Dark Shadows
July 1970

      Episode  1048
      Tape Date:  June 24, 1970 (ABC #133-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 1, 1970 Wednesday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         At the old house, Barnabas tells Julia that he has found Roxanne and
      put her back in the secret room and that he thinks it very important
      that they find a man named "Claude North", that this man must be very
      important to Roxanne, that it was the name on the sketch of her. He
      adds that he found Roxanne in front of a gravestone bearing the name
      "Claude North", but that that couldn't have been the man because he
      died in the 19th century and the picture was obviously contemporary.
      He theorizes that Roxanne must just have stopped there because of the
      name.  There's a knock at the door.  Julia goes and hides in the secret
      room behind the bookcase and Barnabas opens the door.  It's Inspector
      Hamilton.  He tells Barnabas he has a few questions he'd like to ask
      about Willie Loomis's death and asks for Carolyn.  Barnabas tells him
      that she's been under a lot of stress and shouldn't be bothered, but
      Carolyn comes down the stairs and tells him it's OK.  The inspector
      asks if there's any possibility that Willie's death was not accidental,
      that he may have been pushed.  Carolyn tells him yes, he WAS pushed...
      pushed by stress, by all the strange things that have been happening
      at Collinwood.  The inspector tells them he's also investigating the
      death of Angelique and is questioning everyone who was at Collinwood
      at the time. He adds that there's one person he especially looks
      forward to talking to, Julia Hoffman, whom he says is a good friend
      of his, who he met while she was working for the Richardsons, but
      hasn't seen since then. After the Inspector leaves, Julia comes out
      and tells Barnabas she's worried about the Inspector questioning her.
      She tells him it's bad enough he's going to ask about the seance,
      but what if he wants to talk about old times?  Julia decides to get
      it over with.
         Julia goes to Collinwood, where she is questioned by Inspector
      Hamilton. Questioned about the seance, she tells him she didn't really
      see much, that she was in the servant quarters and didn't get to the
      drawing room until Angelique was already dead.  The Inspector then
      starts to talk about old times and mentions how much the Richardsons
      always liked her, and how much his wife Jane always liked her. Julia
      asks, "And how is Jane?". The inspector is shocked and tells her that
      Jane has been dead for three years and that she should know that, that
      she attended the funeral.  He asks Julia what's wrong, that something
      seems different about her, that he noticed it on first seeing her when
      she didn't give him the greeting she always used to give him, as if
      she didn't remember it. She tells him of course she remembers it. He
      asks her what it is.  She doesn't say anything. He tells her she
      doesn't remember, that she must be under a lot of stress....
         Roger tells 'Alexis' he is bothered by the Inspector asking do
      many questions about Angelique's death and wonders why.  Angelique
      suggests that maybe there's new evidence.
         Julia returns to the old house and tells Barnabas that her meeting
      with the Inspector was a disaster, that he knew there was something
      wrong with her. Barnabas tells her not to worry about it, that it's
      no problem, unless Angelique finds out about it.
         Inspector Hamilton goes to Angelique's room and questions her.
      He shocks her by telling her he suspects her of being an accesory of
      murder.  She asks him what he means.  He tells her he had gotten an
      order to exhume Angelique's body and found that there was nothing in
      the tomb. He tells her he didn't know what to make of this until he
      read a cryptic entry in Cyrus's journal that it had been taken out and
      burned. He tells her that the entry was difficult to understand, but
      that it mentioned Quentin and her.  He accuses her of being involved in
      this and says the reason is obvious: to cover up evidence of
      Angelique's murder.  'Alexis' responds that he's wrong, that it was
      Cyrus and Quentin that burned Angelique's body, that she had nothing
      to do with it, that they did it because it was still fresh after
      six months and that Angelique was involeved with the occult when she was
      alive and had promised to return from the dead.  Inspector Hamilton
      remarks that Julia must be under a lot of stress  and tells her about
      Julia somehow forgetting that his wife had died even though she had
      attended her funeral.
         The next morning, Carolyn walks into the drawing room holding a
      brandy snifter, already drunk. She pours herself another drink.
      Roger, in the room reading a newspaper, reprimands her for drinking
      so early.  She responds that she needs to drink because of all the
      secrets she knows, that he knows a secret he would really be interested
      in. He asks her what it means.  She tells him she can prove that
      Alexis is Angelique. Outside, there's a shadow on the drawing room
      doors, cast by someone who's eavesdropping...
      Episode  1049
      Tape Date:  June 25, 1970 (ABC #134-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 2, 1970 Thursday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Roger tells her that that's ridiculous.  Outside, Amy comes into
      the foyer and sees Trask standing by the door and asks him what he's
      doing. He tells her to leave and she does. Carolyn tells Roger she can
      prove it.  He asks her how, but she replies that she can't because
      to do so she would have to reveal another secret she can't reveal.
      Outside, Angelique catches Trask and asks him what he's doing.  He
      just stares at her. She asks him what's wrong. He just replies
      "Nothing" and leaves. She goes into the drawing room. Roger and
      Carolyn stop talking.  'Alexis' asks them what they're talking about.
      Carolyn remarks, "About your sister's death", leaves and exits through
      the front doors.  Trask follows her.  In the drawing room, Roger
      stares strangely at 'Alexis' and she wonders why.
         Trasks follows Carolyn to the old house and tells her he heard
      what she said to Roger and asks her to explain.  She asks why he wants
      to know. When he doesn't tell her, she laughs that he must have been
      in love with her, like everyone else. She refuses to tell him anything.
         Later, in the drawing room, Elizabeth is talking to Angelique. She
      tells her she's been hearing footsteps in the middle of the night and
      that she thinks Quentin has returned to Collinwood and is hiding
      somewhere.  Carolyn comes in and starts to talk to them. She is
      obviously very drunk.  Elizabeth asks to talk to Carolyn alone and
      Angelique leaves.  Carolyn drunkenly tells Elizabeth that she is
      very relieved. Elizabeth is shocked, thinking she is talking about
      Willie's death, but Carolyn tells her it's not about that. She tells
      her she had thought is was she who had murdered Angelique, but now
      she knows that it wasn't her. Elizabeth is shocked. Carolyn explains
      that she had remembered seeing her hatpin next to Angelique's body
      at the seance and thought it had implicated her as the murderer, but
      now knows it was someone else but can't tell her who it is but
      that she'll do something about it tonight, that there's another
      secret that walks and talks and tells her what to do. Outside, Roger
      is eavesdropping. From the room under the stairs, someone is watching
      Roger and also eavesdropping.  The eavesdropper under the stairs
      leaves and Roger hears him.  Roger wonders who it could have been.
      Quentin, perhaps?
         In the kitchen, Trask is sharpening a kithen knife.  Amy comes in
      and tells him she's got to tell him something. He asks what. She tells
      him that she thinks there's someone hiding in the tower room, that
      she's heard footsteps. Trasks asks why she's telling him.  She replies
      that Roger wouldn't believe her.  He puts the knife down on the counter
      and tells her he'll go investigate.
         Elizabeth discusses Carolyn's strange behavior with Roger.  Roger
      suggests that she has become crazy and suggests that she be  in-
      stitutionalized. This angers Elizabeth.
         Trask goes upstairs and is about to go into the tower room, but
      just as he is about to open the door, Carolyn appears and orders him
      to leave. Trask tells him about Amy hearing noises in here, but
      Carolyn tells him that it's Willie's spirit.
         Elizabeth goes into the kitchen to look for Trask and doesn't find
      him. Amy comes in and Elizabeth asks her if she's seen Trask.  Amy
      replies that she last saw him an hour ago.  She notices that the
      knife on the counter is gone...
         Carolyn is in the tower room. Someone comes in and Carolyn says,
      "I've been expecting you". The person pulls out a knife and raises
      it to strike. Carolyn screams...
      Episode  1050
      Tape Date:  June 20, 1970 (ABC #135-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 3, 1970 Friday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Roger hears Carolyn's screams and tells Julia and Elizabeth. Upon
      investigation, Carolyn is found dead. Elizabeth, distraught, demands
      that Roger go with her to select a spot in the family tomb for her
         A mysterious man who looks like the one who killed Carolyn
      goes into the Collins Tomb and goes into the secret room. He hears
      noises outside. It is Roger and Elizabeth.  The man draws a knife
      and prepares for the worst, but after Elizabeth selects a spot for
      Carolyn, she and Roger leave.
         Julia, thinking Angelique must be behind Carolyn's death, decides
      to do something about. She decides she must bring Roxanne, who is now
      in a makeshift lab in the basement, to semi conciousness to weaken
      Angelique (but not to full conciousness as it would kill Angelique
      and ensure that Quentin, with the real culprit dead, be convicted
      for murder).
         Elizabeth takes Roger to the old house. Convinced that Carolyn
      really did know who the murderer was, as she had claimed when drunk,
      she searches through the desk to see if she wrote it down anywhere.
      She finds a paper reading, "If anything happens to me, it is because
      I have proof he...".  Roger is convinced she must mean that she has
      proof Quentin killled Angelique.  Elizabeth disagrees.
         Julia decides to use on Roxanne the treatment that brought Adam
      and Eve to life. She carefully sets the dials to bring her only to
      semi conciousness.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work and Julia
         The mysterious man sneaks into the old house and starts to snoop
         Julia returns to Collinwood and finds Elizabeth even more
      distraught. Roger explains that the police had scoured the grounds and
      found two things: the murder knife and a pair of gloves. The gloves
      are Quentin's, given to him by Elizabeth the previous Christmas...
         Roxanne awakens, gets off the gurney and starts to walk around.
         The mysterious man tries the door to the basement but finds it
      locked.  He turns and prepares to leave but hears a noise coming
      from the basement.  The basement doors open and Roxanne comes out.
      She sees the man and raises her arms in a welcoming gesture...
      Episode  1051
      Tape Date:  June 29, 1970 (ABC #136-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 6, 1970  Monday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         The man, whose face we finally see, raises his arms too and they
      hug.  The man tries to talk to her but finds that she cannot speak.
      He wonders what's wrong with her and tries to jog her mind by saying
      his name, "I am Claude North". When this does not work, he shows her
      his knife, saying "Surely you must remember this". She seems to
      vaguely remember it, but does not speak.  The man remarks, "You
      remember it, but it does not have the effect it used to have on you".
         Barnabas is at Collilnwood, helping out by answering the phone and
      telling someone that Elizabeth is under heavy sedation and isn't
      available.  Maggie comes down looking rather frantic.  Barnabas asks
      what's wrong. Maggie tells him that something's wrong with Alexis,
      that she suddenly got very weak and faint and asked her to phone
      her father. Barnabas quickly excuses himself and leaves.
         At the old house, Claude North tries to hypnotize Roxanne to
      bring her back to normal, but finds that it doesn't work.  He angrily
      exclaims, "What did Stokes do to you? I don't care about the deal
      I made with him. I'll give him his money back for you...". He hears a
      noise and quickly hides in the room to the left of the fireplace.
      Barnabas comes in, sees Roxanne standing there and wonders what she's
      doing up here.  He sees the North's knife on the desk, realizes that
      someone's been here and quickly takes Roxanne back down to the
      basement.  North leaves, vowing to come back for Roxanne. Barnabas
      comes back upstairs and is shocked to find the knife gone. He calls
      Buffie Harrington and tells her he has someone he wants to stay
      at her apartment for awhile...
