Dark Shadows
July 1969

        Episode 787
        Worldvision Rerun 570
        Tape Date:  June 24, 1969 (ABC #132-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 1, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           The werewolf has been captured and is being held in a
        jail cell.
           The phone rings at Collinwood.  Edward answers the telephone,
        "Edward Collins speaking".  A policeman replies, "This is the
        sheriff's office.  May I speak to Reverend Trask, please?"  Edward
        tells him, "He's not here right now.  May I take a message?"  The
        policeman replies,  "Tell him the animal has been captured".
        Edward exclaims, "Captured!!  Where is he now?"  The policeman
        tells him, "It was quite a struggle, but we've got him in a cell".
        Edward exclaims, "I'll be down there as soon as I can!"
           After going to the jail, Edward goes to the old house and finds
        Magda there.  He exclaims, "I would never have thought you'd have
        the nerve to continue staying here now that we've found out you've
        been helping Barnabas!  He must be paying you very well to keep his
        secret!  But we'll find him, and we'll destroy him, just as we found
        and destroyed Dirk Wilkins!"  Magda warns him, "You had better
        be careful", but Edward shows her a cross he is wearing and says,
        "I am safe as long as I am wearing this, and I have the silver
        bullets.  We will catch him just as we have the other animal".
        Magda asks, "Other animal?"  Edward says, "Don't feign ignorance.
        It's unlikely that two such supernatural creatures could appear at
        Collinwood at the same time without there being some sort of
        connection. If you know about Barnabas, you must know about the
        other creature as well".  Magda lies, "I don't know nothing".
        Edward replies, "But I will by morning".  Magda asks, "What do
        you mean?"  Edward asks, "Does the word lycanthrope mean anything
        to you, Magda?"  Magda asks, "Ly-can-thrope?"  Edward explains, "It
        means a man who turns into a wolf when the moon is full.  I suspect
        that is what this creature is.  If I am right, he will turn back
        into a man in the morning.  He is in a cell in the Collinsport Jail
        right now.  I will see!"  Magda feigns noninterest and remarks,
        "I hope you are not disappointed".  Edward tells her, "I order you
        and your husband to leave the estate by morning!"  Magda protests,
        "But Trask has invited us to stay".  Edward says, "He has no
        authority!  He is not the master of Collinwood!"  Magda counters,
        "He says he is". Edward says, "I will attend to the Reverend Trask
        when I come back from town!"
           Barnabas appears right after Edward leaves.  He remarks, "You
        seem to have had a busy night, Magda".  Magda says, "Barnabas,
        you've got to forgive me!  Before Quentin underwent the tranformation,
        he begged me to use the hand to help him!"  Barnabas exclaims, "You
        were forbidden to do that!"  Magda explains, "He was in so much pain,
        I felt sorry for him.  I wanted to help him".  Barnabas asks, "What
        happened when you used the hand?"  Magda replies, "It had no effect
        at all.  He turned into a werewolf, ran off into the night, and
        was captured by the police!  He's in a cell at the Collinsport
        Jail now.  Mr. Edward has just gone down to see him".  Barnabas
        exclaims, "I've got to get there before he does!  Where is the hand?"
        Magda replies, "In the box".  Barnabas tells her, "Well, put it away
        in a safe place before someone else gets to it"  Magda goes into the
        door to the left of the fireplace, then comes back out and exclaims,
        "Barnabas!  The hand is gone!  I was so worried about Quentin that
        I forgot that..."  Barnabas exclaims, "That Evan Handley was in the
        house!  For your sake, he'd better still be here!"  He calls out,
        "Handley!  Handley", and searches the house, but finds that Evan
        is gone.  He tells Magda, "He's gone, and he probably took the hand
        with him".  Magda apoligizes, "I'm sorry".  Barnabas says, "Not half
        as sorry as you'll be if you don't get the hand back".  Magda asks,
        "But how will I do that?"  Barnabas replies, "You know where Evan
        lives!  Go get it!"  Magda protests, "But without the hand, I am
        helpless".  Barnabas replies, "If he uses the hand, everyone will
        be helpless!  Now, I must go get Quentin.  Go get the hand!"
           Evan is at home.  He does indeed have the hand.  Having
        recovered his mental capablities and his powers of speech, he
        angrily talks to the hand, saying, "If there is a way of doing
        this to me, there must be a way of undoing it!  There must be
        some way!  If you could talk, I'd wring it out of you!"
        He angrily picks up a letter opener and raises it to stab the
        hand, but then thinks better of it and puts the letter opener
        down.  He frantically leafs through occult books trying to find 
        out what to do.  There's a knock at the door.  Hiding the box with
        the hand in the lower left drawer of his desk, he asks, "Who is it?"  
        A voice replies, "Magda".  He lets her in.  Evan asks, "What do
        you want with me?"  Seeing that he has recovered his mind and 
        speech, Magda remarks, "I did not expect you to recover so quickly"
        Evan touches his still disfigured face and exclaims, "You call THIS 
        a recovery?!"  Magda says, "You've got your mind back and you can
        function".  Evan exclaims, "How can I function with a face like
        this?!", and asks, "What do you want?"  Magda replies, "You have
        something that belongs to me.  You took the box with the hand from
        the old house".   Evan asks, "Why would I want it after what it did
        to me?"  Magda replies, "To try to restore your face".  Evan lies,
        "I don't have it".  Magda, noticing the occult books on the table,
        remarks, "I see you have been looking through those books for an
        answer.  You will not find one.  Only someone who knows the hand's
        powers can help you".  Evan remarks, "You mean you".  Magda replies,
        "Yes", but Evan tells her, "No, Gypsy, I trusted you once, and look
        what happened to me!"  Magda counters, "No, I did not do that to
        you.  The hand was not under my control.  You were greedy.  You
        wanted to use the hand for your own purposes, so it did this to
        you".  Evan tells her, "There is only one bargain I'll make with
        you, Gypsy.  Help me restore my face, and I'll give you the hand".
        Magda demands, "Give it to me".  Evan replies, "I will, but only
        after you have helped me".  Magda protests, "I cannot help you
        unless you give me the hand".  Evan angrily tells her, "Then don't!
        I will continue to try to find a solution to this myself, and if I
        fail, I will seek you out and strangle you with these very hands!
        Now get out!"  Magda warns him, "You will change your mind when
        you find out how helpless you are!"
           At the Collinsport Jail, a guard working at a roll-top desk
        in the office hears a bat sqeaking outside.  He goes and looks
        out the window, then returns to his desk.  The door then blows
        open.  The guard gets up and closes it, but when he turns back
        around, he is startled to find Barnabas in the room.  He asks,
        "Who are you?  How did you get in here?  Answer me!" Barnabas ]
        grabs him by the throat and tells him, "Listen to me, and listen
        to me carefully!  I will not hurt you if you cooperate!"  The
        guard asks, "What do you  want?"  Barnabas orders, "Look at me!
        Look into my eyes!  You will be silent, and you will do everything
        I tell you to!  Understand?"  The guard replies, "Yes".  Barnabas
        continues, "And after I have gone, you will have no memory of me
        ever being here.  Is that clear?" The guard replies, "Yes".  Barnabas
        then says, "Now give me the keys to the cell in the other room."  The
        guard does so.  Barnabas continues, "Now go stand by that door.  You
        will wait there until after I leave".  Barnabas goes into the
        cellblock and sees the werewolf locked in a cell.  He is just about
        to unlock the cell when he hears Edward's voice coming from the
        office saying, "It's all right.  I told the officer back there who I
        am".  Barnabas peeks out the door into the office and sees Edward
        trying to talk to the hypnotized guard, "I have your sheriff's
        permisson to..."  Suddenly, he notices Barnabas peeking in and
        exclaims, "Barnabas!", and aims a gun at him.  Barnabas quickly
        comes out, grabs the guard, and hold him in front of himself as
        a shield, telling Edward, "Fire that pistol and you will kill this
        guard too!"  Edward exclaims, "I was right!  You are in league with
        the creature!  You came to help him escape!"  Barnabas replies, "No!
        I came to help the future of your family!"  Edward asks, "How?"
        Barnabas replies, "I can't explain".  Edward says, "Then I don't
        believe you!  You came here to fufill the Devil's plans!  I'm sure
        had Grandmother lived a little longer, she would have told us!
        You killed her to prevent her from telling the secret, didn't you?"
        Barnabas orders, "Drop that pistol"  Edward does so then asks,
        "How long do you think you can evade capture?  How long do you
        think it will be before we find your coffin?"  Barnabas vanishes.
        The guard snaps out of the trance and, seeing Edward, asks, "Who
        are you?"  Edward replies, "I am Edward Collins".  The guard says,
        "I don't remember you coming in here".  Edward asks, "What do you
        remember?"  The guard replies, "I was sitting in this chair,
        I got up to close the door, then the next thing I know I see you
        standing here".  Edward tells him, "I will tell you what happened.
        I have ample time.  I will be staying here until dawn.  I want to
        see what happens to the creature when the sun rises".  The guard
        says, "I don't understand".  Edward tells him, "You'll see".  The
        guard says,  "I'm not sure the sheriff would like you staying
        here".  Edward says, "The sheriff doesn't know about the creature.
        When the sun rises, this creature will turn into a man.  The question
        is, what man?"
           Barnabas returns to the old house.  The clock now shows
        5:00.  He glumly tells Magda, "We have both failed, Magda.
        In a few minutes, Edward will know Quentin's secret, and there's
        nothing I can do to prevent it, nothing!"  Magda asks, "Then your
        mission has failed".  Barnabas replies, "Yes.  The events of this
        era will be changed by the secret Edward is about to discover, and
        the future will be changed accordingly".  Magda suggests, "Perhaps
        you can get back before Edward discovers the secret", but Barnabas
        replies, "No, there is not enough time.  Time is running out for
        me..." He notes that dawn is approaching and that there's nothing
        he can do about it.  The cock crows and he leaves to go to his cave.
           At the jail, Edward continues to watch the creature.  He remarks
        to the uncomprehending creature, "In a minute, the sun will be up,
        and I will know who you are!"  Then something happens in the cell, 
        and a look of horror comes onto Edward's face.
        Episode 788
        Worldvision Rerun 571
        Tape Date:  June 25, 1969 (ABC #133-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 2, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Quentin transforms back into a human being, but because of
        some effect of the hand, his face is horribly disfigured like
        Evan's and is unrecognizable.  Edward asks, "Who are you?",
        but Quentin seems unable to respond.  Magda shows up at the
        jail to see what happened, sees Quentin, and exclaims, "I don't
        understand!"  Edward asks, "Understand what?"  Magda just replies,
        "You were right", passing off her astonishment at how the creature
        looks as astonishment that Edward was right that it was a werewolf.
        Edward says, "Apparently, I was right about a great many things.
        You knew about this creature all along, didn't you?"  Magda lies,
        "No!"  Edward asks, "Then why are you  here?"  Magda lies, "I was
        curious, just as you were.  I wanted to see the creature".  Edward
        insists, "You know who he is!", but Magda replies "I do not.  If
        you want to know who he is, why don't you ask him?"  Edward replies,
        "I already have. He is either unable or unwilling to respond.  From
        the looks of him, I'd say unable".  He tells Magda,  "The fact that
        we've managed to catch this creature means we'll probably
        eventually catch Barnabas too.  It'll be easier for you if you
        help us catch him", but Magda continues to maintain that she
        doesn't know where Barnabas is.  Edward says, "If you find a
        way of communicating with him, you might want to tell him his
        days are numbered", and leaves.  After Edward leaves, Magda
        tries to talk to Quentin.  "Quentin!  Look at me!  Don't you
        remember what happened?"  Quentin babbles, "Forest!  Osden!  They
        took me there! There were nine of them!  Nine Gypsies!"  Magda
        exclaims, "You don't even know who you are!  You are changed,
        changed by the hand!  Edward!  He didn't even recognize you!  We
        must find a way to get you out of here!"  Quentin continues to
        babble, "Nine gypsies, standing around a fire, closing in on me..."
        Magda says, "You don't know who you are!  I got to tell Barnabas
        what happened!"
           Edward returns to Collinwood and tells Judith about what
        happened down at the jail, "It was the most incredible thing
        I've ever seen!  At the crack of dawn, it turned into a man,
        the strangest man I've ever seen!"  He is surprised to find that
        Judith doesn't seem very interested.  He asks, "What's wrong?
        You don't seem to be very interested!"  Judith replies, "I have
        something more important on my mind".  Edward asks, What could
        be more important than this?"  Judith asks, "The creature has
        been caught.  Why keep talking about it?"  Edward says, "I think
        we do need to talk about it!", but Judith replies, "There's
        no need to become morbid about it".  Edward asks, "What's wrong?
        Have you been having second thoughts about your marriage?"  Judith
        replies emphatically, "No!"  Edward asks, "Then what's the matter?"
        Judith replies, "I had a dream".  Edward asks, "About what?"
        Judith replies, "I'd rather not talk about it".  Edward tells her,
        "I'll be in my study if you need me", and leaves.  After Edward
        leaves, Judith thinks to herself, "Why would I dream about Minerva
        Trask?  Was she trying to warn me about something?  Why did she keep
        saying 'Queen of Spades...Queen of Spades'?  It was nothing!  Only
        a dream!"  She notices a deck of cards on the table, arranged for
        a game of solitaire and screams.  Edward comes rushing into
        the room and asks what's wrong.  Judith asks, "Those cards
        weren't in the room before, were they?"  Edward replies, "I didn't
        notice.  What's wrong?".  Judith turns over the top card on the
        pile.  It is the Queen of Spades.  Judith mutters, "She's calling
        me", then walks out into the foyer.  Edward calls out, "Judith!
        Where are you going?"  Judith opens the front door and goes out.
        Edward calls out, "Judith!  Come back here!", then follows.
           Judith goes to Minerva Trask's grave.  The headstone reads,
        "Minerva Trask, who departed this life in 1897, aged 50 years".
        Judith speaks to it, "I have come to you.  What do you want to
        tell me?  Why have you called me here?"  Edward catches up with
        her and exclaims,  "Judith!  What in Heaven's name are you doing
        here?"  Judith replies, "This is where she appeared in the dream".
        Edward asks, "Where who appeared?"  Judith looks at the headstone
        and says, "She's here now".  Edward asks, "Mrs. Trask?"  Judith
        replies, "Yes".  Edward asks, "Have you taken leave of your senses?!"
        Judith rambles on, "She's trying to tell me something, just as she
        did in the dream".  Edward asks, "Shall I give you a rational reason
        for your dream?  Guilt about marrying Trask so soon after his wife's
        death!"  Judith excclaims, "No!  Edward, go away!  She did not summon
        you!  She does not want you here!"  Edward asks, "Are you all right,
        Judith?"  Judith says, "I will thank you to call me Mrs. Trask!"
        Edward says, "You must come back to Collinwood with me!", but Judith
        replies, "I will come back when I am ready to do so!"  Edward leaves.
        Judith mutters, "I know it must be done, I know it must be done!"
           Edward goes back to Collinwood.  He finds Magda there and
        asks, "What are you doing here?"  Magda replies, "Looking for Beth."
        Edward tells her, "I haven't seen her all day.  Excuse me", and goes
        into the drawing room and closes the doors.  He picks up the phone
        and says, "Give me 453".
           The phone rings at Evan Handley's house.  Evan, after letting
        it ring quite a few times, finally decides to answer it.  He picks
        up the phone and says, in a rather cautious voice, "Hello?"  Edward
        replies, "Evan, this is Edward Collins.  I want you to get over here
        as soon as you can!"  Evan asks, "To Collinwood?  Why?  Is something
        wrong?"  Edward replies, "Judith may be in the process of losing
        her mind!  How soon can you get here?"  Evan replies, "I don't know
        if I can".  Edward protests, "But you're the family lawyer!
        I need your advice!"  Evan stammers, "I...I...have a long list of
        appointements".  Edward says, "But I consider this an emergency!
        If you don't come here tonight, I'll look for another lawyer in the
        morning!" and hangs up.  Evan nervously looks in the mirror and
        looks at his disfigured face and wonders what to do.
           Edward comes back out into the foyer.  Magda asks, "What's
        the matter?"  Edward replies, "Nothing.  Did you give any thought
        to the matter I discussed with you this morning?"  Magda insists,
        "I don't know where Barnabas is".  Judith comes in through the front
        doors.  Seeing Magda, she demands to know, "Who is this woman?  What
        is she doing here?"  Both Edward and Magda just stand there, startled.
        Judith continues, "Well, isn't anyone going to speak up?"  Magda
        asks, "You're making a joke, aren't you?"  Judith replies, "We do
        not make jokes here!  We run a very proper school!"  Edward asks,
        "School?!"  Judith continues speaking to Magda, "If you've come to
        answer that ad we put in the paper, you can forget it!  The way
        you're dressed, these gaudy jewels, you are quite unsuitable!"
        She turns to Edward and says, "I will  go speak to my daughter now".
        Edward exclaims, "But you don't have a daughter, Judith!"  Judith
        replies, "Of course I do.  And why do you call me Judith?  My name
        is not Judith. It's Minerva".  Edward is shocked.
           Edward and Magda are now alone in the foyer, Judith having
        been put in the drawing room.  There's a knock at the front
        doors.  Edward answers.  It's Evan Handley, his face completely
        normal.  Edward lets him in.  Magda is so shocked she drops her
        handbag and exclaims, "Mr. Handley!"  Edward asks, "What are you
        staring at?"  Magda replies, "Nothing".  Edward asks, "Then would
        you please leave us alone?"  Magda replies, "Of course".  She
        turns to Evan ans says, "Good Evening, Mr. Handley".  Evan replies,
        "Good Evening, Magda.  You look well".  Magda replies, "Thank you.
        You look well too", and leaves the room.  Evan asks Edward,
        "Now may I ask you what this is all about?"  Edward explains, "My
        sister has been experiencing an aberration ever since this morning".
        Evan asks, "An aberration?"  Edward replies, "I don't know what
        else to call it.  It began with a dream about Minerva Trask, then
        she began to think she was haunting her, now she actually thinks
        she is the dead woman".  Evan asks, "How can this be?"  Edward
        replies, "She thinks she's Minerva Trask!  That's all I can tell
        you.  Of particular concern to me is the possiblity that Trask
        might take control of this house if she becomes incapacitated.
