Dark Shadows
August 1966

     Episode 26
     Tape Date:   July 18, 1966
     Air Date:    August 1, 1966 Monday
     Writer:      Art Wallace
     Director:    Lela Swift

        The door at the end of the bedroom hallway opens. David peeks from
     inside and, seeing no one in the hallway, comes out and closes the
     door. But as soon as he comes out, Vicky comes into the hallway. David
     tells her, "You can have your stupid letter!". Vicky asks him, "Your
     father could have been killed, David! Why did you do it?" David replies,
     "I didn't!", but Vicky shows him the bleeder valve and tells him, "I
     found this in your room." David exclaims, "You're lying!" Vicky tells
     him, "I'm going to show this to your Aunt Elizabeth." David scream,
     "NO! GIVE THAT TO ME!" He goes beserk and tries to take it from her.
     She retreats to her room but he chases her in there, fighting her like
     a madman, trying to take the valve from her. Finally, she manages to
     put the valve in the top drawer of her dresser and locks it in there.
     David calms down a little. She tells him, "Let me show you where I
     found it, David." and starts out the door. He accompanies her. But
     as they get out the door, Vicky suddenly turns and goes back into her
     room and locks the door.
        Roger goes to the police station to talk to Constable Carter. Carter
     explains to him that he couldn't arrest Burke Devlin because there
     wasn't any real evidence against him, that had he arrested him, they
     would've had to let him go anyway for lack of evidence.
        From inside her room, Vicky listens through the door to see if she
     can hear if David is still outside. She calls out, "David? Are you out
     there?". He is, but does not answer.
        Roger reminds Constable Carter, "My family is responsible for over
     half the jobs in this town." and threatens to use his influence to have
     him removed from his job the next election. The constable angrily
     refuses to be intimidated. Roger asks him, "Have you had his room at the
     Inn searched? At least you could do that." Carter tells him, "Burke
     would have to be either a fool or a psychotic to have kept the valve and
     put it in his room if he had been the one who tampered with your car,
     and I don't think he's either."
        Finally, David leaves from outside Vicky's door. Vicky comes out.
     Downstairs, Elizabeth, who's been out somewhere, comes in through the
     front doors and runs into David, who's running down the stairs. She
     grabs him. He screams, "Let me go! Let me go!" She asks him what's the
     matter. He tells her, "It's Miss Winters. She tried to hurt me!" She
     takes him into the drawing room and asks him what he means. He lies,
     "She got mad a me for reading her stupid letter. She pulled me into her
     room and tried to hurt me. She hates me. She might even try to blame me
     for my father's accident!" David suddenly stops talking. Vicky has come
     into the room. Elizabeth tells David to leave the room, saying she wants
     to speak to Vicky alone. David reluctantly leaves, saying, "She's going
     to lie to you about me!"
        Against his best judgememt, Constable Carter gets a warrant to search
     Burke's room. He calls the Inn and finds that Devlin is not there, that
     he's left and said he'd be gone for four or five hours. Roger tells him
     he'd like to accompany him, but Carter tells him that that wouldn't be
        David eavesdrops through the drawing room door. Inside, Vicky starts
     to tell Elizabeth her story. Before she can tell her about the bleeder
     valve, however, the phone rings. Elizabeth answers. It's Roger. He tells
     her that he's managed to convince the constable to search Burke Devlin's
     room, that the constable will be conducting the search soon. Outside,
     David listens to the call on the phone in the foyer. After finishing the
     call, Elizabeth tells Vicky about the search. Vicky tells her, "He won't
     find it." Elizabeth asks he how she knows that. Vicky replies,"I have
     it. I found it in David's dresser drawer." She explains what happened.
     Elizabeth is dumbfounded and refuses to believe it. Vicky tells her,
     "I can show it to you. It's upstairs in my room." As they go up,
     Elizabeth, still not believing her, asks , "Are you sure you weren't
     mistaken? It could've been something else. Many mechanical parts look
     alike." Vicky replies, "No, I'm sure it was the bleeder valve. It looked
     exactly like the drawing Mr. Malloy made." They get to her room.
     Vicky takes the key out of her pocket, unlocks the drawer and opens it.
     She reaches in to get the bleeder, but finds that it's gone.
     Episode 27
     Tape Date:  July 19, 1966
     Air Date:   August 2, 1966 Tuesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Vicky is looking for David downstairs. Carolyn returns through the
     front doors. She asks Vicky where Elizabeth is. Vicky tells her that
     they're looking for David, that Elizabeth is searching upstairs and she
     downstairs. Carolyn asks why. Vicky tells her it's because David is
     suspected of attempted murder. Carolyn is shocked and asks what she
     means. Vicky explains what happened.
        Burke Devlin is at the "Bangor Pines Hotel" meeting with Stuart
     Bronson in Bronson's hotel room. He asks Bronson if he has the papers
     he wanted. Bronson replies that he does. He tells him, "You know, you
     didn't have to drive up here. I could've rented a car and driven down
     to Collinsport and delivered them to you." Devlin angrily tells him,
     "I've already told you no one in Collinsport is to suspect that you are
     working for me. We are to take no chances of being seen together!
     Bronson gives him some documents, saying, "The complete financial
     statements of the Collins family. I've got complete profit statements
     for the last five years." Devlin takes the papers and says, "It's the
     debt structure I'm interested in." Bronson asks, "Why the need for all
     the secrecy? We're not planning to do anything illegal." Burke replies,
     "It's no fun giving someone a surprise party if the person you want to
     surprise knows it's coming." He starts to read the documents.
        Vicky tells Carolyn there's one thing that puzzles her, how the
     bleeder valve disappeared from her locked dresser drawer. Carolyn tells
     her she thinks she knows what happened. She tells her, "Let me get
     something from my room." While Vicky is waiting for her in the bedroom
     hallway, she hears a noise coming from behind the door at the end of
     the hallway. Carolyn comes back. Vicky tells her about the noise.
     Carolyn tells her that that's impossible, that that part of the house
     is unused and the door is always locked, that no one ever goes in there.
     Suddenly, the door starts to open. Both Vicky and Carolyn stand there
     shocked. But it is only Elizabeth who comes out. Carolyn asks what she
     was doing in there. She explains that she was looking for David.
     Inside Vicky's room, Carolyn goes to the dresser and opens the locked
     top drawer. Vicky asks, "How did you do that?" Elizabeth explains, "That
     dresser has a mate in Carolyn's room. The keys are the same." Carolyn
     notices a copy of "Mechano" magazine in Vicky's drawer. Surprised to
     see it there, she takes it out, saying, "I didn't know you read this,
     Vicky!" She leafs through it and is shocked to find an apparently well
     thumbed article on the braking system of a car. She shows this to
     Elizabeth and Vicky. Elizabeth asks Vicky what it's doing in her room.
     Vicky tells her David gave it to her as a gift. Elizabeth, perhaps
     starting to suspect Vicky, tell her "That sounds dubious..."
        Burke Devlin finishes reading the report and angrily tells Stuart
     Bronson, "It doesn't go far enough!" Bronson replies, "I don't see what
     you're talking about. All we have to do now is to buy out all the
     outstanding letters of credit and call them in." Burke replies, "No.
     It's not complete enough. I want a complete report of EVERYTHING the
     Collins Family owns." Bronson explains, "But I got all the big things."
     Burke tells him, "That's not good enough. I want everything, however
     small. There's some buildings on the waterfront you didn't get, for
     example." He tells him, "I'm going to do a job on that family. When
     I'm finished with them, they'll wish they never heard the name
     'Burke Devlin'!" Devlin asks Bronson, "Now where's that report on
     Logansport I asked for?" Bronson replies, "Logansport. That's where
     the competing cannery you were interested in is. Isn't it in there?"
     Devlin replies that it isn't. Bronson, puzzled, tells him, "It should
     be in there. I know I asked my secretary to type it up. Maybe she sent
     it to your hotel room by mistake." Burke angrily tells him, "She better
     not have! If anyone notices it came from your office, the Collins'
     might find out!" He calls the Collinsport Inn to see if he's had any
        Elizabeth tells Roger on the telephone that David's missing.
        Burke's call to the Collinsport Inn goes through. He's relieved to
     find that he's had no mail. Suddenly, a shocked look crosses his face
     and he exclaims, "What?! When?!". After he hangs up, Bronson asks what's
     wrong. Burke tells him, "While I've been away, the sheriff has searched
     my room. It's been some day. Not only that, but someone was caught
     trying to break into my room." Bronson asks, "Who? A thief?" Devlin
     replies, "No. A little boy."
     Episode 28
     Tape Date:  July 20, 1966
     Air Date:   August 3, 1966 Wednesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Burke Devlin returns to Collinwood. He goes to the police office
     and angrily confronts Sheriff Carter* about his searching his room.
     Carter defends himself by saying he had a warrant and was just doing
     his job. Burke asks, "Why didn't you search it when you questioned me?"
     The sheriff replies, "I'm just a slow, small town officer, I guess."
     Burke asks, "Roger Collins is behind this, isn't it?" Sheriff Carter
     lies that he isn't. He asks, "Now Burke, someone tampered with Roger's
     car. If if wasn't you, who was it?".
        Maggie finds David hanging around in the lobby of the Collinsport
     Inn. Thinking he is waiting for his father, she takes him into the
     diner and makes him a ice cream sundae. Maggie tells him, "You know,
     I heard you went into Burke Devlin's room..." David explains, "Someone
     left the door open. I was just looking."
        Burke continues to argue with the sheriff. The phone rings. The
     sheriff answers and talks briefly with someone he calls "Frank."
     He tells him, "Now Frank, I told you to call me collect." Frank
     apparently says,"That's all right" or something like that. The sheriff
     laughs and says, "Well, the New York police department must have a lot
     of money to spend." He tells him he can't talk to him right now and will
     call him back later. Realizing that the sheriff has been checking up on
     him, Burke blows up and yells, "STOP HOUNDING ME!" The sheriff remarks,
     "You know, Burke. You're starting to sound like a guilty man." After
     Burke leaves, the sheriff returns the call to New York.
        Roger comes to the diner to get David. Maggie, who has let him in
     the door, takes him to the counter but is surprised to find that David
     isn't there. Puzzled, she tells him, "He was here a second ago.." She
     tells him, "There's something I want to talk to you about. It's my
     father. What's going on? He's been acting frightened since Burke Devlin
     came back. There seems to be something going on between him, Burke and
     you. What is it?" Roger denies that there is anything. Maggie tells him
     her father has been acting strangely, that he was acted really nervous
     when Burke visited the Evan's cottage. Roger exclaims, "What?! Burke
     visited the cottage?" Maggie replies that he did, that he asked Sam
     to do a portrait of him. Burke Devlin comes in through the door. He
     asks Maggie, "Any of that Lobster Roll left?" Maggie leaves to get him
     some. Roger and Burke exchange some angry words. Roger accuses Burke of
     lying, saying, "You said you were only going to be here for a few days,
     but I've found out that you're going to have a portrait painted." Burke
     replies that he wasn't lying, his plans have changed. Roger vows to
     put him back in prison and leaves. Maggie returns with Burke's dinner.
     Burke mentions that he heard a kid had broken into his room. Maggie
     replies, "Oh, that was just David. He didn't break in. A chambermaid
     left the door open and he just went in to take a look." Burke asks
     Maggie, "Was there any contact between your father and Roger Collins
     when I was away?" Maggie replies, "No, not until the night you came
     back. Roger came here looking for my father that night."
        Roger goes to the sheriff's office. The sheriff tells him he's called
     New York and checked out Burke Devlin and found that he was clean, that
     he runs an investment company that buys companies and sells them for a
     profit. He tells him he did find one strange thing though, that about
     two weeks before Burke Devlin returned, he hired a private detective
     named Wilbur Strake who came to Collinsport and asked a lot of questions
     about the Collins family.
        Burke Devlin finishes his Lobster Roll dinner, says goodbye to Maggie
     and leaves. Maggie takes the dishes and goes into the kitchen with them.
     David comes out from hiding and leaves. He's been in crouching down in
     the phone booth.
     Episode 29
     Tape Date: July 21, 1966
     Air Date:  August 14, 1966 Thursday
     Writer:    Art Wallace
     Director:  John Sedwick

