Dark Shadows
September 1968

    Episode 571
    Worldvision Rerun 358
    Tape Date:  August 26, 1968 (ABC #176-DRK-68)
    Air Date:   September 2, 1968 Monday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Barnabas and Jennings continue to struggle. Jennings overcomes
    Barnabas and knocks him to the floor, unconscious. Just then, the
    cock crows.  Jennings quickly flees into his coffin.  
       At the old house in Josette's room, Julia moans, "The light..." and
    asks Elizabeth to draw the curtains.  Elizabeth does.
       In the crypt, Barnabas regains conciousness and opens the coffin,
    finding Jennings in it.  He pauses and thinks about how he was once
    a vampire and starts to feel guilty about destroying Tom, but then
    decides he must to save Julia.  He picks up the hammer and stake and
    pounds the stake into Tom. Jennings screams horribly.
       At the old house, Julia moans.
       Barnabas leaves the crypt, planning to bury Jennings at night
    when no one can see him.  Unknown to him, Nicholas Blair is outside
    watching from behind some bushes.  After Barnabas is gone, Blair
    goes inside, opens the coffin and looks inside.
       At the old house, Julia asks Elizabeth for a mirror.  Elizabeth
    gets one for her.  Julia looks in the mirror and finds that the
    bite marks on her throat are gone.  Barnabas returns and tells
    Elizabeth he'd like to speak to Julia in private.  Elizabeth
    leaves.  Barnabas tells Julia he's staked Tom Jennings.
       Downstairs, Elizabeth looks out the window and sees Roger coming.
       Roger knocks at the front door.  Receiving no answer, he opens
    the door and comes in.  He sees no one around.  Barnabas comes down
    the stairs.  Elizabeth is hiding behind a chair.  Roger tells Barnabas
    that he had found Elizabeth, but that she's escaped and is missing.
    Barnabas tells him that Elizabeth's right here at the old house,
    that she had come over last night.  Roger angrily asks Barnabas why 
    he did not tell him, saying, "You knew I was worried about her!".  
    Barnabas reples that Julia's sick, that he was worried about her and
    wasn't thinking straight.  Elizabeth angrily pops up from behind the
    chair and angrily shouts to Roger, "You're not worried about me!
    You want to send me back to Windcliff!".  She starts babbling about
    a "Windcliff conspiracy" to have her buried alive and says Julia is
    involved. She recounts how she followed Julia last night and found where
    they're hiding the coffin they plan to bury her in.  Roger decides
    to go see for himself.  Barnabas, not knowing what else to do, tells
    Roger he'll accompany him.  Blair comes bearing flowers for Julia.
    Roger and Barnabas tell him they have something to do and leave.
       Blair goes upstairs to talk to Julia.  He tells her he is happy to
    see that she is better and be able to get back to work, that she must
    have a lot to do.  Julia becomes suspicious and insinuates that he
    must have some ulterior motive for being so concerned for her health,
    but Blair just jokes, "Maybe I'm planning to become sick and want
    you available to treat me".
       Roger and Barnabas arrive outside the crypt.  Barnabas is desperate
    and suggests to Roger that even if there is a coffin in there, maybe
    they should just note that it's there but not open it out of respect
    for whoever's buried in it.  But when Roger opens the door to the
    crypt, there is no coffin in there. Barnabas wonders to himself,
    "What could this mean?! What could this mean?!". 
       Barnabas and Roger return to the old house.  Roger tells Elizabeth
    that there was no coffin in the crypt.  Desperate, Elizabeth tells
    Roger to go upstairs and asks Julia.  
       Roger goes upstairs and tells Julia about Elizabeth's claim that
    she followed her to a crypt containing a coffin, adding that when
    he and Barnabas went to inspect the crypt, there was no coffin there.
    He asks her if she saw a coffin there last night.  Julia admits to
    wandering to the crypt last night in her delirium, but tells Roger
    she no coffin there, that Elizabeth in fact never even went into the
    crypt must have been imagining it.  Roger tells Julia that this has
    convinced him that Elizabeth is still mentally ill and must be sent
    back to Windcliff, but Julia dissuades him from this, saying that
    Elizabeth has become so afraid of Windcliff that further treatment
    there will do her no good, that it would be better to keep Elizabeth at
    Collinwood and let her (Julia) treat her at home.  Barnabas comes into
    the room and asks Roger to go downstairs, saying Elizabeth is accusing
    Roger and Elizabeth of plotting against him upstairs.  Roger leaves.
    Barnabas tells Julia he wonders who could have removed the coffin.
    Julia tells Barnabas that she found Blair's visit - both its timing
    and content - very suspicious, and suggests it might have been him.
    But Barnabas tells her there's someone else he must find first - the
    person who knew about Jennings for certain - the vampire who bit him.
    He tells her, "He's the person I must find!", mistakenly assuming the
    vampire to be a man.
    Episode 572
    Worldvision Rerun 359
    Tape Date:  August 27, 1968 (ABC #177-DRK-68)
    Air Date:   September 3, 1968 Tuesday
    Writer:     Ron Sproat
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Julia comes downstairs into the living room of the old house.
    Barnabas is surprised to see that she's up and suggests she get more
    rest, but Julia tells him she's OK and has something important to
    do - she wants to see Maggie Evans and asks her some questions about
    Nicholas Blair, saying that Nicholas Blair has been talking to Maggie
    a lot recently - ostensibly about buying a painting from her.  She tells
    Barnabas that maybe Maggie knows something about Blair, whom no one else
    knows anything about except he's claiming to be Cassandra's brother, a
    claim they know to be false. She tells Barnabas that she's sure Blair
    has something to do with Jennings.  Barnabas notes that Blair cannot
    be the vampire because he exists by day.  Julia agrees, but says she is
    still sure Blair has something to do with the vampire.
       At the Evan's cottage, Julia finds that Maggie is very depressed.
    She learns that it's because Joe hasn't shown up for work for three
    days and Maggie can't find him.  Julia asks about Blair. Maggie
    shows Julia a painting and tells her Blair wants to buy it for
    $2000 (about $12,000 in 1996 money), that that's far more than her
    father's ever gotten for any of his paintings, that it's far more
    than it's worth. She tells Julia that she's been reluctant to sell
    it to Blair because she's afraid it's really charity, that she thinks
    Blair feels sorry for her because of her father's death and thinks
    she needs the money.  Julia asks, "Don't you find that strange? You
    two barely know each other. Why would he show you such kindness? Perhaps
    he's got another motive.  Perhaps he's attracted to you", but Maggie
    dismisses this idea, saying Blair knows she's engaged to Joe and
    has never been anything but a perfect gentleman.  She tells Julia
    that Blair's dropping by at 5:00 for her final decision about the
       Joe shows up at the Evan's cottage.  He looks terrible and faints.
    When he revives, Maggie tries to tell him to go see a doctor, but
    Joe refuses, saying a doctor would send him back to the hospital and
    he doesn't want to go back to the hospital.  Maggie suggest that maybe
    he should be in the hospital.  Joe gets angry and shouts, "Let's not
    argue about this!" Maggie replies, "All right! I'm tired of arguing!
    I'm also tired of being stood up! We had a date last night! Where
    were you? Is this any way to treat a fiancee?".  Joe replies, "I'm
    sorry. I was busy. I had to see someone".  Maggie asks, "Who?", but
    Joe replies, "I can't tell you".  He begs, "No matter what I do,
    what I say, I love you. You've got to believe that!".  Maggie asks,
    "The strange way you've been behaving, can't you tell me anything
    about it?".  Joe replies, "It has nothing to do with the way I
    feel about you. Believe me!" They kiss. Joe tells Maggie he has 
    a strange request for her: he tells her he wants her to let him 
    stay at the Evan's cottage for the night, that he wants her to stay 
    up with him all night and not let him leave even if he later says 
    he wants to leave.
       Julia returns to the old house and tells Barnabas what happened
    at the Evan's cottage.  She suggests that since they know Blair will
    be at the Evan's cottage at 5:00, they can break into his house and
    search it at that time.
       But when sunset arrives, Joe starts to act hysterical and 
    tells Maggie they both must leave Collinsport.  Maggie replies 
    that the idea is ridiculous.  Outside, dogs start howling, and
    Joe tells Maggie he's got to leave.  Maggie asks, "What's wrong?
    Maybe I can help you", but Joe replies, "No one can help me!" and
    starts heading for the front door. As per his instructions,
    Maggie tries to prevent Joe from leaving.  She stands in front 
    of the door, barring Joe's way, but he throws her to the ground 
    and leaves.    
       Joe arrives at Blair house.  He goes down into the coffin room
    and says, "I tried to resist you, but I couldn't! I couldn't!"   
       Barnabas and Julia arrive at Blair's house.  The door is open.
    Julia starts to get frightened and tells Barnabas that maybe this
    isn't such a good idea. Barnabas tells Julia it might be dangerous 
    and suggests she wait outside.  He tells her to keep an eye out for 
    Blair's car and knock hard on the front door if she sees it coming
    to give him a chance to escape out the back door. Barnabas goes
    into the house and searches it.  As he is searching the house, Joe
    Haskell, downstairs, hears noises upstairs and goes up to investigate.
    He finds Barnabas there. They each ask the other what he's doing there.
    Barnabas lies that he came to see Blair.  Joe tells Barnabas that he
    also came to see Blair, that he's upset at how much time Blair has
    been spending with Maggie and has come to have it out with him.
    He asks Barnabas to leave, saying he wants to speak to Blair alone,
    that he doesn't want anyone else there because it might get unpleasant.
    Joe keeps looking out the window nervously.  Barnabas asks, "Why are
    you so nervous?  Why do you keep looking out the window?".  Joe replies,
    "It's just that I'm not looking forward to this meeting with Blair".
    Suddenly, Joe shouts, "Barnabas! Please go! NOW!".
       Downstairs, Angelique's coffin starts to open...
    Episode 573
    Worldvision Rerun 360
    Tape Date:  August 28, 1968 (ABC #178-DRK-68)
    Air Date:   September 4, 1968 Wednesday
    Writer:     Ron Sproat
    Director:   Sean Dhu Sullivan