         Maggie, in her room, hears footsteps outside. She goes out into
      the hall but finds no one. As soon as she goes back into her room
      and closes the door, she hears the footsteps again.  She calls out,
      "Who's there? Quentin?", but there's no answer.  She opens the
      door again and finds no one there.
         Claude North returns to the old house but cannot find Roxanne.
      There's a knock at the door. Maggie comes in.  North comes upstairs.
      Maggie asks where Barnabas is. North asks who's Barnabas. Maggie
      replies that he's the man who lives here. North demands to know what
      happened to the girl that was here. but Maggie tells him she doesn't
      know what he's talking about.  North doesn't believe her and hypnotizes
      her to get the truth, but finds that she really doesn't know what he's
      talking about.
         After North leaves, Maggie returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas
      about seeing a man she's never seen before at the old house, that he
      asked her about the whereabouts of a girl.  Barnabas lies that he
      doesn't know anything about a girl.  Barnabas asks what she was doing
      at the old house.  Maggies explains about hearing the footsteps.
      She tells him she is convinced that Quentin is the murderer, that in
      a jealous rage had murdered Angelique, that he is, as Roger theorizes,
      now completely mad, and is in the house and they are all in danger
      from him.  Barnabas tries to convince her that this isn't true,
      without luck.  She tells him she wants to leave Collinwood, saying
      that if Roger is right and Quentin is mad, he might be planning to
      kill them all one by one.   From up on the landing at the door to the
      bedrooms, Quentin eavesdrops..
         At night, Maggie goes to sleep and has a dream. The dream starts
      off well, with a vision of what life for her and Quentin might have
      been like if things had worked out better. In it, she's in the drawing
      room.  Quentin comes in through the front door, smiling and apparently
      very happy.  Maggie asks him what he's doing home so early. He tells
      her he ended the board meeting early. He says that he's been spending
      too much time away from her and has decided to take the next six
      months off and take her on an around the world trip. But then he sees
      a bouquet of flowers on a table. He picks them up, notes that they
      are the same kind that Bruno used to give to Angelique and demands
      to know where they came from.  Maggie tells him that she doesn't know.
      He accuses her of lying and having an affair and starts to choke her
      in a jealous rage.  Maggie awakens from the dream and finds Quentin
      standing over her with his hands around her throat...
      Episode  1052
      Tape Date:  June 30, 1970 (ABC #137-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 7, 1970  Tuesday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Maggie screams, struggles free and runs from the room. Outside,
      she runs into Barnabas, who has heard her screams, and tells him
      Quentin was in the room and that he tried to strangle her. Barnabas
      goes into the room and finds the window open and no one there.
      Maggie wants to call the police, but Barnabas tells her not to,
      that he thinks it would be better if he went and tried to find
         Julia and Angelique are in the drawing room. Angelique tells
      Julia that she seems to be acting strangely lately.  Julia explains
      that she's been under a lot of stress.  Angelique asks if stress
      can explain her forgetting that Inspector Hamilton's wife has been
      dead for three years.  Julia answers yes.  They are interrupted by
      Maggie, who comes into the room and tells them what happened.
      She tells them that she wants to call the police, but Barnabas doesn't
      want her to, that he wants to look for him.  Angelique agrees, that
      the police might get trigger happy and shoot Quentin.
         Later, Barnabas tells Julia what happened, and sadly tells Julia
      that maybe Quentin IS mad and guilty of the murders.  He asks her if
      she's had any luck in finding out from Angelique where she is. Julia
      replies that she hasn't, that she's got to be careful because Inspec-
      tor Hamilton had told Angelique that she had somehow forgotten his
      wife's death and that she now suspects. Barnabas tells Julia that
      it' getting too dangerous and suggests she go back to the other
      paralell time.  She refuses.
         Angelique runs into Julia in the foyer and asks her why she's
      not following Barnabas.  Julia replies that he's gone back to the
      old house for the night.  Angelique remarks, "Good. Then there's no
      danger that he'll find Quentin tonight". Julia asks, "You know where
      Quentin is?". Angelique replies,"You're supposed to be trying to
      learn Barnabas' secrets, not mine."  and goes upstairs.
         Angelique leaves Collinwood and goes to a cave in which Quentin is
      hiding.  She asks him what happened.   He tells her he couldn't
      help it, that he just had to go see Maggie.  He adds that it's so
      difficult to believe that she's a witch, that somehow, he ended up
      with his hands around her neck but couldn't go through with it.
      Unbeknownst to them, Julia is outside eavesdropping. Angelique suggests
      to Quentin that he leave Collinwood.  Quentin refuses. They kiss.
         Julia returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas where Quentin is
      hiding. Barnabas is surprised, saying he's already searched there.
      Julia replies that Angelique is probably moving him around periodically.
      Barnabas tells her he's going to go to the cave to get Quentin.
      Julia tells him not to, that Quentin might not trust him. She tells
      him Quentin does trust Angelique and it would be better if she go
      and, acting as Angelique's 'loyal servant', pretend she's acting on
      her orders.
        Angelique returns to Collinwood and finds Julia in the foyer.
      She tells her she is disappointed that she hasn't learned Barnabas'
      secret yet and asks "What do you do all day?". Julia replies,"Follow
      Barnabas, as you've instructed.". Angelique remarks, "What does he
      do all day ? You know, I've just realized that I've never seen him
      during the day, only at night.".  Julia pauses and replies, "Oh, he
      goes to town a lot, and spends a lot of time reading.."  Angelique
      remarks, "You know, I don't think I've ever seen him during the day".
      Julia quickly replies, "He's pretty busy most days.  He doesn't
      come here until night".  Angelique goes upstairs, saying, "Well,
      continue what you're doing and tell me if you learn anything." Julia
      goes into the drawing room. Barnabas steps out from behind the curtains.
      Julia says, in a worried tone, "Did you hear that?".
         Angelique, walking by her old room, hears voices inside. She opens
      the door and sees Maggie and Quentin in an unfurnished room. She gasps,
      "The other time, the one Barnabas is from!".  The other Maggie tells
      the other Quentin, "I can't believe she went there". The other Quentin
      replies, "Dr. Julia Hoffman would go anywhere to help Barnabas, even
      another time band".
         Barnabas goes to Maggie's room and tells her to sleep comfortably,
      that he's searched everywhere and is sure Quentin is no longer at
      Collinwood and that she's safe.
         Julia goes to the cave and tells Quentin he's got to leave the cave
      and come with her, that there's been a change of plans. Angelique
      suddenly comes in and tells Quentin "Quick! Go hide deeper in the
      cave. The beach is swarming with police". Quentin does.  Julia asks
      "Why have the police come?". Angelique replies, "They haven't ,
      I just said that to get him away so they could talk privately."
      She asks, "Where were you planning to take Quentin, DOCTOR Hoffman..."
      Episode  1053
      Tape Date:  July 1, 1970 (ABC #138-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 8, 1970 Wednesday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Julia asks Angelique what she means.  Angelique recounts what she
      saw in her old room.  Julia swears she isn't this Dr. Hoffman.
      Surprisingly, Angelique tells her she believes her.
        At Collinwood, Elizabeth comes down into the drawing room. Roger,
      in the drawing room, tells her he's surprised to see her there, that
      the doctor had given her a sedative that was supposed to keep her out
      till noon tomorrow.  Elizabeth tells him she felt Carolyn's presence
      in her room, that she thought she heard her voice, that she thinks
      maybe she's not at rest and is trying to tell her who her murderer is.
      This upsets Roger for some reason and he tells Elizabeth that it's
      just her imagination and that he's tired of all this talk of death.
      Elizabeth retorts that he's never stopped talking about Angelique's
      death after all this time. They argue. They are interrupted by
      Barnabas coming in.
         Both Roger and Elizabeth leave, leaving Barnabas alone in the
      drawing room.  Julia and Angelique return.  Barnabas remarks,"You're
      both up late tonight.".  Julia pretends to be cold to him and replies,
      "That's none of your concern". Angelique "reprimands" her for being
      so rude to Barnabas and adds, "Well, it's no surprise that you're still
      up. That's one secret of yours I've learned. You seem to be nocturnal".
      She smilingly tells him she's sure to learn what he does during the day,
      and his other secrets as well.
         Roger is in Angelique's old room, drunkenly talking to the portrait.
      He tells the portrait it's too bad it became necessary to kill Carolyn.
      Suddenly, he hears a voice behind him say, "So it was you who killed
      Carolyn!". He turns and sees Elizabeth standing there.  He tries to
      tell her he only said what he did because he's drunk and doens't know
      what he's saying, but she doesn't believe him, goes crazy and picks up
      a heavy statue and tries to hit him with it.  He grabs her arms,
      manages to disarm her and starts to strangle her...
         Roger puts an apparently dead Elizabeth in a trunk built in by
      the window. Barnabas comes into the room and tells him he wants to
      talk to him about Elizabeth.  He notices that Roger is acting nervously
      and asks what's wrong.  Roger replies that this room makes him nervous
      and suggests that they go to the drawing room to talk. Barnabas asks
      what he's doing in this room if it makes him nervous.  Roger lies that
      he was just walking around the house, checking around.
         Angelique and Julia go down into a sub-basement.  Angelique remarks
      that this is probably as deep under the house as you can get.  Julia
      asks how she managed to find it.  Angelique replies that Damien
      WIlliams showed it to her.  Julia remarks that it'll be a good hiding
      place for Quentin.  Angelique opens a door to a secret room and tells
      Julia to go in. They go in.  Julia tells Angelique she'll get some
      things to make the room comfortable for Quentin. Angelique tells her
      that that won't be necessary, that the room isn't for Quentin, it's
      for her.  She tells a shocked Julia that she doesn't really believe
      what she said at the cave, that she knows she's really Doctor Julia
      Hoffman. Julia asks, "What are you going to do with me?". Angelique
      replies that she's not going to kill her, that she needs her to
      answer some questions.  She tells her the first one is "What happened
      to my Hoffman?". Julia tells her that she had accidently killed her.
      Angelique then asks, "What is Barnabas' secret?".  Julia lies that
      she doesn't know.
         In the drawing room, Roger asks Barnabas what he wanted to say
      about Elizabeth.  Barnabas replies that he just wanted to suggest that
      someone be stationed outside her room to keep her from coming out and
      wandering the house in her condition.
         Angelique tries to hypnotize Julia, but Julia turns her head and
      refuses to look at the locket Angelique is dangling.  Angelique,
      tells her she's going to leave her locked in here without food or
      water, that she'll come by periodically to check on her until she
      either dies or tells her the secret.  Julia again lies that she doesn't
      know Barnabas' secret.  Angelique remarks, "Then you'll live the rest
      of your life here.  It'll be a short one.  You have no food, no water
      and no chance of escape.  You're going to rot in here!" She leaves and
      locks the door.  Julia puts out one of the two lit candles she has in
      the candlabrum she has brought with her to conserve it.
      Episode  1054
      Tape Date:  July 2, 1970 (ABC #139-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 9, 1970 Thursday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Roger is in the foyer, thinking to himself that he must find a
      way to dispose of Elizabeth's body.  Angelique wanders by and asks
      him why he's still awake.  Roger replies that he was about to go
      to bed a little while ago, but Barnabas was by asking where Julia
      was.  After Angelique leaves, Roger decides that rather than disposing
      of the body, it would be better to pin the murder on Quentin.
