Dark Shadows
July 1967

         Episode 266
         Worldvision Rerun 56
         Tape Date:  June 18, 1967 (ABC #131-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 3, 1967 Monday
         Writer:     Ron Sproat
         Director:   John Sedwick

            At Collinwood, Elizabeth has a dream. In it, she is at 
         Widow's Hill. She hears the voices of the Widows around her 
         calling, "Elizabeth, Elizabeth!" She looks down on the rocks
         below Widow's Hill (the same rocks shown in the title just
         before the cut to Collinwood) and jumps. The ghostly forms
         of the Three Widows appear on the cliff...
            The clock in the foyer shows 1:00. Vicky walks out of the
         door under the stairs into the foyer. She is wearing a 
         sleeveless dress, indicating it is 1:00 in the afternoon and 
         not the morning.
            Elizabeth is in her room, still in her nightdress. She
         looks rather disoriented. There's a knock at the door.
         Elizabeth does not answer. Vicky comes in and asks, "Mrs.
         Stoddard?" Elizabeth replies, in a rather odd, disoriented
         sounding voice, "Oh, Vicky". Vicky asks, "Mrs. Stoddard?
         Are you all right?" Elizabeth answers, "Of course. Why?"
         Vicky tells her, "Do you know what time it is? It's 1:00
         in the afternoon! Have you been sleeping all this time?"
         Elizabeth replies, "Yes". Vicky remarks, "It's not like you.
         You're usually up so early in the morning. Mrs. Johnson wants
         to know if she should fix you some lunch". Elizabeth replies,
         "Tell her not to bother". Vicky tells Elizabeth, "It's a
         beatiful day. The flowers are all in bloom. I'm going to
         take David for a walk after he's finished his homework.
         Want to come alone?" Elizabeth replies, "I'd rather be
         alone". Vicky tells her, "I overheard Carolyn talking with
         Buzz on the telephone. They were talking about getting a
         marriage license." She is surprised to find that this gets
         no reaction from Elizabeth and asks, "Aren't you worried?"
         Elizabeth replies, "I've decided not to worry. Things have
         a way of working out..." Vicky, worried about Elizabeth's
         strange behavior asks, "Are you sure you're all right?"
         Elizabeth insists, "I'm fine", but she doesn't sound it...
            Elizabeth is dressed to go out. She is wearing a warm
         coat and has a scarf wrapped around her head. In the foyer,
         Jason runs into her and asks her to step into the drawing
         room for a talk. Elizabeth tells him, "But I'm going out
         on a walk". Jason insists, "This is very important". Elizabeth
         goes into the drawing room with Jason. In the drawing room,
         Jason tells her, "It's about our wedding, Liz. You have
         a considerable image to maintain. We can't just rush off
         to the justice of the peace and get a marriage certificate.
         We've got to have a proper marriage". He suggests that they
         have it right there at Collinwood. Elizabeth replies, "Might
         as well be here." Jason asks, "Who's the most highly regarded
         Justice of the peace around here?" Elizabeth replies,
         "Reverend Creathorne". Jason then suggests, "After the
         wedding we should have a large reception. Do you agree?"
         Elizabeth replies, "I suppose so..." Jason, surprised by
         Elizabeth's behavior, remarks "You're very agreeable today".
         Elizabeth replies, "There's no point in not being agreeable."
         Jason remarks, "Glad to see that". He then suggests that
         champagne and caviar be served at the reception. Elizabeth
         replies, "Go ahead". Jason tells her, "And flowers. I think
         we should have banks of them". Elizabeth tells him, "Order
         what you like. Is that all?" Jason replies, "There's the
         question of my wardrobe. My funds are a bit low..." Elizabeth
         tells him, "You know where the local haberdasher is. Go
         there and charge whatever you want". Jason, puzzled, asks
         Elizabeth, "You're very acquiescent today. Why? Do you have
         a trick up your sleeve?" Elizabeth replies, "No, I know 
         there's only one way out. Now if there's nothing else, I'll
         go out for my walk now". Jason replies, "Of course".
            Elizabeth is standing at Widow's Hill, looking over the
         edge. Mrs. Johnson shows up. Elizabeth asks, "Mrs. Johnson,
         what are you doing here?" Mrs. Johnson answers, "I came out
         to look for you. Do you know what time it is? It's coming of
         7 o'clock. You've been out here for hours!" She adds, "It's
         dangerous here. You could fall". Elizabeth replies, "No, I
         know the grounds too well. I'll come back to the house in
         a few minutes". Mrs. Johnson complains, "Mr. McGuire told 
         me about the reception. Mrs. Stoddard, I can't handle something
         that large all by myself!" Elizabeth tells her, "We'll hire some
         extra help". Mrs. Johnson complains, "This is a creepy place.
         Isn't this where those women threw themselves to their deaths?"
         Elizabeth replies, "Yes. The widows. There were three of them.
         The first was Rachel Comstock. She was the wife of a fisherman.
         She had five sons, all of them sailors. All were lost at sea.
         When she heard the news, she said the same few words, over and
         over again, 'The sea is my grave, my grave is the sea.' She 
         threw six white roses into the sea - one for her husband and
         each son - then jumped to her death. The second was Abigail
         Tolliver. She was a new bride. Just a few days after her marriage,
         her husband was found dead by drowning. She followed him into
         death. The third was Margaret Finley. Her husband was lost in
         a storm at sea. She came up here and followed him..." Mrs.
         Jonhson remarks, "Why would anyone want to kill themselves
         like that?" Elizabeth remarks, "Because life became hopeless..."
         Mrs. Johnson remarks, "Legend has it they will be joined by
         a fourth". Elizabeth replies, "Yes". Mrs. Johnson looks over
         at the rocks and remarks, "What a way to die. Look at those
         rocks. We'd better be getting back, it's getting dark". 
         Suddenly, Elizabeth says, "I...I...I'm getting faint" and 
         almost falls over, but is caught at the last moment by 
         Mrs. Johnson.   
            Mrs. Johnson takes Elizabeth back to Collinwood. She asks
         her, "Are you sure you're all right?" Elizabeth insists that
         she is. Jason comes into the foyer and says, "Liz! We've all
         been worried about you! Where have you been? I have a gift
         for you. Would you step into the drawing room for a minute,
         please?" Jason and Elizabeth go into the drawing room. Vicky,
         who's in the drawing room, excuses herself, but Jason tells
         her, "No, I don't mind if you stay." Jason gives Elizabeth
         a ring. Elizabeth remarks, in a flat voice devoid of emotion,
         "Lovely". Jason tells her, "It belonged to my mother. I wanted
         you to have it". Vicky stands there looking angry. Elizabeth
         tells Jason, "I'm tired. I think I'll go up to my room and
         rest now" and leaves. Jason remarks to Vicky, "Dear Liz. I 
         think she was touched". Vicky replies coldly, "I guess so".
         Jason tells her, "I think I'll go read the evening paper"
         and leaves. In the foyer, he runs into Mrs. Johnson and
         tells her, "Mrs. Johnson, call me when dinner is ready".
         She tells him she will. Jason goes into the study and Mrs.
         Johnson goes into the drawing room. She tells Vicky, "I think
         something is wrong with Mrs. Stoddard". She tells her about 
         finding Elizabeth at Widow's Hill and tells her, "Lucky thing
         I was there. She almost fainted and fell off". She tells Vicky
         about their conversation about the Widows, remarking, "It
         struck me as odd, her interest in them. Odd. Very odd".
         Vicky echoes, "Yes, it is very odd". 
            Elizabeth is up in her bedroom. She hears the voices of
         the widows calling to her. She goes to the window and replies, 
         "I hear you, I hear you calling..." At Widow's Hill, the ghostly 
         figures of the Widows appear. At the window, Elizabeth says, 
         "The sea is my grave, my grave is the sea..."
         Episode 267
         Worldvision Rerun 57
         Tape Date:  June 20, 1967 (ABC #132-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 4, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Elizabeth is at Widow's Hill, standing very close to the
         edge, looking over. There's someone behind the bushes. It's
         Barnabas. He comes out from behind the bushes, sneaks
         up to Elizabeth very quietly, then GRABS HER! Elizabeth 
         screams and shouts, "Let me go!" Barnabas tells her, 
         "Elizabeth! It's you. I saw a figure standing there. I
         didn't know it was you. You were so close to the edge!".
         Elizabeth asks, "Afraid I'd fall?" Barnabas replies, "I
         was afraid I'd startle you. What brings you here this time 
         of night?" Elizabeth replies, "I came to look at the sea. 
         I find its serenity calming". Barnabas tells her, "I come 
         here often. Perhaps for the same reason you do. This is the 
         place where they came to seek refuge from pain, where life 
         ended and death began." He remarks to Elizabeth, "You're deeply 
         troubled". He asks if he can help in any way. She tells him,
         "I've already found the solution to my problem. What once was 
         only one of several alternate solutions has now has become the 
         only solution to me". Barnabas remarks, "I'm not clear about 
         what you're saying". Elizabeth replies cryptically, "Soon, 
         it will become clear to everyone".     
            Barnabas and Elizabeth go back to Collinwood. Elizabeth
         tells Barnabas, "Thanks for walking back with me. The talk
         has helped me a lot". Barnbas replies, "You're quite welcome".
         Elizabeth starts up the stairs. David comes into the foyer
         and, seeing her, calls out, "Hi, Aunt Elizabeth!", but 
         Elizabeth just continues walking up, not appearing to 
         hear. David asks Barnabas, "Why wouldn't she answer?"
         Barnabas replies, "She has a lot on her mind. How have you
         been, David?" David replies, "I haven't been playing around
         the old house, if that's what you mean." Barnabas tells him,
         "But the friend Willie saw you playing with has been playing
         around there a lot. Next time you see her, could you please
         tell her to play somewhere else?" David replies, "I've only
         played with her once. She's not the kind of kid I play 
         with often. She's kind of behind the times. She sings
         London Bridge..."
            After talking with David, Barnabas goes and knocks on the
         closed drawing room doors. Vicky's voice calls out, "Come in".
         Barnabas does. He tells Vicky, "I hope I'm not disturbing you".
         Vicky replies, "No, I'm just correcting David's test papers".
         Barnabas praises her for her hard work and dedication, then
         tells her, "I'd like to draw your attention to something quite
         serious. I just came back from encountering Mrs. Stoddard at
         Widow's Hill. It seemed to me she was preparing to jump". Vicky
         exclaims, "To jump!?  No, you must be mistaken!" Barnabas
         replies, "I hope I am. She was standing very near to the 
         edge.  There was desperation in her look, hoplelessness in
         her voice. I'm very familiar with." Vicky protests, "Mrs. Stoddard
         wouldn't do that! She's a very strong woman! She's endured a great
         deal."  Barnabas replies, "Perhaps she can endure no more".
         Vicky admits, "She has been acting strangely lately..." She thanks
         Barnabas. Barnabas tells her, "You can look to me for advice and
         help any time. I enjoy your company immensely. Good night". As
         Barnabas walks away, Vicky tells him, "Wait. I'll walk out with
         you. I have a date with Burke Devlin". Barnabas remarks, "You see
         Mr. Devlin often". Vicky replies, "He's a very interesting man".
         Barnabas remarks, "Yes he is".
           At the Blue Whale, Burke Devlin is waiting impatiently.
         He goes to the pay phone, puts in a coin, and starts to
         dial. As he is doing so, Vicky comes in. She sees Burke at
         the phone, walks up behind  him, and jokes, "I hope you're
         not trying to find another date!" She apologizes to him for
         being late. Burke hangs up and presses the coin return.
         Nothing happens. Burke, pretending to be angry, exclaims, "My
         dime didn't come back!" He jokes, "Every dime counts.
         That's how I made my fortune!" Vicky, in return, jokes,
         "I'd say you got your dime's worth. You put in your dime,
         and before you finished dialing, I was here. Now that's what
         I call service!" They stop joking and start dancing. Vicky
         tells Burke,"I need this". Burke replies, "So do I". Vicky
         tells Burke, "I had to get out of Collinwood". Burke tells
         her, "Forget about Collinwood for a few minutes". Vicky
         tells him, "Sometimes I can't stand going back there,
         sometimes I just feel like breaking down and crying".
         Burke tells her, "Just dance, Vicky, dance". They dance
         for awhile. Burke asks Vicky, "Better now?" Vicky replies,
         "Yes". They finish dancing and sit down at a table for
         a couple of drinks. Burke tells Vicky, "I don't like some
         of the things you're exposed to in that house. I wish
         you'd quit and come work for me". Vicky asks, "Doing what?"
         Burke replies, "I'd make a job for you. How about governess?"
         Vicky jokes, "What? Not Vice-President?" Burke jokes back,
         "Sure". Vicky tells him, "I can't. I'm needed now, needed
         more than I've ever been needed before. Right now, I just
         can't think of myself." Burke asks, "What's the latest
         crisis?" Vicky tells Burke that Elizabeth has been acting
         strangely lately. Burke remarks, "No wonder, being forced 
         into a marriage she doesn't want". Vicky continues, "I got
         two reports. The first was from Mrs. Johnson. She told me
         she found Mrs. Stoddard at Widow's Hill acting strangely.
         The second report is the most alarming. Barnabas said he
         found her looking over the edge looking like she was
         preparing to jump". Burke, finding this hard to believe,
         exclaims, "No! Not Liz! If I knew what hold Jason McGuire
         had on her, maybe I could help. I have a private eye checking
         him out". Vicky tells him, "It won't do any good". Burke asks,
         "Vicky, do you know something you're not telling me?" Vicky
         denies this then abruptly excuses herself, saying she has to go
         back to Collinwood. 
            In the drawing room, Elizabeth is looking through a very
         large book. David comes in and says, "Hi, Aunt Elizabeth!".
         Elizabeth closes the book, replies, "Oh, David" and leaves
         without saying anything else. As she is mounting the stairs,
         Vicky comes in through the front doors. Seeing Elizabeth, she
         says, "Oh, Mrs. Stoddard.." Elizabeth just says, "Hi, Vicky"
         and goes upstairs without a further word.
            Vicky goes into the drawing room and finds David in there
         looking through a book. She asks, "Hello, David. What are you
         doing?" David replies, "Just looking through the book Aunt
         Elizabeth was reading". Vicky asks what the book is. David
         answers, "The Collins Family Bible. It has the names of all
         the Collins family members, when they were born, and when they
         died".  Vicky remarks, "Mrs. Stoddard has always been interested in
         the family history", but David points out, "But the page she was
         looking at had her name on it" and turns to the page Elizabeth was
         looking at.  Vicky looks at the page.  On it are three entries:

            Roger Collins
            Born  September 14, 1925.
            Elizabeth Collins
            Born February 28, 1917
            Carolyn Stoddard.
            Born July 16, 1946.

         Episode 268
         Worldvision Rerun 58
         Tape Date:  June 19, 1967 (ABC #133-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 5, 1967 Wednesday
         Writer:     Ron Sproat
         Director:   Lela Swift

            It is the next day. Elizabeth is in her room. The family
         Bible now lies on a table in there. Elizabeth stares at it.
         She opens the Bible, looks at her entry for a minute, then
         exclaims, "What am I doing?!" and closes it. Suddenly, she
         hears the Widows calling to her, "Elizabeth! Elizabeth!
         Elizabeth!" again. She goes to window and looks out. There's
         a knock at the door. Vicky's voice calls, "Mrs. Stoddard?
         Mrs. Stoddard?" Receiving no answer, she comes in. Elizabeth
         remarks, "Oh, Vicky. What is it?". Vicky replies, "I wanted
         to know if I could take David to Bangor today". She explains,
         "He needs some new clothes. He also needs a vacation. I
         thought we'd go to Bangor". Elizabeth asks, "Does it have
         to be today? What about tomorrow?" Vicky reminds her, "But
         Mrs. Stoddard! You're getting married tomorrow!" Elizabeth
         replies, "Oh. Yes". Elizabeth tells Vicky she hasn't seen
         David much lately and would like to spend some time with 
         him today. Roger comes into the room and tells Elizabeth he'd
         like to speak with her. As Vicky is leaving, Elizabeth asks
         her, "Where's Carolyn?" Vicky replies, "She went out early
         today. I don't know where". Elizabeth tells her, "When you
         see her, tell her I'd like to speak to her". Vicky leaves.
         Elizabeth asks Roger what he wants. Roger replies, "What's
         this about your will? Garner just called and said you wanted
         to talk to him about your will". Elizabeth replies, "I just
         wanted to see if it was in order". Roger remarks, "I hope
         you're not thinking of changing it in favor of Jason McGuire!"
         Elizabeth assures her she isn't, saying, "Carolyn and David 
         will always be my heirs". Roger again asks her if she's being
         forced into marrying Jason, saying, "It's not too late to back
         out", but Elizabeth replies, "I don't want to talk about it!"
         Roger tells her, "If that's the case, then I suppose the only
         thing I can say is to wish you Good Luck. I suppose there
         isn't anything more to say". Noticing the Bible on the table,
         he asks, "What's that doing up here? The family Bible. I
         haven't seen that in years! What are you doing with it?"
         Elizabeth replies, "I just wanted to enter my wedding date
         in it". Roger reminds her, "Family tradition has it that
         things are recorded AFTER the fact".  Elizabeth says, "Oh yes.  Of
         course".  Roger finally tells her, "I suppose I've said everything
         there is to say. See you later."  and leaves. Elizabeth looks at
         the Bible and says, "Later..."
            Elizabeth is sitting in a chair by the fireplace in her
         room. David comes in and asks, "Aunt Elizabeth, why can't
         I go to Bangor with Vicky today?" Elizabeth replies, "I'd
         like us to spend the day together." David protests, "But I
         wanted to go TODAY! I had the day all planned!" Elizabeth
         tells him, "I'd like to spend some time with you today.
         I'll be very busy after today and won't have the time".
         David, seeing how much his aunt wants to spend the day
         together, agrees to postpone the trip to Bangor. He
         tells her, "Want to go for a walk on the beach? There's
         a secret cave there! I'll show it to you if you promise
         to keep it a secret!" Elizabeth tells him, "You mean a 
         great deal to me, David, and I want you to remember that as
         you grow up". David, puzzled, remarks, "You talk to me
         like you're going away. Are you?" Elizabeth replies, "No".
         David remarks, "Aunt Elizbeth, you look sad." Elizabeth 
         replies, "No, not really". David remarks, "For a moment
         there, I thought you were going to cry". Elizabeth tells
         him he must have been imagining it. She tells him, "Go
         get your coat and I'll meet you downstairs".
            It is now late at night. Elizabeth, having spent the day
         with David, is now in the drawing room alone. The sound of
         the front door opening and closing is heard. Carolyn has 
         finally come home. She goes into the drawing room and,
         surprised to find her mother still awake, asks, "What are
         you doing still awake?" Elizabeth replies, "Waiting up for
         you".  Carolyn snarls, "Bed check, huh?" and taunts her, "I've 
         been out with Buzz having a ball, if that's what you wanted 
         to know!" Elizabeth replies, "That's not what I wanted to
         talk about. I wanted to have a talk, a talk about us. There
         was a time when we were very close, when we could talk..."
         Carolyn asks, "Why do want to talk? Because you're becoming
         Mrs. Jason McGuire tomorrow?" Elizabeth continues, "I'm 
         concerned about you". Carolyn replies, "You live your life,
         I'll live mine". Elizabeth tells her, "You ARE my life".
         Carolyn explodes, "Mother, what do you want? My consent?
         All right, you have it!" Elizabeth tells her, "I know you
         don't approve of me marrying Jason". Carolyn replies, "It's
         not my place to approve or disapprove!" Elizabeth tells 
         Carolyn, "Then you don't approve, but I'll never stop 
         loving you". Carolyn says, "I don't understand you. How
         can you throw your life away for a man like Jason McGuire?"
         Elizabeth replies, "I can't explain it to you". She tells
         Carolyn she wants to talk. Carolyn asks, "Why? Every time
         we talk now, it becomes an argument about Jason McGuire!".
         Elizabeth tells Carolyn, "I don't want to talk about that.
         I want to talk about the past. I want you to remember things
         the way they used to be". Carolyn replies that she's more
         concerned with the future than the past. Elizabeth makes the
         cryptic remark, "The future usually takes care of itself".
         Carolyn remarks, "You're acting strangely" and tells Elizabeth, 
         "Tomorrow is a big day for you. You'd better go to bed". 
         Elizabeth leaves.
            Upstairs in her room, Elizabeth opens the Family Bible
         to the page with her listing on it, uncaps a fountain pen
         and writes in the book.  Her section now reads,