        I'd like to make sure we're all protected in that event.  Let's
        go into the drawing room.  I'd like you to see her".  Evan tells
        Edward, "I'd like to speak to her myself without a third party
        around".  Edward replies, "All right.  I'll be in my study", and
        leaves.  Evan is about to open the drawing room doors and go in,
        but Magda, seeing Evan in the foyer alone, asks, "Mr. Handley!  You
        are very lucky to have your face restored!  How did it happen?"
        Evan coyly replies, "Wouldn't you like to know!"  Magda asks,
        "Was it the hand?", but Evan replies, "I'm never going to tell you".
        Magdba explains, "It's not for me!  It's for Quentin!  He changed,
        and the police caught him".  Evan asks, "And this morning, he
        changed back and the police know who he is?"  Magda replies, "No,
        his face is disfigured as yours was.  We've got to help him!", but
        Evan tells her, "I have no desire to help Quentin, and I certainly
        have no desire to do anything to help you!"
           Evan goes into the drawing room and closes the doors.  He
        find Judith sitting at a little table playing a game of solitaire.
        He tells her, "Judith, I'd like to talk to you" and asks,   May I
        sit down?", but Judith takes one look at him and exclaims, "You!
        You are the one!"  Evan asks, "What are you talking about?"  Judith
        just repeats, "You are the one!"  Evan says, "Judith, I don't
        understand what you're talking about."  Judith picks up a letter
        opener, stands up, says, "You made Timothy Shaw poison me!", and
        starts advancing menacingly...
        Episode 789
        Worldvision Rerun 572
        Tape Date:  June 26, 1969 (ABC #134-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 3, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Evan backs away from Judith.  Judith continues to advance,
        saying, "I know what you did!  YOU MURDERED ME!!!"  Edward, hearing
        the commotion from outside, comes running in, exclaims, "Give that
        to me!", and grabs the letter opener from Judith.  Judith collapses
        onto the couch.  Evan tells Edward, "She completely crazy!"  Judith
        regains consciousness and asks, "What happened?"  Edward tells her,
        "You just tried to kill this man, that's what happened!"  Judith
        exclaims, "Kill him?!  I don't even remember him being here!"
        Edward tells her, "You began acting strangely this morning.  You
        need a doctor!"  Judith disagrees, "No!  I just need a little rest!"
        Edward tells her, "I'll take you up to your bed." and tells Evan,
        "Remain here, Evan.  I'd like to speak to you"  Evan, still shaken,
        pours himself a drink.  He hears someone come in through the front
        doors and looks to see who it is.  It is Trask.  Trask asks, "Well,
        Mr. Handley, where have you been for the last 24 hours?"  Trask
        replies, "Never mind.  We'd better do something about your wife!
        She was suffering from delusions she was your first wife, and
        somehow, she seemed to know what happened!  She accused me of having
        Tim Shaw poison her!  She's back to normal now, but if theses
        delusions happen again, we may be in a great deal of trouble!"  Trask
        asks, "Is it possible that she's really possessed by the spirit of
        Minerva?"  Evan replies, "Perhaps.  The spirit of your late wife
        may be restless".  Trask exclaims, "Then we must put it to rest!"
        Evan tells him, "That's easier said than done".  Trask demands,
        "Then you must find a way!"   He sees that Evan seems to be deep i
        n thought and asks, "What are you thinking about?"  Evan replies,
        "Judith seems to be afraid of your former wife".  Trask asks, "What
        are you thinking of?"  Evan replies, "Of bringing your first wife
        to haunt Judith".  Trask points out, "But she already thinks she's
        being haunted by Minerva".  Evan tells him, "But I want Minerva
        to haunt her to our advantage".  Trask asks, "What do you mean?"
        Evan replies, "I'll tell you when the time comes.  Judith has
        changed her will to your advantage".  Trask says, "I already know
        that!  What are you getting at?"  Evan replies, "I can take care
        of Judith for you, but I expect to be provided for".  Trask says,
       "I will not give you a cent until you tell me what you are going to
        do!"  Evan replies, "Come to my house later and I'll show you.
        And bring a photograph of your first wife.  If my plans work,
        Judith will never be a problem for you again, and you will be
        a very rich man, Mr. Trask!"
           After Evan leaves, Edward comes back down.  Finding Trask
        there alone, he asks, "Where is Evan Handley?"  Trask replies,
        "He had to leave".  Edward protests, "But I told him to wait!"
        Trask explains, "He said he had something urgent to take care of.
        He told me to tell you he'd call you later".  Edward tells Trask,
        "I would like to have a word with you.  I'll come right to the
        point.  I don't think this marriage is good for Judith.  I'd
        like you and Judith to have this marriage annulled!"  Trask
        exclaims, "Annulled?!"  Edward tells Trask, "Judith is not suited
        for marriage.  Why do you think she hasn't married till now?"
        Trask says, "I have married her because I love her!  I will devote
        every moment of my life making sure she is happy and well.  Now
        excuse me, Edward!", and leaves.
           Judith, in her room, hears a knock at the door.  She opens
        it but there's no one there.  But when she gets back into bed,
        she hears another knock.  Again, she gets up and opens it, but
        again there's no one there.  Then there's a third knocking.
        Judith asks fearfullly, "Who's there?"  This time a voice
        replies, "It's Gregory, my dear.  Open the door"  She lets him
        in and asks, "Did you knock a moment ago?"  Trask replies, "No,
        why?"  Judith tells him, "Someone knocked at the door".  Trask
        suggests, "Perhaps you only imagined it".  Judith tells him, "I'm
        glad you're back".  Trask says, "So am I.  Your brother Edward gave
        me quite a scare".  Judith asks, "Quite a scare?"  Trask replies,
        "He seems to be worried about your state of mind".  Judith insists,
        "I'm well!  I just had a dream!"  Trask says, "I didn't say you
        weren't well.  Whatever it is, we'll face it together.  You must
        not be afraid, Judith!"  Judith replies, "I'm not afraid when I'm
        with you.  You will stay with me, won't you?"  Trask replies, "I
        do have one thing to do at the school, but then I will stay with
        you.  I promise".  Judith tells him, "I'll be miserable without you!"
        Trask leaves.
           At Evan's house, a clock reads 8:00.  Evan is busy looking
        through a book, and Trask is sitting in an armchair.  Evan looks
        at Trask and remarks, "What a brooding expression.   What's
        wrong, Mr. Trask?"  Trask replies, "Surely you understand my
        discomfort participating in this sort of thing".  Evan says,"Yes.
        But we can't always be on the side of the angels, can we?  Did you
        bring a picture of your first wife?"  Trask replies, "Yes, but you
        still haven't told me what we are going to do", and gives it to him.
        Evan looks at the photograph and announces, "That will do
        marvelously.  We are going to conjure up a black ghost of your
        first wife.  Judith will think it's the spirit of Minverva
        Trask, but it will only be an illusion, an illusion completely
        under our control".  Trask asks, "And it will be visible only to
        Judith?"  Evan replies, "That's the one drawback.  Everyone will be
        able to see it.  That's why you must make sure Judith is alone when
        it happens".  Trask says, "You still haven't told me what you're
        going to do with the photograph".  Evan explains, "I will conduct
        the ceremony to conjure up the black ghost, and at the climax of
        the ceremony, I will burn the picture and the spirit will appear".
        Trask says, "Then I must go back to Collinwood".  Evan says, "Yes
        I will start the ceremony at 8:30.  It will take a few minutes.
        That should give you enough time to get back".
           Trask returns to Collinwood and starts up the steps up to
        Judith's room, but Edward comes out of the drawing room and
        says, "I have a few questions to ask you".  Trask protests,
        "But I want to go upstairs to see Judith", but Edward insists,
        saying, "This won't take long."  The grandfather clock reads
        exactly 8:30.   
           At that very moment, Evan, as promised, starts the ceremony,
        "Spirit!  Show thyself to Judith Collins, wherever she may be!"
        He then burns the picture of Minerva.
           In her room, Judith sees the corner of her room near the door
        start to glow with an eerie light.  What looks like the ghost of
        Minerva Trask appears.  Judith screams.
           In the drawing room, Edward is telling Trask, "The most serious
        and disturbing thing was what she said about Evan Handley.  She
        accused him of murdering your first wife!  Why would she make
        such an accusation?"  Trask says, Considering her frame of mind, I
        would say what she said is not rational"  Suddenly, Judith comes
        rushing into the room shouting, "Gregory!!!"  Edward exclaims,
        "Judith!  You're trembling!  What's wrong?"  Judith lies, "Nothing.
        There's just a chill in my room".  Trask tells Edward, "Edward, if
        you'll excuse us, I'd like to speak to Judith alone".  Edward leaves.
        Trask asks, "Now Judith, I'd like to know why you lied to Edward
        just now".  Judith asks, "Lied?"  Trask says, "I can see it in your
        eyes.  Something is wrong".  Judith exclaims, "Gregory!  In my room!
        I saw Minerva's spirit!  She appeared to me in the corner!"  Trask
        tells her, "It must have been your imagination.  Even if it were
        possible for a spirit to return, Minerva's would not have.  She was
        a kind, understanding woman, and wherever she is, she would be
        looking upon our marriage with joy".  He goes to the liquor table
        and says, "You know how I feel about alcoholic beverages, but
        perhaps a drink would soothe your mind right now", pours her a
        drink.  But before he can give it to her, Judith looks across the
        room and exclaims, "Gregory!  She's here again!  There!"  Trask
        looks and sees Minerva's ghost sitting in a rocking chair busily
        sewing something, but lies, "I see no one".  Judith tells him,
        "She's right there!  In that chair!", but Trask lies, "There's no
        one there.  It's just your imagination.  For some reason, Minerva
        has come to dominate your thoughts when it should be our future
        together you should be thinking of.  Think about that, and your
        thoughts of Minerva should disappear.  That's what you want, isn't
        it?"  Judith meekly replies, "Yes".  Trask tell her, "Now turn
        around, and tell me what you see".  Judith looks at the chair and
        sees Minerva there, rocking and sewing, but lies, "I don't see
        anything".  Trask says, "There!  Didn't I tell you?"  Judith says,
        "Yes.  I'd like that brandy now, please".  Trask gives it to her,
        and she downs it with a gulp.  She looks across the room at Minerva
        and lies, "I don't see her anymore".  Trask asks, "Who?"  Judith
        replies, "Your wife".  Trask reminds her, "But YOU are my wife.
        Say that!"  Judith says, "I am your wife.", then says,  I'm not
        feeling well".  Trask suggests, "Perhaps you should go up to your
        room."  Judith replies, "Yes.  Aren't you coming with me?"  Trask
        says "Come, Judith.  You promised me earlier you wouldn't be afraid.
        You act as though you were afraid to walk to your room.  You're
        not afraid, are you, Judith?"  Judith replies, "Of course not.
        You'll be up in a few minutes, won't you?"  Trask promies, "Yes".
        Judith takes a nervous glance at Minerva, then leaves and starts
        up the stairs.  Minerva follows her.  At the turn, Judith
        looks back and sees Minerva.  She begs, "Don't come any closer!
        Don't come near me!", but Minerva continues to advance, backing
        her into the corner...
        Episode 790
        Worldvision Rerun 573
        Tape Date:  June 27, 1969 (ABC #135-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 4, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Violet Welles
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Judith turns and runs up to her room.  Terrified, she closes
        the door and listens through it to hear if Minerva has followed.
        But instead, she hears a squeaking sound behing her.  She turns
        and is shocked to see Minerva Trask sitting in a rocking chair,
        rocking and embroidering.  Judith exclaims, "What do you want?!
        What do you want?  Please tell me!  I can't stand it any longer!"
        Trask, hearing the commotion, comes up into the room and asks,
        "Judith, what's wrong?"  Judith replies, "She followed me up here!"
        Trask asks, "Who?"  Judith replies, "Minerva!  She's in that chair!"
        Trask sees this, but lies, "There's no one in that chair".  Judith
        points out, "But it's rocking!"  Trask lies, "It's not moving".
        Judith insists,  "It is!"  Trask tells her, "I'll prove to you that
        no one's in that chair.  I want you to sit in it",  Judith exclaims,
        "NO!!!"  Trask asks, "Why are you making Minerva into such a demon?
        She never did any harm to anyone her entire life.  Now listen to me.
        Your brother is very disturbed at your recent behavior.  He is
        thinking of having you put away!"  Judith gasps, "I can't believe
        that!"  Trask asks, "You're not accusing me of lying, are you?"
        Judith replies, "No".  Trask asks, "Do you believe me?"  Judith
        replies, "Yes".  Trask sadly asks "Judith, what choice do you
        leave him when you continue to act like this?"  Judith begs,
        "Gregory, please make her stop rocking!"  Trask lies, "But no one
        is rocking".  Judith begs, "Please make her stop!"  Trask turns to
        leave.  Judith asks, "Where are you going?"  Trask replies, "I
        cannot bear to see you like this.  Edward is planning terrible
        things for you, and you cannot even concentrate long enough to
        talk about it".  He exits the room and locks the door.  Judith
        begs, "Don't leave me alone!", but Trask replies, "I am going to
        pray for you, Judith", and from outside in the hallway and
           Magda goes to the Collnsport Jail.  The guard asks, "What are
        you doing here?"  Magda replies, "Mr. Collins sent me,  Mr. Edward
        Collins.  Sometimes we Gypsies can look into the mind.  He wanted me
        to see if I could find out anything from the creature".  The guard
        lets her in to see Quentin.  She tells the guard, "It would be
        best if we were left alone".  The guard leaves.  Magda calls out,
        "Quentin! Quentin Collins!", but the creature does not reply.
        Magda says, "Oh, you still don't know who you are or who I am.  You
        still don't know nothing.  Listen to me.  Barnabas will come and
        break you out tonight. You are to go to the Old House, the Old
        House".  She exits the cellblock.  The guard asks, "Learn anything?"
        Magda replies, "It's too early to know.  We will find out later.
        Later!", and leaves.
           Trask returns to Judith's room.  Judith exclaims, "Thank
        you, Gregory!"  Trask asks, "Why thank me?"  Judith replies, "For
        praying for me".  Trask says, "It was the only thing I could think
        of doing".  Judith replies, "It was the right thing to do.  I'm no
        longer having the delusions."  Trask asks, "You no longer see
        Minerva?"  Judith lies, "I no longer see Minerva", in spite of the
        fact that Minerva is still in the rocking chair, sewing. Trask asks,
        "Are you sure?  You lied to me once before!"  Judith insists, "I'm
        not lying.  I no longer see her".  Trask notes, "Unhappily, this is
        not the first time something like this has happened".  Judith asks,
        "What are you talking about?"  Trask replies, "Dirk Wilkins and his
        hold over you".  Judith protests, "I couldn't help that!"  Trask
        says, "You couldn't?  Or could you?  Perhaps there's something
        inside you that calls out to supernatural creatures".  Judith points
        out, "But others have been the victims of vampires!  Your own
        daughter..."  Trask becomes angry and says, "I did not come here to
        argue with you", then tells Judith, "I want you to do something for
        me.  I think it would be best if you stayed here and rested".
        Judith begs, "Don't leave me!"  Trask asks, "Why not?  What are you
        afraid of?  You told me you no longer see Minerva".  Judith says,
        "I don't".  Trask looks at Minerva, who's rocking and sewing, and
        tells Judith, "Then perhaps you should do something to occupy your
        mind.  Read or sew, perhaps.  Minerva used to sit for hours and sew:
        Stitch, stitch, stitch.  Sometimes I would tell her, 'Minerva, you're
        sewing your life away'".  Judith exclaims, "Please don't talk about
        her!"  Trask continues, "Everything seems to have happened so quickly.
        Her death, our marriage.  She still seems so close, so very close",
        and turns to leave.  Judith begs, "Gregory!  Please don't leave me!"
        Trask asks, "Why not?  You are well.  You told me so yourself",
        and leaves.
           The clock in the foyer reads 10:00.  Trask goes down into the
        foyer.  There's a knock at the door.  Trask answers.  It's Magda.
        He asks, "What are you doing here?"  Magda replies, "Judith sent
        for me".  Trask remarks,  "I'm surprised".  Magda says, "That she
        sent for me?"  Trask replies, "No, that you told me the truth.  I
        already knew she sent for you".  Magda asks, "You knew she sent for
        me?"  Trask replies, "Yes".  Magda remarks, "You seem to have made
        everything here your business".  Trask replies, "Everything here IS
        my business".  Magda says,"She's waiting for me.  I gotta go", but
        Trask says, "You and I are not finished talking yet!"  Magda asks,
        "You want something from me?"  Trask confidently says, "I will get
        something from you!"  Magda remarks, "You seem very confident".
        Trask tells her, "You will do what I want you to do!  I understand
        your sister had two children.  You wouldn't want them sent away,
        would you?"  Magda replies, "All right.  What do you want me to do?"
           At the jail, Quentin hears the sound of a bat squeaking out
        in the office, followed by the guard shouting, "Hey!  What are
        you doing in here?  Where did you come from?  NO!!!", then the
        thud of a body hitting the floor, then the sound of footsteps.
        The door to the cellblock opens mysteriously by itself, then the
        door to Quentin's cell does the same.  Quentin walks out.
           At Collinwood, Judith stares at an empty rocking chair.  There's
        a knock at the door.  She calls out, "Who is it?"  Magda replies,
        "Magda".  Judith lets her in.  Judith exclaims, "She's not here!"
        Magda answers, "Who's not here?"  Judith replies, "The ghost of
        Minerva Trask!  She was here all day, but ten minutes ago, she
        vanished!  That's why I sent for you!  If anyone else could see
        her, it would be you!"  Minerva's ghost reappears in the rocking
        chair.  Judith exclaims, "She's back!  In that rocking chair!  You
        see her, don't you, Magda?"  Magda lies, "I don't see nothing".
        Judith exclaims, "Magda!  She's here!  Tell me you see her!",
        but Magda continue to lie, "I don't see nobody".  Judith begs,
        "Magda, you've got to tell me you see her!  You've got to!"
