Dark Shadows
May 1969

       Episode 744
       Worldvision Rerun 528
       Tape Date: April 24, 1969 (ABC #89-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 1, 1969 Thursday
       Writer:    Violet Welles
       Director:  Lela Swift

       Joan Bennett:
          "The year is 1897.  And on this night, two women are joined in 
           common cause--to destroy Quentin Collins.  One is Laura Collins, 
           who opened a locked door and let a madwoman free.  The other is 
           the crazed Jenny Collins, out of her cell at last, and hunting her 
           prey with terrible purpose."

          Jenny comes out from the door under the stairs into the foyer.
       Dirk comes out seconds after her and asks, "Jenny!  Where are
       you going?"  Jenny replies, "The old house".  Dirk tells her,
       "You can't yet.  You need a weapon.  You stay here, and I'll get 
       you one.  Wait for me!" and leaves.  Jenny mutters,  "Wait for me, 
       Quentin!  I'm coming!  To kill you!"  Dirk returns with a dagger
       and tells Jenny, "Jenny!  This is for you!  Now you can go to the 
       old house!", and is preparing to send her to he old house to kill 
       Quentin, but hears someone coming and quickly pushes Jenny into the 
       drawing room and locks the doors.  Judith comes from the front doors
       into the foyer and tells Dirk, "Tomorrow, I want you to go to
       the house by the sea and help Reverend Trask get it ready".
       She then tells him she has some tasks for him upstairs, but Dirk
       just stands there.  Judith asks, "What are you waiting for?  Is 
       everything all right here?"  Dirk replies, "Yes".  Judith orders,
       "Then go on, Dirk".  Dirk, unable to think of a way out, reluctantly
       goes upstairs.  
         Inside the drawing room, Jenny starts to think she hears Quentin's
       music, then Quentin's voice.  Enraged, she begins to attack various 
       objects in the room.
         Judith starts up the stairs too, but hears a noise coming from the 
       drawing room, comes back down and goes into the drawing room to see 
       what it is.  She goes into the drawing room and asks, "Who's in 
       here?"  Jenny comes out from behind the curtains.  Judith exclaims,
       "Jenny!  What are you doing here?"  Jenny replies, "Looking for 
       Quentin!"  Judith lies, "He's not here.  He's far, far away", but
       Jenny replies, "You're lying!  I'm going to the old house!  Quentin's 
       at the old house".  Judith tries to convince her, "No he's not.  He's 
       far, far away.  Let's go back to your room!  Put that knife down!", 
       but Jenny starts approaching menancingly.  Judith cries, "No, Jenny!
       Drop that knife!  Jenny!"  Jenny gets to Judith, but instead of 
       stabbing her, grabs a candlestick and knocks her out with a it.  
       Quentin, returning from the old house, opens the front doors, and 
       seeing Jenny in the foyer, armed, crazy and dangerous, quickly closes 
       the door before Jenny can see him.  Jenny mutters, "She lied to me!  
       But I lied to her too!  About who I am!  My father was a king, my 
       mother was a queen, and I'm a princess!"  She raises her knife and
       says, "And I raise my scepter!", then opens the front doors and 
       leaves Collinwood.  Quentin, hiding behind some trees, sees her go.
          Quentin goes back into Collinwood.  Judith regains conciousness
       and exclaims,  "Quentin!  Jenny's loose!  She's got a knife!  She's 
       headed for the old house!"  Quentin asks, "How did she get out?"  
       Judith replies, "I don't know".  Quentin asks, "Who in this house 
       knows about her?" Judith replies, "Me, Beth and Dirk Wilkins".  
       Quentin is shocked that Dirk knows about Jenny, "Dirk?!  If Dirk 
       knows, then Laura knows!  Your problem is more than just keeping her
       between four walls now!", figuring Laura might have something to do 
       with Jenny's escape.  He angrily remarks, "I'm the one who brought 
       Jenny here, and I'll have to be the one who gets rid of her!"  Judith
       asks, "What do you mean get rid of her?"  Quentin replies, "What do 
       you think I mean, dear sister?"  
          Jenny shows up at the old house looking for Quentin, exclaiming,
       "Quentin's here!"  Barnabas replies, "He's not here".  Jenny exclaims,
       "You're lying to me, just Edward lied to me, and that cold one, 
       Judith, lied to me".  Barnabas asks, "What's your name?"  Jenny 
       replies, "Jenny Collins".  Barnabas tells her, "And I'm Barnabas
       Collins", then insists, "I'm not lying.  Quentin's not here.  Come 
       in and see for yourslf".  Jenny goes in, looks around and doesn't see
       Quentin.  Barnabas asks, "Where do you live?"  Jenny replies, 
       "Collinwood".  Barnabas asks, "Are you lonely there?" Jenny replies,
       "No.  You see, I have my children".  Barnabas asks, "You mean your 
       dolls".  Jenny replies, "No!  I mean my children!", and turns to
       leave, but Barnabas lies to her, "Quentin told me he's coming back 
       and told me to tell you to wait for him here".  Jenny asks, "Did he
       tell you anything else?"  Barnabas continues to lie, "He said you
       were very beautiful".  Jenny, pleased, asks, "He told you that?",
       and shows him her locket, which, when opened, contains a photo of
       Quentin.  She squeals, "Look how handsome he is!  Many girls loved
       him, but he married ME!  I am Mrs. Quentin Collins.  Who are you?",
       forgetting who Barnabas is.  Barnabas repeats, "My name is Barnabas".
       Jenny continues, "Barnabas, the family didn't like me, they didn't
       like me because I was a singer.  When the children were born, I used
       to sing to them..."  She starts to sing, quite beautifully, "Go to
       sleep, my little baby, when you wake...", but stops when she can't
       remember the rest.  She asks Barnabas, "Do you know the rest of that
       song?"  Barnabas replies, "No".  Jenny continues,  "It used to soothe
       the babies so much!"  Barnabas again corrects her, "You mean dolls".
       Jenny, suddenly remembering, exclaims, "They took them away from me!
       They took my children away!  I don't know why!"  Barnabas asks,
       "When did they take them away?", but Jenny has forgotten and replies,
       "They didn't take them away!  I dressed them for the funeral just
       the other day!"  Suddenly, she notices the cellar door and says,
       "I didn't look down there.  Maybe Quentin's down there".  Barnabas
       blocks her way and tells her, "You can't go down there".  Jenny,
       enraged, raises her knife, screams, "If you try to stop me, I'll
       kill you!" and attacks Barnabas, but he disarms her easily.  Jenny
       cowers in fear.  Barnabas asks, "What's the matter, Jenny?"  Jenny,
       terrified, exclaims, "You're going to kill me!"   Barnabas assures
       her, "No I'm not!  No one's going to kill you", puts down the knife,
       and tells her, "See?  No more knife!"  Jenny, still frigthened,
       says, Quentin's going to kill me!"  Barnabas assures her, "No one's
       gong to kill you".  Jenny asks, "Then why is he coming here?  You
       said he was coming here".  Barnabas repeats her own words to her
       as an explanation, "Because he loves you.  Many other girls loved
       him, but he married YOU".  Jenny squeals in delight, "He did!  In a
       church!"  Barnabas asks, "Why don't you go upstairs, wash your face,
       comb your hair so you can be beautiful for him when he comes here?"
       Jenny asks, "Are yo sure Quenitn's not going to kill me when he comes
       back?"  Barnabas again assures her, "No one's going to kill you, I
       promise you that".
          At Collinwood, Quentin returns to the drawing room holding
       a revolver.  Judith is shocked.  She asks, "What are you going
       to do with that?"  Quentin replies, "I'm going hunting!  Jenny's
       a wild animal, and I'm going hunting for her!"  Judith says,
       "You're a wild animal with a gun!", and tries to stop him, but
       he tells her, "Get out of my way, Judith!"
          Barnabas takes Jenny into Josette's room and asks, "You like
       the room?"  Jenny replies, "Yes.  But I can't pay you yet.  My
       husband has all the money.  We've only been married two mohths.
       We're going to meet his family".  She catches a glance at herself
       in the mirror and exclaims, "Who's that?!", and becomes frightened
       of her own image, not recognizing herself anymore and thinking it's
       someone else.  Barnabas tells her, "I know how to make her go away.
       On the dresser, there's comb and powder, and in the dresser, there's
       a dress you can wear".   Jenny tries to find a comb on the dresser
       but can't find it, "Comb?  I can't find it!  There's no comb here!"
       Barnabas picks up the comb and gives it to her.  Jenny looks in the
       mirror and exclaims, "Oh my God!  Who's that in the mirror?!  What
       am I?"
          At Collinwood, Quentin accuses Dirk of letting Jenny out.  Dirk
       denies it and volunteers to join the search.  Judith says, "Let
       him help.  He feels very bad about Jenny getting out".  Quentin
       sarcastically remarks, "Yes, he can look near the cottage!"
          Jenny is combing her hair.  Barnabas tells her, "Jenny, i must 
       go now, but I want you to wait in this room".  Jenny exuberantly adds,
       "For Quentin!"  Barnabas tells  her, "Some people will come here to 
       take care of you" and leaves.  Outside in the hall, Barnabas shouts,
       "Magda!  Magda!", but Magda, apparently not at home, doesn't come.
       Inside the room, Jenny mutters, "Magda?", as if the name were familiar
       to her, then seeming to remember, says, "Magda!  And Sandor!"
          Not finding Magda anywhere in the house, Barnabas writes a note to 
       her with a dip pen on blue paper and leaves it on the desk in the 
       living room with a ring of keys on top.  The cock crows, and Barnabas 
       goes down to his coffin. 
          Quentin arrives at the old house and sees the note.  He reads it. 
       It starts off, "Magda, the woman upstairs in Josette's room..."  
       Quentin silently reads the rest, takes the keys, then goes upstairs.
          In Josette's room, Jenny, not sure of when it is, babbles on,
       telling herself, "It doesn't matter if Quentin's family doesn't 
       like you.  Quentin loves you, and that's all that matters!"    
          Quentin knocks at the door.  Jenny excitedly says, "Quentin!  
       Quentin, is that you?"  Quentin replies, "Yes Jenny, it's me!"  
       Jenny says, "Oh, Quentin!  You've been away for so long!  I've been 
       so worried!"  Quentin replies, "Sorry, Jenny.  I'll make sure you 
       never have to worry again!"  He takes the ring of keys and starts
       to try various ones in the door...
       Episode 745
       Worldvision Rerun 529
       Tape Date: April 25, 1969 (ABC #90-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 2, 1969 Friday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  Lela Swift

       Grayson Hall:
          "The time is 1897 and the place is Collinwood.  Barnabas Collins is 
           attempting to unravel the twisted skeins of the past to save two 
           people in the present.  In the Old House in the great estate, dawn 
           has forced him downstairs, leaving in the house above a prisoner--
           a prisoner that one man would love to kill."

          Jenny helpfully tells Quentin, "It's locked, Quentin, it's 
       locked!"  Quentin replies, "I have the key, Jenny.  I'll be with 
       you very soon", and continues trying various keys in the lock,  
       but stops when he hears the front door.  He tells Jenny, "Don't
       make any noise!  I'll be back very soon", and starts to leave.
       He runs into Beth, who's coming up.  Beth tells Quentin that she is
       shocked he would try to kill Jenny. They go downstairs to discuss 
       the matter.   
          Jenny moans, "Quentin!  He's gone!  He never saw me!  Why am I 
       so silly?  I never used to be so silly!  I must be quiet, and wait!
       He told me that!"  
          Downstairs, Beth demands, "Give me the gun, Quentin!"  Quentin
       asks, "Why are yo so fond of her?"  Beth asks, "What's wrong with 
       you, Quentin?  Think!"  Quentin replies, "I am thinking.  Of you. 
       I'm doing this for YOU.  You know how I think of you, Beth".  Beth
       protests, "But she's your wife!"  Quentin replies, "That's why I'm 
       doing this, so we can get married".  Beth just stands there.  Quentin
       complains, "That's not the reaction I thought I'd get".  Beth tells
       him,  "All I can think of is what you have in your hand!  If you 
       shoot her, how do you think you'll get away with it?  The Collins
       name?"  Quentin doesn't answer.  Beth continues, "I thought so!
       Well, it won't work!  If you kill Jenny, you're going to have to
       kill me!"  She sees a locket lying on the desk, picks it up, looks
       in it, and says, "Her locket!  She still has a picture of you!  How
       could you?  How could you even think of killing her?"  Quentin
       replies, "She tried to kill me!"  Jenny says, "She's insane!  She's
       not responsible for her actions!", then warns him, "If you kill her,
       I'll make sure you'll hang!  You'll hang, Quentin!"  Quentin puts
       the gun down, then remarks, "I wonder why Barnabas would lock her
       up.  We lock up our family secret, but why should he?", and goes
       upstairs to find him.  Magda returns home.  Seeing Beth, she asks,
       "What are you doing here?"  Beth replies, "I'm with Quentin".  Magda
       asks, "Where is he?"  Beth replies, "Upstairs looking for Barnabas".
       Magda asks, "Why does he want to see Barnabas?"  Beth replies, "I'll
       let him tell you that".  She surreptitiously picks Jenny's locket
       up.  Magda asks, "What do you have there?"  Beth lies, "Nothing",
       but Magda says, "You picked something up from the desk.  I saw you!"
       and takes it.  Beth lies, "It's mine", but Magda says, "It's not
       yours!  I know whose it is!  Where did you get this?  Tell me!"
       Quentin, who's just come down, interrupts, "She'll tell you nothing",
       and asks,  "Where's Barnabas".  Magda replies, "Gone.  He won't be
       back till tonight".  Quentin and Beth leave.
          Sandor returns to the old house.  Magda shows him the locket and
       exclaims, "Sandor, Look!  It was here!"  Sandor looks at the locket
       and announces, "Impossible!"  Magda asks, "What does it mean?"
       Sandor replies, "Nothing".  Magda insists, "It must mean somehting, 
       Sandor.  Why is it here?"  Sandor replies, "There's no sense in 
       asking me questions I can't answer.  Now get me my breakfast!"  
       Magda tells him, "You can yell for your food as loudly as you want, 
       but I know you're as concerned about her as I am".  Sandor says,
       "She's far, far away, and much the better for it", but Magda holds 
       the locket up and insists, "No!  She's neaby somewhere!  This is a 
          Upstairs in Josette's room, Jenny wonders where Quentin is,
       "Quentin, are you there?  Where is he?", then becomes paranoid and
       shouts, "That man!  That man who looks so much like the portrait 
       in the foyer!  That man who put me in this room, he did somthing 
       to Quentin!  He's killed him!  Quentin, Quentin, Oh, he's killed him!"
          Downstairs, Magda hears Jenny screaming and exclaims, "That 
       voice!", clearly recognizing it.  She and Sandor run upstairs.  
       Magda shouts, "Jenny!  Jenhy!  Jenny!", and tries to open the door
       to Josette's room, but finds it locked.  Sandor sees the ring of keys 
       on floor and says, "The keys!", picks them up and unlocks the door.
       He and Magda go inside.  Magda exclaims, "Oh, Jenny!"  Jenny, seeing
       Magda, becomes angry and shouts, "I told you never to speak to me!  
       Get out!  He must not see you!  I told you I'd kill you if you ever 
       told him!"  Sandor, looking surprised, says, "But that was years 
       ago!"  Jenny disagrees, "No!  It was yesterday!  Quentin and I are
       married now!  Do you know what it means to be a Collins?  Quentin
       loves me!"  Magda points out, "But look what Quentin has done to 
       you".  Jenny angrily shouts, "Don't talk about Quentin like that, 
       you gypsy!"  Magda retorts, "You're a gypsy too!"  Jenny replies,
       "That's what I was, not what I am!"  Sandor, seeing that Jenny is
       not sane, tells Magda, "You're not doing any good".  Jenny continues
       to rant, "Go back to your caravan!"  Magda, seeing that Jenny seems
       to think it is a time years ago, asks, "Jenny, you don't remember 
       anything since then?"  Jenny continues to babble, "Quentin, he locked
       me in a room. He's very jealous..."  Seeing that Jenny is mad, Magda
       shouts, "My God, she has the devil in her!  The cross, Sandor, go get
       the cross!"  Sandor leaves to do so.  Magda moans, "Oh, Jenny, Jenny,
       sister..."  Jenny, at first puzzled, says, "Sister?", but then seems
       to remember, says, "Oh, sister!",  and hugs Magda.  Jenny tells
       Magda, "I loved you, I loved you, but I coldn't tell him".  Magda
       asks, "But why did you run away after he left you?"  Jenny babbles,
       "Run away?...Yes, to my lovely, lovely room".  Magda exclaims, "They
       kept you there, locked away all this time?  We will take care of
       you, Sandor and me!  We'll go away!"  Jenny refuses, saying, "No,
       I have to stay to see Quentin!"  Magda lies, "Yes", but Jenny
       sees that she's lying, says,  "You won't let me see him, you
       won't!", grabs a very large book, and knocks Magda out with it.
       Jenny complains, "She wouldn't let me see him, she wouldn'!"
       and leaves.
          Sandor returns to Josette's room, finds Magda lying on the floor
       unconscious, and revives her.  They start to look for Jenny.
          Jenny starts towards the front doors, but then stops and says,
       "No, he told me to wait for him.  Quentin!  Are you here?"  
          Up in Josette's room, Magda tells Sandor, "Sandor, you look 
       through all the rooms upstairs, and I'll look downstairs and outside.
       We must find her!  She has the devil in her!"
          Jenny has gone own into the cellar.  There, seeing Barnabas' coffin,
       thinks Quentin is in there and exclaims, "Quentin! He's killed him!
       That man's killed him!  Oh, Quentin, Quentin!", and starts to cry.
       She goes to the coffin and starts to open it...
       Episode 746
       Worldvision Rerun 530
       Tape Date: April 28, 1969 (ABC #91-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 5, 1969 Monday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  Lela Swift

       Grayson Hall:
          "The great house of Collinwood in the year 1897, and Barnabas Collins 
          finds himself on a mission to save the life of a child in the present.  
          But this day, the first rays of the sun have forced him back to his 
          coffin in the basement of the Old House on the estate.  A madwoman, 
          escaping from her locked room, opens a door which no one should open."

          Jenny opens the coffin and is surprised that it is Barnabas
       in it, not Quentin.  She exclaims, "Barnabas!"
          Magda is outside the old house, looking for Jenny, shouting,
       "Jenny!  Jenny! I just want to help you!  Sandor and I just want
       to help you!". Not finding Jenny, she goes back inside and moans,
       "Jenny, my poor sister Jenny.  Where are you?  What have they done
       to you, Jenny, the loveliest of us all once, the gayest of us all
       once.  Oh, my sister, how can I help you now?"  She sees that the
       cellar door is open and exclaims, "She must have opened that door!
       It could only have been her!  Did she open the coffin? Is he all
       right?"  She goes down into the cellar to check, opens the coffin and
       sees that Barnabas is all right.  She then hears laughter and find
       Jenny hiding in an alcove.  Jenny, pointing to the coffin, babbles,
       "Barnabas!  Barnabas is dead!  Not Quentin, Barnabas!  I should not
       have laughed, but I was so afraid it was Quentin!  When I see him,
       I will tell him about this!"  Magda, shocked, tells her, "You must
       not!"  Jenny replies, "I must!  It will prove how much I love him
       when I tell him how I felt when I saw that coffin and thought
       he was in it".  Magda warns her, "You must not tell anyone about 
       this!  It's a secret!"  Jenny protests, "But everyone will find out
       about it at the funeral".  Magda tells her, "There will be no 
       funeral!  You've got to understand!  You must tell no one!  If you 
       tell even one person, you will die, I will die, Sandor will die!  
       Jenny, I only want to help you!  When you married Quentin, I did not 
       tell him you were one of us!  When I saw you in the street, I did not 
       talk to you!"  Jenny promises not to tell, "I have never been in 
       this room", then remarks, "Barnabas is dead!  He locked me in the 
       room, then he died! He's dead!"  They go upstairs.  Magda takes Jenny 
       back up to Josette's room.  
          Quentin returns to the old house, this time holding a length of 
       cord.  However, before he can go upstairs, Magda comes down.  Seeing
       Quentin, she remarks, "You are back!"  Quentin sarcastically replies,
       "I couldn't stay away.  You and your house fascinate me".   Magda
       exclaims, "I know what you did to her!"  Quentin remarks, "So, you've 
       found out the secret of the locked room.  I knew you would.  Judith's 
       expecting a visit from you.  She's expecting you to blackmail her.  
       She's coming here to talk to you about it".  Magda continues, "You 
       turned her into that poor creature!".  Quentin starts up the stairs.
       Magda asks, "Where are you going?"  Quentin replies, "To her room.  
       You don't have the strength to stop me, Magda".  Magda replies, "But 
       I have powers!  If you go near her, if you do one more thing to her, 
       you will be cursed!  Cursed!!"  Quentin asks, "Why are you so upset?
       It's not like you".  Magda replies, "You're seeing me like I really 
       am for the first time!"  Quentin, puzzled, asks, "Over a woman you'd 
       never seen before in your life?"  Magda replies, "You don't know 
       everything, Quentin!  Where was she born?  Where did she live?"  
       Quentin replies, "In New York City", but Magda tells him, "She 
       lived in many cities!  She was part of a caravan!  She was my 
       sister!  She fooled you!  You never knew you married a gypsy girl!  
       But look what you have done to her!  Stay away from her, Quentin!
       You have seen her for the last time!"  Quentin quips, "Is that
       a guarantee?  What are you going to do, Magda?"  Magda replies,
       "You do not need to know!  Get out!"  Quentin jokes, "Jenny should 
       have told me she was a gypsy.  It would have made her so much more 
       interesting".  Magda angrily throws something at him, but misses.
       Quentin leaves.
         Upstairs, Jenny sees Quenitn leaving from the window of Josette's
       room and shouts, "Quentin, no!  I'm here, Quentin!  Come back!
       No, Quentin!".  She tries to open the door but finds it locked.
       Magda comes in and asks, "Jenny, why are you crying?"  Jenny cries,
       "You told him to go away!  You told him I was dead!  I hate you!"
       Magda tries to comforts her, but Jenny continues to whine, "I want
       to see him!" Magda lies to her, "He will come back, Jenny, he will!"
       Jenny babbles on, "Then I will tell him!"  Magda lies, "You will be
       able to tell him anything you want".  Jenny continues to babble, "He
       does not know about them!  I will tell him, then he will love me, I
       know he will!"
          Night falls.  Barnabas arises from his coffin and calls, "Sandor?
       Magda?"  Magda comes down and says, "I am here".  Barnabas asks,
       "Did you find her?"  Magda replies, "I found her"  Barnbabas asks,
       "Is she still up there?"  Magda replies, "Yes"  Barnabas says, "Good.
       I want to ask her some questions.  I do not want to be disturbed.
       If anyone comes, say I'm out".  Magda tells him, "I want to talk to
       you now", but Barnabas tells her, "There's no time".  Magda insists,
       "But it's very important.  All I ask is one thing.  You must release
       Sandor from whatever spell you have him under.  We must go, we must
       take my sister away from here".  Barnabas, puzzled, asks, "Your
       sister?"  Magda replies, "Jenny.  She's my sister.  If she stays
       here, Quentin will kill her".  Barnabas refuses, saying, "You know
       I am here to save two lives from the future, David and Amy".  Magda
       complains, "Names, names!  The only names that interest me are Sandor
       and Jenny!  What could my sister have to do with the future?"
       Barnabas refuses to let them go, saying it might change the past,
       pointing out that she would not even have known about Jenny if he
       had not been here to lock her up in Josette's room.
          They go up into the living room.  Magda tells Barnabas, "I want
       to be in that room when you question her", but Barnabas refuses, "No!
       We must be alone".  There's a knock at the door.  Magda answers.
       It's Judith.  She tells Magda, "Magda, I've come to talk to you about
       your sister", then seeing Barnabas, says to him, "Barnabas, I want
       to talk to you alone".  Magda complains, "You have been cruel to my
       sister!"  Judith replies, "She was mad.  I thought my brother had
       caused her madness, but now that I see that she's your sister, I now
       think perhaps the madness was already in her background".  Barnabas
       tells Magda, "Your sister needs you".  Magda goes upstairs.  Judith
       says to Barnabas, "You arrived here knowing nothing about us, now you
       know only the worst!"  Barnabas tells her, "I'm very concerned
       about the poor creature's children".  Judith tells him, "She has
       no children".  Barnabas protests, "But she says she does".  Judith
       explains, "She's mad".  Barnabas asks, "What are you and Edward
       planning on doing with her?"  Judith replies, "I'm afraid we must
       face a public scandal.  She must be sent to a public institution
          Up in Josette's room, Magda is sitting writing a letter.  Jenny
       is wandering about the room babbling, "I was a gypsy once, did you
       know that?  No one knows I once lived in a caravan.  I hated it!  
       People hated me!  They would cross the street when they saw me!"  
       Magda remarks, "You saved money that way".  Jenny asks, "Are you 
       writing a letter to Quentin?"  Magda replies, "No, to Sandor".
       Jenny asks, "What does it say?"  Magda replies, "I'm telling him
       we've gone to join the caravans.  It's spring, and they're near 
       here this time of year.  The family will take care of you.  You will 
       like it this time, I promise.  You will be able to do anything you 
       like. You will be free". Jenny is horrified at the idea, and
       while Magda is busy with the letter, quietly sneaks out door.     
          Barnabas asks Judith, "I can't see why she can't stay here.  With 
       Magda here to take care of her, she should improve immeasurably", but
       Judith replies,  "It's out of the question.  She must be sent away".  
       Barnabas tells Judith, "Judith, when I was living in England, I had 
       some friends who were doing the most amazing experiments to treat 
       mental illness.  Perhaps they could do something for her".  Barnabas 
       sees Jenny coming down the stairs and exclaims, "Jenny!  You should 
       be in your room!"  Jenny shouts, "Don't come near me!  You're dead!  
       You're dead!"  Judith asks, "Jenny, what are you talking about?" 
       Jenny points at Barnabas and exclaims, "You were there in the 
       coffin!  In the coffin!"
       Episode 747
       Worldvision Rerun 531
       Tape Date: April 29, 1969 (ABC #92-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 6, 1969 Tuesday
       Writer:    Sam Hall
       Director:  Lela Swift

       David Selby:
          "Collinwood.  The year is 1897, and Barnabas' desperate journey to 
           the past to find two secrets and save two lives is endangered again.  
           For in a house on the estate, Barnabas has a mad prisoner, and prisoner 
           who, in time, could tell him much--but a prisoner who also could tell 
           much about him."

