from a desk drawer, then finds a note on the
   desk reading,

            "I owe you one hundred dollars

                                 John Yaeger"

     He wonders, "Who is John Yaeger?  Could he be someone I met last
  night after I took the compound?  But I don't remember anything after
  I took the compound.  What could have gone wrong?"  He searches through
  the pockets some more and finds a bright blue matchbook with the
  inscription "Eagle Bar".  A man comes down the stairs and calls out, "Mr.
  Longworth?  My name is Paxton.  I'm from the police.  I'd like to
  ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.  I believe you're the
  fiance of Sabrina Shaw.  She had a very bad scare last night, but she's
  not physically hurt.  Carolyn Loomis found her wandering through the
  woods.  She said she had been attacked by a strange man in her apartment
  room, but a neighbor heard the commotion and  scared him off.  I want to
  know if you left this house at all last night".  Cyrus asks, "You can't
  think it was me!"  Paxton replies, "No, you don't fit the description.
  After we left Miss Shaws's apartment, we got a report of another attacks
  on Clover St., then at about 3:00 one of a man fitting the description
  in this neighborhood.  He was seen entering this house at exactly
  3:10 in the morning.  Were you in this house?"  Cyrus replies, "Yes,
  I went to bed about midnight.  Did they say what this man looked like?"
  Paxton says, "Yes, and how he got in.  He let himself in with his own
  key." Cyrus replies, "That's impossible!  The only people who have keys
  to this house are my housekeeper and I."  Paxton, "He could have had a
  skeleton key.  Burglars often have those".  He continues, "The strange
  thing is, the stranger wasn't seen leaving this house.  He must either
  still be in the house,  or left though an exit we don't know about".
  Cyrus points out, "There is this other door that leads to the courtyard.
  I always keep it locked, but I found it wide open this morning".  Cyrus
  asks, "What did this man look like, so I can keep a look out for him".
  Paxton replies,  "He was a big man, very broad in the shoulders, he was
  very well dressed, and he had a moustache".  After Paxton leaves, Cyrus
  holds the IOU and hte matchbox and recalls Paxton's words, "He was a big
  man, very broad in the shoulders, he was very well dressed, and he had
  a moustache"
     Carolyn is with Sabrina in Sabrina's room.  She asks, "Anything I can
  get you?"  Sabrina replies, "I want Cyrus!"  Carolyn tells her, "I've
  been trying to reach him all night.  I'll try again".  But before she
  can, there's a knock at the door.  It's Cyrus.  He tells them, "The
  police told me what happened!"  Sabrina tells him, "It was EVIL!
  EVIL!  It makes no sense!  My ring!  My ring!  I don't understand!",
  holding up her right hand.  Cyrus looks at her hand and gasps, "He took
  your engagement ring!"  Carolyn remarks, "She's been like this all
  night".  Cyrus replies, "I'd better call the druggist and order her a
  sedative.  A good night's sleep will do her a lot of good".  He goes to
  the phone and reaches into his pocket for his address book, but is shocked
  to find Sabrina's ring in there...
     Later, Sabrina is sleeping peacefully.  Cyrus tells Carolyn, "There's
  no need for you to stay here".  Carolyn says, "I don't mind", but Cyrus
  assures her, "She'll be asleep through the night.  The sedative works
  that long".  Carolyn replies, "All right, I'll go home, then.  I might
  take a nap myself.  Hope everything turns out all right" and leaves.
  Cyrus thinks to himself, "The man who took the ring had to be me!
  It couldn't have been anyone else!  There's no other way I could have
  gotten the ring, but why can't I remember anything?  And what else did
  I do last night?"
     Carolyn returns to the Old House and is surprised to find Willie
  dressed nicely.  She asks, "What's the occasion?  I haven't seen you
  dressed like that in years".  Willie replies, "I ran into Quentin.
  He invited me to come to Collinwood to meet Angelique's sister Alexis".
  Carolyn becomes upset, "We can't go through this tacky drama again!"
  Willie points out, "It's not Angelique.  It's her sister".  Carolyn
  counters, "Her TWIN sister!  It'll be like Babylon Revisted!  Why
  don't you go through this properly?  You should be in the middle of
  a book, so she can lure you away from it!"  Willie replies, "As a matter
  of fact, I will be in the middle of a book soon, thanks to your
  strange friend Barnabas Collins!  At least my companions are human!"
  Carolyn replies, "That's not my fault!"  Willie asks, "Then why do
  you want to release him from his coffin so much?" Carolyn gets into
  an argument with Willie about chaining Barnabas in the coffin, Carolyn
  saying it's cruel even if he is a vampire.  But Willie tells her, "He's
  going to stay chained in there.  He's going to be my way back to the
  top!  If you try to let him out, you'll be sorry!"  Carolyn begs,
  "Please don't go to Collinwood!", but Willie refuses to listen, "I'm
  invited and I'm going!"  Carolyn says, "No good can come from
  this", but Willie replies, "I've got to prove something to myself.
  I've got to prove I've lived her down".
     Sabrina has a dream about the man taking her ring from her....
     Willie is having drinks with Alexis in the drawing room of
  Collinwood.  They talk about Angelique. Willie learns from Alexis
  that she hadn't had much contact with Angelique for a long time.
  Willie asks, "Why don't you have dinner with me sometime and I'll
  tell you all about her.  How about tonight?"  Alexis begs off, saying
  she's having dinner with Quentin tonight. Unknown to them, Carolyn
  is in the foyer eavesdropping on them with a jealous expression on
  her face.  Willie says, "Some other time, then. You know where I can
  be reached". Alexis replies, "Yes, at the house that bears your name".
  Willie takes her hands and holds them. Carolyn sees this, and furious,
     Carolyn goes to Sabrina's room but finds she's not there.
     Cyrus is in his lab reading the some of the notes he had written
  the night he had taken the compound,

        "I am sure that this compound can change and shape to the
        foundation the mind of man.  I am certain of it!  I am ready
        for it!  I am not afraid!"

     He thinks, "Nothing after that, only this terrible scrawl.  I couldn't
  have written that.  Or could I?  What sort of condition was I in?" Carolyn
  comes to the lab.  She tells him, "Sabrina's not in her room!"  Cyrus
  replies, "That's impossible!  That sedative should have lasted all night!"
  Carolyn complains, "I thought you were going to stay with her!  That's
  why I left!  Why did you leave her alone?  What if that man had come
  after her?"  Cyrus says, "We've got to find her!"  They quickly leave
  to do so.
     Sabrina is outside the front doors of Collinwood, thinking to herself,
  "This is where it all began, long ago".  She goes in, goes into the
  drawing room, sits down at the table, puts her hands on the table and
  says, "Our fingers must touch!  The circle must not be broken!  Let the
  seance begin!"
  Episode 990
  Worldvision Rerun 764
  Tape Date:  March 27, 1970 (ABC #75-DRK-70)
  Air Date:   April 10, 1970 Friday
  Writer:     Sam Hall
  Director:   Lela Swift

      Roger and Elizabeth are walking down the foyer stairs together.
  Elizabeth says to Roger, "Where can Maggie and Quentin be?"  Roger
  adds, "And Hoffman.  It's not like her to leave the house".  Elizabeth
  remarks, "In a way, I'm glad Maggie isn't here.  I hope David shows
  an open mind about her."  Roger replies, "I don't think David will
  ever accept anyone else in place of Angelique."  Elizabeth asks, "Are
  you speaking for David, or yourself?"  They go into the drawing room.
  Sabrina says, "I've been waiting for all of you!  Isn't it time for
  the seance to begin?"  Roger and Elizabeth are shocked.  Roger asks,
  "Sabrina?  What seance? What are you talking about?" Sabrina asks,
  "Where are the others?  Where's Cyrus?"  Roger tells her, "There is
  going to be no seance tonight".  Sabrina protests, "But they planned
  it!  Cyrus and Mrs. Collins!"  Elizabeth asks, "Maggie?"  Sabrina
  replies, "Her name is not Maggie!  It's Angelique!  You know that!"
  Roger and Elizabeth go out into the foyer to talk.  Roger asks, "What
  happened to her?"  The granfather clock strikes 11:00.  Roger gasps,
  "She thinks this is that night!  What else could it be?  It was exactly
  this time six months ago that we gathered in this room!"  Elizabeth
  says, "We've got to do something about it!".  Roger replies, "I'll call
     Sabrina is lying on a couch in another room.  Cyrus is with her.
  Sabrina complains, "What am I doing here?  I want to go back to the
  seance!"  Cyrus tells her, "That was six months ago!"  Sabrina
  asks, "What are you talking about?  YOU planned it!  You were so
  anxious to go to it!"  Unable to convince her it's six months later,
  Cyrus leaves the room.  Roger, waiting outside, asks, "What happened
  to her?"  Cyrus tells her about the attack on Sabrina, saying, "It
  was a great trauma to her", saying it's causing her to think it's the
  night of the seance six months ago.  Elizabeth is inside with Sabrina.
  Sabrina asks, "What are they talking about?  Is Cyrus trying to talk
  Mr. Collins into it?  Cyrus and Mrs. Collins are so interested in the
     The clock on the mantel at Bruno's house reads 11:30.  Cyrus is
  there with Bruno.  Bruno is asking, "At this hour? A summons from
  the great house of Collinwood?  Does the master of Collinwood mind?"
  Cyrus replies, "Mrs. Stoddard said it would be all right".  Bruno
  remarks, "She's back?  Well, a lot has happened at Collinwood while
  she's been away".  Cyrus tells him, "It's an emergency!  Sabrina
  needs help!"  He explains that Sabrina was attacked by a strange
  man earlier, that her mind has reverted to the night of the seance
  six months ago.  He tells Bruno, "I talked to Dr. Shaw at the hospital
  and he said if we went through with the seance again, it might snap
  her out of it".  Bruno asks, "Will that same spirit appear?"  Cyrus
  assures him it will not.  Bruno recalls the first seance, "Angelique
  was there.  She was beautiful, smiling.  She knew Quentin hated her
  interest in the occult..."  He decides, "No, we can never relive that
  night again!  That smile on her face, that was her last smile!  That
  night, when her hand touched mine, it was the last time she touched
  me!  At that seance, Angelique died!"  He pauses for a moment then
  says, "Or did she?  I keep wondering.  She had many powers."  Cyrus
  asks, "Are you coming to the house or aren't you?"  Bruno replies,
  "Maybe at the seance we should ask lovely Alexis to sit in for her
  late sister Angelique".  Cyrus gasps, "Bruno!"  Bruno continues,
  "Why not?  The dead can't die twice.  What if by some miracle,
  Alexis IS Angelique?  Think about it.  Going to the seance where
  you died, even Angelique couldn't carry that out without showing
  some sign".  Cyrus points out, "We're doing this for Sabrina and
  not for you!"  Bruno replies, "If I go, it'll be for my own purposes!"
     Roger is in Angelique's room talking to the portrait, "No one will
  ever let us forget that night, will they?  They want us to relive it
  again!  Sitting there, waiting, waiting for that moment.  It will
  haunt me for the rest of my life!"  Alexis comes into the room. Roger
  sees her and exclaims, "Angelique!!!!!"
     Downstairs, Quentin, who's returned, is telling Elizabeth, "No!
  I won't go through with it!"  Elizabeth tells her, "But the doctor
  says it's necessary to help Sabrina".  Quentin says, "No!".  Elizabeth
  says, "If you're worried about Maggie finding out..."  Quentin replies,
  "There's something I've got to tell you about Maggie..."
     Back in Angelque's room, Roger is saying, "Her twin?"  Alexis replies,
  "Yes, I'm certain she must have mentioned me".  Roger replies, "Yes,
  but you're so much like her.  You move as she did, you speak as she
  did.  Your smile, your eyes.  I can't believe you're not the same person"
  Alexis tells him, "You must.  When you get to know me, you'll find out
  how different I am".  She holds hour her hands and says, "Touch me.
  You'll see I'm not a ghost".  Roger takes her hands in his.  Alexis
  assures him, "I am quite real, Roger Collins".
     In the drawing room, Quentin has finished telling Elizabeth about
  Maggie.  Elizabeth exclaims, "I cannot believe that Maggie simply
  left!  Maybe you should have asked Alexis to leave!"  Quentin pours
  himself a very large drink and remarks, "It must be this house.  Nothing
  ever goes right in this house".  Elizabeth replies, "It's not the house.
  It's us". Quentin says, "I don't need your moralizing right now".  She
  asks him again about the seance.  He replies, "There isn't going to be
  a seance!"  Elizabeth asks, "And let the poor girl go on as she is?"
  Quentin replies, "That's not our responsibility".  Elizabeth couters,
  Perhaps that's our problem. We don't know what our responsibilities
  are".  Roger and Alexis come into the room.  Roger introduces Alexis
  to Elizabeth.  Alexis excuses herself to let them talk.  As she approaces
  the door, Sabrina enters and announces, "It's midnight.  Isn't that the
  time you set for the seance, Angelique?  Are we all ready?"
     Quentin walks out angrily into the foyer.  Alexis comes out after
  him and says, "I don't understand.  What's going on?"  At that moment,
  Cyrus comes in through the front doors bringing Bruno with him.  Quentin
  sees Bruno and shouts, "I thought I told you never to come to this house
  again!"  Bruno replies, "I was told it was an emergency".  Cyrus tells
  Quentin, "If you don't want to do it, at least let us do it without
  you".  Bruno remarks, "Maybe Alexis would like to sit in the seat where
  your wife sat.  I think maybe she'd like to see the circumstances her
  sister died in".  Alexis demands, "Quentin!  I'd like to know what
  he's talking about!"
     Inside the drawing room, Sabrina is complaining, "Why am I the only
  one who knows how necessary this is?"  Elizabeth says, "Roger, I think
  this is necessary too".  Roger tells her he's against the idea.  They
  argue about it.
     Out in the foyer, Alexis is saying, "I thought my sister died of a
  stroke!".  Quentin replies, "Yes she did, but she died at that seance.
  Are you afraid to go through with it?"  Alexis says, "I'm willing to,
  if you don't forbid it".  Quentin replies, "No, I won't forbid it,
  but I won't have anything to do with it!"  He tells Bruno, "You can
  stay for this, but afterwards you are to leave and never come back!"
  and storms off.  Bruno remarks, "This is going to be interesting,
  very interesting!"
     Everyone sits at the table.  Bruno remarks to Alexis, "That's
  right, Alexis!  That's where Angelique sat, next to Roger!"  An empty
  chair is set for the missing Quentin. Sabrina announces, "Cyrus will
  start now!"  The seance starts.  Cyrus calls out, "Spirits of the
  dead!  We humbly entreat you!  If any of you wish to speak to us,
  hear our voices!  Spirits of the Dead, we want to find out what lies
  beyond this life we live!  Hear me!  Hear me!  If any of you wishes
  to communicate with us, you may use any of us as your voice!"  Suddenly,
  Sabrina points to Alexis and says, "She's dying!" then screams, "MURDER!
  MURDER!" Alexis collapses...
   Episode 991
   Worldvision Rerun 765
   Tape Date:  March 25, 1970 (ABC #76-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 13, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Cyrus takes a very shaken Sabrina to some room in Collinwood.  He
   asks, "Are you all right?"  Sabrina replies, "No!  What did I say?"
   Cyrus asks, "Don't you remember?"   Sabrina replies, "No, tell me".
   Suddenly, Quentin comes bursting into the room saying, "So, you had
   to go through with it, didn't you?  Anglelique was NOT murdered!
   She died of a stroke."   Sabrina, suddenly remembering, exclaims,
   "It's true!  I remember!  It's true!  Angelique was murdered!
   Murdered!"  Quentin asks, "Based on what evidence?"  Sabrina replies,
   "That's what the voice said".  Cyrus asks, "This voice that you heard,
   was it the same voice from the first seance?"  Quentin insists, "The
   voice you heard was imaginary!"  Cyrus tells Quentin he believes
   that there was a voice.  They argue about this.  Quentin leaves in
   a huff.  Cyrus tells Sabrina, "You've got to tell me everything you
   know. You're holding something back."  Sabrina denies this, but Cyrus
   keeps insisting, so she finally tells him, "You were also so enamored
   of Angelique.  She was the one who told you about seances.  I was
   jealous of her.  But I also knew she was cruel, demanding.  How close
   were you to Angelique?  Did you kill her, Cyrus?"  Cyrus exclaims,
   "No!  How could you accuse me of a thing like that?!   You said you
   loved me because I was a gentle man.  You can't really believe I'd
   do that, do you?"  Sabrina replies, "Sometimes you seem so attracted
   to evil."  Cyrus says, "I loathe it!"  Sabrina counters, "You're attracted
   to it.  That's why you loathe it".  Cyrus says, "I did not kill Angelique".
   Sabrina replies, "But someone did.  Someone who was in that room".
      In the drawing room, Quentin is telling Alexis, "Sorry about what
   happened".  Alexis exclaims, "Angelique was murdered!"  Quentin says,
   "Now you don't reallly believe that.  The girl was imagining things.
   She had been attacked, she was hysterical.  Alexis, you can't take
   this seriously!"  She replies, "Oh, can't I?  Was an autopsy ever
   performed?"  Quentin tells her, "Yes, and the result was a broken
   blood vessel, a stroke".  Alexis says, "But she was so young.  Didn't
   anyone find it strange that someone so young would die of a stroke?"
   Quentin replies, "Everyone did, but they had to accept it".  Alexis
   asks, "Even my father?"  Quentin replies, "Even your father".  Alexis,
   however, continues, "Who killed her?  I've got to find out!"
      In the foyer, David is asking Quentin, "Why was Aunt Elizabeth
   crying?  I bet it's something Maggie did!"  Quentin tells him, "Maggie's
   gone".  David asks, "Maggie's gone?"  Quentin replies, "Yes, but she'll
   be coming back soon".  Alexis comes out of the drawing room into the
   foyer.  David exclaims, "Mother!  You've come back!"  He goes up to her
   and hugs her, saying, "Mother, I knew you'd come back!  I knew you
   weren't dead!"  Quentin tries to explains,  "Now Daniel, this is your
   mother's twin sister, your Aunt Alexis".  Daniel asks Alexis, "You're
   her twin?"  Alexis replies, "Yes", but Daniel says, "It's not true!
   I don't believe it!  You won't tell me the truth!  You won't admit
   it!" and runs upstairs.  Quentin is about to run after him but Alexis
   tells him, "Let me!  Trust me with him."
      Cyrus is still with Sabrina.  They are discussing the attack.
   Sabrina tells Cyrus, "I remember seeing that figure in my dream breaking
   into my room.  That's the last thing I remember.  Then I remember seeing
   woods, then this house.  Why did I come here, Cyrus?"  Cyrus asks, "How
   did you feel when this strange figure was in your room?"  Sabrina replies,
   "I was terrified, there was such a feeling of evil.  Why did he break
   into my room?"  Cyrus tells her, "I hate to talk about it, the police
   said he was seen breaking into my house too".  Sabrina asks, "Did he
   take anything?"  Cyrus replies, "No".  He assures her, "You'll never
   see him again".  Sabrina asks, "How do you know?  And why did he take
   my engagement ring but nothing from your lab?"  Cyrus replies, "I don't
   know".  He vows, "I'll find your ring!"  Sabrina asks, "Does what happened
   tonight affect how you feel about me?"  Cyrus assures her that it doesn't.
   He tells her, "You don't have to worry about anything anymore.  I'll make
   sure you'll never have to go through something like this again".
      Alexis goes to Daniel's room, where David is looking out the window.
   She asks him, "You loved your mother very much, didn't you?"  Daniel
   replies, "Yes, but it wasn't always mushy.  We had arguments sometimes.
   But you already know that".  Alexis asks, "Now how would I know that?
   I'm a different person".  Daniel, very upset, says, "Just let me think!"
      Cyrus is with Sabrina in the foyer, getting ready to leave.  Sabrina
   remarks, "I should go apoligize to Mr. Collins about what happened."
   Cyrus assures her, "That's not necessary", but Sabrina insists, "Yes it
   is.  He'll never forget what happened at the seance tonight.  What
   have I started, Cyrus?"  Cyrus replies, "You didn't start anything.
   It started long ago, at the first seance".  Sabrina asks, "What's going
   to happen?  Let's get out of this house and never come back.  There is
   evil here, I can feel it, a terrible evil!"
      Later, Cyrus is in his lab alone, talking on the telephone, "Yes,
   yes, it worked very well in the compound, but when tested, there was
   a serious side effect, it seemed to cause a loss of memory...Would it
   be possible to reformulate the synthesis to eliminate this amnesia?...
   Thank you!"  He hangs up and looks thoughtfully at the book of matches
   from the "Eagle Bar".
      The Eagle Bar is empty save for the bartender puttering around.  The
   door opens and Cyrus comes in.  The bartender greets him, "Good Evening,
   Sir.  What can I do for you?"  Cyrus replies, "I'd like a sherry, please".
   The bartender remarks, "Don't get many calls for sherry in a place like
   this.  But we have some.  I'll have to open a bottle, though.  Don't
   think I've seen you here before".  Cyrus asks, "Not last night?"  The
   bartender replies, "I wouldn't have noticed, what with what happened
   here last night".  Cyrus asks, "What happened?"  The bartender recounts,
   "This big bruiser came in her, pockets full of money.  He stood just
   where you are.  He threw down a hundred dollar bill and asked for a
   bottle of scotch.  That was my first mistake.  He drank like no one
   I've ever seen.  He just about finished half the bottle.  With every
   drink, he got meaner.  He tried to break Jake Crowe's arm!  You know
   Jake Crowe.  Nicest guy in the world.  Never has a problem with anyone.
   They were talking, then they started arguing, then suddenly, this big guy
   grabs Jake's arm and tries to break it!  I tried to stop him, but he hit
   me with the hardest punch I've ever felt and knocked me down.  Then three
   men tried to tackle him.  He just threw them off.  He was the stongest
   man I've ever seen.  Then he threw Lefty Blain through that window over
   there.  The guy was nuts!  Then he just stood there, waiting to see if
   anyone else wanted to tangle with him.  Nobody did, so he put on his
   coat and left.  Didn't even ask for change for his hundred.  I'd hate
   to be here when he comes back for his change".  Cyrus assures him,
   "He won't".  The bartender asks, "How do you know?"
      Daniel is asleep in his room.  He has a dream...

