Dark Shadows
September 1967

         Episode 310
         Worldvision Rerun 100
         Tape Date: August 21, 1967 (ABC #175-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 1, 1967 Friday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Willie is in the living room of the old house dusting the 
         chandelier. He glances out the window and is startled to see
         Sarah standing outside. He shouts,  "Hey! Hey you!" and quickly
         runs out the front door. But Sarah is gone. Willie shouts,
         "Where are you? Where are you?" Barnabas comes running out and
         asks, "Who?" Willie replies, "Her! Sarah! I saw her out the
         window!" Barnabas notets, "She's not here now". Willie explains,
         "When I shouted at her, she disappeared, right into thin air!" 
         Barnabas asks, "Are you sure?" Willie replies, "Positive". 
         Barnabas asks, "Why would she appear to you and not to me?" 
         Willie replies, "I don't know. I only know what I saw". They go 
         inside. Barnabas asks, "Have you been talking to Dr. Hoffman? 
         She claims she saw something last night".  Barnabas accuses Willie
         of having heard of this and concocting this story up. Willie 
         denies it and asks,  "You're afraid, aren't you? Afraid that
         she'll come back and tell someone about you". Barnabas says, "She
         wouldn't do that. She loved me." Willie asks, "If she loved you
         so much, then why doesn't she appear to you?" Barnabas admits,
         "I don't know". Willie suggests, "Better find her before someone
         else does and she tells them the truth about you" He leaves.
         Barnabas whines, "Why doesn't she come to me? Where is she,
            In the drawing room at Collinwood, David is gazing into his
         crystal ball. Carolyn comes in and tells him, "Mrs. Johnson says 
         dinner's almost ready. Go wash up". David replies, "I'm busy".
         Carolyn asks, "What's so important about looking into your crystal 
         ball?" David replies, "I see things. Creepy things". Carolyn orders,
         "Get ready for dinner!" David promisies, "As soon as I find out 
         what I want to know". Carolyn asks, "What?" David replies,
         "Something important. I'm trying to find out where Sarah is. 
         Wait! I think I see something! A shape! And I think I know what 
         it means! I think I know where I can find Sarah!". Carolyn remarks,
         "David, I don't see anything". David says, "That's because you 
         can't. I can. I know where to find Sarah. I've got to go, right 
         now!" Carolyn tells him, "You're not going anywhere except
         dinner!" There's a knock at the front door. Carolyn tells
         David, "Now go wash up!" and goes and answers the door. It's Joe.   
         Carolyn exclaims, "Joe, this is a surprise!" Joe asks, "Is David 
         here? I've got to talk to him. It's important."  Carolyn takes Joe
         into the Drawing Room . David asks Joe, "Still looking for Sarah?" 
         Joe replies, "Yes. We looked everywhere you told us to look and 
         didn't find her. You said there was one other place. The Secret 
         place." David says, "I can't tell you about that". Joe says, "You 
         know what happened to Maggie. We need to track down the man who did 
         that to her, and we think Sarah might be able to help. If you know 
         where Sarah is, tell us, for Maggie's sake".  David looks into his
         crystal ball and announces "She's playing at the secret place". 
         Joe asks, "Tell us where that is". David says, "No! I can't! But 
         there is something I can do. I can go there and bring her back here 
         for you".  Carolyn says, "No! I can't let David out by himself at 
         this time of night to go after something he saw in a crystal ball!" 
         Joe agrees, "I suppose you're right". Carolyn tells David, "Now go 
         wash up and go to dinner!" David says, "Oh, OK" and goes into the 
         foyer. As Joe tells Carolyn why it's important to find Sarah, David 
         quietly puts on his coat and sneaks out the front door.
            Meanwhile, Sarah is sitting on the steps of the Collins
         family mausoleum singing to her doll.
            At the old house. Willie says to Barnabas, "You haven't said 
         anything for a long time". Barnabas says, "She wouldn't betray me! 
         She wouldn't! We must go out!" Willie asks, "Where?" BarnabaS
         replies, "To find Sarah". Willie protests, "But we don't know
         where she is". Barnabas replies, "I know a logical place.  Her
         final resting place. Her tomb".  Willie points out, "But we've
         looked there before and she wasn't there".  Barnabas suggests,
         "Perhaps she will sense my need for her and come to me".
         They leave.
            David is at Eagle Hill cemetary. He calls out, "Sarah, Sarah! 
         Are you here?" Suddenly, a voice answers, "Hello, I heard you 
         calling me!" David turns and sees Sarah standing there. He
         exclaims, "I knew you'd be here! I saw you in my crystal ball!"
         Sarah says, "I'm glad you're here. There's no one to play with.
         I was getting lonesome". David tells her, " We can play later,
         there's something we have to do first. We have to go back to the
         house." Sarah replies, "I don't want to go to your house". David
         tells her, "We've got to. There's someone there who wants to talk
         to you, a good friend of Maggie Evan's. He thinks you know who
         kidnapped her".  Sarah replies, "All I know is I have a friend
         named Maggie".  David tells her, "That's what I told them, but
         they wouldn't believe me. Come back anyway and tells them
         yourself". Sarah says, "OK, but let's play first!" David agrees,
         "OK". They start to play catch.  Sarah tosses the ball wildly.
         David misses catching it and, says, "Sarah!" in an exasperated
         tone, then goes into the bushes to find it. Finally, he finds it
         and comes back out. Sarah is gone...
            Carolyn comes back into the drawing room. Joe asks, "Find
         him?" Carolyn replies, "Joe, he never went to dinner! Mrs. Johnson 
         hasn't seen him!" Joe asks, "Could he be in his room?" Carolyn
         replies, "No, I looked there. I've looked everywhere and I can't 
         find him!" Joe says,  "This is a big house. He's got to be 
         somewhere". Carolyn wonders,  "You don't suppose he was so anxious 
         to find his little friend Sarah he snuck out? I'm worried. He 
         might be in some sort of danger".
            David is looking around for Sarah. He goes into the Collins
         family tomb and announces,  "I know where you're hiding!" He opens
         the door to the Secret Room and looks around inside. Nothing. He
         comes back out, stands on Naomi's sarcophagus, and prepares to 
         close the secret panel. He is startled to hear voices outside
         the tomb.
            Outside, Willie asks Barnabas, "Why stop?" Barnabas replies,
         "I sensed something, as though she were near by". Willie remarks,
         "Well, we'll know soon". They go inside the tomb. There is nothing
         there. The secret panel is shut and the room is empty. Willie 
         remarks, "There's nothing here! Not a trace of her!" Barnabas 
         says sadly,  "I had hoped she'd be here. Where is she? Where?" 
         Willie says, "Well, she's not here. Shall we go?" 
            Inside the secret room, David listens...
            Barnabas and Willie turn to leave. Suddenly, Barnabas stopes
         and says, "Wait! Open the panel! She might be in there!" David 
         hears this. He quickly opens the coffin and hides inside. Willie 
         opens the panel. He and Barnabas go in...
         Episode 311
         Worldvision Rerun 101
         Tape Date: August 22, 1967 (ABC #176-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 4, 1967 Monday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Barnabas and Willie go into the Secret Room and close the
         secret door. They look around.  There is nothing in there but
         the coffin.
            Willie says, "See, she's not in here. Nothing's been disturbed. 
         It never will be. No one's ever going to discover this place. Let's 
         go." Barnabas remarks, "Your afraid of this place, afraid of death 
         and dying. You're a coward, Willie". Willie retorts,  "You're 
         afraid of something too. You're afraid of HER". Barnabas replies,
         "No! She'd never try to harm me! She was a gentle child who loved 
         me above everyone else. She never wanted to harm any creature. Once 
         we had a dog that got old and had to be put out of its misery. She 
         was unconsolable. Night after night, she would cry herself to sleep 
         in my arms. Let's go".  Willie doesn't budge. Barnbas asks,  "Why
         are you hesitating?" Willie says, "Listen!" Barnbas asks, "What?"
         Willie replies, "It's gone now. I thought I heard something."
         Barnabas says, "You amuse me, Willie. You know the contents
         of this room and it's effecting your imagination. Open the,
         panel, Willie".  Willie bends down, slides the stone forming
         the left edge of the second step over, reachs inside, and twists
         something. The secret door opens.  Willie pushes the stone back
         into place then they leave, closing the door behind them.
              David, having heard Barnabas and Willie leave, gets out of
         the coffin. He goes and tries to put his fingers into the
         crack of the secret door, but can't open it!
            The clock in the foyer strikes 9:45. Carolyn is pacing
         around, fretting about David. Joe comes into the room. Carolyn
         asks, "Find anything?" Joe replies, "No, I've even searched the 
         entire East wing. Nothing at all. He's not in this house".  Carolyn
         moans, "He's somewhere out there, I know it! I feel responsible
         for this! Vicky left him in my care, and this happens!"  Joe says,
         "If anyone's responsible, it's me. I shouldn't have gotten him
         all worked up about finding Sarah. Where's Vicky?" Carolyn replies,
         "Out with Burke. I suppose you've heard about their engagement" .
         Joe asks, "How...", but then stops. Carolyn asks, "How what?"
         Joe replies, "Nothing". Carolyn asks, "How do I feel about it?
         I realize now I made a fool of myself over Burke. I'm just happy 
         for Vicky. The only thing that matters to me now is David..."
            Inside the secret room, David shouts, "Help! Help! Someone 
         let me out!"
            The clock in the foyer reads 12 midnight. Vicky returns. 
         Carolyn exclaims, "Vicky!" Vicky answers, "Yes?" Carolyn 
         explains, "Vicky, I'm so glad you're here! David's disappeared! 
         He's been gone for hours!" Joe says, "I think he's snuck out of 
         the house to look for Sarah."  Vicky asks,"How long has he
         been missing?" Carolyn replies, "About four hours". Joe says, 
         "I think I'd better go search the woods for him".  Carolyn says
         she will go too. Vicky volunteers to go too, but Joe tells her, 
         "No, Vicky, you've got to stay here in case he comes back or 
         someone telephones".    
            In the secret room, David continues to try to open door. 
         He takes out a pocket knife and tries to pry the door 
         open. It doesn't work. He screams, "Help!", then dejectedly
         moans, "Nobody can hear me, nobody!"
            Joe and Carolyn are in the woods. Joe says, "Well, he's not 
         here. Where else does he go to play?" Carolyn replies, "On the
         rocks over at the cove". Joe asks,  "With Sarah?" Carolyn
         replies, "No". Joe asks, "Where does he go to play with Sarah?" 
         Carolyn replies, "I don't know. I've never paid much attention 
         when he talked about Sarah. I have a feeling something terrible 
         has happened to him. I've had this feeling for some time". Joe
         asks, "What do you mean?" Carolyn explains, "I've been having
         dreams for the past few weeks that some sort of disaster was
         about to strike. I didn't know what, but I always thought it
         was going to happen to me, not David" 
            David hears the sound of a flute playing "London Bridge".
         He shouts, "Sarah, where are you? Sarah! Sarah!" but receives
         no answer. The flute music stops. David starts to cry.
            In the woods. Carolyn exclaims, "I thought I saw something
         over there move. Who's that?" The figure comes into view and
         she sees who it is. She asks, "Willie! What are you doing here
         prowling the woods in the middle of the night?" Willie answers,
         "Gathering firewood". Joe asks, "At this hour?" Willie replies,
         "Yes. What are you two doing here?" Carolyn explains, "Looking
         for David". Joe remarks, "Hey, we're pretty close to the old
         house.  Doesn't David like to play there?" Carolyn replies,
         "Yes", but Willie says, "He couldn't be in there! I locked the
         place up tight!"  Carolyn says, "David has a way of getting into
         locked places", and suggest they search the Old house anyway,
         but Willie insists,  "No! Mr. Collins wouldn't like it. He's not
         there, and that's that!" and leaves. Carolyn remarks,  "He's a
         peculiar man".  Joe answers, "Yes, very peculiar. As if he's
         hiding something".
            David says to himself, "There IS a way out! Barnabas said 'Open 
         the panel, Willie'. But how did he do it, how?"  
            Vicky is in the garden, worrying. Barnabas is spying on
         her through the fence. He comes into the garden and says,
         "Vicky!" Vicky answers, "Oh, hello, Barnabas". Barnabas explains,
         "I was out for a walk and saw you sitting here. You look 
         disturbed. Is anything wrong?" Vicky explains, "David has 
         disappeared". Barnabas asks, "Is anyone searching for him?" 
         Vicky replies, "Joe and Carolyn". Barnabas tells Vicky,  "You 
         mustn't worry. I'm sure they'll find him. Anything I can do?" 
         Vicky replies, "No." Barnabas suggests, "We could go and search 
         together", but Vicky replies,  "No, I've got to stay here in
         case he comes back or someone calls". Barnabas tells her, "I'll
         stay here with you". Vicky replies, "No, you don't have to"
         Barnabas says, "I can't leave you here alone in this condition".
         Vicky says, "I've become quite attached to David". Barnabas replies,
         "I know what it's like to become attached to a little child. So
         pure and innocent".  Vicky starts to cry and moans, "He's got to
         be all right! He's got to be!" Barnabas tells her, "Put your head
         on my shoulder and cry all you want. No one will hear you but me".
         Vicky buries her face on his shoulder and cries.  Barnabas looks
         at her tender young neck and suddenly cannot restrain himself
         anymore. He opens his mouth, bares his fangs, and prepares
         to strike!
         Episode 312
         Worldvision Rerun 102
         Tape Date: August 23, 1967 (ABC #177-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 5, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Suddenly, Carolyn's voice comes from inside the house
         shouting "Vicky, Vicky!" Barnabas quickly closes his mouth
         and stops. Vicky shouts, "I'm over here!" Joe and Carolyn come
         out into the garden. Vicky asks, "You didn't find him, did you?"
         Joe replies, "No". Carolyn says "We went to all the places he 
         usually plays".  Joe says "I think I'd better call the sheriff 
         and have him send out a general alert".  Barnabas asks, "Is there 
         anything I could do to help?" Joe replies, "I can't think of 
         anything", then remarks, "You're up late". Barnabas explains, "I was 
         walking by and saw Miss Winters sitting here. I can't imagine 
         where David would go this time of night". Joe tells him,  "I'm 
         afraid it's my fault. I got him worked up about finding that 
         little girl" Barnabas asks, "Who?" Joe replies, "Sarah". Barnabas
         asks, "Isn't that David's imaginary playmate?" Carolyn says, 
         "We're not so sure she is imaginary". Joe adds, "We think she might
         know something about Maggie's disappearance". Barnabas asks, "Did 
         he say where he's looking for her?" Joe replies, "He said it 
         was secret. He wouldn't tell us". Carolyn adds, "He said he was 
         positive he could find her". Barnabas says, "I see". Joe says, 
         "I'd better go call the sheriff" and goes inside. Carolyn says,
         "Vicky, I think we should call Uncle Roger and Aunt Elizabeth".
         Vicky answers, "No, they couldn't do anything from Boston".
         Carolyn says, "Barnabas...", but sees he's not there and says,
         "Oh, he's gone!" Vicky suggests, "Maybe he went to look for
         David on his own".
            At the old house, Barnabas calls, "Willie??" Willie comes.
         Barnabas asks, "Have you seen David recently?" Willie replies,    
         "I haven't seen him. I haven't seen him for days". Barnabas tells
         him, "We've got to find David before anyone else does". Willie
         asks, "Why?" Barnnabas replies, "That should be obvious" Willie
         asks, "You think he knows where Sarah is? If he does, then why 
         hasn't he brought her to Collinwood?" Barnabas answers "I don't 
         know. All I know is that we have to find him before someone else 
         does". Willie asks, "And if we find him, what do we do?" Barnabas
         answers, "Whatever's necessary".           
            There is a knock on the door of Collinwood.  Carolyn answers.
         It's the Sheriff. He asks, "How long has he been missing?"  Carolyn
         replies, "About 6 hours." The sheriff asks, "Why didn't you call me
         immediately?  Joe explains, "We thought he was nearby and we'd find
         him outselves."  He explains what happened. The Sheriff asks, "Do
         you have any reason to believe David might have been kidnapped?"
         Carolyn exclaims, "Kidnapped?! We didn't even think of that!" The
         sheriff sadlly notes, "With the madman who kidnapped still out
         there, it's a possibility". Carolyn exclaims, "We've got to find
         him!" Joe tells the sheriff, "We've searched everywhere he usually
         plays... Wait a second. There's one place we didn't search. The
         old house. We only searched outside. Willie wouldn't let us go in".
         Carolyn protests, "But David's been forbidden to go near the Old
         House since Barnabas moved in there".  Joe replies, "All the more
         enticement for him to go there".  Vicky says, "If Barnabas and
         Willie had found him, they would've come and told us", but Joe
         replies, "Not if he's hiding and they didn't find him. When David
         disappeared before, he was usually found at the old house". Vicky
         suddenly exclaims, "The little girl at the top of the stairs!" Joe
         remarks, "A room at the old house could be their secret place".
         The Sheriff says, "It's worth a try". Joe and the Sheriff leave.
            At the old house, Barnabas says "Come, Willie". Willie asks,
         "Where?" Barnabas replies "To search for David, of course"
         Willie warns, "You haven't go much time. The sun's about to come
         up". There's a knock at the door. Willie asks, "Who's that?"
         Barnabas calmly replies. "We'll know in a moment". He answers the
         door. It's Sheriff Patterson and Joe. Sheriff Patterson asks,
         "Mr. Collins, I'd like to take a look around your house if you
         don't mind". Barnabas asks, "Why?" The sheriff replies, "David
         might be in here". Joe explains, "He was looking for Sarah".
         Willie exclaims, "He couldn't be here. I've kept the place locked
         tight". Joe notes, "David has a way of getting past locks".
         Barnabas asks, "Why here?"  Joe replies, "Vicky said she thought
         she saw Sarah here".  Barnabas says, "That was her imagination".
         Joe says, "Maybe, maybe not". The sheriff says, "I don't see why
         you'd object".  Barnabas replies, "I don't object, I just think
         it's a waste of time". Joe and the sheriff start to search the
         back of the house. They split up, Joe taking upstairs and the
         Sheriff the first floor. Willie says, "Barnabas, you shouldn't
         have let do that!"  Barnabas repiles, "There's nothing upstairs
         or in the back of the house".  Willie says, "But they might search
         downstairs!" Barnabas says, "They haven't yet".  He assures
         Willie, "It'll be all right, Willie!", but Willie says, "But don't
         pretend you're not scared! You're just as scared as I am!"
            A cock crows. Willie says, "This sun is going to rise in a 
         few minutes!  We've got to get rid of them! You've got get
         to the cellar!" Barnabas calmly replies, "Let me handle this".
            The sheriff comes into the room.  Barnabas is sitting calmly
         in a chair. He asks, "Find anything?" The sheriff replies,
         "Nothing". He calls upstairs, "Joe!" Joe comes downstairs. Joe
         asks, "Any luck?" The sheriff replies, "No, you?" Joe says "No.
         There's nothing but some empty rooms upstairs. Have you searched
         everywhere down here?" The sheriff replies, "Everywhere except
         the cellar. I couldn't get down there".  Barnabas tells him,
         "There's nothing but odds and ends down there".  Joe notes, "Seems
         to me like a place a couple of kids would like to hide". Barnabas
         tells them, "But it's impossible for David to have gotten down
         there!"  The sheriff asks, "May I have the key, Mr. Collins?"
