Dark Shadows
June 1967

          Episode 244
          Worldvision Rerun 34
          Tape Date:  May 22, 1967 (ABC #109-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 1, 1967 Thursday
          Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:   John Sedwick

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. A secret from the past can exert a strong
		  control over a woman. It can force her to do things that otherwise 
		  might be considered impossible. It can cause a woman to make the most
		  difficult decision of her exsistence."

             Jason remarks, "You look surprised, Liz". He continues,
          "But when you think about it, you'll see it's the only 
          solution to our problems". Elizabeth remarks, "It's absurd!
          I've never appreciated your sense of humor before, Jason..."
          Jason replies, "I'm serious". Elizabeth replies, "That's 
          impossible! Marrying you is inconcievable! I'd die before 
          I'd marry you! I detest you!" Jason asks, "You detest the man 
          who pulled you through the worst period of your life?" He
          threatens to tell what he knows, resulting in, "An investigation,
          a trial, scandal, and prison". He says, "I see a night 18 
          years ago, Paul Stoddard lying dead in this very room..."
          But Elizabeth tells him, "I won't do it! You've pushed me
          too far! I won't do it!" Jason tells her, "Well then, you
          have only have one path open, Liz". He goes over to the phone,
          picks up the receiver, and says, "It's justice time, Liz,
          time for you to call the sheriff and tell him all about it.
          Come on, Liz, call the sheriff and tell him. You have a choice,
          Liz. Marry me or call the sheriff.". Elizabeth goes over, takes 
          the phone and starts dialing, but Jason suddenly stops her. 
          Elizabeth asks, "What's the matter? Did I call your bluff?" 
          Jason replies, "There's one thing you haven't thought about. 
          It'll be quite a shock to Carolyn when she sees the police 
          arresting you. Don't you think you should talk to her about 
          it first? It's time to tell her. You can tell her, can't you?" 
          Elizabeth replies, "I'd rather do anything than marry you!" 
          Jason remarks, "I'll get her. It'll be very interesting for 
          her to hear the details of her father's murder!" and leaves 
          the room.
             Jason goes to the study where Carolyn is reading a book
          and tells her, "Your mother sent me here to fetch you. She
          wants to speak with you". He asks, "Could I have few words
          with you before you see her?" He tells her, "Be diplomatic.
          You're mother's a bit on edge about what she's going to 
          talk to you about. It might be necessary for you to in the
          course of your conversation to differentiate between what
          is real and what is imaginary".
             Carolyn goes to the drawing room and tells Elizabeth,
          "Jason said you wanted to talk to me". Elizabeth replies, "Yes".
          Carolyn asks, "About what?" Elizabeth replies, "It's something
          I've put off for much too long. I have to tell you about my
          life, to explain why I have lived the way I have". Carolyn
          remarks, "You sound like you're about to make a confession".
          Elizabeth tells her, "Exactly, that's what it is, a 
          confession. I've got to tell you some things I've done".
          Carolyn asks, "What things?" Elizabeth replies, "Before I
          can tell you, I've got to tell you about your father first.
          He never really loved me. He never really loved anyone. He 
          never loved  you, either. He never wanted you. He wanted 
          his freedom. He was a cruel man, a terrible man." Carolyn
          gets very upset at this and runs out of the room, refusing
          to listen further. 
             Carolyn runs back into the study. Jason asks, "Carolyn?
          I can see it went badly". Carolyn replies, "It did". Jason
          asks, "Did she tell you about your father?" Carolyn replies,
          "Yes. She told me he was a terrible person". Jason asks, "Is
          that all?" Carolyn replies, "Yes. I didn't let her finish". 
          Carolyn, puzzled about the discrepancies between Elizabeth's
          description of her father as a terrible man and Jason' glowing
          description of him, asks, "Did my father ever talk about me?"
          Jason replies, "Incessantly. He couldn't shut up. He had a 
          photograph of you in his wallet, and he would show it to anyone
          who would look..." Carolyn asks, "Then you would say he loved 
          me?" Jason assures, "More than anything in the world".   
             Jason goes back to the drawing room. Elizabeth chokes,
          "I couldn't. She wouldn't listen". Jason tells her, "Well, 
          Liz, what next?" Elizabeth replies, "I don't know". Jason
          tells her, "Then I'll tell you. We'll make preparations for
          the future". Elizabeth begs, "I'll need some time". Jason
          replies, "I'll give you time. After all, there are certain
          legal matters to get out of the way. I can give you some 
          time. But not much..."
          Episode 245
          Worldvision Rerun 35
          Tape Date:  May 23, 1967 (ABC #110-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 2, 1967 Friday
          Writer:     Joe Caldwell
          Director:   John Sedwick

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. Streaks of red, the color of blood, 
		  wash the sky that set the western limits of Collinwood. It is as
		  though the day were dying a horrible death, and the peace the 
		  sunset usually promises has failed to penetrate the darkness...
		  the fear that the day could not disperse remains... an already 
		  mounting terror continues... unchecked."

             At the old house, Barnabas tells Willie, "I am a Collins
          and that means I'm a man of my word". He orders Willie to
          let Dr. Woodard take a blood sample. Willie asks, "Why?
          You have as much to lose as I do!" But Barnabas, instead
          of answering, replies, "You have to calm your nerves,
          Willie. THe doctor will be here presently". Willie whines,
          "No, please, no".
             Burke and Dr. Woodard are in Woodard's office, now cleaned
          up. Burke asks Woodard, "Are you sure WIllie is going to let
          you take a sample?" Woodard replies, "Yes. Barnabas promised
          he would. And if he doesn't, I could get a court order to 
          force him to. He could be harboring a dangerous disease. What
          I hope to find out is what this is, where and how he got it". 
          Burke asks, "Could this have been caused by a wild animal?"
          Woodard asks, "Why do you say that?" Burke repllies, "When
          Vicky was staying with Maggie, she said she heard dogs outside,
          and then there are those terrible gashes". Woodard replies, "No,
          I don't think it was an animal. Besides, it wasn't a dog that
          broke into my office and stole those samples. It was a man".
          Burke suggests, "Maybe it was Willie. Why doesn't he want you
          to take those samples?" Woodard replies that he doubts it's
          Willie, explaining, "Lots of people are squeamish. Anyway, Willie
          doesn't have enough strength to have bent those bars, not
          even in a crazy state". Burke tells Woodard, "Vicky and I are
          going to be having drinks at the Blue Whale later". He asks
          Woodard to drop by if he learns anything new.
             Dr. Woodard goes to the Old House. Barnabas gives him a 
          glass of wine, in spite of Woodard's protestations that this
          is a professonal visit, then calls Willie down. Willie comes
          down. He asks Barnabas, "Do I have to?" Barnabas replies,
          "Look at it this way. It might help Maggie Evans, and it 
          might help YOU. You might have some...". He pauses, then
          concludes, "...tragic malady". Willie is still reluctant. 
          Woodard, misinterpreting Willie's reluctance, promises,
          "It won't hurt. I'm only going to take a little blood". 
          Barnabas starts to wax poetic about how blood is the life
          fluid, and how he can understand how some people can be
          frightened by even the loss of a little. Dr. Woodard takes
          the blood sample from Willie. He congratulates Barnabas on
          his excellent wine. He thanks Willie, adding, "I understand
          all about your fears". Willie exclaims, "No you don't!",
          but Barnabas dismisses him, "That'll be all, Willie", and
          Willie leaves. Woodard remarks, "If these slides show the
          same thing Maggie's did, then I'll have to come back to 
          investigate further". They talk about the slides. Woodard 
          remarks that slides usually look like "delicate flowers
          on glass, remarking, "Some of the most terrible malignancies
          have also been some of the most beautiful things I've ever
          seen".  Barnabas remarks, "You should be careful. I hear a
          madman broke into your office". They discuss this. Woodard
          remarks,  "You sound like you have sympathy for this madman".
          Barnabas replies, "No. I loathe him. I loathe him very deeply".
             Vicky and Burke are at the Blue Whale. Burke tries to get
          Vicky to dance, but Vicky isn't in the mood to. She tells him
          she just wants to sit at the table. Burke remarks, "We have the 
          dance floor all to ourselves". Vicky says, "Everyone's staying
          home because of the madman". Burke tells Vicky, "You agreed
          to forget about that tonight". Finally, he manages to convince
          her to dance, but Vicky apparently doesn't feel like it and
          asks him to take her home. Burke tells her he can't because
          Dr. Woodard promised to drop by. Suddenly, Vicky exclaims,
          "What's that?" Burke asks, "What is it?" Vicky asks, "Listen!
          Didn't you hear anything? In the distance, dogs howling" 
          Burke assures her it's nothing, saying, "There are always
          dogs howling at the farms outside of town". Burke tells 
          Vicky he's going to play some "soft and soothing" music on
          the jukebox. He goes to the jukebox and puts in a coin, then
          comes back and dances with Vicky. There's a LOUD dog howl,
          clearly audible to both Vicky and Burke. Burke assures
          Vicky,"It's just an old mutt howling. Relax".   
             Woodard is in his office looking at a slide throuh
          a microscope. Outside, a dog howls.
             At the old house, Willie, fearing what Woodard might see
          in his blood samples, begs Barnabas, "Barnabas, please let
          me go away, far away, please! They're going to get me! The
          doctor's going to look at that slide, and you know what he's
          going to see! They'll come to get me! If they do, what are
          you going to tell them?" Barnabas replies, "Nothing. Absolutely
          nothing". He tells Willie, "You may have betrayed me". Still
          angry about this, he slaps him, knocking him to the ground,
          then continues, "But I will not betray you". Willie asks,
          "If you're so worried, why did you let him take my blood?"
          Willie sees that Barnabas is holding something in his hand
          and looking at it. He asks, "What are you looking at?" Barnabas
          replies, "A delicate flower painted on a sheet of glass".
          Willie sees that it's a slide and exclaims, "You switced the
          slides!" Barnabas replies that he has, reminding Willie that
          he's recently made a visit to the doctor's office where he
          procured some slides. He tells Willie, "The doctor won't find
          anything of any importance in the slide he has".
             The doctor has joined Vicky and Burke at the Blue Whale.
          Burke asks, "You didn't find anything?" Woodard replies, "Not
          a thing". Burke disappointedly reamrks, "Another dead end".
          Woodard moans, "I'll never see again what I saw in Maggie's
          blood. There was something terrible going on there. There 
          was a substance in there, a substance that should have been
          rejected, but Maggie's blood wasn't rejecting it. It was as
          if there was some sort of unholy union going on in Maggie's
          blood". Vicky asks, "With what?" Woodard replies, "Something
          completely foreign. But Maggie's blood seemed to be accepting
          it. What it was, we'll never know now". Outside, dogs
          continue to howl...
          Episode 246
          Worldvision Rerun 36
          Tape Date:  May 26, 1967 (ABC #111-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 5, 1967 Monday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   Lela Swift

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. Collinwood in the morning sunlight appears
		  to be serene and peaceful. But inside the great house, there are those 
		  who cannot know serenity, who must be denied peace because they harbor
		  dangerous and frightening secrets... One woman in particualr must endure
		  a life of tourment because she harbors a secret that could destroy her."

             It is morning. There's a knock at the front door of
          Collinwood.  Elizabeth answers. It's Richard Garner, Elizabeth's
          lawyer. Carolyn lets him in, remarking, "I didn't know you were
          coming here, Mr. Garner". Garner replies, "I didn't either until
          I got your mother's call. What's the emergency, Liz?" Elizabeth
          tells him, "Let's go into the drawing room". After they do so,
          Vicky remarks, "I wonder what the emergency at the cannery is".
          Carolyn replies, "I don't think it's at the cannery. Mother was up
          all night last night. I heard my mother pacing up and down.
          Something's wrong. I think we're all sitting on a keg of dynamite,
          and any moment, it's going to explode..."
             Inside the drawing room, Garner remarks, "I don't understand.
          I get a call from you telling me to drop everything and come over,
          now you hem and haw." Elizabeth asks Garner, "I'd like
          your advice on soe legal matters. I'm still married legally,
          aren't I?" Garner replies that she is. Elizabeth tells him she'd
          like to start divorce proceedings and asks him if there'll be
          any problems. Garner replies that there won't be, that no judge
          will deny a divorce to a woman who's husband abandoned her 18
          years ago. Elizabeth asks, "Will Paul have to be served the
          papers?" Garner replies, "No. All you have to do is put some
          public notices in some newspapers. Why are you finally getting
          a divorce after all these years?". Elizabeth replies, "I just
          wanted to break off all ties with Paul". Garner remarks, "Oh,
          for a moment there I thought you were thinking of getting 
          married again". Elizabeth replies, "Of course not. Who would
          I marry?" At that moment, the doors open and Jason McGuire
          comes in. Elizabeth glares at him and asks, "Didn't you see
          that the doors were closed?" Jason apoligizes. Elizabeth
          and Garner finish talking. Garner tells Elizabath, "I'll
          start drawing up those divorce papers immediately" and
          leaves. Jason remarks, "Ah, Liz. So you've decided to start
          the ball rolling". Elizabeth snaps, "I haven't decided to
          do anything!" Jason calmly says, "Yes you have. You've decided
          to get a divorce and marry me". He adds, "We're going to get
          married, Liz, and we're going to be happy, very happy".  
             Elizabeth is in the drawing room alone, sitting by the
          fireplace. Roger comes in and asks, "Join me for a glass of
          brandy?" She replies, "Yes". After pouring the drinks, he
          remarks, "I've earned my pay at the office today. The
          secretaries are staying home because of the attacks. We're
          terribly understaffed. Even I had to help with the clerical work.
          Everyone did. Everyone except your friend Jason McGuire, that
          is. He didn't even show up today". Elizabeth says, "He has
          a bit of a cold today". Roger continues, "Even when he does
          show up, he's about as helpfuls as David would be..." Elizabeth
          snaps, "I don't want to go into this any further!" She asks
          if there's been any word on Maggie. Roger replies that there
          hasn't. Elizabeth tells him, "Roger, there's something I have
          to tell you. I've just seen Richard Garner. I'm going through
          with the divorce". Roger replies, "Marvellous! You should've
          done that years ago! You'll be free and clear of that
          scoundrel if he ever shows up again!" Elizabeth mumbles, "I 
          doubt he ever will". Roger remarks, "Neither of us has had
          any luck in marriage. Maybe we just weren't meant to be
          married". Elizabeth replies, "I wouln't say that. I might
          consider marriage again if I met the right man".  Roger
          asks, "Who would you marry?  You haven't seen anyone outside
          of this family for years, by your own choice".  Elizabeth
          replies, "I was talking hypothetically".  Roger asks, "You're
          hinting at something, are you?" Elizabeth denies that she is.
          Jason comes into the drawing room and says, "Hello". Seeing
          that Roger has a glass of brandy, he asks "Could I have a 
          little sip of that to help my cold?" Roger complains, "You
          act as if you were part of the family. Liz may consider you 
          part of the family, but I certainly don't" Jason replies, "Soon,
          you will. Ask Liz". Roger asks, "Liz, what does he mean?", but
          Elizabeth abruptly excuses herself, saying, "I'm sure I don't
          know what you're talking about, and I have to see Mrs.
          Johnson about dinner" and leaves.  Outside in the foyer, she
          pauses and grabs the side table for support, a look of anguish
          on her face.
             Carolyn tells Vicky she has to go into town and asks her to
          accompany her, explaining that she's afraid to go alone because of
          the attacks. She and Vicky talk about how Maggie's disapperance
          has caused everyone to be afraid. Roger comes in and tells
          Carolyn, "I've got news for you. Either your mother has taken
          leave of her senses or I have. She saw Richard Garner today.
          She's started divorce proceedings". Carolyn remarks, "Good".
          Roger continues, "It's her motives that worry me. She hinted
          that she's thinking of getting married again. I could scarcely
          believe it!". Carolyn asks, "But with who?" Roger replies,
          "Who's the only man she's had contact with?" Carolyn exclaims,
          "Jason McGuire!" Roger tells her, "He came into the room while
          we were talking and hinted that very soon he would be part of
          the family, and Liz didn't contradict him". Carolyn exclaims,
          "My mother wouldn't think of marrying that man unless he had
          some kind of hold on her!"  Roger remarks, "He snaps his
          fingers and she jumps".  Carolyn moans, "He must have some sort
          of hold on her, but what? I can't let it happen, I can't! I've
          got to find out what he has on her and expose him!" Roger remarks
          that he thinks it has something to do with the locked room
          downstairs. Carolyn tells him she tried to find the key to that
          room, but couldn't. Roger tells her, "It's hanging on a chain
          around her neck. When she came back from the hospital, that's
          the first thing she wanted". Carolyn announces, "I'm going to
          get that key from mother! I'm going to find out what's in that
          room. I've got to!"
             Elizabeth and Jason are in the drawing room arguing. 
          Carolyn comes in and asks Elizabeth, "Mother, please give me
          the key to the locked room in the basement. I want that key,
          please". Elizabeth lies, "I don't know where it is". Carolyn
          says, "I do. It's on that chain around your neck. I can see
          it. Mother, please give it to me. I know this man has some
          sort of hold on you and I've got to find out what it is!"
          Elizabeth explodes, "That's ridiculous!" Carolyn continues,
          "Let me see what's behind that door". Elizabeth tells her,
          "I've already told you what's there. Some things that belonged
          to your father". Carolyn insists, "Will you give me the key?".
          Elizabeth refuses, saying, "They're sad memories". Carolyn,
          frustrated, vows, "If you don't give me the key, I'm going
          to break in there!" Elizabeth screams, "Leave me alone, Carolyn,
          I beg of you, leave me alone!" and runs off.  Jason asks, "Carolyn,
          why do you make such trouble for your poor mother?"  Carolyn
          replies, "You're her only trouble".  Jason says, "Carolyn,
          I think you should get into that room". Carolyn asks, "Why?"
          Jason replies, "So you'll see I'm not the monster you think I am"
          and promised to the key for her.  Carolyn, not believing him,
          vows, "I won't rest until I see you out of this house!" Jason
          replies, "We'll see about that, dear girl, we'll see about that!"
          Episode 247
          Worldvision Rerun 37
          Tape Date:  May 24, 1967 (ABC #112-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 6, 1967 Tuesday
          Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:   Lela Swift

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. When hope is gone, there is nothing, 
		  and the world becomes an empty void. For one man, the setting sun
		  indicates the beginning of a long, lonely night, haunted by thoughts
		  of his missing daughter."