          Jenny continues to shout, "You're dead!  You were in that coffin
       in the basement!"  Barnabas lies, "Jenny, you know that's not true",
       but Jenny shouts, "No, no!  Don't come near me!", and runs out the
       front doors.
          Jenny runs to Collinwood and calls, "Quentin!  Quentin!".  She
       hears Judith's voice outside door saying, "We must find her!" and
       runs from foyer.  Barnabas and Judith come in.  Judith remarks, "The
       door's open!  It must have been her!"  Barnabas says, "She could
       be hiding".  Judith sees Beth in drawing room and asks, "How long
       have you been here?"  Beth replies, "I just came down here".  Judith
       tells her, "Jenny's loose!"  Barnabas says, "I'll go look for her",
       but Judith vetoes the idea, "NO!  For some reason, you frighten her!
       Beth, you and Dirk go search for Jenny!"  Beth leaves.  Barnabas
       complains, "Those were the ravings of a madwoman.  I can assure you
       I have no coffin in the basement!"  Judith remarks, "Jenny may be
       mad, but her rantings are usually based on a germ of truth".  Barnabas
       counters, "She also said she had babies".  Judith says, "She has
       none".  Barnabas tries to press the point, "But you said everything
       she said was based on a germ of truth", but Judith says firmly,
       "There are no babies, and that's that!"  Barnabas tells Judith, "Two
       people can't possibly search a house this size", and convinces Judith
       to let him search.  They both go to search.
          Jenny comes out of hiding - from behind the curtains in the
       drawing room!  She imagines she hears Quentin calling her and
       answers, "Yes, Quentin!  I'm coming!", and goes upstairs.
       She goes up into the bedroom hallway.  She hears someone coming
       and hides behind the curtains of the hallway window.  Beth comes
       into the hallway, calling, "Jenny, I want to help you!  Let me
       help you, Jenny!", but Jenny remains in hiding.  Finally, Beth
       leaves, going into the door at the end of the hall to search the
       West Wing.  Jenny comes out from behind the curtains.
          Quentin is in the drawing room, drinking.  Beth comes into
       the room.  Quentin remarks, "Beth, I'm glad you're here.  Now,
       don't look at me so seriously!"  Beth tells him, "It IS serious".
       Quentin complains, "I've had enough seriousness already.  How
       about some soft music, dim lights..."  Beth exclaims, "Quentin!
       Jenny's in the house!"  Quentin remarks, "So Judith's managed to
       find her.  What's she done now, found some new place to  hide her
       from me?"  Beth informs him, "Judith didn't bring her back!  She
       came back by herself!  She's after you!"  Quentin remarks, "When
       I'm not after her, she's after me.  Why not just let us meet?"
       Beth replies, "Because I know what would happen if you did!"
       Quentin asks, "Are you protecting me from her, or her from me?"
       Beth replies, "Both!  Please, Quentin, Go!  You don't know what
       she might do!"  Quentin says, "I'm tired of running.  I want to
       get it over with now no matter what happens".  Beth begs, "If you
       won't do it for yourself, do it for me!  Let me handle this, please!"
       Quentin replies, "All right.  Any particular place you want me to
       go?"  Beth says, "Thank you, Quentin!"  Quentin remarks, "Now you
       can do better than that!"  They kiss, but quickly separate when
       Judith and Barnabas come into the room.  Quentin turns to leave, but
       Judith says, "Don't go, Quentin.  I need your help!"  Quentin remarks,
       "I never thought I'd hear those words from you!  I'm glad Beth is
       here to hear them, or I wouldn't believe I heard them when I mulled
       it over later when I was by myself".  Judith sends Beth away, then
       tells Quentin, "There's no way we can find Jenny in a house this
       size, but Barnabas has a plan to catch her".  Barnabas explains his
       plan to Quentin, "You and I will be in the drawing room.  You will
       be playing your gramophone.  One of the tunes you play is very much
       to her liking.  Apparently, it reminds her of a time when you and
       she were much happier".  Quentin remarks, "Very tastefully put".
       Judith tells Quentin, "Barnabas will be behind the curtains.  She
       will see you, come in, and Barnabas..."  Quentin interrupts, "Will
       jump out and save me".  At first, coy, Quentin remarks, "She's
       dangerous.  I have the scars to prove it", then turns to Barnabas
       and says, "We could chat while the music played.  I'd like to know
       why you locked Jenny in the old house..."  Barnabas, exasperated,
       asks, "Yes or no, Quentin!"  Quentin turns to Judith and asks, "Are
       you going to hide with Barnabas, sister?", tacitly agreeing to
       the plan.  Judith says, "Thank you, Quentin!"  Unknown to them,
       Jenny is in the foyer eavesdropping on them...
          The plan goes into action.  Quentin remarks, "I never thought
       I'd have to count on you, Barnabas.  Let's see.  I think I'll sit
       with my back to the door.  It'll give her more of a chance with 
       her knife".  The gramophone is started, and Quentin's music plays 
       loudly.  Barnabas hides behind the curtains.  Judith leaves 
       to get out of harm's way.  The clock in the foyer reads 8:15.  
          Upstairs, Jenny hears Quentin's music...
          Unknown to everyone else, Quentin, sitting quietly in the chair,
       is toying with a length of cord, obviously planning to use it as a
       garrotte when Jenny comes.
          The clock strikes the third quarter.  Barnabas comes out of
       hiding.  Quentin asks, "Are you giving up?"  Barnabas replies, "It's
       been over half an hour".  Beth and Judith return to the drawing room
       and find that nothing has happened.  The plan has failed.  Barnabas
       suggests, "Maybe she's no longer in the house.  Has anyone searched
       the cottage?".  Judith becomes worried and says, "What if she's left
       the estate?  What if she's in the village?  We must find her, we
          Meanwhile, Jenny has made her way into the servant's quarter's
       into Beth's room.  She toys briefly with some children's clothing
       she finds.  Then, she notices a paring knife lying on a table beside
       a bowl of fruit and takes it.  She hears Beth's voice outside
       in the hallway saying, "I've searched every room!  She must be
       somewhere!"  Jenny quickly hides behind some furniture.  Quentin
       and Beth come into the room.  Beth tells Quentin, "I'm not going
       to be able to sleep tonight. What are you going to do?"  Quentin
       replies, "I'm going to search my room, then go to bed".  Beth
       warns him, "You must not stay in the house!"  Quentin replies,
       "They'll find her."  Beth asks, "And when they do?"  Quentin remarks,
       "That's what you want, isn't it?"  Beth admits, "I wish it did.  Then
       I would be able to stop wishing something would happen to Jenny.  I
       don't want her to come between us!  I don't want you to have a wife!
       I'm ashamed to admit that!  I took such good care of Jenny!  She was
       the only thing I had before you came back.  I feel so deceitful!"
       Quentin says, "Now you have me.  Doesn't that make up for it?"
       They kiss passionately.  Jenny, seeing this, comes out from hiding,
       and advances on them menancingly. Quentin and Beth, busy kissing,
       do not see her...
       Episode 748
       Worldvision Rerun 532
       Tape Date: April 30, 1969 (ABC #93-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 7, 1969 Wednesday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Henry Kaplan

       Grayson Hall:
          "Here in the past, Collinwood harbors secrets that can affect the 
           lives of the Collins family for many generations to come.  Barnabas 
           Collins has returned to the great house in this era gone by in an 
           effort to save the lives of two people in the present.  
           One by one, the dark secrets of Collinwood have been unfolded to him. 
           Now he has learned of the existence of Quentin Collins insane wife, 
           Jenny, who has killed before, and on this night is ready to kill again."

          But Beth happens to look and sees Jenny just in time.  She
       alerts Quentin, who, after a fierce struggle, manages to disarm
       Jenny.  But he does not stop there.  Furious, he then starts to
       strangle her.  Beth tries to stop him, shouting, "Quentin!  Let
       her go!  Let her go!", but by the time Quentin releases Jenny,
       Jenny is dead.  Quentin flees from the room.
          Edward returns home.  Beth comes rushing into the foyer, 
       "Mr. Collins!  Mr. Collins!  She's dead!  She's dead!"
       Edward asks, "Who's dead?"  Beth continues to babble, "It was 
       an accident!  He was protecting me! She was going to stab me!  
       He didn't mean to kill her!"  Edward shouts, "Get a hold of 
       yourself and tell me what happened!"  Beth, still not totally
       coherent, says, "She's in my room, dead!"  Edward rushes to the 
       servants quarters.  Beth goes with him.
          Meanwhile, Quentin is upstairs, wondering what to do.    
          In Beth's room, Edward checks the dead body of Jenny
       and announces, "She's dead all right.  Tell me exactly what
       happened, and be quick about it!  You said he was protecting
       you.  Who are you talking about?  Quentin?"  Beth replies, 
       "Yes, but it was an accident!"  Edward asks, "What was Quentin 
       doing here?"  Beth remains silent, so Edward continues, "Never mind.
       It's easy enough to figure out.  You were in his arms, weren't you?
       And when Jenny saw that, she went wild!  Where's Quentin?"  Beth
       tells him, "He ran off".  Edward caustically remarks, "He would 
       do that".  He picks up the knife, gives it to Beth, and tells her, 
       "Take this back to the kitchen".  Beth asks, "What are you going 
       to do?"  Edward replies, "You'll see".  Noticing some children's 
       clothing in the room, he asks, "What are those doing here?"  Beth 
       replies, "I was going to take them into town to Jenny's children".  
       Edward adds, "And Quentin's.  Did he see them?"  Beth replies, "I'm 
       sure he didn't".  Edward tells Beth, "We must hurry!  There is much
       to do!"
          Quentin comes down the stairs into the foyer carrying his
       luggage, ready to leave Collinwood.  Edward returns from the
       servant's quarters and sees him.  He grabs Quentin's luggage,
       saying, "I'll take that!"  Quentin whines "Edward, I can't stay
       here anymore!", but Edward replies, "You're not going anywhere,
       Quentin!  You're going to stay in this house!"  He takes him
       into the drawing room.
          Edward, Quentin and Beth are in the drawing room.  Quentin
       whines, "Edward, I didn't mean to kill her!  You do believe that, 
       don't you?"  Edward replies, "Yes".  Quentin continues, "But the 
       police won't!  That's why I have to leave this house!"  Edward 
       replies, "You are going to stay in this house.  Much as I'd like 
       to see you punished, I'll do my best to see you won't be.  Listen 
       carefully, both of you!"  He makes up a story to tell the authorities,
       "Half an hour ago, Jenny was found in the foyer.  She was very dizzy. 
       You, Beth, took her to your room and went for help, but when you came 
       back, she was dead".  Quentin exclaims, "No one's going to believe 
       that!"  Edward proclaims, "They will.  That is our story!"  Quentin
       asks, "Why are you doing this?"  Edward replies, "Not for you!" 
       Quentin asks, "For the Collins name and pride, isn't it?  That's 
       all you care about!" Edward replies, "Exactly!"  Quentin again says,
       "We can't get away with this".  Edward insists, "Yes we can.  Aside 
       from the people in this room, only Dirk and Judith knew about Jenny".
       Quentin informs him, "No, a lot has happened while you've been away.
       Cousin Barnabas found aobut her..."  Edward interrupts, "He is a 
       Collins, and can be counted on not to talk".  Quentin continues,
       "How about the two gypsies?  They also found out about her".  Edward
       says, "They can be paid for their silence", but Quentin tells him, 
       "No, it's a lot more complicated than that.  What none of us knew was
       that Jenny was Magda's sister".  Edward exclaims, "YOU MARRIED A 
       GYPSY?!" Quentin calmly says, "Edward, this is no time to be 
       socially offended.  We can't cover this up".  Edward proclaims,
       "It will be covered up!"  There's a knock at the door.  Edward
       tells Beth and Quentin, "I don't want you two to move until I come 
       back", and leaves, closing the drawing room doors behind him. 
           Edward answers the front doors.  It's Magda and Sandor.
       Magda asks, "Where is she, Mr. Collins?"  Edward asks, "You mean 
       Jenny?"  Magda replies, "Yes, is she here?  Has she been found?"  
       Edward tells her, "Yes, she's been found".  Magda demands, "Take 
       us to her" .  Edward pauses.  Sandor asks, "What's wrong?"
       Edward lies, "There has been an accident.  Jenny is dead!  She 
       fell while coming down the stairs, hit her head, and died shortly 
       after.  I heard she was your relative.  My condolences to you.  
       She's in Beth's bedroom.  I'll show you the way".  Magda, shocked,
       replies, "I already know the way!"  She and Sandor hurry to Beth's
          Edward goes back into the drawing room.  He asks, "Did you two
       hear all that?" They both reply, "Yes".  Edward annouces, "That
       will be our story!"  Quentin whines, "I can't face them!"  Edward
       sternly tells him, "You will face them and do as I tell you, Quentin!
       It's your only hope for survival!"
          In Beth's room, a distraught Magda moans, "Jenny!  Jenny!  My
       poor sister!  If you had stayed with us, you would still be alive!"
       Sandor philosophically remarks, "Might have been is never was".
       Magda finds something grasped in Jenny's hand and announces, "A
       button!  It could mean only one thing!"  Sandor exclaims, "Edward
       lied to us!"  Magda continues, "Yes!  She tried to fight for her
       life!  She was strangled to death!"  Sandor asks, "What do we do
       now?"  Magda replies, "We must avenge her death!"
          In the drawing room, Beth is going over a story Edward gave her
       about finding Jenny lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.
       When she Finishes, Edward says, "Good.  Remember every word of it!"
       He turns to Quentin and prompts him, "And you, what are you going
       to say?"  Quentin replies, "I'm going to say that I was outside,
       searching the grounds".  There is a knock at the drawing room doors.
       Edward whispers to Quentin and Beth, "Don't speak until spoken to!
       I will do the talking!", then opens doors.  Magda and Sandor come in.
       Magda says, "I want to ask some questions!"  Edward replies, "Of
       course".  Magda asks, "Who saw Jenny fall down the stairs?"  Edward
       replies, "No one".  Magda asks, "Then how do you know she fell?"
       Edward replies, "She was found at the bottom of the stairs.  Are you
       implying she was PUSHED?".  Magda replies, "Maybe.  I'm just asking
       questions.  I have reason to believe she was not alone when she died".
       Quentin notices that Sandor is staring at him and asks, "Why are
       you looking at me like that?"  Sandor exclaims, "His coat!  Look
       at his coat!"  There is a buttom missing from Quentin's coat.
       Magda goes over to Quentin and compares the button she found in
       Jenny's hand to the buttons on Quentin's coat.  Edward asks, "What
       are you doing, woman?"  Magda finds that the buttons match and
       exclaims, "Murderer!  You killed my sister!"  Edward shouts, "It
       was an accident!"  Magda exclaims, "You're lying!  You're just
       protecting him!  I'm going to the police!"  Edward asks, "And what
       are you going to tell them?"  Magda replies, "That Quentin strangled
       my sister!  It was no accident!"  Edward warns her, "You'd better
       think twice before doing that.  When it comes to the word of a gypsy
       against the word of a Collins, who do you think they'll believe?"
       Magda says, "I have proof!  I found this button from Quentin's coat
       grasped in Jenny's hand!", but Edward counters, "That's no proof.
       You have a button Quentin could have lost anywhere.  You could have
       picked it up anywhere.  It doesn't prove a thing".  Realizing that
       Edward is right, Magda turns to Quentin and says, "I warned you
       about what I would do if anything happened to Jenny.  I will set a
       curse on you, Quentin, a curse that will stay with you all the days
       of your life!  You will suffer as she suffered!".  She and Sandor
       leave.  Quentin, terrified, tells Edward, "You've got to stop her!
       She'll put a curse on me!  She'll do it!"  Edward replies, "Words,
       Quentin, just words.  That's all she has.  Now if you excuse me,
       I must go and tell Barnabas about Jenny", and leaves.  Beth turns
       to leave.  Quentin begs, "Beth, don't leave me here alone!", but
       Beth leaves too.  Quentin thinks about Magda's threat, "I will set
       a curse on you, Quentin, a curse that will stay with you all the
       days of your life!", a look of terror on his face.
       Episode 749
       Worldvision Rerun 533
       Tape Date: May 1, 1969 (ABC #94-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 8, 1969 Thursday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Henry Kaplan

       Louis Edmonds:
         "Not even the bright dawn of a new day will dispel the terror of one 
          man who live sin the great house of Collinwood.  Quentin Collins has 
          spent a sleepless night in his room.  His has become an existence of 
          uncertainty and fear.  But he knows that in the Old House on the 
          Collins estate, two people are plotting his destruction."