      In the dream, he hears a voice call, "Daniel, oh Daniel!
      Daniel!!"  He calls back, "Mother, are you in this room?"
      The voice does not respond, instead, it laughs.  Daniel
      begs, "Mother, please don't laugh at me!  Please let me
      see you again!"  The voice asks, "Can't you see me, Daniel?"
      Daniel asks, "Where are you?"  Finally, he sees Angelique
      at the window. He tries to get up, but finds that he can't.
      He cries out, "Mother, I can't move!  Come to me, Mother!"
      Angelique starts to fade away.  Daniel begs, "Don't go away!",
      but Angelique fades into nothingness, leaving only dismbodied
      laughter.  Daniel begs, "Mother, plese don't laugh at me!
      Please don't laugh at me!",

   then screams.  He awakens to find Alexis standing over him.  Alexis
   asks, "Daniel, what's wrong?"  Daniel replies, "Nothing.  It was just a
   dream". He continues, "You've got to promise me something."  Alexis asks,
   "What?"  Daniel replies, "That you won't lie to me."  Alexis says,
   "Of course not".  Daniel continues, "I won't tell anyone else, I
   promise".  Alexis asks, "Tell them what?"  Daniel replies, "You really
   are my mother, aren't you?  You really are!  Tell me, please!".  She is
   about to say something but then notices that Quentin is watching them
   from the doorway...
   Episode 992
   Worldvision Rerun 766
   Tape Date:  March 26, 1970 (ABC #77-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 14, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Daniel says to Alexis, "You didn't answer my question".  Alexis
   looks over and Quentin and remarks, "He had a nightmare, but he's all
   right now".  Daniel says, "You're not going to answer my question, are
   you?"  Alexis replies, "I'm your Aunt Alexis".  She continues, "I think
   the best thing for us to do is straighten up your bed and get you back to
   sleep".  She fluffs up his pillow,  humming "Hush little baby don't you
   cry" as she does so.  Noticing a strange look on Daniel and Quentin's
   faces, she asks, "What's wrong?"  Daniel explains, "You did that exactly
   like my mother!"  Alexis points out, "Straightening up a bed and fluffing
   up a pillow is pretty universal".  Daniel says, "No, not that.  The tune
   you were humming.  My mother used to hum the exact tune when you fluffed
   my pillow".  Alexis explains, "We got that from your grandmother.  She
   used to hum this tune when she made a bed,  and we both picked it up
   from her".  Daniel says, "I understand".  She tells him, "I know how
   much you wish you mother were alive, but you must learn to face life
   the way it is".
      At the Cottage, Bruno is with a middle aged woman with dark hair.
   She is Hannah Stokes, aunt to Angelique and Alexis.  The cottage is
   darkened, and she is reading some sort of astrological chart.
   Bruno asks, "What do you see?"  Hannah replies, "The stars are in
   turmoil....Some alien force is working against you".  Bruno asks,
   "Is this alien force of the spirit world?"  Hannah replies, "Yes,
   and I can anticipate your next question.  You want to know if the
   spirit is that of Angelique, don't you?" Bruno replies, "I swear,
   that woman at Collinwood is Angelique, but I haven't got proof".
   Hannah tells him, "I'm afraid I can't be of help today, but tomorrow I
   may have another tale to tell.  I will come again, and you will know
   which of my nieces is at Collinwood, Alexis or Angelique".
      Quentin and Alexis are in the drawing room.  Alexis is pruning
   a potted plant.  Alexis is saying, "It will take awhile for Daniel
   to get to know me...what's wrong?"  Quentin lies, "Nothing", but
   Alexis says, "I know what you thinking.  I'm pruning this plant,
   exactly as you've seen Angelique doing many times. You can blame
   that on our mother again.  She taught us care for plants and
   flowers, so every time we see one, we care for it and prune it".
   She asks, "What should I do with the dead leaves?"  Quentin replies,
   "I don't care".  Alexis replies, "In that case, I think I'll throw
   them into the fire" and does so.  Quentin remarks, "As a matter of
   fact, that's what she always did with them".
      At the cottage, Bruno says, "I must find outt if Alexis is
   Angelique, but how?"  Hannah refuses to elaborate on what she is
   going to do and leaves.  Bruno plays "Ode to Angelique" on the
      Daniel is lying awake in bed.  Quentin comes in and asks, "You
   still awake?"  Daniel replies, "Yes, I just can't sleep.  I just
   keep going over, and over it in my mind.   If you hadn't come when
   you did, things would be different".  Quentin asks, "How?"  David
   explains, "When I asked her if she was my mother, she was just
   about to answer, and I know the answer would have been yes!"
      The next day, Hannah Stokes comes visiting at Collinwood.
   She complains to Daniel, "You never come to visit your great Aunt.
   Why?"  Daniel replies, "I don't know why", but Hannah says, "I know
   why.  Because your father doesn't want you to".  Daniel asks, "You
   came to see Aunt Alexis, didn't you?"  He takes Hannah's coat for
   her and seeing her pack of Tarot cards sticking out of a pocket,
   takes them asks, "Oh, you've brought these.  Can you read the them
   for me like you used to?", but then hears a stern voice say, "Put
   those back where they belong!"  He looks and sees Alexis coming down
   the stairs.  Daniel puts the cards back into Hannah's pocket.
   Alexis comes down the stairs and the two women greet one another - rather
   coldly.  Alexis tells Daniel, "Take your aunt's coat and hang it up".
   Daniel obediently does so.  The two women go into the drawing roomto talk.
   Daniel swipes the Tarot Cards from Hannah's coat and runs upstairs with
      In the drawing room, Hannah is saying to Alexis, "I can't
   believe how good you look after all this".  Alexis replies, "The
   death came as quite a surprise to me."  Hannah asks, "Is that all
   you call it?  Bruno said something about a seance where the word
   'murder' was mentioned".  Alexis, upset, turns her back on Hannah
   and replies, "I don't want to discuss it".  Hannah takes advantage of
   this to steal Alexis' handkerchief, which is lying on an end table.
   Alexis excuses herself, saying, "I have many things to do today".
   Quentin comes into the room.  Hannah tells him, "Please don't ask
   me to stay.  I've managed to upset Alexis terribly" and leaves.
   Quentin asks, "What was that all about?"  Alexis replies, "Bruno
   sent her".  Quentin asks, "Why?"  Alexis replies, "To harass me,
   I suppose.  He knows I really don't like her.  As soon as she
   entered, she started talking about Angelique and the possibility
   she was murdered".  Quentin tells her, "I'll do everything I can
   to clear this up as soon as possible".
      In Daniel's room, Daniel is playing with Hannah's Tarot cards.
   Amy remarks, "You don't know what they mean!"  Daniel insists,
   "I do!  All it takes is concentration".  Hannah comes into the room,
   saying, "I knew this is where the cards would be!"  Amy tells her,
   "He says he knows how to read them, but he really doesn't!"  Hannah
   looks at the cards Daniel had dealt out and a strange look comes
   across her face.  Daniel asks, "What's the matter?"  Hannah lies,
   "Nothing.  Nothing at all".  She takes the cards and leaves.
   Daniel tells Amy, "I'll prove to you I know how to read the cards.
   I'll tell you which one scared her.  Do you remember the card that
   was upside down here?  That card is called the Tower of Destruction".
      Hannah is at Bruno's cottage again. Bruno asks, "Tell me, she is
   Angelique, isn't she?"  Hannah pulls out a handkerchief and says,
   "We will know in a moment.  This handkerchief belongs to Alexis.
   With the aid of some herbs and some bone dust we will soon see.
   If this handkerchief belongs to one of the undead, it will turn
   bright red at the end of my incantation".  She starts chanting,
   "Come, death, turn bright red what belongs to you, mark it with
   your sign, the sign of blood!"  The handkerchief suddenly bursts
   into flames and burns up.
      Bruno gasps, "It just burned up!  What happened?"  Hannah
   replies, "Some spirit is opposing us and doesn't want us to know
   what we want to know".  She takes out her deck of Tarot cards,
   saying, "The cards will usually come to my aid in times like this.
   But I must have silence, complete silence".  She starts to deal
   the cards.  Outside, Quentin has arrived at the cottage and is
   eavesdropping.  Hannah studies the cards and announces, "She is here!
   She is here at Collinwood!"  Bruno exclaims, "Then Alexis is
   Angelique!".  Quentin, shocked at hearing this, leaves.  Hannah
   says, "Wait!  All I see is that she's here.  I don't see what form
   she's in.  The dead can come back in many forms, sometimes
   physical, sometimes not.  All we can say is that Angelique is
   here.  In what form, I cannot say".
      Quentin is returning to Collinwood.  Outside the front door he
   pauses and thinks to himself, "Alexis is Angelique?  That's not
   possible!  I don't believe Hannah's madness.  She can't be Angelique.
   Angelique is dead!  But what I just saw.  I wonder..."
      Inside in the foyer, Amy is talking on the phone, "I don't want to
   stay here anymore."  Quentin, who's just come in, asks her who she's
   talking to .  She tells him it's her brother Chris.  Quentin asks to
   talk to him.  Amy hands the phone to him.  Quentin tells Chris, "She's
   just upset.  Let me talk to her".  Quentin asks Amy, "Why do you want
   to leave?"  Amy replies, "Because of Alexis.  Ever since she's come
   here, there's been so much trouble.  Maggie left because of her!"
   Quentin tells her, "Let me do something first, then you can decide
   if you want to live here or with your brother".
      Quentin is going to Angelique's room.  Just outside the closed
   doors, he hears "Ode to Angelique" start playing on the piano, then
   a loud woman's scream.  He quickly opens the door to see what's
   wrong.  Inside, Alexis is standing there screaming.  Seeing Quentin,
   she points at the piano and exclaims, "Angelique!  She's here!  Her
   spirit!  It's here! Look!"  The piano is playing all by itself...
   Episode 993
   Worldvision Rerun 767
   Tape Date:  March 23, 1970 (ABC #78-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 15, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