             Sam is at the Evans Cottage. He is obviously very depressed.
          He putters around, trying to get his mind off Maggie, but it
          doesn't work. There's a knock at the door. Sam answers. It's
          Sheriff Patterson. Sam asks, "Any news?" Patterson replies,
          "No. Sorry". Sam asks, "How do things stand?" Patterson
          tells him, "Very still. Even the FBI can't find anything".
          He pauses, then tells Sam, "We're beginning to think Maggie
          might be dead". Sam replies, "I can't accept that! I don't
          think I can ever accept that!" The sheriff promises, "We'll
          keep going until we do find something". There's a knock at
          the door. It's Burke. He comes in and asks the sheriff,
          "Any news?" The sheriff replies, "No, everything's quiet".
          Burke asks, "Nothing since the last time I talked to you?"
          The sherrif replies, "No, nothing".  He tells Sam, "I wish
          I could've brought good news. Maybe next time" and leaves.
          Sam moans, "The police think she's dead!".  Burke tries to
          reassure Sam, "Sam, you can't think that way! She'll be found.
          I know she will". He asks, "Who's been cooking for you, Sam?
          How about you coming with me and letting me buy you a good dinner
          tonight - a couple of steaks, some drinks?"  Sam declines, saying,
          "I'm not hungry".  Burke tells him, "Sam, you've got to take care
          of yourself! Have you been doing any work lately?" Sam replies
          that he hasn't, that he just can't keep his mind on it.
          Burke tells him that Maggie wouldn't want him moping around
          like this. Sam agrees, and tells Burke he'll try to work
          on the portrait of Barnabas Collins, which is almost 
          finished. They both leave. As Sam get to the front door,
          he doubles back to get a curved, carved, meerschaum pipe
          lying on a table, putting it in his mouth.
             There's a knock at the door of the old house. Willie
          answars. It's Sam Evans. Sam asks, "Is Mr. Collins at home?"
          Willie replies that he isn't. Sam tells him, "That doesn't
          matter. I came here to see the portrait. I'd like to do
          some work on it". Willie replies, "You can't. There are a lot
          of repairs going on. They'll get in the way". Sam asks, "Well,
          can I come in and look at it?" Willie refuses to let him. 
          Sam asks, "I just want to look at it. It's almost finished".
          Willie reiterates, "You can't do it here!" Sam tells him,
          "I don't have to do it here. I can take it home and do it
          there". Willie lets him in to take the painting. Sam goes
          in. Putting his pipe on a table to free his hands, he takes 
          the painting. Willie takes the easel. They go outside.     
             Maggie comes downstairs and wanders around. She sees Sam's
          pipe lying on the table, takes it, and goes back upstairs.
          Sam and Willie come back inside. Sam remarks, "My pipe. I 
          must've left it in here. I know I had it with me when I 
          came here". He looks around but doesn't see it anywhere.
          He tells Willie, "If you find it, can you keep it for me?
          I've had that pipe for a long time. It's a good old friend".
          Willie promises to do so. Sam leaves.           
             Maggie comes downstairs again. Willie sees her and tells her,
          "Hey! You're not supposed to come down here unless you're 
          told to!" Maggie replies, "I wanted to come down". Willie
          asks, "Were you down here a few minutes ago?" Maggie does
          not answer, replying instead "Don't want to be up there...
          Who am I?" Willie tells her, "You're Josette". Maggie replies,
          Josette. Am I Josette? I keep thinking that I'm someone else".
          Willie tells her, "You're Josette Collins and this is your
          house!" Maggie insists, "I can't be Josette Collins. I'm
          someone else". Willie tells her, "You'd better go back 
          upstairs. Barnabas will be here soon". Maggie gasps, "Barnabas? 
          Barnabas Collins? Barnabas?! Barnabas!?", a look of pure terror
          on her face. She runs upstairs.
             Willie goes down to the cellar. He walks up to a coffin
          lying in the middle of the floor. The coffin opens. Lying
          inside is Barnabas, who has opened it. Seeing Willie there,
          he asks, "What is it, Willie? Come closer, Willie". Willie does.
          Barnabas grabs him by the throat and aks, "What do you want to
          tell me?" Willie chokes out, "Sam Evans was here..." and tells
          him what happened. Barnabas asks, "Did he see anything?"
          Willie replies, "No, nothing". Barnabas gets out of the
          coffin and slaps Willie hard, knocking him to the ground.
          He shouts at him, "Fool! You can't take chances like that!
          You know you are never to let anyone in during the day!  You know
          how vulnerable I am!" He adds, "You must never think of taking
          advantage of that fact to betray me, Willie. You will never escape
          from me, never!"  Willie meekly replies, "I know that".  Barnabas
          says, "Then we have nothing to worry about".
             Maggie comes downstairs again, holding Sam's pipe in her
          hands. She thinks to herself, "I'm someone else. I'm someone
          else". She looks at the pipe and says, "I know this. I know
          what this is. It belongs to someone, someone I've got to
          find. I've got to take it to someone, I've got to take it
             At the Evan's cottage, Sam is working on the portrait.  There's
          a knock at the door. It's Burke. He comes in, holding a brown paper
          bag.  He sees Sam working on the portrait and remarkrs, "Ah, Sam.
          I see you've taken my advice".  Sam replies that he has. Burke
          asks Sam, "Have you eaten yet?"  Sam admits that he hasn't. Burke
          tells Sam, "I'm going to see that you have good dinner one way or
          another. I have a great sandwich here for you. How about a ham
          and swiss? I could've bought you tunafish..." Sam tells him, "No,
          that'll be fine".  They look at the painting and discuss it. Sam
          tells Burke, "I just can't get the character right. No matter
          how many times I do the eyes, they just turn out cold..."
             At the old house, Barnabas tells Willie, "Keep an eye
          out for David. He likes to come here. How's Josette?". 
          Willie tells him, "She was down here". Barnabas tells him,
          "Keep her locked upstairs in the future". Willie tells
          Barnabas, "She keeps asking who she is. I tell her she's
          Josette. Sometimes she believes me, sometimes she doesn't".
          Barnabas orders, "Bring her to me, now". Willie goes 
          upstairs. Suddenly, Barnabas hears Willie shout, "Josette!
          Josette! Josette! Where are you?" Barnabas shouts, "What's
          the matter?" Willie comes back downstairs and tells Barnabas,
          "She's not up there! She must've gotten out!" 
             At the Evans Cottage, Sam continues to try to work on the
          painting. Burke goes into the kitchen to make some coffee.
          Maggie appears outside the bay window, but Sam, who's looking at
          the painting, doesn't see her. Sam finally gives up working
          on the eyes, saying, "It's no good.  Maybe next time Barnabas
          Collins comes for a sitting I'll get them". He glances up and is
          startled to see Maggie looking at him through the window. He
          screams, "Maggie! Maggie!" and runs out the door. Burke, hearing
          Sam's shouts, runs into the living room and, seeing Sam running
          out, goes after him. But when Sam gets to the spot where Maggie
          was, he finds nothing.  He tells Burke, "She was standing right
          there! Maggie! Maggie!"
          Episode 248
          Worldvision Rerun 38
          Tape Date: May 25, 1967 (ABC #113-DRK-67)
          Air Date:  June 7, 1967 Wednesday
          Writer:    Ron Sproat
          Director:  Lela Swift

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. A stillness hovers over Collinwood tonight, 
		  but there is no peace in the silence, for it is the silence that precedes
		  a great storm... peace that holds a promise of terror. Far away from 
		  Collinwood, one man knew a moment of hope on this night only to have that
		  hope withdrawn... and despair and further confustion follow in its wake." 

             Sam and Burke are back inside the Evan Cottage. Sam tells
          Burke, "I saw her, Burke. She was standing there, right outside
          that window". Burke tells him, "Don't worry. The sheriff will
          be here in a few minutes."
             Meanwhile, Maggie is wandering around in the Eagle Hill
          Cemetary. A dogs howls. Barnabas appears. He opens his arm
          in welcome. Maggie goes to him. But instead of embracing her,
          Barnabas grabs her by the throat. 
             At the Evans cottage, Sam is pacing around. He starts for 
          the door. Burke asks, "Where are you going?" Sam replies, "Out".
          Burke reminds him, "The sheriff is coming in a few minutes".
          Sam replies, "I just can't stay here! I've got to go out and
          look for her". There's a knock at the door. It's the sheriff.
          He comes in and tells Sam, "I've got every available man 
          looking for her". He asks, "What happened, exactly?" 
          Sam tells him. The sheriff asks how Maggie looked. Sam 
          replies, "Dazed. Pale". The sheriff asks, "Was she still
          wearing the nightgown she was wearing when she was taken?"
          Sam replies, "No. She was wearing a flowing white dress.
          It looked like something from another century". The sheriff
          tells Sam, "I'm going to have to ask you a question I'm
          afraid you're not going to like. Had you been drinking before
          you saw Maggie?" Sam angrily replies, "NO! What I saw didn't
          come out of a bottle! She was standing right there!"
            Barnabas takes Maggie to the Collins family crypt. He
          opens the door to the secret room. He tell Maggie, "You
          must come with me. You tried to leave me. You must be
          punished. Josette, you must never leave me. You must 
          stay with me always. You must never leave me like you did
          long ago". Maggie begs, "Don't, please!" Barnabas tells her,
          "Don't cry, Josette". Maggie asks, "Josette?" Barnabas tells
          her, "Yes. You are Josette. Say it". Maggie replies, "I am
          Josette". Barnabas tells her, "Yes, you are Josette and you
          will be my bride, the bride of Barnabas Collins, and we will
          be happy together through eternity, so very, very happy". 
          He continues, "You must always believe that. You must never
          forget it. Perhaps there is no reason to punish you this
          time. But if you should ever try to leave me again....
          We will leave this place and return to our house." Barnabas
          notices the pipe Maggie is holding in her hands and asks,
          "What's that? Give it to me" He takes it. Maggie screams,
          "NO! POP! POP!" Barnabas angrily shouts, "You must never
          say that name again! I must punish you!" Maggie faints. 
          Barnabas takes her into the secret room, closing the door
          behind him. 
             Maggie awakens and asks, "Where...". Barnabas tells her,
          "This is where you will rest until I send for you". Maggie
          sees that she is lying in a coffin. She screams, "NO!!!!".
          Barnabas closes the lid...
             It is dawn. Willie goes to the secret room and opens the
          coffin. He calls, "Josette? Josette, it's Willie. Can you
          hear me? I've come for you". Maggie answers weakly, "Willie?" 
          Willie asks, "Do you recognize me? Do you know who I am?"
          Maggie repeats, "Willie". Willie tells her, "Yes. I've come to
          get you. There's nothing to be afraid of. Just do what I tell
          you to do, understand?" 
             Willie takes Maggie out of the secret room into the crypt.
          Maggie looks fearful. Willie tells her, "I told you not to 
          be afraid. Barnabas is gone". Maggie looks relieved and asks,
          "Gone?" Willie tells her, "Come with me". They leave.
             Willie takes Maggie back to the old house and up to 
          Josette's room. He puts her in bed and tells her to rest.
          Maggie suddenly says, "I had a dream. A terrible dream. He
          was standing over me. That coffin..". Then she screams,
          "It wasn't a dream! I was in a coffin! I was in a coffin!"
          Willie calms her down, then tells her, "I'm tryign to help
          you. Running away was a mistake, a bad mistake. If you 
          ever try to run away again, he'll punish you. Do whatever
          he wants, be who he wants you to be. You are Josette Collins".
          Maggie insists, "No, I am not Josette Collins!" Willie
          tells her, "Don't ever let Barnabas hear you say that! Try
          to be Josette". Maggie repeats, "I can't!" Willie tells
          her, "You can!" He gives her the music box and tells her,
          "Listen, listen to the music. Hear the music? Listen to 
          it and say to yourself over and over again, 'I am Josette
             There's a knock at the door of the Evan's Cottage. It's
          Sherriff Patterson. He tells Sam, "Bad news, Sam". Sam
          asks, "Didn't find anything?" The sheriff replies, "No,
          not a thing". Burke asks, "What are you going to do now?"
          Patterson replies, "Call off the men". Sam, shocked, asks,
          "You're not going to stop?" Patterson replies, "I have to.
          The men have searched every inch of ground near here."
          Sam asks, "How about Eagle Hill Cemetary?" Patterson 
          replies, "Yes. We've searched there too. Nothing. We 
          thought we saw someone in the mists, but it just turned
          out to be a dog - a big, ugly beast".  The sherff tells
          Sam, "I'm sorry, Sam, but I think you just imagined
          seeing Maggie".  Sam turns to Burke and asks, "You believe
          me, don't you?" Burke, in a very sad voice, replies, "I'd
          like to believe you, Sam, but..."* Sam exclaims, "But you
          don't!" He sit down, then says, "You're right. I never saw
          her, except in my imagination..." 
             Maggie awakens. She opens the music box and listens to
          the music. She mutters, "Josette Collins...Josette Collins.."
          She get up, looks at the portrait, then says, more emphatically
          this time, "Josette Collins!" She sits down at the vanity. 
          She takes the bottle of perfume, uncaps it, sniffs it, recaps
          it and puts it back down. She picks up a brush and starts
          brushing her hair. She looks in the mirror and exclaims,
          "No! Maggie! Maggie Evans! I'm Maggie!" She goes to the
          door and tries to open it, but finds it locked. She screams,
          "Willie! Pop! Joe! Somebody, somebody! Maggie! I'm Maggie
          Evans! I'm Maggie!"

          * This is the last we see of Mitchell Ryan as Burke Devlin.
            Due to alcohol problems, he had either shown up drunk or
            not shown up at all for several tapings, something the
            producers found unacceptable.
          Episode 249
          Worldvision Rerun 39
          Tape Date: June 4, 1967 (ABC #114-DRK-67)
          Air Date:  June 8, 1967 Thursday
          Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:  Lela Swift

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. Behind a locked door lies a terrible secret, 
		  a secret that if revealed would alter the lives of everyone at Collinwood.
		  There is one who is determind to know that secret at all costs."

             Roger and Carolyn are in the drawing room. Roger tells
          Carolyn, "I'll help you any way I can". Carolyn replies,
          "I'm going to do it after she goes to sleep!" 
             In the study, Jason tells Elizabeth, "I've got to have a
          little chat with you. Your daughter is determined to get
          into that room". Elizabeth replies, "I'll stop her 
          immediately!", but Jason tells her, "No. Let's talk about
          it for a minute. She's determined to get into that room.
          What if she does? She'll find nothing and tell the others".
          Elizabeth replies, "I can't take the chance". Paul tells
          her, "I can guarantee you she won't find anything". Elizabeth
          asks, "How can you guarantee that?" Paul replies, "There's
          nothing to see unless you know where to look. Let me
          go check first to make sure. Give me the key". Elizabeth is 
          still unsure and says, "I don't know...", but Jason tells her, 
          "I tell you, Liz. This is the only way. Now give me the key". 
          She gives it to him.
             Jason comes out of the study into the foyer. He runs 
          into Carolyn there. He tells her he's going to prove to
          her that he doesn't have any hold over her mother soon.
             Jason goes down into the basement. Using the key given
          to him by Elizabeth, he unlocks the padlock and goes into
          the locked room. Lining the sides of the room are various
          boxes, chests and suitcases. Jason shines his flashlight
          on the floor and inspects it. He pulls a chain turning on
          a light, then gets on his hands and knees and inspects the
          floor some more. He then gets up and looks around. He 
          opens a couple of suitcases and, finding nothing but
          old clothes, leaves.  
             Jason goes back to the study and tells Elizabeth, "Well!
          You can relax now! Everything is in order. Everything's
          all right. Everything's fine". Elizabeth tells him, 
          "I can't go through with it..." Jason insists, "Everything's
          all right!" Finally, Elizabeth agrees, "I'll give the key
          to Carolyn right now", but Jason suggests, "No, let's go
          them one better. Give them a grand display. YOU take them
          into that basement and into that locked room!"
             Carolyn, Vicky and Roger are in the drawing room. Carolyn
          asks Roger about the wide discrepancy between her mother's
          discription of her father and Jason's. Roger tells her, "Jason
          McGuire is a contagious liar!" Carolyn, apparently wanting
          to believe Jason's glowing praise for her father, says,
          "But he DID know my father. Which one should I believe?"
          Roger tells her, "I wouldn't know. I was away at school most
          of the time you father was here". Vicky suggests, "Maybe 
          your mother said those things about your father to you to
          justify the divorce". Carolyn remarks, "I wish she wouldn't
          go through with that". Roger tells her, "She has to. If she
          doesn't, Paul could show up here any day and demand his
          rights, and he'll have them if they're not divorced".
          Carolyn remarks that she thinks Jason's blackmailing her
          mother into marrying him, and vows, "I can't let that 
          happen!" Jason and Elizabeth come come into the room.
          Elizabeth announces, "I think it's about time that everything
          came out into the open". She tells Carolyn, "I'm going to
          give you this key to prove that Jason has no hold over
          me". She asks her, "Are you ready to go down?" Carolyn
          replies, rather meekly, "Yes". Elizabeth asks, "Are you
          ready to find whatever you may find?" Carolyn replies,
          "Yes". Elizabeth tells her, "Then I'll take you down!"
             Everyone goes down into the basement. Elizabeth opens
          the lock, remarking, "This lock hasn't been openen in 
          18 years. After this, it probably won't be opened for 
          another 18 years". She goes in and pulls the chain, 
          turning on the light. The rest of the group comes in.
          Elizabeth announces, "Your wishes have come true. You
          have my permission to look around wherever you want". 
          Roger and Carolyn start opening boxes and suitcases and
          look through them. They find nothing but old clothing
          and various personal possesions of Paul Stoddard. 
          Roger announces, "Junk. Nothing but junk". Carolyn
          exclaims, "Jason is right! I apoligize very deeply!"
          Roger tells Elizabeth, "Sorry to put you through this
          terrible intrusion". Everyone goes back upstairs except
          Jason and Elizabeth. Jason tells Elizabeth, "They're 
          all together upstairs now. I think now will be the 
          proper time to tell them about you and me..." 
             Roger, Carolyn and Vicky are in the drawing room.
          Roger and Carolyn are very remorseful. Roger remarks,
          "That was one of the worst moments of my life". Carolyn
          says, "I put her through something she didn't deserve!"
          Jason and Elizabeth come into the room. Jason announces,
          "Your mother has something to say, something I'm sure
          you'll all be delighted to hear". Carolyn asks, "What is
          it?" Elizabeth pauses. Jason prompts her, "Tell them, Liz".
          Elizabeth announces, "I've decided that I cannot go on 
          living my life the way I've been living it." She pauses
          again. Jason tells her, "Go on, Liz". Elizabeth announces,
          "Jason and I are going to be married!". Everyone is
          Episode 250
          Worldvision Rerun 40
          Tape Date: May 29, 1967 (ABC #115-DRK-67)
          Air Date:  June 9, 1967 Friday
          Writer:    Joe Caldwell
          Director:  Lela Swift

		 Alexandra Moltke:
		 "My name is Victoria Winters. The dawn has not yet come to Collinwood, and 
		  in the final hours of the night there are dreams that trouble sleep. But 
		  something worse than nightmare grips the final dark... a reality no dream
		  could conjure, a terror in the heart of a young woman that seeks to stun 
		  the mind and take away forever even the memory of her name."