         Angelique goes to her room and finds Quentin there.  She tells him
      he shouldn't have risked coming here.  Quentin replies that he
      overheard some of the servants talking and knows Carolyn was murdered.
      He asks her why she didn't tell him.
         Julia, imprisoned in the secret room, lights her second candle from
      the flame of the first, which is burning out.  She gets frantic and
      bangs on the door and screams for help.
         Roger goes to Angelique's old room to check and make sure that
      he left no evidence of killing Elizabeth. Angelique comes in and tells
      him he shouldn't be in here, that it's dangerous because it could
      change at any time and trap him in the other time.  Roger remarks that
      maybe he'd like that, to go into the other time with her where they
      can start anew.  Maggie comes running in the room screaming that she's
      found Elizabeth dead in the Tower room, strangled.  Roger feigns shock
      and runs out of the room to go there.
         Roger finishes a phone call from the local paper asking him if it's
      true that Elizabeth is dead. He tells them that alas, she is.  After
      the phone call, Maggie tells Roger that she thinks that Quentin must
      have killed Elizabeth, that he's totally crazy by now. Roger agrees
      with her.
         Angelique tells Quentin about Elizabeth's murder, saying she was
      strangled just like Bruno was.  Quentin tells her that Maggie must be
      responsible, that she must have used witchcraft to do it the same way
      she killeb Bruno.
         In the drawing room,  Maggie tells Roger that everyone's still in
      danger and that she'd like to take the children away from Collinwood
      until Quentin's caught. Roger agrees.  Maggie adds that maybe he and
      Angelique should think about leaving for awhile too.
         Angelique goes to the sub-basement to check up on Julia. She asks
      her if she's willing to tell her Barnabas' secret yet. Julia tells her
      she'll never tell her.  Angelique replies that she will in a few days
      after suffering the pain of hunger and thirst. As Angelique is
      leaving, Julia attacks her, but Angelique manages to overcome her and
         Maggie is with Roger in the drawing room.  Maggie wonders where
      Julia is.  Angelique comes in and tells them that Julia Hoffman
      decided to leave Collinwood last night and did, that she left in
      the middle of the night so that they couldn't try to convince her to
      stay.  Maggie tells Angelique that maybe she should leave too.
         Quentin sneaks into Maggie's room, determined to find the voodoo
      doll he is sure Maggie must have used to kill Elizabeth.  He finds a
      handkerchief with Elizabeths' monagram "ESC", which he figures must have
      been used to strangle the doll and continues to look for a doll. Maggie
      comes into the room and catches him in there.  Thinking she is a
      murderous witch, he accuses her of murdering Elizabeth and approaches
      her menacingly and tells her he'll kill her if he has to to stop her.
      She screams and runs out of the room.
         Roger is in Angelique's old room, talking to Angelique's portrait
      again.  Maggie runs in and screams that Quentin is in the house and
      is chasing her and wants to kill her. Roger locks the doors.  He hugs
      Maggie to calm her, but as he does, he starts to ramble and say,
      "If only Elizabeth hadn't come into this room, she'd still be alive".
      Maggie asks him what he means, remarking that Elizabeth died in the
      Tower room.  Roger realizes his mistake and tries to convince her that
      he was just rambling without thinking, but Maggie says, "But what if
      she was killed somewhere else and brought there?". She suddenly
      realizes that Roger must have killed Elizabeth and tells him, "I don't
      think Quentin is out there. Give me the key so I can go out and call
      the police". Realizing that Maggie realizes that he killed Elizabeth,
      Roger grabs her, asks, "And tell them what?  That I murdered Elizabeth,
      Carolyn and Angelique?" and starts to strangle her.
      Episode  1055
      Tape Date:  July 3, 1970 (ABC #140-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 10, 1970 Friday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         There's a knock at the door, then Angelique's voice asking what's
      happening in there.  Roger quickly hides Maggie behind a chair and opens
      the door a crack.  Angelique asks what he's doing in there.  Roger starts
      to tell some lie, but suddenly Maggie starts to groan.  Angelique pushes
      past Roger and goes in to see what it is. She finds Maggie behind the
      chair.  Roger flees.  Maggie tells Angelique that Roger had tried to kill
      her because she found out that he had kill Elizabeth.  She adds that he
      also killed Carolyn and probably also Angelique.  'Alexis' remarks, "Of
      course. He was sitting right by Angelique  at the seance. Why didn't I
      realize this before? He alway loved her but who could love a man like
      that?".  Maggie tells her they'd better call the police. Angelique
      remarks, "The man who killed Angelique deserves a special punishment!"
         Barnabas is at the old house standing over the body of Roxanne,
      wondering where Julia is.  He decides that even without her help,
      he must try to rouse Roxanne to semi-conciousness, being careful
      not to rouse her to full conciousness, thereby killing Angelique and
      distroy andy chance of proving Quentin innocent.  He turns the
      equipment on...
         Roger escapes through the front doors...
         A little later, Maggie and Angelique are in the drawing room.
      Maggie looks out the window and remarks, "I've never seen so many
      state troopers in my life". After Maggie leaves, Angelique casts
      a spell to cause Roger to come back to Collinwood, helping him to
      get past all the policemen.
         At the old house, Barnabas turns off the equipment. Roxanne lies
      there immobile. It has not worked. Barnabas decides he must find
      Julia. He exits the old house to go to Collinwood.  Unbeknownst to
      him, Claude North is lurking behind the trees outside and sees him
      leave.  As soon as Barnabas is out of sight, North goes into the
      old house.
         Roger comes back to Collinwood and goes to Angelique's old room.
      Angelique comes out of the shadows.  Angelique is about to do something
      to Roger when suddenly she begins to feel the cold of the grave again.
      She asks him to hold her.  He does.  She asks him to kiss her.
      He does.  Suddenly, Roger gasps, "The cold!  Like the grave!" and
      asks, "What's happening to me?"  Angelique replies, "You're dying!"
      Roger gasps, "No!  No!", then dies.  Angelique remarks, "You introduced
      me to the cold of the grave, Roger, I could do no less for you!"
         Claude North goes to the basement of the old house and finds
      Roxanne lying there.  He tries to rouse her but she doesn't move.
      He takes out his knife and holding it above her eyes, orders her to
         Barnabas finds Angelique and demands to know where Julia Hoffman
      is.  She refuses. Suddenly, she starts to feel weak and faint and
      nearly collapses.  She exlaims, "It must be Roxanne! She must not
      be allowed to speak ".  Barnabas remarks, "For once I agree with
      you!  She must not speak - at least not yet!" and rushes out to go
      back to the old house.
         At the old house, North orders Roxanne, who is now awake and
      standing, to speak.  Suddenly, Barnabas appears and exclaims "Claude
      North!" North asks how he knows his name. Barnabas replies that he
      read the name on the sketch and found Roxanne kneeling in front of a
      grave bearing that name. North explains that the grave was that of
      his grandfather, that it used to be one his and Roxanne's favorite
      meeting places. Barnabas tells him to stop ordering her to speak.
      North refuses.  Barnabas threatens him, telling him if he speaks
      another word, it'll be his last.  North replies that it would not be
      wise to harm him, that if he does it will cause Roxanne to speak for
      sure.  Barnabas begs him not to cause her to speak, that if she does,
      Angelique will die and Quentin will never be exonerated.  North replies
      that he doesn't care.  He tells Barnabas to tell Angelique she has only
      minutes left.  Barnabas leaves.
         Maggie finds a weakened Angelique in the drawing room. She asks how
      she can help her.  Angelique thinks to herself, "Quentin will be comeing
      to my room soon.  If I'm to die, I'll have Quentin join me. She asks
      Maggie to help her over to the  fire. Maggie does. Angelique casts a
      spell on her and puts her in a trance where she'll follow her every
      command like a zombie.  Angelique tells Maggie to go to the desk and get
      the gun out of the top right hand drawer. She does. Angelique then tells
      her to go to Angelique's room, that Quentin will soon be coming there,
      and when he does, she is to shoot him in the heart. Maggie leaves the
      drawing room and starts upstairs.
         North continues to order Roxanne to talk.
         Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and goes to the drawing room.
      He tells Angelique that he tried to stop Claude North from getting
      Roxanne to speak but couldn't, that she has minutes to live at the
      most. He asks that before she dies, she do two things, one, to sign
      a confession to the murder of Bruno Hess, clearing Quentin, and two,
      tell him where Julia is.  He uses a ball point pen at the desk to
      write a confession.  He takes it to her and asks her to sign it.
      Angelique refuses.  Barnabas tells her, "It'll give you peace".
      Angelique replies, "I didn't come back for peace.  I came back for
         Uptairs, Maggie is in Angelique's room, holding the gun. The
      doorknob starts to turn.  Maggie raises the gun and aims at the door...
      Episode  1056
      Tape Date:  July 6, 1970 (ABC #141-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 13, 1970 Monday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Quentin opens the door and goes into Angelique's room.  Maggie
      aims the gun at him and prepares to shoot.  Quentin shouts, "Maggie!
         At the old house, Claude North continues to order Roxanne to speak.
      Roxanne finally, "I can speak!"
         In the drawing room at Collinwood, Angelique screams and dies.
         In  Angelique's room, the spell broken, Maggie screams and
      collapses to the floor.
         Barnabas calls Inspector Hamilton and tells him Alexis is dead.
         Quentin comes downstairs. Barnabas tells him about Alexis' death.
      Quentin tells him that Maggie is a witch and must be responsible. He
      tells him about Maggie trying to shoot him upstairs. Barnabas tells
      Quentin that Maggie is not the witch, that Alexis was really Angelique
      and was the witch. As proof of this, he points out to Quentin that
      Maggie did not shoot him, that Angelique must have cast a spell to
      cause her to try to do so, and that when Angelique died, the spell
      was broken. He tells Quentin that he has one hope to prove himself
      innocent: to find Julia Hoffman, who, as Angelique's 'loyal servant',
      can tell the police that Angelique had killed Bruno Hess.
         Inspector Hamilton comes. He examines Angelique's body and asks
      Barnabas if he knows how she died.  Barnabas tells him, "You'd better
      sit down.  It's a long story".  The inspectors seats himself in an
      armchair and Barnabas starts to tell him the truth...
         At the old house, Claude North, having gotten Roxanne to speak,
      tells her to go away with him. Roxanne tells him she can't, claiming
      she's too weak to go, but on further questioning from North, tells
      him she doesn't want to leave because she has fallen in love with
      Barnabas because he was so kind to her while she was in the trance.
      North angrily starts to hypnotize her to force her to leave with him.
         Barnabas finishes telling Hamilton what happened.  Hamilton tells
      him the story is preposterous and that he's still convinced Quentin is
      guilty.  Barnabas tells him that he can show him proof: the girl
      Roxanne whose lifeforce was used to keep Angelique alive.
         Claude North takes Roxanne through the woods. Moments later,
      Barnabas and Inspector Hamilton pass the same spot on their way to
      the old house.
         Barnabas and the Inspector go to the basement of the old house
      and find no trace of Roxanne.