	Tony missed this one due to a taping error; summary coming soon.
  Episode 994
  Worldvision Rerun 768
  Tape Date:  March 30, 1970 (ABC #79-DRK-70)
  Air Date:   April 16, 1970 Thursday
  Writer:     Joe Caldwell
  Director:   Lela Swift

     Quentin looks into the drawing room and sees a man of about thirty
  years of age wearing a gray leisure suit sitting in a chair.  Sounding
  very surprised, Quentin calls out, "Dameon Edwards!  What are you doing
  here?", but Edwards doesn't reply.  Noticing that Edwards has a glazed
  expression in his eyes, Quentin goes up to him, calls out, "Dameon?",
  and touches him on the shoulder.  Dameon Edwards topples onto the floor.
  Quentin quickly goes to the phone, gets the operator and says, "Get me
  the Collinsport Hospital!  Hurry!", but when he looks back, he sees the
  Edwards is no longer there.  He cancels the call, "Oh, forget it, operator",
  then, looking very puzzled, goes off in search of  Edwards.  The foyer
  clock reads 11:15
     The clock now reads 11:45. Having searched the house unsuccessfully
  for Dameon Edwards, Quentin returns to the drawing room.  This time he
  is surprised to find a man of about thirty-five dressed in butler's clothing
  straightening things up in the room.  He asks, "Trask!  Now what are you
  doing here?  When did you get back?"  Trask replies, "Less than half an
  hour ago.  Didn't Hoffman get my telegram?  I sent her a telegram telling
  her that the crisis in my brother's family is over and that I'd be back".
  Quentin  replies, "Hoffman's not here right now".  Trask asks, "Not
  here?" Quentin explains, "Even Hoffman needs some time off.  She
  needed the rest, so I sent her to visit some friends.  The house has
  been unsettled lately".  Trask apoligizes,  "Sorry Sir, I apoligize for
  being away at a time you might have needed me.  Mind telling me what's
  been happening?"  Quentins asks, "Do you sense any change in the atmosphere
  around here?"  Trask look puzzled.  Quentin continues, "Do you remember
  an old family friend named Dameon Edwards?"  Trask replies, "Yes.  He
  visited almost daily for awhile.  Then he stopped coming.  He hasn't been
  here in a year or so".  Quentin asks, "Would you know what happened to
  him?"  Trask replies, "No.  May I ask you a question.  Why do you ask?"
  Quentin lies, "Curiousity, just curiousity".
     Amy is outside of Angelique's room, on her hands and knees looking
  for something.  She looks up and is surprised to see Dameon Edwards
  standing there.  She exclaims, "Mr. Edwards!  When did you get back
  to Collinsport?  You've been away so long!  Where did you go?  Every time
  I asked, no one had an answer.  Could you help me find the stone from
  my ring?"  Edwards turns to leave.  Amy says, "Wait a minute!  Do you
  know what happened?  Angelique died, and Quentin got married again!
  Let me tell you about everything..."  Suddenly, she notices that Edwards
  is gone...
     In the drawing room, Trask is saying, "Mrs. Collins left after only
  one week?"  Quentin replies, "Yes, but she'll return.  And Trask, if
  you see Alexis, please don't say how much she looks like Angelique.
  She's tired of being reminded of it".  Amy comes into the room and
  asks, "Have you seen Mr. Edwards".  Quentin asks, "Mr. Edwards?"  Amy
  replies, "Yes, Mr. Dameon Edwards".  Quentin asks, "Why would I have
  seen him?"  Amy replies, "Because I just saw him upstairs."  Trask,
  who's holding a glass, his back to them, convulsively breaks it in
  shock.  Amy explains, "The stone fell out of the ring Chris gave me for
  my last birthday and I was looking for it".  Quentin asks, "Tell me
  exactly where you saw him".  Amy replies, "Outside Angelique's room.  He
  wouldn't talk to me or help me or anything."  Quentin asks, "Which way did
  he go?" She tells him, "I'm not sure.  He was acting strangely."  Quentin
  tells her, "Stay here with Trask".  Amy asks, "Where are you going?"
  He replies, "To find Mr. Edwards.  He's probably looking for me, so
  I'd better find out what he wants" and leaves. Trask asks Amy, "Are you
  sure it was Mr. Edwards you saw?"  Amy replies, "Of course I'm sure.  Why?"
  Trask replies, "It's just that we haven't seen Mr. Edwards in such a long
  time.  I wasn't expecting him, that's all"
     Quentin is outside Angelique's room.  He knocks on the door.  There
  is no answer.  He opens the door and goes inside.  He is shocked to
  see Dameon Edwards standing there, exclaiming, "Edwards!  What do you
  want here?  Why have you come back?"  Edwards vanishes.  Quentin
  goes up the spot where he was standing and finds the floor covered
  with splashes of blood.  He wonders, "Blood!  But why?  And downstairs,
  blood on that picture of Bruno. What does it all mean?  Murder?  Is
  that what you're trying to tell me, Dameon?"
     In the drawing room, Trask asks Amy, "Is it true?  Does Alexis look
  that much like her sister?", but Amy replies, "I'd rather not talk about
  it.  I'm starting to get scared again.  So many things have happened
  here lately".  Trask asks, "Things?  What things?", but before Amy can
  answer, Quentin returns.  Amy asks, "Did you find Mr. Edwards?"  Quentin
  replies, "No", then tells her, "I've decided to let you stay at the
  Old House with Carolyn and Mr. Loomis".  Amy asks, "Why?"  Quentin replies,
  "You said you wanted to spend some time away from Collinwood, didn't you?"
  Amy points out, "But I said I wanted to stay with Chris!"  Quentin explains,
  "I called Chris and he said he'd be out of town for a few days".  Amy
  asks, "Are you sure something isn't wrong?"  Quentin lies, "Nothing's
  wrong!  Now go up and get packed!"  Amy runs upstairs.  Quentin tells
  Trask, "Something IS wrong.  I saw Dameon Edwards twice today, and both
  times he just vanished".  Trask gasps, "Vanished, Sir?!"  Quentin tells
  him, "Go up and stay with Amy, and don't let her out of your sight!"
     Bruno is in the cottage playing "Ode to Angelique" on the piano.
  Quentin comes in.  Bruno complains, "Don't you believe in knocking on
  another man's door before entering?"  Quentin replies, "Sorry, I forgot
  the formalities.  I believe I have some important information you'd be
  very interested in".  Bruno replies, "I doubt I could be that interested
  in anything you have to say to me".  Quentin coyly says, "Oh, I think
  you'll be intrested in what I have to say.  I just saw an old friend
  of yours tonignt - Dameon Edwards".  A look of shock appears on Bruno's
  face and he stammers, "You, uh, saw Dameon Edwards?"  Quentin replies,
  "Twice".  Bruno remarks, "Well, I hope you gave him my regards.  Did
  he say where he's been the past year?"  Quentin replies, "No".  Bruno
  remarks, "Well, he's never been very talkative".  Quentin replies, "And
  he's even less so now.  He's dead.  What I saw was a ghost."  Bruno says,
  "Quentin, you've never been supersitious before.  Hannah Stokes must be
  getting to you."  Quentin continues, "You knew he was dead, didn't you?"
  Bruno says, "All I know is that he stopped coming here about a year ago".
  Quentin continues, "Dameon's spirit is trying to tell us something,
  I don't know what it is, but I'm going to find out!"  Bruno says, "I don't
  believe in ghosts.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm entertaining someone
  special, namely, myself".  Quentin replies, "Say what you want, but
  you can't take away that expression on your face when I told you I saw
  Dameon Edwards!" and leaves.
     At Collinwood, Trask and Amy are coming down the stairs, Trask carrying
  Amy's blue suitcase.  Trask suddenly remembers something and tells Amy,
  "Miss Amy, would you sit in the drawing room please while I go upstairs
  to get the car keys?"  Amy goes and sits in the drawing room while Trask
  goes back upstairs.  Amy feels a draft, so she goes and closes the drawing
  room window. When she turns back around, she is surprised to see Dameon
  Edwards standing in the room.  She exclaims, "Mr. Edwards!  So you didn't
  go after all!  Quentin looked for you but he couldn't find you.  What do
  you want to talk to him about?  Quentin's very busy.  He has lots of
  worries, but I'm sure he'll want to talk to you".  Dameon Edwards doesn't
  respond.  Amy asks, "What's wrong?  Why won't you say anything?"  Edwards
  gesturs for her to follow him, then walks out of the drawing room. Amy
  follows.  Edwards heads for the door under the stairs.  Amy asks, "Where
  are you going?  Is this a game like you used to play with Daniel and me?"
  Edwards gestures for her to follow and goes into the door under the stairs.
  Amy says, "Wait!  I don't want to lose you like before!" and follows.
  Seconds later, Quentin returns through the front doors.  He sees Amy's
  suitcase in the foyer.  He goes into the drawing room to find her, but
  finds it empty.  Trask comes back down and tells Quentin, "I had to
  go get the car keys.  I can take Miss Amy into town now if you'd like,
  Sir".  Quentin asks, "Where is Amy?"  Trask replies, "I left her in the
  drawing room".  Quentin growls, "She's NOT in the drawing room!"  Trask
  says, "But I left her there, Sir".  Quentin angrily says, "You left her
  in there alone!?  I told you to stay with her!"  Trask apoligizes, "I
  just went upstairs to get the car keys, Sir".  Quentin orders, "Go
  upstairs and look for her!  I'll search down here!"  Trask goes upstairs.
  Quentin goes into the door under the stairs.
     Dameon goes down into a dusty room in the basement.  Amy follows...
     Quentin comes back into the foyer.  Trask comes back down and tells
  him, "She wasn't up there".  Quentin growls, "I told you not to leave
  her alone!"  Trask says, "She's got to be in the house somewhere. I'll
  go upstairs and search further".  Quenting mutters, "Damn it!"*
     Dameon Edwards walks up to a wall in the basement.  Amy, following
  him, asks, "Where are we going? I don't know if I want to go any further".
  Dameon Edwards walks into the wall and vanishes.  Amy screams...

  *This was considered obscene in 1970, so they cut the sound here.
   But it's easy to read his lips...
   Episode 995
   Worldvision Rerun 769
   Tape Date:  March 31, 1970 (ABC #80-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 17, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Quentin and Trask are still searching for Amy.  In the drawing room,
   Quentin opens the window and looks outside.  Trasks asks, "Would you
   like me to search the grounds, Sir?"  Quentin replies, "No, search
   the attic."  They both go out into the foyer.  Trask is about to
   go upstairs when they notice the knob of the door under the stairs
   turning.  The door opens...and Amy steps into the foyer.  Quentin exclaims,
   "Amy!  Where did you go?  Why did you leave the drawing room?" Amy replies,
   "To play a game."  Quentin asks, "What kind of game?"  Amy replies, "We
   always used to play games, but they never used to scare me!"  Quentin
   says, "Let's go into the drawing room".  They take Amy into the drawing
   room.  Amy explains, "Dameon Edwards, I saw him again!  He stood there
   in the doorway, and he asked me to follow him..."  She describes how she
   followed him down into a room in the basement and how he walked into
   a wall and vanished.  Quentin asks, "Vanished?"  Amy replies, "Yes,
   he went through the wall!  He can't really go through walls!  He
   can't!"  Quentin tries to reassure her,  "You don't have to be afraid.
   I'd like you to take me to that room.  If you're afraid, you don't
   have to, but please?"  Amy replies, "All right, if your really want
   me to".  Trask asks, "Wan't me to come along, Sir?"  Quentin replies,
   "No, that won't be necessary".  Quentin and Amy go downstairs. Trask
   waits a moment, then leaves through the front door, a sneaky expression
   on his face.
      Amy and Quentin are in the basement.  Quentin asks, "Is this the
   room?"  Amy replies that it is.  Quentin asks, "Now where is that
   wall where he disappeared?"  Amy points the wall out to him.  Quentin
   goes to the wall and taps on it in several places.  He remarks, "Solid
   enough.  Are you sure he walked through this wall?"  Amy replies, "Yes!
   It was terrible!"  Quentin inspects the wall for secret latches but
   doesn't find anything.  Amy begs, "Please, Quentin, I don't want to
   stay here any longer!  How can he walk through walls!  What kind of
   man is he?  I hope I never see Dameon Edwards again!"  Quentin takes
   her back upstairs.
      Trask is at Bruno's cottage, saying, "I'm telling you, Amy saw him!
   Quentin saw him!  If you were wise, you'd leave Collinsport for
   awhile!  If the ghost of Dameon Edwards is really here, you're not
   safe here!"  Bruno asks, "Why?"  Trask replies, "You know very well
   why!  You could be in great danger!"  Bruno asks, "Wouldn't someone
   else be in great danger as well?  How much is Quentin paying you to
   get me out of here?"  He accuses of Trask of conspiring with Quentin
   to concoct the ghost story to frighten him away.  Trask asks, "How
   can you say that?!"  Bruno replies, "Because you'd do anything for
   a buck.  You're selling, but I'm not buying, and you can tell that to
   your master at Collinwood!"  Trask insists, "There IS a ghost of
   Dameon Edwards!", but Bruno replies, "There is no ghost!"  The phone
   rings.  Bruno lets it ring.  Trask asks, "Aren't you going to answer
   it?"  Bruno replies, "Whoever it is, I'm not interested".  Trask
   says, "It might be important".  Bruno tells him, "I could care less.
   Why don't you answer it?"  Trask answers the phone and gasps, "It's
   him!  It's Dameon Edwards!  He says it's just a matter of time!"
   Trask asks, "Who is this?  Hello?  Hello?", then tells Bruno, "He
   hung up, but I know who it was!  It was Dameon Edwards!"  Bruno shouts,
   "It was not Dameon!  Stop it!"  Trask insists, "It WAS Dameon!  I'd
   know that voice anywhere!  He said it was only a matter of time!  What
   are we going to do?"  Bruno replies, "First, you're going to stop
   being hysterical, then we're going to Quentin Collins and put a stop
   to this".  Trask insists, "It was Dameon!", but Bruno says, "Someone's
   just trying to shake us up, someone's trying to break us, but we're
   not going to let them do it!  We're going to stop Quentin or whoever
   it is!  Now get out of here!"  Trask replies, "When you find out I'm
   telling you the truth, I hope it's not too late" and leaves.  The
   telephone rings again.  This time, Bruno answers it and hears someone
   says, "It's just a matter of time!  Just a matter of time!"  Bruno
   asks, "Who is this?", but the voice just repeats, "It's just a matter
   of time!  Just a matter of time!"
      Sabrina is with Cyrus at the lab.  Sabrina tells Cyrus,  "I was
   hoping you'd ask me to come."  Cyrus replies, "It's going to be dull.
   It'll be business all the time I'm there.  I'm just going to see some old
   colleagues to discuss my experiment and go over some data with them.
   I'm only going to be gone for a few days at the very most".  Sabrina
   says, "I'll miss you".  As they are talking, Sabrina happens to walk
   over to the desk and sees the IOU.  She asks, "John Yaeger?  Who's
   John Yaeger and why does he owe you $100?   What does this mean?"
   Cyrus replies, "Exactly what it looks like. John Yaeger owes me
   $100."  Sabrina asks, "But who's John Yaeger?  I've never heard you
   mention him before".  Cyrus explains, "An old friend, the kind of friend
   who only looks you up when he needs money.  Thank you for reminding me
   that John Yaeger owes me a lot of money!"
      At Bruno's cottage, the phone rings again.  This time, Bruno unplugs
   the phone jack from the wall instead of answering it.  Suddenly, the
   piano starts to play "Ode to Angelique" all by itself.  Bruno is
   terrified.  He screams, "No!  No!  I don't believe it!  Go away, Dameon!
   Go back to your grave!  Go back to where you belong!" and slams the
   piano key cover down.  The playing stops, but when Bruno looks up,
   standing there is Dameon Edwards.  Bruno exclaims, "Dameon!  No! No!
   Dameon, no!", runs to the door, opens it and flees.
      Sabrina is cleaning things up at the lab.  Cyrus comes back down
   holding a flask with some red liquid in it, and a beaker with some
   white powder in it.  He places them on a shelf and tells Sabrina,
   "It's very late.  Why don't you let me finish up?"  Sabrina says,
   "I don't understand.  I'm sure you have enough here to do without
   having to clean up".  Cyrus replies, "No, it'll help me relax".
   Sabrina asks, "Are you trying to get rid of me?"  Cyrus replies,
   "Yes.  I want you to go home.  You've been working too hard".
   There's a knock at the basement door.  Cyrus opens it.  Bruno
   comes in.  Bruno, sounding hysterical, begs, "Cyrus!  I've got
   to talk to you!  Can I talk to you alone, for just a minute?"
   Cyrus replies, "I guess so.  Sabrina was just about to leave. You
   wouldn't mind, would you, Sabrina?"  Sabrina replies, "I'll try not to".
   Cyrus helps her on with her coat and she leaves.  Bruno begs, "Cyrus,
   You've got to let me stay here!"  Cyrus says, "I don't understand".
   Bruno continues, "I can't explain!  You've got to trust me!  Just
   let me stay here!  I have no other place to go!"  Cyrus tells him,
   "I'm sorry Bruno, but that's impossible."  Bruno continues to beg,
   "There's no other place I can go, Cyrus!  Please!  Just for a little
   while!"   Cyrus explains, "Bruno, I can't let anyone stay here while
   I'm working on this experiment".  Bruno promises, "I won't come down
   here.  I'll stay upstairs.  I won't come anywhere near the lab.  Please,
   Cyrus, you're my last chance!"  Cyrus finally gives in, "All right, but
   don't come into the lab at any time".  Bruno promise to stay upstairs.
   Cyrus takes him upstairs.
      Cyrus comes back down and pours some of the red liquid from the flask
   into the small beaker with the powder.  The liquid in the beaker turns
   pink starts to foam and steam.  Cyrus, in a very noble tone, says,

