Dark Shadows
August 1970

   Episode 1071
   Tape Date:  July 28, 1970 (ABC #156-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 3, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas thanks the woman, who appears to be Carrie, for helping them.
   She tells him she's never seen them before.  Julia notes that the woman
   is not wearing the dress Carrie was wearing, but a modern dress.  It dawns
   on Barnabas and Julia that she does not seem to be a ghost.  Julia, who
   now appears to be OK, tells Barnabas that maybe they somehow travelled back
   to their own time. She asks the woman what year it is, but the woman just
   replies, "Don't you KNOW?".  She tells them she's going to go downstairs
   and tell Mrs. Stoddard that they're there.  Barnabas and Julia realize
   that if Elizabeth is downstairs, then they must be back in 1970. They
   introduce themselves to the woman.  She tells them she's heard of them but
   never seen them before.  She introduces herself as Hallie Stokes, a niece
   of Professor Stokes. She explains that her parents died in an accident a
   few months ago and Stokes brought her to Collinsport, and that when
   Elizabeth found out, she offered to let her live at Collinwood.
      In the drawing room, Quentin tells Elizabeth that he's just seen
   something shocking in the mysterious room in the east wing (Angelique's
   room).  He tells her he saw the room change, and that it was full of
   smoke, and a girl he had never seen was in there calling for Barnabas.
   He tells them it appears that there was a fire in the other Collinwood,
   and that it appears that the girl, Barnabas and probably Julia were
   trapped in it.  Elizabeth says sadly, "Then we might never see them
   again ". As soon as she says this, Barnabas and Julia come into the room
   and warmly greet them.  Quentin tells them of just seeing the fire and that
   he's glad they managed to escape.  Barnabas and Julia are puzzled that
   he's just seen the fire a few minutes ago and tell him it happened
   about a week ago.  Quentin asks them where they've been the last week,
   then. They tell him about what happened, about going to the future and
   what they found there, about finding Collinwood in ruins and finding that
   some catastrophe had happened in 1970, that everyone was gone except Quentin
   and Carolyn, that Quentin was insane and couldn't tell them anything, but
   that Carolyn had told them of 6 things that would happen before the disaster.
   Julia asks Elizabeth if she's ever heard of a 'Rose Cottage'. Elizabeth
   replies that she hasn't.  Quentin tells them he thinks it must all have
   been a hallucination caused by their travelling back to this time.
   He asks them what the date was in the other time when the fire happened.
   Barnabas replies that he doesn't know, but Julia replies that she looked
   at the calendar in Inspector Hamilton's office that day and remembers that
   it was August the 3rd.  Quentin replies that it's August 3, 1970 today, that
   this proves that they couldn't have been away for a week and that this
   proves that they imagined it. Unbeknownst to them, Hallie is outside
      Later, Barnbas and Julia look through the family history and some
   other old books to see if they can find any of the names of ghosts they
   heard in 1995. Finally, Barnabas finds the name 'Daphne Harridge'. The
   book in which he found it tells that she was a governess who started
   working at Collinwood in the year 1840, but does not say anything more
   about her.  Barnabas tells Julia he's going to the cementary to find her
   grave to find out when she died, saying that her ghost appeared very
   young and she must have died not soon after 1840. Julia tells him she's
   going with him.
      Hallie goes to Quentin's room and asks him about 'those strange
   people' she found.  She tells him they seemed to think they had seen
   her before, even though it was the first time she met when she found
   them in the West Wing.  Quentin is surprised that she had found them
   in the West Wing. He asks her what she was doing there. She replies that
   she doesn't know, that she just gets these feelings sometimes. She adds
   that when she was taking them downstairs, she got a terrible feeling
   that something horrible is going to happen. Quentin tells her not to
   worry, that those people she found are good people.
      At the cemetary, Barnabas and Julia find Daphne Harridge's grave.
   It says '1818-1841'. Barnabas muses, "Just 23 years old...Well, we've
   learned something". Julia exclaims, "Barnabas!  We've learned something
   else!" and points to the grave on the left. It bears the inscription

                           GERARD STILES
                           IN DARKNESS
                           HE DID LIVE
                             AND DIE

      Barnabas returns to Collinwood. Quentin tells him that he's been
   thinking about it and has decided that maybe he and Julia hadn't imagined
   going into the future. He tells Barnabas that he's learned they reappeared
   in the West Wing and asks how they got there instead of reappearing in
   the East Wing where Angelique's room was.  Barnabas explains to them
   that they had gotten trapped in the playroom and how they had escaped
   through a secret entrance shown to them by a ghost that looked just like
   Hallie Stokes, gone through some secret passages and come out into 1970
   in the West Wing where they ran into Hallie Stokes.  Quentin tells them
   there is no playroom.  Barnabas tells him there is and volunteers to take
   him to it.  But when they get there and open the door, Barnabas is shocked
   to find that is just a small linen closet.  Quentin tells him there's
   never been a playroom here and that there never will be, that it's too
   small and that on the other side of the wall is the outside, so it can
   never be made bigger...
      From somewhere comes the sound of the music Barnabas and Julia kept
   hearing in 1995. It is coming from a toy carousel...
   Episode 1072
   Tape Date:  July 27, 1970 (ABC #157-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 4, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas comes downstairs into the foyer, thinking about the playroom
   not being there.  He hears a crying in the drawing room, the doors of
   which are closed. He goes in and finds Carolyn in there. She tells him that
   she heard from her mother that he and Julia were back, and that she's glad
   to see him. He asks her why she's crying. She tells him she's still hasn't
   gotten over Jeb's death.  He calms her down. She tells him that she's
   heard that everyone has a counterpart in paralell time and asks what Jeb's
   was like.  Barnabas tells her that he was a good, well meaning man. He
   omits what happened to him.  He asks her if she's ever heard of 'Rose
   Cottage' or 'The night of the sun and moon'. She tells him she hasn't.
   remarking that it sounds like some kind or riddle.  Barnabas replies,
   "It is".
      Hallie is in David's room. She tells him that ever since Barnabas and
   Julia returned, she's had a strange feeling that someone's been watching
   her. David asks, "Who?". Barnabas, who's apparently been at the door,
   asks, "Yes, who?". Hallie responds that she doesn't know, that it's just
   a feeling she has and runs off. David tells Barnabas not to take Hallie's
   claim seriously, saying she's just not used to the house and its atmosphere
   and creaking noises yet.
      Professor Stokes comes to talk to Barnabas.  Barnabas remarks,
   "You were wondering what you were like in that other time.  You are
   fortunate you made the right choices in this one,"  and takes him into
   the drawing room where he starts to tell him what happened.
      Hallie and Carolyn go to David's room. Carolyn tells David it's time
   to go to bed. Suddenly, Carolyn exclaims that she feels a strange presence
   in the room.  David tells her it must be her imagination, but Hallie tells
   him she feels it too. The feeling disappears as soon as it started..
      Barnabas finishes telling Stokes his story.  Stokes is fascinated. He
   asks Barnabas if he recognized any of the ghosts he saw. Barnabas replies
   that he didn't recognize the man or woman, but he recognized the one of
   David. He adds that the strange thing was that Quentin, who also saw the
   ghost of David, claimed it wasn't David, but someone named Tad. (Barnabas,
   for some reason, doesn't tell Stokes about the ghost who looked just like
   Hallie).  Barnabas tells Stokes that, since whatever disaster happened is
   supposed to happen while he is in Europe, he should cancel his plans to go
   to Europe. Stokes is puzzled and replies that he has no plans to go to
   Europe any time in the near future...
      After Stokes leaves, Barnabas runs into Carolyn in the foyer.  She
   tells him about the strange feeling she had in David's room, but dismisses
   it as her imagination.
      David goes to sleep. He has a dream in which he goes down into the
   foyer and finds a toy carousel on the table playing the music Barnabas
   and Julia kept hearing in 1995. Hallie shows up wearing a strange, old
   fashioned looking orange dress.  David asks her why she wearing the
   strange dress, but she doesn't answer. Instead, she starts dancing a
   strange dance and dances into the drawing room.  David goes into the
   drawing room, but finds that she isn't there.
      Carolyn runs into Hallie in the hallway and asks her what she's doing
   up, saying that she's supposed to be in bed.  Hallie replies that she was,
   that she just went downstairs for a glass of water.  Hallie goes back into
   her room and is surprised to find a strange, old-fashioned orange dress on
   her bed...
   Episode 1073
   Tape Date:  July 31, 1970 (ABC #158-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 5, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Hallie starts to feel a strange cold feeling in the room and remarks
   out loud, "It's so cold in here".  There's a knock at the door. Hallie
   quickly hides the dress under the bed covers and answers it. It's Maggie.
   She tells Hallie she thought she heard her talking to someone in here,
   that she thought she heard her say, "It's cold".  Hallie replies that
   she was just talking to herself. Maggie agrees that it does seem strangely
   cold in here even though the rest of the house is warm. After Maggie
   leaves, Hallie takes the dress out from under the covers and wonders what
   caused her to hide it.  She thinks about taking it out and asking someone
   about it, but then hides it in the dresser instead.
      In the drawing room, Elizabeth tells Maggie about what Barnabas and
   Julia claim to have seen in 1995. Maggie asks how Barnabas looks.
   Elizabeth tells her he looks quite well and asks, "Why? Haven't you seen
   him yet?".  Maggie replies that she hasn't in a voice that clearly
   indicates that she's disturbed that he hasn't made any attempt to see her
   yet. Elizabeth tells her not to be, that Barnabas has a lot of things on
   his mind. She starts to muse that it's too bad they don't know what's
   supposed to happen in the future.  After Maggie leaves,  Elizebeth seems to
   think of something and gets a business card out of her purse and makes
   a telephone call to someone she calls "Mr. Shaw" and makes an appointment
   to see him at 3:00.
      David tells Hallie about his dream, describing the dress she was
   wearing as he does so .  He is surprised to find that she becomes angry
   at him and accuses him of playing a trick on her. He asks her what she
   means, but she remains angry and refuses to explain.
      Elizabeth shows up at the house of Mr. Shaw. She remarks on how
   surprised she was to find when she first met him how he looked just like
   someone else she knew (he is played by Christopher Pennock, who played
   Jeb Hawkes).  She asks Mr. Shaw, an astrologer, to cast her horoscope
   for her.  He asks for the time and date of her birth. She replies that
   she knows the date, of course, but doens't know the time. He tells her
   he can't cast her horoscope without it. She tells him she can go home
   and find out. He gives her a book to read about the history of
   astrology so that she will be better able to understand her reading.
      After Elizabeth goes home, she talks to Maggie in the drawing room
   again about Barnabas' claim that some disaster is about to happen.
   David comes into the room and asks what they are talking about. Elizabeth
   tells him it's none of his concern.  David becomes upset, saying he
   wishes they would stop treating him like he was 4 1/2 years old and runs
   off, upset.
      David runs up to his room. Just outside the door he finds a note from
   Hallie asking him to meet her at the gazebo at midnidght.
      At midnight, David goes to the gazebo. Not seeing Hallie, he calls out
   for her. She comes out from behind some trees, dressed in the orange
   Episode 1074
   Tape Date:  July 30, 1970 (ABC #159-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 6, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      David asks Hallie what she's doing wearing the old dress, but she
   seems to be in some sort of trance and does not answer. Finally, she
   snaps out of it and, startled to find herself outside in the gazebo,
   asks, "What am I doing here?". David tells her she wrote him a note
   asking him to come here and shows it to him. She tells him she didn't
   write it and points out that it isn't even her handwriting.  He tells
   her that it looks like her handwriting except for the fact that there
   are some old fashioned curlicues in it. He asks her the logical question,
   "If you didn't write it, how did you know to come here to meet me?".