         Quentin sits in Angelique's room and watches Maggie wake up. He
      tells her, "Don't be afraid of me. Let me explain." She tells him
      he doesn't have to, that she knows the truth now, that it was Roger
      who killed Elizabeth, Carolyn and Angelique. She apoligizes for
      ever suspecting him. He tells her there's still the matter of Bruno's
      murder. She tells him not to worry, that she's confident that he'll
      be proven innocent of that and that they'll be able to start their
      life together again.  She promises to try to make it better this time,
      to try to be herself rather than trying to be like Angelique and trying
      to replace her. Quentin stuns Maggie by telling her, "Maggie, I HATED
      Angelique!  I hated the ground she walked on!  She was beautiful, but
      that was all she was!  She was pure evil inside!  I hated everything
      she was!  We never had one happy day together!  Did you ever hear me
      say I loved her?"  Maggie replies, "I thought you didn't because of
      your grief".  Quentin replies, "My grief was a lie!  All the good
      things you heard about her were the result of a myth, a myth she created,
      a myth she nutured every day.  She manipulated people.  She was
      conniving and sadistic, and I HATED her!  She was unfaithful to me,
      and didn't care that I knew.  I wanted to leave her, but she threatened
      to cause the greatest scandal this family's ever known!  I was GLAD
      when she died!" He tells Maggie, "You are everything I want in a woman,
      everything she never was!"  They are suddenly interrupted by Inspector
      Hamilton coming into the room and telling Quentin, "You are under
      arrest, and this time you won't get away!"
         Later, in the foyer, Barnabas tells Maggie that he's looked through
      both the East and West wings for Julia, who may be able to prove Quentin
      innocent,and not found her.  He tells her he's going to go to Stoke's
      house to see if North brought Roxanne there.
         In the woods, Barnabas stumbles on to the body of Claude North.
      North is dead, a knife protruding from his body.  Barnabas wonders
      where Roxanne is, if she might not be dead too...
      Episode  1057
      Tape Date:  July 7, 1970 (ABC #142-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 14, 1970  Tuesday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Barnabas goes to Stokes. Stokes tells Barnabas that he's heard
      about Angelique's death and that if he's come just to gloat about it,
      to please leave. Barnabas tells him that's not what he came to do.
      He tells him about finding Claude North's body and accuses him of
      doing it. Inspector Hamilton shows up and tells Barnabas he'd like
      to speak to Stokes alone. Barnabas leaves. Hamilton tells Stokes
      what Barnabas told him about his keeping a woman here to supply
      a lifeforce for Angelique.  Stokes takes him into the room behind
      the curtains and asks, "Is this where I was supposed to be keeping
      the woman? You can clearly see that that's not the case..". The
      room has now been completely changed and is just full of old
      furniture and appears to be a storage room.  Stokes tells the
      Inspector that Barnabas' story is obviously ridiculous.  The
      inspector agrees, but remarks that Alexis's death WAS sudden and
      mysterious.  Stokes replies that it's not so surprising, that
      she had a heart condition.  The inspector tells him that if that's
      true it'll show up in the autopsy. Stokes is shocked that there'll
      be an autopsy. The inspector replies that there's always an autopsy
      in cases like this.
         At Collinwood, Barnabas pores over blueprints of the house to
      find all the secret places where Julia might be imprisoned.
      Inspector Hamilton shows up and tells him what happened at Stokes.
      Barnabas tells him that Quentin's only hope lies in finding Julia
      or Roxanne, both of whom can corroborate his fantastic story.
         Roxanne is in a house somewhere. Stokes shows up and asks her to
      go with him.  She refuses, saying she's going to stay here, that
      Claude North will bring her everything she needs. Stokes tells Roxanne
      that Claude North is dead, and that Barnabas must have done it.
      Roxanne vows to avenge Claude's death.
         Barnabas tells Inspector Hamilton on the phone that he's searched
      the rest of the house and that the only place he has left to search
      is the basement. The inspector tells him he's anxious to close this
      case up and that he'll come and help him.
         As Barnabas continues to pore over the blueprints, Roxanne shows
      up with a knife and tells him she's going to kill him for murdering
      Claude North. She raises the knife to stab him, but can't go through
      with it, drops the knife and runs off.
         Julia, in the secret room in the basement, thinks to herself,
      "If someone comes, I'll be able to hear them, and if I call out,
      they'll be able to hear me.  I must stay awake in case someone
         Julia fights her sleepiness, but finally falls asleep...
         Julia has a dream in which Barnabas and Roxanne are in Angelique's
      room.  Roxanne asks, "Is this the room where the time warp happens?"
      Barnabas replies, "Yes".  Roxanne muses, "I'll be so happy to go to
      your time and forget all the terrible things that have happened here".
      Barnabas agrees.  Roxanne notes, "But why do you look so sad? It's
      because you couldn't find Julia, isn't it?"  Barnabas replies, "Yes".
      Roxanne continues, "You did everything you could.  She's probably dead
      by now".  Barnabas sadly agrees.  Barnabas sadly agrees.  They kiss
      and wait for the room to change...
         Inspector Hamilton comes and he and Barnabas go down and search
      the basement, calling out Julia's name.  Unfortunately, Julia has
      fallen asleep and does not hear them.
         The inspector and Barnabas give up and go back upstairs, deciding
      that Julia must not be down here, that if she were, she would
      certainly have heard them calling out to her...
         Julia awakens from her dream and screams, "No!  He wouldn't leave
      me here!  He wouldn't!  Barnabas!  Help!  Please find me!", but there's
      no one in the basement to hear her cries...
      Episode  1058
      Tape Date:  July 8, 1970 (ABC #143-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 15, 1970 Wednesday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Maggie comes to Collinwood and tells Barnabas that Quentin has
      given up on finding Julia and given up to the police, that he's sure
      she must be dead. and that has decided to close Collinwood forever
      because so much tragedy has happened here and that both he and she
      must leave. Barnabas is shocked, saying he's sure Julia is still alive
      and wants to stay and continue to look for her.
         Roxanne returns to the house where she was staying and runs into
      Stokes there. Stokes is surprised that she did not kill Barnabas and
      wonders what strange power he has over women.  He warns her against
      him, saying he has some deep, dark secret.
         Maggie goes upstairs to pack.  Barnabas contiues to pore over the
      blueprints, desperately looking for secret rooms where Julia might be.
      Roxanne comes back and tells her she can't live without him, that
      Stokes told her to beware of him because of some secret, but that
      she doesn't care.  Barnabas looks at her throat with lust, but manages
      to restrain himself tells her to leave. Roxanne leaves and wanders
      through the woods, stung by Barnabas's apparent rejection of her.
         After a while, Roxanne returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas
      she's got to be with him, whatever the cost.  This time, Barnabas
      weakens and bites her.
         Maggie comes downstairs and finds Barnabas in the foyer. She tells
      him that she's finished packing.  He tells  her that Roxanne has come.
      Maggie asks if she's willing to talk to the police. Barnabas replies
      that he's sure she will.  He tells her to go upstairs and get something
      from Julia's room, any article of clothing. Maggie asks why. Barnabas
      tells her to just go do it.
         Barnabas goes into the drawing room where Roxanne is. He tells her
      he had learned from Stokes that she has certain psychic powers and
      asks her to use them to help him.  Maggie returns with a scarf from
      Julia's room.  Barnabas gives it to Roxanne, who concentrates for
      awhile and stuns Barnabas by saying, "The woman who owns this scarf
      is dead...".
         Roxanne goes back to her house and again runs into Stokes. This
      time she tries to get away from him. He grabs her and they struggle.
      During the struggle, he sees the holes on her neck and exclaims,
      "So that's Barnabas' secret!!!".
         Barnabas and Maggie leave Collinwood, closing it forever as per
      Quentin's instructions.  Maggie remarks, "After all these years of
      Collinwood, now it's all over..."
         In the cellar, Julia moans, "Someone find me, please....."
      Episode  1059
      Tape Date:  July 9, 1970 (ABC #144-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 16, 1970 Thursday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Stokes tells Roxanne he knows the marks on her neck are vampire
      bites. He demands to know if they were made by Barnabas.  She
      refuses to tell him. He puts his hands around her throat and
      threatens to strangle her if she doesn't tell him. She admits that
      Barnabas made the wounds.  Stokes vows to destroy Barnabas.  Roxanne
      screams, "I'll warn him!".  Stokes replies that he won't give her
      a chance to and locks her in a closet and leaves.
         Barnabas and Maggie are at the old house.  Barnabas sadly reflects
      on the fact that Julia is dead.  Maggie picks up the scarf that Roxanne
      had used to try to find Julia and remarks on how ironic it would have
      been for Hoffman to have been the cause of Quentin's release.  Suddenly,
      Barnabas realizes his mistake: that the scarf given to Roxanne had
      not been Julia's, but belonged to the evil Hoffman, who is inddeed, as
      Roxanne sensed, dead.  He instructs Maggie to go upstairs and get a
      suitcase containing women's clothing and rushes off to get Roxanne so
      they can try again, the right way this time.
         Barnabas goes to Roxanne's house and calls for her. He hears her
      screams from inside a closet and lets her out. She tells him about
      Stokes learning he is a vampire and his vow to destroy him.
         Barnabas brings Roxanne back to the old house.  He asks her to
      select an article from a suitcase, which Maggie has brought down.
      She selects a brooch. She is puzzled to see "the same woman" she saw
      before, but this time alive, in a room she's never seen before.
      Barnabas asks her if she can lead them to this room. She tells them
      she can.
         Roxanne leads Barnabas and Maggie to the sub-basement of the old
      house and to the vicinity of the secret room where Julia is imprisoned.
      Barnabas calls for her, but Julia, asleep, does not hear.  Maggie is
      about to lead them away, saying she's been down here before and that
      there's a door leading to another room they can search, but Julia
      awakens and starts to cry.  Barnabas hears her and , realizing it's
      coming from behind the bookcase, calls to her. She tells him there must
      be a lever opening the bookcase on the outside. He looks for it, finds
      it and lets her out.
         Everyone returns to the old house.  Julia tells Barnabas that
      when Angelique stopped coming to question her, she realized that
      something must have happened to her and that she was trapped there
      forever.  The phone rings. Barnabas answers.  It's Inspector Hamilton,
      who tells Barnabas that they've just completed the autopsy on Alexis
      and found that she was indeed Angelique and that Quentin has been
      cleared. He adds that Quentin has instructed that the body be
      cremated. Barnabas, Julia and Maggie leave to go the the jail.
      Unbeknownst to them, Stokes is spying through the window, watching
      them leave.  After they leave, he comes in.  Roxanne gloats to him
      that his plans have been shattered, that the police have learned
      that Alexis was Angelique, that Quentin has been cleared and has
      instructed that the body be cremated.  Stokes, enfuriated, screams,
      "I'll avenge her by killing everyone!"" and starts toward Roxanne,
      but she grabs a letter opener to defend herself.  Stokes remarks,
      "No matter. I'll take care of you later, after I get the pleasure
      of seeing Barnabas turn to dust first!" and leaves.
         Barnabas returns to the old house.  Roxanne tells him about
      Stokes and his threat.  Barnabas tells her not to worry, that
      he'll take care of Stokes before dawn. He tells her Quentin's been
      cleared. Julia calls and tells Barnabas that she and Quentin have to
      stay at the police station a couple more hours to give their depositions,
      but Quentin didn't see any reason for Maggie to stay at the jail and
      sent her back to Collinwood.  Barnabas tells Roxanne, "As soon as
      Maggie gets back, I'll go settle Stokes".
         As Maggie is walking through the woods to old house, she is grabbed
      from behind by Stokes, who menacingly says, "There's no longer a first
      Mrs. Collins, soon there won't be a second one!!".
