Dark Shadows
October 1966

       Episode 71
       Tape Date:   September 26, 1966
       Air Date:   October 3, 1966 Monday
       Writer:  Art Wallace
       Director:   John Sedwick

          It is morning. Roger calls the sheriff and asks him when he'll
       complete his investigation. The sheriff tells him that he'll complete
       his final report in a few hours and will turn it over to the coroner
       at about 11:00 and that the final decision on whether Malloy's death
       was an accident, in which case the case will be dropped, or homicide,
       in which case it won't be. Roger asks, "When will we know?" The
       sheriff replies, "Sometime today."
          A few minutes after hanging up, Roger calls the sheriff's office
       again and tells the secretary and tells her he'd like to speak to
       the sheriff again, saying, "Tell him I have something I'd like to
       add to the report", but then says, "Oh, forget it." and hangs up.
       He goes out into the foyer and sees Vicky coming down the stairs.
       He tells her, "Oh, Miss Winters, I was just coming up to see you."
       He laughs and jokes, "The morning wouldn't be complete without one
       of our battles." He asks her, "How are you getting along with David."
       She tells him they are starting to get along better, that last night,
       he took her to the old house to look for ghosts. Roger tells her,
       "You know, I think you need a change of scenerey. How about taking
       the day off and letting me take you on a tour of the cannery?"
       Vicky tells him she doesn't know how Elizabeth would feel about her
       taking the day off, but Roger assures her he'll talk to her about it.
       He tells her, "First I'll take you to a big breakfast at the diner,
       then we'll go to the cannery." Vicky tells him, "Give me two minutes
       to get ready." As she is going up the stairs, Roger tell her, "Oh, 
       yes. I've just remembered. I have one stop to make on the way. Is
       that all right with you?" She replies, "Sure. You're the tour 
          Burke shows up at the sheriff's office and asks how the 
       investigation is going. The sheriff tells him he's completed it,
       that he's going to turn his report over to the coroner soon and
       it'll be the coroner who'll make the final decision as to whether
       Malloy's death was an accident or homicide. Burke implies that the
       decision will come out to be convenient for the Collins family. The
       sheriff angrily replies, "The Collins family doesn't own me, and they
       don't own the coroner." He adds, "I warn you, Burke, no matter how
       it turns out, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!"
          Vicky and Roger are having breakfast at the diner. Vicky asks, "And
       how do they get all those sardines off the boats?" Roger explains that
       it's done with a huge suction device much like a giant vacuum cleaner.
       Vicky jokes, "Ironic that the Collins business started with whales
       and ended up with sardines!" Burke Devlin comes into the diner. He
       goes to the counter and orders coffee and donuts. Roger excuses
       himself to go make a phone call. Burke comes to the table and asks
       Vicky, "Playing hookey today?" Vicky explains that Roger is taking
       her on a tour of the cannery. She tells him she's sorry about what
       she had to say the other night. She tells him she'd like to talk to
       him about it and asks him where he'll be later. He replies, "Right
       here." Roger comes back and tells Vicky, "We have one more stop
       to make before the cannery."
          Roger takes Vicky to the police station. He tells the sheriff, "I
       had something to talk to you about. Miss Winters heard me leave the
       house at 10 of 11 the night Bill Malloy died." The sheriff asks
       Vicky, "Is that true?" Vicky replies that she doesn't really remember,
       but "I have every reason to believe Mr. Collins left at the time he
       says he did."
          After taking her on a tour of the cannery, Roger lets Vicky out,
       leaving her to go home by herself. Vicky goes back to the diner to
       talk to Burke. She tells him, "I want you to know I'm not taking
       sides in this" and explains that had to say what she did because it
       was the truth. He angrily tells her, "I'm certain that Roger killed
       Bill Malloy, and you story is the only thing getting in the way of
       my theory." They argue. The sheriff comes into the diner. He sees
       Vicky and tells her, "Oh, Miss Winters. I put your story about hearing
       Roger leave at 10 of 11 in my report." Burke looks at Vicky and
       remarks, "You certainly get around, don't you?" Burke, having cooled
       down, tells Vicky he'll drive her home. Vicky tells him she doesn't
       think that would be such a good idea, that the Collinses wouldn't
       like him coming to Collinwood after last time, but Burke insists.
          Burke drops Vicky off at the front door of Collinwood.
        Episode 72
        Tape Date:   September 27, 1966
        Air Date:   October 4, 1966 Tuesday
        Writer:  Art Wallace
        Director:   John Sedwick

           Vicky is in her room, looking at a dress. There's a knock at the
        door. It's Carolyn. Vicky lets her in. Carolyn angrily tells Vicky,
        "Why don't you just leave? Why don't you just pack your bags and go
        back to that precious foundling home of yours?" Vicky asks, "I don't
        understand. What have I done?" Carolyn replies, "There's a vicious
        man who's been going around town saying awful things about this
        family. He's actually accused Uncle Roger of killing Bill Malloy.
        It's Burke Devlin. In spite of this, you've been seeing him. I saw
        you drive up with him less than 10 minutes ago!" Vicky tries to
        explain, but Carolyn is too angry to listen and stomps out of the
        room in anger.
           At the Inn, Mrs. Johnson calls Burke Devlin and tells him that
        she hasn't had any word from Collinwood. After finishing her call,
        she goes to the diner and orders a roast beef sandwich. She asks
        Maggie, "Is the roast well done? I'd like a piece that is well done."
        Maggie tells her she'll get her a well done slice and asks, "Would
        you like lettuce in that sandwich?" Mrs. Johnson asks, "Is it well
        washed?" Maggie replies that it is and asks if she'd like any
        mayonaisse in her sandwich. Mrs. Johnson asks, "Is it fresh?"
        Maggie assures her that it is and makes Mrs. Johnson her sandwich,
        but Mrs. Johnson smells it, complains that the mayonaisse doesn't
        smell fresh and asks that she make another one for her without
           Mrs. Johnson is eating her sandwich and Maggie is keeping her
        company, there being no one else in the diner. Mrs. Johnson remarks
        on how lonely she is now that Bill Malloy is dead, that being his
        housekeeper for all those years was almost like being married to him.
        She tells Maggie that she wants to see whoever killed Malloy caught
        and punished, that she wants and eye for an eye.
           Elizabeth walks into the foyer and finds Carolyn in there putting
        her coat on to go out. She asks her, "Have you seen Miss Winters?
        She's supposed to be giving David his lessons, but I haven't seen
        her all morning." Carolyn sarcastically remarks, "She's been seeing
        a friend of the family." Elizabeth asks who. Carolyn replies, "Burke
        Devlin", then asks, "Have you given any thought about hiring a
        housekeeper?" Elizabeth angrily replies, "All my thoughts right now
        are on firing a governess!" and goes upstairs.
           Carolyn comes into the diner and Maggie goes to serve her. Maggie
        tells Carolyn the apple pie is fresh. Carolyn orders pie and coffee
        and sits down at Mrs. Johnson's table. She tells Mrs. Johnson, "What
        you need is something to keep you busy. I may have the solution to
        your problems!" She tells her she's spoken to her mother about hiring
        her as housekeeper at Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson asks, "What did she 
        say?" Carolyn replies, "She's still thinking about it." Mrs. Johnson 
        tells Carolyn, "If she says yes, I'll take the job." Mrs. Johnson 
        finishes her meal and leaves, giving Maggie a 10 cent tip. Carolyn 
        announces to Maggie, "We're going to have a housekeeper!" Maggie 
        replies, "Who, her? I think she's creepy!" Carolyn jokes, "Oh, you 
        don't like her just because she's a 10 cent tipper." As Carolyn is 
        leaving, Maggie warns, "You just be careful about who's eyes she's 
           Elizabeth goes to Vicky's room and yells at her for having spent
        the morning with Burke Devlin. Vicky explains that she didn't spend
        the morning with him, that she ran into him at the diner and he 
        insisted on giving her a ride home. Elizabeth angrily asks, "And why
        did you need a lift home? What were you doing in town? You were hired
        to tutor David a specified number of hours a day on a daily basis,
        not go into town whenever you wished." Vicky, shocked, asks, "Didn't
        your brother tell you about it?" and explains that Roger told her
        to take the morning off so he could give her a tour of the cannery.
           Mrs. Johnson places a phone call to Burke Devlin and tell him,
        "I've just been talking to Carolyn Stoddard. I think it's all going
        to work out!"
           In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth places a call to 
        Roger and asks him, "Did you give Miss Winters the morning off to 
        go to the cannery?... Why didn't you tell me?! I've just embarassed
        myself by reprimanding her for being away!"  After Elizabeth hangs
        up, Vicky, who's walked into the room and heard the conversations,
        angrily remarks, "Checking up on me?" Elizabeth explains, "No... 
        Just telling Roger he should've told me..", but Vicky, still angry,
        tells her, "I'm not a liar!" Elizabeth tells her she's disturbed by
        her tone of voice, but Vicky continues, "I've had enough of this!
        Either fire me or begin trusting me!" Elizabeth apoligizes for
        not trusting her, saying she was wrong and adds, "You don't know how 
        fond of you I've become." 
        Episode 73
        Tape Date:   September 28, 1966
        Air Date:    October 5, 1966 Wednesday
        Writer:      Art Wallace
        Director:    John Sedwick

           Sam Evans goes to the police office. The sheriff asks him what
        he wants. Sam replies, "Oh, nothing. I was just passing by and
        decided I'd drop in and say hello." The sheriff replies, "What
        took you so long? I've been expecting you to 'drop by' since 9:00
        in the morning. You're slow. Roger Collins and Burke Devlin dropped
        by a couple of hours ago." Sam asks what they wanted. The sheriff
        replies, "The same thing you want. To know when the coroner's
        report will come back." Sam asks, "When will it come back?" The
        sheriff replies, "In a couple of hours."
           In the drawing room at Collinwood, David asks Elizabeth, "Have
        you fired Miss Winters? She didn't come to give me my lessons this
        morning." He is disappointed when she tells him, "No, I haven't
        fired her. Uncle Roger took her on a tour of the cannery this
        morning." She continues, "David, you've got to learn to like Miss
        Winters." David replies, "Learn to like her? You can't do that.
        You either like someone or you don't." Elizabeth tells him, "But
        David, you don't like anyone!" David retorts, "That's not true! I
        like Burke Devlin!" Elizabeth tells him, "That's one person you
        shouldn't like!" She tells him Burke is not a good man and he
        shouldn't be friends with him. They get into an argument about Burke.
        David shouts "You don't like Burke because you think he killed Mr.
           Sam asks the sheriff, "How do you think it'll go?" The sheriff
        replies, "That's a question I've been asked all day long." He tells
        Sam he refuses to speculate.
           In the foyer at Collinwood, David places a telephone call to
        Collinsport Inn and asks for Burke Devlin, but is told he isn't
        in. Elizabeth comes walking into the foyer and asks, "David, who
        are you calling?" At first, he refuses to tell her, but she presses
        him and finally he admits, "I tried to call Burke Devlin. I had to
        tell him you think he killed Mr. Malloy!" Elizabeth replies, "I
        don't think that! What makes you think I did? No one killed Mr.
        Malloy. It was an accident." She sends David up to his room, then
        picks up the phone and calls the sheriff's office and asks when
        the coroner's report will be back. She is told "quite soon".
           Sam Evans goes to the diner at the Inn. Maggie asks him what he's
        doing there. Sam replies, "Oh, just resting my feet." Maggie remarks,
        "Better here than at the Blue Whale." She tells him the rumors around
        town is that the coroner will return a decision of homicide.
           At Collinwood, Elizabeth is talking to Roger on the phone about
        the upcoming coroner's verdict. David comes down the stairs, dressed
        to go out. Elizabeth asks where he's going. He replies, "To take a
        walk and get some fresh air." Elizabeth tells him he can't. She tells
        him to go back to his studies. David starts back up the stairs, but
        when she turns back to the phone, he suddenly turns, runs back down
        and out the front door. Elizabeth runs after him, screaming, "David!
        Come back!", but he doesn't listen and runs off. A car pulls up.
        It's the sheriff. He comes in and tell Elizabeth, "This is against
        regulations, but I know how important this is and I thought I come
        and tell you in person. The coroner's report has come back. He's
        reached a decision of accidental death by drowning." Elizabeth gives
        a sigh of relief and remarks, "So it's over." The sheriff replies,
        "Yes, ma'am. It's over."
           Sam and Maggie are in the diner talking. David comes in. Maggie
        asks, "What do you want? Ice cream?" David replies, "No. I'm looking
        for Burke Devlin, but he's not here. I asked the clerk to call his
        room, but he's not up there." Maggie fixes him an ice cream sundae,
        but David leaves before she can give it to him. Sam remarks,"Cute
        kid, even if he is a Collins." He continues, "Even if the coroner
        returns a verdict of accidental death, this isn't over." Maggie
        asks him what he means. Sam tells her, "If the verdict isn't
        'homicide', Burke Devlin's going to go on a rampage and won't stop
        until there's nothing left, including the kid..."
        Episode 74
        Tape Date:   September 29, 1966
        Air Date:   October 6, 1966 Thursday
        Writer:  Art Wallace
        Director:   John Sedwick