       Joe continues to try to convince Barnabas to leave.  Barnabas
    refuses, saying he'll leave after he speaks to Blair.  Joe looks
    out the window and sees that the sun has set and tells Barnabas,
    "The sun has set!  You've got to leave!".  Barnabas asks Joe
    why the sun setting should be so important to him.  Joe lies that
    that's when Blair promised to talk to him.  Barnabas shocks Joe
    by telling him he knows what's wrong with him.
       Meanwhile, downstairs, Anglique has arisen.  She hears Barnabas'
    voice upstairs.  She becomes ecstatic, seeing this as the perfect
    time to attack him.  But she hesitates, then decides not to go up,
    fearful of Blair's warning.
       Upstairs, Barnabas tells Joe that the place is having a bad
    influence on him (Joe) and that he should leave. He tells him he'll
    make a deal with him, "I'll leave if you'll leave".  He tells him he'll
    take him to Maggie Evans.  The mention of Maggie seems to have an effect
    on Joe, and he tells Barnabas that he'll leave with him.
       Downstairs, Angelique hears this and panics, thinking, "What
    will Nicholas think when he returns and finds that Joe isn't here?"
    She tries to telepathically command Joe to stay, but to no avail.
    Joe leaves with Barnabas.
       At the Evan's cottage, Blair signs a check for the painting and
    gives it to Maggie .  Maggie and Blair talk, and Maggie tells Blair
    about the problems she's been having with Joe, saying Joe seems to
    have become a completely different person.  Blair tells Maggie
    that sometimes the more you get to know someone, the more you find
    how little you really knew them before, that perhaps this is the
    real Joe Haskell she's seeing for the first time.  He tells her he
    doesn't want to interfere with her life (ha ha...), but tells her
    that he doesn't want to see her ruin her life and suggests that
    perhaps Joe is a lost cause and it would be better if she broke up
    with him.  At that moment, Joe comes in through the front door.
    Blair looks shocked. He gives the check to Maggie and leaves,
    saying he'll come by at 5:00 tomorrow to pick up the painting. (It
    is not explained why he doesn't take it with him now). As he is
    leaving, he announces, "I'll see you both again soon. Very soon".
       Joe asks Maggie why she didn't keep him there last night as
    instructed.  Maggie protests, "I couldn't! You threw me to the
    ground!".  Joe apoligizes, saying, "Sorry.  That wasn't me acting
    like that".  Maggie asks, "Who was it, then?".  Joe replies, "I
    don't know.  It's like there's this mysterious force controlling
    me".  He begs her to try keeping him at the cottage for the
    night again.  Maggie replies, "I don't know if I want to". Joe
    begs her to, saying, "I need your help, I've never needed it so
    much in my life!".
       Blair returns home, furious.  He asks Angelique why she didn't
    call Joe and keep him out of the way as ordered.  She tells him
    she did call Joe, and he came, but he left. Blair angrily tells
    her that her orders were to keep Joe here until he, Blair, returned
    from the Evan's cottage. Angelique replies that she couldn't keep
    Joe from leaving because she had competition.  She tells Blair about
    Barnabas showing up.  Blair orders Angelique to summon Joe again.
    Angelique, sensing that Blair might be wanting to get Joe out of
    the way permanently, and, for once, showing a bit of conscience for
    once, tells Blair that Joe Haskell is an innocent person and that
    she doesn't want to hurt him, but Nicholas warns her that if she
    doesn't call Joe, when the sun comes up the next morning, he will
    make her look at it.
       At the Evan's cottage, Joe tells Maggie that this time, she is
    to keep him at the Evans cottage by any means necessary, that she's
    to hit him on the head and knock him out if necessary.
       Angelique summons Joe telepathically.  Joe screams, "NO! NO!"
    in response.  Maggie, who is in the kitchen making coffee,  rushes
    out into the living room to see what's wrong.  Joe tells her to
    hold him.  Maggie does.  Angelique continues to call, but Joe,
    with Maggie's help, succeeds in fighting her and does not go.
       At Blair's house, Angelique tells Blair that her calls to Joe
    aren't working, that Joe is successfully fighting them.  She tells
    Blair that Maggie is helping Joe, "He's fighting it, and that girl
    you're so fond of is helping him!", tweaking Blair's jealousy. She
    tells Blair that perhaps Joe and Maggie's love for each other are
    stronger than her power over Joe. Blair tells her to try harder,
    telling her that if she fails, "This will be your last night
    on Earth!.
       At the Evan's cottage, Joe asks Maggie if she still has any of
    those sleeping pills the doctor gave her when Sam died.  Maggie replies
    that she does.  Joe asks for some.  Maggie warns him that they're
    very strong, but Joe replies that that's exactly what he needs.
    He tells her he'll take some, and after he falls asleep she's to
    try to wake him, and if she finds that he's in such a deep sleep
    that she's unable to, then that means he's safe and that she can
    go to sleep too.
       Joe takes some of the pills and falls asleep.  Maggie tries
    to wake him but finds that she cannot. She goes into her room and
    goes to sleep.
       Angelique calls to Joe again.  Unfortunately, Joe is wrong.
    The pills are no match for Angelique. Joe awakens, gets up and
       Later, at 4:30 AM, Maggie is awakened by a furious knocking at the
    front door.  She gets up and answers it.  It is Nicholas Blair.
    He tells her, "You'll probably think I'm crazy, but I came because
    I had the strange feeling that you were in some kind of trouble, but
    now I can see thay you're OK."  Maggie tells him that she did have
    some trouble with Joe earlier, but that he's now OK and sleeping
    peacefully on the couch.  Blair pretends to look puzzled, gestures
    towards the couch and asks quizzically, "That couch?" Maggie replies,
    "Yes, that couch", but when she turns and looks, she sees that
    Joe's gone and exclaims, "Oh no! He's gone!".
    Episode 574
    Worldvision Rerun 361
    Tape Date:  August 29, 1968 (ABC #179-DRK-68)
    Air Date:   September 5, 1968 Thursday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Sean Dhu Sullivan

       Maggie starts crying.  Blair tries to comfort her, telling her
    Joe probably just went out for a walk.  Maggie rejects the idea
    and tells Blair Joe has bee acting very strangely for the past
    two weeks.  Blair tells her that's probably an after effect of
    head trauma.  To plant an idea in her mind, he remarks, "There must
    be something or someone causing to act strangely".  Maggie suddenly
    thinks, "I never thought of that before! Someone else! Maybe he's
    seeing someone else!"  Maggie tells Blair that if Joe doesn't tell
    her the truth soon, she might decide to break up with him.
       Joe arrives at Blair's house.  Angelique notes that he doesn't
    seem to want to be there.  Joe begs to be allowed to leave and go
    back to Maggie.  Angelique refuses to allow him to do so.  Joe notes
    that the sun is about to rise.  Angelique asks, "You will be waiting
    here when I arise tomorrow, won't you?"  Joe replies that he doesn't
    know.  Angelique says, "Maybe this will help you not to forget!"
    and bites him.
       Maggie goes to Joe's apartment (#24) to talk to him.  It is very
    dark, so she starts to open the curtains, but Joe screams at her not
    to, saying the light hurts his eyes. Maggie asks Joe if he's acting so
    strangely because "Joe, is there someone else? Another girl?"  Joe
    replies emphatically, "No! I swear there isn't!" Maggie tells Joe
    that she's received a phone call from his boss, that his boss told
    her that he can't find Joe, that he's repeatedly called his apartment
    and received no answer, that Joe has missed so many days of work the
    past two weeks that if he doesn't get an explanation from Joe soon,
    he'll have to fire him.  Joe refuses to call in.  Maggie begs him to,
    saying, "But Joe! This could mean your job!".  But Joe still refuses,
    saying "I can't. I'm sorry".  Finding Joe's behavior stranger than
    ever, Maggie says, "Not nearly as sorry as I am. Goodbye, Joe", in
    a tone of great sadness and finality and leaves.
       Willie shows up at the Evan's cottage.  Maggie asks him what he
    wants.  Willie tells her he just needs someone to talk to. Maggie
    tells Willie she can talk to him, but only for a few minutes because
    someone's coming soon to pick up a painting.  Willie tells her he is
    very depressed because everything's going wrong at the old house.
    Blair arrives, and Willie, seeing who Maggie's expected guest is,
    leaves, telling Maggie he'll drop by tomorrow.  Blair asks Maggie,
    "Wasn't that Barnabas' servant?".  Maggie replies that it was.
    Blair asks what he wanted.  Maggie replies that she doesn't really
    know, that all knows is that Willie said he was depressed because
    things were going wrong at the old house, but that she didn't
    really know what he meant by that.  Blair thanks her for the painting,
    tells her he must return home because he's expecting guests, and
       Nicholas is back at his house. He repeatedly looks at a clock on
    the mantel.  It now reads 11:12.  Angelique asks Blair, "Why are you so
    preoccupied with the time?"  Blair replies, "I've got an appointment with
    someone".  Angelique asks, "With who?".  Blair tells her it's none of her
    business.  Angelique tells Blair that she senses that he's not too happy,
    that something must be going wrong with his plans.  She tells him
    she thinks Lang's taped message, which they still don't understand,
    might be the key.  Blair tells her he wants to speak with his
    coming guest in private and orders her to go to her room.  After
    Angelique leaves, Blair, using an old oval shaped mirror hanging on the
    wall, casts a spell and sees in the mirror Willie, dressed in pyjamas,
    sleeping in his bed at the old house.  He awakens him and asks him what
    he meant when he told Maggie that everything was going wrong at the old
    house, whether he was talking about the experiment.  Blair questions
    Willie and learns from him that a lifeforce is needed to bring the body
    to life, that Barnabas' was used to animate Adam, but that they are having
    trouble finding one to animate the new creation.  Blair puts Willie back
    to sleep after telling him he won't remember any of this when he awakens.
    Blair happily announces, "So that's how its done! Drain the lifeforce
    from someone else into the creature! Now that changes the picture
    entirely!". Behind Blair at the doorway, Angelique is listening
    Episode 575
    Worldvision Rerun 362
    Tape Date:  September 4, 1968 (ABC #180-DRK-68)
    Air Date:   September 6, 1968 Friday
    Writer:     Gordon Russell
    Director:   Sean Dhu Sullivan
       Blair tells Angelique he now understands Lang's taped message
    and knows why Barnabas is no longer a vampire and why her dream
    curse failed.  He explains to her how a lifeforce is needed for
    the experiment and how Barnabas' was used to supply Adam's,
    resulting in the vampire curse being drained from Barnabas.
    Angelique remarks, "So, they're having problems with the experiment
    because they can't find anyone to supply the lifeforce".  Blair
    replies that Barnabas and Julia won't have to find anyone, that
    he intends to supply someone for them. He tells her that he's been
    having trouble controlling Adam, that he thinks that it's because
    of the particular lifeforce that was used to animate him.  He
    theorizes that if he picks a more suitable type of lifeforce to
    animate Adam's mate, he will be better able to control her, and through
    her, Adam.  Angelique asks Blair what sort of woman he has in mind
    to supply the lifeforce.  Blair replies, "The most evil woman who
    ever lived!".  Angelique, knowing from Barnabas' example that if she
    were to supply the lifeforce, it would drain the vampire curse from
    her, asks who this most evil woman is - a hopeful look on her face.
    Blair toys with her, answering "Lucrezia Borgia".  Angelique protests
    that Lucrezia Borgia is dead, but Blair replies, "That's no problem.
    I can bring her back to life".  Blair thinks for a moment, then
    concludes that Lucrezia Borgia might not be such a good idea,
    then suggests, "Elizabeth Bathory".  Angelique get angry and turns
    to leave.  Blair asks, "Why are you leaving? Aren't you interested
    in the experiment?" Angelique angrily replies, "No I'm not. It
    obviously has nothing to do with me".  Blair tells her he knows
    she wants to supply the lifeforce because she knows it will draing
    the vampire curse from her, but tells her that because he's been
    unable to control her, "It WON'T be you!".  Angelique promises,
    "Nicholas, if you use me for the experiment, you will have nothing
    to worry about", but Nicholas replies, "With you, Angelique, there
    is always something to worry about!  You are to have nothing to
    do with the experiment!".  Angelique leaves in a huff.
       Professor Stokes goes to the old house and finds Jeff Clark
    alone there.  He tells Jeff that he already knows about the
    experiment, then visits and inspects the lab.  Curious, he asks
    Jeff how the lab can run on electricity when Barnabas hasn't had
    electricity installed in the Old house.  Jeff replies that
    Julia's had a generator installed for the lab. Adam shows up and
    angrily asks Stokes what he's doing there.  Stokes replies that
    he came to see Barnabas but found that Barnabas was not home.
    The fact that Barnabas is not at home makes Adam even more angry.
    He notices Jeff there and asks Jeff what he's doing there.  Jeff
    replies that he's now helping with the experiment, that he had
    helped with the first experiment.  Adam, surprised, asks, "You
    helped with the first experiment?".  Jeff replies, "Yes. I was
    Lang's grave robber". Adam asks Jeff what he means by this.  Stokes -
    who hadn't told Adam he was created out of parts of dead bodies,
    having only told him  he was artificially created - tries to stop
    Jeff from telling Adam, not knowing how Adam will react. But Jeff
    will not listen to him and tells Adam he was put together from
    parts of dead bodies he had stolen from graveyards, adding, "It was
    the only way it could be done".  He then adds, "But what has been
    done can be undone!", grabs a scalpel, and tries to stab Adam.
    Adam grabs Jeff's arm, easily disarms him, and, holding Jeff,
    says, "You tried to kill me; now I will kill you!".  Stokes manages
    to convince Adam not to kill Jeff, saying Jeff is necessary for the
    experiment.  Adam released Jeff, and Jeff, saying he has to go to
    Collinwood, quickly runs up the stairs.  Stokes talks to Adam for
    awhile, then goes to Collinwood, where he finds Jeff in the foyer.
    Jeff tells Stokes he came to pick Vicky up for a date.  Stokes
    tells Jeff he must cancel the date, that he must go back to work
    in the lab because Adam is angry with the slow pace of the experiment,
    that he may be lurking about and if he sees him (Jeff) out with
    Vicky instead of working on the experiment, he'll become angry.
    He tells Jeff he knows he's under a lot of pressure, but assures
    him it will only last a few more weeks.  Jeff remarks that he's not
    so sure, that he isn't sure the experiment will succeed without
    Lang.  Stokes replies that Julia must know what she's doing, that
    she completed the first experiment successfully, but Jeff replies
    that all Julia did was pull the right switches after Lang had already
    set everything up.  Vicky comes downstair and Stokes, unable to
    discuss the matter further with Jeff because of her presence,
    says goodnight and leaves.  Jeff and Vicky go into the drawing room.
    Jeff sees Adam spying in through the window, and, remembering Stokes'
    warning, tells Vicky that he's very sorry, but that he's very tired
    and will have to cancel their date.
       At Blair's house, Angelique looks around and, finding Blair
    not there, disobeys his orders to stay there and leaves.
       Jeff is hard at work in the lab.  Suddenly, a woman he has
    never seen before appears in the lab.  It is Angelique.  He asks
    her, "Who are you? How did you get in? I locked the doors!".
    Angelique does not answer his questions, saying only that she
    is a friend of Adam's and was sent to assist him in the experiment.
    Jeff starts to notice Angelique's resemblance to Cassandra and remarks,
    "Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before?".  Angelique replies that
    he hasn't, that they've never met before, that she's only come to help
    with the experiment. Suspicious, Jeff tells her no one's mentioned this
    to him before, that he'll have to talk to Barnabas and Julia about
    it first.  Angelique replies, "That won't be necessary!", bares
    her fangs, and bites him...
    Episode 576
    Worldvision Rerun 363
    Tape Date:  September 5, 1968 (ABC #181-DRK-68)
    Air Date:   September 9, 1968 Monday
    Writer:     Sam Hall
    Director:   Lela Swift