           Magda goes back down into the foyer.  Trask asks, "Have you seen
        my wife?"  Magda caustically asks, "Which one?"  Trask replies, "You
        know which one!  My poor, sick wife Judith".  Madga replies, "Your
        poor, sick wife is seeing what you caused her to see".  Trask exclaims,
        "You didn't let her know you saw it?!"  Magda replies, "No, I lied as
        you made me lie.  How did you do it?"  Trask replies, "That's none of
        your business.  Your business here is finished".  Magda tells him,
        "There's only one thing I got to say to you.  I have travelled all
        over the world, and I have met many low people, but you are the
        LOWEST!  That black coat and that collar hide nothing from me!  I
        know you are a swine!", and spits contemptuously on the floor, then
           The clock in the foyer strikes midnight.  Quentin, instead of
        going the the old house as instructed, goes to Collinwood instead,
        and goes into the drawing room.  Still not having regained his full
        mental capacities, he wonders, "Where am I?  What is this place?
        Why have I come here?  Who am I?  I don't know this place.  Why
        am I here?"  He notices the gramophone and turns it on.  It
        plays "his" music.
           Upstairs, Judith hears the music and leaves her room to
           Downstairs, Quentin is listening to the music and reciting
        the lyrics, the same ones in Charity's dream.

                  ...Haunting melodies, veiled in misty glow...

           Judith comes into the drawing room, sees Quentin and screams.
        Quentin tells her, "Judith!  Be quiet!"  Judith asks, "How do you
        know my name?"  Quentin replies, "I am Quentin".  Judith says,
        "Quentin?!", and turns to go.  Quentin asks, "Where are you going?
        Don't get anyone!  Judith, you're not afraid of your own brother!"
        Judith says, "You're not my brother!"  Quentin says, "Please, they're
        after me!"  Judith asks, "Who?"  Quentin replies, "The police!"
        Judith says, "I don't understand!  Why are you here?  How do you
        know who I am?"  Quentin replies, "Because this is my home! I am
        Quentin!"  Judith, not believing this, turns to flee - only
        to find her way blocked by Minerva Trask standing in the doorway
        of the drawing room holding a knife raised to strike.  Judith
        Episode 791
        Worldvision Rerun 574
        Tape Date:  June 30, 1969 (ABC #136-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 7, 1969 Monday
        Writer:     Violet Welles
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Quentin runs up to Minerva to stop her, but when he gets to
        her, she just vanishes into thin air.  Quentin, startled, asks,
        "What happened to her?"  Judith, surprised, asks, "You saw her?"
        Quentin replies, "Of course I saw her. She looked like someone
        I once knew".  Gregory Trask, having heard Judith's screams, comes
        running downstairs holding a gun.  Seeing Quentin, he shouts,
        "Who are you?  Get out of here!  I will allow no prowlers on my
        property!".  Quentin runs off.  Trask tries to shoot him as he
        flees, but Judith prevents him from doing so.  Trask asks, "Why
        did you stop me?"  Judith replies, "He saw her!  Minerva!  She
        had a knife!  She tried to kill me, but he stopped her!"
        Trask remarks, "Pretty gallant for a prowler".  Judith tells him,
        "He said he was Quentin".  Trask asks, "Do you think he looked like
        Quentin?!  Obviously, the prowler has upset your mind".  He takes
        out some medicine and says, "Perhaps you should take some of this
        medicine".  Judith refuses, "No!  I'm sane!"  Minerva reappears in
        the room.  Judith stares at her.  Trask asks, "What is it?  Do you
        see Minerva again?"  Judith defiantly replies, "Yes!  You MUST see
        her!  HE saw her!", but Trask just replies, "Strange.  I can't see
        her.  Magda couldn't see her.  Only you and a stranger who says he's
        Quentin seems to be able to see her".  Minerva's ghost gets up from
        the chair and starts approaching.  Judith screams, "She's coming!",
        but the ghost suddenly stops and just stands there.  Trask asks,
        "What is it?  Is life with me so bad you envy Minerva and want
        to be dead as she is?"  There's a knock at the front door.  Trask
        tells Judith, "I think you should take the sedative".  Judith tells
        him, "She still has the knife!", but he just replies, "I want you
        to sit here in this room!"  Judith tells him, "I don't want to!",
        but Trask says, "It's for your own good!", and leaves, closing the
        drawing room doors behind him.
           Trask answers the front door.  It's Evan Handley.  He tells
        Trask, "That wolf creature has escaped.  The countryside is
        swarming with police".  Trask tells him, "We did have a prowler
        at first.  Judith said he saw Minerva.", then asks, Did you bring
        the paper?"  Evan replies, "Yes", and gives it to him.  Trask reads
        it and exults, "Excellent!  Excellent!"  Evan, looking worried, asks,
        "Don't you think it's a little early to have her sign it?"  Trask
        replies, "You will not think it's too soon after you see her!"
        Evan reminds him, "But you said a prowler saw Minerva.  What did
        Judith think about that?"  Trask replies, "She said the prowler was
        Quentin!  He looked nothing like Quentin!  Her mind's gone!  Soon,
        I will be rich!".  Evan corrects him, "You mean WE will be rich".
        Trask says, "Let us discuss that at your house tonight after
        everything has been taken care of".  Evan remarks, "Poor Judith.
        She waited so long to marry, then when she finally did, she got
        you...to take care of her.  Do you think she'll really believe
        these blatant falsehoods?  After all, she's just seen Edward
        recently, and she did go to Carl's funeral".  Trask confidently
        replies, "I assure you, she will believe anything we tell her to
        believe!"  Inside the room, Judith screams...
           Trask and Evan go in to see why Judith screamed.  Minerva is
        standing there holding a knife upraised as if prepared to strike,
        but isn't advancing or anything, just standing there.  But Evan
        and Trask pretend not to see anything, and Trask asks, "What's
        the matter, Judith?"  Judith replies, "She started to attack me with
        that knife, but stopped!  Don't you see her?"  Trask asks, "See what?"
        Judith tells him, "She's putting the knife down.  Now she's sitting
        back down in the chair."  Trask remarks to Evan, in a patronizing
        voice, "Perhaps to sew.  She says she sews a lot"  Judith asks Evan,
        "Don't you see her?!"  Evan lies, "No".  Judith protests, "But
        Quentin saw her!"  Trask remarks, "But Quentin is away!  Don't you
        remember?  I think I know what's causing all these delusions.
        There's been too much to burden your mind.  Evan has brought a
        paper.  Sign it and you'll be freed of all these burdens".  Judith
        asks, "Shouldn't I read it first?"  Trask replies, "No, that won't
        be necessary.  I've already read it.  Just sign it."  Judith protests,
        "But I must discuss this with Edward first!"  Trask turns to Evan
        and says, again in a patronizing voice, "See?  It gets worse all the
        time".  He turns back to Judith and lies, "Edward is dead.  He died
        in Bangor".  Judith exclaims, "No!  Carl is dead, but Edward is
        alive!"  Trask lies, "No, Carl is in Europe".  Judith exclaims,
        "Edward is dead?!  Carl is in Europe??"  Trask tells her, "Sign
        these papers, and these delusions will all end".   Judith glances
        nervously at Minerva again, then signs the document.  Trask announces,
        "There.  It's done.  Let me walk you to the door, Evan".  Evan tells
        Judith, "Goodbye, Judith. I hope you feel better".
           In the foyer, with the drawing room doors closed, Trask
        asks Evan, "You will start the ceremony soon?"  Evab replies, "As
        soon as I get home".  Trask exults, "Our creation served us well,
        very well indeed!  I am Master of Collinwood!"  Evan points out,
        "Only as long as she remains insane".  Trask assures him, "She will
        remain insane for a long time!  I promise you!"
           Trask goes back into the drawing room.  Judith, now totally
        insane, is babbling, "Winter comes early this year.  I hate the
        snow, Carl.  I don't want to play in the snow.  Edward is dead.
        Did you know that, Carl?  Don't bury me!  Don't bury me alive!"
           Evan goes home and starts the ceremony, "Spirit of darkness!
        I am finished with you!  Spirit of darkness!  I will now permit
        you to be at peace!"
           At Collinwood, Trask takes Judith into the tower room.
        Minerva's ghost follows.  Judith is by now completely insane,
        and keeps saying things that don't make any sense, "Beware of
        the berries of early Spring.  They can be poisonous.  And in
        the Winter, the snow can be dangerous".
           Evan completes the ceremony, "Spirit of Darkness, you
        will do what I say, for it is I who summoned you.  Be gone!
           In the tower room, Judith sees Minerva and screams, "Make
        her go away!  Make her go away!".  Minerva's ghost vanishes.
        Judith exclaims, "She's gone!"  Trask tells her, "And I must go too".
        Judith begs, "Please  don't leave me alone!  I don't like this place!"
        Trask asks, "Why must you make it so difficult for me to help you?
        I'm trying to help you, but you make it so difficult!  If you continue
        to act like this, soon, Minerva will be back!  And Dirk, and Rachel,
        and all the dead!".  He leaves, locking the door behind him.
           Trask is at Evan Handley's house.  Evan remarks, "Done, and
        done quickly.  I like that"  He jokes, "You don't think poor
        dead Edward will object, will he?"  Trask asks, "What can he do?
        I'm Master of Collinwood!  Unless that paper you drew up has
        a loophole".  Evan assures him, "It doesn't.  I have drawin up
        another paper, one for you to sign".  Trask takes it, reads it,
        and exclaims, "You are asking for too much!"  Evan says, "You must
        admit, my contribution to Judith's insanity was valuable".  Trask
        says, "Very well.  I will sign it if you will agree to give me
        additional help".  Evan asks, "What sort of help?"  Trask replies,
        "If Judith should start to regain her mind, you are to bring Minerva
        back.  Not only Minerva, but Dirk and Rachel as well.  I warned her
        that would happen.  And a whole room of ghosts, if necessary".  Evan
        agrees to this.  Trask signs he paper, then says, "Remember what I
        said", and leaves.  Unknown to them, Quentin is lurking about
           After Trask leaves, Evan hears a noise outside and calls out,
        "Who's there?"  Quentin comes in.  Evan exclaims, "Quentin?!",
        then says, "Yes.  I recognize you".  Quentin asks, "What do you
        remember?"  Evan lies, "Nothing".  Quentin exclaims, "You're
        lying!  You recognize the work of that cursed hand!  But I see it
        changed you back...I need your help!  That's why I came here!
        It was difficult.  The place is crawling with police!  They're
        hunting the creature!  It's terrible to think of what they'll do
        to him when they find him!  You must help me!"  Evan replies, "I
        will.  What do you need?  Food?  Money?"  Quentin replies, "No! I
        came here so the hand can change me back too!"  Evan lies, "Then
        you came to the wrong place.  I don't have it".  Quentin asks,
        "Then how did you change back?"  Evan replies, "It happened by
        itself".  Quentin says, "I don't believe you!  If you don't have
        the hand, then you won't mind me searching for it" and starts to
        search around.  Evan says, "Yes I do!", and tries to stop Quentin.
        They fight.  Quentin knocks Evan out, then mutters, "You have the
        hand somewhere, and I'm going to find out where!", and continues
        his search.  Finally, he finds the box in the desk drawer.  He
        takes it out of the drawer, puts it on the desk, opens it, and
        looks at the hand.  Suddenly, the french doors open.  Quentin
        asks, "Who's there?"  A dark-complexioned, black-haired young man
        of about twenty-five years of age steps into the room and demands,
        "I'll take the hand, Mr. Collins.  NOW!"
        Episode 792
        Worldvision Rerun 575
        Tape Date:  July 2, 1969 (ABC #137-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 8, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:     Violet Welles
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Quentin asks, "Who are you?"  The man replies, "It was rude of me
        not to introduce myself.  My name is Aristede".  Quentin asks, "What
        do you want?"  The man replies, "I want that hand".  Quentin refuses,
        "No!"  Aristede tells him, "I can be very persuasive, and very
        persistent as well".  Quentin assures him, "You're not getting it!"
        but Aristede confidently says "Yes I am", and pulls out a wicked
        looking wavy dagger, explaining, "This was made by a Persian
        swordsmith a long time ago.  He called it the Dancing Girl.
        When it dances inside you, it's the dance of death!"  Quentin asks,
        "Why do you need the hand?"  Aristede replies, "Never mind.  Just
        give it to me. The dancing girl is getting restless..."  Quentin
        tries to bargain, "Let's make an agreement.  I'll keep the hand
        until I'm finished with it, then I'll give it to you", but Aristede
        refuses, "There's no need for me to make a deal with you as long as
        I have the dancing girl!"  Quentin begs, "But I need it!", but
        Aristede replies,  "I don't care.  Put it on the desk, please".
        Quentin does so.  Aristede takes it, says, "Delighted to have met
        you, Mr. Collins.  Sorry we won't be meeting again!" and leaves.
           At the old house, Magda is wondering where Quentin could be,
        "Where is he?  Barnabas got Quentin out of jail long ago.  What
        has gone wrong?  Have the police picked him up, or something
        even worse?"  There's the sound of the front door.  Magda calls
        out, "Who's there?", then sees that it's Quentin coming in.  She
        asks, "Where have you been?"  Quentin replies, "Collinwood". Magda
        asks, "Why go there?"  Quentin replies, "I don't know.  After that,
        I went to Evan Handley's house".  Magda exclaims, "Then you have
        the hand!!", but Quentin tells  her, "No, I did, but then someone
        took it away from me".  Magda asks, "Who?"  Quentin tells her, "It
        was someone I've never seen before".  Magda moans, "I knew King
        Johnny Romano would send someone after it, but I didn't know it
        would be so soon!  He's after me!"  Quentin asks, "What do you
        mean?"  Magda repleis, "I stole the hand from King Johnny Romano!
        Now he's sent someone after me!  I gotta run!"  Quentin tells her,
        "It would be no use.  You'd never escape that young man, Magda".
        Magda, looking puzzled, says, "YOUNG man?  But that don't make no
        sense.  They would have sent an elder to take care of a matter as
        important as this".  Quentin begs, "You've got to stay and help me!
        I'll help you fight King Johnny Romano!", but Magda replies, "No!
        There's nothing either of can do to fight him!"  Quentin tells
        her, "There's nothing you and I could do by ourselves, but with a
        powerful ally, we could".  Magda asks, "Who are you talking about?"
        Quentin replies, "Angelique.  She owes me a favor".  Magda points
        out, "But she's not here".  Quentin replies,  "You and I are going to
        summon her".  Magda protests, "No!  She's evil!", but Quentin
        continues,  "Angelique can take care of King Johnny Romano and his
        entire tribe, and you and I will no longer have to hide".  Magda
        reluctantly aggrees to the plan, "All right.  But how are you going
        to summon her?"  Quentin asks, "Do you have any black candles?"
        Magda replies, "Yes".  Quentin tells her, "Bring them".  Magda
        leaves and returns with a candlelabrum filled with black candles.
        Quentin lights them, then begins an incantation, "Oh, hidden spirit!
        Climb out of the pits of hell if that is where you be!  Hidden
        spirit, make yourself known to me!  You are needed!  Now!"
           Evan regains consciousness, and sees Angelique standing in
        the room. He asks, "Where have you been?"  Angelique replies, "I
        can see I have come at a terrible time".  Evan quickly gets up,
        and looks in the drawer where he had kept the hand.  He finds that
        it is gone.  Angelique asks, "What happened?"  Evan explains, "Quentin
        and I had a fight".  Angelique asks, "What did he take from you?"
        Evan asks, "What makes you think he took anything from me?"  Angelique
        says, "Oh, give me some credit for intelligence!  I can see that you
        just looked and found something missing.  But let me tell you my
        plans first.  I want to get back into the bosom of the Collins
        family".  Evan remarks, "That would be difficult, considering you
        were the fiancee of a vampire".  Angelique concocts a story, "How
        was I supposed to know that?  First, I found him charming, then
        became one of this victims".  Evan tells her, "They'll never believe
        that!", but Angelique says, "They will if you tell them.  If you tell
        them that you knew me before I ever met Barnabas, it will be hard for
        them to see me as anything other than a helpless victim".  Evan
        remarks, "That will be hard to do".  Angelique asks, "Are you afraid
        of Trask?  You should be afraid of me!  Anything he can do to you,
        I can do something a hundred times worse!"  Evan replies, "I'm not
        afraid of him.  It's just that he's a hard man to convince".
        Angelique tells him,  "Well, you must try.  What's the matter?
        What's been bothering you ever since I got here?  What is it Quentin
        took from you?"  She sits down on a couch and motions for Evan to
        sit by her, saying, "Come here and tell me all about it!"
           Quentin is still trying to call Angelique,  "Hidden spirit!
        Come to me!"  Magda tells him, "Quentin, it's no use", but Quentin
        replies, "I've got to keep trying!"  Magda, still frightened, says,
        "No!  I've got to go before they gypsy gets here!"  Quentin says,
        "No!", but Magda says, "I gotta go!",  and runs off, but when she
        opens the door,  she finds Angelique standing outside it.  Quentin
        sees Angelique and exclaims, "You answered my summons!" Angelique
        asks, "Summons, Quentin?  No, I just happened to be wandering by".
        Quentin, still disfigured, asks "How did you recognize me?"
        Angelique replies, "Judging from your appearance, that must be a
        very powerful hand indeed!"  Quentin asks, "How did you know about
        the hand?"  Angelique replies, "Evan told me about it.  Let me see
        it".  Quentin tells her, "I don't have it.  Someone else has it".
        Angelique asks, "Who?"  Magda explains, "I stole it from King Johnny
        Romano.  He sent someone to take it back.  I stole it to end the
        curse".  Angelique asks, "Curse?  You two have been busy, haven't
        you?  Tell me the whole story!  I don't like half-truths!  Begin!"
           At his house, Evan is making a telephone call, "Operator?...
        Give me Collinsport 332, please....Hello, Edward. This is Evan
        Handley....  Edward, I've just had an unexpected.visitor.  Angelique
        ...No, wait a moment, Edward!  The situation is not what everyone
        thinks it is.  There are a few things you should know..."
           Quentin finishes telling Angelique the story, "...and he
        came at me with a knife.  I had no choice but to give him
        the hand"  Angelique tells Magda, "Leave the room"  Magda asks,
        "Why?"  Angelique replies, "Because what I will say is between
        Quentin and me".  Magda leaves.  Quentin asks, "Then you will help
        me?"  Angelique replies, "Yes.  For a price.  You ask a lot from
        me, Quentin, and I am going to ask a lot in return.  Are you
        prepared to accept that?"  Quentin asks, "What do you want from me?"
        Angelique remarks, "You hesitate.  Could you possibly be in a worse
        position than you are now?  I'll get the hand, then I'll name my
        price, and you can make your decison then, agreed?"  Quentin agrees.