             At the old house, Maggie is alone in Josette's room. 
          Sitting at the vanity, she looks in the mirror and says,
          "Yes. Maggie, that's my name! I must remember that! I
          am Maggie Evans! I've got to remember that!" She seems to
          be coming out of the trance she's been in. Talking to
          the image in the mirror, she says, "You have a father. His
          name... Why can't I remember his name? My name is Maggie Evans.
          My father... Yes. Sam! Sam Evans! I must remember that! 
          Never forget it, never! Maggie Evans! Maggie Evans!" 
          Moving her hand, she accidently opens the lid to the music
          box. It starts playing. Maggie says, "My name! I must 
          remember my name! Josette Collins? Yes, my name is Josette
          Collins...NO! That's not my name! I must remember my name!
          Maggie! That's it! It's Maggie Evans!. I've got to remember
          that, no matter what! Maggie Evans! I am Maggie Evans!
          My name is..." She is interrupted by a knock at the door.
          Willie voice asks, "Josette?" Maggie tells him, "Come in".
          Willie opens the door, comes in and announces, "Mr. Collins
          wants to see you". Maggie tells Willie, "Tell him Josette
          will be down in a minute. I want to brush my hair first".
          Willie leaves. Josette mutters, "I remember now, no matter
          what, Mr. Collins!"
             Downstairs, Barnabas asks Willie, "How did she seem?"
          Willie tells him, "She not only answered to the name 'Josette',
          she even called herself that". Maggie comes down. Barnabas
          tells Willie, "I believe you have some special work to do.
          I want you to complete it as soon as possible". Willie
          leaves. Barnabas tells Maggie, "I have a gift for you,
          a gift one of my ancestors gave to his bride. Now I shall
          give it to you, Josette". He opens a box revealing a
          beautiful diamond necklace. He gives her the necklace and
          tells her, "We will soon be joined for all eternity".
          Maggie asks, "When?" Barnabas replies, "Very, very soon".
          Maggie asks, "Today?" Barnabas replies, "Perhaps. But Willie
          must first finish the arrangements". He asks her to put on
          the necklace, but she tells him, "Not until I am your bride".
          He tells her to go to her room, saying, "Soon, I will send
          for you, and you will be wearing this. Goodbye, for now".
          Maggie turns to leave. Suddenly, Barnabas calls "Maggie!"
          Maggie turns around, and looking puzzled, asks, "What did
          you say?" Barnabas replies, "I was calling Maggie". Maggie
          replies, "Maggie? That sounds like a servant's name, but I
          know of no servant named 'Maggie'". Barnabas tells her,
          "Sorry, I was mistaken. Maggie was someone who used to be
          here, but is here no longer". Maggie asks, "Who was she?"
          Barnabas replies, "Someone of no importance. The name will
          never be mentioned again".
             Maggie is in Josette's room. She thinks to herself, "It
          can't happen! It can't!" She hears a banging sound coming
          from below somwhere. She remember Barnabas' words to
          Willie, "I believe you have some special work to do. I want
          you to complete it as soon as possible", then his words to
          her, "Willie must first finish the arrangements". She
          leaves the room to investigate. In the living room, she
          finds that the hammering sound is coming from the
          cellar. She quietly goes down to look.
             Willie and Barnabas are in the cellar. Willie is busy
          hammering someting. Barnabas tells him, "Excellent work. You
          should be proud of yourself!" He tells Willie, "Now you know
          what to do just before the sun goes down, don't you?" Willie
          replies, "Yes. I am to put on the gown she is to wear and
          bring her down here to you". Barnabas tells him, "After
          tonight, there will be no chance of her remembering. She
          will be Josette, and Josette will be mine forever!" He
          looks at Willie's handiwork and asks him, "Almost finished?
          Most people can't see its beauty. Do you see it as beautiful?"
          Willie replies emphatically, "No!" The camera pulls back,
          revealing Willie's handiwork to be a coffin. Maggie, who
          has snuck down into the cellar and is hiding unnoticed in
          the shadows, sees it...
             The sun has come up. Barnabas is no longer seen in the
          cellar. Willie finds Maggie's hiding place and exclaims,
          "What are you doing here?! You're supposed to be in your
          room!" Maggie announces, in a stern tone of voice someone would
          use to speak to a servant, "It's my house and I wanted to
          walk around". Willie, suspicious at Maggie's tone, asks,
          "Who are you? Really? Maggie Evans?" 
             Maggie admits that she remembers that she's Maggie Evans.
          She begs Willie to help her escape. Willie tells her he's
          going to take her back to her room. Maggie shows Willie the
          diamond necklace Barnabas had given her, telling him, "This 
          is worth more than you've ever dreamed of having! It's yours,
          Willie, after I'm gone". Willie replies, "No, he'll kill
          me!", but Maggie tells him, "No! You'll be gone too! We'll
          both be gone. After he's killed, really killed!" Willie
          whines, "I can't!" Maggie replies, "I can! Wait for me
          upstairs!" The sound of a heart beating starts coming
          from the old coffin. Willie, frightened, tells Maggie,
          "I've got to bring you upstairs!" Maggie tells him, "No,
          you won't hear it much longer!" Maggie picks up some 
          sort of sharp pick Willie has been using to make the other
          coffin and starts to open the old coffin. Willie shouts,
          "I can't let you do it! I have to protect him!" He grabs
          Maggie and disarms her, shouting, "I can't help it! I
          can't help it!"
             Maggie is in Josette's room. She looks out the window
          and sees that the sun's just starting to touch the 
          horizon. She opens the music box. It has no effect on
          her. She defiantly says, "Maggie Evans! I am Maggie Evans!"
          There's a knock at the door. Willie's voice asks, "Are you
          ready?" Maggie replies, "Come in". Willie opens the door and
          comes in. Willie tells her, "It's time to take you to him".
          Maggie protests, "It's not sunset yet". Willie replies, 
          "Almost". Willy tries to apoligize, "Sorry. There's nothing
          I can do. You'll understand after tonight". Maggie asks,
          "Nothing I can say, do?" Willie tells her, "Give in. It'll
          be easier". 
             Willie takes Maggie down to the cellar. He tells her,
          "The sun's about to come up. You're supposed to wait for
          him here". Maggie begs, "Don't go! Please don't leave me
          here alone!", but Willie explains, "I can't. No one is 
          supposed to be here except you" and leaves. Maggie looks
          around and sees that the pick is still there. She picks
          it up. The heartbeat sounds starts coming from the coffin
          again. Maggie opens the coffin. Lying inside is Barnabas.
          Maggie raises the pick and prepares to stab downward when
          suddenly, Barnabas awakens, his eyes opening. Maggie 
          gives a start and drops the pick. Barnabas sits up and
          bares his fangs menacingly...
          Episode 251
          Worldvision Rerun 41
          Tape Date:  May 30, 1967 (ABC #116-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 12, 1967 Monday
          Writer:     Ron Sproat
          Director:   John Sedwick

          Alexandra Moltke:
          "My name is Victoria Winers. It is twilight, and a few fading rays of 
           sunlight still cling to the walls of Collinwood. Not far away from the 
           great house, the approach of nightfall strikes terror in the heart of 
           one girl, for she either must submit to an unspeakable fate or kill--destroy 
           in order not to be destroyed."

             Barnabas comes out of his coffin and remarks, in a 
          very sarcastic tone, "What are you doing with that 
          tool? You must be careful. It's very sharp. You wouldn't
          want to hurt anyone with it. Perhaps you were TRYING to
          hurt someone. Perhaps you were trying to hurt ME!" Maggie
          lies, "No!" Barnabas continues, "Josette wouldn't hurt me,
          but Maggie Evans would!" Maggie tries to say, "No, I'm
          Josette...", but Barnabas doesn't believe her and 
          continues, "You were trying to destroy me! You deserve
          to die!" Maggie screams, "NO!!" Willie comes running down,
          screams, "No, Barnabas!" and and puts himself between 
          Barnabas and Maggie. Barnabas tells him to get out of 
          the way, but Willie refuses to do so. Barnabas threatens,
          "I'll kill you too!". Willie replies, "You can't. My 
          friend Jason will come looking for me". Barnabas 
          tells him, "I can cope with idiots". Willie still
          refuses to move out of the way, saying, "You'll have to
          kill me first!". They are interrupted by a pounding sound 
          coming from upstairs. Willie shouts, "Listen! Barnabas! 
          That pounding! It's coming from upstairs! Someone's at the
          front door! They might come in! I left it unlocked!" 
          Barnabas snarls, "I told you to always keep that door
          locked!" Willie explains, "I was just going out when
          I heard her scream and ran down here!" Barnabas tells
          Willie, "Watch the girl. If she screams, I will kill you
          both! Understand?", and goes upstairs.
             Barnabas goes upstairs and answers the door. It's
          Vicky. She remarks, "I was beginning to think no one 
          was home". Barnabas lies, "I was upstairs resting".
          Vicky apoligizes, "Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Collins,
          but Mrs. Stoddard sent me here with a message. The sheriff's
          out at Collinwood. He's put a curfew on the town. Mrs. 
          Stoddard thought you should know". Barnabas asks, "Is it
          because of the attacks?" Vicky replies, "Yes, and Maggie
          Evans". Barnabas asks, "Any word on her?" Vicky replies,
          "No. No one has any idea where she could be. There hasn't
          been a clue". Barnabas remarks, "Maggie was a very nice girl".
          Vicky, somewhat upset, complains, "Everyone keeps using the
          past tense with Maggie as if she were dead! She might still 
          be alive!" Barnabas says, "But if she were still alive,
          the police would have found her by now". Vicky replies,
          "Unless she were being held by the madman who did this".
             Downstairs, Willie is holding his hand over Maggie's 
          mouth. He tells her he'll remove his hand if she'll 
          agree not to scream. She nods agreement. Willie removes
          his hand. Willie tells her he has a plan. He tells
          her that there's hope as soon as she's alive. He
          tells her to let him do the talking.
             Upstairs, Vicky remarks, "I wish everyone would stop
          being so pessimistic about Maggie". She tells Barnabas,
          "Oh, Mrs. Stoddard was wondering why you haven't been
          dropping by lately". Barnabas tells her he's been busy.
          Vicky notices Josette's music box sitting on a table 
          and asks, "What's that?" Barnabas tells her, "It's
          a music box. It's been in the family for generations. It
          still plays. Would you like to hear it?" He opens the
          lid. Vicky listens to the music and remarks, "Lovely.
          It reminds me of..." She pauses. Barnabas asks, "What?"
          Vicky thinks and replies, "The past! Of long, long ago..."
          Barnabas replies, "Yes it does..." Vicky tells him,
          "Sorry to get so romantic about the past..."
             Downstairs, Maggie and Willie wait fearfully. There
          are footsteps on the stairs. Barnabas is coming back 
          down. Willie reminds Maggie, "Remember. Let me do all
          the talking!" Barnabas comes back down and tells Maggie,
          "Well, Josette, have you been waiting for me patiently?"
          Willie tells him, "She didn't make a sound!" Barnabas
          continues, "Did you, Josette. But I mustn't call you
          by that name anymore. You aren't worthy of it. I will
          call you by the common name Maggie Evans when I kill
          you. It won't be an easy death. You will endure more
          pain that any human has ever endured. After I've kill
          you, your body will not only be lifeless, but bloodless!"
          Willie once again gets between Barnabas and Maggie.
          He tells Barnabas, "You'll have to kill me first!"
          Barnabas replies, "I might do just that. I don't need
          you anymore". Willie retorts, "You need someone to
          guard you during the day!" Barnabas tells him, "It'll
          be easy enough to find someone else". Willie says,
          "But it'll take time for you to find someone else. During
          that time, you'll be vulnerable!" Barnabas replies,
          "I'll take the chance". Willie tries another tack.
          He tells Barnabas, "You can't kill her! You've waited
          a long time for her. You wanted her as your bride!
          You got so close! Look at her, look how beautiful she
          is!" Barnabas looks at Maggie for awhile, then tells
          Willie, "I'm going to take her with me. You stay here".
          Barnabas drags Maggie away. Maggie screams, "NO! NO! NO!"
             Barnabas drags Maggie to a room with an iron door
          with a barred metal window. He throws her in there
          and tells her, "This is where you'll wait until I come
          back for you. By then, I will have made my final
             There is a knock at the door of Collinwood. Vicky
          answers. It's Barnabas. Vicky remarks, "Mr. Collins,
          I didn't expect to see you again so soon!" Barnabas
          asks, "Is Mrs. Stoddard in?" Vicky tells him, "She's
          upstairs resting. I'll get her", but Barnabas replies,
          "No, that won't be necessary. I wouldn't want to bother
          her. I just came here to give her a gift to make up
          for my being remiss in visiting her". Vicky tells him,
          "Oh, I'm sure she understands you're busy". Barnabas
          shows her the gift he's brought for Elizabeth. It's
          a handkerchief. He explains, "It belonged to Josette
          Collins. According to legend, it was given to her by the
          Queen of France". Vicky examines the handkerchief, entranced.
          She remarks, "I'm sure Mrs. Stoddard will be pleased with this.
          I know I'd be!" Vicky expresses a great interest in family
          heirlooms, things that have been passed down from generation
          to generation. Barnabas remarks, "Not everyone does". Vicky
          explains her interest in family histories by saying she
          herself is a foundling and has none. Barnabas tells her,
          "Give Mrs. Stoddard my gift. Oh, Miss Winters, you must
          come by my house sometime, especially if it's the past
          you're interested in. I could tell you some interesting
          stories about the past".
             Barnabas returns to the cell in the basement of the 
          old house and tells Maggie, "I have made my decision".
          Maggie asks, "What is it?" Barnabas replies, "I will
          kill you." Maggie replies, "Go ahead!" Barnabas tells
          her, "I will kill you only when you come to me begging
          to be Josette Collins". He tells her he will keep her 
          locked in the cell until she does...
          Episode 252
          Worldvision Rerun 42
          Tape Date:  June 5, 1967 (ABC #117-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 13, 1967 Tuesday
          Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
          Director:   John Sedwick

          Alexandra Moltke:
             "My name is Victoria Winters. There has been an announcement at 
              Collinwood, an announcement that has shocked all those who live here, 
              and filled them with disbelief. But there is one who will not accept 
              this news, and is determined to do something about it."

             In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth is talking
          on the phone. Carolyn comes into the room. Elizabeth 
          finishes her telephone conversation, "I know there won't
          be anyone contesting the divorce. No one's seen Paul Stoddard
          in the 18 years since he left...I know I've waited 18 years
          for this, but I want it done immediately!" Elizabeth hangs
          up. Carolyn caustically remarks, "You're in a real rush.
          You're the very picture of the impatient bride!" Elizabeth
          gets upset and asks, "Why are you doing this to me?" 
          Carolyn retorts, "Why are you doing this to yourself? Why
          are you marrying that man?" Elizabeth replies, "I'm marrying
          Jason McGuire and there's nothing you or anyone else can do
          about it!" Carolyn vows, "I'll do something to stop you!"
          Elizabeth asks, "What?" Carolyn replies, "I don't know,
          but I'll think of something!" Elizabeth complains, "No
          one seems to understand that I have the right to live my
          life as I wish!" Carolyn replies, "Yes, but why him?"
          Elizabeth replies, "He's the man I choose". Carolyn
          remarks, "It looks more like he chose you. I think he's
          forcing you into this!" Elizabeth denies this, saying,
          "I'm marrying him of my own free will!" Carolyn doesn't
          believe this and says, "I know you too well to believe 
          that. There must be some other reason, a reason I intend
          to find!". Elizabeth retorts, "There is no other reason.
          You poked around downstairs and found nothing but 18 years
          of dust!" Carolyn apoligizes, "I'm sorry for putting you
          through that..." Elizabeth asks, "Why do you hate Jason 
          so much?" Carolyn replies, "He's sly and deceitful". 
          She adds, "And one more thing. I've never seen you two
          display any sort of emotion towards one another. Marriage 
          is a special institution, meant for people who have very 
          special emotions toward each other! One more question!
          Do you love him?" Elizabeth doesn't reply. Carolyn says,
          "If you don't answer that, I'll have to conclude you're
          being forced to marry him." Elizabeth shouts, "Yes! Yes!
          I love him!" Carolyn replies, "I don't believe you!" 
          Elizabeth says, "I'm tired of everyone trying to tell
          me how to live my life! I don't see you doing anything 
          with YOUR life!" This really upsets Carolyn. She
          shouts, "I'll DO something about my life! You can bet on
             Roger and Vicky are in the study discussing David's
          progress. Roger is puzzled, "Why should David be doing
          so poorly in history when he is doing so well in
          everything else?" Vicky explain to him that most boys
          David's age don't do very well in history. Carolyn comes
          into the room, obviously very distressed. Vicky asks,
          "What's the matter, Carolyn?" Carolyn replies sarcastically,
          "Oh, nothing at all. I've just been having a talk with the
          bride to be". They discuss how strange it is that Elizabeth
          would want to marry Jason. Vicky suggests, "Maybe she just
          decided to marry him out of impulse yesterday because we
          all seemed to be against her and only Jason seemed to be
          on her side. Maybe she'll change her mind". Carolyn tells
          her, "I don't think so. She said those magic words. She 
          said she loved him". Vicky continues to try to think of 
          reasons for Elizabeth's choice, "Whatever we might think of
          him, he's not without charm. Maybe she does". Carolyn remarks,
          "I think he came here to marry her, I think he planned this!"
          Roger tells Carolyn, "There's nothing any of us can do 
          about this. Each of us is allowed to ruin his life as he 
          wishes". Carolyn replies, "You're right, Uncle Roger!" 
          She goes to the telephone and looks up a number in the
          phone book. While dialing the phone, she remarks, "I'll 
          show her how well I can do something with my life! If Mother's 
          found love, I will too!".  She then speaks into the telephone
          mouthpiece,  "Hello, Buzz?... I've been thinking about you...
          I saw you go by the other day on your motorcycle..." Roger and
          Vicky look very concerned.
             Vicky and Joe are at the Blue Whale*. Joe is telling
          Vicky, "I was talking to the captain of the fishing fleet
          on the phone when suddenly I heard a noise outside. 
          I looked out the window and couldn't believe what I saw.
          I saw a whole bunch of guys on motorcycles, at least 20
          of them, all revving up at once. And guess who was with them? 
          A very familiar blond."  Vicky guesses, "Carolyn!" Joe
          continues, "Then they came back later, trailing beer cans
          after themselves, and Carolyn was still with them like
          some sort of Biker Queen".  He asks, "What is that girl doing?"
          Vicky explains, "She's getting back at her mother". Joe tells
          Vicky he's puzzled that Elizabeth would marry Jason, remarking,
          "She can't be so blind as not to see what kind of man he is".
          There is the sound of a motorcycle outside. The front door opens.
          Carolyn and a scuzzy biker come in. The biker announces
          their entrance, "TA DUM!" He tells Carolyn, "You're something
          else!" Carolyn replies, "You know it, Buzz!" Carolyn tells
          Buzz she'd like something to drink. Buzz asks, "Where do you
          put it?"  Carolyn replies, "I don't know, but there's still room
          for more!".  Buzz turns his pockets inside out and says, "Sorry.
          No more bread".  Carolyn replies, "Don't worry.  I have more
          bread than you'll ever see!" and asks the bartender for two
          "stingers", but Buzz opts for a beer instead. 
             At the table, Vicky remarks, "They're drunk". Joe and
          Vicky look very concerned. Carolyn sees Joe and Vicky.
          She takes Buzz to the table and introduces him to them.
          Buzz invites Vicky to go take a ride with him on his 
          motorcycle. Vicky declines. Carolyn remarks, "If she
          wants to stay her safe and secure, let her! I've found a
          way of life where that doesn't count!"
             The clock in the foyer at Collinwood reads 2:50. There's
          a loud motor noise outside. Outside, Buzz has stopped his
          motorcycle right outside the door. Buzz - possibly not quite
          the rebel he appears to be - starts to look concerned
          and asks Carolyn if it wouldn't have been better for 
          him to let her off at the back door. Carolyn replies,
          "Nothing but the best for us! Front door!" She kisses
          him and invites him inside. Inside, Buzz gives a whistle
          of appreciation at the house. He asks, "You really live
          in this place?" Carolyn replies, "No, this isn't the
          kind of place anyone lives in, people only exist here". 
          Buzz looks at the stairs and jokes, "It would be fun
          to ride my bike up those stairs". Carolyn replies,
          "Go ahead. Bring it in here! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!". 
          Buzz, looking surprised, replies,"I can't do that. It'd 
          wake everyone up!" Carolyn takes him into the drawing
          room for drinks. She turns the radio on very, very 
          loud. Buzz announces, "The party begins again!" and
          they start dancing. 
             Elizabeth comes down into the drawing room and angrily
          asks, "Do you know what time it is? It's 3 o'clock in the
          morning!" Carolyn replies, "Who cares what time it is?
          I've found myself a man, a real man!" Buzz, sprawled comfortably
          on one of the sofas,  drunkenly greets Elizabeth, "Hi, mommy!"
          Elizabeth tells him, "You're drunk. Get out of here!" Buzz,
          acting offended, starts to say, "Mrs. Stoddard!...", but Carolyn
          interrupts him, "Not Mrs. Stoddard. Mrs. McGuire. I told you.
          She's going to marry Mr. McGuire". Buzz asks, "But why do you
          call her that now. She's not married to him yet". Carolyn replies,
          "Because I want her to get used to it! I want her to hear how it
          sounds like to be called Mrs. Jason McGuire! You are proud of it,
          aren't you mother?" Elizabeth, very upset, runs out of the room
          and up the stairs. Carolyn runs out into the foyer and taunts
          her, "Mrs. McGuire! Mrs. Mrs McGuire! Mrs. McGuire!" as a distraught
          Elizabeth runs up the stairs.  Elizabeth, standing on the landing
          just outside the door to the bedroom hallway, turns, looks down
          and sees Carolyn and Buzz in the foyer. Carolyn announces, "You've
          found love, Mrs. McGuire, well so have I!!", then turns and kisses

          *  This scene was originally written for Vicky and Burke.
             Unfortunately, Mitchell Ryan was having drinking problems
             at this time and didn't show up for shooting, so the scene
             was hastily rewritten with Joe in Burke's place.  Ryan
             would be fired after this and never appear on Dark Shadows
             again.  He would later overcome his problems and continue
             with his acting career.
          Episode 253
          Worldvision Rerun 43
          Tape Date:  May 31, 1967 (ABC #118-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 14, 1967 Wednesday
          Writer:     Joe Caldwell
          Director:   John Sedwick

          Alexandra Moltke:
             "My name is Victoria Winters. A full moon newly risen, continues to climb 
              the early evening sky Collinwood, as though straining to create a distance 
              between itself and what it sees on the earth below--a ring of silver mist 
              encircles it--and the wind from the sea announces that soon no light will 
              shine at all. But the dark that lies ahead is not the deepest dark to be 
              found this night, and this brief moment of the moon, rising like a single hope, 
              will only make the night more bitter, so that nothing can emerge from the darkness 
              but an even darker despair."

