Dark Shadows
May 1968

       Episode 483
       Worldvision Rerun 271
       Tape Date:  April 25, 1968 (ABC #88-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 1, 1968 Wednesday
       Writer:     Gordon Russell
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Barnabas asks Julia if it would be possible for her to have
       Willie Loomis released into his care. Julia replies, "Yes. Why?"
       Barnabas lies that he feels responsible for Willie being there
       and wants to make amends before starting on his new life.
       Julia, seeming not to believe him, is reluctant to have Willie
       released, but Barnabas finally manages to convince her to do so.
          Barnabas takes Willie back to the old house and tells him 
       not to leave it without him. Willie asks why. Barnabas explains
       that it will take time for people to accept the fact that he 
       has returned.
          But Willie does not listen. Wanting to tell Maggie he wasn't
       trying to hurt her that night, he sneaks out and goes to the
       Evan's Cottage. He knocks on the door. Maggie, who is expecting
       Joe Haskell, asks, "Joe?" and opens the door. She sees Willie
       standing there and screams, "How did you escape?" and starts 
       scurrying around the living trying to get away from him. Willie
       chases her around, trying to tell her that he didn't escape, that
       he Barnabas had him released, that he wasn't trying to harm her 
       that night. Joe arrives, and Willie flees.
          Furious, Joe goes to the old house and tells Barnabas that
       Willie showed up at the Evans Cottage and tried to kill Maggie.
       He demands to know why he had Willie released. Barnabas tells
       Joe that Willie has been cured and wouldn't hurt anyone. He
       assures Joe that  Willie won't leave the house again. Joe tells
       Barnabas, "If Willie ever comes close to Maggie again, I'll
       kill him!" and leaves.
       Episode 484
       Worldvision Rerun 272
       Tape Date:  April 26, 1968 (ABC #89-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 2, 1968 Thursday
       Writer:     Gordon Russell
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Barnabas tells Willie he knows what he did and tells him he
       will send him back to Windcliff if he ever does it again. Willie
       promises not to and Barnabas tells him he'll give him a second
       chance. He tells Willie why he's had him released. He tells him about
       Lang's plan to permanently cure him of the vampire curse, explaining
       that Lang needs an assitant to do so. Julia, who's come in through
       the front doors of the Old House quietly and is listening to this
       from the entrance hall, exclaims, "So THAT'S what you had me release
       him for!". Barnabas lies that it isn't, that he had Willie released
       for the reasons he told her, but that since he is free, he should have
       something to do.
          Lang comes to the old house and finds Julia alone there. Julia
       warns him against using Willie as an assistant, saying Willie is
       unstable and was once under Barnabas' power and may harbor
       resentment against him. Lang suggests that SHE be the assistant
       instead. She declines, hoping that he will decide not to go through
       with it.
          At the Evan's cottage, Jeff can't stop thinking about the dream.
       There's a knock at the door. Jeff opens the door and finds that
       it's Dr. Lang, just as in the dream. Lang, who has come to try
       to talk Jeff into being his assistant for the experiment, notes
       that Jeff is extremely agitated and asks him why. Jeff tells him
       about his dream and immediately feels better, the feeling of
       terror gone. He tells Lang about this and tells him he thinks
       he knows why. He tells Lang that Maggie had almost the same
       dream except he, Jeff, was the knocker and she opened only one
       door, that she felt terrified after waking up, that the feeling
       of terror left immediately when she told him, Jeff, the dream.
       He tells Lang that he thinks Maggie was SUPPOSED to tell the
       dream to him, and he was SUPPOSED to tell it to him, Lang.
       Lang asks, "Maggie had the EXACT same dream?"  Jeff replies,
       "No, not exactly.  She only opened one door.  I opened two.
       The third door must be yours".
          Later, at his house, Lang does indeed have the dream. It is
       Julia at the door. As Jeff had predicted, Lang's dream is identical
       except that Julia is the knocker and he opens three doors, first
       the door Maggie opened with the green skull, then the door Jeff opened
       with the guillotine, then finally a third door. Behind the third door
       is a headless creature, arms extendended, welcoming him...
       Episode 485
       Worldvision Rerun 273
       Tape Date:  April 29, 1968 (ABC #90-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 3, 1968 Friday
       Writer:     Sam Hall
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Lang is in his lab with his creation, unable to get the dream
       out of his mind. There's a knock at the door. Lang answers and
       is startled to see that it is Julia, dressed just as she is in
       the dream. Lang is very agitated and tells Julia it's because
       of a dream. She asks him about it and he tells her. Immediately,
       Lang feels better. Julia tells her she has come because she has
       decided to be his assistant for the experiment.
          At the Old House, Barnabas writes a letter to Elizabeth telling
       her that he will have to leave Collinsport and be away for an indefinite
       period, but that a cousin named "Adam Collins" will be coming to stay
       soon.  He asks her to treat Adam with the courtesy she gave him. He has
       Willie take the letter to Collinwood.
          At Collinwood, Willie is met by Cassandra. She tells him that
       Elizabeth is not home, but tells him she'll take the letter and
       give it to Elizabeth when she comes back. Willie refuses, saying
       he had explicit instructions from Barnnabas to give it to Elizabeth
       and no one else. Cassandra tells Willie that Elizabeth will be back
       soon and invites him in to wait for her. Willie comes in. They
       talk. Cassandra remarks that it must be boring for Barnabas to be
       cooped in the old house all day. Willie, no rocket scientist, replies
       that Barnabas doesn't stay in the house all day anymore, that he
       spends most of his days working with Dr. Lang now. He also stupidly
       tells her that Barnabas will be leaving soon. Cassandra asks where 
       Barnabas is going, but Willie tells her he doesn't know. Cassandra 
       tells Willie she wants to talk to Barnabas before he leaves and asks 
       where he is. Willie tells her he is at Dr. Lang's house. Elizabeth 
       returns. Willie gives her the letter and leaves.
          At Lang's house, the experiment begins with Julia assisting.
       Barnabas is strapped to a bed as Lang prepares to transfer his 
       life force to the creature Adam, who is now finally shown, now
       complete with head. 
          Meanwhile, back at Collinwood, Cassandra has made a doll of
          The experiment starts. Lang operates various electrical 
       equipment, which crackle impressively as Julia monitors some
          At Collinwood, Cassandra sticks a pin into the doll of Lang.
          Lang suddenly grabs his chest and, in great pain, collapses
       onto the control panel he has been operating. Several pieces 
       of equipment short circuit, giving off small explosions and 
       puffs of smoke. Julia screams, "BARNABAS!". Both bodies appear
       Episode 486
       Worldvision Rerun 274
       Tape Date:  April 30, 1968 (ABC #91-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 6, 1968 Monday
       Writer:     Sam Hall
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Lang, in great pain, gasps, "The main switches!  Turn off the main
       switches!" Julia does so. Lang tells Julia he has chest pains. Julia
       gives him an injection.  Lang tells Julia to take Barnabas' pulse.
       Julia does so and tells Lang that Barnabas' pulse is very slow. Lang,
       now somewhat recovered, gives her something to inject Barnabas with.
       Julia suggests to Lang that she take him to the hospital, but Lang
       refuses, saying the experiment must be finished before the body
       decomposes. Barnabas regains consciousness and finds that he is still
       the same. Julia tells Barnabas the experiment was interrupted, that
       Lang had a heart attack. Barnabas, realizing that Angelique must be
       responsible, leaves, saying he's going to Collinwood to deal with her.   