      Episode  1060
      Tape Date:  July 10, 1970 (ABC #145-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 17, 1970 Friday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         At the old house, Barnabas is awaiting Maggie's return while
      Roxanne takes a nap on the couch.  Roxanne has a dream....

            In the dream, Barnabas is telling her, "Soon, my dear,
         we will be in another time, a time you know nothing about,
         a time that will be ours..."  Suddenly, Roxanne finds herself
         outside Angelique's old room with Barnabas inside the room,
         surrounded by fire.  They cannot get to one other....

         Roxanne wakes up screaming. Barnabas asks what's the matter.
      She tells him about the dream.
         Stokes takes Maggie to Collinwood and ties her to a chair in the
      drawing room.  Maggie exclaims, "You're insane!"  Stokes says, "If
      Angelique could see this!  But her spirit will rejoice!" Maggie asks
      "What are you going to do?"   He replies,"One must pay the piper,
      Mrs. Collilns!  Tonight Quentin will pay with his life!".
         Roxanne asks Barnabas, "Tell me about the other time you're going
      to take me to".   He tells her, "It doesn't appear very different from
      this one, but is is.  Everyone here has a counterpart there, but their
      personalities and destinies are different.  For example, Timothy Stokes
      is a professor in that other time, a kind, gentle man.  You're going to
      be much happier in that other time, I promise you".  Barnabas notes,
      "It's been over an hour" and starts to worry about Maggie, saying she
      should have gotten back by now and goes out to look for her.
         Julia and Quentin return to the old house.  Roxanne tells them
      Barnabas is out looking for Maggie, who has still not returned.
      The phone rings.  Quentin answers. It's Stokes, who tells him that
      he has Maggie at Collinwood and tells him to come alone and unarmed.
      Quentin, seeing no alternitive, tells Julia about it and says he's
      going to follow Stokes' demands. After Quentin leaves, Julia and
      Roxanne decide to go look for Barnabas.
         Quentin arrives at Collinwood. Stokes aims a gun at him. Quentin
      warns him he'll never get away with it.  Stokes replies, "I'm not
      trying to get away with it.  I have nothing left to lose.  The only
      thing left for me is the satisfaction of killing you". He prepares
      to shoot...
          Suddenly, the doors to the drawing room open. Standing there is
      Roxanne.  While everyone is distracted by this, Barnabas magically
      appears by the window.  Quentin attacks the distracted Stokes and
      disarms him, but Stokes manages to grab Roxanne and threatens to break
      her neck of anyone tries anything, then and drags Roxanne away, locking
      the drawing room doors behind him.  While Quentin unties Maggie from
      the chair m Barnabas takes a letter opener from the desk and pries the
      locked doors open.  Everyong goes out into the foyer, where they
      find the front door open.  Figuring that Stokes must have taken Roxanne
      from Collinwood, they exit through the front door. But Stokes has
      fooled them.  After they leave, he comes out with Roxanne from the
      door under the stairs and goes back into the drawing room, holding
      Roxanned in one arm and a jug in the opther.
         Barnabas runs into Julia in the woods and tells her what happened
      (apparently she and Roxanne seperated when looking for Barnabas). He
      realizes that maybe they made a mistake and that Stokes and Roxanne may
      still be at Collinwood. They go there to search.
         At Collinwood, Stokes, in the drawing room with Roxanne.  Roxanne
      asks, "What are you going to do?"  Stokes replies, "They'll all be coming
      back soon.  I have a surprise planned for them".  They hear the front
      door.  Stokes quickly grabs Roxanned and puts a hand over her mouth.
      They hear the voices of Barnabas and Julia, then the sounds of footsteps
      going up the stairs.  Stokes remarks,  "Only Barnabas and Julia.  Quentin
      isn't with them.  But Barnabas and Julia are revenge enough.  I've lost
      everything, and now Quentin will lose everything, his beloved Collinwood
      burned to ashes!".  He picks up the jug he's brought with him from a
      table and starts to douse the drawing room with gasoline.  Roxanne
      exclaims, "Barnabas and Julia will be trapped upstairs!"  Stokes
      laughs, "Yes, and they'll be burned to cinders!" Roxanne runs to warn
      Julia and Barnabas.  Stokes sets the drawing room aflame and then goes
      out to the foyer, splashes gasoline out there and lights it aflame too.
         Upstairs, Julia and Barnabas are in Angelique's old room, searching.
      Suddenly, they smell smoke. They look and find their way out of the
      room blocked by fire.  Julia asks, "How will we get out?"  Barnabas
      says, "I don't know!"  They hear Roxanne calling, "Barnabas!",  They
      see her in the hallway on the other side of the flames.  Barnabas
      shouts, "Give me your hand!", then moans, "Julia!  I can't reach
      her!"  He shouts, "Roxanne!  Roxanne!"  Suddenly, Barnabas and
      Julia stop smelling smoke and hearing the crackle of the fire. They
      find themselves in a dark, unfurnished room. They are back in their
      own time.  Barnabas moans, "Oh no!  We've come back, and Roxanne is
      still in her time.  Poor Roxanne!  Roxanne!" 
      Episode 1061 
      Tape Date:  July 13, 1970 (ABC #146-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 20, 1970 Monday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwall
      Director:   Henry Kaplan

         Barnabas tells Julia he's got to get back to the other parallel
      time to find out what happened to Roxanne.  Julia tells him she
      doesn't think he can because Angelique's room in the other time has
      been destroyed, destroying the link.  Barnbabas moans, "I'll never
      be able to go back!  She was the only woman who ever made me forget
      my dear lost Josette.  From the moment I first saw her, I felt a
      love I haven't felt since Josette.  I finally thought I would live
      the life I have wanted so long, a life full of love and happiness,
      but it's been snatched from me again.  Why is fate so eager to offer
      me a chance at fufillment, only to destroy it before my very eyes?"
      Julia tells him,  "You forget how rare a life of love can be.
      You're not the only one who's had so little hope.  It's someting one
      learns to live with.   We can get used to anything if we have to".
      Barnabas just looks at her but doesn't say anything.
         They notice that something is different about the room, that
      the air seem to be quite damp.  When they go out of the room, they
      are shocked. The hallway outside is wrecked. They look further and find
      that all Collinwood seems to be wrecked, in an extreme state of
      disrepair.  They go down into the foyer. It is a mess, with debris
      everywhere.  Julia remarks that maybe a hurricane hit. Parts of the
      ceiling have fallen in. They go into the drawing room. It too is a mess.
      On a table, Julia finds some papers she had left just before she went
      into parallel time.  She picks them up and is surprised to find that
      they are yellowed and crumble under her touch, as if they were very
      old.  Then she finds on the table a note in Elizabeth's handwriting
      that says, "We must leave Collinwood before the day is out". But it is
      unfinished and does not say why. Barnabas finds traces of Elizabeth's
      diary in the fireplace. Someone had apparently burned it.  All that are
      left are a few blank pages with "1970" on top.
         They hear a sound from the front doors. Thinking it is someone
      coming in, they rush there, but find that it is only the wind causing
      the door to slam.  They are shocked to find that the trees have grown
      all the way up to the doorway, partially blocking it.  Julia wonders
      how they could have grown so much just in the month she's been away.
      Barnabas suggests that maybe they came back to their own timeband,
      but sometime in the future.  He then says wherever they are, they're
      going to have to check out the secret room, that he's still a vampire
      and needs a place to sleep during the day.
         In the graveyard, Barnabas walks over a grave which looks freshly
      dug.  He looks at the headstone and exclaims "Look!" to Julia. She
      does. It says, "Henry Beecham, 1967-1995". They realize they are
      25 years into the future.  They are then shocked to find a gravestone
      nearby reading, "David Collins, 1956 - 1970".  One of them picks up
      a bunch of fresg flowers lying on the grave.  Suddenly, an aged, gray
      haired Mrs. Johnson appears and demands that they put the flowers down
      and leave the grave alone.  She recognizes them and thinks they must be
      spirits, since they disappeared 25 years ago and look the same now.
      They try to get her to tell them what happened, but she refuses to tell
      them, saying that it's just too horrible.   She remarks that she's not
      supposed to come here, that's why she comes and visits the grave at
      night, so no one would know.  They ask her if any of the Collins are
      still alive. She insists that they all are, that Roger and Elizabeth
      are living happily in Rome, and that Quentin is living in South America,
      happily married.  They ask her if she is telling the truth. She replies
      that maybe she's exaggerating a little. Seeing that Mrs. Johnson is in
      a very disturbed state of mind, Julia suggests to Barnabas that they
      let her go.  Barnabas agrees.  As Mrs. Johnson leaves, she decides to
      be helpful and tells them, "Fredericks! Findley's Cove, old shack!".
         Barnabas and Julia go to the old shack at Findley's cove. When they
      go inside, they are surprised to find that it is sumptiously furnished.
      Barnabas remarks, "In the other time, Roxanne lived here, but in this
      time, it's always been empty and deserted".  They find the remains of
      a rather humble meal on the table, a half eaten plate of baked beans
      and a hunk of french bread.  Julia looks over the place and tells
      Barnabas that all the furniture and decorations seem to be from
      Collinwood.  She looks through a stack of portraits leaning against
      a wall and finds the portrait of Barnabas.  She tells Barnabas that
      whoever lives here must be from Collinwood, but Barnabas replies,
      "Not necessarily. The person who lives here might be the person who
      destroyed Collinwood, and all these things may be the spoils of
      victory.".  He then says, "We'll find out soon" and points to the
      doorknob. It is turning...
      Episode 1062
      Tape Date:  July 14, 1970 (ABC #147-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 21, 1970 Tuesday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
         A middle-aged, wrinkling Carolyn comes in and, like Mrs. Johnson,
      at first thinks Barnabas and Julia must be spirits. They assure her
      they are not.  They ask her what happened. She claims nothing did.
      Julia asks her why she's calling herself 'Fredericks'.  Carolyn snaps,
      "I can call myself anything I want!"  Julia asks, "Then why don't you
      call yourself 'Collins'?"  Carolyn replies, "That's not a good name,
      'they' wouldn't like it!".  She giggles a lot and her whole manner
      indicates mental instability.  Figuring that they can learn nothing
      from her, Barnabas and Julia leave.  A few minutes after they do,
      Carolyn does too, apparently to follow.
         Julia and Barnabas go to the Collins tomb.  They go into the secret
      room and are relieved to find that the coffin is still in there.
      Julia tells Barnabas that she thinks it might be dangerous and that
      it would be best if she stayed here guarded him, but Barnabas convinces
      her to go into town and go the the courthouse and look through the
      records to find out what happened.
         Julia exits the secret room, closes the door and leaves the tomb.
      She is surprised to find Carolyn outside.  Carolyn asks what she's
      doing here.  Julia replies that she's interested in the Collins'
      family history and is doing some research here.  Carolyn warns her
      not to mention the name 'Collins', that it's not a good name.  Julia
      retorts that it's a good, proud name.  Carolyn replies, "At one time,
      maybe. Not anymore...".  Julia asks Carolyn what SHE's doing here. Carolyn
      at first says, "To visit my Mother's grave", but then confusedly says,
      "Wait a minute. My mother's not dead".  Carolyn asks Julia where her
      friend is. Julia lies that he's in town trying to learn what happened,
      what she wouldn't tell them.  Carolyn warns that that's not a good idea.
      After Julia leaves, Stokes comes out of hiding from behind some trees
      and tells Carolyn, "We must make them leave!".