          Quentin is in his room, spending a sleepless night.
          At the old house, Magda comes down stairs holding a bottle.
       She tells Sandor, "I have found what I need!  When I mix it into 
       the potion, everything will be ready".  Sandor remarks, "It would 
       be easier just to kill him".  Magda replies, "Killing is always 
       easier, but never as good as a curse!"  Sandor asks, "Are you sure 
       this will work?"  Magda replies, "Yes".  Sandor asks, "How do you 
       know?  You've never done it before".  Magda replies, "Yes, but 
       I've seen it done before, years ago.  An old gypsy helped Count
       Petofi get rid of an enemy.  But he betrayed her.  He refused to
       pay her.  So she put a curse on him.  I saw what happened to that
       man!"  Sandor asks, "What?"  Magda coyly refuses to tell him, saying 
       only, "You will see when it happens to Quentin!" 
          Quentin continues to wait nervously in his room.  There's a
       knock at the door.  Quentin asks, "Who is it?"  A voice replies,
       "Edward".  Quentin unlocks door and lets him in.  Edward remarks,
       "You look frightened".  Quentin sarcastically asks, "You made a 
       special trip here just to tell me that?"  Edward suggests, "It 
       might help if you got some sleep".  Quentin replies, "I can't!"
       Edward says, "You must.  Soon, your body will give in".  Quentin asks,
       "What have you come here for?"  Edward replies, "To tell you that 
       I've told Barnabas about Jenny's accident".  Quentin asks, "Did he 
       believe you?" Edward replies, "Yes".  Quentin points out, "But the 
       gypsies will tell him the truth!"  Edward assures him, "He won't 
       believe them".  Quentin exclaims, "But she'll put a curse on me!"  
       Edward remarks, "That's ridiculous".  Quentin begs, "Will you listen 
       to me?  There's only one way to stop her!  I need money, lots of 
       money! Maybe Magda can be bought off!  I'm begging you, Please!"  
       Edward asks, "How much will it take?"  Quentin replies, "Magda's a 
       proud woman.  It'll take a lot, at least $10,000*"  Edward exclaims,
       "You know I don't have that kind of money!"  Quentin replies, "But 
       Judith does!"  Edward says, "And I will ask her for it on one 
       condition:  that you renounce the right given to you in Grandmother's
       will allowing you to live here, then leave Collinwood".  Quentin
       whines, "Edward!"  Edward says, "Those are my conditions.  They
       are non-negotiable.  I'll give you time to think about it".  Quentin
       replies, "I don't need time to think about it.  I accept!  Now get 
       me the money!  Hurry".  Edward promises, "I'll speak to Judith 
       immediately" and leaves. 
          Edward goes down into the foyer.  There is a knock at the door.
       He answers.  It's Magda and Sandor.  Magda says, "Good morining, Mr. 
       Collins" in a cold monotone.   Edward snarls, "Look here!  If you 
       two have come back to make more absurd accusations..."  Magda tells
       him, "We've come for my sister's body.  According to gypsy tradition, 
       she must be buried by her caravan".  Edward tells her, "You're a 
       little too late for your pagan ritual.  She was buried this
       morning"  Sandor angrily shouts, "You had no right to do that!"  
       Magda exclaims, "This is not the last you've heard from us!  Nor 
       Jenny!  Her spirit will not rest!"
          Quentin, sitting in a chair in his room, starts to drowse.  
       He hears a voice cry, "Quentin!  Quentin!  Quentin! You must stay 
       awake and be very alert, Quentin, because I'm coming back to you, 
       I'm coming back!"  Recognizing his late wife's voice, Quentin
       exclaims, "Jenny!?  Where are you?  Jenny?"  He is shocked to see 
       one of Jenny's doll's lying on a table.  There's a knock on door.  
       Quentin asks, "Edward?"  A voice replies, "Yes".  Quentin unlocks
       the door and lets him in, then exclaims, "I just heard her voice!"  
       Edward asks, "Whose voice?"  Quentin replies, "Jenny's!  She's come 
       back to haunt me!"  Edward, not believing him, says, "It was your 
       conscience haunting you!"  Quentin asks, "Did my conscience put that 
       doll there?"  He points to the table where he saw Jenny's doll, but
       is surprised to find that there's nothing there.  He claims, "It was
       there just a few moments ago!"  Edward says, "You must have imagined 
       it!  Quentin, get a hold of yourself!  I've spoken to Judith".  
       Quentin asks, "Did she say yes?"  Edward replies, "She added one 
       condition.  She wants the gypsies off the estate too".  Quentin 
       assures him, "That's no problem.  I'm sure they'll agree to leave 
       when they find out how much money I'm going to give them.  Can I 
       have the money now?"  Edward replies, "You'll get it this afternoon".
       Quentin protests, "I need it now!"  Edward explains, "Judith wants 
       this to be done properly and legally.  She's having Evan handley 
       draw up the papers.  They'll be ready this afternoon", and turns
       to leave.  Quentin, still frightened, begs, "Please stay with me!"
       Edward sarcastically replies, "Why don't you ask your maidservant 
       friend to stay with you?"  Quentin continues to beg Edward to
       stay with him, but Edward leaves.  
          Quentin picks up a book and tries to read, but falls asleep
       and has a dream.  In the dream, Magda comes into his room
       carrying a tambourine.  She asks, "Are you ready, Quentin?"  
       Quentin shouts, "Stay away from me!"  Magda tells him, "Don't 
       be frightened, Quentin.  This is a simple ceremony.  Come with me"  
       Quentin, terrified, shouts, "I'm not going anywhere!"  Magda tells
       him, "You must come with me!  Jenny is waiting!  Come!"  Quentin
       shouts, "No! No!  I won't go!  Please don't make me go!  I can't 
       face her!"  Magda tells him, "You must, Quentin!  It will take only 
       a moment!"  Magda leaves, shaking the tambourine behind her.  Quentin
       follows, seeminglly involuntarily.  Magda takes him down to the
       foyer and knocks on the drawing room doors. Sandor opens them from
       the inside and says, "You have brought him.  Good.  We can begin the 
       ceremony now".  They go in.  Quentin asks, "What ceremony?"  Sandor
       explains, "It's an old gypsy belief.  The spirit of someone who has
       been murdered cannot rest until she is blessed by the murderer".  
       Quentin protests, "I didn't murder her!"  Magda tells him, "There's 
       no need for you to deny it now.  There are no police here".  Sandor
       looks at the body of Jenny, which is lying in a coffin, and says,
       "She looks so beautiful".  Magda agrees, "As beautiful as the day 
       you married her, Quentin".  Quentin remarks, "She looks so peaceful". 
       But Magda tells him, "She will find no peace until you bless her!
       That's the only way to find peace, for both of you!"  Sandor 
       instructs Quentin, "Take her hand".  Quentin does, but is shocked to
       see Jenny suddenly open her eyes.  He screams, "She's alive!  She's 
       alive!"  Magda tells him, "Only for a moment, just long enough for 
       the ceremony!"  Jenny grabs Quentin and kisses him.  Sandor exclaims, 
       "The kiss of death, Quentin, the kiss of death!"  Magda says, "The
       ceremony is concluded!  The kiss of death!"  Quentin awakens
          There's a knock at the door, then a voice calling, "Quentin!"  
       Quentin asks, "Who is it?"  The voice replies, "Edward".  Quentin
       unlocks door and lets him in.  Quentin tells Edward, "I just had a
       nightmare!  I know what Magda's going to do now!  She's going to
       have Jenny haunt me for the rest of my life!  That's the curse!
       Edward, you've got to do something!"  Edward replies, "It's already
       been done.  Handley came with the agreement a few minutes ago".
       Quentin takes the paper Edward is holding and signs it.  Edward
       asks, "Aren't you going to read it?"  Quentin replies, "I don't
       need to.  Where's the money?"  Edward replies, "Here", and gives
       him the money, then tells him, "Judith wants you and the gypsies
       off the estate by tonight".
          At the old house, Magda has finished mixing the potion and
       is holding a small vial containing the finished product, a pale
       brown liquid.  Sandor remarks to Magda, "There's no way you're
       going to be able to do it.  How are you going to get him to drink
       the potion?  I thought you had a plan that would work!"  Magda
       replies, "I have the rest of the night to think of a plan.  I'll
       find a way to get him to drink it!"  Sandor looks out the window
       and says, "You may at that.  Believe it or not, Quentin's coming
       up the walk right now".  Quentin comes into the old house and says,
       "Magda!  I've got to talk to you!  I'm prepared to make it worth your
       while to remove the curse!"  Magda, looking puzzled, asks "Remove
       it?"  Quentin continues, "I know what your curse is!  You're having
       Jenny haunt me and give me no rest!  I'm willing to pay you good
       money to remove the curse!" Magda sneers, "I won't be bought off!"
       Quentin continues, "You haven't given me a chance to tell you how
       much. $10,000* in cash!"  Sandor, looking very interested, asks, "Can
       I see it?"  Quentin replies, "Not until your wife agrees to remove
       the curse!"  Sandor looks at Magda and says, "It is much money!"
       Quentin adds, "Yes, you'll both be rich beyond your wildest dreams!
       You'll be able to live like kings!"  Magda says, "May my poor
       unfortunate sister understand and forgive me!  I will remove the
       curse, Quentin".  She waves her hands around and chants,  "I remove
       the curse, Quentin, and all your suffering!", then announces,
       "There.  The curse is removed!"  Quentin, ecstatic, says, "Thank
       you, Magda!", and hands Magda the money.  Sandor says, "We must
       have a drink to celebrate our bargain!  Quentin, you have just
       been relieved of a very large burden!" Magda says, "It is settled!
       We are rich, and you are free!"  Sandor pours three drinks,
       surreptitiously pouring Magda's vial of potion into one.  He gives
       a glass to Magda, then gives the one with the potion to Quentin, and
       picks one up for himself and exuberantly says, "Let us drink to that!"
       Everyone drinks.  Quentin says, "I'll be on my way.  Minus $10,000*,
       of course.  At least I'm free of the curse!"  Magda tells him,
       "You're not, Quentin!  The curse has just begun!"  Quentin, puzzled,
       asks, "What are you talking about?"  Magda tells him, "You were under
       no curse when you came here.  It was just your imagination".  She
       contemptuously throws the money at his feet and says, "Here's your
       blood money!  I don't want it!  The potion that causes the curse was
       in that drink!  The curse will start tonight!"

       *  Accounting for inflation, worth about $500,000 today!
       Episode 750
       Worldvision Rerun 534
       Tape Date: May 2, 1969 (ABC #95-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 9, 1969 Friday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Henry Kaplan

       Terry Crawford:
        "Collinwood in the year 1897, a time of terrifying events that will 
         affect the Collins family for generations to come.  On this day, as 
         the sun slowly moves toward the horizon, one man live in relentless fear.  
         Quentin Collins would trade his soul to hold back the night, for he knows 
         that with the coming of darkness a curse will be placed upon him--but what 
         it will be and how it will destroy him, he does not know."

         Magda and Sandor are at Jenny's grave.  Magda, speaking to her
      sister's grave, tells her, "You will soon be avenged!" Sandor
      reminds Magda, "We must leave Collinsport soon or we too will
      be in danger from Quentin's curse".  Magda replies, "We don't
      need to leave.  I have something that will protect us.  But the
      Collins family WILL be in danger, and I want to be around to 
      see them picked off one by one!"
         At Collinwood, Judith tells Beth, "Your services are no longer
      required now that Jenny is gone" and fires her.
         Judith asks Quentin, "Has everything been taken care of?"  He
      replies that it has, that both he and the gypsies will be gone by
      nightfall.  There's a knock at the door.  It's Magda.  She tells
      Judith, "I have come for Jenny's things".  Judith asks, "When will
      you leave?"  Magda replies, "I'm not. I refused the money".  Judith
      is furious that Quentin lied to her, and demands her money back from
      him since the gypsies are not leaving.  Quentin refuses, saying, 
      "I'm leaving as promised.  It's not my responsibilities what the
      gypsies do, and if I go, I'll need the money to live on".  Judith
      again demands the money back.  Quentin replies, "Take me to court!",
      adding, "But I won't be around!", and laughs.     
         The clock in the foyer reads 5:00.  Inside the drawing room,
      Beth is packing up some dolls.  Quentin comes into the room and asks,
      "What are you doing?"  Beth repliles, "Packing the rest of Jenny's
      things".  Quentin remarks,  "Good.  After you're done, you can pack
      your things".  Beth asks, "Why?"  Quentin announces, "You and I are
      leaving Collinwood tonight".  Beth asks, "Don't I have any choice
      in the matter?"  Quentin, surprised, says, "I thought you wanted
      to go with me".  Beth replies, "I'm not sure I do".  Quentin points
      out, "With Jenny gone, Judith has no reason to keep you on".  Beth
      tells him,  "Judith has fired me from the job".  Quenitn says,
      "Then there's no reason for you to stay here".  Beth says,
      "I just keep thinking about Jenny..."  Quentin protests, "It was
      an accident!  I didn't mean to do it! Don't you believe me?"  Beth
      replies, "I don't know.  I guess I'll never know".  Quentin asks,
      "Do you have any reason to stay at Collinwood?" Beth replies, "No".
      Quentin says, "Then go with me".   Beth replies, "I'll think about
      it and let you know tonight".  There's a knock at front doors.
      Beth answers.  It's Sandor.  He tells Beth, "I came for Jenny's
      things".  Beth replies, "They're ready", and takes him to the Drawing
      Room.  Sandor looks at the things Beth has packed and asks, "This
      is everything?"  Beth replies, "Yes" and leaves.   Sandor takes Jenny's
      things and turns to leave too, but Quentin tells him, "Wait a minute,
      Sandor, I'd like to talk with you".  Sandor replies, "We have nothing
      to talk about".  Quentin says, "I think we do.  I'm prepared to make
      you a very handsome proposition.  I offered you and Magda $10,000.
      Now I'm offering the same amount to you alone!  You didn't fool me
      at the old house.  When I mentioned the money, your eyes bulged.
      Magda need never know about it".  Sandor asks, "What do you want
      from me in return?"   Quentin replies, "You're a gypsy.  You know
      about curses.  If she can put a curse on me, you can remove it", but
      Sandor tells him, "I wouldn't know how.  Even if I did, I wouldn't
      do it.  I might gain $10,000, but I'd lose Magda.  I can't betray
      Magda.  I'd rather lose $10,000 than Magda".  Quentin says,  "All
      right then, I'll give you all the money just to tell me what the
      curse is".  Sandor asks, "What good would that do you?"  Quentin
      replies, "I'd be prepared for it".  Sandor, refuses to tell him, "I
      can't tell you".  Quentin caustically remarks, "Maybe you can't
      tell me because there's nothing to tell.  Maybe it is just a lot
      of nonsense, just as Edward says".  Sandor warns him, "Just a few
      more hours, Quentin, and you will know.  Just a few more hours..."
         Sandor and Magda are at Jenny's grave.  Sandor asks Magda,
      "How much longer?"  Magda replies, "It will be time when the
      moon rises.  It will take just a few moments, but for Quentin
      Collins, it will last a lifetime!".
         It is 7:00.  Quentin is packed and ready to leave.
         Beth is in her room, packing.  There's a knock at the door.
      Beth answers it.  It's Quenitn.  Seeing that Beth is packing,
      Quentin remarks, "So you've decided to come with me".  Beth replies,
      "Yes".  Quentin remarks, "You don't seem too excited about it".
      Beth asks, "Quentin, why do you want me to come with you?"  Quentin
      asks, "Are you serious?  I'm in love with you!"  Beth says, "I did a 
      lot of thinking aobut that last night.  I'm not sure you do love me.  
      I don't think you want me with you because you love me.  I'm not sure 
      you've ever loved anyone.  I think you want me with you because you 
      can't stand being alone.  You use people for your purposes, then when 
      you're finished with them, you discard them".  Quentin asks,  "Then
      why have you decided to come with me?"  Beth replies, "Because I love 
      you.  Every instinct tells me not to go with you, but I am".  Quentin
      says, "Let's go get the carriage", but Beth tells him, "No, not yet.  
      There's a personal matter I've got to attend to in Collinsport".
      Quentin exclaims, "There's not enought time!  We've got to go!"
         The moon rises.  Magda and Sandor are at Jenny's grave.  
      Magda announces, "The moon!  The moon is in the sky!  It is time, 
      Sandor!", then starts to chant, "Let my voice be carried by the wind, 
      let it be carried throughout the countryside!  Let it be heard by the 
      chiefs and prophets of all the caravans!  I speak for one of us who 
      has been struck down, one of us for whom there must be justice!  Hear 
      my words!  Hear my wish!  I place this curse upon Quentin Collins, 
      and upon all his male kin of succeeding generations!"
        At Colliwnood,  Quentin asks, "Tell me what you have to do!"  Beth
      replies, "I can't tell you".  Quentin tells her, "Then I can't let 
      you go!  Forget about it and come with me!  There's no time!  The 
      gypsies told me I had till nightfall!"  Suddenly, he doubles over.
      Beth asks, "What's the matter?"  Quentin gasps, "Pain!  More pain 
      than I've ever felt!  It's like my insides were being ripped out! 
      Get a doctor!"
      Episode 751
      Worldvision Rerun 535
      Tape Date: May 6, 1969 (ABC #96-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 12, 1969 Monday
      Writer:    Violet Welles
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

      Kathryn Leigh Scott:
        "Collinwood in the year 1897.  In the cemetery, Jenny Collins lies, 
         newly dead.  At her grave, her grieving relatives wreak their gypsy 
         vengeance against the man who murdered her.  And in Beth's room at 
         Collinwood, Quentin Collins begins to feel the stirrings of the curse 
         that was put on him."