          Lang tells Julia she must finish the experiment soon, as the
       drug he has been giving Barnabas to combat his vampirism is having
       less and less of an effect because his body is building a tolerance
       to it and soon it will cease to have any effect at all. He also tells
       her the body will decompose in 48 hours if she doesn't do the
       experiment. He shows her his notes. Lange's chest pain gets worse.
       Julia goes downstairs to get some more digitalis.
          Lang, fearing death, turns on a tape recorder he has on his
       desk, presses "record" and speaks into it, saying, "Julia, when...
       when you do the experiment again, if both Barnabas and my creation
       live...if they both live, Barnabas will be free and healthy as long as
       Adam lives.  Adam will drain Barnabas' affliction from him, but will
       not suffer from the disease itself if he lives.  But if Adam dies,
       Barnabas Collins will be as he was before"
          Meanwhile, in the drawing room at Collinwood, Cassandra is
       toying with the doll, twisting the pin that is stuck into it.
       She talks to the doll, saying, "I'm not going to kill you just
       yet. I'm going to let you play your childish games and torment
       you slowly first..." Suddenly, the closed drawing room
       doors burst open. Mrs. Johnson comes in and exclaims, "Mrs.
       Collins! I do not take orders from you!". Startled by this,
       Cassandra accidently pushes the pin all the way into and through
       the doll.
          At Lang's house, Julia returns with the digitalis. Lang tries
       to tell Julia something important, saying, "Listen, Julia, listen.
       If both live..." but suddenly screams in pain and dies before he
       can tell her.
          At Collinwood, an indignant Mrs. Johnson, holding a note from
       Cassandra, tells her, "Mrs. Collins, I do not take orders from you!
       I will NOT serve you and Mr. Roger breakfast at a different time
       than the rest of the family!" Barnabas comes into the room. Mrs.
       Johnson leaves.
          Barnabas confronts Cassandra, but she refuses to admit that she
       is Angelique. Barnabas even offers to be hers if she will lift
       the curse, but she coninues to deny she is Angelique and tells
       him she doesn't know what he is talking about. Suddenly, Barnabas
       has a relapse of vampirim and is about to attack Cassandra, but is
       interrupted by Mrs. Johnson, who comes in and tells him there's a
       telephone call for him. Barnabas answers the phone. It is Julia. She
       tells him that Dr. Lang has died. Barnbas tells Cassandra he knows it
       was she who killed Lang.
          Barnabas returns to Lang's house and tells Julia he is suffering
       a relapse. Julia mixes some of the drug, following Lang's recipe,
       and gives it to him. Barnabas tells Julia that the drug seems to
       be having less and less of an effect and tells her they must do
       the experiment as soon as possible. Julia is reluctant to do so,
       saying that before Lang died, he was apparently trying to tell
       her someting important that must not be in the notes, but died
       before he could finish.
          Late at night, Julia is studying Lang's notes. She falls
       asleep and has the dream. She is sitting in the drawing room of
       Collinwood.  The knocker is Mrs. Johnson. Behind the fourth door
       is a skeleton in a wedding dress...
       Episode 487
       Worldvision Rerun 275
       Tape Date:  May 1, 1968 (ABC #92-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 7, 1968 Tuesday
       Writer:     Ron Sproat
       Director:   Lela Swift

          It is 7:00 in the morning. Julia is at Collinwood, having felt
       compelled to go there. She is in the drawing room, pacing, unable
       to get the dream out of her mind. The drawing room doors are
       closed. Julia is certain the the first person through the door
       will be Mrs. Johnson, as in the dream. The door opens... But it
       is Vicky, not Mrs. Johnson. Vicky notices that Julia is acting
       strangely and asks her what's wrong, but Julia refuses to tell
       her. Vicky asks if she can help in any way. Julia suddenly
       thinks of Prof. Stokes and asks Vicky for his address. Vicky
       tells her that Stokes lives on "Arrowhead St., one of those
       small streets on the edge of town". 
          As Julia is leaving, Jeff appears at the front door. Julia 
       brushes past him and leaves without saying a word. Jeff comes
       in and asks Vicky, "What's wrong with Julia?" Vicky replies,
       "I don't know. I think it might have something to do with Dr. Lang's
       sudden death." Jeff, who has just heard about Lang's death for
       the first time, tells Vicky that he still has the keys to Lang's
       house, saying that this is his chance to go into Lang's files
       and find out the truth about his past.
          Julia goes to Stokes' house and tells him about the strange
       series of dreams.  Stokes tells her that he has heard about such
       dreams, that it is a "dream curse". He tells her that the 
       intermediate people who have the dream are not the targets of
       the curse, that they are only intermediaries, that the curse will
       end with the death of the final target, who will die when he 
       has the dream.
          Jeff goes to Lang's house. Barnabas is there. Jeff breaks into
       Lang's files and finds his file. Barnabas at first tries to stop
       him, but then stops, realizing that a physical altercation, which
       he does not want because of his weakened condition from the
       experiment, would be the only way to stop Jeff. Jeff tells
       Barnabas about the sanatarium and about his amnesia. He reads his
       file and smiles, looking very relieved. Barnabas asks Jeff is he
       is going to tell Vicky about the good news. Jeff replies that he
       will. Barnabas tells Jeff to leave Vicky alone, saying he wants
       her to be happy and that he, Jeff, having been in an asylum,
       is unstable and will be trouble for her. Jeff tells Barnabas that
       he knows that he, Barnabas, is in love with Vicky and accuses him
       of just being jealous. Barnabas threatens to tell Vicky about
       Jeff's involvement in the experiment, about his robbing of graves.
       Jeff counters that if he does, he will tell Vicky about Barnabas'
          Jeff goes to Collinwood and tells Vicky that his file stated
       that he had no homicidal tendencies. He tells her Lang's claim
       that he had strangled two women and tells her Lang must have
       lied in order to control him.
       Episode 488
       Worldvision Rerun 276
       Tape Date:  May 2, 1968 (ABC #93-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 8, 1968 Wednesday
       Writer:     Ron Sproat
       Director:   Lela Swift

          Barnabas pressures Julia to hurry with the experiment, but
       Julia replies that she doesn't know enough yet to perform
       the experiment, even though the body has only 24 hours before
       it starts to decompose. Julia tells Barnabas about the dream
       sequence and tells him she is having trouble functioning because
       of it. Barnabas vaguely recalls Angelique coming to him in a dream. 
       He tells Julia she must not tell Mrs. Johnson the dream, that she
       must break the cycle. 
          Julia recalls Lang telling her to "listen" and gets the idea
       that maybe he meant the tape recorder, that maybe he left some
       notes on tape. She turns the tape recorder on, but finds not
       notes, but Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". She tells Barnabas
       Lang liked to listen to music as he worked and that she must have 
       been wrong about the tape recorder being used for notes. She
       and Barnabas leave the room, neglecting to turn the tape recorder
       off. A few seconds after they leave, Lang's message comes on...
          Prof. Stokes shows up at the Evan's cottage and asks Maggie
       about the dream. Maggie tells her she doesn't want to talk about
       it, but Stokes convinces her that it's urgent he know about it.
       Maggie recounts her dream to him, saying she doesn't understand
       any of it. Stokes tells her he does.