           Burke returns to the Collinsport Inn and goes to his hotel room.
        He is surprised to find David inside waiting for him and asks him
        how he got in there. David explains, "I snuck in while the maid was
        cleaning in here and hid in a room she had already cleaned." Burke
        tells him, "That's clever, David, but it IS illegal, you know."
        David replies, "It's not illegal if you don't get caught!" Burke
        asks, "Now who told you that?" David replies, "YOU did."
           After getting a couple of "Burke Devlin specials", Burke tells
        David, "I don't think I could ever have told you THAT!" David asks,
        "Burke, have you ever killed anyone?" Burke replies, "No, not that
        I can remember." David tells him, "Good. I knew you couldn't have
        killed Bill Malloy. That's what I came to ask you." Burke asks,
        Who thinks I killed Bill Malloy?" David replies, "My Aunt Elizabeth
        does. She doesn't say so, she says it's an accident, but I know she
        really thinks you killed him, that's why she doesn't like you!
        But I know you couldn't have done it, because I know who did!
        My father killed Mr. Malloy!"
           Roger returns home and finds Elizabeth in the foyer. He exults,
        "Accidental death! The coroner has come to a decision of accidental
        death! You know, there were a lot of rumors that the decision would
        be 'homicide'. There were even some people who thought I might have
        had something to do with it! It's over. Life can now resume its
        normal course." Elizabeth tells Roger about David's running off,
        saying she thinks he might have gone to see Burke, but Roger refuses
        to be concerned, saying, "Neither David nor Burke exists for me on
        this glorious day!"
           David tells Burke, "I knew it was my father who killed him on the
        night Mr. Malloy disappeared." Burke asks, "How?" David is at first
        reluctant to tell him, saying, "You'd laugh if I told you", but when
        Burke promises not to, tells him, "THEY told me, the voices. They
        come into my room and talk to me all the time. I also saw it in
        my crystal ball." There's a knock at the door. Burke tells David to
        go into the kitchen and freshen up the glasses while he answers it.
        Burke opens the door. It's Carolyn. Burke tells her, "I'm busy, now,
        Carolyn, I'm having a meeting." She tells him, "I want to talk
        to you, Burke!" and barges in anyway. She looks around and sees no
        one in the room, then looks at the closed bedroom door and remarks,
        "Oh, a meeting, hun? It must be with a woman!" Burke remarks, "You
        have a suspicious and salacious mind, Carolyn." Carolyn replies,
        "I don't care who you have in here, but Vicky Winters might!"
        Burke remarks, "Oh, that's what you're upset about." He calls out
        to the kitchen, "Oh, honey, come in here for a minute!" David comes
        out of the kitchen with the drinks. Carolyn asks, "What are you
        doing here? You know Mother doens't doens't want you coming here!"
        David retorts, "What are YOU doing here, then?" Burke laughs and
        says, "Touche!" Burke tells David to go back into the kitchen,
        telling him he'd like to talk to Carolyn alone. After David goes
        back into the kitchen, Burke asks Carolyn, "You're upset because
        I gave Vicky a ride back to Collinwood, isn't it? You're jealous!
        Well, I don't have to account for my actions to you or anyone else!"
        Carolyn angrily tells him, "I'm glad I gave your gift back. You're
        not the kind of man I think I want to be accepting gifts from!"
        Burke, puzzled, asks, "Gift?", then remembers and says, "Oh, yes,
        the fountain pen." Carolyn remarks, "Yes, the pen. You can give it
        to some other gullible girl now." Burke tells her, "But I don't
        have it. You never gave it back to me." Carolyn replies, "Yes I
        did. I gave it to my Uncle Roger. He said he'd give it to you. I
        remember. It was the night Bill Malloy died." Burke replies, in
        a sarcastic voice, "Maybe he had more important things on his mind
        that night." Then he remembers and says, "Oh yes. He said he was
        going to give it back to me at his office that night, but then
        reached into his pocket and said he didn't have it." Carolyn goes
        to phone Roger and ask him about it, but finds Roger isn't home,
        getting Elizabeth instead. After she hangs up, she exclaims,
        "Wonderful news! Mother just told me the coroner's come to a
        decision. Accidental death!" Burke becomes furious and shouts,
        "Get David and go home!" to Carolyn.
           David and Carolyn return home. Elizabeth reprimands David for
        running off. Carolyn, happy about the Coroner's decision, tells her
        to go easy on David, saying "This is no time to be angry!" Elizabeth
        tells her, "You sound like your Uncle Roger. He was exultant about
        the decision too." Carolyn remarks, "Why not? Isn't everybody?"
        David replies, "Not Mr. Devlin..."
           Burke, furious at the decision, goes to the sheriff's office
        and demands to know "what sort of unbalanced reasoning the coroner
        could've used to come to such a decision." The sheriff repiles, "He
        came to his decision using a simple study of the facts." Burke
        sarcastically remarks, "I bet one of them was them was fact that
        a decision of accidental death would take one of Collins family off
        the hook, and that the Collins family provides over half the jobs in
        this town..." The sherif denies this, and tells Burke he'd better
        leave. Burke growls, "It not over! I've been fighting with gloves on
        until now, but I'm taking them off now!" and stomps out of the
        Episode 75
        Tape Date:  September 30, 1966
        Air Date:   October 7, 1966 Friday
        Writer:     Art Wallace
        Director:   John Sedwick

           Matthew is walking around the grounds. He finds Roger standing
        on Widow's Hill. Roger remarks on how nice the day is and how
        beautiful the ocean looks. He is in a very good mood.
           Vicky walks down the stairs into the foyer. She is dressed in
        a coat and is obviously going to go out. She runs into Carolyn in
        the foyer. Carolyn asks, "Where are you going?" Vicky replies,"To
        take a walk." Carolyn asks, "Can we talk first?" Carolyn tells
        Vicky that the coroner's verdict has come back: accidental death
        by drowining. Vicky asks, "Do you think that will satisfy Burke
           Roger tells Matthew, "I don't care if Burke Devlin is satisfied
        with the decision or not". Matthew asks, "Is the coroner's decision
        final?" Roger asks, "What do you mean?" Matthew replies, "What if
        the sheriff doesn't agree with the coroner's decision? Would he
        continue coming up here bothering everybody?" Roger jokes, "What if
        he did, would you push him off a cliff like Bill Malloy?" Matthew
        exclaims, "Don't talk like that!" Roger asks why. Matthew replies,
        "If you joke like that about pushing people off cliffs, people might
        get the wrong idea about you." Roger tells Matthew the sheriff won't
        be up here investigating anymore.
           Carolyn lends Vicky a scarf and asks her where she's going to
        go. Vicky repiles, "I don't know yet. Maybe to the beach."  Carolyn
        finally answers Vicky's question, "No, I don't think Burke Devlin
        will be satisfied with the decision. I was with him in his room when
        he heard about it. He was furious." Vicky asks Carolyn if she'd like
        to join her. Carolyn declines, saying she wants to talk to Roger.
        She recommends to Vicky that she go to lookout point, saying the
        view is beautiful there.
           Vicky goes on her walk. She runs into Roger at Widow's Hill. He is
        playfully tossing rocks into the ocean. He jokes, "I'm tossing all
        my troubles into the sea." He takes a large stone, remarks, "This one
        is Burke Devlin", tosses it into the ocean and says, "Goodbye,
        Burke."  Vicky asks, "How do you get to Lookout Point?" Roger asks,
        "Why do you want to know?" Vicky explains that Carolyn recommended
        the view there. Roger asks, "Don't you know that's where Bill Malloy
        died?" Vicky replies, "I thought they didn't know exactlly where he
        died." Roger tells her, "That's one of the possible places."
           Carolyn is talking to Joe Haskell on the phone. She tells him,
        "Why is everyone worrying about what Burke Devlin thinks? He can't
        do anything." Roger returns. Carolyn hugs him joyfully and tells him
        how happy she is about the coroner's report. He tells her he thinks
        it's great too, adding, "I can't believe that anyone believed it
        was homicide. Even worse, I can't believe that anyone for even a
        moment thought I had anything to do with it!" Carolyn remarks, "But
        there is something you have. Something valuable..."
           Vicky is walking along the beach, bending over occasionally to
        pick up an interesting shell.
           Carolyn reminds Roger about the fountain pen Burke had given her,
        reminding him that he had taken it on the night Bill Malloy died,
        saying he was going to give it to Burke Devlin. She tells him, "I
        talked to Burke, and he told me you never gave it to him. He told
        me you told him you were going to give it back to him at the office
        that night, but when you reached into your pocket, it wasn't there.
        I hope you haven't lost it." Roger tells her not to worry, that it's
        probably in the house somewhere and will turn up. Carolyn asks,
        "Did you go directly from the house to the office that night?"
        Roger replies that he did. Carolyn remarks, "Then you probably did
        lose it in the house."
           Vicky sees something shiny on the beach. She bends down and picks
        it up. It is a shiny, filigreed silver fountain pen. It looks just
        like the one Burke gave Carolyn.
           Carolyn and Roger are searching for the pen, turning over cushions
        in the drawing room, etc. Matthew Morgan comes in through the front
        door. Carolyn goes to him and asks, "Matthew, have you seen a silver
        fountain pen lying around?" He replies that he hasn't. When Carolyn
        comes back into the drawing room, Roger angrily asks, "Did you have
        to tell Matthew about the pen? I'd rather this stay between you and
        me!" Carolyn is puzzled about why he would be angry about this.
        Matthew, who's gone outside, comes back in and tells them, "Mr.
        Devlin's car has just pulled up the drive..." Roger remarks,
        "Well, that's then end of our happy day." He tells Matthew, "Better
        go get my sister." Matthew goes upstairs. There's a knock at the
        Episode 76
        Tape Date:  October 3, 1966
        Air Date:   October 10, 1966 Monday
        Writer:     Francis Swann
        Director:   Lela Swift

           Roger opens the door and Burke comes in. He tells Roger, "I'd
        like to see Mrs. Stoddard." Roger replies, "I don't know where she
        is." Burke replies, "Well, I know she must be around here somewhere.
        She hasn't left here in 18 years." Roger asks, "What do you want?"
        Burke replies, "I've come here for something I've waited 10 years
        for. I came for Collinwood!"
           Roger, shocked, asks, "Do you think we'd just hand it over to
        you?" Burke replies, "Your sister may have no choice." Roger turns
        to Carolyn and tells her, "That Matthew is impossible. See if you
        can find your mother."
           Carolyn opens the door to look for Elizabeth outside and runs
        into her coming in. She tells her that Burke Devlin is here and
        says he wants Collinwood. Elizabeth growls, "I'll take care of him!"
        and goes inside.
           Inside the drawing room, Burke tells Roger, "You should've spent
        those five years in prison, not me!" Roger replies, "You have not
        one iota of proof of your accusations!" Burke retorts, "Bill Malloy
        found something. I'll find it too!" Elizabeth comes into the room.
        Burke tells her, "I want to buy Collinwood!" She asks, "Now why
        would you want to buy such a dreary place?" He replies, "Oh, I
        don't know. Maybe I want to start a dynasty. Maybe I just think the
        portrait Sam is painting of me would look good over the mantelpiece."
        Elizabeth tells him, "Well, it doesn't really matter why you want to
        buy it. Collinwood's not for sale." Burke asks, "Even if I were
        willing to pay more than it's worth?" Roger, an interested look
        suddenly appearing on his face, asks, "More than it's worth?"
           Vicky returns and finds Carolyn standing in the foyer. Carolyn
        gestures toward the closed drawing room doors and tells "Don't go
        in there. Burke Devlin is in there." She adds, "Mother was right
        about him..."
           Roger tells Elizabeth, "I think you should sell it if he's willing
        to offer more than it's worth." Elizabeth replies again that it's
        not for sale. Roger asks, "Why? You said just a moment ago that it
        was a dreary house. We could take the money and build another house."
        Elizabeth replies that it's part of the family history, that she's
        going to keep it so she can hand it down to David and hope he feels
        the same way about it. Roger asks Burke to leave the room so he can
        speak to Elizabeth alone.
           Burke goes out into the foyer. Carolyn and Vicky argue with him,
        accusing him of trying to buy the house just out of spite.
           Roger tries to argue Elizabeth into selling the house, but with
        no success. He remarks, "But it'd be worth it just to get Burke off
        our backs!" Elizabeth, "Why are you so afraid of Burke?" and refuses
        to sell. She opens the drawing room doors and announces, "Everyone
        come in here. I want everyone to hear what I have to say." Burke,
        Carolyn and Vicky come in. Elizabeth tells Burke, in a tone of
        finality, "Collinwood is not for sale!" Burke replies, "I just
        thought I'd come here to see if we could do this the easy way. I'm
        going to get Collinwood one way or another. Not just that, but I'm
        going to take over everyting you own, the fleet, the cannery,
        everything!" Elizabeth remarks, "There's no way you can do that!"
        Burke replies, "On the contrary, you'll find there's nothing you can
        do to stop me!" Elizabeth tells Burke, "I'm tired of you coming here
        and trying to stir up trouble. You've been accusing us of using
        Collins money and influence against you. Up till now, that
        hasn't been true. But now, I'm going to start. If you want a fight,
        you'll get one. I'm going to hire the best lawyers money can buy.
        After I'm finished with you, you'll know you've been in a fight!"
        Burke replies, "Oh, I'm sure I will", in a tone of voice that seems
        to indicate that he looks forward to the upcoming battle. He turns
        to leave and starts out drawing room doors. Carolyn, who still seems
        attracted to him in spite of everything, runs up to him and asks,
        "Didn't forget to say something?" He asks, "What?" She replies,
        "Goodbye." He tells her, "Sorry. You're a Collins too." Carolyn
        runs to Elizabeth in tears. Burke turns to Vicky and asks, "And where
        do you stand?" Vicky gestures toward the Collins and says, "With
        them." Burke remarks, "Well, I hope you don't get your pretty little
        feet muddy." and leaves.
        Episode 77
        Tape Date:  October 4, 1966
        Air Date:   October 11, 1966 Tuesday
        Writer:     Francis Swann
        Director:   Lela Swift