         Beth runs to the foyer and prepares to place a phone call, but 
      there's a knock at the front door.  Beth opens it.  It's Rachel.
      She asks, "Where's Judith?"  Beth replies, "She's not here".  Rachel
      asks, "Then what about Edward?"  Beth replies, "He's not here either".
      Rachel asks, "Then where's Quentin?  I've got to tell someone about
      Jamison".  Beth tells Rachel, "He's very ill", then calls the doctor,
      but finds that he's not there and leaves the message, "When he gets
      back, please have him call Collinwood at once!  It's urgent!"
        At the school, a young woman in her 20's is telling the Reverend
      Trask, "Rachel just covered herself with her blanket and pretended
      to go to sleep.  So did I.  When she thought I was asleep, she left.
      I followed her.  She went to Collinwood".  Trask triumphantly announces,
      "Collinwood!  Just as I predicted, to tell them what I was doing to
      Jamison!  You're such a comfort to me, Dorcas.  But some of the
      teachers here are not!", clearly referring to Rachel.  Dorcas asks,
      "Why don't you get rid of her if she is such a trial to you?" Trask
      replies, "You don't understand, Dorcas.  Shall I tell you the reason
      I keep Rachel here?  It is to test myself.  She is a trial to me, a
      constant thorn in my side.  She causes me to feel baser instincts
      like anger and rage rather than the elevated thoughts I strive for.
      I will keep her here until I overcome these base thoughts!"
         Beth and Rachel go to Beth's room.  Beth is shocked to find
      that Quentin is no longer in the room, which is now in shambles.
      Beth cries, "Quentin!  Where are you?"  Rachel asks, "What happened
      in here?!"  Beth tells her, "He was lying helpless when I left him!
      He couldn't move! Where is he?  Oh, Rachel, you've got to help me!"
         At the school, Trask continues, "I hope you don't think less of
      me, Dorcas, for my admission".  Dorcas Trilling replies, "Less?  No,
      I think more of you for trying to fight theses baser instincts, though
      I find it difficult to believe you have them!"  Trask asks, "Haven't
      you heard me yelling at Rachel and Jamison?  Haven't you heard her
      calling me cruel after I locked Jamison in the broom closet?"  Dorcas
      says, "There is such a thing as righteous cruelty!"  but points out,
      "But she's run to Collinwood to tell the Collinses what you're
      doing to Jamison!"  Trask replies, "Something must be done!  Give
      Jamison some food. Not very much.  Just enough to make a liar out of
         In the foyer at Collinwood, Beth tells Rachel, "I think something
      came in here and dragged Quentin off!"  Rachel dismisses the idea,
      "No, we would have seen it.  Where's Judith?"  Beth replies, "In
      Bangor".  Rachel asks, "What about Edward?"  Beth replies, "He's
      having dinner at the old house".  Rachel exclaims, "We've got to tell
      him about Quentin!", and goes to the phone, but Beth tells her,
      "There's no phone at the old house".  Rachel says, "Then I'll go
      there and tell him", but Beth exclaims, "NO!"  Rachel asks, "Is there
      any reason you don't want me to?  Is there something you're not
      telling me?"  Beth replies, "Quentin wouldn't want me to tell them".
      Rachel asks, "Why not?"  Beth replies, "You're not a Collins.  You
      wouldn't understand".  Rachel remarks, "From what I've seen, I'm glad
      I'm not a Collins!"  Beth tells her, "I might be a Collins soon.
      Quentin wants me to go away with him".
         At the school, Dorcas asks, "Reverend Trask, shall I give Jamison
      his supper?"  Trask replies, "No! I have reconsidered!  That would be
      doing exactly what Rachel wants me to do!  I would be giving in to
      temptation!"  Dorcas asks, "What are you going to do, then?"  Trask
      replies, "I'm going to call Judith Collins and tell her I'm trying to
      save two souls.  I'm going to tell her that Jamison cheated on his
      test, and his teacher Rachel is lying for him".  Dorcas protests,
      "But I don't think he did cheat on his test.  He wouldn't need to.
      He's a bright boy".  Trask replies, "Yes, he's a bright boy.  Too
      bright, so I have contrived this opportunity for him.  He will learn
      much when he confesses to something he didn't do.  He will learn
         Trask telephones Collinwood, but finds to his surpries that
      it is Rachel who answers the phone.  Rachel, shocked, asks, "How
      did you know I was her?!"  Trask says, "You wanted me to think you
      were up in bed, but I knew you weren't!  You can't fool me!  I am your
      friend!"  Rachel asks, "Then why did you deny Jamison his dinner?"
      Trask replies, "I denied him nothing.  I locked him in his room.
      His stomach may be empty, but his soul is enjoying a feast!"  Rachel
      exclaims, "I'm going to tell Judith about this!  I'm going to tell
      her you're starving Jamison!  This is a nightmare!"  Trask calmly
      announces, "You will tell no one!  You will return here!  Jamison's
      test will end when he learns his lesson!  Yours will end when you
      learn yours!"  Rachel tells Beth, "I must go back to help Jamison".
      Beth asks, "Rachel, why did you want to see Quentin?", but Rachel
      lies, "It's not important"
         Rachel, walking through the woods on her way back to the
      temporary school, hears someone following her.  She calls out,
      "Is someone there?  I know someone's there!  Who are you?  What
      do you want from me?  NO!  NO!"  Someone grabs her.  But it is
      only Trask.  He explains, "I wasn't sure you would come back
      as you said you would, so I came to get you".  Rachel tells him,
      "Someone's out there!  He almost caught me!"  Trask replies, "But
      I caught you first.  You are quite safe now!"
         At Collinwood, Beth is talking on the phone to the doctor,
      thinking Quentin might have gone there, "Yes, when I got back
      to the room, it was torn to shreds.  I thought he might have
      gone to see you.  He didn't?  I don't know what to do now...
      Tomorrow?...I'll see you tomorrow, then"
         Inside the new school, Rachel says, "I can't get those footsteps
      out of my mind!"  Trask tells her, "I think the Good Lord sent you
      to me so I could help you!"  He accuses Rachel of a series of "crimes":
      "Item: You lied for the child!  Item: You stole food for him!  Item:
      Now these lies about someone following you to gain sympathy!"
      Rachel asks, "What are you going to do?"  Trask replies, "I want
      restitution".  Rachel asks, "What do you mean?"  Trask asks, "You
      don't deny that you stole food for the child?" Rachel protests,
      "Jamison was starving!"  Trask exclaims, "But it was stealing!
      Rachel, I will give you a chance to save yourself from a charge
      of theft.  I will charge you for the food.  One week's wages".  Rachel
      exclaims, "One week's wages for a plate of food?!"  Trask remarks,
      "A small price for your immortal soul".  Rachel compalins, "But 
      Jamison didn't even get the food!  You caught me before I could 
      give it to him!"  Trask slaps her hard and shouts, "I have heard 
      enough of your insolence!  Rachel, whatever I do, I do for you!  
      I must go meditate now!", and leaves.
         Rachel opens a door and finds Dorcas there.  She angrily asks,
      "Dorcas!  What are you doing out there?"  Dorcas lies, "Nothing",
      but Rachel says, "I know what you're doing!  You're eavesdropping 
      on me, just like you alway do!  I know what you did!  You followed 
      me to Collinwood, didn't you?"  Dorcas replies, "I did!  Then I 
      told him!  You are such a trial to him!"  Rachel angrily remarks,
      "You two deserve each other!" and leaves.  The sound of breaking
      glass is heard.  Dorcas Trilling sees something come in through the 
      window and screams, "No!  No!  Stay away from me!  Please, don't hurt 
         Trask, hearing a horrible scream, runs to the classroom where
      he finds Rachel standing over the horribly mutilated body of
      Dorcas Trilling.  He asks, "What happened?  What happened in here?  
      Who did this to her?"  Rachel, looking shocked, says, "So horribly
      mutilated!  Why?"
         Beth finds Quentin lying unconscious in the foyer at Collinwood,
      his clothes in shreds.  She revives him.  Quentin asks, "What am
      I doing here?  I was in your room, and you were going to get a
      doctor".  Beth replies, "When I got back, you were gone.  I've been
      looking for you all night!  You've been gone all night!  How did you
      get like this?"  Quentin replies, "I don't remember!  I don't remember
      a thing!".
      Episode 752
      Worldvision Rerun 536
      Tape Date: May 5, 1969 (ABC #97-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 13, 1969 Tuesday
      Writer:    Violet Welles
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Beth takes Quentin to his room.  Quentin says, "I'd better change
      out of these clothes".  Beth asks, "Why are they bloody and torn?"  
      Quentin replies, "I don't know, Beth, I don't know!  Magda said she 
      put a curse on me, she said something would happen last night, and
      something did!  But I don't know what it was!"  Beth tells him, "I
      think I do".  Quentin asks, "What?"  Beth replies, "I think she sent
      some gypsy fiend to frighten you out of your mind and chase you into
      the woods.  But's he's gone now, and it's over".  Quentin is not so
      sanguine, "I don't think it's over, Beth".     
         Judith is in the drawing room with Evan Handley, complaining to
      him, "He signed a paper agreeing to leave, but he's still here!
      Beth said he was ill, but I don't believe that!  I think he's
      trying to break the bargain!  I gave him the money, now I want
      him out of here!"  Beth comes into the room.  Judith asks her, 
      "How is he?"  Beth replies, "Better".  Judith asks, "Better enough 
      to speak to Mr. Handley?"  The phone rings.  Judith answers and says,
      "Reverend Trask!  Oh, no!..."  After she finishes her conversation and
      hangs up, Evan asks, "What is it?"  Judith tells him, "A girl was 
      killed at the school last night!  She was torn apart!"  Beth excuses 
      herself and leaves.  Judith continues, "Poor Reverend Trask, always 
      thinking of someone else.  He's suffered so much trouble, yet he took 
      the time to call and tell us there's a wild animal in the area".  Evan
      tells Judith, "I'll go speak to Quentin".
         In Quentin's room, Beth tells Quentin, "A girl was killed by a wild 
      animal at the temporary school near here!  You know what that means!  
      She was killed by the same wild animal that attacked you!"  Quentin
      points out, "There's one problem there.  I was covered with blood,
      but there wasn't one scratch on me".  There's a knock at the door.  
      Quentin answers it.  It's Evan Handley.  Evan tells him, "Judith 
      wanted me to speak to you about a rather delicate matter", then turns 
      to Beth and says, "Mind leaving us alone, Beth?"  Beth reluctantly
      leaves.  Evan tells Quentin, "A little while ago, you signed a paper
      saying you would leave Collinwood forever.  Now, as you know...", but
      suddenly stops in midsentence and says, "You look like..."  Quentin
      asks, "What?"  Evan replies, "I don't know.  Something in your face".
      Quentin exclaims, "I'm sick with fear!"  Evan asks, "Of what?"  Quentin
      replies, "I don't know!  You've got to help me!"  Evan asks, "How
      can I help you if I don't know what it is?"  Quentin explains, "All
      I know is that Magda the gypsy put a curse on me, and something
      happened to me last night!  I don't know what.  One moment I was
      in pain, then I don't remember anything".  Evan inspects Quentin's
      torn clothing, which is lying on a table.  He announces, "All right,
      Quentin, I'll help you.  But it will cost you much for my...
      professional services".  Quentin complains, "But I'm a friend!"
      Evan replies, "In business, there are no such things as friends"
      Quentin asks, "Just what do you want from me?"  Evan replies,
      "I'll tell you.  When the time comes".  Quentin tells him, "I'll give
      you anything if you'll find out what's happening to me!  Will you go
      to Magda now?"  There's a knock at the door.  It's Judith.  Evan tells
      her, "I think you'll find your brother quite cooperative" and leaves.
      Quentin says, "Here's your money", and gives Judith her money back.
      Judith says, "I don't want it!  I want you to go!  In the papers, it
      said..."  Quentin takes the document from her, tears it up, and throws
      the pieces in her face, saying, "Here are your papers, Judith!  The
      matter's settled!  I'm staying!"
         Evan goes to the old house.  Magda tells him, "Mr. Barnabas is not
      in".  Evan replies, "Good.  Then we're quite alone".  Magda, puzzled,
      says, "I don't understand".  Evan explains, "What you and I have to
      talk about might sound strange to the ears of others".  Noticing that
      Madgda has been reading the Tarot Cards, he remarks, "I see you're
      reading the cards".  Magda replies, "Yes.  I'm nervous.  I heard
      a girl was killed not far from here.  The killer has not been
      caught".  Evan asks, "What do your cards say about Quentin Collins?
      About your curse on him?"  Magda replies, "Curse?", pretending not to
      know what he's talking about.  Evan exclaims, "Don't deny it!"
      Magda asks, "He said I put a curse on him?"  Evan replies, "Yes.
      You said something would happen to him last night, and something did
      happen.  He says it was your curse."   Magda tells him, "I was angry!
      I said a few words!"  Evan asks, "So you put a curse on Quentin?"
      Magda replies, "I tried, but I failed!"  Evan asks, "So why don't
      you tell me what it is you tried to do?  If it didn't work, then they
      were just words".  Magda replies, "I don't tell you nothing!  You're
      a lawyer!  You're just trying to trick me!"  Evan tells her, "You've
      already told me quite a bit without meaning , Magda.  You have no need
      to worry about whatever attacked that girl, Magda, as long as you
      have that pentagram protecting you", looking at the pentagram hanging
      from a necklace Magda is wearing.  Magda replies,  "It's nothing,
      just a gypsy bauble worth a few cents".  Evan asks, "Really?  I'll
      buy it from you for $100*", but Magda replies, "I can't.  It has
      sentimental value.  It belonged to my mother".  Evan tells her, "Don't
      lie to me.  I know what it means.  A pentagram with two points
      pointing downward protects from many things.  Evil spirits, malevolent
      demons.  Now which have you set on Quentin with your curse, Magda?
      Which is it?"
         Evan has returned to Quentin's room at Collinwood and told him
      of what happened at the old house.  Quentin complains, "If she didn't
      tell you what the curse is, then I'm no better off than before!"
      He notices Evan drawing something on the carpet with a piece of chalk
      and asks, "What are you doing?"  Evan replies, "Drawing a pentagram.
      It is sanctuary from many forms of evil.  Magda was wearing one,
      so I know it has something to do with the curse".   Quentin asks, 
      "What form of evil?"  Evan replies, "I don't know.  We'll know 
      tonight.  You'll have to light two black candles, then sit inside 
      the pentagram.  Sometimes, the pentagram has power enough to break 
      the curse".  Quentin is dubious.  He demands, "Tell me what the evil 
      is, or get out of here with your insane talk of pentagrams!"  Evan
      replies, "All right.  But before I go, let me tell you the other 
      thing that could happen inside the pentagram.  You could die inside 
      the pentagram".  Quentin replies, "I won't be in the pentagram.
      I'll be doing something about the curse.  I'm going to kill Magda!"
      Evan warns him, "Don't do that, Quentin.  If you do, you'll never be 
      free of the curse".  He says, "There's one more thing", then turns
      to Beth and tells her, "Don't stay here with Quentin tonight", then
         At nightfall, Quentin and Beth are still in Quentin's room.
      Quentin, dubious about the pentagram, is not sitting inside it
      as Evan instructed, but is instead sitting in an easy chair.
      Noticing that Beth seems to be getting nervous, he says, "You're
      frightened, Beth.  He's made you frightened".  Beth admits that
      this is true.  Quentin tells her, "Then get out of here!  I want to
      be alone!"  Beth asks, "Is that what you really want?  All right,
      then I'll go..."  Quentin doubles over in pain again.  Beth asks,
      "What is it, Quentin??"  "Pain!  Like last night!"  Beth exclaims,
      "The pentagram!"  Quentin asks, "What if it doesn't work?"  Beth
      hopes, "It's got to work, Quentin!"  She puts a chair inside the
      pentgram, then sits Quentin on it.  She thinks aloud, "He said two
      black candles...", and gets two black candles.  She is bringing
      them to Quentin when suddenly, wracked with more pain than he can
      stand, he stands up, then collapses, falling out of the pentagram.
      Beth, afraid that Quentin has died, starts to go to him, but suddenly,
      she stops, a look of shock on her face.  A low growl is heard. Beth
      screams, "NO! Quentin!  Don't come near me, NO!"
      Episode 753
      Worldvision Rerun 537
      Tape Date: May 7, 1969 (ABC #98-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 14, 1969 Wednesday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Quentin has turned into werewolf.  He chases Beth around the
      room.  In running from the werewolf, Beth happens to step into
      the pentagram.  The werewolf tries to attack her, but finds that
      he cannot step into the pentragram.  Frustrated in his attack,
      the werewolf runs out of the room to search for other prey.
         At the school, Jamison is still locked in a closet as punishment.
      He tries to escape by climbing up to a high window, but fails.
      He finds a box in the closet and tries to use it as a step, but
      even with the aid of the box, he finds that he cannot reach the
         Tim comes into the classroom, carrying a bundle wrapped in
      blue cloth.  He hears someone outside the classroom and quickly
      hides it.  Charity comes into the room and tells Tim, "I've been
      looking all over for you.  My parents have gone to return Dorcas
      Trilling's body to her parents and offer their condolences.  They've
      left me in control of the school while they're gone".  She tells him
      about how afraid she is with the wild animal still loose.  He
      tells her, "Don't be.  I'm here".  She asks, "Why have you come 
      back to the classroom?  You usually go to your room after class
      is over"  Tim replies, "There's some papers I have to mark".  Charity
      asks, "Can I help you?"  Tim replies, "No, I'd rather do them by 
      myself.  That way, I can track the progress of each pupil".  Charity 
      leaves.  Tim locks the classroom door, retrieves the bundle, 
      then unlocks and goes into the closet.  Jamison, who's in there, 
      asks, "Why are you here?"  Tim warns him, "You've got to be very 
      quiet!  If you make a noise, we'll both be in trouble!"  Jamison 
      asks, "Have you come to get me out?"  Tim replies, "No, I'm afraid I 
      can't do that, but I did bring you some food".  He gives Jamison the 
      blue bundle.  Jamison exclaims, "I was getting tired of just bread 
      and water!", and starts to eat ravenously.  Tim warns him, "If anyone 
      comes, you've got to hide it!  Now, I've got to go!"  Jamison asks, 
      "Tim, why am I being punished?  Reverend Trask says I'm being punished 
      because I cheated on the test, but I didn't!" Tim replies, "I believe 
      you.  Reverend Trask demands complete obedience, but you haven't shown 
      complete obedience to him.  You've shown independence.  Do you
      understand?"  There's a loud banging at the classroom door, followed
      by the sound of Charity's voice demanding, "Let me in!"  Tim tells
      Jamison, "Hide that food!", then goes out and opens the classroom
      door.  Charity comes in and asks, "Why did you lock that door?"  Tim
      replies, "I didn't want to be disturbed".  Charity asks, "Who'd
      disturb you?  You're not telling the truth, Tim!  I can always tell!"
      She looks over at the closet and asks, "Is it possible you were in
      there giving aid and comfort to our little prodigal?"  Tim caustically
      remarks, "You're starting to sound like your father".  Charity demands,
      "I want an answer!"  Tim lies, "No, I wasn't in there".  Charity
      says, "I'll see!", then goes into the closet and tells Jamison,
      "Jamison, I want you to look me in the eye and answer me!  Have you
      been alone in here all evening?"  Jamison lies, "Yes".  Charity asks,
      "Did Tim come in here?"  Jamison lies, "No".  Charity sees a bulge on
      Jamison's chest and says, "You've got something under your shirt!
      What is it?"  Jamison lies, "Nothing!", but Tim comes into the closet
      and tells Jamison, "You might as well show her.  She won't leave until
      you do".  Jamison gives Charity the bundle.  Charity looks inside and
      exclaims, "Food!"  Tim protests, "The boy can't live on just bread and
      water!"  Charity says to Jamison, "I'll give you something to make you
      think about what you've done!"  Tim tries to save Jamison from punish-
      ment, saying, "If anyone should be punished, it should be me!  I gave
      him the food!", but Charity points out, "But he took it!", and leaves.
      She returns with a very large tome, gives it to Jamison and tells him,
      "It's my father's favorite book of meditation. Read it while you think
      about what you've done!", then leaves, taking Tim with her.
         Inside, Jamison takes the book and, instead of reading it,
      places it on top of the box he had stood on earlier in his
      attempts to reach the window.  He steps onto the book and finds
      that with the extra height it provides he can easily reach the
      window.  He opens the window, which is hinged at top and swings
      open at the bottom, climbs up through it and escapes.
         Meanwhile, outside in the classroom, Tim begs Charity not
      to tell her father about what happened, "Charity, if you have any
      feeling for me at all, don't take this matter to your father!"
      Charity says, "I have to!  If I don't, it would be lying!"  Tim
      insists, "No it wouldn't!", but Charity just says, "It would!"
      Tim caustically remarks, "He's sure done a thorough job on you,
      hasn't he?"  Charity, upset, says, "I don't want to discuss this
      any further!"  They hear a loud banging sound coming from inside
      the closet and rush inside to investigate.  They find that it was
      the sound of the window banging shut.  Jamison is gone.  Charity
      exclaims, "He's escaped!"  Tim points at the book, and says, laughing,
      "And look what he used to do it!"  Charity complains, "It's your
      fault!"  Tim counters, "YOU gave him the book!"  Charity replies,
      "I wouldn't have given it to him if you hadn't given him that food!"
      Tim tells her, "I'll go outside and look for him.  He couldn't
      have gotten far", but Charity says, "No, that won't be necessary"
      Tim, puzzled, asks, "What do you mean?"  Charity replies, "There's
      only one place he could have gone.  Collinwood.  All we have to do
      is go there and get him".
         Jamison, on his way through the woods, hears something following
      him and runs.  Behind him, the werewolf follows...
         Charity telephones Collinwood.  Beth answers the phone and tells
      her, "Sorry, Miss Judith is in Collinsport, and Edward's not home".
      Charity asks, "Who is this?"  Beth replies, "Beth Chavez".  Charity
      tells her, "I want you to listen to me very carefully.  Jamison
      Collins has run away from the school.  I'm sure he's going to
      Collinwood.  When he gets there, I don't want you to let him out
      of your sight until I get there".  Beth, shocked, asks, "He left the
      school alone?!"  Terrified that Jamison is in the woods alone with
      the werewolf out there somewhere, Beth prepares to go out to look for
      him, but just as she is about to leave, Jamison comes bursting in
      through the front doors, quickly closing them behind him, and shouts,
      "I've got to hide!  He'll be here any second!"  Beth asks, "Who?"
      Jamison replies, "Reverend Trask!  I ran away from the school!"
      Beth tells him, "I know.  Miss Trask called and told me".  Jamison
      exclaims, "I've got to hide!  He chased me all the way!"  Beth asks,
      "Did you see him chasing you?"  Jamison replies, "No, but I heard
      him!  I was going to go the the cottage, but this was closer!"
      There's a knock at the front door.  Beth quickly pushes Jamison
      into the drawing room and closes the doors, then lets Charity and 
      Tim in.  Charity says, "I've come for the boy,  Miss Chavez.  I know 
      he's here.  I want you to turn him over to me at once!"  Beth lies, 
      "I haven't seen Jamison since you called.  I'm afraid the boy's father
      will be very upset when he hears about this!"  Charity suggests, 
      "Maybe he's at the old house.  I'll phone there and see!"  Beth tells 
      her, "You can't.  There's no phone at the old house".  Charity then 
      says, "Then I'll wait in the drawing room for the boy's father to 
      return".  Beth, without thinking, exclaims,"No!"  Charity asks, "Is 
      there something in there you don't want me to see?"  Beth lies, "No".  
      Charity opens the doors and goes inside, but there's no one in there.  
      She asks, "Mind if I search the house?"  Beth replies, "You'll have 
      to get Edward's permission to do that".  Charity sees curtains moving 
      and announces, "I don't think that'll be necessary!  Jamison's here!  
      Jamison, would you please come out?"  Nothing happens.  Charity looks 
      behind the curtains but finds no one there.  Beth asks, "Satisfied, 
      Miss Trask?"  Charity, surprised, says, "He must be here!  I saw the 
      curtains moving!  The windows are open!"  Beth replies, "That was 
      the wind you saw moving the curtains, and I opened the windows
      myself just before you came".  Tim tells Charity, "We've got to
      go back to the school.  What if your father comes back and finds
      that not only is Jamison gone, but that we've left the children
      alone as well?"  Charity turns to leave.  Tim says, in a knowing
      tone, "Thank you, Miss Chavez", to Beth, then leaves with Charity.
      Beth goes to the window and calls outside, "Jamison, are you out
      there?  It's all right, Jamison, they've gone!", but receives no
         Beth arms herself with a revolver and goes out into the woods
      to look for Jamison.  In the woods, she calls out, "Jamison!
      Jamison, don't hide from me!"  She hears a noise and calls,
      "Jamison, is that you?", but when she turns and looks, sees the 
      werewolf perched atop a large boulder.  The werewolf growls and
      prepares to pounce on her.  She aims the revolver at it...
      Episode 754
      Worldvision Rerun 538
      Tape Date: May 8, 1969 (ABC #99-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 15, 1969 Thursday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         The werewolf pounces on Beth.  Beth shouts, "No, Quentin, No!",
      bu before she can shoot, the werewolf pounces on her.  Edward
      and Barnabas, who are in the area, hear Beth's screams
      and come running to her aid.  Edward, seeing the werewolf, shouts,
      "OH MY GOD!"  Barnabas drives Quentin off by beating him with the 
      silver handle of his walking stick.  Barnabas is about to run
      after the animal, but Edward tells him, "Don't go after him!
      We must go back to the house and call the police!"  Barnabas
      asks, "Have you ever seen that creature before?"  Edward replies,
      "Good God no!"  Barnabas reminds him, "Jamison's out here!  We must
      find him!"  Edward replies, "Yes, but first you must help me get Beth
      back to Collinwood.  We'll get guns there and look for him".
         Jamison runs to the cottage.  He looks around, but sees no one
      there.  Laura comes out of the bedroom and exclaims, "Jamison!
      Darling!  I was thinking about you all night!"  Jamison says, "I've 
      run away from the school!  Please don't make me go back, please!  
      Go to Father, make up with him, please!"  Laura replies, "Jamison,
      your father will never make up with me".  Jamison says, "Then I'll
      have to go back to the school!  He'd never let me stay with you if
      you don't make up with him!  He won't even let me stay at Collinwood!"
      Laura tells him, "You don't have to go back to that school, Jamison.
      You can come with me.  We could be together, always!"  Jamison asks,
      "If I go with you, would I be able to come back here to visit Quentin?"
      Laura replies, "Quentin won't be here much longer".   Jamison asks,
      "How do you know?"  Laura replies, "I just know.  I love you, Jamison,
      that's why I'm asking you to come with me.  The place I'm going
      to is so beautiful!  Everything's different there, even time is
      different!"  Jamison asks, "How could time be different?"  Laura
      replies, "It is!"  Jamison remarks, "It must be very, very far away.
      I've never heard of a place like that".  Laura tells him, "You'll
      love it there, Jamison!  It's a place for very special people!"
      Jamison asks, "Does it have a name?"  Laura replies, "Every place
      has a name, but I won't tell you what it is until you come with me.
      I'll have to leave soon.  Come with me!   Nora will, I'm sure of it!
      We'll be happy, the three of us, like we used to be!"  Jamison
      starts to protest, "But Father..."  Laura tells him, "Father won't
      be able to stop us!  We'll trick him!"  Jamison asks, "When are
      you going?"  Laura tells him, "If you say yes, we'll leave tonight".
      Jamison says, "Yes!"  Laura tells him, "We'll leave soon, then.
      We'll be together, always!"
         At Collinwood, Edward, still looking shocked, gasps, "That animal,
      it was wearing clothes!  I couldn't have imagined it!  And when he ran
      off, he ran like a man!"  He loads a rifle for himself, then loads a
      pistol and gives it to Barnabas.  Barnabas suggests, "Perhaps Jamison
      went to the cottage".  Edward  tells him, "I'll go look there.  You go
      search the woods", and leaves.  Barnabas thinks to himself, "For the
      first time since I've come to this time, I know why I'm here!  There's
      a werewolf here at Collinwood!  There must be some connection with
      Chris!  But what does it have to do with Quentin?"
         At the cottage, Laura takes out her scarab and chants, "Nora,
      Nora!  Wherever you are, come to me!"  She suddenly stops when
      she is interrpted by a knock at the door and a voice shouting,
      "Laura!".  She answers it.  It's Edward.  Seeing that he's carrying
      a rifle, Laura caustically asks, "Are you here to kill me?"  Edward
      asks, "Is he here?"  Laura asks, "Is who here?"  Edward replies, "Is
      Jamison here?"  Laura, feigning ignorance, asks, "Jamison?"  Edward
      says, "He ran away from the school.  Is he here, Laura?"  Laura
      remarks, "You always seem to be having trouble with Jamison and Nora.
      There's always something happening".  Edward tells her, "There's a
      wild animal in the area!  Beth was attacked by a horrible wolf-like
      creature!"  Laura exclaims, "Then you'd better search for Jamison!"
      Edward asks, "He's not here?  If you're lying, Laura..."  Laura feigns
      offence and asks, "How could you accuse me of lying?"  Edward replies,
      "Because you've so often and so convincingly in the past!" and leaves.
      Laura takes her scarab again and resumes chanting, "Nora, hear my
      voice!  Jamison and I are leaving!  Come with us, Nora!  I will
      protect you!  Come to me now, Nora!"
         At Collinwood, Beth is pacing around the drawing room nervously.
      She hears the werewolf howling outside and becomes even more
      nervous.  Barnabas, having searched the woods unsuccessfully,
      returns.  Beth asks, "Any news?  Did you see the animal?"  Barnabas
      remarks, "Curious.  I would have thought the first one you'd be asking
      about would be Jamison".  Beth lies, "I'm just upset".  Barnabas tells
      her, "I've come back to get Quentin.  The more people we have looking
      for Jamison, the better the chances we'll find him".  Beth tells him,
      "Quentin's not here.  He's in Collinsport".  Edward returns and
      announces, "It's incredible!  He's just disappeared!"  Barnabas asks,
      "Are you sure he wasn't with him mother?"  Edward replies, "Yes".
      Edward picks up the phone and asks, "Get me the police!"  Beth
      exclaims, "No!"  Edward asks, "What?!"  Beth replies, "I'm just
      nervous.  I don't know why I said that"  As Edward talks to the
      police, Barnabas tells Beth, "If Quentin returns, tell him I'll be
      at the cottage.  I'll be there for the next hour or so.  Tell him if
      I'm not there, I'll be at the old house.  Be sure you tell him!  It's
      vital he come see me!" and leaves.  Beth is alarmed to hear Edward
      telling the police, "You must hunt that animal down before it hurts
         At the cottage, Laura continues her spell to call Nora.  She
      is interrupted by Jamison coming out of the bedroom.  She asks,
      "What's the matter?"  Jamison replies, "I think I have a temperature.
      Do I?"  Laura feels his forehead and replies, "Perhaps".  Jamison
      tells her, "I don't want to be sick!  I won't be able to go with you
      if I'm sick!"  Laura assures him, "It'll be all over before we go".
      Jamison asks, "Do you know what's making me sick?"  Laura replies,
      "Yes".  Jamison exclaims, "Then do something about it!"  Laura promises,
      "I will.  Just go back to bed and go to sleep".  Jamison asks, "After
      I go with you, will we be together all the time?"  Laura promises,
      "Yes, all the time" and takes him into the bedroom.  Unbeknownst to
      her, Barnabas is fluttering outside the window in the form of a bat,
      spying on them.  He materializes inside the room.  He picks up the
      scarab and examines it.  Laura comes back out.  Seeing Barnabas, she
      demands, "What are you doing here?"  Barnabas replies, "I have come
      for Jamison".  Seeing that he is holding the scarab, she demands, "May
      I have that please?"  Barnabas replies, "I'll give it to you when you
      give me the boy.  It's Egyptian, if I'm not mistaken.  I believe it
      was once used in the Egyptian occult..."  Laura says, "I don't know
      anything about its history, but it's mine!", and grabs it from him.
      Barnabas asks, "Where's Jamison?"  Laura lies, "He's not here".
      Barnabas tells her, "I know he is.  I saw him from the window".
      Laura asks, "Why do you want to take him away from me?"  Barnabas
      replies, "I want him to stay alive!"  Laura asks, "You think I'd hurt
      him?!"  Barnabas replies, "I know what you are!  You have no right
      calling yourself his mother!  Now, for the last time, give me the
      boy!"  Laura casts a spell that immobilizes Barnabas and cause him
      to feel like he's on fire, and says, "Now, are you convinced you
      cannot take my son?", but Jamison comes out of the bedroom suddenly
      and Laura stops her spell.  Jamison, delirious from fever, looks at
      Barnabas and exclaims, "Quentin!  You've come to say goodbye!"
      Barnabas exclaims, "He's delirious!"  Laura gasps, "Stay away from
      me!" to Barnabas.  Jamison says, "Don't worry, Mother.  Quentin
      won't hurt you.  He promised me!"  She orders him, "Go back to bed!",
      but Barnabas grabs him and runs out the door.  Laura goes to the door
      and shouts, "You'll pay for this!  Before this night is over, I'll see
      you'll pay!"
      Episode 755
      Worldvision Rerun 539
      Tape Date: May 9, 1969 (ABC #100-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 16, 1969 Friday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Laura goes to Collinwood, where she finds Barnabas in the foyer
      with Beth.  Barnabas has brought Jamison up to his room, where
      Edward is watching over him.  Laura says, "I've come to see how
      Jamison is doing".  Barnabas, knowing that Jamison is safe upstairs
      with Edward, excuses himself, saying he has important business to
      attend to. 
         Laura is staring at the portrait of Barnabas.  Beth returns down 
      into the foyer.  Laura asks, "Am I to see my son?"  Beth replies, 
      "I'm afraid Edward said no".  Laura asks, "How is he?"  Beth replies, 
      "He seems weak".  Laura asks, "Why are you watching me?"  Beth replies,
      "I was told to lock the door after you left".  Laura, puzzled, asks,
      "Left?"  Beth explains, "You are not to stay here".  Laura angrily
      replies, "I will stay here!  What if Jamison gets worse and starts
      to call for me?  If he called for Barnabas or Quentin, Edward would
      let them see him, wouldn't he?  Why not me?"  She looks at the
      portrait and mumbles, "Barnabas.  Even the ring, the same!"  Beth
      tells Laura, "Mrs. Collins, if you go, I'll promise to call the
      cottage and tell you if there's any change in Jamison's condition"
      to try to convince her to leave,  but Laura continues to ramble,
      "Such a strange man with such strange habits, like a creature of
      the night".  She asks Beth, "Have you ever seen Barnabas during
      the day?"  Beth, puzzled, asks, "What?"  Laura repeats, "Have you
      ever seen him here during the day?"  Beth thinks for a moment, then
      replies, "Um, no.  I don't think I have.  But he could have been
      here.  I might have been upstairs and didn't see him".  Laura remarks,
      "I don't think so.  I don't think he's ever seen the sunlight
      come through these windows".  She tells Beth, "You may leave now,
      and close the doors, please!"  Beth does as instructed.  Laura goes
      to the fire and starts to pray, "Great Ra, I ask for one more favor
      from you!  My enemy is close on my trail!  Help me!"
         Beth goes outside and notices that the sun is rising.  She thinks
      to herself, "What if Quentin should come back?  She's inside!  She'll
      see him!", then goes inside and goes upstairs.
         Inside the drawing room, Laura continues to pray to Ra, "I shall
      ask for nothing more if you will let Barnabas Collins die!  Give me
      the power to make that happen!"  She then summons Dirk.  Dirk comes
      and asks, "You wanted me?"  Laura orders him, "Go to the old house!
      Look through the window.  Come back and tell me when it's over". Dirk
      asks, "When what's over?"  Laura replies, "You'll know it when you
      see it".
         At the old house, Barnabas is writing a letter to Quentin about
      Laura's threat, "Laura has threatened me and I know she intends
      to carry out that threat..." Unknown to him, Dirk is spying through
      the window.  When Barnabas finishes the letter, Barnabas he sees that
      dawn has arrived and prepares to go down to the cellar to "bed", but
      suddenly a fire appears in front of him and blocks his way.  More
      fires appear, and Barnabas soon finds himself surrounded by fires
      with no way out.  He vanishes into thin air.  Dirk is shocked.
         Dirk returns to Collinwood and reports what he saw to Laura,
      exclaiming, "Barnabas just vanished!  One moment he was there,
      the next, he wasn't!  He was surrounded by flames, but somehow
      he got out!  I don't understand!"  Laura explains, "He's not human".
      Dirk asks, "Not human?"  Laura replies, "I'll prove it to you.  Go to
      the old house.  There's a secret room there.  Edward showed it to me
      when we were first married.  It's behind the bookcase.  There's a
      secret lever that opens it".  Dirk protests, "But Barnabas might catch
      me!"  Laura assures him, "He won't.  He's not there during the day".
      Dirk asks, "What do you expect me to find in there?"   Laura replies,
      "Old books, diaries and letters.  Look for anything written in the
      last century about Barnabas Collins!  Hurry!"
         Quentin, clothes tattered, is outside the front door of Collinwood.
      He hears Dirk and Laura talking inside and quickly hides behind some
      bushes. Dirk and Laura leave.  Quentin comes out of hiding and goes
      inside.  He tries to crawl up the stairs, but collapses.  Beth comes
      out of the bedroom hallway onto the landing and sees him.  She gasps,
      "Oh, Quentin!  Come!", and takes him into the drawing room and
      locks the doors.   Quentin exclaims, "You know!  What happened to
      me, Beth?  What happens to me?  Tell me!"  Beth asks, "What do you
      remember?"  Quentin replies, "I was in my room, I felt pain, and you
      pushed me into that pentagram, then I don't remember".  He holds up
      his bloodied hands and says, "Look at these hands!  What happened?"
      Beth replies, "You changed"  Quentin asks, "Into what?"  Beth replies,
      "An animal!  They saw you too, Barnabas and Edward.  Barnabas hit you
      with his silver cane.  You ran off.  They described you as a wolf that
      walks like a man".  Quentin moans, "Oh my God!"  Beth says, "There
      must be something we can do, Quentin, there must!"  Quentin asks,
      "Who did I kill?"  Beth lies, "No one".  Quentin says, "You're lying!"
      Beth tells him, "It wasn't you, it was the curse!"  Quentin growls,
      "I'm going to kill Magda!"  Beth begs, "No, Quentin!  She's our only
      hope to end the curse!"  Quentin asks, "What if it happens again
      tonight?  What are we going to do?"  Beth replies, "We have until
      tonight to think of something"  There's a loud banging at the door,
      followed by the sound of Laura's voice demanding to be let in.  Beth
      stalls her by lying, "I can't find the key".  Quentin goes out through
      the window.
         Dirk sneaks into the old house and finds that there is indeed
      a secret room behind the bookcase, just as Laura had said there
      would be.
         At Collinwood, Beth lets Laura into the drawing room.  Laura
      remarks, "I thought I heard Quentin in here".  Beth replies, "Up
      so early?  You should know better than that, Mrs. Collins!"  Laura
      remarks, "I know that this is the time he usually comes home.  Unless
      you've changed him".   Beth, pretending to be offended by the
      implication that there's something going on between her and Quentin,
      says, "Excuse me, Mrs. Collins.  I must go see how Jamison is" and
        At the old house, Dirk looks through the documents secreted
      in the secret room and finds a journal written by Ben Stokes.
      He reads a sentence from it aloud, "I will tell you the story of
      Barnabas Collins and how he died - or did he?"
         Dirk is back at Collinwood, showing Laura the journal and telling
      her, "But he didn't tell the secret!"  Laura replies, "He told us
      enough.  He told us Barnabas Collins HAD a secret".  Dirk protests,
      "But remember the last line he wrote: 'I cannot write more here.
      The secret will go to the grave with me'".  Laura replies, "Then
      we'll go to his grave".  Dirk continues to complain, "But all this
      proves is that Barnabas Collins didn't really go to England, and
      that's all!"  Laura, exasperated, says, "When are you going to
      learn?  Come with me!"
         At Collinwood,  Beth tells Quentin, "Quentin, there's no full
      moon tonight".  Quentin asks, "What if I'm not like the ones the
      books talk about?  What if I change even if there isn't a full
      moon?!"  They are interrupted by Barnabas coming in through the
      front door.  He tells Quentin, "I've found out some very important
      things about Laura!  I must speak to you!", but Quentin, preoccupied
      with his own problems, just replies, "Not now, Barnabas!", and
      rushes out of the room.
         Having waited until after nightfall to avoid being seen, Laura
      and Dirk go to the cemetary and dig up Ben Stokes' coffin, which they
      find marked by a stone that says, "Ben Stokes, 1756-1816*".  Inside
      the coffin, they find another journal.  Ben, it seems, was being
      literal when he said he would take the secret to the grave with
      him.  Laura excitedly exclaims, "There it is!  The book!  The
      secret's there!  Give it to me!"  Dirk gets the book and gives it
      to her.  As Laura is reading it with great interest, Dirk notices
      that someone has snuck up (or maybe appeared) behind them. He nudges
      Laura and exclaims, "Look!".  Laura turns and looks. She sees
      Barnabas standing there...

