Dark Shadows
June 1970

   Episode 1026
   Tape Date:  May 25, 1970 (ABC #111-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   June 1, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      The voice continues, "Poor Maggie, Quentin doesn't want you anymore!
   He's never stopped loving me!  You can't stop the sound of my voice!
   Only death can!"  Maggie screams.
      Outside the door to the room, Elizabeth is passing by.  She hears
   the scream and exclaims, "I heard a scream!  Where did it come from?"
   Hoffman, who's also in the hallway, lies, "I don't know".  Maggie
   screams again.  Elizabeth exclaims, "It came from in there!" and rushes
   into Angelique's old room.  She sees Maggie, runs to the window, grabs her
   and and shouts, "Don't jump, Maggie!  You'll take me with you!"  Maggie
   replies, "I want to die!"  Elizabeth begs, "Come from the window!",
   but Maggie says, "I want to die!  I have nothing to live for!"  Elizabeth
   asks, "Why?"  Maggie replies, "Angelique told me Quentin still loves her!
   She said he'll always love her!"  Elizabeth points out, "But Angelique
   is dead!  You know that!"  Maggie says, "But she spoke the truth!
   I want to die!"  Elizabeth tells her, "If you do, you'll make Quentin
   feel guilty for the rest of his life.  Do you want to destroy him too?"
   Maggie finally comes down from the window.  She moans, "Everything
   she said was true!  It was all true!"
      Angelique, in her new room, is still chanting, "Maggie!  Maggie!...",
   but Hoffman comes into the room and tells her, "She almost did it,
   she almost jumped from the window, but Mrs. Stoddard came in and stopped
   her".  Angelique grumbles, "Mrs. Stoddard has always been too meddlesom!
   for her own good", but Hoffman says, "I think it's better this way."
   Angelique growls, "Maggie Collins should be dead!", but Hoffman says,
   "And have Quentin thinking about her for the rest of his life?   Maggie
   will never want Quentin back after what he did last night. You've
   already won, you just don't know it".  Angelique remarks, "It's just
   that the idea of Maggie Collins lying cold on the stones beneath my
   window is such an appealing one.  But you're right.  I have won, and
   that's what's important!"
      Elizabeth takes Maggie to the drawing room and puts her on a couch.
   There's a knock at the door.  Elizabeth answers.  It's Barnabas.
   Elizabeth asks, "Is there something wrong to make you come so late?"
   Barnabas replies, "I just wanted to see about Quentin".  Elizabeth
   says, "Come into the drawing room. I don't want to leave Maggie alone
   in there".  They go to the drawing room.  Barnabas asks, "Is Quentin
   back?"  Maggie moans, "He'll never come back as long as I'm here!":
   Barnabas asks her, "Are you all right?"  Elizabeth says, "No one's
   all right after what's happened here tonight".  They give Maggie some
   brandy to calm her down.  Elizabeth says, "Barnabas, why don't you
   stay with Maggie while I go prepare a place in my room for her.  I don't
   want her alone tonight" and leaves.  Maggie tells him, "Angelique promised
   she'd return!"  Barnabas asks, "Return?"  Maggie continues, "She kept her
   promise!  I heard her voice tonight, but that wasn't necessary.  I've
   known for a long time that she was back".  Barnabas asks, "You heard
   her voice?"  Maggie replies, "From her portrait, telling me she'd
   never give Quentin up, telling me she was the only one Quentin loved".
   Barnabas points out, "Angelique is dead".  Maggie replies, "Then why
   is she still here in this house, in every room, in every corner?"  Barnabas
   asks, "Do you mean her spirit?"  Maggie continues, "Even Quentin is hers.
   She'll never let me have Quentin".  Barnabas remarks, "In a way, I think
   you may be right.  You may be more right than you know".
      Maggie is with Elizabeth preparing for bed.  Elizabeth tries to
   tell Maggie she should start tomorrow as if it were a new beginning,
   but Maggie moans, "No, not a new begining.  It's an end. I've got
   to accept that.  Tonight I wore the dress Angelique wore last year.
   Quentin saw clearly the difference between us.  I'm the reason he left
   and won't come back.  It's not his fault.  It's not his fault I'm not
   Angelique".  Elizabeth says, "Now stop comparing yourself to Angelique!"
   Maggie replies, "Why not?  Will Quentin stop?.  She's the only one he'll
   ever love!"  Elizabeth says, "You mustn't say that!  You can't let the
   dead conquer the living!"  Maggie says, "I just want to accept it.  Please
   don't make me fight anymore.  I just want to rest..."
      Barnabas is in the drawing room, leafing through "The Seventh
   Level of Witchcraft".  Hoffman comes into the room and says, "Mr.
   Collins, I didn't know you were back".  Barnabas replies, "I was
   very anxious to hear from Elizabeth if Maggie was all right".  Hoffman
   replies, "I understand.  I won't interrupt your reading.  Good
   night", and turns to leave, but Barnabas stops her, "You were
   very close to the late Mrs. Collins, weren't you?"  Hoffman replies,
   "I was very devoted to her"  Barnabas says, " I was just looking
   through this book that apparently belonged to her.  Fascinating!"
   Hoffman remarks, "She was interested in a variety of thing".  Barnabas
   remarks, "Some of the most unusual".  Hoffman replies, "She was a most
   unusual woman".  Barnabas says, "I understand she even promised to return
   from the dead".  Hoffman replies, "She was just speaking figuratively, of
   course.  She was just talking about her love for Quentin, saying that her
   love for Quentin was so strong it would survive her death.  I don't find
   that so difficult to understand".  Angelique comes into the room and asks,
   "What's so difficult to understand?"  Hoffman replies, "Mr. Collins wanted
   to know if I ever heard your sister say she would come back from the dead".
   Angelique replies, "I'm sure you have.  She was something of a romantic".
   Hoffman remarks, "Mr. Collins has been looking at one of your sister's
   books, on on witchcraft".  Angelique says to Barnabas, "Surely you don't
   that has anything to do with coming back from the dead.  Perhaps you
   are the romantic".  Barnabas replie, "Perhaps".  Angelique says to
   Hoffman, "Oh, the bulb in my bedside lamp has gone out.  Could you
   have it replaced?  I have some reading I want to do".  Hoffman leaves.
   Angelique continues, "I find the idea of the occult boring."  Barnabas
   tells her, "There are parts of this book that may interest you".  Angelique
   says, "I doubt it".  Barnabas continues, "The part I was just reading
   concerns the use of fire in sorcery and witchcraft."  Angelique
   asks, "Why should that interest me?"  Barnabas replies, "You mentioned
   to me just last night your attraction to fire".  Angelique points out,
   "I also said my interest was purely aesthetic".  Barnabas remarks,
   "When I saw you staring into the fire, your interest seemed more than
   just aestetic".  Angelique asks, "What are you implying?"  Barnabas
   replies, "Nothing.  I'm just stating my impressions".  Angelique
   says, "Too bad you never met my sister. She had a marvelous appreciation
   of the preposterous."  Barnabas asks, "I'm being preposterou?" Angelique
   replies, "Yes.  Good Night" and leaves.
      Hoffman is asking Angelique, "Does he know?"  Angelique replies,
   "No, but he has definite suspicions".  Hoffman remarks, "He might
   be dangerous".  Angelique asks, "How?"  Hoffman replies, "He might
   go to Quentin with his suspicions".  Angelique says, "Quentin and
   I have already finished the game of 'Is Angelique alive?'  He became
   convinced when they burned the body.  Anyone who goes to him saying
   I am Angelique will be laughed at".  Hoffman says, "Suppose he can
   find proof?"  Angelique replies, "If he gets too close to the truth,
   don't forget I have the means of dealing with him.  After all, he's
   only human".
      Barnabas goes to Maggie's room and says goodnight to her.  He
   assures her that everything will turn out all right and leaves.
   Elizabeth tells Maggie, "What a fine man he is.  Doesn't it make
   any difference to you that you have friends who care for you and
   want to help you?  Of course it does!"
      Barnabas sneaks into Angelique's old room, stares into the eyes
   of her portrait, and starts to chant, "Let me look into the eyes of
   Angelique and know the truth of Angelique!"
      Angelique and Hoffman are saying goodnight to one another.  Suddenly,
   Angelique complains, "Someone is watching me!"  Hoffman points out,
   "There's no one here but us".  Angelique continues, "I feel someone
   staring at me, looking into my eyes!  My eyes!  They're burning!
   They're on fire!  I can't bear it!" and runs from the room.
      From Angelique's old room, Barnabas continues to stare at the
   portrait of Angelique and chant, "It is the eyes of Angelque I'm
   looking into!  It is the truth of Angelique I must know!"  Angelique
   comes running into the room screaming, "My eyes!  Stop looking at
   me!"  Barnabas turns and asks, "Why?  Because I see Angelique?"
   Angelique exclaims, "You!  You know!"  Barnabas replies, "Yes,
   Angelique, I know!"
   Episode 1027
   Tape Date:  May 26, 1970 (ABC #112-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   June 2, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Angelique asks, "How did you discover I was Angelique?"  Barnabas
   replies, "I am an astute observer".  Angelique asks,  "Who are you, or
   perhaps I should asks, what are you?"  Barnabas replies, "I am a friend
   of Quentin and Maggie's".  Angelique says, "Any man who can stare into
   the my eyes through the eyes of a portrait in another room is not human".
   Barnabas says, "I want you to stop this plot of yours".  Angelique
   feigns ignorance, "What plot?"  Barnabas continues, "The plot to destroy
   Maggie and take Quentin for yourself!"  Angelique asks, "And if I refuse"
   Barnabas replies, "Then I will be forced to stop you myself!"  Angelique
   asks, "How?  By telling Quentin?  He's convinced I'm Alexis.  Tell him
   I'm really Angelique and he'll laugh at you!"  Barnabas replies, "There are
   other ways to stop you".  Angelique warns him, "You seem confident in your
   powers, whatever they are, but don't forget that I also have powers, and
   they are stronger than yours!"  Barnabas calmly replies, "We'll see,
   Angelique, we'll see!" and leaves.
      Angelique makes a telephone call.  A man answers on the other end,
   "Hello?"  Angelique replies, "Father?"  The man, Timothy Elliot Stokes,
   asks, "Who is this?"  Angelique asks, "Don't you recognize my voice?"
   Stokes replies, "Alexis, of course  I heard you've come to Collinwood".
   Angelique asks, "I want to see you immediately!"  Stokes replies,
   "You should know by now I'm not interested in seeing you".  Angelique says,
   "What if I told you I had some information about Angelique?"  Stokes
   asks, "Angelique, what about Angelique?"  Angelique replies, "Meet me
   in Angelique's old room at Collinwood and you'll find out".  Stokes
   says, "I'll be there immediately!"
      Quentin finally returns to Collinwood.  He runs into Barnabas in
   the foyer.  Barnabas says, "Quentin!  We've been worried about you!"
   Quentin asks, "Where's Maggie?"  Barnabas replies, "Upstairs in bed.
   Maybe you should go see her".  Quentin replies, "In a moment", and
   starts for the drawing room, for a drink, obviously.  Barnabas asks,
   "Quentin, did know Alexis before she came to Collinwood?"  Quentin
   replies, "No, why?"  Barnabas replies, "Just curious.  Good night"
   and leaves.
      Angelique is waiting in her old room.  Timothy Elliot Stokes comes.
   Angelique exclaims, "Father!"  Stokes asks, "What is this information
   you have about your sister?"  Angelique asks, "No warm greeting after
   all this time?"  Stokes replies, "A show of affection would be more than
   hypocritical.  You know how we feel about each other".  Angelique says,
   "Well, let congratulate you on the success of your experiment!  I am
   Angelique!  I have come back!"  Stokes exclaims, "You're Angelique!"
   Angelique replies, "Yes, but for safety, always call me Alexis".  She
   tells him what happened, how Alexis opened her grave and how she stole
   Alexis' lifeforce to come back.  Stokes is saddened that it was Alexis,
   "even though she was only a step daughter and I didn't like her".  Angelique
   tells him, "Quentin has married again.  I want to get him back, but someone
   is standing in my way, someone with supernatural powers".  Stokes asks,
   "Who?"  Angelique replies, "Barnabas Collins".  Stokes remarks, "That's
   the name of the man in Willie Loomis' book".  Angelique tells him, "This
   Barnabas Collins claims to be a descendant of his. It's very strange
   the way he just arrived here, and his fascination with this room.
   There have been some very odd things happening in this room.  Quentin's
   seen it, and I've seen it too".  She explains, "One day I opened the
   doors to this room and found it empty of furniture.  I saw Hoffman
   in here, but she was dressed differently, and her hair was different.