           It is sometime later. Elizabeth is the drawing room along.
        Carolyn comes in and tells her, "I've been doing a lot of
        thinking about Burke Devlin. When he introduced me to Blair,
        he told me that he was an old swindler who was in cahoots with
        him to defraud him of all his money. Of course, he said it in a
        way which made it sound like he was joking, but now, I'm not so
        sure..." She tells her mother she was ashamed she was ever attracted
        to Burke. Carolyn mentions that the last time she went to Burke's
        hotel room, she found David there. Elizabeth asks Carolyn to get
        David so she can straighten him out about Burke Devlin too.
           Upstairs in David's room, Matthew is fixing one of David's
        drawers. David shows Matthew a photograph of Burke Devlin at his
        first oil strike. He tells Matthew Burke let him borrow it. Carolyn
        comes in and tells David Elizabeth wants to talk to him.
           Elizabeth tells David, "Burke has declared war on the Collins
        family. He's not a friend David." David refuses to listen, saying
        "He IS a friend."  Elizabeth tells him, "Friends don't come up here
        and threaten to take over the house, the fishing fleet, the cannery,
        everything we own. You can only be on one side, David. Either you're
        with me or against me." David replies that he's "for her".
           Up in David's room, Carolyn is looking around David's desk,
        probably looking for the fountain pen Roger lost. As she is doing so,
        she finds the picture of Burke Devlin. Matthew asks, "Looking for
        something?" Carolyn replies, "A photo." Matthew asks, "One of Burke
        Devlin?" Carolyn lies, "No." Matthew remarks, "David had one. He
        said Mr. Devlin let him 'borrow' it." He asks her to talk to
        David about Devlin, saying, "Devlin's trying to harm Mrs. Stoddard."
        Carolyn replies, "More than that, he's trying to harm the whole
        family". She tells him about Burke's threat to take over everything
        the family owns.
           Elizabeth asks David to promise her that he'll never see Burke
        Devlin again. David refuses, saying, "NO! He's the only friend
        I've got!"
           David goes up to his room and finds Carolyn going through his
        drawers and asks, "Hey! What are you doing?" Carolyn shows her the
        picture of Burke and says, "You stole this, didn't you?" David denies
        this, saying he borrowed it. Carolyn asks, "Does he know you borrowed
        it?" David admits, "No.", but claims, "He'd want me to have it!"
        Carolyn exclaims, "Then you stole it, then. Let's see what else
        you've 'borrowed'!" and continues to go through his drawers. David
        exclaims, "You're just jealous because he gave it to me!" Carolyn
        retorts, "No I'm not. Anyway, he gave me a much more expensive
           Matthew comes downstairs and tells Elizabeth Carolyn and David
        are fighting upstairs. Elizabeth asks, "What about?" Matthew replies,
        "Burke Devlin. I think it's part of his plan. He's setting one
        member of the family against another. He gave Carolyn an expensive
        gift." Elizabeth asks, "What?", but Matthew replies, "I don't know."
        Matthew leaves the room. A few moments later, David and Carolyn come
        in. David complains, "She was going through my things! She took
        took something of mine!" Elizabeth asks, "What?" David pauses,
        reluctant to say what, but finally says, "A picture of Burke."
        Elizabeth tells David, "I don't want to ever hear you mention that
        name again!" David leaves the room and starts up the stairs. When
        he is halfway up,  he exclaims, defiantly but quietly so that
        Elizabeth cannot hear him from the drawing room, "BURKE DEVLIN!
        Episode 78
        Tape Date: October 5, 1966
        Air Date:  October 12, 1966 Wednesday
        Writer:    Francis Swann
        Director:  Lela Swift

           It is nighttime. Roger, dressed in a bathrobe, telephones Sam
        Evans from the phone in the foyer. They make an appointment to meet
        at the Blue Whale. Roger warns Sam, "I don't want it to look like
        we planned to meet each other. We've got to make it look like an
        accidental meeting." Vicky comes down the stairs into the foyer.
        She remarks to Roger that she's going to the library to get a book
        to read. Roger remarks, "You do a lot of reading. You must be bored
        and have nothing else to do. I've promised to take you out sometime,
        but never have. Tell you what. We have this place called "The Blue
        Whale..."  Vicky replies, "I know. I've been there." Roger,
        surprised, asks, "With who?" Vicky at first is reluctant to tell him,
        but finally says, "Burke Devlin." Roger asks, "Burke Devlin? Why did
        you go there with him?" Vicky replies, "He had a report on me. I
        wanted to know what was in it." Roger asks, "A report on you?"
        Vicky replies, "Yes, on what I was doing here at Collinwood. There
        wasn't anything in it I already didn't know."
           At the Blue Whale, Sam is sitting at a table with Maggie. Joe
        Haskell comes in and sits down at the bar. Maggie sees that Joe
        looks rather downcast and remarks,"There goes a sad sack if I ever
        saw one." She suggests to Sam that he go and invite Joe to join
        them. Sam does. Joe comes and sits down at their table. Asked what's
        wrong, Joe replies that he was stood up. Maggie remarks, "Don't
        worry about it. It happens in the best of families." Joe replies,
        "But this is THE family..." Maggie remarks, in and exaggerated
        voice, "you mean THE COLLINSES OF COLLINSPORT !!" They all laugh.
        Joe leaves to make a phone call. Maggie remarks to Sam, "He's
        a nice guy", in a tone that indicates that she's attracted to
        him." Sam replies, "No, Maggie. You'll just get hurt..."
           The phone rings at Collinwood. Vicky, now dressed to go out,
        answers it. Joe asks if Carolyn is there. Vicky replies that she
        isn't, that she left in her car a while ago. Joe asks Vicky if she
        know where Carolyn went. Vicky replies that she doesn't. Joe comes
        back to the table and tells them, "No luck." Maggie remarks, "Maybe
        you should try some new tactics." Joe replies, "Maybe I should try a
        new girl." Maggie's eyes light up. Joe asks, "Why don't we dance?"
        They dance.
           Roger and Vicky come into the Blue Whale and sit down at another
        table. Sam sees them and, pretending to be surprised to see Roger
        there, remarks, "Oh, there's Roger Collins. There's something I've
        been wanting to talk to him about. Now's as good a time as any."
        He goes to Roger and Vicky's table and says he'd like to speak
        to Roger privately. Vicky tells Roger, "That's all right, I'll go
        talk to Joe and Maggie."
           Roger asks Sam, "You wrote everything you know about the accident
        in that letter, didn't you?" Sam replies that he did. Roger tells
        it's dangerous to have a letter like that around and tells him that
        he should get it back and destroy it, saying, "What if something
        should happen to you and it fell into the wrong hands?" Sam replies,
        "That's exactly why I wrote it. To keep something from happening to
        me. If Bill Malloy had written a letter, he might still be alive",
        implying that he thinks Roger had something to do with Malloy's
        death in spite of the coroner's report.
           Roger goes to the other table to get Vicky. He tells her, "Let's
        go. I have a headache. I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Vicky
        replies, "No, we were just talkling." Roger, in a very bad mood
        because of his failure to get Sam to destroy the letter,
        sarcastically remarks, "about what?" He looks at Joe and says, "
        "The price of fish?", then looking at Maggie, "Or the price of
        hash?" Joe, furious, jumps up out of his seat and exclaims, "Now
        look, Mr. Collins, I don't mind so much that you insult me, but
        you can't insult Maggie like that!" Roger apoligizes, saying,
        "I'm sorry. I have a headache. I didn't mean to say that.", but
        Joe remains angry.
           Roger and Vicky return to Collinwood. Roger apolizes to Vicky
        about what happened at the Blue Whale then tells her, "We should
        go out more often." Vicky replies, "Maybe I'll have more time after
        your sister hires the housekeeper." Roger, who hasn't been told
        anything about this, asks, "Housekeeper?" Vicky explains, "Yes.
        She's thinking about hiring Bill Malloy's housekeeper Mrs. Johnson."
         Episode 79
         Tape Date: October 6, 1966
         Air Date:  October 13, 1966 Thursday
         Writer:    Francis Swann
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Mrs. Johnson goes to Burke's hotel room, having been called by
         him and been asked to go there. She tells him she is shocked by
         the coroner's report that Bill Malloy's death was an accident.
         Burke warns her not to give any indication of that to anyone but
         him so that a certain person doesn't hear about it as it may cause
         her not to be hired at Collinwood. He tells her he has two goals.
         One, to take over Collinwood and everything else the Collins Family
         owns, and the second to avenge Bill Malloy's death. The phone rings.
         Burke answers it and listens for awhile. After he hangs up, he 
         tells Mrs. Johnson that he's just been told that Roger Collins and
         Sam Evans were at the Blue Whale last night where they were arguing
         about something. They find this suspicious.
            Sam and Maggie are at the diner. Sam asks Maggie if there's been
         much talk about Bill Malloy lately. Maggie replies that the talk
         has died down ever since the coroner's report came back that it was
         accidental death. Maggie remarks, "Why are you so worried about it?"
         Sam gets angry, claiming he isn't worried about anything.
            Burke tells Mrs. Johnson, "What I'm interested in in everything
         Roger Collins does - everywhere he goes, every phone call he makes."
         They discuss the members of the Collins family. Burke tells her that
         the hiring of the governess, Vicky Winters, is very mysterious, that
         he checked into her background and could find no reason why 
         Elizabeth would hire her from New York. Mrs. Johnson replies that
         she doesn't find that mysterious at all, that she thinks Elizabeth
         would prefer a stranger from far away who knows nothing about the
         Collinses rather than someone from town. Burke tells her, "Today
         it's Maggie's day to work at the diner. Her father usually has
         breakfast there on those days. I'm going to go down and try to find 
         out what he and Roger were talking about!" Mrs. Johnson remarks,
         "I haven't had breakfast either." Burke warns her, "Remember, you
         and I don't like each other." Mrs. Johnson leaves. The phone rings.
         Burke answers. It's Blaie. Burke tells him, "I want you to get into
         position to buy the mortgage on Collinwood. I want to arrange it
         so that the Collinses are going to suddenly need a large sum of
         money soon."                                                
            Mrs. Johnson goes down to the diner, sits down at a table and
         orders "vegetable juice. Whole wheat toast and a cup of coffee."
         A few minutes later, Burke enters the diner too. He sits down at
         the counter next to Sam and orders a cup of coffee. He asks Sam,
         "Happy about the verdict that the coroner came up with?" Sam 
         replies, "Yes. No one had anything to do with Bill Malloy's death.
         It was an accident." Hearing this, Mrs. Johnson suddenly comes up
         to the counter and exclaims, "Oh yes, someone did! And that person
         is sitting right here at the counter. BURKE DEVLIN!" She continues,
         "Oh, I don't say he pushed him off that cliff, but it was his 
         coming back here and stirring up trouble that caused it!" Suddenly,
         David Collins, who's come into the diner, angrily  shouts, "NO! 
         THAT"S NOT TRUE! IT"S NOT BURKE'S FAULT!" Burke takes David out into
         the lobby  aand him what he's doing there. David tells him he came
         her to talk to him.   
            Inside the diner, Mrs. Johnson reiterates to Sam and Maggie that
         she doesn't like Burke Devlin because she blames his actions for
         Bill Malloy's death. 
            Up in Burke's room, David tells Burke, "Aunt Elizabeth said
         you were going to steal Collinwood from us. Is that true?" Burke
         replies, "No, Davey. I'm going to buy it. Remember, you yourself 
         asked me if I could buy it so we could play there together all
         the time!" This seems to satisfy David. They talk about some other
         things. While they are talking, David wanders over to the dresser
         and puts the picture he "borrowed" when Burke isn't looking. 
         He remarks,"AUut Elizabeth is going to hire that mean old Mrs. 
         Johnson to watch over me." Burke tells David, "Mrs. Johnson didn't
         really mean what she said in there. She's just very upset. She 
         doesn't have anything to look forward to now that Mr. Malloy is 
         dead." He adds, "And she's probably not hiring her to watch you. 
         It's a big house and she just needs help with it." David shows Burke
         the photo and admits, "I 'borrowed' this, but Carolyn says I stole 
         it." Burke replies, "Steal it?! You couldn't have stolen it. I 
         meant for you to have this all along. You can't steal something 
         that's yours"  and gives the photo back to David. 
            Burke brings David back down to the diner. David apoligizes to
         Mrs. Johnson.
         Episode 80
         Tape Date: October 7, 1966
         Air Date:  October 14, 1966 Friday
         Writer:    Francis Swann
         Director:  Lela Swift