      *This contradicts what Professor Stokes said during the "Adam" storyline,
       where he says Ben lived to be 75 years old (Episode 464).
      Episode 756
      Worldvision Rerun 540
      Tape Date: May 12, 1969 (ABC #101-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 19, 1969 Monday
      Writer:    Violet Welles
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Laura exclaims, "You!"  Barnabas remarks, "Robbing a grave is
      a bizarre activity for one as beautiful as you".  Laura replies,
      "I'm not robbing a grave!"  Barnabas asks, "Then why are you holding
      something that doesn't belong to you?", and grabs Ben's secret journal
      from her.  Laura demands, "Give that to me!".  Dirk tries to attack
      Barnabas and take the journal from him, but Barnabas easily overcomes
      him using only one hand.  Dirk lies unconscious.  Laura exclaims,
      "You're not human!"  Barnabas asks, "Then what am I, Laura?"  Laura
      replies, "I'm not sure, but I'm sure that book has a name for you!"
      She tells him, "I've come back for one thing, my children!  If you
      try to stop me, I'll destroy you!"  Barnabas replies, "You are the
      one who will be destroyed, Laura", and vanishes.  Dirk regains
      consciousness and asks, "What happened?"  Laura replies, "I now know
      what I've suspected for a long time.  He and the original Barnabas
      Colllins are one and the same!"  Dirk protests, "But the original
      Barnabas Collins lived a hundred years ago!"  Laura remarks, "Yes,
      I was very fond of him then, but not anymore".  Dirk asks, "How could
      he still be alive?"  Laura replies, "He's not human!  You saw how he
      vanished at the old house!  You saw what he did to you just now!  He's
      the one who made me vanish at the cottage!  I can't let him do
      it again!  We must go away!"  Dirk asks, "All of us?"  Laura replies,
      "As soon as I take care of Barnabas Collins!  Go to the old house and
      search every room!"  Dirk asks, "For what?"  Laura replies, "Barnabas
      Collins' secret.  Meet me at the cottage when you've found it.  When
      I've learned Barnabas' Collins' secret and found out where he's
      vulnerable, I'm going to strike quickly and without mercy!"
         At the temporary school, Charity scolds Nora, "My father will
      be very angry when he finds out you've gotten your shoes wet!"
      Nora protests, "But I didn't know it was wet outside!"  Charity
      tells her, "Put them by the fire and dry them out" and leaves.
      Barnabas materializes in the room.  Nora turns and, surprised to see
      him standing there, exclaims, "Barnabas!  Where did you come from?"
      Barnabas replies, "I've been waiting for you, Nora".  Nora points
      out, "I didn't see you".  Barnabas lies, "You just didn't notice me",
      and tells her, "I've been watching you, Nora."  Nora asks, "Why?"
      Barnabas replies, "To see if you're happy.  Are you happy, Nora?"
      Nora replies, "I want to be with my mother and Jamison, not here".
      Barnabas tells her, "You'd better take your shoes to the fire before
      Miss Trask comes back".  Nora just stands there.  Barnabas says, "Go
      ahead", but she looks reluctant.  Barnabas asks, "Is there something
      about the fire that frightens you?  I know all about it, and I'm going
      to make it all right!  Look into my eyes!  What do you see?"  Nora
      replies, "I see myself, very small".  Barnabas adds, "And very
      frightened.  Keep looking into my eyes, and you will be less
         Dirk sneaks into the old house and begins to search.
         At the school, Barnabas asks Nora, "Do you understand what
      I have told you?"  Nora replies, "I understand".  Barnabas adds,
      "One more thing.  You must tell no one I've come to see you.  My
      visit and everything I've told you must remain secret!"  Nora replies,
      "Yes".  Charity comes into the room and is surprised to find Barnabas
      there with Nora.   She asks, "Barnabas!  What are you doing here?"
      Barnabas replies, "I came to have a little chat with Nora".  He turns
      to Nora and tells her, "Go to bed, my dear.  I can assure you you will
      have no more frightening dreams".  Nora says, "Goodnight, Cousin
      Barnabas", and leaves.  Charity tells Barnabas, "Barnabas, you
      shouldn't have come here!"  Barnabas replies, "I had to, to keep
      that child alive".  Charity asks, "What do you mean?"  Barnabas
      explains, "Laura Collins is on her way to take Nora.  When she comes,
      you are to let her in".   Charity protests, "I can't!  My father
      ordered me not to!  He'll punish me!"  Barnabas tells her, "You will
      carry out my orders!  Close your eyes, and your fear will disappear!
      Think about the old house, and the last time you were there!"  Charity
      closes her eyes and says, "I drank wine.  It made me feel so warm.  
      My father doesn't approve of wine.." While her eyes are closed, 
      Barnabas bites her. 
         At the old house, Dirk, having found nothing upstairs, comes
      down into the living room.  He sees the cellar door and decides
      to search down there.  He takes out a ring of keys and starts to
      open the door. 
         At the school, Barnabas asks Charity, "Do you understand what
      you must do?"  Charity replies, "Yes"  There's a knock at the door.  
      Barnabas tells Charity, "Go ahead.  Answer it", and vanishes.  Charity 
      opens the door.  It's Laura.  Pretending to be surprised, Charity 
      asks, "Mrs. Collins!  What are you doing here?"  Laura replies, "I 
      had to come!"  Charity reminds her, "You know how my father 
      disapproves of relatives coming to visit this late!"  Noticing that
      Charity seems to be acting strangely, Laura asks, "Is something the 
      matter, Miss Trask?"  Charity lies, "I was just going over the 
      accounts.  The price of food these days is truly shocking!"  Laura
      tells her, "After tonight, you'll have one less mouth to feed".
      Charity asks, "What do you mean?"  Laura replies, "I've come to take 
      Nora with me"  She tells Charity to get Nora, adding, "Don't tell
      her it's me!  I want it to be a surprise!"
         At the old house, Dirk goes down into the cellar and finds
      Barnabas' coffin.  He opens it and finds it empty.
         Charity brings Nora to Laura.  Laura asks, "Surprised to see me?"  
      Nora replies, "Yes".  Laura tells her, "I've got another surprise for 
      you.  I've come to take you away with me!  You, Jamison and I are 
      going away together, just like you've always wanted!"  Nora just 
      stands there.  Laura asks, "Is there something troubling you?"  Nora 
      remains silent.  Laura says, "I know what it is!  You've dreamed about 
      this moment for so long!  You're afraid you'll wake up and find that 
      this is just another dream!  It's not a dream!  I'm really here to 
      take you away!"  Nora finally speaks, "I don't want to go away with 
      you!  I don't want to leave Collinwood until I grow up!"  Laura 
      protests, "But you said you wanted to go away with me!"  Nora replies,
      "No, I said I wanted you to live at Collinwood with me!  I don't want 
      to leave Collinwood!"  Laura asks, "What's happened?  Did someone
      tell you to say that?"  Nora replies, "No".  Laura asks, "Then what's
      happened?"  Nora replies, "When I used to have dreams about you, it
      was when you were kind and gentle, it was before I was afraid of you".
      Laura exclaims, "How can you be afraid of me?!"  Nora replies, "You're
      different now".  They are interrupted by Charity coming back into the
      room with Nora's luggage.   She tells Laura, "Here are Nora's things",
      but Laura replies, "Take them back.  Nora's not going anywhere.  I'm
      afraid I'm the one who was surprised this time.  I should have anti-
      cipated this!".  She remarks, "Miss Trask, it appears that your
      father's rule against late visits by relatives was broken TWICE
      tonight!", clearly suspecting that it was Barnabas who was responsible
      for Nora's reaction to her.
         Later, Dirk tells Laura about the empty coffin he found in the
      cellar of the old house.  Hearing this, Laura announces, "Now I know
      the secret Ben put in his diary!  I know the secret of Barnabas
      Collins!  He is a man born in the 18th century but is still alive
      today!"  Dirk asks, "What do you mean?"  Laura replies, "He lives by
      night, but spends the day in that coffin".  Dirk asks, "You mean that
      coffin's his?"  Laura replies, "Yes, he's one of the living dead".
      Dirk, not understanding, asks, "Living dead?"  Laura replies, "He's
      a vampire".  Dirk exclaims, "Oh my God!"  Laura calmly says, "It'll be
      easy to take care of him, as easy as it was for him to turn Nora
      against me!  I'll destroy him in the morning, when he's completely
         After dawn, Barnabas returns to the old house.  Dirk and Laura,
      hiding behind some trees outside, see him go inside.  After waiting
      for a few minuties, they go into the old house.  Laura tells Dirk,
      "No one must come in here!  You must watch!"  She takes out the
      well known tools and announces, "Two simple tools, a stake and a
      hammer, and Barnabas Collins will cease to exist forever!"  She
      goes down into the cellar.  Dirk pulls out a revolver and stands
        Down in the cellar, Laura opens the coffin.  Barnabas is lying in
      there.  Laura remarks, "Long ago, when you were a little boy with sad
      little eyes, did those eyes see this moment when you would be
      destroyed forever?", places the stake over his heart and raises
      the hammer...
      Episode 757
      Worldvision Rerun 541
      Tape Date: May 13, 1969 (ABC #102-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 20, 1969 Tuesday
      Writer:    Violet Welles
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         But Angelique suddenly appears and stops her.  Laura gasps,
      "Who are you?  What are you doing here?"  Angelique replies,
      "I'll relieve you of these, and then we'll talk", and grabs the
      hammer and stake from Laura.  Laura calls for help, "Dirk!!!  Dirk",
      but Angelique tells her, "Don't bother.  He won't answer you".
      Laura asks, "What have you done to him?"  Angelique replies, "He's
      just gone, that's all".  Laura asks, "Who are you?"  Angelique
      says, "You seem rather interested in me.  You've always fascinated
      me.  Laura Stockbridge Collins, one of the famous Collins beauties.
      I remember that portrait of you that used to hang in Jeremiah Collins'
      study.  It was so beautiful.  But perhaps time is taking its toll on
      you.  You're starting to look rather wooden".  She tells Laura who
      she is.  Laura complains, "I came back for only one thing, my 
      children!  Barnabas is trying to stop me!"   Angelique replies, "I 
      will not let you harm him.  I will remain devoted to him, no matter 
      what".  Laura scoffs, "Then you are a fool!  If he really had
      a choice, do you think Barnabas Collins would choose you?  Do you
      think you could have him without your spells and potions?  You are
      a failure as a woman!"  Angelique, furious, vows, "I am going to
      destroy you!", and starts up the stairs. But when she is halfway up, 
      a fire suddenly appears to bar her way.  Laura comes up behind
      Angelique and warns her, "I must warn you, I am not without powers!"
      Seeing the look on Angelique's face, she adds, "And it is good to see 
      you are not without fear!".  The fires goes out and Laura brushes up 
      the stairs past Angelique into the living room.  Magda is there.  She 
      shouts, "Mrs. Collins! What are you doing here?", but Laura walks past 
      Magda without answering and leaves the old house.  Angelique, who's 
      also come upstairs, tells Magda, "She won't answer you, Magda".  Magda
      asks, "What is she doing here?"  Angelique replies angrily, "Do you 
      know where I found her?  At Barnabas' coffin with a stake and hammer!  
      Where were you?  You were supposed to be protecting him!"  Magda
      explains, "I was at my sister's grave with some flowers".  Angelique
      replies, "You should have been here!  We must do something about 
      Laura!  Go to Collinwood and get Quentin Collins for me!"  Magda
      replies, "Get him yourself!  He is not worth five minutes of my 
      time!"  Angelique warns her, "Get him for me, or you will be joining 
      your sister in the graveyard!"
         Quentin is getting himself drunk in the drawing room at Collinwood.
      Having finished an entire bottle of liquor, he exits the drawing room
      and starts up the stairs, but there's a knock at the door.  He answers
      it, sees that it's Magda and laughs, saying, "You can go now!  I 
      understand everything!  Out!  Out!  Why are you here?  Aren't you 
      finished with me?  You've done it all, you gypsy witch hag, you've 
      done it all!"  He starts up the stairs, but stumbles and falls.
      Magda scowls, "Fool!  You think I've destroyed you?  You've destroyed 
      yourself!  Poor Jenny, how could she ever have loved you?  If she 
      could see you now, it would break her heart!"   Quentin starts to beg,
      "She did love me - past tense.  And I did love her.  For the sake of 
      that love, and for her, please end the curse, Magda!"  Magda refuses. 
      Quentin threatens, "I'm going to kill you!", but Magda calmly replies,
      "Please be quiet and listen, Quentin.  I'm not here because I want 
      to see your face.  SHE wants to see you".  Quentin asks, "Who?"  
      Magda replies, "Angelique".  Seeing Quentin's reaction to the name, 
      she remarks, "I see you're afraid of her.  You can't fool her with 
      your smile and your charm like you did Jenny and Beth and all the 
         Quentin goes to the old house.  Angelique tells him, "Barnabas 
      went away for the rest of the day, but before he left, he told me 
      everything about Laura.  I found her going through the house like a 
      thief - but what she wanted to steal was Barnabas' life.  Laura 
      practices the Black Arts, doesn't she?"  Quentin replies, "Yes".  
      Angelique lies, "She put a spell on this house, a spell that
      will harm Barnabas when he returns", not wanting to tell Quentin
      about Barnabas' vampirism.   Quentin asks, "What do you want me to
      do about it?"  Angelique replies, "When someone tries to hurt
      Barnabas, it's like putting a knife through my heart.  I want you
      to help me".  Quentin exclaims, "Leave me alone, Angelique!  Do I l
      look like someone who could help?  I can't even help myself!"
      Angelique warns him, "People are either on my side, or they're against
      me.  However bad things are for you now, Quentin, they could only be
      worse with me as an enemy!"  Quentin reluctantly agrees to help.
      Angelique asks, "Did you ever manage to find the urn I told you
      about?"  Quentin replies, "Yes, and I put the fire out as you
      instructed.  Laura almost died as a result, but she prayed to the
      dark gods and they gave her a scarab which will give her enough life
      force to live 20 generations". (How he knows all this is not
      explained).  Angelique remarks, "Then the logical thing to do is
      get the scarab.  Where is it?"  Quentin replies, "She always keeps
      it close to her".  Angelique calls out, "Magda!"  Magda comes.
      Angelique tells her, "There's a matter of theft I need you for!"
      She orders her to steal Laura's scarab.  Magda asks, "How will I
      manage to do that?"  Angelique replies, "You'll think of something.
      Or I'll tell Barnabas how you left him unguarded this morning.
      My feeling is he'll kill you".  Quentin protests, "He can't kill
      her!"  Angelique asks, "Why?"  Quentin replies, "Because if she dies,
      I'll have to live with the curse forever!".  Angelique tells him,
      "I don't care anything about the curse; all I care about is
         Magda goes to the cottage and tells Laura, "You know the secret
      of Barnabas!"  Laura replies, "Soon, the whole world will know".
      Magda tells her, "I don't care what happens to Barnabas.  What he
      did to my Sandor, my man!  Let him die!"  Laura asks, "Then why are
      you here?"  Magda replies, "I'm concerned about how he dies!  If you
      tell about him, when they come for him, they will come for Sandor
      too!  I want you to kill him first.  There is another way you can
      kill him.  He can be killed with silver bullets.  I will get them for
      you on one condition.  You will use them.  Then Sandor will be free,
      and we will leave here.  So simple an answer, five silver bullets!"
      Laura replies, "All right.  It's settled", but Magda tells her, "There
      is one problem.  Silver bullets cannot be bought for the few pennies
      I have in my purse".  Laura tells her, "I have money.  I'll get it",
      and leaves the room.  While she is away, Magda searches the room. She
      finds the scarab hidden behind a pillow on the couch and pockets
      it.  Laura returns with the money, "Here.  Now get me the bullets"
      Magda replies cryptically, "They are the answer to many things, my
         Later, at the Collinwood, Angelique, now in possession of the scarab,
      remarks to Quentin, Magda did well.  Now we can begin the ceremony.
      Have you brought he Book of the Dead?"  Quentin replies, "Yes", and
      holds it out for her, but she tells him, "No, you keep it.  You will be
      performing the ceremony".  Quentin tells her, "I'd prefer not to.  It
      comes too close to the ancient gods for comfort".  Angelique tells him,
      "I can assure you the only one who will feel discomfort is Laura".  She
      takes out a red wax doll and asks it, "Isn't that true, my dear?  Now
      I will place you on your funeral pyre, a bed of fire to lie on for all
      eternity!"  She places the doll in the unlit fireplace, lights a fire,
      and orders Quentin, "Begin the ceremony!"  Quentin starts reading from
      the Book of the Dead: "Amon Ra, Prince of Light and Radiance, Creator
      of what came into being when the world first formed!  Accept this
      sacrifice to thee..."
         At the cottage, Laura appears to feel something and starts
      searching frantically for the scarab....
         Quentin continues to chant, "Son of Fire, accept this sacrifice!"
      Angelique smiles evilly...
         Not finding the scarab, Laura starts to pray at thee fire to Ra,
      "Oh, Great God Ra, giver of warmth and power, hear me!  Protect
      me!  Crush my enemies!"
      Episode 758
      Worldvision Rerun 542
      Tape Date: May 14, 1969 (ABC #103-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 21, 1969 Wednesday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Laura calls to Ra to send Jamison to help her.
         At Collinwood, Judith is watching over Jamison.  Jamison starts
      to babble deliriously, "Fire!  The whole house is on fire!  Water!
      Water!" Judith, not knowing what to do, says, "I'll bring you a glass
      of water", and leaves to get one.  Jamison gets up and leaves.
         At the Collinwood, Quentin continues to chant, "Oh, Ra!  I call
      to thee to take thy servant Laura, take her to thy breast!", but
      suddenly, Angelique is shocked to see her fire go out.  She exclaims,
      "Laura!  She's fighting us!"  She tries to relight the fire, but finds
      that it won't stay lit.  She exclaims, "The fire won't light!  Quentin!
      You must call on Seth!" Quentin exclaims, "No!  It's not good to call
      on the God of Death!"  Angelique warns him, "You have more to fear if
      Laura lives!  She'll know you were a part of this!"  Quentin, more
      frightened of Laura than the God of Death, starts to chant, "Seth, God
      of Death who first brought Death to Man, rekindle the fire!  Show Ra
      your power is greater than his!"  The fire starts to blaze brightly
      again.  Quentin says, "Thank You, Seth!"  Angelique echoes him, "Thank
      You, Seth!" Quentin continues to pray to Seth.  Angelique echoes each
      of his verses.  Suddenly, Jamison comes bursting into the room and
      shouts, "NO!!! You're hurting her!  I won't let you, I won't!"  The
      fire goes out.  Quentin starts to go to Jamison, but Jamison shouts,
      "Don't come near me!  I know what you're doing!  That doll, I know what
      it is!"  Judith comes into the room and says, "Jamison, come back to
      bed", but Jamison exclaims, "No, not until they stop what they're
      doing!"  Quentin tells Judith, "He's delirious", but Jamison shouts, "No,
      that's not true!"  Judith tries to quiet Jamison down, "Jamison,
      there's no use getting yourself so upset", but Jamison asks Quentin,
      "Why don't you tell them what you were doing?"  Judith turns to Quentin
      and Angelique and asks, "What were you two doing?"  Angelique replies,
      "Just waiting for Barnabas".  Jamison asks, "What about that doll?
      Surely that will show I'm telling the truth!"  He points to the
      fireplace.  Judith looks in the fireplace and tells him, "There's
      nothing there.  What are you talking about?  My poor darling!",
      fearing that Jamison is losing his mind.  Jamison collapses.  They
      put him on the couch.  Judith discusses Jamison's hallucinations,
      "It's as if he believes his dreams.  It's all so strange.  The doctor
      says there's nothing wrong with him, but there is!  Do you think his
      mother has anything to do with his illness?  Whatever I feel about
      Laura, I can't believe any mother can be so lacking in love.  Quentin,
      you must know..."  When she turns to look at Jamison on the couch, 
      she is shocked to see that he's gone and runs to look for him.  
      Quentin tells Angelique, "Laura probably knows we're the ones who 
      did this to her.  She's probably planning something now".  Angelique
      replies, "Then we'd better do something.  Get me a full length
      mirror".  Quentin asks, "Why?"  Angelique replies, in a caustic tone,
      "Because I want to look at myself!  I have my secrets, even from you.
      Now go, Quentin!"
         Jamison goes to the cottage and finds his mother Laura lying
      on the floor unconscious.  He cries, "Mother!", and she regains
      consciousness.  She exclaims, "Jamison!  Thank you!  Thank you!"
      Jamison tells her, "You gave me such a fright when I saw you lying
      there!"  Laura tells him, "I'm fine now".  Jamison asks, "Why does
      Quentin hate you so much".  Laura replies, "It's Angelique".  Jamison
      asks,  "Not Quentin?"  Laura tells him, "I know now that Quentin is
      a very weak man.  He just does what he is told to do".  Jamison asks,
      "Is that wrong?"  Laura replies, "For a boy, no.  For a man, yes".
      Jamison asks, "Why does Angelique hate you so much?"  Laura replies,
      "Because I know a secret, one she doesn't want me to know".  Jamison
      asks,  "What?  I like secrets!"  Laura tells him, "It's about Barnabas,
      about what he does during that day".  Jamison, puzzled, says, "That's
      no secret.  I already know what he does during the day.  He goes to
      Bangor every day".  Laura replies, "Yes, Jamison, he does", then asks,
      "You still want to come with me, don't you?  You haven't changed your
      mind?"  Jamison replies, "No, I still want to come with you"
         Quentin and Judith run into one another in the foyer.  Quentin
      asks, "Find him?"  Judith replies, "No.  You should have come with
      me!  You would have been fast enough to catch him as he ran down the
      path!"  Quentin apoligizes, "Sorry.  I had to stay".  Judith exclaims,
      "And I know why!  You and Angelique, behind Barnabas' back!  I won't
      have it!"  They are interrupted by Laura coming in through the front
      doors with Jamison.  He is taken up to bed.  Quentin remarks to
      Laura, "I'm surprised you brought him back".  Laura replies, "I didn't
      want Edward coming to the cottage screaming that I had him".  She
      turns to Judith and tells her, "I have learned a secret, one I must
      tell you.  Alone.  Judith, I warn you.  It's not pleasant, not
      pleasant at all.  Shall we go into the drawing room?  It's about
      what's going on at the old house"  They go into the drawing room,
      closing the doors and leaving Quentin in the foyer.  Judith asks,
      "What's going on at the old house?"  Laura replies, "It's about 
      Cousin Barnabas.  That portrait of him you have on the wall in the 
      foyer, you will take it from the wall and burn it after you hear what 
      I have to say!"  Judith says, "I don't understand".  Laura starts to
      say, "Barnabas Collins is a..." but before she finish her sentence, 
      Angelique comes bursting in through the doors, her eyes staring 
      intently at Laura.  Laura grabs at her throat and finds that she 
      can't speak.  Judith asks, "What's wrong?"  Angelique remarks 
      innocently, "She seems to have lost her voice, Miss Collins!"  
      Laura gasps, "AHHH...AHHH...", and runs from the room.  Judith and 
      Angelique run out into the foyer.  Quentin asks, "What's going on 
      here?  She didn't tell you that secret she was talking about, did she,
      dear sister?"  Judith replies, "No.  She suddenly seems to have lost
      her voice!  I've never seen anything like it before in my life".  
      Angelique, continuing to feign innocence, remarks, "I wouldn't have 
      believed it if I hadn't been there myself!"  Quentin remarks, "Laura's 
      so full of lies, I'm surprised she hadn't strangled on them before 
      now".  Judith tells them, "I'm going up to see Jamison.  Call me if 
      she comes back".  Quentin remarks, "I doubt she will".  Judith goes
      upstairs.  Quentin, knowing that Angelique was responsible for Laura's
      loss of voice and impressed by it, tells her, "You're beautiful and 
      dangerous.  Why do you want Barnabas and not me?"  Angelique replies, 
      "Because I love Barnabas, not you!  Now listen to me carefully.  Laura 
      will be at her cottage right now plotting revenge.  Go to the old 
      house.  I'll join you there shortly".  Quentin complains about
      being left in the dark, "When are you going tell me what you're 
      doing?  First you tell me to go upstairs and get you a full length
      mirror, now you tell me to go to the old house!"  Angelique admonishes
      him, "Stop acting like a child, Quentin!"  
         Quentin goes to the old house as instructed and is surprised to
      find that Angelique is already there.  He asks, "How did you get here?
      I just left you!"   Angelique just replies, "Shall we play a game of
      cards?"  Quentin asks, "What do you want me here for?" Angelique
      replies cryptically, "I want you to be here when it happens".  Quentin
      asks, "When what happens?"  Angelique remains silent.
         At the cottage, Laura prays to Ra, "There is a fire inside
      her!  Let it happen, Great Ra!  Unless you do, I am lost!"
         At the old house, Quentin grabs Angelique's wrist and demands,
      "Tell me!  What's going to happen?"  Suddenly, he exclaims, "Your
      arm!  It's hot!", and lets go of Angelique's wrist.  Quentin
      gasps, "What's happening here?  What?!"
         At the cottage, Laura chants, "Like red coals bursting into
      flame, let the flames come, Great Ra!"
         At the old house, Angelique suddenly stands up and starts to
      glow brightly, then bursts into flames...
      Episode 759
      Worldvision Rerun 543
      Tape Date: May 15, 1969 (ABC #104-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 22, 1969 Thursday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Angelique burns up and completely disappears, leaving no
      trace of ash or fire.  Quentin is shocked.  He exclaims,
      "Angelique!  Angelique!", then covers his face with his hands
      at the horror of the situation.
         At the cottage, Laura gratefully thanks Ra, "Oh, Thank you, Ra,
      Thank you!"  She looks very weak.  Dirk come in and asks, "Laura!
      What's wrong?"  Laura gasps weakly, "Help me!"  Dirk tells her,
      "You've got to get some rest!"  Laura speaks to Ra, "You're angry
      with me, aren't you, Ra?  I've asked for your help too many times!
      You want me now!  I'm coming!"  Dirk assures her, "No one's going to
      take you!  You're not leaving!  I'm not going to let it happen!",
      but Laura tells him,  "There's nothing you can do, Dirk.  There's so 
      much to do before I go", and collapses.
         Magda returns to the old house and finds Quentin there.  She
      caustically remarks, "Don't you like it at home?  Why are you always 
      here?  This is not a public house!  Go home!"  Quentin just stands
      there, still in a state of shock over what happened to Angelique.
      Seeing the look of utter shock on his face, Magda asks, "Your eyes!  
      What did you see?  Have you been snooping this house?", fearing that 
      he's been snooping around and is shocked because he's found Barnabas.  
      Quentin finally exclaims, "I saw Angelique burn up!"  Magda looks
      around the room and says, "There's been no fire here".  Quentin tells
      her, "Laura burned her up!", and tells her about what happened to 
      Angelique.  Magda laughs and taunts him, "Hide, Quentin, hide!  If 
      Laura is powerful enough to do that to Angelique, think of what she'll 
      do to you! You'd cannot stop Laura, you cannot fight Laura!  Burn, 
      Quentin, burn!"  Quentin runs off in terror.
         At the cottage, Dirk exclaims, "There must be something we can do,
      something we could try!"  Laura replies, "The scarab!  It will give me
      a little more time!"  Dirk asks, "Where is it?"  Laura tells him,
      "Angelique has it.  It's in her room".  Dirk protests, "She'll catch
      me if I go there!", but Laura assures him, "She won't!  I can assure
      you she won't!  Go quickly!  I must rest for what I must do if you
      don't find it!"
         At the old house, Barnabas arises and comes upstairs.  Finding
      Madga in the living room, he remarks sarcastically, "Well, Magda, I'm
      honored to finally see you.  When I returned this morning, where were
      you, and where was Sandor?"  Magda, looking frightened, says, "I must
      tell you.  Then I will know how angry you can get...", crosses herself,
      then tells him, "Laura, she knows about you!  She knows you are
      a vampire!"
          Magda tells Barnabas everything that happened during his daytime
      rest.  He is incredulous that someone has finally managed to destroy
      Angelique.  Magda remarks, "You are afraid now, aren't you, now
      that you don't have your Angelique to help you!"  Barnabas replies,
      "I must figure out what to do next.  Why did Angelique allow herself
      to be burned?  Could Laura be so powerful she could not stop her?
      What does Quentin know about me?  What did Angelique tell him before
      she was destroyed?"  Magda replies, "She told him nothing".  Barnabas
      asks, "Are you sure?"  Magda replies, "I'm sure".  Barnabas asks,
      "Then did Laura tell anyone?"  Magda replies, "No, if she did, they
      would be here by now.  She wants to take care of you herself".
      Barnabas tells her, "Then I must take care of her first.  Then I will
      decide what to do with you and Sandor".
         At the cottage, Laura is writing a letter.  She finishes it and
      seals it.  Dirk returns and tells her, "I couldn't find the scarab".
      Laura says, "Then he wants me back!"  Dirk tells her, "I will give
      you life like I did before", and kisses her.  But Laura remains weak.
      Dirk is shocked that it didn't work.  Laura tells him, "He wants me
      back this time.  He didn't before".  Dirk begs, "Don't go!"  Laura
      replies, "I promise I'll come for you later, and we'll be together
      forever".  Dirk asks, "Why can't I come with you now?"  Laura replies,
      "I must take the children first".  She gives him the letter and tells
      him, "Give this letter to Judith".  Dirk tells her, "She isn't home
      right now.  She's at a town meeting".  Laura replies, "Then give it 
      to her when she returns.  Give it to her, and no one else.  It's very 
      important".  Dirk asks, "What is it?"  Laura asks him, "What do you 
      remember of last night?"  Dirk replies, "I remember going to Ben's 
      grave, then going to the old house to look for Barnabas".  Laura asks,
      "Do you remember what I told you about him?"  Dirk replies, "No".  
