Dark Shadows
July 1966

  Episode 5
  Tape Date: June 17, 1966
  Air Date:  July 1, 1966 Friday
  Writer:    Art Wallace
  Director:  Lela Swift
     The next morning, Carolyn comes to Vickie's room and invites her to
  come down and have a cup of coffee with her. Carolyn is shocked to see
  Vickie's suitcase on her bed and asks, "Leaving already?" Vicky tells
  her that she is, that she didn't like what happened last night. She
  tells her, "I will have that cup of coffee with you before leaving,
  though. After they go downstairs, David comes out of his room, which is
  on the opposite side of the hallway from Vicky's room, and sneaks into
  Vicky's room.
     Downstairs in the dining room, Vicky tells Carolyn about meeting David
  last night. She also tells her about hearing the sobbing noise late at
  night. Roger comes in, holding a bundle of mail. He gives one to Vicky,
  saying, "Glum? Here's a letter from home to cheer you up." He apoligizes
  to her for what happened last night. She asks him if he heard  a sobbing
  noise at about 2:00 last night. He replies that he didn't, that he was
  sound asleep.
     Upstairs, David starts taking Vickie's clothes out of the dresser and
  putting them into her suitcase.
     Vicky reads her letter. Carolyn asks, "Good news or bad?" Vicky
  replies "Just news. It says the children miss me." Carolyn begs Vicky to
  change her mind and stay. She tells her she's lonely living in a big,
  mostly empty house with no one to keep her company. She tells Vicky,
  "Your so lucky to be able to just pack up and leave to go back to a
  normal family." Vicky, surprised that she should say this, tells her
  "That isn't true!" She shows her the letter and says, "Lood where it's
  from." Carolyn does and replies, "So. You worked at a foundling home."
  Vicky tells her, "No. I didn't just work there. I spent my whole life
  there. I have no family. My only family was a cardboard box and 10 words.
  I was left on the doorstep in a box with a note with 10 words on it,
  'Her name is Victoria. I cannot take care of her.'" She goes on to tell
  her that she doesn't even know what her real last name is, that the
  foundling home gave her the name "Winters" because she was left there in
  the winter.  She tells her she'd give anything to know about her
  background. She tells her that that's why she took this job, that
  when she was in the foundling home, she started to receive $50 a month
  in the mail, that this started about 18 years ago when she was 2 and
  continued until she was 16. She tells her that the money came in
  envelopes that were postmarked from Bangor, which is only 50 miles from
  Collinsport and she thought she might be able to find out about it from
  here. (Note that $50 was a lot of money back then before inflation,
  worth about $500 today).
     After breakfast, Vicky goes outside for a walk. She goes to the cliff
  again and looks out over the sea. A strange man comes up to her and says,
  "Go home, Miss Winters. Go back to New York". He refuses to tell her who
  he is or how he knows about her. He tells her to go inside and tells
  Roger he's here. She tells him that Roger isn't home, that he went into
  town. He tells her to tell him "Sam was here" when he comes back to
  "this house of tears". She asks him why he referred to Collinwood as a
  "house of tears". He asks her, "Have you ever heard of Josette Collins?
  She was the wife of the man who originally built this house, brought from
  France to marry him. But it didn't turn out happily. She was a stranger
  from a foreign land, and the townspeople didn't like her. This house
  didn't like her. She was very unhappy, and spent much of her time crying.
  One day, she couldn't take it any longer and committed suicide, jumping
  of this very cliff. It is said, on some nights, you can still hear her
  ghost crying at Collinwood."* Vicky remarks, "There's no such thing as
  ghosts." The man replies, "Isn't there? What do you call Elizbeth? She
  hasn't left that house in 18 years. Is she much more that a ghost,
  haunting its hallways?"
     Vicky goes back inside and asks Carolyn about her mother. Carolyn
  replies that it's true, that her mother hasn't left the house in
  18 years, since 6 months before she was born, that it was at that time
  that her father left, never to return, and that her mother hasn't left
  the house since. Upset, Carolyn tells her, "Now why don't you go home
  and quit bothering me?"
     As Vicky walks up to her room, Carolyn chases after her saying, "Wait!
  I've just thought of something! You've got to stay! !8 years! It was 18
  years ago that my father left and my mother started staying in the house!
  It was also 18 years ago you said you started to receive the money! Maybe
  there's a connection! Are you going to leave before you find out for
     Vicky goes into her room. She is surprised to find that all her
  clothes have been thrown into her suitcase. Suddenly, she hears a voice
  chanting, in a mocking tone, "Her name is Victoria. I cannot take care
  of her! Her name is Victoria. I cannot take care of her!" over and over
  again. David jumps out from behing the curtains. He is holding a piece
  of paper. He continues to chant mockingly, "Her name is Victoria....."
  Vicky demands, "Give that to me!" He runs. She chases him around the
  room. Finally, he stops, shouts, "You want it? Here!". He wads the piece
  of paper into a ball and throws it to the ground at her feet. She picks
  it up and asks "Why?" He tells her, "They told me to do it. The widows
  told me to get rid of you!" and runs out of the room. Carolyn comes in
  and asks, "What happened?" She tells him, "It was David. Help me put
  these things back. I've thought about what you said and I've decided to
  Episode 6
  Tape Date: June 20, 1966
  Air Date:  July 4, 1966 Monday
  Writer:    Art Wallace
  Director:  Lela Swift
         (The Collins family apparently does not celebrate Independence Day)

     Vicky is downstairs in the basement. She is looking for David, who is
  hiding from her. She goes to what looks like a door to a storeroom and
  is about to try the door when she hears footsteps coming down the stairs.
  She turns and finds an old man standing there. She asks him who he is,
  but he just grabs her and angrily demands, "What are you doing down
  here?" Elizabeth comes down and asks what's going on. She tells Vicky
  that the man is Matthew Morgan, the handyman. Matthew tells Elizabeth
  "I caught her snooping around down here!" Vicky retorts, "No I wasn't!
  I was just looking for David!" Elizabeth tells Matthew,"It's all right
  you can go upstairs." He leaves. She then tells Vicky she'll talk to her
  later and tells her to go upstairs too. After Vicky leaves, Elizabeth
  goes to the door which Vicky was about to try and checks the lock. She
  hears a noise. She goes and looks in a box and finds that David IS
  hiding down here.
     Vicky goes upstairs and goes into the drawing room. Matthew Morgan
  is in there cleaning the fireplace. He introduces himself,"Morgan.
  Matthew Morgan." Vicky replies, "Winters. Victoria Winters". Both sound
  concilliatory. She remarks, "What's so special about the basement,
  anyway?" He replies, "Nothing. Just don't think Miss Elizabeth would like
  you snooping around, that's all. I like to make sure nothing she don't
  like happens." He goes to the window and asks her to come look. He points
  to a small cottage and tells her, "See that? That's my house. Miss
  Elizabeth gave it to me. She's been very kind to me. She gave me that
  house and this job. She's been very kind to me and I don't like to see
  things she don't like happen." Vicky asks, "Are you the only servant?"
  He replies that he is, that there used to be a lot, but Elizabeth fired
  them all about 18 years ago.
     Downstairs, Elizabeth opens a crate and says, "Here they are! I knew
  they were down here somewhere." She takes a book out of the crate and
  gives it to David. He asks what it is. She replies, "The Rover Boys.
  They're adventure stories. There are a lot more of them in this box.
  They're your father's. He read them when he was your age" David throws
  the book down and exclaims, "Then I don't want it! My father, he hates
  me!" Elizabeth assures him he doesn't. He asks, "Why doesn't my mother
  come back?" She tells him, "Your mother's sick. She won't be back for
  a long time. Is that why you don't like Miss Winters, because you think
  she's a replacement for your mother? She isn't."
     Carolyn goes into the drawing room and asks Vicky, "Did you ask my
  mother about the money yet?" Vicky replies that she hasn't, saying
  "I can't just come out and ask, just like that!" Carolyn tells Vicky that
  she's going to drive into town and asks her if she'd like anything. Vicky
  replies that she doesn't. Elizabeth comes back upstairs. The phone rings.
  It's Joe, for Carolyn. Elizabeth tells her to take it out in the hall,
  saying she'd like to speak to Vicky alone. Carolyn goes into the foyer
  and Elizabeth closes the doors.
     Elizabeth starts to talk to Vicky about David, telling her he misses
  his mother and will be a hard child to deal with. Vicky tells Elizabeth
  there's something she'd like to ask her about. She tells her about the
  money she received every month while she was at the foundling home and
  asks, "I've heard about your husband leaving 18 years ago. It was 18
  years I started receiving the money. Is there any connection?" Elizabeth
  tells her there isn't. Vicky again asks, "Why did you hire me?" Elizabeth
  replies, "I've told you already. Someone at the Hammond Foundling Home
  recommended you." Vicky asks, "Who? Can I have her name?" Elizabeth gets
  angry and replies, "I don't like being interrogated like this!" and
  leaves. Vicky goes to the phone dials the operator and says, "I'd like
  to make a collect call to the Hammond Foundling Home..." Carolyn comes
  into the room. Vicky tells the operator, "Oh, cancel that call." and
  hangs up. She asks Carolyn, "Didn't you say you were going into town?
  I'd like to come with you." Carolyn replies that she can't, that Joe
  Haskell called and said he was coming over. Vicky asks, "Is there any
  other way to get into town?" Carolyn replies,"There's a bus. It leaves
  in about half an hour." Vicky leaves to go get the bus, but when she
  gets into the foyer, Carolyn comes running out after her and says,
  "Wait! Do you know how to drive?" Vicky replies that she does. Carolyn
  lends her the keys to her car. Vicky leaves through the front doors.
  Elizabeth comes into the room and asks, "Did I just hear the door?"
  Carolyn replies, "It's just one of our ghosts starting to rattle
  Episode 7
  Tape Date: June 21, 1966
  Air Date:  July 5, 1966 Tuesday
  Writer:    Art Wallace
  DIrector:  Lela Swift