         Barnabas replies, "I'm afraid I can't. Mrs. Stoddard gave me all
         the keys, but I'm afraid I lost it".  Joe suggests, "We could break
         it down".  Barnabas replies, "I can't let you do that!" and
         looks at clock nervously.  The sheriff asks, "Why not?"  Barnabas
         replies, "I can't let you destroy Collins Family property!" Joe
         promises, "I'll fix it afterwards".  The sheriff asks, "Why are
         you objecting to us taking a look?"  Barnabas starts to stammer,
         "I'm not objecting, it's just..."  Suddenly, Carolyn comes running
         into the house shouting, "Joe! A sheriff's deputy called! A woman
         saw David walking along the old beach road away from town!" Everyone
         quickly leaves.  Willie says, "That was close!" Barnabas tells him,
         "I want you to search for David all day long. If you find him, bring
         him here.  I'll decide what to do with him next". He goes downstairs.
         Willie looks worried.
         Episode 313
         Worldvision Rerun 103
         Tape Date: August 24, 1967 (ABC #178-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 6, 1967 Wednesday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  John Sedwick

            The clock in the foyer reads 6:30. Roger returns. Leaving a 
         suitcase on the floor of the foyer, he goes into the drawing room. 
         He is surprised to find Vicky dozing in a chair. He asks, "Vicky?"
         Vicky awakens and says, "Roger? What are you doing here? I thought 
         you were in Boston". Roger replies, "I came back early. Why are 
         all the lights on? I just passed the sheriff on the driveway. Has 
         anything happened?" Vicky replies, "David's disappered!" She tells 
         him what happened. He asks, "Why didn't you call me?" She replies,
         "There was nothing you could do from Boston. The police are already 
         out looking for him". Roger asks, "Has he been gone all night long?"
         Vicky replies, "Yes". Roger wonders, "An entire night. I wonder
         where he could be".
            In the secret room, David shouts, "Help! Help! Please, somebody
         help me! Help me!"
            Roger asks, "What time was he discovered missing? Vicky replies,
         "Carolyn says between 6 and 7 o'clock" Roger asks, "Carolyn? Where
         were YOU?" Vicky replies, "I wasn't here. I was out with Burke."
         Roger angrily says, "I thought we were paying YOU to look after
         David". Vicky apoligizes, "Sorry".  Roger says, "Never mind. What
         happened?" Vicky explains. Carolyn and Burke come in. Carolyn says,
         "Uncle Roger! You're back! Where's mother?" Roger replies, "She's
         still in Boston".  Carolyn says, "A deputy had some news. A boy
         fitting David's description was seen on the beach road outside
         town near the railroad crossing. The police are searching the
         area".  Joe adds, "The chances are good he'll be found. I'm going
         out there. Want to come with me?" Roger replies, "Let me get my
         coat".  He does so.  Joe and Roger leave.
            David shouts, "Help! Help! Help!", then sits down in despair.
            At Collinwood, Vicky says, "Carolyn, it's silly for both of
         us to stay down here. Go up and get some sleep".  Carolyn replies,
         "I couldn't sleep. You go up". Vicky replies, "I wouldn't be able
         to sleep either. Joe said there was hope of finding David".
         Carolyn sadly replies, "Joe didn't answer the phone call from the
         sheriff's deputy. I did.  The deputy wasn't quite as hopeful
         as I made him sound.  The woman who thought she saw David
         was very old and not very reliable. The deputy told me not
         to get my hopes too high. I'm scared, Vicky, really scared.
         I'm afraid something's happened to him, something terrible..."
            Roger and Joe are standing on top of a hill.  Joe asks,
         "See anything?" Roger replies, "All I can see are men in blue
         swarming through the underbrush".  Joe notes, "This is the highest
         point of land around for miles.  You can see everything from here".
         They discuss the possibility that the old woman who thought she saw
         David might have been mistaken. Joe asks, "What's that down there?"
         Roger replies, "Eagle Hill cemetary. It's the most desolate cemetary
         in the area, and that's really saying something. Some of my ancestors
         are buried there. I've never understood why". Joe suggests, "I think
         we should search there". Roger asks, "Why?" Joe explains, "We found
         Maggie wandering there a couple of times".
            In the secret room, David says to himself, "I mustn't fall
         asleep! Someone's got to come! Someone's got to!"
            The old caretaker shows up outside the Collins mausoleum.
         He sees that the gate is open and goes in to check . Meanwhile,
         David is lying down on the floor in the secret room.  The caretaker
         calls ouit, "Is anyone in here?"  Hearing this, David shouts,
         "Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!"  The caretaker, thinking
         it's ghosts, shouts, "No! No! There's no help for you! No help
         is possible!  You must rest, rest!" and leaves. David lies down
         in despair, his head resting on the second step, right on the
         secret step....
            Joe and Roger are in Eagle Hill cemtary. Roger remarks, "Well,
         here we are and no David". Joe says, "Wait! I see something moving
         over there".  Roger looks and says, "There's no one over there
         but the old caretaker." Joe says, "Hello!" Roger asks, "Who are
         you calling?" Joe replies, "The caretaker. Maybe he's seen
         something". Roger says, "I doubt it". They go to the caretaker.
         The caretaker asks, "Who are you?" Joe replies, "We're searching
         for a little boy". The caretaker asks, "You're not one of THEM?"
         He takes a close look then says, "No, you're alive".  Joe asks,
         "Have you seen a little boy named David? He has brown hair..."
         The caretaker replies, "Yes, David."  Roger excitedly asks,
         "Yes!  David!  Where did you see him?"  The caretaker continues,
         He lies buried not far from here. David Brewster, died at sea".
         Joe says, "You don't understand. We're looking for a little boy...",
         but the caretaker repeats, "David Brewster, died at sea. You must go.
         The dead are restless. I'v heard their voices. They're calling for
         help." Joe asks, "Where?".  The caretaker replies, "Over there, the
         Collins Mausoleum".  Roger jokes, "I'm a Collins. Maybe my ancestors
         are kicking up a fuss".  The caretakes says, "You're a Collins?
         That's why they were calling!  They knew you were coming!  They
         were warning you to stay away!" Joe asks, "Did you say you heard
         the crying inside?".  The caretaker replies, "Inside, all around. I
         warn you, Go away! It's dangerous here! If you value your life, go!"
         He continues to ramble on and walks away.  Roger quips, "Humorous
         character.  Good for a laugh."  Joe tells Roger, "I think we should
         look inside".  Roger replies, "Might as well, since we've come all
         this way".  They open the gate.
            Meanwhile, inside the secret room, David says to himself,
         "There's nobody there. It must have been my imagination" and
         goes to sleep.
            Joe and Roger look around inside the tomb. It is empty.
         Roger asks , "You admit this is insanity?".  Joe admits, "Yes".  
         Roger asks, "Did you really think we'd find David in here?".  Joe
         replies, "No".  David, sound asleep inside the secret room, 
         doesn't hear them.  As Joe and Roger turn to leave, Roger stops 
         and says, "Wait. Several of my incestors - incestors! I mean 
         ancestors - are buried here. From what I gather, no one's been
         here in over a century".  He looks around and reads the plaques
         on the wall, "Naomi Collins, one of the Collins' great beauties.
         Joshua Collins, quite an old tyrant.  He had his family buried
         here.  No one knows why."  The caretaker comes in and says, "You
         must leave! They don't want you here! Please leave, now!".  Joe
         and Roger leave. David awakens. He shouts, "Who's out there? Who
         is it?  Help! Help! Help!", but only the caretaker hears him...
         Episode 314
         Worldvision Rerun 104
         Tape Date: August 25, 1967 (ABC #179-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 7, 1967 Thursday
         Writer:    Ron Sproat
         Director:  John Sedwick

            Joe comes to the Evan's cottage.  Maggie asks, "Find him?".  
         Joe replies, "No, the search parties have broken up. The men are 
         tired. They need rest".  Maggie asks "How could David have just 
         disappeared like that?".  Joe replies, "I'm beginning to think he 
         did just disappear. All we know is something strange happening 
         around town, something so strange it borders on the supernatural".  
         Maggie asks, "What do you mean supernatural?".  Joe replies, "I
         mean there's so much that doesn't add up. Your disappearance, that
         little girl who just keeps appearing and disappearing, and now 
         David."  Maggie says, "David could just have wandered away looking 
         for Sarah. There's miles of woodlands around here a little boy 
         could get lost in".  Joe blames himself for what happened, for 
         getting David so worked about finding Sarah, but Maggie tells him, 
         "Don't talk that way! I'm not going to listen to another word of 
         it!".  There's a knock at the door. Maggie asks, "Who could that 
         be?".  Joe explains, "It's probably Dr. Woodard. I left a message 
         asking him to stop here". He lets Woodard in.  Woodard asks,
         "Hello. What did you want?".  Joe says, "There are two things that
         have been disturbing me. The first is Dr. Julia Hoffman.".  Woodard
         says, "I've already told you about her. She's a highly competent
         specialist".  Joe tells Maggie, "Tell him what happens when she 
         comes to see you, Maggie".  Maggie tells Woodard, "She takes my
         pulse, listens to my heartbeat, etc".  describing a simple physical
         examination. Woodard, looking very surprised, asks,  "You mean
         that's all she does? She doesn't do anything more than give you a
         routine checkup?".  Maggie replies, "No".  Woodard says, "She must
         have her reasons! I'll talk to her about it".  Joe says, "Another
         thing, while Sam and I were looking for Sarah, we found her at
         the old house".  Woodard suggests, "She was probably there to
         see Mr. Collins", but Joe says,  "No, he wasn't there. She was
         there all alone. Whose benefit was she posing as a historian for?
         I think she's hiding something".  Woodard says, "OK, I'll talk
         to Julia and tell her how you feel.  Maybe she'll break down and
         tell you something. Is that all?".  Joe replies, "No, there's
         another thing. Sarah. There's something strange ahout that kid.
         The police can't find her, only a handful of people have ever
         seen her, she keeps appearing and disappearing.  She was here
         the other day".  Maggie tells the sheriff about finding Sarah's
         doll. Joe says, "The thing is, there's no way she could've gotten
         into the room. It was locked tight".  Woodard asks, "Are you
         sure?".  Maggie replies, "Yes, I locked it myself". Woodard asks,
         "Let me take a look at that doll".  Maggie gets the doll and 
         hands it to him.  Woodard asks, "Maggie, would you let me borrow
         this?".  Maggie replies, "Why?".  Woodard replies, "I have a
         hunch we can learn something from this doll. Call me insane, but
         I have the feeling that it could lead us closer to the truth than
         we've ever been before!"
            Willie is searching for David in the woods. He hears "London
         Bridge", turns and is surprised to see a little girl thers. It's
         Sarah.  Sarah says, "Hello!".  Willie exclaims, "You! Where'd you
         come from?".  Sarah answers, "Around".  Willie tells her,
         "Everyone's been looking for you".  Sarah asks, "They have?".
         Willlie tells her, "Someone special's been looking for you".
         Sarah asks, "Who?" Willie replies, "Barnabas".  Sarah says, "I've
         been looking for him too!!".  Willie tells her, "I'll take you
         to his house. He'll be coming home soon", but Sarah replies, "I
         can't. I'm looking for someone else who's lost".  Willie asks,
         "David?".  Sarah replies, "Yes". Willie asks, "He's a good friend
         of yours, isn't he?".  Sarah replies, "Yes". Willie asks,  "What
         do you two do?".  Sarah replies, "We play games".  Willie asks,
         "Do you ever tell each other things?".  Sarah replies, "Yes".
         Willie asks,  "Like what?".  Sarah replies, "Secrets". Willie
         asks, "What secrets?".  Sarah replies, "Some of them are little
         secrets, some of them are big secrets. I've just told him the
         biggest secret I know!".  Willie, looking alarmed, asks, "What?",
         but Sarah refuses to tell him, "I can't tell you! If I did, it
         wouldn't be a secret anymore!".  Willie suggests, "Let's go see
         Barnabas", but Sarah declines, saying "No, I've got to find
         David first".  Willie insists, "Come on, it's not far".  Sarah
         asks, "Where?".  Willie turns and points at the old houe, "Over
         there, in that house in the clearing", but when he turns back,
         Sarah is gone...
            Julia is at Collinwood. There's a knock at the door. She
         answers. It's Willie. He tells her, "It's important". Julia
         says, "I told you not to come here! It could cause people to 
         become suspicious".  Willie says, "But its important! I've got 
         to talk to you! Let's go to the old house!".  Julia tells him,
         "I can't. Everyone's out searching for David and I've got to 
         stay here in case anyone calls".  Willie gestures towards the
         drawing room asks, "Can we talk there?".  Julia replies, "I
         suppose so". They go to the Drawing room. Willie tells Julia,
         "I saw her!".  Julia asks, "Who?".  Willie replies, "Sarah!".
         Julia asks, "And you let her get away?".  Willie protests, "I
         couldn't help it. I just turned away for a second, and when I
         turned back, she was gone! She said she was looking for David".
         Julia asks, "She didn't know where he was?".  Willie replies,
         "No".  Julia remarks, "I thought she would".  Willie tells her,
         "She told me something. If Barnabas finds out about it, there's
         going to be a killing.  Barnabas will kill David!  She told me
         she told David a secret, the biggest secret she knows! You know
         what that means, it means she told David about Barnabas! Barnabas
         has already told me he'll do whatever's necessary to silence
         David!".  Julia tells him, "You can't tell Barnabas this! You've
         got to lie to him, for David's sake!".  Willie replies, "It won't
         be easy, but I'll try".  Julia tells him, "You'll have to do
         more than try, Willie, you've got to do it!".  There's a knock
         at the front door. Julia answers. It's Dr. Woodard.  Woodard
         says, "Hello, Julia, I have to talk to you".  To explain
         Willie's presence, Julia says, "Thank you for bringing the book
         over, Willie. Thank Mr. Collins for me".  Willie leaves. Woodard
         remarks, "It seems you're getting pretty friendly with everyone
         down at the Old House. You've been down at the Old House quite a 
         lot, haven't you? Joe told me he saw you down at the old house 
         the other day, prowling around all by yourself".  Julia says, "I 
         wasn't prowling around. It was part of my role as historian".  
         Woodard asks, "For whose benefit? You were there all alone!".  
         Julia explains, "I was gathering research to make myself more 
         convincing".  Woodard tells Julia, "Joe and Sam are both convinced 
         that you're doing absolutely nothing to help Maggie's memory 
         return".  Julia says, "I refuse to answer any more questions about 
         my methods!".  Woodard says, "I think you've stumbled onto someting 
         supernatural there, and what's more I think I know what it is!".  
         Julia, looking alarmed, asks, "You do?".  Woodard replies, "Yes, 
         that little girl Sarah. First, there's the way she's always 
         appearing and disappearing. Then there's the fact that only a few 
         people have seen her, even though she must live somewhere around 
         here. Then there's that strange dress she's always wearing"
         Julia says, "There must be a logical explanation for all that".
         Woodard puts Sarah's doll on the desk and says, "There's no 
         logical explanation for this! Recognize it? It's Sarah's".  He 
         tells her how Maggie claims Sarah came into her locked room and 
         left it there. He continues, "I showed it to Miss Spence, the
         local librarian. She happens to be an authority on toys. Look
         carefully at the doll, Julia. It looks almost brand new, doesn't
         it?  Miss Spence examined the doll very carefully, the wood, the
         pins, the material used for the dress. She came to a rather strange
         conclusion. That doll's an antique. No doll like that has been 
         made in years, in our lifetimes. That doll is over 150 years 
         Episode 315
         Worldvision Rerun 105
         Tape Date: August 29, 1967 (ABC #180-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 8, 1967 Friday
         Writer:    Gordon Russell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            At the Old house, Barnabas awakens and comes upstairs. He asks 
         Julia, who's there, "Where's Willie?".  Julia replies, "I don't
         know".  Barnabas complains, "I gave him explicit instructions to
         look for David all day".  Julia suggests, "Maybe he didn't find
         anything".  Barnabas says, "Or maybe he did and doesn't want to
         tell me!  I'll deal with Willie later. The matter at hand is to
         find David, and I will before this night is over!"
            In the secret room, David continues to try to open the
         door with his knife. He thinks, "Barnabas said, 'Open the door
         Willie', and he did. It must be something easy, but I can't
         figure it out, I can't!".  
            Julia tells Barnabas, "Barnabas, I must insist you stay here 
         tonight for your treatments".  Barnabas replies, "Do not interfere 
         with my plans, Doctor".  Julia says, "But you must have another 
         injection tonight!".  Barnabas replies, "It can wait".  Julia tells
         him, "No, the injections must be given at proper intervals or
         they're useless", but Barnabas says,  "If someone else finds David
         first and he tells them about me, then all your work will have been
         rendered useless". Julia tells him, "The injection will be ready in
         15 minutes.  Surely you can wait 15 minutes", but Barnabas replies,
         "No, I've got to go and find David".  Julia accuses him of having
         David and holding him somewhere. Barnabas denies it, "I wouldn't keep
         David a prisoner and risk his escaping and telling everyone. I
         assure you, when I find him, it won't be to keep him a prisoner".
         Julia says, "You're assuming David know what you are. You don't
         know that for a fact". Barnabas replies, "That's why I must find
         him and question him".  Julia asks, "You mean if he doesn't know,
         anything you won't do anything to him?"  Barnabas replies, "Yes,
         but I'm convinced he does.  He's been seeing far too much of Sarah
         lately, and children like to tell each other secrets. It would be a
         pity if David would have to be done away with. I was getting very
         fond of him".  Julia warns Barnabas about harming David, sayinng it
         would raise suspicion.  Barnabas remarks, "Strange, for a doctor,
         you share a remarkable number of traits with Willie.  Squeamishness,
         for example".  Julia replies, "I wouldn't call squeamish not to
         want to see a child killed by a..." but stops in mid-sentence.
         Barnabas asks, "A what, Miss  Hoffman?", but she just tells him,
         "I warn you, if you harm David, you'll be issuing your own death
         warrant".  Barnabas replies coldly, "There may be one or two death
         warrants issued around here regardless of what happens to David.
         And you can pass that on to Willie when you see  him", and leaves.
           Barnabas goes to Collinwood. Vicky answers the door. Barnabas
         asks, "Any word on David?".  Vicky replies, "I'm afraid not. The
         sheriff and his deputies are doing everything they can to find
         him".  Barnabas says, "They must find him soon. A boy of 10
         couldn't have gotten that far from here".  Vicky tells him, "But
         they've searched every square inch for 5 miles around here. I'm
         afraid he's been in some sort of accident".  Barnabas says,
         "No, if he's been in some sort of accident, he wouldn't have been
         able to move and they would've found him".  Vicky says , "There's
         one other possiblity, a possibility that terrifies me. He could've
         been kidnapped, kidnapped by the same madman that kidnapped
         Maggie!".  Barnabas says , "I'm sure he's a thousand miles away
         from here by now.  After all this searching, someone should've
         come up with some clue".  Vicky tells him, "There's been absolutely
         nothing! Roger and Joe were at the cemetary and they thought they
         came up with something, but it turned out to be nothing.  The old
         caretaker said he heard voices coming from the Collins Mausoleam.