        Elizabeth is in the drawing room. Carolyn comes in through the front
     door. Elizabeth asks her if she's found David. Carolyn replies that she
     hasn't, that she's looked through all the places on the estate where he
     might hide, including all her favorite hiding places when she was a kid
     and not found him. She tells her she fears that maybe he ran away.
     Elizabeth tells Carolyn that she blames Vicky for David running off.
        At the Collinsport Inn, Burke Devlin returns to his room. He finds
     David in the hallway waiting for him. David tells him he's been waiting
     for him for over two hours, that he has something he wants to talk to
     him about. Devlin invites him in. After seating David on the couch,
     Burke tells him he'll go fix him a "Burke Devlin Special" to drink and
     goes into the kitchen. While Burke is in the kitchen, David takes the
     bleeder valve out of his pocket and puts it under the sofa seat mat.
        Vicky comes downstairs and asks Elizabeth if David's been found.
     Elizabeth tells her she hasn't, then tells Vicky it's her (Vicky's)
     fault that David is gone. Vicky is shocked.
        Carolyn goes to Vicky's room to talk to her. Seeing that Vicky looks
     sad, she tells her, "Don't blame yourself about David. He was a problem
     long before you came here." She asks her what's wrong. Vicky replies,
     "It's your mother..."
        At the Collinsport Inn, Burke Devlin comes out of the kitchen with
     two drinks and gives one to David and toasts "To your mother!" They
     drink. Burke tells David,"Your mother, Roger and I were once great
     pals." He asks him if he likes the drink. David replies that he does.
     Burke tells him, "It's a mixture of a couple of fruit juices. I loved
     it when I was a kid." He asks him what he wanted to talk to him about.
     David replies, "Oh, nothing."
        Carolyn comes downstairs and angrily tells Elizabeth that she
     shouldn't be blaming Vicky about David. Elizabeth agrees and admits
     that she was wrong in blaming Vicky.  The phone rings. It's Maggie. She
     asks if David's home yet, saying he was at the diner about three
     quarters of an hour ago. Elizabeth angrily asks, "He was there?! Why
     didn't you call and tell us?" Maggie replies that she did, that she
     called Roger, but by the time he came, David was gone. Elizabeth tells
     Carolyn to go into town and look for David there.
        Elizabeth apologizes to Vicky.
        At the Collinsport Inn, David and Burke continue to talk. David tells
     Burke, "My father hates me." Burke assures him that that can't be true,
     that he's probably mistaking strictness for hate. He tells him his own
     father was very strict too. David tells him, "I wish my father were
     like you." Burke again asks him, "What did you come here for?" David
     replies, "Nothing. I just wanted to see what you looked like. My father
     and mother used argue all the time, and most of the arguments were about
     you. I was just curious about you." Burke looks out the window and
     notices that it's starting to storm. He tells David, "You'd better get
     home before the storm gets real bad." He tells him he'll drive him home.
     He tells David to go and wash up. While David is in the bathroom, Burke,
     who was apparently peeking out of the kitchen while he was making the
     "Burke Devlin Specials", lifts the seat cushion to see what David put
     there and finds the bleeder valve.
     Episode 30
     Tape Date:  July 22, 1966
     Air Date:   August 5, 1966 Friday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        Vicky is alone at Collinwood. She is in the drawing room. The lights
     suddenly go out. Vicky gets a candle and tries to light it. A lightning
     flash illumintate the foyer. Vicky is startled to see a shadowing figure
     standing there. She calls out, "Who's there?", but receives no reply.
     There's another lightning flash, but this time, there's no one in the
     foyer. The electricity comes back on. Vicky hears a door. She goes to
     see who it is and finds that it's Roger coming out of the door under the
     stairs. Vicky tells him she saw someone in the doorway a few minutes
     ago. Roger replies that it was probably him, that he was going down to
     the cellar to replace a fuse. He asks where everyone is. She tells him
     Carolyn is in town looking for David, and Elizabeht went to Matthew's
     cottage to see if he's found David yet. Vicky tells Roger that it was
     David who tried to kill him. She tells him about finding the bleeder
     valve in his room.
        Burke Devlin is studying the bleeder valve. He hears the bathroom
     door start to open and quickly puts it in his pocket. David comes out
     of the bathroom. Burke and David talk some more. The conversation turns
     to dogs. Learning that David doesn't have one, Burke tells him, "Every
     boy should have a dog!" and promises to get him one if he's in town
     long enough. Nothing that the storm is getting worse, he tells David,
     "I think it's time I got you home." He goes to the phone and calls
     downstairs, telling the clerk to have his car brought out front. While
     his back is turned, David, who's apparently decided that Burke Devlin
     is a nice guy and has changed his mind about framing him, reaches under
     the seat cushion to retrieve the bleeder valve, but can't find it.
        Burke is driving David home. David suddenly tells Burke, "We've got
     to go back! I think I left something in your room." Burke tells him
     it's too late to go back now and tells him, "What did you forget?
     I'll bring it to Collinwood tomorrow." David tells him,"Nothing. I was
     mistaken. I didn't forget anything there."
        At Collinwood, Vicky is explaining how she found the valve in
     David's room and locked it in her dresser, thinking he couldn't get it
     there, but found it gone and later learned that there was another key
     to the dresser. Roger tells Vicky he's surprised that David would have
     the knowledge to sabotage his car. Vicky shows him the "Mechano"
     magazine David gave her and shows him the article explaining the
     workings of the master brake cylinder.  There's a knock at the door
     downstairs. Vicky exclaims, "Maybe David's been found!" and rushes out
     of the room.
        Vicky and Roger go downstairs and open the front door. It's Burke
     Devlin with David. Burke, perhaps not wanting Roger to become angry
     with David for going to his room, lies, "I found him walking along
     the streets in town." Roger tells David, "I want to talk to you, young
     man!" and takes him into the drawing room, closing the doors behind
        In the drawing room, Roger tells David he knows that it was he who
     took the bleeder valve from his car. He tells him Vicky told him what
     happened, about her finding the bleeder valve and his taking it again.
     David tells him it's not true. He empties his pockets, putting the
     contents on the table and says, "Look. I don't have it!" Roger replies,
       "Well, then you obviously threw it away somewhere."
        Outside in the foyer, Burke reminds Vicky about the advice he gave
     her the first time he met her to get back on the train and leave. He
     tells her it's not too late and advises her to leave Collinsport.
        Inside the drawing room, Roger confronts David with the "Mechano"
     magazine. David lies that it isn't his, that he's never seen it before.
     Roger opens the drawing room doors and tells Vicky to come in. She
     does. Roger asks her to recount her story. She does. David denies that
     it's true. He accuses Vicky of being a liar. He shouts, "I never had
     that valve!" Burke, in the foyer, hears this. He comes into the
     drawing room, takes the valve out of his pocket, and asks, "Is this
     what you're looking for?"
     Episode 31
     Tape Date:  July 25, 1966
     Air Date:   August 8, 1966 Monday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        Roger asks Burke where he found the valve. Burke lies that when he
     was driving David home, he stopped at the place where the accident
     occured to take a look and found it lying near there. He remarks that
     it must've fallen off by itself. He tells Roger that David was there
     with him and can confirm his story.  He asks David, "Isn't that true,
     David?" David lies that it is. Roger asks David, "Why didn't you tell
     me this before?" David is silent, but Burke interjects, "Because you
     didn't give the boy a chance to, Roger!" Roger asks to speak to Vicky
     alone. David and Burke leave the drawing room and Roger closes the
     doors. He shows Vicky the bleeder valve and asks her, "Is this what
     you found in David's room?" She replies that it is.
        Outside in the foyer, Burke tells David to tell him the truth. He
     tells David he found the bleeder valve under the sofa cushion in his
     hotel room, that he saw him put it there when he was in the kitchen,
     that he was peeking out the door while he was making the drinks. David
     admits that he did. Burke tells him he knows that he was trying to
     frame him, a man already under suspicion, but understands why he did it,
     that when you're trapped in a corner, you do a lot of stupid things.
     David tells him he didn't know he was going to be such a nice guy and
     they were going to become such good friends. He tells him that when he
     did, he tried to get the valve back, but couldn't.  Burke tells David
     he's mad at him a little, but that they're still friends.
        Inside the drawing room, Vicky maintains that her story is true.
     The phone rings. Roger answers. It's Carolyn. She tells Roger she didn't
     find David, but inquired at the Collinsport Inn and learned from the
     clerk that David left there with Burke Devlin a little while ago.
     Roger wonders why Burke would lie about finding David wandering the
        Outside, Burke is alone in the foyer. David comes out from the
     bedroom hallway and comes back downstairs holding a photograph in
     his hand. He gives it to Burke, saying, "It's not a very good one, but
     it's the only one I have. I'm in it with my mother. My father's not in
     it because he took it." Burke looks at the picture. David tells Burke
     he wishes his mother would come back, but can't because she's in a
     hospital. The drawing room doors open. Roger and Vicky come out. Roger
     tells Burke he would like to speak to him now. He tells Vicky to keep
     and eye on David. They go into the drawing room and close the doors.
        Inside the drawing room, Roger tells Burke he knows he lied about
     finding David wandering the streets, that he knows they left the hotel
        Vicky and David are in David's room. David tells Vicky to go away
     and leave him alone. She tells him she can't, that his father told him
     to stay with him. He shouts, "I HATE YOU!"
        Burke admits he lied, saying David had come to his room to
     see him. He tells Roger he lied because he didn't want him to become
     angry at David. Roger asks Burke why David would want to see him.
     Burke replies, "Beats me. Maybe he wanted to see what I looked like
     after hearing so much talk about me."
        In David's room, David shouts at Vicky, "I wish you were dead! I
     wish some ghosts would come and kill you!" Roger, who's just come in
     through the door, shouts, "That's enough, David!" He tells Vicky he'd
     like to speak to David alone. She leaves. David fearfully asks, "What
     are you going to do?"
        Vicky goes downstairs. Burke once again advises her to leave. Vicky
     replies that she can't, that she's got to stay to try to find out about
     her past. She remarks, "I don't have the money to hire a private
     detective like you." Burke replies, "If you'll have dinner with me,
     I'll let you see the report he prepared on you."
        Upstairs, David insists he had nothing to do with the bleeder valve.
     Roger, apparently not believing either David or Burke, angrily calls
     David a "little murderer" and tells him he's going to have to send him
     away. David screams, "NO!" and runs out of the room. He runs downstairs
     and into the arms of Burke Devlin, his father right behind him. He
     screams, "Help me, Burke, help me!" Burke replies, "Sorry, Davey, but
     there's nothing I can do." Vicky asks Roger, "What are you going to
     do?" Roger replies, "For now, lock him up in his room. Later,
     we'll see." He takes David upstairs. Burke leaves, leaving Vicky
     standing alone in the foyer, shocked at everything that's happened.
     Episode 32
     Tape Date:  July 26, 1966
     Air Date:   August 9, 1966 Tuesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        Elizabeth returns from Matthew Morgan's cottage. She tells Roger
     she's told Matthew to go and search for David. Roger replies, "He
     needn't bother." He tells her she's missed a lot, that a lot of things
     have happened while she was gone. He tells her that David's back and
     remarks, "He tried to kill me! My own charming son!" Elizabeth asks
     where David is. Roger replies, "Where all criminals should be. Under
     lock and key. I've locked him in his room." He shows her the bleeder
        Sheriff Carter, in his office, calls his deputy outside on an
     intercom and asks him to call Bill Malloy, saying he'd like to talk
     to him. The deputy tells him that that won't be necessary, that Bill
     Malloy's out there, that he came to talk to HIM. Malloy is sent to
     Carter's office. Carter tells him he'd like to ask him a few questions
     about the Collins family. He tells him that in particular, he like to
     talk about one member of the family, David.
        At Collinwood, Elizabeth tells Roger, "Now Roger, no matter what
     David's done, he's still your son." Roger replies, "Is he? I've never
     been sure about that. He was born eight months after his mother and I
     were married. I've always suspected he was Burke's and hated him because
     of it."
        The sheriff asks Malloy, "Has David ever had any arguments with his
     father? Has he ever wished him dead?" Malloy replies that he has, but
     that's normal for a nine year old boy. The sheriff asks, "Did he have an
     argument with his father just before the accident?" Malloy asks, "What
     are you getting at?" Sheriff tells Malloy about the wrench, explaining
     how David had "accidently" knocked it off the table and picked it up.
     He tells Malloy that the fingerprint results have come back, that they
     showed that there were two sets of fingerprints on them, Burke Devlin's
     and David's. He tells him there's one strange thing, though. Some of
     David's fingerprints were UNDER Burke's. He tells him he believes
     Burke's story about finding the wrench on the front seat and that he
     suspects it was David who left it there, that it was David who removed
     the bleeder valve...
        At Collinwood, Roger tells Elizabeth that David is a troubled boy,
     that he needs help and he's going to send him away to a place where
     he'll receive help. Elizabeth angrily refuses to let him do so. Roger
     asks,"What am I supposed to do? Let him stay here and wait for him to
     put rat poison in my coffee or something?" Elizabeth replies, "I don't
     blame David for what he did. I can only imagine what his life's been
     like, enduring this constant hatred from you. David is a Collins, just
     like Jeremiah, Isaac and Benjamin", pointing to the portraits on the
     walls, "and belongs here at Collinwood. If he needs any help, Miss
     Winters and I will give it to him." There's a knock on the front door.
     It's Sheriff Carter. He comes in and tells them he has something
     important to talk to them about. He starts to tell them that the
     fingerprint results from the wrench have come back but Elizabeth
     interrupts him and says, "I have something important to tell you.
     It turns out that the valve on Roger's car hadn't been tampered with
     at all. It was just found at the accident site. Apparently it was loose
     and fell off by itself. I've questioned the caretaker and he's admitted
     that the last time he inspected the car, it was loose and should have
     been replaced, but that he had neglected to do so." The sheriff, knowing
     that this is probably not true, nevertheless asks, "So you want me to
     drop the case, huh?" Elizabeth replies, "Yes. There's no need for a
     criminal investigation if there's no crime." Carter agrees to do so and
     leaves. Elizabeth turns to Roger and says, "I had to lie. I had to
     protect David." Roger growls at Elizabeth, "You've protected a monster,
     Liz. One day, he'll give you reason to regret what you've done" and
     goes upstairs.
     Episode 33
     Tape Date:   July 27, 1966
     Air Date:    August 10, 1966 Wednesday
     Writer:      Art Wallace
     Director:    John Sedwick