        Angelique says, "Now tell me what this gypsy looks like..."
           Aristede is standing on a street in town, apparently waiting for
        someone.  As he is about to light a thin cigar, Angelique comes
        walking up to him.  He is obviously entranced by her beauty and
        exuberantly greets her, "Good evening!"  Angelique replies, "Good
        evening".  Aristede asks, "Isn't this an unusual time for you to
        be here?"  Angelique replies, "Are you a stranger here?"  Aristede
        replies, "Yes".  Angelique says, "So am I.  Where are you from?"
        Aristede replies cryptically, "No place, and every place". Angelique
        notes, "You're waiting for someone.  Who?"  Aristede replies, "You!"
        Angelique laughs, "I don't believe you!  You're just saying that!"
        Aristede asks, "Where are you from?"  Angelique coyly replies, "No
        place, and every place".  Aristede laughs, "You're just trying to
        sound like me!"  Angelique replies, "I could!  I'm an actress!  I'm
        a puppeteer!  I just arrived with a puppeteer troupe!"  Aristede asks,
        "Why are you not with them?"  Angelique replies, "I had a quarrel
        with my..." then pauses.  Aristede asks, "Gentleman friend?"
        Angelique replies, "Yes.  So I came down here.  I can entertain you
        while you wait.  Will you give me your handkerchief?"  He does so,
        giving her a reddish handkerchief.  She sniffs it and remarks, "It
        is a very expensive scent!"  Aristeded remarks, "I like things that
        are pleasant to the senses", eying her lustfully.  Angelique takes
        out a wooden doll, wraps the handkerchief loosely around it's neck,
        and remarks, "This is you.  Perhaps not so dapper as you, but
        definitely you.  Now turn around, and he'll call to you in your own
        voice.  What's your name?"  Aristede replies, "Aristede, at your
        service!"  Angelique tells him, "Aristede.  I like that.  Now turn
        around  and let me fool you".  Aristede turns his back to her as
        instructed.  Angelique calls out, "Aristede!", in her own voice.
        Aristede turns back around and complains,  "That's not very good!
        It didn't sound at all like my voice!"  Angelique tightens the
        handkerchief and says, "But I did fool you!".  Aristede starts
        to choke and gasps, "What are you doing to me?"  Angelique replies,
        "I'm choking you!  Can't you feel it?"  Aristede asks, "What do you
        want?"  Angelique demands, "Give me the hand!  Now!  In a moment,
        it will be too late!"
        Episode 793
        Worldvision Rerun 576
        Tape Date:  July 1, 1969 (ABC #138-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 9, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Sam Hall

           Angelique demands, "Tell me where it is!"  Aristede replies,
        "I can't!"  Angelique tells him, "I'll give you five seconds!  Tell
        me or die!"  Aristede begs, "Let me breathe!"  Angelique loosens
        the handkerchief a bit and asks, "Is that better?"  Aristed replies,
        "Yes". Angelique demands, "Now tell me where the hand is!"  Aristede
        replies,"In a box.  Buried in the cemetary.  Near a tombstone".
        Angellique asks, "What is the name on the tombstone?"  Aristede replies,
        "John Thompson.  Now give me back my handkerchief!"  Angelique says,
        "I'm not finished with it yet", and tightens it around the doll".
        Aristede asks, "What are you doing?!"  Angelique replies, "You might
        be a nuisance, and I can't  have that!".  She strangles him into
        unconsciousness, then unwraps the handkerchief and lays it across
        his body, then leaves.
           At Collinwood, the clock in the foyer reads 9:00.  Beth comes
        out from the door under the stairs.  Edward sees her and calls out,
        "Beth!"  Beth replies, "Yes, Mr. Collins?"  Edward asks, "You're
        not going out at this hour, are you?"  Beth tells him, "For a little
        while, yes".  Edward tells her, "You'd better not be out too late.
        You're going to need your rest.  You're going to get up early
        tomorrow morning and accompany me and my sister to Portland".
        Beth says, "I don't understand". Edward explains, "Her condition
        is continuing to worsen.  I'm putting her in a sanatarium".  Beth
        asks, "A sanatarium?"  Edward assures her, "I'm sure it will only
        be a short time until she recovers.  May I ask where you're going?"
        Beth replies,  "To look for Quentin.  He hasn't been home since last
        night".  Edward remarks, "He's probably just gone on another one
        of his sprees".  Beth asks, "Are you trying to keep me from going?"
        Edward replies, "I'm just trying to keep you from wasting your time".
        Beth tells him, "I don't believe I am!  Good night, Mr. Collins!",
        and leaves.
           A man (Thayer David) comes and nudges the unconscious Aristede
        with his foot, shouting, "Aristede!  Wake up!  Get to your feet!"
        Aristede awakens, complaining, "Oh, my head is throbbing!"  The man,
        of stout build, in his fifties, with curly gray hair and a curly gray
        beard, angrily says, "Look at me!  I said look at me!", then slaps
        Aristede, then asks, "You didn't get the hand, did you?"  Aristede
        replies, "I did".  The man continues,  "But you had it taken away.
        What happened?  Was it drink, women, or  both?"  Aristede fearfully
        explains, "Victor!  She had powers!  She almost killed me!  Victor!
        I swear!  I'll find the hand!  I'll get it back!", but the man tells
        him, "No, now that I am here, I'll get it.  If one plan fails, it's
        time to try another.  That hand is vitally important to me.  It must
        be vitally important to someone else as well.  Someone else must
        know its powers.  My credentials are in perfect order.  I'll go to
        Collinwood and ask some questions, particularly about this woman
        you met".
           Beth goes to the old house.  The room is darkened.  Beth
        calls out, "Barnabas?  Is anyone here?"  Seeing a shadowy
        figure sitting in an armchair, she calls to it, "Barnabas? Is
        that you?"  Quentin gets up, revealing his disfigured face.
        Beth, not recognizing him, screams and turns to run, but Quentin
        exclaims, "Beth! Don't run from me! Please!  I'm Quentin!"  Beth
        gasps, "Quentin?  It can't be you!"  Quentin replies, "It is".
        Beth asks, "My God!  What happened to you?  Your face!"  Quentin
        tells her, "I'll sit down.  You won't be able to see it as clearly
        then" and does so.  Beth exclaims, "You've got to tell me what
        happened!"  Quentin replies, "I don't know.  There was a full
        moon last night..."  Beth says, "I know".  Quentin continues, "I made
        the transformation, then when I made the tranformation back, I turned
        into this".  Beth asks, "Is it a new part of the curse?"  Quentin
        replies, "I don't know.  All I know is that I'd rather die than live
        like this!  You've got to go back to Collinwood.  There's no future
        with me", but Beth says, "No, Quentin!  We've got to find a cure,
        and I'm going to stay with you until I find it".
           Angelique returns to Collinwood carrying the box with the hand
        in it with her.  Edward, from inside the drawing room, sees her and
        tells her, "Angelique, please come into the drawing room.  I'd like
        to talk to you".  She goes into the drawing room.  Edward continues,
        "I received a rather surprising telephone call from Evan Handley this
        earlier this evening.  He tried his best to convince me you're
        innocent, but I don't believe him.  The fact that he knew you before
        you met Barnabas doesn't clear you.  I believe you knew what Barnabas
        was and where he is now".  Angelique lies, "I swear, I don't!"
        Edward asks, "Then why did you run away after Barnabas' secret was
        discovered?" Angelique replies, "Because I was afraid of what people
        would think!"  Edward asks, "And before that.  You knew, and did
        nothing to stop his vicious campaign?"  Angelique replies, "I had
        no choice!  The victim of a vampire has no choice, just like Charity
        Trask.  It was the most degrading experience!"  Edward tells her,
        "I don't believe you!"  Angelique replies, "I'm not asking you to
        believe me. I'm leaving Collinwood, but before I do, I wanted you
        to know the truth.  When I first met Barnabas, I found him charming,
        just as you did.  When I was with him, I felt warm and secure.
        But then I found out the truth".  Edward asks, "How?"  Angelique
        replies, "I went to the old house.  It was dark.  I heard Barnabas
        call to me.  Then I saw him.  It was not the Barnabas I had come to
        know and love.  I saw instead an evil creature.  I was terrified,
        too frightened to move.  Then he came to me and slowly put his arm
        around me, and in a moment, I felt his teeth sink into my neck.  I
        fainted, and when I awoke, Barnabas told me I was to be his bride,
        and I had to agree.  I had no power to resist him.  I had to agree!",
        crying tearfully.  Edward says,  "My poor child!  I had no idea!"
        Angelique continues, "And when Barnabas' secret was discovered, the
        marks on my neck vanished, and I was back to normal". Edward remarks,
        "Just like Charity!"  Angelique tells him, "Now that I have told you,
        I will leave Collinwood", but Edward tells her, "There's no need for
        you to do that.  You may stay here as long as you like".  There's a
        knock at the front doors.  Edward answers.   It is the man whom
        Aristede addressed as "Victor".  He asks, "May I speak to Edward
        Collins?"  Edward replies, "I am he".  The man introduces himself,
        "My name is Victor Fenn-Gibbon.  You don't know me, but we have a
        friend in common, the Earl of Hampshire".  He gives Edward a letter
        and continues, "He told me to give you this letter of introduction.
        He said it would tell you what you needed to know".  Edward reads
        the letter and seems very impressed.   He asks, "Mr. Fenn-Gibbon,
        are you here on business or pleasure?"  Fenn-Gibbon replies, "I am
        here for a little rest.  I have led a strenuous life".  Edward
        tells him, "You're welcome to stay here at Collinwood", but Fenn-
        Gibbon declines, "No! That would be too much of an imposition!"
        Edward insists, "No.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  The Earl
        of Hampshire is a very good friend of mine".  Edward notices that
        Angelique has come out into the foyer and introduces them, "Mr. Fenn-
        Gibbon, this is Angelique DuVal, and Angelique, this is Victor Fenn-
        Gibbon, from England".  Fenn-Gibbon notices Angelique standing there -
        and notices the box she's carrying.  He asks, "DuVal.  Were you born
        in France?"  Angelique replies, "No.  My parents were born in
        Martenique, but I was born here".  Fenn-Gibbon compliments her, "I've
        been all over the world, and I've never met anyone as beautiful
        and charming as you".  Angelique replies, "Thank you.  But now I
        must leave.  I promised to take something to a friend in town",
        and leaves.  Edward takes Fenn-Gibbon into the drawing room to talk.
        Fenn-Gibbon tells him, "There is something I would like to explain.
        My voice - I can hardly speak above a whisper.  I served with Lord
        Kitchener.  A native spear hit me between the shoulder blades and
        pierced up into my vocal cords."  Edward exclaims, "Lord Kitchener!",
        sounding very impressed.  Fenn-Gibbon replies, "Yes, Lord Kitchener.
        A very proud man, perhaps too proud..."
           Angelique arrives at the old house, bearing the box containing
        the hand.  Beth and Quentin are at the old house.  Quentin asks,
        "Did you get it?"  Angelique replies, "Yes.  The hand is in this
        box", and puts it on the table.  She continues, "Soon, Quentin,
        your problems will all be over".  Beth asks, "Quentin, what is
        she talking about?  What hand?"  Quentin replies, "I'll show you",
        and prepares to open the box, but Angelique stops him, saying,
        "No, Quentin, don't open the box.  You tried once before, and
        look what happened to you.  Let me handle everything this time".
        She turns to Beth and tells her, "Go back to Collinwood.  What
        happens here next must be between me and Quentin".  Beth refuses,
        "No! I want to stay!", but Quentin begs, "Please, Beth.  If you
        want me to help you, you can help me by going back to Collinwood".
        Beth agrees, "All right.  I'll wait for you there", and leaves.   
           At Collinwood, the clock in the foyer strikes 11:00.  Fenn-Gibbon
        asks Edward, "Are you sure there will be no difficulties?"  Edward
        assures him, "No".  Fenn-Gibbon tells him, "Thank you for your
        hospitality.  I have a carriage outside.  I'll go get my things".
        Edward replies,  "I look forward to your return.  I'll have a
        servant prepare a room for you".   Fenn-Gibbon has apparently
        accepted Edward's invitation to stay at Collinwood.
           At the old house, Quentin asks Angelique, "Why don't you start?"
        Angelique replies, "We have to settle on a price first".  Quentin
        asks, "A price?"  Angelique reminds him, "I told you I would find
        the hand and charge you a price for helping you".  Quentin asks,
        "What?"  Angelique replies, "I want you to marry me".  Quentin
        exclaims, "What?! Why?"  Angelilque replies, "I have my reasons.
        Agree to marry me and I'll help you.  Refuse and stay as you are".
        Quentin agrees, "I don't want to stay like this.  I'll marry you.
        Let's start".  Angelique picks the hand up and starts an incantation,
        "Emperor Lucifer, Master of all the revolting spirits, I entreat
        thee, help me!  Let this hand do my bidding!", but suddenly, she
        screams, "AHHH!".  Quentin asks, "What's wrong?"  Angelique replies,
        "I don't know!  The hand, it pulled away from  me!  I have no control
        over it!  It's alive!"  The hand jumps onto Quentin's chest.  Quentin
        shouts, "It's on me!   No!!! The pain's starting!  It's impossible!
        There's no full moon tonight!  Do something!"  Angelique rpelies, "I
        don't know waht to do!"  Quentin begs, "Oh no!  Don't let it happen...",
        and turns into a werewolf.  Unnoticed by both Quentin and Angelique
        is Victor Fenn-Gibbon spying in through the window...
        Episode 794
        Worldvision Rerun 577
        Tape Date:  July 3, 1969 (ABC #139-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 10, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           The werewolf is now alone in the living room of the old
        house, Angelique having somehow escaped.  The werewolf runs
        out the front door.  Victor Fenn-Gibbon comes running into
        the old house shouting, "The hand!  I must get the hand!", but
        finds that it's gone.
           Angelique is in the drawing room at Collinwood.  She hears
        a wolf howling outside, probably Quentin.  Fenn-Gibbon comes
        into the room and remarks, "Ah, Miss DuVal.  I thought you would
        still be in town".  Angelique replies, "No, I did what I had to do
        there and came  back".  Fenn-Gibbon asks, "Is Mr. Edward Collins
        here?"  Angelique replies, "I don't know.  Perhaps he's in his
        study".  Fenn-Gibbon replies, "Then I won't bother him.  I cannot
        resist talking to a beautiful woman".  Angelique asks, "Are you
        staying here long?"  Fenn-Gibbon replies, "A week, two at most, then
        I'll continue seeing the rest of your beautiful country.  Are you
        related to the Collins?"  Angelique replies, "I was engaged to a
        member of the Collins family, but it didn't work out, so now I'm a
        guest here, as you are".  Petofi says, "You said you were from
        Martenique?"  Angelique replies, "My ancestors were".  Petofi asks,
        "Tell me, have you ever been there?"  Angelique replies, "No, never".
        Petofi tells her, "I was there in 1887, as an envoy with the bureau
        of trade.  I saw much of the natives, and their ceremonial rites.  Do
        those things interest you?"  Angelique feigns puzzlement, "What?"
        Petofi explains, "The use of magic, both black and white".  Angelique
        lies, "I have no knowledge of that".  Petofi suggests, "Perhaps you
        might visit there sometime"  Suddenly, he exclaims, "Oh!  I left
        the inn without bringing the gift!  I had intended to bring Mr.
        Collins a gift.  I must go back and get it.  I shall be back as soon
        as possible.  Please don't tell Mr. Collins that I've been here.  I
        want the gift to be a surprise", and leaves.  Right after Fenn-Gibbon
        leaves, Angelique hears a strange pulsing noise that appears to be
        coming from the portrait of Barnabas, and leaves.  
           Aristede is at the Blue Whale.  He tells the bartender, "Get me
        a glass of chatreuse. Not for me. I'm expecting someone".  The
        bartender leaves to do so.  Victor Fenn-Gibbon comes in and sits
        down at the table and tells Aristede, "Order something for me".
        Aristede replies, "I already have".  Fenn-Gibbons says,"You are
        efficient, Aristede!"  Aristede asks, "You went to Collinwood?"
        Fenn-Gibbon replies, "Yes, and I found your young lady".  Aristede
        asks, "Did you get the hand from her?"  Fenn-Gibbon replies, "I can
        almost forgive you for losing the hand.  She is indeed a most charming
        and beautiful woman.  I said almost."  Aristede asks, "What did you
        find out?"  Fenn-Gibbon replies, "That the young lady can be a most
        formidable enemy, or a most powerful friend".  Aristede angrily says,
        "I consider someone who choked me an enemy!  I will kill her the next
        time!"  Fenn-Gibbon tells him, "That would be most difficult.  As you
        said, she seems to have supernatural powers.  Getting the hand will
        be more difficult than we had expected.  This is a job that will
        require careful planning.  We will have to stay here longer than we
        planned.  I have the perfect base of operations at Collinwood.
        Edward Collins thinks I am a member of the English aristocracy!"
        Aristede asks, "When will I be joining you at Collinwood?"  Fenn-
        Gibbon replies, "You will stay here.  It must not be known that we
        are together".  Suddenly, Fenn-Gibbon gasps.  Aristede asks, "What
        the matter?"  Fenn-Gibbon replies, his voice full of fear, "Over
        there!  That woman who's just come in!"  Aristede looks at the
        young, beautiful woman who's just walked into the tavern and
        remarks, "It's only a gypsy". Fenn-Gibbon tells him, "I hate
        them!  Find out what she wants, why she's here.  I'll be in the
        woods waiting for you.  Understand?"  Aristede replies, "Yes,
        Victor".  Fenn-Gibbon leaves.
           Aristede goes to the gypsy and says, "Hello".  The gypsy asks,
        "What do you want?"  Aristede replies, "I want to talk to you".
        The woman asks, "Why?"  Aristede replies, "Because you're very
        beautiful", but the woman tells him, "Go away".  But Aristede
        continues  talking, "You're not going to get away from me so
        easily!  I'm very fond of gypsies.  I'm familiar with the group
        that camps outside town".  This seems to pique the gypsy's interest.
        She asks, "You know this group?"  Aristede replies, "Yes".  The
        gypsy asks, "Do you know one named Magda Rakosi?"  Aristede replies,
        "Maybe.  What's your name?"  The woman replies, "Julianka, but you
        can forget it.  I will not be here long  enough for you have much
        opportunity to use it.  Now tell me where I can find Magda",
        Aristede replies,  "After we have a drink together".  Julianka
        reluctantly agrees, "Very well".