   Hallie replies that she doesn't know.  David tells her that the dress she
   is wearing is the dress he saw in the dream and asks where she got it.
   She tells him she found it. Suddenly, Hallie tells David that she smells
   a strong scent of lilacs.  David, puzzled, tells her they can't be lilacs,
   that it isn't the right season.  David tells her if she didn't write the
   letter, then some force must have gotten them both to come here and tells
   her he's going to wait here to find out what it is. Hallie tells him she
   doesn't want to wait and leaves.
      In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth is knitting while Carolyn
   reads the newspaper.  Carolyn reads her horoscope in the newspaper and
   makes fun of the whole subject.
      Carolyn goes upstairs to check up on Hallie and is surprised to find
   her awake and wearing the orange 19th century dress. She asks her why she
   is wearing it. Hallies replies that she couldn't sleep, found the dress
   in the attic and decided to put it on for fun.  Carolyn finds this
      David continues to wait at the gazebo.
      Hallie goes to sleep and has a dream in which she sees David dressed
   in 19th century clothing. She asks him why he's dressed like that, but
   he doesn't answer. A dark haired woman (Daphne) walks into the room.
   Daphne asks, "Who are you?", but the woman doesn't answer. She starts
   walking toward Hallie. Hallie screams, "Stay away from me!!!", but the
   woman keeps coming....
      At the gazebo, David smells the scent of lilacs again. The ghost of
   Daphne appears. David asks, "Who are you?", but she just disappears
   without answering.
      David goes back to Collinwood and tells Hallie what he saw in the
   gazebo.  Hallie recognizes that his description fits the woman she
   saw in her dream...
      Carolyn, in the drawing room, tells Elizabeth about finding Hallie
   wearing the old dress and about Hallie's explanation of why she was
   wearing it.  There's a knock at the door. Carolyn answers and is shocked
   to see what appears to be Jeb standing there. She exclaims,"Jeb! It
   can't be!!!".  The man replies that his name isn't Jeb. Elizabeth
   explains to Carolyn that the man is not Jeb, but Sebastian Shaw.
   Carolyn, upset, runs up the stairs.  Shaw gives Elizabeth a file folder,
   explaining that it contains her horoscope up to December 31, 1970.
   She asks him what it contains. He tells her it would take him too long
   to tell her verbally and suggests that she read it instead. She asks him
   to tell her if there's any disaster in her future. He tells her no.
   As she is making out a check for him, he tells her he's not infallible
   and makes mistakes sometimes, and if she finds at any time that the
   horoscope isn't matching up with what's happening, to call him and tell
   him and he'll correct the rest of it after the mistake . (Apparently,
   a mistake affects the part of the horoscope after the mistake.).
      David shows Hallie some old letters he's found. He points out the
   fact that the handwriting of the two correspondents resemble theirs
   except that they contain old-fashioned curlicues. He reads one letter
   which mentions "the playroom we aren't supposed to go to, the one
   next to the portrait of Abner Collins".  David tells Hallie he knows
   where the portrait of Abner Collins is. They decide to go check it out.
      They go to the portrait of Abner Collins and go into the room next
   to it.  They find that it's just a linen closet that's too small to have
   ever been a playroom unless, as David jokes, "they had really small kids
   in those days.". Suddenly, David starts to hear music playing (the music
   Barnabas and Julia kept hearing in 1995). He tells Hallie it appears
   to be coming from behind the wall opposite the door in the linen closet.
   Hallie starts to become afraid and walks out of the closet.  She tells
   David she smells lilacs. He comes out. The ghost of Daphne appears.
   Hallie runs away in terror. David follows her...
   Episode 1075
   Tape Date:  July 29, 1970 (ABC #160-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 7, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      David and Hallie run back to David's room.  David tells her they've
   got to look through the old letters again to find out what this is all
      Barnabas and Julia are in the drawing room with an impressive number
   of books.  One of them remarks to the other that it's amazing that
   they've looked through so many books and learned so little, that so far
   they've only found the names "Tad" and "Carrie", and have learned so
   little even about them, only that they died at about the same age that
   David and Hallie are now.  Julia remarks that the Collins family history
   is not famous for its accuracy, that, as Barnabas' case proves, unpleasant
   events are quite likely to be omitted, so that the lack of information on
   the period around 1840 might mean that something quite significant DID
   happen.  Quentin comes in to see how they're doing.  He opens the window
   and tells them that there's a full moon tonight.  Julia, alarmed that he's
   mentioning it, asks him why he's mentioned it, wondering if something has
   happened in their absence  causing him to be back in danger of becoming
   a werewolf again.  He replies no, the portrait's quite safe and still
   protecting him.  He tells her he mentioned it because tonight there's
   going to be a total lunar eclipse, that he's going to enjoy watching it.
   He invites them to come watch it with him in the tower room and leaves,
   saying that now he's in no danger of becoming a werewolf, he feels almost
   as excited as he did when he was a kid first watching the the shadow
   of the earth as it comes between the sun and the moon.  After he leaves,
   Barnabas suddenly realizes the import of this and exclaims to Julia,
   "Julia! The night of the sun and moon!!".
      David finds a letter in the handwriting that looks like Hallie's
   another mention of the playroom that starts, "When you hear the carousel
   play, come to the playroom".  Hallie finds a couple of letters in which
   "Rose Cottage" is mentioned, but David, more concerned about the playroom,
   tells her to ignore them. There's a knock at the door. They quickly
   hide the old letters and let Julia in.  She asks them what they're planning
   to do tonight. They tell her they've got a lot of homework to finish.
      Downstairs, Barnabas tells Quentin about the first clue being "The
   night of the sun and moon". Quentin asks what the second clue is.
   Barnabas tells him it's just as cryptic, that it's "The unfinished
   horoscope.".  Quentin tells him that Elizabeth's just had her horoscope
   cast. Barnabas, shocked, asks him if it says anything about a disaster
   about to happen.  Quentin replies that it doesn't, that in fact it
   forecasts nothing but tranquility for Collinwood for the rest of the
   year.  He adds that he's seen it and it's quite finished.  Julia comes
   downstairs and tells them she's just checked up on the children and
   they're fine.
      Later, Quentin goes to David's room to check up on him and finds him
   in bed and apparently asleep.  A few minutes after Quentin leaves, both
   David and Hallie come out of their rooms. Hallie mentions that Quentin
   came into her room to check up on her a few minutes ago.  David replies
   that Quentin checked up on him, too.  They surreptitiously go somewhere..
      Julia and Barnabas are discussing Elizabeth's horoscope, Barnabas
   apparently having told her about it while Quentin was upstairs.  Julia
   wonders if it could have anything to do with the second clue. Barnabas
   remarks that Quentin had said that it was finished.  Quentin comes in
   and tells them the children are both asleep.
      David and Hallie arrive at the hallway in front of the door to the
   linen closet.  David asks Hallie to read what the letter said again.
   She reads out loud, "When the music stops, the play begins...".
   the carousel music starts to play.  Hallie starts to become frightened.
   The music stops.  Hallie, afraid, tells David she's going to leave.
   Suddenly, the door opens by itself. They look inside and are startled
   to see that it's no longer a linen closet, but a large playroom full of
   Episode 1076
   Tape Date:  August 3, 1970 (ABC #161-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 10, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      They go in and look around.  David is surprised to find that Hallie
   no longer seems afraid. But when he talks to her, he finds that she's
   acting strangely. He tells her she's acting like a weirdo and is
   surprised when she tells him she doesn't know what he means, that she's
   never heard the word 'weirdo' before.  When he calls her by name, she
   tells him her name's not 'Hallie'. He asks her, "So what is it, then?".
   She starts to say, "It's...", but then says, "That's strange. I can't
   remember.".  David stops the carousel so they can talk better.  Hallie
   snaps out of it and acts normally again.  They smell lilacs again and
   Hallie, afraid, runs off.  David follows.  The ghost of Daphne appears...
      In the morning, Quentin tells Julia that he's just checked on the
   kids and that they are both fine, that nothing seems to have happened
   last night.
      David goes to Hallie's room to talk about what happened last night.
   When he tells her about what she did and said, she tells him she can't
   remember any of it.  Frightened about it, she tells him she doesn't
   want to play this game anymore. She takes the dress out of her dresser
   and tells him she's going to put it back to the attic.
      In the drawing room, Julia tells Quentin that she's going to go into
   town to do some research, to see if she can find out anything about
   Gerard Stiles.  Quentin compliments her on her perfume. She tells him
   she's not wearing any.  He tells her that he smells a strong scent of
   perfume, that it seems to fill the whole room.  She tells him she doesn't
   smell anything and asks him to describe it.  He thinks for a minute and
   says, "I can't..". Right after she leaves, he remembers what it smells
   like and exclaims, "Lilacs! It's smells like lilacs!".
      Quentin and Julia run into each other in the cemetary.  Julia tells
   him she couldn't find anything about Gerard Stiles. She shows him Stiles'
   grave and note the inscription, "In darkness did he live and die". She
   points out the grave of Daphne Harridge to him and asks if it means
   anything to him. He laughs and asks how could it when she died in 1841.
   Julia tells him that it did to the Quentin of 1995, claiming to have
   seen her ghost several times. She adds that she herself saw her ghost
   once.  Quentin asks her to describe Daphne.  Julia describes her and adds
   that her appearance was always accompanied by the smell of lilacs.
      David and Hallie are in the foyer, preparing to go out to play.
   Hallie tells David she can hear the music start to play again.  He tells
   her he can't hear it and says,'Come on, let's go boating'. She tells him
   to wait a minute, that's she's got to go do something. Upset at the
   delay and accusing her of imagining the music, he leaves to go boating
   by himself.
      Hallie goes up to the hallway outside the playroom and prepares to
   go in, but suddenly stops, becomes frightened and asks herself, "Why
   did I come up here?" and prepares to leave, but the door opens by itself
   and she goes in.  Standing inside is the ghost of Daphne Harridge, holding
   the old orange dress out to her.  Hallie says, "NO! I don't want it!".
   But the ghost just stands there, holding the dress, and eventuallly
   Hallie takes it....
      Quentin is alone in the drawing room and dozes off in a chair.  He has
   a dream in which he awakens to find Daphne come into the room holding a
   bouquet of lilacs. She puts them on table. He tries to talk to her, but
   she just turns and walks out of the room without saying a word.  Quentin
   wakes up and quickly runs into the foyer to look for Daphne, but finds
   no one there. He walks back into the drawing room, saying to himself,
   "Of course, it was just a dream...". But when he looks on the coffee
   table, he sees lying there a bouquet of lilacs...
   Episode 1077
   Tape Date:  August 4, 1970 (ABC #162-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 11, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Quentin calls out to Daphne, asking her to appear. She does. He tries
   to talk to her, but she touches him on the cheek and disappears without
   saying a word.