            Sam Evans, the man who Vicky met at Widows Hill, goes home. As he
         starts to pour himself a drink, a hand grabs his wrist. It's Roger.
         Roger tells him, "Don't. I want to talk to you." Sam replies, "In that
         case, I'll really need this drink!" and pours it. They discuss what to
         do about Burke Devlin.
            Burke Devlin is in the diner of the Collinsport Inn. Maggie Evans
         asks him what he wants. He replies, "A cup of coffee and a couple of
         doughnuts." She asks, "How would you like your coffee? Black with four
         sugars?" He replies, "No. I don't drink it that way anymore. Hey, how
         did you know?" She asks, "Because that's the way you used to drink it!
         Don't you remember me?" He replies that he doesn't. She tells him she's
         Maggie Evans, the daughther of Sam Evans, the man he used to pose for.
         He tells her she's grown so much he didn't recognize her. Vicky comes in
         and asks Maggie for change for $3.00, saying she'd like to make a phone
         call. Maggie gives her the change. Vicky takes the change and leaves.
         Burke Devlin excuses himself and leaves, telling Maggie "I'll be back."
            At the Evans Cottage, Roger admonishes Sam, "You went up to the house
         and saw Miss Winters there?! You know I've told you NEVER to come up to
         the house! What did you say to her? Did you say anything about Burke
         Devlin?" Sam assures him that he didn't, that all he did was ask for
         him, Roger. Roger, wanting to make sure, calls Collinwood and asks for
         Vicky, but is told she isn't there. He leaves, telling Sam, "I've got to
         find Miss Winters before she finds Burke Devlin!"
            Vicky makes her phone call, but finds the line busy. She gets out of
         the phone booth and finds Burke Devlin there waiting for her. He says,
         "Hello, Miss Winters. Remember me?" and invites her to have a cup of
         coffee with him. They go into the diner. He asks her, "Most girls want
         to get TO the big city where all the excitement is. Why have you come
         FROM New York to come to this sleepy little village which wouldn't cover
         four square blocks in New York?" Vicky replies that she was offered a
         job which paid well. Burke asks Maggie if the Collinsport paper is still
         being published. She joking replies, "Yup. Exactly once a week to
         chronicle the events in this great metropolitan area of Collinsport."
         He asks for one. She replies, "I'll get you one from the lobby."
         Roger goes into the lobby of the inn. He runs into Maggie there.
         He asks her if she's seen Vicky. Maggie gestures to the door to the
         adjoining diner and tells him, "She's in there having a cup of coffee
         with Burke Devlin. Have you heard he's come back?" Roger thanks her but
         instead of going into the diner, hurriedly leaves through the front door.
              Vicky and Burke are making smalltalk. Burke is telling her about how
         he used to look for ghosts at Collinwood when he was 10 years old. Maggie
         returns with Burke's paper. She remarks, "Roger Collins was here. It was
         very strange. He asked for you, Vicky, but when I told him you were in
         here with Burke, he just left." Vicky excuses herself to try her call
            At the Evan's Cottage, the phone rings. Sam picks it up. It's Maggie.
         Sam exclaims,"Who's coming?!" The doorbell rings. Sam answers. It's
         Burke Devlin. Sam asks him what he wants, why he came back. Burke
         replies, "Nothing in particular. I've just come back to visit the old
         home town. I told myself when I was away that when I came back, the first
         thing I'd do would be to see my old friend Sam." Sam tells him, "Maybe
         another time. I'm very tired right now." Burke replies, "Sure, Sam,
         sure." and leaves.
            Vicky puts some coins in the phone and places her call. She
         tells the person who answers, "Hammond Foundling Home? I'd like to
         speak to Miss Hopewell. Tell her it's Vicky Winters and it's
         important, very important!"
         Episode 8
         Tape Date: June 22, 1966
         Air Date:  July 6, 1966 Wednesday
         Writer:    Art Wallace
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Joe comes, bearing flowers for Carolyn. Elizabeth goes to get tea.
         Carolyn asks Joe, "Now what's so important that you had to come here
         and tell me?" He replies that he is now an ex-fisherman, that Bill
         Malloy, Elizabeth's business manager, has promoted him to an office job
         at the cannery, that with the new job, he's going to be making $25 more a
         week (a substantial amount in 1966, probably equal to about $150 in 1995
         money). He asks her to marry him. She tells him she doesn't want to yet.
         Elizabeth returns. Joe remarks on how strange it was he got this
         promotion, saying that it came as a complete surprise, that Bill Malloy
         suddenly called him to his office this morning and offered him the job.
         Carolyn gets a funny look on her face and tells Elizabeth that she
         suspects she ordered Malloy to give Joe the job, that she remembers
         hearing her talking on the phone to him early in the morning, an unusual
         occurance. Elizabeth denies this, saying she merely OK'ed the promotion,
         that she had nothing to do with Joe's promotion, that Carolyn's
         implication that she had him promoted to make it easier for them to get
         married is wrong. They don't believe her.
            Vicky returns and runs into Carolyn in the foyer. She finds that she's
         very upset.
            In the drawing room, Joe tells Elizabeth about Burke Devlin offering
         him money for information on the Collins family.
            Elizabeth finds out that Vicky had gone into town to make a phone
         call and confronts her. Vicky admits she had called the foundling home
         to check her story. She tells her Miss Hopewell asked around and couldn't
         find anyone who knew Roger Collins. Elizabeth becomes angry, telling her
         she's upset that she didn't trust her and went to check her story. She
         tells her Miss Hopewell is wrong, that there are a lot of people
         connected to the foundling home and she couldn't have asked them all,
         that she must have missed the person.
            At the foundling home, Miss Hopewell dictates a letter to a secretary.
         The letter is to Vicky at Collinwood. In it, she tells Vicky that a very
         strange thing happened that she thinks she should know about, that a
         little after her call, a man showed up at the foundling home and made the
         same kind of inquiries she had in her phone call. She writes that the
         man had claimed to be a magazine writer, but that she had found this
         dubious and got him to admit that he was really a private investigator
         named Wilbur Strake.
         Episode 9
         Tape Date: June 23, 1966
         Air Dae:   June 7, 1966 Thursday
         Writer:    Art Wallace
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Bill Malloy goes to the Collinsport Inn. In the lobby, he calls up to
         Burke Devlin's room and asks to see him, but Devlin refuses and Malloy
            Bill Malloy goes to Collinwood and tells Elizabeth he has something
         important to talk to her about. He tells her about Burke Devlin being
         back, saying he thinks she has cause to worry. Carolyn comes into the
         drawing room and asks, "Just who is this Burke Devlin everyone keeps
         talking about?" Bill Malloy remarks, "I think you've seen him. Joe told
         me that he broke up a fight at the Blue Whale while you were in there."
         Carolyn remarks, "Oh, that was Burke Devlin. Everyone's been talking
         about him and no one ever mentioned he was so handsome..."
            Vicky is in her room writing a letter. There's a knock at the door.
         It's Carolyn. She goes to the window and remarks, "See that cliff there,
         Vicky? It 100 feet to the rocks below. Three woman have jumped to their
         deaths there, the wife of the madman who built this house, and two
         governesses. Legend has it that one more governess will jump to her death
         there." Vicky asks, "What are you trying to do? Scare me?" Carolyn
         replies, "No. Just giving you another story for you to tell when you go
         back to the foundling home. Mother fired you when she learned you called
         the foundling home to check her story didn't she?" Vicky replies that
         she didn't. Carolyn, puzzled, remarks, "That's odd. I was sure she would.
         She must be getting soft." She asks Vicky to tell her about Burke Devlin,
         saying she finds him a very interesting man, much more interesting than
         boring old Joe Haskell....
            Downstairs in the drawing room, Bill Malloy warns Elizabeth that he
         thinks Burke Devlin is a danger to her, that he's rich now and he fears
         he won't be satisfied until he's taken over all that she owns, fishing
         fleet, cannery, Collinwood, everything. They hear a sound that sounds
         like a knock at the front door. Elizabeth opens the drawing room door,
         goes into the foyer and opens the front door, but there's no one there.
         On her way back into the drawing room, she finds a broken teacup on
         the floor near the table in the center of the foyer. She goes into the
         drawing room and tells Malloy no one was at the door. Malloy remarks,
         "But we both hear the knock". Elizabeth tells him, "It must've been a
         ghost. Only, this ghost is nine years old and is named 'David'. I found
         a broken teacup on the floor in the foyer. It must've been David knocking
         it down. Admit it, Bill. We were both afraid it was Burke..."
            Vicky is telling Carolyn about Burke. Elizabeth shouts for Carolyn,
         saying Bill Malloy has something he wants to talk to her about before
         he leaves. Carolyn tells Vicky she's planning to go into town and asks
         her if she'd like her to mail her letter for her while she's there.
         Vicky seals her letter in an envelope and gives it to her.
            In the foyer, Bill Malloy is talking on the phone, making arrangements
         with someone to have one more person go on a trip. Carolyn comes down
         into the drawing room. Malloy tells her his niece is going on a long
         trip and that she'll need company and asks her if she'd like to go with
         her. Carolyn refuses, saying she knows they're trying to get her away
         until this "problem" with Burke Devlin is finished. She tells them she's
         not fragile and doesn't need to be protected like that.
            Carolyn goes into town and goes to the Collinsport Inn. In the lobby,
         she telephones Burke Devlin's room and asks, "Mr. Devlin. This is Carolyn
         Stoddard. I'm in the lobby. Mind if I come up and talk to you?"
  Episode 10
  Tape Date: June 24, 1966
  Air Date:  July 8, 1966 Friday
  Writer:    Art Wallace
  Director:  Lela Swift