       Angelique stands over an unconscious Jeff Clark.  When Jeff awakens,
    Angelique orders him to perform the experiment.  Jeff protests that
    he doesn't know enough to do so, that only Julia does.  Angelique
    replies that she knows he assisted Lang and can learn how from his
    journals.  Jeff tells her the body isn't ready yet and he doesn't
    know when it will be.  Angelique bites him again, then tells him
    to call her when the body is ready. She remarks, "When the experiment
    is finished, I will really live again!".
       At Collinwood, Roger congratulates Vicky on her engagement and
    asks her what Jeff plans to do for a living after they're married.
    Vicky replies that she doesn't know, but that Jeff is very bright
    and she's confident that he'll have no trouble finding a job.
    (Her words are confident, but her tone of voice betrays a lot
    of worry).  Roger asks Vicky, "Is he interested in business?"
    Vicky replies, "Yes, but he has no experience".  Roger tells her,
    "He doesn't need any.  We'll give him the experience.  I'm sending
    two junior executives to Boston for a sales training course.  I'd
    like to send Jeff too, and if his reports are good, I'll give him a
    job with the Collins family business."  Vicky is ecstatic about the
       Jeff comes to Collinwood to see Vicky.  Vicky tells Jeff that
    Roger has something important to discuss with him.  Roger takes
    Jeff into the drawing room and tells him about the upcoming sales
    seminar he wants to send him to.  Jeff asks Roger when the seminar
    is.  Roger replies that it's the day after tomorrow and will last
    six weeks.  Jeff replies that he won't be able to go then, and asks
    Roger if he could reschedule it for a week later.  Roger replies, "That
    would be impossible! The university only gives these seminars once a
    year!". Jeff thanks Roger, but tell him he won't be able to go.  Roger
    demands to know why, but Jeff can only say it's because he's busy.
    Roger asks, "Doing what?!", but Jeff is evasive and won't tell him.
    Roger leaves, angry that Jeff has rejected his generous offer.
       Vicky, puzzled, asks Jeff why he rejected Roger's offer, but
    Jeff refuses to tell her, asking her to trust him.
       Carolyn goes into Elizabeth's room and finds her going through
    her dresses.  Carolyn is ecstatic, thinking her mother is now
    recovering, "I haven't seen you interested in clothes in a long time!"
    But Elizabeth selects one and tells Carolyn she knows she, Elizabeth,
    will die soon and tells Carolyn she wants to be buried in the dress
    she's holding.  Carolyn, depressed at seeing her mother this way, sits
    down on the bed, not knowing what to do.
       At night, Elizabeth has a dream in which Angelique tells her
    she will be prematurely buried and shows her a scene from her
    premature funeral.  In it, Elizabeth is lying in an open coffin,
    alive.  Carolyn and Roger are standing over her.  Roger grumbles,
    "Why is the coffin open?  I asked for a closed coffin funeral!"
    Elizabeth tries to tell them she isn't dead, but finds that she
    can't move or speak.  Roger shuts the coffin lid.  Elizabeth screams
    in her mind.  She wakes up screaming.  Carolyn comes running into the
    room to see what's wrong. Elizabeth exclaims, "I know how it's going
    to happen! I saw it! I know how its going to happen!"
    Episode 577
    Worldvision Rerun 364
    Tape Date: September 31, 1968 (ABC #182-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 10, 1968 Tuesday
    Writer:    Sam Hall
    Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

       Elizabeth wakes up screaming from her dream. Carolyn comes 
    running into the room to see what's wrong.  Elizabeth tells her
    about the dream.  Carolyn tries to tell her it was just a dream
    and doesn't mean anything, but Elizabeth insists that it proves
    that she will be buried prematurely.  She calls her lawyer Richard 
    Garner at his house, but the person answering the phone replies
    that Garner is busy and can't be disturbed.  Elizabeth, furious,
    tells the person that if Garner doesn't call her back within
    an hour, she'll fire him.  She hangs up and moans to Carolyn that
    this isn't the first time this week that Richard Garner was "too
    busy" to speak to her, that Garner was never to busy to speak to her 
    - his most important client by far - before, and theorizes that Roger 
    must have told Garner she was mentally ill and instructed him not 
    to take any calls from her. Carolyn tries to talk her mother out 
    of her delusions, but to no avail. After Carolyn leaves, Elizabeth
    calls Tony Peterson, asking him to come to Collinwood quickly,
    saying she has an urgent matter for him to attend to.
       Adam is in his room playing chess by himself, playing both
    sides.  He is white playing against black.  He makes a move
    with a knight for Black then says, "Carolyn, that would be a
    very bad move! You'd lose your knight! You don't play very well!
    You should read that book on chess I gave you!". He is pretending to
    be playing against Carolyn. Carolyn comes in, bringing a meal 
    (a sandwich and a glass of milk) to Adam, not having done so in 
    a long time.  Adam sarcastically says, "Good Evening! I don't think
    I remember your name! I haven't seen you in a long time!".  He then 
    notices that Carolyn's depressed and asks her why. Carolyn replies 
    that she depressed because her mother is mentally ill.  Adam asks her
    to talk to him about it, saying, "Dr. Freud said talking is helpful". 
    but is surprised to find that Carolyn has never read Freud's works.  
    He tells Carolyn that Professor Stokes had told him that every 20th 
    century man should read Freud, and that he, being a 20th century man, 
    has done so. He produces a copy of Freud and gives it to Carolyn to 
    read. He invites Carolyn to play a game of chess with him.  Carolyn
    replies, "I don't play chess"*.  Adam, surprised, remarks, "How could
    you been on Earth so long and know so little?" Carolyn counters,
    "How could you have been on Earth for such a short time and know
    so much!".  She asks Adam who he's been playing chess with, if
    it's Stokes.  Adam replies, "No". Carolyn asks, "Nicholas Blair?"
    Again Adam replies, "No".  Carolyn asks, "Don't tell me Harry Johnson
    plays chess!".  Adam again replies, "No".  Carolyn, puzzled, asks,
    "There hasn't been someone else coming here, has there?" Adam replies,
    "No".  Carolyn asks, "Then who have you been playing chess with?".
    Adam replies, "You!", and explains how he's been pretending to be
    playing against her.  This seems to upset Carolyn.  She gives him
    his food and tells him to eat it.  Adam asks, "Tell me about your
    mother.  It would do you good to talk".
       Tony Peterson arrives at Collinwood.  Elizabeth tells him she
    wants some additions made to her will.  She tells him she wants
    to have air vents in her coffin, which is not to be buried but
    put in a crypt, that there is to be a button in the coffin which,
    when pressed, will cause the coffin to open and cause the bell in
    the tower to ring loudly enough to be heard all over Collins property.
    Peterson remarks to Elizabeth that her requests sound strange. 
    Elizabeth replies, "Not if you know you're going to be buried alive,
    and I know I am!" .
       As he is leaving, Tony Peterson runs into Carolyn in the garden.
    He tells Carolyn he's not sure her mother is mentally competent
    right now.  Carolyn replies that she knows, but instructs Peterson
    to humor her mother.  Unknown to them, Adam is spying on them from
    the window in his room.  Peterson tries to explain to Carolyn what
    happened with Cassandra, that he hated her but felt drawn to her
    by a strange compulsion he didn't understand. He tells Carolyn,
    "I wish things were between me and you could be like they were before 
    Cassandra came".  Carolyn asks, "You think we can?". Peterson kisses 
    her.  Carolyn doesn't object, and it turns out to be a long, lingering 
    kiss.  After they finish, Carolyn tells Peterson she'll have to think 
    about it and leaves.
       In a jealous rage, Adam rushes down into the garden and attacks
    Peterson, screaming, "You stay away from her! You get away from her!".  
    He hits Peterson on the head hard. Peterson falls.  Adam leaves. 
    Peterson is lying on the ground, not moving, unconscious or maybe worse...