                Elizabeth Collins
                Born February 28, 1917
                Died April 10, 1967

            Carolyn is in the drawing room, brooding. The front door
         is heard opening and closing. Carolyn looks and is surprised
         to see that it's Vicky coming home. She exclaims, "Vicky!
         I thought you were upstairs asleep. What are you doing coming
         home so late?" Vicky replies, "I didn't expect to, but Burke
         took me all the way to Clearwater for dinner. Everyone must be
         asleep already". Carolyn replies, "Not Mother. She was 
         waiting for me to come home. Vicky, I'm worried about her. 
         She was acting very strangely". Vicky replies that she's
         probably nervous about the wedding, but Carolyn tells her,
         "No, she didn't want to talk about it. She was almost acting
         like it was never going to happen. She kept telling me how
         much she loved me. All the time we were talking, I go the
         strange feeling she was saying goodbye..." 
            Vicky goes upstairs and knocks on Elizabeth's bedroom door.
         She calls, "Mrs. Stoddard?...Mrs. Stoddard?". Receiving no
         answer, she opens the door and goes in. She finds that no one
         is in there. Seeing the Family bible open on a table, she 
         looks at it and is shocked to see that the date of death
         line for Elizabeth's entry has now been filled in with
         "April 10, 1967", today's date...
            Elizabeth is at Widow's Hill. The widows start to call her
         name again. Elizabeth looks over the edge of the cliff...
         Episode 269
         Worldvision Rerun 59
         Tape Date:  June 21, 1967 (ABC #134-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 6, 1967 Thursday
         Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Elizabeth, looking very nervous, starts to pace around
         a bit. Then she goes back to the edge of the cliff and looks
         over, then backs up and prepares to jump. Suddenly, Vicky
         bursts into the clearing and shouts, "Mrs. Stoddard! Don't!
         You're too close to the edge!" She runs up and grabs Elizabeth.
         Elizabeth tries to struggle free of Vicky's grasp and throw
         herself over. Vicky screams, "Mrs. Stoddard! Please stop
         struggling or we'll both go over!" Elizabeth, not wanting any
         harm to come to Vicky, stops struggling.  Vicky tells her, "You're
         doing the wrong thing!"  Elizabeth replies, "I've spent my life
         doing the wrong thing.  This is the only thing left for me to do!
         Leave me alone!" Vicky begs her, "Come back to Collinwood with me",
         but Elizabeth replies, "I can't!  There's nothing left for me!  I've
         got to go through with it!"  Vicky tells her, "If you'd just give
         it a little more time, you'll think of something!"  Elizabeth
         replies, "There IS no more time!  I'll have to marry Jason
         tomorrow!  Besides, I've betrayed everyone - the Collins Family,
         Carolyn, myself!  There's nothing left to do!"  Vicky counters,
         "There's always hope as long as you're alive!"  Elizabeth replies,
         "But there's something else.  I killed my husband.  I deserve
         to be punished for that!"  Vicky tells her, "You've punished
         yourself enough for that already.  Think about it!  If you were
         to die now, what would happen?  How would Carolyn feel thinking
         she were responsible for this?  She'd feel guilty for the rest
         of her life!  Mrs. Stoddard, if you went over the edge, it would
         be like taking Carolyn with you!  Mrs. Stoddard, where there's
         life, there's always hope!".  Elizabeth backs away from the
         cliff, turns and hugs Vicky.
            Vicky and Elizabeth return to Collinwood. Elizabeth looks
         around and remarks, "I said goodbye to this house a little
         while ago..." Vicky suggests to Elizabeth, "Why don't you
         tell Carolyn the truth?" Elizabeth again replies, "No, I
         can't". She begs Vicky, "Don't ever tell anyone about what
         happened on Widow's Hill". Vicky promises she won't and
         adds, "There's one thing, though. There's a date in the
         family Bible put in there in error. I think it should be
         erased". Elizabeth asks, "Will you erase it for me, Vicky?"
         Vicky agrees to do so. Jason comes into the drawing room and
         tells Elizabeth he'd like to talk to her and asks Vicky to 
         leave. Elizabeth replies, "I want Vicky to stay!" Vicky tells
         Jason she's staying because, "Mrs. Stoddard isn't feeling well".
         Jason jokes, "She's just a nervous bride".  Elizabeth snaps,
         "Your sense of humor is not appreciated!"  Jason takes out a
         small box and gives it to Elizabeth. Elizabeth opens it and finds
         a ring inside.  Jason tells her to put it on. Elizabeth adamantly
         replies, "I won't put that ring on!" Jason tells Vicky, "Vicky,
         I'm afraid I must insist you go now". Vicky refuses, saying,
         "Mrs. Stoddard wants me to stay". Elizabeth tells Vicky,
         "You can go now, Vicky. I can deal with this". Vicky leaves.
         Jason asks, "Have you told that girl anything?" Elizabeth
         replies, "I only tell people what I think they should know".
         Jason remarks, "You've getting very adept lately at give
         very vague answers".  Elizabeth retorts, "Well, at least we now
         have something in common." Jason asks, "Why won't you put on
         the ring?" Elizabeth answers, "At the ceremony, for the
         sake of others, I'll put the ring on, but now now!" Jason
         remarks, "I can see this is going to be a stormy, tempestuous
         marriage". Elizabeth snaps, "This will never be a real
            Burke Devlin is talking on the pay phone at the Blue
         Whale. Holding some papers on one hand and the receiver on
         the other, he speaks into the phone, "I have your report
         on Jason McGuire....Yes, it's exactly what I wanted.  Keep
         sending me anything else you dig up".  He hangs up and goes to
         a table. Vicky comes in and joins Burke. Burke tells her, "Sorry
         for asking you to come here on such short notice, but I have
         something important to tell you."  Vicky tells him, "I don't have
         much time.  I've got to get back soon to prepare for the wedding
         tomorrow".  Burke tells her, "It's about the wedding.  I know
         what this wedding has been doing to everyone, so I've taken
         it upon myself to do something about it. I've been having Jason
         McGuire investigated. He has an international reputation. I can
         almost admire him. He's never actually been arrested, but he's
         come close. He's been in trouble all over the world, Hong Kong, Rio,
         Marseilles. He's been accused of smuggling, swindling, extortion,
         but they never had enough evidence to arrest him. He's wanted for
         questioning in several places. I want to submit this information to
         Mrs. Stoddard. Maybe she'll call off the marriage." Vicky replies,
         "It's too late". Burke exclaims, "Surely there's still a chance!"
         Vicky thinks for a moment, then agrees, "Yes, there is a chance!"
         They hurriedly leave.
            Burke and Vicky go to Collinwood. Vicky tells Elizabeth
         Burke wants to talk to her. Elizabeth replies, "I'm not in
         the mood to talk to Burke". Burke begs, "Please, just a few
         minutes. I want to do something for you. I have some information
         on Jason McGuire. Do you know what kind of man he is?"  Elizabeth
         replies, "I already know what kind of man he is".  Burke tells
         her, "Maybe you don't know him as well as you think you do.
         I have a report here on all the illegal activities he's been
         involved in".  Elizabeth asks, "Illegal activities?" Burke hands
         her the report and tells her, "Here. Read it yourself".  Elizabeth
         refuses to do so, instead becoming angry at Burke for meddling.
         Burke says, "Please, Mrs. Stoddard, I'm just trying to help!"
         Elizabeth snaps, "I don't want to discuss Jason McGuire!" Jason
         McGuire comes into the room, sees Burke and asks, "I heard my name.
         What did you say to tell Elizabeth about me?" Elizabeth tells
         him, "He came here to talk me out of marrying you". Jason
         asks, "Did he succeed?" Elizabeth replies, "No". Jason asks
         Burke how he expected to talk Elizabeth out of marrying
         him. Burke replies, "With this" and hands the report to him.
         Jason glances at the contents and remarks, "Very interesting."
         Burke remarks, "That's all I could get in short order. I'm
         sure there's much more. I probably haven't even scratched
         the surface yet." Jason asks Elizabeth, "Does this bother you?" 
         Elizabeth replies, "No". Jason gives the report back to Burke 
         and tells him, "This must have cost you a pretty penny. Maybe 
         you should have it encased in plastic". He invites Burke to 
         come to the wedding, kisses Elizabeth on the cheek, says, 
         "Good night, my dear" and leaves.
         Episode 270
         Worldvision Rerun 60
         Tape Date:  June 22, 1967 (ABC #135-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 7, 1967 Friday
         Writer:     Joe Caldwell
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Carolyn is in Jason McGuire's room, frantically searching
         through everything. Finally, going through the drawers of 
         the bureau, she finds what looks like a diary hidden beneath
         some clothes. Finding the diary to be locked, she goes over
         to the writing desk, takes a letter opener, and cuts open the
         strap securing the diary. Jason McGuire comes into the room and
         catches Carolyn in the act. He tells Carolyn, "Very soon, you're
         going to regret being here. You're going to regret being here
         very much". Carolyn, startled, drops the diary. Jason grabs
         her and tells her, "Pick up the book". Carolyn cries, "Let me
         go!" Jason replies, "I will when you pick up the book and
         give it to me". Carolyn does. Jason remarks, "Well, did you
         find it interesting reading"? Carolyn replies, "I didn't
         read any of it". Jason remarks, "I suppose you think it's
         a diary, a record of my actions for the last 20 year. I
         suppose you think there's something in here you could use
         to prevent me from marrying your mother. Do you think if
         such a thing existed, I'd be stupid enough to write it
         down?" He warns her, "I'm going through with the marriage,
         and soon I'm going to have the prerogatives of the husband
         of the house, and I intend to use them. You threatened to
         get married today. I expect you to be married and out of
         this house by tonight". Carolyn, shocked, asks, "You're
         telling me to leave my own house?" Jason replies, "No, I'm
         telling you to leave MY house! Just how long do you expect
         to keep pushing me around? I want you out of my house by
         TONIGHT!" Carolyn asks, "And what if I don't?" Jason
         replies, "Then I'll ask Mrs. McGuire to order you to leave".
         Carolyn exclaims, "Never! She'd never do that!" Jason 
         replies, "You thought she would never let me stay here at
         Collinwood. You were wrong. You thought she'd never marry me. 
         You were wrong. You're going to be wrong about this, too. Now, 
         excuse me. I've got to get dressed for a wedding, you know."
         Carolyn exclaims, "It'll never happen!" Jason replies, "Just
         wait a few hours and see". He adds, "Oh, Carolyn, no doubt
         the wedding is going to be too moving for words, so I'll say
         it now". Carolyn asks, "Say what?" Jason replies, "Good bye".
            Carolyn is at the bar of the Blue Whale, getting very drunk.
         She goes to the jukebox, puts in a coin and makes a selection.
         Music starts to play. Carolyn goes back to the bar. The Blue
         Whale is empty, Carolyn and the bartender the only people
         there. Carolyn complains, "Where is everybody? Don't they 
         know this in an international holiday? Mrs. Elizabeth 
         Collins Stoddard of Collinwood is getting married to Mr.
         Jason McGuire of nowhere!". The bartender recommends, "Go
         home. You've had too much to drink". Carolyn replies, "Home?
         What's that? Soon, I won't have a home". Someone comes
         in through the front doors. Carolyn, hearing the noise,
         exclaims, "Finally! Someone!" She turns and, seeing that
         it's Joe Haskell, disappointedly remarks, "Oh, it's just
         YOU". Joe asks, "What are you doing here?" Carolyn makes
         some snide remarks and Joe, upset, says, "OK", leaves and
         goes to a table. Carolyn exclaims, "Hey! Where are you
         going?" and joins him at his table. She tells him her
         problems. Joe tells her, "There's nothing you can do
         about Jason McGuire. Marrying that creep's no answer. 
         Jason would probably enjoy seeing you do that". Carolyn
         replies, "Maybe I won't marry Buzz. Maybe there IS 
         something I can do about Jason McGuire!" and gets up
         to leaves.  Joe, worried that Carolyn might get hurt
         driving in her drunken condition, tells her, "Hey, wherever
         you're going, let me take you there".  Carolyn replies,
         "All right, take me to Collinwood!  I hear they're having
         a wedding there!".
           Carolyn returns to Collinwood and goes into the drawing
         room. She goes to the desk, opens a drawer and takes Roger's
         gun out...
            Elizabeth is upstairs brushing her hair, getting ready
         for the wedding. Vicky is in there with her. Vicky asks,
         "Anything else I can do?" Elizabeth answers dejectedly,
         "There's nothing else anyone can do. Oh, Vicky, hand
         me that handerchief on the bureau. Vicky goes the bureau
         and unwraps a handkerchief wrapped in paper. She remarks,
         "It's lovely!" Elizabeth explains, "It was my grandmother's.
         She wore it at her wedding. She gave it to my mother, who
         wore it at her wedding. She gave it to me, and I wore it at 
         my wedding to Paul Stoddard." Vicky hands it to her, but
         she changes her mind and tells Vicky she doesn't want it,
         saying, "It should be used only at real weddings". She 
         reminisces about how happy she was the day she married Paul
         Stoddard, and on badly it turned out. Vicky tells Elizabeth,
         "It's still not to late to call off the wedding". Elizabeth
         replies, "It is. It was too late the day I met Paul. It was too
         late the day I married him. It was too late the day I killed him.
         Throw the handkerchief away". Vicky, puzzled, asks, "Why?" Elizabeth
         replies, "Who's there to use it now? Carolyn? Everything's ruined
         now. Why didn't you just let me die?" Vicky replies, "I couldn't
         do that". Elizabeth tells her, "You can go downstairs now. I want
         to be alone for awhile". Vicky replies, "All right" and leaves.
            Burke and Roger are in the drawing room. Roger asks Burke,
         "What are you doing here? You know this is not a felicitous occasion
         for the Collins family".  Burke asks, "And you think I'm here to
         revel in it?"  Roger asks, "Well, aren't you?"  Jason walks into
         the room and says, "No, he's here because I invited him". Jason
         complains that the judge should have arrived by now and frets that
         he might be late.  Carolyn comes down into the foyer. She is carrying
         a white pocketbook which bulges and seems to have something large
         and heavy inside. She goes into the drawing room. Seeing her,
         Roger remarks, "Carolyn! I thougt you had gone out." Carolyn
         replies, "I came back". There's a knock at the front door.
         Jason looks and  says, "Ah! The judge! That means we can start
         on time!" (Presumable, Mrs. Johnson has opened the door for him.) 
         He goes over to Carolyn and reminds her, "You have other plans
         later". Carolyn replies, "Yes. I have other plans". The judge
         comes into the drawing room and asks, "Where's the bride?"
         Carolyn replies, "She'll be down later". Vicky comes into the 
         drawing room and, surprised to see Carolyn there, exclaims,
         "Carolyn! What are you doing here?" Carolyn replies, "Why
         are you so surprised? You didn't think I miss my own mother's
         wedding, did you?" 
            Elizabeth comes down into the foyer. She hears the judge
         talking inside telling everyone about her first marriage to
         Paul Stoddard, "They were married in this very room.  People
         gasped when she walked in this room she was so beautiful..."
         She goes into the room and apoligizes, "Sorry to keep everyone
         waiting". Carolyn opens her handbag and peeks inside. Inside is
         Roger's revolver.  Elizabeth sees Carolyn and, surprised, exclaims,
         "Carolyn!" Carolyn replies, "Hello, Mother". Elizabeth tells her,
         "So glad you could be here. I knew you'd come". Jason remarks,
         "We might as well start". Elizabeth replies, "Yes, we might as
         well start". Everyone takes their positions. Carolyn stands
         at the back of the audience. The ceremony starts. The judge
         asks Jason and Elizabeth to join hands. They do. He starts
         the vows, "Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, do you take this man
         to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in
         health,..till death do you part?" Carolyn, at the back of
         the audience, opens her purse and puts her hand inside...
         Elizabeth just stands there, silent. Jason prompts her, "Say
         'I do', dear". Elizabeth remains silent. Jason again prompts her 
         "Simply say, 'I do', dear". Elizabeth stammers, "I...I...I..."
         "No! NO! I can't!" The Judge asks, "Elizabeth, what's the matter?"
         Elizabeth blurts out, "I killed Paul Stoddard!"  She points to
         Jason McGuire and adds, "And that man was my accomplice!" In the
         back of the audience, Carolyn, her hand still in her handbag,
         drops it, her mouth wide open in an expression of shock.
         Episode 271
         Worldvision Rerun 61
         Tape Date:  June 23, 1967 (ABC #136-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 10, 1967 Monday
         Writer:     Joe Caldwell
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Jason exclaims, "You can't believe what she's saying!"
         Elizabeth goes on, "I killed him and YOU helped me bury 
         him. I had to tell or I'd go mad!" Roger exclaims, "Liz, I
         don't believe it!"  Elizabeth replies, "Yes, it happened right
         in this very room..." The judge stops her, saying, "As a judge
         I might be called to hear this case and can't hear any more.
         I must leave".  Roger tells Elizabeth, "Don't say any more until
         I get a lawyer here".  Jason interjects, "She doesn't need
         a lawyer.  She needs a doctor!" Elizabeth tells Roger, "No, that
         won't be necessary. I want to tell the truth now, especially
         to Carolyn". The judge once again stresses that he can't hear
         anything she is about to say and leaves. Carolyn gasps, "I was
         going to kill him. I was going to shoot him..." Everyone looks
         down and sees the gun, which has come out of Carolyn's handbag,
         lying on the floor. Roger remarks to Jason, "Liz did you a favor
         in stopping the wedding. Otherwise, you'd be dead". Carolyn moans
         to Elizabeth, "You killed my father... Why?" Elizabeth replies,
         "I couldn't help it!  He was going to leave..." Jason says, "It
         isn't true! She's hysterical!  I'm not going to stay here and
         listen to any more of this absurdity!" and starts to turn to leave,
         but Burke picks up the gun, aims it at him and tells him, "You'll
         have to!" Elizabeth starts to tell her story...
           "It happened in this very room. There was a bad storm
         outside. Paul was standing by the fireplace. His bags
         were packed. He was drinking what seemed like his last
         toast to Collinwood. I had discovered that he was planning to
         leave that night, never to return, but I knew something else,
         something that made it necessary for me to stop him. But he only
         laughed, his cruel, mocking laugh. He said, 'I don't know
         what you're so angry about. You should be glad I'm leaving'.
         I replied, 'I'm not trying to stop you from leaving.  I'm
         trying to stop you from doing what you're trying to do'.
         He asks, 'And what do you think I'm trying to do?'  I told him,
         I know what's in that suitcase, bonds and jewelry worth a fortune'.
         Paul tried to deny it, but I told him, 'I know the contents of
         the safe, and that's what's in that suitcase. You can go,
         but that suitcase stays here!'. Paul tried to argue that
         he had a right to that money, but I told him, 'That money
         belongs to Carolyn!'. He told me, 'She'll never miss it.
         Tell her it's a small payment for having to put up with
         her for two years'.  I insisted, "It's Carolyn's!"  He replied,
         'I don't have time to argue with you about this. I'm expecting
         someone to come pick me up'. I replied, 'I know. I've found out.
         It's that friend of yours, Jason McGuire. He's found a way
         of disposing of those securitites in a way that can't
         be traced'. Paul said, 'Goodbye', and turned to leave.
         I picked up a poker and  warned him, 'Put down that suitcase!
         I warn you!' He turned around, looked at me and laughed.
         He told me, 'You look ridiculous!' I told him, 'I can't
         let you take what rightfully belongs to Carolyn!' He
         replied, 'I don't care about Carolyn. I'm leaving' and
         turned to leave again. Enraged, I hit him with the poker.
         Shocked by what I had done, I cried, 'No...No...Someone,
         help me...'
            "'I saw blood gushing from the back of his head. I ran
         from the room. I didn't know what to do. Jason McGuire
         came. I begged, 'Mr. McGuire, you've got to help me.
         Paul. In there... Please call a doctor. I didn't mean
         to do it...' Jason wondered what I was talking about.
         I gestured towards the closed drawing room doors and
         told him, 'Look. In there'. Jason opened the door a
         crack and peeked inside. He closed the door and told
         me, 'Don't call anyone else in the house. Maybe he's
         just unsconcious'. He went in the room, closing the door
         behind him. A few moments later, he came back out,
         closing the doors behind him, and told me, 'Mrs. Stoddard,
         I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but he's dead.'  I cried,
         'I didn't mean to! What am I going to do?'  Jason said, 'Mrs.
         Stoddard, why don't you let me help you? It was only an
         accident. There's no need for the police to find out. I can
         fix it so no one knows'. I was puzzled and asked him why he
         wanted to do this.  He told me, 'Your little daughter. She's
         just lost her father. There's no need to lose her mother too.
         The whole town knows that Paul was planning to leave.  Just let
         them think he left.  No one will suspect a thing.' I was
         concerned about this being illegal and unethical, but he
         convinced me, 'Just let me get rid of the body. For Carolyn's
         sake'. I told him, 'All right, please, please do it!'
         Jason decided to bury Paul in the basement. I told
         him where to get an empty crate. He brought the box up
         and told me to stand guard in the foyer to make sure
         no one disturbed him while he was working. He came out
         of the drawing room with the trunk and took it down
         to the basement to dig a hole and bury it. He had poured
         ink on the carpet to hide the blood and told me I was
         to use the pretext that I had spilled the ink to have
         it replaced. I had old Matthew Morgan take it away and
         burn it two weeks later. I waited. Jason finally came
         back upstairs and told me, 'I did it. Now no one will
         ever know. Come with me. You'll have to know where it's
         buried. You'll have to lock up that room so that no one
         will ever find out.' We went downstairs and went into the
         closet. He pointed to the flagstones at the center of the
         floor and said, 'There. No one know but the two of us.
         You can tell everyone he ran off. Let's go. Time to lock
         the door for good'. We went outside. Jason locked the
         door and handed the key to me. I looked at the key I held
         in my hand and I knew that from that moment on I was
         a prisoner of Collinwood forever..."
         Episode 272
         Worldvision Rerun 62
         Tape Date:  June 26, 1967 (ABC #137-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 11, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:     Joe Caldwell
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Jason exclaims, "I tell you, everyting she says is
         a lie!" Roger remarks, "We've suspected you've been
         blackmailing my sister into marrying you, but we never
         knew how. Now we do". Jason replies, "I haven't been
         blackmailing her! I have nothing to blackmail her with!"
         Roger asks, "You call a body in the basement nothing?"
         Jason replies, "There's nothing down there!" Burke remarks,
         "No need to lie. All we have to do is do a little digging".
         Jason replies, "Go ahead! There's nothing down there,
         I tell you!" Carolyn moans, "My father, buried in that
         terrible room..." Jason insists, "There's nothing down
         there. All you have to do is dig there and you'll find
         out I'm telling the truth!" Burke caustically remarks,
         "You've never been withing 10 miles of the truth in your
         whole life". Elizabeth tells them she's decided to call
         the sheriff and confess. Roger begs her not to, to let
         the family handle it. Elizabeth replies, "No, I want to
         be free of this, even if it means going to prison'.
         Jason tells her, "Go ahead. I haven't done nothing wrong,
         absolutely nothing!" Elizabeth calls the Sheriff and starts
         talking, "Hello, Sheriff Patterson? Can you come to Collinwood
         right away? There's been a murder here". Suddenly, Jason
         leaps at Burke, knocks the gun out of is hand and flees. Burke
         picks up the gun and gives chase. Roger gets a shotgun and runs
         out after them. The sound of gunshots are heard coming from
            Roger and Burke are searching the woods for Jason. Roger
         asks Burke, "I heard gunshots. Did you hit him?" Burke replies,
         "No, I saw a figure fleeing into the woods and shot at it but
            At Collinwood, Elizabeth wonders, "Why does Jason keep 
         insisting there's nothing down there?" Carolyn continues to
         moan, "My father, buried down there..." Elizabeth tries to talk
         to her, but Carolyn just keeps moaning, "My father..." Elizabeth
         keeps trying, "I didn't mean to do it, can't you understand?"
         Vicky tries to help, "Carolyn, everything your mother did she
         did for you". Carolyn refuses to even look at her mother,
         saying, "I can't even look at you. You killed my father".
         Elizabeth begs, "Let me talk to you, let me try to explain".
         Carolyn replies, "I can't hear anything you say anymore,
         You took me down to that room to show me nothing was down
         there. All the time, I was standing on my father's grave.
         I've been waiting for him to come back all these years, but he
         was buried down there, all alone..." Elizabeth tells her, "No,
         not alone. I can't tell you how many times I went into
         that room and cried.." Vicky says, "That weeping! It was
         you!" Elizabeth replies, "Yes". She begs Carolyn, "Please
         look at me". Carolyn turns, looks, cries, "No!!!" and
         runs off.
            The sheriff, having arrived and heard Elizabeth's story,
         tells her, "From what you've told me, Jason McGuire is the real
         criminal here". Roger returns. The sheriff asks, "Find McGuire?"
         Roger replies, "No. Burke is still out there. What happens
         now?" The sheriff replies, "Wait". Roger asks, "What for?"
         The sheriff replies, "I need one of my men to come here and
         help me". Elizabeth asks, "Why? I'm not going to give you
         any trouble when you take me in". The sheriff explains,
         "No, from what you told me, there's a body down there.
         It'll have to be dug up". Elizabeth replies, "Of course".
         Burke comes in and tells the sheriff, "Your men think
         they have McGuire cornered in the woods near the highway".
         The sheriff asks Burke and Roger if they'll help him dig
         up the body. They agree to do so, that everything will finish
         up faster and be easier on Elizabeth. As the prepare to
         go, the Sheriff changes his mind and tells Roger, "You
         stay here with Elizabeth. Burke and I will go". Elizabeth
         gives the sheriff the keys and tells him, "It's in the middle
         of the room, under the flagstones".
            Burke and the sheriff go downstairs, go into the closet,
         lift up the flagstones and start to dig.  
            Vicky is now in the drawing room with Elizabeth, Roger
         apparently having gone elsewhere. Elizabeth begs Vicky to
         tell Carolyn to come back and let her explain. Vicky tells
         Elizabeth, "But I don't know where she is. I've looked 
         through the whole house for her". Elizabeth starts to
         imagine that she can hear them digging downstairs and that
         it's causing the whole house to shake. 
            Burke and the sheriff dig for a long time without 
         hitting anything. They start to think that maybe Jason
         WAS telling the truth for once in his life and that there's 
         nothing down there. Suddenly they hit something. Burke
         remarks, "Jason was lying. A trunk..."
         Episode 273
         Worldvision Rerun 63
         Tape Date:  June 25, 1967 (ABC #138-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 12, 1967  Wednesday
         Writer:     Joe Caldwell
         Director:   John Sedwick