      In David's room, Maggie is reprimanding David for taking out the boat
   alone and staying out so late, saying it's dangerous to be out alone in
   a boat at dark.  David counters that the docks are all well lit and he's
   a good sailor.  Maggie notices him looking at a toy ship, a model of a
   two masted schooner, and asks him where he got it.  He tells her he found
   it in the attic.  Maggie remarks that it looks in very condition for
   something old enough to be in the attic.  David explains this by saying
   it was wrapped in paper.  After Maggie leaves, David examines the ship and
   asks, "Where did this come from?  Did you bring it here?"  Daphne appears,
   smiles and nods.  There's a knock at the door. Daphne disappears. Quentin
   comes in, holding a camera.  He tells David, "Here's the camera you wanted
   to borrow for the picnic".  He notices the smell of lilac and remarks on
   it.  David replies that it's too late in the year for it.  Quentin retorts
   that it might be lilac scented perfume and asks if any woman's been in the
   room.  David replies, "Yes. Maggie.".  Quentin mutters, "Yes. That must
   have been it.". He remarks that sometimes when a room if full of a scent
   for no apparent reason, it's sometimes the sign that a spirit has been
   there, but when David shows no sign of understanding what he's talking
   about, he leaves, convinced that David knows nothing about Daphne.
      In the drawing room, Carolyn is about to make a phone call just as
   Maggie comes into the room. Carolyn gives a starts, laughs and says,
   "Oh. I thought you were my mother. Imagine me, at my age, worried about
   my mother finding out I was calling someone she thinks I shouldn't".
   Maggie asks who.  Carolyn replies, "You might not believe me, but I've
   found out Jeb is still alive.".  Maggie replies that that must be
   Sebastian Shaw, that she's heard about how much he resembles Jeb and
   tries to convince her he can't be Jeb, that she's got to get on with her
   life and learn to let go.
      Quentin is in the hallway, thinking, "Could she (Daphne) have been in
   David's room and he not told me?  No, he would have been too frightened
   to keep it a secret".  Daphne suddenly appears and gestures for him to
   follor her.  He does so and follows into a room in the West Wing, but
   when he goes into the room, she's not there.  The room appears to have
   been left as it was a long, long time ago.  On a desk is a quill pen in
   an inkwell, the ink in which has long evaporated.  Quentin picks up a
   very yellowed letter on the desk and reads it,"I couldn't help trembling,
   but nothing frightens me more than the fact that you might love me..."
   It is unfinished.  Quentin puts it back on the desk and ponders what
   he found. When he looks back down, the letter is gone.
      Carolyn, Maggie and David are having a picnic.  The weather does not
   appear to be cooperating. It is quite windy. David takes a few pictures
   of Carolyn and Maggie.  Quentin shows up. David remarks that he has only
   one picture left and asks him to pose with Maggie. To show what the
   occasion is, Maggie picks up a picnic basket and Quentin a round green
   drink cooler and pose. Suddenly, David turns and looks behind him.  Quentin
   asks what's the matter.  David replies that he thought he heard someone
   behind him, but that's there's no one there.  Remarking that it looks
   like it's going to rain soon, he takes the picture of Maggie and Quentin.
      Carolyn and Maggie are in the drawing room.  Carolyn tells Maggie she
   realizes now that Sebastian Shaw is not Jeb and thanks her for
   straightening her out.  Quentin walks into the room carry a large book
   which appears to be very old.  Carolyn excuses herself and leaves, saying
   she promised David she'd look at the pictures he's developing.  Maggie
   notices the book Quentin is carrying and asks him what he's doing. He
   replies it's a family history dealing with the middle part of the
   18th century. He explains that he's interested in it because he's learned
   that he had a great uncle named Quentin living in that period.
      David is in a darkroom. Carolyn comes in and asks him if he's finished.
   He replies that he's just developing the last one.  He looks at it and a
   puzzled expression comes over his face.  He asks, "Hey. Who's that behind
   Quentin and Maggie?"  Carolyn replies that she doesn't see anyone and
   asks, "Who could it be, anyway?". From the corner, watching them, is
   the ghost of Gerard Stiles.
   Episode 1078
   Tape Date:  August 5, 1970 (ABC #163-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 12, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Joe Caldwall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Sometime later, David comes out of the darkroom into his room.
   Quentin comes in to see how the pictures came out.  David thanks him
   for loaning him his camera and shows him the pictures. He shows him the
   photo of him and Maggie and asks him if he sees a face in the background.
   Quentin looks and says there is something that looks like a face there,
   but that it looks like and optical illusion to him, like the sunlight
   reflecting off some leaves.
      Julia and Barnabas walk in through the front door into the foyer of
   Collinwood.  Julia gives a start and exclaims, "It's him! He's here!"
   Barnabas asks, "Who?" Julia replies, "Gerard Stiles! I can feel it. The
   same feeling I felt in 1995!".  Barnabas suggests that they tell Elizabeth
   to evacuate the house. Julia replies that Elizabeth doesn't believe their
   claims about what they saw in the future and would never do that without
   more proof. She suggests that they keep their eyes open to see if anything's
   happening, and that they should perhaps surreptitously question people to
   see if they've experienced anything out of the ordinary.
      Quentin is in the old room again. By now, he knows that it's Daphne's
   room. He finds a silhouette of Gerard Stiles and wonders what the nature
   of the relationship between them was.  He finds Daphne's diary.  Suddenly,
   David bursts into the room and exclaims,"So it was you!".  Quentin asks
   what he means. David tells him he saw a light on from the outside and
   wondered who was in the West Wing. He asks him what he's doing there.
   Quentin lies that he was helping Julia do some research to correct some
   errors in the family history.  Remarking that it's really boring work,
   he takes David and leaves.  After they leave, Daphne appears...
      Barnabas goes to David's room to question him. He sees the toy ship
   on the table and asks him where he got it from. David again lies that
   he found it in the attic. With a puzzled expression on his face, Barnabas
   explains that he thinks he's seen it before somewhere, but can't remember
   where. David points to a pile of photographs on his desk and tells
   Barnabas he's just developed them and asks him if he'd like to look at
   them.  Barnabas replies, "Maybe later", and asks him how his summer has
   been. David replies that it's been fine. Barnabas asks, "No different
   from any other summer?  Nothing special happen?". David replies "No.".
      After Barnabas leaves, David goes back into the darkroom and starts
   to do something.
      In the drawing room, Quentin reads Daphne's diary. He is shocked to
   read a passage that says, "Today I must kill him. That is the only
   answer.". Julia comes into the room holding an old book.  Quentin asks
   her if she's learned anything new, anything about Gerard Stiles of
   Daphne. Julia replies that all they've learned about Daphne is that
   she came to work as a governess at Collinwood in 1840 and died in 1841.
   Barnabas comes in and tells Julia that nothing seems to have happened to
   David. They ask Quentin if anything strange has happened to him. Quentin
   is about to say something, but sees Daphne's ghost outside the window and
   says nothing unususal has happened.  After Quentin leaves, Barnabas
   suggests that they hold a seance to find out more about what's going
   to happen, but Julia warns against the idea, saying they don't know
   what might show up.
      Quentin runs into David just as David is about to go into his room and
   room and tells him not to go to the West Wing anymore, saying he noticed
   some loose boards there and it's dangerous. After Quentin leaves, David
   goes into his room and is shocked to see an old fashioned (mid 19th
   century) suit of clothes on his bed. They are his size.  He takes them
   and puts them into a dresser drawer. David looks at an enlargement he's
   made of the upper left corner of the photo of Quentin and Maggie.  On
   it is definitely the face of a man, not an trick of light on the leaves
   as Quentin claimed.   When he comes out of the darkroom, he sees Daphne
   standing there.  He asks her, "Where did those clothes come from?  Why
   was I so afraid when I saw them. Why did they feel so cold when I touched
   them?  Who's this in the photo?"  She does not answer.
      Quentin goes to Daphne's room.  He asks himself why he lied to Barnabas
   and Julia. Daphne appears. He asks her if there's any truth in what Julia
   and Barnabas say about the future. She doesn't answer. She gestures to
   him to follow her.
      Quentin walks down into the foyer. The front doors open by themselves.
   He goes out. The doors closes by themselves.  Quentin goes to the cemetary.
   There, he calls out for Daphne.  She appears. He asks her why she wanted
   him here. She doesn't answer. He remarks, "It isn't important. What
   matters is that you're beautiful. He embraces her. Behind his back, she
   raises a knife...
   Episode 1079
   Tape Date:  August 10, 1970 (ABC #164-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   August 13, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

       As they embrace, Quentin asks, "Why is your spirit restless and
    wandering? I want to help you any way I can".  Daphne drops the
    knife and disappears.  Quentin finds a knife on the ground....
       David goes to Hallie's room and is startled to find her wearing
    the old-fashioned orange dress.  He exclaims, "What are you doing in
    that? I thought you put it in the attic!". He tells her about the
    old suit of clothes he found. She asks him to wear it. He refuses,
    saying he doesn't think that would be such a good idea. She shouts,
    "You don't want to make me happy or her happy!" and runs off.
       Quentin returns to Collinwood and runs into Julia in the foyer.
    She tells him that she has learned from Carolyn that they had a
    picnic and tells Quentin that that is the second event on the future
    Carolyn's warning list. She tells him she still feels the presence of
    Gerard, but not as strong as before. He asks her if she feels anything
    else. She answers no. He tells her they must have an exorcism.  Julia
    is shocked, saying that the future Stokes had told them he had tried
    an exorcism an failed.  Quentin replies that he will perform the
    exorcism himself, tonight.
       David finds Hallie in the playroom, saying "I knew you would be in
    here, Hallie".  She asks him why he calls her Hallie, saying that that
    is not her name, and starts to say some strange things that David does
    not understand. She tells him she's going to be punished. He asks why.
    She replies "I went to his ship and looked in the cabin and saw him
    and Daphne embracing...".  Daphne appears. Hallie goes to her and
    apologizes for seeing them in an embrace, saying she didn't mean to.
    Hallie exclaims, "Thank you!", Daphne apparently having telepathically
    accepted her apology. Daphne offers her hand to her and Hallie accepts
    it. She holds out her other hand toward David.
       Julia asks Quentin, "Shouldn't we tell Barnabas about this?"
    Quentin replies that that is not necesssary, that the procedure is
    simple.  They go outside and Quentin, holding a forked branch, starts
    the exorcism.
       Hallie asks David, "Why don't you come join hands with us? Don't
    you want to know all about Gerard and his ship?"  David replies "Yes",
    walks up to Daphne and starts to reach for her hand.
       Outside, Quentin continues the ceremony.
       Suddenly, Daphne runs off, leaving Hallie and David alone. Hallie
    tells David she senses someone else in the room, screams and faints.
       Quentin suddenly stops the exorcism.  Julia asks him why. He just
    tells her to stay there and runs into the house. Inside, he sees Daphne
    staring at him from the landing...
       In the playroom, Hallie regains consciousness. David finds that she is
    back to normal, but her arm is hurt.  He tells her they'r going to have
    to do something to find out about what's going on, but first they're
    going to have to get Julia to take care of her arm.  She asks him how
    they're going to explain the arm to her. He tells her he'll think of
       Julia goes into the foyer and finds Quentin just standing there.
    He surprises her by saying, "You know, if there are any spirits here,
    I feel they don't mean any harm".  David and Hallie come down. David
    tells Julia that Hallie hurt her arm, that she fell while running.
    Julia turns to Quentin and tells him she thinks the spirits are
    responsible for this, that his attempted exorcism angered them and
    they caused this accident.