             Maggie is lying in the cell in the basement of the Old House,
          looking very disconsolate.  Trying not to think of her terrible
          experience in the coffin, she thinks to herself, "I'm mustn't
          give in!  I won't forget who I am!  I can't!  No!  I wouldn't
          ever think of that!  Something else!  Think of something else!
          Concetrate!  Think!", but gives up,  "I can't think.  I've got
          to get out of here!  All I can see is that coffin!"  She hears
          someone coming to the door and exclaims, "Willie!", but the
          door opens.  It is not Willie.  It is Barnabas.  Maggie screams,
          NO!  Stay away from me!  Please!  Stay away!  Don't come any
          nearer!  Stay away!"  Barnabas sarcastically says, "But I
          don't understand.  Why should you be afraid of me?  I'm not
          the one who tried to harm you.  You tried to destroy ME".
          Maggie counters, "I know what you wanted to do to me!  I saw
          that coffin!  You wanted to make me like you!".  Barnabas
          replies, "But you ARE Josette".  Maggie counters, "I am Maggie,
          MAGGIE EVANS".  Barnabas tells her, "I just want you to be
          more cooperative in the future.  I've brought you something
          to help" and takes out the music box".   Maggie shouts, "NO!"
          Barnabas warns her, "It's your only hope".  Maggie tells him,
          "I'll SMASH it!".  Barnabas takes the music box away from her
          and warns her, "I'm offering you a second chance.  I doubt if
          a third will come".  Maggie agrees, "All right.  Leave it"
          and promises to try to think of herself as Josette.  Barnabas
          tells her, "You'll more than try".  Maggie replies, "Yes".
          Barnabas says, "I'll send Willie down with some food" and
          turns to leave.  Maggie tells him, "Barnabas, as long as I'm
          not going to leave here..."  Barnabas corrects her, "But we
          will be leaving here - together".  Maggie continues, "But my
          father...".  Barnabas tells her, "You must forget about the
          past".  Maggie begs Barnabas to somehow let Sam know she is
          still alive, that that would ease her mind make it easier for
          her forget her past and become Josette.  She takes a ring off
          her finger and tells him, "Send him this ring..."  Barnabas
          replies, "Absurd!  You'd be a fool to expect me to do that!
          When they get that, they'll renew the search!".
             David and Vicky are in the foyer of Collinwood.  Vicky
          is telling David, "It's already getting dark, David".
          David, wanting to go out and play, complains to Vicky, "First
          I can't go out because I have to study, now I can't go out
          because it's getting dark.  When CAN I go out?"  Vicky relents
          and says, "All right, if you'll promise me one thing:  Don't
          go too far from the house".  David promises, "I'll stay right
          near the house.  I promise you.  I'll be all right.  I'll
          be right outside the house".  Vicky asks, "Promise?"  David
          replies, "I promise and I mean it!", then remarks, "They've
          stopped looking for Maggie Evans, haven't they?"  Vicky, looking
          upset, replies, "No, not really".  David says, "I hope they
          find out who did it, and I hope they find her too!".
             Willie is in the cell with Maggie.  On a crate is a bowl
          of food.  Willie remarks, "You didn't eat much".  He gestures
          towards the music box and says, "It's to help you.  It's the
          only way".  Maggie starts to say, "Willie...", but Willie
          interrupts her, "I'm not supposed to talk to you".  Maggie
          continues, "But you saved my life, and I'm very grateful.
          I want to give you something.  This ring..." and hand her
          her ring.  Willie protests, "I don't know if Barnabas would
          like me to take it".  Maggie replies, "But you don't have to
          tell him.  It's worth a lot of money.  You could get a lot
          for it.  The ring reminds me of the past.  It would help me
          forget if you took it".  Willie says, "Well, it it'll help
          you...It must be worth a lot.  Thank you!".  Maggie replies,
          "Thank YOU Willie.  I'm the one who should be grateful",
          a knowing gleam in her eye.
             David, breaking his promise not to go far from Collinwood,
          is at the door of the Old House.  He tries the door, but finds
          that it's locked.  He then goes and looks in through the window
          and sees that no one's inside.  He checks few windows and
          finds one that is unlocked.  He opens it and goes inside.
          Once inside, he looks around and calls out, "Josette!  I'm back!
          I said I'd come back.  Josette!  Josette!  I'm back!".  Receiving
          no reply, he starts up the stairs when suddenly Willie enters
          the room and shouts, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?!?!"  David comes
          back down and calmly says, "Hi".  Willie asks, "What are you
          doing here?"  David lies, "Nothing".  Willie reminds him, "You've
          been told not to come here.  It's Mr. Collins' house now".
          David replies, "I just wanted to go up to that little room".
          Willie asks, "What little room?"  David replies, "Josette's
          room".  Willie tells him, "You're not going anywhere but out!"
          David protests, "I promised her...", but Willie just shouts,
          "Out!".  David calmly says, "I want to tell you something.
          I know what you're doing here".  Willie, sounding alarmed,
          asks, "What?"  David continues, "What you and cousin Barnabas
          are doing here".  Willie asks, "What do you mean you know?"
          David explains, "You're trying to do something to Josette!"
          Willie asks, "What are we trying to do to her?"  David
          continues, "You're trying to pretend she's not here.  You're
          trying to make her leave.  That's why you took her portrait
          away, that's why you've changed everything!  But you can't
          get rid of her, and I'm going to see her again!".  Willie,
          much relieved to find that David is talking about Josette's
          ghost, says, "Not if Mr. Collins has anything to do with it!",
          lifts David up, opens the front doors and literally throws him
          out.  David protests, "I'll tell my aunt Elizabeth!"
          Willie counters, "Go ahead!  She doesn't want you here either".
          David looks down and notices something on the ground.  He
          picks it up.  It's Maggie's ring.  He yells to Willie,
          "Hey!  I've got something for you!".  Willie shouts through
          the door, "I said GO AWAY!!".  David tries to say, "But...",
          but Willie just keeps shouting, "GO AWAY!!!".  David, angrily
          mutters, "OK, I won't give it to you, then" and leaves.
             David has returned to Collinwood and is in the foyer,
          where Vicky is scolding him, "I called you and you weren't
          around!  You broke your promise!"  David lies, "No I didn't"
          Vicky notices the ring he's holding and asks, "Where did you
          get that?" and takes it from him.  David protests, "It's mine!"
          Vicky remarks, "It's a ring", and asks, "Where did you find
          it".  David replies, "I found it on the ground.  I don't know
          whose it is".  Vicky examines the ring and remarks, "It's got
          an inscription inside" and holds it up to the light to try
          to read it, but finally gives up, "It's a name, but it's so
          small I can't make it out".  There's a knock at the front
          doors.  Vicky asks, "Who is it?"  A voice replies, "Barnabas".
          Vicky lets him in, apoligizing, "Forgive me for asking who it
          was, but these days, you can't be too careful".  Barnabas
          replies, "I understand.  It's a good idea, with the madman
          possibly still roaming Collinsport.  David says "I think I'll
          go up to my room now", and turns to leave, but Barnabas stops
          him, saying, "I owe you an apology.  I'm afraid my servant
          Willie was rude to you when you came to the Old House.  I told
          him I wanted my privacy, but I'm afraid he was overzealous".
          Vicky scolds David, "So, you DID go to the Old House!  Is that
          where you got that ring?"  Barnabas, seeing the ring Vicky's
          holding, asks her, "Let me see it."  She hands it to him and
          he examines it.  He asks David, "Where did you say you found
          this?"  David replies, "Outside the Old House.  It dropped from
          Willie's pocket".  Barnabas lies, "I recognize it.  It's an
          old family piece.  I gave it to Willie to sell".  Vicky scolds
          David, "And you said you didn't know who it belonged to.  That's
          the same as stealing!", but Barnabas thanks David, "Thank you
          for retrieving it.  It's quite valuable.  QUITE valuable".
             Maggie is sitting in the cell.  She hears footsteps coming
          and opens the music box, pretending that she's been listening
          to it.  Barnabas unlocks the door and comes in.  Hearing the
          music, he remarks, "It's lovely, isn't it?"  Maggie replies,
          "Yes it is".  Barnabas tells her, "I'm quite pleased to see you
          enjoying it, and I'm quite pleased to see your new sense of
          cooperation".  Maggie says, "Thank you".  Barnabas continues,
          "I've made the right decision.  You're quite intelligent.
          Intelligence was the very essence of the character of my lovely
          Josette".  He continues, "By the way, I have your ring.  I was
          talking to Miss Winters at the big house.  Apparently, David
          found it outside the door of this house where it had been dropped
          by  my loyal servant Willie it. I managed to retrieve it before
          Miss Winters could read the inscription.  I'll keep it in a safe
          place for you, a place where no one will find it.  I congratulate
          you.  Your attempts are getting better, but you'll have to excuse
          me if I don't don't congratulate you on its lack of success!"
          and leaves.  Maggie slams the lid of the music box down in
          frustration, tears in her eyes.
          Episode 254
          Worldvision Rerun 44
          Tape Date:  June 6, 1967 (ABC #119-DRK-67)
          Air Date:   June 15, 1967 Thursday
          Writer:     Joe Caldwell
          Director:   John Sedwick

              Carolyn and Elizabeth are in the drawing room of Collinwood.
           Elizabeth asks Carolyn, "Carolyn, where are you going? I want
           an answer!" Carolyn just replies, "Out!" Elizabeth warns her
           against going out alone  so late with all the attacks going on.
           Carolyn replies, "Don't worry. I'll find someone to go with!"
           Elizabeth remarks, "You mean that Buzz? He makes my flesh crawl!"
           Carolyn retorts, "He's not as bad as some men I could think of".
           Elizabeth begs, "Carolyn, please don't go out. It's too dangerous",
           but Carolyn does not listen.
              Elizabeth asks Vicky, "How can I stop her, Vicky?"  Vicky
           diplomatically replies, "I don't know".  Elizabeth tells her,
           "You know and I know. She's reacting to my marriage to Jason
           McGuire". They discuss the upcoming marriage. Vicky hints that
           she still thinks Elizabeth is being forced into it. Elizabeth
           denies this, saying, "You looked in that basement. You saw there
           was nothing there!".
              Jason McGuire drags Willie Loomis into the Blue Whale.
           He orders two double bourbons. Willie tells him, "I told
           you, I don't want anything to drink!" Jason tells him,
           "Well, you're going to tell me what you were doing. What
           were you up to this afternoon? There I am, in the bank,
           making a transaction, and who do I see? Willie Loomis".
           Willie explains, "I was doing a transaction for Mr. Collins".
           Jason asks, "But I saw you in there with a bunch of jewels,
           talking to another man". Willie explains, "I was selling
           some jewels for Mr. Collins.  The man was a jewel dealer from
           Boston". Jason tells him he doesn't believe him. Willie replies,
           "You can ask Mr. Collins if you want". Jason tells Willie,
           "I don't know if the news has reached you yet.  Good and glorious
           news.  I've decided to trade in my seven league boots for some
           slippers." He tells Willie about his upcoming marriage to
           Elizabeth. Willie is surprised by this and remarks, "She'd
           never marry you. What's the deal?" Jason replies, "The deal is
           that I will have a great deal of control at Collinwood soon.
           I was responsible for bringing you to Collinsport and I
           promised you I'd have a lot of money for both of us". Willie
           tells him, "I'm not interested in that anymore". Jason remarks,
           "Because you have something going for yourself, huh Willie?"
           Willie denies that he has.
              Buzz and Carolyn come into the Blue Whale. Buzz complains
           about her wanting to drink all the time.  Carolyn replies,
           "A girl gets thirsty once in a while".  She sees Jason
           and  remarks, "And sometimes a girl can get sick to her stomach"
           and turns to leave.  Jason tells her that she can stay, that she
           needn't worry because he and Willie were just about to leave.
           Carolyn remarks, "Only if you take that smell with you!".  Jason
           counters "Is that any way to talk to your future father-in-law?",
           greatly upsetting Carolyn.  Jason and Willie leave. Buzz and Carolyn
           sit down at a table. After a drink, Buzz complains, "Drinking's a
           drag. I can think of other things to do". Carolyn replies,
           "I like that taste". Buzz says, "But it's what you feel that's
           important.  Drinking only makes you feel drunk. How about
           something that'll make you feel like you've never been alive
           before?", suggesting a wild ride on his motorcycle. Carolyn
           replies, "Maybe. Let's drink first". Carolyn finishes her drink,
           and they get up to leave. As they get to the door, they run into
           Joe Haskell coming in. Joe and Carolyn say hello to each other,
           rather uncomfortably. Joe goes to the bar. Buzz remarks to
           Carolyn, "Is that the company you used to keep? You must've had
           a boring existence..." Carolyn tells Buzz to wait for her
           outside. Buzz goes outside. Carolyn goes to the bar and tells
           Joe, "Joe, I just want you to know how sorry I am about Maggie".
           At first Joe snaps, "I don't want to talk about that!", but then
           apoligizes to Carolyn and offers to buy her a beer. Carolyn
           replies, "No, thanks. I'm on a date". Joe remarks, "That guy looks
           about as much fun as a bag of spiders". Carolyn replies, "You have
           your idea of fun and I have mine".  Joe remarks that it's obvious
           she's getting back at her mother for planning to get married to
           a man she doesn't approve of. Buzz sticks his head in and
           complains, "Bike's getting cold!" Carolyn tells Joe she has to
           go. Joe, trying to dissuade her from going with Buzz, tells her,
           "That offer of a beer still stands", but Carolyn declines, saying,
           "All drinking makes you feel is drunk" and leaves.
              In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth tells Jason, "I
           can't set a date. I haven't heard from my lawyers yet". Jason
           replies, "I've taken the liberty of going to Richard Garner.
           He tells me everything will be taken care of in two weeks."
           Elizabeth tries to stall, "That's not enough time. I have things
           to do, preparations to make...", but Jason insists on being
           married in two weeks, adding, "I'd like you to announce it at
           first opportunity". Buzz and Carolyn come in.  Jason tells
           Carolyn, "Your mother and I have decided on a date. Two weeks
           from today". Carolyn is clearly disturbed by this. She asks
           Buzz, "You like weddings?  You want to come?" Buzz begs off,
           saying, "I'll be out of town that day", but Carolyn tells him,
           "I like weddings.  Especially my own! Know what, Buzz? Let's get
           married!  Let's get married on the same day!" Elizabeth tells
           Carolyn, "Carolyn, be serious". Carolyn replies, "What makes you
           think I'm not?" She turns to Buzz and says, "Two weeks from today!
           You and me! Man and wife, bride and groom!"
           Episode 255
           Worldvision Rerun 45
           Tape Date:  June 1, 1967 (ABC #120-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 16, 1967 Friday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