      Laura asks, "Do you remember seeing Angelique?"  Dirk replies, "No".
      Laura tells him, "She must have made you forget.  I've evened the 
      score with her.  When Judith reads this letter, you will remember.  
      Everyone will know about Barnabas!  I must get Jamison.  You will get 
      a carriage and go to the school and get Nora.  Nothing must go wrong, 
      understand?  Go quickly!  I must have the children by midnight!"  
      Dirk tells her, "You'd better come back for me quickly, Laura.  
      They're going to know I helped you".  She promises to do so.  Unknown 
      to them, a bat is fluttering outside the window watching them...
         Dirk leaves the cottage to go to Collinwood to deliver the
      letter to Judith as instructed.  But when he gets outside the doors
      of Collinwood, he is attacked by a bat...                          
         The clock in the foyer reads 11:00.  Laura goes to Collinwood, but 
      when she walks into the foyer, she is surprised to find Barnabas there
      waiting for her.  He remarks, "Good Evening, Laura.  It's rather
      late for you to visit, isn't it?"  Laura counters, "It may be late
      for me, but it's early for you.  Your night is just beginning".
      Barnabas remarks, "I have much to do.  I'm sure you do too.  You're 
      dressed for travelling".  Laura replies, "That's none of your concern".
      Barnabas tells her, "It is my concern.  You will not take Jamison.
      Your plans are already going wrong".  Laura exclaims, "You're
      bluffing!"  Barnabas tells her, "I know you are Laura Stockbridge
      Collins!"  Laura replies, "I am.  I remember so well when Jeremiah
      first brought me to the old house you followed me all around".
      Barnabas asks, "Were you a phoenix even then?"  Laura asks, "I was
      so fond of you then!  Have you forgotten?"  Barnabas replies, "No".
      Laura begs, "Then let me take the children!  It's not my fault I am
      what I am!  You of all people should understand that!"  Barnabas
      refuses, saying, "You are not to be trusted".  Laura says, "Either
      Quentin or Angelique must have told you that, but you must not
      believe them.  Neither can be trusted".  Barnabas replies, "I found
      out not from them, but from someone else".  He opens the door under
      the stairs.  Dirk is lying there in a heap, unconscious.  Laura goes
      to him and cries, "Dirk!  Dirk!...He's dead!  You killed him!"
      Barnabas replies, "No I didn't. I had no need to kill him. You gave
      him something I had to have".  Laura exclaims, "My letter!"  Barnabas
      replies, "Yes, your letter.  It was written very eloquently.  A pity
      no other eyes will read it but mine.  I've already burned it".  Laura
      exclaims, "You can't stop me!  You have no one to protect you now!
      You have no power over me!"  Barnabas confidently says, "You will
      not leave this house with Jamison!"  Laura counters, "I will go up
      and get him!  Do what you want, and you will see how powerless you
      are!  You can do nothing!"
         Laura goes to Jamison's room and calls, "Jamison!  Wake up,
      darling!  I've come for you as I promised I would!  Jamison!",
      but when she lifts the bedcovers, she is surprised to find that
      what appeared to be the sleeping form of Jamison is nothing but a
      pile of pillows arranged to look like a body.  Angelique appears
      out of nowhere, laughing her head off.  Laura is shocked...
      Episode 760
      Worldvision Rerun 544
      Tape Date: May 16, 1969 (ABC #105-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 23, 1969 Friday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Laura, thoroughly shocked, exclaims, "NO!!!"  Angelique calmly
      tells her, "Yes, it's me again!"  Laura exclaims, "I don't believe
      it!  You can't possibly be here!"  Angelique, pretending to be
      puzzled, asks, "Why not?"  Laura exclaims, "I created a fire that
      destroyed you!" Angelique explains, "You didn't destroy me!  What you
      caused to be consumed by flames was a double.  I knew you'd try to
      do something against me, so I created a doppleganger, a double.  That
      was what you burned!"  She cheerily notes, "Your power is running out
      now!"  Laura demands to know, "What did you do with Jamison?"
      Angelique replies, "I was not the one who hid him".  Laura angrily
      vows, "I will get my children!"  Angelique remarks, "You should not
      get so angry.  Anger takes energy.  You have none to spare!  You
      really should use more caution in choosing your enemies!".
         Edward comes down into the drawing room and asks Barnabas, "Has
      Laura come down yet?"  Barnabas replies, "No", and asks, "Where
      are the children?"  Edward tells him, "I have hidden them well from
      her.  I should have known she came back to Collinwood to hurt me!
      What better way to hurt me than to take the children from me?"
      Barnabas tells him, "She will not try to do so in an ordinary way".
      Edward, sounding dubious, says, "You would have me believe she has
      supernatural powers!"  Barnabas replies, "I'm not asking you to
      believe me, I'm just asking you to take precautions.  Her powers are
      weakening, she's desperate, and she'll use what powers she has left
      to try to contact the children".  Edward asks, "How can she contact
      them if she doesn't know where they are?"  Baranabas replies, "I'm
      just asking you to take precautions.  Every fire in the house must
      be extinguished, every candle, every oil lamp.  You may use whatever
      electricity you have".  Edward exclaims,  "That's absurd!"  Barnabas
      asks, "Do I have permission to have this done?"  Edward replies, "Do 
      whatever you think necessary".  Laura comes into the room and asks, 
      "May I speak to my husband alone?"  Barnabas leaves.  Edward tells
      Laura, "Say what you have to say, Laura".  Laura tells him, "I'm 
      going away tonight.  You'll never see me again".  Edward remarks,  
      "That would be best for both of us".  Laura asks, "Before I go, I'd 
      like to see the children", but Edward replies, "No, Laura, I can't 
      let you do that".  Laura protests, "I just want to say goodbye
      to them!"  Edward tells her, "I think you'd try to do much more". 
      She continues to beg to be allowed to see the children.  Edward 
      says flatly, "No!"  Laura protests, "They're just as much my children
      as yours!", then collapses.  Edward shouts, "Barnabas!  She's
      collapsed!  We must call a doctor!"  Barnabas comes into the room and
      tells him, "That'll do no good.  By the time a doctor gets here,
      she'll be dead"
         When Laura regains consciousness, she finds herself lying
      in a bed.  She mumbles, "Great Ra!  Let me live!  Restore me!
      Restore me!"  She hear a voice ask, "Laura, can you hear me?"
      She continues to mumble, "Yes, Ra!  Destroy Barnabas!  Destroy
      Barnabas!", but then she looks up and sees that it Edward in the
      room with her, not Ra.  Recognizing that she is in Jamison's room,
      she exclaims, "Edward!  I'm in Jamison's room!  You're going to
      let me see him!", but Edward tells her, "No, I only brought you in
      here because it's the room closest to the stairs".  Laura moans,
      "You're not going to let me see him?  How can you be so cruel?  What
      could I possibly do to him?  You can see how weak I am!"  She then
      complains, "It's so cold!"  Edward tells her, "I'll get you some
      blankets", but Laura asks, "Could you light the fire?"  Edward
      replies, "No".  Laura asks, "Why not?"  Edward replies, "Barnabas
      told me not to".  Laura exclaims, "Barnabas is crazy!  Look how cold
      I am!"  Edward says, "I told you I'd some blankets".   Laura complains,
      "I don't want blankets!  I want you to light the fire!"  She begs him 
      to do it, saying, "It's the last thing you'll ever have to do for me!
      Just a little fire!  What harm could it do?"             
         Nora and Jamison are in a room somewhere in the house.  Jamison
      keeps trying to open the door, but cannot as it is locked.  Nora
      asks, "You know the door's locked from the outside.  Why do you
      keep trying to open it?  Father told us to stay here and ask no
      questions!"  Jamison exclaims, "How would you feel if Mother left 
      without us?  We've got to find a way out of here!"  Nora protests,
      "But I want to stay here at Collinwood!"  Jamison asks, "Do you want 
      to go back to that school?"  Nora asks, "Why does Mother have to go?  
      It would be so much easier if we all just stayed here!"  Jamison 
      replies, "She has to go.  She's going to a special place where we'll 
      never have to be unhappy again!  She said it was high up on a mountain 
      where the sun always shined, a special place for special people!"  
      Nora reiterates, "But I don't want to leave Collinwood!"  Jamison 
      says, "I do!  I don't want to go back to that school again!  If we 
      don't go with Mother, that's what's going to happen!"  Nora asks,
      "But how can we go with her?  We're locked in here".  Jamison 
      confidently says, "Mother will find a way to get us out of here!"  
         Edward, swayed by Laura's begging and dubious of Barnabas' claims,
      has lit the fire for Laura.  Laura says, "Thank you, Edward!  Can you 
      help me up so I can look at the fire?"  Edward asks, "Why?"  Laura
      replies, "You know I find the flames fascinating.  Will you help me?" 
      Edward helps her to sit up in bed and asks, "Are you comfortable?"  
      Laura replies, "Yes".  Edward leaves.  Laura calls out, "Jamison!
      Jamison!  You will hear me wherever you are!  Hear me, Jamison, hear
      me and tell me where to find you!"
          Jamison starts to look around the room strangely.  Nora asks,
      "Jamison, what is it?"  Jamison calls out, "The East Wing!  The last
      room in the East Wing!"  Nora asks, "Who are you talking to?"
      Jamison replies, "Mother".  Nora protests,  "But she isn't here!"
      Jamison replies, "But I hear her voice calling me!"  Nora listens and
      says, "I don't hear anything".  Jamison tells her, "She knows where
      we are!  She's coming to get us!"
         Edward returns to Jamison's bedroom and is surprised to find that
      Laura has gotten out of bed and on her way out of the room.  He asks,
      "What are you doing, Laura?"  Laura replies, "Get out of my way,
      Edward!  You lit that fire, and now I am in control!"  Edward moans,
      "My God!  I should have listened to Barnabas!  He warned me about
      this!", and shouts, "Barnabas!  Where are you?  Come up to Jamison's
      room at once!"  Laura says, "It's too late to call for Barnabas!  I
      have my powers now.  I shall have my children!  There's nothing you
      can do to stop me!" and vanishes into thin air.
        In the room in the East Wing, a fire suddenly appears in the
      fireplace.  Nora exclaims, "She's coming for us, Jamison, she's
         Barnabas comes rushing into Jamison's room, accompanied by
      Angelique.  Barnabas exclaims, "How did that fire get lit?"  Edward,
      looking like he's in shock, moans, "She just disappeared before my
      very eyes!"  Barnabas asks, "Tell me what happened!"  Edward replies,
      "She said she was going for the children".  Barnabas tells him, "Go
      there.  We'll join you".  Edward leaves.  Barnabas begs Angelique
      for help, then rushes to the East Wing to join Edward.
         In the room in the East Wing, Jamison and Nora continue to
      hear their mother's voice talking to them, "Jamison!  Nora!  Can
      you hear me?"  They replies, "Yes, we can hear you!"  Laura's
      voice tells them, "Do not be frightened, whatever happens!"  Nora
      asks, "Why can't we see you?"  Laura's voice replies, "I don't
      want anyone else to find me!  If they do, they'll stop me from
      taking you!  Go to the door, Jamison, and bolt it!"  Jamison
      does do.  Nora asks, "Mother, where are you?  Please let us
      see you!"  Laura's voice replies, "Soon, Nora, soon"
         In Jamison's room, Angelique goes to the fire and starts to
      cast a spell against Laura, "Laura!  When you appear to the
      children, they will not know you!  You will be a stranger to
         In the East Wing, the fire leaps out of the fireplace and soon
      the children find themselves surrounded by fire.
         Angelique continues to chant, "Laura Collins!  You are in the
      presence of an enemy!  Your enemy is TIME, all the centuries and
      eras you have lived through and known!  I have summoned this
      enemy against you and you will appear as you really are,
      AS YOU REALLY ARE, Laura Collins!"
        In the East Wing, Laura's voice tells the children, "I will
      appear, and when I do, you will both run into my arms!"  But when
      she does appear, she is surprised to find that the children are
      afraid of her and shrink from her in horror, screaming, "NO!
      STAY AWAY FROM US!"  Laura asks, "What's wrong?"  The children
      exclaim, "You're not our mother!"   Laura exclaims, "I AM your
      mother!  Now come to me, now!"  She hold up her hands hands and
      is shocked to find that they are old and wrinkled.  She feels her
      face and finds that it too has become old and wrinkled.  Laura
      now looks like she's several centuries old.  She screams, then
      starts to glow brightly, then bursts into flames and burns up,
      leaving the children trapped in the burning room alone...
      Episode 761
      Worldvision Rerun 545
      Tape Date: May 19, 1969 (ABC #106-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 26, 1969 Monday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Jamison and Nora are in the room in the East Wing, surrounded
      by fire.  Edward and Barnabas arrive outside the door and see 
      the smoke coming from underneath it.  Edward unlocks the door
      with a key and tries to open it, but finds that it still won't
      open.  Jamison shouts, "It's bolted from the inside, but I can't
      get to it because there's fire in the way!"  Edward tells Barnabas,
      "I'll get an ax to break down the door", and leaves. Barnabas 
      vanishes from the hallway and reappears inside the burning room.
      The children are stunned and ask, "How did you get into the room?"
      Barnabas replies, "Never mind that", and starts toward the door
      to unbolt it, but before he gets there, the fires all mysteriously
      go out by themselves.  Edward finally returns.  Barnabas unbolts
      the door and lets him in.  Edward is surprised that the flames
      are all gone and there's no trace that there has been a fire in
      the room.  The children recount to Edward and Barnabas what 
         Quentin goes to Evan Handley, tells him about the werewolf curse
      and asks him to help him escape from it.  He begs, "There must be 
      some way you can help me end the curse!  In two nights, there's 
      going to be another full moon!  You know what happens then, don't 
      you?"  Evan replies, "Yes".  Quentin continues, "But there are things 
      you don't know, like the pain, and the guilt after the change!  The 
      last time, I killed a woman!  Please, Evan!  You have knowledge of 
      Black Magic!  I'm just asking you to use it!"  Evan remarks, "The 
      gypsy, if only there were some way to persuade her, that would be the 
      easiest way".  Quentin protests, "We've already tried that!  I'm just 
      asking you to try to think of something!  I can't go through this 
      again!  I'd rather die!".  Evan promises to try.  
         Barnabas is in the drawing room.  Edward comes downstairs.
      Barnabas asks, "What did the doctor say?"  Edward replies,
      "He said the children were only suffering from shock.  They're
      all right".  Barnabas tells him, "I'll say good night to you,
      then.  You look like you need some rest", but Edward replies,  "I 
      don't want to rest.  What I want is for you to answer some rather 
      troubling questions".  Barnabas asks, "Like what?"  Edward replies,
      "Like how you got into the locked room the children were in without 
      going through the door.  You seem to have accomplished something 
      humanly impossible.  I'd like to know how you did it!"  Barnabas 
      just stands there, looking like he doesn't know what to say.  Edward 
      tells him, "Barnabas, I find your silence rather disturbing.  Surely 
      you know how you got into that room".  Barnabas finally replies, 
      "Yes...After you left to get the ax, it occured to me that there 
      was a ledge outside the windows of all the rooms on that side of 
      the hall, so I went to an adjacent room, went out the window onto 
      the ledge, walked along the ledge over to the window of the burning 
      room, and in through the window".  Edward, satisfied with Barnabas' 
      explanation, says, "Good thinking", then discusses with him the 
      children's incredible story of what happened inside the burning room.
      Barnabas remarks, "You can see now she obviously had supernatural
      powers, as I said".  Edward tells him another curious fact, "The
      children are convinced that it wasn't their mother that died in
      that fire".  Barnabas asks, "Who do they think it was?"  Edward 
      replies, "They say it was some incredibly old woman".  
         Later that night, Jamison goes down to the drawing room and
      just sits there...
         When clock in the foyer reads 4:55 AM, Quentin comes in through
      the front doors accompanied by Evan Handley.  They go into the
      drawing room.  Surprised to see Jamison there, Quentin asks Jamison,
      "Jamison!  What are you doing still up at this hour?"  Jamison 
      replies, "I want to talk to you.  I went to your room but you 
      weren't there".  Quentin explains, "I was with Mr. Handley.  We
      talked all evening.  There must be someting important you want to
      tell me for you to stay up this late waiting for me".  Jamison replies,
      "I wanted to know if we could be good friends again".  Quentin says,
      "We are good friends, Jamison!"  Jamison explains, "It's just that I
      said some things to you I shouldn't have". Seeing that Jamison seems
      to be acting strangely, Quentin asks, "Has something happened here
      tonight, something to upset you?"  Jamison replies, "My mother!  She's
      dead!"  Quentin asks, "Laura, dead?  How did it happen?"  Jamison
      replies, "I don't know.  There was a fire in the East Wing, she was
      trapped in it".  Quentin tells Jamison,  "I see this upsets you.
      We don't have to talk about it anymore".  Jamison begs, "Please stay
      here at Collinwood!  I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to YOU!"
      Quentin assures him, "I'll stay right here.  Tonight, we'll have a
      nice, long talk.  Now you go do bed".  Jamison politely says, "Goodnight,
      Mr. Handley".  Evan replies, "Good night, Jamison".  Jamison goes up to
      bed.  Evan remarks to Quentin, "Now don't tell me you're griefstricken.
      I thought you hated Laura!"  Quentin replies, "I do, but in a way, I
      envy her.  She doesn't have to worry about her problems anymore".  Evan
      tells him, "I've been thinking on our way over here.  I think I've
      thought of a way to solve your problem".  Quentin asks, "What?"  Evan
      replies, "You and I are not beginners in the Black Arts.  We could
      try something advanced".  Quentin asks, "What do you mean?"  Evan
      replies, "I suggest we try to summon the Supreme Dark Power".
      Quentin gasps,  "The Devil?!  Do you really think HE'D come?"
      Evan replies, "It couldn't hurt to try.  But there's one thing you
      must consider.  The price".  Quentin protests, "I've already told
      you!  I'll think of a way to pay you!"  Evan replies, "I'm not talking
      about my price.  I'm talking about the Devil's price".  Quentin
      remarks, "I'd do anything, I'd sell my soul to end this curse!"
      Evan tells him, "You may have to, Quentin, you may have to!"
         The next night, Edward goes into the drawing room and finds
      Nora moping there.  He calls out, "Nora!"  Nora asks, "Yes, father?"
      Edward asks, "Why are you sitting here alone?  Why aren't you with
      Jamison?"  Nora replies, "We both wanted to be alone for awhile".
      Edward asks, "Why?"  Nora starts to says, "After what happened last 
      night...", but Edward interrupts, "Nora!  Have you been sitting here 
      thinking about your mother?"  Nora replies, "Yes".  Edward tells
      her, "It won't do any good!"  Nora protests, "I can't help it!"  
      Edward tells her, "You must realize she's never coming back.  You 
      must occupy your mind with other things.  Will you try to do that for
      me, Nora?"  Nora replies, "Yes.  I think I'll go up now", and leaves.  
      The phone rings.  Edward answers, "Speaking...I'm afraid not, Reverend 
      Trask, not today... Oh, the lease?  I'm not the one to speak to about 
      that....Mr. Handley... Yes, talk to him".  He hangs up.  Seeing Quentin
      in the foyer on his way out of the house, he calls out, "Quentin!
      I'd like to talk to you about a family matter"  Quentin comes into
      the drawing room and sarcastically remarks, "I wasn't aware I was
      still part of the family".  Edward tells him, "I think it's time
      for us to try to become a family again, for you and I and Judith to
      sit down and try to reconcile our differences".  Edward asks, "Has 
      something happened to bring this desire on?"  Edward replies, "What 
      happened to Laura last night!  It was freakish, unnatural!...".  
      Quentin tells him  he doesn't have time to talk right now and leaves. 
         Quentin goes to Evan Handley's house.  It is nearly midnight.
      Evan announces, "I'm ready.  We can begin at the stroke of..."
      Seeing that Quentin is busily drinking, he irritatedly says, "Perhaps 
      we should do this some other night!"  Quentin replies, "No, I want to
      get this over with tonight".  Evan protests, "But you're drunk
      already!"  Quentin replies, "You might not like it, but I don't
      think the Devil will mind".  The clock strikes midnight.  Quentin
      announces, "The time has come.  Let us begin".  Evan extinguishes
      every light in the room except some black candles and starts to chant,
      "Prince of fire!  Hear my pleas!  I call upon the flames to summon
      you, I call up the raven, and the bat, and all the other creatures
      of the night, I call upon the black stars to call you up from the
      darkness of the earth!"  The french doors suddenly blow open.  Evan
      continues, "Prince of Darkness, I call upon the seven plagues, upon
      the thunder clouds that weep nightshade to summon you!  I evoke you!
      Appear to us, Satan!  Appear to us, Satan!  Appear to us!"  Lightning
      flashes to show the figure of a man standing outside.  Quentin,
      terrified, faints...
      Episode 762
      Worldvision Rerun 546
      Tape Date: May 20, 1969 (ABC #107-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 27, 1969 Tuesday
      Writer:    Violet Welles
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         The figure steps into the room.  But it is not the devil.
      It is only Gregory Trask.  Seeing Quentin on the floor, he asks,
      "Is he ill?  Perhaps the person you should be summoning is a
      doctor".  Evan lies, "He just had too much brandy.  Perhaps you
      think we're being frivolous.  Quentin and I were playing a game, an
      intellectual game".  Trask notes, "He doesn't seem too alert".
      Evan replies, "I didn't expect him to drink before coming here.  Is
      there something you wanted here?"  Trask tells him, "Edward wanted
      me to see you about a lease, but I see that now is not the time.
      You'll hear from me later".  He leaves.  Quentin regains consciousness
      and asks, "Is he gone?  Is the Devil gone?"  Evan replies, "It wasn't
      the Devil.  It was Trask!  He came here in time to see and hear
      everything!"  He starts to put the black candles away.  Quentin
      protests, "Wait!  I still need you to call the Devil!"  Evan replies,
      "Not now!  I have my own problems now!  Everyone thinks of me as an
      upstanding lawyer, now they will know I practice the Black Arts!"
      Quentin laughs.  Evan warns him, "He will tell your sister first!
      What will she think of YOU practicing Black Magic?"  Quentin stops
      laughing.  Evan tells him, "Leave me alone.  I need time to think!
      Everything I've worked for will be ruined!"  Quentin snarls, "I hope
      you get exactly what you deserve!"  Evan counters, "The first thing
      people will want to know is why we were doing this!"  Quentin growls,
      "Why you..."  Evan shouts, "Get out and stay out!"
         Quentin is in the drawing room at Collinwood, looking very
      nervous.  There's a knock at the front door.  Quentin answers.  It's
      Minerva Trask.  Quentin greets her, "Mrs. Trask!"  Minerva replies,
      I was just passing by.  Is your sister at home?"  Quentin replies,
      "No, she went into town".  Minerva explains, "I made her a pot of 
      damsel plum preserves.  She mentioned that she likes it.  Is my 
      husband here?"  Quentin replies, "No, why do you ask?"  Minerva
      explains, "He said he was coming here".  Quentin tells her, "No, he's
      not here".  Minerva asks, "Perhaps he's went with your sister?"  
      Quentin replies, "No".  Minerva suggests, "Perhaps they met in town?"  
      Quentin tells her, "I don't think they're together".  Minerva remarks,
      "I wanted your sister to have the preserves in time for breakfast 
      tomorrow".  She sits down on the sofa and waits.  Quentin asks, "Are 
      you always so devoted to him, sitting here waiting with those 
      preserves waiting for your husband to come home with my sister?"  
      Minerva protests, "But you said they aren't together".  Quentin,
      who's seen how Minerva seems to be upset by the thought that her
      husband might be out with Judith, maliciously twists the knife,
      "Maybe they are.  They have been spending a lot of time together 
      lately".  Minerva replies, "My husband and I respect your sister 
      Judith very much".  Quentin asks, "Would you like a drink?"  Minerva
      refuses, saying, "My husband doesn't approve of drinking, particularly 
      by women".  Quentin remarks, "Strange, Judith likes to take a nip now 
      and then, and you said your husband respects her greatly".  Minerva
      mutters, "That's always what he does with them!  They're always 
      drinking, and going to the theater..."  Quentin asks, "What?"  Minerva,
      now appearing very upset, replies, "Nothing.  I must leave now!" and
      does so.
         The phone rings, and Quentin answers it.  Evan asks, "Quentin?  
      This is Evan.  We can't afford to be angry with each other.  We're 
      both in too much trouble with Trask".  Quentin replies, "My sister's 
      come home.  I don't think Trask told her yet".  Evan tells him, "I 
      don't think he will.  I get the impression he'll speak to me first.  
      But what is his price?"  Quentin tells him, "I learned something 
      interesting earlier tonight.  It may lower the price.  It seems that 
      our righteous Reverend Trask has feet of clay..."
         At the school, Minerva is arguing with Gregory Trask, "...it's
      just like those other times, like that rich widow in Providence,
      and that one in Boston!"  Trask replies, "I was merely entertaining 
      them.  It was to raise money for the school!"  Minerva cries, "You 
      never cared about the school!  What you cared about what having dinner 
      with them, going to theatres, and tours around the world with them!"  
      Trask angrily says, "Your constant suspicion and hystrical outbursts 
      are beginning to annoy me!  I'm leaving!"  Minerva cries, "I know 
      where you're going!  You're going to see Judith!"  Trask replies, "If 
      I am, it's on school business!  I want this school to be a monument
      to both of us after we are both dead and gone!"  
         At Evan Handley's house, there's a knock at the door.  Evan
      answers it and exclaims, "Reverend Trask!"  Trask remarks, "You 
      seem much less surprised to see me than you were earlier this 
      evening.  I see you have put away your playthings.  I believe you 
      were trying to call the Devil, but got me instead!  It was God playing 
      a trick on you!"  Evan lies, "I told you, it was just an intellectual 
      game!  You misunderstand!"  Trask asks, "Should I tell Judith Collins 
      what I saw?"  Evan exclaims, "No!"  Trask asks, "Why not?  Because you 
      fear she'd stop using your services once she learned you were a 
      practitioner of the Black Arts?"   Evan counters, "As I've already 
      said, it was just an intellectual game.  I persue knowledge, like 
      other men persue women, and I often get tired of ideas and move to 
      others, as some men do with women", obviously having been told of
      Trask's extracurricular activities by Quentin.  Trask says, "You are 
      a Satanist!  Deny it and I will destroy you!"  Evan asks, "And if I
      do not deny it?"  Trask replies, "I am a merciful man.  I may be 
      willing to spare you".  Evan says, "In other words, you want something 
      from me".  Trask replies, "Yes".  Evan asks, "How may I serve you, 
      Reverend Trask?"  Trask replies, "I hope you are very good at these 
      Black Arts of yours, very good indeed!"
         At the school, Tim is grading some papers.  Minerva comes into
      the room, looks at one of the papers he's already graded, and
      admonishes him for being too lenient, "What kind of grading is
      this?  Look at those blots!  Two blots should mean ten points off!"
      Gregory Trask returns.  Minerva asks, "Where were you?"  Trask replies,
      "Seeing a lawyer about a lease for the school!.  Now kindly leave me
      alone!"  Minerva leaves.  Trask sees that Tim is grading papers and
      remarks, "I see you're Grading papers.  It reminds me of when I was
      a young teacher.  Amo, amas, amat.  Translate that for me".  Tim
      translates the Latin verbs, "I love, you love, he loves".  Trask
      asks, "You're not happy here, are you?"  Tim replies, "No, I'm not
      happy here".  Trask remarks, "I think perhaps you and Charity should
      go away and start a new life together".  Tim asks, "Any reason you
      should bring this up now?"  Trask replies, "The man I've just been
      to see, Evan Handley, asked me if I knew of anyone who could
      translate an old Latin text for him.  I suggested you.  If you do
      well, he may have a permanent job for you".  Tim exclaims, "I may
      have misjudged you!"  Trask tells him, "You'd better hurry!  Mr.
      Handley is waiting for you!"
         At Evan's house, Evan grinds something up in a mortar, then pours
      it into a yellow liquid in a beaker.  The phone rings.  Evan answers.
      It's Trask.  Trask tells Evan, "He's just left.  Is everything ready?"
      Evan replies, "It will be by the time he comes here.  The liquid's
      ready.  I just have to paint the edges of the book.  I will tell
      him to peruse it first".  Trask says, "Good.  He really has airs
      about his Latin.  I'm glad he will get to use it in such a worthy
         Tim is at Evan Handley's house, reading a book written in Latin.
      The pages are very thin and stick together so he is forced to lick
      his index finger tp moisten it everytime he turns the page.  Evan
      asks, "How far along are you?"  Tim replies, "About halfway".  Evan
      asks, "Any trouble with the Latin?"  Tim replies, "Not at all.  The 
      only trouble I'm having is turning these pages.  They're so thin, I 
      have to lick my finger to turn them".  Evan remarks, "That's a good 
      idea".  Tim continues to skim through the book, licking his finger as 
      he turns the pages.  The pages are apparently drugged, and soon he 
      loses consciousness.  He regains consciousness soon after, but seems to 
      be in some sort of trance.  Evan asks, "Where are you?"  Tim replies,
      "I don't know".  Evan says, "Good.  Now listen very carefully to what 
      I have to tell you".  Tim replies, "I'm listening".  Evan continues,
      "At the right time, and at a given place, you are going to kill
      Episode 763
      Worldvision Rerun 547
      Tape Date: May 21, 1969 (ABC #108-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 28, 1969 Wednesday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Henry Kaplan