         It turned but he was imagining it. He claims he had heard the voices
         of the dead.  The caretaker is very old and very strange. Joe and
         Roger went into the tomb, just to make sure. There was no one in
         there. The mausoleam was empty, and needless to say, there were no
         voices".  Barnabas says, "Well, Vicky, there's no point in me
         staying here. I'll go and join the search".
            David continues to try to open the door with his knife but
         blade breaks off. He says, "It's so cold! I've got to get
         out of here, I've got to! If I don't get out of here, I'm going
         to starve!"
            The old caretaker is puttering around Eagle Hill cemetary.
         Barnabas shows up and says, "Good Evening".  The caretaker asks,
         "Who are you?".  Barnabas replies, "My name is Barnabas Collins".
         The caretaker asks, "Are you a ghost? Barnabas Collins died in
         England over a hundred years ago!".  Barnabas explains, "I'm a
         descendent of his".  The caretaker notes, "You don't look any 
         different from him. You look just like the man in the portrait".
         Barnabas says, "I'm looking for a little boy...".  The caretaker
         takes Barnabas' hand and says, "Even the ring on your finger is 
         the same...".  Barnabas, exasperated, asks, "Would you please 
         listen?! I'm looking for a little boy. Could you give me some 
         help?".  The caretaker asks, "They haven't found him?"  Barnabas
         replies, "No.  He's been missing for almost two days now".  The
         caretaker remarks, "Someone else was looking for a little boy.
         Mr. Roger Collins and that young gentleman".  Barnabas says, "Yes,
         I know. You told them you heard voices coming from the Collins
         mausoleum.".  The caretaker says, "It wasn't the voice of the boy
         I heard. It was the voice of someone dead."  Barnabas asks, "Where
         was this voice coming from?"  The caretaker replies, "From the
         walls. Some of the dead are restless and cry for help".  Barnabas
         asks, "Is that what the voice was doing, crying for help?".  The
         caretaker replies, "Yes. It was very faint".  Barnabas asks, "You
         mean like a child's voice?"  The caretaker replies, "There's only
         one child buried in there, Sarah Collins.  She died when she was 9
         years old".  Barnabas remarks, "I know".  The caretaker asks, "How?"
         Barnabas starts to say, "Because I'm her...", but stops suddenly,
         then says, "Because I know the family history.  Could the voice you
         heard have been that of a child?".  The caretaker replies, "I suppose
         so".  Barnabas remarks, "Maybe if I go in there the voices will
         speak to me".  The caretaker warns, "NO!  It's not safe to go in
         there at night!"  Barnabas replies, "The night holds no fear for
         me", but the caretaker warns him, "The night holds fear for EVERY
         living being!"  Barnabas just smiles.
            Inside the secret room, David continues to shout "Please, 
         someone come and help me!".  He hears a voice behind him say,
         "I can help you, David!".  He turns, sees Sarah standing there
         and asks, "Sarah, where did you come from?".  Sarah replies, "I
         heard you calling for help so I came to help you!".  David asks,
         "How did you get in?".  Sarah replies, "I can get in anywhere".
         David asks, "How?"  But Sarah refuses to tell him, "It's a secret.
         You look unhappy". David tells her, "I'm mad at YOU. You took me
         here and then ran off. I thought you were outside, so I went out
         to look. Then I heard voices, Barnabas and Willie. I had to come
         in here and close the secret panel so they wouldn't find out
         about the secret room.  But they already knew! They came in here!".
         Sarah asks, "What did you do?".  David replies, "I hid in the
         coffin! And another thing.  Sarah, you showed me how to get
         into this place, but you never showed me how to get out!".
         Sarah apoligizes, "Sorry". David asks, "Then you can get me
         out?".  Sarah replies, "Yes, but you've got to promise me
         something.  This room still has to be our secret.  You can't
         tell anyone about it".  David asks, "But how can it be a secret?
         Barnabas and Willie already know about it!".  Sarah says, "Just
         promise".  David says, "OK...".  Sarah tells him, "Pull the
         first stone on the left on the second step and turn the knob
         inside".  David does so. The door opens. David turns and says, 
         "Come on, Sarah, let's go", but is surprised to find that
         she's gone. He says, "Sarah, now where'd you go? I don't know 
         where you're hiding, but I have to get home!".  He closes the 
         secret door and runs out of the tomb...right into the arms of 
              Barnabas smiles and says, "Hello, David, I've been looking 
         everywhere for you. But now I've found you, haven't I?"
         Episode 316
         Worldvision Rerun 106
         Tape Date: August 28, 1967 (ABC #181-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 11, 1967 Monday
         Writer:    Gordon Russell
         Director:  John Sedwick

            David asks, "Barnabas, what are you doing here?".  Barnabas
         replies, "Looking for you, dear boy. You've had us all very 
         worried. Everyone out looking for you. Where have you been all 
         this time?".  David lies, "Lost in the woods", but Barnabas asks,
         "Then what were you doing in the mausoleum?".  David lies, "It got 
         cold so I went in there to get warm". Barnabas notes,  "But it's 
         colder in there than it is out here". David replies, "I know. I 
         found that out after I went in there. That's why I came back out".
         Barnabas asks, "Is there anything in there that fascinated you?".  
         David lies, "No". Barnabas says, "You know it isn't right for a 
         little boy to lie to his elders.".  David insists he's telling the 
         truth. Barnabas doesn't believe him and says, "I think not. I think 
         you're keeping something from me.".  David says, "No. I've got to
         get back to Collinwood". Barnabas says,  "You can't. There's no one
         there. Everyone's out searching for you. Let's go back to my
         house and wait there."  David says, "I could go back to Collinwood
         and wait there", but Barnabas says,  "No, I've found you and now
         I'm responsible for you. Come to my home and tell me about your
         little friend Sarah. Isn't she the friend who brought you to the
         mausoleum?".  David lies, "No".  Barnabas asks, "Didn't she have a
         secret to tell you? Miss Winters told me she did".  David says,
         "Miss Winters must have been mistaken". Barnabas asks, "Has your
         friend ever told you any secrets?".  David lies, "No".  Barnabas
         says, "Well, come with me to my house and maybe your memory will
         get better".  H starts to grab David, but suddenly a voice calls,
         "David!"   David replies, "Burke! Over here!".  Burke comes and
         says, "David! Thank God you're all right!".  Barnabas says, "I
         found him here at the mausoleum, Burke. He's been acting
         strangely. I'm sure the ordeal has left him terrified".  Burke
         remarks, "Strange that you've succeeded in finding David
         when all the sheriff deputies have failed.".  Barnabas replies,
         "You were in the area too. If I hadn't found him, you would've.".
         David compains to Burke, "I'm cold and hungry". Burke asks
         Barnabas, "You said you found him in the mausoleum?".  Barnabas
         replies, "Yes".  Burke says, "You couldn't have. Joe and Sam
         searched there earlier". David quickly says, "I wasn't in there
         long. Is there anyone at Collinwood?".  Burke answers, "Yes, your
         father and Vicky are there". David looks at Barnabas with a funny
         expression on his face. Burke asks, "What's the matter David?".
         Barnabas quicky explains, "I'm afraid I must have confused him.
         I told him no one was home at Collinwood. I stopped by there
         earlier. No one answered when I knocked, so I assumed everyone
         was out searching". Burke says, "Let's take David home now".
         Barnabas echoes, "Let's, by all means"
            At Collinwood, Roger closes the door, just having talked to 
         the sheriff at the door. Vicky asks, "No news?".  Roger replies, 
         "Not a trace of him".  Vicky asks, "They haven't given up searching, 
         have they?".  Roger replies, "No, they're going to keep searching 
         till sunset tomorrow. The sheriff says if they haven't found him 
         by then, there's little hope".  Suddenly, a voice from the foyer
         calls, "Vicky!".  Vicky looks and exclaims, "David! I'm so glad 
         you're safe!".  David runs into the drawing room and hugs Roger.
         Burke and Barnabas come into the drawing room as well. Roger asks,
         Burke, "Burke, where did you ever find him?".  Burke explains,
         "Actually, it was Barnabas who found him".  Roger thanks Barnabas 
         and asks, "Where on earth did you find him?".  Barnabas explains,
         "At Eagle Hill Cemetary, at the Collins Family mausoleum".  Roger
         says, "But Joe and I searched there this afternoon".  David again
         explains, "I had just gone in there".  Roger says, "We'd better get 
         you some food".  As Roger is taking David out of the room,  David
         stares back at Barnabas strangely. Roger asks,  "What's the 
         matter, David?".  David replies, "Nothing, father, nothing!"
            Vicky thanks Barnabas for finding David. Burke asks Barnabas, 
         "I'm curious to know how you happened to be roaming in that 
         cemetary".  Barnabas answers, "I wasn't roaming in there. I was on 
         my way to search the woods on the far side of the cemetary. What 
         were YOU doing in that cemetary?".  Vicky says, "Does it matter? 
         The important thing is that David's safe.".  Barnabas says, "I
         must be getting along. I have things that need attending to at
         home" and leaves.
            In David's room, David is sitting in bed munching on a 
         sandwich. Roger is sitting on the bed with him. Roger says,
         "Before you get to sleep, I think we'd better have a man to man 
         talk. Where have you been?".  David replies, "I was looking for 
         Sarah and got lost in the woods. I fell asleep there".  Roger says,
         "That doesn't make sense. The sheriff, 12 deputies, Joe, Burke, 
         Barnabas and myself were out there looking for you. That's 17 
         people. If you were sleepin in the woods, surely one of us would've 
         found you! Barnbas said he found you in the mausoleum. It looks to 
         me like...".  David interrupts, "Barnabas is mysterious...". Roger 
         says, "Don't change the subject, David", but David continues, "We 
         don't know anything about him. He just showed up here one day.".  
         Roger, thinking David just wants to avoid the subject of being 
         lost, says, "OK, David, I understand. You've been through quite 
         an ordeal. If you don't want to talk about it not, that's fine. 
         But I assure you we're going to talk abou it tomorrow. I want to 
         find out what happened and make sure it never happens again!".  He 
         tells David goodnight and leaves.
            Barnabas is at the Old House. He sits down in an armchair.
         Willie comes down the stairs. Barnabas says, "Willie!".  Willie 
         slowly comes to him. Barnabas remarks, "Well, Willie, you've 
         finally decided to come back".  Willie asks, "What do you mean?".  
         Barnabas says, "I told you to come back at sunset and report to me".  
         Willie says, "I didn't have anything to report".  Barnabas asks,
         "Why didn't you come back and tell me that?".  Willie says, "I was 
         out in the woods searching for David".  Barnabas says, "You usually 
         follow orders, but you didn't this time. I think you must've found 
         something you didn't want to tell me".  Willie denies this. Barnabas
         says, "I'll deal with you later. I have more important things to 
         do right now. While you were out wandering in the woods, I found 
         Cousin David".  Willie exclaims, "You did?!".  Barnabas tells him 
         about catching David coming out of the mausoleum. Willie asks,
         "Does he know about the secret room?".  Barnabas replies, "Of
         course he does, you fool!".  Willie asks, "What did you do to
         him?"  Barnabas replies, "Nothing. I was about to take him back
         here when Devlin showed up and took him back to Collinwood".
         Willie asks, "You think he knows about you?".  Barnabas replies,
         "I don't know, but I do know he's lying about something. If he
         does, he'll have to be dealt with".  Willie starts to say, "Maybe
         Sarah didn't tell him anything...", but Barnabas interrupts,
         "Maybe! Maybe! What assurances do I have with 'Maybe'? In any
         event, his curiousity has been aroused, and the sooner it is put
         to rest, the better for both of us!"
            David is in his room looking out the window. Vicky comes
         in and says, "David! I thought you'd be fast asleep!".  David
         replies, "No, I wasn't as tired as I thought I was".  Vicky asks,
         "David, something's the matter. What is it?".  David says, "Vicky, 
         I'm scared!".  Vicky asks, "Of what?".  David replies, "I don't
         know".  Vicky says, "I supposed if I'd been lost in the woods all 
         night, I'd be scared too", but David says, "No, I'm afraid right 
         now!".  Vicky points out, "But you're home safe now.".  David says,
         "I feel like someone's watching me, someone EVIL!"
            Meanwhile, at the Old House, Barnabas is staring out the
         window with an evil expression on his face. He mutters,
         "Good night, David. Pleasant dreams..."
         Episode 317
         Worldvision Rerun 107
         Tape Date: August 30, 1967 (ABC #182-DRK-67)
         Air Date:  September 12, 1967 Tuesday
         Writer:    Gordon Russell
         Director:  Lela Swift

            At the old house, Barnabas puts on his coat and picks up
         his walking stick. Just as he is about to leave, there's 
         a knock at the door. He answers. It's Julia. Barnabas remarks, 
         "As usual, Doctor, your timing is regretable.".  Julia asks,
         "Where are you going?".  Barnabas replies, "I have some
         urgent business to attend to".  Julia asks, "What?".  Barnbas
         replies, "David".  Julia warns, "You're going to be making a great
         mistake if you harm him".  Barnabas says, "I'm not going to harm
         him. Yet". Julia asks, "Yet?".  Barnabas explains,"I have a way
         of learning whether David knows about me or not. If he does not,
         he'll be spared. But if he does, I'm afraid little David will
         have to die!".  Julia asks, "How is it possible for you to prove
         if David knows?". Barnabas replies, "I have a way".  Julia asks,
         "What?", but Barnabas refuses to tell her, saying only "I'm not
         going to tell you.".  Julia asks, "Why not?".  Barnabas replies,
         "I don't want any interference from you. Now, if you will excuse
         me".  Julia says, "But I talked to David today. My guess is that
         he knows nothing".  Barnabas tells her, "I'm not interested in
         your guesses. I'm interested in facts. Get out of my way,
         Doctor!".  She does. He leaves. But after a few seconds, Julia
         opens the door and leaves too...
            At the Evan's cottage, Sam takes a gun out of a drawer,
         checks it, then puts it back. There's a knock at the door. Sam
         answers. It's Dr. Woodard. Sam says, "Dave, I thought you'd never 
         get here!".  Dr. Woodard asks, "What's the matter? Something
         wrong with Maggie?".  Sam answers, "No, she's out with Joe". 
         Woodard asks, "Then what's the emergency?".  Sam says, "You know 
         David was found today. He was found at the Collins Family 
         mausoleum. I was thinking, and it occured to me that the madman 
         who kidnapped Maggie might have something to do with the Collins
         Family mausoleum. Maggie was found around there once too. There's
         got to be a reason why two people both missing in such a short
         space of time both turned up there. David also said the other
         day he had a secret place he played with Sarah. That might
         be the place". Woodard says, "That's the last place a couple of 
         kids would want to play!", but Sam replies, "From what we know of 
         Sarah, she's not an ordinary kid. And yesterday, the old caretaker 
         told Roger and Joe he heard voices in there".  Woodard remarks,
         "He said they were ghosts".  Sam says, "Maybe not. Maybe he heard
         David.  I think we should go there and check that mausoleum from
         top to bottom". Woodard says,  "All right, tomorrow I'll be free
         from ...", but Sam tells him,  "Not tomorrow, I want to do it
         tonight!".  Woodard asks, "Tonight?!".  Sam explains, "I think
         night is the time to do it. That's when things seem to happen
         there. You don't have to go with me if you don't want to". Woodard
         says,  "I'll go with you. I don't want you going down there alone".
         Sam gets the gun out of the drawer and says, "Whether you go
         with me or not, I'm taking this along, just in case the atmosphere
         get unfriendly".
            Barnabas is walking in Eagle Hill Cemetary. Julia is 
         surreptitiously following him. Barnabas hears something. He turns
         and says, "Who is it? Who's there?", but he sees nothing. 
             At the entrance to the cemetary, Woodard grumbles, "I don't
         see why this couldn't have waited till morning".  Sam hefts the
         gun and says, "Don't worry. I used to be a pretty good shot
         with this".  Woodard says, "I wish you would stop fingering that! 
         Where's the mausoleum?".  Sam replies, "On the other side of the 
         cemetary. Let's get a move on. I want to get there before morning".  
         There's a loud crack of thunder. Woodard remarks, "Something tells 
         me this isn't going to be our night"
            Barnabas opens the gate and goes into the Collins Mausoleum. 
         From behind some trees, Julia sees him do so. Barnabas reaches for
         the ring. but he hears a noise behind him and turns. It's Julia.
         Barnabas angrily grumbles, "Dr. Hoffman!  You're curiosity is
         insufferable!  I had a suspicion someone was following me. I
         should have known it was you!".  Julia remarks, "I thought I knew
         all your secrets. Apparently there's one here in this mausoleum I
         didn't know about". Barnabas orders, "Go back to Colliwood!",
         but Julia refuses, saying, "No, I'm interested in finding out
         what you're doing". Barnabas warns, "If you continue to test my
         patience, you could find yourself here permenantly with...".
         Julia asks, "With whom?", but Barnabas says,  "Never mind".
         Julia remarks, "I don't think you'll harm me. The treatments are
         going too well. You said you wanted to find out what David knew.
         What do you expect to find here?  You've shared all your other
         secrets with me. You have no choice but share this one with me
           Woodard asks Sam, "How much farther?".  Sam replies, "Only a
         couple of minutes".  Woodard says, "Let's hurry before the storm
         breaks". Sam exclaims, "Wait a second! I see someone over there!".
         It's the old Caretaker. They go up to him. He says, "I'm the
         keeper of this cemetary. What are you doing here?".  Sam replies,
         "My name is Sam Evans. This is Dr. Woodard.".  The caretaker says,
         "If you're trying to get out, you're going in the wrong direction".
         Woodard tells him,  "We don't want to get out. We're headed for
         the Collins Mausoleum".  The old caretaker exclaims, "The Collins
         Mausoleum! There are ghosts there! I've heard them!".  Sam asks,
         "Did you see them?".  The caretaker replies, "No, I only heard
         them". Woodard asks, "How'd you know it was ghosts you heard?".
         The caretaker explains, "There's a curse on the Collins Family.
         Joshua Collins wrote about it in the family journal and wrote that
         the Collins Mausoleum  was to be closed permanently after he was
         buried there".
           Inside the mausoleum, Barnabas explains to Julia, "On the day 
         I was discovered, chains were put around my coffin. I thought I
         was imprisoned forever.".  Julia notes, "But there are only three
         coffins here."  Barnabas opens the secret door and continues,
         "And for over a hundred years, I lay trapped here in this room.
         But for Willie, I might have been trapped here for all eternity".
         Julia asks, "No one else has been here for over a hundred years?
         That's extraordinary!".  Barnabas says, "I suspect someone else
         has been here besides you, me and Willie. David".  Julia asks,
         "What are you going to do?".  Barnabas replies, "Look around".
         Julia says, "I don't think you'll find anything".  Barnabas
         replies, "You're wrong Doctor".  He shows he what he's just
         found, a broken pocked knife. "Now I know all I need to know.