    *She is lying.  Roger mentioned in an earlier episode that she played
    chess, albeit badly.  (He invited her to play a game with him to
    cheer her up, remarking, "I'll even let you win for once").
    See episode 357.

    Episode 578
    Worldvision Rerun 365
    Tape Date: August 30, 1968 (ABC #183-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 11, 1968 Wednesday
    Writer:    Ron Sproat
    Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

    Note: In this episode, the part of Carolyn Stoddard is played
          by Diane Walker.

       Carolyn, having heard noises, comes rushing into the garden,
    where she finds Peterson lying there.  She screams for help.
    Roger comes.  Peterson regains conciousness. Roger and Carolyn
    take him inside.
       Adam, upstairs watching all this from the window, says,
    "Carolyn will hate me for this.  I don't care!  I don't care!".
       Roger and Carolyn take Peterson into the drawing room.  Peterson
    tells them that he was attacked from behind and didn't see who attacked
    him, that all he knows is that the attacker was tremendously strong
    and had shouted, "You stay away from her!" before knocking him out.
    A funny look appears on Carolyn's face, indicating that she knows
    it must have been Adam, but she doesn't say anything.  Peterson tells
    Carolyn, "I assume he must have been talking about you".  Carolyn
    replies, "That's ridiculous".  Peterson asks, "You sure you don't know
    who it could've been?"  Carolyn replies, "No". Roger asks Peterson what
    he's doing at Collinwood.  Peterson replies that he's been hired
    by Elizabeth to make some changes in her will.  Roger asks, "Since
    when are you her attorney?" Peterson replies, "Since tonight. She
    hired me". Roger asks what the changes to Elizabeth's will are, but
    Peterson refuses to tell him, saying they're confidential.  He tells
    Roger that if he wants to know, he'll have to ask Elizabeth.  Roger
    replies, "I will!" leaves to do so.  Peterson tells Carolyn
    that the attacker's words seemed to indicate that he know her,
    but Carolyn denies knowing who it might have been.
       Peterson leaves.  From his window, Adam sees Peterson's car
    leaving and growls, "She loves him! I wish I had killed him!"
       Carolyn goes and confronts Adam.  Adam admits attacking Peterson.
    Carolyn threatens to turn him in to the police.  Adam replies, "Go
    ahead!  I don't care".  Carolyn remarks, "I try to help you, but
    you make it so difficult!".  Adam angrily replies, "So DON'T try
    to help me!". Carolyn asks Adam if he attacked Peterson
    because he was jealous.  Adam angrily denies this, but further
    conversation makes it clear to Carolyn Adam is indeed jealous.
    Adam opens a drawer in a clothes drawers, takes out a scarf,
    and gives it to Carolyn, saying, "Here".  Carolyn exclaims,
    "My scarf!  Where did you get it?"  Adam replies, "You left it here
    and I kept it".  Carolyn asks why.  Adam replies, "I look at it
    sometimes.  It reminds me of you.  I don't want it anymore!  I
    don't want to think of you anymore!".  Carolyn again tries to tell
    Adam that he and she can be nothing more than good friends, but Adam
    becomes angry and orders her to leave.
       Later, down in the drawing room, Roger tells Carolyn that he's
    talked to Elizabeth and learned what the changes to her will are, that
    they are bizarre.  He tells Carolyn that Elizabeth has threatened
    to cut them off without a penny unless they have a special mausoleum
    built for her according to her bizarre specifications.  He tells Carolyn
    he thinks Elizabeth should be sent back to Windcliff.  He notices
    that Carolyn doesn't seem to be paying much attention to what he's
    saying and accuses her of being more concerned with Tony Peterson
    than her own mother.  They argue.  Carolyn leaves.
       Carolyn goes to Harry Johnson and tells him to go stay with Adam
    and keep an eye on him, staying with him 24 hours a day.  Harry
    objects, "My mother will wonder where I am".  Carolyn tells him,
    "I'll tell her I sent you to Bangor to do something for me for
    a few days".  Harry demands to be paid extra for staying with Adam.
    Carolyn asks, "How much?"  Harry replies, "A hundred dollars a
    day" (An exorbitant sum in those days, worth about $600 dollars
    today).  Carolyn finds this exorbitant, but agrees to pay him for
    the first day, then negotiate for further days later.
    Harry goes to stay with Adam.
       Adam is in his room writing something on a pad of paper with a
    "Flair" pen.  There a knock on the door.  Adam quickly puts the pad
    in a drawer, then answers the door.  It's Harry.  Adam asks, "What are
    you doing here?"  Harry explains that Carolyn had sent him here.  Adam
    looks hopeful, saying, "Carolyn sent you here?", but then Harry tells
    Adam that she's intructed him to stay and "keep him company".  Adam tells
    Harry he wants to see Carolyn and asks him to go get her.  Harry
    refuses, telling Adam that Carolyn had instructed him to stay here.
    Adam tells Harry that if he doesn't go get Carolyn, he will kill him.
    Frightened, Harry tells Adam he will go get Carolyn.  He leaves,
    locking the door behind him.  Adam takes the pad back out of the 
    drawer and resumes writing on it.
       In the drawing room, Carolyn apoligizes to Roger for not paying
    attention earlier.  They discuss Elizabeth again.  Carolyn tells
    Roger she thinks it would be best to let Julia decide if Elizabeth
    should be sent back to Windcliff.  Harry comes into the foyer and
    asks to speak to Carolyn.                                    
       Carolyn goes out to the foyer to talk to Harry, closing the
    drawing room doors behind her.  She angrily asks Harry why he's
    disobeyed her orders and left Adam.  Harry tells her what happened.
    Carolyn tells him she'd better talk to Adam, and they both go
       Roger comes out into the foyer to see what's taking Carolyn
    so long and is surprised to find that she's not there.  
       Carolyn and Harry go up to Adam's room.  They find that Adam
    has broken the door down and escaped.  They go inside and find a
    note on the table.  It says, "You do not want me.  Goodbye".
    Harry asks, "Where do you suppose he went?" Carolyn replies,
    "I don't know.  I don't know what's going to happen to him
    Episode 579
    Worldvision Rerun 366
    Tape Date: September 6, 1968 (ABC #184-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 12, 1968 Thursday
    Writer:    Ron Sproat
    Director:  Lela Swift