   Besides, I had just left Hoffman downstairs..."  Stokes exclaims,
   "Fascinating!  Fascinating!" Angelique asks, "Do you know what it is?"
   Stokes replies, "The theory of Paralell Time.  There's a theory that
   there's another time band where we all exist, but live different lives
   because we've made different decisions..."
      Quentin goes up to the master bedroom.  Maggie is sleeping peacefully
   in bed.  Quentin just stands there looking at her silently.  Finally,
   Maggie awakens and exclaims, "Quentin!  Darling, you're home!  I was
   so worried, so afraid that something had happened to you!  Why did you
   do that, suddenly leave the house like that?"  Quentin asks, "Maggie,
   did anyone tell you whose dress you were wearing?" Maggie replies,
   "Yes. It was the one Angelique wore to the part last year".  Quentin asks,
   "Then why did you wear it?"  Maggie explains, "I didn't know it until
   afterwards.  Alexis selected it from a trunk".  She continues, "I know
   any mention of Angelique is painful for you, but I nearly killed myself
   last night".  She recounts what happened, how she heard Angelique's
   voice taunting her and telling her to jump from the window.  Quentin
   exclaims, "That's impossible!  You were imagining it!"  Maggie insists,
   "Quentin, I didn't!  Doesn't it mean anything to you that you might
   have come home and found me dead under the window of Angelique's old
   room?"  Quentin says, "I'm trying to understand you.  I'm trying to
   make you happy, but everything I do ends up hurting you.  What more
   can I do?"  Maggie sadly replies, "I don't know.  I don't know anymore".
      Stokes goes to the Loomis House and snoops around.  Barnabas comes out
   from the door to the left of the fireplace and asks, "Who are you?"
   Stokes replies, "I am Timothy Elliot Stokes.  The gentleman who owns
   this house is Willie Loomis, a friend of mine".  Barnabas asks, "Are you
   so certain of his friendship that you come into his house and roam around
   at such a strange  hour, just before dawn?"  Stokes replies, "Willie does
   keeps strange hours".  Stokes remarks, "From the way you're dressed, you
   look as if you were from the 18th century".  Barnabas replies, "There was
   a costume party at Collinwood last night".  Stokes remarks, "Yes, it was
   started by Angelique, my daughter".  Barnabas says, "So you are her father."
   Stokes corrects him, "Stepfather.   I beg your pardon, but have we met
   before?"  Barnabas replies, "No. Why do you ask?"  Stokes replies, "When
   you first saw me in here, it look as though you recognized me".  Barnabas
   lies, "No, I was just surprised to see someone in this room".  Stokes
   asks, "Is Willie in?"  Barnabas replies, "He is, but he's sleeping
   and doesn't want to be disturbed".  The clock strikes the hour.
   Barnabas excuses himself, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get
   some sleep myself" and leaves.
      At the Longworth lab, Sabrina is asking Cyrus, "Cyrus, what's
   happening to us?  Something has to be wrong.  We haven't seen one
   another in days!  Cyrus, is there someone else?"  Cyrus asks, "Do
   you really want me to answer that?"  Sabrina replies, "No, because
   it's a stupid question. It IS a stupid question, isn't it, Cyrus?"
   There's a knock at the door upstairs.  Cyrus tells Sabrina, "Go and
   answer the door".  Sabrina does so.  Cyrus hears Sabrina's voice
   saying, "Hello, Maggie, won't you come in?"
      Maggie is telling Cyrus, "When I told Quentin about the voice from
   the portrait, he said I was imagining it!  I didn't!  How can I convince
   him?"  Cyrus replies, "Maybe you can't.  Maybe you'll just have to accept
   the fact that he loves Angelique".  Maggie is surprised, "I can't believe
   you said that!"  Cyrus continues, "There are other men in the world than
   Quentin.  Isn't it possible there's another man in the world would could
   make you as happy as Quentin?"  Maggie remarks, "Cyrus!  You don't sound
   like yourself!"  Suddenly, Cyrus grabs his stomach in pain and tells
   Maggie, "I have things to do right now.  Please come back later.  I'm
   sure you understand".  Maggie leaves.
      Cyrus is stumbling around lab in pain, banging into things.  Sabrina,
   hearing the noise, comes running, "Cyris, what's wrong?"  Cyrus starts
   transforming into John Yaeger before her very eyes.  Sabrina gasps, "No,
   Cyrus, no!"  The tranformation completes.  John Yaeger replies, "Yes!"
   Sabrina says, "Cyrus, I don't believe it!"  Yaeger replies, "Yaeger,
   the names John Yaeger!"  Sabrina starts to say, "The experiment!
   The compound..."  Yaeger interrupts her, "are succeeding beyond my
   wildest dreams!"  Yaeger turns to leave.  Sabrina begs, "Cyrus, don't
   go!  I love you no matter what happens!  I understand!"  Yaeger replies,
   "You understand?! You couldn't possibly understand!"  From upstairs,
   Maggie's voice calls out, "Cyrus, are you down there?"  Yaeger tells
   Sabrina, "Go find out what she wants!" and hides behind a wall.  Maggie
   comes down into the lab and asks, "Where's Cyrus?"  Sabrina replies,
   "He's not here.  He just left by the side door".  Maggie asks, "Has
   he been ill lately?"  Sabrina replies, "No, why?"  Maggie replies,
   "Because he's never acted the way he did earlier". They are interrupted
   by Quentin coming down into the lab asking, "Is Cyrus here?"  Sabrina
   replies, "No, he went to the chemist".  Quentin says, "I'll wait",
   but Sabrina tells him, "He won't be back till tonight".  She tells
   Quentin and Maggie, "Why don't you two go upstairs and I'll join you
   later".  Quentin remarks, "Is something wrong?  You seem nervous".
   Sabrina lies, "I've just been working too hard".  Quentin asks Maggie,
   "What are you doing here?"  Maggie reluctantly tells him she came to
   tell Cyrus about hearing Angelique's voice.  Quentin angrily growls,
   "We finished discussing that last night!"  Maggie insists, "It happened!",
   but Quentin sternly tells her, "I don't ever want to hear about it again!"
      From his hiding place, John Yaeger thinks to himself, "Don't worry,
   Maggie, soon, you won't have to put up with the likes of Quentin any
   longer.  John Yaeger will see to that!"
      It is later at Collinwood.  Quentin is about to leave the house.
   Barnabas comes and says, "I was away all day.  How's Maggie".  Quentin
   replies, "A little better.  She's in bed.  The sleep will do her good".
   Quentin tells Barnabas, "I was just on my way to see Dr. Longworth".  They
   both leave.
      John Yaeger sneakes into Collinwood.  He sneaks into Maggie's room.
   He looks down on the sleeping Maggie and thinks to himself, "Now, John
   Yaeger, now!"
   Episode 1028
   Tape Date:  May 28, 1970 (ABC #113-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   June 3, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Yaeger thinks to himself, "I want to take her out of this house, but
   where?  I need to find a place!"  Maggie's phone rings.  Yaeger quickly
   hides behind the curtains.  Maggie awakens and answers the phone, "Hello?
   Quentin?...Where are you?...What's wrong with Sabrina?...No, of course
   you should stay and find out whatever you can...Would you like me to come
   to the lab?  If I could do anything to help, I'd be glad to come...I
   understand...Good Night".  Right after she hangs up, there's a knock at
   the door.  It's Daniel.  Maggie asks, "Daniel, what are you doing up so
   late?"  Daniel asks, "Where's father?"  Maggie tells him, "He's at Cyrus',
   why?"  Daniel says, "I'll go get Uncle Roger", but Maggie tells him, "I'll
   be glad to help you if I can".  Daniel tells her, "I was looking out the
   window and saw the figure of a man.  He was coming across the terrace
   towards the French windows".  Maggie suggests, "Maybe it was the watchman",
   but Daniel replies, "No, he was bigger than Rick, much bigger".  Maggie
   tells Daniel, "Let's go find Roger". After they leave, Yaeger comes out
   from behind the curtains and steals Maggie's comb, hairbrush and mirror.
      At the lab, Sabrina is looking through Cyrus' scientific notebooks.
   She remarks, "No record of his experiment!  If only I had known what he was
   doing, I might have been able to stop him!"  Suddenly, she hears a voice
   behind her say, "So!  Searching through the records?"  She looks up and
   sees that it's John Yaeger.  Sabrina exclaims, "Cyrus!"  Yaeger replies,
   "Don't call me that!  It's not my name!  Where's Quentin Collins?"
   Sabrina replies, "I made him leave".  Yaeger asks, "Did you tell him
   anything?"  Sabrina replies, "No, I wouldn't betray you".  Yaeger says,
   "Fool!  No wonder Cyrus found you boring!"  Sabrina says, "He didn't!"
   Yaeger says, "You didn't know about his visits to the Eagle to see Buffie
   Harrington, did you?"  Sabrina insists, "Cyrus loved me!"  Yaeger
   replies, "Then you'll have to find someone else.  You're never going
   to see Cyrus Longworth again!  I've murdered him!"  Sabrina exclaims, "No!
   Cyrus hasn't been destroyed!  He's still here!"  Yaeger says, "No!  I've
   destroyed him and those detestable traits of his are gone!"  Sabrina insists,
   "No, he's still here!  You were Yaeger before, and you came back".  Yaeger
   says, "And I hated every moment of it!"  Sabrina asks, "Then why didn't
   you stay Yaeger?" Yaeger replies, "I needed Cyrus' body to escape".  Sabrina
   asks, "Escape from what?"  Yaeger holds up his walking stick and pops the
   sword out and says, "It went into the body so easily, then a scream in
   the night!"  Sabrina exclaims, "Horace Gladstone!"  Yaeger replies, "Yes,
   he was my first victim.  Since then, I've been longing for another.  Are
   you going to be its next victim, Sabrina, are you?"
      Yaeger asks, "Frightened? Good!"  He retracts the blade and says, "You
   think too much.  You're just like Cyrus". Sabrina asks, "Why did you kill
   Horace Gladstone?"  Yaeger replies, "Because he dared try to blackmail
   me!"  Sabrina moans, "There must be some way to turn you back into
   Cyrus, there must!  You must be Cyrus again!"  Yaeger laughs.  Sabrina
   continues, "You must!  The police must be after you.  I'll help!  I'll
   do anything you want me to if you become Cyrus!"  Yaeger replies, "I
   can't!  I have too many things to do that Cyrus won't!"  Sabrina promises,
   "I'll be here for you.  I'll do anything to help you".  Yaeger says,
   "You love him that much?  Well, there is someting you can do.  You'll
   be here at this time every night, and sometimes I'll need help, and when
   I do, I'll come through that  door, and you'll be here to help me".
   He turns to leave.  Sabrina asks, "Where are you going?" Yaeger replies,
   "I'm going to take something, something that Cyrus Longworth is too
   timid to take!"  He warns her, "Now, not a word, or you'll end up like
   our friend Horace Gladstone!"
      Maggie is in her room.  Daniel comes in.  Maggie asks, "Have you seen
   Hoffman?"  Daniel replies, "No, why?"  Maggie replies, "My comb and
   brush are gone, and my mirror is missing too.  I was wondering if she
   took them".  She asks, "Do you think you saw an intruder last night?"
   Daniel replies, "No, not after you and Uncle Roger showed me I was
   wrong".  He tells her, "I have something for you" and gives her
   a shell.  He asks, "Do you like it?"  She replies, "It's beautiful!"
   He tells her, "I found it this morning.  It's for last night".
   Maggie tells him, "I have the feeling we're going to become good
      Yaeger is with a man in the basement of a house with man named
   Aldon Wicks.  Wicks tells Yaeger, "If you like the looks of this
   place, we can reach a good deal.  Most people like to be closer
   to town".  Yaeger replies, "I prefer to be alone".  Wicks replies,
   "Then you'll like it.  No one's lived here since my grandfather
   died."  Yaeger opens the door to a room and asks, "What's this room?"
   Wicks replies, "My grandmother used to use it to store things.
   She canned a lot of things".  Yaeger looks at the door and asks that
   a new one be put in, explaining, "I'm a scientist, and I think this
   would be the perfect place for a lab".  He gestures towards the door
   again and asks, "Is that the only door to this room?"  Wicks replies
   that it is.  Yaeger says, "I take it it's sound proof?"  Wicks replies
   that it is.  Yaeger remarks, "My work deals with sound.  I measure
   the speed of high velocity tones".  Wicks asks, "When will you want
   to move in?"  Yaeger replies, "Immediately.  I going to go home,
   pack up, and take immediate residence".  He gives Wicks some further
   instructions about the room, "I want a cot here.  I often work late
   and get very tired.  And a comfortable rocking chair, very conducive
   to meditation.  And a mirror. This room will make a perfect laboratory!