       David and Hallie go back to the playroom. Hallie's arm is in a sling,
    Julia obviously having treated it.  Hallie asks why they've come back
    here. David reminds her that he had said that they've got to find out
    what's going on, and since everything seems to be centered on this room,
    this is the place to do it. He tells her they're going to hold a seance.
    This frightens Hallie.  David tells her not to worry, that he's " seen
    the grown-ups do it lots of times".   David starts the seance with a
    reluctant Hallie.  Suddenly, they hear a voice which sounds just like
    David's say, "Let us live!! Let us live!  Let us live!".
    Episode 1080
    Tape Date:  August 11, 1970 (ABC #165-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 14, 1970 Friday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Hallie exclaims, "That was your voice!  How can that be possible?!"
    David just sits there, not replying.  Hallie asks, "David, speak to
    me!  Why are you just sitting there staring like that?"  David collapses
    unconscious onto the table.  Hallie tries to rouse him but is unable to.
       Elizabeth is in the drawing room reading her horoscope.  Carolyn
    come in and remarks, "You're being very religious with that horoscope".
    Elizabeth replies, "It's been amazingly accurate so far".  Carolyn
    asks what it predicts for today.  Elizabeth replies that it predicts
    a calm day, but some tension at night.  Carolyn muses, "Maybe I should
    call him and have my horoscope done".  Elizbeth emphatically replies,
    "No!", pointing out, "You've never been interested in horoscopes
    before".  Carolyn counters, "But you had yours made".  Elizabeth
    replies, "My reasons were different from yours.  Your reasons have
    nothing to do with astrology".  She accuses Carolyn of still thinking
    Sebastian Shaw is really Jeb Hawkes.  She points out, "Sebastian Shaw
    is NOT Jeb.  He said so himself".  Carolyn replies, "Maybe he is, but
    just doesn't know it".  She tells Elizabeth that she had a dream in
    which Jeb promised to come back.  Elizabeth says, "That was just a
    dream!"  Carolyn says, "I don't believe his coming here could be
    just a wild coincidence".  Elizabeth replies, "It is, and an unfortunate
    one.  I insist you stay away from Sebastian Shaw!"  Carolyn grumbles,
    "Are you forbidding me from having my horoscope done?"  Elizabeth
    replies, "I just want what's best for you!" and leaves.  Carolyn picks
    up a business card from the desk, then goes to the phone at the side
    table in the drawing room and makes a phone call to Sebastian Shaw.
       In the playroom, Hallie finally manages to rouse David.  They
    discuss what happened.  Hallie says, "David, we've got to go and
    tell your Aunt Elizabeth about this room and everything that's
    happened!".  David tells her not to.  They argue about it.  David
    hears a voice say, "Let us live!" and tells Hallie, "No, Hallie,
    you can't say anything about this to anyone!" and runs off.
       It is the next morning.  David is in his room examining the toy
    ship.  The ship's name, "Java Queen", can clearly be seen.  Hallie
    comes into the room, remarking, "Mrs. Johnson said you wanted to
    see me".  David tells her that he's been thinking about everything
    that's been happening.  He tells her, "What you said about going to
    Aunt Elizabeth, I think that's what we're going to have to do".
       Carolyn goes into the drawing room and says good morning to
    her mother.  She tells Elizabeth, "I'm going shopping.  If anyone
    calls, tell them I'll be back this afternoon".
       Hallie and David come down into the drawing room.  They start
    to to tell her what happened.  Hallie starts, "Something terrible has
    happened that you should know about".  David continues, "You see, it
    happened in the West Wing, we went there to explore..."  Suddenly,
    he is shocked to see the "Java Queen" on the desk and stops speaking.
    Elizabeth prompts him, "David, speak up!  You were going to tell me
    something!  You mentioned the West Wing".  David lies, "We had an
    accident there.  I was chasing Hallie around one of the rooms and
    we knocked a vase off a table".  Elizabeth reprimands them, congratulates
    them on their honesty and tells them, "Neither of you are ever to go
    to the West Wing again.  I consider this matter closed" and leaves.
    Hallie and David wonder how the ship got to the drawing room.  David
    tell Hallie he's going to put it back in the playroom where it belongs.
       Carolyn is with Sebastian Shaw.  She's just asked him to cast her
    horoscope.  She asks him some questions, "Where are you from?"  He
    tells her, "New York City".  She asks him how long he's been in
    Collinsport.  He tells her, "About two months".  She asks him why
    he chose to come to Collinsport, of all places.  He replies, "Because
    it's by the sea.  I've always liked the sea".  He tells her to sit down,
    saying, "If you want me to cast your horoscope, I'm going to have to
    ask you some questions".
       David takes the ship back into the playroom. He hears a voice that
    sounds just like his own say, "You want us to live!  You want us to
    live!" and runs off in terror.  The carousel begins to play by itself.
       Carolyn asks Shaw, "When will the horoscope be ready?"  Shaw replies,
    "It's difficult to tell", explaining that charts differ in complexity
    and take different amounts of time.  Carolyn asks, "Any idea, so I
    can know when to pick it up?"  Shaw replies, "That's not necessary.
    I'll bring it to Collinwood when it's finished".  Carolyn tells him,
    "I'd rather you not do that".  Shaw asks, "Have you told your mother
    about this?"  Carolyn says, "I mentioned it".  Shaw continues, "And I
    take it she didn't approve".  Carolyn says, "That's between me and
    my mother" and points out, "I'm above the age of consent".
       Elizbeth is in the drawing room reading her horoscope.  Hallie
    comes in and asks her if she's seen David.  She replies that she
    hasn't.  Hallie goes to look for David.
       Carolyn returns to Collinwood.  Elizabeth sees her coming in and
    noticing that she isn't carrying any bags or packages remarks, "I
    thought you were going shopping".  Carolyn quickly lies, "I guess
    I wasn't in the right frame of mind.  I didn't see anything I wanted
    to buy all day".
       Hallie goes to the playroom.  She finds David there rocking on
    the toy horse wearing 19th century clothing.  She asks, "What are
    you doing here?  You gave Aunt Elizabeth your word you weren't going
    to go into the West Wing again!  And what are you doing in those
    clothes?"  David doesn't answer.  Hallie  continues,  "Let's get out
    of here!"  David doesn't answer.  Hallie continues, "Come on!"  David
    just sits there rocking.  Exasperated, Hallie finally says, "Well, don't
    say I didn't warn you!  If you say, you'll have to suffer the consequences!"
    and leaves the playroom.  Outside in the hallway, she is shocked to
    see David standing there dressed in his regulary 1970 clothes...

    Episode 1081
    Tape Date:  August 7, 1970 (ABC #166-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 17, 1970 Monday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

        Hallie tells David about seeing him inside.  He tells her that that
    must be Tad. He goes in to see, but there is no one there. Thinking that
    perhaps Tad is still there but not visible, David calls out to him, but
    all he gets is a ghostly laughing that appear to be two people, children
    from the sound of it.
       Carolyn is in the drawing room, reading the book Shaw had lent to
    Elizabeth, "Astrology", by a Louis MacNeice. There's a knock at the door.
    She answers. It's Sebastian Shaw. She asks him if he's finished her
    horoscope. He tells her that's what he came to talk to her about, that
    he started it but couldn't finish it, that from the things she said to
    him during her visit, it was apparent that she really had no interest or
    belief in astrology, that she came to him only because he resembled her
    late husband.  He tells her he will only work for someone who really
    believes in astrology and will not finish her horoscope. He tells her
    he thinks it would be best if they didn't see each other again and leaves.
    Carolyn hears a shocked voice from the landing call out "Carolyn! That
    was Jeb!". It is Barnabas, who just happened to be walking down the stairs
    and just see Shaw as he was leaving.  Carolyn explains to him that it
    wasn't Jeb, just a man who greatly resembled him named Sebastian Shaw.
    Barnabas asks, "Isn't he the man who did your mother's horoscope?".
    Carolyn responds that he is and adds, "He started to do mine too.".
    "Started?", asks Barnabas. "Yes, started", Carolyn answers, "He came
    here to say he won't finish it.". Barnabas is shocked and tells her that
    that's one of the clues from 1995. He tells her they've got to get him
    to finish it, that perhaps changing just one thing might be enough to
    change the entire future. She tells him he's already told her he won't
    because he thinks she doesn't sincerely believe in astrology.
       In David's room, Hallie tells David that she thinks they had better
    tell the adults about this.  He tells her that they can't because it
    will make the people from the playroom angry. He reminds her about
    what happened to her arm and about what happened when they tried to
    tell Elizabeth about it. She tells him they've got to do something and
    finally gets him to promise never to go to the playroom again. After
    Hallie leaves, David sits down and opens a book to do some homework.
    Suddenly, he hears the carousel music and a voice that sounds like his
    own calling out his name.  The drawer in which he hid the old fashioned
    suit opens by itself. He goes and takes out the suit. The voice
    continues, "Come to the playroom. We won't hurt you...". He drops the
    suit and leaves.
       Hallie is in the foyer talking to her uncle Stokes on the phone.
    Apparently he has asked her how things were at Collinwood, as she
    is assuring him everything is fine. Just as she finishes the call and
    hangs up, Carolyn comes down the stairs and asks where David is. Hallie
    starts to say, "Maybe he's in.." but suddenly pauses then says, "Maybe
    he's in Maggie's room asking for help with his French homework". Carolyn
    replies that she's already looked there and he isn't there. Hallie says,
    "Well, this is a big house. He could be anywhere." and leaves.
       Hallie goes to the playroom and finds David there, playing on the
    hobby horse. She exclaims, "You promised you'd never come here!". He
    answers, in a puzzled voice, "No I didn't. Why would I ever promise to
    do a silly thing like that?". She says something else to him, calling
    him by name,'David'. He is puzzled and asks "Why do you call me that,
    Carrie?"  Hallie, surprised, asks him why he called her 'Carrie'. He
    tells her "Because that's your name. I never thought I'd have to
    introduce you to yourself. What's wrong with you?".  She gasps, "And who
    are you? Tad?". He mockingly bows and says, "At your service" and says,
    "Enought of these games. We have something we have to do. We've got to
    find Rose Cottage." "ROSE COTTAGE!", Hallie exclaims, "That's what
    Barnabas and Julia have been looking for!".  David, in a puzzled voice,
    asks, "Barnabas and Julia?  Who are they?". Hallie tells him she's
    thinks it would be best if they left the room. David replies,"Sure, why
    not?"  As soon as they leave the room, David snaps out of it and
    exclaims, "What am I doing here?".  Hallie asks him if he remembers
    any of what happened in the room. He replies that he doesn't, that the
    last thing he remembers is being in his room.
       Barnabas goes to Sebastian Shaw and tells him, "You must finish
    Carolyn's horoscope. I'll pay you double your regular rate to do it.".
    Shaw, apparently angered, refuses to do so, saying, "I'm the only
    person who can tell me what I 'must' do".  He tells Barnabas it's time
    for his meditation and leaves the room to go elsewhere to do so. The
    front door opens and a woman holding a shopping bag comes in and asks,
    "Sebastian?  Where are you?"  Barnabas sees her and in a shocked voice
    exclaims, "Roxanne!!!!"  For the woman looks just like the Roxanne he
    knew in paralell time....