        Carolyn returns to Collinwood and finds her mother Elizabeth sitting
     in the drawing room in the dark. Carolyn turns on the lights and asks
     her what's wrong, but Elizabeth merely replies, "Be happy, Carolyn. I
     want at least you to be happy." Elizabeth tells Carolyn that David's
     back. Carolyn asks if he's admitted removing the bleeder valve.
     Elizabeth replies that he hasn't, that he's up in his room refusing to
     say anything. Carolyn asks, "But do you believe now that he's guilty?"
     Elizabeth admits that she does not. Carolyn tells her, "I think we owe
     Burke Devlin an apology." Elizabeth tells Carolyn she thinks she should
     stop being so friendly with Burke Devlin, that just because he turned
     out not to be responsible for Roger's accident, doesn't mean he's not
     up to no good. Carolyn replies, "This is really about my not wanting
     to marry Joe Haskell, isn't it?"
        At the Blue Whale, Joe Haskell is sitting at a table, getting very
     drunk and grumbling about Carolyn not wanting to marry him. Burke
     Devlin comes in and joins him. Joe tells Burke off, calling him a
     "girl stealer". He then says, cryptically, "His wife is going to have
     a baby..." Burke asks him what he means. Joe explains that he's upset
     because he was planning to go into business for himself with a friend,
     that they were going to pool their money to buy a boat, but that now
     his friend has backed out because he's discovered his wife is pregnant
     and he's not going to be able to spare the money.
        At Collinwood, Carolyn asks if plans have been made to send David
     away. Elizabeth replies that they're not going to send him away, that
     he's going to stay here everything will continue as they have been.
     Carolyn is shocked. Elizabeth tells her they're going to explain the
     accident to people by lying that the bleeder valve had been loose and
     fell off all by itself.
        Carolyn goes up to Vicky's room to talk. Vicky asks her, "Could I
     borrow you car tonight? I have something I have to do in town." Carolyn
     replies, "Sure."
        At the Blue Whale, Joe, very drunk by now, tells Burke, "You know
     what the problem is? I'm a mouse. I've let everyone step all over me.
     Well, I'm not going to let people stomp over me anymore!" and angrily
     stomps out of the bar. Burke tells the bartender to put Joe's drinks on
     his tab.
        In the foyer at Collinwood, Vicky tells Elizabeth she's not going to
     be home for dinner tonight. There's a knock on the door. It's Joe. He's
     very, very drunk. He tells Elizabeth, "I want to see Carolyn, and I want
     to see her now!" Elizabeth tells Joe he's drunk and tells him to leave,
     but Joe refuses, insisting on seeing Carolyn and starts up the stairs.
     But as he is halfway up, Carolyn comes down. She sees Joe and says,
     "You're potted!" Joe loudly announces, "Everyone come into the drawing
     room! I have something to say!" Everyone goes into the drawing room.
     Joe drunkenly tells everyone that it's his opinion that Carolyn will
     never marry anyone, that she's destined to stay a spinster, staying at
     Collinwood keeping her mother company. He blames Elizabeth for this,
     saying that Carolyn has been affected by he crazy behavior, that
     Carolyn's probably afraid she'll become as crazy as she, Elizabeth, is
     and is afraid to marry because of it. Joe then collapses on the sofa,
     unconscious. Carolyn turns to Elizabeth and tells her, "No mother!
     It's not true!"
        Vicky drives into town and meets Burke Devlin at the diner of
     the Collinsport Inn, where Burke is about to have dinner.
     Episode 34
     Tape Date:  July 28, 1966
     Air Date:   August 11, 1966 Thursday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        Vicky asks Burke about the report on her. Burke asks her what she'd
     like for dinner, suggesting lobster, saying the one's here are the
     best in the world, but Vicky tells him she'd just like to see the
     report. Burke tells her it's up in his room.
        In the drawing room at Collinwood, Joe Haskell wakes up and sees
     Carolyn standing there. He looks around, sees where he is, and asks,
     "How did I get here? Did I do anything foolish?" Carolyn replies, 
     "You made an enemy." Joe asks, "Who?" Carolyn replies, "Me." She tells
     him what he said. He apologizes and asks, "Is your mother angry?" 
     Carolyn replies, "Plenty!" Joe explains that he had gone to the Blue
     Whale and got drunk because his plans for buying a boat fell through.
     He tells her, "Burke Devlin was there. I think I told him off too."
        In Burke Devlin's hotel room, Vicky asks for the report. Burke
     tells her he'll get it for her.
        Carolyn tells Joe to go and apoligize to Burke, but Joe refuses, 
     saying Burke Devlin's one person he's glad he told off. He asks, "Why
     would you want me to apolize to the man who tried to kill your uncle?" 
     Carolyn tells him that it turned out that Burke wasn't responsible for
     the accident, that the valve was loose and had fallen off by itself.   
     Joe suddenly remembers something and exclaims, "Oh no! I just 
     remembered. I left the Blue Whale last night without paying my bill!"
        In Devlin's hotel room Burke, still insisting on having dinner 
     with Vicky, calls room service and asks for two steaks, two salads, and 
     two cups of black coffee sent up. Vicky reads the report he gave her  
     and tells him, "This isn't of much use to me. There isn't anything in 
     here I don't already know." He asks her what she want to find out.
     She tells him her story. He tells her he'd like to help her any way
     he can. There's a knock on the door. Burke says, "That must be our
     dinner." He points to the restroom and tells her, "You can wash up
     in there if you'd like." Vicky goes into the restroom and closes the
     door. Burke answers the door but finds that it isn't dinner, but Joe
     Haskell. Joe comes in. He see's Vicky's purse on a table and, realizing
     that Burke is entertaining a woman, says, "Sorry if I'm interrupting
     you, but I'll make this brief. I owe you something." Vicky comes out
     of the bathroom. Joe is surprised to see her there. Joe gives Burke  
     eight dollars and change, says "Goodnight" and leaves. Vicky, upset
     that Joe saw her there, tells Burke she's in no mood for dinner and
    leaves. But before she leave, Burke gets her to promise to "take a
     raincheck on dinner" and have dinner with him some other time.
     Episode 35
     Tape Date:  July 29, 1966
     Air Date:   August 12, 1966  Friday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        The telephone rings at Collinwood. Carolyn answers. It's Joe Haskell.
     Carolyn, who's answered the phone in the foyer, tells Joe, "Wait a
     minute. Let me take it in the other room." She goes into the drawing
     room, closes the doors, and takes the call in there. David, who's been
     hiding in the shadows in the foyer, goes and listens in on the call.
     Carolyn asks Joe, "You're not at the bar again, are you?" Joe assures
     her that he's not, that he's in the hotel restaurant, that he's just
     been up to see Burke Devlin. Carolyn asks, "To apologize to him?" Joe
     replies, "No. To pay for my drinks. He had company. You'll never guess
     who. Vicky Winters."
        Sam Evans (up till now played by Mark Allen, now for the first time
     played by David Ford), comes into the diner and finds Joe there. He
     asks for Maggie, but Joe tells her she isn't here, that she's gone on
     an errand. Sam tells Joe, "If she comes back, tell her I've gone up
     to see Burke Devlin."
        Burke is in his room eating dinner alone. There's a knock at the
     door. He answers. It's Sam Evans. He sees that Burke is having dinner
     and tells him, "Sorry. I'll come back later. I don't want to interrupt
     your dinner.", but Burke invites him in, saying, "It's all right. I even
     ordered dinner for you.", pointing at the uneaten dinner meant for
     Vicky. Sam remarks, "What? Have you added telepathy to your talents?"
     Burke replies, "No. A lady walked out on me. What did you come here to
     talk to me about?" Sam tells him, "Something's come up. A firm in
     Boston's commisioned me to do some advertising sketches for them.
     I won't be able to paint your portrait." Burke tells him, "That's
     all right. You can paint it after you've finished the Boston Commision",
     but Sam still tells him he doesn't think he can do it, saying "I don't
     think I'm good enough to do it. You'll be wasting your $1000." Burke
     replies, "Well, I think you are talented enough, and I'm willing to
     risk the money. $1000 dollars isn't that much money to me"
        At Collinwood, Carolyn is pacing around in the foyer. Vicky returns.
     Carolyn, in a cold tone of voice, asks for her keys back. Vicky gives
     them to her and asks, "Are there any leftovers from dinner? I'm
     starved!" Carolyn sarcastically replies, "Why? Didn't Burke feed you
     well enough?" They get into an argument about Vicky's going to see
        Burke asks Sam if anyone's pressuring him to drop the commission.
     Sam denies that anyone is. Burke refuses to let him drop the commission.
        At Collinwood, things cool down between Vicky and Carolyn. Carolyn
     tells Vicky, "We've got to stop fighting and be friends. I'm your only
     ally here. David hates you. If you and I become enemies, life here will
     become complete hell for you!"
        David tells Vicky, in a threatening tone of voice, "You'll be sorry
     you came here!"
     Episode 36
     Tape Date:   August 1, 1966
     Air Date:    August 15, 1966 Monday
     Writer:      Art Wallace
     Director:    Lela Swift