   Perfect for my needs, perfect!"
      Daniel goes to Maggie's room and tells her, "Maggie, I saw Hoffman.
   She doesn't know where your comb, brush and mirror.  When I told her
   they were missing, she was very surprised".  Maggie remarks, "There
   must be some explanation!"  David says, "Maggie, you've been here
   long enough to know that things happen in this house, strange things.
   Sometimes I get a feeling before they happen.  I have the feeling
   that something's going to happen, something terrible!"
      Later, Yaeger returns to the basement room of the house he's renting.
   He looks around and finds that, as instructed, a heavier door with
   a bolt has been put in, and a cot and a rocking chair has been put into
   the room.  He takes Maggie's things out of his pocket and places them
   on a table.  Aldon Wicks comes in and asks, "Is everything OK?"  Yaeger
   replies, "Perfect!"  He asks Wicks, "Are you leaving tonight?"  Wicks
   replies, "Yes.  I've got everything packed up, and I've told all my
   friends".  Wicks remarks, "You know, this place doesn't really look
   like what I thought a lab would look like.  What kind of experiments
   did you say you do?"  Yaeger lies, "I didn't".  Wicks says, "I would
   guess something with animals".  Yaeger says, "Why do you say that?"
   Wicks replies, "Because of that bolt you had me put on the door".
   Yaeger says, "Actually, I'm going to use it as a dungeon".  Thinking
   Yaeger's joking, Wicks jokes, "Next thing you're going to tell me
   you're going to kidnap a fairy princess and hold her here".  Yaeger
   replies, "That's exactly what I'm going to do".  Yaeger unsheaths
   his sword, saying, "You've already said goodbye to all your friends.
   I guess they're not going to miss you".  Wicks says, "Hey, I don't
   want any trouble".  Yaeger replies, "Don't worry.  There won't be
   any!" and stabs him.
      At Collinwood, Maggie is saying to Daniel, "See?  Nothing's happened".
   Daniel replies, "Not yet".  Maggie says, "When I was a little girl, I used
   to get the feeling that something was going to happen too, but it never
   did".  Daniel replies, "Mine usually come true!"
      Later that night, the phone in Maggie's room rings.  She answer.
   On the other end, Yaeger is speaking using Cyrus' voice, "Maggie!
   I'm in town!  I must see you immediately!"  Maggie asks, "What about?"
   Yaeger replies, "I can't tell you over the phone.  Can you meet me?"
   Maggie asks, "At the lab?"  Yaeger replies, "No, Sabrina will be there.
   I don't want her to know about this.  I don't want anyone to know.
   Maggie, it's vital I meet you.  Can you meet me at Widow's Hill
   at 11:00?"  Maggie says, "I don't know what this is all about, but
   I'll meet you".  Yaeger tells her, "It's vital you not tell anyone,
   or I might be in danger".  Maggie says, "I'll be there".
   Episode 1029
   Tape Date:  May 17, 1970 (ABC #114-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   June 4, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Maggie hangs up, and immediately hears a voice behind her say,
   "Who were you talking to?"  She turns and sees Quentin standing there.
   Maggie doesn't answer.  Quentin asks, "Maggie, what's wrong?  I asked
   you who you were talking to".  Maggie lies, "Oh, it was just Sabrina".
   Quentin asks, "Did she say what was wrong with her yesterday?"  Maggie
   replies, "No".  Quentin asks, "Does she know where Cyrus is?"  Again
   Maggie says, "No".  Quentin remarks, "If I didn't know better, I'd say
   they were fighting, but those two would never fight.  Something's wrong.
   I wish I knew what it was so I could help".  He asks Maggie, "Is there
   something you aren't telling me?"  Maggie changes the subject, "My silver
   brush and mirror are missing!  I don't understand!"  Quentin explodes,
   "I hate it when someone uses that phrase!  They always start talking
   about the supernatural next!  Are you accusing the resident ghost of
   stealing them?"  Maggie replies, "Of course not".  Quentin excuses himself,
   saying, "I've got to go help Daniel with his homework".  As he is leaving,
   he remarks, "I'm glad to see you and Daniel are gettng along so well".
      Barnabas is in the drawing room. Angelique comes in and asks, "Well,
   have you come to see me, Mr. Collins?"  Barnabas replies, "No, I came
   to see Quentin".  Angelique asks, "Why?  Are you going to tell him I'm
   Angelique returned from the dead?"  Barnabas replies, "No, you've already
   told me what would happen if I did that".  Angelique remarks, "You listen
   well".  Barnabas replies, "I always listen to my enemies well".  Angelique
   changes the subject, "Mr. Collins, have you ever heard of Parallel time?
   There's a theory that there's another band of time where we all live
   different lives because we've made different decisions.  Also, that there
   are places where one can move from one band to another".  Barnabas lies,
   "That hardly seems possible".  Angelique asks, "Even to you?", then
   remarks, "There's a room in the East Wing that changes to paralell time
   occasionally.  I wonder what would happen if someone were in that room
   at such a time".  Barnabas replies, "You'd have to stay in that room
   to find out".  Angelique asks,  "Is that what you were doing when you came
   from your time?"  Barnabas replies, "What are you implying?  I can assure
   you I'm not a time traveller".  Quentin comes into the room.  Angelique
   leaves the room to let him and Barnabas talk.  But she doesn't really
   leave them in private.  She comes back after a few seconds and listens
   through the closed drawing room doors...
      Barnabas tells Quentin, "Things have been happening.  I think you should
   take Maggie away from here.  Quentin says, "Nothing's happened recently",
   but Barnabas says, "She did hear Angelique's voice the other night".
   Quentin asks, "How did you know about that?"  Barnabas replies, "She told
   me.  There is a spirit here that wants her out of this house".  Quentin
   says, "I have the feeling Maggie herself is responsible for what's been
   happening."  He points out, "None of these things started happening until
   Maggie got there.  Maybe she's somehow responsible".  Barnabas is aghast.
   He tells Quentin, "Don't doubt your wife.  But you must suspect everyone
   else!" Quentin asks, "Do you have anyone in mind?"  Barnabas replies, "Yes,
   but I cannot tell you who it is without proof.  Now I must go see Elizabeth".
   Hearing this,  Angelique quickly goes into the room under the stairs.
   Barnabas leaves.
      Angelique goes into the drawing room and tells Quentin, "I just heard
   you talking to Barnabas, and I think he means ME!  Ever since he's come
   here, he's been against me!  I don't know why!  All I want is the best
   for you and Maggie!"  Quentin holds her and reassures her, "Now, now,
   all any of use wants is the best for one another".
      It is 10:00.  Yaeger is in the basement room of his rented house
   thinking, "In an hour Maggie will come to me!  Will she like this room?
   I must make if more comfortable!  There must be everything here that
   she wants!"
      Yaeger sneaks into Maggie's room at Collinwood, takes one of her
   suitcases, puts it on the bed, then starts taking clothing out of
   drawers and putting them into the suitcase...
      In the drawing room, Quentin is telling Angelique, "I won't have
   Barnabas upsetting you.  If he gives you any more trouble, let me
   know".  Maggie comes into the room .  Anglique leaves.  Maggie starts
   to tell Quentin, "Quentin, I have an errand to run".  Quentin replies,
   "Not before we talk.  Why did you tell Barnabas you heard Angelique's
   voice?"  Maggie replies, "Because he was here!"  Quentin grumbles,
   "That's no reason!"  Maggie replies, "I thought it was!  Quentin, you
   still don't believe it happened!"  Quentin says, "I just don't want
   you telling a perfect stranger".  Maggie replies, "I wouldn't call
   Barnabas Collins that!"  Quentin says, "I don't want to fight about
   this anymore!"  Maggie replies, "Our fights keep going on and on because
   none of them are ever resolved!  You keep doubting everything I say!"
   Quentin shouts, "And with reason!" and storms off in anger.
      Yeager is packing the suitcase with Maggie's stuff when suddenly
   Angelique comes in looking for Maggie.  She asks, "Who are you?  No,
   you don't have to tell me.  You're John Yaeger!"  Yaeger asks, "How
   do you know?"  Angelique replies, "I collect information.  Mrs. Collins
   confides in me.  You and I can be friends, John Yaeger".  Yaeger remarks,
   "You make up you mind quickly".  Angelique replies, "I recognize evil
   when I see it.  You have a plan, and I want to know what it is.  Tell
   me your plan, and tell it quickly, before someone else comes in here...
      Maggie goes to the Old House to talk with Barnabas.  She is telling
   him, "It's no good.  I can't reach him.  I can't even come here anymore.
   I'm not supposed to confide in you anymore.  He doesn't like even that!"
   Barnabas remarks, "I'm sorry Quentin feels that way."  Maggie continues,
   "I need help!"  Barnabas tells her, "There's one person at Collinwood
   You must not trust".  Maggie asks, "Hoffman?"  Barnabas replies, "No,
   not Hoffman, although she's involved somehow.  Maggie, Alexis is your
   enemy".  Maggie exclaims, "You're wrong!  She's been so friendly to me!"
   Barnabas explains, "It's all part of her plan".  Maggie says, "I'm sorry,
   but I can't believe that without some proof.  Do you have any?"
   Barnabas sadly replies, "No, not that you'd believe".
      In Maggie's room, Yaeger is caressing a necklace belonging to Maggie,
   saying, "Everything she's touched I must have!  I want her so much!"
   Angelique replies, "And you shall have her!  I can arrange it so that
   Maggie leaves the house of her own will hating Quentin, and that he won't
   want her back!"  Yaeger asks, "One question.  Why did you come into this
   room tonight?"  Angelique replies, "I needed to borrow something from
   Maggie, something that will serve both our plans".  She opens a drawer
   and takes one of Maggie's handkerchiefs and continues, "This will do".
      Maggie is in her room.  Suddenly she hears a voice saying, "Maggie!
   Quentin doesn't love you!"
      Down in the drawing room, Angelique is using Maggie's handkerchief
   to cast a spell to cause her to hear her voice, "He doesn't care enough
   about you to help you!"
      Maggie shouts, "Where are you?"  The voice continues, "I am watching
   you!  Watching you until you leave!"  Maggie shouts, "I'll never leave!
   Stop it!"  Quentin comes into the room and asks, "Maggie, who are you
   talking to?"  Angelique's voice continues, "Maggie, Quentin hates you!"
   Maggie asks Quentin, "Did you hear that?  Did you hear that?!"  Quentin
   asks, "Maggie, what am I supposed to hear?"  Anglique's voice laughs.
   Maggie replies, "Her laughter!  She's in this room!"  Quentin asks,
   "Who's laughter?"  The laughter stops.  Maggie replies, "She was in
   this room!"  Quentin asks, "Who?"  Maggie replies, "Angelique!"
   Quentin starts to say, "Now, Maggie...", but Maggie interrupts him,
   "Why don't you believe me?"  Quentin replies, "Because it isn't true!"
   Maggie says, "Quentin, are you in a conspiracy to drive me mad?"
   Quentin asks, "How can you say that?"  Maggie replies, "Because sometimes
   I think it's true!" and storms off in anger.
      At the farmhouse basement, Yaeger hangs Maggie's dresses in the room,
   caresses one of her necklaces on his face, remarks, "Widow's Hill! How
   perfect!" then leaves for his meeting with Maggie at Widow's Hill.
      It is 11:00 Collinwood, Maggie is leaving for her appointent with
   Cyrus as Widow's Hill.   Barnabas sees her in the foyer heading for
   the front door and asks, "Maggie!  What's wrong?", but Maggie just
   replies, "Nothing!" and runs off.
      At Widow's Hill,  Yaeger is hiding behind some trees.  Maggie arrives
   and calls, "Cyrus?  Cyrus?"  Yaeger replies, "Over here, Maggie!"
   Maggie looks and sees Yaeger come out from behind the trees and screams...
      At Collinwood,  Barnabas tells Quentin about Maggie leaving, "I tried
   to stop her, but she wouldn't listen".  Quentin calmly replies, "She'll
   be back".
      Yaeger takes Maggie to the dungeon.  Maggie asks, "Where's Cyrus?"
   Yaeger tells her, "You'll find everything you need here".  Maggie
   repeats, "Where's Cyrus?", crying.  Yaeger remarks, "I never thought
   I'd mind seeing you cry.  Maggie, you're going to learn to like this
   place" and leaves.  Maggie shouts, "Let me go!  Let me go!"