           Burke and the sheriff have lifted the crate out of
        the hole. It now sits on the closet floor.  The sheriff
        remarks, "Now that lock looks pretty rusty. It looks like
        it'll be pretty easy to break".  Burke remarks, "There can't
        be much in there after 18 years". Using a crowbar, the sheriff
        breaks open the lock and opens the box. Burke and the sheriff
        look inside, then at each other, a funny look on their faces.
           Roger and Elizabeth are upstairs in the drawing room.
        Roger asks Elizzabeth, "Liz, why didn't you ever tell me
        the truth?" Elizabeth replies, "How could I?" Roger
        assures her, "I would've kept it a secret". Elizabeth
        tells him, "It wasn't that". Roger asks, "What was it?"
        Elizabeth replies, "Pride". She tells him it she couldn't
        tell him because she was known for her integrity, as the
        "conscience" of the Collins family. Roger assures Elizabeth
        she won't have to worry about the law, that she was justified
        in doing what she did because Paul Stoddard was trying to rob
        her. Elizabeth replies, "I wasn't keeping this secret all these
        years to escape the law.  I was afraid of what it would do to
        Carolyn.  Now I've lost her, and that's my real punishment". Burke
        and the sheriff come into the room. Elizabeth asks, "Find anything?"
        The sheriff replies, "Yes." Elizabeth remarks, "I was sure you
        would". The phone rings. Roger answers, and, finding that
        it's for the Sheriff, gives it to him. The sheriff talks
        on the phone, "Yes? You did! No, don't bring him there,
        bring him here right away". The sheriff tells everyone that
        Jason McGuire has just been caught. Elizabeth, asks, "You're
        bringing him here? Why? I don't want that man in this house again!" 
        The sheriff replies, "Sorry, but I have some specific questions 
        I want to ask him." Elizabeth protests, "Why? I can tell you 
        everything about that box". The sheriff replies, "I don't think 
        so". Elizabeth continues, "I can identify that body".  The sheriff
        tells her, "I don't think that won't be necessary. That trunk
        we dug up in the basement. Maybe you could tell us why it was
        empty". Elizabeth exclaims, "Empty?!" The sheriff replies, 
        "Absolutely empty". 
           Everyone goes downstairs. The sheriff tells Elizabeth, "You
        don't have to go in there. You can take my word that it's
        empty", but Elizabeth replies, "I have to see it". They go
        inside. The sheriff asks, "Is that the spot where Jason McGuire
        said he buried Paul Stoddard?" Elizabeth replies that it was.
        The sheriff asks, "And was that the trunk?" Elizabeth replies that
        it was. The sheriff opens the trunk. Elizabeth looks into the box 
        and sees that it is indeed empty. She exclaims, "But there's
        nothing there!" The sheriff tells her, "And no trace that 
        anything ever was. No blood, nothing". Elizabeth moans, "Why
        is there nothing there?  I've stayed at Collinwood for 18 years
        because of this, afraid that someome would find it if I left!
        Why have I lived like this?  Why have I had nightmares, night
        after night, that someone might come in here and find out?
        If he's not here, then where is he?" The sheriff remarks,
        "Has it ever occured to you that you didn't kill Paul Stoddard?"
        A deputy brings Jason McGuire down. Burke is with thm. The 
        sheriff shows him the empty trunk and asks him about it, but
        Jason insists, "I've never seen this trunk before in my life.
        I don't know anything about anything". Roger says, "We know
        all about your attempt to blackmail the family, and about
        that bank account in Switzerland". The sheriff adds, "We
        have enough to put you away for a long time". Jason asks, 
        "I'd like to speak to Liz privately". Everyone is suspicious
        and reluctant to let him do this, but Elizabeth reluctantly
        agrees, saying, "All right. If that's the only way to learn
        the truth". 
           Everyone goes upstairs. Elizabeth and Jason go into the
        drawing room to talk behind closed doors. Meanwhile, Roger,
        Burke and the Sheriff wait outside in the foyer. Roger tells
        the sheriff that he's afraid that Jason will be able to 
        sweet talk Elizabeth, that's he'd done it before and he's
        afraid he'll manage to do it again.
           Inside the drawing room, Jason finishes his story, and
        Elizabeth asks, "Is that the truth?" Jason replies, "That's
        the truth, Liz, and now if you'd call your friend the Sheriff
        in, I'd like to be on my way as soon as possible". Elizabeth
        mutters, "I can't believe it!" Jason assures her, "This time,
        you can believe it". Elizabeth opens the drawing room doors.
        Jason announces, "Sheriff, Mrs. Stoddard has something to tell
        you". Everyone comes in. Elizabeth announces, "I did not kill
        Paul Stoddard. Jason, tell them what you told me". Jason starts,
        "It's very simple. You can probably guess what happened".
        Roger guesses, "Paul was only stunned. You and he made plans
        to blackmail the family". Jason replies, "No, not originally". He
        tells everyone, "When I came into the room, Paul was sitting up
        rubbing his head. I told him he was a fool trying to get away
        with so much, Liz would never let him. I told him to settle for
        a little less. It would stil be plenty". He tells about how he
        pretened to "help" Elizabeth and get rewarded for it, and how he
        split the money with Paul Stoddard, who, greedy, got more than
        his fair share. He insists he never intended to blackmail Elizabeth,
        that he only came back bacause he had run out of money and was
        totally broke. Elizabeth asks, "Where is Paul?" Jason replies,
        "I don't know. I lost contact with him 10 years ago in Hong Kong".
        Roger asks, "Is he still alive?" Jason tells him, "I would assume
        so. His health was fine last time I saw him 10 years ago". He
        excuses himself, says "Goodbye" and turns to leaves. The sheriff
        shouts, "Where do you thing you're going?" Jason nonchalently
        replies, "Canada, maybe". The sheriff tells him, "No, you're
        coming with me!" Roger reminds him, "There's still the matter of
        blackmail to consider!", but Elizabeth tells him, "I'm dropping
        the blackmail charges. I agreed that if he told me the truth, I'd
        drop the charges". Roger exclaims, "Liz, you can't!", but
        Elizabeth replies, "I've given him my word. I can't go back
        on it". Roger turns to the sheriff and tells him, "Sheriff!
        I insist, arrest that man!" Elizabeth says, "But I've given
        my word!" Roger replies, "But I haven't given mine. Sheriff,
        arrest that man!" The sheriff asks, "On what charges?" Roger
        replies, "Fraud, extorting and blackmail against the family".
        He tells the sheriff he'll be willing to press charges. 
        Elizabeth begs, "I just want to be rid of Jason McGuire once
        and for all! I can't go through the scandal of a public
        trial! I can't have everyone knowing about all this!" 
        Burke agrees that Elizabeth shouldn't have to go through
        all this. Roger reluctantly agrees and changes his mind
        about pressing charges. The sheriff tells Jason, "You have
        until sunup to get out of town! I'm giving orders to all my
        men to arrest you if they see you in town after 6:00 A.M.!"
        Jason asks, "Could you do me a favor? Could you give me till
        evening?" The sheriff, suspicious, asks, "Why? What are you
        planning?" Jason replies, "Nothing. I just need time to
        pack and make preparations". Elizabeth begs, "Give him what
        he wants, as long as he leaves!" The sheriff reluctantly
        agrees. He leaves to tell his deputies.  Jason thanks Elizabeth,
        "You've been very kind". Elizabeth replies, "Not by choice".
        Jason takes a flower from a vase, puts it in his lapel,
        says, "Liz, thank you" leaves. Elizabeth says, "He's gone!
        At last, he's gone!" Burke wonders, "I wonder what those 
        arrangements he was talking about were". Elizabeth replies,
        "We're better off not knowing, better off not knowing anything
        about Jason McGuire".
           Jason goes to the old house and spies through the window...
         Episode 274
         Worldvision Rerun 64
         Tape Date:  June 27, 1967 (ABC #139-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 13, 1967  Thursday
         Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Willie is in the living room of the old house. Barnabas
         comes downstairs. Willie remarks, "You've been up there for
         a long time". Barnabas tells him, "That room must not be vacant 
         long". Willie asks, "Isn't there another way?" Barnabas replies,
         "No. That's the way I live. I have already made my plans. I 
         have already selected the next Josette". Willie asks, "Who
         will it be?", but Barnabas just replies, "You will find out in
         good time". Willie warns him, "Maybe it won't work". He points
         out how badly he failed with Maggie. Barnabas replies, "I make
         a mistake last time. I selected the wrong subject. I was
         hasty. Maggie Evans didn't have enough of the gentle qualities
         to become Josette. I've made a better choice this time. Bring
         me the jewel box. I want to select a gift for her". 
            Outside, through the window, Jason sees Willie bring a
         box full of jewels to Barnabas, and sees Barnabas searching
         through it. His eyes widen with greed.
            Willie tells Barnabas, "I know who the next Josette will
         be. Vicky Winters", but Barnabas only replies, "You'll have
         to wait and see". 
            Willie is outside the old house doing something. Suddenly,
         he sees someone familiar and, surprised, exclaims, "Jason!"
         Jason says, "I was just about to come to see you". Willie
         asks, "Why?" Jason replies, "To shake your hand and wish
         you a fond farewell". Willie, puzzled, asks, "You leaving?
         I thougt you were getting married". Jason replies, "That 
         part of the deal fell through". Willie smiles and says, "You
         can't fool me. The whole deal fell though, didn't it? The plans 
         of the great Jason McGuire fell through!" He asks, "Where are 
         you going now?" Jason replies, "Oh, maybe Florida for a little 
         vacation, then Texas for an oil deal. Want to come along?". 
         Willie declines, saying, "Things are working out fine for
         me right here". Jason remarks, "I've always taken good care
         of you. Now it's your turn to do me a little favor". Willie,
         realizing that Jason is asking for money, replies, "I don't
         have more than a few dollars I could give you". Jason tells
         him, "I'll need more than that, a lot more, and maybe you 
         know where you can get it!". Willie replies, "No I don't",
         but Jason tells him, "Sure you do. All you do is dip your
         right hand in, curl the fingers, take out a handful, and put
         it into your pocket. Then you do the same thing with your
         left hand..." Willie asks, "Dip my hand in what?" Jason
         replies, "In that jewel chest in the Old House. I know it's
         there and so do you. I don't want all of it, just enough".
         Willie protests, "But it isn't mine..." Jason warns 
         him, "I know all about what happened to Maggie Evans, and
         I know what's about to happen to Vicky Winters. You know
         what to do". Willie answers, "Yeah..." Jason tells him,
         "Don't take too long, lad. I have things to do". Willie
         replies, "I'll do it tomorrow at noon, when he's not there".  
         Jason tell him, "All right, Willie. Meet me at the Blue Whale.
         You'd better be there".  
            Jason is sitting at the bar of the Blue Whale, drinking a
         mug of beer. Vicky Winters comes in through the front door.
         She sees Jason sitting there, and a look of distaste comes
         across her face. Nevertheless, she goes up to the bar and
         asks the Bartender, "Has Carolyn Stoddard been in here today?"
         Jason, seeing Vicky, exclaims, "Vicky! Mind if I speak to 
         you for a few minutes and give a sort of farewell speech?"
         Vicky replies very coldly, "We've said all we have to say
         to each other". Jason asks, "What arou you doing?" Vicky
         replies, "Looking for Carolyn. We haven't seen her since
         she heard the news her Mother killed her father. She hasn't
         heard the real story. I can't ever forgive you for what
         you did. You ruined the life of a wonderful woman for 18
         years! I'm sorry to see you getting away with this and 
         leaving Collinwood a free man." Jason mocks Vicky's innocence,
         telling her, "You live in fantasy world, Vicky, a world in
         which people could wear tags saying, 'Good' and 'Bad'. Maybe
         you should. You'd see that the people wearing the 'Bad' tags
         outnumber those wearing the 'Good'. By a considerable margin!"
         He makes a few cryptic remarks about knowing what's going
         to happen to her next, saying, "Too bad I won't be here to
         see it", but refuses to explain further. He then asks, 
         "Victoria Winters. Just who are you and where do you come
         from?" Vicky asks, "Why ask that?" Jason replies, "Because
         I know you don't know. Well, I was here 18 years ago, and
         maybe I DO know". Vicky asks, "What do you know?" Jason
         replies, "What I know I'm taking with me". Vicky asks, "Are
         you just trying to hurt me?" Jason snidely replies, "Am I
         succeeding?" Vicky angrily leaves.
            Jason is sitting at a table, drinking a beer. Willie comes
         in. Jason sarcastically remarks, "What happened, Willie, got
         lost?" Willie replies, "I had things to do. I got here as fast
         as I could". Jason asks Willie to share a farewell drink with 
         him. Willie refuses, saying he doesn't have the time, but Jason
         insists, and Willie reluctantly sits down. Jason has the
         bartender bring two beers. Jason toasts, "To whatever the
         future holds for us!" and they drink. Jason declares, "The
         meeting is now in order. Willie, I believe you have a report
         to give. You have the floor!" Willie hands him a handkerchief.
         Jason opens it and finds a single brooch. Shocked, he asks,
         "What's this?!" Willie replies, "That's it". Jason says,
         "You can't be serious! I asked for handfuls!" Willie tells
         him, "That's all I could manage. Any more would be found out.
         It's better than nothing..." Jason complains, "This IS
         nothing!" Willie tells him, "That's all I can do for you." 
         Jason furious, says, "That won't do, that won't do at all!" 
         Willie tells him, "Well, that's all you're getting" and leaves.
            The sun is about to set.  Jason goes to the old house,
         breaks a pane of glass in the window, unlocks it, opens it, and
         sneaks in...
         Episode 275
         Worldvision Rerun 65
         Tape Date:  June 28, 1967 (ABC #140-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 14, 1967 Friday
         Writer:     Ron Sproat
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Elizabeth is lying in bed. She moans, "Carolyn, where are
         you? Where did you go? Where? I must find you!" She tries to
         get up but finds she can't, "Why did the doctor give me that
         injection? I need Carolyn! That expression on her face...
         All she could say was, 'You killed my father!'. She hates me.
         Maybe I'll never see her again. She's got to know the truth!
         Where are you, where?"
            Meanwhile, Carolyn is walking along the beach. She returns
         to Collinwood, pauses at the door briefly, then opens it and
         goes in.
            Carolyn goes upstairs to Elizabeth's room and goes inside.
         She calls, "Mother?" Getting no answer, she says it twice
         more, "Mother? Mother?" Finally, Elizabeth replies, "Carolyn?"
         Carolyn asys, "Hello, Mother". Elizabeth, apparently disoriented,
         asks, "Carolyn?" Carolyn replies, "Yes". Elizabeth asks, "Is 
         it really you or a dream?" Carolyn replies, "It's really me.
         I've come home, and I'm going to stay." Elizabeth asks, "Where
         have you been?" Carolyn replies, "Out, just wandering around.
         I had to think and decide a lot of things. I have." Noticing
         that her mother seems a bit strange, Carolyn asks, "What's 
         the matter? Are you sick?" Elizabeth explains, "No, the doctor
         gave me something to make me sleep". Carolyn tells her, "Then
         you'd better sleep. Sorry about running away. I'll never do
         it again". Elizabeth asks, "You? Sorry?" Carolyn replies, 
         "Yes, I should have known better, I should have known that
         everything you did, you did for me. You're my mother and I
         love you." Elizabeth mutters, "This mustn't be a dream!"
         Carolyn continues, "We'll get the best lawyers in the country.
         I'll be there right beside you all through the trial". Elizabeth 
         tells Carolyn, "There's not going to be a trial" and tells her
         the truth. Carolyn is shocked and mutters, "My father..."
            It is later. Elizabeth is sitting up in bed, totally normal,
         the sedatives having worn off. Carolyn brings a cup of coffee
         in for her. Elizabeth asks, "You really are home, and I really
         did tell you the truth?" Carolyn replies, "Most of it. I 
         telephoned the sheriff and he filled me in on the rest. 
         Elizabeth remarks, "And you came back to stand by me..."
         Carolyn says of Paul, "He must've been a cruel man".
         Elizabeth replies, "Yes, he was a cruel man. It's a strange
         feeling to know that he's still alive somewhere.". Carolyn asks,
         "Why didn't you ever tell me the truth before?" Elizabeth
         replies, "I was afraid it'd make you hate me". Carolyn
         remarks, "To think, you almost married Jason McGuire!"
         Elizabeth assures her, "He's gone now. The sheriff gave
         him 24 hours to leave town. He's probably a hundred miles
         away from here by now".         
            But he isn't. Jason, having just broken into the Old House,
         closes the window behind him and starts to search the room.
         He is startled to hear a voice exclaim, "Jason!" He turns and
         sees that it's Willie. Willie asks, "What are you doing here?"
         Jason replies, "Tending to a little unfinished business, Willie".
         Willie warns him, "You're taking a big chance coming here! You
         could end up in big trouble!". Jason is unworried, "The sheriff 
         will never think of looking for me here". Willie explains, "I'm 
         not talking about the sheriff. Mr. Collins is home". Jason, 
         unworried, replies, "I can take care of Mr. Collins." Willie
         asks, "We had a bargain. Why didn't you leave town?" Jason