          Stokes goes to Lang's house and tells Barnabas that he now knows
       that witchcraft is being practiced. He tells Barnabas that he
       suspects that he, Barnabas, knows who the witch is since he asked
       him for the talisman that protected from witchcraft. He tells him
       he may be able to break the dream curse, but needs to know who
       the witch is. Barnabas replies, "Cassandra."
       Episode 489
       Worldvision Rerun 277
       Tape Date:  May 3, 1968 (ABC #94-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 9, 1968 Thursday
       Writer:     Gordon Russell
       Director:   Lela Swift

          It is morning. Tony Peterson comes to Collinwood and accuses 
       Cassandra of having something to do with Lang's death, but 
       does not explain further. He tells her he'll talk to her
       about it later and leaves.
          Cassandra, thinking Julia must have told Mrs. Johnson the dream
       and that Mrs. Johnson must have had it by now, asks Mrs. Johnson
       how she is feeling.  Mrs. Johnson replies that's she's feeling
       tired.  Cassandra, thinking she must have had the dream, asks if
       it's because she didn't sleep well last night, but is surprised
       when Mrs. Johnson replies that she slept fine, that she never has
       any trouble sleeping.  Cassandra asks her why she feels tired.
       Mrs. Johnson replies that she always feels that way from all the
       work at Collinwood.
          David, who's been away, returns and is surprised to learn that
       his father has married. He does not like Cassandra and does not
       get along with her.
          Cassandra and Tony Peterson meet in the garden. Peterson explains
       why he suspects her of having something to do with Langs's death.
       He tells her that he was at Lang's house going through some of his
       Lang's personal effects for legal purposes when suddenly he remembered
       that he had been there before, even though he had never been there
       before, all his business with Lang having been in Peterson's office.
       He tells her he's starting to have fragmentary memories of going to
       Lang's office and stealing some sort of medallion for her. Cassandra
       puts him into a trance and causes him to forget all this. She then
       tells him to follow Julia around and find out why she hasn't told
       the dream to Mrs. Johnson again. She snaps him out of it. She
       reminds him, "You say you're feeling strangely.  Don't you know why?
       You're in love. With me." They kiss. Unknown to them, David is in the
       bushes spying on them...
          Cassandra goes back into Collinwood. Roger tells her that now
       David is back and has been told of their marriage, they can now
       go on a month long honeymoon, that he's booked two seats on the
       10:00 train from Portsmouth.  Cassandra does not want to do this
       because it would interfere with her plans, but does not know what
       to do.
          Cassandra, finding herself in the drawing room with Mrs.
       Johnson strikes up a conversation with her about dreams and
       asks her, "Have you had any interesting ones lately?" Mrs. Johnson
       replies, "No, I never have any dreams when I sleep."
          Later, David confronts Cassandra and tells her that he saw he
       kissing Tony Peterson and tells her he will tell his father about it.
       Cassandra puts a spell on David. David suddenly finds that he cannot
       speak. Cassandra fetches Roger and tells him something is wrong with
       David, that he cannot talk. Finding this to be true, Roger gets a
       pencil and a pad and asks David to write what's wrong, but finds that
       David cannot write either. In view of David's condition, Roger
       cancels the honeymoon.                              
       Episode 490
       Worldvision Rerun 278
       Tape Date:  May 6, 1968 (ABC #95-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 10, 1968 Friday
       Writer:     Gordon Russell
       Director:   Lela Swift

          At Dr. Lang's house, Julia has the dream again. When she awakens,
       She tells Barnabas about it. There's a knock at the door. This
       worries Julia, who fears it may be Mrs. Johnson. Barnabas tells
       her it couldn't possibly be Mrs. Johnson, that she would have
       absolutely no reason to come here. Barnabas goes and answers and
       is astonished to find that it is indeed Mrs. Johnson. He asks her
       why she's here. She replies that she doesn't know. 
          Julia tells Barnabas she can't hold on any longer. She shows him
       her hands. They are shaking badly. She tells him she cannot perform
       the experiment tonight in her condition, that she must tell Mrs.
       Johnson the dream. They argue about this; eventually, Barnabas 
       agrees to let her tell Mrs. Johnson. 
          Mrs. Johnson is brought into the living room. They ask her again
       why she is there. Mrs. Johnson again replies that she doesn't know,
       that she just felt a strange compulsion to come here. Julia tells
       her that she will tell her something which will cause her to have
       a terrible dream tonight, warning her she must stay awake all night
       to avoid having it. Mrs. Johnson mentions that it's odd she's talking
       to her about a dream, that Mrs. Collins talked to her about dreams
       just a little while ago. Julia tells her the dream and immediately
       feels better. 
          Julia, now back to normal, finishes reading Lang's journals and
       tells Barnabas she thinks she is ready to perform the experiment.
          Vicky comes to Lang's house and asks Barnabas why he's leaving,
       adding that she read the note he wrote to Elizabeth and gets the
       impression from the wording that, although he didn't actually say
       so, he's leaving for good. Barnabas tells her this is not the case,
       that he didn't mean to give that impression. He tells her he just
       meant that he doesn't know for sure when he'll be back. He tells
       her she won't miss him because she'll feel his presence in his
       cousin, who's very much like him. Vicky asks if it's her refusing
       his marriage proposal that's causing him to leave. Barnabas assures
       him that it's not, that he has to return to England to take care
       of some business interests.
         Later, the experiment starts, with Julia operating the equipment.
       Suddenly, in the middle of it, something seems to go wrong.  Several
       pieces of equipment short circuit again, giving off little explosions
       and puffs of smoke. Julia quickly turns everything off. Barnabas
       awakens and finds that he's still in his own body. Julia tells him the
       experiment has failed. He tells her they must try again, that there's
       still a little time before the body starts to decompose. He tells her
       to go and look through Lang's journals and see what went wrong. Julia
       runs out of the room to get them.
          While she is away, Barnabas looks over at Adam and is startled
       to see him start to move and shouts, "You're alive! We're both
       Episode 491
       Worldvision Rerun 279
       Tape Date:  May 7, 1968 (ABC #96-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 13, 1968 Monday
       Writer:     Sam Hall
       Director:   Lela Swift

          Barnabas shouts for Julia. The creature breaks the straps binding
       him to the table. He obviously has immense strength. Julia rushes
       back into the lab.
          Julia and Barnabas try to talk to the creature but find that it
       cannot speak. They discuss the fact that since it apparently has
       only part of Barnabas' lifeforce, it may be incomplete. It looks
       at them as if it understands what they're saying. It gets up and
       tries to walk. It succeeds, but in a halting and unsteady manner.
       Barnabas remarks to Julia that Lang must have considered the
       possiblilty that both he and the creature will live and asks her to
       look through the journals to see what it means. Julia replies that
       she's already read all Lang's journals and that he never mentions
       that this could happen. Barnabas asks Julia what they should do
       with the creature. The creature seems to understand this and starts
       to act agitated. Julia tries to sedate it with an injection, but the
       pain of the needle cause the creature to go berserk and attack Julia.
       Barnabas manages to stop him and get him to lie back down on his
       table. Julia notes that he, Barnabas, seems to have a lot of
       influence on the creature. Barnabas asks how much longer till
       sunrise. Julia tells him dawn is in about an hour. Barnabas tells
       Julia he isn't sure if he will become a vampire again, but tells her
       he will await the dawn, saying he would rather die than become
       what he was before. There's a knock at the front door. Barnabas
       answers. It's Elizabeth. She tells Barnabas that she's come to
       see Julia because David has suddenly become ill. Barnabas gets
       Julia. Elizabeth tells Julia about David's sudden illness.