         I know little David was in this room has been in this room and
         probably knows all about me. I must see to it that he tells no
            They start to leave. Julia protests, "I still think the pocket
         knife could belong to anyone, not necessarily David."  Suddenly,
         they hear a voice saying, "This is the Collins family mausoleum".
         They quickly go back into the secret room and Barnabas closes the
         secret door. Sam and Woodard come into the tomb. Hearing them
         talk, Barnabas whispers to Julia, "Sam Evans and Dr. Woodard!
           Sam and Dr. Woodard look around. Woodard says, "Nothing!
         Just three coffinns and four stone walls!".  Sam exclaims, "There's
         got to be more than that! This is where both Maggie and David
         disappeared!".  Woodard pauses to read the placques above on
         the walls. When he reads the third one, he exclaims, "Sam!
         Look at this one!".  Sam reads, "Sarah Collins". Woodard asks, 
         "What was the first thing you thought of when you read that 
         name?".  Sam replies, "Sarah, the little girl we've been looking
         for".  Woodard remarks, "Maybe the caretaker wasn't so crazy
         after all. The antique hand-made doll, the old fashioned dress.
         Everyone who's met Sarah has described her as quaint.  Maybe
         little Sarah is a ghost!" Inside the secret room, Julia and
         Barnabas hear...
        Episode 318 (Kinescope)
        Worldvision Rerun 108
        Tape Date: August 31, 1967 (ABC #183-DRK-67)
        Air Date:  September 13, 1967 Wednesday
        Writer:    Gordon Russell
        Director:  Lela Swift

          Sam asks, "A ghost? Aw, come on, Dave, you must be joking!
        That's impossible! I spoke to her! I picked her up and put her
        on a stool! She's as solid as you or me!".  Woodard mentions that
        Julia had mentioned that she thought what happened to Maggie
        could be supernatural. Inside the secret room, Barnabas angrily
        says, "You told him THAT?! I ought to kill you right now!" and
        grabs Julia by the throat. Julia gives out a little cry. Outside,
        Sam says, "I heard something, from behind that wall!".  Woodard
        replies, "You couldn't have, it's solid rock".  Woodard says, "I 
        get a strange feeling while I'm in here. I get the feeling that 
        Maggie is in more danger than I've ever felt her to be in before".  
        Sam agrees. Woodard suggests, "Go home and make sure she's safe".  
        Sam asks, "And you?".  Woodard replies, "I'm going to Collinwood to 
        talk to David, and to have a showdown with Julia. I have the feeling 
        she knows something she's hiding from us. It's just a matter of 
        time before we know everything we want to know!".  They leave.
          In the secret room, Barnabas says, "Just a matter of time, he 
        said!".  Julia says, "You don't really believe that, do you?".  
        Barnabas exclaims, "The boy must be silenced!".  Julia asks, "Why?".  
        Barnabas replies, "Dr. Woodard said he was on his way to question 
        him, and you ask why?".  He opens the coffin, grabs Julia by the neck, 
        pushes her close to it and asks, "Would you like to spend the rest 
        of eternity locked in there?".  Julia gasps, "No!".  Barnabas says,
        "Well, I don't intend to either!".  Julia says, "I warn you, if you 
        harm David, there'll be an investigation the likes of which you've 
        never seen! If David knew something, he would have told someone by 
        now!".  Barnabas says, "He knows about the secret room, and if knows 
        about this, it's only a matter of time before he knows the rest!".  
        Julia says, "But how did he find this place? David said Sarah
        showed him a secret place to play. She told him about it. All
        we have to do is find Sarah and convince her not to tell him."
        Barnabas sadly notes, "She's appeared to everyone but me."  Julia
        suggests, "Perhaps she'd appear to you if she knew you felt 
        threatened. We must find Sarah. It's the best way of silencing 
        David. You must believe this!".  Barnabas gently touches Sarah's 
          Woodard is in the drawing room at Collinwood. David comes 
        downstairs and says, "Dr. Woodard, Miss Winters said you wanted
        to speak to me". Woodard asks, "David, you remember when Maggie 
        Evans was kidnapped. Mister Evans and I are trying to put some 
        information together that might lead us to the kidnapper. We want 
        you to tell us about your little friend Sarah. We think she might 
        know some things that could help us. Sarah's an interesting little 
        girl. She seems to know things no one else knows.".  David asks,
        "What could a little girl know?".  Woodard asks, "What's Sarah's
        last name?".  David replies, "I don't know".  Woodard asks, "Where
        does she live?".  David replies, "I don't know".  Woodard aks,
        "Where does she come from?".  David replies, "I don't know".
        Woodard asks, "Where do you meet when you want to play with each
        other?".  David replies, "Lots of places".  Woodard says, "But you
        told Sam and Joe that there was a special place you went to play,
        a secret place.".  David replies, "Yes". Woodard continues, "I
        think I know where it is.  I think it's the Collins mausoleum at
        Eagle Hill cemetary.  Is that it?".  David says, "I can't tell
        you that! Sarah made me promise not to tell anyone!".  Woodard
        asks, "What could there be about a mausoleum she doesn't want
        you to tell anyone about?".  David says, "I didn't say it WAS
        the mausoleum. I don't know why everyone's been asking about
        Sarah. You, Sam and Joe, Miss Hoffman...".  Woodard asks, "Why
        do you suppose Miss Hoffman wanted to know about Sarah?". Julia,
        who's come into the room, replies,  "Why don't you ask Miss
        Hoffman?".  Julia asks David, "Aren't you up late? You'v had a
        serious ordeal.".  Woodard says, "One more question. I'm sure one
        more question won't tire him. When you want to meet Sarah, what
        do you do?".  David explains, "I go down to the woods or by the
        old house and call her and she shows up".  Woodard asks, "Shows
        up? How does she get there?".  David replies, "I don't know. She
        just gets there".  Woodard asks, "Would you says she appears?".
        David replies, "I guess you could say that".  Woodard says, "If
        the mausoleum IS the place you're talking about, I don't think
        you and Sarah are the only ones who know about it. I think
        someone else does, someone dangerous".  Julia tells Woodard she
        thinks David should go up and rest and starts to take him up the
        stairs. Woodard says to Julia, "Come down when you're done. I want
        to talk to you too".
          When Julia comes back down, Woodard demands, "I want to know
        what you've found out and how close you are to finding who
        kidnapped Maggie Evans!".  Julia refuses, "I can't tell you right
        now.".  Woodard threatens, "If you don't, I'll take Maggie Evans
        from your care, and this time, I mean it!".  From outside, dogs
        howl. Julia just stands there listening and doesn't answer Woodard.
        Woodard asks, "What's the matter? Haven't you ever heard dogs
        howling before?". Julia says, "It's been a trying day. Can't we
        talk about this tomorrow?".  Woodard angrily replies, "Forget
        about tomorrow! As of this moment, Meaggie Evans is no longer
        your patient! Good night, Julia!" and Leaves. Julia listens to
        the dogs howling, takes her coat and leaves too.
          At the old house, Barnabas is staring out the window. He
        says to himself, "You're going to sleep, cousin David, you're
        going to sleep for a long, long time!".  Julia comes in. Barnabas
        asks, What do you want, Julia?".  Julia says, "I came to stop you
        from doing what you're going to do!".  Barnabas says, "But I wasn't
        going to do anything". Julia says,  "Don't lie to me. I heard the
        dogs howling". Barnabas remarks,  "You know far too much about me,
        Doctor".  Julia protests, "But you promised not to do anything to
        David until you tried to contact Sarah". Barnabas replies, "I
        promised that in a moment of weakness. Cousin David must be killed!
        Tonight!".  Julia says, "I'm not going to let you!". Barnabas
        replies, "When I make up my mind to kill someone, nothing on this
        earth can stop me!".  Suddenly, the front doors blow open, and the
        chandelier startsto shake. Barnabas begs, "Sarah! Sarah, she's
        here! Sarah, please appear to me!".  Julia remarks, "Nothing on
        this earth can stop you.  Except one little girl..."
       Episode 319
       Worldvision Rerun 109
       Tape Date: September 1, 1967 (ABC #184-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 14, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          At the Evans Cottage, Sam is reading a newspaper, a very 
       worried look on his face. He throws it down in frustration.
       Maggie comes in through the front door. Sam exclaims, "Maggie!".  
       Maggie asks, "What's the matter?".  Sam asks, "Where were you?".  
       Maggie replies, "I just went out for a breath of fresh air".  
       Sam exclaims, "You can't do things like that! You've got to be
       more careful! You're still in danger!".  Maggie protests, "I can't 
       live that way any more!".  Sam explains, "We're just trying to protect 
       you!".  Maggie says, "That's not necessary anymore! The danger's 
       over!".  Sam tells her, "Something happened, something you don't know 
       about".  He picks up the newspaper and hands it to her. She reads the 
       headline of the "Collinsport Star", "ANOTHER GIRL ATTACKED".  and
       exclaims,  "Pop!".  Sam says, "Now you know why I was so worried when 
       you disappeared". Maggie moans, "Why can't the police find him?! 
       Did the girl get a look at him?".  Sam replies, "No, she only got a 
       glance". Maggie says, "I'm scared, Pop!".  Sam reassures her "Don't 
       worry. I'm going to have a 24 hour watch put on you".  There's a
       knock. Sam answers. It's Dr. Woodard. Woodard comes in and
       says, "I see you've got the evening paper. I treated the girl.
       She's going to be all right".  Maggie asks, "What happened?"
       Woodard replies, "Just some scratches, and she lost some blood".
       Maggie moans, "Blood...".  Woodard says, "I'd like to talk to your
       father alone for a moment".  Sam tells Maggie, "I'd like some
       coffee. Could you go and fix some?".  Maggie replies, "All right", and
       leaves to do so. Sam asks, "What do you want to say to me you
       don't want Maggie to hear?".  Woodard explains, "I've been thinking
       about the madman and the things he's done. Now we've both agreed he
       must be far from an ordinary man.  We've got to do something. I
       have a plan. It's risky. I think we ought to set a trap for the
       madman. We could spread word around town that Maggie's memory is
       starting to come back.".  Sam, realizing Woodard is talking about
       using Maggie as bait, is horrified. He exclaims, "That'll put
       Maggie danger! I can't do that!".  Woodard says,  "We've got to
       do someting to catch this man! I told you there was an element
       of danger in it. But with the police surrounding the place, the
       risk will be minimal". Sam says,  "I can't do it, Dave. I'm not
       going to risk Maggie's life. It's too dangerous!".  Wooddard asks,
       "Can't you think it over?".  Sam replies, "I've thought it over.
       The answer is no!".  Outside, dogs start to howl. Sam remarks,
       "Remember the night that started happening?".  Woodard replies,
       "Yes, the night Maggie disappeared.."
          At the old house, Barnabas reads the Collinsport Star, then
       throws it into the fire. Willie comes in through the front doors.
       He asks, "Why did you do it, Barnabas?".  Barnabas asks, "What?".  
       Willie replies, "That girl that was attacked. The whole town's up 
       in arms! Why did you do it?".  Barnabas says, "I don't have to
       explain my actions to you". Willie says,  "I know why you did it.
       You're scared and didn't know what to do.".  Barnabas asks, "Scared
       of what?". Willie says, "I saw how scared you were when you thought
       Sarah was here. Barnabas, you've got to stop! You can't take chances
       like this!".  Barnabas says angrily, "I'm telling you for the last
       time, stop bothering me! I want you to do something for me. I want
       you to go into Collinsport and find out what's going on, what's
       being said".
          At the Evans cottage, Maggie and Woodard are alone in living room.
       Maggie says, "I don't remember anything, anything at all!".  Woodard
       asks, "Try again", Maggie replies,  "It's no use, I don't remember
       anything!".  Woodard says, "All right, Maggie, let's call it quits
       for the day". Maggie says, "I don't think my memory will ever come
       back!".  Woodard says, "Don't talk like that. There's hope". Maggie
       asks, "What were you talking to Pop about while I was out of the
       room?".  Woodard says, "I told your father about a plan I had to
       catch the madman, but he didn't go along with it, so that's that".
       Maggie asks, "What was it?".  Woodard replies, "A plan to make the
       man who kidnapped you come out into th open".  Maggie asks, "What?".
       Woodard says, "Your father said no. I shouldn't even be talking to
       you about this", but Maggie presses him,  "I want to know".
       Woodard tells her. Maggie exclaims, "It might work!", but Woodard
       says,  "Sam said no, and I think I agree with his reasons". Maggie
       asks,  "What?". Woodard replies, "It's too dangerous". Maggie says,
       "I want to end this once and for all!".  Woodard says, "You might,
       but Sam said no. He said it was too dangerous, and I agree with
       him". Maggie says,  "I've got to talk to him! We've got to go
       through with it! It's going to work!"
         After Woodard leaves, Maggie again says, "It's got to work!". 
       She picks up the telephone and starts to dial.
          There's a knock at the door. Maggie asks, "Who is it?". A voice
       replies, "Sheriff Patterson". She lets him in. He says, "Hello, 
       Maggie. I got here as soon as I could. I've been thinking about 
       this plan of yours". Maggie interrupts, "It's not my plan, it's Dr. 
       Woodard's". Sheriff Patterson continues,  "I think it has a serious 
       flaw in it". Sam comes into the room, sees the sheriff and asks, 
       "What are you doing here?".  The sheriff explains, "Maggie sent for 
       me.".  Sam asks, "Why?".  The sheriff asks, "Don't you know?".
       Maggie tells Sam, "Dr. Woodard's plan, I want to go through with
       it!".  Sam exclaims, "I forbid it!  Dr. Woodard shouldn't even
       have told you about it!".  Maggie insists, "It would work, and
       I'll be free of all this!".  She turns to sheriff and says, "Tell
       him!", but the sheriff says,  "No, I think there's a flaw in it.
       If Sam walks into the Blue Whale and started saying your memory was
       coming back, no one would believe it. Eveyone knows Sam would want
       to keep something like that a secret to protect you. A public
       annoucement like that would be an obvious trap".   Maggie sees his
       point and is depressed. Sam, relieved, starts to pour himself a
       drink and asks the Sheriff, "Want one?". Maggie's face suddenly
       lights up. She exclaims, "Unless he were drunk!".  The sheriff
       adds, "And I were to look like I was trying to stop him from
       talking!".  Maggie says, "It'll work!".  Sam says, "No, it'll
       endanger your life". Maggie protests, "What life? Staying locked
       in here? Being afraid of seeing something every time I look
       out the window? Waking up at night thinking I heard something? What
       kind of life is that? I can't keep going on like this! I'm going
       insane!".  A dog outside howls. Maggie screams, "Something out
       there's trying to get me! I'm scared! I'm afraid! This is just
       driving me insane! It's got to end! It's got to!".  Sam asks the
       sheriff, "George, can you assure me the house will be secure?".
       The sheriff replies, "I'll have a man behind every tree".  Maggie
       asks Sam, "You mean we have your permission to go through with it?".
       Sam replies, "Yes".  Maggie hugs Sam and says, "Pop, thank you!".
       Outside, dogs continue to howl...
          Willie is sitting at the bar of the Blue Whale drinking a
       beer. Sam comes stumbling in through the front door. The sheriff 
       comes in right after him begging, "Sam, come on, let me drive you 
       home!".  Sam replies, "No. I need another drink!".  and stumbles
       to the bar. The sheriff exclaims, "A drink's the last thing you
       need!".  Sam drunkenly asks the bartender for a double 'martooni'
       on the rocks.  The bartender asks the sheriff, "All right to give
       him one?".  The sheriff replies, "Sure, one more couldn't hurt".  The
       sheriff orders a ginger ale for himself.  The bartender pours the
       drinks and asks the sheriff, "Any clue about what happened to that girl
       yet?".  The sheriff replies, "Not a clue".  The bartender says,
       "You'd better find something quick. The people are starting to
       panic".  Sam drunkenly chimes in, "Well, it's all going to be over
       in a few days!".  The bartender asks the sherfiff, "What does he
       mean? He makes it sound like you're on to something".  The sheriff
       replies, "Nothing, he's just talking".  Sam says loudly, "George,
       why don't you buy me a drink?". The sheriff asks, "Now why should
       I buy you a drink?"  Sam repliees, "Because in a few days, Maggie is
       going to make you a hero!".  The bartender asks the sheriff, "What
       is he talking about? He's making it sound like Maggie's getting
       her memory back".  The sheriff denies this and tells the bartender
       he is not to tell anyone what Sam just said.
         Barnabas is at the old house. Willie, who's returned, is also
       there. Barnabas exclaim, "What?!".  Willie says,  "He didn't
       actually come right out and say her memory was starting to come
       back, but he hinted it, and the sheriff tried to stop him from
       talking. You've got to leave town, before it's too late!".
       Barnabas replies, "I will never leave Collinsport!".  Willie asks,
       "Then what are you going to do?".  Barnabas replies, "You will find
       out. Perhaps before the night is over!".
       Episode 320 (Kinescope)
       Worldvision Rerun 110
       Tape Date: September 7, 1967 (ABC #185-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 15, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick
          David is sleeping. He has a dream. In the dream, he is standing
       in Eagle Hill cemetary. Barnabas is standing in the mausoleum. David
       turns around. Barnabas approaches, getting bigger, and bigger, finally
       becoming giant sized. He opens him mouth, baring fangs...
          David awakens screaming. Vicky and Burke come running into
       the room and both asks, "What's the matter, David?".  David screams,
       "I's scared!".  Vicky says, "It must have been a nightmare".  David
       says, "It was so real!".  Vicky tells him, "Sometimes dreams can
       seem very real, but they're not. Look around you, David. You're in
       your own room.  You're safe".  David does and calms down. Burke asks,
       "What did you dream about?".  David answers, "I don't remember".  Burke
       asks, "You want us to stay with you for awhile?".  David declins, "No,
       I guess I'll be OK".  Vicky tells him, "We'll be downstairs if you
       need us".  As Burke and Vicky are leaving, Burke puts his hand on
       the lightswitch. David tells him, "Burke, don't turn out the lights.
          Outside in the hallway, Vicky remarks, "I'm worried about
       David". Burke remarks, "It was just a dream", but Vicky says, "No, 
       something's been worrying David for the past few days, but he won't 
       tell me what it is". David opens the door and asks, "Burke, can I 
       talk to you? Alone?".  Burke goes inside the room. David says,
       "Burke, I lied before. I did remember the dream". Burke asks, "Why
       did you lie?".  David explains, "If Miss Winters heard about it,
       she'd get mad".  Burke asks, "Why?".  David replies, "Because it's
       about a friend of hers, Barnabas Collins, and I don't think she'd
       like to hear anything bad about him.".  David tells Burke about
       the dream, though he doesn't say where it took place, only that
       it was at a spooking place.  He tells Burke that he was frightened
       of Barnabas because his face was so "twisted and horrible", but
       doesn't seem to remember the fangs, as he does not mention them.
       Burke asks, "David, do you have any reason to be afraid of Barnabas?".
       David replies, "No".  Burke asks, "Has he ever done anything to you?".
       David replies, "No, he just looks at me funny sometimes". Burke asks,
       "But has he ever really done anything to you?".  David replies,
       "No". Burke says,  "Then there's no reason for you to be afraid
       of him. It's probably just your imagination".  David says, "Burke,
       If Barnabas Collins comes here, don't let him come into my room!