         replies, "You didn't uphold your end of the bargain. You only
         brought me one lousy piece of jewelry. I saw a whole box full
         of jewelry, and I'm going to get them. Where are they?" Willie
         replies, "I can't tell you!". Jason grabs Willie in a hammerlock
         and threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell. Willie finally
         gasps, "In the basement!" Jason remarks, "That's more like it,
         Willie. Now we're going to go down into he basement and
         you're going to tell me where they are". Willie cries, "No!
         Barnabas is down there!" Jason replies, "So? I can handle
         him". Willie exclaims, "I've gotta tell you. It's the only
         way I can stop you from going down there. Barnabas is not
         alive! He's dead, but he comes back to life at night. He'll
         kill you!" Jason exclaims, "That's ridiculous!" and starts
         to drag Willie downstairs. Willie screams, "No, Jason! The
         sun is about to set! You don't know what you're doing!" 
            Jason drags Willie down into the basement. Willie screams,
         "Jason! You shouldn't be down here! I tried to warn you,
         but..." Jason notices the coffin sitting in the middle of
         the room and asks, "What kind of room is this? What's this
         coffin doing here?" Willie warns him, "Stay away from that
         coffin!" Jason asks, "Why? Are the jewels in there?" Willie
         replies, "No! There are no jewels in there!" Jason asks, 
         "Where are they, then?" Willie replies, "On the table!"
         He scoops up some jewels lying on a table and gives them to
         him. Jason complains, "That's all?" Willie tells him, "Mr.
         Collins wanted me to sell those for him today! The rest are
         sealed up in the wall! There's not enough time for me to
         get them for you!  Go, please, you already a small fortune
         in jewels already!" Jason replies, "I don't believe you.
         They weren't sealed in the wall last night. They're in that
         coffin, aren't they? I'm going to open it up, and you're
         not going to stop me". Willie, pauses, and frustrated and
         unable to think of anything else to say, says, "OK then,
         open it up! I tried to warn you, I tried!" Jason goes
         to the coffin, remarks, "That's right, Willie, you tried
         to warn me, but I wouldn't listen to you, would I?" and
         opens the coffin. An expression of horror appears on his
         face. A left hand shoots out of the coffin and grabs him
         by the throat...
         Episode 276
         Worldvision Rerun 66
         Tape Date:  June 29, 1967 (ABC #141-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 17, 1967 Monday
         Writer:     Ron Sproat
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Barnbas has come out of his coffin and standing in the
         cellar.  Jason McGuire is lying next to the coffin. Willie asks,
         "Is he..." Barnabas replies, "Yes. He's dead". Willie moans,
         "You killed him! You killed him!" Barnabas replies, "How 
         could I let him live? He knew too much". Willie continues
         to moan, "He's dead! Jason's dead!" Barnabas asks, "What was
         he doing down here?"  Willie replies, "I brought him down here.
         I had to. He saw the jewels, he was prowling around and looking
         through the window last night. He broke in and threatened to
         kill me if I didn't tell me where the jewels were". Barnabas,
         furious, tells Willie, "You know I'm vulnerable before the
         sundown! Why did you bring him down here?" Willie tries to
         explain, "The sun was about to go down...", but Barnabas 
         refuses to accept the explanation and tells Willie, "I'm
         going to have to punish you for this. I'll deal with you later.
         The matter at hand is to get rid of the body. We'll have to
         put it where no one will ever find it. The secret room.
         Until you, no one had gone in there for over a hundred years."
         Willie remarks, "He was alway curious about that secret room.
         Now he's going to be buried there". Barnabas takes one end
         of Jason and tells Willie to take the other. Willie tries,
         but pulls back, saying, "I can't! He was my friend!" Barnabas
         says, "But you said he threatened to kill you!" Willie
         replies, "Yes, but before we came here, we were good friends".
         Barnabas remarks, "You're starting to show an apalling
         sentimentality, Willie". Willie replies, "You wouldn't understand.
         You've never had a friend die". Barnabas says, "Yes, I had a
         friend die before". Willie asks, "Josette?" Barnabas replies,
         "No, someone else. She lived long before I knew Josette. She was
         very young when she died. She was very dear to me. I mourned her
         death for a long time..." Willie remarks, "You sound almost..."
         Barnabas remarks, "Almost human? Now we have some work to do!"
         They pick Jason up and start to carry him up the stairs. Willie
         notices that Jason's cap has fallen off and is lying by the
         coffin, and tells Barnabas, "Barnabas! Jason's cap!" Barnabas 
         replies, "We'll get it later" and they go upstairs. Suddenly, the
         little girl Sarah appears in the basement. She picks up
         Jason's cap, looks at it, then puts it on top of the coffin...
            Dr. Woodard is in Dr. Julia Hoffman's office at Windcliff
         Hospital looking at Sam's drawing of Sarah. He asks Hoffman,
         "Have you shown this sketch to Maggie Evans yet?" Dr. Hoffman
         replies, "No, not yet". Woodard asks, "Why not?  She might very
         well recognize he child in the picrure."   Hoffman replies, "I'm
         afraid it'll cause a setback".  Woodard tells her, "I'm willing
         to take that chance. The best way to help Maggie is to find the
         madman who kidnapped her, and showing her this sketch may help
         catch him". Hoffman remarks, "In time". Woodard complains,
         "There's a chance he might find out Maggie's still alive if we
         wait any longer. I insist we show Maggie Evans this sketch
         immediately!" Hoffman says, "She's MY patient!" Woodard
         retorts, "She's MY patient too! I'm going to show her this
         picture today, with or without your permission!" Hoffman
         replies, "All right, but your going to have to take responsiblity
         for the consequences!" There's a knock at the door. Hoffman
         remarks, "There she is right now. Come in!" A nurse opens the 
         door and brings Maggie in. Hoffman tells the nurse, "All right,
         Miss Jackson, leave her here and I'll call you when we're
         finished". The nurse leaves. Dr. Woodard tells Maggie, "I have
         a picture to show you, Maggie, a very special picture". Julia
         Hoffman warns, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"
         Woodard replies, "Yes" and shows the sketch of the girl to Maggie. 
         At first, Maggie shows no response at all, just saying, "Little
         girl.  Little girl".  Dr. Hoffman tells Woodard, "It's obvious
         the picture doesn't carry any meaning for her".  Woodard, looking
         disappointed, has to agree, "I'm afraid you're right", but at
         that moment, Maggie starts to say, "Sarah...The little girl...Sarah!"
         Woodard asks, "Sarah?  Sarah who? What's her last name, Maggie?",
         but Maggie just keeps saying, "Sarah...Sarah..." Woodard asks,
         "How did you meet her, Maggie?" Maggie replies, "She came to
         play with me". Woodard asks, "Where?" Maggie replies, "In the
         room". Woodard asks, "What room?" Maggie suddenly starts to act
         frightened and screams, "Scared! I'm scared!"  Hoffman warns
         Woodard, "You've pushed her too far...", but Woodard continues,
         "Stay calm, Maggie. Try to tell me about this room. Where was it?"
         Maggie replies, "I was trying to escape.  She said she'd help me.
         Little girl...riddle..." She starts to recite the riddle,  "One,
         two away they flew, Three four, near the door. Five, six, count
         the bricks". She get up out of the chair and frantically starts
         to count some imaginary bricks in the air, repeating, "Five, six,
         count the bricks....Escape!  I've got to escape!" She then starts
         to sing, "London Bridge". When she gets to the part, "Take the key
         and lock her up", she becomes completely distraught.
            Julia Hoffman calls Miss Jackson back in and has her take
         Maggie back to her room, telling the nurse, "Give her a sedative.
         I'll be there later".  The nurse takes Maggie away.  Dr. Hoffman
         tells Woodard, "Well, I hope you're satisfied. You've impeded my
         progress with Maggie Evans just as you did when you brought her
         father here."  Woodard replies, "I disagree. I think we've made
         progress".  Hoffman replies, "All we learned was that she was held
         prisoner in a room somewhere.  That doesn't tell us anything at
         all". Woodard disagrees, "No, I disagree.  We've established a
         connection between her and this little girl. I'm convinced that
         this child will give us the clue to this case wide open!"   
            Willie and Barnabas take Jason's body to Eagle Hill
         cemetary and bury it under the flagstones in the secret
         room. Willie says, "Let's go". Barnabas remarks over Jason's
         grave, "Goodbye, Mr. McGuire. You might have lived, but
         your greed destroyed you". Barnabas and Willie exit the 
         secret room into the tomb and close the secret door.
         Willie says, "Let's go", but Barnabas just stands there.
         Willie asks, "What are you thinking about?" Barnabas
         replies, "About how bad it is I had to defile this tomb
         with the body of Jason McGuire". Willie remarks, "Oh yeah.
         it was your family, wasn't it?" He goes the the plaques
         on the wall and starts to read them aloud. "Joshua Collins".
         Barnbas says, "That was my father. He thought he was being
         merciful, but he was wrong..." Willie reads the second plaque,
         "Naomi Collins. I remember reading about her in the family
         history. She was very beautiful". Barnabas replies, "Yes."
         Willie reads the third plaque, "Sarah Collins. I don't  remember
         reading anything about her". Barnabas explains, "She was my sister.
         She was very young when he died, only 9 years old. The day before
         she died, she had broken her doll. She was so happy when I mended
         it for her. She died holding it in her arms". Willie asks, "Is
         that the friend you were talking about?", but Barnabas only replies,
         "Perhaps.  She's buried here for eternity...Let's go".  They leave.
         The little girl appears in the corner of the tomb, clutching a doll
         in her arms. She goes to the third sarcophagus and sits down
         on it, right under the plaque reading, "Sarah Collins, 1786-1796".
         Episode 277
         Worldvision Rerun 67
         Tape Date:  July 5, 1967 (ABC #142-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 18, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Barnabas is in Josette's room, listening to Josette's
         music box and looking thoughtful. Willie comes in and tells
         Barnabas, "I've checked around town. Word is that Jason
         left town because the sheriff ordered him to". He continues,
         "I knew you'd be up here. You've been spending a lot of time
         up here." Barnabas replies, "I've been thinking about the
         future, about my plans. I've decided to waste no further
         time. This room will be occupied very soon!" Willie warns,
         "If another girl disappears the same way Maggie Evans did,
         people are going to get suspicious..." Barnabas assures
         Willie things are going to be different this time, "Maggie
         Evans was brought here unwillingly, the next girl will come
         here of her own free will". Barnabas tells Willie now that
         he's finished his renovation of the old house, he's decided
         to invite the Collins family over for a gathering. He muses,
         "A dinner party would be too formal.  Of course! A costume
         party!  Everyone will come here dressed in clothing of the
         period!  We will be recreating a moment from the past! And
         Miss Winters will be wearing Josette's dress!"
            At Collinwood, Elizabeth is sitting at the desk doing
         some work. Roger, in the room with her, asks, "Liz, why do
         you have to spend so much time on the company accounts?"
         Elizabeth replies, "They have to be done". Roger says, 
         "Yes, but why do it here at night? Why not come down to
         the office? There's no reason for you to stay here all
         the time anymore. The reason you've kept yourself in this
         house for 18 years no longer exists.  There's nothing to
         protect, nothing to hide. You haven't seen all the improvements
         made at the cannery in the last 18 years." Elizabeth agrees,
         "All right".  Roger replies, "Marvelous!  They'll be delighted
         to see you there again!".  He promises, "I'll give you a guided
         tour!" He asks, "Now that Jason McGuire is gone, I take it
         we won't need to continue that position you created for
         him". Elizabeth replies, "No". Roger remarks, "I wonder,
         exactly where IS Jason McGuire right now". Elizabeth asks,
         "You don't doubt he's gone, do you?" Roger replies, "The
         wardrobe you bought him is still in his room.  He has very expensive
         tastes.  I don't think he would leave without that. It would give
         him some measure of victory in this total defeat. And his personal
         things are still here, including his razor. A man usually takes
         his razor with him when he travels."  Elizabeth asks, "He left
         everything?"  Roger replies, "Yes. One thing's certain. He
         didn't leave by bus or train. The sheriff checked. The last
         place he was seen was the Blue Whale. He was having drink
         with his friend Willie Loomis. It seemed to turn into a
         argument, and they left seperately.  That was the last time anyone
         saw Jason McGuire.". Elizabeth remarks, "Vicky ran into him at the
         Blue Whale too. She gave him quite a tongue lashing. He told
         her he was leaving." Both Roger and Elizabeth are puzzled.
         Elizabeth suggests, "Maybe he took the sheriff literally and left
         immediately without packing.  I have the feeling he's gone.  He
         wouldn't want to stay at the scene of such a defeat for him. If
         he doesn't call for his things to be sent to him in the next week,
         I'll give them to charity". Roger snidely remarks, "Oh, I'd like
         that idea. He'd hate it!"   
            There's a knock at the front doors of Collinwood. Vicky 
         answers. It's Barnabas. She joyfully greets him, "Hello,
         Mr. Collins!" Barnabas, standing outside, remarks on how
         enjoyable the view of the ocean from the front door is, saying,
         "Jeremiah Collins certainly knew what he was doing when he built
         the house here".  He starts to ramble about how pleasant the
         view is in the moonlight, how much better the soft moonlight
         is than the harsh sunlight. He remarks, "How difficult it is to
         believe that the beautiful light of the moon is but a reflection
         of the light of the ugly sun". Vicky is very puzzled at Barnabas'
         description of the sun as ugly and protests, "Man was designed
         to live with the sun". Barnabas replies, "I've been re-designed 
         to live without it". Vicky is puzzled and asks what he means.
         Barnabas replies, "Simply that I find myself more active and
         alive during the night".  Vicky asks, "Then when do you sleep?"
         Barnabas replies, "I find the time".
            They go inside into the foyer. Barnabas tells Vicky that
         he knows she's interested in history. He tells her he's got
         quite a library of books on history and she's welcome to come
         by and take a look at them any time she wants. He adds, "I 
         have some interesting plans to recreate a moment of the
         past". Vicky asks, "What?" Barnaba coyly replies, "I'll tell
         you later". They go into the drawing room. Roger and Elizabeth
         are in there. Barnabas announces, "I have an idea that I hope
         appeals to all of us. I've completed the restorations to
         most of my house, and I would like to show it to all of
         you. I would like to have a small party, a costume party!
         Everyone is to come wearing a costume of the Collins family."
         Roger asks, "When are you planning to have this party?"
         Barnabas replies, "This Friday evening". Roger complains,
         "That's rather short notice to find a costume". Barnabas
         tells him that that won't be a problem, "I've found a trunk 
         containing the actual clothing our ancestors wore, carefully 
         preserved." Elizabeth remarks, in a funny tone, "We're going to 
         be wearing those clothes?!" Roger and Vicky tell Barnabas they 
         think it's a wonderful idea. Elizabeth just sits there, not 
         saying anything. Barnabas asks her, "You will come, won't you?"
         Elizabeth replies, "I don't think so..."    
            Roger comes out of the door under the stairs into the foyer
         then into the drawing room. He tells Elizabeth, "I've put
         Barnabas in the study. I've never seen such a look of
         disappointment! Give me one good reason you can't go to the 
         party!" Elizabeth replies, "I don't want to go and that's
         sufficient!" Roger says, "You're acting like a recluse again!"
         Elizabeth angrily tells him, "I don't ever want to hear that
         word again!" She tells him, "Something about this party 
         doesn't seem right to me. All this living in the past". Roger 
         tells her to come to see what it's like, assuring her, "If you 
         don't like it, I'll drive you home". Elizabeth agrees. Roger 
         calls out to Vicky, who's in the foyer, to bring Barnabas
         back into the drawing room. Elizabeth tells Barnbas she's
         decided to accept his invitation and asks him to tell more
         about his plans. Barnabas replies, "Each of us is to dress
         as a member of the Collins family..." Roger interrupts, "It
         takes no imagination to guess who you're coming as. Your namesake.
         The original Barnabas". Barnabas replies, "Yes. And you'll be
         coming as a very wealty Collins. Joshua Collins". Roger jokes,
         "That would make me your father". Barnabas replies, "Yes".
         Elizabeth asks, "And me?" Barnabas replies, "Naomi Collins,
         Joshua Collin's wife". Elizabeth remarks, "Very appropriate.
         I've seen pictures of her and noted the resemblance". Vicky asks,
         "And who will I be coming as?" Barnabas replies, "You will be
         Josette Collins".
         Episode 278
         Worldvision Rerun 68
         Tape Date:  July 3, 1967 (ABC #143-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 19, 1967 Wednesday
         Writer:     Joe Caldwell
         Director:   Lela Swift