         Evan tells Tim, "Now repeat what I told you".  Tim replies, "I am 
      going to kill someone".  Evan asks, "Does that sound right to you?"  
      Tim replies, "I must do whatever you say".  Evan asks, "Why?"  Tim
      replies, "I don't know".  Evan says, "Good.  Until the time comes, 
      you will have no memory of what we discuss".  Tim asks, "Who will I 
      kill?"  Evan replies, "You will know when the time comes".  Tim asks,
      "How will I know when the time comes?"  Evan tells him, "You will get 
      a signal".  Tim asks, "What is the signal?"  Evan shows him the 
      signal.  It is a card, the Queen of Spades.  He tells Tim, "Look at 
      this card.  Look at this woman.  This is the face of a woman who 
      deserves to be punished..."  Tim asks, "Why?"  Evan replies, "Because 
      it must be done, and you have been chosen to do it!"  
        In Quentin's room, Quentin is with Beth, playing cards.  Quentin
      pours himself a drink.  Beth begs, "Don't!"  Quentin angrily shouts,
      "Don't say another word to me!  In four hours, the moon will rise, 
      then the pain will come!  What do you expect me to do?  Play cards by 
      day and murder by night?"  Beth vows, "I'm not going to just stay here 
      and let it happen!"  Quentin tells her, "Better be careful what you 
      do.  Evan and I should know!  What worse guest to have at a Black Mass 
      then the Reverend Trask?  We're going to pay!  I have a feeling I'm 
      paying now for all my sins..."  Beth tells him, "I'm  going to the one 
      person who knows all about the curse".  Quentin remarks, "You mean 
      Magda.  We've tried that".  Beth replies, "You have.  I haven't".
      Quentin asks, "Do you think you have a special way of dealing with 
      Gypsies?"  Beth replies, "Yes, I think I do", and leaves.     
        There's a knock at the door of the old house.  Magda asks, "Who
      is it?"  A voice replies, "Tim Shaw.  I want to speak to you".  Magda 
      lets him in and asks, "You have business here?"  Tim replies, "I want 
      to buy something from you".  Magda asks, "What?  What do you want to 
      buy?"  Tim tells her, "I understand you have herbs".  Magda asks, "Who 
      told you that?"  Tim replies, "Rachel", and explains, "I found a book.
      An old book of alchemy.  It contains a recipe for turning copper into 
      gold using certain powdered herbs".  Magda exclaims, "That's 
      ridiculous!  You can't turn copper into gold!"  Tim replies, 
      "I don't care what you think.  I have most of the powdered herbs in
      the recipe, but I need some nightshade".  Magda remarks, "Nightshade 
      won't turn copper into gold.  The only thing it will do is turn a warm 
      body into a cold one!"  Tim tells her, "I'll give you $10* for an ounce".
      Magda asks, "Who do you want to kill?"  Tim ups his offer, "Twenty
      dollars**, then".  Magda announces her price, "Fifty dollars for an 
      ounce***!"  Tim accepts, "All right".  Magda tells him, "I will get it. 
      I'll be back in an hour".  Tim asks, "An hour?"  Magda asks, "Don't 
      you trust me?"  Tim replies, "Yes, because I will kill you if you 
      mention this to anyone!"
         Beth has come to the old house.  She asks Magda, "What do you care 
      about, Magda?  Sandor, do you care about him?"  Magda replies, "We 
      fight a lot, but I care about him".  Beth begins to say, "If Sandor 
      were Quentin, and you were me..."  Magda interrupts, "So!  You've come 
      about Quentin!"  Beth asks, "What if Sandor were Quentin and you were 
      me?  How would you feel?"  Magda replies, "But I'm not".  Beth asks,
      "What if you were?"  Magda replies, "I'd wear a pentagram to protect
      myself from him".  Beth begs, "You must understand!  You're a woman, 
      just like I am!"  Magda replies, "So was Jenny!"  Beth says, "He 
      didn't mean to  kill her!  It was an accident!", but Magda just 
      replies,  "I would advise you to stay away from Quentin.  He is death 
      to anyone".  Beth exclaims, "Jenny wouldn't have wanted you to do 
      this!", but Magda replies, "She would have.  You don't understand.
      You're not one of us".  Beth begs, "Please help him!  You can remove 
      the curse!"  Magda replies, "But I don't want to!  Jenny must be 
      avenged!"  Beth asks, "Must it go on like this forever?"  Magda 
      replies, "Everytime there is a full moon, he will suffer for what he 
      did to my sister!  Tonight, tomorrow night, next month, and the month 
      after that!"  Beth tells her, "I'm going to spend the rest of my life 
      with Quentin anyway!  I'll marry him!  We'll go away together, and 
      we'll find a cure!"  Magda asks, "You'd marry him, knowing this about 
      his sons?"  Beth asks, "What about his sons?"  Magda explains, "If 
      he has a son, he will be cursed as Quentin is.  That is the curse".
      Beth exclaims, "Then you have cursed your own kin!"  Magda, puzzled,
      says, "Jenny had no children".  Beth replies, "Remember those dolls?" 
      Magda asks, "What about the dolls?"  Beth tells her, "Jenny did
      have children!  When they were taken away from her, I gave her
      those dolls.  Would you like to see the children, Magda?  They
      live not twenty minutes from here, twins, a boy and a girl. The little 
      girl looks just like Jenny!"  Magda asks, "Children?  How could
      there be?"  Beth explains, "After Quentin and Laura ran off together, 
      Jenny told Edward something she had never told anyone before.  She
      told him she was with child.  She was already going mad then.  When
      the children were born, Edward had them taken away to be raised
      secretly in town because he didn't want to see them.  He didn't want
      anything around that reminded him of his brother".  Magda is shocked
      that she has cursed her own nephew, and becomes very remorseful, "So
      there is a son!  God!  God!  Forgive, me, Jenny!  Forgive me!  Can
      you hear me, my sister?  Forgive me!"  Beth asks, "Magda!  Now will
      you help us?  Will you?"  Magda tells her, "You must go into
      town, you must get a pentagram.  You must put it on the little
      boy.  He must wear it always, all the days of his life".  Beth asks,
      "But can you end the curse?", but Magda just cries, "The child!  The
      child!  I did not know!  I did not know!  Leave me alone!  Leave me!".
         Beth returns to Quentin's room.  Quentin tells her, "You shouldn't
      have come back here!  You and your useless trip.  It was useless,
      wasn't it?"  Beth looks out the window and notes, "It's already dark
      outside, Quentin.  Do you feel any pain?"  Quentin asks, "Aren't you 
      afraid to stay here with me?"  Beth tells him, "Something has happened 
      that may help..."  Quentin replies, "Maybe it has!  I don't feel any
      pain and it's been dark some time now", but then suddenly doubles over
      in pain and exclaims, "We spoke too soon!  The gods have heard us!
      It's starting!  It's starting!  Don't come near me!"  Beth exclaims,
      "I can't leave you!"  Quentin replies, "You must!"  Beth leaves.
         Tim is at Evan Handley's house.   He is reading the book again,
      ingesting more drug via his finger.  Evan is looking at a vial
      of orange colored power.  He remarks, "So, this is what Magda
      sold you.  I wonder how many people it could kill?"  He takes the
      book from Tim and closes it, announcing, "Enough work for today".
      Evan takes out a deck of cards and asks, "How about a game of
      cards?  I find it very relaxing.  I learned to play at Collinwood
      from Judith. She's very fond of cards.  Do you play much at the
      school?"  Tim replies, "The Reverend Trask does not approve of cards
      at the school, though Mrs. Trask and Charity often play".  Evan
      remarks, "You will bring me a brandy soon".  Tim asks, "When?"
      Evan replies, "You will know.  When the real time comes, it may not 
      be brandy.  It may be sherry, or a cup of tea.  We have no control it 
      will be.  Understand?"  Tim replies, "Yes".  Evan says, "Good", and 
      starts dealing the cards.  When the Queen of Spades is played, Tim 
      suddenly gets up, goes to the liquor table, pours a glass of brandy, 
      poisons it with some of the nightshade he obtained from Magda, then 
      returns to the card table and hands the glass to Evan.  Evan is very 
      pleased to see that the dry-run of his plan has worked so well and 
      says, "Good!  Very good indeed for your first time!"  He puts the 
      drink down, but Tim picks it up and says, "You are going to drink 
      it!"  Evan, shocked, exclaims,"NO!", but Tim grabs him by the throat 
      and orders, "You are going to drink this brandy!  You WILL drink this 
      Episode 764
      Worldvision Rerun 548
      Tape Date: May 22, 1969 (ABC #109-DRK-69)
      Air Date:  May 29, 1969 Thursday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Tim shouts, "I saw the Queen of Spades!  You are going to drink 
       this!", and tries to physically force Evan to drink the brandy, but
       Evan manages to knock it out of his hand.  Tim tries to strangle
       Evan.  Evan shouts, "Tim!  Remember!  I am your friend!"  Tim
       finally lets him go and calms down.   Evan tells him, "You must get 
       back to work!  You must follow my orders!  Get back to work!"  Tim 
       picks up the Latin book and starts reading it.  The phone rings.  
       Evan answers and says, "Beth, is that you?"  On the other end, Beth
       replies, "I think you should come here as soon as possible!  It's 
       happened again!", but Evan tells her, "There's nothing I can do about 
       Quentin"  Beth says, "You can use something silver to protect 
       yourself!  Someone's got to find him!", but Evan replies, "Find 
       someone else"  Beth says, "I know some of the things he's done for 
       you..." but suddenly stops when she notices that Judith is standing 
       on the landing and hangs up.  Judith asks, "What is it, Beth?"  Beth
       lies, "Nothing, nothing important", but Judith counters, "Obviously 
       it was.  You hung up in mid-conversation".  Beth lies, "A friend of 
       mine in town is in trouble", and says, "I know my time here is almost 
       at an end, but could I stay a little longer?  One of the children is 
       sick, and I'd like to stay until he gets better".  Judith tells her,
       "I've decided to tell Quentin about the children".  Beth exclaims,
       "No!  You can't do that!"  Judith asks, "Why not?"  Beth replies, 
       "He'll be upset that the child is sick".  Judith says, "All right.  
       I'll wait till later".  Beth goes outside and moans, "Quentin!  Oh,
          Judith is alone in the drawing room, whiling away the time with
       game of solitaire.  Barnabas comes to Collinwood and comes into
       the drawing room.  There's a lot of howling outside, and Barnabas
       asks, "Do you hear that?"  Judith remarks, "It's just some dog
       that's been left alone too long".  Barnabas says, "I don't think
       so.  Last month, when that teacher from the school was killed, I
       heard the same howling.  I also heard the howling from the Old House
       tonight, and Magda thought she saw the animal near the woods".
       Judith says, "I'll call the police!"  Barnabas remarks, "Why is it
       that that animal has only been seen on the grounds?  It killed that
       teacher here, and attacked Beth here".  Judith says, "Yes, you're
       right.  There are no reports of it having ever been seen anywhere 
       else".  The phone rings.  Judith answers it and says, "Barnabas, 
       it's for you".  Barnabas takes the phone and says, "Hello, this is
       Barnabas Collins".  A very young Ezra Braithwaite (age 15 1/2) replies,
       "You left word to call you if anyone ordered a silver pentagram.
       Someone has just done that - a Beth Chavez, charging it to the a                           
       account of Quentin Collins".  Barnabas says, "Thank you", then adds,
       "Oh, Ezra, you'll be a very valuable addition to your father's firm".
       As Judith takes the phone to call the police, Barnabas thinks to 
       himself, "Beth knows now it's a werewolf.  How did she find out?  
       The pentagram is for the child whose grave Chris and I found.  Where 
       is that child?  I must find out tonight!"  Judith announces, "I've 
       called the police".  Barnabas asks, "Judith, when did Beth leave?"  
       Judith replies, "About an hour ago".  Barnabas asks, "How long has she
       been here?" Judith replies, "About two years".  Barnabas asks, "Is she
       from Collinsport?"  Judith replies, "Yes.  Why?"  Barnabas replies,
       "I've just realized how little I know about her".  He turns to leave.
       Judith, alarmed, asks, "You're not going out, are you?!"  Barnabas
       replies, "It sounds so close.  I think I may be able to find it before
       the police come"  Judith warns him that it would be too dangerous,
       but Barnabas replies, "I'm well-armed.  Don't worry" and leaves.
          At Evan's house, Tim is still reading the Latin book.  Evan asks,
       "Making progress, Tim?"  Tim replies, "Yes".  Evan asks, "How many
       more pages do you have to go?"  Tim replies, "About four".  Evan
       announces, "I think that's enough for tonight, Tim.  I think it's
       time to try the cards again".  Tim remarks, "The cards.  Yes".
       Evan says sternly, "Everything must go right this time".  As he is
       dealing the cards, he tells a story, "There is a primitive tribe in
       the Pacific with a most interesting tradition.  They pick the
       brightest young man from the tribe to kill the condemned.  We are,
       of course, not a primitive tribe, but we really aren't so much
       different.  You should be honored to have been picked".  They start
       playing cards.  Tim plays a 5 of spades.  Evan remarks, "The pips on
       cards mean different things.  The heart, of course, stands for love.
       What does the spade mean to you, Tim?"  Tim replies, "Death".  Evan
       asks, "But when you played that card, you didn't feel the urge to
       kill anyone.  Why not?"  Tim replies, "Because it's not the right
       card".  Evan plays the Queen of Spades and asks, "Is this?"  Tim
       gets up, goes to the liquor table, pours and poisons a drink, brings
       it to Evan, then just sits obediently down.  He is under perfect
       control this time.  Evan ecstatically compliments him, "You have
       done well!  You have learned nearly enough!  The moment is very
          Beth returns to Collinwood.  Judith asks, "Did you see the
       police outside?"  Beth replies, "Yes.  One met me at the gate and
       escorted me to the door".  Judith says, "Then you know that the
       animal is back in the area", and asks, "How's the boy?"  Beth tells
       her, "He has a fever".  There's a knock at the door.  Beth answers.
       It's Tim Shaw.  He goes into the drawing room and tells Judith,
       "I've come to fetch Judith and Nora and take them back to the
       school".  Judith warns him, "You mustn't go tonight!  There's a
       wild animal in the area - Beth, have a room made ready for Mr.
       Shaw".  Tim declines, "That won't be necessary.  With so many
       police around, I'm sure the animal will be caught soon".  They go
       into the drawing room.  Judith remarks, "I'll be happy to see the
       children back at the school.  They were so well-behaved when I
       visited them there before".  Tim remarks, "Reverend Trask is a
       very stern man".  Judith replies, "So was my father. He would have
       approved".  Judith continues to play solitaire as she talks, pulling
       cards from the top of the deck and laying them on position on the
       table.  She pulls the next card from the top of the deck and looks
       at it.  It is the Queen of Spades, but from where he is standing,
       Tim can only see the back of the card.  Judith is about lay it on the
       proper place on the table when she is interrupted by the sound of
       gunfire outside.  Judith, Tim and Beth go outside the front door
       to see what's happened.  Barnabas comes running up.  Judith asks,
       "Barnabas!  Did they get the animal?"  Barnabas replies, "No, it
       got away.  But they wounded it.  They shot it in the chest".  Beth 
       abruptly excuses herself and goes to her room.
         Barnabas, as a bat, is hovering outside Beth's window.  He
       materializes as a human inside just as Beth gets there.  Beth
       is shocked to see him there and asks, "What are you doing in my
       room?  How did you get here before me?  You were just outside!"  
       Barnabas replies, "That's not important. I know you went into town
       and ordered a silver pentagram for both yourself and the child".
       Beth asks, "How do you know?"  Barnabas doesn't answer, but
       continues, "That wounded animal in the woods, you know that animal
       is a werewolf.  It will turn back into a man in the morning.  You
       must tell me who it is!"  Beth lies, "I cannot help you.  I
       know nothing about the animal in the woods".  Barnabas starts
       to approach her.  Beth screams, "Stay away from me!"  Barnabas
       bares his fangs.  Beth screams, "Oh my God!  What are you!?"
       Barnabas bites her.
       Episode 765
       Worldvision Rerun 549
       Tape Date: May 23, 1969 (ABC #110-DRK-69)
       Air Date:  May 30, 1969 Friday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Lela Swift