        David comes into the foyer through the front doors. The phone rings.
     The door to the bedroom hall opens and Elizabeth is heard shouting,
    "I'll get it, Miss Winters." David quickly hides behind a chair.
    Elizabeth comes down and answers the phone. It's Roger. He asks if
    Carolyn is there. Elizabeth replies that she isn't, that she doesn't
    know where she is. Roger asks if Vicky is there. Elizabeth replies that
    she is. Roger asks her to make sure she doesn't leave the house.
    Elizabeth refuses, saying she can't keep Vicky a prisoner. After
    Elizabeth hangs up, she calls out, "David, you can come out from behind
    that chair. Your far too big now to be able to hide in such small places
    without being seen." David comes out. He tells her, "Don't punish me for
    breaking that teacup, I didn't do it, THEY did." She asks what he means.
    He tells her, "I saw the cup just slide off the table onto the floor!"
    She tells him, "Don't be ridiculous. Things like that don't happen."
    He replies, "They do here!" and runs off.
       At the Collinsport Inn, Carolyn goes up to Burke's room. He asks her,
    "Why is my Uncle Roger so afraid of you?" He replies, "There's no reason
    for him to be afraid of me. Some people live in the past. I don't. I'm
    only concerned with my future, and your uncle has no part in my future."
    He asks her if she'd like a drink. She tells him she'd like a ginger ale.
    He goes into the kitchen to get her one. While he's in there, she notices
    that he has left an opened letter on the sofa. She picks it up and reads
    it. As Burke is coming out of the kitchen, he sees her reading the
    letter. She does not notice him. He waits for her to finish the letter
    and put it down before he comes in.
       At Collinwood, David is in the drawing room playing with a battery
    operated toy robot, which walks and makes noises. He hears the front
    door open and close, then his father Roger calling out, "Elizabeth! Where
    are you?" David hides behind the sofa. Roger goes into the drawing room
    and pours himself a drink. Elizabeth comes. Roger asks her, "Do you know
    where Miss Winters went?" Elizabeth tells her,"Yes. She went to place a
    private phone call."  Roger replies, "That's not all she did. I found out
    she was with Burke Devlin." He tells her he suspects that Burke might be
    using her to get to them. He asks, "Why did you hire her? What do you
    know about her?" Elizabeth replies, "I've told you. To take care of
    David." Roger growls, "David belongs in an institution!" Elizabeth
    angrily replies, "The only reason I let you come back is David! If you
    send him away, you'll no longer be welcome here!" and stomps away.
    David's robot, starts to make noises, and Roger finds him hiding behind
    the couch. Roger starts to yell at him, but David retorts, "You're not
    going to send me away! I heard Aunt Elizabeth tell you she wouldn't let
    you ! I hope Burke Devlin comes here and get even with you!"
       Carolyn asks Burke Devlin, "I understand you and my Uncle Roger were
    once good friends. How come I don't remember you?" Burke replies that it
    was probably because she was so young at the time. She asks what happened
    between them, but Burke refuses to tell her, saying "I've already told
    you I don't like to dwell on the past." He goes to the window and muses
    on how he used to pick up bottles, how the first time he "struck it big"
    when he was a child he made 40 cents in 5 hours. Carolyn remarks, "A lot
    different from making half a million dollars. That's what you're going
    to make when go to Venezuela to make your deal, isn't it?" Burke
    feigniing anger, says, "You read my letter!" Carolyn nonchantly replies,
    "Well, you shouldn't have left it on the sofa if you didn't want anyone
    reading it." The phone rings. Burke answers. Putting his finger on the
    button, he pretends to talk to someone named Jose calling long distance
    from Venezuela, saying he'll be seeing him in a couple of days. Carolyn
    is convinced that Burke has only come back to Collinsport for a few
    days, that he'll be leaving soon for Venezuela and therefore telling the
    truth when he says has not come back for revenge.
       In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth has dozed off in a chair.
    David comes into the room. Elizabeth mumbles, "Ghosts...". She wakes up
    and sees David standing there. He asks her, why she was talking about
    ghosts. She replies that she was just dreaming. She notices that David
    is streaked with oily dirt and appears to be holding something in his
    closed hand. She asks him, "David! Why are you so dirty? What do you
    have in your hand?" He replies, "Nothing! Just a seashell, that's all!"
    and runs off without showing her. Carolyn comes in through the front
    door. Elizabeth goes into the foyer and asks, "Where have you been all
    this time?" Carolyn replies, "With a friend." She gestures outside and
    says, "You remember him, don't you?" Burke comes in and says,
    "Hello, Mrs. Stoddard..."
  Episode 11
  Tape Date:   June 27, 1966
  Air Date:    August 11, 1966  Monday
  Writer:      Art Wallace
  Director:    Lela Swift

       Elizabeth is shocked, but invites Burke in for a drink. She asks him,
    "Are you here for business?"  Burke replies, "No. Just here for a visit."
    Carolyn starts to remark,"He's only going to be here for two days. Then
    he'll be.." but Burke stops her, saying, "That's a secret!".
       Sam Evans goes to the Collinsport Inn and tells the clerk (Conrad Bain)
    he'd like to see Maggie. The clerk tells him that Maggie's on a break
    right now and tells him, "You can't let Maggie see you drunk like that!"
    He invites him to have a few cups of coffee with him and sober up. Sam
    declines, saying he'd rather go the the bar and have another drink, but
    the clerk tells him, "I have some things to tell you I think you'd like
    to hear." Sam still declines, but when the clerk tells him, "It's about
    Burke Devlin" he agrees. They go into the cafe and drink coffee. The
    clerk tells Sam that Carolyn came to visit Devlin, that she stayed in his
    room for about an hour and a half and then left together, looking very
       At Collinwood, Burke tells Elizabeth that he's back in Collinsport
    just for a visit, that to him, the past is the past. Elizabeth notes
    that they're out of ice and asks Carolyn to come and help her get some.
    Elizabeth takes Carolyn out into the foyer, closing the doors behind
    her. Carolyn asks, "Mother! Do you have to be so obvious?" Elizabeth asks
    Carolyn why's she's so sure Burke is leaving in two days. Carolyn tells
    her about reading Burke's letter. Elizbeth remarks, "How do you know
    the letter wasn't a phony, left there for you to read?" Carolyn replies,
    "That's what I suspected at first too, but then Burke received a phone
    call from someone in Venezuela discussing the trip."
       Sam calls Collinwood. Elizabeth answers the phone. Sam asks to talk to
    Roger, but she tells him Roger's not in the house right now. Burke Devlin
    comes out of the drawing room and jokingly says to Elizabeth, "Mrs.
    Stoddard! Have you forgotten me?" She replies, "No, Burke. I'll be right
    with you." Upon hearing the name "Burke", Sam hurriedly hangs up. Burke
    and Elizabeth go back into the drawing room. Burke looks at the portrait
    hanging over the fireplace and muses, "Jeremiah Collins. Amazing man. He
    built this house, didn't he? . Mrs. Stoddard, how much do you think
    Collinwood is worth today? $200,000? A quarter of a million dollars?
    (Amazing what inflation's been since 1966!".) Elizabeth replies, "It's
    not for sale". Burke remarks, "Everything's for sale." He then asks,
    "Where's Roger? One of the main reasons I came here was to see him and
    tell him I'm not back for some kind of revenge."
       In spite of the hotel clerk's best efforts, Sam goes to the bar and
    gets another drink. He returns to the diner, but Maggie still isn't back.
       At Collinwood, Burke tells Elizabeth that he felt so great to be
    released from prison he realized revenge wouldn't get back the years he
    lost so he decided to just forget it.
       The phone in the foyer rings again. Carolyn, returning with a bucket
    full of ice, answers it. It's Joe. Carolyn tells him they've got company
    right now, that some "Old troubles might be over soon." He reminds her
    that they have a date tonight. Elizabeth comes out into the foyer and
    tells Carolyn to go get Roger, that he's somewhere on the grounds.
    Carolyn asks, "So you're going to get them together." Elizabeth replies,
    "Yes. I hope I'm not making a mistake..."
   Episode 12
   Tape Date: June 28, 1966
   Air Date:  July 12, 1966 Tuesday
   Writer:    Art Wallace
   Director:  Lela Swift