           Angelique goes to the old house and finds Barnabas there -
        obviously what she had sensed.  She asks, What is it?"  Barnabas
        replies, "I must talk to you!"  Angelique notes, "There's a sense
        of urgency in your tone.  I told you you'd be discovered if you
        stayed too long in the past", but Barnabas replies, "That's not
        what I wanted to talk to you about.  I spoke to Magda.  She said
        Quentin appealed to you for help.  Did you decide to help him?"
        Angelique replies, "Yes".  Barnabas asks, "How?"  Angelique tells him,
        "He told me about that strange hand, and I used it".  Barnabas asks,
        "Did it work?"  Angelique replies, "No.  Quentin underwent another
        transformation".  Barnabas exclaims, "Fool!  You should have known
        you couldn't control the hand!", but Angelique confidently replies,
        "You underestimate me.  In time, I will be  able to control it".
        Barnabas asks, "Why help Quentin?  What's helping him going to get
        you?"  Angelique replies, "A husband".  Barnabas asks, "A husband?"
        Angelique tells him, "Quentin has agreed to marry me if I succeed in
        lifting the curse".  Barnabas tells her, "Angelique, stay away from
        Quentin Collins!"  Angelique asks, "Why?"  Barnabas tells her, "Your
        meddling will affect the future!"  Angelique counters, "And what
        have you been doing?  I do this because I am bored!  I'm tired of
        waiting for you!  I intend to start living, and there's nothing you
        can do to stop me!"
           Aristede and the gypsy woman are walking through the woods.
        Aristede stops.  Julianka asks, "Why are you stopping?" Aristede
        replies, "You can go the rest of the way yourself.  There.  Beyond
        the clearing.  That is the house Magda lives in", pointing at the
        Old House.  Julianka looks and sees the old house in the distance
        and remarks, "Not the sort of house you would expect a gypsy to be
        living in", then tells Aristede, "I am grateful to you for you help".
        Aristede lustfully tells her,   "You can show your gratitude by
        coming to the Blue Whale after you're finished here.  I will be
        waiting for you, Julianka".  Julianka replies, "Maybe you will
        see me again, and maybe you will not", and starts for the
        old house.  Aristede lights a thin cigar and watches.
           At the old house, Julianka finds Barnabas there.  Barnabas
        asks, "Who are you and what do you want here?"  Julianka replies,
        "My name is Julianka, and I'm looking for Magda Rakosi".  Barnabas
        asks, "Why do you want to see Magda?"  Julianka replies, "I am told
        she put a curse on one who lives at Collinwood.  I have come to end
        the curse".  Barnabas asks, "So you think you can end the curse on
        Quentin Collins?"  Julianka replies, "I know I can", then asks,
        "But who are you?"  Barnabas replies, "Barnabas Collins".  Julianka
        tells him, "Yes, I have heard of you".  Barnabas asks, "From whom?"
        Julianka replies, "Sandor Racosie".  Barnabas asks, "Where is he
        now?"  Julianka replies, "He went to Montreal to find me.  He's
        staying there with my tribe right now".  Barnabas asks, "How do you
        intend to end the curse?"  Julianka replies, "I cannot tell you.  My
        great-grandmother, who put the curse on Count Petofi, passed the
        secret on to her daughter, and she passed it on to my mother, and
        she passed it on to me, and I am the only one who knows".  Barnabas
        assures her, "I don't need to know it.  It's enough that you cure
        Quentin".  Julianka tells him, "First, we must discuss my price".
        Barnabas asks, "Price?"  Julianka remarks, "You thought there would
        be no price?  I am a member of King Johnny Romano's tribe.  I want
        the hand", but Barnabas tells her, "Unfortunately, I don't have it,
        nor does Magda".  Julianka asks, "Who does?"  Barnabas replies,
        "It's in the possession of someone I know".  Julianka asks, "Can
        you get it?"  Barnabas replies, "I can try".  Julianka tells him,
        "You must do more than try.  You must get it, or I will return to
        my tribe and leave your friend as he is.  I will give you 24 hours
        to get it".  Barnabas tells her, "That will be enough time".
        Julianka warns him, "Remember, without the hand, there will be
        no cure".  Barnabas tells her, "Stay here.  I will be back" and
           Aristede, still in the woods, is attacked by the werewolf.
        The werewolf knocks Aristede down.  Aristede screams.  But 
        before the werewolf can do any more serious, Victor Fenn-Gibbon 
        shows up shouts, "Let him go!"  The werewolf lets Aristede
        go.  Aristede warns Victor, "He's going to get you!".  Victor
        calmly replies, "No he won't.  Quiet, Aristede.  Now get out of
        here. I know what I'm doing.  Now do as you're told".  Aristede
        leaves.  The werewolf, just stands there looking at Fenn-Gibbon,
        seemingly under his control.  Fenn-Gibbon tells it, "I know who
        you are.  You don't understand me now, but you will, in time.
        You will do exactly what I tell you to do!"
        Episode 795
        Worldvision Rerun 578
        Tape Date:  July 4, 1969 (ABC #140-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 11, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Quentin, having reverted back into human form, awakens and
        finds himself tied to a chair in a basement somewhere.  His
        face is back to normal, but he doesn't know this.  He hears
        the sound of footsteps coming down some stairs.  Aristede comes
        into the room.  Aristede tells Quentin, "Don't bother to struggle.
        Your hands are quite secure, Mr. Collins".  Quentin exclaims, "You
        again!"  Aristeded says, "As you can see, I'm a very persistent man".
        Quentin points out, "You've already got the hand!"  Aristede replies,
        "But it got away from me".  Quentin tells him, "I don't have it!"
        Aristede replies, "I know, but you're going to help me get it back".
        He pulls a chain and a wicked looking crescent shaped blade descends
        slowly from the ceiling.  Quentin asks, "What that for?"  Aristede
        replies, "It's part of our plan".  Quentin asks, "OUR plan?  Who's
        in this with you?"  Aristede lies, "No one.  Just a slip of the
        tongue."  Quentin asks, "How are you planning to use that?"  Aristede
        replies, "You will find out when the time comes".  Quentin hears a
        clock chime the hour and realizes that the morning could not have come
        too long ago and asks Aristede, "How long have I been here?"  Aristede
        replies, "A few hours".  Quentin starts to say, "So you saw...".
        Aristeded interrupts, "The remarkable transformation from wolf to
        man?  Yes".  Quentin asks, "How?  It's impossible!  I would have
        killed you!", but Aristede tells him, "You were subdued rather
        easily".  Quentin asks, "Could you bring me a mirror?"  Aristede
        replies, "That won't be necessary.  I can tell you what you want to
        know.  Mr. Collins, I will give you a small bit of good news to cheer
        you up.  Your face has returned to normal".  Quentin asks, "What do
        you want from me?"  Aristede replies, "Instead of asking so many
        questions, I would suggest you pray".  Quentin asks, "For what?"
        Aristede replies, "Your life!"  Quentin asks, "Why?  I haven't done
        anything to you!"  Aristede coldly replies, "Don't take it personally.
        This is only a job for me".  Quentin asks, "What are you waiting
        for?"  Aristede replies, "You'll see!", his voice full of malice.
           Angelique, alone in the drawing room at Collinwood reading a
        book, sees Barnabas outside the window motioning to her.  She
        closes the drawing room doors then lets him in.  She tells him,
        "You should not have come here!"  Barnabas replies, "I had to".
        Angelique says, "You shouldn't have come here just to continue
        our argument".  Barnabas tells her, "I didn't come here for that". 
        Angelique complains, "It's taken a lot to re-establish myself
        here at Collinwood.  Now if I'm seen with you..."  Barnabas
        interrupts, "I came here to talk to you about a most important
        matter!  You have the hand!  You must give it to me!"  Angelique
        refuses, "I will not give you the hand, or anything else".  Barnabas
        tells her, "Angelique, someone has come to Collinwood who can end
        the curse!"  Angelique asks, "Who?"  Barnabas replies, "A gypsy
        Magda sent for".  Angelique asks, "Does she intend to keep the hand?"
        Barnabas replies, "That's her price".  Angelique tells him, "Then
        you can go back and tell her I refuse".  Barnabas says, "Then I was
        right in what I said  earlier.  You have no feelings for Quentin
        Collins.  You're ust using him to get back at me by disrupting my
        plans".  Angelique insists, "I have feelings for him".  Barnabas
        says, "If you really do, then help him".  Angelique agrees, "All
        right.  I will give you the hand on one condition.  Promise me
        you'll do nothing to interfere with my plans for Quentin".  Barnabas
        tells her, "My concern is not only with Quentin, but also with two
        people in the future.  Your plans for Quentin may affect them".
        Angelique replies, "Your concerns mean nothing to me.  I have given
        you my conditions.  Agree, and I will give you the hand".  Barnabas
        reluctantly agrees.  Angelique tells him, "Stay here and I'll get
        the hand" and leaves.
           Aristede unties Quentin and orders him, "Get up on your feet!"
        Quentin asks "Why?"  Aristede orders, "Get up on your feet and don't
        ask any questions!"  Quentin gets up.  Aristede takes him over to a
        table positioned under the pendulum and orders, "Get up on the table,
        please".  Quentin asks, "Why?"  Aristede orders, "Just do as I say!"
        Quentin refuses, "I don't want to".  Aristede puts the "Dancing Girl"
        to Quentin's throat and orders, "Do it, Mr. Collins".  Quentin shouts,
        "You're insane!", but Aristede just orders, "On the table!".  Quentin
        gets up on the table and lies down.  Aristede ties him down.  Quentin
        looks up at the wicked looking pendulum blade.  Aristede remarks,
        "You were very wise to cooperate, Mr. Collins.  If I had used the
        Dancing Girl, you'd be dead by now".  Quentin points out, "I'm going
        to be dead anyway!"  Aristede tells him, "The decision's not mine".
        Quentin asks, "Who's is it, then?"  Aristede refuses to tell him,
        "I can't tell you.  All I can tell you is that the plan is already
        in motion".  Quentin asks, "What is this plan?  At least let me know
        that much".  Aristede explains, "The plan depends on whether someone
        really loves you.  If she really does, then you'll be saved.  If she
        doesn't, well..."  He gags Quentin, explaining, "Someone might wander
        by.  I wouldn't want you calling for help", starts the pendulum, and
           Barnabas returns to the old house, carrying the box containing
        the hand.  Julianka exclaims, "You got it!"  Barnabas replies, "Yes".
        Julianka remarks, "I did not think you would".  Barnabas tells her,
        "Now we have the matter of the cure to discuss", but Julianka replies,
        "Not until I see the hand".  Barnabas opens the box and lets her see
        it.  He asks, "Satisfied?"  Julianka, her voice full of awe, gasps,
        "The hand of Count Petofi!"  Barnabas tells her, "I did what I promised
        to do, now do as you promised.  Cure Quentin".  Julianka asks, "Give
        me the hand".  Barnabas replies, "You will get it after you have cured
        Quentin".  Julianka tells him, "I can't.  It is part of the cure".
        Barnabsa tells her, "It has already been tried and failed".  Julianka
        says, "Of course!  I could count on the fingers of my own hand the
        number of people who know how to use it properly.  I am one of
        them".  Barnabas gives her the hand and asks, "When will you start?
        Will we have to wait until the full moon?"  Julianka replies, "Your
        friend will have to wait forever!".  She pulls out a knife and warns
        Barnabas, "Don't try to stop me from leaving!  I will cut out your
        heart, if necessary!"  She tells him, "I have no intention of helping
        Quentin.  I only came to get the hand, and to kill Magda if possible!"
        Barnabas tries to bargain with her, "I will pay you to help", but
        Julianka refuses, "You think money is enough for the hand?  You don't
        understand what it means to my tribe.  Goodbye, Barnabas", and leaves.
        Barnabas remarks ominously, "Not goodbye, Julianka, not goodbye at
          In the woods, Julianka sees a large bat fluttering around.
        Suddenly, the bat tranforms into Barnabas.  Terrifed, Julianka 
        screams, "What are you?!"  Barnabas replies, "I think you know
        what I am.  Look at me!"  Julianka, terrified, begs, "Please!
        I'll give you back the hand, then I'll go away and never come
        back!  I promise!", but Barnabas tells her, "You'll stay here until
        you end the curse.  Then I'll let you go".  He starts hypnotizing
        her, "Now you will do whatever I tell you to do..."  Julianka
        echoes, "Yes, whatever  you tell me to do..."  Barnabas tells her,
        "You will not be frightened of me..."  Julianka echoes, "I am
        not afraid..."
           In the drawing room at Collinwood, Angelique sees Aristede
        looking in through the window motioning for her to come outside.
        She goes out the front doors.
           At the old house, Barnabas takes the hand from Julianka and tells
        her, "I will keep the hand until you need it".  Julianka, in a
        monotone, replies, "Yes".  Barnabas orders, "Now tell me how long it
        will take you to end the curse".  Julianka tells him, "It will not be
        necessary to wait for the full moon.  Bring Quentin here, and I will
        do what you want me to do".  Barnabas tells her, "But someone tried
        to use it last night when there was no full moon, and Quentin
        made the transformation when he shouldn't have".  Julianka explains,
        "When it is used by the wrong person, the hand is uncontrollable and
        almost always does evil.  After I have cured Quentin, you must let
        me take the hand away, because there are people who would kill to get
           Angelique meets Aristede outside Colliwood.  Aristede
        sarcastically remarks, "What have we here?  My little puppeteer
        has come to see me!"  Angelique replies, "I was curious as to what
        you wanted".  Aristede tells her, "I don't normally read the
        newspapers.  The local news can be so boring.  But this time, I
        checked all the local papers.  There is no theatrical troupe in
        town.  You are not a puppeteer".  Angelique laughs and says, "If
        you came after that ridiculous hand..."  Aristede interrupts, "You
        underestimate me, my dear.  I came to talk to you about your fiancee.
        You see, I've learned quite a lot about you.  I came to talk about
        Quentin Collins.  Tell me, do you care for him?"  Angelique asks,
        "And if I do?"  Aristede says, "Do you want to marry  Quentin?
        You must tell me that quickly!"  Angelique asks, "Why?"  Aristede
        replies, "The minutes don't mean much to me, but they do to him.  He
        has only 30 minutes to live.  A pity for a man so young".  Angelique
        asks, "Where are you holding him?  Tell me!"  Aristede asks, "Do you
        have the doll?  Are you going to try to strangle me again?"  Angelique
        warns him, "I can do much worse than that!", but Aristede in turn
        warns her, "Don't come near me!  Don't try any tricks!  Quentin has
        already started to die, and if you do anything to me,  he will.  I'm
        the only one who can stop it,"  Angelique asks, "What do you mean
        he's already started to die?", but Aristede refuses to explain.  He
        looks at his watch and says, "He has only 28 minutes left.  The
        hand, please!"
           Quentin watches the pendulum swing from side to side, coming
        a little lower with each swing...
        Episode 796
        Worldvision Rerun 579
        Tape Date:  July 7, 1969 (ABC #141-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 14, 1969 Monday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Angelique tells Aristede, "If you have Quentin, show him to me!",
        but Aristede refuses, "I may not have been brilliant the last time
        we met, but you can't expect me to be that stupid!"  Angelique says,
        "Aristede!  Look at me!  The hand means nothing to me!  It means so
        little to me, I gave it to someone else.  Don't look away, Aristede!
        Look into my eyes!  Let us go to where Quentin is!  Lead me to him!
        You must do what I say!", trying to cast a spell on him.  Aristede
        laughs uproariously and says, "Do you think I would see you without
        some proctection?"  He hold up a medallion he's wearing on a chain
        around his neck and explains, "This protects against all spells.  If
        you gave the hand away, then get it back!"  Angelique says, "I need
        time", but Aristede replies, "I've already told you how much time
        you have".  Angelique says, "That's not enough!", but Aristede
        replies, "That's all the time your fiance Quentin has.  I suggest
        you hurry".
            At the Old House, Barnabas asks Julianka, "How are you going to
        help Quentin?"  Julianka asks, "You still do not trust me?"
        Barnabas asks, "Surely you can tell me what's going to happen".
        but Julianka replies, "You will never know!  My great Grandmother,
        she gave pity to Count Petofi, and turned him back from wolf to man.
        She passed the secret down to me, and I will only tell it when my
        daughter is born".  Barnabas reminds her, "But the hand has been
        tried and it didn't work".  Julianka once again tells him,
        "Magda doesn't know how to use it.  Only I do.  We must begin
        the moment the moon starts to come down.  When it disappears
        below the horizon, it will take the curse away with it to the
        other side of time.  It is now 3 AM.  In an hour, the time will
        be right.  Now, I must go out into the woods to gather the correct
         herbs".  Barnabas asks, "What?"  Julianka lists them, "The leaf
         of the nightshade.  The devil's thrush....  I will go out
        and gather them.  You will have Quentin here in time".
            The pendulum continues coming down slowly.  Aristede, who's
        returned to the cellar of the building, tells Quentin, "She's
        charming, your fiancee.  But she's not someone I'd ever trust.
        But I suppose some men like doubt.  Do you think she'll return
        the hand in time?  I can see in your eyes you have doubt.  So
        do I!"
           Angelique comes to the old house, tells Barnabas about Aristede's
        ultimatum, and asks for the hand.  Barnabas asks, "But why didn't you
        tell me about this man Aristede before?  Who could this man be?  But
        if he does have Quentin..."  Angelique assure him, "He does.  We must
        give him the hand, or Quentin dies!"  Barnabas refuses, "I will not
        give him the hand".  Angelique insists, "It would be better for us to
        give him the hand than concoct some plan that might not work!"
        Barnabas tells her, "You could cast a spell on him to make him lead
        us to where Quentin is", but Angelique tells him, "He has a medallion
        that protects him from spells.  Barnabas, we must hurry!"  Barnabas
        asks, "How much time do we have?"  Angelique replies, "Fifteen
        minutes!"  Barnabas asks, "Where are you to meet him?"  Angelique
        replies, "In the woods outside Collinwood".  Barnabas tells her,
        "Meet him".  She tells him, "It will do no good wihout the hand!"
        Barnabas reminds her, "I have powers you do not." and asks, "Now,
        is this medallion in the shape of a cross?"  Angelique replies,
        "No".  Barnabas says, "I will see what luck I have"  Angelique says,
        "It must be pleasing for you to see the day I need your help".