         Julia goes to the courthouse and asks to see the records.  The
      clerk happily tells her they have records all the way back to the
      1600's, though the ones that old are difficult to read because of
      the strange handwriting.  Julia replies that that won't be a problem,
      that she's not looking for anything THAT old, only the records
      pertaining to the Collins' family for the year 1970.  The clerk
      suddenly starts to act nervous and tells her that those records aren't
      available, that they had a fire a few months ago and they were
      destroyed. Julia says to him, "Well, if the records aren't available,
      then maybe you can tell me what happened to the Collins family".
      He replies that he doesn't know. He then absently mindedly remarks,
      "Poor Victor and Jane Flagler..."
         As Julia exits the records room, she runs into Professor Stokes.
      She asks him what happened, but he tells her there are things better
      left alone, forces too powerful to fool with, and suggests that she
      go away.
         Julia goes back to the secret room at sunset. She tells Barnabas
      what happened.  She suggests that the reactions they have encountered
      clearly indicate that they are dealing with someting very dangerous,
      that perhaps that they should try to leave and go back to their own
      time.  Barnabas vetoes the idea, saying that it would be better to
      find out what happened before going back to 1970 rather than going
      back and having to deal with an unknown danger. Barnabas asks Julia
      if she's found where the Flagler house is. Julia replies that she has.
      Barnabas tells her they're going there.
         As they exit the tomb, Stokes and the record clerk spy on them
      from behind some trees.  The records clerk tells Stokes that they
      must be going to see Victor Flagler.  Stokes replies that that's
      good, that maybe his story will convince them that there are things
      best left alone.
         Julia and Barnabas arrive at Victor Flagler's house and asks him
      what connection he has with Collinwood. He refuses to tell them.
      Julia asks him who "Jane" is.  This seems to strike an emotional
      chord. Flagler shows them a picture and tells them that it's Jane,
      his wife. He explains that there have always been stories that
      Collinwood was haunted, that lights have been seen and music heard
      there, but that he and Jane had not believed them and decided to
      explore there. He tells them that when they were in the foyer,
      some debris dropped on Jane, that he was sure it didn't come from
      the ceiling, but from the balcony, even though he saw no one there,
      that when he went to Jane, he found she was dead, that he then
      heard a ghostly laughing....
         Barnabas and Julia return to the cemetary and walk towards the
      tomb.  From outside, they see that the secret door is open and light
      is coming from inside.  Julia whisperss, "Barnabas!  Someone is in
      there! Someone knows!".
      Episode 1063
      Tape Date:  July 15, 1970 (ABC #148-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 22, 1970 Wednesday
      Writer:     Sam Hall
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Carolyn comes walking out of the secret room and says, "What
      are you two doing back here?".  Julia lies that they came to see
      the grave of Naomi Collins, then pretends to just notice the
      secret room, saying, "I didn't know there was a secret room here!".
      They all go into the secret room.  Barnabas and Julia pretend to be
      surprised that there's a coffin in there and say, "Why would someone
      put a coffin here?".  Carolyn remarks, "It wasn't in here the last
      time I was in here.".  Julia asks when she was in here last, but
      Carolyn refuses to tell. She exclaims, "I know who this coffin is for,
      it's for you!", pointing to Barnabas.  Barnabas and Julia are shocked,
      thinking Caroly knows Barnabas' secret, but Carolyn then points at
      Julia and continues, "Or for you! One of you will end up in this
      coffin if you don't leave Collinsport!".
         Barnabas and Julia leave Carolyn, who doesn't seem quite sane, and
      leave the cemetary.  Walking near Collinwood, they decide that the
      first thing they must do is find another hiding place for the coffin.
      Suddenly, they notice a strange blue light in one of the windows of
      Collinwood and go inside to investigate. They don't find the light
      inside, but do notice that everything they touched when they were
      first there are gone - papers, Elizabeth's diary, etc.  They also
      find a knife with dried blood on the table. They hear music coming
      from upstairs and walk out into the foyer and start up the stairs
      to investigate, but as soon as they get to the stairs, the music
      stops. Julia, frightened, tells Barnabas they should leave, but
      Barnabas insists that they stay and investigate.  They go up the
      stairs. Unbeknownst to them, Carolyn is standing just outside the
      front doors watching them.
         Carolyn goes to the sheriff and asks him to do something for her.
         Upstairs, Julia and Barnabas go to Julia's old room.  Julia opens
      the armoire and is surprised to find all her clothes still there, just
      as she left them in 1970 when she went to paralell time.  She takes out
      a strongbox and is shocked to see that the lock has been broken off and
      the box opened.  She tells Barnabas that inside are all her notes on
      her treatment of his vampirism, that someone may have read them and
      knows his secret.  Barnabas notes that the lock looks like it was
      broken off a long time ago. Suddenly, their candle blows out and
      there's a lot of ghostly manifistations.  Barnabas asks if there's
      a spirit in the room that it identifies itself, but it doesn't.
      Barnabas and Julia flee.  The blue light appears....
         They go back downstairs and decide to go check out the old house.
      But as they go out the door, they run into the sheriff outside. He
      asks them "What are you doing in there?" and take them in for
          At the police station, the sheriff asks Barnabas and Julia what
      they were doing at Collinwood.  Barnabas answers, "I own the old house.
      Elizabeth Collins gave it to my father in the late 60's".  The sheriff
      says, "But you weren't at the old house.".  Barnabas replies that he
      wanted to see what happened to the rest of the property.  The sheriff
      suggests that they leave Collilnsport, that it isn't healthy to stay
      here.  After Barnabas and Julia leave, Carolyn comes in from another
      room, where she has been listening.  The sheriff says, "Sorry, but I
      did all I could legally do.".  Carolyn tells him to wait here, that
      she has something she wants to bring and show him, something she
      doesn't understand.
         Barnabas and Julia go back to Collinwood.  Just as they get to
      the door, it mysteriously opens for them by itself.  Inside, they
      hear the music coming from upstairs again. The music stops. Then
      they hear footsteps in the hall upstairs.  Barnabas goes upstairs
      to investigate but finds nothing.  They then hear a noise in the
      drawing room.  They go in there but find nothing there either.
      They reach the conclusion that whatever it is, it is capable of
         Carolyn returns to the sheriff's office carrying an old photo
      album. She shows him a picture of Julia, dated 1970.  The sheriff
      is puzzled, saying it looks just like the woman he saw earlier,
      that it even has the same hairdo, but adds, "That's impossible.
      It can't be same woman. No one looks the same after 25 years.".
      He asks if she has any pictures of the "man's father". Carolyn tells
      him that it's strange, but that she looked all over for one, but
      couldn't find one, that the only picture she has is an oil portrait
      of a man who looks like him from 1797.
         At Collinwood, Barnabas and Julia are in the drawing room.
      They hear the music coming from upstairs again.  They go out into
      the foyer.  Barnabas tells Julia to stay in the foyer while he goes
      upstairs to investigate.  As he is going up the stairs, he suddenly
      exclaims, "Julia!  Watch out!". She quickly moves, just in time
      to get out of the way of a heavy statue, which falls and crashes
      to the floor. Terrified, they flee Collinwood.  Outside, they look
      back and see a sinister looking man staring at them from a window.
      Episode 1064
      Tape Date:  July 16, 1970 (ABC #149-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 23, 1970 Thursday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwall
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Barnabas and Julia go to the old house. It looks a little dusty and
      neglected, but is in much better condition than Collinwood. They
      discuss the strange man they saw in the window.  Barnabas remarks
      that he noticed that the man appeared to be dressed in clothing from
      another century. Julia, still shaken, tells him she felt an intense
      aura of hatred and evil coming from the man. Seeing that she is still
      shaken, Barnabas tells her to stay here while he goes to Carolyn's to
      ask her if she knows anything about the man.  Julia replies that she's
      too frightened to stay here by herself and goes with him.
         Mrs. Johnson is with Carolyn at Carolyn's house.  Mrs. Johnson tells
      her she knows she's planning to go to Collinwood again and warns her
      against it.  Carolyn says crpytically, "I must take him there.". She
      asks Mrs. Johnson if she ever goes there.  Mrs. Johnson replies in
      a shocked voice, "NO! Of course not!".   Carolyn replies, "Then
      who's getting the place ready?". Mrs Johnson asks "For what?".
      Carolyn replies, "For when everyone comes back, Elizabeth, Roger and
      Quentin...".  Mrs Johnson tells her that they're never coming back.
      Carolyn insists that they are. Mrs. Johnson notices that Carolyn is
      looking at a photo and asks what she's looking at. Carolyn replies that
      it's a picture from when times were good and shows it to her.  Mrs
      Johnson looks at it. It is a picture of Quentin and Maggie. They are
      apparently at a picnic as Maggie is holding a picnic basket and
      Quentin a round drink cooler. Mrs. Johnson points to something in the
      background and gasps, "That's him! That's the first time we saw
      him!".  Carolyn looks and replies, "That's just a shadow.".
      Mrs Johnson retorts, "But a shadow that would fall over all of us!".
      Carolyn gets upset and tears the picture up.  There's a knock at the
      door.  It's Barnabas and Julia. Carolyn demands that they leave, but
      they don't.  They describe the man they saw and ask about him.  Mrs.
      Johnson gasps, "It was him!" and runs out of the house in fear.
      Barnabas asks Carolyn to tell them who the man was, but she refuses
      and they leave.  Carolyn takes a dress out of a box and says, "My
      party dress. He always liked it when I wore my party dress...".
         Barnabas and Julia return to the old house and find Mrs. Johnson
      there. Apparently she's having a change of heart about telling them.
      Barnabas asks, "Whose spirit was that we saw at Collinwood?".  Mrs.
      Johnson seems to change her mind again and says, "Oh, what's the point
      of telling you.  You can't do anything about it.".  They tells her
      that that's not true, that they CAN do something about it.  Mrs.
      Johnson asks how.  They remind her that she noted herself that they
      look just like they did when they disappeared in 1970 and explain that
      they got here by some sort of time warp and tells her that when they
      get back to 1970 they can stop what happened if they know what happened.
      Mrs. Johnson starts to tell them what happened. She tells them that
      it all started one day when she walked by the room the children
      called the "play room".  Suddenly, she sees the man looking at her
      from outside one of the windows.  He disappears. She exclaims, "I
      cannot tell!" and runs out of the house.  Julia tells Barnabas that
      the man must have been here and stopped Mrs Johnson from talking, that
      she felt the aura of evil. She asks Barnabas if he felt it.  He replies
      that he did not, that his special condition must have protected him
      from it.  They decide to go outside and look for Mrs. Johnson.
         In the woods, Mrs. Johnson feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns
      to see who it is. It is the man...
         Barnabas and Julia find Mrs. Johnson. She is sitting at the base
      of a tree. Her eyes are wide open in a look of shock*.  Barnabas and
      Julia hear someone coming and hide behind some trees. It's Carolyn.
      She sees Mrs. Johnson and says, "Mrs. Johnson. You shouldn't be out
      here this time of night!". She tries to rouse her but cannot. Barnabas
      and Julia come out of hiding and Barnabas tells Carolyn she can't help
      Mrs. Johnson anymore.  Carolyn realizes Mrs. Johnson is dead and blames
      them for it.