    Episode 1030
    Tape Date:  June 1, 1970 (ABC #115-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   June 5, 1970 Friday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Maggie finds the shell that Daniel gave her in her dungeon.  Yeager
    comes in with dinner for her. It is curry, which he refers to as her
    favorite.  She warns her that Quentin will be coming to look for her.
    Yeager replies that he knows that she left with both she and Quentin in
    anger, and that Quentin won't be coming after her.  Maggie is surprised
    and scared that Yeager knows so much about her.  She asks when he's going
    to let her go. He replies after she falls in love with him and agree to
    go away with him.  She tells him that that will never happen. He angrily
       At Collinwood, Elizabeth is talking to Angelique about Maggie's
    leaving.  She is upset that Quentin cares so little about it. Angelique
    sees Yeager standing outside the window and makes an excuse to leave
    and meets him outside. Yeager tells him about how difficult it has
    proven to get Maggie to respond to him.  Angelique tells him that it'll
    take time and to try harder.  She tells him that the first step is to
    sever all Maggie's ties to Collinwood.
       In the dungeon, Maggie looks for a way out but finds none.  Yeager
    returns and tries to force her to write a letter to Quentin saying
    she no longer loves him and is staying away forever. She refuses, saying
    she won't do that even if he threatens to kill her.  He tells her it's
    not her he'll kill if she refuses, but Quentin. Faced with that threat,
    Maggie writes the letter.
       At Collinwood, Elizabeth calls Maggie's sister in New York to see if
    she's there, but finds that she not. She tells Roger how worried she is
    about Maggie's leaving, but Roger tells her he thinks it's better that
    she's gone. Angelique, coming down the stairs, suddenly starts to feel
    the coldness of the grave again.  She goes into the drawing room and
    finds Roger in there alone, Elizabeth having left.  She seduces Roger
    and they embrace, but just as they are about to kiss, Elizabeth returns
    and they quickly separate. Angelique leaves.
       Angelique goes to her father and tells him what happened, saying
    that somewhere there lies a stranger whom she seduced and killed. She
    tells him she can't stand this any longer and asks for his help, saying
    that since it was he who brought her back from the dead, he should know
    how to help.  He tells her that alas he cannot, and explains that he
    did not do it alone.  She asks to know who he did it with. He tells her
    to look behind the curtain. She draws the curtain he points to and finds
    a door behind it. She opens the door...
    Episode 1031
    Tape Date:  June 2, 1970 (ABC #116-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   June 8, 1970 Monday
    Writer:     Joe Caldwell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

    ...and walks in. He father walks in behind her.  On a table, covered
    by a cloth, lies a body. Angelique's father explains to her that he
    used the woman's life force to bring her back from the dead, and that
    the periodic cold she feels is the body trying to get the lifeforce
    back and that there's nothing that can be done about it. He warns her
    that if the body is destroyed, both it and she, Angelique, will be
       At Collinwood, Quentin explains to Barnabas that he's not going to
    search for Maggie because she left of her own will.  Barnabas is
    incredulous, so Quentin gives him a letter from her to read. Barnabas
    reads it but is still not convinced that her leaving was of her own
    will.  He tells Quentin that he is convinced that she has an enemy who
    is responsible for all this. Angelique, eavesdropping outside, stomps
    in and indignantly asks, "And who do you think that is? " . Quentin
    gets angry with Barnabas for accusing innocent lil' 'Alexis' and stomps
    out of the room.  Barnabas accuses Angelique of being behing Maggie's
    disappearance and vows to do something about it.
       Angelique goes to her old room to talk to Julia.  From outside the
    the door in the other parallel time (ours), out Julia sees them. She
    is shocked to hear Angelique tell the other Julia ,"Barnabas must be
    destroyed!".  The other Julia warns that they had better be careful,
    that Barnabas seems to possess powers. The wonder what the source of
    these powers is, what the secret of Barnabas is.
       Stokes comes to Collinwood.  Quentin entertains him in the drawing
    room.  He wonders what Stokes is doing here, as he never had a very
    good relatiohship with her.  Alexis comes into the drawing room and
    Quentin leaves to let them talk.  Alexis becomes angry and asks him
    what he's doing here. He tells her that now that she's the mistress of
    Collinwood, he thinks himself entitled to take benefit of its luxuries.
    She tells him that she doesn't want him to come here, that she thinks
    it would be better if he didn't, saying it's a known fact that Alexis
    didn't get along with her father.  Stokes replies that they should
    fake a reconciliation.  They have a big argument about this.  Angry,
    Stokes vows to teach Angelique a lesson.
       Quentin runs into Barnabas again and tells him he's now certain that
    Maggie planned to leave, that most of her things are missing and that
    she must have sent them ahead of her even before their argument.
       Back at home, Stokes goes to the body in the room behind the curtains
    and casts a spell...
       Angelique is talking to Quentin in the drawing room. Quentin mentions
    that he is going to drive to Bangor. Angelique, obviously trying to get
    closer to him, tells him she'd like to do some shopping and asks if she
    can hitch a ride with him.  Suddenly, she almost faints and complains of
    feeling terrible.  Quentin guides her to a chair.  Just as suddenly as it
    started, whatever happened stops.  Angelique tells Quentin she's all
    right and that all she needs is some fresh air. She tells him she's
    changed her mind about shopping and leaves.
       Angelique goes to her father's house.  He tells her he was responsible
    for what happened and tells her he hopes she's learned her lesson.
       Quentin writes a letter to Maggie telling her he doesn't want her
    back and tells Julia to mail it (to her sister's address in NY).
    He puts it on the foyer table and calls for Hoffman to come and mail
       Barnabas sneaks into Angelique's old room and searches around, looking
    for evidence.  He finds that the top right hand desk drawer is locked and
    jimmies it open with a knife.  He finds Angelique's diary inside and
    reads it.  He is startled to find a passage saying "He says he knows a
    way to overcome death.". Barnabas wonders who the 'He' is.  Realizing
    that he's forgotten to lock the door, he puts the diary down and goes
    to lock it.  Suddenly, he finds that the room has become unfurnished.
    He's back in his own time.  He opens the doors and finds Julia standing
    there.  She happily exclaims, "You're back".  Barnabas replies, "But
    Maggie's in trouble in the other time!!  How can I help her?  How?"
    Episode 1032
    Tape Date:  May 29, 1970 (ABC #117-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   June 9, 1970 Tuesday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Barnabas explains to Julia that Maggie's in danger in the other time.
    Julia tells him that she agrees that Angelique must be evil and dangerous
    in the other time too, telling him about overhearing her telling the
    other Julia that he, Barnabas, must be destroyed.  Barnabas tells her he
    must go back to help Maggie. Julia tells him she'd like to go too to
    help him but he tells her that would be too dangerous because unlike
    him, she has a double in the other time and they have no idea what would
    happen - perhaps she might even die.  He tells her to go downstairs and
    get the key and lock the door to this room so that no one else can come
    in and get trapped in the other time.
       In the other time, Julia and Angelique go into her old room to talk
    privately.  Julia tells Angelique that she has given the letter to Yeager
    as instructed.  They find the diary on the desk and realize it must have
    been Barnabas who was reading it. They are puzzled that he just left it
    lying there and did not take it. They take it and leave.
       When Julia comes back with the key, she sees Barnabas in the other
    time again.
       In the other time, Barnabas looks around for the diary but does not
    find it.  Julia comes in and asks him what he's doing.  Barnabas tells
    her that he left a book in here and is looking for it.  He starts to
    hypnotize her but Angelique comes in and interrupts him.
       Yaeger goes into Maggie's cell. She begs him to let her go, saying
    she has a fever.  He feels her forehead and finds that she does, but
    instead of letting her go, he tells her he'll go get some medicine.
    Yeager reads Quentin's letter to her. Maggie, wondering where he got the
    letter from, tells him she doesn't believe it's from Quentin, but he
    shows her the letter. It's in Quentin's handwriting...
       After Yaeger leaves, Maggie decides that the only way to escape is
    to get him to take her out of the dungeon...
       Angelique goes into her current room and finds Barnabas going through
    her things.  She demands what he's doing.  He bluntly tells her that
    he's looking for her diary, that he found the part about overcoming
    death very interesting. After Barnabas leaves, Angelique tells Julia
    that they must do something about him.  She tells Julia that the 'curse'
    that the people in the other time spoke about regarding him might be of
    use and that they must find out what it is.  She tells Julia to follow
    him and find out about him...
       Yaeger returns with the medicine.  After Maggie takes it, she lies
    that Quentin's letter has convinced her to go away with him.  Yaeger is
    at first suspicious at her rapid conversion, but she manages to convince
    him that she is sincere. She admits that she doesn't yet love him, but
    that there is clearly nothing for her here and perhaps, in time, love
    will come. Yaeger gleefully leaves to make preparations to leave.
       Barnabas leaves Collinwood. Julia follows him.  Barnabas goes into
    the the old house and goes into the secret room behind the bookcase.
    Unbeknownst to him, Julia is spying on him from outside, looking through
    the window...
    Episode 1033
    Tape Date:  June 3, 1970 (ABC #118-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   June 10, 1970 Wednesday
    Writer:     Joe Caldwell
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Julia vow to come back when Barnabas isn't home and see what's behind
    the bookcase and leaves.  Barnabas comes back out with his cane, thinking
    to himself that it would be of use in fighting whomever has taken Maggie
    without arousing suspicions as his vampire powers would.
       Maggie, using a nail file, tries to pick the lock.
       Elizabeth and Sabrina return from a concert to the lab.  They go down
    to the lab, where Sabrina has left her purse.  Yeager comes to the lab
    and finds them there.  He tells Sabrina he has some 'data' to discuss
    with her. Elizabeth leaves.  Sabrina again begs 'Cyrus' to let her help
    him. Yaeger tells him she can. He writes a check, in Cyrus's handwriting,
    and gives it to her, telling her to cash it and seen him a cashier's
    check to him in New York. She looks at it and is shocked. It is his
    entire account. He also unlocks the armoire containing Yaeger's expensive
    clothes and tells her to send them to New York too...
       At Collinwood, Julia asks Elizabeth if she's seen Barnabas. Elizabeth
    replies that she hasn't, that he's probably out looking for Maggie.
    Julia tells Elizabeth that she doesn't trust Barnabas, that she finds his
    Peru story(he claimed to be descended from a son of the original Barnabas
    who had gone to Peru to look for gold and was recorded as being lost but
    actually wasn't) suspicious and that they should perhaps check him out.
    Elizabeth angrily tells her Barnabas is a Collins and that should be
    enough to ensure trust, as the Collins name guarantees integrity.
    After Julia leaves, Elizabeth thinks to herself that Barnabas IS a
    strange man, especially in his strange insistance, without any evidence,
    that something has happened to Maggie. She dozes off and has a dream in
    which she and Sabrina go down into Cyrus's lab again, but this time find
    it in shambles.  They find Maggie, dead, lying amid the debris....
    Elizabeth wakes up and screams "Maggie !".  Julia, hearing this, comes
    and asks her what's the matter. Elizabeth replies, "Nothing", gets her
    coat and leaves out the front door...
       Maggie finally succeeds in picking the lock and gets out of the
    dungeon but is collared by Yaeger outside. He calls her a liar, drags
    her back into the dungeon, ties her up and tells her he's going to
    punish her by killing Quentin. Unbeknownst to him, Sabrina has followed
    him and is listening from the stairs...
       Elizabeth goes to the old house and asks Barnabas if he's found
    Maggie. He replies no.  She tells him about the terrible dream she's
    just had. He remarks, "Cyrus's lab ? Why there ? ". She tells him it
    must be because she and Sabrina had been there earlier, and that she
    had met John Yeager there and that she found him to be a most
    disagreeable and frightening man and that must have caused the dream.
       Cyrus, in the dungeon with Maggie, hears a noise coming from the
    stairs and goes to investigate.  He finds no one there, but finds lying
    on the stairs the check he gave Sabrina to cash and realizes she
    must have followed him...
       Barnabas, intrigued by Elizabeth's dream and seeing Yeager
    at the lab, goes there to investigate. He sees the open armoire and
    figures that the clothes therein must be Yeagers, as Cyrus would never
    wear such clothes.  He wonders why Yeager's clothing would be here...
       Sabrina runs into Collinwood looking for Quentin to warn him, but
    finds no one there. She picks up the phone and starts to dial, but
    Yaeger suddenly bursts through the door and grabs the phone from her
    and rips the cord from the wall. She goes into the drawing room. He
    follows her and rips the phone from the wall there too and demands to
    know what she's doing here. She lies that she's looking for Elizabeth
    and makes some excuse for wanting to see her.  Yaeger asks her if she's
    put the check in a safe place. Reaching into her pocket for it and not
    finding it, she lies that it's in her desk. He tells her he knows she
    followed him and saw what he was doing. He tells her she knows too much,
    grabs her and strangles her.  Elizabeth comes in, sees this and screams...