       Jeff Clark, now under Angelique's power, is alone in the basement
    lab in the old house. He thinks to himself that he's alone in the house
    and can seize the opportunity to learn what he needs to know to do the
    experiment. He searches through some drawers and takes out a small, red,
    diary sized notebook.  He looks through it and finds in it the key piece
    of information necessary to perform the experiment, something about
    "the voltage in the cathodes". He takes out a pen and starts to copy
    the information into another notebook, but Julia comes down and catches
    him doing this, and angrily asks him what he's doing with her personal
    notebook. Jeff replies that he just wanted to know more about the
    experiment and didn't think she'd mind.  Julie replies, "I DO
    mind", and asks him why he wants to know more about the experiment.
    He tells Julia that he's doing it for Vicky's safety, that she,
    Julia, is the only person who knows what to do and he wants to
    be able to carry on with it in case something happens to her,
    for example, if she gets sick again.  Julia replies that she
    won't get sick again, that he already knows everything he needs
    to know, that she only needs him to set up the equipment and
    nothing more.  She takes the notebook from him and locks it in
    a cabinet.  Jeff asks Julia if they've selected anyone to supply
    the life force yet.  Julia replies that they haven't. Jeff asks
    if any harm will come to the girl they use.  Julia replies, "No.
    Otherwise, we wouldn't have agreed to do the experiment". Hearing
    a noise upstairs, Julia says, "That must be Barnabas". She tells
    Jeff to finish fixing the wiring and goes up the stairs.  Jeff,
    hooking up the wires Julia ordered him to, thinks to himself,
    "She suspects me now.  I've got to be careful. Very careful!".
       Upstairs in the living room of the Old House,  Barnabas tells Julia
    that he has just been to Collinsport and is puzzled by the fact that
    nothing has happened, that even though they know there must be a vampire
    around, there have been no vampire attacks.  They discuss this oddity
    for awhile.  Then Julia tells Barnabas she caught Jeff Clark reading her
    private journal. She tells Barnabas, "Jeff's been acting strangely
    lately.  I no longer trust him".  There's a knock at the door.
    It's Vicky.  She tells Barnabas that Professor Stokes called Collinwood
    to say he'll be coming to see him, that it was urgent and that
    she was to go to the Old House and make sure he didn't leave if he
    were home.  She tells Barnabas she also had another reason for
    coming, then asks to speak to Julia in private.  Barnabas replies,
    "Of course" and goes down to the cellar, leaving them to talk.  On the
    way down the stairs, Barnabas runs into Jeff coming up. Barnabas
    tells Jeff that Vicky's upstairs and that he had better not let
    her see him there.  Jeff tells Barnabas that he wants to hear what
    Vicky's saying and will listen from behind the door.
       Vicky asks Julia if she, as a doctor, thinks Jeff is mentally
    OK.  Julia replies that he is.  Vicky tells Julia about Jeff's
    strange behavior lately, about his rejection of Roger's offer,
    which would mean they could get married earlier, his claims
    that he's too busy to go, etc.  She tells Julia it's almost as
    if he's trying to delay their marriage.  They talk for awhile,
    but Julia can't give Vicky any good answers. Behind the door
    to the cellar, Jeff thinks to himself, "Vicky!  If only I could
    go to you, put my arms around you and tell you everything'll be
    all right! But I can't! I can't!"
       Stokes comes to the old house and tells Barnabas that Adam has
    escaped.  As they are talking, Jeff rushes by them,  heading
    towards the front door, saying that he's going to see Vicky.
    Stokes stops him and tells him to stay, saying, "What I have to
    say is of importance to you too".  Stokes admits that Carolyn had
    been hiding Adam. He tells them that while she was doing this,
    a most unfortunate thing happened, that Adam fell in love with
    Carolyn and now that she has rejected him, he has escaped.
    He tells them that he's worried about Vicky, that Adam, in his
    present state of mind, might decide to lash out and harm someone,
    that since Vicky was the first person Adam had threatened, that
    he, Stokes, fears that she might be the first person Adam tries
    to harm.  He tells Barnabas and Jeff that the best way to pacify
    Adam is to complete the experiment and give him a mate as soon
    as possible, and hence they must redouble their efforts to
    finish the experiment, working 24 hour days in shifts, if possible.
       Jeff goes to Collinwood and tells Vicky that he must once again
    cancel a date.  Vicky asks him if he still loves her. Jeff replies
    that he does.  Vicky asks him about his strange behavior, about his
    puzzling rejection of Roger's offer, but Jeff refuses to give her any
    explanation.  Vicky asks, "Why have you been staying away from
    me?" Jeff replies, "I've been busy".  Vicky exclaims, "Doing WHAT?"
    Jeff stands there silent, not replying.  Vicky asks, "You can't tell
    me, can you?".  Jeff replies, "I'd explain it to you if I could, but
    I can't! You've got to trust me".  Vicky says, "It's no use". Jeff
    asks, "What?".  Vicky replies, "Our engagement. I can't marry you.
    I can't marry a man who keeps secrets from me".  She gives him back
    her engagement ring, breaking the engagement, and runs upstairs.
    Jeff agonizes over this, thinking to himself, "If only I could tell
    you the truth! If only I could tell you I'm doing this for you.
    But I can't!  Maybe I've lost you forever!".
       In the lab, Julia tells Barnabas that the body will be ready
    tomorrow, that soon, it will be a living, breathing creature.
    Episode 580
    Worldvision Rerun 367
    Tape Date: September 2, 1968 (ABC #185-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 13, 1968 Friday
    Writer:    Gordon Russell
    Director:  John Sedwick

       Blair is sitting in the living room of his house. Angelique
    comes upstairs.  Blair remarks, "I thought you'd still be
    downstairs with Joe Haskell".  Angelique replies, "I've sent him
    home already". Blair asks, "Already?  Are you bored with him?".
    Angelique replies, "He still keeps talking about Maggie".  Blair
    assures her, "He and Maggie are finished!".  Angelique says, "I'm
    sure that pleases you".  Blair tells her, "I've become very fond
    of Maggie".  Angelique says, "Just make sure you don't make the
    same mistake as I did and become TOO fond of her!". There's a knock
    at the door.  It's Adam.  Totally depressed, he tells Blair that
    he's going to go to Barnabas and tell him to stop the experiment,
    that he doesn't want a mate anymore because he'll never love the
    mate as much as he loves Carolyn. Blair remarks, "Something must
    have happened." and asks, "What is it?".  Adam tells him about seeing
    Carolyn kissing Tony Peterson, saying, "She loves him!". Blair tells
    him he must allow the experiment to continue because it'll allow him
    to have BOTH the mate and Carolyn.  Adam doesn't understand and asks
    Blair to explain.  Blair refuses to do so, telling Adam he's angry
    with him for acting so childishly. He tells Adam, "You've just got to
    trust me" and orders him to go back to Collinwood.  Adam leaves.
    Angelique asks Blair what he meant when he told Adam she would
    have both Carolyn and the mate.  Blair replies that that's just
    he made up, that he had to tell Adam something. Angelique asks
    Blair what he'll do when Adam finds out he won't be getting both
    the mate and Carolyn.  Blair replies, "I'll cross that bridge
    when I come to it" and leaves.
       Angelique uses the magic mirror to spy on Julia and Jeff working
    in the lab. She learns that the body will be ready by midnight,
    but that they will not be able to proceed yet because Barnabas has not
    found a woman to supply the lifeforce.  Julia tells Jeff they have only
    a week from the time the body is completed to complete the experiment
    or the body will begin to decompose.
       Blair comes back into the room and catches Angelique using the
    magic mirror, just as she turns the picture off. Blair asks Angelique
    why she's spying on the lab in the old house.  Angelique replies
    that she's just curious.  Nicholas tells Angelique that he doesn't
    believe her, and warns her that if she doesn't tell him the truth,
    they'll sit together and watch the sun come up. Angelique tells
    Blair that truth, that she wants to participate in the experiment,
    that she wants to supply the lifeforce. Blair tells her that he's
    already told her "No".  Angelique tells him how desperately she
    wants to be a real woman again, but Blair replies, "I don't care
    what you want".  He asks her what she saw in the mirror.  Angelique
    lies that she heard Julia tell Jeff that the body wouldn't be 
    ready for at least a week. Blair, apparently believing her, tells
    her again not to meddle and warns her, "What you are now is better
    than what you could be - nothing at all!".
       Jeff is in the lab alone.  Angelique shows up and orders him 
    to proceed with the experiment immediately, with her supplying
    the lifeforce.  Jeff refuses, saying, "It's too dangerous".
    Angelique bites him.
    Episode 581
    Worldvision Rerun 368
    Tape Date: September 9, 1968 (ABC #186-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 16, 1968 Monday
    Writer:    Gordon Russell
    Director:  Lela Swift

       Even after having been bitten by Angelique, Jeff still refuses
    to do the experiment, saying he's sure it'll fail if he does because
    he still doesn't know enough to do it yet.  Angelique tells him,
    "I'll give you 24 hours to learn what you need to know.  I'll 
    come back tomorrow night and we will do the experiment! I can
    wait no longer!". 
       Adam returns to Collinwood and goes to Carolyn's room and awakens
    her.  He tells her that he's been walking through the woods, doing
    a lot of thinking, and now realizes that they can only be friends
    and has decided to return. Carolyn - not knowing Adam's origin - 
    calls Adam "a most amazing creature", striking a nerve.  Adam 
    thinks to himself, "A creature! I am nothing more than Lang's creation!
    Not a man!", but doesn't let Carolyn see how upset he is. Carolyn gives
    him a gift, saying she bought it for him several days ago but didn't have
    a chance to give it to him because he ran away.  Adam opens it. It
    is a green pullover sweater.  Adam is so happy he cries.  He tells
    Carolyn no one's ever given him anything before.  Carolyn, looking
    puzzled, remarks, "But someone MUST have given you something when
    you were a child!", again unwittingly hitting a raw nerve, not 
    knowing that Adam never had a childhood.  Adam asks if people always
    love children.  Carolyn replies, "Yes", then tells Adam he'd better
    go back to his room before someone finds him here.  Adam leaves, 
    saying, "Carolyn, there'll never be anyone like you!".
       The next day, Jeff Clark goes to Collinwood and asks for Vicky.
    Carolyn tells him that Vicky's out with David, that they won't be
    back until dinner.  She tells Jeff to wait, saying it's almost time
    for dinner, but Jeff makes the puzzling remark that it's almost
    dark, that at night, his life is not his own...
       Adam, wearing his new green sweater, goes to the lab at the Old
    House and looks around.  Angelique appears out of the shadows and
    tells Adam he shouldn't be there, that Blair had ordered him to
    stay in his room at Collinwood.  Adam counters, "What are YOU doing
    here?  You have nothing to do with the experiment!".  Angelique
    manages to convince Adam that Blair, not trusting Barnabas, sent
    her here to keep an eye on him.  Adam, believing this, leaves.
       Jeff has returned to the lab.  Angelique is strapped down on
    a table.  Jeff starts the experiment...
    Episode 582
    Worldvision Rerun 369
    Tape Date: September 11, 1968 (ABC #187-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 17, 1968 Tuesday
    Writer:    Sam Hall
    Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