         Barnabas and Julia go to Collinwood to look for the 'playroom'
      Mrs Johnson had mentioned.  They do not know where to look because
      there was no 'playroom' when they were at Collinwood. While they are
      in the drawing room, they see Carolyn come in. They hide. She does
      not see them and goes upstairs.  They follow.  Carolyn goes into a
      room.  Barnabas remarks to Julia, "I don't recall ever seeing this
      room before." They hear music and Carolyn's voice coming from inside.
      Barnabas turns the knob and starts to open the door.

      *  Clarice Blackburn (Mrs. Johnson) has problems keeping her eyes
      wide open and staring during this scene.  At first, her eyelids
      flutter, then she actually blinks several times.

      Episode 1065
      Tape Date:  July 17, 1970 (ABC #150-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 24, 1970 Friday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         When Julia and Barnabas enter the room, they see, in addition
      to Carolyn, what look like two other people, but they only get a
      glimpse of them before they disappear and do not get a good look at
      them.  Barnabas and Julia ask Carolyn who they were.  Carolyn claims
      there was no one else in the room and demands that they get out.  They
      asks her where the music came from. She denies that there was any music.
      They ask he who she was talking to. She tells them she was talking to
      herself.  Barnabas and Julia note that this room, which is filled with
      toys, is very different from the rest of the house, that not only is it
      not in ruins, it seems to be well-kept, with neither the dust nor
      cobwebs of 25 years. Carolyn continues to shrilly demand that they
      leave, and they do.  After they leave, Carolyn starts talking to
      someone named 'Tad', asking him to come back, but nothing happens.
         Stokes opens his mail and reads something about Quentin. Barnabas
      and Julia come and demand that he tell what happened to the Collins.
      He refuses again.  Julia picks up the letter from his desk, begins to
      reads it and exclaims, "Quentin's in a mental hospital!!!".  Stokes'
      mood seems to change and he tells them, "Yes, and the strange thing
      is that he doesn't ever seem to age, that he looks the same today as
      he did 25 years ago.".  Barnabas and Julia ask if they can see him.
      Stokes replies that they can't, that Quentin's just escaped. They ask
      what happened to the Collins family.  Stokes tells them that he really
      doesn't know much more than they do, that he was in Europe when it
      happened and that even after 25 years, he's only managed to get part of
      the story. He tells them that whatever happened happened one night in
      the fall of 1970, that afterwards, Quentin was found wandering throught
      the woods and Carolyn cowering in the tower room, both mad, and that
      the rest of the Collins family just disappeared without a trace. He
      tells them that that's all he knows.
         After Barnabas and Julia leave,  Carolyn comes and accuses Stokes
      of telling them about the secret of the playroom.
         Barnabas and Julia go back to the playroom to investigate.  They
      find a birthday card which appears to be new. It is signed," To Tad
      from Carrie". They wonder who Tad and Carrie are.
         Barnabas and Julia return to the old house.  Julia asks Barnabas
      if he thinks Stokes was telling the truth about how little he knew.
      Barnabas replies that he thinks he was.  He says that he Stokes'
      puzzlement about Quentin's continuing youthful looks indicates that
      he certainly doesn't know about Quentin's portrait.  He adds that
      Quentin's continuing youth indicates that the portrait still exists
      and has not bee destroyed.  They hear a noise upstairs and go to
         At Stokes' house, Carolyn continues to whine to Stokes, saying
      that Barnabas and Julia ruined the birthday party and that she'll
      have to wait a whole year for another one.
         Upstairs, Barnabas and Julia enter a room in which stands an easel
      with a covered painting. They uncover the painting and are surprised
      to see that it is the portrait of Quentin.  But it is no longer a
      picture of Quentin as a young man - the figure in the portrait is
      extremely aged and sickly looking.  Suddenly, a man comes running
      in with a knife screaming, "I've got to destroy him!!!".  He raises
      the knife and prepares to destroy the painting, but Barnabas easily
      overcomes and disarms him. It is Quentin.  They ask him if he knows
      who they are. He tells them he recognizes them, but that they
      can't be the people they appear to be, that the attendant must be
      playing another trick on him, that the attendant is always playing
      tricks on him.
         Carolyn rambles about getting gifts to give the rest of the family
      when they come back.  Stokes asks Carolyn why she's so sure that the
      rest of the family will return some day. She tells him she not sure
      why, just that she's sure they'll return. He tries to get Carolyn
      what happened on that night in 1970 but she tells him she can't
         Julia and Barnabas try to get Quentin to tell them what happened
      in 1970, but all he'll say is "I should have prevented it. I didn't and
      deserve to die...".  Barnabas asks him what he knows about the
      playroom, saying he wants to know about it because it didn't exist
      when he and Julia left. Quentin seems to become fearful and tells him
      he doesn't know anything about it and claims that it was always there.
      They tell Quentin they'll take him there to jog his memory. At first
      Quentin fearfully refuses to go, but then tells them he'll gladly
      go with them to prove them the playroom doesn't mean anything.
         Barnabas, Julia and Quentin go to Collinwood and go up to the
      playroom door. They hear music coming from inside.  Quentin starts
      to become fearful again.  They open the door.  Quentin looks
      inside, screams at what he sees and runs off in terror.  Barnabas
      and Julia look to see what frightened him.  Standing in the room is
      Episode 1066
      Tape Date:  July 20, 1970 (ABC #151-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 27, 1970 Monday
      Writer:     Gordon Russell
      Director:   Lela Swift

         Barnabas tries to talk to David, who looks just as he did in
      1970, but David says nothing and vanishes. Barnabas tells Julia that
      he's sure the playroom, which he is sure did not exist when they
      left for paralell time in 1970, is the key to what happened.
         Quentin, downstairs, tries to open the front doors to leave
      but find them locked.  He hears a noise in the drawing room and
      goes in there and begs, "Leave me alone! I didn't want to come here,
      they made me come here!".  He then hears an electronic sounding noise
      and becomes even more terrified. He goes out to the foyer and sees the
      mysterious man standing on the landing.  He now becomes totally
      terrified and runs back to the drawing room and curls up on the ground
      in a fetal position.  A man walks up to him.  He looks up, expecting
      to see the mysterious man, but finds that it's only Barnabas, with
      Julia behind him.  Quentin exclaims that he saw "him" on the landing.
      Barnabas tells him that that's impossible, that they just came that
      way and saw nobody there.  Quentin goes out into the foyer and looks
      and finds no one on the landing.  Quentin moans that they're locked
      in, trapped at Collinwood, Barnabas tries the front door and they
      open easily.  Quentin flees from the house in terror.
         As Barnabas and Julia leave Collinwood, they see David in the garden
      with a girl about the same age. Barnabas and Julia hide behind some
      trees and spies on them.  David and the girl start to dance.  The dance
      looks very old fashioned and Julia, puzzled, remarks to Barnabas,
      "That doesn't look like a dance from 1970...". David and the girl
      finish dancing and start to walk away.   Julia calls to them, but
      they vanish into thin air...
         Barnabas and Julia return to the old house. Quentin, already there,
      seems preoccupied and does not see them come in. He appears to be
      talking to no one, saying, "Daphne, why won't you come to me? Is it
      because of all the tragedy, because I failed?". Then he sees them and
      stops.  They ask him who "Daphne" is.  He refuses to tell them.
      Barnabas asks him about David being in the playroom.  Quentin replies
      that that wasn't David, it was Tad.   Barnabas asks who "Tad" is,
      but Quentin refuses to tell them.
         Later, Julia is dozing off in a chair.  Quentin comes downstairs.
      Julia awakens and sees him there. He tells her he wants to see Barnabas.
      Surprised, she tells him that Barnabas won't be available until night,
      that he knows that.  Quentin tells her to tell him when Barnabas gets
      back and goes back upstairs. Julia sees the girl she and Barnabas saw
      earlier dancing with David looking in through the window. The girl
      beckons to Julia, then walks away. Julia rushes outside and follows her.
         Julia follows the girl to Collinwood. She follows her upstairs and
      sees her go into the playroom. But when Julia gets into the playroom,
      she finds no one in there.  Suddenly, the doors close by themselves.
      Julia tries to open them by finds them locked. She turns and finds the
      mysterious man standing in the room...
      Episode 1067
      Tape Date:  July 21, 1970 (ABC #152-DRK-70)
      Air Date:   July 28, 1970 Tuesday
      Writer:     Joe Caldwall
      Director:   Lela Swift

         The man starts to walk toward Julia. Julia, terrified, screams,"NO!
      Stay away from me!". But the man keeps coming...
         At the old house, Barnabas awakens and goes up to the living room.
      He is surprised to find Stokes sitting there.  Stokes explains that he
      found no one home and waited.  Barnabas replies that that's strange,
      that Julia should be here. Stokes replies that she isn't and asks
      Barnabas where HE was.  Barnabas lies that he was in the basement
      inspecting a flaw in the foundation that existed in 1970 to see if
      it got worse.
         At Collinwood, Julia comes down the stairs and leaves Collinwood.
      From the landing, the strange man watches her leave...
         At the old house, Barnabas asks Stokes if the names "Tad" and
      "Carrie" mean anything to him.  Stokes replies that he's never heard
      of them before. Quentin comes down, sees Stokes and attacks him,
      putting his hands around his throat and trying to strangle him.
      Barnsbas manages to pull Quentin off Stokes and asks him why he's trying
      to kill him.  Quentin shouts, "Because it's his fault that all this
      happened. Because of his phony exorcism. He told us he would get rid of
      him, but all he did was get him angry...". Stokes runs out of the
      house in terror.
         Later, Julia returns. Barnabas tells her what happened between
      Quentin and Stokes.  He tells her he thinks they should have another
      exorcism.  Julia recommends against it.  She starts to tell him
      something starting with, "While you were asleep..", but sees the man
      looking at her through the window and stops.  He asks her why she's
      stopped.  She tells him, "Oh, because it was probably just my
      imagination.  While you were asleep, I thought I felt that evil
      presence here."  They hear a noise coming from upstairs and Barnabas
      goes up to investigate.  Julia writes a note, leaves it on the desk
      and leaves.  Barnabas comes back downstairs with Quentin.  Quentin
      complains of having an excruciating headache.  Barnabas tells him
      Julia will give him something for it, but when he looks around, he
      finds that she's not there.  He finds her note on the table. It
      just says she had to go somewhere.
         Julia returns to the playroom and sees a shadowy figure there.
      She asks it who it is by it doesn't say anything and disappears.
      The mysterious man appears.  Julia tells him she saw another spirit
      in the room, that it appeared to be a woman, and that she had smelled
      the scent of lilac. She asks the man what he summoned her here for.
         Stokes returns to the old house. He fearfully asks if Quentin is
      around. Barnabas tells him he's upstairs but he's sure he won't come
      down.  He tells Stokes about his plans to have another exorcism.  Stokes
      recommends against it, but tells him he'll assist if he decides to go
      through with it.
         At Collinwood, Julia tells the mysterious man, "I understand what
      you want me to do" and leaves.
         Julia returns to Collinwood.  She surprises Barnabas by telling
      him that she thinks it would be best if they leave and go back to
      1970 without doing anything more here. Barnabas is shocked and refuses.
      Julia goes upstairs. Barnabas suddenly begins to smell the scent of
      lilac and sense someone in the room and demands, "Who are you? Show
      yourself!". A ghostly woman appears (Kate Jackson!). Barnabas asks
      her what she wants.  Suddenly, the room fills with a mysterious wind
      which blows all the candles out, plunging the room into darkness.
      The woman disappears. The wind stops. Barnabas relights the candles.