    Episode 1034
    Tape Date:  June 4, 1970 (ABC #119-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   June 11, 1970 Thursday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Yeager drops Sabrina and walks menacingly toward Elizabeth, saying
    "You're next !". Elizabeth quickly backs back into the foyer, closes
    and locks the doors, locking Yaeger in.  Julia comes down the stairs
    and asks what happened. Elizabeth tells her.
       Inside the drawing room, Yaeger figures the police will be coming
    soon and decides he must go and become Cyrus again. He takes a chair,
    smashes the window and escapes. Hearing this, Elizabeth unlocks the
    doors and she and Julia come in. They find Yaeger gone.  They also
    find both phones ripped from the wall.  Julia goes to the old house
    to call the police.
       At the old house, Julia calls the police. Finding no one at home,
    she decides to take advantage of the situation to investigate the
    secret room.  She opens the bookcase, goes in and finds the coffin
    in there. She opens it and finds it empty.
       Yaeger returns to the lab and takes the flask of antidote out of
    the safe. There is only enough for one more dose. There is a knock at
    the upstairs door and a voice calling "Police !". Yaeger takes the
       Cyrus lets the police in. They ask him where Yaeger is, saying he
     has committed a murder.  Cyrus asks who was murdered. The policeman
     tells him it was Sabrina. Cyrus is devastated by the death of his
     fiancee, but tells the policeman he doesn't know where Yaeger is.
        Elizabeth tells Barnabas what happened.  Barnabas wonders if Yaeger
     has anything to do with Maggie's disappearance, saying he heard in town
     that Yaeger had been bothering her.
        In her dungeon, Maggie makes her way to a wall and starts to saw
     her bonds against a sharp corner.
        Cyrus calls Barnabas and tells him that he knows where Maggie is,
     in the cellar of the Alton farm.  Barnabas asks him how he knows.
     Cyrus tells him he can't tell him that and hangs up.  Depressed by the
     death of Sabrina, worried that he will spontaneously become Yaeger again
     and not be able to come back because he has no more antidote and will
     not be able to make any more, and knowing that the police will ask him
     how he knew where Maggie was and having no satisfactory explanation,
     he takes a gun from a drawer and prepares to commit suicide. But
     suddenly, he has the transformation pains again and drops the gun.
        Elizabeth tells Julia about Cyrus telling Barnabas where Maggie is.
     The wonder how Cyrus knew, and how long he's known.  They wonder what
     hold Yaeger has on Cyrus.
        In her dungeon, Maggie finally manages to free herself.  She goes
     out the door, which Yaeger has apparently not bothered to lock since
     he thought her safely tied up, but hears someone come in upstairs and
     start down the stairs and quickluy rushes back into the cell and hides
     in a closet. Barnabas comes downstairs and goes into the dungeon. He
     finds that Maggie apparently isn't in there, but sees her brush and
     knows that she was in there.  He leaves. Maggie, hearing this, figures
     that 'Yaeger' will search the rest of the house and, not finding her,
     will go search outside.  She decides to wait until he has had enough
     time to search the house and then escape again.
        After what she figures is enough time for Yaeger to search the house,
     she comes out of the closet and out of the dungeon, only to find
     Yaeger standing on the stairs....
     Episode 1035
     Tape Date:  June 5, 1970 (ABC #120-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   June 12, 1970 Friday
     Writer:     Gordon Russell
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Yaeger, angered by her escape attempt, jumps from the stairs across
     the room and grabs her.  Suddenly, Barnabas appears on the stairs and
     demands that Yaeger release her.  Yaeger refuses, warning that he'll
     kill her if he tries anything. Maggie manages to struggle free. Barnabas
     chases Yaeger into the dungeon.  Yaeger unsheaths the sword in his cane.
     Barnabas nonchalantly tells Yaeger that that can't hurt him.  Obviously
     finding this ridiculous, Yaeger stabs Barnabas and finds, to his dismay,
     that it has no effect on Barnabas whatsoever and shouts, "What kind of
     man are you?!". Barnabas pulls the sword out, throws it to the ground
     and attacks Yaeger.  After a short struggle in which Barnabas easilyh
     overcomes Yaeger, Barnabas grabs him by the throat and strangles in.
     Maggie come in to see what happened. They are both shocked to see
     Yaeger revert to being Cyrus...
        At Collinwood, Julia explains to Carolyn what's happened and that
     Quentin has been contacted and told about it and is returning from
     Bangor by chartered plane. Barnabas returns with Maggie and puts her
     on the couch, saying she's in shock.  Quentin returns. Seeing Maggie
     on the couch, he asks Julia to call Cyrus.  Barnabas tells him Cyrus
     is unavailable.  Quentin tells Julia to call Dr. Ford, then.  Barnabas
     tells Quentin he has to talk to him privately. They go out into the
     foyer.  There, with the doors closed, Barnabas tells Quentin that
     Yaeger is dead, and that Cyrus is dead too. He tells him that to best
     explain, he should accompany him to where it happened.
        Julia asks Carolyn where Alexis, who had gone with Quentin to
     Bangor, is. Carolyn tells her Quentin had left Alexis there.
        Julia telephones Alexis in Bangor and tells her what happened.
     She also tells her about finding something that may pertain to
     Barnabas's secret...
        Barnabas takes Quentin to the Alton farm and show him Cyrus's body
     and explains to him what happened. They figure correctly that it must
     have had something to do with his experiments...
        Julia goes to Angelique's old room, opens the door and finds that
     once again it is in the other parallel time. Inside, she sees Quentin
     and the other Julia.  The other Julia tells Quentin that Barnabas had
     returned but said that Maggie was in danger in the other time and
     insisted on going back to help her.  Quentin remonstrates her for
     letting him go, saying it was too dangerous, that if the people in
     the other time knew anything about vampires and suspected him of being
     one, he would be in great danger...
        Julia goes downstairs and reads a book about vampires. She reads
     that a vampire can be destroyed by hammering a wooden stake through
     its heart. She hears Barnabas come in and talk to Carolyn in the
     foyer. She takes out her compact and uses it to look at them. She
     sees only Carolyn, Barnabas casting no reflection...
        Later, at sunrise, Barnabas goes back to the old house and goes
     into his coffin behind the bookcase.
        Julia sneaks into the old house carrying stake and hammer and goes
     into the room behind the bookcase. She opens the coffin and finds
     Barnabas lying in there. She places the stake over his heart, raises
     the hammer and prepares to strike...
     Episode 1036
     Tape Date:  June 8, 1970 (ABC #121-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   June 15, 1970 Monday
     Writer:     Joe Caldwell
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Hoffman raises the hammer and prepares to strike when suddenly she
     is hit on the head from behind with a poker - by the other Julia -
     and falls to the ground.
        At Collinwood, Willie looks around and finds that Julia is not
     there and fears she may have discovered something and is at the old
        Julia comes out of the the secret room. She is quite upset at
     having had the unique experience of bashing herself on the head.
     There is a knock at the front door and Bruno comes in. He tells her
     he's looking for Willie. Julia tells him Willie is not there. He tells
     her there's something different about her, that her clothes and hair
     are different. Julia manages to tell him that that's just because she's
     dressed up for going into town. He leaves. Julia goes back into the
     secret room and examines the other Julia and finds she is dead.
     She goes back out of the secret room and finds Willie there holding
     a gun on her. He asks her what she's doing there. Julia tells him she's
     not the Hoffman he knows but he does not believe her. Julia tells him to
     look in the secret room. He does and is shocked to find Hoffman lying
     in there.  He tells Julia that she must be the Dr. Julia Hoffman who
     tried to cure Barnabas of vampirism in the other time and asks she
     how she got here. Julia replies that she got there the same way
     Barnabas did.
        Anglique calls her father, looking for Hoffman. She tells him
     Julia had told her she had learned something important about Barnabas.
        Bruno goes to Collinwood looking for Quentin.  Angelique tells him
     that Quentin is not there, that because of all that has just happened,
     he's under a lot of stress. Bruno asks what she means.  She tells him
     about what happened to Maggie, about Cyrus being responsible.
        At the old house, Willie and Julia discuss what to do.  Julia wonders
     if 'Alexis' knows that Barnabas is a vampire too.  Willie tells her he
     doesn't think so, that she's been in Bangor with Quentin.  Julia tells
     him she can find out by impersonating the other Hoffman.  Willie warns
     against this, saying it would be too dangerous, but Julia insists on
     doing it, saying that the other Julia might have left a note for
     Angelique revealing Barnabas's secret to her.
        Bruno breaks into Cyrus's lab and proceed to rummage through Cyrus's
     things, looking for money.
        Julia goes to Angelique's new room and searches around, looking to
     any note the other Julia might have left.  Angelique comes in and tells
     her she's glad to finally see her and asks her what she had learned
     about Barnabas that is so important.  Julia tells her that all she
     learned was that Cyrus had called Barnabas and told him about Maggie
     being kidnapped by Yeager.  Angelique, disappointed, tells her she
     thought she had learned his secret. Julia replies that she must have
        Bruno manages to open the safe and is disappointed to find that
     that there is no money in there, only a notebook marked 'PRIVATE -
     In the event of my death, give unread to my friend Quentin Collins'.
     He begins to read it...
        Julia goes to the old house and tells Willie that Angelique does
     not know Barnabas's secret.  She adds that Angelique apparently knew
     about Cyrus, Yeager and Maggie, that it was apparently part of her
     plan.  She tells Willie that the best way for her to help Barnabas
     is to keep impersonating the other Hoffman.  Willie is again
     apprehensive about this.
        At the lab, Bruno laughs and says, "Did I say there was no money
     in here? How wrong I was!  This is worth a lot of money!".  He
     telephones 'Alexis' and asks her, "What if I were to tell you I
     knew who killed Angelique?"
     Episode 1037
     Tape Date:  June 9, 1970 (ABC #122-DRK-70)
     Air Date:   June 16, 1970 Tuesday
     Writer:     Gordon Russell
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Angelique asks him to tell her who, but Bruno tells her he'd prefer
     not to tell her over the phone. She tells him to come over to his room.
     She asks if he has any proof. He replies that he does.  She tells him
     to bring it over.
        Bruno goes to Collinwood. Maggie opens the door. Bruno comes in and
     tells him he heard about what happened to her and offers his
     condolences. Quentin walks into the foyer and angrily tells Bruno that
     if that's all he came for, he can leave now that he's give them. Bruno
     replies that he's been invited by Alexis and goes upstairs.  Maggie
     and Quentin go into the drawing room. Quentin apoligizes for the way
     he acted when she disappeared, explaining that he thought she had left
     of her own free will and gone somewhere.  She asks him what he was
     doing in Bangor with Alexis. He tells her not to be jealous, that she
     just wanted to do some shopping there so he gave her a ride.
        In Angelique's new room, 'Alexis' asks Bruno who killed Angelique.
     He refuses to tell her, saying he'll tell her and give her the proof
     when she's paid him $5000 for the information. She agrees, but tells
     him it'll take her about 2 hours to get the money. He tells her he'll
     be back and leaves.  She goes to her jewelry box and takes out what
     appears to be a very expensive necklace.
        In the drawing room, Maggie tells Quentin that maybe it was Cyrus
     who was responsible for all the strange things that have happened at
     Collinwood.  Quentin finds this dubious and says there's no proof of
     this.  Maggie tells him that there's one way to know for sure, that
     if strange things stop happening at Collinwood, then that'll prove
     that Cyrus was responsible. Angelique, who on her way downstairs has
     stopped in the foyer and eavsdropped on their conversation, thinks to
     herself, "No, Maggie. They won't stop. And how surprised your husband
     will be when he finds out who's responsible..."
        Angelique returns to Collinwood and goes up to her room. She finds
     Bruno already there waiting for her.  She gives him the money and
     asks him who murdered Angelique.  He hands her a manila envelope and
     tells her to read if for herself. She opens the envelope and takes out
     Cyrus's journal. She is shocked to read Cyrus's account of how it was
     Quentin, in a jealous rage because because of what came out during the
     seance, killed Angelique by sticking a hatpin into her brain and how
     Cyrus had covered this up when he signed the death certifacte.  Bruno
     'explains to Alexis' that it was the relationship between him and
     Angelique that made Quentin jealous.  Angelique vows vengeance on
        Angelique goes downstairs and runs into Quentin into the foyer and
     stares at him strangely.  Quentin asks her what's wrong.  She tells him
     "Oh nothing. My mind was just elsewhere..".  Maggie comes out of the
     drawing room and goes upstairs, telling Quentin that she's going to
     get some rest.