          With Beth now under her control, Barnabas asks, "Are you all
       right?"  Beth replies, "Yes".  Barnabas asks,  "Do you still want
       me to leave?"  Beth replies, "No"  Barnabas says, "Good.  Now you
       must tell me what I want to know".  Beth asks  "What will you do
       when you know?"  Barnabas replies, "I not certain yet.  Who is the
       werewolf?"  Beth replies, "Quentin".  Barnabas exclaims, "Quentin?!
       How did this thing happen?"  Beth tells him, "Quentin was responsible
       for Jenny's death.  He didn't mean to kill her, he was trying to
       protect me.  But Magda doesn't believe that.  She set a curse on
       him and all his male descendents".  Barnabas remarks, "So, Magda's
       responsible for this.  Why did you go into town to order the
       pentagrams?"  Beth replies, "To protect the boy child"  Barnabas
       asks, "Boy child?"  Beth tells him how Jenny was pregnant with twins
       when Quentin ran off two years ago.  Barnabas asks, "Where are the
       children now?"  Beth replies, "Edward had them sent into town to be
       taken care of by Mrs. Fillmore".  Barnabas asks, "Does Quentin know
       about them?"  Beth replies, "No.  I've been wanting to tell him, but 
       I couldn't after this thing happened, and now he's wounded and may 
       already be dead".  Barnabas assures her, "No, ordinary bullets cannot
       kill him.  The wounds will disappear when he turns back into Quentin 
       in the morning.  But there is another danger.  The police might find 
       him and put him in a cell and see him change back.  I must find him 
       first".  Beth asks, "Why are you doing this?"  Barnabas replies,
       "I cannot tell you right now.  You're in love with Quentin, aren't
       you?"  Beth replies, "Yes.  I lie awake at night and wonder when and 
       where this will end".  Barnabas remarks, "I already know where it 
       will end; I want to find out when and how".  
         Magda is outside the front doors of Collinwood, loading a revolver
       with silver bullets.  Inside in the foyer, Judith hears noises 
       outside and shouts, "Who is it?", without opening the doors for 
       fear of the creature.  Magda quickly hides the gun in a flower pot.  
       Judith shouts, "I know someone is out there!  Who is it?"  Magda 
       shouts back, "Magda!"  Judith opens the door and asks, "What do
       you want?"  Magda replies, "I gotta see Beth"  Judith snarls, "It's 
       rather late for you to be peddling your wares".  Magda replies, "I 
       ain't peddling nothing.  I gotta talk to her".  Judith asks, "About 
       what?"  Magda replies, "That's between her and me".  Judith tells
       Magda, "It's too late.  She's probably asleep already.  You'll have 
       to wait until tomorrow".  Magda replies, "I'll wake her", but Judith
       tells her, "No.  You'd better leave and go home quickly.  There's a 
       wild animal in the area".  Magda announces, "I'm not going anywhere 
       until I see Beth".  Judith becomes angry and shouts, "Your arrogance 
       knows no bounds!  You will leave NOW, Magda!"  Magda leaves, unable 
       to retrieve the gun from the flowerpot with Judith watching.  
         Judith shuts the lights in the drawing room, closes the drawing
       room doors, and goes up to bed.  Magda, seeing the lights out, 
       sneaks into the drawing room through the window.  There is a loud
       howl in the distance.  Barnabas and Beth come from the servant's 
       quarters into the foyer.  Magda, from inside the foyer, hears them 
       talking.  Beth asks Barnabas, "You think you can find him?"  Barnabas
       replies, "Yes".  Beth remarks, "I should never have told you". 
       Barnabas replies, "You had no choice.  I'll try to convince him I 
       want to help him.  After I get him back here, I'm going to have a 
       little talk with Magda".  Beth asks, "Do you think you can get her 
       to end the curse?"  Barnabas says, "I'll make her!"  He leaves.  
       Magda opens the drawing room doors and calls out, "Beth!", in a loud 
       whisper.  Beth goes into the drawing room and asks, "What are you 
       doing here?"  Magda replies, "I had to sneak in.  Your mistress would 
       not let me see you.  Did you get the pentagrams?"  Beth replies, 
       "Yes, one for myself, and one for the boy".  Magda asks, "Is the boy 
       wearing his?"  Beth replies, "Yes".  Magda asks, "Barnabas knows 
       everything?"  Beth replies, "Yes, everything.  He said he wanted to 
       help Quentin".  Magda says, "Only I can help Quentin!"  Beth asks,
       "Have you found a way to end the curse?"  Magda replies, "Yes".  
       Beth asks, "What?", but Magda notices the holes in Beth's neck and 
       replies, "I cannot tell you".  Beth asks, "You're not going to hurt 
       him, are you?"  Magda replies, "I cannot hurt him any more than I 
       already have" and leaves.  Outside the door, she retrieves the 
       revolver from the flower pot.
          Beth is pacing about nervously in the foyer.  Judith comes back 
       down to get some tea and is surprised to find Beth still awake.  
       Judith remarks, "Still up?  I thought you had gone to bed".  Beth
       replies, "I couldn't sleep".  Judith explains, "I came down to make 
       some tea".  Beth tells her, "Let me make it for you".  Judith notices 
       that the drawing room door is open and asks, "Have you been in the 
       drawing room?"  Beth lies, "No".  Judith says, "I'm sure I closed 
       them before I went up".  Beth suggests, "Perhaps Barnabas opened
       it.  He came back.  He and I talked for a few minutes".  Judith notes,
       "There's a draft in there".  She goes in and is surprised to find the 
       drawing room window open.  She exclaims, "Now I know something is 
       wrong!  That window was closed when I went up!  I'm sure Barnabas 
       wouldn't have opened it and left it open!  It means someone's come 
       in here!  We must both go and lock ourselves in our rooms!  I won't 
       feel safe until that animal is killed!"  The phone rings.  Judith
       tells Beth, "Go lock yourself in your room!"  Beth leaves.  Judith
       answers the phone,  "Yes, Sheriff.  Barnabas told me.  But he's only
       wounded.  He's still out there, and we're still all in danger".
         When Beth gets to her room, she finds it in shambles...
         Judtith continues to talk on the phone, "Yes, I know you said
       you're confident that the animal is badly wounded and is dying
       somewhere, but until you find him, you can't be sure we'll still 
       feel in danger.  I'd like you to keep looking for him...Thank you".  
       She hangs up and goes out into the foyer.  
         In the foyer, Judith hears a growling sound.  She looks up
       and sees the werewolf standing on the landing.  It leaps down
       into the foyer and advances towards Judith.  She screams, "NO!
       NO!", but it starts approaching her...
         Beth comes out of the door under the stairs into the foyer, and 
       the werewolf turns its attention to her.  Beth holds up the pentagram
       on her necklace.  When the werewolf sees the pentagram, it becomes
       frightened, runs into the drawing room, and flees out the window.
          Beth calls the police, tells them that the creature was just
       at the Collinwood, and asks them to come and guard the house. She
       tells him, "No, no one was hurt.  Judith was shaken up a little bit".
       After she hangs up, she asks Judith, "Would you like a drink?"
       Judith replies, "No, but you could answer a question for me.
       What was it about you that caused that creature to run from
       you?"  Beth replies, "From me?  You must be mistaken", but Judith
       says, "I was scared, but I wasn't blind.  It turned from me to you,
       then ran off as if it were frightened of you.  Why?"  Beth suggests,
       "Perhaps because it was more frightened than we were.  It was badly
       wounded.  You could see the blood.  If it was wounded that badly, it
       must also have been very frightened".  Judith exclaims, "Beth!  That
       was no ordinary animal! It was dressed like a man, and it walked like
       a man too!"  Beth tells  her, "Let me take you up to your room", but
       Judith replies, "No, I want to wait her to talk to the police.  That
       sheriff should be replaced!  He told me the animal was badly injured
       and almost dying!  But you could see how it almost attacked us!"
         Magda is wandering through the woods holding the pistol.  She
       hears a noise and hides behind a tree.  But it is only Barnabas
       walking by.  She comes back out after he has passed and continues
       to wander the woods holding the pistol.
         Finally, she crosses paths with the werewolf.  She points her gun
       at it and shoots it...

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