              Barnabas is in Josette's room. Willie comes in with
           a bunch of flowers. He tells Barnabas, "I've got the
           flowers" and gives them to him. Barnabas remarks, "Josette
           loved fresh cut flowers. She had them placed in the room
           every morning". He puts them in a vase. Willie asks, "Why?
           Are you thinking of letting the girl up here again? You can't
           keep her downstairs forever. She's going to go crazy down
           there". Barnabas replies, "She deserves much worse. I offered
           her the world, a chance to become my bride, my Josette,
           and she refused!"  Willie asks, "What if you give her another
           chance and she refuses again?" Barnabas replies, "I'll have to
           kill her, of course!"
              Sam Evans is drinking at the Blue Whale. Joe Haskell
           comes in. He asks Sam, "Have you checked with the sheriff
           today?" Sam replies, "No, if he has any new news, he'd
           call me". Joe tells him, "I think I'll stop by the
           sheriff's office. Want to join me?" Sam replies, "No,
           I've got to go to Collinwood. I finished that painting
           of Barnabas Collins last night and I want to collect the
           commision". Joe remarks, "It's good that you've been 
           working". Sam replies, "You've got to do something. But
           I won't give up hope. As long as I'm alive, I'm going
           to believe Maggie is alive, somewhere..."
              And indeed she is. Maggie is in the cell in the basement of
           the old house. Willie comes into the cell. Maggie exclaims,
           "You don't know how good it is to see you!" Willie tells her,
           "I came to take you back up to your room. He's going to give
           you another chance". He recommends, "You gotta go along with
           him. You gotta convince him you're sincere". Maggie protests,
           "I can't", but Willie tells her, "You've got to make him believe
           you!! This could be your last chance, your very last chance!"
              Willie brings Maggie back up to Josette's room. Barnabas
           tells Willie, "Leave us". Willie does. Barnbas asks Maggie,
           "How are you, my dear?" Maggie replies, "Better". Barnabas
           asks, "Happy to return to your room?" Maggie exclaims, "It's
           like a paradise!" Barnabas asks, "Would you like to stay
           here again?" Maggie asks, "May I?" Barnabas says, "We shall
           see". Maggie starts to beg him to let her stay, but Barnabas
           stops her, saying, "Don't plead. Josette was above begging".
           He tells her about the flowers, "Josette had a vase of flowers
           in every room in the house.  She celebrated life.  She liked
           to see beauty wherever she was".  He then tells Maggie , "It's
           easy for you to be free. All you have to do is accept your
           destiny. I see you have her music box."  Maggie lies, "Yes.
           Sometimes the music made me feel like I were Josette". Barnabas
           asks, "Play it. It would please me".  Maggie opens the lid and
           the music starts playing. Barnabas asks her how it makes her
           feel. Maggie replies, "Calm...I shall be your bride. I want
           to be your bride." Barnbas tells her, "I want you to be happy.
           I promise to make you happy".  He takes her hand to kiss it.
           Maggie recoils. Barnabas realizes she has been trying to fool him.
           He tells her, "You've been trying to fool me. You still think
           you're that common creature Maggie Evans."  Maggie angrily
           replies, "Maggie Evans! That's what I am, and nothing you can do
           can change that!" Suddenly, Willie comes running into the
           room exclaiming, "Barnabas! He's here!" Barnabas asks, "Who's
           here?" Willie replies, "Her father! His car just stopped out
           back! He'll be here any minute!" Barnabas gives Willie, who's
           been holding Maggie, a hand over her mouth to keep her from
           screaming, a handkerchief to gag her with and tells him,
           "Keep her quiet". Barnabas tells Willie to take Maggie
           into the hallway just out of sight at the top of the
           stairs. Willie protests, "But she'll be only a few feet
           from her father!" Barnabas tells him, "I know. I want her
           to hear". Willie asks, "But what if she makes a noise?"
           Barnabas warns, "I don't think she will. If she did, I'd be
           forced to kill her. And forced to kill her father too, of
              Sam knocks at the door. Barnabas goes down, answers it,
           and lets Sam in. Sam tells Barnabas, "Mr. Collins. I came
           to deliver the portrait. I finished it last night".
           Barnabas asks, "I thought you had stopped painting". Sam
           replies, "No, I used it as a form of therapy". He gives Barnabas
           the portrait and tells him, "I hope you like it". Barnabas
           looks at it and replies, "Splendid! It's everything I had hoped
           for!" Sam apoligizes, "It's not the best I can do, but it's 
           the best I can do right now". Barnabas replies, "I apoligize 
           for not asking earlier. Any news of your daughter?" Sam 
           replies, "None". Barnabas remarks, "I'm sure the authorities
           are still searching for her". Sam tells him, "They've pretty
           much given up. They've looked everywhere she could be. 
           They're pretty sure she isn't in the area. They've circulated
           her picture all across the country". Barnabas says, "I hope
           she's all right". Sam replies, "Me too, but every day, it
           gets harder to have any hope, but I cling to the hope that
           someday, she'll be found". Suddenly, Joe Haskell comes 
           running into the old house exclaiming, "Sam! I knew'd you'd
           be here! I had to come talk to you!" He apoligizes to Barnabas
           for barging in and interrupting, then takes Sam aside and
           tells him, "Sam, I just came from the Sheriff's Office!"
           Sam asks, "Have they located her?" Joe replies, Brace 
           yourself. They've found a body on the beach 50 miles north of
           here. They think it's Maggie. It's the right age and the
           right size, but it's been in the water for four or five days
           and is too decomposed to be recognizable". Sam says, "But there's
           a possibility it's not Maggie!" Joe replies, sadly, "There is,
           but they're pretty sure it is". Sam gives up and says, "I'm
           kidding myself. It's Maggie.  I can't believe it.  Maggie,
           gone." Barnabas comes over and says, "I couldn't help overhearing.
           My condolences". Sam, devastated, tells Joe, "Come on. Let's go".
           They leave.
              Barnabas and Willie bring Maggie back to Josette's room.
           Barnabas ungags Maggie and asks, "Hear that? Hear what they
           said? Still think they'll come looking for you? They think
           you're dead! As far as the world is concerned, Maggie Evans
           IS dead! Oh, they'll grieve for you for awhile, especially
           your father and young Haskell, but eventually, even they will
           forget the fact that you existed at all. Young Haskell will
           find another girl. They'll marry and have a family, and all
           his feelings for you will be transferred to her. Your father
           will console himself by drowing himself in drink for awhile, then
           will start painting again. Eventually, you'll become just
           a dim memory to him. As far as the world is concerned,
           Maggie Evans is gone. She doesn't exist anymore. It's
           better if you find another existence as Josette..." Maggie
           screams, "Never!" Barnabas tells her he's going to have
           her put back into the cell again, saying, "It's the best
           place for you to think. One thinks best in solitude". Maggie
           screams, "No!!!!" and starts to beg him not to put her back
           into the cell. Barnabas tells Willie, "Take her out of here,
           Willie. The sight of  her offends me". Maggie tries to beg
           some more, but Willie tells her, "Don't argue. It's no use"
           and takes her away.
              Willie takes Maggie away and back down into the dungeon.
           Maggie begs, "Please Willie, don't go! Don't leave me
           alone!" Willie replies, "I have to". Maggie begs, "Don't
           go. Stay. Just for a while. I can't stand to be alone!",
           but Willie leaves. Maggie, disconsolate, throws herself
           on the bed.
              A long time later, Maggie is surprised to hear the
           voice of a young girl singing,

                     "London Bridge is falling down,
                      Falling down, falling down,
                      London Bridge is falling down,
                      My fair lady!
                        Take the key and lock her up,
                      Lock her up, lock her up,
                      Take the key and lock her up,
                      My fair lady!..."

              The singing stops. Maggie mutters, "Who is it? Am I losing
           my mind? I thought I heard something!" The singing starts
           again. Maggie asks, "Who is it? Who's out there?" and
           gets out of bed, goes to the door, and looks out the
           window. She is surprised to see a young girl of about 9 or
           10 out there. The girl, who is dressed very strangely,  is
           cradling a doll in her arms and singing "London Bridge" to it.
           Episode 256
           Worldvision Rerun 46
           Tape Date:  June 7, 1967 (ABC #121-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 19, 1967 Monday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   Lela Swift

              Maggie calls out, "Little girl! Over here! Little girl!
           Are you really there? Little girl, answer me! Please answer
           me so I know you're really there! Why don't you answer me!
           Answer me!" But the little girl, who's now tossing a ball
           into the air and catching it while singing "London Bridge",
           her back turned to the cells, doesn't seem to hear a thing.
           Maggie warns, "Stop singing! They'll hear you and come and
           get you! Please, I need your help! You've got to get out of
           here and tell them I'm here. Maggie Evans! I'm Maggie Evans!
           Can't you hear me? Can't you hear me? Little girl, please
           listen to me!" The little girl stops singing. Maggie says,
           "Good! Go home now, and tell your father or mother that you
           saw me! Tell them you saw Maggie Evans!" The little girl
           leaves and goes up the stairs.
              Moments later, Willie Loomis comes down, unlocks the door
           and comes into the cell, a plate of food with him. He tells
           her, "I've brought you some food. I thought I heard you
           talking with someone". Maggie replies, "Who would I have
           been talking with down here?" Willie gestures towards the
           music box, which is sitting on a table, and remarks, "You're
           supposed to be playing this. The music is supposed to
           keep going all the time". Maggie replies, "I can't stand to
           hear it anymore!" She begs Willie to help her. Willie
           replies, "Don't you think I want to escape? Don't you think
           I haven't tried? Don't you think that when I'm in town I
           haven't thought of stepping on the gas and driving until I'm a
           thousand miles from here?  He's taken control of my own.  My
           will isn't my own. He has some sort of power over me". Maggie
           says, "Yes, but during the day, while he's in his coffin". Willie
           replies, "That's when his power over me is the strongest". Maggie
           moans, "Why did this happen to me? Why?" Willie, looking very
           sad, leaves. Maggie throws herself in bed  again. Willie goes
           upstairs. Moments later, the girl is outside the cell again,
           tossing the ball into the air...
              At Collinwood, Vicky and David are sitting in the couch
           in the drawing room. Vicky is giving David his geography
           lesson. Carolyn comes into the drawing room. Seeing David
           and Vicky, she apoligizes, "Pardon me. I didn't know school
           was in session". Vicky tells her, "The dismissal bell is
           just about to ring". She dismisses David, who happily
           runs out the front door to go play outside. Carolyn makes
           a remark about how tough a job it must be to tutor David.
           Vicky replies, "It's actually a pretty rewarding experience.
           Speaking of rewarding experiences, what are you up to?". 
           Carolyn replies, "I have plans". Vicky asks, "Carolyn,
           how far do you intend to go with this Buzz?" Carolyn
           replies, "All the way. I will marry Buzz on the day
           my mother marries Jason McGuire".  Vicky says, "I don't
           believe it".  Carolyn replies, "You'll believe it when you
           see it".  Vicky pleads, "Carolyn, why do you want to ruin
           your life?" Carolyn replies, "What's to ruin? If my mother
           marries Jason McGuire, it's ruined already!" She remarks on
           her mother's bad choice in men, "First, Paul Stoddard, who's
           been so busy he hasn't had the time to drop by in 18 years, and
           now Jason McGuire, the man who inspired the invention of truth
           serum.  Compared to them, my Buzz seems almost saintly". She
           tells Vicky, "If you're thinking of getting me a wedding present,
           I'll tell you what you can get me. A crash helmet. As soon as
           we're married, we're going to take off down the road and open
           it up, all the way!"
              David is playing on some swings near the old house.
           He hears a voice call, "Boy! Boy! Boy! Come over here!"
           He looks and sees the little girl calling to him. He
           goes over to her and asks, "What do you want?" The
           little girl replies, "I want someone to play with".
           David asks, "Don't you have friends to play with?"
           The girl replies, "I used to, but I can't find them".
           David asks, "Do you play around here often?" The girl
           replies, "Yes". David asks, "Do you live around here?"
           The girl replies, "Yes". David asks, "What's your name?"
           The girl answers, "Sarah". David tells her, "Mine's
           David". The girl replies, "Yes, I know". David asks, "Go
           to school?" The girl replies, "I used to, but I don't
           anymore". David tells her, "I used to too, but I don't
           anymore. I have a tutor now". The little girl starts to
           sing, "London Bridge". David remarks that that's a
           "baby song". The girl indignantly replies, "No it
           isn't! It's my favorite song!" She starts to sing it
           again. David asks, "Can't you do anything else".
           The little girl gets upset and says, "No, I keep looking
           for them but I can't find them! They all went away!"
           David promises to play with her if she comes around.
           The girl says, "All right. I've got to go find them now"
           and leaves. Willie comes into the yard. David says,
           "Oh, Hi Willie". Willie tells David, "You know you're
           not supposed to be here!" David explains, "I was playing
           on the swings". Willie asks, "Who did I hear you talking
           to?" David replies, "A kid". Willie tells him, "You shouldn't
           be bringing kids here". David replies, "I didn't. She came
           here by herself. She says she comes here to play all the
           time". Willie tells David, "Get out. You're not supposed
           to be here". David snorts, "Some pal you turned out to be!"
           and runs off.
              David returns to Collinwood. As he goes in, the roar of
           a motorcycle pulling up outside is heard. Inside the
           foyer, Carolyn is wrapping a scarf around her neck,
           getting ready to go out. David tells Carolyn, "Oh, Carolyn,
           that Buzz is out there again.  I heard him coming".  Carolyn
           says, "EVERYONE heard him coming".  David asks, "He has a cool
           motorcycle. Are you going on it again?" Carolyn replies, "All
           day". David asks, "Could I ride on it someday?" Carolyn replies,
           "Sure. It's going to be around here quite a while". David asks
           "Why."  Carolyn explains, "Because Buzz and I are ...".  She
           pauses then finishes her sentence, "...going steady" and leaves.
              David goes into the drawing room and tells Vicky he's
           going to get a motorcycle like Buzz's someday. Vicky
           replies, "You always choose wrong things to want". David asks,
           "Why is it the wrong thing to want?"  Vicky replies, "I don't
           want to discuss it".  David remarks, "Something must be going
           on around here".  Vicky asks, "Why do you ask that?" David
           explains, "No one ever wants to discuss anything" then asks
           Vicky, "Can you imagine someone my age singing 'London Bridge'?"
           He tells her, "I met a strange kid near the old house. She says
           she comes from around here. She said she came around here to
           play a lot.  She said her name was Sarah. Boy, was she strange.
           Her hair, and her clothes. They were like, old, like they
           were from a long, long, LONG time ago..."
              In her cell, Maggie hears a noise. It's Willie coming down
           the stairs. He unlocks the door and comes in. He notices that
           Maggie hasn't touched her food and remarks, "You didn't eat".
           Maggie replies, "I didn't feel like it". Willie tells her, "He
           won't like that". Maggie replies, "I'd rather die of starvation
           than his way!" Willie sadly remarks, "No one wants to die his
           way", takes the plate and leaves. Maggie, perhaps tired of the
           quiet, lifts the musicbox lid. The music starts. Maggie starts to
           pace around in the cell.  Suddenly, she hears the little girl's
           voice singing "London Bridge is falling down..." again. Maggie
           goes to the window in the door and looks out. The little
           girl is out there again, her back to the cell, tossing her
           ball into the air and singing. Maggie calls out, "Little girl!
           Little girl! How do you come in and out without you seeing
           you? Little girl? Did you tell anyone you saw me? Little girl,
           answer me!" The little girl turn around, says, "If you see
           my big brother, don't tell him you saw me!  He doesn't like
           anyone to come down here!" and leaves...
           Episode 257
           Worldvision Rerun 47
           Tape Date:  June 8, 1967 (ABC #122-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 20, 1967 Tuesday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   Lela Swift

              Buzz comes to Collinwood and knocks on the door. Elizabeth
           answers the door annd asks, "What do you want?"  Buzz points
           out, "There's only one reason I come up here".  Elizabeth asks,
           "Carolyn expecting you?"  Buzz replies, "She's always expecting
           me!".  Elizabeth tells him, "I'll get her" and starts to close
           the door.  Buzz indignantly exclaims, "Hey! Can't I come in?"
           Elizabeth coldly replies, "No" and closes the door. Carolyn comes
           down the stairs into the foyer and asks, "For me?"  Elizabeth
           replies, "Yes".  Carolyn asks, "Where is he?"  Elizabeth replies,
           "He's waiting outside". Carolyn angrily asks, "Waiting outside?
           Did you tell him he couldn't come in?"  Elizabeth tells her, "I
           don't want to discuss your friend right now". Carolyn replies,
           "He's not my friend. He's my fiance, and you're going to have to
           talk about him, because soon, he's going to be your son-in-law!"
           Carolyn goes outside and gives Buzz a big hug. She invites him
           inside and tells him to wait, "I want to make sure those doors
           are wide open for you in the future.  You'll never have to wait
           outside again!".  Buzz cheers her on, "Give it to her, baby!
           Tell her if she's a good girl, I might even give her a ride
           on my motorcycle!".  Carolyn tells Buzz to make himself
           comfortable while she's talking to her mother.  Buzz sits down
           sprawled on the stairs.
              Carolyn goes into the drawing room, where Elizabeth is busy
           putting some flowers into a vase and angrily says, "Don't ever
           close the door to a friend of mine again!"  Elizabeth counters,
           "Next time I won't even open the door!"  They start to argue
           about Buzz. Elizabeth tells Carolyn, "You've made your point.
           You want to stop me from marrying Jason".  Carolyn remarks,
           "You'll llke Buzz once you get to know him".  Elizabeth says,
           "No I won't.  He won't be around long enough for me to know
           him".  Carolyn says, "Yes he will, because I'm going to marry
           him".  Elizabeth says sternly, "You are NOT going to marry him".
           Carolyn counters, "If that's what you think, you're in for
           a shock, because I will!". Elizabeth responds, "I'll have your
           marriage annulled!" Carolyn retorts, "Why don't you have yours
           annulled too?"  She suggests, "Why don't we have a double
           wedding?  That will save money on the preacher.  I can hear it
           right now, both of us saying, 'I do' together.  How would
           you like that, Mrs. McGuire?" Elizabeth asks, "If I don't marry
           Jason, will that end this nonsense?" Carolyn responds, "I don't
           know, mother. Try me".  Elizabeth, realizing she's getting
           nowhere, tells Carolyn, "Your friend's waiting".  Carolyn
           reminds her, "FIANCE, Mother, FIANCE".  
              Jason, coming down the stairs, finds his path blocked by
           Buzz. Jason tells Buzz, "Pardon me", but Buzz doesn't move. Jason
           remarks, "You look very comfortable". Buzz nonchalently replies,
           "Yes I am". He suggests to Jason that he step over him. Jason
           replies, "I could try that, but you know, I might accidently
           stop ON you". Buzz moves. Jason sarcastically remarks, "Good
           lad! Safety first and all that!" and comes down into the foyer.
           Carolyn comes into the foyer and, seeing Jason and Buzz, remarks
           caustically, "Now that's a sight! The two bridegrooms!" Jason
           asks Carolyn, "Going out for a motorcycle ride?" Carolyn replies,
           "Yes", then asks, "Hey! How about a ride? I'd love to see Buzz
           give you a ride you'd never forget!" Jason declines. He tells her
           he'll get her a leather jacket for Christmas.  Carolyn tells Buzz
           she has to go upstairs and get dressed.
              Jason goes into the drawing room. Elizabeth tells
           him, "She intends to go through with it". Jason tells
           her he thinks Carolyn's bluffing. Elizabeth tells him
           she doesn't think so. She tells him, "I can't go through
           with this marriage. I agreed to it to stop you from
           ruining Carolyn's life, but if it's going to get ruined
           anyway..." Jason insists that Carolyn is bluffing and
           tells Elizabeth, "All she needs is some talking to.
           Some fatherly advice". Elizabeth tells him she doesn't
           think that'll work.  Jason replies, "Really, Liz.  You're
           marrying a man who can handle anything!".
              Carolyn is in her room brushing her hair. There's a knock
           at the door. Jason comes in and asks for a few minutes of her
           time. Carolyn warns him, "I'm not taking any advice today.  I've
           had all I can take from my mother".  Jason replies, "Not the kind
           I have.  This is fatherly advice". Carolyn explodes, "HOW DARE
           YOU SAY THAT?"  Jason asks, "Why do you hate me so?"  Carolyn
           replies, "Hate is too mild a word to describe what I feel about
           you!". Jason says, "Look at that temper! That's the Paul
           Stoddard temper. That's the same temper that caused Paul Stoddard
           to walk out of here 18 years ago and cause your mother 18 years
           of misery. Now her daughter is going to cause her more misery. It
           makes me sick".  He tries to tell her, "You and I are really
           both the same.  We're both only concerned with the welfare of
           your mother".  Carolyn retorts, "Now you're making ME sick.  I
           know the only thing YOU care about!". Jason warns her, "This
           wedding will go on despite your efforts to stop it!".
              Jason goes back down to the drawing room. Elizabeth
           asks, "How did you handle it?" Jason replies, "Rather
           well, I'd say". Elizabeth asks, "Did you talk her out of
           it?" Jason replies, "I think I have the situation under
           control". Elizabeth asks, "Did you or did you not talk
           her out of it?" Jason responds, "Well, you can't expect
           me to talk her out of the whole thing at once..."
           Elizabeth remarks, "Then you really didn't do anything".
           Jason remarks, "I think I'll talk to the lad. I think I
           can handle him".
              Carolyn and Buzz are at the Blue Whale dancing. They
           finish and sit down at a table. Carolyn and Buzz are
           the only two young people there. The rest of the customers
           are all middle aged. Buzz remarks, "The wrong generation
           hangs out here. There must be a better place to swing.
           I think I know the place. It's in Logansport". They
           decide to go to Logansport, but Carolyn tells Buzz she's
           got to powder her nose first and goes to the ladie's room.
           Jason comes into the Blue Whale and, seeing Buzz, remarks,
           "Ah, Buzz. There you are. Enjoying the nightlife, I see".
           Buzz replies, "Not exactly". Jason asks, "Where's Carolyn?"
           Buzz replies, "Powdering her nose".  Jason asks, "Have you
           known her long?"  Buzz replies, "Yes".  Jason asks, "She ever
           go out with you before?"  Buzz replies, "No".  Jason points
           out, "Then don't you think it's strange that all of sudden
           she would?"  He sits down and tells Buzz, "Let me tell you
           something confidential. As you know, I'm marrying Carolyn's
           mother, and she doesn't like it a bit".  He tells Buzz that
           Carolyn is just using him to "shake her mother up". Buzz
           nonchalently replies, "If that's what happening man, I'm
           having it pretty good!". Jason warns  him, "Don't take this
           talk of marriage seriously. She'll drop you when she's gotten
           her objective", but finds that Buzz doesn't care. Finally,
           Jason tells Buzz, "Stop seeing Carolyn and it'll be very much
           appreciated". Buzz asks, "Exactly how much?" Jason replies,
           "You have a nice motorcycle.  If you'll spend more time with
           your other friends and less with Carolyn, you'll easily be able
           to afford another just like it. What do you say to that?" Buzz
           replies, "I say NO! I like the bike I have, and the chick I have."
           Carolyn comes back out. Buzz tells her about Jason's offer.
           Carolyn asks, "Did you take it?" Buzz replies, "Swap you for a
           bike? NEVER!" Carolyn tells Jason, "Well Jason, I guess you're
           a bit short on salesmanship tonight. But the the only person
           you've ever been able to sell you bill of goods to is my mother.
           What's the matter? Mother having second thoughts?" Jason insists,
           "No, Carolyn, no second thoughts.  The marriage will go on as
           planned!"  Carolyn replies, "Good to hear it.  Marriage is a
           wonderful institution".  As Carolyn and Jason leave to go to
           Logansport, Carolyn remarks, "Pleasant dreams, Jason. But your
           dreams are all pleasant, aren't they?  They're all about money!"
           She and Buzz laugh and leave.
           Episode 258
           Worldvision Rerun 48
           Tape Date:  June 2, 1967 (ABC #123-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 21, 1967 Wednesday
           Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
           Director:   Lela Swift