        Barnabas replies,  "No. My only concerns at this moment are Quentin,
        Chris Jennings and David Collins"
           In the cellar, the pendulum continues to drop.  Aristede is
        combing his hair.  He explains to Quentin, "One must look well
        on occasions like this.  I must keep my appointment with Angelique.
        Are you a gambling man?  Would you like to make a wager?  Oh, I
        see by your eyes you don't think that would be in good taste.
        Quentin, gagged and unable to respond, tries to struggle free and
        get at Aristede, but is unsuccessful.  Aristede remarks, "I see you
        don't trust Angelique either".
           In the woods, Angelique calls, "Aristede?  Aristede?"  Aristede
        comes.  Seeing that Angelique is empty handed, he exclaims, "You didn't
        bring it!"  Angelique replies, "I couldn't!"  Aristede remarks,
        "Quentin knows you well.  He didn't think you would".  Angelique tells
        him, "If you would give me more time, I could get it for you.  I
        promise!", but Aristede replies, "Don't bother begging me.  You'd
        better go back to Collinwood and put on a mourning dress.  You'd look
        beautiful in black!"  Angelique suddenly turns and leaves.  A voice
        calls out, "Aristede!  Aristede!"  Aristede asks, "Who's there?",
        The voice continues "You cannot go.  Not yet, Aristede!  Where
        is he?  Where is Quentin Collins?"  Aristede lies, "I don't know".
        He demands, "Show yourself to me!  Show yourself!"  Barnabas comes
        out of the shadows.  Aristede screams, "Stay away from me!"
        Barnabas tells him, "If you tell me where Quentin is, you'd be much
        better off".  Aristede shouts, "No!", and hold the medallion up to
        protect himself.  Barnabas just looks at it and remarks, "What's
        that medallion?  It's very charming.  Very old, isn't it?", unaffected
        by it, then says, "You will look into my eyes.  Look at me!  You
        cannot resist me!  You are powerless to resist me!  You have no will
        left!  You must tell me where Quentin is!  You will take me to where
        Quentin is! Start now, Aristede!  Start now!"
           In the cellar, the pendulum continues on it inexorable way
        down.  It is now only an inch or so above Quentin.  Quentin
        screams through the gag, "Ahhh!  Ahhhh! Help!!!"
           Aristede takes Barnabas to an abandonned building somewhere.
        Barnabas asks, "Well, where is he?"  Aristede replies, "You wouldn't
        expect us to keep him in the foyer, would you?"  Barnabas asks, "Us?"
        Aristede replies, "I often speak about myself that way".  Barnabas
        orders, "Take me to Quentin!  Where is he?"  Aristede triumphantly
        replies,"He's not here!", and laughs.  He tells Barnabas that the
        medallion did protect him from the hypnotism, and he was only
        pretending to be under his spell.  Barnabas asks, "Where is he?"
        Aristede replies, "What difference does it make now?  He's miles
        away from here!  He's in the cellar of an abandonned mill building
        by Sutter's Creek."  Barnabas asks, "You're not lying to me this
        time?"  Aristede replies, "There's no reason to. You'd never get to
        him in time".  Barnabas announces, "You and I will meet again,
        Aristede!", turns into a bat, and flies off.  Aristede is shocked.
           Just as the pendulum is about to slice into Quentin, Barnabas
        arrives and pushes the table out from under the blade just in time.
           Julianka has returned to the old house. She has some herbs she
        has gathered.  She says a prayer over them, "The nightshade, a gift
        of the devil god.  The devil's thrush, a gift of the spirits. Great
        god of the mountain!  Keeper of the Oshden forest!  Help me tonight
        when the moon starts on its downward path!  Give me the power that
        was my mother's that I may help this man!"  Barnabas and Quentin
        return.  Julianka looks at Quentin and asks Barnabas, "Is this the
        man?"  Barnabas replies, "Yes"  Quentin asks, "Can you cure me?"
        Julianka replies, "Yes".  Quentin, stll dubious, asks, "Are you
        sure if you use the hand, I'm not going to change into someting
        even more frightening?"  Julianka replies, "Not if the gods are
        with you.  I must go and get the one remaining herb, the blood of
        the Orris Root.  Wait here.  You are very lucky to receive the cure
        for free.  It cost Count Petofi his hand".  Barnabas asks, "Why
        didn't you get the Orris root before?"  Julianka explains, "The gods
        will be with us only if it is gathered at the right time".  Barnabas
        asks, "And when is the right time for the ceremony?".  Julianka
        replies,"The moon will be where it must be at 4:00", and leaves.
           Quentin and Barnabas, joined by Angelique, anxiously wait
        for Julianka to return.  Quentin asks, "Well, where is she?
        She should be here by now, or is this just another gypsy joke?"
        Noting that it is nearly 4 AM, Barnabas says, "We have only 10
        minutes!" and decides to go out and look for her.
           Searching inn the woods, Barnabas hears a moan, and finds
        Julianka lying on the ground with a strange mark on her forehead.
        Episode 797 (Kinescope)
        Worldvision Rerun 579A*
        Tape Date:  July 8, 1969 (ABC #142-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 15, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Quentin and Magda, who has returned, are at the old house.  
        Angelique has apparently left and is not there.  They nervously
        wonder where Julianka could be.  Quentin wonders, "Why hasn't
        Barnabas found her?  Where is she?"  Magda replies, "She had to
        get some herb.  Maybe she is still looking for it".  Quentin points
        out, "But she's been too long!"  Magda remarks, "Maybe Angelique
        should have stayed here.  She could look for Barnabas".  Quentin,
        becoming irritated with Magda's fiddling with her Tarot cards,
        orders, "Stop playing with those cards!"  Magda reminds him,
        "Remember, I am more than just a spectator there.  I want to see
        the curse ended just as much as you do".  Quentin asks, "Why?", but
        Magda refuses to tell him, saying only, "When the time comes, you
        will know".  Barnabas returns.  Magda asks, "Barnabas!  Where is
        she?"  Quentin asks, "Did you find her?"  Barnabsa replies, "Yes,
        I found her.  She is dead".  He brings Julianka in and says, "When
        I found her, she had the Orris root in her hand, and that mark on
        her forehead.  She died soon after".  Magda looks at the mark and
        says, "That is no gypsy mark.  I've never seen a mark like that.
        No, wait a moment.  I think I did see it somewhere before".  Barnabas
        asks, "Where?"  Magda replies, I can't remember".  Barnabas asks,
        "Try to remember!  It might help us discover who killed her and why".
        Magda asks, "What good would that do us?  Will it make her dead lips
        tell the secret?"  Barnabas says, "We must not lose hope!"  Quentin
        moans, "No, my only hope died with that girl, the one person who
        could have helped me".  Barnabas insists, "We'll find a way!", but
        Quentin replies, "Please spare me your rosy attitude.  Perhaps you
        have learned to endure your burden, but I find mine unbearable!",
        and leaves.  Barnabas moans, "I didn't think it would happen this
        soon".  Magda asks, "What?"  Barnabas replies, "The second event".
        Magda asks, "What second event?"  Barnabas explains, "Several weeks
        ago, Jamison had a dream that foretold three events.  The first
        was that a silver bullet would be found at Collinwood.  Edward
        found the one you lost there.  The second event occured today,
        the death of the one person who could have helped Quentin.  We
        must stop the third event, that one person who really cares
        about Quentin would turn against him".  Magda asks, "And if that
        happens, then what?"  Barnabas replies, "Quentin will die!  I must
        know the date of Quentin's death so I can prevent it!"  Magda tells
        him, "There is no way to tell the exact date of an event.  Not even
        the Tarot cards can tell you that".  Barnabas remarks, "I would
        give anything to be back in my own time for ten minutes!"  Magda asks,
        "How would that help?"  Barnabas explains, "There is a history of the
        Collins family written in my own time.  It was published in 1965.
        It might tell the date of Quentin's death.  Vicky Winters brought
        it back to 1795.  If only Eve had not brought it back to my time!"
        Magda, knowing nothing of any of this, asks, "Who's Vicky?  Who's
        Eve?  And when did this Eve bring the book back?"  Barnabas replies,
        "Not long ago.  You needn't concern yourself with that, Magda."
        Suddenly, he exclaims, "Wait!  Magda!  I said it didn't happen long a
        go.  Perhaps it hasn't happened yet!  Perhaps the book is still at the
        County Courthouse!"  Magda points out, "But you said this Eve took it
        back".  Barnabas replies,  "She did, but it hasn't happened yet.  It
        will be in 1968."  Magda tells him, "But part of the old courthouse
        collapsed.  They've built a new one".  Barnabas asks, "What happened
        to the old one?"  Magda replies, "It's closed up".  Barnabas tells
        her, "Then you could go there.  Go there now!  I was caught unexpected
        this time!  I must not be caught unexpected again!"
           Quentin is in the drawing room of Collinwood.  Beth comes into
        the room and says, "Oh, Quentin!  I've waited for you to come back!"
        Quentin looks at her, sees a pentagram floating in front of her face,
        drops his drink in shock, and exclaims, "NO!!  Stay away from me!"
        Beth asks, "What have I done?"  Quentin replies, "It's not what you've
        done, it's what I will do!"  Beth asks, "What you will do?  What you
        will do to who?"  Quentin exclaims, "You!" Beth asks, "Why would you
        want to do anything to me?"  Quentin replies, "Do you think I wanted
        to do what I did to anyone else?  I beg you to leave Collinwood!  Now!
        I may become the predator, and you the prey!  I don't want to
        take any chance of killing you!"  Beth reminds him, "You can't
        kill me.  I have this pentagram to protect me".  Quentin tells
        her, "But I see the mark on your face!  That beast is going to
        kill you, unless you run far, far away, far enough so it can't
        find you!"  Beth replies, "Far from it means far from you.  I
        don't want to leave you".  Quentin says, "You mean you love me.
        I hope you love me enough you won't mind when I kill you" and
        turns to leave.  Beth asks, "Where are you going?"  Quentin replies,
        "To my room.  It's a better place to get drunk".  Beth tells him,
        I'll go with you".  Quentin remarks, "Maybe I can get so drunk I'll
        forget seeing that mark on your face and we can have a few moments of
        fun".  Beth says, "I'd enjoy that".  Quentin remarks, "Loyalto the
        end, Beth.  Maybe they'll put that on your tombstone". They go
           Magda returns to the old house.  Her hands are empty.  Barnabas
        asks, "Magda, what happened?"  Magda replies, "I went to the
        courthouse, that's what happened".  She pauses for a second, then
        pulls a book out from under her shawl and announces, "And I got
        this!  Is this the right book?"  Barnabas exclaims, "Yes it is!"
        and takes it.  He eagerly leafs through it, "The turn of the
        century, the exact time we want...The day of Quentin's birth...
        The date of Quentin's death isn't recorded!  There's only a
        short mention...".  Magda takes the book and reads, "Before the
        end of 1897, Quentin Collins left Collinwood on a tour of the
        world".  She asks, "What does that mean?"  Barnabas replies, "It's
        the standard Collins way of hiding something too terrible to tell".
        Magda points out, "But 1897 is almost over.  There ain't much time,
        is there?"  Barnabas remarks, "If only I had realized that that
        gypsy girl was the only one who could have helped Quentin, perhaps
        something could have been done...the gypsy girl!  Perhaps she can
        still help us!  Perhaps we could reach her from beyond the grave!
        Maybe she'll tell us the secret!"  Magda tells him, "You'll have to
        hold the seance without me".  Barnabas asks, "Why?"  Magda replies,
        "Her great-grandmother frightened me when I was a little girl.
        Everyone was afraid of her and her temper.  Julianka might have
        the same temper".  Barnabas tells her, "You are no longer a child,
        Magda.  Your sister's children will die without your help!"  Magda
        asks, "When would you start?"  Barnabas replies, "As soon as we can
        get Quentin".  Magda again gets cold feet, "I don't think I want
        to do this".  Barnabas angrily says, "You are a fool and a coward!"
        Magda counters, "Would a coward have gone to the old courthouse?
        Would a coward do for you what I do for you every day?  It's just
        that I have a feeling..."  Barnabas cuts her short, "I have no time
        for your feelings!  We must help Quentin!  Now go!"
           Beth and Quentin are in his room.  Beth says, "Quentin, perhaps
        when this is all over, we can take a trip somewhere".  Quentin remarks,
        "The only trip I'm ever going to take is to hell".  Beth tells him,
        "You've got to stop thinking that way!"  Quentin grimly replies, "Can
        you think of any other way to think?"  Beth remarks, "You've got to
        stop drinking so much".  Quentin replies, "Stop the only way I can
        still enjoy myself?  Stop talking.  I'm trying to enjoy my music".
        Beth listens to the music too and remarks, "I've always wanted to
        go to Vienna, wear fancy dresses, expensive jewelry, and waltz all
        night long".  Quentin tells her, "If you've always wanted to go, go
        now".  Beth tells him, "I want to go with you!"  Quentin replies,
        "Sorry, I don't think a future is scheduled for me.  Keep dreaming,
        Beth.  All you'll ever get here at Collinwood are dreams...and one
        last final nightmare".  There's a knock at the door.  Quentin asks,
        "Who is it?"  A voice replies, "Magda". Quentin lets her into his
        room.  Magda tells him, "Mr. Barnabas wants you at the old house".
        Quentin asks, "Something happen?"  Magda replies, "He's got a plan".
        Beth says, "I want to go too!"  Magda tells her, "He asked only for
        Quentin".  Quentin tells Beth, "Excuse me.  I'll have to skip that
        last dance.  Come on, Magda.  Let's not keep our ever-hopeful cousin
        waiting".  They leave.
           At the old house, Barnabas, Magda and Quentin hold the seance.
        Barnabas tries to summon Julianka, "Julianka!  Gypsy of the Romano
        tribe!  Can you tell us what we want to know?  Beyond the darkness
        of the grave, come to us!"  The ghost of Juliankay appears floating
        in front of the bookcase.  "How dark it is!  I do not like death at
        all!"  Barnabas continues, "Spirit of Julianka, now that you are
        here, tell us what we want to know!  I beg you!"  Julianka replies,
        "Beg until I am flesh and blood again!  I will tell you nothing!
        You called me here, and I died before my time!"  Barnabas points out,
        "We had nothing to do with your death!"  Julianka replies, "I died
        while I was gathering the orris root to take the curse from one of
        you.  The orris root had my blood on it.  The one who is cursed will
        be cursed forever!" Quentin moans, "I don't want to hear any more of
        this!!!", and runs off in despair.  Barnabas points out, "But two
        gypsy children are victims of this curse too!", but Julianka replies,
        "I care nothing about them".  Barnabas protests, "But they are gypsies,
        of your blood!", but Julianka just replies, "They are kin of Magda.
        I will go away forever, but before I do, I will leave a curse.  You,
        Magda, you who stole the hand from your own people, you who disgraced
        the spirits of the nine slaughtered gypsies, I will bring you grief,
        and only grief.  There will be three knocks at the door, then eternal
        weeping, for it will be the first but not the last.  You will live,
        Magda Rakosi, but everyone you love will die!" and vanishes. Magda
        screams, "No!!!"  Barnabas suggests, "We must summon her again!
        Maybe we can convince her to be reasonable before it's too late!".
        There's three knocks at the door.  Magda moans, "It's already too

* Again, this episode was skipped by Worldvision in syndication until a
  kinescope was located and added in the late 1980s.
        Episode 798
        Worldvision Rerun 580
        Tape Date:  July 9, 1969 (ABC #143-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 16, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           They answer the door.  It is Sandor.  Magda is relieved to
        see that it is only Sandor, and begins to remonstrate him for
        being away so long, asking, "Where have you been? Fooling around
        with other women?"  Sandor says, in a flat monotone, "I have seen
        Julianka", then topples forward, a knife sticking out of his
        back.  Barnabas examines him and finds that he's dead, and is
        cold to the touch, as if he's been dead for a long time.
           At Collinwood, Victor Fenn-Gibbon, having apparently just finished
        a visit to Edward, is in the foyer talking on the telephone to
        someone, saying, "It's important that we meet".  Hearing music
        coming through the closed drawing room doors, he goes in and
        finds Quentin sittiing in there, looking rather morose.  Victor
        remarks, "From the music, I would have expected to find a romantic
        young woman in here".  Quentin replies, "No, only a disillusioned
        young man".  Victor remarks, "It's surprising to find someone 
        your age disillusioned.  Most people don't become disillusioned
        about the world until they reach the age of 35".  Quentin replies,
        "I'm disillusioned because a gypsy fortune teller told me I had no
        future".  Victor spouts some anti-gypsy venom and says, "You
        shouldn't believe anything a gypsy tells you!"  Quentin wanders 
        over to the window and looks up at the sky.  Victor asks, "What are
        you doing?"  Quentin replies, "I'm looking at the moon".  Victor
        asks, "Why?"  Quentin replies, "It's my hobby".  Victor exits
        the drawing room, closing the doors behind him.  Suddenly, he
        seems to get an idea and exclaims, "Yes! That's the way!"
           Barnabas and Magda bury Sandor.
           Quentin goes to the gazebo.  He has a gun, and comtemplates
        suicide, but hears the noise of someone approaching and hides
        in the bushes.  Victor Fenn-Gibbon and Aristede come into the
        gazebo and start to argue about something.  
           At the old house, Magda, realizing Quentin's children might
        be the next victims of Julianka's curse, tells Barnabas, "I've
        got to go to them and say a charm over them to protect them!"
        and hastily leaves to do so.
           From where Quentin is, he can see Victor and Aristede, but
        cannot hear what they are saying.  (We, however, can).  In
        the course of their argument, it is revealed that it was Victor
        who killed Julianka.  Victor tells Aristede, "I want you to
        talk to Quentin".  Aristede refuses, saying, "I don't know how
        I can after what I tried to do to him".  Victor tells him, "Don't
        worry.  I'll tell you exactly what to say".  He laments, 
        cryptically, "You don't know what it is like to wake up every 
        morning with blood on you pillow, to look into the mirror and
        see a face that is not your own, a face that was given to you".
        After Aristede leaves, Quentin jumps out of hiding and confronts
        Victor, holding the gun on him.  He asks, "What were you doing
        with the man who tried to kill me?"  Victor feigns surprise and
        lies, "I don't know that man.  I only met him tonight while
        walking through the woods".