        "To bring forward all that is good in man,
         to rid him of the impediments of Evil,
         to fufill all that is best in his divided nature!"

   then drinks the liquid.  Again, he stiffens and drops the beaker, then
   grabs his abdomen and screams in pain and stumbles around the lab
   bumping into things*.  Finally, he falls into a chair, screaming,
   "Please! Help me!"  He starts to turn green, then back onto a normal
   color as his face changes shape, and his hair turns jet black, and he
   grows a black moustache...

   *Including a solid-looking brick pillar that moves several inches.
   Episode 996
   Worldvision Rerun 770
   Tape Date:  April 13, 1970 (ABC #81-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 20, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Cyrus gets up.  He looks at his hands, the backs of which are now
   covered with coarse, black hair, then feels his face. At first he seems
   puzzled, but then he says, "Yes!  Yes!  I remember who I am!  I'm
   John Yaeger, that's who I am!" He goes to the desk and looks for something
   but does not find it.  He then spies a metal tray with some scientific
   glassware on it. He sweeps the glassware onto the floor and using the
   tray as a mirror, looks at himself in it.  He then looks around the
   lab and says contemptuously, "The distinguished scientist, the noble and
   dedicated Cyrus Longworth.  Where are you now, Cyrus?"  He recites
   Cyrus' words,

         "To bring forward all that is good in man,
         to rid him of the impediments of Evil,
         to fufill all that is best in his divided nature!"