              At the old house, Maggie goes to the door of the cell and
           looks out the window. There is no one there. Maggie calls
           out quietly, "Little girl! Little girl? Where is she? Where
           is she? Little girl! Little girl! Come back! Come back!"
           In despair, she collapses onto the bed and moans, "There's
           no hope. I'm dead. Dead. I'm dead!" Suddenly, she hears the
           little girl's voice singing "London Bridge" again. She looks
           up and is startled to see the little girl - IN the cell.
           Maggie asks, "Little girl, how did you get in here? How?",
           but the little girl, instead of answering, just continues
           singing. Maggie asks, "Little girl. How did you get in here.
           Please, I'm asking you!" The girl stops singing and says,
           "I came to visit you again". Maggie tells her, "Thank you.
           I'm so glad to see you!". The little girls says, "I heard
           you crying. It sounded so sad. That's why I came to see
           you. Why were you crying? I remember a long time ago, there was
           a lot of crying. I heard it. My mother was crying, my father
           was crying. Even my brother was crying, but he wouldn't let
           anyone see him". Maggie tells the girl, "I was crying because
           it was so dark in here and I was so frightened and lonely, but
           I'm not going to be frightened and lonely now that you're here".
           that she was crying because it was dark and she was lonely".
           She asks, "Anyone see you come in here?" The girl replies, "No.
           No one EVER sees me come in here". Maggie tries the door but
           finds it securely locked. She asks the girl, "But how did you
           get in here? The door's locked!  How did you get in here?" The
           girl responds, "Oh, I have a way". The girl points to the music
           box and asks, "What's that?" Maggie tells her, "A music box".
           Maggie lifts the top and the music starts to play. She asks the
           girl,  "Would you like to have it?" The girl replies, "Thanks,
           but I'm not supposed to accept gifts". Maggie begs, "Please,
           little girl. Tell me how you got in here", but the girl just
           remarks, "I like that music. Don't you?" Maggie, frustrated,
           slams the musicbox lid down and exclaims, "NO! I HATE IT!" She
           asks, "Little girl, did you tell your mother and father about
           me?" The girl replies, "I couldn't find them". Maggie asks, "Are
           you lost? Did you tell anyone?" The girl replies, "No. I couldn't
           find anyone I knew. They all went away".  Maggie asks, "Don't you
           have any friends?"  The girl replies, "Yes, but I don't know where
           he is.  Will you be my friend?" Maggie reples, "Of course". The
           girl asks, "Will you play with me?" Maggie replies, "Yes". They
           start tossing the little girl's ball around. The  girl remarks,
           "I like playing ball". Maggie replies, "So do I".  Once again
           Maggie asks the girl, "I wish you'd tell me how you got in here".
           Once again the girl evades the question, "Do you like to sing?
           Will you sing with me?" Maggie replies that she will. They start
           to sing "London Bridge", playing catch at the same time. Suddenly,
           Maggie stops and goes to the door to look out the window. Seeing
           nothing, she comes back and warns the girl, "Not so loud. They'll
           hear us". The girl asks, "Who?" Maggie replies, "The other people
           in this house. People who aren't nice".  The girl asks, "Bad
           people?". Maggie replies, "Yes. You'd better go before they come.
           Will you take me with you?" The girl replies that she will. Maggie
           goes to the window and looking out again, says, "They'll be coming
           down any minute! That's why we've got to leave right away!". But
           when  she turns back, she finds that the little girl is  gone. She
           exclaims, "Where'd you go? Little girl, come back!  Come back!
           Come back!"
              Maggie is sitting in the cell alone, singing "London Bridge"
           slowly and quietly. Barnabas comes in and touches her on the
           shoulder. Maggie recoils, screaming, "NO! NO! Leave me alone!
           Please!" Barnabas tells her, "I only came to see how you were".
           Maggie says, "No. You came to kill me!" Barnabas replies, "No. I
           heard you singing. You sounded so happy".  Maggie says, "No,
           I'm going to die and you're going to kill me!"  Barnabas' voice is
           uncharacteristically gentle. He tells her, "No, You have the
           opportunity of living a long, long life if you wish. As Josette
           Collins, you can live for eternity". Maggie shouts, "No!" Barnabas
           suddenly turns stern and asks, "Do you know if you reject me you'll
           lose your life?" Maggie replies, "I won't, because I'm going to get
           out of here!" Barnabas asks, "How?"  Maggie replies, "I can't tell
           you. It's a secret".  Maggie's tone of voice indicates that her
           mind is starting to go. Barnabas replies, "Well, you keep your
           secret.  I won't ask you about it.  You can escape if you want to".
           Maggie says, "You think everyone thinks I'm dead, but somebody
           knows I'm alive".  Barnabas asks, "Who?" Maggie replies, "My friend.
           A secret friend. She comes and plays with me. We play catch and
           sing and have fun together.  I can't wait for my friend to come
           again.  She's going to come again, very soon!".  Barnabas opens
           the door and leaves, a sad look on his face.
              Barnabas goes back upstairs.  Willie tells Barnabas, "I gotta
           get some food ready to take downstairs". Barnabas tells Willie,
           "I'm afraid Maggie Evans has gone out of her mind. She's starting
           to babble. She speaks of a friend, a friend who comes into the room
           and plays with her. I'm afraid Maggie Evans will never fit into my
           plans now". Willie asks, "What do you plan to do?" Barnabas replies,
           "Dispose of her". Willie asks hopefully, "You mean let her go?"
           Barnabas replies, "You know what I mean. Killing her will be the
           safest.". Willie tries to dissuade him, "But her body will be
           found!" Barnabas replies, "I will kill her in a way that leaves
           no trace". Willie begs Barnbas to show Maggie some mercy, but
           Barnabas replies, "There was a time when I needed mercy, a time
           when I begged for it from those who cold have very easily given
           it, and they chose not to give it.  Now I choose not to give any."
           Willie continues to try to dissuade him from killing Maggie,
           but Barnabas warns him, "If you continue to interfere, your
           fate will be identical to hers! She will be disposed of.
              In the cell downstairs, Maggie goes to the window and calls,
           "Little girl! Little girl! Where are you? I'm waiting for you!
           Come out and play! Where are you!" Someone comes. But it's not
           the little girl, it's Willie.   He asks Maggie through the window,
           "What's the matter?"  Maggie replies, "Nothing. Nothing at all".
           Willie asks, "Who were you calling?" Maggie replies, "My friend!
           But you're not supposed to know about that!" Willie asks, "Why?"
           Maggie replies, "Because it's a secret, that's why!" Willie gives
           Maggie a bowl of food, saying, "It's just some stuff I had upstairs".
           Maggie starts spooning up the food, which looks like thick soup or
           mush or something. Willie asks, "Hungry?" Maggie replies, "Starved!"
           and continues to eat ravenously. Willie tells her, "I wish you'd
           knock off this secret friend stuff. It's not doing any good",
           obviously thinking Maggie is feigning madness. He tells her,
           "Things are going to get rough if we don't think of something".
           Maggie tells Willie, "Willie, I'm happy now. I have a friend, and
           she comes into the room and plays with me." Willie shouts, "The
           only way you're going to save yourself is to be sane!  You'd
           better get normal!", but Maggie continues, "I have a friend, my
           best friend. She comes in here and plays with me..." Willie
           shouts, "STOP! THERE'S NO ONE! NO ONE!" and leaves, now thinking
           that Maggie has indeed become mad. Maggie goes back to the window
           and moans, "I know she's there.  Why doesn't she come play with
           me? I know she's real". She throws herself on the bed and starts
           to cry. Then she notice a doll lying on the floor, the little
           girl's doll. She picks it up and says, "It's her's!  It's real!
           I know she's going to come back! I know it!" and affectionately
           presses the doll to her face.
           Episode 259
           Worldvision Rerun 49
           Tape Date:  June 9, 1967 (ABC #124-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 22, 1967 Thursday
           Writer:     Joe Caldwell
           Director:   Lela Swift

              In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth is talking
           on the telephone. Vicky hears her talking about something,
           "She's all right? Just a sprained wrist? She's at the
           Sheriff's office right now?" After she hangs up, she
           asks Vicky, "Have you seen Roger?"  Vicky replies, "He just
           went into town".  Elizabeth remarks, "Then that means I won't
           be able to reach him for another half an hour".  Vicky asks,
           "Has something happened?" Elizabeth tells her, "It's Carolyn,
           she almost killed a woman! She was driving drunk - almost
           unconscious. She lost control of her car and almost hit a
           woman walking along the side of the road. She crashed. The woman
           pulled Carolyn out of the car just in time. Moments later, the
           car burst into flames." Vicky asks "Was Carolyn alone in the car?"
           Elizabeth replies, "Yes.  Buzz wasn't with her.  She was on her
           way to meet him.  She's at the Sheriff's office right now".  Vicky
           asks, "Would you like me to go get her?"  Elizabeth replies, "No,
           the sheriff says it's has to be a family member". Vicky asks,
           "Is there anything I can do?" Elizabeth replies, "Yes. You can
           tell me what to do about Carolyn. She was even rude to the woman
           who rescued her". Vicky suggests, "You could go get her at the
           Sheriff's office". Elizabeth exclaims, "Leave Collinwood?!  What
           difference would that make?" Vicky asks, "Isn't she doing all
           this because she thinks you don't care about her?  It would prove
           to her that she still has a mother who loves her, it would prove
           to her she still has a mother who cares about her." Elizabeth is
           reluctant and says, "If I could...But I can't". She goes to the
           phone and starts to dial, probably to call Roger, but then stops
           and asks Vicky, "Do you really think it would help if I went?"
           Vicky replies, "Yes I do". Elizabeth asks, "Vicky, would you drive
           me there?" Vicky replies that she will. She goes to the front door,
           puts on her coat, then takes Elizabeth's coat and holds it, waiting
           for her. Elizabeth stands in the doorway of the drawing room, then
           slowly makes the journey to the front door.
              Carolyn is at the sheriff's office being rude to Sheriff
           Patterson and making a pest of herself.  She tells him, "I'm
           bored!"  The sheriff tells her, "Someone will be by to pick you
           up soon".  Carolyn replies, "Yes, it'll be my uncle Roger.
           I could do without his brand of disapproval.  I'm tired.
           I want to go lie down".  The sheriff replies, "There's an
           empty cell back there you could use.  That's where I should
           have put you in the first place if I didn't have so much
           respect for your mother". The sheriff tries to tell her how
           worried her mother is about her, but Carolyn replies, "She couldn't
           care less about me". She tells the sheriff she's tired and asks
           to be taken to the cell to lie down in. As he is taking her to the
           cellblock, she tells him, "Wake me when my Uncle Roger comes to get
              Elizabeth arrives at the sheriff's office.  The sheriff exclaims,
           "Mrs. Stoddard!", obviously shocked to see her there. Elizabeth
           tells him, "I've come to get my daughter". The sheriff, still in
           shock, mutters, "I was expecting Mr. Roger..." Elizabeth asks, "Is
           my daughter all right?" The sheriff tells her, "She's resting.
           I'll get her".
              Carolyn comes into the office from the cells. She too is
           shocked to see Elizabeth there and exclaims, "Mother!". Elizabeth
           asks, "Are you all right?" Carolyn asks, "What are you doing here?"
           Elizabeth tells her, "I came to take you home". Carolyn exclaims,
           "I can't believe it!" But Elizabeth's plan backfires.  Carolyn
           asks, "I've been in trouble before.  Why haven't you ever come
           to get me before?  What makes this time different from all the
           others?  Why didn't you leave Collinwood for 18 years? It was
           because of my father. But you've left now because you no longer
           care about my father.  You've found someone else! Get out of
           here! Leave me alone! Sheriff, take me back to my cell!"  The
           sheriff warns her, "Hey, little lady, if you go on like this,
           I'll have you charged with disorderly conduct as well!", but
           Elizabeth, disconsolate, tells him, "Oh, take her back to the
           cell if she wants" and leaves. 
              Elizabeth goes back to Collinwood. In the drawing room, she
           tells Jason McGuire, "She wouldn't believe me. She wouldn't
           believe I did it for her!". Jason tells her, "You can't do
           anything about Carolyn right now". Elizabeth tells him, "There's
           always one thing I can do". Jason replies, "Yes, but we both
           agreed that that's the one thing you can't do". Elizabeth
           exclaims, "Sometimes I feel I have to tell the truth, to shout
           it out!" Jason tells her to calm down. She does. Jason recommends
           that she wash her hands of Carolyn. Elizabeth replies, "I can't
           do that".
             It is late at night. Vicky hears crying coming from Elizabeth's
           room and knocks on the door, saying, "Mrs. Stoddard? Are you all
           right?" Elizabeth replies that she is. Vicky asks, "May I come in?"
           Elizabeth replies, "Yes". Vicky comes in and apoligizes for
           getting her to go to get Carolyn. Vicky once again asks if Jason
           McGuire has some kind of hold on her. Once again Elizabeth denies
           it. Not believing her, Vicky asks, "What is it? Whatever it is, it
           can't be as bad as getting married to Jason McGuire!" Elizabeth
           blurts out, "It's worse! It's much worse! I killed him - my husband,
           Carolyn's father -  Paul Stoddard - I killed him! I killed him!
           I killed him!"
           Episode 260 (Kinescope)
           Worldvision Rerun 50
           Tape Date:  June 11, 1967 (ABC #125-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 23, 1967  Friday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

              Willie is at a window in the living room of the old house,
           doing some work with a hammer. The clock strikes three o'clock.
           Willie thinks to himself, "Three. Three o'clock. That means she
           only has two hours to live, three at the most. I've gotta do
           something.  I can't let her die, I can't". He looks at the
           portrait of Barnabas that Sam painted, now hanging over the
           mantel, and remarks, "It's YOU who should die, Barnabas, I
           should take this hammer and kill you, then we'll be free,
           both of us!  That's what I should do!" He turns to
           go down and do so, but then stops and thinks, "But what
           if he doesn't die? Then he'll come after me, and I can't
           even imagine what he'd do to me then.  I can't do anything.
           He has too much power. I'd like to help her, but I can't!"
              Willie goes down to Maggie's cell and tells her, "Maggie,
           I've brought you some food". He notices that Maggie has
           something in her hands and asks, "What's that you're
           holding?" Maggie shows him it's a doll and explains,
           "I found it in here". Willie asks "You found it in HERE?
           What would a doll be doing in here?" and reaches out to
           examine it, but Maggie refuses to let him touch it.  Willie
           tells Maggie to eat her food. Maggie replies, "I'm not hungry".
           Willie tells her, "At least drink the milk". Maggie reaches
           out for it, but suddenly Willie shouts, "NO! DON'T DRINK IT!"
           Maggie asks, "Why not?"  Willie replies, "It's poisoned".
           Maggie asks, "Poisoned?"  Willie replies, "Yes. I wanted you
           to die an easy death.  Barnabas is planning to kill you tonight.
           I wanted your death to be easy". He tells her, "I'll leave it
           to you how you want to die.  I'll let you decide" and turns to
           leave.  Maggie begs, "Help me!" Willie tells her, "There's
           nothing I can do".  Maggie says, "You can let me escape". Willie
           replies, "I can't.  There's nothing I can do for you" and leaves.
              Maggie stares at the glass of milk. Suddenly, she hears
           a flute playing, "London Bridge". She looks up and sees
           the little girl in the cell with her playing a flute.  The
           girl asks, "Why are you crying? You mustn't cry.  Only babies
           do that".  She notices that Maggie is holding her doll and
           exclaims, You found my doll! I thought I had lost it!" Maggie
           begs, "You must help me! You must tell someone I'm locked in
           here so they can get me. My father, tell him. His name is Sam
           Evans. You've got to help me! If I stay in here, I'll die!
           Please help me!" The girl asks, "How?" Maggie replies, "Tell
           me how to get out of here!".  The girl tells her, "I'm not
           supposed to".  Maggie asks, "Why not?"  The girl replies,
           "It's a secret. If I tell anyone, I'll be punished. My father
           said I couldn't tell anyone, not even my brother. I'm not
           supposed to know about, but I found out". Maggie begs, "You
           have to, or I'll die. Do you want me to die?" The little girl
           replies, "No." Maggie asks, "Isn't there anything you can tell
           me?" The girl replies, "I can tell you a riddle.  It tells the
           way to get out":

                    One, two, away they flew.
                    Three, four, near the door.
                    Five, six, count the bricks.
                    Seven, eight, the clue is great.
                    Nine, ten, home again".