          Burke tells Vicky about what David said. Vicky is puzzled,
       "Why should he be afraid of him?  Barnabas is very fond of David.
       He was very worried when he was lost". Burke remarks, "He SAID he
       was worried. But sometimes children have an instinct about things. ]
       Perhaps there's more to Barnabas than meets the eye. You should have 
       seen the way David was looking at Barnabas when I found him at Eagle 
       Hill cemetary. He was terrified of him!".  Vicky gets upset and says, 
       "Are you suspicious of Barnbas again? I don't want to hear any of 
       this!".  Burke obediently shuts up about it and asks, "Where do you 
       want to go this evening?".  Vicky replies, "I think I should stay
       here tonight in case David needs me". Burke replies, "Sure".
       There's a knock at the front doors. Vicky answers. It's Barnabas.
       He asks, "Is Dr. Hoffman in?".  Vicky replies, "No". Barnabas says,
       "When she returns, tells her to come to the old house. Tell her
       something very urgent has come up" and leaves. Vicky goes back
       into the drawing room. Burke remarks, "I've never known Barnabas
       to forget his manners before.  He didn't even say hello".  He
       muses, "It appears Dr. Hoffman and Barnabas have gotten very
       thick. Very strange".  Vicky goes upstairs to check on David.
       Burke goes and stares at the portrait of Barnabas.
          Julia comes in through the front door. Burke tells her, "You had 
       a visitor a few minutes ago".  He gives her Barnabas' message and
       adds, "He seemed very anxious to find you".  Burke asks her about 
       why she seems to be interviewing only Barnabas for her book, saying, 
       "A lot of other people around here know a lot about the history of 
       the area. Why are you spending all your time with Mr. Collins?".  
       Julia explains, "I just happened to start with him. When I'm
       finished with him, I'll move on to someone else. I believe in doing
       a thorough job".
          At the old house, Barnabas asks, "Where IS she?".  Willie replies,
       "She'll be here. She'll take care of everything.".  Barnabas says,  
       "She assured me she had everything under control!".  Julia comes.
       She asks Barnabas, "What do you want?".  Barnabas exclaims, "Doctor,
       you've blundered! This may be the end of everything! Maggie Evans'
       memory is staring  to return! Tell her Willie!".  Willie tells
       Julia what happened at the Blue Whale, concluding, "It can mean
       only one thing.  Her memory is starting to come back!" Julia
       exclaims, "Impossible!  The only way she could remember anything
       is if I hypnotized her and told her to remember!".  Barnabas tells
       Julia, "I'll give you one more change. Go to her tonight, and make
       sure her memory is gone". Julia says, "I can't go to her". Barnabas
       asks,  "Why not?".  Julia explains, "She's no longer my patient.
       Dr. Woodard took me off her case."  Barnabas asks, "Why?".  Julia
       replies, "He was getting suspicious.  We got into an argument, and
       he took me off the case". Barnabas angrily exclaims,  "Another
       blunder! This could mean your life!"  Once again he threatens
       Julia. They argue. Julia insists, "Wait.  Wait a few days! You'll
       see. Maggie's memory won't return".  Barnabas asks, "And if it
       does?".  Julia assures him, "It won't.  You'll see that".  Barnabas
       says, "Perhaps you're right. Perhaps my fears are without cause".
       Julia asks, "Then you won't do anything to Maggie Evans?".  Barnabas
       replies, "No, not until I see she's a real threat to me".  Julia
       tells him, "It's time for your injection.  I'll go downstairs and
       prepare it".  She goes downstairs. Willie goes about the room
       lighting candles. As he does so, he looks at Barnabas strangely.
       Finally, he says, "Barnabas, you're planning something, aren't
       you?".  Barnabas asks, "Am I?".  Willie says, "You're planning to
       kill Maggie Evans, I know you are. You lied to Dr. Hoffman. You're
       planning to kill Maggie Evans!".  Barnabas asks, "Do I have a
       choice?"  Willie asks, "Why don't you wait? See if she really
       remembers anything". Barnabas replies, "I can't afford to wait.
       She's too much of a threat to my existence, and yours". Willie
       asks, "When are you planning to do it?".  Barnabas replies, "When
       the moon disappears behind the clouds and I am able to move about
       unseen". Willie asks, "You mean tonight?".  Barnabas replies, "Yes,
       tonight!", goes to the window and looks out menacingly...
       Episode 321
       Worldvision Rerun 111
       Tape Date: September 4, 1967 (ABC #186-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 18, 1967 Monday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Willie begs, "Barnabas, you can't hurt her!", but Barnabas
       replies, "I have no choice". Willie warns, "You'll never get away 
       with it! They're watching her too closely, her father and Joe 
       Haskell!".  Barnabas, irritated, replies, "Don't you think I'm
       clever enough to get past them?".  Willie asks, "What about Dr.
       Hoffman?  You promised her you wouldn't do anything to Maggie
       Evans! She'll get angry and expose you!".  Barnabas calmly says,
       "I can handle Dr. Hoffman".  Julia comes up with the injection.
       She remarks, "I must say I'm very pleased tonight. I think for
       the first time, you're really starting to trust me. You believe
       I have complete control of the situation and I do.".  Barnabas
       lies, "I trust you completely, Doctor".  Willie looks on, a
       strange expression on his face...
          At the Evans Cottage, Sam goes into Maggie's room. He asks, 
       "Maggie, did I startle you? Don't be afraid. There's no need to be. 
       There are men everywhere. Just scream and they'll come running". 
       Maggie, looking out the french doors, says,  "I don't see anyone".  
       Sam explains, "That's because they're too well hidden".  Maggie
       asks, "You think he'll come tonight?".  Sam replies, "I hope he
       never comes".  Maggie remarks,  "I hope he does so we can end this
       thing once and for all.".  Sam assures her, "Maggie, you're well
       protected.  No one can get into this house!".  Sam asks Maggie if
       she's going to go to sleep yet. Maggie replies, "No, I think I'm
       going to read for awhile. Sam says goodnight and leaves. Maggie
       opens a book, and sits down in an armchair to read it. Outside,
       Sarah appears and looks over the picket fence...
          Maggie dozes off and drops her book. Sarah, now in the
       room,  says, "You shouldn't go to sleep that way! People aren't
       supposed to sleep in chairs!".  Maggie wakes up with a start and
       says, "Sarah! What are you doing here?".  Sarah replies, "I don't
       know."  Maggie asks, "How did you get in?".  Sarah replies, "I
       found a way". Maggie asks, "And no one saw you?".  Sarah replies,
       "I don't think so". Maggie exclaims,  "That's Impossible! All the
       doors and windows are locked!".  Sarah replies, "I have a way of
       getting into place I want to get into".  Maggie tells Sarah, "I
       have to go out for a minute to get a glass of milk. You want one?".
       Sarah exclaims,"No! I know why you really want to go out! You want
       to tell your father about me!".  Maggie admits that she does,
       "You'll like him. He's a very nice person. You'll like him", but
       Sarah says, "No! I came here to see you! If anyone else comes
       into this room, I'll leave!".  Maggie says, "All right. Why did
       you want to see me about?".  Sarah replies, "I don't remember...
       I know! The doll! Where's the doll I gave you?".  Maggie replies,
       "I don't have it. I lent it to a friend named Dr. Woodard". Sarah
       says,  "You've got to get it back! It's important you have it
       tonight!".  Maggie asks, "Why?".  Sarah replies, "It just is,
       that's all!".  Maggie says, "All right, Sarah". Sarah says, "I
       have to go now". Maggie says,  "Don't!, wait a minute!".  She goes
       to the bedroom door, opens it, and shouts, "Pop! Pop!", but when
       she turns she sees that Sarah is gone...
          Sam comes running and asks, "Maggie, what's the matter?".
       Maggie exclaims, "She was here, the little girl, Sarah!".  Sam
       asks, "How could she have gotten in?".  Maggie rplies, "I don't
       know! I dozed off for a minute, and when I woke up, there she was!
       She wouldn't tell me how she got in!".  Sam suggests, "Maybe it
       was a dream", but Maggie insists, "No! She was here! She asked me
       where her doll was.  When I told her I gave it to Dr. Woodard,
       she said I had to get it back tonight! It seemed like she was
       trying to warn me!".
          At Collinwood, Julia comes down into the courtyard. Willie
       sees her from outside the fence. He comes into the courtyard
       and says, "Dr. Hoffman! It's me! Willie!".  Julia asks, "Willie,
       did you just throw pebbles at my window?".  Willie replies, "Yes.
       It's Barnabas. You've got to stop him! He's planning to kill
       Maggie Evans tonight!".  Julia replies, "He wouldn't kill Maggie
       Evans, he wouldn'! It'd jeopardize everything! I told him that!".
       Willie tells her, "He thinks he can get away with it! You're the
       only one who can stop him! You've got to do something befofe it's
       too late!".  Julia agrees to do something.  Willie asks, "What are
       you going to do?".  Julia replies, "Go to the old house and talk
       to him."  Willie asks, "What are you going to say to him?".  Julia
       replies, "I'm going to reason with him. He's an intelligent man.
       I'm sure he'll listen to reason. Stay here". Willie asks,  "You
       don't want me to go with you?".  Julia replies, "No, I think it'd
       be best if I talked to him alone".
          Sam comes back into Maggie's room through the french doors
       and tells Maggie, "Nothing. They didn't see so much as a cat."
       Maggie says, "That doesn't make sense!".  Sam agrees, "No, it
       doesn't".  Maggie says, "I still get the feeling Sarah was trying
       to warn me about something. Did you call Joe?".  Sam replies,
       "Yes, he's going to go to Dr.Woodard right away and bring the doll
       here". Maggie says, "Good. I know it sounds silly, but I have the
       feeling it's necessary I have that doll tonight...".  Outside, dogs
       start to howl.  Maggie moans, "Why do they have to howl like that,
       Pop, why?"
          At the old house, Barnabas stares out the window, sees that the
       moon has gone behind the clouds and thinks to himself, "At last,
       darkness has come! Goodbye, Maggie Evans. I might have loved you, I
       might have spared you, but now, you must die!".
       Episode 322
       Worldvision Rerun 112
       Tape Date: September 5, 1967 (ABC #187-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 19, 1967 Tuesday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Barnabas goes and gets his coat and cane, then goes to the
       front door and opens it. To his great surprise, Julia is standing 
       there with an extremely stern look on her face. He remarks, "Well, 
       Dr. Hoffman". Julia asks,  "Where are you going?".  Barnabas replies,
       "Out". Julia says, "That's not much of an answer". Barnabas says,
       "I was about to go out for a walk". Julia tells him,  "I must
       speak to you". Barnabas asks,  "Can't it wait?".  Julia replies,
       "No, it's very important". Barnabas says,  "Very well, come in"
       and asks,  "What's so urgent?".  Julia replies, "I know what you
       plan to do. You plan to kill Maggie Evans".  Barnabas denies it,
       but Julia says, "I know. I've talked to Willie. He told me what
       you said".  Barnabas lies,  "He's a highly unreliable young man.
       He must have been exaggerating". Julia asks, "You mean you're NOT
       going to kill Maggie Evans?".  Barnabas lies, "No, Willie is a very
       nervous young man. He must have misunderstood what I was saying.
       What I actually said was that if Maggie Evan's memory started to
       return, then I would find it necessary to kill her". Julia assures
       him,  "I told you, her memory won't return". Barnabas lies,  "And
       I believe you. I trust you implicitly."  Julia says, "You know
       something, Barnabas? I don't believe you. I think you're lying
       to me". Barnabas says, "Well, if that's true, then there's nothing
       you can do about it. You merely have to accept what happens". Julia
       warns hims, "Before you kill Maggie, there's one thing I think you
       should know. If you kill her, you'll be revealed for what you are
       and destroyed". Barnabas asks, "Are you saying you don't think I
       could kill Maggie without being captured?".  Julia replies,  "No,
       I'm quite aware that you're capable of killing Maggie Evans without
       being caught. I was talking about something else. Recently, I gave
       a letter to a friend with instructions to give it to the authorities
       in the event of my death or Maggie Evans's death. That letter
       contains a description of what you are". Barnabas exclaims,  "You
       did that?!".  Julia replies, "Yes. So if you kill Maggie, you'll
       destroy yourself". Barnabas says,  "Congratulations, Doctor. Once
       again, you seem to have the upper hand. Of course, you might be
       bluffing. There might not be such a letter". Julia replies, "Then
       again, there might be. You can't afford to take the chance. Think
       it over. I'm sure you'll decide it's best if you leave Maggie Evans
       alone". Julia leaves. Barnabas goes to the window and stares out it.
          Maggie is sleeping in her room. Suddenly, she bolts up and 
       screams, "Pop! Pop!".  Sam comes running in and asks,  "Maggie, what
       is it? Did you see something? Hear something?".  Maggie replies, "No, 
       but I've just had the oddest sensation. I felt it once before, when
       I disappeared. I feel like there are these terrible eyes watching me, 
       terrible, terrible eyes watching me, piercing through me...".  At the 
       old house, Barnabas is staring out the window...
          Sam opens the French doors and looks out. Maggie asks, "See
       anything?"  Sam replies, "No, nothing". Maggie says,  "Maybe it's
       my imagination". Sam replies,  "Sure, your imagination is probably
       working overtime right now. You've got to realize we're not going 
       to let anything happen to you. The back yard is swarming with 
       policemen ready to protect you. Just keep telling yourself you're 
       safe. Come on, let's go make a pot of coffee".              
          Julia returns to the garden of Collinwood and calls, "Willie!".  
       Willie comes out of hiding behind some bushes and asks, "What 
       happened?".  Julia tells him, "Everything's under control". Willie
       asks, "He's not going to kill Maggie?".  Julia replies, "No, I 
       talked him out of it". Willie asks,  "How? He's convinced he can 
       get away with it".  Julia tells him about telling Barnabas about
       the letter. Willie asks, "Is that true, is there actually such a
       letter?"  Julia replies, "No, I lied". WIllie warns, "Barnabas is
       hard to fool.  He knows when people are lying". Julia assures him,
       "He believes it".  Willie asks, "How can you be sure?".  Julia
       tells him, "I saw the expression on his face when I left. He's
       frightened". Willie remarks, "That's hard to believe". Julia
       insists, "I assure you, Maggie Evans is safe"
          At the old house, Barnabas thinks to himself, "Was she 
       lying to me? Is there a letter? Would she expose me to save
       Maggie Evans? I don't think so. But would she expose me in the
       event of her own death? Yes. Wait! The night I first brought her
       to the house I threatened to kill her. She would've said anything
       to save her own life, but she said nothing about a letter. She's
       lying! There is no letter! You're not clever enough, Doctor.
       Maggie Evans will die tonight, and no power on earth can prevent
       it!".  Suddenly, the room fills with the sound of a flute playing
       "London Bridge". Barnabas exclaims, "Sarah! Sarah! I know you're
       near by! Where are you? Where are you? Sarah! Sarah!"
         Sam and Joe Haskell look in on Maggie. Sam says quietly, "Maggie?".  
       Joe stops him, "Don't wake her!".  Maggie says, "I'm not asleep!".
       Joe asks, "How do you feel?".  Maggie replies, "OK". Joe tells her,
       "I brought the doll". Maggie asks, "Did Pop tell you she was here?"
       Joe replies, "Yes, he told me". Maggie says, "She told me I had to 
       have the doll. It was like a warning. I wonder what she was warning 
       me about? Maybe the madman is going to come tonight.". Sam assures
       her, "No one is going to get in here".  Joe tells her, "I got 20
       feet from the house and was immediately surrounded."  Sam says,
       "They would've shot him if I hadn't told them he was coming". Joe
       assures Maggie, "You're safe". Maggie wonders, "I wonder what I'm
       supposed to have this doll for?".  Joe tells her, "I'm going to be
       spendingthe night here. I'll be right outside all night".  Sam
       tells Maggie, "Don't be afraid". Maggie replies,  "I'm not afraid.
       I feel strange. Don't you feel it? I feel it all around me. A
       feeling of warmth. Warm, warm, all around me.".  Sam says, "You're
       just falling asleep, Maggie. Don't fight it.".  Maggie mutters,
       "Warm, warm, not afraid, not afraid".  and falls asleep. Sam and
       Joe leave the room.
          Willie is still in the courtyard of Collinwood. He thinks to
       himself, "Dr. Hoffman was wrong. She didn't fool Barnabas.
       No one can fool Barnabas. He's going to kill Maggie tonight.
       Then what next? David, probably, then Devlin and anyone else
       who gets to close to learning his secret, and I'll have to 
       stand by and watch it as long as I live. I've got to do something.
       I've got to go warn Maggie Evans, warn her to get out of town.
       Yes, that's what I'll do. Oh, what's the use. I'm just kidding
       myself. I can't do that. Barnabas will find out. There's nothing
       I can do, nothing at all, nothing!"
          Sam and Joe are outside the house talking. Joe says, "I've been 
       thinking about Maggie. I think we should get her out of town".
       Sam agrees, "Yes, I have relatives in Canada. I've been thinking of 
       sending her there". Joe remarks, "I think it's important that no one 
       knows where she's gone". Sam agrees, "Yes". Joe remarks, "Now if 
       only we can get through this night without anything happening". The
       church bell chimes.  Sam notes, "There's not much of it left. It's 
       1:00. Come on, let's go have some coffee". They go inside.   
          Maggie's black "Big Ben" alarm clock reads 3:08. Maggie is sound
       asleep, clutching Sarah's doll.
          Two of the police stand watch outside. One says, "Did you
       hear something?".  The other replies, "Yes". The first says, "There! 
       Over there in the shadows! Don't make a sound! Let's see if he goes 
       near the house!".  
          The shadow of a man appears at Maggie's french doors. The man
       starts to try to open the doors. Suddenly, there is a shout,
       "Halt! Don't move!".  The figure disappears. A voice shouts,"Don't
       run!".  Maggie awakens and screams, "Pop!".  Outside, the night is
       filled with the staccato sound of gunfire.  Sam runs into the room
       and screams, "Maggie!".  Maggie screams, "Pop! He was here!".  A
       policeman comes bursting in and announces, "You're safe now".  Sam
       asks, "Get him?".  The policeman replies, "Yes".  Maggie asks, "Is
       he dead?".  The policeman replies, "It would be a miracle if he
       isn't.  He's got about five bullets in his back".
       Episode 323 (Kinescope)
       Worldvision Rerun 113
       Tape Date: September 8, 1967 (ABC #188-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 20, 1967 Wednesday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Sam takes Maggie out into the living room. Joe comes in through 
       the front door. Sam asks, "Who was it?".  Joe replies, "Willie
       Loomis". Maggie exclaims, "Willie? That's incredible!".  Sam says,
       "He's dead now. Now you can resume a normal life". The Sheriff,
       who's come into the house, says,  "You can resume a normal life,
       but he's not dead".  Maggie, in a worried voice, asks "He's alive?".
       The sherriff assures her, "Don't worry. He's no longer a danger
       to you."  He makes a phone call to Dr. Woodard, tells him what
       happened and asks him to come.