            In the living room of the old house, Barnabas, in an 
         exasperated tone, asks Willie, "I made a very simple
         request, I don't know why you can't comply". Willie answers,
         "They'll never be used. Mrs. Stoddard and Miss Winters will
         never come to a costume party." He warns, "They'll just 
         laugh at you and you'll get angry." Barnabas tells Willie,
         "It's a good thing you're only my servant and not my
         advisor. I've already asked and they've already accepted.
         Now bring that trunk down to Josette's room and meet me
            Willie brings a trunk down to Josette's room. Barnabas
         says, "Thank you. Now open it, please". Willie opens it,
         looks at the clothes inside, and asks, "You're reallly 
         going to wear these old clothes?" Barnabas says, "Old?!
         They look just as they did when they were first worn!"
         Willie remarks the he can't believe Barnabas could have
         convinced the Collinses to come to a costume party. Barnabas
         replies, "I had more than one advocate helping me."  Willie
         asks, "Who?"  Barnabas replies, "My cousin Roger, for one.
         Victoria Winters, for another. Shewas quite enchanted with
         the idea. I intend to reward her". Willie asks, "How?". Barnabas
         replies, "You know". Willie begs, "She never did anything to
         hurt you!  Why do you have to hurt her? She's coming as Josette,
         isn't she?" Barnabas replies, "Yes".  Willie asks, "Does it have
         to be Vicky?" Barnabas says, "You're starting to irritate me,
         Willie", and refuses to discuss the matter further, saying,
         "I have to make a call on my Cousin Elizabeth", but Willie
         continues to warn him against having the party, saying, "It
         could give people the idea that they can drop by any time they
         wanted to", but Barnabas refuses to discuss the matter, angrily
         warning Willie, "If you continue arguing, you could get into
         a great deal of trouble!".  Barnabas leaves, leaving Willie with
         a look of anguish on his face.
           Barnabas goes to Collinwood, and in the drawing room,
         asks Elizabeth, "If you don't have any plans for Miss
         Winters tonight, and if she consents, perhaps she can
         come over to the old house and help select the old
         clothes we are to wear fo the party". Vicky exclaims,
         "I'd be happy to!" Elizabeth begins to have second
         thoughts and tells Barnabas, "I know I've already accepted
         your invitation, but I'm not sure I can come. Barnabas,
         do we have to wear the clothes you found? I'd be uncomfortable
         wearing the actual clothes our ancestors wore, getting so
         close to the past." Barnabas tells her, "Perhaps if you'd
         be too uncomfortable, we could dispense with the costumes".
         Vicky, looks crestfallen, remarks, "I guess I won't be able
         to wear one of those beautiful dresses that belonged to Josette"
         Seeing how disappointed Vicky is, Elizabeth says, "You were looking
         forward to the costumes as much as the party, weren't you, Vicky?
         Just because my silly ideas, I shouldn't ruing everyone's enjoyment".
         She agrees to the costumes. Vicky ecstatically exclaims, "Then I
         WILL be Josette after all!" Barnabas asks, "That pleases you,
         doesn't it?" Vicky answers, "Very, very much!".
            Sarah is in Josette's room. From outside comes Barnabas'
         voice saying, "I think Willie put the trunk in here". Vicky
         and Barnbas go into Josette's room. By the time they come in,
         Sarah is gone. Vicky asks, "This was her room?" Barnabas 
         replies, "Yes". Noticing that Barnabas seems preoccupied
         in thought, Vicky asks, "What's the matter?" Barnabas replies, 
         "Nothing, I just feel odd sensation that someone was in here".  
         Vicky says, "I feel it too". They dismiss it as probably 
         nothing. Barnbas tells Vicky, "Here's the trunk and here's the
         clothing". Vicky takes a white dress out of the trunk and admires 
         it. She asks who it belonged to. Barnabas replies, "You have only 
         to look at the portrait" and gestures towards the portrait of 
         Josette above the fireplace. Vicky looks at the portrait, sees
         that Josette's wearing the very dress in it, and exclaims, "It's 
         Josette's! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Barnabas
         tells her it's the dress she's to wear for the party. Vicky
         replies, "I can't!" but Barnabas insists. Vicky remarks, "If I
         could wear dresses like this all the time, I'd be very happy,
         and very vain!"  Barnabas smiles. Vicky takes another
         dress out of the trunk and remarks, "This will do very well
         for Carolyn. Who's is it? Oh, here's a monogram. It says 'M.C'".
         Barnbas replies, "She'd be Millicent Collins". Vicky takes a
         man's coat out of the trunk and asks, "I wonder if Roger could
         wear these". Barnabas replies, "Oh, that's not right. Roger
         is to come as Joshua Collins. Those were Jeremiah's". Vicky
         asks him how he know. Barnabas replies, "I've seen it in
         pictures". He takes another coat from the trunk and tells Vicky
         it's a coat belonging to Joshua. Vicky takes a dress from the
         trunk and exclaims, "Look! A little girl's dress!" Barnabas
         asks, "Where'd you get that?" Vicky replies, "From in the trunk.
         Who's is it?" Barnbas replies, "I'm not sure. There was a
         little girl, the daughter of Joshua and Naomi Collins". Vicky
         remarks, "That would've been the sister of the original
         Barnabas in the foyer". Barnbas replies, "Yes. She died young.
         They say she was a lovely little child. They say her brother
         loved her very much..." He sounds very sad. Vicky remarks,
         "You sound almost as if you knew her".  Barnabas replies that
         his ancestors are very real to him.  They talk about the Collins
         ancestors. Barnabas remarks, "You miss having a family identity,
         don't you? You'll soon find out what it's like to have one when you
         become Josette.  You'll have her whole heritage." Vicky asks,
         "Become?" Barnabas replies, "Yes. For the party. You'll become
         Josette". Vicky replies, "Become Josette... I like the idea of
         becoming Josette. At least for the evening". Barnabas says, "Yes.
         For the evening..."
            Vicky brings the dress back to Collinwood. In the drawing
         room, she tells Elizabeth, "The rest of the clothes are at
         the old house, but I just HAD to show you this!" Elizabeth
         remarks, "You seem to share my cousins preoccupation for the
         past". Vicky replies, "Mr. Collins does seem to be someone
         who almost belongs more in the past than the present. Sometimes
         when he talks about it, it almost seems more like he's 
         remembering it rather than just recounting it". She adds
         sadly, "It seems almost like he's lost in the present, that
         he'd be more comfortable in the past. But he'll never find
         it, it's gone forever". 
            Barnabas is in Josette's room listening to the Josette's
         music box again. Willie comes in and remarks, "I saw her
         leave with the dress". Barnabas tells Willie, "Tomorrow, 
         bring the trunk to Collinwood". Willie looks through some
         of the clothes which Vicky and Barnabas had taken out of
         the trunk and put on the bed. He finds the little girl's dress
         and asks, "Where did this come from?" Barnabas replies, "The
         trunk". Willie asks, "This was in the trunk with all the
         other clothes? This was the kind of dress...No, it couldn't
         be". Barnabas asks, "What?" Willie continues, "Remember that
         little girl I told you I found playing outside? She was
         wearing a dress like this". Barnabas replies, "Ridiculous!
         You must have been imagining it.  This dress was worn by a
         little girl long, long ago!"  Willie replies, "I don't
         think I could have been wrong...", but Barnabas cuts him off,
         "Come on, I have more important things for you to do than make
         preposterous statements". Willie continues, "She had long
         hair...", but Barnabas tells him, "I'm not interested! Now
         come!" They leave, closing the door behind them.
            Moments later, the little girl appears in the room again.
         She sees the dress on the bed, picks it up and exclaims, "My
         dress! My blue dress! I've found my blue dress!"
         Episode 279
         Worldvision Rerun 69
         Tape Date:  June 30, 1967 (ABC #144-DRK-67)
         Air Date:   July 20, 1967 Thursday
         Writer:     Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Carolyn is in her room, dressed in the old dress she is to
         wear to the party. There's a knock at the door. It's Vicky.
         Vicky comes in, dressed in an old dress too. Carolyn remarks,
         "When's the minuet start?" Vicky replies, "There won't be one
         unless I can get the back of this dress buttoned up". Carolyn
         helps Vicky button up the back of her dress. Vicky asks, "Do
         I look all right?" Carolyn replies, "If I didn't know better,
         I'd swear you were Josette Collins". Vicky seems to react
         strangely to this. Carolyn asks, "What's the matter?" Vicky
         replies, "When you said that name, the strangest feeling
         came over me".  Carolyn asks, "What kind of feeling?"  Vicky
         replies, "The feeling that I'd worn this dress before, that I'd
         experienced this moment before!" Carolyn replies, "When I put on
         this dress of Millicent Collins, I felt a chill, like I shouldn't
         be in it, like it was some sort of intrusion. This party 
         sounded like a good idea, but now I'm not so sure..."
         Vicky tells her she still thinks its a good idea. They
         discuss the tomorrow night's party. Carolyn is happy at the 
         thought that her mother is finally going out to a party after 
         18 years. Vicky remarks, "I'm proud that, at least for one 
         night, I'll be a memeber of the Collins family". Carolyn 
         replies, "If anyone deserves to be a member of the Collins 
         family, Vicky, it's you". Vicky goes to the mirror, looks at 
         her reflection and says, "Vicky Collins. Vicky Collins. No.
         Josette Collins! It has to be Josette Collins!"      
            At the old house, Willie is doing some cleaning up. 
         Barnabas tells him, "Everything has got to be immaculate!
         Everything is going very well. Tomorrow night will be an 
         occasion long remembered. Nothing must go wrong. Everything 
         must go as I have planned. It is the most important night in 
         my life." Willie assures him, "It'll work out". Barnabas
         replies, "Yes, I'm sure it will".
            There's a knock at the door of Collinwood. Carolyn answers
         and happily exclaims, "Burke! Come in, will you?" Burke comes
         in and tells Carolyn she'd like to speak to Vicky. Carolyn
         tells Burke, "Vicky's upstairs. I'll get her". As she is about
         to go up, Burke asks her, "I've never asked you. Is everything
         all right?" Carolyn replies, "For once, everything is." Burke
         asks, "Have you gotten all that biker stuff out of your system?"
         Carolyn assures him she has. Carolyn thanks him for all the help
         he's given to the family. Vicky comes downstairs. Carolyn jokes,
         "There's a salesman here to see you". Vicky asks, "A salesman?
         What's he selling?" Going alone with the joke, Burke replies,
         "Subscriptions". He takes her into the drawing room and
         continues, "I'm selling subscriptions to a dinner of the week
         club." He invites her to have dinner with him tomorrow night.
         At first, she accepts, saying "I'd love to!", but then says, 
         "Oh, I can't. I'm going to a party tomorrow night. Barnabas
         Collins is giving a party for the family tomorrow night. It's
         a special party. Everyone's coming dressed an ancestor.
         Mr. Collins is supplying the clothes. Carolyn is coming as
         Millicent Collins.  Mrs. Stoddard is coming as Naomi Collins,
         and Roger as Joshua Collins". Burke asks, "And you, who are 
         you going as?" Vicky replies, "Josette Collins". Burke
         remarks, "Josette Collins. I don't like that. I don't like
         that at all! Why Josette Collins?" Vicky explains, "Mr.
         Collins picked it out for me". Burke asks, "Why not Carolyn
         or Mrs.Stoddard?" Vicky replies, "Because I resemble her in
         a way". Burke tells her, "Something bothers me about this.
         I don't know what. Maybe it dates back to the seance where
         Josette Collins spoke through you". Vicky protests, "That's
         just a coincidence!" Burke remarks, "Maybe so. I just wish
         I could be there with you". Vicky excitedly says, "Maybe
         you could come!" Burke says, "I couldn't very well go marching
         down to the old house and ask!". Vicky tells him, "But I can!"
         Burke says, "No thanks, I don't have any business being at
         a family party anyway", but Vicky insists, saying, "Drive me
         down to the Old House and I'll ask".  Burke protests, "But
         I'd look funny in those old clothes!", but Vicky assures him,
         "You'll look marvellous!".  Burke finally gives up, "All right,
         all right, I'll drive you down to the old house!".
            There's a knock at the door of the old house. Willie answers.
         It's Vicky. She comes in and asks for Barnabas. She asks Willie,
         "Are you going to be at the party? You really should be. After
         all, it's your restoration work everyone'll be coming to see.
         You really deserve to have some fun. You never smile". Willie
         replies, "Thanks, but a lot of things you deserve you never get,
         and some things you get that you don't deserve". Barnabas, who's
         come into the room, remarks, "That's an interesting philosophy,
         Willie, but I'm dedicated to seeing that everyone gets what I
         think they deserve. I know one thing you deserve, Willie, you
         deserve a respite from your work". He tells Willie to take a
         break and Willie leaves. Vicky tells Barnabas, "There's something
         I wanted to ask you about tomorrow night. It seems there's only
         going to be four of us there. I was wondering if I couldn't bring
         a guest". Barnabas asks, "Who do you have in mind?" Vicky
         asks, "Burke Devlin". Barnabas asks, "Burke Devlin? Why
         him?" Vicky replies, "I had a previous engagement with him
         for tomorrow night I forgot about." Barnabas, not seeming
         to like the idea, says, "But the party was to be only for
         family members..." Vicky replies, "Yes, but you've already
         made an exception for me". Barnabas tells her, "That's
         different. You're almost family". Vicky begs, "Please,
         it would mean so much to me". Barnabas asks, "Would it?"
         Vicky replies, "Yes, and I'm sure he'd be a great asset
         to the party". Barnabas says, "Perhaps you're right. There
         is a role he could play - a very important member of the
         family - Jeremiah Collins". Vicky remarks, "The husband 
         of Josette Collins". Barnabas replies, "Yes, and the man
         who built Collinwood. The party would be imcomplete 
         without Jeremiah Collins. Tell Mr. Devlin I'll have the
         clothes he is to wear sent to him in the morning". Vicky
         excuses herself, telling Barnabas that Burke is waiting 
         for her outside in the car. Barnabas says, "Good night,
         Josette". Vicky is at first taken aback by this, but then
         replies, "Good night, Barnabas".
            After Vicky leaves, Barnabas shouts, "Willie!" Willie
         comes back into the room. Barnabas tells him, "There will
         be another guest, Willie". Willie asks, "Who?" Barnabas
         replies, "Burke Devlin."  Willie, surprised, asks, "Burke
         Devlin?"  Barnabas replies, "It's something Miss Winters
         wanted, but could be very useful to me. Burke Devlin is coming
         as Jeremiah Collins. That doean't mean anything to you, but to
         me, Jeremiah Collins was an object of hate.  He was the worse
         enemy I ever had.  Had time permitted, I might have destroyed
         him. Tomorrow night, I may very well have that opportunity..."