       Barnabas returns home and hears the sound of machinery coming
    from downstairs in the lab.  He goes down to investigate. He finds
    Jeff there with all the equipment on and angrily asks him what he's
    doing.  Jeff is shocked to see Barnabas.  But he is even more shocked
    when he glances at the table where Angelique had been strapped down.
    She is gone, even though the straps are still buckled.  Jeff lies
    to Barnabas that he's just testing the equipment, but Barnabas notices
    the electrodes have been attached to the body and accuses Jeff of
    lying.  He accuses Jeff of trying to destroy the body, accusing him of
    hating Vicky now because she's broken their engagement and wanting to
    see Adam harm Vicky.  Jeff vehemently denies this, but Barnabas
    "fires" him, tellilng him to leave and never return, telling him
    that he and Julia will finish the experiment without him.  Jeff
       Walking through the woods, Jeff runs into Angelique.  She tells
    him that she had to leave because she couldn't let Barnabas find
    her there.  She tells Jeff that they'll try again tomorrow night,
    but Jeff replies that that'll be impossible, explaining that
    Barnabas has "fired" him.  Angelique tells him that they'll sneak in
    in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep and do it.
       Julia returns to the old house.  Barnabas tells her about Jeff.
    Julia is shocked, and remarks that Jeff loved Vicky so much she
    can't believe he would want any harm to come to her.  Barnbabas tells
    Julia they've got to finish the experiment before the body decomposes.
    He tells Julia he has come to a decision as to who the donor will be -
    Maggie Evans - that Maggie is already under Julia's hypnotic control,
    that she, Julia, can get Maggie to come here and make her forget
    afterwards.  Julia is aghast and tells Barnabas that she'd prefer 
    not to use Maggie because Maggie's already been through so much.
    She tells Barnabas that she'd prefer to use someone else, but Barnabas
    replies that he's already decided on Maggie.  They argue about this.
    Unknown to them, Willie is standing on the stairs listening to them.
       Later at night, Julia tells Barnabas she is tired, says goodnight
    and goes upstairs.  When she gets upstairs, Willie tells her he knows
    they plan to use Maggie Evans and begs her not to.  Julia tells Willie
    that Maggie will be in no danger, but Willie counters, "There's
    always a risk!".  He tells Julia that he doesn't want to take the
    slightest risk that any harm will come to Maggie. Julia tells Willie
    she'll continue to try to convince Barnabas to use someone else,
    but Willie remarks that he's doubtful she'll be successful, that it's
    difficult to get Barnabas to change his mind once he's decided on
    something.  He moans, "You don't know what it's like knowing someone
    you care for is going to go through this!"  Julia replies, "Yes I
    do.  You forget.  I watched Barnabas".
       Barnabas comes upstairs.  Willie says goodnight to him. Barnabas
    goes up to bed.  Willie goes down to the lab, says to the body,
    "Maggie's not going to risk her life for YOU!", picks up a scalpel,
    and raises it into the air, preparing to destroy the body...
    Episode 583
    Worldvision Rerun 370
    Tape Date: September 10, 1968 (ABC #188-DRK-68)
    Air Date:  September 18, 1968 Wednesday
    Writer:    Sam Hall
    Director:  Lela Swift