          Maggie remarks, "Willie Loomis, it's hard to believe. He seemed
       like such a harmless person".  Sam agrees, "He's the last person I
       would've suspected". The Sheriff asks, "Why?".  Sam replies, "I
       expected a large, powerful person.  Willie's such a small person,
       a quiet type". Joe reminds them, "He wasn't always the quiet type".
       They discuss Willie's sudden change after he went to work for Barnabas.
       Maggie asks, "What if you've gotten the wrong man?".  The sheriff
       replies, "There's no doubt about it. My men waited till the last 
       possible minute when they were sure he was going to break in".  A 
       deputy comes in and tells the Sheriff that Dr. Woodard has come and 
       is examining Willie outside. The sheriff reminds Sam, "Remember, 
       Willie was at the Blue Whale that night we were there". Sam says,
       "That's right!".  The sound of an ambulance siren fills the air. 
       The Sheriff says, "I'm going to have to go to Collinwood to notify
       Barnabas Collins about what's happened".  Maggie remarks, "He'll be 
       devastated. He tried so hard to reform Willie...".            
          At the old house, Barnabas paces around nervously. He picks up
       the family album, looks at the picture of Sarah and says,
       "Why don't you appear to me, Sarah? You've appeared to so many
       people, but not me. Are you angry with me? If you would only appear
       to me once and let me see you again!".  Julia comes in. Barnabas
       asks, "What are you doing here?".  Julia replies, "I couldn't sleep
       so I figured I'd come and do some work". Noticing his strange
       demeanor, she asks, "Upset about something, Baranbas? What is it?".
       Barnabas says, "Never mind". Julia remarks, "Good to see you followed
       my advice and didn't go after Maggie Evans". Barnabas asks,  "Did
       you really think I believed you about the letter?".  Julia asks,
       "Then you DID decide to kill Maggie Evans!".  Barnabas replies,
       "Yes". Julia asks, "Then what happened?  Sarah! Sarah stopped you
       again!".  Barnabas admits,"Yes". There's a knock at the door. Julia
       asks, "Who could that be?".  Barnabas answers the door. It's the
       sheriff.  Barnabas asks, "What can I do for you, sheriff?".
       Sheriff Patterson replies, "I'm afraid I have some unfortunate
       news for you. You have a man working for you named Willie Loomis.
       I'm afraid he's been caught trying to break into Maggie Evan's room.
       He's been shot, but is still alive. We have every reason to believe
       he's the man who kidnapped Maggie and is responsible for the attacks
       in town."  Barnabas exclaims, "Sheriff, I don't know what to say!
       I can't believe it!".  The sheriff tells Barnabas, "I'll have to
       ask you some questions about him and his daily activities, but that
       can wait till later. I'm sure you're quite shocked by all this".
       Barnabas asks, "You say Willie's still alive?".  The sheriff
       replies, "Yes".  Barnabas asks,  "Has he given a statement?".  The
       sheriff explains, "No, he hasn't regained consciousness and there's
       not much hope that he will. Dr. Woodard says there's not much chance
       he'll survive.  He's operating on him right now". Barnabas asks,
       "And Miss Evans?".  The sheriff repleis,  "She's all right. Willie was
       shot before he could get in."  Barnabas tells the sheriff, "I'd like
       to see her and tell her how sorry I am about all this". The sheriff
       says, Sheriff, "Sure. I'm going over there right now. You're welcome
       to come with me".  The sheriff goes out the door. Barnabas gives
       Julia a strange look, then they leave too.
          Outside the Evans Cottage, the sheriff is talking to Barnabas and
       Julia about what happened. Barnabas exclaims, "Willie, a kidnapper,
       I just can't believe it!".  The sheriff asks, "Would you like to go
       in and see Maggie Evans now?".  They go in. Barnabas says to Maggie, 
       "Miss Evans, I hope you don't mind me coming around so soon after
       all this happened. I had to come and say how sorry I feel about 
       what happened. I made a serious error in judgement about Willie. 
       I thought I had rehabilitated him. Are you all right?".  Maggie
       replies, "Yes".  Sam says, "It was close, but when we set the trap
       we knew it would be close".  Barnabas asks, "Trap?".  Sam explains
       the trap.  Julia asks, "You mean Maggie wasn't starting to
       remember?".  Sam replies, "No".  Julia asks Maggie, "How's your
       memory now?".  Maggie replies, "I'm afraid I still don't remember
       anything". The Sheriff comes in and says, "I just spoke to Dr.
       Woodard. He's managed to remove all but one of the bullets. Willie's
       in a coma right now.  I hope he'll be able to talk.  It's the one
       way of being absolutely certain we have the right man".
          Barnabas is back at the old house, dressed in a bathrobe,
       pacing about nervously. There's a knock at the door. Barnbas
       opens it. It's Julia. She comes in. Barnabas asks, "Did you see
       him?".  Julia replies, "No, I couldn't get near him".  Barnabas
       asks, "And Dr. Woodard.  Did you see him?"  Julia replies, "No,
       he was operating on Willie".  Barnabas complains, "Nothing's going
       right tonight!".  Julia says,  "I did manage to see the medical
       report. It'll be a miracle if Willie comes out of the coma."  Barnabas
       asks, "What if he DOES come out of it?  When he learns he's been
       accused of kidnapping Maggie Evans, he'll talk his fool head off!".
       Julia assures him, "He won't. He'll die, and everyone will think he
       did it, and you'll be completely in the clear". Barnabas asks, "And
       Maggie? What if she remembers?".  Julia repiles, "She won't. If what
       happened tonight didn't jar her memory, nothing will". Barnabas
       remarks,  "You'd better be right, Doctor.  This time, you'd better be
          At the Evans Cottage, Sam and Joe look in Maggie, who's sleeping
       peacefully and remark on how it's the first good sleep she's had
       in a long time.
          Barnabas is now alone in the old house, Julia having left.
       He muses, "Completely in the clear! No, far from it. Maggie
       Evan's mind is blank. Miss Hoffman has assured me of that, so
       I won't have to worry about her for the time being. Willie
       will die, that's reasonably certain to happen. But that leaves
       one more person who can expose me. Little cousin David. Now
       something must be done to keep him from exposing me, and it
       must be done soon!"
       Episode 324
       Worldvision Rerun 114
       Tape Date: September 6, 1967 (ABC #189-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 21, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  John Sedwick

          David opens the front doors of Collinwood. From behind, inside
       the foyer, Elizabeth asks, "David! Where are you going?".  David
       answers, "Out". Elizabeth, irritated, says, "I can see that! Why?".  
       David replies, "To see Sarah". Elizabeth tells him, "You've got to 
       finish your lessons before Vicky gets back". David exclaims,  "I 
       can't! I have to talk to Sarah!".  Elizabeth asks, "What about?".
       David replies, "I can't tell you". Elizabeth demands,  "Come back in
       here and finish your lessons!".  David comes back inside into the
       foyer. He turns and stares at Barnabas' portrait. Elizabeth asks,
       "David, if something is troubling you, I'd wish you'd tell me what
       it is".  David runs up stairs without saying a word. Elizabeth looks
       at the portrait of Barnabas, a puzzled look on her face.
          The front door opens. Vicky comes in. Elizabeth says, "Vicky, 
       you're back. Could you come into the drawing room for a moment? 
       I'd like to talk to you". They go into the drawing room. Vicky
       explains, "I was at Maggie's house a little longer than I had 
       planned. I hope you don't mind". Elizabeth replies, "Not at all. How's
       Maggie? She's been through quite an ordeal". Vicky replies, "Like a new
       person! They got a report from the hospital while I was there. Willie's
       still in a coma. They don't expect him to live another day. I can't 
       believe it was Willie! I can't believe he was capable of kidnapping!".  
       Elizabeth remarks, "I can. Anyone who could call himself a friend of 
       Jason McGuire is capable of anything. Let's get off this subject. 
       I wanted to talk to you about David.".  She tells Vicky David's been 
       acting strangely. Vicky agrees, "He seems to be terrified about 
       something. He's been acting strangely ever since that day he was 
       found outside the mausoleum. I've asked him if anything's wrong,
       but he won't tell me anything". Elizabeth suggests, "I suppose he's 
       still frightened because he was lost in the woods", but Vicky
       points out "But he's safe now. There's nothing for him to be afraid 
       of". Elizabeth tells Vicky,  "I think you'd better watch him closely. 
       I think it would be best if he didn't go out alone for awhile.".  
       Vicky assures her, "Don't worry, I'll take very good care of
          In the study, David is sitting at a desk staring at a 
       piece of paper. Vicky, sitting behind him, says, "All right,
       David. Times's up". She goes to him and is surprised he hasn't
       written a word. She asks, "Where's your composition?".  David replies,
       "I didn't do it.".  Vicky asks, "Why not?".  David replies,"I didn't 
       have anything to write". Vicky says, "But earlier, you said you had 
       it all planned out! David, what's the matter?".  David exclaims,
       "Nothing!".  Vicky says, "Something's bothering you. I wish you'd 
       tell me what it is". David replies, "I'm just not in the mood to do 
       a stupid composition!".  Vicky says, "David, look at me. You're 
       frightened of something. Tell me what it is". David insists, 
       "Nothing! I'm not frightened of anything!".  Julia comes into the 
       study. Seeing Vicky and David, she says "Oh, sorry if I'm 
       interrupting something". Vicky replies, "No, you're not interrupting 
       anything. The lesson's over". She asks David, "David, would you like 
       to go for a walk?".  David says, "I thought you said I wasn't allowed 
       to go outside". Vicky corrects him, "I said you weren't allowed to
       go out alone. You won't be alone. You'll be coming with me to the 
       old house.".  Julia asks, "The old hosue?".  Vicky explains, "What 
       happened with Willie must have been quite a shock to Barnabas. I
       think I should talk to him".  David tells Vicky, "I don't want to
       go for a walk!".  Vicky asks, "Why not?".  David replies, "I don't
       want to go to the old house, and I don't think you should either"
       Vicky asks, "Why?".  David replies,"Because it isn't safe!".  Vicky,
       puzzled, asks, "Now that's a switch. I used to be the one warning YOU 
       not to go to the old house because it wasn't safe. But that was 
       before Barnabas restored it. It's safe now.".  David repeats,
       "I don't want to go to the old house and I don't want to see
       Cousin Barnabas!".  Vicky tells him, "All right, David. You've made 
       your point. Go to your room and wait for me there".  David leaves. 
       Vicky says, "I guess I'll see Barnabas alone". Julia tells her, 
       "Don't waste your time. He's not home right now. He'll be home 
       early tonight".  Vicky remarks, "I have a notion about Barnabas. I
       think he sleeps during the day because he's so enamored of the night!".
       Julia laughs, "I think you're right. He's certainly the most dedicated
       night person I know!"
          Dr. Woodard comes to Collinwood to talk with Julia. In the
       privacy of the study, Julia asks, "Tell me, what's the prognosis
       on Willie?".  Woodard replies, "I managed to get the last bullet out 
       of him at about 6:30 this morning. His condition's substantially 
       the same". Julia asks, "Do you think he'll live?".  Woodard replies,
       "I'd put the chances at about 1 in 100". Julia asks, "What happens 
       if he does pull through? Will he be able to talk?".  Woodard replies,
       "We hope he will". Julia tells him, "I'm only asking because I 
       hope he does talk. It'll justify my suspicions". Woodard, in a 
       surprised tone, asks, "You mean you've suspected Willie all along ?!".  
       Julia replies, "Yes". Woodard asks,  "What caused you to suspect 
       him?".  Julia replies, "It's a long, complicated story. You'll read 
       all about it in my report".  Woodard presses her to tell him. Finally, 
       Julia says, "I had several long conversations with Willie in which 
       I detected symptoms of psycopathic bevavior". Woodard asks, "But what 
       about Sarah? How does she fit in?".  Julia says, "She has no bearing 
       on this case. The kidnapper has been caught, and the case is
       closed". Woodard remarks,  "I suppose you'll be going back to 
       Windcliff now". Julia replies, "Not yet. I can't just pack up and 
       leave abruptly". Woodard says, "You could tell Elizabeth who you 
       really are and what you've been doing now". Julia replies,  "I'd 
       prefer not to do that. I have my reasons. I'll wait awhile 
       pretending to be finishing up my research, then I'll pack up and go".
       Woodard asks,  "Are you sure you don't have another reason
       for staying?".  Julia says, "I don't know what you're talking about".  
       Woodard tells her, "I'm not blind, Julia. While you've been here, 
       you've been showing a lot of attention on one man. Barnabas Collins".
       Julia, looking alarmed, sputters, "No...., it's just...". Woodard
       smiles and says, "You don't have to apoligize! Romantic interests 
       never hurt anyone!".  Julia laughs, "I didn't say he was the reason I 
       was stayign!".  Woodard laughs and says,  "You don't have to, Julia, 
       you don't have to!"
         After Woodard leaves, Julia goes into the drawing room where
       she finds Vicky sitting on the couch, deep in thought. Julia asks, 
       "Thinking about David? I was too. I was disturbed by his
       behavior in the study earlier. Why do you think he's so afraid
       of the old house? He never was before. Do you think it could
       have anything to do with Barnabas?".  Vicky replies,"I shouldn't think 
       so. After all, it was Barnabas who found him". Julia asks,  "Do you 
       think it would help if I talked with him?"
          Elizabeth goes into David's room and says, "Vicky told me
       you didn't do your lessons. It's obvious there's something
       bothering you. It'd be better if you talked to someone
       about it. You're afraid of something. Is it of being attacked
       by the man who kidnapped Maggie? If that's it, you no longer
       have to worry. He's been caught". David exclaims, "It wasn't 
       Willie! They've got the wrong man!".  Elizabeth tells him, "It was 
       the right man. They caught him trying to break into Maggie's room".
       David exclaims, "Sarah! I've got to find Sarah. She'll know if it 
       was Willie! I've got to find her right now!" and runs out the door.
          In the drawing room, Julia and Vicky continue to discuss what's
       troubling David. Suddenly, they hear a commotion in the foyer.
       They hear Elizabeth's voice shouting, "David, you can't go out!".
       David's voice shouts back, "I've got to find Sarah!".  Suddenly, David
       screams, "I don't believe it!".  Julia and Vicky rush out to see what's
       the matter. David is staring at Barnbas' portrait saying, "The eyes! 
       The eyes! No! No! Leave me alone!".  Elizabeth asks David, "What the 
       matter?".  David shouts, "The eyes in the painting! They were alive! 
       They were staring at me!"
       Episode 325
       Worldvision Rerun 115
       Tape Date: September 11, 1967 (ABC #190-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 22, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  John Sedwick

          It is night. David, dressed in pyjamas and bathrobe, comes
       down into the foyer. He walks to the portrait of Barnabas and
       stares at it. He recalls Barnabas saying to him, "Hello, David. 
       I've been looking for you, but now I've found you, haven't I? What
       were you doing in the mausoleum, David. Is there something
       in there that fascinates you? I think you're keeping something
       from me. Do you know what happens to little boys who lie to
       their elders? What did your little friend Sarah tell you? 
       I think you should come back to the old house with me. Perhaps 
       your memory will improve there...".  He screams, "NO! I don't want to 
       go to the old house! I want to go back to Collinwood! Let me go!".  
       Elizabeth comes and shouts, "David!".  David runs up the stairs...
          In his room, David thinks to himself, "Cousin Barnabas could
       tell I was lying, he could tell I knew about the secret room.
       Sarah said no one knew about the secret room, but Barnabas knew
       about it. How? Sarah, I'm scared! Where are you when I need you?".
       Vicky comes in and asks, "Who were you talking to?". David replies,
       "No one". Vicky says, "But I heard you talking". David lies, "I was 
       just playing a game".  Vicky tells David it's time to go to bed. 
       David asks if he can stay up a little longer so he can finish putting 
       his stamps into he stamp collecting album. Vicky says, "All right, 
       but no later than 9:30. I'll be downstairs in the drawing room if 
       you need me".
          Vicky goes down into the foyer and finds Elizabeth at the
       door putting on her coat. Vicky asks, "Going outside?".  Elizabeth
       replies, "Yes. To the old house. I've got to talk to Barnabas. 
       Something's got to be done about David.".  Vicky asks, "Why do you 
       think Barnabas can help?".  Elizabeth replies, "He seems to be what 
       David's afraid of". Vicky remarks, "I think he'll be as puzzled as 
       we are. The trouble is he won't talk to anyone". Elizabeth asks, 
       "There must be someone he'll talk to". Vicky suggests,  "There's 
       Burke. He gets along quite well with David.".  Elizabeth asks, "Have 
       you two set the date yet?".  Vicky replies, "Soon, after all the legal
       matters concerning the house are completed". Elizabeth says, "The 
       way David is, he might find it hard to adjust to another governess".
       Vicky says, "I understand. We could move the date back a little".
       There's a knock at the door. Elizabeth answers. It's Barnabas. 
       Elizabeth tells him, "What a coincidence. I was just about to
       go down and see you".  Vicky says, "I'll go upstairs", but Barnabas, 
       says, "No, I'd like you to hear this too". They all go into the drawing 
          In the drawing room, Barnabas apoligizes for Willie. Elizabeth 
       tells him, "There's no need for you to apoligize for what Willie 
       did.".  Barnabas points out,"I did harbor him. I'm concerned that I 
       might have harmed the name of the Collins Family". Elizabeth tells
       him, "I don't care about that. Actually, I wanted to talk to you 
       about a different matter. David. The night you found him outside
       the mausoleum, did anything happen?".  Barnabas replies, "No".
       Elizabeth tells him,  "David seems terrified day and night and 
       won't tell anyone why". Barnabas asks,  "Do you have any idea of 
       the cause?".  Elizabeth replies, "I don't know how to tell you
       this. We don't know why, but he seems to be afraid of YOU.
       When you found him, did you do or say anything that he might
       have misunderstood, that might have frightened him?".  Barnabas
       says, "I don't think so". Elizabeth says,  "Maybe we're grasping 
       at straws".  Barnabas suggests, "It could be his imagination".  Vicky
       remarks, "The cause of his fear might be imaginary, but the fear is 
       certainly real". Barnabas suggests, "Perhaps it would help if I 
       talked to him. Don't worry. I'll be very gentle with him...".    
          There's a knock at David's bedroom door. He opens it.  Elizabeth
       enters, bringing Barnabas in with her. Barnabas says, "Good evening,
       David".  David, shocked, exclaims, "Cousin Barnabas! What are you 
       doing here?".  Elizabeth explains, "He wants to talk to you". David
       asks,  "What about?".  Elizabeth replies,  "I'll let him tell you"
       and leaves. Barnabas tells David, "Both Vicky and your Aunt Elizabeth
       say you're afraid. What are you afraid of?".  David lies, "Nothing!".
       Barnabas says, "They say you're afraid of ME. Why?".  David lies,
       "I'm not!".  Barnabas tells David, "Sit down, David. You look as 
       frightened as you were the night I found you outside the mausoleum. 