       Barnabas remarks to Elizabeth that she needn't worry because he once
       had a servant who was stricken by the same illness and the illness
       eventually went away buy itself. In spite of this, Elizabeth asks
       Julia to come to Collinwood to examine David. Julia agrees to
       do so. Barnabas, worried, takes Julia aside and reminds her that
       dawn will be coming soon. Julia assures him she will be back before
       then and leaves with Elizabeth.
          Barnabas thinks about dying, and is surprised to find that he
       is less worried about himself dying than what will happen to Adam
       if he does die.
          Upstairs, Adam has gotten up off the table and is going around
       the lab touching things, exploring the lab like a child would.
          Julia returns. Barnabas tells her he is certain he will die,
       that he feels unmistakably that the vampire curse has returned.
       He asks her to take good care of Adam when he is gone. Julia
       exclaims, "That may not be necessary. Look!" and points to the
       window. Barnbas does, and sees that as they've been speaking,
       the sun has risen without them noticing it. Dawn has passed.
       It is now day. Barnabas is completely unaffected by the sunlight.
       The vampire curse has not returned.  Barnabas insists that he feels
       that the vampire curse has returned, and asks Julia, "If it has not
       returned to me, could it have returned to Adam?"
          Upstairs, Adam has cut himself with a scalpel. He goes beserk
       and starts to knock things over.
          Hearing the noise, Barnabas and Julia go upstairs. Finding that
       they cannot control Adam, the flee out into the hallway and try
       to close the door, but find they cannot, as Adam has gotten his
       arm wedged between the door and door frame.
       Episode 492
       Worldvision Rerun 280
       Tape Date:  May 8, 1968 (ABC #97-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 14, 1968 Tuesday
       Writer:     Gordon Russell
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Adam pulls his arm back into the room and Barnabas manages to
       close the door and lock Adam in. They hear Adam inside tearing the
       lab apart in his rage. Barnabas decides that Adam is too dangerous
       and must be destroyed. They go and gets Lang's gun. When they
       return, they are surprised to find that the lab is quiet. They go
       inside - cautiously - and find Adam sleeping peacefully, curled in
       the fetal position. Julia remarks that Adam is like a child, that
       having had his tantrum, he now falls asleep.  Barnabas aims the pistol
       and prepares to kill Adam, but Julia stops him, saying Adam is like a
       child, that everything he's done he's done because he doesn't know any
       better, that he might, like a chiled, be taught, that anyway, they
       have no right to kill a living being, even if they did give it life
       in the lab in the first place.  Julia gives Adam an injection and
       suggests that it might be better to move Adam to the cell in the old
       house. Barnabas goes to fetch Willie to help him move Adam.
          At Collinwood, David is sitting in the drawing room, still
       unable to speak. Mrs. Johnson is sitting there with him. She looks
       very sleepy. Cassandra comes in. Mrs. Johnson tells her that she
       she has been watching over David and has not slept all night. 
       Cassandra tells Mrs. Johnson that she will watch over David for
       awhile. Mrs. Johnson leaves, saying she's going to get David some
       broth. While Mrs. Johnson is away, Cassandra, realizing that as
       long as David is in that condition, Mrs. Johnson will not get
       any rest, removes the spell from David, putting him to sleep after
       telling him that when he hears Mrs. Johnsons, he will awaken and
       be able to talk again, but that he will have no memory of what
          Mrs. Johnson returns with the broth. As soon as she speaks, David
       awakens and is able to speak again. Mrs. Johnson tells David to 
       go and tell his father the good news. After David leaves, Cassandra
       asks Mrs. Johnson, "Why don't you go to sleep and get some rest now?"
       Mrs. Johnson tells her she is afraid to because she is convinced that
       when she does, she will have a terrible dream (but she doesn't say
       why). Cassandra manages to get Mrs. Johnson to sit down and relax.
       Mrs. Johnson falls asleep and has the dream...The knocker is David..
       Behind her door is a huge nest of bats, vampire probably...
       Episode 493
       Worldvision Rerun 281
       Tape Date:  May 9, 1968 (ABC #98-DRK-68)
       Air Date:   May 15, 1968 Wednesday
       Writer:     Ron Sproat
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Adam has been moved to the old house, and is sleeping in a cell
       in a cellar. Barnabas, Julia and Willie are in the room with him.
       Adam awakens. Barnabas and Julia tell an obviusly terrified Willie
       that he is to try to teach Adam to talk, then they leave. Willie
       sits down and nervously lights a cigarrete. Adam, curious, reaches
       out and grabs the cigarette, burning himself. He goes beserk
       and knocks Willie to the ground. He breaks the door down and
       runs out. 
          At Collinwood, Mrs. Johnson tells Julia that she's had the 
       dream and tells her about it. Julia tells her she must break 
       the cycle, that she must not tell David about it. Mrs. Jonnson
       replies that she's not sure how long she can hold out. Julia
       tells her to leave Collinsport, that if she is not around David,
       she won't be able to tell him. Mrs. Johnson protests that she
       doesn't have anywhere she can go. Willie comes rushing in and
       tells Julia she has something urgent to tell her - in private.
       Julia tells Mrs. Johnson to leave, saying she'll continue their
       conversation later. Mrs. Johnson leaves. Willie tells Julia that
       Adam has escaped. Julia tells Willie that they must find Barnabas,
       that he may be able to find Adam because they seem to have some
       mysterious connection to one another.
          Meanwhile, Adam has wandered over to the garden right outside
       the main house and starts to drink from the fountain. Mrs. Johnson,
       hearing noises, comes out to see what it is. She sees Adam and
       becomes frightened at the sight of him, Adam being well over 6 feet
       tall and rather scary looking. Adam runs off. Barnabas, Julia
       and Willie, having heard her scream, come running out. Mrs. Johnson
       tells thems she's just seen a monster. Barnabas and Willie go
       looking for Adam. Julia lies to Mrs. Johnson that it was probably
       just a vagrant. They resume their talk. Julia discovers that Mrs.
       Johnson has a sister in Boston and convinces her to go and stay
       with her for awhile.
          Barnabas and Willie find Adam in the woods. Per Julia's
       instructions, they bring him back to the cell in the old house
       and put one of his feet in a chain, the other end of which is
       attached to a ring in tha wall.
       Episode 494
       Worldvision Rerun 282
       Tape Date: May 10, 1968 (ABC #99-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 16, 1968 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Adam is sitting chained in his cell looking very unhappy. Willie
       brings him his dinner, but Adam just grabs it and angrily throws it
       across the cell. Willie flees in terror. Julia brings Willie back,
       telling him he must continue to try to work with Adam, threatening
       to have him sent back to Windcliff permanently if he refuses. She
       leaves him there with Adam. Adam grabs two shiny button from Willie's
       coat and starts to play with them. Willie remarks, "You like shiny
       things, huh? I'll show you some really nice shiny things." He opens
       a secret panel behind some bricks and takes out a box of jewels, 
       saying they used to belong to a lady named Josette. While Adam is
       playing with some of the jewels, Willie reminisces about seeing
       Maggie wearing them, and how he felt about her, and the fact that
       he can't even talk to her now becasue she's so afraid of him. 