           Quentin goes to the old house and tells Barnabas about seeing
        Victor and Aristede together.  He remarks that there must be
        some connection between them, saying he doesn't believe Victor's
        story about just meeting Aristede in the woods.  Magda returns
        and dejectedly tells Barnabas, "I was too late".  Barnabas,
        remembering the child in the coffin in the future, says, "Then
        it's happened".  Quentin asks, "What are you two talking about?"
        Magda looks at Barnabas and says, "It couldn't hurt to tell him,
        now".  Barnabas agrees, and Magda tells Quentin about his hidden
        children, saying, "By the time I got there, it was too late.
        The boy had already died of the curse. Mrs. Fillmore told me he was
        find during the day, but when night came, he suddenly let out
        a scream.  When she checked his body, she found he was dead,
        and was cold, as if he had died a long time ago.  But the girl
        is fine.  Gypsies put little value on girls and do not bother
        with them".  Quentin, upset at what he's just heard, leaves.
        Dawn approaching, Barnabas tells Magda ,"I've got to return to
        my coffin".  Magda, in a very depressed tone of voice, replies,
        "You do what you got to do, I do what I got to do..."  Barnabas
        warns her to hide the hand as there are people after it.  Magda
        replies, "I'll take care of the hand".  The cock crows and
        Barnabas leaves.  
           Magda gets an axe, then takes the hand out of its box,
        puts in on a table, says, "You! You're the cause of all my
        troubles!", and raises the axe to destroy it.
        Episode 799
        Worldvision Rerun 581
        Tape Date:  July 14, 1969 (ABC #144-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 17, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Magda chops the hand in two, wraps the pieces in a handkerchief,
        throws them into the fireplace, and watches them burn.
           Aristede is drinking in the Blue Whale.  He happens to meet
        Tim Shaw and learns that Tim knows the Collins family. He tells
        Tim, "I need to talk to Quentin about something, but I don't
        know how to approach him because there's been a...misunderstanding
        between us" and asks for his help.
           At Collinwood, Quentin is in the drawing room, listening to 
        his music, drinking and moping.  Marriage-minded Charity comes
        in and suggests, "You're probably depressed because you're lonely.
        A man was not meant to go through life alone.  Perhaps you should
        get married..."  She is interrupted by the arrival of Magda, who
        tells Quentin, "I'd like to speak to you alone".  Quentin kisses
        Charity on the hand and asks her to be kind enough to leave so
        he can speak to Magda alone.  Giggling like a delighted schoolgirl,
        Charity leaves.  Magda closes the door and tells Quentin, "We don't
        have to worry about the evil influence of the hand anymore.  I've
        chopped it up and burned it!"  Quentin, seeing his last hope gone,
        is furious, and says, "Even with Julianka gone, we might have been
        able to find someone else who knew how to use it!" Magda replies,
        "There isn't anyone.  It's better that the hand is gone forever".
        Quentin suddenly points to a corner of the room and says to Magda,
        "You'd better look..."  She does.  Floating there is the hand,
        whole and with no trace of having been burned.  Magda screams,
        "It's come to kill me!", but the hand just vanishes.
           Outside in the foyer, Tim Shaw hears Magda scream inside the
        drawing room and, curious, listens through the door.  He hears
        Madga talking about the power of the hand.  After a while,  he
        knocks and Quentin lets him in.  Magda remarks to Tim, "It's been
        a long time since we last met - the time I sold you the poison".
        Tim, having no memory of this, is shocked and asks when this 
        happened.  Magda replies, "It was a few days before the first
        Mrs. Trask died", and leaves.  Tim tells Quentin, "I've come
        to deliver a message to you", and hands him an envelope.  Quentin
        opens it with a letter opener and reads the letter inside.  It
        is from Aristede, requesting that they meet.  Quentin asks Tim,
        "How do you happen to know this man?"  Tim replies, "I don't.
        We just happened to meet in a bar, and got to talking.  He learned
        that I knew your family and wanted me to give this message to you.
        He seemed to think it vital that he talk to you". Quentin, looking
        intently at the letter opener, remarks, "Yes. The word vital
        means 'having to do with life'.  I think it IS vital that we
        meet..." and leaves, taking the letter opener with him.            
           Quentin meets Aristede at the Blue Whale.  He tells Aristede,
        "I have something lethal in my pocket.  What do you want? I'll
        give you two minutes to talk".  Aristede apologizes for what
        he did before, saying, "It was not a very wise thing to do".
        He tells Quentin, "I am prepared to make a deal for the hand.
        I know someone who can cure your affliction.  I can have him cure
        your affliction before the next full moon, with the hand as
        payment.  We will not take the hand as payment until after we 
        have cured you, but we must see it first to know that you indeed 
        possess it".
           Tim goes to the old house and spies on Magda through the
        window.  Magda walks towards the window.  Tim quickly hides.
        The hand appears, floating in the air.  Terrified, Magda screams
        and runs out of the house.  Tim, curious, goes into the house
        and finds the hand lying on the floor.  Recalling Magda's words
        about "the power of the hand", Tim picks it up and thinks to 
        himself, "This may be exactly what I need!"
        Episode 800
        Worldvision Rerun 582
        Tape Date:  July 10, 1969 (ABC #145-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   July 18, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Violet Welles
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Magda goes to Collinwood and tells Quentin about the hand
        appearing at the old house.  Quentin asks, "What would happen
        if my daughter survived and had male children?"  Magda replies, 
        "They too would be cursed".  Quentin remarks, "We may not have
        to worry about that.  I may have found someone who - for the
        price of the hand - may be able to help remove the curse".  
        Magda asks, "Who?"  Quentin replies, "Aristede".  Magda exclaims,
        "You'd have to be a fool to trust Aristede!"  Quentin replies,
        "I'll take the chance".  Magda tells Quentin, "I don't like the
        idea of giving the hand to Aristede.  It rightfully belongs to
        the gypsies", but Quentin replies, "I don't care", and leaves for
        the old house to get the hand.  
          At Evan Handley's house, Evan is reading a book when he hears
        a knock at the door.  He opens the door and is terrified to see
        the hand floating outside.  He is about to slam the door shut
        when Tim Shaw steps into the doorway and tells him not to.  
        Tim comes in and asks, "Tell me all about the hand".  Evan lies,
        "I know nothing about it!", but Tim says, "I know you're lying.
        I overheard Magda saying you did".  Evan refuses to tell Tim
        anything about the hand, so Tim - who inexplicably seems to
        have great control over the hand - sends it to float in front
        of Evan's face and threaten him.
           Magda and Quentin arrive at the old house and find no trace
        of the hand.
           Evan tells Tim all about the hand.  He tells him, "It was
        cut from Count Petofi a hundred years ago as payment for
        removal of the werewolf curse.  It contains most of Petofi's
        powers, leaving Petofi himself with little". Tim then tells
        Evan, "I have another matter to discuss with you". He takes
        a letter from his pocket and gives it to Evan, asking, "Explain
        this".  Evan looks at it.  It is the letter saying only,
        "QUEEN OF SPADES".  Evan, feigning ignorance of it, says,
        "It's a very curious letter. What does it mean?"  Tim tells
        him, "I know you're lying! I recognize your handwriting and 
        know you wrote it!"  Evan admits making Tim kill Minerva, but
        tells Tim, "Trask forced me to do it!"
           Aristede and Victor meet in the woods.  Aristede tells Victor,
        "I don't have the hand yet.  Quentin met me as scheduled, but
        he did not have the hand with him.  He claims to have lost it".
        Victor angrily says, "I'll take care of this myself from now on!"       
        (The fact that they already expect to have the hand, although
        Aristede told Quentin he only needed to show it to him, that
        payment wasn't due until after the cure - clearly indicates
        that they have no intention of curing Quentin, but to kill him
        and take the hand).  
           Aristede and Victor go to the old house and search for the
        hand.  Quentin and Magda return and catch them.  When asked
        why he wants the hand, Victor replies, "I am a collector of the
        strange and unique.  I know every gypsy has a price. What's
        your price for the hand? I am willing to pay for it".  Magda
        replies, "I don't know where it is".  Victor says, "I don't
        believe you".  Aristede says, "I don't believe you either!",
        and slaps Magda several times, demanding she tell the truth.
        Victor stops him, remonstrates him, then orders him to leave.
        He does.  Victor apologizes to Magda, sits her down, and pours
        her a drink to calm her down.  As he is handing her the drink,
        Magda notices his cuff button and screams, "His cuff button!
        The mark on it is the same one that was on Julianka's forehead!"
        Victor tries to flee, but is intercepted by Quentin.  In the
        ensuing struggle, Quentin grabs Victor's gloved right hand
        (both hands are gloved).  It comes off.  Seeing this, Magda
        exclaims, "He's Count Petofi!"
        July 21, 1969 - Pre-empted by coverage of Apollo 11 Lunar/Command
        Module Docking.
        (ABC #146-DRK-69)
        Episode 801/802
        Worldvision Rerun 582A*
        Tape Date: July 22, 1969 (ABC #147-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 22, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Victor and Quentin stop fighting.  Victor denies being
        Count Petofi, saying, "I am not Count Petofi.  But I have
        read about him.  He was a very interesting man.  He was the
        last man known to have owned a unicorn.  The saddest day of
        his life was when he awoke one morning and found that it had
        been killed, as if by a wolf".  Quentin tells Victor that he
        considers his last statement proof that he IS Petofi because
        he said, "He found...", that only a werewolf would know that
        when he wakes in the morning, he has no memory of his activities
        of the previous night.  Victor admits that he is, indeed, Count
        Petofi.  He tells Magda and Quentin, "Even without the hand, I
        still have some powers.  If you do not give the hand to me, I
        will use them on you!", then leaves.  Quentin wonders what they
        can do to fight Petofi.  Magda suggests, "Maybe Evan Handley
        could help.  He mentioned to Barnabas that he had some books
        on Count Petofi".  (When?)  Quentin leaves.
           Evan is alone at home. He is in a bad state, imagining that
        the hand, which is not there, is somewhere in the room.  Quentin
        comes and asks Evan about the hand.  Evan, in his terrible state
        of mind, lets slip the fact that Tim Shaw has it.
           At the old house, Magda is desperately trying to see the
        future in her crystal ball, but has no success.  Quentin returns.
        Magda asks him, "Did you get the books?"  Quentin replies, "I did
        better. I found out where the hand is.  Tim Shaw has it.  But when
        I went to his boarding house, I found that he had checked out and
        left on the night train, leaving no forwarding address".
           At Collinwood, Jamison goes into the foyer and finds Victor
        packed and ready to leave.  Jamison tells him, "I'll miss you.
        You never finished telling me about serving under Lord Kitchener".
        Victor replies, "I'll might return some day and I'll finish telling 
        you the story if I do. Now kiss me goodbye".  He kneels down.
        Jamison kisses him on the cheek.  Quentin and Magda come in 
        through the front doors.  Jamison goes up to bed.  Quentin and
        Magda tells Petofi, "We couldn't get the hand".  Petofi replies,
        "I'll give you more time. I'll have to leave for awhile, but 
        keep looking for it.  I'll be watching you even while I'm away.
        I'll return when you find the hand".  He then tells Quentin,
        "I'll give you a gift".  Quentin replies, "I don't want any
        gift".  Petofi replies, "I'll give it to you whether you want
        it or not", and adds, "One by one the truth will be revealed, 
        and the truth will destroy you" then leaves.  One of them pooh-poohs 
        Petofi's threat, saying, "He has no power left", but the other 
        disagrees, saying, "He must have SOME power to be able to live 
        to be 150 years old!".  Quentin notices that Jamison is standing 
        on the landing and asks, "What are you doing there?"  Jamison gives
        a strange answer in a raspy voice.  Quentin points to Jamison
        and exclaims, "Magda! Look!"  Magda does so, and sees that 
        Jamison is wearing black leather gloves just like the ones
        Petofi always wears.  Jamison asks, "Why are you staring at
        my gloves? I always wear gloves".  Magda gasps, "He's possessed
        by Count Petofi!"

* This episode was skipped in the Worldvision syndication package until the 
  color videotape master was located in the late 1980s. It was subsequently
  added to the syndication package.
        Episode 803
        Worldvision Rerun 583
        Tape Date: July 15, 1969 (ABC #148-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 23, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:    Violet Welles
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Edward returns to Collinwood, probably from taking Judith
        to the sanatarium.  Quentin tells him that Jamison has been
        possessed by Victor Fenn-Gibbon, who's really Count Petofi,
        that Petofi had predicted, just before he left, "One by one, the
        truth will be revealed, and the truth will destroy you!" Edward
        thinks Quentin is being ridiculous - until Jamison comes into 
        the room and asks, "May I have a brandy?"  Edward quickly calls
        a doctor.  He calls Beth and tells her to take Jamison to his
        room and watch over him - he's not feeling well.  Quentin tells
        Edward that he's learned about his hidden children and is upset
        that they were kept secret from him before.
           In his room, Jamison continues to act strangely.  Beth is
        worried and frightened.  Jamison kisses her on the cheek and
        asks, "Why don't you go see your master?"  Beth stands bolt
        upright, replies, "Yes", as if in a trance, and goes to the
        window, opens it and just and stares out. Edward comes up to
        see how Jamison is doing.  Finding the room windy and cold, he
        goes to close the window, but Beth will not let him.  Irritated,
        he asks, "What's wrong with you?"  Jamison says, "Why don't you
        tell him, Beth?"  Beth says, in a monotone, "I've got to go
        see my master".  Edward asks, "Master?"  Beth replies, "Yes.
        Barnabas Collins".  
           Quentin finds Edward loading a gun with silver bullets and
        asks, "What are you doing?"  Edward tells Quentin about Beth.
           Quentin goes to Beth's room, unlocks the door, goes in,
        and tries to talk to her, but she gets up and leaves.  Quentin
        follows her as she goes to Barnabas' new hiding place - no longer
        in the cave, but in the cellar of some building.  Quentin tells
        Barnabas that he knows he's bitten Beth.  Barnabas admits this,
        but says, "It was a long time ago when it was necessary. I've
        not done anything to her since".  Quentin asks, "Then why did 
        she come to you?"  Barnabas replies, "I don't know.  I didn't
        summon her".  
          At Collinwood, Edward tells Jamison, "The doctor said you
        were in perfect health.  He said there didn't seem to be
        anything wrong with you".  Jamison laughs and says, "That 
        doctor didn't seem to be very competent! He examined me for
        over an hour and never noticed I was missing a hand!"  Edward
        says, "That's ridiculous.  You're not missing a hand", but
        Jamison insists that he is.  Edward says, "You aren't.  Take
        off the gloves and look for yourself".  Jamison refuses to
        do so, so Edward grabs him to take the gloves off by force.
        But when he grabs Jamison's right hand, it falls off.  It is
        false.  Startled, Edward hugs Jamison and vows to help him
        in any way possible.  Jamison kisses Edward on the cheek...
           Quentin returns to Collinwood.  He finds Edward standing
        in the drawing room looking round and asks, "What are you 
        doing?"  Edward replies, "I'm a stranger to these parts.  
        I'm looking for a job. This is a lovely house.  What's it 
        Episode 804
        Worldvision Rerun 584
        Tape Date: July 16, 1969 (ABC #149-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 24, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:    Violet Welles
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Edward tells Quentin, "I used to be the manservant of the
        Earl of Hampshire..."  Quentin tries to tell Edward, "You're
        a member of this family! You live here!", but to no avail.
        Edward continues to think he is an unemployed manservant 
        looking for a job.  Jamison comes into the room and applauds,
        saying, "Isn't he a gem?"  After Jamison leaves, Charity comes
        in.  Quentin tells her that there's something wrong with Edward.
        Charity suggests calling a doctor, but Quentin replies, "A 
        doctor won't help.  We'll just have to keep him safe here
        until he gets better".  
           There's a knock at the front door.  Jamison answers it.  The
        visitor (Roger Davis) introduces himself, "I'm Charles Delaware
        Tate".  Jamison says, "Despite my appearance, I am the one who
        sent for you.  I am Count Petofi".  Jamison takes Tate into
        the drawing room and muses out loud, "Charles Delaware Tate,
        world famous painter", then tells Tate, "I have summoned you
        here to commission a portrait", and hands him a photograph.
           Charity asks Quentin to have a drink with him, but Quentin
        declines, saying, "There's something I have to do". Charity
        becomes angry and says, "You're planning to go into town to
        see some slut, aren't you? You prefer them to me because I'm
        too much of a lady for you!"
           Quentin and Charity take Edward to the tower room and lock
        him in there.  Quentin then returns to his room.  Barnabas is
        waiting for him there.  Barnabas asks, "Have you called Jamison?"
        Quentin replies, "Yes.  He'll be coming soon".  Barnabas says,
        "It's imperative that we stop Petofi's possession of Jamison as
        soon as possible before Jamison's mind is permanently damaged".
        Jamison comes in, and Barnabas uses him powers to try to 
        cure him.
           Charity is going to Quentin's room to talk to him, but
        stops outside the door when she hears Barnabas' voice coming
        from inside and leaves.
           Barnabas finishes his work on Jamison, and concludes by
        asking, "Who are you?"  Jamison replies, "I'd like to say
        'Jamison Collins', but that would be lying.  It's getting late
        and I've got to go to bed now" and leaves.  Barnabas tells
        Quentin, "We'll have to try something stronger".  
           Charity goes to the foyer and tries to telephone her father,
        who's in Portland, but finds he isn't there at his hotel. 
        She leaves a message that he is to call her as soon as he
        returns.  Jamison comes down the stairs and tells Charity,
        "You're very pretty. I'm glad you're living here with us
        now", and kisses her on the cheek.  The phone rings, and
        Charity answers, saying, in a heavy Cockney accent, "Portland?
        I don't know anyone in Portland!", and hangs up.  
           Quentin goes into the drawing room and finds Charles 
        Delaware Tate in there making a sketch.  Quentin asks, "Who
        are you and what are you doing here?"  Tate replies, "I'm
        Charles Delaware Tate.  I've been commissioned to paint a
        portrait of you".  Quentin says, "I haven't commissioned
        any portrait of myself", and asks, "Who did?"  Charles
        Delaware Tate takes a letter out of his pocket and gives
        it to Quentin.  Quentin reads it, then exclaims, "But my
        grandmother Edith is dead!"  He tells Tate, "I don't want
        a portrait of myself.  Since the person who commissioned it
        is dead, you needn't do it".  Tate insists on doing it,
        saying, "I've already been paid for it", but Quentin kicks
        him out of the house.  