   then says, "The best is standing right here, and his name is John
   Yaeger!"  He looks over at an armoire and says, "Well, Cyrus might
   have forgotten where the key is, but Yaeger remembers!"  He gets
   a key, unlocks the armoire, and looks at himself in a mirror attached
   to the inside of the door.  With satisfaction, he notes, "No clear,
   honest eyes here!  The milk of human kindness doesn't flow through
   these veins!"  He takes a nice suit out, remarking, "Oh, Yaeger!
   You've got style!  You've go flair!  Too bad they never caught the
   man who broke into that clothing store!  John Yaeger!  This night
   belongs to you!"
      Trask returns to Collinwood, bolting the door after himself.  Alexis
   is coming down the stairs.  She asks, "Who are you?  What are you doing
   here?"  Trask looks at her and at first, shocked by her resemblance to
   Angelique, stands there saying nothing, but finally manages to say, "Trask,
   Madame, the butler.  I've been away".  Alexis says, "Yes, of course.  Did
   Mr. Collins tell you about me?"  Trask replies, "Yes, you are Alexis,
   the first Mrs. Collins twin sister".  She tells him, "I'm looking for
   Mr. Collins.  Do you know where he is?"  Trask replies, "Taking Miss
   Amy to the Old House to stay with Carolyn and Willie Loomis".  Alexis
   remarks, "So, he's taken Hannah Stokes' advice."  She then asks, "Trask,
   is it your habit to bolt the door when Mr. Collins is out?"  Trask
   says, "I can't talk about it".  Alexis asks, "Did something happen
   while I was gone?"  Trask at first remains silent, but then blurts out,
   "Mr. Collins has go to close the house and we've all must leave!"
   There's a knock at the door.  Alexis orders Trask to open it.  Trask
   at first refuses, saying, "No, what if it's...", then changes his mind
   and opens the door.  It's Quentin.  Alexis asks, "What's happened?
   You've got to tell me!"  Trask again says, "You've got to close the
   house!", but Quentin replies emphatically, "I'm NOT going to close
   the house!".  He picks up the telephone.  Trask asks, "Who are you
   calling?  The police?"  Quentin replies, "No, Cyrus Longworth.   He
   might know what to do".
      The phone in Cyrus' lab rings.  Yaeger remarks, "Someone's looking
   for Dr. Longworth!  Too bad he's not here!  His friends will just have
   to do without him!" The phone finally stops ringing.  Yaeger remarks,
   "That's better".  He opens a safe hidden behind a painting, takes out
   a bottle of dark liquid labelled, "DO NOT TOUCH" and remarks, "This is
   here if I need it", and puts it back into the safe.  He then says,
   "But there's something else I need".  He goes to the armoire, takes
   out a walking stick and exclaims, "Of course!  I wouldn't want to go
   anywhere without you, would I?"  He presses a button on the cane and
   a long knife blade comes out of the tip...
      At the Eagle, a barmaid named Buffie Harrington is emptying an
   ashtray. Some fisherman is bothering her, trying to ask her for a date.
   Buffy tells him, "There's no use hanging around.  I'm not going to go
   out with you.  Why don't you go somewhere else?"  The man replies,
   "I like this place.  It's nice and peaceful here".  Buffie again asks
   him to leave.  The man asks, "You going to make me?"  Yaeger, who's
   just come in, says, "You'll do with the lady wants without  being
   forced to".  Buffie sees Yaeger and says, "You again!  I don't want
   any fighting like last time!"  Yaeger goes up to the man and asks,
   "You were just about to leave, weren't you?"  The man replies, "No".
   Yaeger says, "That's strange.  I had the distinct impression you
   were" and attacks the man.  They fight for awhile, destroying a lot
   of stuff in the process.  Finally, Yaeger gets the upper hand and,
   grabbing the man in a hammerlock, throws him out the door, saying,
   "Don't come back!  At least not when I'm here!"  The man vows, "I'll
   get you for this!"  Yaeger apologizes to Buffy for what happened.
   Buffie moans, "Look at all the damage you did!  Who's going to pay for
   it?"  Yaeger replies, "I am", but Buffie continues, "I'm going to get
   fired for this!".  Yaeger tells her, "I said I'm going to pay for it".
   Buffie tells him she doesn't believe him, so he tells her, "I'll be
   back in a very little while with a very generous check."
      At Collinwood, Quentin is showing Trask a drawer in a bureau in
   the drawing room, saying, "This drawer opened by itself.  Inside was
   a picture of Bruno on some music he had written.  It was blood soaked.
   Later, the drawer was empty. No one could have emptied it, no ordinary
   person.  Now tell me everything you know".  Trask replies, "I don't
   know anything.  I was away".  Quentin replies, "You weren't away the
   day Dameon Edwards stopped coming.  What does Bruno know about Dameon
   Edwards' murder?"  Trask asks, "Murder?!"  Quentin continues, "I have
   reason to believe Dameon Edwards was murdered, and that Bruno had
   something to do with it, and that you do too".  Trask vehemently denies
   this.  Quentin asks, "Then why did you react the way you did when I
   said I saw Dameon Edwards?  Why did you rush to Bruno's cottage?  Now
   tell me, what do you know about the murder of Dameon Edwards?  Why
   did he take Amy to that room in the cellar?"  Trask denies knowing
   anything.  Quentin warns him against trying to leave Collinwood until
   he solves the murder, saying he'll track him down if he does.  Quentin
   heads for the door.  Trask asks, "Where are you going?"  Quentin replies,
   "To find Cyrus Longworth.  Maybe he can get to the bottom of this".
      John Yaeger returns to the Eagle and gives a check to Buffie Harrington,
   saying, "I think this will cover all the damages".  Buffie looks at the
   check and asks, "What is this?  Some kind of joke?  Look at the signature
   on the check.  It says 'Cyrus Longworth'.  I used to work at Collinwood
   and I know Cyrus Longworth, and you're not him".  Yaeger tells her that
   Cyrus is a good friend of his and gave him the check.  He pretends to
   be offended that she thought he was a liar and a forger.  He gives her
   one warning, "You must promise not to say who gave you this check. I
   don't think Dr. Longworth would want his name mixed up with the events
   of tonight".  Buffie promises not to tell.  Yaeger caresses her with the
   cane and remarks, "Good. I like people who listen to me.  People who
   don't, well, their fate is best left forgotten".
      The man Yaeger fought with earlier is walking down an alley.  He
   takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and is about to get
   a smoke when he hears a voice says, "So, you're going to get me, are
   you?"  He looks up and sees Yaeger there and tells him, "I'm warning
   you!"  Yaeger replies, "I don't like warnings. They sound too much like
   threats" and starts to beat the man viciously with his cane.  He hears
   someone coming and runs off.  Quentin finds the injured man.  The man
   growls, "I'll get him!  I swear I will!", but Quentin tells him, "I'd
   better take you into the Eagle".
      Inside the Eagle, Quentin asks the man, "Do you know who he is?"
   The man gestures towards Buffy and says, "No, but she does".  Buffie
   looks at him and asks, "Have you been fighting again?"  Quentin tells
   her, "You'd better get him a drink", but the man angrily says, "I'll
   get him!" and leaves.  Quentin asks Buffy about the attacker.  Buffie
   tells him, "I don't know his name, but there is someone who might
   know.  That someone is a friend of yours.  I thought I'd tell you
   instead of the police because you were so nice to me when I worked
   at Collinwood."  She shows him the check with Cyrus' signature on it,
   remarking, "It's probably a forgery". Quentin agrees, "Yes, it probably
   is" and leaves.  Seconds later, Yaeger comes into the bar and tells
   Buffie he's heard the whole thing.  He complains, "I thought you understood
   that you were not to tell anyone where you got that check.  Pity.  Now
   I'll have to teach you to understand".  He grabs her by the throat and
   starts to strangle her.
   Episode 997
   Worldvision Rerun 771
   Tape Date:  April 14, 1970 (ABC #82-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 21, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Buffy screams, "No!  No!  Please don't!"  Yaeger releases her from
   the chokehold, but then grabs her arm in a hammerlock.  Buffie screams,
   "Let go!"  Yaeger asks, "Why? You're like all the others!  You have
   to be trained!" Buffie replies, "You're hurting me!" Yaeger says, "Only
   a little. Until you do what I say!"  Buffie replies, "Yes!  Yes!"
   Yaeger lets her go and remarks, "Well, now, you've proven you learn
   quickly".  Buffie exclaims, "You're insane!"  Yaeger replies, "No,
   I know how to live, how to make people do what I want.  You don't really
   want to live the way you are, do you?"  She asks, "What do you mean?"
   He tells her, "I want to give you money, furs, riches, everything!"
   He tells her, "I'll give you time to think things over.  Soon,
   you won't be able to wait for me to come through that door!"
      Quentin is with Sabrina at the lab.  Quentin asks Sabrina, "Where's
   Cyrus.  His car's gone".   Sabrina asks, "Is something wrong?"  Quentin
   tells her about he check, saying he thinks it's a forgery.  Sabrina tells
   him, "I can tell. I balanced Cyrus' checkbook for him only yesterday.
   He's the only scientist in the world who can't subtract".  She takes a
   look a the checkbook and announces, "Two checks are missing.  What is
   this man like?"  Quentin replies, "A rough man.  The barmaid who saw
   him said he wasn't the type of guy Cyrus would associate with".
   Sabrina wonders, "Wait a minute.  Maybe it was John Yaeger.  But no
   friend of Cyrus would come here and steal his checks.  Unless something's
   happened to Cyrus!  Maybe this John Yaeger has Cyrus!"  Quentin promises,
   "If he does, I'll find him for you, I promise!"
      Buffie is in her apartment.  There's a knock at the door.  At first
   she pauses, fearful it might be Yaeger, but then finally calls out,
   "Who is it?"  A voice replies, "Mrs. DuVall".  Mrs. DuVall comes in
   and asks "Don't you have something for me?"  Buffie replies, "Here's
   the rent for this month" and gives her a check.  Mrs. Duvall says
   to Buffie, "Thank you for helping me rent out my four best rooms. I'm
   glad to see you're using your brains."  Buffie, puzzled, asks, "How am
   I using my brains?"  Mrs. DuVall replies, "You're the one who recommended
   my place to that gentleman".  Buffie asks, "What gentleman?"  A voice
   interrupts, "This gentleman!".  Buffie looks and sees that it's John
   Yaeger who's just entered the room.  Yaeger says, "Well, Mrs. DuVall,
   you are one admirable landlady.  I hope you don't mind if I have some
   workmen come up and work on your rooms".   The landlady seems very
   happy to get some free remodelling, saying, "I think you're a lesson to
   us all".  Yaeger  remarks, "Yes, especially to Miss Harrington.  Maybe
   she'll learn to appreciate beauty".  He takes a painting off the wall
   and suggests it be destroyed.  Buffie, not liking the prospect of living
   so close to Yaeger, ask Mrs. Duvall for her rent check back, but Mrs.
   DuVall refuses, saying, "As far as I'm concerned, you're paid for
   another month".  Yaeger asks Mrs. DuVall to go up and clean his rooms.
   She leaves.  Yaeger asks Buffie, "You leaving?"  Buffie replies, "Yes".
   Yaeger tells her, "I suggest you don't.  I think you really want to
   live the way I do.  I think you want the excitement.  Do you really
   want to leave?"  Buffie admits, "I do, and I don't".  The telephone
   rings.  Buffie answers. It's Quentin.  Buffie tells him, "I can't
   talk now...I'm washing my hair..."  Quentin assures her, "It won't
   take long.  I just wanted to see if you've seen that man from last
   night."  Buffie lies that she hasn't.  Quentin continues, "I'm very
   worried about Cyrus Longworth." Buffie says, "I don't know anything
   about him".  Quentin tells her, "This is very important...", but
   Buffie insists, "I don't know anything about the man".  After she
   hangs up, she moans to Yaeger, "I like him, and you made me lie to
   him!  I hate you!"  Yaeger remarks, "Not for long!"
      Quentin is with Sabrina at the lab.  Sabrina is telling him, "Cyrus
   ALWAYS stays at the same hotel. They say he never made a reservation."
   Quentin suggests, "Maybe he's staying with friends", but Sabrina says,
   "No, he's never done that before.  He's very methodical.  You promised
   to find him!"  Quentin replies, "I think two people know where he is.
   I can find one of them, at least".
      Buffy is in her room packing.  With her is the man Yaeger threw
   out if the Eagle.  The man asks, "Why are you going away?"  Buffie
   replies, "Don't ask, Steve."  She continues packing, then stops and
   moans, "Oh, who am I kidding.  I only have $13.42 and I'd just end
   up in Worchester doing the same thing again".  Steve asks, "It's that
   guy, isn't it?"  Buffie replies, "Just go away!".  Steve vows, "I'll
   get him!"  Buffie tells him, "No you won't".  Steve asks, "You make it
   sound like he's some kind of Superman".  Buffie replies, "Maybe he is.
   I don't think you should try to find out.  Get out of here!"
      Steve leaves Buffie's apartment building.  From the shadows,
   John Yaeger emerges and quietly follows him...
      Steve is walking along the docks.  Yaeger is still following him.
   Finally, Yaeger confronts Steve and remarks, "Pleasant evening, isn't
   it?"  Steve growls, "You're the reason she sent me away!"  Yaeger
   replies, "Yes, I can take credit for that".  They start to fight.
   Yaeger pops the knife out of his cane, but Steve manages to kick it
   out of his hands and announces, "Now we're even!", but Yaeger says,
   "I don't think so!", grabs Steve and starts to strangle him.  Steve
   screams, "Help!  Help!" and immediately hears police whistles.
      Not having had any luck by phone, Quentin goes to question Buffie
   in person.  At first she denies having seen Yaeger, but Quentin
   continues to pressure her and she finally admits she has, but that
   he couldn't have kidnappend anyone, else he wouldn't have so much
   time to bother her.
      At the lab, the sound of police whistles is heard outside.
   Yaeger enter the lab through the basement door thinking to himself,
   "The antidote!  I must have it!  The police will track me here!  I
   must be Cyrus Longworth again!"  He opens the safe and is about to
   get the antidote when he hears a voice saying, "Yaeger!".  He turns
   and sees that it's Quentin Collins.  Quentin says, "So, you're Yaeger".
   Yaeger replies, "At your service, Sir".  Quentin asks, "Where's Cyrus
   Longworth?"  Yaeger replies, "I was about to ask you the same question".
   Quentin says, "Don't lie to me."  Yaeger replies, "You're a gentleman.
   I wouldn't lie to a gentleman".  Quentin continues, "Where is he?
   You know!"  He looks over and sees the open save.  Yaeger says, "Oh,
   I suppose you're going to accuse me of being a burglar.  I can explain.
   Cyrus gave me the combination to that safe so I could store some valuables
   there". Quentin again asks, "Where is he?" Yaeger remarks, "You keep
   asking that."  Quentin replies, "I'm going to keep asking until
   I find out, or until Cyrus Longworth walks down those stairs!"
   Episode 998
   Worldvision Rerun 772
   Tape Date:  April 15, 1970 (ABC #83-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 22, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Yaeger remarks, "You're a persistent man, Mr. Collins, and a good
   friend to Cyrus Longworth".  Quentin asks, "And what are you to him?"
   Yaeger replies, "We've only been friends for a short while.  You'll
   have to ask him to tell you about that".  Quentin points out, "But I
   don't know where he is".  Yaeger says, "Out of town".  Quentin reminds
   him, "You gave that girl a check.  It was dated yesterday, the day
   AFTER Cyrus was supposed to have left town.  How do you explain that?"
   Yaeger just says, "I don't owe you any explanation".  Quentin counters,
   "Maybe you'd like to explain to the police".  Yaeger replies, "Go ahead.
   You'll just be making a fool of yourself".  As Quentin turns to get the
   phone, Yaeger quickly grabs the bottle of antidote and runs out the
   basement door, locking it.  Quenting goes and tries to open the door
   but finds it locked.  He demands, "Open this door!"  Sabrina,  having
   heard the commotion, comes down into the lab asking, "What's wrong?"
   Quentin asks, "Do you have the key to this door?"  Sabrina replies,
   "Yes".  Quentin tells her, "Get it!  Hurry!"  She gives him the key
   and he opens the door, but Yaeger is gone.  Quentin remarks, "He's
   gone".  Sabrina asks, "What happened?"  Quentin replies, "That man we
   talked about the other day.."  Sabrina asks, "John Yaeger?"  Quentin
   replies, "When I got here, he was here."  Sabrina asks, "How did he
   get in?"  Quentin replies, "He had a key".  Sabrina says, "Cyrus
   would never give anyone a key!"  Quentin points out, "The fact that
   he had a key doesn't man Cyrus gave it to him".  Sabrina asks, "What
   do you mean?"  Quentin replies, "Now that I've met this man, I'm
   as worried about Cyrus as you are.  Maybe he has Cyrus".  Sabrina says,
   "Then we should call the police", but Quentin points out, "We have no
   proof he did anything".  At that moment, Cyrus comes walking down the
   stairs.  Quentin says, "Cyrus, we've been very worried about you".
   Cyrus asks, "Why?"  Sabrina tells him, "I tried to call you at the
   hotel, but they say you were never there".  Cyrus explains, "We changed
   our plans and stayed at a friend's house in Portland."  Quentin asks,
   "You've been in Portland since the night before last?"  Cyrus replies,
   "Yes".  Quentin asks, "Cyrus, are you acquainted with a man named
   John Yaeger?"  Cyrus replies, "Yes, why?"  Quentin tells him that
   he found Yaeger in the lab, that he had let himself in with a key.
   Cyrus tells him, "Yes, I gave it to him".  Sabrina exclaims in
   disbelief, "You gave it to him?!"  Cyrus asks, "Why are you so surprised?"
   Quentin says, "You don't mean to say that man is a friend of yours!"
   Cyrus replies, "No, but his personality traits make him an ideal subject".
   Quentin tells him about the check.  Cyrus explains, "I gave it to him
   the day before and post dated it".  Quentin remarks, "I stil find it
   difficult to believe you could associate with such a man, even just
   professionally. Cyrus, what hold does this man have on you?"  Cyrus
   replies, "I don't know what you mean".  Quentin spells it out, "Are
   you being blackmailed by John Yaeger?"  Cyrus replies, "Of course not!
   My relation with him is only professional!  There's nothing to worry
   about!  I can end my relationship with John Yaeger any time I want!"
   Quentin, not believing this, says, "If I'm right about John Yaeger,
   feel free to call me at any time" and leaves.
      With Quentin gone, Sabrina says, "Cyrus, now that we're alone,
   I hope you can tell me what really happened here after I left that
   other night".  Cyrus replies, "For the last time, we went to
   Portland to see a colleague.  We conducted an experiment, and I
   got back early because the experiment failed."  Sabrina remarks,
   "I'm sorry to hear that".  Cyrus replies, "Sometimes even failure
   is rewarding in a way".  Sabrina asks, "What do you mean?"  Cyrus
   replies, "Something happened, something I must face up to soon".
   Sabrina asks, "What?"  Cyrus replies, "I can't tell you until my
   experiments are complete".  Sabrina asks, "What about this man Yaeger?"
   Cyrus asks, "What about him? I think I can handle Yaeger!"  Sabrina
   says, "Whatever you say".  Cyrus says, "Sorry for snapping.  You know
   how I feel about my professional life".  He warns her, "He'll be back
   here.  I suggest you have nothing to do with him!"  Bruno comes down
   and says, "Cyrus!  I've got to talk to you - alone!  It's very important!'
   Sabrina leaves.
      Bruno tells Cyrus, "I need your help!  You remember Dameon Edwards,
   don't you?"  Cyrus replies, "Yes, he was Angelique's friend.  Where did
   he go to?"  Bruno replies, "He didn't go anywhere!  He's dead, and
   his ghost has come back to haunt me!"  Cyrus asks, "Why?  Could it be
   you had something to do with his death?"  Bruno replies, "No!  You
   know about these things!  You know how to exorcise ghosts!"  Cyrus
   replies, "You have no guarantee I would succeed".  Bruno begs,
   "You've got to try!"  Cyrus says, "Give me some time to think it
   over".  Bruno tells him, "All right.  I'll be waiting upstairs
   for you".
      Quentin returns to Collinwood, where he is greeted by Alexis,
   "Quentin, I'm glad you're back!"  Quentin asks, "Has something
   happened?"  Alexis replies, "No, it's just this house!"  Quentin
   asks, "There hasn't been any more incidents?"  Alexis replies, "No.
   But it's so quiet, like the calm before the storm.  I feel as if
   we were all doomed!"
      Bruno is in a bedroom above the lab waiting for Cyrus.  He nervously
   looks around, then takes out a cigarette.  He finds he has no matches,
   so he goes to a dresser and gets some.  At the dresser, he sees Dameon
   Edwards' reflecting in the mirror laughing at him.  The image disappears.
   Bruno looks and sees that there is a fire in the room...
      Bruno shouts, "Cyrus!  Cyrus!  Help me!  Somebody help me!  The
   room's on fire!" Cyrus breaks down the door to get in.  Seeing the
   fire, he rips some curtains down from a window in the hallway and
   comes in and puts out the fire.  He asks Bruno, "How did this happen?"
   Bruno replies, "He started the fire! He's trying to kill me!"  Cyrus
   tells him, "Let's go downstairs for a drink.  You need one!"
      At Collinwood, Quentin and Alexis are having drinks.  Quentin asks,
   "Feeling better now?"  Alexis replies, "Yes".  Quentin suggests,
   "Maybe it would be better for you to go stay in town for a few days",
   but Alexis replies, "No, I don't I don't think it would be good to
   run from whatever's plaguing this house.  I think we should stay
   and fight it.  Any word about Maggie?"  Quentin says, "No, I'm going
   to call her again".  They look at each other passionately and look
   like they're about to kiss, but Alexis announces, "I think I'll go
   upstairs.  I feel better with you in the house.".  Quentinr replies,
   "Good night. I'll be here if you need anything".
      At the lab, Bruno moans, "It's no use, Cyrus!  There's nothing
   you can do to help me!"  Cyrus asks, "Why do you say that?"  Bruno
   answers, "I asked you for a place to stay because I thought I'd be
   safe here, but if the spirit can follow me here, I'm not safe
   anywhere!"  Cyrus reminds him, "But a ghost can be exorcised".
   Bruno replies, "I'm not sure it can.  I know why the ghost is back,
   and who sent it back."  Cyrus asks, "Who?"  Bruno replies, "Angelique!
   The woman at Collinwood is not Alexis!  It's Anglique, and she came back
   to avenge her murder!"  Cyrus asks, "Did you have anything to do with
   her murder?"  Bruno replies, "No, but maybe she thinks I do.  That's
   the only reason I can think of".  Cyrus suggests, "Maybe you should
   leave Collinsport", but Bruno says, "No!  I'm going to visit her
   and have a showdown with her!"  Cyrus points out, "You've already tried
   that".  Bruno replies, "This is different. This time, it's going to
   be the final showdown - it's gotten to the point where it's her survival
   or mine!"
      At Collinwood, Quentin is talking on the phone, "Jennifer, all I want
   to know is Maggie still living there...All I want is to talk to her...
   What do you mean?...How long is this childishness going to go on?...
   All right...Tell her I called and tell her I love her".
      Bruno bursts into Angelique's room.  Alexis shouts, "Get out of here!"
   Bruno replies, "Oh, no, not this time!  Not until I find out the TRUTH!
   I know you're Angelique, and you came back to avenge your murder.  That's
   why you brought back Dameon Edwards, because you know about his death!
   That's why you brought him back to frighten me into admitting I murdered
   you!  I'm going to prove what you are, a living dead person!"  Alexis
   asks, "How on earth can you do that?"  Bruno replies, "Like this - if
   you're already dead, you can't die again!", grabs her by the throat and
   starts strangling her...
   Episode 999
   Worldvision Rerun 773
   Tape Date:  April 16, 1970 (ABC #84-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 23, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      As Bruno strangles Alexis, he challenges her, "Use your powers on
   me now!  Or do you need a clay doll for that?  Call on your false
   gods to help you!"  Quentin comes into the room, sees what's happening and
   shouts, "Let her go!"  Bruno replies, "No!", so Quentin pulls him off and
   throws him out of the room.  He then hugs and comforts the crying
   Alexis.  Alexis cries, "He'll try again, all because he thinks I
   am Angelique".  Quentin tell her, "He won't.  Trust me".  Alexis asks,
   "What are you going to do?" Quentin replies, "I'm going to get rid
   of that man forever!  I'm going call my lawyer and get Bruno to see
   the wisdon of leaving Colllinwood".  Alexis begs, "Please don't let
   him come back!  He's mad!  You know that as well as I do!"
      Bruno is down in the drawing room, thinking to himself, "Now why
   can't that man see the truth?  Has she put a spell on him?"  Quentin
   comes into the room and asks, "You never learn, do you?"  Bruno replies,
   "You want the spirit of Dameon Edwards to leave this house as much as
   I do.  You know what's causing this.  Angelique always promised she'd
   be back. You always ridiculed her interest in the occult, but you've
   seen how fast she's gotten rid of Maggie.  Once the new Mrs. Collins
   was out of the way, she had to get rid of anyone who suspected her,
   hence, Dameon Edwards".  Quentin replies, "Nonsense!"  Bruno says,
   "When Hannah Stokes was here, you did believe something occult was
   happening.  But then you became afraid, you were afraid that Alexis
   was your wife!  If you believe Hannah Stokes, then believe what she
   told me!  Angelique is in this house!"  Quentin shouts, "Get out!"
   Bruno warns, "The spirit of Dameon Edwards will keep return ing until
   you send Angelique back to her grave!" and leaves.
      Cyrus is in his lab fiddling with some test tubes.  Sabrina tries
   to talk to him, but he brushes her off.  Sabrina grumbles, "That
   experiment!  Always that experiment!  What's so fascinating about that
   experiment?"  Cyrus replies, "It just is, that's all".  Sabrina complains,
   "Listen to me for a minute, please!  You've been so different since
   you've come back!  I used to feel that I knew everything about you,
   but now I feel I don't".  Cyrus replies, "It's just that I'm growing
   in ways I haven't before.  But Sabrina, there's nothing to be afraid
   of", but she says, "I'm very afraid!"  He hugs her.
      Quentin goes into Angelique's room but finds that Alexis isn't
   there.  He notices a note written on blue paper lying on the desk
   and reads it,

             You must meet me in the gazebo at 10:00.
          Tell no one!