        Angelique goes upstairs with some tea and gives it to Maggie, saying
     she's been through quite an ordeal and she hopes she recovers from it
     quickly.  As she puts the tea service on Maggie's dresser, she steals
     a pendant lying there.
        Angelique goes back into the drawing room, sits by the fire and
     casts a spell causing Maggie to do as she orders.  She causes Maggie
     to go into her, Angelique's room and steals a necklace (not the one
     seen earlier) and take it back top her own room.  Angelique mutters to
     herself, "Now you'll perform your first act of witchcraft, Maggie.".
     Quentin comes into the drawing room. Angelique remarks to him that
     Maggie seemed quite jealous that he went with her to Bangor. Suddenly,
     she grabs her throat and complains that she can't breath and exclaims,
     "She's doing it to me, the witch !!!".
        Quentin rushes upstairs to their room and finds Maggie in there
     with 'Alexis's' necklace in her hands, twisting it.  He exclaims,
     "You said Cyrus was behind everything, but  YOU'RE the witch!"
      Episode  1038 
      Tape Date:  June 10, 1970 (ABC #123-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 17, 1970  Wednesday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Maggie is alone in her room, Quentin having stormed out of
      Collinwood in anger. Angelique comes in and asks her what's the
      matter, then 'notices' Maggie holding her necklace and asks her
      what she's doing with it.  Maggie explains that she had gone to
      her room and taken it, but doesn't know why she did it, that it's
      like something forced her to do it.  She remarks that she had thought
      that Cyrus had been behind everything, but that he couldn't be
      because he's now dead.  Angelique suggests that Barnabas is strange
      and mysterious and perhaps he's responsible.
         Julia is in the secret room behind the bookcase, waiting.  Barnabas
      awakens, sees Julia and comes out of his coffin. Thinking it's the
      evil Hoffman, he says, "So you've finally found me" and advances to
      kill her, but Julia tells him who she is and what happened. She shows
      him the hammer and stake and, gesturing toward the stake, says, "She
      was holding this over your heart and was about to..."  Barnabas asks,
      "You did this for me?"  Julia replies, "Yes".  Barnabas, looking very
      touched, tells Julia he's very grateful.  She tells him she's continuing
      to impersonate the evil Hoffman in order to help him and find out what
      Angelique is doing.  He tells her that that's too dangerous and tells
      her to stop, but Julia insists on continuing.
         Julia goes to Collinwood and finds Angelique dealing some Tarot
      cards. Angelique tells Julia she's found out who murdered her -
      Quentin. She tells her she'll avenge herself.  Suddenly, she starts
      to feel faint and collapses.  Very weak, she tells Julia to go do what
      is necessary, that she knows what to do.  Julia looks puzzled, and
      Angelique adds, "What's the matter Julia? I've told you about this
      before. My father's responsible. Go to my father. ".  Julia goes
      out into the foyer and wonders what to do, not even knowing who
      Angelique's father is. She finally thinks of looking in the phone
         At Stokes's house, Timothy Stokes gives the body an injection.
      There's a knock at the door.  He goes and answers it. It is Julia.
      He tells her he's been expecting her.  He tells her it wasn't his
      fault this time.  Seeing that she doesn't understand what he's talking
      about, he asks, "Didn't Angelique tell you about the body?". Julia
      lies that she did, but was very vague about it.  Stokes explains to
      her about the body and tells her that the body has proven stronger
      than he expected, that it's trying to get its lifeforce back and
      that that's what caused Angelique to weaken and faint. He adds that
      he's just given the body an injection to keep it in trance.  Julia
      asks, "And if the body is destroyed?".  Stokes answers that Angelique
      too will die if that happens, but that there's no danger of that
      happening because the body's in good care here.  Stokes complains
      to Julia about Angelique not wanting him at Collinwood in spite of
      all he has done for her.
         Maggie tells Barnabas what happened, saying maybe she is the
      witch and just doesn't know it.  Barnabas tells her that can't be
         Julia returns to Collinwood and tells Angelique what her father
      told her and suggests to her that she be a little nicer to him in
      view of his power over her. She suggests that she have him over tonight
      since Quentin's gone anyway.  Angelique agrees, saying maybe she can
      convince him to do more to keep the body from trying to get its
      lifeforce back.  Angelique calls her father.
         Julia goes to the old house and tells Barnabas about the body, that
      destroying it will destroy Angelique.  Barnabas is stunned that she has
      such a simple weakness.  Julia tells him that Stokes will be at
      Collinwood at 8:00 tonight and that they will be able to get at the
      body then, that they can destroy it, destroy Angelique and, all
      danger to Maggie gone, go back to their own time.  Barnabas picks
      up a knife from the desk and announces, "Tonight, this will end
      the reign of terror at Collinwood!"
         Stokes arrives at Collinwood and Angelique entertains him with
      a pitcher of martinis.  She tells him she has some important things
      planned and cannot afford to have any more fainting spells and begs
      him to find a way to stop them.
         Barnabas and Julia go into Stoke's house, Julia using a key she
      tells Barnabas she got from Angelique's desk.  Julia tells Barnabas
      that this is only the first step, that they'll have to do something
      about Stokes afterward to prevent him from finding another body and
      doing the same thing again.  Barnabas raises a knife and prepares
      to destroy the body...
      Episode  1039
      Tape Date:  June 11, 1970 (ABC #124-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 18, 1970  Thursday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Julia pulls the sheet off the body for Barnabas to destroy. He
      suddenly stops and tells her he can't do it.  She asks him why.
      He tells her the body is too beautiful.  Julia is flabbergasted and
      tells him that that's not a good reason and that he must destroy it
      for the good of everyone, but he still refuses to do it, saying
      there's so much ugliness in the world that he can't bear to destroy
      beauty when he finds it. He tells Julia they must try to find an
      alternate way to deal with Angelique.  He reminds Julia that Stokes
      had told her that the body had been battling with Angelique for the
      lifeforce and suggests that they help it and try to revive it, thereby
      destroying Angelique.
         Roger goes into the drawing room and finds Angelique and Stokes
      in there.  Stokes notices that Roger is acting somewhat oddly and
      asks him what's wrong.  Roger tells him that he's just discovered that
      Cyrus had made him the executor of his estate, that he's surprised
      because he would have thought that Cyrus would have made Quentin the
      executor.  Stokes remarks that maybe Cyrus did this because he, Roger,
      is in more of a need for the executor's percentage than Quentin is.
      Roger, insulted, tells Stokes that he doesn't need the money either
      and storms out of the room.  Stokes remarks to Angelique that Roger
      and Elizabeth live in a dream world.  Angelique tells him that they'll
      soon find their dream world turning into a nightmare.  Stokes asks her
      what she's going to do.  Angelique replies that she's not going to do
      anything.  Stokes remarks, "So you're going to get someone else to do
      it, eh?".
         Julia finishes examining the body and tells Barnabas that there
      isn't anything she can do.  Barnabas, still entranced by the body's
      beauty, takes one of its hands and holds it. Suddenly, he tells
      Julia that the fingers of the hand have moved.  Barnabas squeezes the
      hand and the eyes of the body open...
         At Collinwood, Angelique starts to get weak.  Stokes, realizing that
      something is happening to the body, rushes out.
         Barnabas and Julia continue to try to revive the body, but are
      unable to get any further as it just lies there, eyes open. Suddenly
      they hear someone come in through the front door and realize that
      something must have happened to Angelique and that it must be Stokes
      returning to see what's happened to the body.  They desperately try
      to think of what to do.  Julia tells Barnabas to disappear.  Barnabas
      replies that he can't just leave her there, but Julia replies that
      she has a plan.  Barnabas vanishes to thin air just as Stokes enters
      the room.  Stokes sees Julia and demands to know what she's doing there.
      Julia points at the body and says, "Loo ! The eyes are open ". Stokes
      looks and thanks her for telling him but then says, "But you still
      haven't told my why you're here". Julia lies that she came because
      she had a premonition that Angelique was in trouble.
         Stokes phones Angelique and tells Angelique he's taken care of
      everything and that everything's all right now.  Maggie comes into the
      room and tells Angelique she's going to wait here for Quentin to
      return. Roger comes in and gets into an argument with Maggie about
      Quentin.  Angelique leaves.
         Angelique goes to Bruno's cottage.  Bruno asks Angelique if she's
      gone to the police with the diary yet.  She tells him that she hasn't,
      that there isn't enought evidence, just the word of a dead man. Bruno
      gets angry about this.  Angelique tells him that he looks bored and
      suggests he go to Collinwood and talk to Maggie, that she's lonely and
      ready for another man.
         Bruno goes to Collinwood where he finds Maggie alone in the drawing
      room.  After some drinks and some conversation, he tries to seduce and
      kiss her, but she rebukes him.  Unknown to both of them, Roger is
      outside in the foyer eavesdropping on them.  Hearing someone at the
      door, Maggie runs to it and opens it, expecting Quentin, but finds
         Bruno returns to the cottage, stung by Maggie's rejection.  He tells
      'Alexis' he's going to call the police about Quentin's murdering
      Angelique.  She tells him he can't do that and grabs him and tries to
      keep him away from the phone, but he pushes her to the ground and picks
      up the phone and proceeds to call the police.  Behind his back,
      Angelique smiles...
      Episode  1040
      Tape Date:  June 12, 1970 (ABC #125-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 19, 1970  Friday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Bruno calls the police and tells him he wants to talk to them
      about a murder.
         Quentin returns to Collinwood and runs into Roger in the foyer.
      Roger tells him about Bruno trying to seduce Maggie and being rebuked
      by her.
         An Inspector Hamilton arrives at the cottage and asks Bruno what
      he wants to talk to him about.  Bruno tells him he wants to talk to
      him about Angelique's murder.  Hamilton tells him that Angelique had
      died of a stroke.  Bruno hands him the photostat (an old-fashioned one
      with white letters on a black background).
         Maggie and Quentin talk in the drawing room.  Quentin wants to
      talk about Bruno's attempt to seduce her, but Maggie wants to talk
      about his thinking she's been practicing witchcraft.  They are
      interrupted by the arrival of Inspector Hamilton. He tells Quentin
      he wants to talk to him about the death of his first wife.  He shows
      him the photostat and asks him if he recognizes the handwriting.
      Quentin replies that he does, that it's Cyrus Longworth's.  Hamilton
      gives it to Quentin and asks him to read it.  Quentin does. Maggie
      asks him what it says. Quentin replies that it says Angelique was
      murdered.  Roger comes into the room and exclaims, "Murdered?!".
      Angelique comes in too.  Maggie asks who the paper says murdered her.
      Quentin calmly replies, "Me.".  Inspector Hamilton tells Quentin he
      has a few questions to asks him.  Maggie suggests that he say nothing
      until he get his lawyer Chris to come here, but Quentin replies that
      he doens't need to because he's innocent and has nothing to hide.
      The inspector tells Angelique to stay too because he has a few
      questions to ask her, too. He tells her he knows she has the original
      of the diary and asks her where she got it from and why she didn't
      go to the police with it.  She replies that she didn't go to the police
      with it because she didn't believe what it said was true and that she
      paid $5000 to Bruno for it to keep him from using it against Quentin.
      The inspector tells Roger he'd like to question him since he was at
      the seance.  While the inspector talks to Roger in the drawing room,
      Angelique and Quentin talk outside in the foyer with the doors closed.
      Quentin gets angry and tells Angelique he's sick and tired of Bruno
      and is going to the cottage to take care of him.  Angelique smiles
      and goes upstairs.
         Having finished talking to Roger, Inspector Hamilton opens to foyer
      doors and is surprised to see that Quentin is not there.  Maggie
      goes upstairs to see if he's there.  Roger suggests that maybe he
      went to Bruno's cottage.  Hamilton remarks that he'll go there and see
      since he wants to asks Bruno a few more questions too anyway.
         At the cottage, Quentin and Bruno get into an argument and Quentin
      grabs Bruno by the throat and starts to strangle him but then lets go,
      saying he's not worth the trouble.  Bruno starts to breath normally,
      but then suddenly grabs his throat again and gasps for air, unable to
         In her room at Collinwood, Angelique is smiling broadly and
      strangling a doll with a scarf...
         Quentin just watches Bruno, smiling bemusedly.  Bruno falls to
      the ground and ceases to move.  Quentin goes to him and says, "Very
      dramatic!  You can get up now, Bruno.". The inspector comes in and sees
      Quentin standing over Bruno's body and says "For your sake, I hope he's
      alive, Mr. Collins..."