       He takes the jewels from Adam and puts them back in their hiding
       place, but keeps the earrings, saying he's going to give them to
       Maggie secretly to make her happy.
          Willie lurks outside the Evan's Cottage, spying through a window.
       Inside are Joe and Maggie, ready to go out on a date. Joe goes to
       wash the coffee cups and Maggie goes to brush her hair. Seeing the 
       room empty, Willie comes in through the unlocked front door, puts
       the earrings in Maggie's purse and leaves.   
          Willie returns to the old house and finds Julia in the cell 
       waiting for him. She demands to know where he's been. Willie lies
       that he took a walk to get some fresh air. Julia tell him he's
       not to leave the cell again, that if he does, she'll have him sent
       back to Windcliff. She tells him she'll come back to check on him
       periodically and leaves. Adam motions to Willie that he'd like to
       play with the jewels again, but Willie tries to tell him he can't 
       because Julia might come back and see. 
          At the Evan's cottage, Maggie looks around for her keys. Joe
       jokes, "Why don't you try looking in your purse?" Maggie does and
       finds the earrings. She asks Joe if he bought them for hers as a
       gift. Joe tells her he didn't. Maggie, puzzled, tells Joe she's
       sure her father wouldn't have bought something like that for her.
       Joe tells her to turn them in to the police and if no one claims
       them, they're hers. Maggie looks at the earriing and remarks,
       "They remind me of something, but I don't know what." She puts
       them on and becomes entranced by them. This seems to disturb Joe.
          Julia goes to the cell and finds that an enraged Adam has 
       backed Willie into a corner. Willie tells Julia to give Adam
       her necklace, saying he's discovered that Adam likes shiny things.
       Julia givea Adam her necklace. He immediately calms down and starts
       to play with it. Julia and Willie exit the cell. Julia sets up a
       tape recorder - Lang's - which she has brought with her, outside
       the door, saying to Willie that she thinks music may have a beneficial
       effect on Adam. She turns the tape recorder on, and the strains of
       "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" fills the air. Julia and Willie go upstairs.
       Seconds later, Lang's message comes on. Lang's voice seems to have
       and effect on Adam. He goes to barred window in the door and listens
       intently. The message ends. Adam starts to speak, "Ba...Ba...
       Episode 495
       Worldvision Rerun 283
       Tape Date: May 13, 1968 (ABC #100-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 17, 1968 Friday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  John Sedwick

           Barnabas brings Adam his supper (a mug of soup, a pitifully small
       meal for a man of Adam's size)  and is astonished when Adam
       says, "Barnabas" several times. Barnabas teaches him to say "food",
       then watches him eat, then leaves. Adam calls "Barnabas" and,
       frustrated at being left alone, breaks the chain connecting to
       the wall, breaks the door down and goes upstairs, crying "Barnabas!"
       Finding no one upstairs, he goes out the front, door, still
       crying "Barnabas!". 
          In the foyer of Collinwood, David shows Roger a Swiss Army type
       knife that Cassandra had bought him when they had gone into town
       together. Roger tells David he is glad that he is getting along with
       Cassandra now and is surprised when David cannot remember a time
       when he did not get along with her. Barnabas comes into the room.
       David goes upstairs. Barnabas asks if Julia is there. Roger 
       replies that she isn't, that she's gone to visit Prof. Stokes. 
       He also tells him that Elizabeth has gone to the old house to
       see HIM. Roger then tells Barnabas that Cassandra has been
       complaining that he has been rude to her and asks Barnabas why
       he cannot be civil to her. Barnabas apologizes, saying his coldness
       to her is caused by the fact that she resembles someone he once 
       knew and disliked is unintentional. Roger replies that he cannot
       accept this excuse and warns Barnabas that if he does not start
       acting civil to Cassandra he will not allow him to come to Collinwood
       anymore. Barnabas replies that it's up to Elizabeth and not him who
       can or cannot come to Collinwood. Roger warns that she can tolerate
       rudeness even less than he can.
          On her way to the old house, Elizabeth runs into Adam. She tells
       him he is trespassing, but he does not understand and continues
       to call "Barnabas!" This surprises Elizabeth. Then, seeing that
       Adam is chained, Elizabeth flees, thinking he is an escapee from
          At Collinwood, Barnabas tells Roger that he does not want any
       ill will between them and will try to be civil to Cassandra in the
       future. Suddenly, Elizabeth comes bursting in and screams that she
       ran into a "giant" outside. Roger gets a gun and goes out to 
       investigate, Barnabas going with him. 
          In a clearing in the wood, David is playing mumbly peg with
       his new knife. Adam is behind some trees, watching him. David 
       begins to hum as he plays. Adam, attacted by the sound of music,
       comes out from behind the trees and starts to hum too. David
       sees Adam but, not fearing him, tries to talk to him. When Adam
       does not seem to understand, David decides that he must be a
       foreigner who does not understand English. David tries to teach
       Adam mumbly peg, but Adam, attracted by the shininess of the
       knife, tries to grab it from David. In the struggle, David sprains
       his ankle and screams in pain. Adam, concerned, drops the knife and
       picks David up in his arms. David screams, "Put me down!".  Roger
       and Barnabas, searching the woods nearby, hear David's screams and
       come running. Barnabas talks to Adam and manages to get him to put
       David down. David comes running to his father.  Adam starts to walk
       towards them and, before Barnabas can stop him, Roger raises his gun
       and shoots Adam in the shoulder.  Adam, in great pain, runs back to
       the old house, goes to his cell and collapses on his bed.
       Episode 496
       Worldvision Rerun 284
       Tape Date: May 14, 1968 (ABC #101-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 20, 1968 Monday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Julia returns to Collinwood after visiting Stokes. Cassandra
       comes in too. Roger has just gotten back from the woods and tells
       them David had almost been abducted. He calls the police and tells
       them the details. When Julia hears his descriptiong of the "madman",
       Julia immediately realizes that he must be talking about Adam. She
       excuses herself and goes to the old house.
          Roger tells Cassangdra that Barnabas saved David and tells her
       how he seemed to have some strange power over the madman. He also
       mentions the strange fact that the madman had spoken Barnabas'
       name when Elizabeth had run into him.
          Julia runs into Barnabas outside the old house. He tells her
       that Adam has escaped. She replies that she alreay knows and asks
       him why he left Adam alone. Barnabas tells her that Adam had spoken
       and he was so excited he had to go and tell her. Julia tells
       Barnabas that she thinks Adam might have returned to the old house
       after being hurt. They go to his cell and find him there. They telk
       to him and manage to calm him down. Julia treats Adam's wounds while
       Barnabas goes to Collinwood to talk to Roger.
          At Collinwood, Roger tells Barnabas that Elizabeth says the
       madman said his name when she ran into him and asks him to explain
       how this can be. Barnabas replies that he doesn't know.
          At the old house, Julia has finished treating Adam's wounds.
       He says, "Music...Music..." Julia brings the tape recorder into
       the cell, rewinds the tape, starts it and leaves. Once again,
       after a minute or so of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", Lang's message
       come on, but Julia has gone upstairs and does not hear it...