       You're keeping a secret. What is it? Where were you the night you 
       were lost?".  David insists, "I've already told you". Barnabas says,
       "I know where you REALLY were. You were inside the secret room
       Sarah told you about, weren't you?".  David lies, "I don't anything 
       about any secret room". Barnabas takes David's knife out of his 
       pocket, holds it up and asks, "Then how did your knife get in 
       there?".  David, not thinking, instinctively exclaims, "My knife!",
       then lies, "I don't know...".  Barnabas asks, "You were in the secret 
       room. Sarah must have told you about it. What other secrets did
       little Sarah tell you? Did she tell you about her family, her father,
       her mother, her brother?".  David replies, "No! She didn't tell me
       anything!".  Barnabas says, "If you're lying, David, I'll get
       very angry when I find out!".  Vicky comes in to see how it's going, 
       interrupting him. She remarks that it's getting late. Barnabas says, 
       "Good night, David. Pleasent dreams..."
          David is in bed, tossing and turning restlessly under his blanket.
       Dreaming, he starts to recall voices, he recalls asking Sarah, "Sarah,
       who's in that coffin?".  Sarah replies, "No one. It's empty".  He asks,
       "Why would anyone put an empty coffin in here".  Sarah replies, "It
       wasn't always empty.  Someone was in it once, but he went away".  He
       exclaims, "Oh, come on, Sarah, dead people don't just get up and walk
       away", but Sarah insists, "Sometimes they do...".
          David dreams. He's in a room somewhere. He sees a woman standing
       there. The woman's face cannot be seen as it is her hair falls forward
       completely covering it. David asks, "I looking for someone", but the
       woman does not answer.  She takes out a medallion on a chain and dangles
       it in front of him. David asks, "What are you doing? I've got to find
       Sarah."  He leaves, calling "Sarah! Sarah!".  Suddenly, he finds
       himself standing in the cemetary outside the mausoleum.  He calls,
       "Sarah, where are you?".  A voice from inside the mausoleum replies,
       "In here, David".  David goes inside.  He tells Sarah, "Sarah, it time
       I asked you some questions".  Sarah replies, "About what?".   David
       asks, "About you. Who are you and where do you come from?". Sarah
       answers, "That's easy. I was born the same place you were. I lived on
       a house on a hill until I was 9 years old. Then I got very sick.
       Everyone came to see me and were very sad". David asks, "Because you
       were sick?".  Sarah replies, "No, because I died".  David asks, "If you
       died, what are you doing here?"  Sarah replies, "I came to look for
       someone".  David aske,"Who?".  Sarah replies, "Come with me". David
       follows Sarah and finds himself in a room he's doesn't recognize. It's
       the cellar of the old house. David exclaims, "Sarah! There's a coffin
       here!".  Sarah nonchalently replies, "I know".  David says, "Just like
       the secret room. Is this coffin empty too?"  Sarah answers, "No. It's
       not empty". The coffin starts to open. Sarah continues, "That's who I
       came to find". The coffin opens fully. Barnabas sits up, gets out of
       the coffin.  David, terrified, runs off into a corner. Seeing Sarah,
       Barnabas says, "Sarah, my little Sarah, you've come back. You've come
       at last!"  He starts to walk towards her . David screams, "Watch out,
       Sarah, he'll get you! Get away from him!".  Barnabas turns and goes
       toward David, who's cowering against the wall, raises his walking
       stick and prepares to strike...
       Episode 326
       Worldvision Rerun 116
       Tape Date: September 12, 1967 (ABC #191-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 25, 1967 Monday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  John Sedwick

          David screams, "No! No! Stay away from me! Someone please help me!".
       Vicky, hearing this, comes running into the room and shouts, "David,
       wake up!".  David awakens and cries, "Vicky, he's after me, he going
       to kill me!".  Vicky says, "It was just a dream", but David replies,
       "No, I saw him, he was going after Sarah! He was in a coffin in a 
       room somewhere! Vicky, he's dead!".  Vicky asks, "Who's dead?"
       David replies, "Cousin Barnabas!" Vicky says, "That proves it was 
       a dream. Cousin Barnabas is very much alive". David replies,  "He 
       isn't dead all of the time, just some of the time! Sarah's dead too! 
       Sarah's a ghost!".  Vicky dismisses all this as a dream. Davie insists, 
       "It wasn't a dream! I remember it all clearly! Except the lady in 
       the shadows. I couldn't see her face, she just kept shining some 
       jewelry at me."  Vicky says, "I think it was a dream". David insists,
       "It wasn't! I'll prove it to you!!!".  Vicky asks, "How?".  David
       replies, "I'll go into the woods, find Sarah, and find the room with
       the coffin in it!".  Vicky tells him, "No, you're not going anywhere
       tomorrow. You're going to stay home and rest". David says,  "Well,
       if you won't let me go, there are other ways of contacting Sarah.
       I'll just think hard about her and she'll come". Vicky asks,  "How?".
       David replies, "Haven't you been listening to what I've been saying?
       Sarah's dead! Sarah's a ghost!".
          At the old house, Julia is sitting in an armchair reading
       a book. Barnabas returns, coming in through the front doors.
       He sees her reading and caustically remarks, "You have nothing
       better to do than read books at a time like this?".  Julia replies,
       "You like looking through your family albums, I like reading medical
       journals". Barnabas tells her, "Put the book away. I have things
       to talk about". Julia asks, "What? Where have you been?".  Barnabas
       replies, "I've had a revealing and disturbing night. I've visited
       cousin David and gone to the hospital.".  Julia asks, "Why the 
       hospital?".  Barnabas replies, "I was hoping to hear news that our dear
       friend Willie had passed away". Julia asks, "Has he?".  Barnabas replies,
       "No, he's clinging to life like a leech. Why hasn't he died yet?".  
       Julia replies, "I don't know. I'm not his doctor.".  Barnabas remarks,
       "Every moment he stays alive, he's a danger to me". Julia assures
       him, "Barnabas, he's going to die", but Barnabas replies, "But when? 
       Perhaps it's time I took control of the situation.".  Julia asks,
       "What do you mean?".  Barnabas replies, "Perhaps I should take care of 
       Willie before we hear he's miraculously recovered and is writing his 
       memoirs".  Julia warns against it, saying, "The sheriff and everyone 
       else believe it was Willie who kidnapped Maggie. If you kill Willie, 
       they'll know it was someone else and reopen the investigation".
       Barnabas asks,  "What about David. I asked him some questions and 
       know he's lying". Julia again warns him, "If you kill David, it'll 
       be the blunder of your life". Barnabas asks,  "Should I stand idly 
       by while he tells everyone about me?".  Julia says, "Barnabas, perhaps 
       there's a safer way of silencing David. I don't know why I didn't 
       think of this before.".  Barnabas asks, "What?".  Julia replies, "I can 
       fix David's curiosity the same way I fixed Maggie's memory". Barnabas
       asks, "You mean hypnosis?".  Julia replies, "Yes".    
          Julia returns to Collinwood. In the foyer, she is shocked to
       hear Vicky and Elizabeth talking in the drawing room. Elizabeth
       asks, "He said Barnabas is dead?".  Vicky replies, "Yes, that's what 
       David said. He insists that Barnabas is going to come here and kill 
       him. I couldn't convince him it was just a dream". They puzzle over 
       why David should be so afraid of Barnabas again. Julia walks into 
       the drawing room and asks, "Did I hear you talking about David?"
       Elizabeth replies, "A nightmare scared him". Julia asks,  "Is he all 
       right?".  Elizabeth replies, "Yes, but who can tell what's going to 
       happen next?".  Julia says, "I stayed up late last night thinking about 
       David's strange behavior. I was wondering it it might not help if I 
       talked to him alone. I've had some experience with child psychology.".  
       Elizabeth remarks, "You seem a woman of many talents, Miss Hoffman".  
       Julia continues, "The chances are that what's troubling David is very
       simple. If we talk, I might be able to help him". Elizabeth says, 
       "I'll go up and talk to him"
          After Elizabeth leaves, Julia asks Vicky, "Vicky, while we're 
       waiting, could you tell me about David's dream? Give me as many 
       details as you can"
          Elizabeth goes into David's room and tells him, "Miss Hoffman
       is down in the drawing room. She wants to talk to you".  David
       asks, "About what?".  Elizabeth replies, "She thinks she can help 
       with what's troubling you". David remarks, "I don't think so".
       Elizabeth replies, "You don't know until you've tried. Try,
       for me". David says, "OK". Elizabeth notices that David has
       some papers and asks,  "Were you drawing someting when I came in?"
       David replies, "Yes".  Elizabeth asks, "Can I see it?".  David declines,
       saying, "It's not very good", but Elizabeth insists, saying "You 
       draw very well. Can I see it?".  He reluctantly shows it to her. 
       It is a picture of a coffin, with a headstone next to it reading, 
          David comes down into the drawing room. Julia is in there
       alone now. David says, "Miss Hoffman, my aunt says you wanted 
       to see me".  Julia closes the doors. She sits David down on the 
       couch and says, "Now David, I understand you had a dream last night.
       Could you tell me about it?".  David replies, "No". Julia asks, "Why 
       not?".  David replies, "You probably won't believe me either". Julia
       tells him, "Relax. We've got to find out who's frightening you and 
       why. The person in your dream is cousin Barnabas, isn't it?".  David
       replies, "Yes". Julia asks, "You saw him come out of a coffin?"
       David replies, "Yes". Julia asks, "Where is the room the coffin 
       was in?".  David replies, "I don't know. It seems like a room I've 
       seen before, but I don't know where". Julia asks, "Why do you 
       think Barnabas was in the coffin?".  David replies, "I don't know".
       Julia asks, "Didn't Sarah tell you?".  David replies, "No, she just 
       brought me there". Julia tells David, "Relax. Are you comfortable?".  
       David replies, "Yes". Julia tells him,  "I'm going to show you
       something that will make you even more comfortable". She takes
       her medallion out and says, "Look at it and listen to my voice".
       She dangles it in front of him and starts to hypnotize him. Suddenly, 
       David gives a start and shouts, "You're the one! You're the lady in 
       the dream!".  He runs out of the drawing room and screams, "Vicky! 
       Vicky! Where are you?"
       Episode 327
       Worldvision Rerun 117
       Tape Date: September 13, 1967 (ABC #192-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 26, 1967 Tuesday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Lela Swift

          David shouts, "Vicky, help!".  Vicky and Elizabeth come running 
       into the foyer from the door under the stairs. Vicky asks, "What's 
       the matter?".  David shouts, "I don't want to talk to her!".  Elizabeth
       looks at Julia and says, "I hope you can explain this!".  Julia replies,
       "I'm as mystified as you are. He just caught sight of this piece of 
       jewelry and became frightened".  She holds the medallion up. David, 
       seeing it, shouts, "No! I don't want to look at it, take it away!"  
       and runs off. Julia explain, "I was trying to get him to feel more 
       relaxed, when he suddenly caught sight of my medallion, got afraid 
       and ran off". Elizabeth, puzzled, wonders, "Why should he be afraid 
       of a piece of jewelry?".  Vicky tells her, "In his mind, it's not
       just a piece of jewelry. In his dream, he saw a woman holding
       a medallion much like this one".  Julia says, "It couldn't have been
       like this one. He's never seen it before".  Vicky recalls, "I think
       I did see it before. You showed it at Maggie's house, Strange. It seems
       so much like the one David described in his dream". Julia remarks, "It
       must be a coincidence".  Vicky leaves to see how David is. Julia
       apoligizes to Elizabeth for what just happened. Elizabeth says, "You
       did your best, Miss Hoffman, but I'm starting to fear that no one's
       best will be good enough to help David..."
          Vicky goes into David's room and finds him gazing into his crystal
       ball. She asks, "What are you doing?".  David replies, "Looking for
       Sarah". Vicky tells him, "You realize the medallion you just saw
       couldn't have been the one in your dream. It's just a coincidence".
       David insists,  "It IS, and she's the womam in my dream! I don't want
       her to come near me anymore! There's something spooky about her!".
       Suddenly, he exclaims, "Wait! I know where I can find Sarah!".  Vicky
       tells him, "No, you are not allowed to leave this house". David
       promises, "If you let me, I'll tell you what Sarah and I talk about".
       Vicky seems intrigued, and David manages to convince Vicky to let him
       go if he doesn't go far from the house and is back in an hour.
          Burke Devlin comes to Collinwood. In the drawing room, Vicky
       tells him about David's dream. Burke notes, "That's the second
       dream he's had about Barnabas". Vicky, sounding somewhat upset,
       asks, "Are you starting to suspect him again? He wasn't the only 
       one in this dream". She tells him about what happened when Julia 
       tried to talk to David. Burke asks, "How did Miss Hoffman come to 
       be alone with David?".  Vicky explains what happened. Burke remarks, 
       "Strange, she says she's a historian, but she seems to be spending 
       most of her time doing other things. For example, why is she
       spending so much time at the old house?".  Vicky says, "I think she's
       doing historical research at the library there". Burke remarks,
       "I would think she'd find the library here more useful". He jokingly
       suggests, "Perhaps there another reason she spends so much time 
       there. Perhaps she has a mad crush on Barnabas. I've seen stranger 
       pairings. Where's David?".  Vicky replies, "Out".  Burke is shocked
       that Vicky would let him out. He tells Vicky he's going out to look
       for him.
          In a clearing in the woods, David shouts, "Sarah! Where
       are you, Sarah? I've got to talk to you!".  The sound of a flute
       playing London Bridge fills the air. David exclaims, "Sarah, I know
       you're here! Please come out and talk to me! Come on!".  Sarah appears
       and asks, "Come on where?".  David turns and sees Sarah there. Sarah
       says, "I knew you'd be here". David asks, "How?".  Sarah replies, 
       "You were looking in your crystal ball and saw me here, didn't you?".  
       David asks, "How'd you know?".  Sarah, evasive as usual, replies,
       "I know lots of things". David tells her,  "There's something I want 
       to ask you about. Maybe you could explain it to me". Sarah promises,
       "I'll try". David asks,  "You said you got very sick once.".  Sarah
       replies, "That's true"...
          Burke, nearby, hears David and Sarah talking and shouts,
          Hearing this, Sarah exclaims, "I can't talk anymore! I've
       got to go!".  David tells her, "No, I've got more questions for
       you!", then turns and shouts, "Burke! Over here!".  Burke comes.
       David turns, but Sarah is gone...
          David complains to Burke that he made Sarah leave. Burke asks 
       David about his dream, but David replies, "You wouldn't
       understand. Only Sarah would". Burke asks, "But how would she? She
       was in YOUR dream, but it wasn't HER dream". David replies, "Sarah's
       a ghost!"
          Burke comes out of the bedroom hallway and comes down the
       stairs, and goes into the drawing room. Elizabeth and Vicky are
       in there. He tells them, "He's still upset with me for making
       Sarah go away". Vicky asks,  "Did he tells you his dream?".  Burke
       replies, "No, he said that Sarah is the only one who would 
       understand. He says some things that are beyond belief. For one, he
       says Sarah is a ghost!".  Elizabeth, alarmed, suggests that it may
       be time to take David to a doctor. Burke says, "It's probably just an
       overactive imagination", but Vicky says, "No, I think it's more than
       that. I'm inclined to agree with David. Maybe Sarah IS a ghost"
       Elizabeth exclaims, "You can't be serious!".  Vicky explains, "All 
       the evidence points to it. Her strange appearances and disapperances, 
       her knowing things she can't possibly know, the 130 year old doll 
       she gave to Maggie...".  Burke says, "Come on, Vicky!".  Vicky replies, 
       "OK, Burke, I'll give you a challenge. You like challenges, don't 
       you? You're good at doing investigations. Find out about Sarah, who 
       she is, where she lives, and produce her in the flesh before me. 
       Then I'll believe she isn't a ghost. But I know you won't find her. 
       David's right. The little girl IS a ghost". 
          David is sleeping restlessly in bed again, tossing and turning
       under his blanket. Sarah appears and calls out, "David, David! Wake
       up, it's me, Sarah!".  David awakens and finds Sarah in the room.
       Sarah says, "You said you had more questions for me". David replies,
       "Yes. In my dream, you took me to a room with a coffin in it. I had
       the feeling I'd been in that room before". Sarah replies, "You were".
       David continues,  "But I can't remember where it is".  Sarah says,
       "That's good. I don't want you going there. It's dangerous". Suddenly,
       David says, "I know! That room reminds me of the cellar of the old
       house!".  Sarah warns, "Don't go near the old house. It's not safe
       there". David asks, "One more question. Everyone thinks Willie is
       the person who kidnapped Maggie Evans.  Is he?".  Sarah replies
       emphatically,  "Oh, no! He was just trying to warn her. I've got to
       go now". David begs, "No, wait! Don't go! I have more questions to ask
       you!", but Sarah says, "Just remember, Don't go near the old house.
       Don't go near the old house!" and fades away...
       Episode 328
       Worldvision Rerun 118
       Tape Date: September 18, 1967 (ABC #193-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 27, 1967 Wednesday
       Writer:    Gordon Russell
       Director:  Lela Swift

          At the hospital Dr. Woodard is watching over Willie, who
       is lying in a hospital bed covered by an oxygen tent. 
          At the old house, Barnabas is pacing around nervously. Julia
       comes in through the front door. Barnabas asks, "Well?".  Julia
       replies, "There's nothing to worry about". Barnabas asks, "He's
       dead?"  Julia replies, "No, but he's still in a coma and it's
       unlikely he'll come out of it".  Barnabas exclaims, "That's
       unacceptable! I can't take the chance. Willie must die! Tonight!".
          Julia asks, "What do you plan to do?".  Barnabas replies, "Kill 
       him myself if necessary". Julia warns, "There's a dozen reasons you 
       can't do that! He's surrounded by people, for one.".  Barnabas 
       confidently says, "I'll find a way to be alone with him". Julia
       tells him,  "He won't last much longer". Barnabas replies,  "I'll 
       make certain of that". Julia warns,  "There is no way. He's guarded 
       day and night".  Barnabas prepares to leave. Julia asks, "Where are 
       you going?".  Barnabas replies, "To the hospital". Julia tells him, 
       "You can't leave now, you're going to have a visitor". Barnabas 
       asks, "Who?".  Julia replies, "The sheriff. He came during the day. 
       I told him you'd be back this evening". Barnabas asks,  "Why? He's 
       already questioned me". Julia explains, "He wants to search Willie's 
       room". Barnabas starts to says,  "They won't find anything in 
       Willie's room", but suddenly seems to get and idea and says, 
       "They WILL find something in Willie's room! Something very 
          The sheriff (played today by Vince O'Brien) is with Dr.
       Woodard in Willie's hospital room. The sheriff asks about
       Willie's chances. Woodard says, "If he lives, it'll be a miracle! 
       All we can do now is wait". The sheriff remarks, "I know it sounds 
       ridicuous, but I don't believe that boy kidnapped Maggie.".  Woodard
       asks, "Why do you say that?".  The sheriff replies, "I don't know.".  
       Woodard points out, "He IS the one who walked into the trap you set". 
       The sheriff continues,  "No logical reason. Just some sixth sense. 
       I just don't believe he's guilty". Woodard asks, "Then who is?".  
       The sheriff replies, "I have the feeling he'll be able to tell us 
       that when he can talk".   
          At the old house in Willie's bedroom, Barnabas is holding a ring. 
       Julia asks, "So that belonged to Maggie?".  Barnabas replies, "Yes, 
       and they'll find it here. I must find a place to hide it, but a 
       place they'll find it". He decides to hide it in a candlestick under 
       the candle. Julia asks, "Are you sure they'll find it there?".  