              Maggie is puzzled. She looks out the window to see if
           anyone is coming. But when she turns back, the little girl
           is gone...
              Sam is at the Evan's cottage working on a painting.
           He looks up and is surprised to see a little girl in
           the room. He asks, "Hello, where'd you come from?" The
           girl replies, "Outside". Sam remarks, "I thought I had
           locked the door. Guess I didn't". He asks the girl,
           "Looking for someone?" The girl replies, "A man named
           Sam Evans". Sam replies, "I'm Sam Evans. What do you
           want?". Instead of answering, the girl gestures towards
           the paintings lying about and asks, "You painted all of
           these pictures?" Sam replies, "Yes I did". The girl remarks,
           "They're very pretty". Sam jokes, "You want to commission
           a painting?" The girl exclaims, delighted, "A painting? Of 
           me?" Sam tells her, "Well, maybe a whole painting would be 
           too much. Would you settle for a sketch?" He picks up a
           pencil and a pad and starts to make a sketch of her.
           He asks, "What's your name?" The girl replies, "Sarah".
           Sam asks, "You live around here?". The girl replies, "I
           went away for a long time, but now I'm back". Sam remarks
           on the girls unusual dress and asks, "Are all the other
           little girls wearing dresses like that now?" The girl
           replies, "I don't know. I don't play with other little
           girls. Do you have a little girl?" Sam replies, "I have
           a big girl. Her name is Maggie". The girl asks, "Where
           is she?" Sam replies, sadly, "I don't know. I've looked
           everywhere for her but can't find her". The little girl
           asks, "Have you looked for her on the beach? Have you
           looked for her on the beach below Widow's Hill?" Sam
           replies, "No". The girl asks, "Why?" Sam replies, 
           "Because I know I won't find her there". The girl tells
           him, "If you look for her there tonight, I'll bet you
           you'll find her there!" Sam tells the girl, "I'm almost
           finished. All I have to do is fill in the nose now".
           He looks down and does so. He says, "There!" and looks
           up, but is surprised to find that the little girl is
              In her cell, Maggie is trying to figure out what
           the little girl's riddle means. "Three, four, door.
           Something next to the door. But what? Five, six, 
           count the bricks. From where? Five, six, Great. Great.
           That means big, large, important. The clue is large...
           That makes no sense, no sense at all!" Meanwhile, the sun
           goes down. In his coffin, Barnabas opens his eyes.
              Maggie continues to try to think. "The clue is great.
           GRATE?" She suddenly realizes that the word in the
           riddle might not have been "great", but "grate". She
           looks at a ventilation grate high on one wall of the
           cell. Meanwhile, Barnabas arises and gets out of his
              Maggie hears footsteps coming down the stairs and becomes
           desperate.  She thinks, "Five, six, count the bricks..." and
           counts six rows of bricks down from the grate. She tests the
           bricks in this row and finds that the leftmost one seem loose.
           She presses this brick and the wall swings open inward,
           revealing a secret passage behind it. She goes in.
              Barnabas gets to the cell and goes in. He is surprised
           to find Maggie isn't there. He calls, "Maggie? MAGGIE!",
           then notices the open wall. He too goes in.
              Maggie is wandering in a labyrinth of secret passages.
           Barnabas too, is in the secret passages. Finally, Maggie
           finds herself in a room with two doors. She tries one
           and finds it locked. She tries the other and finds that
           it too is locked. Somewhere behind her, Barnbas shouts,
           "Maggie Evans! I can hear you! I know you're very close! You
           can't escape! You can never escape!"
           Episode 261
           Worldvision Rerun 51
           Tape Date:  June 12, 1967 (ABC #126-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 26, 1967 Monday
           Writer:     Ron Sproat
           Director:   John Sedwick

              Maggie hears Barnabas approaching. Suddenly, the
           door that did not open just a moment ago opens
           all by itself. The sound of a flute playing "London
           Bridge is heard playing. Maggie exclaims, "The little
           girl! She's calling me!" She goes through the door.
           Barnabas contintues to follow. Maggie continues to go
           through the secret passages. At one point, there are
           are several paths. Maggie hears the flute playing, and
           chooses that path. Finally, Maggie exclaims, "I see a
           light!" She goes towards it and finds herself outside.
           She goes a little distance ahead through some rocks 
           and finds herself on the beach. She exclaims, "I'm
           free!" and collapses. Moments later, there is the
           sound of someone walking through the sand. It's
           Barnabas. He growls, "Did you really think you 
           could escape me? I told you you could never escape!
           Come!" Maggie doesn't move. Barnabas shouts, "I
           told you, come!" and bends over to pick her up.
           Maggie screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
           A voice shouts, "Who is it? What's going on down
           there?" Barnabas flees. Sam runs toward where he
           heard the sound and finds Maggie lying there.
           He exclaims, "Maggie! Maggie! It's you! You're
           breathing! You're alive! Maggie? Don't you recognize
           me? Don't You see me? Don't you hear me? Maggie? Why
           don't you say something?", but Maggie just lies there,
           not responding From behind some rocks, Barnabas watches...
              Maggie has been brought to a room in the hospital.  Sam and
           Dr. Woodard are in the room with her. Sam asks, "How long is
           she going to be like this?" Dr. Woodard replies, "It could be
           a matter of minutes, hours, even days..." Joe Haskell comes
           into the room. Dr. Woodard asks Sam, "I thought I told you
           not to tell anyone about this!" Sam replies, "I thought he
           should know". Joe touches Maggie gently, but she recoils. Joe
           asks, "Why?" Dr. Woodard explains, "It's probably because someone
           frightened her.  A sudden touch brings back bad memories of
           her captivity". Woodard asks Sam, "Could you fill me in on what
           happened? You said you found her on a deserted stretch of beach.
           How did you happen to be there?" Sam replies, "You wouldn't
           believe me. A little girl told me, a strange little girl who
           appeared in my living room as I was painting". Woodard asks,
           "Appeared?" Sam explains, "Yes. I was painting, and I looked
           up and there she was". After Sam recounts the story,
           Dr. Woodard remarks, "It seems to me it would be helpful if
           we could find this little girl. Did she tell you her name, Sam?".
           Sam replies, "Only her first name, Sarah". Dr. Woodard asks,
           "Do you still have the sketch you made of her?". Maggie stirs
           and says, "Sarah?" Sam quickly goes to her and asks, "Do you
           recognize me?" Maggie replies, "Papa! Papa! I want my doll".
           Sam takes the doll, which is lying on a table, and gives it
           to Maggie, explaining, "She had it with her when I found her".
           Maggie asks Sam, "When are we going?" Sam, puzzled, asks, "Going
           where?" Maggie replies, "To the fair! You said we'd go!" Sam
           replies, "Yes. We're going to the fair". Dr. Woodard asks, "Sam.
           What are you talking about?" Sam tells the doctor quietly,
           "I promised to take her to the fair once, but something
           came up at the last moment and we couldn't go. But
           that was a long time ago. She wasn't even 10 years old then".
           Joe asks, "Can I try?" Dr. Woodard replies, "Go ahead". Joe asks
           Maggie, "Hello, Maggie". Maggie asks, "Who are you?" Joe asks,
           "Don't you recognize me?" Maggie replies, "No". Joe tells her,
           "I'm Joe".  Maggie asks, "Joe? I don't know any Joe. Are we
           friends?"  Joe sadly replies, "Yes we are. Very good friends".
           Maggie asks, "Do you want to hold my doll? I only let my friends
           hold it". Joe takes the doll. Dr. Woodard tells Sam and Joe
           to come into the next room with him, saying he wants to talk
           to them.
              In the next room, Dr. Woodard tells them, "I don't want
           Maggie to hear us". Sam asks, "What's wrong with her,
           Doctor? She's acting as if she were 10 years old!". Dr.
           Woodard replies, "I'm no psychologist, but I think she's
           trying to block something out, something so terrible
           her mind can't cope with it. She's reverting to a past
           where she feels safe. I think as she feels safer and
           safer, she'll slowly come out of it. Right now, I'm
           more concerned about her safety than he mental condition.
           The madman who kidnapped her is still out here". Sam
           says, "I'll hire some security guards right away!"
           Dr. Woodard tells him, "I have a better idea. I think
           we should make it known that Maggie Evans is dead.
           I think I can I can arrange it so that everyone believes
           it, including the person who kidnapped her.  That's the
           only way we can make sure she'll be safe". Joe asks, "How
           will we keep her in the hospital without word leaking out?
           The nurses, the orderlies, they'll all know and word is sure
           to get out".  Woodard replies, "We won't be keeping her in this
           hospital. I was thinking of moving her to a hospital about
           100 miles north of here. It's run by Dr. Julia Hoffman. That's
           the Dr. Hoffman I was going to have look at those slides.
           She's already extremely interested in this case and I think
           I can get her to cooperate".  He tells Sam and Joe, "We three
           and Dr. Hoffman must be the only ones who know Maggie is alive."
           Joe and Sam agree to keep Maggie a secret. Woodard remarks, "As
           far as the rest of the world is concerned, Maggie Evans is dead".
              Joe and Sam go back into Maggie's room. Sam tells Maggie,
           "Maggie, I want to tell you something. You're going to take
           trip".  Maggie asks, "Are you coming with me?"  Sam replies,
           "No, but there'll be a lot of nice people there to take care of
           you.  You'll like it. You'll be safe".  Maggie asks, "Safe?"  Joe
           replies, "Safer than you've ever been before..."
              Barnabas comes to the hospital. He asks the receptionist,
           "Excuse me, I believe a Miss Evans was brought here tonight.
           May I ask what room she's in?" The receptionist replies,
           "She's in room 305, but she's not allowed any vistors".
           Barnabas asks, "May I ask how she is?" Doctor Woodard comes
           into the room.  The nurse tells Barnabas, "Here's the doctor.
           You can ask him".  Dr. Woodard, seeing Barnabas, asks, "Mr.
           Collins. What are you doing here?" Barnabas replies, "I heard
           rumors that Miss Evans was found and brought here". Woodard
           asks, "Who did you hear this from?"  Barnabas replies, "Several
           people. The whole town's talking about it. How is she?" Woodard
           replies, "I regret to tell you Maggie Evans is dead. When he
           father found her, she was in a severe state of shock. She never
           came out of it". Barnabas asks, "And she never told anyone
           what happened to her?" Woodard replies, "She never spoke a
           word". Barnabas remarks, "Then no one will ever know what
           happened to her". Woodard replies, "No, no one will ever know".
           Barnabas remarks, "What a tragic loss for Mr. Evans". He tells
           Woodard, "Please extend my deepest condolences to him, and tell
           him he can come to me if he needs anything.  I'll be glad help
           in any way I can", says goodbye and leaves.
           Episode 262
           Worldvision Rerun 52
           Tape Date:  June 13, 1967 (ABC #127-DRK-67)
           Air Date:   June 27, 1967 Tuesday
           Writer:     Joe Caldwell
           Director:   John Sedwick
           Note:  First anniversary of Dark Shadows!

           (The part of Burke Devlin will be played by Anthony George).
              In the drawing room at Collinwood, Vicky finishes talking
           on the phone in the drawing room and hangs up. Elizabeth 
           comes into the room and asks, "Vicky, when you have a chance,
           can you come see me in the study?", then, noticing that
           someting is wrong, asks, "Vicky. What's the matter?" Vicky
           tearfully replies, "I never thought it would happen. I always
           had hope. Joe Haskell just called. Maggie Evans. They've found
           her..."  Elizabeth asks, "When?  Where?"  Vicky replies,
           She's dead!". Elizabeth offers her condolences, "I can't
           tell you how sorry I am". 
              Elizabeth gives Vicky some tea to calm her down.  Vicky takes
           a sip then reminisces, "Maggie was my first friend in Collinsport.
           I met her in the coffeeshop when I got off the train.  She was so
           warm and friendly.  I wish I had the chance to say goodbye, but
           I won't get the chance. There isn't going to be a funeral".
           Elizabeth asks, "No funeral?" Vicky replies, "No. Her father
           felt that too many people would show up out of curiosity".
           Elizbeth asks, "Anything I can do?" Vicky replies, "Oh, when
           you came in here you said you wanted to talk to me about 
           something". Elizabeth replies, "No, it hardly seems important
           now", but Vicky insists she tell her. Elizabeth tells her,
           "There's something I want to ask you. I want you to feel free 
           to say no. I going to have to have a legal witness when I
           get married." Vicky remarks, "I see. Wouldn't Roger be the
           logical choice?" Elizabeth tells her, "I don't have the
           courage to ask him". Vicky tells her, "I wasn't going to
           be there". Elizabeth asks, "Why not?" Vicky explains, 
           "There's this moment where this minister asks if anyone
           has any objection to the marriage. I was afraid I wouldn't
           be able to keep silent". Elizabeth exclaims, "You promised
           not to say a word to anyone about what I told you!" Vicky
           tells her she intends to keep her promise. She asks 
           Elizabeth if it might not be better to tell Carolyn
           the truth, saying, "There must be more to it than 
           just that you killed him. I'm sure there must have
           been justifying circumstances. I'm sure Carolyn will
           understand". Elizabeth replies that there were
           justifying circumstances, but disagrees that Carolyn
           will understand and tells Vicky she will not tell her.
           Elizabeth tells Vicky, "If your conscience won't let you
           participate in the ceremony, I suppose I'll ask someone
           else", but Vicky replies, "I'll think about it.  I'll
           tell you later today".
              Vicky comes out into the foyer, carrying the tea things,
           and sees Carolyn there, dressed to go out, and asks,
           "Going out?" Carolyn sarcastically remarks, "No, I'm
           dressed up like this for 3:00 tea, but I see I've missed
           it. Yes, I'm going out with Buzz". Vicky asks, "Could I
           talk to you for a minute? Carolyn, Maggie Evans is dead".
           Carolyn moans, "Oh, no! How did it happen?" Vicky tells
           her the story Joe told her. Carolyn offers her condolences,
           saying, "You were very good friends with her, weren't you,
           Vicky?" But when Vicky sees that Carolyn is going to go
           out anyway, she gets very upset. Vicky accuses her of
           going out with Buzz just to get back at her mother.
           She tries to tell Carolyn Elizabeth has a good reason
           for doing what she's doing, but cannot tell her the
              Vicky and Burke go to the beach. Vicky asks Burke,
           "How far do you think we've walked?" Burke replies, 
           "About three miles". Vicky points at a ship in the
           distance and asks, "What's that?" Burke replies, "Probably
           a freighter". Vicky starts to wax philosohical, "Look
           at our footsteps. Soon, the waves will wash them out, 
           and the beach will be as smooth as it was as if were
           never here, as if we had never existed..."  The conversation
           turns to Maggie. Vicky says, "We loved her and we'll try not
           to forget her".  Burke remarks, "I wonder if Woodard will find
           out exactly what happened to Maggie Evans". Vicky replies, "That
           doesn't matter anymore. She's dead". Burke disagrees, "It does
           matter. The madman who did that to her's still out there. He
           might do it again". Vicky replies, "Yes, you're right. I hope
           he's caught, but I don't care right now. I know I should, but I
           just don't". Burke tells her, "That madmam must be caught.  I hope
           he's caught and gets what he deserves". Vicky starts to get
           philosophical again, "Maybe if he's really mad, he can't really
           help what he's doing". Burke asks, "There's something else on
           your mind. What is it?"  Vicky replies, "Can't we just sit here?"
           Burke replies, "Sure. If that's what you want. Liz is really
           going to marry Jason McGuire, isn't she?" Vicky replies,
           "Yes. In a few days". Burke remarks, "And there's nothing
           you can do to stop her, and there's nothing you can do to
           stop Carolyn either. Poor Vicky. You really have the whole
           world coming down around you". Vicky notes, "The freighter's
           gone over the horizon. It almost feels like we're the
           only two people in the whole world. So calm and peaceful.
           I wish it could be like this forever".  Burke replies,
           "You'd get bored of it after awhile", then tells Vicky, "We'd
           better start back. It's going to be getting dark soon". Vicky
           remarks, "Maybe that's the way it should always be. Quiet,
           peaceful, dark..."
              Elizabeth is in the foyer of Collinwood. There is the
           noise of a motorcycle outside. Carolyn comes in with
           Buzz. Buzz looks irritated. He asks Carolyn, "First you
           say you want to make the scene, then you say you don't!"
           Carolyn says to Elizabeth, "Hi, mother. Buzz and I decided
           to spend a quiet evening at home". Buzz start to complain,
           "But I had plans for the evening!"  Carolyn says, "Let's
           do it tomorrow night".  Buzz replies, "But these plans won't
           keep!" Vicky returns home.  Carolyn tells Buzz to go home, saying
           she just isn't in the mood to see him tonight.  She tells him
           she'll meet him tomorrow.  Buzz replies, "Maybe I will, and
           maybe I won't!" and leaves, angrily saying, "You're really taking
           a chance!", implying he might not come back to her. Carolyn
           remarks, "I'm a little tired tonight." Vicky tells Carolyn,
           "Carolyn, I'm glad you decided to stay home tonight". Carolyn
           replies, "Don't let it give you any ideas. I haven't changed my 
           mind about Buzz. I'm still going to see him". She explains,
           "I saw Joe Haskell. He was walking down he road. We passed
           him on the motorcycle. He looked so sad. It made me not
           feel like tooling around on a motorcycle tonight". Elizabeth
           snidely remarks, "It's good to see you still have SOME 
           feeling left". Carolyn snaps, "I don't even feel like arguing
           with you tonight!" and goes upstairs.
              Vicky again tells Elizabeth to tell Carolyn the truth,
           saying, "I'm sure she'll understand", but Elizabeth replies,
           "I can't! I told you I can't tell her. Now please stop!" She
           tells Vicky, "I can see you're not going to be my witness at
           the wedding. I'll go and ask Roger". Vicky replies, "No,
           that won't be necessary. I'll come to the wedding, and
           I'll consider it an honor to stand by you".
         Episode 263
         Worldvision Rerun 53
         Tape Date:  June 14, 1967 (ABC #128-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   June 28, 1967 Wednesday
         Writer:     Ron Sproat
         Director:   John Sedwick