            Roger is walking around the drawing room at Collinwood. He is
         muttering to himself, "Let's see, I took the pen from Carolyn that
         evening. Later, she came back down and I took it out of my pocket
         and offered to give it back to her, but she told me she didn't
         want it back and I put it back into my pocket..." Suddenly, he
         notices Vicky standing in the doorway looking at him. He nervously
         asks her, "Oh, you're probably wondering what I was doing." She 
         replies, "Oh, I know what you were doing." Shocked at her answer,
         he asks, "What?" She jokes, "You were practicing a new dance!"
         Relieved, he tells her, "No. I was just trying to remember something,
         but it wasn't very important. Vicky asks, "I'm looking for David,
         Do you know where he is?" Roger replies, "I got a call that he was
         seen at the diner with Burke Devlin, but when I got there, he wasn't
         there any longer. I don't know where he is now." He asks, "Do you
         know anything more about my sister's plans to hire Mrs. Johnson as
         a housekeeper? I don't think I like the idea." Elizabeth, who's
         heard this from the foyer, comes in and says, sternly, "Roger, I'm
         the one who makes the decision on who works here, not you!" Vicky
         leaves. Roger asks, "What do you need a housekeeper for?" Elizabeth
         replies so that it's so she can have more time to be with David 
         becaues she thinks it's important who he's influenced by. Roger, 
         in a sarcastic tone, asks her, "If you're so careful about who 
         David spends his time with, how come he was at the diner with Burke 
         Devlin a few hours ago?" 
            Vicky goes up to her room. Carolyn comes in and tells her about
         her problems with Joe, saying that she missed her dinner date with
         him last night and he hasn't called him since. Vicky suggests that
         she call him. 
            Carolyn comes downstairs and runs into Roger in the foyer. Roger
         asks, "Are you sure you gave that pen back to me?" Carolyn replies,
         "Yes, it was the night Bill Malloy died. I wouldn't have forgotten
         it. Now you told me you went to the office after that, so if you
         didn't lose it in the house, you lost it somewhere on the way." 
         Roger replies, "Hmm.. Somewhere on the way..."
            Roger goes to lookout point, bends over and starts to loook
         carefully at the beach...
            Carolyn runs into Vicky's room and ecstatically tells her that
         she took her suggestion and called Joe and that they've patched
         everything up. Elizabeth comes in and tells Vicky she'd like to
         talk to Carolyn.
            Vicky goes downstairs. There's a knock at the door. Vicky 
         answers. It's Joe. Vicky tells him Carolyn will be down in a
         minute. He asks, "You haven't told her about seeing me with Maggie
         last night, have you? She might not understand." Vicky repiles that 
         she hasn't and assures him she won't. Elizabeth comes down. Seeing
         Joe, she tells him she'd like to talk to him privately. She takes
         him into the drawing room and closes the doors. Roger returns. 
         He lies to Vicky, "I haven't been able to find David", implying that
         he's been out looking for him. He sees the closed drawing room doors
         and asks, "Is anyone in there?" Vicky replies that Elizabeth and 
         Joe are. She hints to Roger that he shouldn't tell Carolyn about
         seeing Joe with Maggie last night. 
            Inside the drawing room, Elizabeth asks Joe, "What are your plans
         for the future?" Joe replies that he wants to buy his own boat and
         start working for himself. He adds, "Oh, no offense to you, Mrs.
         Stoddard. I'm not unhappy working for you. It's just that I'd prefer
         to be independent. Of course, I could continue doing work for you
         on a contract basis." Roger comes in. Elizabeth tells him, "I was
         just trying to persuade Joe to stay with us." She tells Joe that
         she thinks it would be better for him to stay with them, that 
         now with Bill Malloy dead, he'll be promoted, that she thinks he
         can go farther faster that way than if he struck out on his own.
         She adds, "And with a better position, you'd be able to marry 
         Carolyn." Roger, who doesn't seem to like the idea, remarks, "Maybe
         she doesn't want to marry him." This upsets Elizabeth and she tells
         him to leave the room and let her talk to Joe alone.
            Roger goes out into the foyer. Carolyn comes down. Roger gestures
         toward the closed drawing room doors and tells her, "You don't want
         to go in there. Your mother is trying to bribe Joe Haskell into
         marrying you." She asks, "You're joking, aren't you?" He replies, 
         "No.", then asks, "You can't be serious about marrying a fisherman,
         can you?" She asks, "What's wrong with that?" Roger maliciously 
         replies, "Well, to a fisherman, there's more than one fish in the 
         sea. He was with one of these other fish last night. I saw him 
         dancing with Maggie Evans last night at the Blue Whale. You can ask 
         Vicky. She was there too." and leaves.
            Joe and Elizabeth come out into the foyer. Elizabeth says to 
         Joe, "Too bad I couldn't convince you to take my offer." Joe 
         replies, "I'll marry Carolyn, but on my own terms." Carolyn 
         angrily tells Elizabeth, "I will not be bought and sold like a 
         piece of meat!" She turns to Joe and says, "And you, you can take 
         your precious independence and be independent without me!" and runs 
            Carolyn goes into Vicky's room and angrily asks, "Why didn't you
         tell me you saw Joe with Maggie on a date last night?" Vicky 
         explains that it's not what she thinks, that Joe and Maggie were not
         on a date, that Maggie was in there her father and Joe came in and 
         that there wasn't anything romantic about their dance. Carolyn calms
         down and tells Vicky, "Mother offered Joe a wonderful opportunity
         for advancement but he turned it down. He still wants his own boat."  
         In a disappointed voice, she adds  "It would've meant we would've 
         been able to marry me. I think I'll go down to Lookout Point and
         take a walk." Carolyn leaves. Vicky goes to her desk, sits down and
         picks up a fountain pen and tries to write on a piece of paper with
            Joe tells Elizabeth, "I'm sure Carolyn will calm down" and 
         leaves. Roger comes into the foyer. Elizaebeth asks him to go 
         upstairs and get Carolyn, saying she wants to talk to her. 
            Roger goes upstairs to look for Carolyn. He goes to Vicky's room
         and asks Vicky if she knows where she is. Vicky replies that she's 
         gone to take a walk on Lookout Point. Roger replies, "Lookout Point?
         Isn't that where Bill Malloy died? Why go there?" Vicky replies 
         him, "It's not always bad luck there." She hands him the pen and 
         tells him, "Look what I found there the other day." Roger is 
         shocked. It is the pen Burke gave Carolyn. He asks, "You found 
         this at Lookout Point?" Vicky replies, "Yes. Pretty, isn't it. But 
         it isn't good without any ink." She takes the pen and leaves the 
         room, apparently to go to the study, where Carolyn told her in an 
         earlier episode there was a big bottle of ink, to fill it.   
         Episode 81
         Tape Date:  October 9, 1966
         Air Date:   October 17, 1966 Monday
         Writer:     Art Wallace
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Matthew Morgan goes into the Collinport Inn diner for a cup of
         coffee. He notices Burke Devlin sitting at a table and sits down
         at it. Burke asks, "What do you want?" Matthew replies, "To talk
         to you." Burke remarks, "The last time you talked to me, you ended
         up with your big paws around my throat." Matthew apoligizes for 
         that, saying it was uncalled for, but Burke tells him, "I'd rather
         you sit at another table." Matthew, however, does not leave, but 
         asks, "You have all the money you'll ever need. Why do you want
         Collinwood too?" He adds, "Mrs. Stoddard would never sell 
         Collinwood." Burke replies, "Everything has a price." Matthew 
         threans, "Collinwood will burn to the ground before you live in
         it!", but Burke merely replies, "It'll make a nice fire. I'd
         enjoy seeing it..." After Matthew leaves, Burke calls Mrs. Johnson
         to find how things are going. She tells him she's going to have
         an inteview with Elizabeth today. Burke tells her to call him when
         it's over and tell him how it went.
            Matthew returns to Collinwood and tells Elizabeth about running
         into Burke. She tells him, "I'd prefer it if you'd stay away from
         Devlin." She assures him, "I'll do my best to assure that Devlin
         doesn't hurt any of us."
            Matthew is clipping the hedges. A taxi pulls up at Collinwood.
            Elizabeth answers the door. It's Mrs. Johnson. Elizabeth takes
         her into the drawing room. During the interview, Elizabeth stresses
         that their privacy is important. Mrs. Johnson replies, "I'm no
         gossip, Mrs. Stoddard. In the 20 years I worked for Mr. Malloy, 
         I never repeated a word he said in his house to a soul." After the
         interview, Elizabeth shows Mrs. Johnson the house, then tells her,
         "I'll call you when I've come to a decision." Seeing that Mrs. 
         Johnson had come by taxi, she asks Matthew to drive her back into
            Matthew drives Mrs. Johnson to the diner, where she had told him
         she wanted to have lunch. In the diner, Matthew voices some doubt
         about whether he likes her working for the Collinses. Mrs. Johnson,
         tells him, "Is it my loyalty you're worried about? Well, there's no
         need to worry about that. I'll be as loyal to them as Bill Malloy
         was." But after Matthew leaves, she calls Burke's room and tells
         him, "I've just been to Collinwood and I'd like to come up and
         see you." 
            Up in Burke's room, Burke asks, "So you've got the job?" Mrs.
         Johnson replies, "Not yet. She said she'd think about it." Burke
         gets angry and asks, "What did you do to louse it up? It was all
         set up!" Mrs. Johnson replies, "Nothing! Mrs. Stoddard is just 
         a woman who likes to think things over. Mr. Devlin, I don't like
         your tone of voice, and I don't think I like you!" Burke 
         apolizgizes, saying he got overwroght because this is very important
         to him. He tells her, "Go back home and wait for Elizabeth's call.
         Me, I'll be going to take a walk to Lookout Point." Mrs. Johnson
         asks, "Lookout Point? Why?" Burke replies, "To look for clues,
         just as you'll be doing at Colinwood!" 
            Matthew returns to Collinwood. Elizabeth asks Matthew whether
         he thinks she should hire Mrs. Johnson. Her tone of voice makes
         it clear that she's ambivalent. Matthew replies, "I'm sure whatever
         decision you come to, it'll be for the best." Elizabeth thinks for
         a moment, then telephones Mrs. Johnson and tells her, "I've come to
         a decision, Mrs. Johnson. I want to start working for us as soon as
         it's convenient. Call when you're ready and I'll have Matthew come
         up and pick up you and your things." She hangs up and remarks, 
         "Well, that's done. I hope I haven't made a mistake."
         Episode 82
         Tape Date:  October 10,1966
         Air Date:   October 18,1966 Tuesday
         Writer:     Art Wallace
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Vicky is trying to give David his math lessons in his room, but
         David is preoccupied staring into his crystal ball.  Vicky remarks,
         "You won't see the answers in that." David replies, "I saw who
         see who killed Bill Malloy in there.." Vicky tells him, "No one 
         killed Bill Malloy. It was an accident." David insists that Bill
         Malloy was murdered. Vicky remarks, "You're the only one who 
         believes that!" David retorts, "How about Burke Devlin? He knows
         my father killed him and he's going to prove it!"
            Burke Devlin walks into the diner and sees the sheriff in there
         sitting at a table reading a paperback book. Burke asks, 
         "Interesting book?" The sheriff jokes, "It's a detective story. I
         guess you could call it educational - for me!" Burke sits down at
         his table. The sheriff asks, "What do you want?" Burke replies,
         "Oh, nothing. I just walked to Lookotu Point and back and want to
         rest my feet." The sheriff asks, "Lookout Point? Why?" Burke
         replies, "Have you considered that maybe whoever killed Bill Malloy
         might have lost something there, that maybe he had something in his
         pocket and dropped it there? Something like a fountain pen?" 
         The sheriff replies, "We searched Lookout point thoroughly and 
         found nothing but half a dozen empty beer cans." Burke asks, 
         "Did you search the beach below?" The sheriff replies that they 
         didn't, explaining, "There was no need to. There was a high tide 
         that night and no exposed beach." Burke theorizes, "Well, there 
         was a heavy rain after that. Maybe it got dropped on Lookout Point 
         and washed down afterwards!" The sheriff replies that that's 
         unlikely. Burke exclaims, "But it's a possibility!, but the sheriff 
         refuses to discuss the matter further, saying emphatically, "The 
         case is closed!"
            David tells Vicky he is almost finished with his problems.
         Vicky tells him his math is very poor and she has another set for
         him when he is finished. David exclaims, "What am I, a slave?"
         Curious, he asks, "Let me see them." He grabs the book where Vicky 
         keeps his lesson to see. When he opens the book, a pen drops out
         onto the floor. He picks it up. It is the silver filigree pen.
         David remarks, "Cool!" and asks, "Where did you get it?" Vicky
         replies, "I found it."   
            Burke is still sitting at the sheriff's table. The sheriff,
         looking very irritated, remarks, "Interestion book I'm reading.
         It's about a policeman who tries to sit down for a quiet cup of
         coffee, but a man comes and keeps pestering him. Finally, the
         policeman gets sick of him and throws him out the window..." 
         But Burke continues , "Roger Collins had a silver filigree
         fountain pen when he was home that night. He didn't have it when 
         he got to the office! It just came to me this morning that that 
         must mean he dropped it on his way to the office!" The sheriff 
         nonchantly replies, "Or at the house." Burke asks, "Aren't you 
         going to ask him about it?" The sheriff replies, "No! The case is 
         closed! I'm not going to reopen it just because of your harebrained 
         theories about fountain pens!"   
            Vicky is correcting David's work and tells him, "No, David,
         8 x 8 is 64, not 65." David replies, "Well, that's close." Vicky
         tells him, "In, math, close isn't good enough. You've got to be
         perfect!" David starts to admire her pen again. Roger comes in 
         and sees them not working. He remarks, "Is this how you tutor
         my son, Miss Winters?" Vicky explains, "I was just showing David
         this pen I found. You know, I was thinking, maybe I should put
         an ad in the paper to see if anyone lost it." Roger quickly replies,
         "No, I don't think that'll be necessary. It probably fell off a
         passing pleasure craft and was washed ashore. Consider it a gift
         from the sea." The phone rings downstairs and Roger turns to leave -
         holding the pen - but as he gets to the door, David exclaims, 
         "Father! Miss Winter's pen!" Roger replies, "Oh, yes.." and gives
         it back to her.
            Roger answers the phone. It's Burke Devlin. Burke tells him he
         wants him to meet him at the diner in 10 minutes. Roger refuses,
         saying he doesn't want to talk to him. He tells Burke, "You can
         wait 10 hours if you want. I not coming to talk to you!" Burke
         insists, saying, "I want something of mine that you have." Roger
         asks, "What?" Burke repliees, "My fountain pen!"
            Roger meets Burke at the diner. Burke remarks, "Good time. Only
         9 minutes and 28 seconds." He asks for his fountain pen. Roger 
         replies, "I don't have it. I must have lost it."  Burke bellows,
         "YOU LOST IT? WHERE?" Roger replies, "Calm down, Burke. It's only
         a fountain pen. I'll buy you another one." But Burke, not calming
         down, continues, "You know where I think you lost it, Roger, I
         think you lost it at Lookout Point. I think that 10:30 phone call
         of yours that night was to Bill Malloy, that you asked him to meet
         you at Lookout Point, that you dropped the pen when you met and
         killed him there!" Roger replies, "That's preposterous. The police
         searched the place. They found nothing!" Burke admits that there
         wasn't anything there, but confidently says, "Someone must have
         found it, someone who doesn't know what he has, but sooner or 
         later, he'll realize what it means and everything will start 
         tumbling down on your head!" 
            At Collinwood, David continues to admire the pen, saying, "It
         must be worth $1000 ! (About $6000 in 1995 money). Vicky replies,
         "It's valuable, but it can't be worth THAT much." Vicky, who's been
         correcting David's paper, tells him, "Better. Only two mistakes 
         this time. You know, if you continue to do your lessons hard,
         maybe I'll give you that pen some day." Roger comes in and asks
         Vicky, "When you've finished with David's lessons, could you come
         down to the drawing room? I'd like to talk to you." 
            Vicky goes down to talk to Roger. He tells her, "That phone 
         call I came down to answer. It was from Burke Devlin. He made
         another threat against us. Vicky, it's going to get dangerous
         around here. I really think it's best if you left before it did.
         That offer I gave you of a job with friends in Florida's still
         open..." But Vicky refuses, saying she'd prefer to stay at 
         Collinwood. David comes into the room and excitedly tells Vicky,
         "Miss Winters! I have the answer!" While they're talking, Roger
         leaves the room and goes up the stairs. 
            David tells Vicky, "You found the pen at Lookout Point!" Vicky,
         surprised, asks, "How did you know?" David replies, "I looked in
         my crystal ball like you told me to. I saw it in there!" Vicky
         remarks, "Oh, it's proabably a lucky guess!"
            Roger goes into David's room, a sneaky look on his face. He 
         takes Vicky's pen, which is lying on top of a book on the desk,
         puts it into his pocket and leaves.
         Episode 83 (Kinescope)
         Tape Date:  October 11,1966
         Air Date:   October 19,1966 Wednesday
         Writer:     Art Wallace
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Roger exits Collilnwood by the front doors.
            Vicky goes back upstairs and goes into David's room to get her
         pen on the desk but can't find it. David comes into his room. Vicky 
         asks him if he's seen her pen. David tells her, "It was right there", 
         pointing to a book, "I used it when I was looking in the crystal 
         ball and left it right there." Vicky points out, "Well, it's not 
         there now." They look around the room for it.
            Outside, Roger moves a large rock about the size of loaf of 
         bread, digs a hole, buries the pen, and puts the rock back over it.
            Vicky and David have no sucess in finding the pen. David remarks,
         "Maybe the Widows took it." Vicky replies, "That's ridiculous. I 
         think YOU took it. You have a habit of 'borrowing' things." David
         angrily denies taking it. They start to argue.
            Roger comes back into Collinwood and hears the sound of arguing
            Vicky and David are arguing in the hallway outside David's room.
         Roger comes up and asks what's wrong. They tell him. He orders them
         to stop bickering. He asks David, "Did you take Miss Winters' pen?"
         David replies that he didn't. Roger tells Vicky, "If my son says he
         didn't take it, he didn't take it. His word is good enough for me,
         it should be good enough for you." Vicky is shocked.  
            Maggie is reading the newspaper at the diner, there being no
         customers at the moment. Joe Haskell comes in and starts talking
         to her about his problems with Carolyn.
            Later, Roger summons Vicky to the drawing room. He apoligizes to
         her for what he said to her earlier, saying he hopes she didn't take
         it wrong. She tells him, "Yes, I did find it strange that David
         steals my property and you would get angry with ME!" He tells her 
         he had a reason for it. He asks, "You do want to get closet to
         David, don't you?" She replies that she would. He continues, "Well,
         I didn't think it would be good for you to accuse him of stealing
         if you wanted to get closer to him. Anyway, after all that fuss,
         David will insist he didn't take the pen and make sure the it never 
         shows up again. I'll buy you another pen." Vicky, shocked at Roger's
         reasoning, gasps, "It's not that, it's the principle...", but Roger
         continues, "Now, I think it would be better if you never mentioned
         this again, to anyone."
            At the diner, Maggie and Joe continue to talk.  Maggie gives her
         opinion of Elizabeth, "You can call her eccentric if you want, but
         I think she's off her rocker locking herself in Collinwood for 18 
         years. I was up there a little while ago, and I got the creeps just
         being in the entrance hall and the sitting room." Joe remarks, 
         "That's nothing. Most of the ghosts live in the closed up part of 
         the house." A customer comes in. Joe remarks, "Well, I see you've
         got a customer. Me, I've got to get back to work." Maggie invites
         him to come have dinner with her and her father at the cottage
         tonight. Joe replies, "Love to, but I don't know if I'll be free
         tonight." Maggie tells him to drop by if he is.
            Roger goes to David's room. He gives him a fountain pen, an
         ordinary black one. David asks, "What's this for?" Roger explains,
         "I'd like to keep the peace between you and Miss Winters. Sometimes
         adults get angry and say things they don't really mean. I'm sure
         Miss Winters didn't really mean to accuse you of stealing her pen.
         I want to keep the peace between you and her. Keep this pen. Forget
         the other one and never talk about it again." David protests, "But
         Miss Winters will, she'll keep saying I stole it!" Roger assures
         him, "No she won't. I've spoken to her about it and she's promised 
         never to mention it again." David angrily remarks, "I'll get even
         with her!" Roger tells him sternly, "No, David, there's nothing
         to get even for." and leaves.
            It is night. Vicky is looking out the drawing room window. It 
         is a stormy night outside. David comes into the room and asks, 
         "Is my father at home?" Vicky replies that he isn't. David suddenly
         runs from the room and up the stairs. Puzzled, Vicky shouts, 
         "David!" and gives chase, but when she gets to the foyer, there's
         a knock at the door. She answers. It's Joe Haskell. She remarks,
         "Oh, Joe. It's good to see you. It's creepy being here with only
         David for company!" Joe asks if she knows where Carolyn is. Vicky 
         replies that she doesn't, but that she thinks she'll be back soon 
         and asks him to stay and wait for her. Joe, somewhat angry, replies,
         "Sorry, I can't. I've got to go home so I can shave and change my
         clothes. I've got a dinner date!" and leaves. 
            Upstairs in his room, David is looking moodily out his window.
         He vows, "I'll get even with her!"
            Vicky goes upstairs. David, hearing her, comes out of his room
         into the hallway. He asks, "Who was that?" She replies, "Joe." He
         asks, "Is he still down there?" She tells him he isn't. He tells 
         her, "I lied to you before. I did steal your pen. You want it back?"
         She asks "Where is it?. David replies, "In there", pointing to the
         the door at the end of the hallway.    
         Episode 84
         Tape Date:  October 12,1966
         Air Date:   October 20,1966 Thursday
         Writer:     Art Wallace
         Director:   John Sedwick