    Episode 1082
    Tape Date:  August 6, 1970 (ABC #167-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 18, 1970 Tuesday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       The woman, puzzled, asks "Excuse me. Do we know each other?  How do
    you know my name?"  Barnabas, realizing that this must be Roxanne's
    double in this time, replies, "Oh. Sorry. I've mistaken you for someone
    I used to know named Roxanne Drew.".Roxanne, surprised, replies that her
    name is Roxanne Drew too. She tells Barnabas that it must be what Shaw
    calls an 'astral twin', that sometimes it happens that sometimes such
    people exist,that they are born at the same time and have the same
    horoscope and that they often have similar names too. She asks where she
    can meet this double, but Barnabas lies that she doesn't live in
    Collinsport anymore, that she lived here in another time. Roxanne
    interprets another time to mean 'a long time ago', and remarks that she's
    just been in Collinsport for a few weeks. She asks why he's here. He
    replies that he came to persuade Shaw to finish Carolyn's horoscope, but
    for some reason he refused and went to meditate.  He asks her to try to
    persuade Shaw to finish Carolyn's horoscope, that it's important that
    he do so. She replies that she will try, but that Shaw has a strong will
    and she doesn't think she'll be able to change it.  Barnabas asks her
    out to a late dinner later, saying he finds the subject of astral twins
    fascinating and would like to discuss it further. She accepts. Her tone
    seems to indicate that she's accepting only to get rid of him, but he
    doesn't seem to notice.
       Hallie goes into the drawing room and finds Julia poring over some
    very old books and asks her what she's doing. Julia replies that they're
    old tax records from the year 1840.  Hallie asks why she would be in-
    tereseted in something so boring.  Julia tells her she's looking for
    property tax payments for 'Rose Cottage', that she suspects that it is a
    building from that time that is now known by another name. Suddenly,
    Hallie sees Daphne appear behind Julia. Daphne beckons her to follow
    her and walks out the door. Hallie excuses herself and follows.
       David is in his room looking at the boat that mysteriously appeared,
    the 'Java Queen.'. Hallie comes in and David remarks, "You know, I bet
    you this is a model of a real ship ". Hallie laughs and says, "You know
    it is, silly. You've seen it in the harbor enough times!"  David asks,
    "You're Carrie right now, aren't you?". She laughs and replies,"What a
    silly thing to say. I'm always Carrie!". She laughs even more heartily
    and continues, "Do you know what she's doing downstairs?  She's looking
    for Rose Cottage!  She'll never find it!"  David asks why. Hallie gets
    angry and tells him not ask such a silly question, that he knows very
    well why. When he calls her by name, Hallie, she angrily tells him she's
    not Hallie and not to call her that, that she's Carrie, not Hallie. He
    grabs her by the shoulders, shakes her and screams, "You ARE Hallie!".
    She reverts back to normal. David finds that she cannot remember what
    just happened.
       Downstairs, Julia answers the phone and is surprised that it's
    someone named Roxanne Drew looking for Barnabas. She tells her that
    Barnabas is not there.  Roxanne tells her to tell him when he gets
    back that she won't be able to meet him for dinner as she had promised.
    Right after she hangs up, Barnabas comes in through the front doors,
    sees Julia and exclaims, "Julia! The most extraodinary thing has
    happened." Julia realizes from his tone of voice what it must be and
    replies, "I know. You've met the Roxanne Drew from this time. She
    just called on the phone to cancel your dinner date."  Seeing from his
    mood that he must be hopelessly in love again, she warns him, "You know,
    Barnabas, this is not the person you knew in paralell time, it's only
    someone who looks like her. People in the two times can be very different
    people. Do you remember how different my double was from me?"  But alas,
    Barnabas will not listen...
       In David's room, David remarks, "You know, I bet if we look in the
    old records, we can find this ship mentioned."  Hallie tells him she
    smells lilacs. Daphne appears. David asks her, "Will we ever find out
    about this ship, and about Rose Cottage?"  Daphne smiles and nods her
    head yes. David asks, "When?  Now?"  She shakes her head to indicate
    "Not now". She opens a dresser draw and takes out a pair of pajamas
    and lays them on the bed. She then turns down the bed for him, then
    disappears. Hallie remarks that she's acting as if she's their governess,
    as if they're Tad and Carrie...
       Barnabas goes to Shaw's house and asks Roxanne why she's cancelled
    their date. She tells him she had forgotten that she had something
    important to do tonight. Barnabas asks, "Well, tomorrow night then.."
    She tells him she's busy tomorrow night too. He then asks, "How about the
    night after that?"  She tells him she'll be busy then, too. Exasperated,
    he asks, "Well, when won't you be busy?"  She doesn't say anything and
    Barnabas, realizing she'll never go out with him, sadly says, "Oh. I
       David, asleep, has a dream in which he is walking up to a doorway.
    Hallie, already at the doorway, tells him, "Hurry up, we'll be late."
    David asks where they are. She answers, "You know. We've been invited to
    a party at Rose Cottage!"  She opens the door and they go in.  Inside,
    they find what appear to be two mannikins sitting at a table. David is
    surprised to find that the name tags in front of the male doll bears his
    name, and the one in front of the female doll Hallie's. The two empty
    places have nametags for "Tad" and "Carrie". David remarks that maybe
    they'd better leave, but Hallie replies that they can't, that it's
    Gerard's birthday party.  David asks who "Gerard" is.  Suddenly, they
    hear a loud laughing. They look at the window and see Daphne's peering
    in, laughing. But the face is HUGE. They scream.
       David wakes up and goes the playroom. He is surprised to find Hallie
    already there in front of the door. He asks her what she's doing there.
    She replies "I had a dream".  He asks, "About Rose Cottage?"  She replies
    "Yes, and a birthday party". They find that they have both had the same
    dream and wonder how that could happen. They open the door and go into
    the playroom. On a table they see a doll house which wasn't there
    before.  They look in and see a room which looks just like the one they
    were in in the dream, with two dolls which look just like the mannikins
    they saw in the dream sitting at table, just like in the dream. Hallie
    exclaims, "David! We were in that doll house!".
    Episode 1083
    Tape Date:  August 12, 1970 (ABC #168-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 19, 1970 Wednesday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

       David and Hallie realize that this doll house must be the Rose
    Cottage that Barnabas and Julia have been asksing about.   
       Sometime later, Professor Stokes is in the drawing room.  Hallie
    comes in looking for David.  Stokes takes the opportunity to ask her
    how she's doing here.  She lies that everything's fine.  He asks her if
    she's sure. She tells him she knows what he's worried about, that it's
    Barnabas and Julia's claim that a disaster is going to happen.  She
    insists nothing is going to happen, that Barnabas and Julia are wrong,
    that ELizabeth's horoscope proves that nothing is going to happen.
       After Stokes leaves, David and Hallie come into the drawing room,
    Hallie apparently having told David about what she had said to Stokes.
    David tells her she shouldn't have said what she did, that it would
    make him suspicious. He decides to check out Elizabeth's horoscope to
    see if it can shed any light on what's happening and takes it out of
    the desk.
       Stokes goes to Sebastian Shaw to check him out. He asks Shaw if he's
    sure no disaster awaits the Collins family in 1970.  Shaw answers that
    to the best of his ability, he is.  Stokes asks, "And where did you get
    those abilities, Mr. Shaw?". Shaw responds "Let's be blunt, Mr. Stokes,
    you're accusing me of being a charlatan, aren't you?".  He tells Stokes
    he is not, that not only is he an astrologer, he is a clairvoyant as
    well. Stokes is doubtful about this.  Shaw, to prove it, asks, "You will
    agree that I have never seen the children?"  Stokes replies yes. Shaw
    starts to have a clairvoyant vision and tells Stokes about it. He tells
    him, "I see the drawing room. It is sometime in the future, exactly when,
    I cannot tell . I see the children in there...."  At this point, a
    strange looks comes across Shaw's face. Stokes asks him what's wrong.
    Shaw replies that nothing is and continues. "The children have apparently
    been to a party and are asleep in the drawing room.  The girl is wearing
    a pink party dress with white buttons down the front."  He then goes on
    to describe Hallie in detail. Stokes tells him he's impressed.
       After Stokes leaves, a woman (Roxanne) comes out of an adjacent room
    and tells Shaw, "You've got a good mind.  Too bad you never use it."  She
    tells him he's stupid to have revealed his psychic powers to Stokes,
    that he should've kept them secret, the better to use them to soak
    Elizabeth for more money. She asks him, "Did you really see what you told
    Stokes you saw?"  He replies, "Yes, but the children weren't sleeping,
    they were dead!"
       Hallie and David go to the playroom.  Hallie asks David what he plans
    to do. David tells her that he thinks the spirits are using the dolls in
    the dollhouse to cast a spell on them and that they can break the spell
    by destroying the dolls.
       Roxanne tells Sebastian that he shouldn't tell Elizabeth about the
    children (apparently thinking that if he does, she will take them and
    leave Collinsport and they will be less one very rich customer).
       David and Hallie are in the drawing room by the fire. They throw the
    dolls into the fire and burn them. David tells Hallie he feels much
    better now. She tells him that she does too, that she feels free. He
    tells her there's one way to find out, that if they're really free of
    the spirits, then the playroom will be gone.
       They go upstairs to the playroom door. Outside the door, David prays,
    "Please be a closet again..." They open the door and are shocked to
    find that it is still a playroom. They are even more shocked to see that
    the dolls are back in the dollhouse, sitting at the toy table...
    Episode 1084
    Tape Date:  August 17, 1970 (ABC #169-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 20, 1970 Thursday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Lela Swift

       David remarks that the dolls aren't even singed.  Hallie, frightened,
    says, "They know what we tried to do. They're going to punish us!"
    Suddenly, they hear the familiar carousel start to play, but David
    notices that this time it's faint and it's not coming from the carousel,
    which is not moving.
       Downstairs in the drawing room, Stokes tells Julia that they must
    enlist the help of Sebastian Shaw, that 3 of the clues have already
    occured and they need the aid of his psychic powers. She asks him what
    they're going tell him. Stokes tells her that they'd better tell him
    the truth. Julia tells him that she has a feeling that the most important
    clue is "Rose Cottage",that she'd give anything to find out where Rose
    Cottage is.
       In the playroom, David tries to find the source of the music. He finds
    that it's coming from the inside of Rose Cottage. Suddenly, they are
    shocked to see lights come on in all the upstairs rooms of the dollhouse.
    David looks inside and exclaims, "Look! There's a man inside ". Hallie
    asks, "Another doll?". "No, ", David replies, "a little man ". But when
    Hallie looks, he is gone... "What are we going to do?",  David wails.
    Then he gets and idea, "We've got to write down everything that has
       Downstairs, Stokes and Julia are awaiting Shaw.  Julia tells Stokes
    she feels the presence of Gerard, but not nearly as strongly as in 1995.
    "Good", Stokes tells her, "That means that he isn't ready to strike yet".
       In his room, David takes out a theme book and prepares to write down
    everything that has happened to them. Hallie asks why.  David replies,
    "So they'll be able to know what happened when we're gone.".
       Sebastian Shaw comes. Stokes introduces him to Julia, telling him,
    "Julia's been to the future."
       Upstairs, David starts to write the account.
       Julia finishes telling the whole story to Shaw. He asks, "I don't
    see what I can do to help".  They ask him to find Rose Cottage. He
    tries. He sees a vision of the playroom and describes it, but his
    discription is so vague that Julia does not recognize it and tells him,
    "You're probably seeing a room inside Rose Cottage. That won't do us
    any good."  Stokes remarks that perhaps it would be a good idea if he
    took a look at the children and leaves to get them. Julia tells Shaw
    she'll go make some tea and leaves.