        Vicky is walking the grounds. She stops at Widow's Hill and looks out
     into the ocean. She hears an eerie sound. It stops. Roger appears and
     tells her, "I saw you come down here. I want to talk to you." The eerie
     sound comes again. Vicky asks, "What's that?" Roger tells her, "It's
     the wind. Or maybe the Widows." She asks what he means. He tells her,
     "A long time ago, the wives of men whose ships didn't returned used to
     come here and watch vainly for them to come back. Eventually, they were
     even denied that when Jeremiah Collins bought this land - the highest
     around- to build this house. The stories go that the ghosts of the
     widows still come here to look for the ships." He asks her, "By the way,
     you met someone out here the other day, didn't you?" Vicky replies that
     she did, that a man came and asked for him and she told him he wasn't
     here. Roger asks, "Is that all he said to you?" She replies that it was.
        Maggie finally finishes her break. Sam tells her he is thinking of
     leaving Collinsport. Shocked, she asks why, but he refuses to tell her.
        On Widow's Hill, Vicky tells Roger, "Oh yes. He asked me not to tell
     anyone other than you that he was here". Roger asks, "Did you keep that
     promise?" Vicky replies, "Oh yes. To tell the truth, so much has
     happened since then I'd forgotten all about the man." Roger remarks,
     "You mean like having coffee with Burke Devlin?" Vicky tells him, "We
     ran into each other at the Inn." Roger warns her to watch out for
     Devlin, saying "He's a dangerous man."
        Sam goes home. Maggie goes home too, trying to find out what's
        Carolyn goes to Widow's Hill and tells Roger, "Mother wants to see
     you. She says it's very important."
        Roger returns to Collinwood. The drawing room doors are closed.
     Instead of going in, however, he telephones Sam Evans instead. Sam
     tells him, "I can't talk to you now!" and abruptly hangs up. At the
     Evan's Cottage, Maggie asks Sam, "That was Roger Collins, wasn't it?
     He's involved in whatever's going on, isn't he?" He refuses to tell her.
     The phone rings again. Sam just lets it ring. Maggie goes and picks up
     the receiver, but Sam grabs it and just hangs up again. Maggie asks,
     "What is it? What are you so afraid of, Pop?", but he refuses to tell
     her. She asks, "Does it have something to do with Burke Devlin? I was
     only a child then, but I do remember that something happened. Something
     about a man being killed, and Burke going to jail." He still refuses
     to tell her anything.
        Carolyn and Vicky return to Collinwood. In the foyer, Vicky asks
     Carolyn, "Why is your uncle so afraid of Burke Devlin?" Carolyn replies
     that she doesn't know. Vicky asks, "Do you think Matthew the caretaker
     might know?" Carolyn replies, "You know, he's been here so long he just
     might. He might even know something about you. Maybe you should talk to
     him." Vicky replies that she might just do that. Roger comes walking
     down the stairs. Carolyn asks, "Have you talked to mother?" Roger
     replies, "No I haven't. I'm going into town. I have something very
     important I've got to do there." Carolyn tells him, "But Burke Devlin's
     here. He's in the drawing room with Mother."
        Roger at first heads toward the front door, looking like he's decided
     to flee, but then he turns, takes off his overcoat, throws it on the
     table and walks toward the drawing room, a determined look on his face.
     He grabs hold of the doorknob and prepares to open the door...
   Episode 13
   Tape Date:  June 29, 1996
   Air Date:   July 13, 1966 Wednesday
   Writer:     Art Wallace
   Director:   Lela Swift

        Roger opens the door and goes into the drawing room. Burke greets
     him warmly. Roger asks, "Why are you here?" Burke remarks, "You and
     your sister have the same questions. Why don't you ask her?" Elizabeth
     explains to Roger that Burke has come back just to visit. Roger doesn't
     believe this. Elizabeth tells him, "At least listen to what he has to
     say." Burke explains that he's just here on a visit. He tells Roger,
     "I got out of jail after 5 years because of good behavior. For the next
     5 years, I travelled and made some money, and eventually, what happened
     10 years ago didn't seem very important to me." Roger asks, "Then why
     were you asking Joe Haskell and Miss Winters questions about us?"
     Burke explains that he only asked Joe because he wanted to know what
     happened in the 10 years when he was away, and that he wasn't asking
     Vicky questions, that he was only having coffee with her.
        Vicky goes to Matthew's cottage. Matthew asks, "Does Mrs. Stoddard
     know that you're here?" Vicky lies that she does. She asks, "Is there
     any connection between the Collins Family and Bangor?" Matthew replies
     that the only connection was a trial that took place there about 10
     years ago, that young Devlin was tried for manslaughter and sent off
     to jail. Vicky explains why she is so interested in Bangor, about the
     $50 she received every month from Bangor while she was in the foundling
     home. Matthew tells her he doesn't know anything about that, that the
     only connection between the Collins Family and Bangor is the trial.
        Burke tells Roger he has decided to let bygones be bygones. Roger
     tells Elizabeth, "It's getting cold in here. Could you call the cottage
     and tell Matthew to bring some more firewood?" After Elizabeth leaves
     the room, Roger tells Burke, "Now that were alone, you can tell the
     truth. What do you want?" Burke insists he's already told the truth.
        At the cottage, Vicky and Matthew are getting along well. Vicky asks,
     "How do you get to Bangor?" Matthew replies, "There are lots of ways,
     train, bus. But I would recommend you go to Augusta instead if you want
     to find anything out. That's where Mr. Collins went to live after he
     got married." Vicky, surprised, asks, "You mean he didn't live at
     Collinwood?" Matthew replies, "No, he only came back here about a month
        At Collinwood, Burke looks at his watch and tells Roger he's got
     to leave. He tells him he'll be leaving Collinsport in a couple of days.
     He tells Roger he'd like to talk to him about some business and asks him
     to meet him at the Blue Whale tonight.
        The phone rings at the cottage. Matthew answers. It's Elizabeth. She
     asks him, "Are you doing anything right now? We need some firewood here
     at Collinwood." Matthew answers, "No. I've already finished supper. I'm
     just here talking to Miss Winters right now." Elizabeth remarks, "Oh.
     She's there with you?" After he finishes talking to Elizabeth, Matthew
     angrily tells Vicky, "You lied to me! She didn't know you were coming
     down here!" He accuses her of snooping around and kicks her out.
        As Vicky is going back to Collinwood, she goes to the garage.
     (Actually it's a car shelter. There are no garage door, just an opening
     for vehicles to come in and out.) She finds Burke Devlin in there. She
     asks him what he's doing in there. He tells her he was just admiring
     Roger's car. He tells her that he was thinking of buying one like it.
     He remarks, "I found this on the front seat" and throws something on a
     table next to a tool table next to the car. Vicky asks, "Does Roger
     know you're in here? Burke replies, "No, but I didn't think he'd mind."
         Roger tells Elizabeth he doesn't believe Burke's claim he didn't
     come back to get revenge. He tells her Burke has invited him to come to
     the Blue Whale. Elizabeth asks, "Are you going?" He replies that he is,
     that it's the only way to find out if Devlin is telling the truth or
        Vicky returns and runs into Elizabeth in the foyer. Vicky tell her,
     "I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd mind if I went to talk to Matthew."
     Elizabeth replies that she doesn't, but warns her, "Matthew is a good
     man, but a somewhat strange one. He's extremely loyal to me, and he'll
     do anything he thinks helps me, even become violent."
   Episode 14
   Tape Date: June 30, 1966
   Air Date:  July 14, 1966 Thursday
   Writer:    Art Wallace
   Director:  Lela Swift

        David is in his bed reading a magazine. The cover states that it's
    "Mechano Magazine, 35 cents". He gets up, goes to the dresser, opens
     a drawer, and takes out something that looks like a car part. It is
     about the size of a human thumb. He exits his room, goes into Vicky's
     room across the hall, goes to HER dresser, and opens a drawer. Vicky
     comes in, sees him, and shouts, "HEY! What are you doing in here?"
     David quickly shuts the drawer. Vicky sees that he holding something in
     his hand and demands, "What do you have in you hand there?", but he
     runs off without showing her and runs back into his room, locking the
     door. Vicky knocks on the door of David's room, but he ignores her and
     doesn't answer until she threatens to get his father. He opens the
     door and lets her in. She asks him what he took. He sullenly replies,
     "Nothing!" He goes to his dresser, opens a drawer, takes something out
     and tells her, "I didn't take anything! I was trying to give you a gift
     when you came in, yelled and scared me. Aunt Elizabeth told me to try
     to be nice to you. I was only trying to give you this." He gives her
     a seashell, saying he found it on the beach.
        Burke Devlin goes to the  Blue Whale and finds Joe Haskell there.
     He offers to buy Joe a beer, but Joe refuses, saying, "I don't want
     to talk to you. By the way, I told the Collinses about you offering
     me money for information." Burke replies, "I know. I've straigtened
     everything out with them."
        Carolyn is preparing for a date with Joe and Vicky is keeping her
     company. Vicky remarks that Roger seems to have straightened everything
     out with Burke and is going to meet him at the Blue Whale tonight.
     There's a knock at the front door downstairs. Carolyn tells Vicky,
     "Oh, that's probably Joe right now. Could you go get it? I'm not ready
        Vicky goes downstairs, lets Joe in and tells him Carolyn's not ready
     yet. They make smalltalk. Joe tells him how he used to think there were
     ghosts at Collinwood when he was a kid. Vicky tells him she doesn't
     believe in ghosts. Joe points and exclaims, "If you don't, then what
     do you call that thing behing you?" Vicky, startled, looks behind her,
     then, realizing Joe was joking, laughs and says, "Don't you ever do
     that again!" Carolyn comes downstairs. Joe tells her, "We'd better
     hurry up or we'll miss the movie". Carolyn tells him, "I don't feel
     like a movie tonight. Could we go to the Blue Whale instead?"
        Vicky goes back upstairs. She goes to the door of David's room and
     prepares to knock. The door at the end of the hallway opens. Vicky hears
     this and looks. When she does, the door closes again. She goes to the
     door and tries it, but finds it locked. She shouts, "David! Open this
     door!" But David comes out of his room and tells her, "I can't. I don't
     have the key." Vicky tells him, "Oh. I thought it was you in there. I
     saw this door close." David tells him, "That's impossible. That door
     is always locked. It leads to another part of the house. Aunt Elizabeth
     told me it's been closed off for over 50 years."  He gives her the
     "Mechano" magazine he was reading and tells her it's another gift from
        Joe and Carolyn go to the Blue Whale. They sit down at a table. Burke
     Devlin, sitting at another table, sees them and waves to them. Carolyn
     waves back. Burke comes to their table and offers to buy them some
     coffee. Carolyn invites Burke to join them at their table. Burke accepts
     and sits down, saying "It's better to have coffee with some friends
     than alone." Joe does not look happy.
        At Collinwood, Vicky thanks David and tells him she's going to get
     him a gift. She tells him that his father is going into town tonight,
     that she's going to give him some money and ask him to buy some more
     magazines, that she's going to wrap them up with a ribbon and give them
     to him. David asks, "Is my father going to drive his car into town?"
     Vicky laughs and replies, "Of course, silly. You don't think he's going
     to walk, do you?" David abruptly exclaims, "I don't wan't any presents!"
     and runs off.
   Episode 15
   Tape Date: July 1, 1966
   Air Date:  July 15, 1966 Friday
   Writer:    Art Wallace
   Director:  Lela Swift