         Blooper:  The end credits show a shot of Josette's room aimed
                   at the window to the left of the fireplace.  Though
                   it is supposedly in a second story room, a stage hand
                   can be seen lurking around outside the window.
         Episode 280
         Worldvision Rerun 70
         Tape Date: July 4, 1967 (ABC #145-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 21, 1967 Friday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Barnabas is in Josette's room, dressed in old clothes for
         the party. He is looking through a book with drawings of
         people in it. Willie comes in and says, "Everything is 
         ready. When are the guests coming?" Barnabas replies, "Soon".
         Willie asks, "What are you looking at?" Barnabas replies, 
         "A book of family portraits". Looking at the open book,
         he remarks, "Naomi Collins. Elizabeth resembles her very 
         much. It'll be like seeing my mother again tonight". He
         turns the page then says, "The resemblance of Roger Collins
         to Joshua Collins isn't quite as pronounced, but still, it is
         there.". He turns the page again. Willie asks, "Who's that?"
         Barnabas replies, "Jeremiah Collins." Willie asks, "Why did
         you hate him so much?" Barnabas replies, "He stood in the
         way of me and Josette! I loathed him.  Every moment I saw him
         I wished him dead.  And with Burke Devlin cast in the role of
         Jeremiah Collins, we will see him again tonight!"
            At Collinwood, Carolyn and Roger are in the drawing room,
         both dressed in clothes from the past. Carolyn complains that
         she feels strange. Roger replies, "You're just nervous".
         Carolyn tells him, "I've felt strange ever since putting
         this dress on". Roger replies, "Nonsense. That dress is
         very becoming. This party is a good idea. It'll get your
         mother out of the house." Elizabeth comes into the room,
         dressed in Naomi's dress. Roger says, "You look splendid!",
         but Elizabeth once again complains that she doesn't really
         want to go. Roger and Carolyn both tell her she's already
         agreed to go and can't back out now. Vicky comes into the
         room. Roger compliments her on how she looks. Carolyn remarks,
         "You look just like the portrait of Josette Collins". Roger
         notes that it's time to go to the party and remarks, "Burke
         is not very punctual". Everyone leaves except Vicky, who
         stays to wait for Burke.
            At the old house, Barnabas looks at the portrait of Josette
         and begs, "This time, don't disappont me.  Let me come to you.
         Accept me.  I've waited so long for you".  Willie comes into
         the room and tells Barnabas, "The guests are all here, all
         except for Vicky and Mr. Devlin". Noticing that Barnabas is
         holding Josette's music box, Willie, with sudden backbone in
         his voice, demands, "What are you going to do with that?
         You're going to give it to Miss Winters, aren't you?" He warns
         Barnabas, "She won't accept it.  It won't be as easy to make
         her come to you willingly as you think!".  Barnabas replies,
         "You'll find that you're wrong".  Willie tries another tack,
         "There are those who will stop you". Barnabas asks, "Who?"
         Willie suggests, "Burke Devlin". Barnabas replies, "I don't
         think Burke Devlin will pose much of a problem". Willie asks,
         "What are you planning to do to him?".  Barnabas asks, "What
         makes you think I'm planning to do anything to him?"  Willie
         replies, "I know you're planning something", but Barnabas just
         says, "My plans are my own.  My guests are waiting" and leaves
         without answering.
            Roger, Elizabeth and Carolyn are down in the living room
         admiring the restoration work Barnabas has done. Roger remarks,
         "It's just like stepping into the past". Carolyn agrees, but
         says, "I'm not sure I like it". Elizabeth says, "Neither do I".
         Barnabas comes downstairs.  Roger compliments him on his
         restoration of the old house.  Barnabas replies, "Thank you.
         It was a labor of love".  He looks at Elizabeth and starts to
         say, "Dressed like that, you have a remarkable resemblance to
         my..." then stops. Elizabeth asks, "Great great grandmother?"
         Barnabas says, "Yes". He asks Roger, "Would you like a claret cup?"
         remarking, "It was always a favorite of yours". Roger asks, "You
         mean of Joshua Collins". Barnabas replies, "Yes" and ladles him
         a cup from a punch bowl on a table by the wall.  Carolyn remarks
         the Vicky and Burke will be coming soon as Josette and Jeremiah
         Collins.  Roger remarks, "It's quite appropriate that Burke is
         coming as Jeremiah.  He was Josette's husband, wasn't he?"
         Barnabas replies, "Yes", rather coldly.  Carolyn remarks,  remarks,
         "Josette and Jeremiah loved each other very much."  Barnabas angrily
         exclaims, "That's not true!" then apoligizes for getting emotional,
         explaining, "There are many false versions of the legends going
         around, and it upsets me when I hear one". Vicky and Burke come.
         Barnabas tells Vicky she's lovely. Burke just says, rather coldly,
         "Hello, Collins".
            Barnabas toasts, "To the past, and all its remembered
         glories!" Vicky remarks, "When I walked in, it felt just like
         I was walking into the past". Roger says, "It must be the
         candlelight", but Vicky replies, "No, it's more than that".
         Elizabeth exclaims, "Listen! A bell is tolling the hour!"
         Barnabas explains, "It's the old chapel bell in the valley".
         Elizabeth says, "I didn't know you could here it from here".
         Barnabas tells her, "Yes, sometimes at night it's quite distinct".
         Roger remarks, "Eleven o'clock. Just an hour before midnight. The
         perfect time for ghosts..." Carolyn tells him not to talk about
         things like that. Elizabeth suddenly complains, "It's suddenly
         become cold, very cold".  Barnabas apoligizes, "I'm sorry, but
         this old house is quite drafty".  Suddenly, Elizabeth exclaims,
         "OH! I just felt someone touch me, it felt like a hand, on my
         shoulder!" Roger says, "How can that be?  There's no one near
         you".  Elizabeth replies, "I know!" Barnabas looks around the
         room, a worried look on his face.Carolyn says, "Mother, you
         must be imagining things". Everyone agrees, except Roger,
         who says, "Could you have been touched by a ghost? You know
         all the legends of ghosts at Collinwood. What if one of them
         wants to contact us? I think we should meet it halfway. I
         think we should have a seance! I think there's actually
         something in the room, something that's trying to contact us!
         Perhaps Joshua, or Naomi, or..."  Barnabas sternly says, "Roger,
         I must warn you.  I'm not fond of parlor games". Roger
         replies, "This is not a parlor game. We had one at the main
         house and it was quite successful". Barnabas says, "I must
         protest", but Roger insists and starts to move a table. Barnabas
         says again, "I must protest!" Elizabeth tells Barnabas, "Don't
         bother. Once Roger gets an idea in his head, there's nothing
         you can do about it". Roger moves the table to the center of
         the room and puts a candlestick on it. He asks that everyone
         bring their chairs to the table. They do. Barnabas does not
         look happy.
            Everyone sits down. Roger tells everyone to put their
         hands on the table, touching the hand of their neighbors.
         Roger starts the seance, "Who is here? Who is in this room
         with us? Who is trying to communicate with us? We're waiting.
         Speak to us..." Nothing happens. Barnabas protests, "I must
         ask you to put a stop to this!" Roger, disappointed that
         nothing seems to be happening, agrees, "All right", but
         suddenly Elizabeth exclaims, "I feel the cold again!"
         Carolyn agrees, "I feel it too! Something's here! Something's
         in here!" The candle on the table blows out. The door blows
         open. Everyone starts to get scared, and decide to stop the
         seance, but Vicky suddenly starts moaning, "OHHHHH.....OHHHHH..."
         Roger remarks, "It's too late to stop it even if we wanted to.
         Vicky's going into a trance. We're about to be contacted by
         someone from beyond the grave..."