        Later, Vicky tells Elizabeth, "I've decided to leave Collinwood."
     Elizabeth asks why. Vicky replies, "It's David". She tells Elizabeth
     what David said to her. Elizabeth tells Vicky she'd hate to see her
     leave, saying she's come to consider her part of the family. Vicky
     replies that she has to, that David hates her for exposing his guilt
     in Roger's accident, that she can't teach a boy who thinks of her as
     an enemy. The phone rings. It's Sam, asking for Roger. Elizabeth tells
     him Roger isn't home and asks who it is. Sam hangs up without telling
        Sam hangs up and exits the phone booth at the diner. He is surprised
     to find Roger there. He tells him, "Oh, Roger. I was just trying to
     contact you." Roger remonstrates him for calling him at Collinwood.
     He asks, "Who did you talk to?" Sam replies, "Your sister." Roger asks,
     "Did you tell her who you were?" Sam replies, "Of course not. Do you
     think I'm a fool?" Roger tells him, "You are never to call me at
     Collinwood again. And another thing. You are not to paint Burke's
     portrait. I've been meaning to tell you that for some time, but other
     things have occupied me." Sam tells Roger he tried to return Burke's
     commision, but that Burke wouldn't let him. Roger tells him he'd better
     try harder, that if he were to paint Burke's portrait, they'd be
     spending a lot of time together, that they'd spend a lot of time talking
     and Burke may be able to get a lot of information out of him. Sam tells
     Roger, "I feel real bad about what I did to that boy 10 years ago..."
        Elizabeth tells Vicky she'll have a talk with David. She asks her,
     "Won't you stay just a little while longer to see how things work out?"
     Vicky agrees to try. Vicky asks, "Do you mind if I go into town for a
     movie tonight?" Elizabeth tells her, "No. Go ahead."
        Elizabeth has a talk with David. She orders him to be civil to Vicky
     and do what she tells him to do.
        Sam is alone in the diner, Roger having left. Vicky comes in. Sam
     asks, "What are you doing here?" Vicky replies, "I came into town for
     a movie, but was too late. It had already started, and I hate going
     into movies in the middle." Sam asks her about Elizabeth, saying,"I
     haven't seen her since she locked herself up in Collinwood 18 years
     ago." He asks, "Family is important to her, isn't it? How far would
     she go to protect... Oh, never mind. I think she'll go to any length
     to protect him..."
        At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Roger have a heated argument about
     David. Elizabeth tells him, "I'm only trying to help." Roger angrily
     replies, "The way you've helped Carolyn? The way you've helped me?"
     He tells her her intentions may be good, but her "help" usually makes
     the situation worse. He angrily stomps out of the room and goes upstairs.
     Elizabeth goes to the phone in the drawing room and places a call to
     a Nick Calder in Portland, Maine, but can't get through to him. She
     tells the operator to keep trying and call her back when she gets
     through, that it's very important and to have him call back no matter
     how late it is. Vicky, who's just come in and is in the foyer, hears
     Elizabeth making the call.
     Episode 37
     Tape Date:   August 2, 1966
     Air Date:    August 16, 1966 Tuesday
     Writer:      Art Wallace
     Director:    Lela Swift

        It is 1:00 in the morning. Roger goes into the drawing room and
     telephones Sam Evans. Sam, who is still awake, answers the phone.
     Roger again tells Sam he'd better cancel plans to paint Burke Devlin's
     portrait. After Roger hangs up, he starts to pace the room, but sees
     Vicky standing in the doorway dressed in a robe. He angrily asks her,
     "What are you doing there?" She replies, "I couldn't sleep, so I came
     down to get a book to read." He asks her, "How much of my phone call
     did you hear?" She replies, "None of it. I just got here when you
     saw me." He accuses her of snooping around and tells her she'd better
     mind her own business.
        At the Evan's cottage, Sam pours himself a drink. Maggie comes out
     of her bedroom into the living room and asks Sam what he doing up so
     late. He refuses to tell her, saying, "Go back to bed and leave me
     alone." She asks who called, but he lies, "The friendly neigborhood
     bookmaker." Maggie, seeing that she'll get nothing out of him, goes
     back to bed.
        Later at the Evan's Cottage, Sam is pacing the room. In his hand
     are some sheets of paper. Maggie comes back out of her room. Sam asks,
     "I thought you went back to sleep." Maggie replies that she couldn't
     sleep so she came out to make herself a cup of tea. She notices the
     papers in his hand and asks, "What's that?" Sam pulls the papers away
     from her gaze and says, "It's a letter I wrote and it's personal and
     private!" Maggie goes into the kitchen to make her tea. While she is
     in there, Sam folds the letter, puts them in an envelope, seals and
     writes something on it with a fountain pen. Maggie comes back out of
     the kitchen and jokingly asks, "Who are you writing to? The friendly
     neighborhood bookmaker?" Sam asks, "You want to see who this is for?"
     and shows him the envelope. She looks at it and is surprised to find
     her own name written on it. She is puzzled and asks, "For me?" He gives
     it to her, telling her, "You are not to open it now. You are to put in
     in a safe place and keep it there." Puzzled, she asks why. He replies,
     "Let's just hope you never have to learn what's in there. Let's hope
     you never have to learn..." but stops without finishing the sentence.
     She asks, "Learn what?", but he refuses to tell her, saying, "Put it in
     a safe place and don't open it unless something happens to me."
       At Collinwood, Vicky is awakened by the sound of ghostly crying and
     goes to investigate. Following the sound, she ends up in the basement.
     She finds that the crying sound seems to be coming from behind a door,
     the same door which Elizabeth had gotten angry at her for trying to
     open when she was looking for David in the basement. She tries the door
     but finds that it's still locked. She knocks on it and asks, "Who's
     in there?" She hears footsteps. She turns and sees Roger coming down
     the stairs. He sarcastically asks, "Still looking for something to
     read, Miss Winters?" She tells him she heard a crying sound from behind
     the door. Roger tries the door, finds it locked and accuses her of lying,
     of snooping around again, saying no one could be in the room. Vicky
     insists she heard a crying sound and asks, "Didn't you hear it?" The
     phone rings and Roger rushes upstairs to answer it. Vicky follows him
     up. As soon as they leave, the crying sound behind the door starts
        Roger answers the phone. It's Nick Calder, asking for Elizabeth.
     Roger angrily tells him, "It's after 1:00 in the morning, Mr. Calder.
     My sister is asleep!" Vicky tries to get Roger's attention, saying,
     "But Mr. Collins..", but he doesn't notice her. He tells Calder," Call
     back at a more reasonable time!" and hangs up on him. Vicky tells Roger
     that Elizabeth had called Nick Calder earlier but could not reach him,
     that she had left word that he call back no matter how late it is.
     Roger angrily shouts, "Miss Winters! You were hired as a governess,
     nothing more. Are you trying to tell me how to take phone messages now?
     You can tell my sister about this if you want!" Vicky starts up the
     stairs to do so, but Roger stops her and, in a very sheepish tone of
     voice starts to apoligize to Vicky. He begs her not to go up to
     Elizabeth and asks her to come into the drawing room with him. She
     does. Inside, he apoligizes to her, saying, "I've been boorish and
     rude." He tells her it's because he's been under a lot of pressure
     lately and promises her it'll never happen again. He asks her to
     forgive him . She tells him, "I will if you'll answer one question
     for me. Those sobbing sounds, you did hear them, didn't you?" Roger
     admits that he did. Vicky asks, "What was it?" Roger replies, "I don't
     know. I've heard them many times, but I have no idea what they are.
     One of our ghosts, maybe..."
     Episode 38
     Tape Date:  August 3, 1966
     Air Date:   August 17, 1966 Wednesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        It is the next day. Vicky is once again down in the basement. She
     goes to the locked door and regards it. Matthew Morgan (now for the
     first time played by Thayer David) comes downstairs and finds her
     there. He confronts her and tells her she was told not to come down
     here and snoop around. She tells him she came down here to get some
     books for David, that he told her there were some "Rover Boys" book
     down here. Matthew points to some crates and tells her, "The old books
     are in those crates, not behind that door." Vicky tells him about the
     sounds she heard last night coming from down here. Matthew tells her
     that must have been the ghost of Josette Collins. From upstairs,
     Elizabeth shouts for Matthew.
        Burke Devlin is in the diner of the Inn, sitting at a table reading
     a book, waiting for his breakfast to come. Carolyn Stoddard comes in
     and sees him there. She sees that he is reading a book and notices that
     it's "The Count of Monte Cristo". She muses, "That's about a man who
     comes back for revenge, isn't it?"
        Matthew goes upstairs and tells Elizabeth he was downstairs cleaning
     out the old newspapers. Elizabeth gives him a list of things she wants
     him to go into town and get, remarking, "I hope you can read my
     handwriting." Matthew replies, "I've always been able to read your
     handwriting." Elizabeth says, "But it's been much worse for the past
     couple of days. I've been under a lot of pressure." Matthew growls,
     "It's that Burke Devlin, isn't it?" Elizabeth tells him she has
     something important to talk to him about and takes him into the
     drawing room, closing the door behind them. She tells him, "Burke
     Devlin was not responsible for Roger's accident." Matthew asks, "Then
     who was?" Elizabeth replies, "YOU were." Shocked, Matthew asks, "I WAS?"
     Elizabeth tells him, "Yes. You were. The bleeder valve was loose the
     last few times you checked the car and should have been replaced, but
     you neglected to do so. That was the cause of the accident." Matthew
     vehemently says, "But that's not true!" Elizabeth replies, "It isn't,
     but if anyone asks, that's what you are to say. Understand?" Matthew
     asks why, but Elizabeth refuses to tell him. Even so, Matthew agrees
     to tell this story. Elizabeth thanks him and tells him, "You're a good
     friend, Matthew." Matthew replies, "That's more than I can say about
     that girl you hired. She's downstairs again, even though you told her
     not to go there."
        Elizabeth goes downstairs and confronts Vicky, who's going through
     some crates of old books, and tells her she was told not to come down
     here. Vicky tells her she came down to get some "Rover Boys" books for
     David. Elizabeth gets the books for her. Vicky tells her about the
     sobbing sounds she heard last night. Elizabeth tells her, "There are
     forty rooms in this house, most of them unused. The sound was probably
     the wind blowing through an open window in one of them." Vicky protests,
     "But I heard the sound coming from down here!" Elizabeth explains, "The
     same pipes that carry heat carry sounds. That's why you thought the
     sounds were coming from down here."
        At the diner, Burke admires Carolyn's ring. She tells him it's her
     birthstone. She offers to show him around town, showing some the things
     that have changed the ten years he was gone. He tells her he can't, that
     he's going to sit for a portrait this afternoon, then go to Bangor on
     business. Carolyn asks if she can go to Bangor with him. He replies
     that she can't, that it wouldn't look good if she were with him. After
     Carolyn leaves, Burke finds that she has left her ring at the table.
        At Collinwood, Vicky tells Elizabeth that Nick Calder had returned
     her call late last night. Elizabeth calls Calder again, but once again
     he is not there.
        Burke Devlin is paying his bill at the diner. Matthew Morgan comes
     in, sits at the counter and orders a cup of coffee. Burke sees him and
     asks, "Hey! Don't I know you?" He introduces himself and asks, "Don't
     you remember me?" Matthew replies, "You'd better remember me!" Burke
     asks what he means. Matthew replies, "If you bring any trouble to Mrs.
     Stoddard, I'll kill you!"
        Carolyn returns to Collilnwood. She runs into Vicky at the top of
     the stairs and asks, "How's the tutoring business going?" Vicky replies,
     "It'll be going fine as soon as I can get my pen filled." Carolyn
     lends her a pen and remarks, "I 'happened' to leave a ring somewhere,
     and I expect a gentleman to call soon saying he found it!" She tells
     Vicky, "By the way, if you need ink, I think there's a whole bottle in
     the study."  Vicky starts to talk about the sobbing noise, but Carolyn
     interrupts her, saying, "I know. You heard it again last night." Vicky
     asks her how she knows. Carolyn replies, "I heard it too. You should
     stay in your room when you hear it like I do." Vicky asks, "But last time
     you denied there was any sobbing noise!" Carolyn admits, "I lied last
     time. I didn't want you to be scared away on your first night here."
     After Carolyn leaves, Elizabeth, who's been in the drawing room and
     has overheard the conversation, comes out into the foyer and tells
     Vicky that she's disappointed she apparently doesn't believe what she
     told her about the sounds and still thinks they are coming from behind
     the locked door in the cellar. She holds out the key to the room and
     says, "Here. If you don't believe me, you can take this key and look
     for yourself and see what's in that storeroom." Vicky declines, saying,
     "I don't think that'll be necessary, Mrs. Stoddard."
     Episode 39
     Tape Date:  August 4, 1966
     Air Date:   August 18, 1966 Thursday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   John Sedwick