            David continues,"I'll get it for you if you come with me." Vicky 
         looks at the door and remarks, "That's the closed off part of the 
         house. I thought no one could get in there." David pulls a key of 
         his pocket and replies, "I can!" 
            David leads Vicky into the unused part of the house. Vicky hears
         a noise and is frightened. David nonchalently remarks, "Oh, don't
         worry. That's nothing but a mouse." Another noise, this time a
         whistling one, frightens Vicky. This time, David tells her, "That's
         just caused by the wind." After a while, Vicky starts to wonder
         why the trip is taking so long - the house is big, but not THIS
         big. She asks, "We've been walking for over 10 minutes. It can't
         be THAT far away." David replies, "It isn't. I've been taking you
         in circles. I don't want you to know how to get there by yourself.
         It's my secret place." Vicky asks, "Secret place?" "Yes,", David 
         explains, "I come here whenever I want to be alone. No one can 
         find me here." Finally, they come to a locked door. David takes out
         his keys and opens it. They go in. David explains, "This is my
         secret place. No one else knows about it, not even Matthew." The
         room full of old furniture covered by cobwebs. David lights a
         candle. He shows Vicky his "stash", a box full of canned food and
         a can opener. He remarks, "I have something to eat whenever my
         friends come to visit me." Vicky, puzzled, asks, "I thought you
         said no one else ever comes here." David replies, "They don't, but
         the ghosts do."
            Carolyn finally returns to Collinwood. Elizabeth comes down the
         stairs, dressed in a bathrobe. She asks Carolyn if she's seen David,
         saying she's looked all over for him and can't find him. Carolyn,
         concerned with other things, apoligizes to Elizabeth for what she
         said earlier. Elizabeth replies that no apology is needed, that she
         thought about it and realized that she, Carolyn, was right, that
         she offered Joe the promotion only so he would marry her, that she
         was, in effect, trying to sell her. She adds that Joe's independence
         is one of his best traits, that the the founders of the Collins
         family would have liked him. Elizabeth tells Carolyn she'll go up
         and ask Vicky if she's seen David. 
            Elizabeth comes down and tells Carolyn that Vicky isn't in her
         room either. Carolyn tells Elizabeth she's called Joe and everything
         between them is OK now. She joyfully exclaims, "EVERYTHING is OK 
         now, even David!" She assures Elizabeth, "Don't worry about David
         and Vicky. They probably just went out for a walk."
            Inside David's "secret hideaway", David starts shouting, 
         "HELP! HELP!" Vicky asks him what he's doing. He replies, "Just
         showing you how no one can hear you from here." Vicky tells David, 
         "I'd like to go back now.", but instead of taking her back, David 
         tells her a story about a girl who is locked in a room, dies and 
         when found is a skeleton. Vicky asks, "Are you trying to scare me?"
         David sarcastically replies, "Why would I want to do that? Because
         you accused me of stealing your pen?" Vicky demands, "Come on, just 
         give me back my pen and let's go!" David replies, "OK, I'll give 
         you back your stupid old pen - if I can find it." He pretends to 
         look for it.
            Downstairs, there's a knock at the door. Carolyn answers.It's 
         Joe. Carolyn explains her absence to him, saying, "I was outside
         walking off my idiotic mood." Joe replies, "That's what Vicky said."
         Elizabeth asks, "Vicky? When did you see Vicky?" Joe explains, 
         "About an hour ago. She said someting about it being spooky here
         with only David for company."  Carolyn takes Joe's arm and tells
         him she'd like to talk to him alone in the drawing room.
            David tells Vicky, "I can't seem to find it!" Vicky tells him,
         "Forget about the pen. I want to leave!" She runs to the door and
         tries to open it, but finds that it's locked. David tells her,
         "Oh, I always lock the door when I come here. If you want to leave,
         let's go." He goes and unlocks the door and they both start out 
         the door. David looks back and says, "Oh, could you go and put
         out the candle. I forgot to. Wouldn't want to burn the whole house
         down." Vicky goes to put out the candle, but suddenly, David runs
         out of the room and shuts and locks the door behind him. Vicky runs
         to the door and tries to open it, but finds that she's too late.
         It's already locked. She starts to bang on the door and yell.
         David shouts back, "Bang all you want! No one can hear you!
         I hope you're locked in here forever!"
            David comes out of the door at the end of the hallway, locks it,
         and goes back into his room.
            In the drawing room, Carolyn apoligizes to Joe, saying his 
         indepedent spirit is something her ancestors would have like.
         She keeps talking, and talking. Finally, Joe manages to get her to
         shut up and listen to what he came here to tell her. He tells her
         he came to tell her he can't take her out tonight, that he's made
         other plans. Carolyn asks, "Can't you cancel them?" Joe replies,
         "No. It's too late. I'm ten minutes late already. She wouldn't 
         understand.." Carolyn explodes, "SHE??? Joe Haskell, sailor with a 
         girl in every port. Well, go on. Go to your other girl!" Joe tries 
         to explain, but Carolyn is too angry to listen and tells him, "Just 
         do me a favor, Joe. Get out of here." Joe tries to tell her, "I'm
         just going to have dinner, not get married." Carolyn shouts back,
         "Not to me you aren't! You'll never marry me!" Joe shouts back,
         "Good. This might be the best thing that ever happened to me!"
         and leaves. Carolyn runs up the stairs. As she is going up, she
         has to run around David, who's coming down. She shouts to him,
         "Get out of my way! Why are you always getting in the way?" and runs
         up to her room in tears. 
            Elizabeth asks David where he's been. David lies, "I was taking
         a walk outside. I came in the back way. I'm just coming down to
         get a glass of milk." Elizabeth asks, "Do you know where Miss
         Winters is?" David nonchalently replies, "No. Think I'll have a 
         piece of pie, too. I'm starved!" and runs into the door under the
            Inside David's "secret hideaway", Vicky bangs on the door and 
         cries, "David, let me out of here, please..."
         Episode 85
         Tape Date:  October 13,1966
         Air Date:   October 21,1966 Friday
         Writer:     Art Wallace
         Director:   John Sedwick