   Quentin thinks, "Why would Alexis want to meet Hannah Stokes alone
   and not want anyone to know?  And why did she sign this note 'A'
   like Angelique used to?"  He opens a desk drawer and looks around
   inside until he finds a paper with the signature "Angelique Collins".
   He compares the 'A' on the note with the 'A' in Angelique and gasps
   "They're the same!"  Alexis comes into the room.  Quentin apologizes
   for being in the room, "I'm sorry.  I thought you'd be in here".
   Alexis explains, "I was looking for Trask.  I have an errand for him
   to run".  She takes the note, which Quentin had put back on the desk,
   stuffs it into an envelope and leaves to have Trask deliver it.
   Quentin looks at the portrait of Angelique and thinks, "I've got to
   find out!  I've got to!"
      Cyrus is still working at the lab.  He hears Sabrina upstairs
   arguing loudly with a woman, "You can't go down there!"  But the
   woman comes barging down anyway, announcing, "I must talk to him!
   It's a private matter!"  It's Buffie Harrington.  Cyrus sends Sabrina
   back upstairs and asks Buffie, "What can I do for you?"  Buffie replies,
   "It's about a check".  She gets the check out of her purse after much
   searching, shows it to Cyrus and asks, "This might seem like a strange
   question, but did you sign this check?"  Cyrus replies, "Yes, that's
   my signature".  Buffie, sounding surprised, asks, "Then I can cash
   it?"  Cyrus replies, "Yes.  That's what checks are for, aren't they?"
   Buffie asks, "Why did you sign this?"  Cyrus replies, "Apparently a
   friend of mine John Yaeger did some damage at the Eagle".  Buffie
   remarks, "Boy, did he!  That friend of yours is EVIL!"  Cyrus says,
   "I wouldn't call him evil. He lives to extremes.  He wouldn't hurt
   anyone deliberately".  Buffie exclaims, "You should see my friend
   Steve!  He's in the hospital!"  Cyrus replies, "But Steve provoked
   Yaeger".  Buffie remarks, "He tells you everything, doesn't he?"
   Cyrus continues, "He told me he was very sorry about what happened."
   Buffie asks, "Did he tell you he rented some rooms where I live?"
   Cyrus replies, "Yes he did".  Buffie asks, "Then why did he just
   disappear?"  Cyrus replies, "Because I sent him away".  Buffie asks,
   "Does he work for you?"  Cyrus replies, "You could say that".  He
   takes out a wad of money and tells Buffie, "He gave me this to pay
   for Steve's hospital bills.  Steve probably wouldn't take it from
   me if he knew I was John Yaeger's friend, but he might take it from
   you" and gives it to her.  Buffie says,  "Dr. Longworth, you seem
   sensitive and kind.  Let me tell you something.  John Yaeger seems
   to like me.  But sometimes I'm afraid of him."  Cyrus tells her,
   "I wouldn't be if I were you".  Buffie suggests, "Maybe if you
   came with him the next time, then I wouldn't be so afraid.  Ormaybe
   you could come alone.  I like quiet men".  Cyrus declines, "I don't
   have the time for levity.  My work is very important".  Buffie
   exasperatedly says, "Well, I tried! Good bye, Dr. Longworth".  Cyrus
   says, "Miss Harrington, despite what you've said, you like John Yaeger,
   don't you?"  Buffie replies, "Sometimes, maybe".
      After Buffie leaves, Sabrina comes back down and asks, "What did
   that girl want?"  Cyrus replies, "Nothing.  She's just a friend of
   a friend".  Sabrina guesses, "John Yaeger!  Just who is John Yaeger?
   Can't you tell me anything?"  The phone rings.  Cyrus answers. It's
   Quentin.  He tells Cyrus, "I want to see you immediately!"  Cyrus
   tells him, "I'm working", but Quentin is insistent, "Well, stop
   working.  I need you here immediately!"  Cyrus says, "If you tell
   me what you want".  Quentin replies, "I want you to help me open
   a tomb."
      Cyrus is at Collinwood in the drawing room with Quentin.  He asks,
   "Open a tomb?!"  Quentin replies, "Yes".  Cyrus points out, "Quentin,
   you've always doubted the occult". Quentin replies, "I've changed."
   Cyrus asks, "You believe Angelique has returned?  You were at her
   autopsy.  You saw her buried."  Unknown to Cyrus and Quentin, Alexis
   is in the foyer listening to them. Quentin replies, "If we open the
   crypt, and there's no body there, then we'll know".  Cyrus asks,
   "And what will you do if the body's not there?"  Quentin replies, "I
   don't know".
      Cyrus and Quentin go to the crypt and to the tomb


     They open the tomb and take the coffin out.  Alexis comes and cries,
   "Quentin, please, if you ever loved my sister at all!".  Quentin asks,
   "How did you happen to come here, unless you're Angelique?"  Alexis
   replies, "I heard you two talking, and I came here to stop you from
   defiling my sister's grave!  If you don't, I promise I'll go away".
   Quentin asks rhetorically, "And will things stop happening when you
   leave?" and opens the coffin.  He and Alexis look into the coffin.
   Their eyes open wide with surprise...
   Episode 1000
   Worldvision Rerun 774
   Tape Date:  April 17, 1970 (ABC #85-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 24, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Quentin, Alexis and Cyrus stare into the coffin, eyes wide open
   in surprise, for lying there is Angelique's body, perfectly preserved,
   without a trace of decomposition.  Alexis exclaims, "She looks exactly
   as she did in life!"  Quentin gasps, "Dead for over six months, and
   the body perfectly preserved!  Cyrus, you'r a scientist.  There must
   be some explanation for this".  Cyrus replies, "There's no explanation.
   There's no scientific reason a body could be so perfectly preserved!".
   Alexis asks, "Quentin, could you please close the coffin?"  Quentin
   refuses, "No.  We must not delay matters.  Angelique is dead, but
   her body doesn't rot.  Now for her sake and our peace of mind, the
   body must be destroyed!"  Alexis asks, "How?"  Quentin replies,
   "I'm going to have the body cremated".  Alexis exclaims, "No! That's
   not right!  I will fight this legally!"  Quentin asks, "How many people
   will believe she is really dead after what we've seen here?"  Alexis
   points out, "We could keep it secret."  She suggests that they lie
   that they opened Angelique's grave and saw exactly what they expected
   to see, a decomposing body.  Quentin says, "I don't agree with you, but
   I'll think about it".  Alexis asks, "Could you please close the coffin
   now?"  Quentin closes the coffin.  Cyrus asks, "Should we put it back
   in?"  Quentin replies, "No, no one ever comes here".  Alexis reminds
   Quentin, "Do you remember why you came here?  Do you believe who I
   am now?"  Quentin replies, "You are Alexis Stokes".
      At Collinwood, Trask is in the drawing room tending the fire.
   He hears some wind, so he goes and closes the window. Then he
   hears the front doors and goes to see what it is.  It's Amy.
   Trask asks, "What are you doing here?  You're supposed to be at
   the Loomis house until Mr. Collins sends for you"  Amy replies,
   "It's lonely there.  There's no one to play with."  Trask tells her,
   "Mr. Collins wants you there.  Better get back or he'll blame ME
   for this", but Amy says, "I don't want to go back!"  Trask says,
   "But you can't stay here with things like this".  Amy asks, "Things
   like what?"  Trask lies, "Nothing".  Amy says, "But it looks like
   you were going to say something.  Did you find out more about Dameon
   Edwards?"  Trask asks, "Why do youo ask?"  Amy replies, "Just asking,
   that's all".  Trask grabs her and shouts, "That's not all!  You've
   seen him again, haven't you?"  He starts to shake her and demands,
   "Where?  Tell me now!"  Amy screams, "Let go!  You're hurting me!"
   Trask replies, "I'm not going to let you go until you tell me where
   you saw Dameon!"  Quentin, Alexis and Cyrus return.  Quentin asks,
   "Trask, what are you doing?"  Trask lets Amy go.  Amy complains,
   "I just got here and he started to hurt me!"  Quentin puts Amy in
   the drawing room and shuts the doors, then asks Trask, "Have you
   lost your mind?!"  Trask replies, "Sorry, Sir. I'm afraid I lost my
   head.  It's this house. There's an evil presence here.  It's
   been here ever since Dameon Edwards came back".  Quentin says, "Get
   a hold of yourself!  How did she get here?  Who brought her here?"
   Trask replies, "She came of her own accord.  I was just about to
   bring her back".  Quentin sarcastically remarks, "It sure looked
   that way", then continues, "You will take her back, after I've
   talked to her". He goes into the drawing room to talk to Amy.
      Outside the drawing room, Alexist sells Trask, "I'd like you
   to know we've settled everything about Angelique's death.  Dr.
   Longworth, why don't you tell Trask what happened".  Cyrus says,
   "We opened the grave and found Mrs. Collins at rest".  Trask protests,
   "I believe what you say about Mrs. Collins, but there IS a spirit here,
   something from beyond the grave!".  Alexis irritatedly says, "I don't
   want to discuss that" and sends Trask away.  Alexis remarks, "That man
   is so worked up!".  Cyrus replies, "Don't be shocked, but I agree
   with him.  There's something I want to talk to you in private about.
   Could we go up to your room?"  Alexis replies, "Of course", and they
   go up.
      Up in Angelique's room, Cyrus says, "I'd like to discuss Angelique
   a little further.  You were her sister.  How well did you really know
   her?"  Alexis replies, "We were never very close.  I suppose I could say
   I never really knew her at all".  Cyrus remarks, "Then we here at
   Collinwood really knew her better than you did.  We both had an interest
   in the occult, but she knew much more about it than I did.  She always
   said she would come back from the dead.  That's why she was never afraid
   of death.  I never believed she could - until tonight!  I agree with
   Quentin.  The body must be destroyed, or we will never be able to
   know what's going to happen next".
      Quentin is with Amy in the drawing room.  Amy is telling Quentin,
   "I don't want to go back!"  Quentin replies, "You keep saying that,
   but you give no reason".  Amy counters, "I HAVE given you a reason",
   but Quentin says, "I think it's more than that".  Amy admits, "Not
   having any playmates isn't that bad, but there's a spooky feeling
   there!  Something's happening there, but it's not something you can
   see.  All I know know is that there's something happening there that
   makes me more scared than I've ever been!"  Quentin says, "Amy, you've
   got to have more of an explanation that that", but Amy replies, "I
   have no explanation!"  Quentin tells her, "You've got to try!  All
   people have reason to be afraid.  All you have to do is think about
   it.  Is there any time of day or night that you feel this fear the
   most?"  Amy replies, "I feel it all the time when I'm in that house!"
   Quentin asks, "What about Carolyn and Willie, can't they help you?"
   Amy replies, "Carolyn's never there, and Willie spends most of his
   time on his new book".  Quentin remarks, "New book? Willie hasn't
   written anything in five years".  Amy insists, "But his is.  He's
   always very busy at it.  One time I stood in the doorway watching
   him and he was so busy he didn't notice me.  Here are two pages
   I got from his wastebasket".  She gives two wrinkled pages of paper
   to Quentin.  Quentin reads what is apparently a draft,

       "In October of 1965 I wrote what I thought was the definitive
     biography of Barnabas Collins, but recently certain facts have
     come to my attention that show that book to be mostly fiction.
     Now Providence has given me a second chance to set the record
     straight in these pages the true facts about the life of Barnabas