       Barnabas appears and orders Wille to drop the scalpel.  Willie
    does.  Barnabas asks Willie why he's trying to destroy the body.
    Willie replies that he knows they're planning to use Maggie to
    supply the life force, that he doesn't want them to.  He asks
    Barnabas, "Why can't Julia supply the life force?" Barnabas replies,
    "Julia has to operate the equipment".  Willie then suggests Vicky.
    Barnabas angrily vetoes the idea.  Willie asks Barnabas to wait,
    saying he'll find a girl for them to use, but Barnabas replies that
    there's not enough time for that, that they'll have to use Maggie.          
    He tells Willie, "I'm only doing what I have to do".  Willie mutters,
    "Yeah, I guess we each do what we have to do...".
       It is morning.  Maggie and Vicky are having coffee at a table
    outside Collinwood.  They both talk about their romantic problems.
    Vicky tells Maggie how much Jeff has changed recently.  Maggie
    tells Vicky how much Joe has changed.  She tells Vicky that when she
    ran into Joe in town recently, Joe just smiled at her briefly, said
    "Hello", and walked right past her as if they were nothing more than
    slight acquaintances.  Barnabas drops by, and Vicky invites him to sit
    down for a cup of coffee.  He accepts, and Vicky leaves to get a cup
    for him.  While Vicky is away, Barnabas talks with Maggie, asking her
    how she is.  Maggie replies that she's feeling much better and is
    thinking of going back to work.  Barnabas asks, "At the diner?"
    Maggie replies, "No, I'm thinking of moving to Boston and finding a
    job there, but I haven't decided for sure yet".  Barnabas asks Maggie
    how many people she's told this to.  Maggie replies, "Only you and
    Vicky, so far".  Vicky returns with a coffee cup for Barnabas.  Maggie
    gets up and tells Vicky she has some shopping to do and has to go.
    Vicky asks Maggie to call her when she's come to a decision about
    moving to Boston.  Maggie leaves.  Barnabas offers Vicky sympathy
    about her breakup with Jeff.  He asks her if she'd like to go to a
    concert in Bangor with him next week.  Vicky accepts.  From behind
    the fence, Adam is spying on them. Barnabas sees him.
       Maggie is at home, writing a letter.  Willie comes and hysterically
    begs Maggie to leave town for a while.  He offers to give her $50 to
    pay for expenses, saying he knows she's low on money. Maggie, puzzled,
    asks Willie why he wants her to leave town.  Willie replies that
    there are people who have plans for her, plans which will not be
    good for her.  Maggie tells Willie he thinks he's being absurd
    and asks him to be more specific, asking, "Who are 'they' and what
    are 'they' planning?".  Thinking it will convince her to go, Willie
    tells  her that Barnabas is involved, but Maggie tells Willie she
    doesn't believe that Barnabas would ever do anything to harm her.
    Seeing that he cannot convince Maggie to leave without telling
    her about the experiment, Willie leaves.
       At night, Barnabas goes to Collinwood but runs into Adam in the
    garden.  Adam is furious, telling Barnabas that this is the second
    time today he's seen him at Collinwood, that while he's visiting
    Vicky, he, Adam is still without a mate.  He orders Barnabas,
    "Go back to the old house and work on the experiment or I'll go
    up to Vicky's room and kill her right now!".
       At the old house, Willie is pacing around in the lab, wondering
    what to do.  He decides that if Maggie will not leave town willingly,
    he'll have to kidnap her for her own good.  He figures that Maggie
    will hate him for it, but that he'll somehow be able to explain it
    to her after they've found another life force for the experiment.
    He notices a bottle of chlorform on a shelf and takes it.  In his
    haste, he knocks a stool over.  Barnabas, who has returned to the
    old house and is upstairs, hears the noise and comes down into the
    lab to investigate.  Seeing no one there, he decides that it must've
    been his imagination and leaves.  Willie is hiding behind a large
    piece of equipment, unseen.
       Maggie's alarm clock reads 11:35 PM.  Maggie is sleeping peacefully.
    Willie enters her room through the french doors.  Maggie awakens, sees
    him and screams, but Willie puts a chlorform soaked handerchief over
    her mouth and puts her to sleep, saying, "I don't want to do this, Maggie,
    but I have to.  If I don't, something terrible's going to happen to you".
    There's a knock at the front door.
       Outside, Barnabas is knocking on the front door.  Receiving no
    answer, he comes in and goes to Maggie's room, but finds no one
    there.  He thinks of Adam's threat to Vicky...
     Episode 584
     Worldvision Rerun 371
     Tape Date: September 12, 1968 (ABC #189-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 19, 1968 Thursday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Barnabas returns to the old house and tells Julia that Maggie
     wasn't at the cottage, that she'd obviously been kidnapped as
     her bed had been slept in, that it's obvious who must have 
     kidnapped her: Willie.  He tells Julia they must find Maggie
        Meanwhile, Willie has taken Maggie to the secret room at
     the mausoleum.  
        At the old house, Julia discusses the possiblity of getting
     Jeff back to do the experiment while SHE donates the lifeforce,
     but Barnabas vetoes the idea, saying he doesn't trust Jeff.  
        At the mausoleum, Maggie awakens and screams.  Willie tries
     to explain to her why he kidnapped her and brought her here, 
     but, unable to tell her about the experiment, cannot come up
     with a coherent explanation.  Maggie tells him he's just babbling.
     She asks Willie to let him go, but Willie refuses to do so.  Suddenly,
     Maggie tells Willie that she remembers having been in this room 
     before.  Willie tells her that that's ridiculous, that it must be
     her imagination, but Maggie starts to recover more memories.  She 
     remembers when it was she was in the secret room before, that it was
     during the two months of her life that she can't remember.  She gets a
     clear flashback of Julia taking her to the graveyard, of looking at
     Josette's grave and being taken to the mausoleum, where she became
     frightened and begged Julia to take away, saying, "I've got to get
     away from this place! If he finds me here he'll kill me!".  But she
     tells Willie she cannot remember who the "he" she was so frightened of
     was.  Willie mutters to himself, "Taking you here is the worst mistake
     I've ever made!". Maggie hears this and asks Willie what he means.
     Willie answers, "Nothing", but Maggie accuses him of knowing more than
     he'll admit about what happened to her before.  Willie denies this.
        Julia and Barnabas return to the old house, having been searching
     unsucessfully for Maggie.  It is almost sundown, Adam's deadline
     for the experiment.  Unable to perform the experiment without
     Maggie, they are ponder what to tell Adam when he comes. Julia tells
     Barnabas that the only thing they can do is tell Adam the truth 
     about Willie kidnapping Maggie and hope he will understand and
     extend his deadline.  But Barnabas tells Julia that he's thought
     of a better solution.  He goes to a closet, takes out a rifle, and 
     tells Julia that he'll kill Adam as soon as he comes through the door...
     Episode 585
     Worldvision Rerun 372
     Tape Date: September 13, 1968 (ABC #190-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 20, 1968 Friday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Julia tries to argue Barnabas out of killing Adam, but Barnabas 
     maintains that it is the only way to insure the safety of Vicky
     and the Collins family.  Julia finally succeeds in dissuading 
     Barnabas from killing Adam by reminding him of Lang's taped
     message that there is some sort of connection between him and
     Adam, saying that he risks reverting to being a vampire or even dying
     if he kills Adam.  She reminds him that when he almost died from
     the bat bite, Adam got sick and almost died too.  Convinced that
     Julia is right, Barnabas comes up with another solution.  He tells
     Julia to go to Collinwood and tell Vicky some story - any story -
     to get her to leave Collinsport for a few days.  Julia is about
     to leave the old house to do this, but when she opens the front
     door of the old house, she finds Adam standing there.  Adam
     comes in and demands to know where Julia is going.  Barnabas lies
     to Adam that Julia is just going to go get Maggie Evans to supply
     the life force.  Adam, suspicious, asks why they've waited till
     now with the deadline so near.  He asks if there's a problem.
     Barnabas replies that there isn't, but Adam doesn't believe him,
     grabs him and shakes him, and demands to know what's gone wrong.
     Julia tells Adam the truth, that Willie has kidnapped Maggie,
     that they can't find her and won't be able to do the experiment
     for awhile.  Adam lets Barnabas go, then announces that since
     they haven't met his deadline, he will go to Collinwood and kill
     Vicky as he had threatened. Barnabas picks up the rifle and points
     it at Adam, then tells Julia to go and do as he had instructed.
     Julia leaves. Adam guesses correctly that Julia is going to Vicky, 
     that that was where she was going in the first place when she opened 
     the door.  Barnabas, replies, "Right on both counts." He tells Adam,
     "We'll both be here for some time", and, continuing to hold the
     rifle on him, orders Adam to sit down, but Adam, instead of sitting
     down, attacks Barnabas and pulls the rifle from his hands before he
     can shoot, then knocks him out. He leaves the old house.  He 
     intercepts Julia in the woods and starts to strangle her.
        At Collinwood, Roger visits Vicky in her room.  It turns out
     that Vicky has already made plans to leave Collinwood for a few
     days to think things over.  Roger tells Vicky that he knows she's
     depressed about he breakup with Jeff, but wishes she wouldn't leave
     right now, that it's a bad time for her to do so right now.  Vicky
     replies, "I'll only be gone for a few days.  I'm sure it won't
     affect David much", but Roger tells her it isn't David he's worried
     about, but Elizabeth, that in her present state, Elizabeth needs
     companionship.  Vicky agrees with Roger and tells him she's 
     decided not to go.  After Roger leaves, Vicky prepares for bed,
     not noticing Adam peering in through the window.
        Barnabas regains consciousness and hastens to go to Collinwood.
     He finds Julia on the trail, unconscious.  He revives her.  Julia
     tells him Adam intercepted he while she was on the way to Collinwood
     and strangled her into unconciousness.  She tells Barnabas go to
     to Collinwood quickly.
        At Colliwood, Vicky has gone to sleep.  Adam opens the window,
     comes into the room, walks over to the door and locks it.  He thinks
     to himself, "I don't really want to harm her, but I must! It is
     the only way I can get vengeance against Barnabas! She is the only
     person he loves!  He has condemned me to be alone.  I will show him
     what it is like to be alone!"  Meanwhile, Barnabas arrives at Collinwood
     and runs upstairs to Vicky's room.  He tries the door, but finding
     it locked, knocks and calls to her. Vicky awakens and, not seeing
     Adam, goes to the door and is about to open it, but Adam grabs her
     from behind and starts to strangle her.
     Episode 586
     Worldvision Rerun 373
     Tape Date: September 16, 1968 (ABC #191-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 23, 1968 Monday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Barnabas continues to knock, but Vicky doesn't answer because
     she's being strangled.  Vicky eventually loses consciousness,
     and Adam, looking a little guilty and appearing to have second
     thoughts, lets her go for awhile.  Hearing the noise, Carolyn comes
     out of her room and asks Barnabas what's going on.  Barnabas replies
     that's somethning's wrong, that Vicky doesn't answer his knocking
     and calls.  Hearing Barnabas and Carolyn talking outside, Adam
     leaves through the window.  Carolyn goes to her room and returns
     with a spare key to Vicky's room.  She opens the door and she and
     Barnabas go in.  They find Vicky unconscious.  Carolyn asks, "Who did
     this???".  Barnabas replies, "Adam".  Carolyn asks, "How do you know?",
     but Barnabas just answers, "Hurry! Get Julia!" Carolyn goes and
     returns with Julia, then goes downstairs into the foyer where she
     starts to telephone the police.  Blair happens by and asks her what
     she's doing.  Carolyn recounts what happened to him.  When Blair
     learns that no one actually saw who attacked Vicky, that they think
     it was Adam only because Barnabas said so, Blair lies that it couldn't
     have been Adam because he's been playing chess with Adam all evening.
     Carolyn asks who else it could have been.  Blair replies that maybe it
     was Jeff Clark, that maybe he attacked Vicky because he was upset
     about Vicky breaking their engagement.
        Blair goes to Adam's room and asks him why he attacked Vicky.
     Adam replies that he did it because Barnabas is stalling, that
     the body is all ready and all that is needed to finish the
     experiment is a woman go supply the lifeforce.  He tells Blair
     that he thinks Barnabas is stalling because Barnabas told him
     a story he finds hard to believe, that Barnabas told him that
     the girl they had selected to supply the life force is unavailable
     because she's been kidnapped by Willie.  Blair asks, "Who is this
     girl?"  Adam replies, "You don't know her.  Her name is Maggie Evans".
     Blair is aghast to learn that Barnabas and Julia plan to use Maggie.
     He tells Adam that Barnabas and Julia must not use Maggie, that he's
     got to stop them from using her.  Adam accuses Blair of being in love
     with Maggie. Blair replies, "Love is not a word I use".  Carolyn
     comes up.  Blair tells her that Adam's upset because he told Adam what
     happened, that she suspects him, Adam.  Carolyn apoliges to Adam about
     thinking it was he who attacked Vicky.
        Carolyn confronts Barnabas after Julia leaves and asks him why
     he was so sure it was Adam who attacked Vicky.  Barnabas lies
     that Julia saw Adam headed towards Collinwood as she was returning
     there and rushed back to the old house and told him, hoping he
     could intercept Adam before he got to Collinwood.  Carolyn asks
     Barnabas why he would think that Adam would try to harm Vicky.
     Barnabas replies that he suspects that it was Adam who kidnapped
     Vicky before.
        In the West Wing, Blair gives Adam some sort of plan...
        Barnabas returns to the old house and finds Adam there. Adam
     tells Barnabas that he now believes his story that Maggie Evans
     had been kidnapped, then orders Barnabas to do the experiment
     tomorrow night.  Barnabas replies that he doesn't think they can
     find Maggie by then.  Adam tells Barnabas that it won't be
     necessary for them to find Maggie, that he'll supply a "donor".
     Barnabas tells Adam that it would be too dangerous to use a
     stranger who might talk afterwards, that they must use Maggie
     because she is under Julia's hypnotic spell and can be made
     to forget everything afterwards.  Adam replies that the person
     he has in mind isn't a stranger, that it's someone they can count
     on not to talk.  Barnabas asks, "Who?"  Adam replies, "I woman I
     want my mate to be like. Carolyn".
     Episode 587
     Worldvision Rerun 374
     Tape Date: September 17, 1968 (ABC #192-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 24, 1968 Tuesday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Barnabas is shocked.  He tells Adam thay cannot use Carolyn
     because the experiment might be dangerous.  Barnabas explains
     that the only reason he, Barnabas, is alive is because Julia
     did not perform the experiment correctly the first time, that
     had she performed it exactly as Dr. Lang had planned, his original
     donor body would have died, and he would have been transfered into
     the new body.  Adam is stunned and asks, "I would have been you?"
     Barnabas replies, "Yes".  Adam asks Barnabas how he could have
     hated his own body so much that he wanted to change to another
     one, but Barnabas refuses to answer.  Adam asks Barnabas if Julia
     knows what she did differently that caused both bodies to live.
     Barnabas replies, "Yes, but it's tricky and error prone".  In
     spite of Barnabas' warning, Adam insists on using Carolyn to
     donate the life force and leaves.
        In the secret room at the mausoleum, Maggie is asleep.  Willie