       David finishes the account. There's a knock at the door. He quickly
    hides the theme book in a desk drawer.  Stokes comes in.
       Julia walks into the foyer carrying a tea tray. She is shocked to
    hear the carousel music being played on the piano. She  goes into the
    foyer and finds Sebastian Shaw playing it.  She asks him about it.  He
    tells her it's a tune he just made up. She tells him she knows that's
    not true, that she heard that music in 1995 and knows that he must have
    heard it in his vision.  She accuses him of seeing more than he will
    tell them, and accuses him of holding things back so he can use them
    for profit. He acts insulted and leaves.  When Stokes comes down with
    the children, Julia explains what happened to him.
       The children go back to David's room.  David tells Hallie,  "There's
    one more thing I want to add to that account", but when he opens the
    drawer, the theme book is gone...
       The children go to the playroom and are shocked to see what appear
    to be themselves wearing old-fashioned clothing in there.
    Episode 1085
    Tape Date:  August 14, 1970 (ABC #170-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 21, 1970 Friday
    Writer:     Joe Caldwall
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Hallie and David soon realize that what they're seeing must be Carrie
    and Tad.  But as they approach them, they disappear.  David is surprised
    to find his theme book sitting on a table.  Suddenly, a change comes over
    them. They open the book, read it and ask "Why should anyone be afraid of
    Miss Daphne?  Why should anyone be afraid of us?"  They exit the play
    room and go into Daphne's room, which is across the hall.  Just as they
    do, Quentin walks by holding some books.
       Julia is in the drawing room reading what appears to be a very old
    books.  Quentin comes in and gives her the books he is carrying, saying
    they're the last from the West Wing. He asks her if she's looking for
    mention of Rose Cottage.  She replies that she isn't, that she's looking
    for mention of the staircase she and Barnabas walked up when they
    travelled back into time. She looks in the books he brought down and
    finds sandwiched in one a blueprint bearing the title, "Proposed stairway
    into Time, Quentin Collins, 1840".
       David and Hallie are in Daphne's room. Daphne appears. They show
    David's theme book to her and ask, "What should we do with it?". She
    gives them a candle. They ask, "Do you want us to burn it?"  She nods.
    They burn it. They hear Quentin and Julia outside. Quentin tells Julia,
    "It's no use. Barnabas and I already came here and checked. There is no
    staircase here". Daphne strokes the childen's faces and vanishes. The
    children revert to normal and wonder what they're doing there.
       Julia opens the door to the playroom, but finds only a linen closet,
    just as Quentin said would be there. Julia decides to check the room
    opposite the linen closet (Daphne's room). Quentin tries to dissuade
    her, saying it's not on the side where the staircase is supposed to be,
    but Julia insists, saying it's easy for them to have gotten the sides of
    the hall confused.  She opens the door and dejectedly says, "Oh, it's
    just another bedroom" and closes the door.  The children are hiding and
    she does not spot them.
       After Julia and Quentin leave, the children find their notes burned.
       Downstairs, Julia asks Quentin to go and see if he can find any more
    books or notes in the West Wing.  As he goes into the foyer, he smells
       In the West Wing, the children try to figure out what Julia and
    Quentin meant by "staircase to time".  They hear Quentin coming.
    Quentin goes into Daphne's room.  Daphne appears. He asks her, "What
    kind of power do you have over me?  Why can't I tell Barnabas and
    Julia about you?  Why is it that one moment I'm helping my friends and
    the next I'm hindering them?"  He announces that he's leaving and isn't
    going to have anything to do with her anymore.  But she kisses him and
    he changes his mind.  She gives him an old book.  He looks at it and finds
    that it's entitled, "The Thoughts, Words and Deeds of Quentin Collins,
    Esquire, by his own hand. 1840".  Daphne then vanishes.
       Quentin brings the book downstairs to Julia.  She reads it and
    finds that Quentin Collins had an acute interest in the occult and time.
       The children come down into the foyer, but they hear a ghostly voice
    calling to them and go back upstairs.
       Julia continues to read Quentin Collins' book and is astonished to
    find that Quentin Collins had a thoery of time equating time with
    physical space and stated that it should be possible to move in physical
    space in such a way that one moved in time also.
       The children go to the playroom and open the door. They see Tad and
    Hallie standing on some sort of staircase. Tad and Carrie call for them
    to go with them.
    Episode 1086
    Tape Date:  August 13, 1970 (ABC #171-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 24, 1970 Monday
    Writer:     Joe Caldwall
    Director:   Lela Swift

       David starts to follow Tad and Carrie's instructions and starts to
    walk toward the staircase, but Hallie holds him back. Tad and Carrie
    disappear. Hallie closes the door and tells David he almost went with
    Tad and Carrie. They open the door to see the mysterious stairs but are
    surprised to find that it is a linen closet...
       In the drawing room, Elizabeth tells Quentin she's having a strange
    feeling. She tells him it's because of something she read in her
    horoscope, that someone she loves will meet a stranger today.
       In David's room, Hallie and David try to figure out what to do.
    Hallie, rather depressed, tells David there's no hope, that they're just
    going to continuing doing what the spirits want them to do.  David tells
    her there is something they can do: that they can run away and be safe
    and away from all this, away from the spirits, away from the playroom,
    away from the mysterious stairs. They prepare to leave David's room, and
    David goes to open the door. He finds it locked.  Hallie is terrified.
    David tells her he's going to climb out the window, climb down to the
    ground floor, come back into the house and unlock the door from the other
    side.  After David goes out the window, Hallie senses that something is
    in the room.  Terrified, she starts to cry.
       Outside David's room, Elizabeth hears Hallie crying and asks what's
    wrong. She tries to open the door, but finds it is locked. She calls to
    Hallie to open the door. Hallie replies that she can't, that it's locked
    from outside. Elizabeth turns the key in the keyhole outside, unlocking
    the door and going in.
       Downstairs, Quentin is in the drawing room getting drunk and rambling
    on about what Elizabeth said, about 'strangers'. David comes back into
    the house through the front door. He hears Quentin rambling on in the
    drawing room. He goes in and asks who he's talking to.  Quenting looks at
    his brandy snifter and replies, "To the dregs, David, to the dregs.".
    David excuses himself and leaves.
       Elizabeth asks Hallie who locked her in David's room, but Hallie
    just cries and doesn't say anything.  Elizabeth asks, "Was it David,
    Hallie?". Hallie,not knowing what else to say, replies, "Yes, it was
    David...".  David comes up. Elizabeth asks him why he locked Hallie in
    the room.  David replies that it was a game. Elizabeth remonstrates him
    for playing such a cruel trick on Hallie. She asks if they've met any
    strangers today. They reply that they haven't.  After Elizabeth leaves,
    David points to the ship model Java Queen and tells Hallie that a pirate
    flag that wasn't there before is now on the mast.
       Elizabeth walks into the drawing room. Quentin is in there reading 
    a book and suddenly exclaims, "NO!".  Elizabeth asks him what's the
    matter. He replies, "Nothing".  She asks what he is reading. He tells her,
    "Oh, nothing, just the ramblings of a mad ancestor". Elizabeth asks to
    see the book. Quentin gives it to her. She finds that it's a diary and
    looks at the entry Quentin was reading. She remarks that it's the same
    date as today, only it's in 1840.  She reads it and in as shocked voice
    asks, "Quentin!  What does this mean?". Quentin shrugs and says, "Just
    what it says.". Elizabeth reads it again, this time out loud: "Tomorrow
    we bury Carrie and Tad.".
       Elizabeth goes to David's room to check up on him. She finds that he
    is fast asleep and says to herself, "You're safe, the day is over, and
    no strangers to trouble you..."
       After Elizabeth leaves, David has a dream. In the dream, the door
    to his room opens and a strange man (Gerard) beckons to him. He goes.
    Outside in the hall, he and the strange man are joined by Hallie. They
    follow him out to the landing. The man disappears. They hear a rattling
    sound (carriage wheels) and duck down and hide behind the railing.
    Elizabeth, dressed in very old-fashioned clothing,  comes running in
    through the front doors screaming, "Where are they?  I've got to see
    them!". Quentin, also dressed in very old fashioned clothing, comes
    out of the drawing room and tries to calm her down, but she insists,
    "I've got to see them!". He takes her into the drawing room, closing the
    door behind.  David and Hallie hear Elizabeth give a loud wail of grief
    and start crying. They go down into the foyer. They hear the noise of
    the drawing room doors about to open and quickly hide in the room
    under the stairs. Quentin comes out with a crying Elizabeth, trying to
    calm her. He takes her upstairs. David and Hallie go into the drawing
    room and see Tad and Carrie lying dead on a bier.
       David wakes up from his dream. He goes out into the hallway. Hallie
    joins him there.  They talk and find that they've both had the same
    dream again, in which a horrible man leads them downstairs. Suddenly,
    Hallie points behind David.  He turns and looks. Standing there is
    Gerard.  Hallie screams and runs off.
    Episode 1087
    Tape Date:  August 18, 1970 (ABC #172-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 25, 1970 Tuesday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Gerard walks slowly toward David. He backs up, shrinking from him and
    saying,"NO!  Stay away from me..". But the man keeps approaching, and
    David keeps backing up.  They end up in David's room. The man closes the
    door.  David starts screaming. From outside comes Julia's voice asking,
    "David!  What's wrong? ". Gerard disappears. Julia comes in to see
    what's wrong.  She tells David that she "feels his presence".  David tells
    her he doesn't know what she's talking about.  She asks him why he
    screamed.  He lies that he had a bad dream, a dream about war in which
    Collinwood was bombed.  
       Quentin is in Daphne's room with Daphne. He asks her, "What's going
    on?", but as usual, she doesn't answer. Instead, she embraces him and
    kisses him.  Girard appears in the corner behind Quentin. Daphne can see
    him but Quentin can't.  Daphne suddenly lets go of Quentin. Quentin asks
    what's caused the sudden change.  Once again Daphne doesn't answer. She
    goes to the door, opens it and gestures for him to leave.  He does.
    Gerard reappears and gives gives Daphne a quill pen and gestures toward
    a piece of writing paper on the desk. He appears to be forcing her to
    write something.
       Sebastian Shaw is in the drawing room casting David's horoscope.
    Julia walks into the room.  Shaw remarks that he is casting David's
    horoscope on Elizabeth's request. Julia remarks that it must be because
    of that strange reference to a loved one meeting a stranger in her
    horoscope.  He replies that it is.  She take out a folder of newspaper
    clippings about him. She tells him she's been doing some research about
    him, that a couple she knows in New York interested in the occult sent
    her the clippings. She tells him they show that he has a good reputation,
    that he's made many predictions that have come true. She asks him why,
    with so much talent, he's chosen to live and work in a small town like
    Collinsport. He refuses to tell her, saying it's not her business. She
    begs him to help.  He refuses, saying he doesn't believe her story about
    the Collinses being in danger from spirits, accusing her of being nothing
    but a hysterical woman. He angrily leaves the room. In the foyer, he
    runs into David. David tells him he wants to asks him something.