           Charity comes down and starts to talk to Quentin - speaking
        in a heavy Cockney accent.  She starts to sing Pansy's song,
        then asks Quentin, "How do you like me now?"  Seeing that something
        is wrong with her, perhaps suspecting that she's drunk, Quentin takes
        her into the drawing room and tells her, "You'd better sit
        down", but she tells him, "No, you sit down and let me entertain
        you with my mind reading act!"  She closes her eyes and concentrates,
        then after a while exclaims, "Your brother Carl! You were responsible
        for his death!"  Jamison, who has come into the room, laughs
        heartily.  Charity suddenly snaps out of it and speaks in her
        normal voice again, not remembering what's happened, but clearly
        upset.  Quentin takes her up to her room.  Jamison/Petofi, appearing
        very pleased with himself, takes out a notebook and starts writing
        in it, noting, "Let's see how many 'real selves' I have revealed
        and how many I still have left to do.  Beth - vampire's slave,
        Edward - manservant, Charity - trash, now that leaves...", but
        Barnabas suddenly appears, grabs him, and drags him into the
        secret passage in the drawing room...
        Episode 805 (Partial Kinescope)
        Worldvision Rerun 585 (Full Kinescope)
        Tape Date: July 17, 1969 (ABC #150-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 25, 1969 Friday
        Writer:    Violet Welles
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Barnabas takes Jamison and locks him in a cell somewhere.
        Jamison - speaking in his normal voice - begins to beg to
        be let out, but Barnabas is not fooled and replies, "I'll
        release you when the spirit of Count Petofi no longer 
        possesses you".  Jamison - now talking like Petofi -
        warns, "Then you'll have to watch the boy die slowly in
        this cell!"
           Trask returns to Collinwood and finds Charity acting 
        as if she were Pansy Faye.  He is shocked, and slaps her.
        She returns to normal and tells her it's not her fault, and
        tells him about the strange things that have been happening
        at Collinwood.  
           At Evan's house, Evan is playing some sort of solitaire
        with some scrabble-like letter tiles.  Suddenly, he feels a
        presence.  The windows blow open and Barnabas appears in
        the room.  Barnabas tries to get more information about the
        {Scene with Charity and G. Trask I don't remember}
           At Evan's house, Barnabas isn't having much luck.  Evan
        insists that he knows nothing about the whereabouts of the
        hand except that Tim Shaw took it.  There's a knock at the
        front door.  Evan asks, "Who is it?"  Trask's voice replies,
        "Trask".  Barnabas disappears.  Evan lets Trask in.  Trask
        tells Evan, "Everyone at Collinwood is going crazy! Draw up
        a document giving me complete control of Collinwood!"  Evan
        refuses, saying, "I don't want to have anything to do with 
        any of this anymore!"  Trask replies, "You must! We can't 
        have control of Collinwood going to a boy who thinks he's
        a foreign count! He thinks he's a Count Petofi!"  Evan 
        replies, "Now that I know someone as powerful and evil as
        Count Petofi is involved in this, I certainly don't want to
        get mixed up in this!"  Trask asks him to think about it and
           At Evan's house, Evan falls asleep.  In his cell, Jamison
        goes through his notebook of potential victims and says, 
        "Yes... Evan Handley!" He appears to Evan in a dream and 
        kisses him on the cheek.  When Evan wakes up, he begins to
        write a letter.
           In the drawing room at Collinwood, Charity once again starts
        to act like Pansy Faye.  Trask pushes her to her knees and
        demands that she pray.  At first, still speaking as Pansy,
        Charity says, "I don't know how", but then returns to normal.
        They both get down on their knees and pray.  They are interrupted
        by the arrival of Evan Handley, who tells Trask, "I have something
        for you to sign".  Trask asks Charity to leave the room. She
        does.  Trask, thinking it is the document he requested giving
        him complete control of Collinwood, greedily grabs the document
        Evan has brought and signs it.  But then he reads part of it
        and finds to his horror that it is in fact a confession to 
        Minerva's murder.  Trask exclaims, "How could you write something
        like this?!"  Evan calmly replies, "It's true, isn't it?"  
        Trask exclaims, "To think, I actually signed it!".  Evan 
        nonchalently remarks, "I signed it too.  After all, we're both
        responsible for killing Minerva".  Trask exclaims, "You're crazy!", 
        crumples the document up, and throws it into the fire, then 
        physically ejects Evan from Collinwood.  While Trask is dragging 
        Evan to the front door and throwing him out, the paper burns to 
        ashes in the fire, but then magically reappears undamaged on the 
        desk. It is not even wrinkled...

* This episode was a full kinescope in syndication because the videotape
  master was ripped.  The tape master was salvaged for home video release by
  inserting sepia-toned kinescope footage for the brief segment that was
  damaged on the tape master, thus upgrading this episode as much as possible.
        Episode 806
        Worldvision Rerun 586
        Tape Date: July 18, 1969 (ABC #151-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 28, 1969 Monday
        Writer:    Gordon Russell
        Director:  Dan Curtis

           Charity walks into the drawing room and sees the document
        on the desk.  She picks it up and reads it, and is horrified
        by what she reads.  Trask comes back into the room, sees
        Charity reading something, and asks, "What are you reading?"
        Charity gasps, "It's a confession that you and Evan Handley
        killed mother!"  Shocked and puzzled by its reappearance,
        Trask tries to convince Charity that it is a fake planted
        by the evil forces that have been plaguing Collinwood.
           Magda goes down to see Jamison.  He tells her, "I'm making
        various people realize the truth about themselves".  He tells
        her how this is destroying them, and warns her that she's on
        his list too.  Magda poohpoohs the idea, but Jamison replies,
        "Trask would have ridiculed the idea too, but now he's at
        Collinwood, trapped by a truth from which he cannot escape..."
           At Collinwood, Trask is in the drawing room alone, Charity
        having left.  He tears the confession into many small pieces
        and throws them away.  Suddenly, a loud storm arises, and
        the lights go out.  Trask screams, "I know who you are! Minerva,
        leave this house! Leave me alone!!"  Suddenly, the storm stops
        and the lights come back on.  Trask hears a voice call, "Mr.
        Trask?"  He turns to see who it is.  It is Charles Delaware
        Tate.  Trask asks, "How do you know my name?"  Tate replies,
        "I was told that there was a man of the cloth named Trask 
        living in this house, and I knew from the way you were dressed
        you must be him".  Trask asks, "Who are you and what do you 
        want?"  Tate replies, "My name is Charles Delaware Tate, and
        I've been commissioned to paint a portrait of Quentin Collins".
        Trask asks, "THE Charles Delaware Tate?"  Tate replies, "Yes".
        Trask asks, "Quentin Collins has little money.  How could he
        afford to have a painter as famous as you paint his portrait?"
        Tate replies, "Edith Collins had commissioned and paid for the
        painting while she was alive, but my schedule was so busy that
        I haven't able to come until now".  Trask remarks, "Perhaps you
        could do a portrait of my daughter Charity sometime", then asks,
        "Are you staying here at Collinwood?"  Tate replies, "No".  Trask
        asks, "Why not? There are many empty rooms here. It would be
        much more convenient for you to stay here while doing the
        portrait".  Tate explains, "Quentin doesn't want me doing
        his portrait.  I'm going to paint it from a photograph. That's
        why I'm here.  Quentin took the photograph I had from me, and
        I need another one to do the painting. Do you have another one?"
        Trask replies, "Yes, there's one in the desk somewhere".  He
        rummages through the desk drawers to find it.  As he is doing
        so, Evan's document, now intact again, falls out of a drawer
        onto the floor.  Tate picks it up.  Seeing it, Trask snatches
        it from him and folds it in half, then apologizes, "It's a
        very important document I thought I had mailed, but now I see
        I have not".  He finds the photo of Quentin and gives it to
        Tate, who then leaves.  
           Quentin is in his room, listening to his music and moping.
        Charity Trask comes in and asks, "Would you like to take a
        walk with me on the beach?"  Quentin replies, "No. Leave me
        alone!"  This upsets Charity.  Quentin then tells her, "You'd
        better leave.  Your father wouldn't like it if he found you
        in my room".  She replies, "I know something he'd like even less  
        - the fact that Barnabas was in this room recently.  I heard
        his voice through the door".  Quentin tries to convince her 
        she was imagining it, but she tells him she's certain she
        wasn't.  Quentin asks, "What do you plan to do?"  Charity
        replies, "Perhaps I'll tell my father; perhaps I won't. It's
        all up to you..."
           Magda comes and tells Quentin, "The boy wants to see you".
        Quentin asks, "Is he still possessed?"  Magda replies, "Yes".
        Quentin remarks, "Then it isn't the boy who wants to see me;
        it's Count Petofi".   
           Quentin goes to the cell in the old house to talk to 
        Jamison/Petofi.  The boy tells him, "I'll cure you of the
        curse if you let me out of this cell", and points to the
        keys hanging on the opposite wall.  Quentin seems to be
        pondering the offer when suddenly Magda comes rushing down
        saying, "Don't do it! I knew Petofi would try something like
        this, so I eavesdropped from the top of the stairs.  Petofi's
        trying to trick you! He can't remove the curse without the
        hand!".  Quentin remarks, "Yes, Julianka did say the hand was
        necessary", and realizes that Petofi was trying to trick him.
        Furious, Jamison/Petofi snarls at Magda, "What I have planned
        for you might happen a little sooner now!"
           Charity Trask is at Charle's Delaware Tate's studio (at
        what would later be the Evan's cottage), apparently to see
        about having her portrait painted.  Tate is working on his
        portrait of Quentin, which appears to be near completion.
        He compliments Charity, "When your father told me he wanted
        a portrait done of you, he never told me you were so 
        beautiful".  He then remarks, "Enough work for today.  Excuse
        me while I go wash my hands", and leaves to do so.  While he's
        gone, Charity admires the portrait of Quentin.  Suddenly, 
        the head transforms into that of a werewolf.  Charity screams.
        Episode 807
        Worldvision Rerun 587
        Tape Date: July 25, 1969 (ABC #152-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 29, 1969 Tuesday
        Writer:    Gordon Russell
        Director:  Dan Curtis

           Charles Delaware Tate come running into the room to see
        what's wrong.  Charity gasps, "The portrait! It turned into
        a wolf!", but when Tate looks at the portrait, it has transformed 
        back into Quentin, and he tells her, "That's impossible".  A 
        wolf howls in the distance outside.  Tate suggests, "Maybe hearing
        the wolf howl caused you to imagine what you thought you saw",
        but Charity protests, "I saw it before I heard any wolf howling!"
        Tate tells the shaken Charity, "I'll take you back to Collinwood".
           At the old house, Jamison/Petofi tries to hypnotize Magda
        with the candle in his cell, but Magda, realizing what he's trying
        to do, foils him by merely turning her back and leaving.
           Charles Delaware Tate goes to Aristede and tells him, "I think
        a werewolf is involved in all this", and asks, "I want you to tell
        me the full story of what's going on and why you want me to paint
        that portrait of Quentin Collins".  Aristede replies, "We don't have
        to tell you anything.  Since it was Count Petofi who rescued you
        from being a starving artist and gave you this great talent, you
        are to do as asked without any question".  Tate asks, "When will
        I be able to see Petofi as Petofi and not Jamison?"  Aristede
        replies, "You can't right now.  Petofi will remain in a state
        of suspended animation as long as he possesses the boy.  You may
        never see him again.  Petofi had 100 years from the time his
        hand was severed in 1797 to get it back.  If he gets it, he will
        live forever, but if he does not, he will die.  He has only a
        few weeks left".  He adds, "You'd better wish him luck.  When
        Petofi is finished, so will you". 
           At the old house, Jamison/Petofi goes into a trance and
        summons Aristede.  Magda sees him doing this and goes upstairs to
        tell Barnabas.  Barnabas tells Magda, "That's exactly what I
        want!  When Aristede comes, we can capture him and lock him
        in the cell too".  Magda asks, "What good will that do?"  
        Barnagas replies, "With Aristede locked up, Petofi will have
        to come out of hiding to take care of things himself".  He
        adds, "You're going to have to be brave".  Magda asks, "What
        do you mean?"  Barnabas replies, "It's almost dawn.  I'll
        have to go back to my coffin, and when Aristede comes, you'll
        have handle this all by yourself".  He gives her a gun and
           Magda hears Jamison scream downstairs and goes down to see
        what's wrong.  Jamison is crying, asking, "What am I doing in
        this place? Why am I being punished?"  Thinking Petofi has
        left possession of Jamison, Magda opens the cell door, goes in and
        hugs Jamison.  Jamison kisses her on the cheek...
           Aristede arrives.  Magda, telling the "truth" about herself,
        moans, "It's all my fault! Everything that's happened! It's
        all my fault that Barnbas was released...I deserve to be punished!"
        Jamison/Petofi tells her, "That won't be necessary.  I know what
        Barnabas is.  You can atone by telling me where he is so I can
        destroy him".
        Episode 808
        Worldvision Rerun 588
        Tape Date: July 22, 1969 (ABC #153-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 30, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Magda takes Jamison/Petofi and Aristede to Barnbas' coffin,
        but when they open it, they find that it's empty.  Furious,
        Aristede yells at Magda, "Liar! I'll kill you if you don't
        tell us the truth!", but Jamison/Petofi tells him, "No, I can
        sense that she's telling the truth.  Barnabas must have sensed
        danger and moved somewhere else without telling her".
           Aristede and Jamison/Petofi go to the old house and search
        it for any information or clues they might find about Barnabas.  
        While looking through the books on the bookshelf in front of
        the secret room, they find the Family History and are startled
        to read that it's publication date is 1965.  Petofi realizes
        that someone must have travelled through time somehow, and that
        if he could learn how, he would be able to escape his 100 year 
        time limit.
           Charity has a dream in which Quentin spurns her for some
        dark haired woman.  Then, Magda tells her, "You should forget
        about Quentin.  Listen to me! I know Quentin's secret!"  But
        she refuses to tell Charity what that secret is.  Charity
        awakens and thinks, "Magda will know what the dream means",
        gets up, and leaves the room.
           Aristede and Jamison/Petofi ask Magda waht she knows about
        the book.  She lies that she knows nothing about it.  Aristede,
        not believing her, asks, "Have you heard about Count Petofi's
        ability to cast a shadow which will come after you?"  Magda
        fearfully replies, "Yes", and frightened that Petofi would
        do this, tells the truth about the book: "It was brought from
        by a girl named Victoria Winters from the year 1969, Barnabas'
        time".  They asks, "Why did Barnabas come back?"  Magda replies,
        "I don't know.  All I know is that it has something to do with
        saving a sick child from his time, then he will return".  They 
        asks, "How was Barnabas able to travel in time?"  Magda replies, 
        "I don't know".  
           Charity, on her way to the old house to ask Magda about the
        dream, finds Quentin lying on the ground in the woods, unconscious
        with his clothes in tatters.  She hears a moan nearby and finds
        a woman lying nearby, bloodied and badly injured.  It is the
        dark haired woman from her dream.  The woman moans, "Quentin..."
        Episode 809
        Worldvision Rerun 589
        Tape Date: July 23, 1969 (ABC #154-DRK-69)
        Air Date:  July 31, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Quentin awakens.  Charity exclaims, "You're the creature!",
        and points out the injured woman to him. Quentin warns Charity
        not to tell anyone, threatening to kill her if she does.  He
        orders her to go back to Collinwood.  She asks, "What about the
        woman?"  Quentin replies, "I'll take care of the woman".  After
        Charity leaves, Jamison/Petofi shows up and says to Quentin,
        "We might both use this to our advantage".  
           Charity returns to Collinwood.  Her father tells her, "I'd
        like to talk to you privately", and takes her into the drawing
        room and closes the doors.  He tells her, "Something is seriously
        wrong with the Collins family. I'd like to save them.  You must
        do your part to help." Charity asks, "And how am I to help?"  
        Trask replies, "You must marry Quentin".  Charity is shocked.
        She tells him, "I can't!", but refuses to say why.  Jamison
        comes bursting in and exclaims, "There's an injured woman in
        the woods!"  Trask goes to investigate, and Charity leaves
        the drawing room to go to her room.  On her way, she runs into
        Quentin, who's coming down, and angrily says to him, "You 
        promised to help that woman!"
           Quentin goes into the drawing room.  Jamison/Petofi tells 
        him, "There's a piece of paper in this room that could be of
        great help to you", and gives him some cryptic clues to finding
        it.  The clues lead to a desk drawer, from which Quentin takes
        out some papers.  He looks through them, finds nothing of any
        importance, and asks Jamison/Petofi, "What do you mean?" 
        Jamison/Petofi tells him, "Look again". Quentin looks at the
        papers again and finds that a new paper has appeared on top
        of the pile that was not there before - Evan and Trask's confession 
        to the murder of Minerva Trask.  Quentin reads it.
           Trask carries the injured woman back to Collinwood.  Quentin
        asks, "Has she managed to regain consciousness and tells you what
        happened?"  Trask replies, "No.  Why would you ask such a
        strange question?"  Quentin replies, "So I can tell the police
        when I call them.  They'd like to know".  Trask takes the
        woman upstairs.
           Charity and Trask watch over the injured woman, whom Trask
        has just put into bed.  The woman regains consciousness and
        mutters, "Quentin...Quentin Collins..."  Trask asks, "What do
        you mean? What are you trying to say?", but she just keeps
        repeating, "Quentin...Quentin Collins..." over and over again.
        Trask tells Charity, "Go to Quentin and bring him up here".
        Charity leaves to do so.  When Quentin comes up, Trask asks
        him, "Why does this woman keep calling your name?"  Quentin
        replies, "She was an acquaintance who knew me from the Blue
        Whale".  Trask asks, "Have you called the police yet?"  Quentin
        replies, "No. In the excitement, I forgot".  Trask remarks, "I
        find this very strange. I'll call them", and leaves to do so.
        The woman finally regains consciousness, but when she sees 
        Quentin, she is so terrified she dies of fright.
           Trask goes downstairs, tells Charity, "Call the police and
        tell them about this", and leaves to do something.  Charity
        starts to call, using the phone in the drawing room, but
        Quentin comes out of the secret panel and approaces her...
        (Charity, her back to him, does not see where he came from).

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