            It is the next morning.  Carolyn is standing by the window
         in the drawing room looking at the morning paper with a very
         worried look on her face.  Vicky comes into the room and
         calls out, "Carolyn", but Carolyn doesn't reply.  Vicky tries
         again, "Carolyn?"  Still getting no response, she asks, "Carolyn,
         didn't you hear me?"  Carolyn replies, "I guess not.  I was
         thinking".  Vicky asks, "About what?"  Carolyn replies, "Have
         you seen the morning paper yet?"  Vicky replies, "Not yet".
         Carolyn tells her, "Another girl was attacked last night".
         Vicky exclaims, "Another girl?!  I thought that was over!"
         Carolyn replies, "Apparently, the madman is still around,
         and while he is, no one is safe".  Vicky moans, "The police
         have got to catch him!".  Carolyn asks, "What if they don't?"
         Vicky says, "They've have to!".  Carolyn tells her, "I had a
         dream last night.  I dreamt who his next victim would be".
         Vicky asks, "Who?"  Carolyn replies, "Me!".  She explains,
         "It was a terrible dream.  I was in a dark, desolate place.
         I knew someone was near me, but I couldn't see him.  Suddenly,
         a hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed me.  I tried
         to scream, but I couldn't.  I was too frightened to even
         scream".  Vicky tells her, "Carolyn, it's perfectly natural
         for you to have a dream like that after hearing about Maggie
         Evans".  Carolyn says, "Poor Maggie".  Vicky says, "I've tried,
         but I haven't been able to hink about anything else.  I think
         I'll go see Mr. Evans today and see if there's anything I can
         do for him".  Carolyn replies, "I think I'll go talk to Joe".
         Vicky notes, "This is the first time we've been able to talk
         without arguing for a long time".  Carolyn replies, "We're
         still friends, and friends shouldn't argue, so let's not talk
         about Buzz, or Jason McGuire, or my mother's wedding".  However,
         Vicky tells Carolyn, "There's one thing I've got to tell you.
         Your mother asked me to be her witness at her wedding, and I
         said yes".  Carolyn, suddenly becoming angry, shouts, "So, you're
         going to be part of the wedding ceremony.  It seems like you've
         become a second daughter to her!  I'm very happy for you!".
         Vicky tells her, "You shouldn't act this way".  Carolyn asks,
         "What way?"  Vicky accuses Carolyn of going out with Buzz just to
         get back at her mother, saying, "You wouldn't even look at Buzz
         except to upset your mother!"  Carolyn tells Vicky, "From now on,
         leave me alone! Just leave me alone!  I'm not asking you for advice
         and I don't want any!"
            At the Evan's cottage, Sam Evans is talking on the
         phone. He tells Dr. Woodard, "Nobody's here. We can talk.
         No improvement, huh?". There's a knock at the door. Sam
         tells Woodard, "Someone's at the door. Better go now.
         I'll call you later" and hangs up. Sam answers the door.
         It's Vicky. Vicky tells Sam, "I came by because I wanted
         to see if there's anything I could do". Sam replies, "No,
         that's very kind of you". Vicky offers her condolences
         and asks, "Mr. Evans, I was wondering, would you like me
         to dispose of Maggie's things for you? I thought they'd
         be a constant reminder to you of things you'd rather forget",
         but Sam tells her, "I don't want to forget Maggie!"  Vicky
         apoligizes, "That's not what I meant..."  Sam replies, "I
         understand.  No, I want to keep everything in this house the
         way it was when Maggie was alive". He pauses then says, "Vicky,
         you were very fond of Maggie, weren't you?" Vicky replies, "Yes.
         She was my friend, my very first friend in Collinsport". Sam
         stutters, "I...I..." as if trying to say something, but ends up
         just saying, "Thanks for stopping by, Vicky".
            A seagull is perched high atop a pole at the docks.  Nearby
         Joe Haskell is at a pier eating a sandwich and drinking coffee from
         a thermos top, staring thoughtfully out at the ocean.  Carolyn
         comes by and tells him, "I've been looking for you. They told me
         you'd be out here".  Joe remarks, "I spend a lot of lunch hours
         here". Carolyn replies, "Yes, I know. I used to meet you here
         often." She muses, "That seems like a thousand years ago. Hard to
         believe it's only been a year".  Joe replies, "A lot can happen in
         a year".  Carolyn offers her condolences about Maggie. Joe tells
         her he'd prefer not to talk about Maggie. He pours her a cup of
         coffee and remarks, "I heard you're getting married". Carolyn asks,
         "How'd you know?" Joe replies, "It's all over town". Carolyn tells
         him, "Buzz and I are engaged. We're going to have a ball when we're
         married". Seeing the look on Joe's face, She remarks, "You
         disapprove". Joe replies, "It's not up to me to approve or
         disapprove." Carolyn appoligizes, "Sorry to talk about
         me when I came here to talk about Maggie. I wish I could
         be as brave as you. I'd go to pieces if someone I loved
         died. You wouldn't go to pieces if your mother was going
         to marry someone you disapproved of". Joe asks, "Are you
         getting involved with someone she doesn't approve of just
         to hurt her?" Carolyn denies this.  Joe tells her that if
         she really loves Buzz, she should marry him, but if she's
         just dating him to get back at her mother, it would be a
         bad choice.  He tells her the decision is up to her. Carolyn
         tells him, "I wish I could do something for you, Joe. Call me
         if you need anything. Goodbye". Joe replies, "So long" and
         Carolyn leaves.
            Carolyn returns to Collinwood. She asks Vicky, "How's
         Mr. Evans?" Vicky replies, "All right, considering the
         circumstances. Did you see Joe?" Carolyn replies, "Yes".
         Vicky asks, "How is he?" Carolyn replies, "I admire him more
         than ever. The whole world is falling down around him, and
         he's taking it so well". Carolyn apoligizes for getting into
         a fight with her, then suddenly gets a funny look on her face
         when she sees some flowers in a vase on a table. Vicky asks,
         "What's the matter?" Carolyn replies, "Those flowers. I didn't
         notice them there before. You know what they are? They're violets,
         Mother's favorite.  They're Jason's gift to mother. He has some
         put there every day.  Jason's very romantic. At least Mother
         thinks so". Carolyn, now clearly upset, starts to leave.  Vicky
         asks, "Where are you going?" Carolyn replies, "OUT! To find Buzz.
         And if Mother asks, tell her I'll be out late - very late, if she
            Joe and Sam are at the Evan's cottage. Sam tells Joe, "I
         talked to Dr. Woodard on the phone. He said Dr. Hoffman had her
         first session with Maggie this morning, but he said it's
         too early to expect any change. He told me it was very important
         that we keep up this act that Maggie is dead."  He adds, "It's
         hard. Vicky Winters came here this morning and I came THIS close
         to telling her", holding his thumb and forefinger half an inch
         apart. Joe replies, "Yeah, I talked to Carolyn. I felt like a
         fraud when she told me how sorry she felt for me". Sam remarks,
         "Maybe it wouldn't hurt to tell just those two.  Vicky's
         trustworthy...", but Joe warns him, "No, Sam, we can't tell
         anybody. Word might get out, and if the madman gets hold of it..."
         Sam replies,  "You're right. If we could only find the man who
         did this, whoever he is!"
         Episode 264
         Worldvision Rerun 54
         Tape Date:  June 15, 1967 (ABC #129-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   June 29, 1967 Thursday
         Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Jason walks into the drawing room. Roger is sitting on
         the couch reading the newspaper. Jason, seeing Roger, says,
         "Oh, Roger. Good Evening". Roger does not answer. Jason
         says again, "I said, Good Evening". Roger replies, very
         coldly, "I heard you". Jason remarks, "At first, I thought
         there was something wrong with your hearing". Roger replies,
         "It's not my hearing I'm having problems with". Jason
         says, "Oh, so that's how it's going to be". Roger gets up to
         leave. Jason says, "I hope you're not leaving on my account".
         Roger replies, "Yes". Jason remarks, "I hope that's not how
         you feel. I'm going to be your brother in law soon". Roger
         snaps, "Not yet and not if I can do anything about it!" 
         Jason pours himself a drink and laughs. Roger remarks, "You
         seem to find humor in everything". Jason replies, "Yes, 
         especially hollow threats. If there were anything you could
         do, you'd have done it already. If you continue to oppose
         me, you might find yourself on the short end of Collinwood".
         Roger replies, "For your information preventative measures are
         already being taken.  Papers are being drawn to keep you from
         taking over the estate and business".  Jason replies, "That's a
         two step process. Step one is getting the papers drawn. Step two
         is getting them signed.  You're going to find that step one is
         much easier than step two" and laughs.
            At the old house, Willie comes up from the basement and
         tells Barnabas, who's looking out the window, "Barnabas, it's
         all taken care of down there". Barnabas asks, "There's no trace
         that Miss Evans was ever down there?" Willie replies, "No, I've
         cleaned it all up". Seeing that Barnabas is staring out the
         window, Willie asks, "What's the matter?" Barnabas replies, "I
         thought I saw a child out there. It might have been David".
         Willie asks, "What do we do now that Maggie Evans is dead?"
         Barnabas replies nonchalently, "There's nothing we can do". He
         muses, "She seemed all right. I wonder what she died of". Willie
         complains, "We're the cause. I've done some rotten things
         in my life, but THIS..." Barnabas warns him, "Watch it,
         Willie. You're going too far. If you don't want to work 
         for me anymore, you know the alternative. Your life is
         hanging by a thread, and you're putting a lot of strain
         on that thread!" He tells him, "I want you to forget Miss 
         Evans. Now I want you to go out and look around. I'm sure I
         saw someone out there". Willie leaves, remarking, still
         rather defiantly, "I'll try not to think, I'll try not
         to think about who your next victim will be". 
            Roger shows up at the old house. Barnabas offers him some
         Amontillado. Roger tells Barnabas, "I had to get out of the 
         house. The situation at Collinwood has gotten unbearable."
         He tells Barnabas how much Elizabeth's upcoming marriage
         to Jason McGuire is distressing him. He tells Barnabas,
         "There doesn't seem to be any affection between them. I
         think he has some sort of hold over her". Barnabas asks,
         "Any idea what it might be?" Roger replies, "We've tried
         to find out, but without any luck". Barnabas agrees that
         Jason McGuire is not someone to be trusted. Roger adds,
         "Carolyn's gone completely off the deep end. She's now
         engaged to the one of the most disreputable characters
         in the whole county". Barnabas volunteers to talk to Elizabeth,
         but Roger tells him, "No, that won't do any good". He tells
         Barnabas that if this goes on, Jason might eventually
         gain control over both the estate and Collins Enterprises.
         He tells him, "The lawyers are drawing up papers to prevent
         this, but McGuire has hinted that he could do something to
         prevent them from being signed. If he can, we're all going
         to be at his mercy. I wish someone could do something about
         this". Barnabas remarks, "I think I'll have a talk with Mr.
            Willie is seaching around outside. Suddenly, he is
         startled by a voice calliing, "Hello!" He turns and
         sees a little girl standing there. He asks, "What are
         you doing here?" The girl replies, "I'm looking for
         someone to play with, but I can't find anyone". Willie
         tells her, "It's late. You'd better get out of here".
         The girl remarks, "I don't live far from here." Willie
         tells her, "You'd better go home. Your mother and father
         are probably looking for you". The little girl replies,
         "I can't find them. I've been looking for them for a long
         time, but I can't find them". Willie, puzzled, remarks,
         "I don't understand. Go play somewhere else. Go away and
         go away now! It's not safe to play here. Where do you
         live?" The little girls points at the old house and
         says, "Over there". Willie replies, "No, that's impossible.
         That's the old house. Mr. Collins lives there. Now come
         on. I'll take you back into town." The little girl points
         at the old house again and insists, "I live THERE", but
         Willie, convinced she must really be from town, turns and
         says, "Come on, follow me. I'll take you back into town".
         He turns around and exclaims, "Hey! Little girl! Where
         are you, little girl?" The little girl is gone.
            Barnabas and Roger go to Collinwood. Roger says, "I'll
         look upstairs" and goes upstairs. Barnabas goes into the
         drawing room and finds Jason in there sitting on the sofa
         enjoying a drink. Barnabas remarks, "I see you're appreciating
         the comforts here". Jason replies, "These are very comfortable
         surroundings". Barnabas remarks, "I understand there's 
         going to be a change in family relationships". Jason
         replies, "Well put. There's going to be a marriage, and
         it promises to be a happy event". Barnabas remarks, "Does
         it". Jason replies, "Yes it does, and I intend to take every
         measure to ensure that it is. Marriage means a chance of
         happiness for your cousin". Barnabas remarks, "It's not my
         business, but I'm concerned about your motives. There are
         certain things in your past that give me pause." Jason 
         challenges Barnabas, "If you have anything to say, go say it
         to the Sheriff!" and tells him, "I've been taking a long, 
         hard look at YOU, and I've been wondering, just who are
         you and what do you do?" He remarks, "You've hired my ex-friend,
         the very discription of an unscrupulous person. Why? Are you 
         someone who needs the services of an unscrupulous person?
         Mr. Collilns, what IS your business? Where do you get your 
         money? Where do you go every day? Come to think of it, I've
         never seen you in the daytime.  You're a very interesting
         man, Mr. Collins, and I'm beginning to get very interested
         in you."
            Barnabas, having had no luck in talking to Jason, returns
         to the old house. He tells Willie, "I've just returned from
         talking to your friend Jason. He's beginning to ask a lot of
         questions. If he's not careful, he could find himself in 
         serious trouble" Willie tells him, "He's just full of bluff.
         You were right. There was someone outside. A little girl.
         A strange little girl. She seemed to have no sense of 
         direction. When I asked her where she lived, she pointed
         to this house..."
         Episode 265
         Worldvision Rerun 55
         Tape Date:  June 16, 1967 (ABC #130-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   June 30, 1967 Friday
         Writer:     Joe Caldwell
         Director:   John Sedwick

            In a darkened room at a hospital 100 miles to the north 
         of Collinsport, a woman doctor is shining a small flashlight 
         into Maggie's eyes. She asks Maggie, "Can you hear my voice? 
         Don't answer, just nod". Maggie nods. The doctor asks, "Raise 
         your right hand". Maggie starts to raise her left hand. The 
         doctor corrects her, "No, your right hand". Maggie puts her 
         left hand back down and raises her right hand. The doctor 
         asks, "Do you know who is speaking? What is my name?" Maggie
         starts to say, haltingly, "Dr...Dr..." The doctor finishes
         for her, "Dr. Hoffman".  Maggie echoes, "Dr. Hoffmam". Dr.
         Hoffman asks Maggie, "Do you know YOUR name?" Maggie covers
         her face in fear.
            Sam and Dr. Woodard are at the Evan's cottage. Sam
         complains to Woodard, "You mean I can't even see my own
         daughter? I haven't even had word of how she is!" Woodard 
         replies, "Dr. Hoffman is not a very communicative person.
         She's a little unusual as doctors go." Sam remarks, "Maybe
         too unusual". Woodard explains, "She'd have to be unusual
         to treat Maggie. Her case is unusual. I give you my word.
         Dr. Hoffman is the best doctor for Maggie." Sam insists,
         "I've got to see Maggie!". Woodard recommends against it,
         saying, "You'd remind her of the present. That might not
         be good. She's too afraid of the present right now". Sam
         insists on seeing her. Woodard continues to think up
         excuses, "But Windcliff Hospital is 100 miles away!", but
         Sam insists. Finally, Woodard gives in and tells Sam, 
         "All right, I'll call Dr. Hoffman".  Sam replies, "No.
         Don't do that".  Woodard asks, "Why not?"  Sam replies,
         "Because I know she'll say no.  If we're already there,
         she'll have a harder time saying no".  He tells Woodard
         Joe's coming too. Sam asks, "Is there any OTHER reason
         you don't want us going up there, something at Windcliff
         you don't want us to see?" Woodard denies that there is.
            Joe is driving Sam up to Windcliff. Sam tells Joe
         about Woodard's reluctance to let them go to Windcliff to
         see Maggie. Joe tells Sam he's afraid it isn't such a good
         idea to go see Maggie.
            Dr. Woodard, who's driven up to Windcliff by himself,
         is arguing with Dr. Julia Hoffman about the advisabilty
         of letting Joe and Sam see Maggie. Finally, Dr. Hoffman
         picks up the phone and speaks into it, "Would you ask
         Mr. Evans and Mr. Haskell to come in, please?" A few
         seconds later, Sam and Joe come into the office. Sam
         demands, "I want to see my daughter!" Dr. Hoffman replies,
         "I think it can be arranged. I warn you, it may be painful
         for both you and your daughter. I just want you to be 
         prepared for what might happen". Sam asks, "What could
         happen?" Dr. Hoffman replies, "I don't know". Dr. Hoffman
         calls a nurse to take Sam and Joe up to see Maggie. Dr.
         Woodard stays, telling Sam and Joe, "I want to talk to
         Dr. Hoffman". After the nurse comes and takes Sam and Joe
         away, Woodard asks Hoffman, "You mean you don't know what's
         going to happen and you let them up there?" Dr. Hoffman 
         replies, "I know exactly what's going to happen. She's
         going to be terrified". Woodard, shocked, asks, "Any you
         let them go?!" Dr. Hoffman replies, "Yes. It'll keep them
         from meddling in the future". Dr. Woodard is shocked at
         how cold she is. Hoffman replies, "I don't care about them.
         I only care about the patient, and the truth".
            The nurse goes into the Maggie's room and tells Maggie,
         "You have visitors. Your father and a Mr. Haskell. Would you
         like to see them?" Maggie does not reply. The nurse brings 
         Sam and Joe in. Sam and Joe try to talk to Maggie, but Maggie
         doesn't respond at all. Noticing that she's still clutching 
         the doll she was found with, Sam reminisces, "Do you remember
         the doll you used to have when you were little? You called
         it Cassandra. You used to get so angry when your mother and I
         called it Sandy", but Maggie does not respond. She gets up,
         wanders over to a window barred with wire mesh and starts to
         sing, "London Bridge". She starts to get upset when she gets
         to the line, "Take the key and lock her up, lock her up, lock
         her up..." Sam tries to calm her down, grasping her arm
         gently and saying, "There's nothing to be afraid of", but
         Maggie becomes terrified, tears free and runs off. The nurse
         grabs Maggie and tries to calm her down. The nurse tells 
         Sam and Joe, "I think you'd better go now". Sam and Joe leave.
            Down in Dr. Hoffman's office, Dr. Woodard tells Dr. Hoffman,
         "The police still haven't come up with any clues. They haven't
         even come up with the girl in Sam's sketch. I was hoping you
         would come up with something". Dr. Hoffman explains, "It takes
         time. You still have faith in my competence, don't you?". 
         Woodard replies, "No question about that. Have you found any 
         hint of what's wrong?" Hoffman replies, "Yes". Woodard asks, 
         "Are you going to tell me?" Hoffman replies, "Not at this time". 
         Woodard asks, "Have you shown Maggie the sketch of the girl 
         her father made?" Hoffman replies, "All in good time". Woodard 
         asks, "Have you gone on with an examination of Maggie's blood?" 
         Hoffman replies, "Certainly". Dr. Woodard remarks on what he
         saw earlier, about the "unholy union" going on in Maggie's 
         blood. He asks, "Have you been able to come up with a more
         accurate diagnosis than that?" Dr. Hoffman replies, 
         "Decidedly". Dr. Woodard asks, "Can you tell me what it is?"
         Hoffman replies, "Not at this time".  Woodard grumbles, "I
         knew you'd say that".  Dr. Hoffman continues, "You said yourself
         it was an unholy union". Woodard tells her, "That was for lack of
         a better term!". Dr. Hoffman replies, "You may have unwittingly
         used the perfect term for it". Sam and Joe return. Dr. Hoffman
         remarks on how short their visit with Maggie was. Sam tells
         her, "It was too painful. I don't want to talk about it". 
         Dr. Hoffman remarks, "Maybe you'll trust me in the future.
         Is that terrified creature you saw in there really your daughter?
         It was not. It may be a long time before you can see your
         daughter. Your absence may hasten that day".  Sam and Joe
         leave, both looking upset.  Woodard looks rather upset
         too.  Julia tells him, "I apoligize if I don't seem very
         sympathetic, but sometimes sympathy is a detriment to finding
         the truth, and it's the truth I'm interested in".  She asks,
         "Any more questions?"  Woodard replies, "Not at this time"
         in a mocking voice and leaves, still looking upset.
            Joe is driving Sam back to Collinsport. Sam wonder, "I wonder
         what it was Dave didn't want me to see". Joe replies, "Maggie?"
         Sam says, "Or maybe it was Dr. Hoffman".
            Once again, in a darkened room at Windcliff Hospital, Dr.
         Hoffman is shining a small flashlight into Maggie's eyes,
         asking, "What is my name?", but instead of answering, Maggie
         sings, "Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up, take the key
         and lock her up..."

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