       Episode 497
       Worldvision Rerun 285
       Tape Date: May 20, 1968 (ABC #102-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 21, 1968 Tuesday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Mrs. Johnson comes to the old house and tells Julia that she
       came back from Boston because she kept having the dream every
       night and could no longer stand it. She tells Julia she just HAS
       to tell it to David, but Julia tells her to hang on just a little
       bit longer, that Professor Stokes has told her he may be able to
       stop the dream. There's a knock at the door. Julia answers. It's David.
       He tells Julia Roger wants her at Collinwood. Julia asks David if
       it's urgent. David replies that it isn't. Julia tells him she'll
       go to the main house in half an hour. Julia takes Mrs. Johnson
       aside and tells her to go back to Collinwood and lock herself
       in her room to keep away from David. She keeps David at the old
       house by telling him she'll show him a nice tape recorder. Just
       then, Willie comes up and tells Julia to come downstairs, saying
       it's important. Julia tells David to wait for her and goes
       down with Willie.
          David waits as instructed for a little while, but then gets
       bored and goes outside, where he runs into Mrs. Johnson, who
       hasn't returned to Collinwood but is lurking outside. Mrs.
       Johnson, who can stand it no longer, tells David the dream.
          At the Evan's Cottage, Maggie is searching for the earrings.
       Joe comes to pick her up for a date and tells her that he "stole"
       the earrings from her and had them appraised. He tells her that
       they're worth $15,000* and are very old. He tells her he checked
       with Police and no one's reported anything that expensive missing.
       Maggie tells him she intends to keep them until someone does.
       Joe tells Maggie he is disturbed by the fact that she seems
       so unconcerned about where they came from. She puts them on and
       immediately starts to act strangely. Joe tells her to take them
       off. Maggie refuses, and Joe leaves in a huff. Maggie looks in
       the mirror and realizes that once again the earrings are reminding
       her of something, but that she doesn't know what. But this time,
       she realizes that it has something to do with the old house and
       goes there.
          At the old house Maggie runs into Willie. She tells him that
       she's no longer afraid of him, that for some reason she now
       realizes that he was telling the truth when he told her he wasn't
       trying to harm her that night. Willie asks her if they can
       become "friends", but Maggie tells her she's already seeing Joe.
          After Maggie leaves,  Willie takes out a rifle, toys with it
       and mutters, "Soon it will be just me and you, Maggie."
          David has the dream. In it, the knocker is Willie. Behind his
       door is a giant spiderweb. David goes in and becomes entangled in
       it. He sees a giant spider coming towards him.

       *Those must be some earrings.  Accounting for inflation from
        1968-1999, that's worth about $90,000 -100,000 in today's
       Episode 498
       Worldvision Rerun 286
       Tape Date: May 16, 1968 (ABC #103-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 22, 1968 Wednesday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Barnabas finds Willie sitting fearfully in the living room
       at the old house. Willie tells Barnabas that Mrs. Johnson had
       returned from Boston and told the dream to David, who's had the
       dream and just told it to him and that he is afraid of having it.
       Barnabas gets depressed, knowing the dream is one step closer to
       him and fearing that he may not be able to stop it. He tells
       Willie about Angelique and how he had strangled her 200 years
       ago, saying he had thought he was rid of her forever until Vicky
       brought that portrait home. Suddenly, he realizes that the portrait
       may be the key. He tells Willie that he, Willie may not have to have
       the dream and orders him to go to Collinwood and steal the portrait.
          Barnabas goes to Adam's cell to feed him. (This time, he brings
       him a somewhat more substantial meal, though it still looks like
       a small amount of food for someone Adam's size.  In addition
       to the mug of soup, Adam gets a couple of small pieces of what
       looks like roast chicken and a scoop of mashed potatoes).  Adam
       surprises Barnabas by parroting the beginning of Lang's message, "If
       both live...".  Barnabas is happy to see that Adam has learned three
       new words, though he does not know where he learned them from or what
       they mean. Willie returns with the portrait and Barnabas goes out to
       meet him. From inside the cell, Adam sees the portrait and is
       instinctively terrified by it. Willie asks why Adam is so terrified
       by the portrait. Barnabas theorizes that Adam, in his innocent,
       childlike state, can sense the evil. Barnabas gives Willie a note
       to give to Cassandra telling her to come to the old house at
       10 p.m. then leaves, taking the portrait with him.
          Barnabas takes the portrait to Sam Evans and tells him he will
       pay him $500 to gradually age the portrait. Sam, thinking this is
       a strange request, asks "Why?", but Barnabas tells him this is
       a job to be done with no questions asked. He adds that he is to
       uses a brush with the stiffest, sharpest bristles he can find, and
       that the work is not to start until precisely 10:15 p.m. Sam asks
       how old he wants the portrait to end up looking. Barnabas replies
       that he can stop when he thinks the portrait looks like it's about
       200 years old.
          Cassandra arrives at the old house at 10:10 pm. She tells Barnabas
       she's late becaues she had to help Vicky look for the portrait, which
       is missing. Barnabas asks why she is stretching things out so long,
       why she didn't just put the curse on him immediately as he knows
       she could have. Cassandra, still refusing to admit that she is
       Angelique, tells him she doesn't know what he's talking about and
       suggests to him he needs a psychologist.
          At the Evan's cottage, Sam is watching the clock, a Westclox
       Big Ben alarm clock. When the clock shows precisely 10:15, he
       begins to work. 
          At the old house, Cassandra suddenly feels a sharp pain around
       her eyes and shrieks in pain. Barnabas tells her that the pain 
       will continue, and that she will find herself aging. He tells her
       to look at her hands. She does and is shocked to find that they
       have becomes gnarled with age.
       Episode 499
       Worldvision Rerun 287
       Tape Date: May 21, 1968 (ABC #104-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 23, 1968 Thursday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Cassandra is sitting in the gazebo, dressed in a cloak with a
       hood. The hood covers her head and her face cannot be seen. 
          At the Evan's cottage, Sam is taking a break, looking at the 
       portrait.  It now appears to be about 80 years old.
          Tony Peterson comes to the gazebo, having been summoned by
       Cassandra. She tells him someone has stolen her portrait and is
       using it to perform Black Magic on her. She tells him that this
       sort of magic requires the services of an artist and asks if there
       are any artists close to the Collins family. Tony Peterson tells her
       that there is, a Sam Evans. Carolyn comes to the gazebo, sees
       Cassandra and Peterson there together. Peterson tries to explain
       that it isn't what it looks like.
          Sam resumes his work on the portrait.
          Cassandra gives a shriek and runs off. Peterson confesses to
       Carolyn that he has been meeting Cassandra in the gazebo for some
       time now, but tells her he is not in love with Cassandra, that she
       seems to have some strange power to draw him here. She tells him
       she will confront Cassandra. Peterson warns her not to do this,
       saying Cassandra has strange powers and is dangerous. Carolyn
       pooh-poohs this, calling it ridiculous. She tells him it's just
       some lame excuse he's made up and tells him she's breaking up
       with him.
          Cassandra arrives at the Evan's cottage. Sam asks, "Who are you?"
       Cassandra throws the hood back and asks, "Don't you recognize me?"
       Sam is shocked. She looks just like the portrait, which now
       looks about 150 years old. She demands that Sam give the portrait
       to her, but he refuses, saying the portrait belongs to someone
       else. She tells him she knows he is referring to Barnabas, and
       tells him that she is the real owner of the portrait, that
       Barnabas had stolen it. Sam refuses to give it to her, telling her
       to take the matter up with Barnabas. She warns him, "I have nothing
       against you, but I do whatever I must to get the portrait. Give it
       to me! This is your last chance!" Sam still refuses to give it to
       her.  She warns him not to keep working on the portrait and leaves.