        Sam is at home. There's a knock at the door. He answers. It's Roger.
      Roger asks, "Have you cancelled the portrait with Burke?" Sam replies
      that he hasn't. Roger angrily says, "I expected you to have done so
      by now!" Sam replies, "Then you expect the impossible. I've talked to
      Burke. He refuses." Suddenly, Sam looks out the window and announces,
      "Burke's car just pulled up! He's here! He'll see your car and know
      you're here!" Roger replies, "No. I parked in town and walked here."
      Sam points toward the door to the bedrooms and tells him to hide in
      there. Sam lets Burke in. He tries to cancel the sitting for today,
      claiming that his hands aren't steady and asks him to delay the
      sitting for a week, but Burke replies, "No. What if you're hands 
      aren't steady next week either, or the week after that, and the week 
      after that?", implying he's faking it, and insists that they start 
         In the drawing room at Collinwood, Bill Malloy is having Elizabeth
      sign some papers authorizing the purchase of some new equipment which
      he assure her will increase the speed of canning by 20%. Before signing,
      she asks, "And you're sure this won't cause any loss of jobs?" He
      assure her it won't, that he knows how much she hates laying people off
      and wouldn't let that happen. After they finish business matters, Bill
      tells Elizabeth, "Did you know Burke Devlin was making inquiries about
      everything the Collins family owns?" Elizabeth asks, "Why would he want
      to do that?" Malloy answers, "Moby Dick. Do you know what happened in
      Moby Dick? Captain Ahab chased that white whale all over the world.
      He wanted to destroy the thing that hurt him. That's what I think Burke
      is doing. I think he wants to destroy the Collins family." He tells her
      he hasn't been able to sleep the past few night worrying about this and
      asks her to give him permission to do whatever's necessary to stop
      Devlin, but Elizabeth tells him, "I'm not afraid of Burke Devlin."
      The phone rings. It's Nick Calder returning Elizabeth's call. She
      tells him she'd like him to come back to work for her. He tells her
      he already has another job. She tells him to think about it. After
      Elizabeth hangs up the phone, Malloy asks, "So you're not afraid of
      Burke Devlin, heh? So what do you want Nick Calder back for? He's
      smart and fast and just the man who can handle someone like Burke."
      Elizabeth admits that Burke Devlin does worry her. Malloy tells her
      that with or without her permission, he'll stop Devlin and leaves.
         At the Evan's Cottage, Sam is making a preliminary sketch of
      Burke. Burke starts to talk about the Collins Family, saying they're
      a mean bunch who don't care what happens to anyone else. Sam remarks,
      "Oh, I don't know about that. I've always thought that Elizabeth was
      a very nice woman." Burke asks, "And how about Roger?" Sam lies, "I
      wouldn't know. I hardly know him." Burke replies, "Well, I know him. 
      He's played a big part in my life. It was Roger that sent me to prison
      ten years ago!" After Sam finishes the preliminary sketch, Burke 
      remarks that he has to wash his hands and heads toward where Roger is
      hiding, but Sam stops him and says, "No! Not there! Maggie's got her
      stockings hanging all over the place. Use the kitchen sink!" Burke
      jokes, "What's the matter, Sam? You've got someone hidden there? A
      woman?" Sam jokes, "Yeah. Ten of 'em!" After Burke washes his hands,
      the phone rings. Sam answers and is surprised to find it's for Burke.
      He tells Burke and asks, "How'd anyone know you were here?" Burke 
      replies that he left word at the hotel where he'd be. He takes the
      phone and finds that it's Bill Malloy. Malloy tells him he'd like
      to talk to him. They agree to meet in 10 minutes at the hotel diner.
        After Burke leaves, Roger comes out of hiding. He tells Sam that
      these sittings can't go on, that he heard the questions Burke asked
      him. Sam replies, "You heard the answers I gave him. I didn't tell him
      anything." Roger replies, "Maybe you didn't today, but he'll continue
      at each sitting, and eventually he'll wear you down and you'll tell 
      him something without meaning to." Roger offers Sam $6000 to leave
      town. Sam tells Roger he's already thought about leaving town and
      has come to the conclusion he can't do that. (Accounting for
      inflation, that's about $35,000 today [1995]).
         At the diner, Bill Malloy confronts Burke and asks, "You want to
      buy them out, don't you? I'm not going to let you punish that family!"
      He asks, "You blame the Collins Family for railroading you into jail
      ten years ago, don't you?" Burke replies that he does, that he's
      never made a secret of this. Malloy offers him a deal, telling him,
      "If you leave town, I'll do my best to clear you, to prove you are
      innocent of the crime you were put in jail for ten years ago."
         At the cottage, Roger tells Sam, "My freedom is at stake!" and
      in a threatening tone tells him, "I'll do ANYTHING necessary to protect
      myself!", implying he'll arrange for something to "happen" to him
      if he doesn't leave town. Sam replies, "You know, after our last
      meeting I suspected you'd eventually try to do something like this,
      so I took steps to protect myself." He tells Roger that he's written
      a letter telling the true story of what happened ten years ago, that
      it's safely sealed and in a safe place right now, but should anything
      happen to him, the letter will be opened and read. He tells Roger,
      "You'll never find it. It could be anywhere. I could've given it to
      anyone for safekeeping." He start to name some names of people he
      could've given it to, "Elizabeth Stoddard,....Bill Malloy." They are
      both startled by Bill Malloy saying, "Did I hear someone call my name?"
      They turn and see Bill Malloy standing in the room. He remarks, "Sam,
      if you don't want unexpected guests, you shouldn't leave your door
      Episode 40
      Tape Date:   August 5, 1966
      Air Date:    August 19, 1966 Friday
      Writer:      Art Wallace
      Director:    John Sedwick

         Sam asks Bill why he didn't knock. Malloy replies that he did, but
      that they were arguing so loudly that they didn't hear him. Roger asks
      Malloy what he's doing there. Malloy replies that he came for a cup
      of coffee and asks Roger what he's doing there. Roger replies that he
      came to get Sam to paint his portrait. Malloy remarks that Sam's
      business is very good, that he'll run out of paint with so much
      business. He remarks that he talked to Burke Devlin and knows he's
      painting Burke's portrait too. He asks, "Was Burke here? Did you run
      into him, Roger?" Roger replies that Burke wasn't here. Malloy remarks,
      "There goes another theory. I thought you were two were arguing about
      Burke." Roger replies they were arguing about the price of the
      portrait. Malloy remarks, "Mighty heated argument just about the
      price of a painting." in a tone of voice indicating he doesn't believe
      it. Roger leaves. Sam asks Burke, "Why did you really come here?"
      Malloy points to a sketch of Burke Devlin lying on a table and says,
      "Because of him."
         Burke Devlin telephones Collinwood and tells Carolyn he found her
      ring in a tone of voice that indicates he doesn't believe she really
      "lost it." He tells her he'll drop by at Collinwood and return it to
      her. She insists that he not take the trouble and tells him she'll meet
      him at the restaurant at 12:30.
         At the Evan's Cottage, Malloy, sipping a cup of coffee, tells Sam
      he's tired of coffee and would like a drink. Sam pours him one. Malloy
      gets Sam to drink with him.
         At the diner, Burke Devlin calls "Bronson" and tells him he'll meet
      him later. When he gets out of the telephone booth, he finds that
      Roger Collins has entered the the diner. Burke tells Roger he'd like
      to talk to him about Sam Evans. Roger lies, "I hardly know the man."
      Burke remarks, "You two seem to have been seeing a lot of each other
      lately." Roger lies that he's been seeing Sam about a painting. Burke
      toys with Carolyn's ring. Roger sees it and asks where he got it,
      saying he got it for Carolyn for her 16th birthday. Burke replies that
      he and Carolyn had had coffee together and that she had left it on the
      table. Roger takes it, saying he'll give it to her. Roger warns Burke
      to stay away from his family. Burke replies, "But what if they don't
      want to keep away from me?"
         Roger returns to Collinwood and runs into Carolyn in the foyer.
      Carolyn remarks the she doesn't have time to talk to him, that she
      has a big date. Roger replies, "Why don't you just let Burke Devlin
      wonder where you are?" Carolyn asks how he knew she was going to see
      Burke. Roger tells her he ran into Devlin and got her ring from him.
      He gives it to her. Roger tells her he doesn't want her seeing Devlin.
      They have a big argument about this.
         Carolyn goes to the diner to see Burke anyway. She asks, "Where's
      my ring?" He takes her purse and goes through it. He finds the ring
      in there and gives it to her. He tells her he knows she "lost" it on
      purpose, that it's the oldest trick in the book, a trick older than
      both of them. Carolyn asks, "Why can't I go to Bangor with you?"
      Burke calls her stubborn and tells her, "I'll be stubborn too. You
      can't, that's all." He excuses himself and leaves. Carolyn goes to
      the phone booth and telephones Collinwood. Vicky answers. Carolyn
      tells Vicky to tell Elizabeth she won't be home for dinner because
      she has a date.
         Malloy has succeeded in getting Sam Evans drunk. He asks him what
      Roger was really here for. Sam drunkenly about someone threatening him
      and demanding he leave town. Malloy asks, "Who are you so afraid of,
      Sam? Is is Roger?" Sam replies, "Roger's afraid of ME! Can you imagine
      it? The great Roger Collins afraid of me?" He continues, "I tell you a
      secret, Bill. I'm the only thing that stands between Roger Collins and
      a long prison sentence!" then slips unconciousness.
       Episode 41
       Tape Date:  August 8, 1966
       Air Date:   August 22, 1966 Monday
       Writer:     Francis Swann
       Director:   John Sedwick