       Upstairs in David's room, David asks Shaw about what it said in
    Elizabeth's horoscope about a loved one meeting a stranger.  Shaw asks
    David if he's met a stranger. David lies, "No. Only you, and that's
    today, not yesterday". David asks Shaw if he's sure nothing's going to
    happen at Collinwood like he says in Elizabeth's horoscope. Shaw answers
    that he is.
       In the drawing room, Quentin is reading a letter. It reads, "Come to
    my room at midnight and I'll tell you everything.". Outside, Gerard is
    watching him through the window. Julia walks into the room. Gerard
    disappears.  Julia tells Quentin she feels a strange cold in the room.
    Quentin tells her he doesn't feel it and pours her a brandy to warm her
    up. Julia tells Quentin the house is very quiet and wonders where David
    is. She asks Quentin if he's seen him. Quentin replies that he hasn't seen
    him all night. Julia leaves, saying she's going to check up on David.
    Quentin mutters, "At midnight, I'll know everything". He looks at the
    grandfather clock. It is 9:00.
       Julia goes into David's room and finds no one there. She looks at the
    ship and notices the pirate flag. David comes into the room. She asks
    him about the pirate flag, saying she noticed it wasn't there before.
    David becomes very angry, saying he deserves his privacy and saying she
    had no right to come snooping in his room.  Julia leaves.
       Gerard and Daphne are in Daphne's room. Gerard is holding a length of
    cord in a manner that indicates he wants to strangle someone with it.
       David goes down into the drawing room and finds Julia in there reading
    an old book. He asks, "Still looking for Rose Cottage?". She replies
    that she is. He apologizes to her for getting mad at her in her room.
    She in turn apologizes to him for going into  his room while he wasn't
    there, saying it was wrong for her to do so. David tells Julia he's glad
    they're not mad at each other anymore, saying he wouldn't like for
    them to be mad at each other should something happen to him.
       In Daphne's room, Daphne tries to leave, but Gerard grabs her and
    forces her to stay.
       It is 5 minutes to midnight.  Julia, reading Elizabeth's horoscope,
    tells Quentin she's found something puzzling in it, that tomorrow's
    entry says, "An enemy will become a friend."  Quentin remarks that it
    is puzzling because he doesn't think Elizabeth has any enemies. Quentin
    excuses himself. Julia suggests that he stay because Barnabas is coming
    over soon, but Quentin tells her he's sleepy and is going to bed. Julia
    is puzzled, saying he's usually a night owl. Quentin replies that he's
    changed recently and leaves.
       Quentin goes to Daphne's room and sees her there. Behind him, Girard
    appears. Girard, holding the cord, raises it and prepares to wrap it
    around Quentin's neck.
    Episode 1088
    Tape Date:  August 19, 1970 (ABC #173-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 26, 1970 Wednesday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Girard prepares to wrap the cord around Quentin's neck.  Suddenly,
    Julia's voice comes from outside in the hall, asking, "Quentin? Where
    are you?". Both the spirits disappear. Julia comes into the room and
    finds Quentin in there. Julia asks him what he's doing there, saying she
    thought he said he was going to bed. Quentin lies that he thought he
    heard someone going into the West Wing, thought it was David going to 
    play, and came here to investigate.
       Julia is with Elizabeth in the drawing room.  Elizabeth is reading
    her horoscope. She tells Julia that there is something in today's entry
    that she doesn't understand. Julia replies, "You mean that an enemy will
    become a friend?". Elizabeth tells her that that's it.  She calls 
    Sebastian Shaw and asks him to come over to clarify something she doesn't
    understand in her horoscope. He tells her he can't, saying he's all 
    booked up for today (but a shot of his appointment book shows that he
    has no appointments today). Elizabeth insists that he come and finally
    Shaw agrees to come at 8:00. After he hangs up, Shaw exclaims to himself,
    "I don't want to go to Collinwood, tonight or ever!".
       Quentin goes to Daphne's room looking for her. She does not 
    materialize. Quentin finds the cord on the floor and wonders what it's
    doing there.
       It is a quarter to 8. Sebastian Shaw at his house talking to Roxanne.
    He is having second thoughts about what he is doing and asks, "Why did I
    tell her all those lies?  Why did I cast that phony horoscope for her?
    Why didn't I warn her about what is really going to happen?".  Roxanne
    reminds him, "Because you said there was nothing you could do about it."
    He tells her he's thinking of not going to Collinwood. She recommends
    that he go, and volunteers to go with him.
       In the drawing room at Collinwood, Julia tells Quentin he seems
    depressed and asks why. Quentin angrily denies that he is and leaves,
    saying he's going to his room to read. There's a knock at the door.
    Julia answers. It's Shaw and Roxanne. Julia is startled to see Roxanne.
    Seeing Roxanne, Elizabeth asks her if she had anything to do with her
    horoscope. Roxanne answers that she didn't. Elizabeth tells her, "In that
    case, I'd prefer to speak to Mr. Shaw alone.". Elizabeth takes Shaw into
    the drawing room and closes the door, leaving Julia and Roxanne alone in
    the foyer.
       Inside the drawing room, Elizabeth asks Sebastian Shaw about the claim
    in today's horoscope saying "an enemy will become a friend" and asks him
    to clarify it, to tell who the enemy is.  He tells her he cannot, that
    astrology cannot be that precise.  She tells him she has heard of his 
    psychic powers and asks him to try to use them to find out who it is.
    He agrees to do so.  He starts to get a vision of Daphne's room and 
    describes it to her, "I see a room with green walls, I see a figurine,
    it is of a woman bending over a child..".  Suddenly, he exclaims,
    "No! Don't go into that room! Don't ever go into that room!". Puzzled,
    Elizabeth asks, "What does this do with what I asked you about, the 
    enemy". Shaw, seemingly shaken, replies, "Mrs. Stoddard, your enemy may
    not be of the living". 
       Later, Elizabeth is in the drawing room with Quentin and Julia. She
    tells them what Shaw had said.  Julia exclaims, "That sounds like the
    room Quentin and I were in!".  Quentin recommends that Elizabeth not
    go there, that Shaw warned against it and that perhaps her going there
    would cause the disaster that Barnabas and Julia fear to happen. (His
    tone, however, indicates that this isn't the real reason he doesn't want
    her to go there. He just doesn't want anyone going into what he seems to
    consider his 'private' place with Daphne.) Julia, hearing this reasoning,
    agrees. Elizabeth becomes angry, saying she doesn't see why she can't go
    anywhere she wants in her own house.
       Elizabeth, not heeding Quentin's warning, goes to Daphne's room
    anyway. She finds it exactly as described. She finds a figurine Shaw
    had described on the desk. Suddenly, she smells the scent of lilacs, and
    starts to feel strangely cold.  Gerard materializes in the corner and
    watches her...
       At Shaw's house, Sebastian Shaw is agonizing over the fact that a
    disaster is going to befall the Collins and that there's nothing he can
    do about it, that perhaps he should try. Roxanne tells him to stick to
    his original plan, to soak Elizabeth for as much money as he can while
    she is still here.
       Quentin goes to Daphne's room and finds Elizabeth there and says,
    "So, you decided not to follow my advice...". She tells him that she
    feels a strange presence there.  He tries to convince her it must be her
    imagination. Elizabeth tells him she's certain it's not and, saying,
    "The horoscope is wrong. Now I know what I must do", runs  downstairs.
    When she gets to the foyer, thinking Julia is in the drawing rooom,
    she exclaims, "Julia! I know what we must do! We must get the children
    out of Collinwood tonight!".  But when she goes into drawing room, she
    sees not Julia , but a horrible looking man (Gerard) standing there...
    Episode 1089
    Tape Date:  August 20, 1970 (ABC #174-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 27, 1970 Thursday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Elizabeth asks the man, "Who are you?  What are you doing in here?"
    He starts to walk toward her. She exclaims, "No! Stay away from me!".
    Gerard closes the drawing room doors and continues toward her...
      In David's room, David is wondering what's going on, saying that
    nothing's happened to them in the past few days. Hallie suggests that
    maybe this means that they are free of the spirits.  David replies that
    there's one way to know for sure, that there's a legend that if you 
    stand on someone's grave at midnight, you'll find out if they're at
    rest or not. He tells her he's going to go to Gerard's grave tonight.
    Hallie tells him she'll go with him.  
      In the drawing room, Gerard strokes Elizabeth's face with his hand.
    A sudden change seems to come over her.  She tells him, "I understand
    everything now. The children will not leave Collinwood.". Julia walks
    into the foyer and hears Elizabeth in the drawing room saying, " I
    know what must be done. I will see to it that it is done..". She goes
    into the drawing room and finds Elizabeth in there alone. She remarks,
    "I thought I heard you talking to someone.". Elizabeth tells Julia she was,
    but lies that she was talking to her lawyer on the phone. Julia, carrying
    a stack of books, tells Elizabeth that she's found something strange in
    a book, that she's just learned that the 'Java Queen' was a real ship,
    that it sunk nearby in 1841 ON THIS VERY DAY.  Elizabeth tells her that
    it must be a coincidence and leaves. As Julia sits down to read some 
    more, David and Hallie come down into the foyer. Engrossed in the book,
    she does not see them leave out the front door. Julia reads from the
    book, "On August 27, 1841, the feared ship 'Java Queen' sank, its 
    entire crew of brigands and cutthroats perishing with it. It was long
    thought that its master, whose name has never been discovered, survived
    and attempted to reunite the crew in death to pillage and destroy again."
       David and Hallie arrive at the cemetary. Hallie asks David about a 
    fenced off part of the cemetary. David replies that that's where they
    used to bury the worst criminals, that for years no one has gone there
    because of a belief that those buried there are not at rest, that they
    are still there, not accepted in either heaven or hell.  They go to 
    Gerard's grave. Midnght comes. Gerard appears. He does not appear 
    happy. The children run off in terror. 
       David and Hallie return to Collinwood. Julia catches them coming in.
    She asks them what they were doing outside. David replies that they just
    went for a walk. Julia tells them she doesn't believe them, that it's
    one in the morning, and no one goes out for a walk at one in the morning.
    David insists that he's not lying, that he and Hallie got to talking 
    about the stars and he wanted to show her the constellation of Gemini, 
    but that it couldn't be seen from the window in his room so they went
    outside to see it. Julia, not quite believing this, tells them that if
    there's anything bothering them, they can tell her about it. Hallie 
    pretends to not know what she's talking about. As Julia is preoccupied
    talking to Hallie, David notices an old letter sticking out of one of
    the books Julia has put on the table. Noticing that it is signed with a
    large "G", he steals it. David and Hallie leave and go upstairs. Julia
    thinks to herself, "Those children know more than they'll admit, but how
    can we get them to talk about it?". She walks out into the foyer and
    is surprised to see Elizabeth standing on the landing. Julia remarks,
    "I thought you had gone to bed.".  Elizabeth answers, "I did, but I 
    couldn't sleep, so I got up to find something to do .". She puts a 
    Greek-looking bust on the railing. Julia is shocked. It is the bust 
    that fell and almost hit her in 1995. She gasps, "Where did you get 
    that?!".  Elizabeth replies, "Oh that's been in the house for years. I 
    could never find a place where it looked right, but I think it looks 
    right here.". Julia explains that that statue was there in 1995, that it
    fell and almost hit her. Elizabeth dismisses this, saying she doesn't
    believe what she and Barnabas say about the future, that her horoscope
    proves that nothing will happen. 