        Vicky tells Roger that she thinks she's starting to reach a rapport
     with David. She tells him she wants to give a gift of some magazines to
     David and asks if he could buy some when he goes into town tonight if
     she gives him the money. He tells her, "Sorry, I can't. I won't have
     the time. I have an appointment." After Roger leaves, Vicky suddenly
     remembers seeing Burke Devlin in the garage and tells Elizabeth about
     it, saying Devlin had told her he was just looking at Roger's car
     because he was thinking of buying one like it.
        Vicky goes upstairs and tells David that she talked to his father
     about buying the magazines but he had told her he was too busy. David
     shouts, "He hates me! He wants to send me away! I know it! I hope he
     dies!" Vicky convinces him that he shouldn't feel this way, that his
     father doesn't hate him, that he loves him and isn't trying to send him
     away. She tells him he should give his father another chance. David
     tells her he will.
        David goes downstairs and finds his father in the foyer preparing
     to leave. He asks him, "Are you going to take the car into town
     tonight?" It looks like he's trying to tell him something, but his
     father tells him he's very busy and doesn't have time to talk and
        Vicky and Elizabeth are in the drawing room. The phone rings.
     It's Burke, asking where Roger is. He's told Roger's just left.
     Elizabeth remarks, "David seems very tense tonight." Vicky tells her
     it's because he's convinced his father hates him and wants to send him
        Roger drives his car out of the garage and out the gate. From his
     room, David watches him from the window and remarks, "He's going to die,
     Mother, he's going to die!"
        Roger drives the car down the hill. Suddenly, he loses control and
     crashes into a tree.
        The phone rings in the foyer. David comes halfway down the stairs and
     just stares at it. Elizabeth comes into the room and answers it. She
     exclaims, "What?!.... When did it happen? Is he all right?". She hangs
     up. Vicky comes into the foyer and asks,"What's wrong?" Elizabeth tells
     her, "Roger's been in an accident!" Vicky asks, "Is he all right?"
     Elizabeth replies that he is.
   Episode 16
   Tape DateL  July 4, 1966
   Air Date:   July 18, 1966 Monday
   Writer:     Art Wallace
   Director:   Lela Swift

        It is a little later. The phone rings. Vicky answers, talks to the
     person then hangs up. Elizabeth comes into the drawing room and asks
     who it was. Vicky tells her it was Bill Malloy, that he's been to the
     hospital to see Roger and wanted to tell her he was all right, that
     he just a few cuts and bruises. She remarks, "Pretty lucky considering
     what kind of accident it was!" Elizabeth tells her, "I'm not so sure it
     was an accident. There's just too many coincidences. He was going to
     go see Burke tonight. Burke knew he would be taking the car down that
     hill. You told me yourself you saw Burke in the garage tonight..."
     She asks if Malloy had said anything else about the accident.
     Vicky tells her that Malloy had told her that the brakes on Roger's
     car had failed.
        Burke, Carolyn and Joe are still sitting together at the Blue
     Whale. Joe looks very unhappy. He asks Burke, "Didn't you say you had
     an appointment?" Burke replies, "Yes. Roger was supposed to meet me
     here, but he's late."
        From the kitchen at Collinwood, Elizabeth calls Matthew Morgan and
     asks him to come to the house, saying she has something very important
     to talk to him about. Elizabeth tells Vicky, "Seventeen years ago,
     Matthew had a similar accident in almost the exact spot Roger did.
     Since then, he's taken special care of all the family cars, making
     sure the brakes are in perfect working order."
        Matthew Morgan comes. Elizabeth tells him that Roger's just had an
     accident and asks him when the brakes on Roger's car were last checked.
     Matthew tells her, "two days ago. They were in perfect working
        At the Blue Whale, Burke Devlin decides that he's waited long enough
     and tells Carolyn and Joe he's going to leave. Joe tells Carolyn, "Maybe
     we can go to that movie now." Carolyn suggests they invite Burke to come
     with them. Joe gets very angry and stalks off. Burke tells Carolyn,
     "Come on. Let's go." She asks, "Where are we going?" He replies, "To
     find Joe." They leave.
        At Collinwood Matthew tells Elizabeth he's gone to see the car. He
     tells her it was a terrible accident, that the whole side of the car
    was caved in, that it was a miracle Roger wasn't killed. After Matthew
     leaves, Elizabeth asks Vicky, "Do you know what movie Carolyn went to
     see tonight?", apparently wanting to contact her. Vicky tells her,
     "They didn't go to a movie. They went to the Blue Whale." Elizabeth
     says, "What? Did she know Burke Devlin was going to be there tonight?
     Did she go there because of this?" Vicky reluctantly answers, "Yes."
     Elizabeth gets angry and tells her, "You should have told me! He's
     a dangerous man!" Elizabeth calls the Blue Whale to look for Carolyn.
     After she hangs up, Vicky asks her, "Did you find her?" She tells
     Vicky, "She wasn't there. She left the Blue Whale about a half an hour
     ago - with Burke Devlin."
   Episode 17
   Tape Date:  July 5, 1966
   Air Date:   July 19, 1966 Tuesday
   Writer:     Art Wallace
   Director:   Lela Swift

         David, in bed in his room, suddenly starts screaming, "I didn't!
     I didn't!". He gets out of bed, goes to the window, opens it and climbs
     up on the windowsill. Elizabeth comes in the room and grabs him. David
     screams, "I've got to get away! I didn't kill him!" Elizabeth awakens
     him. He's been sleepwalking.
      Bill Malloy is in the waiting room of a "D. Reeves, M.D.". Dr. Reeves
     comes out of his examining room. Malloy asks, "How much longer?"
     Reeves tells him, "About 15 minutes. Just a few insurance forms to fill
     out." Malloy tells him he'll be back, that he's going to go look at the
     wreck again. Reeves goes back into his examining room to see Roger.
        In the examining room, Dr. Reeves puts Roger's arm in a sling and 
     tells him, "It's only a sprain. It should get better in a few days."
     He remarks, "So Bill Malloy found you after the accident, huh? Good
     thing he was driving up the hill and not walking, else we'd have another
     death on our hands." Roger becomes very angry and exclaims, "Now I had
     nothing to do with that death 10 years ago! It was Burke Devlin who was
     responsible, not me!" The doctor replies, "I never said you were..."
        Malloy returns. Reeves finishes up with Roger. In the waiting room,
     Malloy tells Roger, "It was no accident." He tells Roger that something
     called a "bleeder valve" was missing from his car. He makes a drawing
     of one to show him what it looks like. He tells him that without a
     bleeder valve, everytime he pressed the brakes, a little bit of brake
     fluid would squirt out of the hole left by it and after about half a
     dozen squirts or so, there wouldn't be enough fluid left for the brakes
     to work. Roger exclaimes, "That's exactly what happened! The brakes
     worked fine until I was about halfway down the hill, then they stopped
     working completely!" He asks, "Is it possible that this bleeder valve
     came off by itself?" Malloy replies,"Never heard of it happening."
     Roger asks, "Is it easy to remove?" Malloy replies that it isn't,
     that a few twists of a pair of pliers is all it would take. Roger
     exclaims, "It must've been Burke Devlin! He was at my house earlier
        At Collinwood, Elizabeth is in the drawing room with David, trying
     to calm him down. She's showing him the portrait of Isaac Collins,
     telling him it was he who sailed from England to Collinsport in 1690
     and founded the town. But David seems preoccupied. He asks, "Did you
     hear a car?" and looks out the window, but there is no car. A few
     minutes later, however, a car does come driving up. David exclaims,
     "I don't want to see him!" and runs off.
        Bill Malloy and Roger come in. In the foyer, Roger tells Malloy,
     "Don't tell my sister anything about the bleeder valve". They go into the
     drawing room and close the doors. David, who's been hiding, goes to the
     door and listens. Inside, Roger tells Elizabeth what happened, omitting
     the part about the bleeder valve. He tells her that he was driving down
     the hill and suddenly his brakes failed. Elizabeth asks, "Do you think
     Burke Devlin had anything to do with it?" Roger asks, "Why do you say
     that?" She tells him, "Miss Winters said she saw him in the garage
     earlier tonight looking at your car." Roger looks at Bill and exclaims,
     "Hear that? I told you it must've been him!"
         After Bill Malloy leaves, Roger starts up the stairs. David comes
     out of hiding into the foyer.
   Episode 18
   Tape Date: July 6, 1966
   Air Date:  July 20, 1966 Wednesday
   Writer:    Art Wallace
   Director:  Lela Swift