          It is a little later. Sam has awaken from his drunken stupor and
       is in the cottage alone. The phone rings. It's Roger. Roger asks,
       "Is Malloy still there?" Sam replies that he isn't. Roger asks, "What
       happened between you and Malloy?" Sam replies, "We had a few drinks,
       that's all." Roger angrily tell him,"What?! What did you blab to him
       while you where drunk?" Sam replies that he doesn't remember. Roger
       continues to rail at him for getting drunk. Sam just puts the phone
       onto the table and goes and pours himself another drink. Roger shouts,
       "Sam? Answer me! I know you can hear me!" Sam hangs the phone up.
         Elizabeth walks into the drawing room and is surprised to see Roger
       there. She asks, "Shouldn't you be at the office?" Roger replies,
       "You should be glad I was at home. I prevented your daughter
       from seeing Burke Devlin!" He tells her about the ring, saying he
       thinks Carolyn "lost" it on purpose so she could have an excuse for
       seeing Burke again. He remarks that she's having a lot of problems
       with Carolyn. Elizabeth retorts, "At least she won't have any money
       problems!" and reprimands him for having squandered his inheritance.
       He retorts, "At least I had fun with my money. You didn't." She
       tells him, "I had to use my money to buy all those shares in the
       business you put on sale to the public. I couldn't let the business
       be owned by strangers." She continues, "Enough of this. Why didn't
       you tell me Nick Calder returned my call?" Roger reples, "I forgot."
          Maggie returns to the Evan's cottage. Sam asks her why she's
       returned in the middle of the day. She tells him she forgot to bring
       her shopping list. She notices that somethign's wrong and asks him
       what it is, but he refuses to tell her and goes into his room. Maggie,
       worried, telephones Collinwood. Vicky answers. Maggie tells her she'd
       like to speak to Roger. Vicky gives the phone to Roger and tells him
       Maggie wants to talk to him. Roger takes the phone and hangs up
       without talking to her. Vicky asks her why he did that. He tells her
       he's late for the office and doesn't have the time to talk to her.
       Vicky asks, "Why didn't you just say that, then?" Roger growls,"Didn't
       I tell you before it wasn't your job to criticize my telephone
       etiquette? Your job here is to tutor my son, not me!" and leaves.
       Elizabeth comes into the room and asks Vicky if she has any idea where
       Carolyn is. Vicky replies that Carolyn told her she wouldn't be coming
       home for dinner, that she has a big date. She remarks, "I don't think
       you have to worry about her. Joe Haskell is a nice guy." Elizabeth
       replies that she's worried that Carolyn's not seeing Joe, but Burke.
       She telephones Joe at the office and asks him if he has a date with
       Carolyn tonight. He tells her, "I don't think so, but I was so drunk
       last night, I'm not sure..." Elizabeth tells him to drop by to see
          At the Evan's cottage, Sam comes out of his room into the living
       room. Maggie continues to try to get him to tell her what's wrong.
       She lets slip that she tried to call Roger to see if he knew, but
       couldn't reach him. Sam becomes very angry that she did this and
       nearly strikes her. She leaves.
          Roger comes to the Evan's cottage. He asks Sam, "What happened with
       Bill Malloy?" Sam tells him again that he doesn't remember. Sam tells
       him, "You got me into this..." Roger retorts, "No. It was your greed
       that got you into this. We're in this together, and there's nothing
       either of us can do about that." Roger asks, "What did you tell
       Maggie?" Sam replies, "Nothing." Roger asks, "Then why did she call
       me?" Sam replies, "I don't know. Maybe she thought you could tell her
       why I was so worried." He tells Roger he got so angry at Maggie he
       almost struck her. Roger remarks, "Maybe you should have." Sam does
       not like this and remarks, "I didn't think I could hate someone the
       way I hate you!" Roger tells him the feeling is mutual and says,
       "I don't intend to let your weaknesses bring me down with you! I'm
       going to do something about you!" After Roger leaves, Sam mutters,
       "Maybe I'll think of something to do about YOU!"
          At Collinwood, Elizabeth tries to call Nick Calder again. She puts
       the phone down when she sees Vicky enter the room. Vicky tells her
       she's going into town. Elizabeth asks, "How are you going to get
       there?" Vicky replies, "I'm going to walk. I need the exercise."
       Without thinking, she adds, "You know, you should get out more too.
       It'd be good for you.." then suddenly realizes what she's said and
       apoligizes, saying "I suppose it's none of my business that you
       haven't left this house for 18 years." Elizabeth replies, "No it
       isn't." After Vicky leaves, Elizabeth calls Ned Calder again, but
       finds he isn't there and his secretary doesn't know where he is.
       There's a loud knocking at the front door. Elizabeth goes and answers.
       When she opens the door, she finds Sam Evans standing there...

       * Nick Calder's number in Bangor (311) 500-098
       Episode 42
       Tape Date:   August 9, 1966
       Air Date:    August 23, 1966 Tuesday
       Writer:      Francis Swann
       Director:    John Sedwick

          Elizabeth asks Sam, "Do I know you?" Sam replies, "Yes, but I
       haven't been up here for 10 years. I was much different then" and
       introduces himself. He tells her he'd like to talk to her about
       Roger, about the auto accident he was in 10 years ago. They go into
       the drawing room. He admires the paintings on the walls and tells her,
       "You know, your husband Paul once commissioned me to paint a portrait
       of him. He specified that it be the same size as the ones in this
       room so it could be put up here. It was never finished. Would you
       like me to give you what I have?" She replies no. He tells her,
       "Strange. Burke Devlin's commissioned me to paint a portrait of him,
       specifying it be this size too."
          Burke Devlin is sitting at a table in a Bangor restaurant with
       Blair. Blair tells him, "We're just about ready to pick up the
       outstanding notices on the Collins cannery." Burke replies, "Good,
       but I want more than that. Much more. You sure there isn't anything
       to connect you and me?" Blair assures him there isn't. Meanwhile,
       Carolyn comes in and sits down at a table across the room. The waiter
       asks her what she'd like, but she tells him, "I'll order later. I
       expect someone to be joining me soon." Blair asks Burke if he'd like
       him to start buying out the Collins debt now. Burke replies, "No.
       There's no hurry. Half the fun of destroying the Collins family is
       the anticipation." (Carolyn is too far away to hear what they are
       talking about.) Burke notices Carolyn and goes to her table. She
       invites him to have a seat. He replies, "I think I'd better..."
          At Collinwood, Sam is in the drawing room with Elizabeth. Sam is
       beating around the bush and Elizabeth starts to get angry with him,
       accusing him of wanting money for his information. There's a knock
       at the door. Elizabeth answers. It's Joe Haskell. He asks, "You wanted
       to see me?" Elizabeth asks if he knows where Carolyn is. He replies,
       "No, but I have a pretty good idea where she is." He tells Elizabeth
       that Carolyn was seen in the diner with Burke and was later seen
       driving on the road to Bangor. He tells her he asked the hotel clerk
       where Burke Devlin was and was told he had gone to Bangor. Elizabeth
       telephones the office to try to find Bill Malloy.
          Burke sarcastically remarks to Carolyn, "Quite a coincidence you
       coming to the same restaurant as me." Carolyn admits that it's no
       coincidence. She tell him she followed him. He asks why. She replies,
       "I'm just a curious girl, I guess." He asks, "What were you curious
       about? Did you think I was coming up here to meet some sloe-eyed
       beauty and become jealous?  Well, I did come up here to see my
       first love. Money." He gestures toward Blair and tells her, "That's
       James Blair, my banker." He takes her over to his table and in a
       joking voice introduces her to Blair, saying, "He and I are here
       formulating secret plans to defraud your mother of all her money!"
       He remarks, "It would be nice if we could all have dinner together,
       but Mr. Blair has another appointment, don't you, Mr. Blair?" Blair
       gets the hint and replies that he does. As Blair is leaving, Burke
       goes to him and whispers, "I'll meet you in the hotel room later."
       Burke orders dinner, salad, a baked potato and a steak, medium rare.
       Carolyn asks, "Could I have french fries instead of the baked potato?"
       Burke laughes, "I guess I'm showing my age!" He jokes with her, asking
       what she'd say if she were questioned about why she'd having lunch
       with him, using an exaggerated lawyer-like tone, "Miss Stoddard, where
       were you ...." Carolyn gives some joking answers. Burke replies, "Miss
       Stoddard, for being a good witness, I will give you a reward" and
       gives her the fancy, expensive looking fountain pen he's been writing
       with. She laughs and takes it. Then, considering the joke over, she
       tries to give the pen back to him, but he refuses to take it, saying
       he's really given it to her. She tells him, "Oh, no. I couldn't
       accept a gift like this!", but he refuses to take it back, saying it's
       now hers.
          At Collinwood, Elizabeth, having found that Bill Malloy is not in
       the office, goes back into the drawing room. She tells Sam she's
       tired of his beating around the bush and demands, "What do you want,
       Sam? Stop beating around the bush!" He tries to say someting, but
       stops, exclaims, "I can't do it! I just can't do it!" and abruptly
       Episode 43
       Tape Date:  August 10, 1966
       Air Date:   August 24, 1966 Wednesday
       Writer:     Francis Swann
       Director:   John Sedwick