     thinks to himself tha the must go into town to get food and supplies.
     He opens the secret door and, without closing it, walks out into
     the mausoleum and looks out the gate to see if anyone's around.
     While Willie is outside in the mausoleum, Maggie awakens and sees
     that the secret door is open.  She quietly exits the secret room.
     Willie walks back to the secret door and is shocked to see that
     the secret room is empty.  He screams, "Maggie!" Maggie, who has
     been hiding behind one of the sarcophagi, runs toward the gate,
     but Willie manages to get to her before she can get out of the
     mausoleum. He drags her back to the secret room.  Maggie screams,
     "You're crazy! I hate you!"  Willie begs her not to hate him,
     telling her that he's doing this for her sake, that he can't
     tell her why right now, but perhaps one day he may be able to.
     But then he realizes that he'll never be able to tell her,
     gets depressed and chloroforms her.
        Adam goes to the gazebo and meets Blair there.  He tells Blair
     that he's done as he had instructed him to do, that he's gone and
     told Barnabas that they would use Carolyn.  He tells Blair that
     he's worried that the experiment might be dangerous and might
     result in harm to Carolyn.  Blair tells Adam, "But I've already
     told you that Barnabas would lie to you that it would be dangerous".
     He assures Adam that the experiment won't be dangerous, and adds
     that they MUST use Carolyn to supply the lifeforce if the creation
     it to be like Carolyn, someone he can love.  Meanwhile, Willie
     is walking through the woods.  Blair hears Willie walking and orders
     Adam to hide.  Adam does so.  Willie comes out of the woods.
     Blair hypnotizes him, tells him Maggie is no longer in danger and
     orders him to release her.  He tells Willie he will have no
     other memory of their meeting and releases him.
        Alone in the secret room, Maggie has a dream.  It's a flashback to
     her captivity in the old house.  She is in the living room with
     Willie.  There is a table, with dinner set for two.  Maggie notices
     that the place card on her settting reads, "Josette" and asks Willie,
     "Josette? Why does it say Josette? Josette's been dead for centuries!".
     Willie replies, "HE told me to put it there".  Maggie asks, "Who?
     Barnabas?"  Willie replies, "Yes, Barnabas".  Barnabas walks into
     the room.
        Maggie suddenly awakens and gasps, "That wasn't a dream! That
     night HAPPENED!!!".
     Episode 588
     Worldvision Rerun 375
     Tape Date: September 18, 1968 (ABC #193-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 25, 1968 Wednesday
     Writer:    Ron Sproat
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Maggie continues to think about the dream.  She realizes now
     that she feared Barnabas for some reason, but cannot remember the
     reason. She tries to remember what happened to her and starts
     to have more flashbacks about being held captive in the old house.
     She remembers Willie giving her an old fashioned dress to wear,
     playing the musicbox for her to listen to, preparing her to be
     Josette for Barnabas.  She now clearly remembers it was Willie and
     Barnabas who had kidnapped her, that they held her captive in the
     old house, trying to transform her into Josette.
        At Collinwood, Blair comes calling, ostensibly to find out how
     Vicky is. He finds Carolyn alone downstairs, the rest of the family
     being upstairs with Vicky. He takes her into the drawing room and
     puts a spell on her making her his slave.  He tells her she'll
     help Adam by supplying a lifeforce for Adam's mate, that she'll do
     so willingly and without fear.
        Willie returns to the secret room at the Mausoleum and tells
     Maggie that she's no longer in danger and can leave.  But Maggie
     is not listening; instead, she stuns him by asking him to tell her
     about Josette.  Willie tries to lie that he doesn't know anything
     about anyone named Josette, but Maggie tells him that she knows he
     does, explaining that she remembers being in the old house with him,
     him giving her Josette's dress to wear, the musicbox, etc.  Frantic,
     Willie tries to convince Maggie that she's just imagining things,
     that the only time she was ever at the old house was the time she
     came with her father Sam, but Maggie continues to concentrate and
     remember more.  She starts to remember Josette's room, then starts
     to remember having been in the mausoleum before and has a flashback
     of the time Barnabas punished her for trying to escape by biting her
     and putting her in the coffin, then screams and shouts, "I KNOW WHAT
     Episode 589
     Worldvision Rerun 376
     Tape Date: September 19, 1968 (ABC #194-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 26, 1968 Thursday
     Writer:    Ron Sproat
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Maggie shouts, "I KNOW WHAT BARNABAS COLLINS IS!!! HE'S NOT
     HUMAN!!!  HE'S ONE OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!".  Willie continues to
     try to convince Maggie none of what she's remembered ever really
     happened, that it was all a dream, but Maggie just continues,
     "And you helped him, Willie, YOU HELPED HIM!!", causing the
     love-stricken Willie to defend himself by blurting out that
     he didn't help Barnabas willingly, that he only did so because he
     was under Barnabas' power - a tacit admission that it all DID
     happen.  Maggie asks Willie to open the door so she can leave,
     but Willie replies that because she remembers her kidapping
     and captivity by Barnabas, he can no longer let her go.  Maggie
     exclaims, "I know why you brought me here! You're still under
     Barnabas' power, and you're trying to make me Josette again!"
     Willie denies this and tries to tell her he brought her here for
     another reason, to help her, but she refuses to believe him.
        At Collinwood, Roger and Barnabas question a recovering Vicky
     about her attack in the drawing room.  Vicky tells them she thinks it
     was Adam who attacked her, but isn't sure because she didn't see her
     attacker's face, that all she knows for sure is that it was a very large
     man.  Barnabas and Carolyn argue that there's no proof that it
     was Adam.  Roger is puzzled as to why Barnabas and Carolyn seem
     to be trying to defend Adam.  Barnabas takes Vicky back up to
     her room.
        In the drawing room, Carolyn tells Roger she is leaving for
     a few days to stay in Boston, that her bags are packed and sitting
     in the foyer and she's going to leave immediately.  Roger is
     furious that Carolyn would even think of leaving on a trip with
     Elizabeth in her condition and Vicky injured and calls her
     inconsiderate, but Carolyn replies that it's precisely because
     of all that's happened that she's leaving, that she's all stressed
     out and needs a rest.  She goes out the front door.  The sound
     of a car leaving is heard.  When Barnabas comes back downstairs,
     Roger tells him that Carolyn has left to go to Boston and will be
     away for a few days.  Barnabas, knowing they won't be able to
     do the experiment without Carolyn, wonders what to do.
        Barnabas walks back to the old house, wondering what they will
     do now that Carolyn is gone and they cannot use her to do the
     experiment.  But when he walks into the old house, he is surprised
     to find Carolyn in the living room.  Puzzled, he tells her that
     Roger had told him she was going to Boston.  Carolyn tells him
     that she only told Roger that to explain her absence, that she's
     come to the old house to do the experiment.  She explains that
     Adam had told her about the experiment and the need for someone
     to serve as the life force donor, and that she decided to do so.
        At the mausoleum, Maggie just stares at Willie, not saying 
     anything.  Willie asks her why she's staring at him.  Maggie
     replies, "It's just occured to me that you may be one of the
     undead too, just like Barnabas".  Willie is shocked that she
     would think this and tries to convince her it's not true by
     touching her, but she screams and faints at his touch.  Willie
        At the old house, Barnabas is pondering Carolyn's willingness
     to be the donor, finding it strange.  Willie comes bursting in
     through the front doors.  Barnabas starts to scold him, telling
     him he knows it was him who kidnapped Maggie to prevent them from
     using her in the experiment, that because of this, Vicky almost
     died, but then stops in stunned silence when Willie drops his
     bombshell: "Maggie remembers you kidnapping her!  She remembers
     everything!  She knows what you were!".           
     Episode 590
     Worldvision Rerun 377
     Tape Date: September 20, 1968 (ABC #195-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 27, 1968 Friday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Barnabas rushes down into the lab, where Julia is working, and
     tells her that Maggie's memory has returned and she knows he's
     a vampire.  Julia is very doubtful, saying, "Are you sure? It's been
     over a year.  What would make her suddenly remember?".  Barnabas
     tells her that Willie's bringing Maggie to the mausoleum jogged
     he memory.  Julia suggests that Willie's probably just exagerating.
     Barnabas calls Willie down and tells him to tell Julia what happened.
     Willie recounts the events in the mausoleum. Barnabas tells Julia
     that she's got to rush over to the secret room in the mausoleum and 
     hypnotize Maggie and make her forget again.  Julia is reluctant to go,
     saying she's just about ready to do the experiment, but Barnabas
     manages to convince her that the situation with Maggie is more urgent
     by saying that should Maggie manage to escape and goes to the police,
     the police will come to the old house to investigate and they'll be in
     REAL trouble when they find the lab and the body.  Julia agrees to
     go and hypnotize Maggie.  She asks that Willie accompany her to help.
        Julia goes upstairs and puts on her coat.  After waiting, she
     impatiently calls, "Willie!".  Just then, the front door opens and
     Adam comes in.  Seeing Jullia dressed to go out, he sarcastically
     says, "Where are you going, Doctor? Out on a case? No, I don't think
     you will!".   Willie comes upstairs.  Seeing Adam there, he shouts for
     Barnabas.  Adam, in a very sarcastic voice, tells Willie, "I thank you!
     If it weren't for you, they would have used Maggie Evans for the
     experiment. Now, I will have the mate I want!"  Barnabas comes upstairs.
     Julia tries to convince Adam that she's got to go to see a patient who
     needs emergency medical attention, but Adam still refuses to let leave,
     saying the patient can call another doctor. Barnabas tries to convince
     Adam to let Julia go, saying, "She won't be able to give full attention
     to the experiment with her mind on her patient", but Adam still
     refuses to let her go, replying, "Not as concerned as you will be
     about what will happen to Vicky if the experiment fails!". Barnabas
     and Julia continue to argue with Adam.  As they are doing so,
     they do not notice that Willie has quitely slipped away.  He
     returns at the landing of the stairs holding a rifle, aiming it
     at Adam.  He announces that he's now going to solve all their
     problems, saying, "All I've got to do is pull the trigger!".
     Julia exclaims, "And Barnabas will die!".  Adam calmly says,
     "Yes. You forget that there's a connection between me and Barnabas".
     Adam calmly walks up the stairs and takes the gun from Willie,
     then orders him back down. They come back down into the living
     room. Adam announces, "No one leaves!".  He points at the front
     door and says, "The next person to walk through that door will
     be my mate!"  Barnabas tells Adam that Willie will have to stay
     upstairs as guard while they're doing the experiment downstairs.
     He tells Adam to go down to the lab with Julia, saying that he'll
     join them in a few minutes after giving Willie his instructions.
     After Adam goes down into the lab with Julia,  Barnabas tells
     Willie that he lied to Adam, that he doesn't really want him
     to stay upstairs to stand guard, but instead really wants him
     to go back to the mausoleum to keep an eye on Maggie.  Willie,
     worried, asks what Adam will do when he finds he's gone.  Barnabas
     assures him that Adam will be so engrossed in the experiment he
     won't notice his absence.  Willie leaves.
       Downstairs in the lab, Adam sternly tells Julia that she's
     not to treat his mate the way she hurt him, sticking him with
     needles and injecting him with sedatives to keep him quiet.
     He sternly tells her, "You are not to hurt her!" Julia tells Adam
     she's puzzled, asking him, "I don't understand. You don't want any
     pain to come to your mate, but you're willing to let Carolyn suffer
     pain".  Adam is stunned.  He tells Julia it had never crossed his
     mind that Carolyn might suffer pain during the experiment.  Julia
     says, "You thought donating one's life force wouldn't hurt?"
     Julia tells Adam of the pain Barnabas suffered during the first
     experiment, but then tells Adam that she's learned from the
     first experiment, and will give painkillers to Carolyn before
       Barnabas goes downstairs and joins Adam and Julia in the lab.
     They prepare to do the experiment.  They uncover the body.  The head
     is bandaged. Adam orders Julia to take the bandages off so he can
     see the face. Julia explains to Adam that she can't, that this is
     something else she learned from the first experiment, that the
     bandages are keep his mate's face from becoming scarred during the
     experiment as his was. Adam looks at the creation and says, "She will
     be beautiful!  She will be as beautiful as Carolyn! Soon, I will have
     my own Carolyn!".
     Episode 591
     Worldvision Rerun 378
     Tape Date: September 23, 1968 (ABC #196-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  September 30, 1968 Monday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Barnabas reminds Adam of his part of the bargain - that after
     they do the experiment, he is to take his new mate and go far,
     far away from Collinsport and never return. Adam rhapsodizes over
     the body and says, "Soon, I'll have another Carolyn!".  Julia -
     not realizing until now that Adam expected the new creation to
     look like Carolyn, breaks the news to him that it won't look
     anything at all like Carolyn.  Adam becomes upset, but Barnabas
     and Julia manage to convince him it would be impossible for them
     to make his new mate look like Carolyn.  He asks, "Will it act
     like Carolyn, or will it be as different as me and Barnabas?".
     Julia replies that she doesn't know because the experiment has been
     performed only once before. She tells Adam, "We can only hope".        
     Barnabas goes upstairs to fetch Carolyn for the experiment.  Julia
     notes that Adam seems very nervous and asks him why.  Adam tells
     her that he's worried that the new creation might not love him.
     He wails, "What if she doesn't love me?  What will I do?  What?".
        Upstairs in Josette's room, Barnabas tries to convince Carolyn
     not to go through with the experiment, but Carolyn insists on
     going through with it.  Barnabas asks her why she's doing this
     for Adam.  Carolyn replies that it's because Adam loves her
     unconditionally.  Barnabas accuses Carolyn of being in love with
     Adam.  Carolyn doesn't reply.
        Adam comes up and announces that Julia is ready.  Barnabas goes
     downstairs.  Adam tells Carolyn that after the experiment, he'll
     be leaving, never to return.  He tries one last time to get Carolyn
     to love him.  He suggests that instead of doing the experiment, she
     leave with him, but Carolyn refuses.
        Adam and Carolyn go down into the lab.  Carolyn is strapped
     down on the table and injected with painkillers.  The experiment
     begins.  Carolyn, in spite of the painkillers, screams in pain.
     Suddenly, Julia tells Barnabas to keep an eye on an oscilloscope,
     asking him to tell her if the sine waves deteriorate, telling him
     that if they do, then Carolyn is in danger. The experiment
     continues.  The sine waves on the oscilloscope begin to deteriorate.
     Barnabas tells Julia.  Carolyn's screams have stopped.  Adam, 
     worried, rushes over to Carolyn, but Barnabas pushes her back,
     telling him, "You'll only get in the way!".  The sine wave 
     continues to flatten out.  Julie examines Carolyn, finds that her
     heartbeat is very faint and says, "If the creation doesn't come to
     life in 60 seconds, Carolyn will die!".

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