        Vicky is awakened by the wind causing her window, which is ajar, to
     bang. She gets up, closes it, and goes back to bed. There's a knock at
     the door and Roger's voice saying, "Miss Winters? Are you awake? I'd
     like to talk to you." Vicky protests, "It's very late, and I'm not
     dressed." He tells her, "It's very important. I'll wait for you
     downstairs. Please come."
        As Roger comes down the stairs, David quickly hides again. Roger
     goes into the drawing room. David goes in there and asks him, "Does it
     hurt, father?" Roger replies, "Only the arm. It hurts a little. But it's
     only a sprain and should get better in a few days". David tells him,
     "I'm sorry." Roger snaps, "Sorry about what? That I survived?" He sends
     him away, telling him he's busy.
        Vicky is upstairs combing her hair. There's a knock at the door.
     David tells her he wants to talk to her. She lets him in. David tells
     her he's sorry about what happened to his father. She tells him not to
     feel so bad, that every boy says at one time or another that he wishes
     his father were dead without really meaning it. David asks, "What if
     if wasn't an accident? What if someone CAUSED it?" Vicky replies,"Then
     your father would go to the police." David asks, "Would the person go
     to jail?" She tells him, "Yes."
        Vicky comes down and goes into the drawing room. Roger tells her,
     "Earlier today, I drove my car. The brakes were fine then. But later,
     when I took my car out again, the brakes failed as I was going down
     the hill." He tells her he thinks someone tampered with his car, that
     he thinks he knows who it is but has no proof. He asks her, "I hear you
     saw Burke Devlin in the garage earlier tonight. Can you tell me what
     happened?" She tells him, "I was going to the garage to get some
     timetables. As I was going in, I heard a car door slam. I looked in
     the direction of the sound and saw Burke Devlin near your car. I went
     and asked him what he was doing. He told me he was admiring your car,
     that he was thinking about getting one like it. He said he didn't think
     you'd mind." Roger asks, "You said you heard a door slam. Do you think
     it could have been the hood rather that a door?" Vicky replies that it
     might have been. Roger remarks,"Then he might have been removing the
     bleeder valve." Vicky asks, "Would you need a tool to remove the bleeder
     valve?" Roger replies, "Yes. A wrench or a pair of pliers." Vicky tells
     him that Burke was holding a wrench when she saw him, that he said he
     found it on the front seat. Roger gets angry and shouts, "You saw Burke
     Devlin standing by my car with a wrench and didn't say anything to me
     about it?!" Vicky apologizes, saying she didn't think anything about it
     at the time. Roger adds, "I took the car out earlier today, and I can
     assure you there was no wrench on the front seat!" He asks her what
     Burke did with the wrench. She replies that he threw it on a workbench.
     He asks if Devlin's hands were dirty. She tells him she can't remember.
     Roger calls Burke's hotel room but finds he isn't there. He tells Vicky
     he's going to go down to the hotel, wait for him to return and confront
     him. He asks her to get dressed and come with him, saying he might need
        David goes to his dresser, opens the top drawer and takes something
     small out. He goes across the hall.
        Vicky is in her room dressing. She hears a sound outside her door.
     She opens it and finds David standing outside. He runs back into his
     own room. She goes and asks him what's wrong, but he won't tell her.
        Vicky goes downstairs to Roger. They leave.
        Upstairs, David is in his room . He is standing in front of his
     dresser. There is something in his hand. It looks just like the
     bleeder valve Malloy drew. He opens the top drawer and  puts the
     bleeder valve in there under some of the clothes.
   Episode 19
   Tape Date:  July 7, 1966
   Air Date:   July 21, 1966 Thursday
   Writer:     Art Wallace
   Director:   Lela Swift

        It is late at night. Elizabeth, worried about Carolyn, goes to the
     drawing room, picks up the phone and starts to dial, but then thinks
     better of it and hangs up. A few seconds later, the phone rings. It
     is Bill Malloy. He tells her he still hasn't found Carolyn yet but will
     keep looking.
        Bill Malloy goes to the Blue Whale. He finds Sam Evans there. He asks
     him if he's seen Carolyn,Joe Haskell and Burke Devlin. Sam replies that
     he hasn't, then asks why they would be together.
        Carolyn and Joe go into the diner of the Collinsport Inn. Burke is
     not with them. They start to argue. Joe is angry that Carolyn had Burke
     with them all night; Carolyn is angry that he walked out on her.
        At the Blue Whale, Sam Evans tells Bill Malloy that he knows that
     Carolyn went to see Burke Devlin in his hotel room, that he heard it
     in the town gossip. He remarks that Carolyn shouldn't be hanging around
     with Burke, that it will cause talk. Malloy replies, "No, I think the
     town will have something else to talk about tomorrow." He tells Sam
     about Roger's accident. Sam gets upset. He leaves, saying he's got
     to go pick up Maggie from work.
        At the diner, Joe tells Carolyn that he's very upset about what's
     been happening and is thinking of breaking up. He asks her, "Now admit
     it. Did you know that Devlin was going to be at the Blue Whale? Is
     that why you wanted to go there?" She admits that it was. Sam comes to
     pick up Maggie.
        Elizabeth receives a phone call from Bill Malloy. Malloy tells her
     that a friend of his ran into Joe and Carolyn and phoned him. He tells
     her they're on the way home now. After finishing his phone call, Malloy
     joins Sam at a table in the diner. Sam apoligizes for getting upset
     earlier at the Blue Whale. Malloy remarks, "Were you afraid that Burke
     Devlin had tried to kill Roger and was going to come after you next?"
     Sam gets upset again and asks, "What? What reason would Burke Devlin
     have to want to kill me?" Malloy tells him, "Just joking, Sam, just
        Joe takes Carolyn back to Collinwood. Elizabeth is overjoyed to see
     them. Carolyn, having been told by Malloy about Roger's accident, goes
     upstairs to see him. Elizabeth tells Joe she wants to talk to him.
     They go into the drawing room. She asks him, "Did Carolyn know Burke
     was going to be at the Blue Whale? Is that why she wanted to go there?"
     Joe replies that it was. She asks him about what happened during the
     night. He tells her. Carolyn comes back downstairs and tells Elizebeth,
     "Uncle Roger's not in his room. The bed hasn't been slept in."
     Elizabeth asks Joe to see if Roger's other car, a convertible, is in
     the garage. Joe leaves.
        Elizabeth admonishes Carolyn for meeting with Burke Devlin. Carolyn
     defends herself by saying, "Well, if it weren't for the fact that I
     went to see him, he wouldn't have come here and patched things up."
     Elizabeth exclaims, "Path things up?! He tried to kill Roger!" Joe
     returns and tells them the convertible isn't in the garage. Elizabeth
     thanks him and tells him "Good night". He leaves. Carolyn asks why
     Devlin would want to kill Roger. Elizabeth tells her, "You were only
     a child at the time. There was a manslaughter trial. Burke was convicted
     and sent to jail. Your uncle was a witness against him. Burke vowed to
     come back and get revenge."
     Episode 20
     Tape Date: July 8, 1966
     Air Date:  July 22, 1966  Friday
     Writer:    Art Wallace
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Roger and Vicky arrive at the Collinsport Inn. Roger takes Vicky to
     the diner and tells her to wait there, saying he wants to keep her a
     surprise to Burke.
        Sam comes into the diner and asks Vicky where Roger is, saying he saw
     the come in together. She tells him, "I don't see why I have to tell you."
     But Sam says, "He went up to see Devlin, didn't he?"
        Upstairs, Burke answers the knock on his door. He opens it and exclaims,
     "Roger!" Roger comes in and remarks, "It's not a ghost, Burke. I'm very 
     much alive". Burke asks what happened. Roger replies, "A slight accicent,
     that's all." He asks Burke what he had wanted to talk to him about.
        Sam Evans returns home. The phone rings. Sam answers it. He angrily 
     tells the caller, "Why don't you send her a get well card next time?" and
     hangs up. Maggie* comes into the room and asks who it was. Sam replies,
     "That idiot doorman from the Inn. He wanted to know how you were. At
     this hour! It's almost midnight!" Then Sam realizes what it must have been,
     that the doorman was calling to tell Maggie that she had seen Sam there.
     He gets angry, saying he doesn't like her checking up on him.
        Burke tells Roger that he had wanted to talk to him to ask him to
     ask Elizabeth about selling the cannery. Roger calls him a liar, saying
     that he, Burke, knows Elizabeth would never sell the cannery. He tells
     him, "There never was a business deal you wanted to talk to me about,
     was there Burke? You tried to kill me!" He tells him that his car had
     been sabotaged and accuses him of doing it. Devlin replies, "You're
     out of your mind!" and denies having anything to do with it. Roger goes
     to the phone and makes a call down to the lobby, saying, "There's
     someone in the diner waiting for me. Would you please have her come up?"
        Vicky comes up. Roger tells her to tell her story. She tells about
     seeing Burke in the garage near Roger's car. Burke tells Roger, "I was
     just looking at it because I'm planning to buy one like it!" Roger asks
     Vicky, "Did he have any tool in his hand when you saw him?" Vicky tells
     of seeing Burke holding a wrench. Burke exclaims, "I found that wrench
     in the front seat while I was checking out the upholstery and the
     dashboard!" Roger remarks, "I drove the car earlier that day. There
     was no wrench on the front seat." Burke replies, "Then someone must
     have put it there after you drove it. Miss Winters, you only saw me
     holding the wrench. You didn't see me tampering inside the hood, did
     you?" Vicky admits that she didn't. But Roger remarks, "That doesn't
     prove anything. You'd probably finished by the time she got there."