          Sam goes back to the easel to work on the portrait, but finds
       his eyesight suddenly getting blurrier and blurrier. In a few
       seconds, he is totally blind. Cassandra comes back in, tells
       Sam, "I gave you one last chance to give me the painting, but
       you didn't take it!", takes the portrait and leaves.
       Episode 500
       Worldvision Rerun 288
       Tape Date: May 15, 1968 (ABC #105-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 24, 1968 Friday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Maggie returns from her date and finds Sam blind. She wants
       to call a doctor, but Sam insists that she get Barnabas instead.
          At the old house, Barnabas catches Adam and Willie playing
       with the jewels. Wille lies that Adam found them by himself.
       While putting the jewels back, Barnabas notices that the pair
       of earrings are missing. Willie suggests that maybe Adam put them
       in his pockets or dropped them somewhere. Willie and Barnabas
       search Adam's pockets but find nothing.  They then search the
       floor of the cell but still can find nothing.  Barnabas tells
       Willie, "You'd bettter find them or I'll start to think YOU took
          Maggie comes to the old house and gets Julia and Barnabas and
       brings them to the old house. Sam tells Barnabas about the old
       woman coming and claiming he had stolen the portrait from her and
       angrily accuses him of getting him involved in something illegal.
       Julia examines Sam and tells him she's not qualified in eye problems
       and tells him he should see a specialist. She takes Barnabas aside
       and, speaking quietly so as not to be overheard, tells him the
       truth, that Sam's optic nerve has been damaged and she fears that
       his blindness might be permanent. Barnabas feels guilty about
       getting Sam involved.
          At he old house, Adam is listening to the tape recorder again,
       once again hearing Lang's message.  Willie shows up just in
       time to miss it again.  Willie, holding a plate of what looks
       like roast chicken again, sarcastically remarks, "Ten o'clock
       feeding for the baby!" but instead of giving the food to Adam,
       witholds it, waving a chicken leg in front of him and telling
       him to say "I stole the earrings".  He waves the chicken leg in
       front of Adam, just out of reach and tells him, "You're supposed to
       learn something new every day. Now say it - I STOLE THE EARRINGS".
       But Adam won't cooperate, so Willie takes it a step further, "All
       right, if you don't say it, I'LL eat it".  He starts eating Adam's
       chicken leg, making exaggerated "MMMMM!!!!" sounds as he does so.
       Adam becomes angry, manages to break his chain and lunges at Willie.
       Willie runs for his life.  Adam chases Willie upstairs.
          Julia and Barnbas return to the old house and find Adam
       strangling Willie. Barnabas tells Adam to stop, but Adam
       will not listen, so Barnabas begins to beat him with his cane.
       Adam finally lets go of Willie, who flees in terror. Adam,
       a look of deep hurt and betrayal on his face, turns on Barnabas.
       He grabs him by the throat and starts to strangle him.
       Episode 501
       Worldvision Rerun 289
       Tape Date: May 17, 1968 (ABC #106-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 27, 1968 Monday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Julia manages to get Adam to stop choking Barnabas with some
       soothing words. Barnabas is by now unconscious. Adam runs out
       of the old house. When Barnabas regains consciousness, he prepares
       to go and find Adam, but Julia tells him that she's reached the
       conclusion that Adam is uncontrollable, incurably violent and
       suggests that it might be better to just leave him out there
       where he's certain to be killed by a car sooner or later. Barnabas
       gets a rifle and goes outside. Julia goes with him. In the woods,
       Barnabas tells Julia that he too has reached the conclusion that
       Adam must be killed. Adam, hiding behinds some trees, hears this
       and, seeming to understand somehow, mutters, "Kill?!" and runs off.
          At Collinwood, Carolyn tells Elizabeth about seeing Cassandra
       and Tony Peterson together in the gazebo and tells her she thinks
       something is going on between them. Elizabeth replies that she thinks
       she's jumping to conclusions. While they are discussing this,  Adam,
       frightened by the sound of thunder outside, bursts in through the
       front doors. Carolyn and Elizabeth, cowering in fear, asks him
       what he wants. Adam replies "Music", then keeps repeating, "If both
       live..." Carolyn turns an old-fashioned "cathedral" radio on for
       him.  The strains of "The Theme from 'A Man And a Woman'", a popular
       instrumental hit from the late 60's, fills the air. Adam, apparently
       not finding this to his taste, knocks the across the room and shatters
       it into pieces, exclaiming "NOT music!!!"  Elizabeth distracts Adam
       by asking him if he's hungry and wants any food.  Carolyn tries to
       escape through the drawing room window, but Adam grabs her before she
       can.  Elizabeth grabs a letter opener and tries to stab Adam, but he
       manages to grab her wrist.  They struggle.  Carolyn screams. Barnabas
       and Julia, who are searching the woods nearby, hear Carolyn's screams
       and come running to Collinwood. Barnabas aims the gun at Adam and
       demands that he let Carolyn go, but Adam flees, Carolyn in his
       arms. Barnabas, unable to shoot for fear of hitting Carolyn, gives
          Elizabeth asks Julia, who has remained at Collinwood, asks why
       Barnabas had a rifle with him and tells Julia she thinks Barnabas
       knows more about the madman that he admits. Julia denies this and
       lies to Elizabeth that Barnabas had the gun because he heard a
       noise and saw some lurking around outside the old house and went
       to investigate, taking the gun with him for protection.
       Episode 502
       Worldvision Rerun 290
       Tape Date: May 22, 1968 (ABC #107-DRK-68)
       Air Date:  May 28, 1968 Tuesday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Having heard about Carolyn, Tony Peterson comes to Collinwood.
       Elizabeth tells him there's something strange about the madman.
          Adam returns to the old house with Carolyn. Willie, pointing
       a rifle at him, gets him to put her down. He then tries to order
       him back to his cell, but Adam knocks the rifle out of his hands 
       and knocks him down. Elizabeth and Peterson, who are in the woods
       nearby looking for Barnabas, hear the commotion and come running.
       Willie tells them about seeing Adam with Carolyn, telling them
       Adam had knocked him down. He points in the direction Adam had
       gone with Carolyn. Peterson goes to search. Unfortunately for
       Willie, he has called Adam by name. Elizabeth asks him why he
       called the madman "Adam", accusing him of knowing more than he
       admits. Willie replies that he doesn't know why he called he madman
       "Adam", saying it was just a slip of the tongue.
          Adam takes Carolyn to the cellar of a ruined house. Carolyn
       tries to talk to him but finds he cannot speak. She comes to
       realize he is just like a child.
          At the old house, Willie struggles to stay awake, knowing he
       will have the dream if he falls asleep. He loses the battle against
       fatigue, falls asleep and has the dream. In it the beckoner is 
       Carolyn. Behind his door is a growling wolf.
      Episode 503
      Worldvision Rerun 291
      Tape Date: May 23, 1968 (ABC #108-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  May 29, 1968 Wednesday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  John Sedwick

         Julia arrives at the old house in the morning. She finds Willie
      in a highly agitated state and realizes he must have had the dream.