      He sees a piece of paper on the desk. He picks it up and reads it.
      On it are three handwritten words, "She will die!".
   Episode 1068
   Tape Date:  July 22, 1970 (ABC #153-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   July 29, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas calls Julia. She comes back down into the living room.  Barnabas
   tells her about the what happened and about the note and wonders who the
   'she' referred to in it is.  He tells Julia it's strange that both the
   ghost of the man and the woman were dressed in 19th century clothes while
   both the children were dressed in 1970 clothes.  Quentin comes running
   downstairs and exclaims, "She was here! I could feel it!". Barnabas asks
   who he thinks was here. Quentin replies, "Daphne. I can still smell the
   lilac.  Everytime I've seen her, I've smelled lilac".  Barnabas asks who
   "Daphne" is, but Quentin replies that he doesn't really know, that he's
   only seen her a few times.
      Barnabas and Julia go to the old house, Barnabas having decided to
   look in the family history to see if there's any mention of Daphne.
   Julia tells him not to bother, that she's read the entire history of
   the Collins family and didn't find any "Daphne" in it, but Barnabas
   insists on looking anyway to make sure. Barnabas goes into the drawing
   room to look for the history as Julia stays in the foyer. Barnabas
   finds the history and begins to read it.  Suddenly, the candles blow out
   and the history is wrenched from his hands by an unseen force and thrown
   across the room. Julia cries,"Barnabas!" and he runs out to the foyer
   to see what's wrong.  She tells him that she saw the ghost of the boy
   but that he had disappeared. He tells her what happened in the drawing
   room and they go in to look for the history. Barnabas finds it near the
   fireplace. He notices the smell of lilacs in the room again. He opens the
   history and is shocked to find that the section coveringthe early 19th
   century have been torn out and are missing.  He tells Julia that this
   must have just happened, that the book wasn't like that just a few
   minutes ago.
      Carolyn is in her cottage looking through a photo album. She is
   having trouble identifying people and it takes her a long time to
   identify people as 'Elizabeth', 'Roger', etc.  She finds a girl she
   cannot identify.  Barnabas comes in and tells her, "That's you, Carolyn".
   He asks her who "Daphne" is. Carolyn replies that she doesn't know.
   Barnabas points to the picture of Carolyn in 1970 and tells her, "You used
   to be such a courageous, feisty girl.  I'm sure you still are.  Won't
   you please help me?  I know you can.". But Carolyn still insists she
   doesn't know.  After Barnabas leaves, Carolyn looks at the picture
   and ponders Barnabas's words about how feisty and couragoeous she was.
      Barnabas returns to the old house and tells Julia what happened.
   Julia replies,"You should have known she wouldn't tell you anything.".
   Barnabas is shocked at the way she says this and tells her, "You sound
   almost pleased about that, Julia!". She replies that it must be his
   imagination, that what he heard was actually exasperation.   He asks
   her for the note, saying he's thinking of having another exorcism and
   wants to use that note in it. Julia replies that he has it. He replies
   that he thought he gave it to her. She replies that she doesn't have it
   be promises to look for it.
      The man and Daphne are at Collinwood.  Daphne gives the note to
   Gerard.  Gerard tears it up...
      Carolyn goes to the old house looking for Barnabas.  Quentin tells
   her Barnabas isn't there, that he's gone to see Professor Stokes. They then
   recognize each other and greet each other warmly. Carolyn writes a note
   and tells Quentin to give it to Barnabas when he returns.  After Carolyn
   leaves, Quentin reads the note and finds that it says, "Meet me at
   Collinwood.  I will be waiting t here.  I will try to tell you everything
   I remember..". He exclaims, "EVERYTHING SHE REMEMBERS?! NO! NO ONE MUST
   KNOW!", crumples the note up and winds his arm up to throw it into the
   fire.  Barnabas comes in, sees him and says, "Is that the note from
   Daphne?". Quentin answers meekly, "No. It's the note from Carolyn".
   Barnabas takes it from him and reads it and exclaims incredulously,
   "You were going to keep THIS from me?".
      Barnbas and Julia go to Collilnwood.  Barnabas finds Carolyn sitting
   at the desk, pen in hand, apparent writing something.  He tells her,
   "You don't know how much this means to me.  I know this is hard for
   you..." but, receiving no reply, touches her on the shoulder and asks,
   "Carolyn?".  She falls out of the chair and onto the ground.
   Episode 1069
   Tape Date:  July 23, 1970 (ABC #154-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   July 30, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas runs out into the foyer and tells Julia that Carolyn is
   dead. They go into the drawing room. They are shocked to find Carolyn
   gone.  Barnabas reads what Carolyn was writing and shows it to Julia.
   It is very cryptic, bearing odd disconnected phrases:

             "The night of the sun and the moon",
             "The picnic",
             "The murder",
             "The unfinished horoscope",
             "The night I sang my song",
             "The destruction of Rose Cottage."

   Julia tells Barnabas they're the meaningless rambling of a crazy woman,
   but he tells her he's convinced that they're important,  that Carolyn was
   writing down things to help herself remember. Barnabas tells Julia to go
   get the sheriff.  She refuses, saying they shouldn't because they shouldn't
   be at Collinwood in the first place. Barnabas that she's been acting very
   strangely lately and asks her again to go get the sheriff. This time, she
   leaves to do so.
      Barnabas goes back into the drawing room, wondering what happened to
   Carolyn's body. Then he remembers the secret panel to the right of the
   fireplace. He puts down his candle and opens it. When he turns back to
   get his candle, he is surprised to see the man standing there. He demands
   to know what he did with Carolyn, but the spirit doesn't say anything.
   He hears the front door slam and Julia calling out, "Barnabas.." and looks
   toward the front doors.  When he turns back, the spirit is gone. Julia
   comes in and tells him she got the sheriff.  Barnabas tells her what
   happened, and remarks that he's never seen such evil as he saw in the
   eyes of the spirit.  Julia asks, "If he's so evil, why didn't he do
   anything to you?". Barnabas replies, "I don't think he could..".
   (The implication is that he couldn't harm vampires). After Barnabas
   leaves the room, Julia calls out quietly, "Gerard? Are you here?".
      Barnabas, Julia and the sheriff go to examine the playroom. They
   are shocked to find Carolyn's body there, all laid out with flowers and
   burning candles. Barnabas tells the sheriff that a spirit named Gerard*
   is responsible for this and that he's planning on having an exorcism.
   Julia is shocked. Barnabas and the sheriff leave. Julia stays, saying
   she wants to be with Carolyn.  After Barnabas and the sheriff leave,
   the spirit appears and appears to tell Julia something psychically.
   Julia tells him she understands what must be done...
      The sheriff comes to the old house and finds Quentin there. He tells
   him about Carolyn's death and tells him that the autopsy found that she
   died of heart failure.  Quentin angrily tells the sheriff that Barnabas
   was reponsible for her death, that he made her go to Collinwood. He
   starts to ramble on crazily. When the sheriff asks him if he's ever heard
   the name 'Gerard', Quentin reacts with terror. Julia returns.  Quentin
   continues to ramble. Julia tells the sheriff to excuse him for this, that
   he's been in Stormcrest, a mental hospital, recently.  The sheriff remarks
   that from his behavior, he looks like he still belongs in there. Quentin
   replies that he'd like to go back there. The sheriff tells him he'll take
   him there.  The sheriff asks where Barnabas is. Julia tells the sheriff
   that when he gets back, she has something important about Barnabas to tell
      Barnabas awakens and opens his coffin. He finds himself staring into
   a cross, shrieks and turns his head. Standing above him, holding the
   cross, is the sheriff. The sheriff says, "Barnabas Collins, I know all
   about you!",

   * It is not explained how Barnabas knows that the spirit is named
     'Gerard'.  He has been listed in the credits as 'Gerard', but to my
     knowledge, no one has called him by name except in this episode.
   Episode 1070
   Tape Date:  July 24, 1970 (ABC #155-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   July 31, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      The sheriff aims a gun at Barnabas's heart and prepares to shoot.
   Suddenly, the ghost of Carrie appears. The sheriff reacts with terror
   and backs away from her, saying "Stay away from me!". Barnabas takes
   advantage of the distraction and attacks and strangles the sheriff.
      Upstairs, Julia is waiting with the ghost of Gerard. She is crying,
   devastated by her betrayal of Barnabas.  She says in an anquished voice,
   "No... Soon I'll hear the sound of the gunshot, of the silver bullets..".
   She hears the cellar door and looks, expecting to see the sheriff,but
   she's shocked to see it's Barnabas.  The ghost of Gerard disappears
   before Barnabas sees him.  Barnabas tells Julia what happened downstairs,
   that the sheriff almost shot him with a pistol he could see was loaded
   with silver bullets, but that he managed to kill him first.  He asks,
   "Who could have told him?". Julia cries and tells him that she
   told him.  Barnabas asks why, but she tells him she can't tell him.
   He tells her he realizes that the ghost must have taken control of her.
   She refuses to admit this, but tells him she's a danger to him now and
   asks him to go back to Angelique's room and escape, as he'll be in danger
   as soon as the sun sets, perhaps from her. She tells him she can't go with
   him. He tells her, "I can't leave without you!" and tells her he'll stay
   as long as he can before dawn and find out what he can and then take her
   with him.
      Barnabas calls Stokes. When Stokes comes, Barnabas asks him to help
   him hold a seance to contact Carolyn and try to get her to tell her what
   she knows. They hold the seance.  The spirit of Carolyn speaks through
   Julia and repeats what she wrote in the note: "The night of the sun
   and moon", "The picnic","The murder","The unfinished horoscope","The
   night I sang my song", "The destruction of Rose Cottage."  Suddenly,
   a ghostly wind blows through the room and Carolyn's spirit leaves.
   Gerard appear outside and looks through the window.  Stokes gets up,
   looks at the spirit in fear.  Gerard touches the window.  Stokes stumbles
   around and falls sitting into a chair.  Barnabas examines Stokes and
   exclaims, "He's dead".  Julia screams and runs out of the old house.
      Julia runs to the playroom at Collinwood. Gerard is there waiting
   for her.  He gives her a knife and appears to tell her something
   telepathically.  Julia asks, "Must I?"  Gerard replies telepathically.
   Julia continues, "I knew I would have to do this!"  She raises the knife,
   says, "Soon I will be with you!", raises the knife and prepares to stab
   herself.  But Barnabas comes running into the room and screams, "Julia!
   Drop the knife!". Julia drops the knife.  Barnabas tells the ghost, "I'll
   never let you have her!".  The ghost touches Julia on the forehead and
   Julia falls to the floor.  Barnabas goes to Julia and finds that she is
   very weak and appears to be dying.  Gerard leaves. Outside, he locks th e
   doors.  Inside, Barnabas tries the door but finds that it's locked.  He
   looks for another way out by does not find one. Suddenly, the ghost of
   Carrie appears. He begs, "You helped me once!  Please help us again!"
   The ghost walks through a wall and disappears.  Suddenly, a door appears
   in the wall in the spot she walked through.  Barnabas opens the door and
   takes Julia inside what appears to be some sort of secret passage.  They
   walk up a flight of stairs, where they find another door.  Julia groans
   in pain.  Barnabas opens the door and carries Julia through it.  They
   find themselves in a hallway. Barnabas puts Julia in a chair.  He hears
   a voice asks demandingly, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"  He
   turns and sees Carrie standing there...

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