     * Note that Maggie appears here in her own long, brown hair for the
       first time and not wearing the funny blond wig.
     Episode 21
     Tape Date:  July 11, 1966
     Air Date:   July 25, 1966 Monday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

       The next morning, Vicky is in the kitchen making the breakfast
     coffee. Carolyn comes into the kitchen. Vicky asks Carolyn if she's
     seen her uncle Roger yet. Carolyn replies, "I haven't seen him since
     the accident." Vicky tells her, "It was no accident!" She tells her
     about the sabotage to Roger's car, about the bleeder valve being
     removed. She tells her she saw Burke Devlin in the garage near Roger's
     car earlier with a wrench in his hand. Carolyn exclaims, "Mother was
     right! I feel like a fool for trusting that man!" Vicky tells Carolyn
     that Burke maintains that he's innocent, and that she believes him.
        There's a knock at Burke Devlin's room at the Collinsport Inn. Burke
     answers it. It's Bill Malloy. He tells Burke, "There's something I'd
     like to talk to you about. Attempted murder." Burke replies that he had
     nothing to do with Roger's accident. Malloy asks, "Did you know that
     his brakes were tampered with?" Burke says, "I had nothing to do with
     it!" Malloy remarks, "You'r full of hate, Burke." He tells him he
     doesn't believe what he says about letting bygones be bygones. He
     reminds him of what he said 10 years ago, how he vowed vengeance on
     Roger. Burke insists that he considers the past the past, that he no
     longer wants revenge. Malloy asks, "You ever heard of a 'Wilbur Strake'?
     He was here about two weeks ago. Stayed a few days, asking questions
     about the Collins family. He said he as a real estate man. I found out
     he was working for YOU. I also found out he was no real estate man.
     He was a private eye."
        At Collinwood, Elizabeth comes into the kitchen with the mail. She
     finds Carolyn in there. She asks her, "Have you seen Vicky? There's a
     letter for her from the foundling home." Carolyn tells Elizabeth that
     Vicky thinks Burke is innocent. Elizabeth replies, "I don't care what
     she thinks. He's guilty..." Vicky comes in. Elizabeth gives her the
     letter and leaves. Carolyn tells Vicky, "Do you really think Burke
     is innocent? I certainly hope he is! Otherwise, I'd feel so guilty.
     It was me who brought him up here!"
        In the drawing room, Elizabeth talks to Constable Carter on the phone.
     He tells her he'll be coming to talk to Roger in a few hours.  After
     she hangs up, Vicky comes in and tells her to look at the letter she
     had received. Carolyn has come too. She takes the letter and says,
    "Here. Let me read it." She reads it aloud. The letter (apparently
     the one dictated by Miss Hopewell in an earlier episode) states that
     a man named Wilbur Strake had come to the foundling home asking
     questions about why she, Vicky, had been hired by the Collins family.
        Vicky remarks that maybe the man had been hired by Burke Devlin, that
     it was part of his trying to find out about the Collins family past to
     use against them. Elizabeth insists it could have nothing to do with
     that, that she has nothing to do with the Collins family past.
        At the Collinsport Inn, Burke explains to Malloy that he had hired
     Strake for business reasons, that there's a cannery in Logansport that
     he's thinking about buying and he hired Strake to check it out. Malloy
     asks, "So why was he asking so many questions about the Collins family?"
     Burke replies, "Well, they own the largest cannery in the area." Malloy
     remarks, "You're a smooth talker, Burke. You always have been.",
     implying he doesn't believe him. After Malloy leaves, Devlin places
     a call to someone named "Bronson" in New York. He tells him to fly to
     Bangor, Maine and call him from the airport when he gets there. He
     tells him, "Things are starting to happen. I want to get moving, fast!"
     Episode 22
     Tape Date:  July 12, 1966
     Air Date:   July 26, 1966 Tuesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        Maggie is in the Evan's Cottage, drinking a cup of coffee and reading
     the morning paper. The doorbell rings. It's Burke Devlin. He asks if
     Sam's home. Maggie replies that he should be home any minute. Holding
     the newspaper up, she remarks, "I was just reading about Roger's
     accident last night." Burke replies, "That was no accident. It was
     attempted murder. Someone tampered with the brakes on Roger's car."
     Maggie, shocked, drops her coffee cup.
      Sam Evans goes to the diner of the Collinsport Inn. He goes to the
     counter and orders breakfast. Roger is in the telephone booth talking
     to Elizabeth. He tells her he's just taken care of all the insurance
     matters. He finishes his call, exits the booth and goes to a table in
     the diner. Sam, who's sitting at the counter, sees him and joins him
     at the table and asks him if he thinks Burke Devlin had anything to
     do with his accident. When Roger doesn't answer him, Sam says, "Heaven
     help us, but we're tied up together in this, you and I. I think I
     deserve an answer." Roger tells him he confronted Burke about the
     accident last night and accused him of being resposible, but Burke
     had laughed and denied having anything to do with it. He tells him,
     "Last night, I was willing to forget all about the accident if he
     agreed to leave Collinsport forever, but now I'm going to go to the
        At the Evan's Cottage, Devlin admires a sketch of a beautiful dark
     haired woman and tells Maggie, "Your mother was a very beautiful woman."
     He asks if Sam still does portraits. Maggie answers, "Sometimes".
     Maggie tells Burke that Sam seems to think that he, Burke, is angry
     with him about something and holds a grudge against him. Burke tells
     her that that's not true. He tells her that while he was in prison, he
     wrote to Sam several times but never received an answer and if there's
     anything he's angry with him about, it's that. Sam returns. Burke
     remarks, "Maggie tells me you think I have some sort of grudge against
     you. I don't" At first, Sam gets angry about Maggie "telling Burke
     things", but eventually calms down. Burke tells Sam he'd like to
     commission him to paint a portrait of him, offering him $1000 to do
     so (probably worth about $6000 in 1995 dollars.) At first, Sam refuses,
     but Maggie convinces him to accept the job, saying, "a commission like
     that doesn't come every day, and you know we could use the money!"
     Burke asks Sam, "Have you ever been to Collinwood?" Sam replies that
     he has. Burke tells Sam, "I'd like it to be about the size of the one
     they have above the fireplace there. And I want it to be the same style
     as they have in the drawing room there,  you know, simple, just from
     the waist up." He adds, cryptically, "I want it to fit in."
        Roger returns to Collinwood and asks Carolyn if the constable has
     come yet. She tells him he's on his way.
        At the Evan's Cottage, Sam is making a preliminary sketch of Burke.
     Maggie tells them, "Goodbye" and prepares to leave, saying she has to
     go to work. Burke offers to drive her. As he and Maggie are leaving,
     Sam asks Burke, "You know, there's one thing I don't understand. When
     am I going to get the time to paint the portrait. I thought you were
     only going to be here for a couple of days." Burke replies,"I was, but
     I've change my mind. I'm going to be here much longer."
     Episode 23
     Tape Date:  July 13, 1966
     Air Date:   July 22, 1966 Wednesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        David is in his room, reading a magazine. He hears Vicky coming in
     and quickly hides it.
        Downstair, there's a knock at the front doors. Roger opens them and
     lets Constable Jonas Carter in and tells him, "I'd like to talk to you
     about attempted murder!", saying last night's accident was no accident.
     The constable makes a telephone call and tells someone, "This is going
     to take longer than I thought." While he is on the phone, Elizabeth
     comes into the drawing room and tells Roger, "Miss Winters received a
     letter from the foundling home this morning. I think it's going to
     cause me some trouble", but he brushes her off, saying he has no time
     to talk to her about it now. The constable finishes his phone call.
     Roger tells him the story of his "accident", about how the brakes worked
     fine as he started down the hill, but suddenly failed when he got
     halfway down. He tells him that the brakes were inspected only a week
     ago and found to be in perfect order. The constable remarks, "You
     suspect Burke Devlin, don't you?" Roger replies, "Yes."
        Upstairs, Vicky is giving David his lessons. After finishing with
     his reading lessons, she starts to give him his lessons on the history
     of Maine. Suddenly, David asks, "When you were a kid, did you ever
     get punished for doing something really bad?" Vicky replies that she
     she was once punished for giving another girl a bloody nose
     in a fight. David asks, "Did you ever try to kill anyone?" Vicky replies
     "No. Of course not." David asks, "What would have happened if you had?"
     Vicky replies, "I suppose I would have been sent to jail."
        Roger explains to the constable that the bleeder valve had been
     removed from his car. He tells him about Vicky seeing Devlin in the
     garage standing by his car. The constable asks to see Vicky. Elizabeth
     goes to get her.
        Upstairs, Elizabeth tells Vicky that the police are here and want
     to talk to her. Hearing this, David exclaims, "The police ?! They're
     here?" Elizabeth replies that they are.
        David sneaks quietly down the stairs. He goes to the doors of the
     drawing room, quietly opens them a crack and eavesdrops.
        Inside, Vicky is recounting how she saw Burke Devlin in the garage,
     standing next to Roger's car, holding a wrench in his hand to the
     constable, about how he claimed he had found it on the front seat.
     The constable asks Vicky, "Do you think you could recognize the
     particular wrench he was holding?" Vicky replies that she thinks she
     can. The constable tells them, "Let's go to the garage and see if we can
     find it. We might find some fingerprints on it." Vicky, the constable,
     and Roger leave to go to the garage. Elizabeth goes into the foyer and
     spots David hiding behind a chair. She tells him, "You can come out now,
     David." He does. He lies, "I wasn't listening, Aunt Elizabeth." She
     tells him, "I know you were, but I'll let it go this time. I know all
     this excitement is too much for a nine year old boy to ignore."
        Vicky, Roger and the constable return. The constable is holding the
     wrench with a towel to avoid contaminating the fingerprints. They all
     go into the drawing room. The constable puts the wrench on the table
     and goes to the phone to make a call. David looks at the wrench with
     a worried expression on his face. He pretends to knock it off the
     table accidently, then quickly bends down and picks it up with his
     bare hands. Roger sees this and angrily shouts at him, "David! Do you
     know what you've done?", but the constable calmly says, "Don't worry
     about it. He hasn't ruined anything. He's only added his fingerprints
     to the ones already there, but there'll be no confusion; we'll know how
     HIS got there."
     Episode 24
     Tape Date:  July 14, 1966
     Air Date:   July 28, 1966 Thursday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        Constable Carter goes to the diner. Maggie asks him, "Would you like
     some lunch? Today's special is lobster roll*, cole slaw, and fried
     potatoes", but he tells her he doesn't have the time, that he's come
     to talk to Burke Devlin. He asks her if she's seen him, saying he
     isn't in his room. Maggie tells him she saw him a couple of hours ago
     but doesn't know where he is now. The Constable goes to the lobby to
     wait for him.
        Carolyn comes into the diner and orders two hamburgers, medium rare.
     Maggie asks, "Two? You expecting someone? Burke Devlin, maybe?"
     Carolyn gets angry, saying the rumors are going too far. She asks
     Maggie, "What interest do you have in Burke Devlin, anyway?" Maggie
     replies, "It's my father. He has something to do with Burke. Burke's
     commissioned him to paint a portrait of him." Carolyn tells Maggie,
     "No, I'm not meeting Burke. Joe is going to come here to have lunch
     with me."
        Burke returns to the Inn and runs into Constable Carter in the
     lobby. The constable tells him he'd like to talk to him. Burke tells
     him he hasn't had lunch yet and invites him to join him in the diner,
     but Carter tells him, "I think it would be better to talk in your room
     and keep this private." Burke replies, "All right. Give me a minute to
     order a sandwich and container of coffee to go."
        Burke goes into the diner and asks Maggie to fix him a ham and cheese
     sandwich, with butter and mustard but no lettuce, and a container of
     coffee. As he passes Carolyn and Joe's Table, he asks her, "You going
     to be busy long?" She replies, "About half an hour more." Burke replies,
     "See you then" and leaves. Joe grumbles, "One day, I'm going to punch
     that guy right in the mouth!"
        Constable Carter questions Burke in his room while Burke eats his
     sandwich and drinks his coffee. Burke explains what he had been doing
     in the garage, repeating his story about wanting to look at Roger's
     car because he wanted to buy one like it. Carter asks him what he was
     doing with a wrench in his hand. Burke explains that he found it on the
     front seat. Carter asks him how he happened to do that. Burke explains
     that he got behind the wheel to see how it felt and to look at the
     dashboard and happened on the wrench by sitting on it. He sarcastically
     remarks that it's kind of hard to miss a wrench when you sit on it.
        Burke maintains his innocence, saying, "If I HAD taken the bleeder
     valve out, do you think I would have been stupid enough to go through
     with it after being seen with a wrench in my hand? Don't you think I
     would've called Roger to cancel the meeting and tried to sneak into the
     garage again to put the valve back in?"
        Joe and Carolyn are finishing lunch. Maggie comes and tells Carolyn
     that she's wanted in Burke Devlin's room. Joe begins to become angry,
     but Maggie explains, "Don't worry. There'll be a chaperone. Constable
     Carter is up there with Burke. He wants to talk to Carolyn".
        Carolyn goes upstairs. In Burke's room, Burke tells her to tell the
     constable that it was she who came to his room and invited him to come
     to Collinwood, that he had told her he thought it would be best to avoid
     the Collins family while he was in Collinsport but that she had insisted
     and convinced him to go to Collinwood. Carolyn tells the Constable that
     this is true. Constable Carter leaves. Burke starts to talk, but
     Carolyn interrupts him, saying, "I don't know if you had anything to
     do with my uncle Roger's accident or not, but I know you're a liar!"
     Burke asks her what she means. She tells him, "You lied about only
     planning to be in town for a couple of days. I learned from Maggie
     that you're having her father paint a portrait of you. Now how's he
     going to be able to paint your portrait if you've left town, long
     distance?" Burke explains, "I wasn't lying to you. My plans have
     changed." Carolyn asks her point blank, "Tell me, did you have anything
     to do with my Uncle Roger's accident?" Burke tells her, "I did not."
     Carolyn leaves. The phone rings. Burke answers and says, "Bronson!"
     Bronson apparently asks him if he'd like him to come to Collinsport.
     Burke replies, "No, that'd be too dangerous. Check into a hotel in
     Bangor. Did you bring the things I asked for?" Bronson apparently
     replies that he has. Burke tells him, "Good. We might have even less
     time that I thought we'd have."