            Vicky relights the candle. She screams, "HELP! MRS. STODDARD,
         CAROLYN, HELP ME!", but as David demonstrated, no one hears her.
            Carolyn comes downstairs. Elizabeth remarks, "I'm worried about
         Vicky." Carolyn asks Elizabeth if she knows where her raincoat is.
         Elizabeth replies, "It's in my room. One of the buttons was loose.
         I sewed it back on. Why? Is Joe coming back to get you?" Carolyn
         replies, "Joe? Who's he? I'm just going out to have some fun."
         Carolyn complains about how Joe had let her apoligize, then told
         her he was busy tonight because he had a date with another girl.
         Elizabeth points out that she herself had had a date with Burke
         Devlin and is being hypocritical if she minds Joe having dinner
         with another girl for one night. Carolyn gets angry and replies,
         "Maybe I'll go see Burke again tonight!" and stomps out of the
            Sam goes into the Blue Whale. Burke Devlin is in there drinking.
         Burke calls out to Sam to join him, but Sam apparently does not
         hear and goes to the phone booth. There, he calls Maggie and tells
         him he'll be home in an hour. Maggie tells him she's invited Joe
         to dinner. Sam, worried, asks her, "Think that's wise?" After Sam 
         hangs up, Burke comes up to him and asks, "What's a matter? 
         Forgotten me?" and invites him to his table. Sam at first refuses,
         saying he doesn't want to discuss Bill Malloy anymore, but Burke
         promises him, "I won't mention Bill Malloy. I only want someone to
         sit and drink with me!" 
            Carolyn comes back downstairs, dressed in her raincoat ready to
         go out. Elizabeth begs her, "Don't go..". Carolyn replies, "I'm 
         only going to a movie." Elizabeth asks, "I thought you said you
         were going to see Burke Devlin." Carolyn explains, "No, I only said
         that in anger. I wouldn't go and see someone who's declared war on
         the family." Elizabeth asks, "What about Vicky? I'm worried about 
         her." Carolyn replies, "Don't worry. She probably just went out on
         a walk. Anyway, tonight, I'm not going to worry about anyone but
            Vicky looks around the room and finds that there's no way out.
         She collapses on the bed in despair.
            Sam and Burke are by now both very drunk. They start talking 
         about ghosts at Collinwood. Burke is skeptical about them. Sam
         replies that he's sure they exist. Burke asks how. Sam replies, 
         "I'm an artist! I can feel them!" They have another drink. Burke
         points to an empty chair and remarks, "Too bad Bill Malloy isn't
         sitting there drinking with us!" Sam pretends to be angry and 
         says, "Hey, you promised not to mention Bill Malloy!" Burke feigns
         a guilty look, covers his lips like a kid, and replies, "Oh, sorry!
         Sam remarks, "In all seriousness, I do wish Bill Malloy could be
         there drinking with us." Burke jokes, "How do you know he isn't?
         Maybe his ghost is here right now." He asks Sam, "You DO believe
         Bill was murdered, don't you?" Sam replies that he does. Burke
         explains, "Then that means that his ghost would be roaming the
         world trying to find his killer!" Sam raises his glass, says,
         "To Bill Malloy!" sings, "What do you do with a drunken sailor, 
         what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken 
         sailor ear-ly in the morning!" They drink. Sam remarks, "That was
         Bill's favorite song." Burke replies, "I know. He used to sing it
         all day when I worked with him on his boat." They both sing it.
         Carolyn comes into the bar.  Burke sees Carolyn, goes to her, takes
         her arm and pulls her to the table. Carolyn laughs, "You're potted!"
         Burke asks Carolyn, "What would you like to eat?" Sam suddenly 
         bolts upright and exclaims, "EAT!? OH, NO, I LATE FOR DINNER AND 
         MAGGIE'S GOT A YOUNG MAN OVER FOR DINNER!" He looks over at Carolyn
         and realizes that maybe he shouldn't have said this. Carolyn remarks,
         "I know. It's Joe Haskell, isn't it?" Sam does not reply and leaves.
         Burke asks,"Jealous about Joe Haskell?" Carolyn lies, "Of course
         not! Why should I be?" Burke replies, "That's a good question.
         Another good question is what are we going to do tonight?" Carolyn
         replies seductively, "That's entirely up to you..."  
            Vicky is still lying on the bed, apparently asleep. Suddenly,
         the room fills with a voice singing, "What do you do with a drunken
         sailor..." A ghost appears. It's Bill Malloy. He shouts at Vicky,
         "Wake up! You're losing time!" Vicky wakes up. Bill Malloy warns
         her, "Get away before you're killed! Get away before you're killed!"
         then turns toward the door and fades away. Vicky shakes her head
         and mutters, "I must've been dreaming!." She goes to the door and
         bangs on it again, calling for help, but, as before, receives no
         reply. When she turns back, she notices that the spot where she 
         thought she saw the ghost of Bill Malloy is covered with water and 
         seaweed. She screams, "Oh no! NO!"
         Episode 86
         Tape Date:  October 14,1966
         Air Date:   October 24,1966 Monday
         Writer:     Francis Swann
         Director:   John Sedwick

            It is now raining very hard. David comes downstairs. Elizabeth
         asks him, "Have you seen Miss Winters?" David replies, "No." She
         asks, "Do you know where she is?" David replies, "I don't 
         know. I don't care if I never see her again!" Roger walks into
         the foyer and asks, "What's going on here?" Elizabeth explains that
         she can't find Vicky.
            Vicky continues to bang on the door, begging to be let out.
            Elizabeth asks David when the last time he saw Vicky was. David
         replies that he doesn't remember. Elizabeth tells him to go up and
         get ready for bed. David goes up the stairs. As soon as he is out
         of earshot, he mumbles "They'll NEVER find Miss Winters!" 
            Burke takes Carolyn up to his room. Carolyn remarks, "I don't
         remember when I've had such a wonderful evening!" Burke pours a
         couple of drinks, then pretends to be cautious and remarks, "Oh,
         how do I know you're old enough? Do you have ID?" Carolyn 
         seductively replies, "There's other ways to find out if a girl is
         old enough..." Burke gives her the drink and toasts, "To us!"
         They drink. Burke turns the radio on to get some music. At first
         he gets an emergency new report reporting that highway 202 is
         closed, but highways 1a and 9 are still open. He fiddles with the
         nob and finally finds some romantic music. Carolyn remarks, "Well,
         with the storm so bad I guess I'd better stay here for awhile..."
            At Collinwood, Roger finds David, dressed in his pajamas, in the
         drawing room playing with his crystal ball and asks him, "I thought
         your Aunt Elizabeth told you to go to bed." David replies, "No, she
         only told me to get ready for bed." Roger replies, "You're mincing
         words. What are you doing with that toy there?" David angrily 
         replies, "It's no toy! I'm trying to see who killed Bill Malloy."
         Roger, irritated, tells him, "One last time. No one killed Bill 
         Malloy. It was an accident." He asks, "Why don't you put that 
         crystal ball to good use and use it to find out where Miss Winters
         is?" David replies, "I already have, but it only clouds up when I
            Vicky hears a noise outside the door and, thinking it's David,
         shouts, "David! I know you're out there! I heard you! Please let
         me out! I promise not to tell anyone about this if you do!" but
         receives no reply.
            Burke tells Carolyn, "You haven't lived until you've seen Rio 
         during Carneval!" Carolyn asks, "It must be like heaven.." Burke
         jokes, "No, not exactly. There are a lot of un-heavenly things
         going on, if you know what I mean!" Carolyn suddenly asks, "Burke, 
         have you ever been in love?" Burke's demeanor turns sad and he 
         replies, "Yes. Once." 
            While Roger and David are talking, Elizabeth comes down the
         stairs holding a key. She asks David, "Where did you get this,
         David?" David lies, "I've never seen it before!" Elizabeth tells 
         him, "I went to your room to see if you were asleep yet and found
         it on the desk. How did it get there?" David repleis, "Uh, maybe
         the Widows put it there..." Elizabeth says sternly, "Don't lie,
         David I know what this key opens and so do you. It's to the closed
         off part of the house." Roger asks, "Liz, I thought you had the 
         only key that opened that door." Elizabeth replies, "No, there
         are duplicates. They all have tops like this, that's how I know
         what this key is to." She remarks, "I think I'll go and try this
         on the door and see if I'm right" and starts up the stairs.
         David suddenly exclaims, "Now I remember! I found that key a long
         time ago, put it on my desk and forgot about it!" Elizabeth stops
         and says, "Now that you've explained, I guess I'll just put it  
         where it belongs with the rest of the keys." After she leaves, 
         Roger remarks, "Well, she believed you. Why don't you look in that
         crystal ball and see if I believe you!"
           Burke Devlin is telling Carolyn what sounds like a tall tale about
         some adventures he had on an island alone with a native girl, the 
         daugther of an important chief. Burke describes the girl as blonde 
         haired. Carolyn points out the inconsistency, saying, "I thought you
         said she was a native girl!" Burke replies, jokingly, "She was! She 
         was a blond haired native girl!" Carolyn asks, "What happened?"
         Burke replies, "Nothing. The chiefs wouldn't like it. She went 
         home." Carolyn asks, "I thought you said you two were alone on an
         island." Burke replies, "She swam home. She was a strong swimmer."
         Carolyn looks at her watch and remarks, "Oh, I think I'd better
         go home." She tells him, "This is the most wonderful evening I've
         ever had in my whole life!" He asks, "Will there be more?" She
         replies, "Yes." He asks her if she'd like a ride home, pointing
         out that the weather is quite bad. She replies, "No. The chiefs 
         wouldn't like that. Anyway, it's not necessary. I'm a strong 
         swimmer." She leaves. Burke mumbles, "Miss Carolyn Collins Stoddard,
         you'd better be a good swimmer, because soon you'll be in a 
         whirlpool with nowhere to go but down!"
            Roger, alone in the drawing room, pours himself a drink and
         toasts, "To Miss Victoria Winters, wherever you are!"
            Vicky gets an idea. She looks through the old-fashioned keyhole
         and finds that David has left the key on the other side. She takes
         a piece of paper lying on one of tables and slides part of it under
         the door so that it sticks out on the other side. She then takes
         a hairpin from her hair and pushes the key out of the keyhole. Her
         aim is good. It lands right on the middle of the part of the paper
         sticking outside. She starts to gently pull the paper back inside.
         Unfortunately, the old-fashioned key is very thick, thicker that
         the space under the door. When Vicky pulls the paper in, the key
         is not on it. Vicky pounds the door in frustration.
         Episode 87
         Tape Date:  October 16,1966
         Air Date:   October 25,1966 Tuesday
         Writer:     Francis Swann
         Director:   Lela Swift