       In his room, David shows Hallie the letter he has stolen, saying he
    took it because it was signed with a large "G" and he thought it might
    be from Gerard. He reads it aloud. It is very cryptic, and says 
    something about, "At Collinwood in the tower room the green flag will 
    wave in the window, three times as it did in the days of yore.". David 
    tells Hallie that Gerard seemed pretty angry with them and might punish
    them and suggests that if he goes to the tower room and can find a 
    green flag and wave it three times in the window as the letter says, it
    might make him happy and he might decide not to punish them.
       David goes to the tower room. He finds a green flag in a cubbyhole or
    something in the corner.  He calls out, "Gerard, if you can hear me,
    I'm carrying out your instructions!"  He opens the window and starts to
    wave the banner, once...twice...
       Somewhere in the cemetary, the grass-covered dirt atop an old grave
    starts to move and rumble, as if what was underneath was trying to come
    Episode 1090
    Tape Date:  August 24, 1970 (ABC #175-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 28, 1970 Friday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Suddenly, David's candle blows out and he hears a weird, electronic
    sound.  David becomes frightened, looks around the tower room and
    calls out, "Gerard, is that you?  Are you angry with me?  I was just
    doing what I thought you wanted me to do!  I'm sorry, Gerard!  I don't
    even know what the note means.  I was just trying to please you, Gerard.
    What does it mean, Gerard?  Tell me what would have happened if I had
    waved the flag the third time!  Tell me, Gerard!"  A voice replies,
    "Tell you what?"  David turns and is startled to find that Julia has
    come into the tower room.  Julia asks, "Who are you talking to?"
    David lies, "Just myself".  Julia replies, "I don't believe you.
    I heard you talking to someone".  David points out, "There's no one
    here".  Julia counters, "Not NOW.  But there was someone here, wasn't
    there?" David denies it.  Julia asks, "Why are you here?"  David
    replies, "No reason".  Julia says, "There IS a reason.  That paper
    you took from that book in the drawing room.  I saw you take it".
    David lies, "I don't know what you're talking about".  Julia grabs
    his arms, pulls his hands from behind his back and finds the note.
    She tells him, "I know what it says.  I found it in the book and
    read it already.  I don't know what it means, but you do, don't
    you?"  David denies that he does.  Julia tells him, "Every day that
    goes by without you telling the truth, things will get worse.  You've
    got to tell.  What does that ship mean?"  David replies, "It's just
    a toy model, that's all".  Julia tells him, "No, we know it's the
    model of a real ship from 1840 captained by someone named Gerard".
    Daniel lies, "I've never heard of anyone named Gerard".  Julia tells
    him, "He's a spirit, and he's evil...", but David exclaims, "I don't
    want to talk about this anymore!"  Julia warns him, "Then I'll have
    to talk to your Aunt Elizabeth about this!"  David replies, "Go ahead!
    I don't care!" and runs off.
       Maggie is in the drawing room staring into the fire.  Barnabas
    comes into the room and asks what's wrong.  Maggie tells him, "It's
    the children..."  Barnabas asks, "Has something happened to them?"
    Maggie replies,  "Yes, but I'm not sure what it is.  They've become
    cold and distant. They never smile anymore.  Something's happening in
    this house, something frightening.  I feel like I'm being watched.
    I feel it right now in this room.  It's terrible being frightened of
    something you can't see" and hugs Barnabas for comfort.  Barnabas
    looks at her tempting neck...
       Suddenly, hears a voice call out, "Barnabas!"  He looks up and
    sees that Julia has entered the drawing room and lets go of Maggie.
    Barnabas says, "We were just talking about the children.  Maggie's
    noticed a difference in them".  Julia says, "I'm worried about them
    too.  I've just had an unpleasant scene with David in the Tower room".
    She suggests that Maggie try to talk to David.  Maggie goes upstairs
    to do so.  Julia tells Barnabas, "I arrived just in time!"  Barnabas
    feigns ignorance, "Just in time for what?"  Julia replies, "I saw you
    looking at Maggie's neck".  Barnabas insists, "Julia, I'm in complete
    control of myself!  Any time I feel I'm losing control of myself,
    I will stay away from Maggie.  Believe me, she's perfectly safe from
       It is the next morning.  The foyer clock strikes 9:30.  Both
    Julia and Maggie come down.  Julia asks Maggie, "Did you speak to
    David?"  Maggie replies, "No, he was already asleep when I got up
    there".  Julia tells her, "It's important that you get through to
    him.  He won't talk to me or Barnabas, but maybe he'll talk to you.
    He's afraid of something.  We've got to find the source of that
    fear".  Julia goes back upstairs.  Maggie goes into the drawing
    room, sits on the sofa, and starts to read the morning paper.
    David comes into the drawing room.  He goes to the desk and picks
    up Sebastian Shaw's business card.  Maggie starts to says, "There's
    something I've got to talk to you about...", but David replies, "I
    can't talk right now.  I've got something to do".  Maggie asks, "What?"
    David replies, "I've got to go see someone"  Maggie asks, "Who?", but
    David just replies, "A friend" and runs off.
       David goes to Sebastian Shaw and asks him to cast his horoscope for
    him. Shaw asks why. David replies that he just wants to know his future,
    that's all. Shaw tells him, "Give me time to think about it".   After
    David leaves, Shaw thinks to himself,  "The boy is going to die if I don't
    do something.  I've got to do something about it. I've got to go to
    Elizabeth and tell her the truth.".
       Shaw goes to Collinwood. Maggie answers the door. Shaw asks for
    Elizabeth . Maggie tells him she isn't home, and she won't be home for
    a while. Shaw, clearly attracted to Maggie, asks her out for dinner.
    She accepts.
       When Shaw gets back to his house, Roxanne angrily asks where he's
    been. He lies that he had to go pick up some supplies.
       In the drawing room of Collinwood, Barnabas, apparently having been
    told by Julia that Maggie has gone out to dinner with Shaw, remarks,
    "I just can't believe she went out to dinner with that charlatan".  He
    is clearly jealous.  Shaw brings Maggie back to Collinwood and leaves.
    Barnabas asks her, "Have you had a chance to talk to David yet?".
    She answers that she has, but could not get anythihg out of him.
       Shaw returns home. Roxanne sarcastically asks, "Did you enjoy
    yourself with her?".  Shaw asks Roxanne how she knew. She repies that
    she just "happened" to go by the Collinsport Inn and saw them in the
    restaurant there.
       Barnabas, Julia and Maggie are still in the drawing room. Barnabas
    tells Maggie to watch David as closely as possible and leaves.
       Later, Julia is alone in the drawing room reading. The clock
    strikes midnight. She hears someone come in through the front door.
    It's Maggie.  Julia goes out to the foyer to talk to her, but Maggie does
    not reply.  Something is wrong with her. She stumbles and collapses into
    Julia's arms. Julia sees two bloody holes in her neck....
    Episode 1091
    Tape Date:  August 25, 1970 (ABC #176-DRK-70)
    Air Date:   August 31, 1970 Monday
    Writer:     Joe Caldwall
    Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Julia brings Maggie into the drawing room and puts her on the couch.
    Maggie tries to talk but can only manage, "In the woods...". Hallie
    comes downstairs and sees Maggie and asks what's wrong with her. Julia
    replies that she's just a little ill, that's all, and asks her to leave
    them alone so she can treat her.  Hallie makes the puzzling remark,
    "Why did this have to happen to her?  She didn't do anything!" and
       After treating Maggie and taking her up to her room, Julia goes to
    the old house and finds Barnabas reading a book there. He asks her,
    "What is it, Julia?". She angrily replies "You know very well what it is.
    How could you, Barnabas?".  He tells her he doesn't know what she's
    talking about.  She accuses him of attacking and biting Maggie.  He tells
    her he didn't, that someone else must have done it.  She asks who else
    it could have been, saying that if there were another vampire in the 
    area there would have been other attacks by him. Barnabas suggests that
    it may be someone new here, and suggests Sebastian Shaw, saying he had
    just had a date with Maggie, and is new to the area. Julia replies that
    it can't be Shaw, that she's seen him in the daytime. Barnabas tells 
    Julia to keep a close watch on Maggie, that though she won't tell who
    the vampire is as long as she is under his control, she might accidently
    let something slip.
       Hallie tells David about what happened to Maggie. She tells him she
    couldn't find out what happened to her, only that she heard Julia 
    telling Elizabeth that she had been attacked in the woods. She wonders if
    Gerard could have done it, that perhaps he's punishing them by hurting
    Maggie. She tells him she's going to talk to Maggie and find out if
    this is the case. After Hallie leaves to go see Maggie, David decides 
    that he must contact Gerard to try to help Maggie.
       Hallie goes to Maggie's room to see how she is and surreptitiously 
    tries to find out if Gerard had anything to do with it without actually
    coming out and asking . Julia comes in and asks Hallie what she's doing
    in there.  Hallie tells she just came to see how Maggie was and leaves.
    Maggie angrily tells Julia she's felling OK and doesn't need her
    continually watching over her. Julia tells her, "That's all right. I
    have nothing else to do.". Maggie sarcasticallly replies, "I thought
    you and Barnabas were busy trying to find out about the great catastrophe
    that is supposed to happen...".
       David is in the playroom, asking for Gerard to come. Suddenly, he
    feels a presence in the room. A spirit appears. But it is Carrie, not
    Gerard. He asks her if Gerard had anything to do with the attack on
    Maggie. Carrie shakes her head no.  He asks, "Will we ever find out what's
    happening to us?  Won't you tell us?". She nods her head yes.  David 
    tells her to stay here, that she's got to go get Hallie.
       The grandfather clock shows 8:25. Barnabas and Julia are in the
    drawing room. Julia tells Baranabas that all Maggie's symptoms and her
    actions indicate that she has been attacked by a vampire. In the course
    of their conversation, Barnabas is disappointed to find that Julia is
    still not completely convinced that he did not do it. He tells her he
    will prove it to her, that he'll go see Maggie and her reaction to him 
    will prove he is not the villain.
       David is in Maggie's room asking if she knows where Hallie is. 
    Maggie replies that Hallie had been there earlier, but that she doesn't
    know where she is right now.  Barnabas and Julia come in. David tells
    them he just came to see if Hallie were here, and asks them if they 
    know where she is. They reply that they don't. He tells them to tell
    her if they see her that he's looking for her, that it's important.
    David leaves. Barnabas asks Maggie, "How do you feel?"  Maggie, in a
    very rude, angry tone, replies, "I'd feel much better if people would just
    leave me alone."   Barnabas asks, "Is there anything I can do for you?".
    Maggie glares at Julia and replies, "You can make her stop hovering over
    me!"  Barnabas and Julia go out into the hallway. Julia tells Barnabas
    that she is convinced he is not the one who attacked Maggie, that she
    would not have reacted to him as she did if her were. Barnabas, having
    seen the effects "from the other side" for the first time, remorsefully
    remarks, "To think I could've done that to people".  He then angrily
    vows to find out who did this to Maggie and drive the stake through his
    heart himself then leaves. Outside, dogs howl.
       Julia goes back into Maggie's room and is surprised to find her out
    of bed putting on a robe. She tells her to go back to bed. Maggie
    angrily replies, "I'm no longer a child. I can do whatever I want. I'm
    feeling all right now, thank you. I'm no longer in need of your services,
    doctor." and leaves.  Julia, realizing that Maggie is being summoned by
    the vampire, pulls out a cross and follows.

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