   Quentin muses, "I wonder what he could have found out. I must ask him".
      Alexis has summoned Trask to her room.  There, she tells him,
   "I want you to do something, something I don't want anyone to know
   about.  I want you to drive me to my sister's grave tonight".  Trask
   replies, "I'll have the car waiting out in front".
      Trask and Alexis have arrived at the graveyard.  Alexis tells
   Trask to wait for her in the car.  Alexis goes into the crypt,
   opens the coffin and says, "I wonder what your secret it.  You
   certainly do look as you did when you were alive.  All I know is that
   it goes against the natural order of things.  I don't really want to
   do what I am about to do, but Quentin and Cyrus are right. You must
   be destroyed".  She tenderly touches her sister's body.  Suddenly,
   Angelique opens her eyes, smiles, and says, "My dear Alexis!  You
   are all so right!  Someone will be destroyed, but it will not be me.
   It will be YOU!"
   Episode 1001
   Worldvision Rerun 775
   Tape Date:  April 14, 1970 (ABC #86-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 27, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Angelique sits up in her coffin.  Alexis stands there with a look of
   horror on her face, unable to speak. Finally, she gasps, "It can't be
   happening!  It isn't possible!"  Angelique replies, "But it IS happening,
   dear sister, thanks to you!" Alexis exclaims, "But you're dead!  You're
   dead!"  Angelique continues, "There were so many things that didn't
   interest you.  You were always so innocent.  I was able to master things
   you never dreamt of.  I knew someone would come and open my tomb.  The
   touch of a human hand was all that I needed!  Your touch brought me
   back!"  Alexis remarks, "It's so cold!"  Angleque explains, "You will
   be colder and colder until you die!  I need your lifeforce to live.
   Look into my eyes!  You have only a few minutes to tell me what I need
   to know".  Alexis asks, "What do you mean?" Angelique replies, "We are
   going to exchange places!  I will take your place, and you will take
   my place in this coffin!"  Alexis screams, "NO!!!!!!"
      Outside, Trask is wondering what's taking Alexis so long.
      Inside the tomb, Angelique has switched places with Alexis.  Angelique
   is standing looking down into the coffin, and Alexis is lying in the
   coffin.  Angelique speaks to the dead Alexis, "How peaceful you look!
   I'm so grateful that you made my plan work so perfectly!"  From outside,
   Trask calls, "Are you still in there?"  Angelique remarks, "Trask!
   Faithful old Trask!  He's become worried because I'm taking so long!"
   She calls Trask in.  He asks, "Is anything wrong?"  She replies, "No,
   why do you ask?"  Trask responds, "I thought I heard you talking in
   here".  She explains, "I was just saying a prayer for my sister."
   Trask asks, "Are you ready to return to Collinwood?"  Angelique replies,
   "Yes.  After tonight, I'm looking forward to it".
      At Collinwood, Quentin is in the drawing room.  The window suddenly
   blows open.  The lights go out. Quentin calls out, "Dameon, is that
   you?  Are you trying to communicate with me?  Do you know the secret?
   Do you know why Angelique's body hasn't deteriorated?"  But there is
   no answer.  The lights come back on.
      Trask and Angelique come in through the front doors.  Angelique
   dismisses Trask, then goes into the drawing room.  Quentin remarks,
   "I thought you were going to spend the rest of the night in your
   room".  Alexis replies, "No, I went for a short drive."  Quentin
   tells her, "There's something we must discuss.  I know it's painful
   for you, but we must discuss the matter of Angelique".  Angelique
   tells him, "I went to her tomb tonight.  I thought things over carefully.
   Now that I have, I believe you and Cyrus are right.  The body of Angelique
   must be destroyed, and the sooner the better!"
      It is the next afternoon.  Quentin is in the drawing room with Trask,
   who's straightening out things in the liquor cabinet.  Quentin asks,
   "Have you been able to reach Cyrus Longworth yet?"  Trask replies, "I
   called the lab and Sabrina said he'd be back at 3:00".  Quentin notes,
   "It's five of three right now".  Trask asks, "Have you decided what
   to wear for dinner at the Conway's?"  Quentin asks, "The Conway's?"
   Trask reminds him, "You said you were going to have dinner with the
   Conway's tonight".  Quentin tells him, "I'm afraid that won't be
   possible.  Tell Mr. Conway and tell him I'll have to be out of town
   tonight".  He calls the lab.  Cyrus answers.  Quentin says, "Hello?
   Cyrus, this is Quentin".  Cyrus asks, "Quentin, is anything wrong?"
   Quentin replies, "I would like you to meet me in the cemetary at
   sunset".  Cyrus asks, "Why?"  Quentin replies, "I can't talk about
   it over the phone.  I'll talk to you about it when you get there".
   As soon as Cyrus hangs the phone up, there's a knock at the door.
   Cyrus calls up, "Who is it?"  A voice shouts back, "Chris!"  Cyrus
   goes up, lets Chris in, and brings him back down to the lab, remarking,
   "I hope it's something that can wait till later.  I'm busy working".
   Chris replies, "Are you becoming an absent-minded professor?  You sent
   me a note.  You said if I didn't understand anything, I was to come see
   you".  Cyrus asks, "What don't you understand?"  Chris replies, "Something
   baffles me.  You said to transfer $5000 from your account and put it in a
   new account under the name 'John Yaeger'.  Is that some kind of pseudonym?"
   Cyrus replies, "No, John Yaeger is a man who's agreed to help me
   with my experiment".  Chris remarks, "You're not the kind of man
   who would lend $5000 to a man he hardly knows.  Is there something
   about this experiment you don't want in the open?"  Cyrus asks, "Do
   you mean is John Yaeger blackmailing me?  No.  All I want is to have
   $5000 put in a bank account under John Yaeger's name". Chris tells
   him, "Tell him to come to my office". Cyrus asks, "Why?"  Chris replies,
   "If I'm to open a bank account for him, I'll need his signature.  And
   I'd like to see what kind of man he is".  Cyrus replies, "All right.
   I'll tell him".  Chris remarks, "I'm looking forward to meething him"
   and leaves.  Cyrus gets out of his lab coat and puts on a dark coat.
      Cyrus is at the graveyard with Quentin.  He asks, "Quentin, what
   is this all about?"  Quentin replies, "I've decided we must destroy
   the body of Angelique - tonight!"  Cyrus asks, "What about Alexis?"
   Quentin replies, "She's given her approval.  We'll take the coffin
   outside and put a torch to it".  Cyrus remarks, "I thought you were
   going to have it properly cremated".  Quentin explains, "I can't go
   to the authorities and tell them my wife's body won't rot away".
   Cyrus says, "I don't agree. Someone might see us".  Quentin says,
   "We've got to take the chance".  Cyrus reluctantly agrees.  Quentin
   tells him, "I've got to take one last look at Angelique".  He opens
   the coffin, looks at Alexis and remarks, "Just as beautiful as she
   always was.  Goodbye, Angelique" and closes the coffin.  He tells
   Cyrus, "Let's take it outside!"
      Outside,  Quentin, using a torch, lights the coffin on fire and
   watches it burn up.
      At Collinwood, in Angelique's room, Angelique is pruning a
   houseplant.  Trask comes in.  She asks, "What is it?"  He replies,
   "You wanted me to tell you when Mr. Collins came back.  His car just
   came through the gates".  Angelique hands him some dead leaves and
   tells him, "Destroy these?"  Trask takes the leaves, but looks at
   her with a funny expression on her face.  She asks, "Is something
   wrong?"  Trask replies, "It's good to see you've made yourself so
   at home in the time you've been here.  Sometimes it seems as if
   Angelique never left".
      Cyrus and Quentin come in through the front doors.  Cyrus tells
   Quentin, "I've got to go back to the lab.  I've got a lot of work
   to do", but Quentin says, "No, I insist that you stay here and have
   at least one drink with me and Alexis before you go back to work".
   Cyrus agrees to do so.  Quentin goes upstairs to get Alexis.
      Quentin goes up to Angelique's room.  Angelique asks, "Quentin,
   what's wrong?"  Quentin replies, "It's all over.  The coffin's
   been burned".  Angelique remarks, "I hope we did the right thing".
   Quenin replies, "I know we did.  There's going to be a big difference
   in the atmosphere here.  I hope it'll bring Maggie back."  Angelique
   remarks, "I'd like to meet her in better circumstances".  Quentin
   says, "I hope you two will be good friends", then tells her, "Cyrus
   Longworth is downstairs.  Would you like to come for a drink with us?"
   Angelique replies, "No, tonight I just want to be by myself".
      Cyrus is in the drawing room waiting impatiently.  The clock in
   the foyer strikes the first quarter.  Cyrus goes out, glances at
   the time, then goes back into  and paces around impaitently.  Suddenly,
   he doubles over in pain.  He looks at his hands and finds that dark
   hairs have grown on the backs.  He goes over and look in mirror and
   sees John Yaeger staring back at him.  He hears Quentin coming down
   the stairs and quickly closes and locks the drawing room doors.  Quentin
   tries to open the drawing room doors, finds them locked, and calls out,
   "What is this all about?  Cyrus, open the door!  Cyrus, are you all right?"
   Inside, John Yaeger stands there, wondering what to do...
                         WORLDVISION CYCLE VI ENDS
Originally, Cycle VI finished with Episodes 1002-1006 (Reruns 776-780), but
those were removed after the last five episodes of Cycle V were relocated to
this cycle. This is the end of the 1975-1990 syndication package.
   Episode 1002
   Tape Date:  April 23, 1970 (ABC #87-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 28, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Lela Swift
      Quentin continues to demand, "Cyrus, if you're in there, open the
   door!  Is anything wrong?"  Receiving no answer, Quentin shouts, "Trask!
   Bring me the drawing room keys!"  Receiving no answer, he leaves to get
   them himself.
      Inside the drawing room, Yaeger notices the window and starts for
   it, then thinks to himself, "No, it must appear that I left of my
   own consent.  Of course!  I'll write a note!"  He uncaps a fountain
   pen he finds on the desk, gets a piece of paper from a drawer, and
   writes, "Dear Quentin.  Please pardon my leaving. I'll explain later".
   He is about to leave the note there when something suddenly occurs
   to him, "Idiot!  That's the handwriting I decided to use as John
   Yaeger.  I've got to start again!".  He crumbles up the note and
   writes another one, leaves it on the desk, unlocks the drawing room
   doors, then goes out the window.
      Quentin returns and comes into the drawing room and finds it empty.
   He looks around and finds the note on the desk, "Sorry I had to leave
   without saying goodbye.  I've just remembered an urgent appointment.
   I'll explain later. - Cyrus".  Amy comes walking into the room.
   Quentin asks, "What are you doing here?"  Amy replies, "Mr. Loomis
   brought me here but he didn't want to come in".  She complains, "Why
   doesn't anyone want me?"  Quentin asks, "What do you mean?"  Amy
   replies, "Willie and Carolyn don't want me at the old house, and you
   don't want me here!"  Quentin tells her, "That's not true.  Sorry
   if I gave you that impression.  In fact, I'm glad you've come back.
   Daniel is returning today.  His uncle Roger should be returning
   with him any moment now".  Amy notices a piece of crumpbled paper
   on the floor.  She picks it up, remarks, "Someone dropped this"
   and gives it to Quentin, then leaves.  Quentin uncrumples the paper
   and reads it.  A puzzled look comes onto his face.  He compares it
   with the other note and notes, "The handwriting, it's different.
   It's similar, but different!"
      John Yaeger returns to the lab.  He gets the antidote from the
   wall safe, but then thinks, "No!  Why should I do this?  Why should
   I be afraid?  I am John Yaeger!  I am not Cyrus Longworth, that
   coward.  Longworth, he'd take the quick way out, but not me!  I love
   life, and I love adventure, and I'm not afraid!  Even if I did change
   without the potion, what of it?  I should take advantage of it!"
   He takes his cane, pushes the button to unsheath the knife and
   exclaims, "I'm John Yaeger and I'm not afraid of anything!!!"
      Daniel is talking to Amy outside Angelique's room, "You're just
   saying that to make me feel bad that I've been away".  Amy insists,
   "No, I really saw Dameon Edwards, and I saw him walk through a wall!"
   Daniel says, "No you didn't!"  Quentin, who's shown up, echoes, "No,
   you didn't, Amy".  Amy insists, "I saw him!", but Quentin reminds her,
   "We went down into that room and the wall was solid".  Amy is upset
   that no one believes her.
      At the lab, Yaeger remarks, "The one thing Cyrus and I share is
   taste.  We both know the best when we see it.", as he admires a landscape
   painting on the wall.   He takes it off the wall and remarks, "I'm sure
   Cyrus won't mind if I take this for my room".  He hears Sabrina call down,
   "Cyrus, are you down there?"  Yaeger quickly exits out the basement door,
   taking the painting with him.  Sabrina comes down saying, "Cyrus, did I
   hear you down here?" but finds the lab empty.
      Yaeger goes to his rented rooms and puts the painting up.  There's
   a knock at the door.  Yaeger says, "Come in!"  Buffie Harrington comes
   in.  She tells him, "Mrs. DuVal said you were here".  She looks around
   and remarks, "It's going to look very nice here".  Yaeger replies, "It's
   going to look magnificent!"  Buffie notices the picture on the wall and
   remarks, "I see you've already bought a picture.  It looks nice".
   Yaeger again corrects her, "It looks magnificent!".  Buffie remarks,
   "I'd been wondering where you'd disappeared to".  Yaeger replies, "I
   have a few questions to ask you, too".  He goes and locks the door,
   then asks, "Do you mind?"  Buffie replies, "Of course not".  Yaeger
   asks, "I don't frighten you, do I?"  Buffie replies, "No".  Yaeger
   remarks, "Good.  I don't think you've done anything to make you afraid
   of me, have you?"  Buffie doesn't answer.  Yaeger prompts her, "Well,
   have you?"
      At the lab, Sabrina is talking on the phone to Quentin, who wants
   to know if Cyrus is there.  She notices that the painting is missing.
      Yaeger asks Buffie, "Why did you go to Longworth's lab?  You wanted
   to see if the check had any value, didn't you?  You don't trust me,
   do you?"  Buffie lies, "I just went there to thank him".  Cyrus remarks,
   "Why?  I gave you the check!"  He continues, "I don't expect you trust
   me since we don't really know one another yet, but it grieves me that
   you don't like me".  Buffie insists, "I do like you.  Haven't I proven
   that to you?"  Yaeger says, "But I thought you said you liked quiet
   men".  Buffie asks, "Quiet men?"  Yaeger says, "Didn't you say to
   Cyrus Longworth that you liked quiet men?"  Buffie asks, "He told you
   that?"  Yaeger remarks, "A quiet man.  Very well. I won't make a sound.
   Not a sound.  No one will hear a thing.  Not a single solitary sound".
   He starts to slap her around.
      Yaeger has beaten Buffie.  She complains, "You didn't have to do
   that!"  Yaeger replies, "I had to do it.  I had to prove that I could
   be a quiet man.  Is that satisfactory?"  Buffie begs, "Let me go back
   to my room".  Yaeger replies, "If you insist.  But before you go, just
   to prove that there was no malice in the lesson today, I'd like to let
   you have this" and gives her Cyrus' painting.  Buffie asks, "You'd like
   me to have this?"  Yaeger replies, "Yes, deep down, we both appreciate
   the beautiful".  Buffie thanks him.  Yaeger continues, "And I'd like
   to take you out to dinner".  Buffie, incredulous, asks, "You'd like to
   take me out to dinner?" Yaeger replies, "Yes, to a place with good
   food and good wine".  Buffie asks, "You'd take me to a place like that?"
   Yaeger at first says yes, then starts laughing hysterically.  Buffie
   asks, "What's wrong?"  Yaeger replies, "Did you really think I'd take
   you out looking like that with bruises on your arms and cuts on your
   face?"  Buffie protests, "But you asked me!"  Yaeger replies, "Maybe
   sometime in the future when you've learned how to take care of yourself!
   Good night, Miss Harrington!" Buffie leaves.
      In the drawing room at Collinwood, Amy is showing Quentin a wrinkled
   piece of typing paper, explaining, "I took this paper from Mr. Loomis'
   trash can to draw on".  I read it and found out he's writing about a
   room in the East Wing.  I thought he was writing about Angelique's room,
   but he said it was empty.  Is this part of his book about Barnabas".
   Quentin assures her, "It's just a story".  But after Amy leaves, Quentin
   reads it and gets a strange look on his face.
      Yaeger goes back to the lab.  He opens the safe and takes the antidote
   out, but hears someone coming and quickly puts it back into the safe,
   which he closes.  Sabrina comes down into the lab and demands to know,
   "Who are you?  What are you doing here?  Who let you in?"  Yaeger asks,
   "Hasn't Cyrus ever told you about his good friend John Yaeger?"  Sabrina
   says, "John Yaeger!  I should have known.  How did you get in?"  Yaeger
   replies, "With the key Cyrus gave me".  He asks her, "Are you always
   so cold?  I sense some emotional release trying to get out".  Sabrina
   warns him, "You'd better leave before Cyrus comes back".  Yaeger counters,
   "But it was Cyrus who told me to wait for him here".  Sabrina starts
   to leave, saying, "Well, if you'd excuse me...", but Yaeger interrupts,
   "No, I'd like you stay and talk about that emotional release I mentioned
   earlier", but Sabrina leaves.  Yaeger smiles, then takes the antidote
   back out and takes a swallow.
      Quentin goes to the hallway outside Angelique's room.  He hears
   Daniel and Amy talking inside.  He opens the door and sees Amy and
   Daniel in an unfurnished room arguing.  "Daniel" is arguing, "Maybe
   if we stayed and waited something might happen".  Amy argues that
   nothing will.  "Daniel" insists, "I heard Dr. Hoffman tell my father
   Barnabas was trapped in here".  Quentin calls out, "Daniel!  Amy!", but
   they continue to argue without appearing to hear him.  Quentin shouts,
   "Amy!  Can't you hear me?"  A voice from behind him answers, "Of
   course I can hear you".  He turns around and is shocked to see
   Amy and Daniel standing there.  Daniel asks, "We heard you calling
   us.  Is something wrong?"
   Episode 1003
   Tape Date:  April 20, 1970 (ABC #88-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 29, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