       Barnabas replies, "I'll make sure they do. I want you to go to the 
       hospital. Act as a consultant helping Dr. Woodard. Make sure Willie 
       doesn't recover. If he starts to recover, do something about it.".  
       Julia exclaims, "What?! Are you asking me to kill him?".  Barnabas
       replies, "Yes. Your future is at stake here too". Julia says,  "I 
       won't take a human life! Willie will die naturally soon anyway!".  
       Barnabas tells her, "If he doesn't, you know what to do. Do it!"
          Dr. Woodard and he sheriff are still in Willie's hospital
       room. Sam comes in and asks, "How is he?".  Woodard replies, "About 
       the same". Sam asks, "Will he ever pull out of it?".  Woodard
       replies, "At this point, your guess is as good as mine".  Sam
       remarks to the sheriff, "You know, George, I've been thinking about   
       this and I just can't buy it. I don't think he kidnapped Maggie".
       Woodard tells him, "The sheriff was just saying the same thing".
       The sheriff agrees, "There are just too many things that don't 
       figure. If he had kidnapped her, where did he hide her? He
       couldn't have kept her at the old house with Barnabas Collins
       there".  Woodard remarks, "I still think little Sarah has something 
       to do with all this, but I don't know what". The sheriff says,
       "Well, I might know some answers soon. I'm going to the old house to
       search Willie's room".  Sam asks, "Can I go too? I'd like to talk to 
       Barnabas Collins"
          Barnabas puts the ring in the candlestick. There's a knock
       at the front door. He goes to answer. It's the sheriff and Sam. 
       Barnabas remarks, "Sheriff, I've been expecting you".  The sheriff asks
       to be allowed to search Willie's room. Barnabas tells him, "I'll show 
       you to it. This way".  He leads them to the room. The sheriff looks at 
       how small the room is and remarks, "This shouldn't take long. There
       isn't much to search. I'd like to ask you a few questions. Did
       Willie go out much at night?".  Barnabas replies, "Yes". The sheriff
       asks,  "Do you know where?".  Barnabas replies, "I never inquired 
       into his personal life". The sheriff tells Barnabas, "We can't 
       figure out where he kept Maggie". Barnabas replies, "I'd prefer to 
       think he was innocent". The sheriff starts to search. He searche 
       Willie's clothing, his shaving kit, the desk, and under the mattress, 
       finding nothing. Barnabas remarks that Willie also has some luggage 
       in another room and asks the sheriff if he'd like to search it. The
       sheriff says yes, and Barnabas says, "The key's in here".  He
       goes over to the desk and opens a drawer to get a key. As
       he is doing so, he "accidently" knocks over the candlestick and
       says, "Oh, how careless of me!", then exclaims,  Look! There's a
       ring in here! I've never seen it before".  The sheriff takes the ring
       and shows it to Sam, asking, "Sam, have you ever seen this ring
       before?" Sam replies, "It's Maggie's. She was wearing it the night
       she disappeared". The sheriff says,  "This is the evidence we've
       been looking for", then announces, "Willie Loomis has got to be the
       guilty man".
          Julia goes into Willie's hospital room and asks Dr. Woodard. 
       "How is he?".  Woodard replies, "About the same". Julia tells him, 
       "I stopped by to see if there's anything I could do". Woodard replies,
       "No, there's nothing anyone can do now except wait". Julia remarks,
       "I feel so guilty about not telling you about my suspicions
       earlier, but I wanted to wait until I absolutely sure...You look
       tired. Would you like me to relieve you for awhile?".  Woodard
       replies, "No, that won't be necessary".  Suddenly, Willie starts to
       groan. Julia says, "He's starting to feel the pain". Woodard exclaims,
       "He's coming out of it! I've got to tell the sheriff about this!" and
       runs out of the room.
          Julia looks down on Willie and thinks of Barnabas' words,
       "You know what to do. Do it!"
          In the living room of the old house, Barnabas exclaims,
       "I can hardly believe it!".  The sheriff says, "I had some doubts,
       but Willie must be guilty".  Barnabas apoligizes to Sam, saying
       he feels responsible for all this. Sam replies, "Don't blame
       yourself. You had no way of knowing...".  There's a knock on
       the door. It's a deputy, for the sheriff, "Sheriff! They want
       you down at the hospital right away! He's coming out of the
       coma!".  The sheriff asks, "Will he be able to talk?".  The deputy
       replies, "They think so". The sheriff announces,  "Well, then
       before the night is over, we'll know everything!!!"
       Episode 329
       Worldvision Rerun 119
       Tape Date: September 15, 1967 (ABC #194-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 28, 1967 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          (This episode starts with a reprise of the last scene of
       the previous episode, but with Dana Elcar playing the sheriff
       instead of Vince O'Brien!)
          Barnabas asks, "Sheriff, may I come with you? I'd like
       to talk with poor Willie. I'm sure he can prove his innocence".
       They all leave. Barnabas is the last to go. He looks very 
          At the hospital, Woodard exclaims, "Amazing! His heartbeat's
       almost back to normal! He must have the constitution of an
       ox! I definitely think he's going to live! I wish I hadn't given
       him that sedative. He'd be talking by now". Julia says,  "You had 
       to. He was int too much pain". Woodard remarks, "You know something, 
       Julia. I'm starting to think the sheriff might be right. Where was 
       he keeping her?  Why did he do it?".  Julia suggests, "Maybe he was 
       insane". Woodard remarks,  "Possible. I'd give a great deal to 
       hear what he has to say when he comes out of it. I have to see 
       another patient. Could you watch over Willie while I'm gone? If 
       you have to go anywhere, ask the nurse to come in. It's important 
       that Wille doesn't move and dislodge that IV needle from his arm".
       He leaves.
          Julia looks down on Willie and thinks to hersels, "If he talks,
       He'll tell them everything. Barnabas will be exposed and 
       destroyed. I'll never be allowed to practice medicine again.
       Maybe he won't talk. No, he will, to save himself. It would
       be so easy to silence him permanently. No one would ever know.
       So easy...so easy...".  She reaches for the IV and prepares to
       pull it out. Suddenly, Woodard comes back and asks, "What are
       you doing?".  Julia pulls her hand back and lies, "He moved. I
       was just checking to make sure the needle was still securely in
       there".  Woodard looks at Willie and remarks, "He's not as pale
       as he was. I think he'll live"
          The sheriff and Barnabas arrive at the hospital. Barnabas asks
       to be allowed to be there while he questions Willie, but the
       sheriff flatly refuses, saying, "I want to be alone with him
       when I question him. I don't want anything to affect his answers".    
          The sheriff goes into Willie's hospital room and asks, "How
       is he?".  Woodard replies, "He's much better.".  The sheriff remarks,
       "The deputy told me he was coming out of the coma". Woodard explains,
       "He was, but I had to give him a sedative. He was in too much pain. 
       It looks like a few more hours before he talks".  The sheriff looks
       at Julia and asks, "What are you doing here, doctor?".  Julia exclaims,
       "Doctor?!".  The sheriff tells her, "Dave told me the truth about you".
       Woodard explains, "I had to. You can't keep something like that from 
       the sheriff". The sheriff asks Julia, "What are you doing here?".  
       Julia explains, "I came down to help".  Woodard remarks, "And I 
       couldn't ask for more experienced help".  Julia asks the sheriff,
       "Dave told me you had doubts Willie was the kidnapper". The 
       Sheriff replies,  "Not anymore.".  He holds up the ring and says, 
       "I found this in Willie's room".  He explains that it's Maggie's 
       ring. Woodard asks, "Then he IS guilty?".  The sheriff replies,
       "Yes, unless he can explain how this got into his room". Julia
       remarks, "This is going to shock Mr. Collins. He was so certain 
       Willie was innocent". The sheriff replies, "He still is. He's 
       outside. He wanted to talk to Willie. I told him nobody could 
       talk to him before I did". Julia leaves to talk to Barnabas. 
       The sheriff asks Woodard, "How much longer before he wakes?".  
       Woodard replies, "About 3 or 4 hours".  The clock on the wall reads 
          Barnabas is outside pacing around nervously. Julia comes out .
       Barnabas, asks, "What's going on?".  Julia answers, "Wililie's under
       sedation.  What are you doing here?".  Barnbas replies, "I want to
       make sure you silence Willie". Julia asks, "How?".  Barnabas replies,
       "Kill him if necessary". Julia exclaims, "I can't!", but Barnabas
       orders, "You must!"  Julia says, "I can't! The sheriff's in there!".
       Barnabas says, "You should've done it before, you bumbling fool! I've
       got to do something! Now!".  Julia says, "There's nothing you or I can
       do except wait and hope Willie takes a turn for the worse". The clock
       on the wall reads 1:00.
          Dr. Woodard and Sheriff Patterson continue to wait inside Willie's
       hospital room. The clock now reads 4:00.
          Willie stirs and starts to groan. Woodard exclaims, "He's coming 
       out of it!".  Willie opens his eyes. Woodard asks, "Willie, how are 
       you?".  Willie moans, "It hurts...Everything hurts". Woodard tells him,
       "I'm going to give you something to ease the pain soon. First, the 
       sheriff would like to ask you a few questions".  Willie asks Woodard, 
       "Who are you?".  Woodard replies, "Don't you recognize me? I'm your 
       doctor, Dr. Woodard. You're in the hospital". The sheriff says to
       Willie, "I have to ask you a few questions. Why were you trying to 
       break into Maggie Evans' room? Why, Willie?".  Willie, does not answer,
       asking instead, "Is it dark? Is it dark out?".  Woodard tells him,
       "Yes it is, it's night". Willie says, "I'm afraid of the dark! 
       Don't let it be dark! Don't hurt me! Please don't hurt me!".  The
       sheriff says,  "Relax. No one's going to  hurt you. I just want to 
       show you something".  He shows him the ring and asks him, "Who does 
       it belong to?".  Willie replies, "Mine! It's my ring!".  The sheriff
       asks, "You stole it, didn't you? You stole it from Maggie Evans".
       Willie says,  "Maggie Evans...I remember now! I afraid, and
       I know why!".  
          The clock in the hallway reads 5:30. Julia tells Barnabas,
       "Only half an hour and the sun will rise. You'd better go back to
       Collinwood". Barnabas asks, "How can I?!".  Julia assures him,
       "If Willie had told them anything, we'd know by now. Wait! I think
       they're coming out!".  Dr. Woodard and Sheriff Patterson come out
       of Willie's room.  Barnabas nervously asks, "Well?".  The Sheriff
       replies, "Well, we know something we didn't know before". Barnabas
       asks,  "What?".  The sheriff replies, "Willie Loomis is hopelessly
       insane."  Woodard chimes in, "His mind snapped. You may have been
       right, Julia. He was probably insane all along, but managed to hide
       it. He just babbled on about being afraid of the dark".  The Sheriff
       adds, "And about being afraid of a voice from the grave. Nothing
       else he said made any more sense".  Julia asks, "So the case is
       closed?".  The Sheriff replies, "For the time being".  Julia asks,
       "What happens to him now?".  Woodard replies, "When he recovers
       from his injuries, he'll be taken to a institution for the criminally
       insane".  Barnabas asks, "Can we see him?".  The Sheriff replies,
       "Yes, but prepare yourself. He's a pitiful sight...".
          Barnbas and Julia go into WIllie's room. Wilie is conscious.
       Barnabas asks, "Willie?".  Willie replies, "Who are you?".  Barnabas
       asks, "Don't you recognize me?".  Willie replies, "No". Barnabas
       asks, "Are you sure you don't recognize me?".  Willie answers,
       "No. Who are you? Are you a doctor?".  Barnabas, looking very
       relieved,  replies, "That's right. I am a doctor".
       Episode 330
       Worldvision Rerun 120
       Tape Date: September 14, 1967 (ABC #195-DRK-67)
       Air Date:  September 29, 1967 Friday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          It is afternoon. David is in the foyer at Collinwood staring
       at the portrait of Barnabas. The portrait's eyes flash strangely.
       Elizabeth comes into the foyer and asks, "David, why do you keep
       staring at that portrait?  David exclaimss, "Don't you see it?!".
       Elizabeth asks, "See what?".  David exclaims "The eyes! They keep
       staring at me!"  Elizabeth scoffs, "It's just your imagination".
       David protests, "It's NOT my imagination! He's watching me all the
       time!". Elizabeth tells him, "You mustn't be afraid of a portrait.
       It's only paint on canvas".  but David replies, "It's not the
       portrait I'm afraid of. It's cousin Barnabas!".  Elizabeth says,
       "That's just because you had a bad dream about him".  David replies,
       "It's not because of the dream".  Elizabeth asks, "Then what is it?".
       David replies, "It's because he wants me to die!".  Elizabeth says,
       "David, how can you say that?".  David replies, "It's true, he wants
       me to die! Cousin Barnabas hates me! I can tell by the way he
       looks at me! He's hiding something, and he's afraid I'll find
       out what it is!".  Elizabeth asks, "What?".  David answers, "I don't
       know. Something scary."  He warns,  "Don't go near the old house!".
       Elizabeth remarks, "You never used to be afraid of the old
       house before".  David answers, "I am after last night".  Elizabeth
       asks, "What happened last night".  David replies, "Sarah came into
       my room and warned me not to go to the old house".  Elizabeth asks,
       "How could Sarah have gotten into your room?".  David says, "Sarah's
       a ghost!".  Roger comes out of the drawing room holding a newspaper
       and exclaims, "I've heard about enough of this nonsense!".  David
       insists, "It's true! Cousin Barnabas is hiding something scary
       in the basement of the old house!".  Roger, exasperated, shouts,
       "Go to your room!"
          Roger asks Elizabeth to go into the drawing room. They go
       inside, Roger closing the doors behind them. Inside, he tells
       Elizabeth, "I fear David is losing his grip on reality...
          Outside, David sneaks back down, listens at the drawing room 
       door to make sure his father and aunt are in there, hears that
       they are, goes to the front door, gets his coat, and sneaks out...  
           David goes to the old house. Trying the front door but finding
       it locked, he goes to the window, opens it, and climbs in. He
       starts to look around. He tries the cellar door but finds it
       locked. Suddenly, an arm grabs him. He turns and finds it's Julia.
       She asks, "David, what are you doing here?".  David haughtily
       replies, "I have the right to be here! This house belongs to my
       Aunt Elizabeth!".  Julia protests, "But you don't have her permission
       to be here". David asks, "What are YOU doing here?".  Julia replies,
       "Doing some research in the Mr. Collins' library".  Julia asks,
       "Where is he?".  Julia replies, "Out. He'll be back in the evening".
       David points to the cellar door and asks, "Why is this door locked?".
       Julia lies, "I wouldn't know".  David remarks, "It never used to be
       locked before. Why it it locked now?".  Julia replies, "I don't know.
       I'd better be getting you back to Collinwood. It's getting dark".
       David asks again, "What's he got down there?".  Julia gets very
       anxious and says, "I've got to get you back home!".  She grabs his
        arm and drags him away.
          At Collinwood, Elizabeth comes downstairs and tells Roger, in
       an alarmed voice, "Roger, David's not in his room!".  Roger growls,
       "If's he's gone to the old house, I'm going to have to punish him!"
       David and Julia come in through the front doors. Roger asks David,
       "Why did you disobey me?".  David replies, "I HAD to go out!".  Roger
       asks Julia, "Miss Hoffman, where did you find him?".  Julia replies,
       "The old house".  Roger says, "I knew it! This time, I'm going to
       have to spank you! Go up to your room and wait for me!".  David goes
       up to his room.
          Julia asks Roger, "May I have a word with you?  Mr. Collins has
       a lot of valuable things. He'd appreciate it if you could keep
       David out of the old house.".  Roger asks, "What was he doing when
       you found him?".  Julia replies, "Just prowling around. The old
       house seems to have a strange attraction for him".  Roger agrees,
       "Yes. He's been having some strange fantasies. He's thinks that
       Barnabas wants him to die. He's also convinced that Barnabas is
       hiding some deep dark secret at the old house".  Julia warns him,
       "You've got to keep him away from the old house. It's not good for
       his fantasies. I wouldn't mention this to Barnabas. He's a sensitive
       man, and David's strange fantasies about him might upset him". Roger
       moans, "I don't know what to do about David, I really don't".
          In his room, David wonders, "Why does Barnabas keep the basement
       locked up? He has something hidden down there! I know it!".  
          Later, at the old house, Julia gives Barnabas his injection
       and asks, "How are you feeling tonight?".  Barnabas replies, "Better". 
       Julia remarks, "You're making splendid progress. I couldn't be more 
       pleased".  Barnabas asks, "Then why are you acting so strangely 
       tonight? You seem tense".  Julia replies, "I'm not", but Barnabas
       says, "Don't tell me that. I know your moods by now. What is it?".  
       Julia lies, "Nothing of any importance. Willie's been shipped to an 
       institute for the criminally insane.".  Barnabas asks, "Is that all?".  
       Julia replies, "Yes, I was quite fond of Willie. Anyway, everyone 
       thinks Willie is guilty, and Maggie's memory will never return. 
       You're in the clear now", but Barnabas says, "One thing remains. 
       David". Julia says, "David's no threat to you".  Barnbas asks, "You 
       mean you've hypnotized him and erased his memories?".  Julia starts
       to say, "No, I tried...".  Barnabas asks, "Tried?".  Julia explains 
       what happened. Barnabas asks, "But why would you medaillion frighten 
       him?".  Julia explains, "It seems that he had a dream where he saw 
       one like it. Don't worry. I'll try again. You don't have to worry
       about David. Even if he says anything, no one will believe him. He's
       highly imaginative". Barnabas says, "You've just given me and idea!
       Highly imaginative? No one would believe anything he says?".  Julia
       asks, "What do you plan to do?".  Barnabas refuses to explain, saying
       only,  "You'll see, Doctor, you'll see!"
          David is in his room looking at his drawing of the coffin and
       tombstone reading "BARNABAS COLLINS". Roger comes in. David asks, 
       "Are you going to spank me?".  Roger replies, "No, I just want to 
       talk to you. I just want to understand you, David, that's all I want. 
       Why do you continue to disobey me, time after time?".  David explains,
       "I had to! I had to prove that I wasn't lying!".  Roger says, "I don't 
       disbelieve you, David. You probably had a vivid dream and thought 
       it was real". David insists, "It wasn't a dream! You won't believe 
       anything bad about Barnabas! He's hiding something scary down in the 
       basement of the old house!".  Roger asks, "Did you find anything when 
       you were there?".  David replies, "The door was locked".  Roger asks, 
       "What's so scary about a locked door?".  David replies, "It was never
       locked before. There's something scary down there!".  Roger asks
       David to promise not to go to the Old house again. David promises,
       saying, "I'm really afraid to go to the old house now. I only
       went today because I wanted to prove I wasn't lying".  Roger
       says goodnight and leaves. 
          David prepares to go to sleep. Suddenly, the window blows
       open. David goes to shut it but is startled to find a bat
       hovering outside. The bat flies in and menaces David. David
       runs around the room trying to get away from it, but the bat
       keeps chasing him. Finally, David falls to the ground, his
       arms protecting his head, and screams, "HELP! HELP! HELP!"

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