     Note:  Lobster Roll is a New England speciality consisting of
     coarsely chopped lobster mixed with mayonnaise and other
     flavorings (celery and onions, usually) and served in a bread roll
     as a sandwich.

     Episode 25
     Tape Date:   July 15, 1966
     Air Date:    July 29, 1966 Friday
     Writer:      Art Wallace
     Director:    Lela Swift

        David goes into Vicky's room and starts to snoop around, going
     through various drawers. He finds the letter from the foundling home
     and starts to read it. Roger, who had apparently seen him come into
     Vicky's room, comes in and catches him reading the letter. He starts
     to scold him, but David runs off. 
        Roger follows David into his room and continues to scold him.
     He tells him, "That letter was addressed to Miss Winters. A letter is
     private. Reading it is just as bad as stealing!" He asks him, "Why did
     you want to read that letter, anyway?" David answers, "I was afraid it
     was about sending me away!"
        Downstairs in the drawing room, Vicky tells Elizabeth, "I have 
     someting I'd like to talk to you about. Have you noticed that ever since
     Roger's accident, David's been acting very strangely? I don't know how
     to say this... You and Mr. Colins seem to be certain that it was Burke
     Devlin who tampered with Roger's car, but have you ever considered that
     it might be someone else, someone else who hates Roger..." It looks like
     she's about to accuse David, but she doesn't have a chance to. Roger
     comes into the room and gives her the letter, saying David had stolen
     it. As he gives it to her, he remarks that it's something from the 
     foundling home. Vicky asks Elizabeth, "Mrs. Stoddard? Haven't you told
     your brother about this letter yet?" Elizabeth brushes her off and asks
     her to leave the room. She does.
        Vicky goes upstairs to give David his lessons. She finds him reading
     another "Mechano" magazine. She asks him, "You learn a lot from these
     magazines, about how cars work and how to fix them, don't you?" He
     answers, "Yes."                                
        Down in the drawing room, Elizabeth tells Roger about the letter,
     that it is from the foundling home and says that a private eye named
     Wilbur Strake had been there asking questions about why Vicky had
     been hired by the Collins Family. She remarks that no one knows who he
     was working for. Roger exclaims, "Burke Devlin, that's who. It's 
     obvious. It's part of his trying to find any information he can that
     might harm this family. Well, we'll find out soon enough who hired this
     man. I'm going to the sheriff with this. Let's see what THIS does to
     Devlin's claim that he didn't come back for revenge." Elizabeth firmly
     tells him, "NO! I don't want the police meddling in this." Roger asks
     why. She tells him, "I don't want anyone asking questions about why I
     hired Miss Winters. Those reasons are private." Roger asks, "Why DID
     you hire her? You couldn't have known anything about her. You haven't
     left this house in 18 years."  Elizabeth replies, "I hired her because
     YOU recommended her highly, because someone you knew recommended her
     to you highly." Roger, shocked, says, "ME?! I RECOMMENDED HER?" 
     Elizabeth tells her, "That's what I told her, and if she asks you, 
     that's what you're going to tell her..."
        Vicky is continuing David's lessons in early Maine history. Roger
     comes in and asks Vicky to come speak to him. Vicky leaves with
     him. After Vicky and Roger leave, David goes into Vicky's room and 
     steals the letter again.
        Roger talks to Vicky about the letter, saying Burke Devlin must be
     behind the private detective. He tells her it's nothing to worry about,
     saying he won't find anything of any use to him there, that she was
     hired because someone had recommended her to him and that's all. Vicky 
     tells him she finds this story dubious. She reminds him that the first
     time she met him and thanked him for getting her the job, explaining
     that his sister had told her someone had recommended her to him, he
     acted like he didn't know what she was talking about. Roger replies
     that his mind must have been on something else. She asks him, "I called
     the foundling home. No one there had ever heard of you." Roger explains,
     "Miss Winters. Did you know that that foundling home got most of its 
     money through donations?" Vicky replies that she did. Roger continues,
     "And did you know many of donors wish to remain anonymous? It was one
     of those anonymous donors who recommended you. Apparently, she has seen
     you several times and was quite impressed with you. I can't tell  you 
     her name." The phone rings. Roger answers it. It's Constable Carter.
     He tells Roger about questioning Burke. Roger growls, "Well of course
     he denied it!" He gets very angry that Carter did not arrest Devlin and
     leaves, saying he's going to the police station to give them a piece of
     his mind.
        Vicky goes back up to her room. She finds that the letter is gone 
     and exclaims, "David!". She angrily goes into his room and starts to 
     search for her letter. She opens the top drawer of his dresser and 
     looks under the clothes. Under the clothes, she finds a bleeder valve...

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