     Quentin looks at them with a shocked look on his face.  Daniel asks,
   "Father, is anything wrong?"  Quentin lies, "No, nothing.  Nothing
   at all.  What are you two doing here?"  Amy replies, "He wanted to
   see Alexis".  Quentin asks, "Where did you two come from?"  Daniel
   replies, "My room.  Where is it?"  Quentin replies, "I just wanted
   to know.  Why don't you two go and play?"  Daniel reminds him, "I
   wanted to see Alexis!"  Quentin replies, "She's resting".  He asks,
   "Amy, when you were at the Loomis house, did you ever hear Mr. Loomis
   talk about Barnabas Collins?"  Amy replies, "No, he never spoke about
   him, he just wrote about him in those pages I showed you".  Quentin
   sends the children away, then thinks, "Unused. How could it be unused.
   They were in that room, yet they were also walking down the hall".
   He opens the doors and is surprised to see the room as it usually
   is, brightly lit and cheerfully furnished, with "Alexis" sitting there.
   Seeing the strange expression on Quentin's face, Angelique asks, "What's
   wrong?"  Quentin replies, "A moment ago, I opened that door.  The room
   was empty, the children were in here, dressed in different clothes
   talking about Barnabas Collins.  Then I saw them in the hallway!
   I'm not hallucinating!"  Angelique suggests, "It must be the stress".
   Quentin says, "So many things have happened here.  I thought once
   Angelique was in her final resting place, this would all stop".
   Angelique says, "You can't blame THIS on Angelique".  Quentin remarks,
   "Well, at least we seem to be rid of the ghost of Dameon Edwards".
   Angelique asks, "Dameon Edwards?"  Angelique, puzzled, asks, "Dameon
   Edwards?"  Quentin asks, "What's wrong?  You act as if you don't
   know what's been happening around here", which of course she doesn't.
   She says, "Oh, yes, Dameon Edward", then quickly changes the subject,
   "Ever since we've learned my sister was murdered, you've done nothing
   to find the murderer".  Quentin replies, "Angelique was NOT murdered.
   A very disturbed girl said that at a seance".  He notices "Alexis" start
   to shiver and asks, "What's wrong?"  Angelique replies, "I just feel
   a chill".  Quentin asks, "Are you sure you're all right?"  Angelique
   replies, "I'm just cold, that's all".  Quentin turns to leave, saying,
   "When you feel better, maybe you could come down and join me for a
   glass of brandy".  He adds, "And Alexis, if Angelique had been murdered,
   I'd want to find the murderer as much as you" and leaves.  Angelique
   quickly puts on a shawl and thinks, "I'm so cold!  Why?"
      Daniel and Amy are playing in a dusty storage room at the old house.
   Amy is saying, "When I stayed here with Carolyn, we used to play here
   all the time.  Don't you like it?"  Daniel replies, "No!  Going through
   trunks is for girls!"  Amy points out, "But there are all sorts of things
   stored here!  Clothes, letters..."  Daniel asks, "Ever play in the
   basement?"  Amy replies, "No, it's always locked". Daniel says, "It
   didn't used to be.  Anyway, there's a secret passage that goes there
   from the beach.  Want to go?"  Amy refuses, "Not at night!"  She
   makes a suggestion, "I saw a sword in here once".  Daniel gets excited
   and asks, "What kind of sword?  A foil?  A saber?"  He starts to look
   around and finds a stack of paintings leaning against a wall and
   starts to look through them.  Suddenly, he exclaims, "Do you hear
   that noise?   It sounds like a heartbeat!...and it's coming from this
   picture!"  It's the portrait of Barnabas.  Daniel reads the label and
   says, "Amy, look!  It says 'Barnabas Collins'.  That's the one father
   was talking about!".  Amy comes over and looks at the portrait.  As
   soon as she sets eyes on it, she screams and faints.  Daniel shouts,
   "Amy!  Amy, are you all right?"  Amy starts to regain conciousness.
   Daniel asks, "What happened?"  Amy replies, "Chained!  Trapped!
   Chained!  Trapped!"  A man comes into the room and complains, "Hey!
   You two aren't supposed to be in here!"  Amy again says, "Chained!
   Trapped!"  The man asks, "What happened to her?"  Daniel replies,
   "I don't know.  She just fainted".  The man says, "We'd better get
   her to Collinwood".
      Later at Collinwood, Quentin is asking Daniel, "You weren't just
   trying to scare her, were you?"  Daniel replies, "No!" The man comes
   into the room.  Quentin asks, "What did the doctor say?" The man
   replies, "He doesn't know. She just keeps repeating two words,
   'chained' and 'trapped'".  Quentin says, "Thank you, Fred".  Fred
   tells Quentin, "I gotta be getting back to the Old House.  Mrs.
   Loomis asked me to clean the attic" and leaves.  Quenting wonders,
   "There's got to be some reason she fainted.  But what is it?"
      Fred goes out into the foyer.  Angelique is coming down the
   stairs.  Fred remarks, "I've missed seeing you at the Old House,
   Miss Alexis".  Angelique exclaims, "Fred!"  Fred asks, "What is
   it?"  Angelique replies, "I feel so cold!"  Fred replies, "I know
   what to do about that!" and embraces her.  He asks, "Feel better
   now?"  Angelique replies, "Yes!"  Fred remarks, "I've wanted to
   hold you like this ever since I saw you. Why don't you come and see
   later?" Angelique says, "I will!  Kiss me!", but just as he is about
   to kiss her, hears the drawing room doors opening and they quickly
   seperate.  Quentin comes out and remarks, "Still here, Fred?"  Fred
   replies, "Just leaving, Mr. Collins" and leaves.
      Hannah Stokes is in her house, sitting at table with a crystal
   ball on it.  She deals some Tarot cards on the table, then laughs
   at what she sees.  There's a knock at the door.  Hannah answers.
   It's Angelique.  Thinking it's Alexis, Hannah remarks, "Well, what
   an honor!  I don't think you've ever been here before.  Your sister
   came here often.  There were things she could do here that she couldn't
   do at the big house."  Angelique tells Hannah, "I want my fortune read".
   Hannah replies, "I thought you didn't believe in the occult". Angelique
   says, "Perhaps I've changed".  Hannah takes up her Tarot cards and
   deals one out.  She announces, "The Tower of Destruction".  Then
   she turns over another card and annouces, "The Moon, inverted". She
   appears shocked.  Angelique asks, "What does that mean?", but Hannah
   just says, "Go!  Now!".  Angelique insists, "Tell me what the cards
   mean!"  Hannah tells her, "They say you have no future!".  Angelique
   demands, "Read my palm!"  Hannah refuses, but Angelique insists,
   "Read my palm!".  Hannah asks, "Then you will go?"  Angelique promises,
   "Yes".  Hannah takes a look at her palm and exclaims, "You!  You're
   not Alexis!  You're Angelique!"
      Angelique remarks, "You knew I would come back".  Hannah says,
   "No!  No!"  Angelique asks, "Don't you want to know how?"  Again
   Hannah says, "No!  I don't want to know!"  Angelique says, "I have
   some things to ask you.  Where is Julia Hoffman?  I was afraid to
   ask at Collinwood because it would give me away".  Hannah replies,
   "Quentin gave her a vacation".  Angelique continues, "I must get
   her back.  And the most important question.  Why is the ghost of
   Dameon Edwards here?" Hannah says, "You know why!", but before they
   can discuss the matter further, Angelique suddenly complains, "It's
   so cold here!  You must help me!"  Hannah says, "No".  Angelique
   warns her, "You must, or YOU will feel the cold, the cold of the
   tomb!"  Hannah asks, "Why have you come back?"  Angelique replies,
   "Because of Love!  I could not bear not having Quentin's love!"
   Hannah guesses, "You're going to kill him!"  Angelique replies, "No,
   Quentin will want to die when he finds out who murdered me!"  Hannah
   asks, "Murdered?"  Angelique replies, "Yes, in the dark, something
   hard pressed here, then I felt a sharp pain." She again complains,
   "The cold!"  Hannah says, "Tell me more!", but Angelique says, "I
   feel the cold trying to draw me back to the tomb!  I don't have
   much time left unless you go to the Loomis house and get that man
   Fred!"  Hannah refuses to do so.  Angelique warns her, "If I die
   again, I will come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!"
      Quentin is with Amy in the drawing room of Collinwood.  Quentin
   asks Amy, "Feeling better?"  Amy replies, "Yes".  Quentin asks, "Can
   you tell me what happened tonight?"  Amy replies, "I'm not sure".
   Quentin tells her, "For me to help you, you've got to tell me what
   you saw when you looked at that portrait tonight".  Amy replies,
   "I saw his eyes.  I felt he needed help".  Quentin points out,
   "Barnabas Collins died almost 200 years ago!"  Amy replies, "I
   know!  I know!"
      Hannah brings Fred back to her house and leaves him there with
   Angelique, saying, "I'll be upstairs if you want me".  Fred lustfully
   embraces Angelique, then exclaims, "You're cold!"  Angelique commands,
   "Look at me!"  Fred looks at her and says, "You're so beautiful! Ever
   since the first time I saw you I wanted you!", but then after a moment
   says, "What's happening to me?  I feel so cold!"  Angelique commands,
   "Look at me!  You will feel cold, but you must not turn away from
   me!  Kiss me!"  Fred kisses her.  Suddenly, he stiffens, then collapses
   onto the floor.  Angelique calls, "Hannah!  Hannah!  I'm all right
   now!  I'm all right!"  Hannah comes down.  She inspects Fred and
   exclaims, "He's so cold!"  Angelique replies, "And I am warm again".
   Hannah examines Fred further and says, "He's dead!  It's as if he's
   been dead for hours!"  Angelique replies, "This is the way it will be
   from now on.  This the way I must live now, and when Quentin joins me
   he will live this way too - for eternity!"
   Episode 1004
   Tape Date:  April 21, 1970 (ABC #89-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   April 30, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Angelique asks, "You're frightened, aren't you, Hannah?"  Hannah
   replies, "Who wouldn't be?"  Angelique remarks, "I'm glad your afraid,
   because you are going to serve me".  Hannah starts to say, "Angelique..."
   but Angelique admonishes her, "Don't call me that, even when we're
   alone!  Now I want you to take the body out and burn it".  Hannah
   asks, "Suppose someone saw me bring him here?"  Angelique replies, "He
   was a loner, a drifter.  Anyone who may have seen you will just think
   he went away".  Hannah begs, "Don't leave me with him!", but Angelique
   says, "I've got to go".   Hannah says, "Don't ever come to me again!
   I do this because I must.  You will need warmth again, and I want no
   part of it!"  Angelique picks up Hannah's crystal ball and muses, "You
   were always so interested in communicating with the dead, now you have me
   and you're afraid!"  Hannah asks, "What about Dameon Edwards?  What
   if he told Quentin how he really died?"  Angelique replies, "He will
   never keep me from having Quentin forever.  You will see.  You will
      Trask is at Bruno. Bruno is asking, "And the body was in that
   tomb?"  Trask replies, "Yes".  Bruno says, "I'd like to see it",
   but Trask tells him, "It's been burned".  Bruno muses, "So, the
   woman at Collinwood IS Alexis".  Trask says, "Bruno, we're in
   trouble!  If the ghost of Dameon Edwards is not in the house because
   of Angelique, then it's there because of US!  What are we going to
   do?"  Bruno suggests, "You could leave town".  Trask asks, "But where
   would I go?"  Bruno tells him, "Stop worrying about the ghost until
   we have to!"
      Angelique returns to Collinwood.  In the foyer, she notices that
   a telegram on the table.  She picks it up, reads that it's addressed
   to Quentin, and puts it back on the table.  She walks a few feet away,
   pauses, then turns back, picks up and opens the telegram and reads it,

         Forgive me for intruding, but I'd like you to know my sister
     misses you very much.  If you call her this evening, I'm sure
     you will be able to talk her into coming back to you.  This
     is the time.
                                               Jennifer Evans

   Suddenly, she hears a voice call out, "Alexis!"  She looks up and sees
   Quentin on the landing.  She quickly puts the telegram behind her back.
   Quentin comes down the stairs.  Hoping Quentin didn't see the telegram,
   Angelique says, "I was just thinking of you".  Quentin asks, "Pleasant
   thought?"  Alexis replies, "Yes".  Quentin says, "Thanks. I need them".
   Angelique asks, "Has anything happened?"  Quentin replies, "No, the
   house is very quiet.  Come and have a brandy with me".  Angelique
   declines, "There's something I have to do", but Quentin says, "Do it
   later.  The perfect guest always agrees with the host!"  Angelique
   smiles and says, "All right, I'll be the perfect guest".  Quentin
   goes into the drawing room.  Angelique, relieved that Quentin did not
   see the telegram, takes it out of hiding and crumples it up.  She
   goes into the drawing room where she tosses the telegram into the
   fire as Quentin has his back turned pouring the drinks.  Angelique
   remarks, "I feel so at home here now".  Quentin says, "I'm glad".
   Angelique remarks, "Are you?  I'm surprised.  Angelique used to love
   this house so".  Quentin gets a funny expression on his face.  Angelique
   asks, "Oh, it still hurts to mention her?  Would you prefer to talk
   about Maggie?  I don't know how she could ever leave this house!"
   Quentin asks, "Why all this talk about Maggie?"  Angelique replies,
   "Perhaps by understading her, I'll be able to understand you".
   Quentin remarks, "Maggie is very childlike, a very innoent creature".
   Angelique says, "Not at all like Angelique.  Even when she was a child.
   she was so sophisticated.  I was very surprised to hear you had married
   again".  Quentin asks, "Were you?"  Angelique says, "I didn't think you
   could ever find anyone who could measure up to Angelique.  What are you
   going to do?  Call her?" Quentin growls, "No!  I'm never going to call
   or write to her again until she writes or calls me!"  Angelique picks
   up a statue from a table and places it on the mantel.  Quentin asks,
   "How did you know to put it there?  Angelique bought it just for that
   very spot".  Angelique replies, "I don't know.  It just seemed to
   look right there.  You're not thinking I'm Angelique again, are you?"
   Quentin replies, "No, a week ago I might have, but not now".  Suddenly,
   the lights go out and a disembodied voice asks, "Do you know who I am?"
   Quentin exclaims, "Dameon!" and embraces Angelique.  The voice repeats,
   "You know who I am, don't you, Quentin?"  Quentin asks, "Why don't you
   appear to me?  What do you want from us?"  The voice replies, "She knows!
   She knows!" The lights come back on.  Angelique says, "No, I don't! I
   swear it!  Why is he here?  Maybe he's got me confused with Anglique!"
   Quentin asks, "Why do you say that?  Why would he hate Angelique".
   Angelique lies, "I would have no knowledge of that".  Quentin remarks,
   "Of course you wouldn't.  I used to ridicule Angelique's belief in the
   occult, but I think he knowledge could help us now".  Trask comes into
   the room and asks, "What is it, Sir?"  Quentin replies, "He's back.
   Dameon Edward's back.  Perhaps now you can tell us why his spirit
   cannot rest".  Trask replies, "I find it as much a mystery as you
   do, Sir".  Quentin, not quite believing him, says, "I'm going to take
   Alexis upstairs.  I'll be here if you wish to say anything more".
      After Quentin and Alexis leaves, Trask looks around the drawing room
   and calls out, "Dameon!  Dameon!  Give me a sign you can hear me! I
   didn't kill you, Dameon, I swear!  It's Bruno you should be after!
   Bruno!  Can you hear me, Dameon?"
      Quentin takes Angelique up to her room. Soon after he leaves, Bruno
   comes into the room.  Angelique asks, "What do you want?"  Bruno looks
   at the portrait and say, "She put passion in my music.  The music critics
   don't notice it's gone yet".  He turns to Angelique and says, "I came
   here to apologize.  When I saw you, I thought Angelique had returned.
   I was wrong".  Angelique replies, "Glad to hear that?"  Bruno asks,
   "Then can we be friends?"  Angelique snaps, "Can you ever be friends
   with anyone, Bruno?", then quickly apoligizes, "Sorry, that was uncalled
   for.  You took a great risk in coming here".  Bruno says, "I find you
   very charming".  Angelique replies, "And perhaps in time I'll find you
   very charming".
      Quentin is interrogating Trask again.  Trask begs, "Please don't
   keep asking me!  If I knew anything about Dameon Edwards, I would have
   told you!".  Quentin remarks, "There must be a reason, Trask".  Trask
   replies, "You've got to find out, Sir!".
      Amy stares at the portrait of Barnbas.
      Hannah returns home.  The phone rings.  She answers it.  It's
   Angelique.  She tells Hannah, "You must come here!  I need your help.
   It's Dameon Edwards".  Hannah protests, "I can do nothing about Dameon
   Edwards.  His spirit is too powerful".  Angelique replies, "But I can."
   Hannah remarks, "Well, do it".  Angelique says, "And risk being exposed?
   Even Bruno believes I'm Alexis now.  They will think you are doing the
   exorcism.  I will do it through you.  You must come before Quentin finds
      Quentin falls asleep on the sofa in the drawing room.  He starts to

         Quentin hears a voice calling, "Quentin!  Quentin Collins!
       You must come to me!  You must know!  You must know!"  Quentin
       asks, "Where do you want me to go?"  The voice replies, "I am
       at the door". Quentin looks and sees a light floating there.
       The voice continues, "Follow my spirit!  Follow it!"  Quentin
       gets up and heads for it.  The voice continues, "Yes!  Yes!
       Follow me!  Follow me!"  Quentin follows the light out into the
       foyer, then up the stairs.
         Quentin follows the light up to an upstairs hallway.  The light
       turns into Dameon Edwards' ghost.  It tells Quentin, "I am here,
       Quentin!  You must see!  Come to the door!"  Quentin asks, "What do
       you want me to see?"  The ghost replies, "I want for you to see how
       it will all end!"  Quentin opens the door to a storage room and sees
       the feet of a man hanging from the ceiling.  The ghost tells him,
       "Yes, Quentin!  It is YOU!"  Quentin goes up to the body and finds
       a note near it.   He reads the note:

               "I had to do this to be with the one I love".

       The ghost laughs hysterically.

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