          Maggie Evans is in the diner typing up some menus. She finishes
       and then takes the wallboard down and starts to change it. Bill Malloy
       comes in. He asks her, "Notice anything strange about your father
       lately?" He tells her he thinks he's stumbled onto some information
       that may be dangerous to him, information concerning someone else.
       Maggie replies, "That person must be Burke Devlin or Roger Collins."
       Malloy asks, "Why do you say that?" Maggie replies, "Both of them
        have been up to the house a lot lately." Malloy goes into the phone
       booth to make a telephone call. Vicky comes into the diner. She tells
       Maggie, "I walked all the way into the town. It's a lot farther than
       I thought!" Maggie gets her a soda. Bill Malloy comes out of the
       telephone booth, says hello to Vicky and leaves.
          Vicky and Maggie talk. Maggie asks about things at Collinwood.
       Vicky replies that she thinks what occurs at Collinwood is
       confidential and she doesn't think she should talk about it and asks,
       "Why do you want to know?" Maggie replies, "Oh, I think my father's
       somehow become entangled in the mess over there." She talks about her
       father, saying he's a wonderful guy whom she, Vicky, would love
       meeting. She tells her she had a wonderful childhood, that her father
       had to be both father and mother and did a wonderful job - until
       about 10 years ago, when he changed and became very sad and moody. She
       tells Vicky she remembers it was about the same time he sold some
       paintings to someone for a lot of money. Vicky remarks, "You'd think
       it would be exactly the opposite if he'd just made a lot of money."
          Bill Malloy is at the Blue Whale drinking. Joe Haskell shows up at
       the bar looking for Carolyn but finds Malloy there instead. He asks
       Malloy, "Are you all right?" Malloy replies, "No. I'm sick. Sick at
       heart." He tells Joe, "I've been trying the Sam Evans method of
       solving my problems, but you know, I've found it doesn't work. There
       isn't enough whiskey in the whole world to blot out facts that must
       be faced..."
          At the diner, Maggie invites Vicky to come to the cottage and
       have dinner with her and her father sometime. Sam comes into the
       diner just as Vicky is leaving. He learns from Maggie that Malloy
       was here but left to go to the Blue Whale.
          Sam goes to the Blue Whale and finds Bill Malloy sitting there with
       Joe. He tells Joe he'd like to talk to Malloy alone. Joe leaves.
       Sam tries to find out what he said to Bill last night when he was
       drunk, but Malloy is coy about it.
          Joe goes to Collinwood to tell Elizabeth he found Bill Malloy.
       He runs into Vicky in the foyer. The phone rings. It's Carolyn.
       Vicky picks up the phone and talks to her. After she hangs up,
       she tells Joe that Carolyn was with Burke. Seeing the crestfallen
       look on his Joe's face, she tells him, "I don't think you need to
       worry. She's fascinated with Burke right now because he's new and
       exciting, but in a little while, he won't be new and exciting
         At the Blue Whale, Sam, by now a little drunk, remarks to Malloy,
       "You know, I went up to Collinwood this afternoon to tell Elizabeth
       the whole story, but I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it!"
       He gets up and leaves. Malloy mutters to himself, "Maybe I can."
       Episode 44
       Tape Date:  August 11, 1966
       Air Date:   August 25, 1966 Thursday
       Writer:     Francis Swann
       Director:   Lela Swift

          Bill Malloy continues to drink. Carolyn Stoddard comes into the
       Blue Whale and sees him. He remarks, "I thought you were in Bangor"
       She asks, "How did you know I was in Bangor?" Malloy tells her he
       found out from Joe Haskell. Carolyn gets angry about this. They talk
       a little while, then Carolyn tells him, "I think I'd better be going
       home." Malloy remarks, "I'll be going to Collinwood soon too. I have
       something I have to tell your mother." Carolyn says, "Let's go there
       together, then." Malloy replies, "No. I think I'll wait a while. What
       I have to talk to her about isn't pleasant."
          At Collinwood, Elizabeth calls the operator and says, "Hello. This
       is Elizabeth Collins at COllinwood-4099. Is there any word on that
       call I placed to Nick Calder?" The operator replies, "Not yet" and
       Elizabeth hangs up. There's a knock at the front doors. Elizabeth
       answers. She opens the door and exclaims, "John!" She invites him in
       and tells him he wanted him to come to set up a trust fund for her
       nephew David. While they're talking, she mentions that she's trying
       get Nick Calder to come back, saying things aren't working out with
       Bill Malloy, that though he's great at running the fishing fleet, he
       isn't so good at running the business. John Harris asks, "Why did
       you say no when Nick asked you to marry him?" Elizabeth replies,
       "Because I'm still married." There's a phone call. Elizabeth answers.
       It's Nick Calder. She tells him, "I need you to come back. Things 
       aren't working out without you." He asks, "Have you changed your 
       mind about marrying me?" She replies that she hasn't. He tells her
       he doesn't want to come back in that case. 
          Elizabeth and John Harris finish setting up a trust fund for David,
       Elizabeth signing the last papers. Harris tells her she's got to be
       careful, that all her money's tied up now, some of it in the share's
       she bought from Roger, some of it in the trust fund. He tells her that
       the money's in "demand notes" which are payable on demand. He tells
       her, "By the way, a man from a New York investment firm has been 
       making inquiries about your business. I brushed him off." Carolyn
       returns. In the foyer, Elizabeth tells Carolyn she knows she's been
       with Burke Devlin and admonishes her, saying, "I don't want you 
       associationg with him!" They get into an argument about this. Carolyn
       remarks, "Bill Malloy didn't seem to like me seeing Burke, either."
       She tells Elizabeth that she saw Malloy at the Blue Whale, that he
       was drinking and acting strangely, that he said he had to come to
       Collinwood to talk to her about something. As if on cue, Bill Malloy
       arrives. He tells Elizabeth he has to talk to her. She asks, "John
       Harris is here. Couldn't this wait?" He replies emphatically, "NO!
       This is important!" Elizabeth tells Carolyn to go and entertain 
       Harris while she talks to Malloy.
          Malloy asks Elizabath, "Have you wondered why Burke Devlin came
       back? He came back to prove his innocence!" Elizabeth asks, "If 
       Burke is innocent, then someone else must be guilty. Are you implying
       Roger is?" She refuses to listen to him, saying the court found Burke
       guilty 10 years ago and that's what she's going to believe. 
          Inside the drawing room, Carolyn and John Harris are making small
       talk. He is explaining to her how a bank works. The conversation turns
       to Burke Devlin. Harris remarks, "I wish I could handle his bank 
       account!" Carolyn tells him, "No chance of that. He already has a 
       banker whom he seems to trust, a James Blair. I saw them together in
       Bangor." A look of shock crosses Harris's face. He exclaims, "Are you 
       sure? I've got to talk to your mother about this! I had no idea he was
       working for Burke Devlin!"
          In the foyer, Malloy tells Elizabeth he thinks he has proof that
       Burke Devlin was innocent. Elizabeth asks, "What good would it do to
       drag this all out again? Burke can't get those five years back." 
       Malloy replies, "No, but he can redeem his good name." She replies, 
       "I'm not willing to sacrifice Roger for that." John Harris comes
       bursting out of the drawing room. He exclaims that he's learned that
       the man who's been inquiring about the demand notes, James Blair, is
       working for Burke Devlin. Bill Malloy shouts, "For once in my life
       I'm going to do something against your wishes!" and rushes out of the
          Bill Malloy goes to the Blue Whale. There, he calls Roger Collins
       at his office and asks him to come meet him. When Roger refuses,
       Malloy warns him, "If you don't come RIGHT NOW, I'll go to the 
       Episode 45
       Tape Date:   August 12, 1966
       Air Date:    August 26, 1966 Friday
       Writer:      Francis Swann
       Director:    Lela Swift

          Burke Devlin comes into the Blue Whale and runs into Bill Malloy
       there. Malloy tells him, "I want to talk to you. I know what you're
       trying to do to Elizabeth and I don't approve of it!" Burke pretends
       to be puzzled and lies, "But I not trying to do anything!" Malloy
       asks, "Then what do you have to do with a man named James Blair, a
       man who has been inquiring into Elizabeth's demand notes, a man with
       whom you were seen in Bangor?" Burke lies, "He's just an old friend,
       that's all." Malloy tells him he doesn't believe him and asks, "If
       I could help you prove you weren't the one who should've gone to
       prison 10 years ago, would you leave Elizabeth Stoddard and the
       rest of the Collins family alone?" Burke asks, "What do you mean by
       the 'rest of the family'?". Malloy replies, "The rest of the family
       who are not involved." Burke asks, "And Roger?" Malloy tells him, "I
       believe a guilty man should go to prison." Burke asks, "Even Roger
       Collins?" Malloy replies, "No matter who." Malloy tells Burke
       he has a "hole card to play" and is expecting someone. Burke asks who.
       Malloy replies, "You'll know when you see him, and if he doesn't show,
       up, I'll have to go looking for him!"
          Roger is in his office, nervously playing darts. Carolyn comes in.
       She tells him she came to see Joe, but dropped by to see him first.
       She tells him she ran into Bill Malloy at the Blue Whale, that he
       told her he had something terrible he had to tell Elizabeth and later
       showed up at Collinwood to tell her. Roger asks, "What did he say?"
       Carolyn replies, "I don't know. I was in another room. I saw him leave,
       though. He looked very worried and said he had something he had to
       do that Elizabeth wouldn't like." Bill Malloy comes into the office,
       saying he'd like to speak to Roger alone. Roger orders him to leave,
       but Malloy refuses, saying, "NO! I'm staying here till this is
       settled!" Carolyn leaves to see Joe. Malloy demands that they all
       meet and settle things. Roger tells Malloy,"This is none of your
       business!" Malloy replies, "Yes it is. It involves the Collins business
       and I'm not going to let anything happen to Elizabeth!" Roger demands,
       "Stop beating around the bush and tell me what you know!" Malloy
       replies, "It's not what I know. It's what Sam Evans knows." Roger
       derisively remarks, "He's nothing but a drunk!" Malloy angrily says,
       "If that's what you think, why don't you go to the police and tell
       them I'm slandering you? In fact, if that's what you think, I insist
       you go to the police!" and leaves. Roger crushes a dart...
          At Collinwood, Carolyn is in the drawing room, standing in front of
       the portrait of Jeremiah Collins and reading aloud from the family
       history, "Jeremiah Collins, sixth generation descendant of the man
       who founded Collinsport, married Josette LaFreniere in 1830 and
       built the great house of Collinwood soon after..."* Roger comes
       into the room and remarks, "brushing up on the family history, eh?"
       She tells him that she had lunch with Burke Devlin, that she thought
       she could make him a friend of the family intead of an enemy. She
       tells him he gave her a present and shows Roger the pen. Roger gets
       angry and tells her she can't keep it, that it looks very expensive
       and that he probably wants something. He tells her he won't allow her
       to take such a gift from a man who has sworn to destroy him and keeps
       it, saying he'll return it. Carolyn angrily stalks out of the room.
       The phone rings. Roger answers. It's Bill Malloy. He asks Roger,
       "Have you come to a decision about what we talked about earlier?"
       Roger replies, "Yes. I've decided to have my sister get rid of you."
       and hangs up.
          Bill Malloy tries to call Collinwood again, but Roger refuses to
       answer. Bill then calls Burke Devlin and tells him, "Meet me at the
       Blue Whale right away."
          Carolyn comes back into the drawing room to get the family history.
       Roger apoligizes to her for getting angry with her earlier and offers
       to give her the pen back, but Carolyn tells him, "No. I don't want it
       now. You made it sound so sordid." She explains, "I guess I was just
       trying to play lady PI. But I did find out something, though. He met
       a man named James Blair there." Roger replies, "James Blair? The name
       doesn't mean a thing to me." Carolyn explains, "Well, it meant a lot
       to John Harris, and to Bill Malloy too." She explains, "He appears
       to be from some New York syndicate looking into the Collins business."
       Roger exclaims, "So that's what's got Bill Malloy so worked up! He
       wants to stop Burke Devlin! Well, I'm not going to be his sacrificial
         Bill Malloy and Burke Devlin are in the Blue Whale. Malloy tells
       Burke, "Elizabeth isn't responsible for what happened to you 10 years
       ago. Only Roger is. Lay off the Collins family and I'll give you Roger
       on a silver platter. Meet me in Roger's office at 11:00. I'll make
       sure Roger and anyone else involved is there, and we'll get this
       thing settled once and for all!" Burke replies, "I'll be there."