         Recipe for claret cup:

         CLARET CUP
         In large pitcher filled with ice add
         1 oz. triple sec,
         2 oz. brandy,
         16 oz. claret,
         6 oz. carbonated water and
         4 tsp. powdered sugar.
         Dissolve with fresh fruits, cherries, strawberries,
         sliced bananas, etc. Top with small bunch of mint.

         Episode 281
         Worldvision Rerun 71
         Tape Date: July 6, 1967 (ABC #146-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 24, 1967 Monday
         Writer:    Joe Caldwell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Carolyn asks, "Who are you?" Vicky starts to speak, "I...
         I...I must run! Run! Please, master, I must run! Don't
         stop me! Don't stop me! Master! I've got to run faster!
         Master, I can feel the stones beneath my feet! They're
         so cold! The roaring, it's getting closer! I mustn't fall!
         He's getting closer! There's nowhere to go! I've torn my
         dress! He mustn't catch me! Someone, please help me!
         He mustn't catch me! The cliffs! The sea! I can hear the
         waves! The cliffs, they are my only escape! He's getting
         closer! I've got to jump!" Elizabeth exclaims, "She must
         be Josette!" Vicky continues, "No, please stay away from
         me, stay away..." Suddenly, Barnabas grabs Vicky and shakes
         her out of the trance and says, "NO!!!! I couldn't let her!
         If you were right about her being Josette, she was about
         to die!" Carolyn protests, "But it sounded like she was
         about to name the person chasing her". Barnabas again
         says, "I had to stop her!" Elizabeth remarks, "But we
         would've discovered something no one's ever known, the
         identity of the person chasing her". Barnabas replies,
         "That doesn't matter. Whoever it was is long dead. I
         had to spare Vicky..." Carolyn wonders what Josette could
         have wanted, remarking, "The last time, she was trying to
         warn us". Everyone wonders what Josette could have been
         trying to warn them about, if anything. Barnabas passes
         some wine around to calm everyone's nerves, but Vicky
         declines, saying, "I think I'd rather get some fresh
         air". She gets up and heads towards the front door, 
         but never gets there. As she gets near the stairs, she
         sees out of the corner of her eye a little girl standing 
         on the landing upstairs. She calls out "Little girl?", but
         the little girl is gone. Everyone from the living room
         to come see what's the matter. Vicky calls out, "Who's
         there? Anyone there?", but there's no answer. Elizabeth
         remarks, "You must've been imagining things". Vicky remarks,
         to Barnabas, "You know what it reminded me of? Remember that 
         dress we found in the trunk. From what I could see, it looked 
         like she was wearing that dress..." Barnabas gets a very
         disturbed look on his face...
            Roger, Elizabeth, Carolyn and Vicky have returned to
         Collinwood and are discussing the events of the night
         in the drawing room. Elizabeth moans, "I knew it was
         a bad idea to go to a party wearing these clothes!" 
         Roger, on the other hand, tells everyone he thinks
         it was a wonderful, fun experience. Vicky mopes about
         how bad she feels she told Barnabas she thought she 
         saw that girl and put him in such a sad mood. Roger
         and Elizabeth say they're tired and excuse themselves
         to go to bed. Carolyn and Vicky remain. Vicky goes
         and looks out the window thoughtfully. Carolyn asks, "Did
         you really see a girl on top of the stairs?" Vicky replies, 
         "I don't know", then says, "I guess not..."
            At the old house, in Josette's room, the little girl
         is folding a dress on the bed. The sound of footsteps is
         heard. The door opens and Barnabas comes into the room.
         The little girl is gone. Barnabas takes the dress from 
         the bed and puts it back into the trunk, then looks at
         the portrait of Josette and says, "I had to stop you.
         I had to send you away again, because you are truly gone,
         just as the past is gone. I must live in the present now,
         and if I must have you, it must be someone from the present,
         so go away and never come back". He pauses, turns and adds,
         "Any of you!"
            Vicky is still awake. Carolyn tells her that she doesn't
         mind that she's going out with Burke anymore, adding,
         "He's really very nice, isn't he?" Vicky,seemingly
         preoccupied with something else, asks, "Who?" Carolyn
         replies, "Burke!" Vicky says, "Oh, of course". Carolyn
         says, "Goodnight" and leaves. A few moments later, there's
         a knock at the front door. Vicky goes and answers it.
         It's Barnabas. Vicky tells him, "Mrs. Stoddard has gone
         to bed", but Barnabas replies, "But it's you I want to
         see. I wanted to thank you for coming to the party".
         Vicky replies, "But we all came". Barnabas tells her,
         "But you fufilled the spirit of the night better than
         anyone else". Vicky apoligizes for saying she thought
         she saw the little girl and spoiling the night. Barnbas
         tells her not to worry about it, saying, "I don't believe
         in ghosts". Vicky replies that she does, saying that she
         thinks there are special moments that the past and the
         present meet, that she thinks tonight was one of those
         moments. Barnabas replies, "Yes, for a moment tonight
         looking at you, I thought Josette had returned. That's
         why I want you to have this". He gives her Josette's
         music box. Vicky declines, saying, "No, I couldn't!",
         but Barnabas insists, "Please accept it!"  He opens
         the lid and the music plays...
         Episode 282
         Worldvision Rerun 72
         Tape Date: July 7, 1967 (ABC #147-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 25, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:    Malcolm Marmorstein
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Maggie is lying on a couch in a darkened room at Windcliff
         Hospital saying, "I can't seem to remember... . Dr. Hoffman 
         tells her, "Don't worry. It's not necessary at this time
         to remember everything. We'll work on sense memories right
         now. What do you remember sensing, feeling?" Maggie replies, 
         "Sad, dreary, cold. Everything around me is cold...Wait. I hear
         some music!" Dr. Hoffman asks, "Do you recognize the melody?"
         Maggie replies, "No, it's just a tinkling kind of music, far
         off in the distance..."
            Meanwhile, 100 miles away in the drawing room at Collinwood,
         Vicky is playing Josette's musicbox...
            Elizabeth comes into the room and says, "There you are,
         Vicky. I've been looking for you". Noticing the music box,
         she asks, "What's that?" Vicky replies, "The most beautiful
         music box I've ever seen". Elizabeth remarks, "It is beautiful."
         Vicky lifts the lid and lets her hear the music. Elizabeth 
         asks, "Where did you get it?" Vicky replies, "Barnabas Collins
         gave it to me". Elizabeth asks, "When?" Vicky replies, "Last
         night". Elizabeth says, "I don't remember seeing him give it
         to you". Vicky explains, "He came to Collinwood after you had gone
         to bed. I hope you don't mind me accepting it". Elizabeth
         asks, "Why should I?" Vicky explains, "It's a family heirloom.
         It belonged to Josette". Elizabeth replies, "No, not if it
         gives you pleasure". She adds, in a somewhat worried tone
         of voice, "But it seems to me you've been getting a lot
         of Josette lately, her dress, her musicbox, her spirit
         speaking through you at the seances. How do you feel, Vicky?"
         Vicky replies, "Fine". Elizabeth continues, "I think we've
         had enough seances. I'm worried about how they've been
         affecting you". She tells Vicky she thinks it was the seance
         that caused her to imagine seeing the girl on the stairs.
         Vicky tells her she doesn't think so and gives her theory.
         She tells Elizabeth she thinks she imagined seeing the girl
         because of the dress she found, a dress belonging to the
         daughter of Joshua and Naomi Collins. Elizabeth remarks,
         "That would be Sarah Collins, sister of the first Barnabas".   
         She tells Vicky she's worried about her being preoccupied
         with a past that isn't hers. After Elizabeth leaves, Vicky 
         plays the music box and listens to it again...
            At Windcliff, Dr. Hoffman continues to work with Maggie.
         She asks her, "Tell me more about the music". Maggie replies,
         "I don't know what to tell". Dr. Hoffman prompts her, "Is
         it fast or slow?" Maggie replies, "Slow, but not too slow".
         Dr. Hoffman asks, "Is it modern or old?" Maggie replies, 
         "Old". Dr. Hoffman asks, "Does it suggest anything to you?"
         Maggie replies, "No". Dr. Hoffman tells her, "Try to listen
         to it and tell me more about it". Maggie replies, "I'm
         trying, but it's vague, distant..." Dr. Hoffman asks, "Can
         you tell what instrument it is?" Maggie replies, "I don't 
         know". Dr. Hoffman asks, "Is it a piano?" Maggie replies,
         "No". Hoffman asks, "A violin?" Maggie replies, "No, it's
         just a tinkling kind of sound. It frightens me". Hoffman
         asks, "Why?" Maggie replies, "I keep hearing it. I don't
         want to hear it! I don't want to hear it! Stop it! I don't
         want to hear it!" She continues, "There's something else.
         In the air. An aroma of some kind.  A sweet smell, very 
         sweet..." Dr. Hoffman asks, "Like flowers?" Maggie answers,
         "I don't know. I don't think it's flowers. There's something
         about it I don't like. It frightens me! Something bad! Bad!"
         Dr. Hoffman muses, "Music and an aroma, both bad..." She
         tells Maggie, "Close your eyes, and try to tell me what
         you see". Maggie closes her eyes then says, "I see shapes,
         forms. Tall, white forms, towering over me." Dr. Hoffman
         asks, "Can you reach out and touch one?" Maggie reaches out
         and says, "Yes. It's cold, hard, like stone. Yes, it's stone.
         And it has writing on it". Dr. Hoffman remarks, "They sound
         like they could be gravestones" and asks, "Are you in a 
         cemetary, Maggie?" Maggie screams, "Yes! A cemetary! I'm in
         a cemetary!"
            Vicky returns Josette's dress to the old house and takes
         it up to Josette's room. Willie tells her, "You didn't have
         to bring it up here. I could've done that for you", but Vicky
         replies, "I wanted to bring it up here myself. I love this
         dress". Willie tells her to put it back into the trunk, but
         Vicky says, "I can't. It belongs here, in Josette's room".
         Willie tells her, "All right, put it down on the bed and I'll
         hang it up later". Vicky puts it down, remarking, "It belongs
         here. I feel Josette could come in right now, put it on and
         go to a party". She asks where Barnabas is. Willie tells her
         he's away and won't be back until tonight. Vicky apoligizes
         for saying she thought she saw the little girl and upsetting
         Barnabas. Willie replies, "Don't worry about it. That's just
         the way he is". Vicky says, "You know, he came to see me
         last night." Willie asks, "Last night?" Vicky explains, 
         "He apoligized for the way he reacted and gave me what must
         be the best present in the world". Willie asks, "What?" 
         Vicky replies, "Josette's music box. It's so beautiful. I've
         listened to it for hours!" Willie gets upset and says, "You
         shouldn't do that!" Vicky asks, "Why not?" Willie replies,
         "It's an old music box. You might break it if you play it
         too much". Vicky promises, "I'll be careful". Vicky looks
         around the room and muses, "She played it, right here, in
         this room. She's really starting to become a real person
         to me". She takes Josette's perfume bottle, uncaps it,
         and sniffs it. Willie remarks, "Mr. Collins was actually
         thinking about having the party tomorrow night. It's 
         Josette's birthday tomorrow. The music box was originally
         given to her on her birthday." Vicky remarks, "And now it's
         been given to me. It makes me feel even closer to Josette".
         Willie starts to look concerned.
            Vicky returns to Collinwood. She runs into Elizabeth in
         the foyer and asks her, "I wonder if I could have a few hours 
         off tomorrow". Elizabeth replies, "Certainly". Vicky explains,
         "I have something important to do. I've just found out that
         tomorrow is Josette's birthday. I'd like to go and put some
         flowers on her grave". Elizabeth exclaims, "You can't be serious!"
         Vicky replies, "I am. Josette's become very important to me.".
         Elizabeth again tells Vicky she's worried she becoming too
         preoccupied with the past and tells her, "I can't stop you from 
         going, but I wish you wouldn't". Vicky replies, "I have to go, 
         I have to put some flowers on Josette's grave".           
            At Windcliff, Dr. Hoffman tells Maggie, "We've made
         tremendous progress today. You've remembered many things.
         You've music, a fragrance, and a place, a cemetary." Maggie 
         asks, "A cemetary? I don't remember cemetary" Dr. Hoffman replies,
         "You were found wandering in a cemetary at the beginning of your
         illness. Something must have happened to you there".  Maggie
         says, "I'm frightened!".  Dr. Hoffman tells her, "The fact that
         it frightens you may indicate the return of your memory.  We
         must do everything we can to hasten the return of all your
         memory.  There's someting we can do to hasten that day.
         What if you were to see that cemetary again?" Maggie cries, "I
         don't to go to that cemetary!" Dr. Hoffman asks, "Even if it
         helps you remember?" Maggie begs, "No!!! Don'ttake me there,
         Episode 283
         Worldvision Rerun 73
         Tape Date: July 9, 1967 (ABC #148-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 26,1967 Wednesday
         Writer:   Ron Sproat
         Director: John Sedwick