      Episode  1041
      Tape Date:  June 15, 1970 (ABC #126-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 22, 1970 Monday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Inspector Hamilton examines Bruno and finds him dead.  He asks
      Quentin what happened.  Quentin tells him that Bruno just started
      choking by himself all of a sudden.  The inspector tells Quentin
      that he finds that strange and that he's under arrest for suspicion
      of murder.
         Angelique goes to Maggie's room and puts the doll and scarf in
      a dresser drawer.
         The Inspector takes Quentin back to Collinwood.  Maggie is told
      that Quentin is under arrest for murder.  Angelique, in the foyer,
      hears this and comes in and pretends to be shocked. Quentin asks to
      be allowed to go to his room to pack some things. The Inspector says
      he'll allow him to do this, as long as he lets him accompahy him.
         Quentin and the Inspector go to Quentin and Maggie's room.  While
      taking some things out of a dresser drawer, Quentin sees the doll and
      the scarf, but does not tell the inspector.  The inspector, seeing
      a funny expression on Quentin's face, asks what's wrong.  Quentin
      replies that nothing is, then mutters to himself, "You'd never believe
      me if I told you".
         As the Inspector takes Quentin away, Quentin and Maggie say goodbye
      to each other in the foyer.  Quentin is strangely cold to her...
         When Quentin gets to the jail, he finds Barnabas there waiting for
      him.  Quentin asks Barnabas what he's doing there.  Barnabas replies
      that Maggie called him and told him what happened.  Quentin tells
      Barnabas about finding the doll in the dresser.  Barnabas tries to
      convince Quentin that Maggie couldn't be responsible, that someone
      must be trying to frame her.  The Inspector comes in and tells them
      that the coroner has just finished the autopsy on Bruno and that he
      should have the results in an hour.
         When Barnabas returns to Collinwood and tells Julia about the doll,
      Julia reprimands him for not having destroyed the body, thereby
      allowing this to happen.  Barnabas agrees. But they also agree that
      they cannot destroy it now because they need Angelique alive so they
      can prove her and not Quentin guilty of Bruno's murder...
         The Inspector tells Quentin that the autopsy showed that Bruno
      died of strangulation and that there where finger marks on his neck
      and that he is now charged with first degree murder, and that the
      judge has denied bail.  He adds that in view of this murder and
      Cyrus's journal, he's also going to investigate the possibility that
      Angelique was murdered and is going to start by exhuming her body.
         Barnabas goes to Collinwood and finds Maggie in the foyer just
      finishing a phone call.  He asks her if she's heard any news about
      Quentin.  She tells him she's just had a call from his lawyer and
      he's being held for first degree murder without bail.
         'Alexis' goes and visits Quentin.  He tells her about being held
      without bail, but tells her he's more worried about something else:
      that Inspector Hamilton is going to exhume the body of Angelique
      (which, of course, he had burned..) and that there's going to be
      a lot of questions when he finds there is no body.  He also tells her
      of finding the doll in the dresser drawer.  Angelique tells Quentin
      that Maggie can't be responsible, that someone else must be trying
      to frame both of them and convinces him that he must escape and
      find the culprit and prove his innocence.
         In his office next to the room where Quentin and Angelique are,
      the Inspector is making a phone call arranging to have Angelique
      exhumed.  Suddenly he hears Angelique scream.  He rushes into the
      other room where Quentin, who had stationed himself right next to
      the door, knocks him out and escapes...
      Episode  1042
      Tape Date:  June 16, 1970 (ABC #127-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 23, 1970  Tuesday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Angelique returns to Collinwood and lies to Maggie about Quentin's
      escape, telling her he was like a madman and forced her to scream and
      get the Inspector into the room and knocked him out.  Maggie starts
      to doubt Quentin's innocence in Bruno's death.  She also thinks that
      if he's capable of murdering Bruno, he could have killed Angelique
         Julia goes to the old house. Carolyn returns. Julia asks her where
      she's been.  Carolyn replies that she's been taking a walk to try to
      calm down because of all that has happened. Julia tells her about
      Quentin's escape and that the police have been here searching for
      him, and that they almost discovered the secret room. (This indicates
      that Carolyn knows that this is another Julia, not the evil one).
      They decide that they must find Quentin because if Angelique helped
      him escape, then she must have some plan against him and that he
      would be much safer in jail. They also decide to try to find out
      who killed Angelique and clear Quentin of that murder too.
         Maggie finds the doll and scarf in her room.  Carolyn comes in.
      Maggie shows her the doll and asks her what it is.  Carolyn looks at
      it and notices that the ascot belongs to Bruno and tells Maggie that
      it's something used in witchcraft to harm or kill someone and asks
      her where it came from.  Maggie tells her she found it in a drawer
      and swears she doesn't know where it came from.  Carolyn tells her
      she believes her, that someone must have planted it there.  She
      tells her to watch out for Alexis.  Maggie tells her she doesn't
      believe her, that Alexis has been so nice to her..
         Carolyn returns to the old house and talks to Julia.  Carolyn
      asks Julia if she's learned anything from Angelique about where
      Quentin is.  Julia replies that this time, Angelique has not confided
      in her.  Carolyn tells Julia about Maggie and the doll, and about
      warning Maggie to watch out for Alexis.  Julia tells her she shouldn't
      have done this, that the less Maggie knows, the safer she'd be. They
      discuss finding Angelique's murderer again and Julia asks who was at
      the seance.  Carolyn replies, "Me, Angelique, Mother, Roger, Quentin,
      Cyrus, Bruno, and Buffie Harrington, who was working for us at the
      time". Julia asks who first went to Angelique when the lights went on
      and she was found to be on the floor.  Carolyn answers, "Mother, then
         Maggie goes to her room and finds the door open and remarks,
      "I'm sure I shut this...".  She goes in and finds the doll gone.
      Angelique comes in and tells her she's going for a walk and asks
      if she'd like to come along.  Maggie remarks that something is missing
      from the room and asks Angelique if she's been in the room.  Angelique
      acts insulted and says no.  Then Maggie notices that some of Quentin's
      things are missing too and begins to think that maybe it was Quentin
      who came here and stole the things.
         Later, Maggie goes downstairs and hears a sound in the drawing
      room.  She goes in and finds that it's just an open window being
      blown by the wind.  She closes it. She goes out into the foyer and the
      front doors blow open. She closes them.  She then hears someone playing
      Angelique's music. She follows the sound to Angelique's old room and
      finds that it's coming from there. She tries to open the doors but
      finds that they are locked.  The music suddenly stops and Julia
      appears behind her and asks her what's wrong. She tells Julia that
      someone is locked in the room and was playing the piano, but when
      she turns, she finds that the doors have opened by themselves and
      that no one is in the room.  Maggie becomes quite distraught.
         At the old house, Carolyn thinks about how important Julia thinks
      it is that they find Angelique's murderer. She thinks back to the
      seance and remembers Angelique's body lying on the floor and recalls
      some piece of jewelry beside it. A look of shock crosses her face.
      Julia returns and asks her what's the matter. Carolyn exclaims,
      "I remember now!  I know who killed Angelique!!!".
      Episode  1043
      Tape Date:  June 17, 1970 (ABC #128-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 24, 1979  Wednesday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Julia asks her who, but is surprised to find that Carolyn refuses
      to tell her.  When asked why, Carolyn gets upset, tells her it was only
      a dream that really didn't mean anything and runs upstairs.  Barnabas
      returns. Julia tells him about what happened with Carolyn and suggests
      that Willie killed Angelique and she is trying to hide the fact that
      she now knows.  Barnabas tells Julia he'll ask Willie if he did it.
      Julia, shocked, says,"You mean you're just going to come out and ask
      him?".  Barnabas reminds her, "I have certain powers over him...".
        Barnabas calls Willie and he comes.  He asks him if he killed
      Angelique, saying that he had reason to, that Angelique flirted with
      him and led him on, then returned to Quentin.  Willie swears that
      he didn't.  Carolyn comes down the stairs and Barnabas tells Willie to
      go away. He does.  Barnabas tells Carolyn what Julia told her, and
      demands to know who she thinks killed Angelique.  Carolyn refuses to
      tell him. He hypnotizes her to force her to tell him. She blurts
      out, "Elizabeth! My mother !".  Barnabas asks her why she thinks so.
      Carolyn replies that when she got to the body after the seance, she
      found a piece of jade next to the body, but thought nothing of it,
      thinking it was from Angelique's necklace or something, but now
      remembers it clearly and recognizes it as being from one of her
      mother's hat pins, and Cyrus' journal had claimed that Angelique had
      died from having a hatpin shoved into her brain.  Barnabas asks what
      motive Elizabeth would have to kill Angelique.  Carolyn repliles that
      Elizabeth hated Angelique for treating her like a poor relation and
      making sure that anything she wanted to get done at the house not get
      done.  Barnabas remarks,"Surely she must have had more motive than that
      for you to think she would commit murder.". Pressed, Carolyn admits
      that there is a further motive, that Angelique had flirted with Willie
      and that, infatuated, Willie had stopped writing and that she had
      wanted to leave him, and Elizabeth didn't like Angelique causing this.
         At Collinwood, Willie is in the drawing room with Elizabeth.
      Elizabeth swears she heard a strange sound, but Willie tells her he
      didn't hear anything.  She tells him that she's beginning to think
      that Maggie may be right, that Quentin might have snuck back into
      Collinwood and may be totally crazy and tells him she's thinking of
      coming to stay with him and Carolyn at the old house.
         At the old house, Barnabas notes to Julia that three of the people
      who had been at the seance, Cyrus, Bruno and Sabrina have died. Julia
      tells Barnabas about the doll found in Maggie's room that had been used
      to kill Bruno.  Barnabas remarks that Angelique must have planted it
      there and that something must be done about it.  He suggests stealing
      Roxanne's body and bringing it to semi-conciousness to weaken
      Angelique, that she can do it owing to her experience with Adam and
      Eve.  Julia warns him against doing this, saying that he's the first
      person Angelique would suspect if the body was stolen, and that the
      old house would be the first place she would search.  Barnabas replies
      that he doesn't care if Angelique suspects him, and if the old house
      is the first place she'd search, he'll just have to hide Roxanne some-
      where else. Julia still refuses to help, saying it's too dangerous.
      Barnabas tells her he'll just have to do it himself, then.
         Barnabas takes Willie to the cementary to see the secret room in
      the Collin's mausoleum, planning to use it as a hiding place for
      Roxanne. On the way, Willie asks him how he knows there's a secret
      room there. Barnabas replies that it exists in his own time, that
      is was built as a hiding place during the Revolutionary war.  The
      get to the mausoleum and Barnabas pulls on the ring in the lion's
      mouth and the panel opens, showing that there is indeed a secret room
      in this time too. They go in. Barnabas is shocked to see that someone
      has been using it.  In the room is a round table with several chairs
      around it and a candlabrum on it. Also on it is a half drunken glass
      of milk.  Willie sniffs it and finds that it is still relatively
      fresh, indicating that someone has been here recently.  Barnabas is
      even more shocked to find a sketch of Roxanne . It is signed "Claude
         Carolyn goes to Collinwood and is shocked to find her mother toying
      with a box of hatpins.  She tells Carolyn she is tired of them and
      that she would like her to take them to town and sell them to the
      antique shop.
         Barnabas and Willie sneak into Stokes' house. Barnabas asks, "Are
      you sure he's not going to be home tonight?". Willie replies that
      he's sure, that this is the night of the week Stokes always goes and
      spends the night at the Eagle.  Willie tells Barnabas he feels
      as if they aren't in the room alone, that he feels another presence in
      the room. Suddenly, a voice warns them, "No!  You will not enter! I will
      not let you!".   Willie gasps, "That's Hoffman's voice!  It's her
       Episode  1044
       Tape Date:  June 18, 1970 (ABC #129-DRK-70)
       Air Date:   June 25, 1970 Thursday
       Writer:     Sam Hall
       Director:   Lela Swift

         Barnabas convinces the spirit of Hoffman to leave and let them
      enter by telling it that it that Angelique should be dead, and that
      it would give her peace if they made sure that that is the case.
         At Collinwood, Nora comes down to the drawing room and finds
      Angelique there. She tells her that she saw someone outside that
      looked like Quentin from her window, that she saw him come across the
      lawn and come in through a window.  Angelique tells her she must have
      been imagining things.
         At Stokes' house, Willie and Barnabas go into the room behind the
      curtains and proceed to steal the body.
         At Collinwood, as Willie and Barnabas steal Roxanne, Angelique
      suddenly starts to feel weak. She tells Nora she has something to do
      and leaves.  Irked that Angelique didn't believe her, she starts to
      search the house for Quentin.
         Angelique goes to her father's house and finds the body gone.