           It is 1:00 in the morning. Roger is in the drawing room with
         Carolyn, who has just come home. Roger asks, "Where have you been?
         You're mother's been worried about you. She's was almost ready 
         to get a posse to go look for you. You're almost as good at hiding
         as Vicky." Carolyn asks what he means. Roger explains that Vicky's
         been missing for several hours now. He asks, "Could she be at the
         Evan's Cottage again?" Carolyn answers, "No, that's one place she
         couldn't possibly be tonight. Maggie's entertaining another guest,
         a certain ex-friend of mine." Roger asks, "Ex-friend? Who?" 
         Carolyn replies, "Joe Haskell!"
            Maggie and Joe are sitting together on the couch having coffee.
         Joe is telling Maggie about an "adventure" he once had when the 
         boat he was working was lost at sea during a violent storm and 
         didn't get back till the storm broke the next day. They start to
         talk about boats. Joe is surprised at Maggie's knowledge of boats,
         saying Carolyn used to fall asleep when he started to talk about 
         boats. Joe jokingly tells Maggie he'll test her knowledge of boats
         and asks her, "OK, describe the rigging of a schooner." Maggie
         surprises him by describing it in detail. She asks him, "Do I 
         pass? Am I right?" Joe scratches his head and laughs, "I don't
         know. I'd have to look it up!" Joe talks about his desire to
         buy his own boat and go into business for himself. Maggie tells
         him, "Too bad. About ten years ago, my father sold a whole bunch
         of paintings for $15,000 (=75,000 today), but he blew it all. If
         he hadn't, we'd be able to form a partnership!" Maggie pours some
         drinks. Joe takes one and remarks, "Now this raises a question."
         Maggie asks, "What?" Joe starts to sing, "What do you do with a
         drunken sailor...."
            Roger pours himself a drink. Carolyn admits she was with Burke
         Devlin tonight, saying, "Please don't tell Mother about it!"
         Roger reprimands her for being with a man who has vowed to destroy
         the family. Carolyn defends herself by saying it wasn't planned,
         that he was drinking at the Blue Whale and she ran into him there.
         She adds, "That's how I'm sure Vicky hadn't been with him tonight.
         He asked me why Vicky wasn't with me."
            A clock at the Evans Cottage shows 2:15. Joe thanks Maggie for
         dinner and tells her he'd better be leaving because it's late.
         He leaves.
            Roger is now alone in the drawing room, Carolyn having gone up
         to bed. Roger paces around of awhile as if thinking, then shuts
         all the lights as if preparing to go to bed. But instead of doing
         so, he goes to the table to the left of the door, and takes a 
         flashlight out of a drawer. He goes to the cabinet to the right of
         the fireplace and pushes a secret button on it. A secret panel 
         to the right of the cabinet opens. Roger goes in, closing the
         secret panel behind him. Carolyn comes back down and goes into
         the drawing room to look for Roger, but finds it empty...
            Roger goes through some secret passages and ends up in the
         unused part of the house. After walking around for a long time, he
         finally ends up near the room where Vicky is. Vicky hears a noise
         outside and calls out, "David? Is that you?" Roger hears her but
         says nothing. He sees the key on the floor by the door, bends down
         and picks it up. Vicky, hearing noises, asks, "Who is it?" Roger
         again does not answer. He knocks something over, then picks up an
         old walking stick and bangs it on the door several times. He then
         takes out a handkerchief, puts it to his mouth, and speaking 
         through it in a ghostly voice, says, "Vicky Winters! Leave 
         Collinwood! You are in danger here! Go home! Go home!" He waits
         a little while, then unlocks the door and goes in and exclaims,
         "Vicky! Thank God!. Vicky runs into his arms and cries, "It was 
         David! You were right. He's a monster! He locked me in here! He 
         lured me here by admitting to me he had stolen my pen and telling 
         me it was in here, then he locked me in and left!" She adds, "And 
         that's not all. There ARE ghosts here at Collinwood. I saw one!" 
         Roger asks, "You SAW a ghost?" Vicky replies, "Yes. It was tall and 
         shimmering, all covered with water and seaweed!" Roger asks, "Did 
         you happen to recognize who it was?" Vicky replies, "Yes! It was 
         Bill Malloy!"
         Episode 88
         Tape Date:  October 17,1966
         Air Date:   October 26,1966 Wednesday
         Writer:     Francis Swann
         Director:   Lela Swift

            It is morning. Vicky is in the drawing room with Carolyn. 
         Carolyn is sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of coffee, but
         Vicky is pacing about nervously. Carolyn asks, "Are you sure you
         saw a ghost, Vicky?" Vicky replies, "Yes. I find it hard to 
         believe myself, but I saw the ghost of Bill Malloy!" Elizabeth,
         who has just come into the room and heard the last sentence,
         is shocked and asks, "What did you say, Vicky?" Vicky repeats,
         "I saw the ghost of Bill Malloy!" Elizabeth exclaims, "Nonsense!"
         She remarks, "Roger told me about David locking you up as a prank,
         but he didn't say anything about a ghost!" Vicky exclaims, "It 
         was no prank! I think he was trying to kill me! I think it would
         be best if I left Collinwood!" Elizabeth begs, "I don't think you
         should make that decision hastily." Vicky replies, "I'm not being
         hasty. I thought about it all the time I was locked in that room.
         I think I should leave." Roger, who has just entered the room, 
         remarks, "I agree." Elizabeth asks Carolyn and Vicky to leave so
         she can talk to Roger. Carolyn and Vicky leave.
            Elizabeth asks Roger, "Why do you want Vicky to leave?" Roger
         replies, "I think it would be in her best interests." Elizabeth
         asks Roger how knew where to find Vicky. Roger replies that it
         was something David had said earlier. Elizabeth asks, "Why did you
         wait so long?" Roger explains, "It took me awhile to put two and
         two together." Elizabeth asks how he got into the unused part of
         the house without a key to the door. Roger lies that the door was
         unlocked. He tells her that David had later told him it was an
         accident, that he and Vicky had found the door to the unused part
         of the house unlocked and gone exploring, that they were exploring
         in the room, that after awhile, David, not seeing Vicky, had
         assumed she had gone ahead and left, locking the door behind him.
         Elizabeth remarks, "Lately, there have been too many accidents
         here at Collinwood..."    
            Vicky is in her room. There's a knock at the door. It's Carolyn.
         Carolyn comes in and tells Vicky, "You can't leave Collinwood!
         What about what you said you came here for?" Vicky replies, "I 
         haven't seen anything that sheds any light on my past." She 
         complains, "I was missing for hours! Didn't anyone even notice?"
         Carolyn apoligizes, saying, "I would have, but I was out for the
         evening." She tells Vicky it was Joe's fault she was angry and
         was out for the evening, in essence blaming Joe for everything.
         She tells her she found out Joe was having dinner with Maggie
         Evans. She tells about running into Burke Devlin at the Blue Whale.
         She begs Vicky to stay, saying, "We might not be the most 
         demonstrative family in the world, but we all care for you." 
         Vicky remarks, "Not David..." Carolyn says, "You must hate him."
         Vicky replies, "No, I feel sorry for him." 
            Elizabeth and Roger discuss Vicky's claim that she saw the ghost
         of Bill Malloy. Roger remarks, "There might be a way we could 
         satisfy ourselves about that." Elizabeth asks Roger, "Have you ever,
         since you were a child, ever seen a ghost here?" Roger replies, "No,
         not actually seen one, but I've often felt things. Now be honest.
         You have too, haven't you?" Elizabeth doesn't answer, pausing in a
         way that indicates that she has. She asks, "You said there was a 
         way we could satisfy ourselves. What did you mean?" Roger explains,
         "We could go back to that room and see if there's any evidence of
         what Miss Winters claims to have seen."
            Carolyn begs Vicky, "Don't leave! I need your good advice about
         Burke Devlin!" Vicky remarks, "What good is my advice doing? You
         went and saw him tonight anyway." Carolyn says, "But nothing
         happened." She adds, "Not that I was responsible for that. He was.
         He'd been drinking pretty heavily. It looks like he was drinking
         to celebrate something." Vicky wonders, "I wonder what he could've
         been celebrating." 
            Roger and Elizabeth go into the unused part of the house by
         the door at the end of the bedroom hallway. They go to the room 
         where Vicky had been locked and start to look around. Elizabeth
         finds David's drawings and other things on the table and exclaims,
         "David lied! He's been here before. You know what this means. He
         locked Vicky in here deliberately! He must be a psychopath!"
         Roger agrees, adding, "That's why I think Miss Winters should leave.
         For he own safety." He adds, "Well, we've found no evidence of a
         ghost. I didn't see any when I was in here earlier, either."
         Elizabeth exclaims, "Then you must not have been looking very
         carefully. Look at this!" She points to some seaweed on the floor.
         She picks some up and exclaims, "It's still wet! Just like Vicky
            Elizabeth and Roger come back out and return to the drawing room.
         Roger asks, "What does this mean?" Elizabeth replies, "I think it's
         the evidence we were meant to see." Roger asks, "By whom?" Elizabeth
         doesn't answer. Roger, knowing she's thinking "Bill Malloy", 
         protests, "But he's dead!" Elizabeth replies, "Yes, but I've heard
         that ghosts wander around restlessly when there's a wrong to be
         righted..." Carolyn and Vicky come into the room. Carolyn asks, 
         "Mother! You've got to convince Vicky not to leave!" Elizabeth
         replies, "Vicky, I don't want you to leave. I'd be much happier
         if you decided to stay, but the decision is up to you." Vicky
         surprises everyone by replying, "No it isn't. It'll be up to 
         David." Carolyn asks, "David?" Vicky replies, "Yes. I've got to 
         talk to him first. He hates me more that I ever thought possible.
         I've got to find out why."
         Episode 89
         Tape Date:  October 18,1966
         Air Date:   October 27,1966 Thursday
         Writer:     Francis Swann
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Burke Devlin and James Blair are in Burke's hotel room. Burke 
         is looking at some listings of the prices of some real estate 
         he's planning on buying. Blair tells him, "Your bid on the 
         Logansport cannery is in." 
            At Collinwood, Roger and Elizabeth are in the drawing room.
         Roger tells Elizabeth, "I think Miss Winters should leave. She's
         having dangerous delusions, like thinking she saw Bill Malloy's
         ghost. I think she's a danger to David." Elizabeth replies, "I
         think it's the other way around." The phone rings. Elizabeth 
         answers. Talking to the caller, she says, "Garner? You just heard 
         what?! He did?! How much did he offer?... Of course I'm going to do 
         something about it!... How much money do I need... That much?"
         After she hangs up, she tells Roger, "Burke Devlin's just put in
         a bid for the Logansport cannery. He plans to go into competition
         against us. We have 10 days to do something about it."
            Blair warns Burke, "She'll fight you, you know." Burke replies,
         "With what? A daughter and nephew who come running to me at every
         opportunity? A weakling brother who can't be depended upon?"
         Blair replies, "With loyal people. Her people are absolutely loyal
         to her. That's why Collinsport is a success and Logansport is for
         sale" Burke counters, "I'll buy them. Everyone has a price. 
         Everyone's for sale." The phone rings. Burke answers and talks for
         a few seconds. After he finishes and hangs up, he tells Blair,
         "See. Money talks. You'll see, Blair. I've got a few tricks up
         my sleeve." He goes into the kitchen and returns with a couple of
         bottles of liquor. A few seconds later, there's a knock at the door.
         Burke opens it. Four middle-aged men come in. Burke says hello to 
         to them, referring to them as "Ezra, John, Amos..." He introduces
         them to Blair as, "Mr. Fitch, Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Belladeaux, 
         Mr. Ahern." The men sit down. Burke tells them, "I'll come right
         to the point. I've made arrangements to buy the Logansport cannery."
         He tells them he wants to hire them away from Collinsport. They
         all tell him they don't want to leave Collinsport. They get up and
         prepare to leave. Burke stops them, saying, "Wait! I'm willing to
         make it worth it to you! Blair! tells them!" Blair tells them,
         "Mr. Devlin is going to pay you much more than you're making now.
         In addition to this, you'll receive additional money from profit
         sharing." Burke begs, "Let me explain. After I've finished talking,
         if you don't like what I've said, you can just get up and leave, but
         let me talk first."
            At Collinsport, Elizabeth vows to Roger that she'll fight Burke.
         Roger asks, "How?" Elizabeth replies, "I have people who'll help.
         Loyal people Burke could never buy." Roger asks, "Who?" Elizabeth
         replies, "My workers. They're absolutely loyal to me."
            Burke tells the men, "Don't you understand? After I take over
         Logansport, Collinsport will be dead. There'll BE no more jobs
         here, including yours." Amos Fitch, angrily tells Burke he doesn't
         like the way he's talking, gets up and leaves.  
            Elizbeth tells Roger, "Burke won't be able to run the Logansport 
         cannery. He won't be able to get experienced help." Roger replies,
         "Money always has a way of getting experienced people. He'll hire
         them away from you." Elizabeth tells him she's confident he won't
         be able to, that she's confident in their loyalty, but Roger 
         replies, "Loyalty always goes to the highest bidder." There's
         a knock at the door. Elizabeth answers. It's Amos Fitch. He tells
         Elizabeth that he's just come from Burke Devlin's hotel room. He
         tells her that Devlin had called him and asks him to come talk to
         him, that he asked him to bring Ahern, Belladeux and Cartwright
         with him. He tells her they went just to see what he wanted. He
         tells her what happened in Devlin's room, about Devlin telling
         them he wanted to hire them to work for him. He tells her, "The
         more I listened, the madder I got. I got so mad, I got up and
         left." Roger asks, "What about the others? Did they get up and
         leave too?" Amos replies, "No. They stayed to listen to Devlin's
         offers and threats." Elizabeth asks, "Threats?" Amos replies,
         "Yes. He said there won't be any more business at Collinsport
         after he got Logansport running. He offered big money, profit
         sharing." Elizabeth thanks Amos for telling her. He leaves. Roger
         remarks, "Money has just been pitted against loyalty. WHen those
         two get together, there's always a quick decision..."
            Burke and Blair are now alone in the hotel room, the three men
         having left. Burke tells Blair he's very confident about what just
         happened. Blair tells him, "I'm not so sure. That Fitch. I think
         he's the kind of guy who would go and tell Mrs. Stoddard about what
         happened here." Burke replies, "Good. I hope he does. A fight's no
         fun if the opponent doesn't know about it. I want to see them
         squirm." Blair asks, "How many do you think you got?" Burke replies,
         "Three. But even one would be enough. As soon as everyone sees how
         much money he's making, they'll come running to me!" He tells Blair
         he's done a good job and gives him a $1000 bonus (probably worth
         about $6000 in 1995 money), saying, "This is for YOUR loyalty..."
            After Blair leaves, Burke receives a telephone call from
         Elizabeth. She tells him, "I know what you're up to. You won't get
         away with it. This is the lowest, most contemptable thing you've
         ever tried. I promise you, you'll get the fight of your life. You
         don't own Logansport yet, and I'll spend every penny I've got to
         make sure you never do!" After she hangs up, she tells Roger,
         "It's Burke Devlin or us now!"
         Episode 90
         Tape Date:  October 19,1966
         Air Date:   October 28,1966 Friday
         Writer:     Francis Swann
         Director:   Lela Swift