            In Dr. Julia Hoffman's office at Windcliff, Dr. Dave Woodard   
         is having an argument with Dr. Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman asks, "What
         are you implying?" Woodard replies, "I'm not implying anything!"
         Dr. Hoffman says, "It certainly seems to me you're implying that
         I'm not handling this case properly!" Woodard denies that he is
         and says, "It's just that I haven't heard from you for quite
         a while and Sam and Joe Haskell keep asking me what's going
         on". Julia explains, "I would've reported to you if anything
         had happened". Woodard says, "I've telephoned you half a 
         dozen times. Why haven't you returned any of my calls?" 
         Hoffman again says, "Because I had nothing to report". 
         Woodard asks, "Well, how is Maggie? Any improvement?" Hoffman 
         replies, "None. I'm starting to get a little desperate. I
         wonder if returning to a place she was during her ordeal
         might not help, if the shock of recognition might not cause
         her memory to return". Woodard points out, "But we don't
         know where she was". Hoffman replies, "We do know one place
         she was. She was found wandering at Eagle Hill Cemetary".
         Woodard warns against Hoffman's idea, "Eagle Hill Cemetary is
         right outside Collinsport! Someone might see her! Or it might
         drive her to the point of no return. You have no right to
         subject Maggie Evans to an ordeal that might affect her sanity".
         Julia assures Woodard, "It was just an idea", and tells him she
         doesn't intend to actually do it. Woodard apoligizes for barging
         in on her and being abrupt with her then leaves.  A moment later,
         Dr. Hoffman picks up the phone and says, "Send Maggie Evans in".
         A nurse brings Maggie in. Hoffman says, "All right, Miss Jackson",
         and dismisses the nurses. Maggie says, "Miss Jackson said you
         were going to take on a trip. Where are we going?" Dr. Hoffman
         replies, "Nothing to be afraid of, nothing at all.  Come along".
            In the drawing room at Collinwood, Vicky is sitting on
         the couch, listening entranced to Josette's music box. 
         There's a knock at the door. Vicky goes to answer. It's
         Burke Devlin. He asks her if she'd like to go for a long
         drive in the country, then dinner in Bangor. She tells him
         she would, then adds, "Oh, there's one thing I wanted to
         do today. It won't take much time. I'd like to put some
         flowers on the grave of a friend, a friend who meant a great
         deal to me".  Burke asks, "Do you know where she's buried?"
         Vicky replies, "Eagle Hill Cemetaruy".  Burke, puzzled, says,
         "I thought Sam said she was buried in a cemetary far to the
         north of here".  Vicky, in turn puzzled, asks, "Sam?"  Burke
         replies, "Sam, Sam Evans.  You are talking about Maggie, aren't
         you?" Vicky replies, "Actually, I was talking about Josette
         Collins". Burke, further puzzled, remarks, "But she died way
         before you were even born". Vicky tells him, "But she helped
         me when I needed help. I've seen her". Burke tells her he thinks
         this is silly, and they get into an argument about it. Vicky
         tells Burke, "Come inside for a minute, there's something I'd
         like to show you". She takes him into the drawing room, shows
         him the music box, and plays it for him. He asks, "Where did
         you get it?" She tells him, "Barnabas Collins gave it to me.
         It belonged to Josette Collins". She opens the lid and plays
         the music for him. Burke remarks, "Very pretty". Vicky says,
         "Sometimes when I listen to it, I feel that Josette is very close
         to me". Burke suddenly slams the lid of the music box shut,
         stopping the music.  Vicky asks, "Why did you do that?" Burke
         replies, "I don't like to hear you talking like that!" He tells
         her she doesn't like the way she's being affected by the stories
         of ghosts at Collinwood and says, "I don't think it's a good idea
         for me to take you to the cemetary".  Vicky asks, "So you won't
         take me?" Burke answers, "No".  Vicky says, "Then I guess I'll
         just have to go by myself.  It's her birthday!  Someone's got to
         do something to remember her!  It's something I've just got to
         do!".  Burke gives in, "OK, if you're that determined to go,
         I'll take you..."
            Dr. Hoffman and Maggie are at Eagle Hill Cemetary. Maggie
         asks fearfully , "Why did you bring me here?" Hoffman replies,
         "I told you, there's nothing to be afraid of". Maggie says,
         "I want to go!", but Julia tells her, "No, we're going to
         stay here for a few minutes". Maggie asks, "Why?" Hoffman
         replies, "I want you to look around and see if you remember
         anything. Try to remember". Maggie replies, "I can't".
         Hoffman tries to prompt her, "See that clump of trees there,
         the graves? Remember them?" Maggie replies, "No". Hoffman
         asks, "Do you remember anything?" Maggie replies, "No". 
         Hoffman asks, "Are you sure?" Maggie replies, "Yes".
         Hoffman tells her, "You were here once before. You were
         found wandering here. Remember?" Maggie again replies "No".
         Hoffman tells her, "Look around once more". Maggie exclaims
         "No!" Hoffman tells her, "Look around once more and we'll
         leave". Maggie, wanting to leave, says, "All right". Maggie
         looks around. Hoffman sees that she seems to react slightly to 
         a headstone bearing the name "Josette Collins 1800-1822" and asks,
         "Does that grave mean anything to you?" Maggie replies, "No".
         Julia asks, "Sure?" Maggie replies, "Yes". Suddenly, they
         hear a voice say, "This way...". Julia exclaims, "People!
         Let's go!" and quickly rushes Maggie away.
            Vicky and Burke get close to Josette's grave. Vicky
         tells Burke, "Mrs. Stoddard said it was by a clump of
         elm trees". They find Josette's grave. Burke remarks,
         "A pitiful grave for a Collins".  Vicky explains, "Jeremiah
         had her buried here as a sort of revenge for deserting him."
         She looks around and notes, "The whole graveyard is deserted.
         There's no one here except us and those two women over there".
            Julia is taking Maggie away. Maggie turns around and
         looks back briefly.
            Vicky suddenly exclaims, "One of those women just turned
         around!  And for a moment, I saw her face!" Burke asks, "What's
         the matter?" Vicky exclaims, "It was Maggie!  Maggie Evans!"
         Burke tells her, "It couldn't have been Maggie. She's dead. It
         must've just been someone who resembled Maggie". Vicky insists,
         "NO! I saw her! It WAS Maggie!" Burke replies, "You saw
         her. Just like you thought you saw that girl at Barnabas'
         party. You're imagining things again". Vicky meekly
         replies, "I guess so. What's happening to me?". Burke
         replies, "It must be the strain. And being in this graveyard
         isn't helping either.  Let's get out of here". They go.
            Julia, desperate not to be seen, takes Maggie into what
         looks like a good hiding place - the Collins Family mausoleum.
         Maggie fearfuly asks, "Why are we going in here?"  Julia
         replies, "So we wouldn't be seen".  Seeing Maggie's frightened
         reaction, she asks, "You're frightened.  Have you been here
         before?  Do you know this place?"  Maggie replies, "Don't want
         to be here!  Have to go!"  Julia replies, "We'll just be here for
         a minute.  I just want to look around". She reads the plaques on
         the wall and asks, "Does the name 'Collins' mean anything to you?"
         Maggie doesn't answer. Julia continues, "This seems to be the tomb
         of a family named 'Collins'. One of them's named Sarah, just
         like your little friend.  Perhaps she was an ancestor of hers.
         I want you to look around and see if you can remember being in
         here before". Maggie complains, "You said we could go!  Why can't
         we go?"  Julia tells her, "I'm trying to make you remember". Maggie
         cries, "No! I can't stay here!" Julia asks, "Why not?" Maggie
         screams, "He'll kill me!"  Julia asks, "Who are you talking about?",
         but Maggie just screams, "I'll die!" Julia tries to calm her,
         "You're with me!  You're safe!", then tells her, "All right.
         We'll go now, Maggie".
         Episode 284
         Worldvision Rerun 74
         Tape Date: July 10, 1967 (ABC #149-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 27, 1967 Thursday
         Writer:    Joe Caldwell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Julia has taken Maggie back to Windcliff. In a darkened room,
         she is shining a flashlight into Maggie's eyes and asking,
         "Who is Sarah? Who is Sarah? You have a friend who gave you
         that doll. What is her name?" Maggie replies, "Sarah". Julia
         asks, "What is her last name? Is it Collins? Yesterday, we
         hid in the tomb of a family named Collins". Maggie screams, 
         "Not there! Please, not there!" Julia asks, "Was there someone
         there who hurt you?" Maggie screams, "Don't hurt me!" Julia
         asks, "What is the name of the person who hurt you?" Maggie
         doesn't say anything. Julis tells her, "I am going to say a 
         name. Listen carfully. The name is 'Collins". Maggie screams, 
         "NO! NO!"
            Later, Julia is in Dr. David Woodard's office with him.
         Dr. David Woodard is very angry. He tells Julia, "I'm in
         no mood to do you any more favors! You never should've taken
         Maggie to that cemetary!" Julia apoligizes for doing so and
         asks, "Now what about my request?" Woodard asks, "You want 
         me to introduce you to the Collins family as a historian,
         a genealogist who wants to do research into their family
         history?  Why can't I just tell them the truth that you're
         a doctor?" Hoffman says, "I have my reasons". Woodard
         tells her, "I'm sure they knew you were trying to track
         down the madman who kidnapped Maggie Evans, they'd be
         glad to help". Hoffman replies, "They must not know who
         I am. That's the only way I can do my work". Woodard
         asks, "You suspect one of them, don't you?" Julia refuses
         to answer. Woodard asks, "What happened yesterday at the
         cemetary? Maggie implicated one of the Collinses, didn't she?"
         Julia replies, "Implicated is too strong a word. Let's
         just say she led me in the direction I'm going". Woodard
         agrees to do as she requested.                  
            Julia arrives at Collinwood. Vicky lets her in and tells
         her, "Mrs. Stoddard is busy and can't see you today". She
         adds, "I was quite intrigued when Dr. Woodard said you came
         here to study the Collins family history". She tells Julia
         of her own interest in the subject. Julia remarks, "Then
         maybe it's you I should be talking to". Vicky tells her,
         "No, it's Barnabas Collins you should be talking to. He
         knows all about the family history". David bursts into
         the room and announces, "I'm back on time!" Vicky tells
         him, "Good, now go upstairs and try to do that geometry
         you had so much trouble with this morning". David grumbles,
         "I'll have just as much trouble with it now". Vicky tells
         him, "But I gave you that extra play time outside hoping
         it would help you". David complains, "I was hoping to see
         Sarah, but didn't". Julia asks, "Sarah Collins?" Vicky 
         replies, "No, just a local girl who plays around here".
         David remarks, "She's a funny kid. Acts dumb". Vicky tells
         him, "Anyone who did what you did in geography this 
         morning has no right calling anyone dumb!" and sends him
         upstairs to his homework. Vicky remarks to Julia, "It's
         sad. He has no one to play with. Sometimes I think Sarah's
         just an imaginary friend". Julia asks, "You really think
         so?" Vicky replies, "Maybe. I'm not sure" then returns
         to the subject they were talking about before David 
         interrupted, "Barnabas Collins, he's really the one you
         should talk to. He was quite shy when he first came here,
         but he's opened up lately. He even had a party at the
         old house a few nights ago". Julia asks, "The old house?"
         Vicky explains, "The original Collins mansion. Mr. Collins
         has restored it to its original condition." Julia says,
         "I'd like to meet him. Could we telephone him and arrange
         it?" Vicky tells her, "No, he's so insistent on historical
         accuracy he won't even have a phone installed". Julia
         remarks, "He sounds somewhat eccentric". Vicky replies, 
         "No, I can see why he's doing it. Stepping in that house
         is like stepping into the past". Julia remarks, "It sounds
         like you share his entusiasm for the past". Vicky admits,
         "There's one room at the old house I wouldn't mind living
         in forever, Josette Collin's room". Julia tells Vicky,
         "I'd like to see that room and meet Mr. Collins. Would
         it be possible to see him this afternoon?" Vicky replies,
         "I'm not sure. He doesn't usually like strangers". Julia
         remarks, "You make him sound forbidding". Vicky quickly
         says, "Oh, no, not at all! He's the kindest, most gentle man 
         I've ever met. When he learns about your interest in the family 
         history, I have the feeling you two will get along very well".
         Julia replies, "I hope so". 
            Vicky takes Julia into Josette's room at the old house,
         saying, "This is her room". Julia asks, "Who was that young
         man who didn't want to let us in?" Vicky explains, "Willie
         Loomis. He works for Mr. Collins". Vicky shows Julia 
         Josette's portrait and remarks, "I wore her dress at Mr.
         Collins' costume party". Noticing that the dress is still
         lying on the bed, she tells Julia, "Look, the dress is still
         here". They go over and look at the dress. Suddenly, Julia
         exclaims, "What was that?" Vicky asks, "What?" Julia asks,
         "Didn't you feel it?" Vicky replies, "No". Julia explains,
         "It was a sudden chill". Vicky says, "I didn't feel a 
         thing". Looking out the window, she says, "The sun's gone
         down, but I don't think that could've made you feel a chill
         so quickly. Do you still feel anything?". Julia tells her, 
         "No, it was only momentary". Vicky tells Julia, "We'd better
         go. I think it's best if Mr. Collins shows you the rest of
         the house some other time when he's home. I felt I could
         show you this room because...". She stops. Julia prompts
         her, "Go on". Vicky says, "It's hard to explain." Julia
         suggests, "Perhaps because Mr. Collins let you wear Josette
         Collins' dress you feel proprietary about this room", then
         says, "It's getting dark. We'd better go", but Vicky suddenly
         gets an idea. She tells Julia, "You've got to see this room
         in candlelight!". She lights a candle and remarks, "How many
         times Josette must have seen this room exactly the same light".
         Suddenly, the candle blows out. Julia exclaims, "What happened?
         That chill, I felt it again!" Vicky replies, "It was only the
         wind. Don't be afraid". Julia replies, "Miss Winters, if you
         knew me, you'd know I'm afraid of nothing!" Vicky says, "We'd
         better go now. You will come back to see the rest of the
         house when Mr. Collins is here, won't you?" Julia replies,
         "Yes, you don't know how much I'm looking forward to it!" 
            Julia is with Dr. Woodard in his office. Woodard asks her
         what she learned at Collinwood. Julia tells her, "There's
         nothing to report yet". Woodard tells her, "If you suspect
         anyone, you should inform the authorities". Julia replies,
         "Of course, but I don't suspect anyone". She asks, "Before
         I take Maggie back to Windcliff, I'd like to see her alone
         for a few minutes". Woodard says, "You took an awful chance
         in taking her to the cemetary". Julia replies, "But if we
         don't take chances, we won't learn anything". Woodard opens
         the door, orders, "Bring Maggie Evans in" and leaves. A few
         moments later, Maggie comes into the room. 
            Julia tells Maggie, "Now Maggie, we're going to play one
         of our games". She takes the doll Maggie's cluthing in her
         hands and says, "Let's find out your doll's name. She doesn't
         have one, does she? Listen to me and look at the doll and
         see if you hear her name". Maggie asks, "Doll talk?" Julia
         says, "My name is Elizbeth Collins Stoddard". Maggie shows
         no reaction. Julia continues, "My name is Sarah Collins". 
         Maggie says, "No, Sarah friend! Gave me doll!". Julia
         continues, "My name is Carolyn Stoddard". Again, no reaction.
         Julia then says, "My name is Barnabas Collins". Maggie screams,
         "NO! PLEASE, NOT THAT NAME! NO!! DON'T HURT ME!!!" Julia 
         gives Maggie the doll back and manages to calm her down,
         saying, "It's not the right name for the doll". Maggie starts
         to sing "London Bridge" Julia mutters to herself, "The wrong 
         name for the doll, but the right name for something else..."    
         Episode 285
         Worldvision Rerun 75
         Tape Date: July 11, 1967 (ABC #150-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 28, 1967 Friday
         Writer:    Joe Caldwell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Vicky is in her room, staring out the window, listening
         to Josette's music box. There's a knock at the door, but 
         Vicky is so preoccupied she doesn't seem to hear it. Carolyn's
         voice calls, "Vicky? Are you in there?" Vicky suddenly snaps
         to attention and answers, "Oh, come in". Carolyn comes in.
         She asks, "Anything the matter?" Vicky replies, "No, why?"
         Carolyn replies, "I knocked, but you didn't hear it".
         Vicky asks, "You didn't?" Carolyn again asks, "Are you sure
         you're all right?" Vicky replies, "Yes. I was just sitting here
         thinking". Carolyn remarks, "You must have been thinking some
         deep thoughts". Vicky replies, "I was thinking about Maggie.
         I thought I saw her the other day". Carolyn protests, "But
         Maggie is dead!" Vicky replies, "I know". Carolyn asks,
         "What do you mean you saw Maggie?" Vicky explains, "It's
         like when you think you see something out of the corner of
         your eyes, then when you look again, it's not there". Vicky
         tells Carolyn about what happened at the cemetary, telling
         her why she went there in the first place, saying, "You 
         probably think I was being sentimental". Carolyn replies,
         "I think it was more than that. I think the seance is
         affecting you". Vicky insists that she's all right, that
         it's just the weather affecting her. Carolyn asks, "Was
         it the weather that made you think you saw Maggie Evans?
         Was it the weather that made you think you saw that little
         girl?" Carolyn suddenly remembers what she came up to tell
         Vicky, "Did you know Burke has been downstairs waiting
         for you for half an hour?" Vicky asks, "Burke?" Carolyn
         says, "Yes, Burke's been taking you out this particular
         night for the past two months!" Vicky replies, "Oh, I 
         forgot..." Carolyn notices Josette's musicbox and asks,
         "Where did you get that?" Vicky replies, "Barnabas gave
         it to me. I was listening to it when you came in". She
         plays it and asks, "Isn't it beautiful?" Carolyn answers,
         "Yes. Vicky, you mean you were just sitting here listening
         to that?" Vicky replies, "Yes. I could listen to this
         forever". Carolyn reminds her Burke is downstairs waiting
         for her and leaves. Vicky brushes her hair, listening to
         the musicbox.
            Downstairs in the drawing room, Barnabas tells Burke,
         "Glad we met, Devlin. Than you for coming to my party".
         Burke replies, "I wouldn't have missed it for the world!"
         Carolyn comes into the drawing room and, seeing Barnabas
         there, remarks, "Oh hello, I didn't know you were here".  
         She tells Burke that Vicky will be down in a minute,
         then explains to Barnabas that Vicky and Burke have a 
         date. Barnabas says, "I hope I'm not intruding. I brought
         something for Vicky". He holds up an old book and tells
         them that Vicky had expressed an interest in the old books
         in his library, saying, "She shares my interest in the past".
         Carolyn remarks, "I'm not sure that's such a good thing".
         Barnabas says, "I don't understand". Burke says, "I do.
         Vicky is getting to preoccupied with the past". Barnabas
         says, "But it's just a harmless pastime". Carolyn disagrees,
         saying, "You know where Vicky went the other day?" Burke
         interrupts, "I do. I went there with her". Burke tells
         Barnabas about Vicky's visit to the cemetary to put 
         flowers on Josette's grave. Barnabas remarks that he
         doesn't see anything wrong with that. Burke tells him,
         "No? Vicky's been seeing things. First she thought she saw
         that little girl at your party, then she thought she saw
         Maggie Evans at the cemetary." Barnabas exclaims, "Maggie
         Evans? That's impossible!" Burke replies, "Yes. We agree
         on that". Barnabas asks, "Did you see anything?" Burke
         replies, "Of course not! There wasn't anything to see! Don't
         you think she's getting carried away?"  Barnabas agrees,
         "She couldn't possibly have seen Maggie Evans, any more that
         she could've seen that little girl on the stairs..."
            Vicky comes down. Only Barnabas and Burke are in the
         room, Carolyn having left. Seeing Barnabas, Vicky tells him, 
         "Mrs. Stoddard is in the study". Barnabas replies, "I didn't 
         come to see Mrs. Stoddard. I came to see you". Vicky asks, 
         "Oh, about Miss Hoffman?" Barnabas asks, "Is that the name of
         the woman who came to the house with you?" Vicky replies,
         "Yes. She's a historian doing research on the famous families
         of New England. I was sure you'd want to help". Barnabas replies
         that he's not sure he does. Vicky is shocked and asks why.
         Barnabas replies, "I've always preferred keeping the family
         history in the family". Vicky tells him she thinks it would
         be good to share it, and asks him to think about helping
         Julia. Barnbas replies, "I will". Vicky sees that Barnabas
         is holding a book and asks what it is. Barnabas replies, 
         "Oh, just a book from my library. Perhaps you would like 
         to come over and see my library sometimes". Vicky insists
         on seeing in. Barnabas hands it to her. Vicky opens it, sees
         something and says, "I don't understand.." Burke asks, "What
         is it?" Vicky replies, "An inscription to me!" She asks
         Barnabas, "You were going to leave without even showing this
         to me..." Burke says, "That was my fault...." He explains
         how he and Carolyn had told Barnabas they thought she was 
         getting to preoccupied with the past. Vicky angrily says,
         "You actually told Mr. Collins he couldn't give me this book?!"
         Barnabas excuses himself, says goodnight, and leaves. Burke
         tells Vicky "Come on, let's go. I need a drink!", but Vicky
         tells him she doesn't feel like going on a date tonight.
         Burke angrily says, "You'd rather stay here and curl up
         with that book?" and leaves. 
            Barnabas is in the living room of the old house staring
         out the window. There's a knock at the door. Barnabas answers.
         It's Vicky. She tells him she's come to apoligize for what
         happened at the main house, about how Burke and Carolyn 
         "criicized you up and down for wanting to give me this 
         book". She adds, "I apoligize too. I never thanked you.
         I'd better be getting back before the storm gets bad.
         I do hope you'll help Miss Hoffman do her research, and
         I hope you'll let me help". Barnabas asks, "Does the Collins
         family history interest you that much?" Vicky replies, "Yes",
         then says, "Well, I'd better be getting back". She opens
         the door and prepares to leave, but Barnabas sees that the
         storm has gotten a lot worse and says, "You can't go out in
         that. Stay here until it lets up". Vicky apoligizes,
         "I thought I had time to get back before it got bad. I
         guess I'll have to stay here for awhile. I'm sorry". 
         Barnabas tells her he'd be delighted to have her stay
         at the Old House for awhile. He asks, "Have you ever
         been in this house during a storm?" He talks about how
         beautiful it looks lit by lightning. Vicky, seeing that
         the storm shows no sign of letting up, says, "What am I
         going to do? I'm afraid the storm might last all night."
         Barnabas replies, "If you get tired, remember, Josette's
         room is available at all times". Vicky remarks, "Yes, of
         course. Josette's room..."
         Episode 286
         Worldvision Rerun 76
         Tape Date: July 12, 1967 (ABC #151-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  July 31, 1967 Monday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Vicky asks, "Would you mind if I stayed in Josette's room?"
         Barnabas replies, "Of course not". Vicky tells him, "The idea
         appeals ot me. I feel very close to her. I don't know why.
         Maybe it's because I don't know who my ancestors are, I like
         to imagine she's one of them". Barnabas tells her that's not
         such a silly idea, that she's much like Josette, that she
         is kind and gentle like her. Vicky remarks, "You talk almost
         like you knew her. Barnabas explains, "I've done a lot of
         research into her. Of all my ancestors, I find her the most
         appealing". Vicky says, "You once told me how she threw herself
         off Widow's Hill..." Barnabas replies, "The saddest of the
         family legends." Vicky asks, "Who was chasing her?" Barnabas
         replies, "Her lover, a man who loved her more than the world".
         Vicky asks, "Do you know who it was?" Barnabas replies, "Yes.
         Jeremiah Collins". Vicky, puzzled, asks, "Her husband? Her
         husband was chasing her?" She asks how he could have loved
         her yet scare her and drive her to her death. Barnabas defends
         Jeremiah, saying he didn't mean to drive Josette to her death,
         that he wanted to give her life - but his tone of voice makes
         it seem like he's really defending himself...Vicky says, "I
         feel a little tired. If you don't mind, I'd like to go up..."
         Barnabas, seeming to have second thoughts, says, "Uh, Vicky,
         the storms seems to have lessened. I think you could go back
         now", but Vicky replies, "It sounds just as bad to me".
         Barnabas asks, "Then you'd prefer to stay here?" Vicky replies,
         "Yes, if it's no intrusion". Barnabas assures her, "It's no
            Vicky goes up to Josette's room, looks around a bit, opens
         Josette's perfume bottle and sniffs Josette's perfume, then
         goes to bed.
            Barnabas is still in the living room brooding. Willie
         comes into the room. Barnabas asks him, "What are you doing
         still up?" Willie replies, "It's the storm. I just wanted to
         see if everything was all right. Barnabas, has anyone else
         been in the house?".  Barnabas lies, "No, why do you ask?"
         Willie replies, "It's because of something I found." He holds
         up a rubber ball and tells Barnabas he found it. Barnabas asks,
         "Where?" Willie replies, "Downstairs, by the coffin". Barnabas
         gets very angry and says, "Willie, if you let young David get
         down there..."  Willie defends himself, "He couldn't have! I've
         kept the house locked up!" Barnabas calms down and says, "No, it
         couldn't have been David. If he had been down there and seen
         the coffin, he would've told everyone and we'd have heard
         of it by now". Willie reminds Barnabas, "David's not the
         only kid that plays around here. There's also that little
         girl..." Barnabas asks, "This little girl, how old is she?"
         Willie replies, "About 9 or 10." Barnabas gets a strange
         look on his face. Willie continues,  "It's funny, you know,
         Maggie Evans talked about seeing a little girl in here, but
         I thought she was crazy". Barnabas replies emphatically,
         "She WAS!", seeming not to want to talk about the little
         girl anymore. Willie says, "Maybe that ball was down there
         all the time". Barnabas replies, "Maybe. I'd better go down
         and check".
            Josette's room fills with the sound of the little girl
         singing "London Bridge". Vicky is awakened by this. She
         calls out, "Who is it? Who's there?" She lights a candle
         and looks around but there's no one there...
            Willie is now alone in the living room.  A voice calls,
         "Willie?" Willie turns and looks. She is shocked to see Vicky
         standing on the stairs and exclaims, "Miss Winters?!  What
         are you doing here?!" Vicky asks, "Didn't Mr. Collins tell
         you I was staying here?" Willie replies, "He didn't". Vicky
         tells him how she's staying because she was trapped by the
         storm. Willie asks, "You're spending the night here in
         the house? Where?" Vicky replies, "In Josette's room". 
         Willie offers to take her back to Collinwood, but Vicky
         replies, "That won't be necessary. To tell the truth, I
         like the idea of spending the night in Josette's room".
         Willie starts to say, "Miss Winters, you're making a big
         mistake..." Vicky asks, "Why do you say that?" Suddenly,
         Barnabas' voice says, "Yes, Willie, why do you say that?"
         Willie looks and sees that Barnabas has come back upstairs. 
         Willie replies, "...because people might get the wrong 
         idea". Barnabas assures him he needn't worry about that.
         Vicky tells Barnabas, "Willie offered to take me back 
         to Collinwood. He's very generous". Barnabas replies, "Yes.
         Willie is very generous." He looks at Willie and says, "I
         dare say he will be amply rewarded someday for his generosity".
         He asks Vicky, "What are you doing down here? Couldn't sleep?"
         Vicky tells him, "The voice of a little girl singing 'London
         Bridge' woke me up." Barnabas exclaims, "Impossible!" Vicky
         continues, "I lit a candle and looked around, but there was
         no one there". Barnabas tells her, "You must have been
         imagining things. I can assure you there's no little girle
         in this house!" Vicky replies, "Yes, I suppose it must have
         been my imagination".
           After Vicky goes back upstairs, Willie asks, "Barnabas, 
         who is she? Who is this little girl?" Barnabas angrily 
         replies, "There is no little girl!" Willie protests, "But 
         Miss Winters said she heard her". Barnabas explodes, "THAT WAS 
         HER IMAGINATION!" Willie holds up the rubber ball and says,
         "Well, she didn't imagine THIS! How did it get here, Barnabas?
         Who left it here? Who?" Barnabas insists, "There's no little
         girl!" He asks, "What were you saying to Miss Winters when I
         came up? You were going to tell her about me, aren't you?"   
         Willie meekly says, "No..", but Barnabas grabs him by the
         collar and demands that he tell the truth. Willie says, 
         "Yes! Kill me if you want to, but don't hurt her, she's never 
         done anything to you!" Barnabas doesn't say anything. Willie 
         asks, "What are you going to do, kill me?" Barnabas replies, 
         "No". Willie asks, "Then what are you going to do to me?" 
         Barnabas replies, "Nothing". Willie, puzzled, echoes, "Nothing?"  
         Barnabas tells Willie, "I just want you to stay here with me.
         Talk." Willie asks, "Talk?" He starts to talk, "You like her,
         don't you? That's why you don't want to hurt her. Please,
         Barnabas, don't hurt her. She's never done anything to
         anyone". Barnabas, suddenly changing his mind about wanting
         Willie to keep him company, tells him, "I tire of hearing
         your voice! Go to bed!"
            Barnabas goes upstairs and quietly goes into Josette's
         room. He walks up to the bed and looks down on Vicky,
         who's sleeping peacefully...

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