         Willie, Barnabas and Julia are in the room behind the bookcase
      at the old house with the body of Roxanne. There's a knock at the
      front door. Willie quickly exits the secret room to see who it is.
      It is Angelique. She tells Willie she wants to see Barnabas. Willie
      replies that Barnabas isn't home.  She sits down and tells him she'll
      wait.  He tells her he won't be home tonight. She replies, "Willie. !
      If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get rid of me."
      She then notes that he seems very nervous and then asks him what
      he's doing home, remarking, "Isn't this the night you usually spend
      drinking with my father at the Eagle.".  Willie thinks of another
      lie and tells her he's just started on a new book, that that's why
      Carolyn and Barnabas are gone, that they know how difficult it is
      for him to start a new work and wanted to leave him in peace and
      quiet.  Confronted with this, Angelique leaves, saying she wouldn't
      think of staying and bothering him.  Willie goes to the bookcase
      and tells Barnabas and Julia through the bookcase without opening it
      that Angelique has left, but tells them to stay in there for awhile
      in case it's a trick and she comes back.  Inside, Julia tells Barnabas
      they'd better start. Barnabas, surprised, says, "I thought you said
      you wouldn't help me.".  Julia tells him she's changed her mind.
         Nora continues to search through unused parts of the house. She
      hears footsteps and a door closing.
         Julia returns to Collinwood.  Angelique angrily asks what she's
      been doing. Julia tells her she has other duties to do as well.
      Angelique tells her she should have been following Barnabas tonight.
      She tells her to go talk to her father, that maybe he knows what
      happened. Julia asks her what she'll be doing in the meantime.
      Angelique replies,"Thinking. Thinking about how Barnabas found out
      about the body..."
         In the tower room, Nora finds a doll with a scarf tied around its
      neck, the doll that was used to kill Bruno.
         At the old house, Barnabas instructs Willie to look for Quentin,
      saying he suspects he's on the estate somewhere, explaining that
      when they show him Roxanne, maybe they'll be able to convince him
      that Alexis is Angelique.
         Julia returns and tells Angelique her father said he didn't
      know anything about the body, but he wasn't very coherent. Angelique
      snarls, "You mean he was drunk..."
         Nora shows Willie the doll. He asks where she found it. She replies
      "The tower room.".
         Julia warns Barnabas that Angelique is certain he stole the body
      and will stop at nothing to destroy him.
         Willie goes to the tower room to investigate. Suddenly, the
      doorknob starts to turn....
      Episode  1045
      Tape Date:  June 19, 1970 (ABC #130-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 26, 1970  Friday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         The door opens, and Angelique comes in.  Wilie says, "Alexis..",
      but Angelique tells him she knows he knows she's Angelique.  He
      feigns ignorance, saying, "Angelique is dead ". She tries to seduce
         At the old house, Barnabas and Julia emerge from the secret room
      behind the bookcase.  They discuss their plan for the body.  Barnabas
      asks Julia when she'll be ready. Julia replies that she'll have all
      the equipment tonight. Suddenly, Barnabas tells Julia that he senses
      that Willie is in trouble and says he must go help him.  Julia points
      out that it's almost dawn tells him she'll go and help Willie.
         Angelique asks Willie what Barnabas's secret is.  WIllie lies that
      he doens't know what she's talking about, that Barnabas has no secret.
      She tells him she knows Barnabas under some kind of curse, and remarks
      that he obviously has some sort of power over him, Willie. She
      continues to try to pressure him into telling her Barnabas's secret.
      Willie climbs onto the window sill and threatens to jump rather than
      reveal Barnabas' secret. Julia comes into the room. Just as she does,
      Willie jumps. Angelique demands to know what Julia is doing here.
      Julia answers that she had a feeling she was in danger.  Angelique
      replies that she wasn't, and asks how she knew she was in here.  Julia
      replies that she was looking for her and heard her voice in here.
      Angelique tells Julia she almost learned Barnabas's secret, and that
      Willie might still be alive and she may still be able to learn it.
         Julia and Angelique go outside to Willie's body.  Julia looks at the
      body and says, "He's dead. His spine snapped when he hit the ground.
      He died instantly.". Angelique asks, "I'm intrigued by your diagnosis!
      Do you have a medical degree?  How do you know?". Julia replies, "When
      I was a little girl, I saw a man who had fallen and had his neck bent
      in the same way. I remember what the doctor said.".
         Barnabas awakens and goes upstairs. He is about to go and check
      on the body when he realizes Angelique is in the room.  He demands to
      know what she's doing in there.  She tells him she's looking for
      Carolyn, to tell her she's a widow.  She tells Barnabas that she had
      almost gotten Willie to tell him his secret, but that he jumped to his
      death rather than reveal it, and that that makes her all the more
      determined to learn it.
         Barnabas and Julia are in a downstairs lab in the Old house.
      The body has been moved there and is now attached to electrodes from
      an electrical apparatus much like the one used to give life to Adam.
      Julia gives the body an injection. Barnabas asks how long she can
      be away.  Julia replies that she can only be away for about an hour
      because Angelique is starting to wonder why she's been gone so much
      recently.  Julia turns the equipment on.  After awhile, she turns
      them off, saying she's got to go back to Collinwood.  She leaves,
      telling Barnabas to watch the body for awhile, that the treatment
      might have had some effect.  Barnabas looks at the body for awhile
      and caresses it's face. The body opens its eyes.  At Collinwood,
      Angelique, coming down the stairs, starts to weaken and feel faint.
      Barnabas helps the woman up and off the gurney. Angelique, at the
      foot of the stairs, screams and falls to the ground.
      Episode  1046
      Tape Date:  June 23, 1970 (ABC #131-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 29, 1970  Monday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Angelique mutters, "Father, help me!.." and struggles towards the
      phone, but loses conciousness about halfway there.
         Barnabas talks to the woman, but finds that she cannot speak. He
      shows her the sketch of herself to try to get a reaction from her.
      She touches the name Claude North.
         Angelique regains conciousness and struggles to the table.  Maggie
      comes down the stairs and sees her and asks what's the matter.
      Angelique gasps, "Heart...".  Maggie takes the phone.  Angelique asks
      who she's calling.  Maggie replies, "Dr. Forbes".  Angelique tells
      her to call her father instead. Puzzled, Maggie asks why. Angelique
      replies that he has medicine for her.
         Barnabas takes the woman to the tomb and takes her into the secret
      room.  He finds a knife on a chair and exclaims, "Someone else has
      been in here...".  He notices that the woman seems to recognize it.
         Stokes is in Angelique's room. She is in bed. He tells her that
      the injection he gave her will help her, but "the moment Roxanne speaks
      could mean the end of you".  He tells her he'll prevent that and
      starts to cast a spell...
         At the tomb, Roxanne weakens and Barnabas takes her away.
         Angelique gets out of bed, much recovered.  She tells her father
      that they must prevent this from happening again.  He replies, "The
      only way to do that is to find the body and hide it where no one would
      ever find it".  Angelique demands, "Do it!"  Stokes replies, "One
      way to do it would be to contact Claude North".  Angelique asks, "Who's
      he?"  Stokes refuses to tell her, saying, "I'd promised never to have
      anything to do with him again".  Angelique replies, "Well, you're
      going to break that promise!  Go and call Claude North tonight!"
         Barnabas takes Roxanne back to the old house and puts her back on
      the gurney in the secret room.  He hears a car and into the living
      room and closes the bookcase.  Carolyn returns, laden with packages.
      She tells him she's just gotten back from shopping with some friends
      in Portland.  Barnabas tells her the sad news about Willie.  Blaming
      him for it, she rushes out of the old house.
         Stokes refuses to contact Claude North, saying, "I'll try to find
      Roxanne on my own.  If I fail, I'll contact Claude North".  Angelique
      angrily asks Stokes why he won't contact Claude North, saying, "I've
      come so far I won't be stopped by your fear of an ordinary man!"
      Stokes replies, "Claude North is no ordinary man.  You'd know that
      as soon as you met him".
         Carolyn goes to Collinwood and talks to Maggie in the drawing
      room. They talk about Willie.  Angry and distraught, Carolyn starts
      to talk about how strange things are at Collinwood, how some people
      here aren't what they seem to be and starts to talk about Barnabas.
      She appears to be about to tell his secret, but stops when Barnabas
      comes into the room and says, "Did I hear someone mention my name?".
      Carolyn stops.
         Stokes comes down the stairs from Angelique's room and sees
      both Barnabas and Carolyn in the drawing room.  They don't see him.
      Realizing his opportunity with both of the out of the old house, he
      quickly leaves.
         Barnabas asks to speak to Carolyn privately. Maggie leaves.
      Barnabas manages to calm Carolyn down and convince her that the best
      thing to do is to avenge Willie's death by taking care of Angelique.
      She tells him she'd like to see Willie's body before going back to the
      old house. They go upstairs to view it.
         Barnabas and Carolyn return to the old house.  Barnabas assures Carolyn
      that he's found a way to destroy Angelique.  Carolyn goes upstairs.
      Barnabas goes into the secret room to check on the body. It is gone....
      Episode  1047
      Tape Date:  June 22, 1970 (ABC #132-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   June 30, 1970 Tuesday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Julia comes and tells Barnabas that something's just happened to
      Angelique, that she got so weak she could hardly stand.  Barnabas
      tells her about the body being gone. He tells her to find out if
      Stokes has it while he goes to the tomb to see if maybe she went
         Stokes telephones Claude North and tells him Roxanne is missing
      and asks if she's with him.  North replies that she isn't.  Stokes
      asks North to use his 'special psychic bond with her' to find her and
      asks him to meet him at 'the usual place' in half an hour.
         Stokes exits Collinwood and runs into Julia right outside the door.
      Julia asks Stokes if he's had any luck in finding the body. He replies
      that he hasn't, but that he's working on it.
         Roxanne is wandering in the woods. She hears the sound of footsteps
      approaching and hides behind a tree. Barnabas walks right past her.
         Barnabas goes to the tomb.  Stokes, whom Barnabas does not see,
      sees him go in and wonders what he's doing here.  He sees Barnabas
      open the secret door and go into the secret room, wonders how
      he knows about that and thinks to himself, "Barnabas knows too
      much..".  Inside the secret room, Barnabas notices that the room
      has been cleaned up and realizes that someone must have been there.
      He notices that the dagger, "the only thing in the room she wasn't
      frightened of", is gone.  He then finds a cufflink on the floor.
      The cufflink has the monogram C.N.  Barnabas exclaims, "Of course !
      Claude North!".
         Carolyn is at the old house. Despondent over Willie's death, she
      is getting drunk. Stokes comes. He pretends to have come to give his
      condolences, calling Willie a great talent who was never adequately
      appreciated.  He then starts to question her about Barnabas.  Just as
      she is about to say something, Barnabas comes walking through the door
      and she stops. After telling him that he came to offer his condolences,
      Stokes remarks to Barnabas that they both seem to share some interesting
      habits, that they both seem to be night-owls, and that they both seem
      to enjoy long walks through unusual places. He tells Barnabas that
      he's just been walking through the cemetary and saw him there. He
      also tells Barnabas that he heard rumors that maybe he "has a girl
      somewhere".  Barnabas pointedly says "Goodnight.."  and Stokes leaves.
      Carolyn tells Barnabas about all the nice things Stokes had said about
      Willie.  Barnabas tells her he just said those things to get her to
      talk and tells her to go upstairs and get some rest.  Carolyn tells
      him she doesn't need any rest and angrily runs out of the old house.
         Julia returns and tells Barnabas that she's lied to Stokes, that
      she's searched the locked basement for the girl and found nothing.
      Barnabas tells her he's going to the tomb again to see if she's
      shown up there. He tells her to go look for Carolyn, that she rushed
      out of the old house in a worrisome mood.
         Carolyn is in the tower room, staring out the window where Willie
      jumped to his death.  Quentin comes into the room and tells her she
      shouldn't be here.  Carolyn drunkenly tells him, "She'll win. Barnabas
      is strong, but she is stronger.". Quentin asks her who she means.
      She replies, "Angelique".  Quentins responds, "That impossible. I
      destroyed her.".  Carolyn mutters, "You? But my mother..". Quentin,
      not hearing what she's muttering, says, "What?". Carolyn just replies,
      "Oh, nothing" and leaves.
         Barnabas goes into the secret room in the tomb again and finds it
      empty.  He hears a sound outside. He exits the secret room and finds
      Roxanne standing in the tomb.  Seeing him, she flees. He follows her.
      He finally catches up with her and finds her kneeling in front of
      a headstone. The inscription on the headstone reads, "Claude North,
      1814 - 1866".

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