      She explains the dream curse to him, telling him the final target
      is Barnabas, who will die when he has the dream. Willie tells Julia
      the details of the dream. He seems to be frightened by the barking
      of dogs outside. Julia tells him not to be afraid, that the barking
      is of the police dogs searching for Carolyn. Willie tells Julia
      he wants to go out to join the search for Carolyn. Julia tells him
      she knows the real reason he wants to find Carolyn, to tell her the
      dream. Willie admits that this is true, telling her he can't stand
      it any longer. Julia tells him he must not tell the dream to Carolyn,
      that he must try to break the cycle and save Barnabas. She tells him 
      there may be a way she can help him forget the dream. She takes her 
      medallion out and hypmotizes him and tells him to forget the dream. 
      While under hypnosis, Willie claims to be able to see Carolyn, that 
      she's "under the ground". When Julia takes Willie out of the hypnotic 
      trance, she finds that her efforts to make him forget the dream 
      have failed. He still remembers and is still terrified by it. She 
      theorizes that it's buried too deep in his subconscious to be erased.
      She tells Willie that while he was in the hypnotic trance, he claimed
      to be able to see Carolyn and that she was "under the ground". They
      both worry that this might mean that she is dead.
         Meanwhile at the root cellar - Carolyn is indeed "under the
      ground"- Carolyn realizes that Adam does not mean to hurt her. She
      tells him that she wants to be friends with him and asks him to
      bring her back to Collinwood so she can get some food. Unfortunately
      for her, Adam is not THAT stupid, and instead of doing as she says,
      opens the door to go get some food by himself. When Adam opens the
      door, Carolyn tries to run out and escape, but he grabs her and
      throws her back inside, takes a boulder and bars the door, which
      opens outward, with it and leaves.
         Sherriff Patterson comes to the old house to question Willie and
      Julia. He tells the he thinks the madman has some connection to the
      old house and that they know what it is, citing as evidence the fact
      that when Elizabeth first ran into him, he appeared to be coming from
      the direction of the old house, that he spoke the name "Barnabas", and
      the fact that he brought Carolyn to the old house.  Willie and Julia
      try to convince him he is wrong. While they are talking, they look
      and see Adam peering in at them through a window. Adam, seeing that
      the sheriff has seen him, flees. The sherriff runs outside, fires
      a few shots at Adam, and gives chase.
         The sheriff comes back. He tells Willie and Julia that the
      madman has been caught, that he had superhuman strength and that
      it required 20 officers* to subdue and capture him. He tells
      Willie and Julia that he's certain that, because of the way the
      creature looked at them, it knew them. Julia denies this and the
      sherriff, having no real proof, leaves.

      *For a town which Burke Devlin described as being the size of
       one New York City block in one of the early episodes, Collinsport
       sure has a large police department...
      Episode 504
      Worldvision Rerun 292
      Tape Date: May 24, 1968 (ABC #109-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  May 30, 1968 Thursday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Jack Sullivan

         Carolyn regains consciousness and finds that Adam has left.
      She tries to open the door but finds that she cannot (because of
      the rock). 
         In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth is talking on the 
      phone with the police.  She is told that the madman has been 
      captured, but Carolyn has not been found, and that the madman
      seems unable to talk. After hanging up, Elizbeth tells Vicky that 
      she suspects that Barnabas knows more about the madman than he will
      admit and tells her why she thinks so.  She also tells her that she
      finds it interesting that he had written in his letter that a cousin
      of his named "Adam Collins" would soon be coming to Collinwood and
      she suspects the madman's name is "Adam". She tells Vicky that she
      has not gone to the police with this because she wants to talk to
      Barnabas about it first. Cassandra, who out in the foyer has heard
      them talking, comes in. Vicky tells Elizabeth to go and try to get
      some sleep. Elizabeth leaves. Cassandra asks Vicky about the madman
      kidnapping Carolyn, but finds that, as usual, Vicky is cold towards
      her. She exclaims, "Why do you hate me so?" and breaks down in tears,
      and runs from the drawing room and up the stairs. But by the time
      she reaches the top of the stairs, the tears have stopped...
         Elizabeth comes back downstairs into the drawing room. She tells
      Vicky that she tried but was unable to sleep. Vicky tells Elizabeth
      about Cassandra breaking down in tears. She tells Elizabeth that
      maybe she misjudged Cassandra just because of her resemblance to the
      portrait of Angelique and should not be so cold towards her in
      the future, but Elizabeth replies that she doesn't trust Cassandra
         Elizabeth and Vicky go to the Collinsport Jail to see if they
      can get Adam to say anything about where Carolyn is, but the only
      things he says are, "Friend" and "Food".  They leave.
         At the Collinsport Jail, a guard decides to have some "fun" with
      Adam. He goes into Adam's cell and starts to beat him with a baton.
      Adam easily overpowers the guard, knocks him out and escapes.
      Episode 505
      Worldvision Rerun 293
      Tape Date: May 30, 1968 (ABC #110-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  May 31, 1968 Friday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         The sheriff and some deputies follow Adam's trail and find that
      it leads to the vicinity of the old house. The sheriff tells the
      deputies, "We must be following the right trail. Everytime something
      strange happens, all roads lead to the old house."
         The sheriff goes to the old house to question Barnabas, asking him
      what he knows about the madman. Barnabas lies that he knows nothing.
      The sheriff confronts him with the fact that Willie had called the
      madman "Adam", and Elizabeth had heard the creature calling the
      name "Barnabas".
         Adam returns to the root cellar, the deputies hot on his trail.
      Panicking when he hears the sound of the police dogs, he grabs
      Carolyn and runs from the root cellar. The deputies, who are nearby,
      hear the sounds of Carolyn's screams.
         The sheriff tells Barnabas that there is one other thing. He tells
      him that Roger had said he had shot the madman in the shoulder, but
      when the madman was caught, the wound had been treated. He tells
      Barnabas that they have checked every doctor in the area and found
      that none of them had treated them, that there was only one doctor they
      had not questioned - Julia. Barnbas cooks up the story that Adam had
      indeed shown up at the old house begging for food several days
      earlier and that Willie must have mentioned the name "Barnabas".
      He tells the sheriff he did not mention this to him earlier because
      he was afraid he would make too much of it. The sheriff seems doubtful,
      but before he can ask Barnbas any more questions, a deputy comes
      bursting in and tells him that the madman has been spotted running
      from the root cellar of the old Taylor farm going towards Widow's Hill 
      and that the deputies are converging to box him in. The sheriff tells 
      Barnabas to come along with him. Barnabas asks, "Why? I won't be of
      much help." The sheriff tells him he wants him along because he wants
      to see if the madman recognizes him.
         Adam is cornered at Widow's Hill. He lets Carolyn go. She trips
      and falls, clinging perilously to the edge of the cliff. Adam pulls
      her up. She runs into Barnabas' arms. She begs the police, "Don't
      hurt him! He saved my life!". Seeing that there is no escape, Adam
      throws himself off Widow's Hill. Certain that he must be dead,
      everyone leaves.
         This episode ends with a lingering shot of the rocks below Widow's
      Hill and the waves crashing into them and a repeat of Lang's message,
      "Julia, when...when you do the experiment again, if both Barnabas
      and my creation live, if they both live, Barnabas will be free and
      healthy as long as Adam lives.  Adam will drain Barnabas' affliction
      from him, but will not suffer from the disease itself because he lives.
      But if Adam dies, Barnabas Collins will be as he was before"

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