            Vicky is in her room, packing. David comes in and asks, "What
         are you doing?" Vicky replies, "What does it look like I'm doing?"
         David tells her, "It looks like you're packing to leave." Vicky
         replies, "That's what you wanted, isn't it? You said you hated me,
         that you hoped I died and when I did, you wouldn't even come to my
         funeral. You told me you hoped I was locked in that room forever".
         David replies, "I didn't mean it." Vicky asks, "What part didn't
         you mean?" David replies, "The part about not attending your
         funeral. I would." Vicky asks, "Why?" David replies, "Because
         I like funerals. I sometimes pretend I'm at the funeral." Vicky
         asks, "Whose?" David replies, "My father's!" Vicky tells him,
         "That's morbid." David counters, "Is it any worse than playing
         shooting?" He gestures into the air with his finger and sayss,
         "Bang, bang! You're dead!" Vicky asks, "You don't like shoothing?"
         David replies, "No. There are better ways..." Vicky asks, "You mean
         like locking people in rooms like you did with me?" David lies,
         "I didn't lock you in there on purpose. I thought you had already
         left." Vicky asks, "What about what I heard you shout after you
         locked me in, 'I hope you're locked in here forever!'?" David lies,
         "I wasn't talkng to you. I was talking to the ghosts in there."
         Vicky asks, "Which ghosts?" David replies, "One of them is Josette
         Collins. The other one is a little girl. I don't know her name."
         Vicky tells him, "There's a third ghost around here." She tells
         him about seeing Bill Malloy's ghost while in the room. David 
         exclaims, "I don't believe it! What did he do?" Vicky tells him
         the ghost told her to leave Collinwood. David shouts, "You can't!"
         Vicky asks why. David tells her, "You're the only person other than
         me who's seen a ghost. That must mean they want you to stay!
         The ghosts only let you see them when they want yo to see them" 
         Vicky reminds him that the ghost had warned her to leave. David
         begs, "Miss Winters, please don't leave Collinwood!" Carolyn, who's
         just walked in and heard this, asks, "Did I hear right?!" She 
         reminds Vicky, "You said it would be David's decision whether you
         stayed or not. Well, he's just made it. You're staying!" Vicky
         protests, "No! This is different!" Carolyn asks David to leave
         so she can speak to Vicky in private. David leaves. Carolyn asks
         Vicky, "Now in the light of day, are you so sure you saw Bill 
         Malloy's ghost? Are you sure you weren't dreaming?" Vicky replies
         that she wasn't, saying there was seaweed on the floor where the
         ghost stood to prove it wasn't a dream. She tells Carolyn she wrote
         it all down in her diary so she wouldn't forget. She opens her diary
         and starts to read the account to Carolyn, "It all started when I
         heard a rough voice singing some kind of sea shanty, 'What do you
         do with a drunken sailor...'" Carolyn gasps, "That was Bill's 
         favorite song!" Vicky remarks, "Well, then that just about proves
         it, doesn't it?"
            David, outside in the hall, finds Matthew fiddling with the door
         leading to the unused part of the house. He goes and asks him what
         he's doing. Matthew replies, "Changing the lock." David asks why.
         Matthew replies, "Mrs. Stoddard told me to. Miss Winters wandered in
         there the other day and locked herself in a room. Mrs. Stoddard
         wants to make sure it doesn't happen again." David leaves. Carolyn
         comes out to see what's happening. She too asks Matthe what he's
         doing. Matthew tells her, "Mrs. Stoddard told me to change the lock.
         Apparently, there are too many loose keys to the old one floating
         around." Carolyn goes back into Vicky's room. She asks her, "I 
         thought you said you'd leave it to David whether you'd stay or 
         leave." Vicky replies, "Yes, I thought that maybe he secretly really
         want me to stay." Carolyn says, "But he does. I just heard him beg
         you to stay." Vicky explains, "No, he only wanted me to stay because
         he found out I had seen a ghost, not because he likes me." Carolyn
         asks, "Well, what about your search?" Vicky replies, "I'll try
         somewhere else. I haven't found any clues to my past here. Thank
         you for wanting me to stay." Carolyn admits, "I guess I'm just
         being selfish. I want you to stay for me. If I were thinking about
         you're best interests, I'd probably recommend that you leave..."
            David comes back to Matthew and tells him, "I found a place on
         the stairs where the rug is loose. Maybe you should fix it before
         someone trips on it and falls down the stairs breaks his neck."
         Matthew and David leave, David going to show Matthew the place he
         is talking about.
            Vicky tells Carolyn, "That's what the ghost did. He warned me 
         to leave. Too bad there isn't a way I could show you where I saw 
         the ghost." Carolyn looks out into the hallway and says, "Maybe
         there is. Matthew gone somewhere and hasn't finished changing the
         lock yet." They leave Vicky's room and go into the unused part of
         the house. David, who's coming back from showing Matthew the loose
         rug, sees them go in. He goes into Vicky's room, sees her diary
         lying there and reads the entry about Bill Malloy's ghost. 
            David comes back out into the hallway and goes up to Matthew
         Morgan, who, having fixed the loose rug, has come back to finish
         changing the lock. He asks, "What if there were someone in there
         right now. Would they be able to come out after you've finished
         changing the lock?" Matthew asks, "Why do you want to know that?"
         David answers, "Because I think the real reason my Aunt Elizabeth
         wants you to change the lock is not because she wants to keep 
         someone out, but because she wants to keep something in!" Matthew
         asks, "What?" David replies, "A ghost. Miss Winters said she saw
         Mr. Malloy's ghost while she was in there." A strange look comes
         across Matthew face. It looks like he's frightened. He suddenly 
         grabs David and demands, "What did it do?" David tells him, "It
         told her about the night he died. He said he didn't fall. He said
         someone killed him." Matthew tells David, "That's ridiculous! It
         was an accident! The coroner said so!"
            Vicky takes Carolyn to the room where she was locked. She takes
         the key from the lock and tells her, "This the they key that was
         too big to fit under the door. This time I'm going to make sure
         I have it!" They go into the room, Vicky holding the key. She
         remarks, "You know, it doesn't look so spooky here in the daytime."
         Carolyn replies, "It looks spooky to me! I'd have gone crazy if I
         had been locked in here!" Vicky shows Carolyn the place where the
         ghost was but is surprised to find no seaweed there. She tells 
         Carolyn, "There was seaweed here! I don't know what happened to
         it!" Carolyn asks, "What did you mean about the key being too big?"
         Vicky tells her, "I'll demonstrate." She sticks the key inth 
         keyhole on the other side of the door and closes the door. She picks
         up one of the old pieces of paper scattered about and sticks it 
         under the door. She then takes a hairpin out of her hair and pushes
         the key out of the keyhole just like she did the first time. She
         then pulls the paper back into the room, but is surprised to find
         that this time the key comes with it, easily fitting through the
         slit under the door. She exclaims, "But I don't understand! Last
         time, it wouldn't fit!" Carolyn remarks, in a mysterious voice, 
         "Maybe it wasn't meant to last time..." Vicky, glancing at the piece
         of paper she used for her demonstration, suddenly asks, "Carolyn!
         What's 'Garner and Garner?'". Carolyn replies, "My mother's lawyers.
         Why? What do you have there?" Vicky explains, "It looks like a sheet
         from an old ledger. There's a name on it. 'B. Hanscombe.' I know
         it! This may be the clue I've been looking for!" Carolyn excitedly
         says, "Then you have a reason to stay at Collinwood!"
            David is in Vicky's room, sitting in a chair. Vicky and Carolyn
         return. Carolyn asks, "What are you doing in here? Snooping around?"
         David replies, "No. I was worried. I saw you two go into the unused
         part of the house." Carolyn, surprised, asks, "Worried about us?"
         David replies, "No, not about you, just about Miss Winters." Vicky
         asks, "You were worried about me? Why?" David replies, "Because I
         love you!" and runs out of the room. Vicky, surprised, asks Carolyn
         "That's very unlike him. Has he ever said anything like that 
         before?" Carolyn replies, "Yes. Just once. When he was living in
         Augusta, he had a kitten he said he loved." Vicky asks, "He had a 
         kitten? Where is it? What happened to it?" Carolyn replies, "He 
         drowned it..."
       Episode 91
       Tape Date: October 20, 1966
       Air Date:  October 31, 1966 Monday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Carolyn and Vicky come out and come down to the foyer. Carolyn
       asks, "Where did you see the name 'B. Hanscombe' before?" Vicky
       replies, "I don't know." She shows the ledger sheet to Carolyn and
       asks, "Do you know any of the names here?" Carolyn takes a look and
       replies, "No. Except Garner and Garner. They're my mother's lawyers
       in Bangor." Vicky suddenly exclaims, "Betty Hanscombe! That's where
       I heard the name before!" She tells Carolyn about the portrait she
       saw at the Evans Cottage. She calls Sam Evans and asks, "Was Betty
       Hanscombe her real name or a nickname?" Sam tells her it was her real
       name. After hanging up, Vicky exclaims, "How many B. Hanscombes can
       there be? There must some connection!" Carolyn asks, "Why not ask
       Mother?" Vicky pauses for awhile then replies, "I'm reluctant to. It
       seems that every time I've asked her about my past, she's been
       evasive. Promise not to ask her for me." Elizabeth, who's just come
       into the room in time to hear the last sentence, asks, "Ask me what?"
       Vicky quickly replies, "If I could have a few days off or not. I've
       decided to stay - David's convinced me to, but I need a few days off.
       I think I'll go to Bangor to do some shopping." Elizabeth replies,
       "Of course. I have some friends in Bangor you can stay with." Vicky
       thanks her but declines, saying, "I need to get away for awhile. I'd
       prefer to stay in a hotel." Carolyn asks, "Could I drive you there?"
       Vicky declines, saying she'd prefer to take the bus. After Vicky
       goes off to pack, Carolyn exuberantly remarks, "It's WONDERFUL that
       David's managed to convince Vicky to stay!" Elizabeth replies, "Yes,
       but it's also very odd..."
          Carolyn drives Vicky to the Collinsport Inn. While Vicky goes into
       the lobby to get a bus schedule, Carolyn calls Burke and tells him
       she's down in the diner. Vicky comes back into the diner and tells
       Carolyn the bus won't leave for an hour. They sit down and order
       coffee (from 'Suzy', not Maggie, who's not on duty). Vicky tells
       Carolyn, "The first thing I going to do when I get to Bangor is
       call for an appointment at 'Garner and Garner'". Carolyn asks her
       to call and tell her as soon as she finds anything. Burke comes
       down and pretends to be surprised to find them there, saying,
       "Well, what a pleasant surprise finding two pretty ladies like
       you two here!" He asks what they're doing there. Vicky explains that
       she's going to Bangor to check out a clue to her past. Carolyn
       remarks, "Do you know that Vicky saw Bill Malloy's ghost?" Burke
       suddenly starts to look very interested and asks Vicky, "How are you
       planning on going to Bangor?" Vicky replies, "By bus". Burke offers
       to drive her. Vicky declines, but Burke is VERY insistent and won't
       take no for an answer. Finally, Vicky accepts. Burke asks, "Where's
       your luggage?" Vicky replies, "In the trunk of Carolyn's car." Burke
       takes Carolyn's car keys, which she's left on the table, says,
       "I'll have them transferred to my car" and leaves. Carolyn angrily
       tells Vicky, "You know I was planning to see Burke tonight! How
       could you interfere like this?" Vicky tries to apoligize, saying she
       tried to decline but Burke refused to take no for an answer, but
       Carolyn refuses to be mollified.
          Burke is driving Vicky to Bangor in his car. Vicky thanks Burke
       for driving her on such a long trip (the distance from Collinsport
       and Bangor was stated to be about 50 miles on an earlier episode.)
       After some small talk, Burke asks Vicky about her seeing the ghost
       of Bill Malloy but she tells him, "I'd rather not talk about that."
          At Collinwood, someone is playing the piano in the drawing room.
       Carolyn returns, slamming the door angrily behind her. Elizabeth
       calls from the drawing room, "Carolyn!" Carolyn goes into the drawing
       room. Elizabeth asks her,"What's the matter?" Carolyn lies, "It's
       a terrible night out. I think it's going to rain soon.", but Elizabeth
       replies, "I don't think you're really angry about the weather. What's
       the real problem?" Carolyn finally replies, "It's Vicky. I don't
       think she should stay here at Collinwood!" Elizabeth, surpried, asks,
       "Why? You were so happy she was going to stay earlier. What's
       happened in the meantime to change your mind?" Carolyn replies, "It's
       something I found out about her." Elizabeth asks what, but Carolyn
       refuses to tell her. Elizabeth presses her, and finally Carolyn
       says, "She's with Burke Devlin!" Elizabeth replies, "I can't believe
       it! She said she was going to Bangor!" Carolyn tells her, "She is.
       Burke's driving her. She's probably in his car with him right now,
       tell him all the family's secrets..."
          Burke again asks Vicky about Bill Malloy's ghost. This time, she
       tells him about what she saw. She asks, "Have you ever heard of a
       song that goes, 'What do you do with a drunken sailor..'?" Burke
       replies, "Sure. It was Bill's favorite song." Vicky tells him,
       "That proves it, then. The ghost was singing that song!" Burke
       asks, "The ghost told you to leave before you were killed like he
       was, by someone from Collinwood?" Vicky corrects him, "He didn't
       say from Collinwood, he said 'from Collinsport'". Burke tells Vicky
       that she should take the ghost's advice, saying, "You'd better
       leave before your pretty little neck is snapped off!" Vicky, clearly
       upset at the turn the conversation has taken, tells Burke, "That's
       the hotel right there. I think you'd better let me off..."

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