       * This doesn't match the history that will unfold later,
         where Jeremiah Collins marries Josette DuPres in 1795.
         The house is also built in 1795, not 1830.
       Episode 46
       Tape Date:  August 15, 1966
       Air Date:   August 29, 1966 Monday
       Writer:     Art Wallace
       Director:   Lela Swann

          The phone rings in the drawing room at Collinwood. Roger, who's
       alone in there, answers. It's Burke Devlin. He tells Roger that
       Bill Malloy has arranged a meeting in his office at 11:00. He tells
       him, "I'll be there. I just called to make sure you'd be there too!"
           Roger tries to telephone Malloy at his house, but Malloy's
       housekeeper tells him Malloy's not home and she doesn't know where
       he is. Vicky comes into the room, saying she came to get David's
       drawing. Roger points to the coffee table and tells her, "There it
       is." Vicky gets the drawing. She tells Roger it's very good, that
       maybe she's found a way David can be creative instead of destructive.
       She shows Roger the drawing. It's a very good drawing of Collinwood.
       Roger remarks, "Ah, Collinwood with all it's dark shadows.*"  Vicky
       suggests that David's talents be nurtured, that he be taken to meet
       a real artist. She tells Roger that she's been invited to have dinner
       with an artist, that Maggie has invited her to have dinner at her
       house with her and her father. Roger, shocked, exclaims, "Sam Evan?
       THAT'S the real artist you've been talking about? There's a few
       things I have to tell you about Sam Evans!"
          Bill Malloy shows up at the Evan's Cottage. He tells Sam that he's
       arranged a meeting in Roger's office at 11:00 for Roger, Burke and
       him, Sam. He tells him, "You be there! We're going to settle this
       thing once and for all!" Sam refuses. Malloy tells him, "If you don't
       I'm going to tell Burke what you said, that you're the only thing
       standing between Roger Collins and a prison sentence!"
          At Collinwood, Roger tries to dissuade Vicky from having dinner
       with Sam Evans by telling her that Sam Evans is a drunk, that when
       he gets drunk, he gets very ugly. Roger tells Vicky he has to make
       some private phone calls and doesn't want to be disturbed. Vicky
       leaves the drawing room. There's a knock at the door. Vicky answers.
       It's Bill Malloy. He announces, "I want to see Roger Collins!" Vicky
       tells him he can't, that Roger is making some private calls in the
       drawing room, but Malloy tells her, "This is important!" and tries to
       push past her to get to the closed drawing room doors. Roger hearing
       the commotion, comes out, sees Malloy and says, "Malloy! I've been
       trying to reach you! Who do you think you are to arrange a meeting in
       my office?" They go into the drawing room. Roger tells Malloy, "I'll
       have you fired for this!" Malloy replies, "Maybe, but first, you're
       going to come to that meeting. You, Burke and Sam are going to settle
       this thing once and for all!" Roger, shocked, asks, "Sam's going to be
       there...?" Malloy tells Roger, "It's 10:00 now. I'm going to go home
       now. The meeting's at 11:00. That means you'll be able to leave this
       house at 10:50 and get there in time. You have 50 minutes to think it
       over." Malloy leaves.
          Vicky comes into the drawing room and tells Roger she wants to
       talk to him about Sam Evans. She tells him, "I just remembered
       something. The day I came here, I ran into a man at Widow's Hill who
       asked if you were here. He said his name was Sam. Was that Sam Evans?
       You seemed worried that I talked to him then, too. Why do you want to
       keep me away from him. Does he know something about my past?" Roger
       starts to laugh. Vicky protests, "This isn't funny!", but Roger
       replies, "You don't know how funny you are! Your past!!!" Vicky tells
       him, "I intend to see him. I just wanted to tell you that!" and
          Roger leaves Collinwood. The clock in the foyer shows that it's
       only 10:20.
          It is now 11:00. Sam arrives at Roger's office. He finds Burke
       Devlin already there. A few seconds later, Roger Collins arrives.
       He asks, "Where's Bill Malloy? He was supposed to be here." Burke
       Devlin remarks, "I can wait. I've waited 10 years. I can wait a
       few more minutes."

     Episode 47
     Tape Date:  August 16, 1966
     Air Date:   August 30, 1966  Tuesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        It is late at night. Carolyn comes downstairs into the foyer and
     hears someone playing the piano in the drawing room. She goes into
     the drawing room and finds that it's her mother. She asks her what's
     wrong. Elizabeth replies, "I don't know. I must be losing my mine. I
     have the feeling of impending doom..." The clock strikes 11:15. 
     Elizabeth calls Bill Malloy at his house, but there's no answer.
     Carolyln asks, "Why did you call Mr. Malloy? Does this have anything to
     do with your feeling of dread?" Elizabeth asks, "Why do you say that?"
     Carolyn replies, "Because he seemed very upset when he left here today."
     She asks, "Does it have anything to do with Roger? He was acting very
     strangely tonight. We got into a terrible argument over something very
     silly. A pen. Later, he rambled on about doing anything necessary to
     protect himself and his family. He also made a very strange remark. He
     said, 'I will not be a sacrificial lamb!'"
        Roger, Sam and Burke are still waiting in Roger's office. The clock
     shows 11:30. They call Bill Malloy's house, but there is no answer. 
     Burke tells Roger and Sam that he's going to go to Malloy's house to 
     get him, warning them, "You two had better still be here when I get
        At Collinwood, Elizabeth continues to feel a sense of dread and
     asks, "Where could Roger be?"
        At Roger's office, Sam tells Roger he wants to leave, but Roger tells
     him, "No. You're going to stay. We've got to show Burke Devlin we're
     not afraid of him." He asks, "Should Burke bring Malloy back, you are
     to say nothing, understand? If we stand together, there's no way they
     can do anything to us." Burke returns without Bill Malloy. He tells them
     he went to his house and banged on the door but received no answer.  He 
     insists that they continue to wait.  
        It is 5 minutes to midnight. They are still waiting. Both Roger and
     Sam tell Burke they have waited long enough and are going to leave.
     Burke protests, insisting they stay and wait a little longer, but they
     refuse and start to leave. As Roger is leaving, he turns to Burke and
     says, "Oh yes, Burke. One more thing. You gave a gift to Carolyn. A
     pen. She can't keep it. There are some people we don't take gifts from."
     He reaches in his pocket for it, but finds that it isn't there. He tells
     Burke, "Oh. I thought I had it. Must have left it at home. Don't worry.
     I return it to you the next time I see you." and leaves.     
        At Collinwood, Carolyn has managed to cheer Elizabeth up. They are
     laughing as Carolyn recounts something funny that happened when she was
     a child and had some friends over. Elizabeth tells Carolyn to go to 
     bed. She tells Carolyn she'll stay and wait for Roger to come home.
     Carolyn goes up to bed. The clock strikes midnight.
        Roger returns, whistling happily. Elizabeth remarks, "You look happy.
     Where have you been?" Roger replies that he's been at a business 
     meeting. Elizabeth tells him, "Bill Malloy was here earlier today.
     He said some pretty ugly things about you. He said he had proof that
     you were really resposible for that accident 10 years ago but put 
     Burke in jail for it. Is that true?" Roger tells her that it isn't,
     that everything he said on the stand was true, that Burke was guilty.
     Episode 48
     Tape Date:  August 17, 1966
     Air Date:   August 31, 1966  Wednesday
     Writer:     Art Wallace
     Director:   Lela Swift

        It is the next morning. David is frantically searching through the
     drawings on his desk for something. Vicky knocks and comes in. He sees
     the drawing of Collinwood he made in Vicky's hands, grabs it and asks
     her what she's doing with it, saying "I've been looking all over for
     this!" She tells him she was so excited about it when she saw it, she
     had to borrow it. She tells him it's really good and tells him she wants
     to show it to a real artist. She gets him to start his history lesson.
     While he is working, she remarks, "You really are proud of that drawing,
     aren't you? Your father was pretty impressed with it when I showed it
     to him, too." David angrily shouts, "YOU SHOWED IT TO MY FATHER?!".
     He grabs the drawing and tears it up. Elizabeth comes in carrying a
     box. She tells David that it's just arrived and is addressed to him.
     David opens it. Inside is a crystal ball. David reads the note and
     announces that it's a gift from Burke Devlin. Elizabeth remarks,
     "Strange present..."
        David goes downstairs to the foyer, telephones Burke and thanks
     him for the present. He tells him, "I made a drawing of Collinwood for
     you, but something got happened to it. It got torn. I'll make you
     another one." There's a knock at the door. It's Joe. He tells David
     he has some papers for Elizabeth to sign. Elizabeth comes downstairs.
     Joe tells him he has some contracts for her to sign, saying they
     have to be in the mail today. They go into the drawing room to conduct
     business. Elizabeth asks Joe, "You usually don't do this. Why didn't
     Bill Malloy bring them over like he usually does?" Joe replies, "He
     didn't come in this morning. No one knows where he is. His housekeeper
     Mrs. Johnson says he isn't at home and says she hasn't seen him since
     about 10:30 last night." Vicky comes into the drawing room and asks,
     "Where's David?" Elizabeth replies, "I sent him upstairs." Vicky replies,
     "Well, he didn't go there." Joe and Elizabeth continue to discuss
     Malloy's absence. Vicky tells them, "I saw Bill Malloy here last night
     at about 10:00. He spoke to Roger." Elizabeth tells Joe she'd like to
     talk to Vicky alone. Joe goes outside. Vicky tells Elizabeth, "Bill
     Malloy mentioned something about some meeting. Roger seemed to know
     what he was talking about and got very angry."
        Joe is outside in the foyer. David comes down holding his crystal
     ball. Joe jokes, "Could you find out where Bill Malloy is with that
     thing?" David, angry that Joe is joking about his crystal ball, yells
     that the crystal ball isn't a fake. He tells him, "You're never going
     to marry Carolyn! The crystal ball told me! She's going to marry a good
     friend of mine. Burke Devlin!" Elizabeth, having finished talking with
     Vicky, comes out of the drawing room and tells Joe to come in with
     the contracts. Vicky and David go upstair to continue his lessons.
        Elizabeth signs the contracts and Joe leaves. Elizabeth telephones
     Roger at his office and tells him, "I'd like to see you at once! You
     told me you last saw Bill Malloy yesterday afternoon, but I've just
     learned you saw him at about 10:00 last night! I'd like an explaination,
     and I'd like it in person! No, we can't discuss this on the phone!"
        Upstairs, Vicky is trying to get David to do his lessons, but David
     is preoccupied with his crystal ball. Finally, she manages to tear him
     away from it and gets him to start doing his arithmetic. While he is
     working, he remarks, "Everyone is wondering where Mr. Malloy is, aren't
     they? If they would ask me, I could tell them." Vicky jokes, "You
     mean you could look into your crystal ball and find out?" David replies,
     "I already looked. He's DEAD! Someone killed him, and I know who."
     Vicky asks, "Who?" David replies, "My father!"

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