Dark Shadows
October 1968

     Episode 592
     Worldvision Rerun 379
     Tape Date: September 24, 1968 (ABC #197-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 1, 1968 Tuesday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Lela Swift

        A shot of the wall clock shows 30 seconds passing.  Barnabas tells
     Julia to stop the experiment.  She does.  Adam asks why they've stopped.
     Barnabas tells him it's because Carolyn is in danger.  Adam becomes
     angry, saying, "You told me she wouldn't be!"  Julia unbuckles Carolyn
     and gives her an injection.  Barnabas asks what the injection is for.
     Julia replies that it's to revive Carolyn.   Moments pass, but nothing 
     happens.  Carolyn does not regain conciousness. Barnabas asks how
     long the drug will take to revive Carolyn. Julia replies, "It should
     have taken effect almost immediately.  In fact, Carolyn should have
     revived by herself the moment the equipment was turned off". Adam a
     takes Carolyn off the table and says he's taking her upstairs.  Julia
     tells him that Carolyn shouldn't be moved, but Adam replies that he
     doesn't believe anything she says anymore and takes Carolyn upstairs.
     Barnabas asks Julia what went wrong.  Julia replies that she doesn't
     know, that what just happened is very different from what happened in
     the first experiment.  Barnabas asks if Carolyn is in danger of dying.
     Julia replies, "Maybe".  Barnabas tells Julia that she must go upstairs
     and make sure Carolyn does not die, that otherwise, Adam's fury will
     be uncontrollable and there will be a bloodbath at Collinwood.
        Upstairs, Adam has put Carolyn in Josette's room.  Carolyn regains
     conciousness and asks what happened.  Adam tells her the experiment
     failed. Carolyn tells Adam that she's disappointed that he doesn't
     have a mate, but Adam replies that he no longer cares about a
     mate, only about her.  Carolyn continues to feel sharp pains.  She
     tells Adam that during the experiment, she had a dream in which she
     found herself in a room all alone.  Suddenly, the walls cracked and
     fell down, and all around was thick fog, and she could see nothing
     else.  Suddenly, some shapes came out of the fog.  They are dead
     body parts, all wanting her life.  She screams in terror.  Adam
     assures her, "They're not going to take your life! I've stopped
     all that! I'm not going to let them do the experiment again!".
     Carolyn continues to speak for awhile, then lapse into unconciousness
     again.  Julia comes into the room and asks Adam what happened.  Adam
     tells Julia that Carolyn was regained consciousness and talked for
     awhile, but then lapsed into unconsciousness again.  Julia examines
     Carolyn and tells Adam, "She is dead".  Adam says, "Don't say anything
     more to me!" and starts to walk out of the room.  Julia asks Adam where
     he's going, but Adam just glares at her ominously and leaves.
        Julia goes down the stairs to the foyer and sees Adam walking
     toward the front doors and calls to him, but he doesn't answer
     and just walks out of the house.  Barnabas comes up from the
     cellar, apparently hurt, and tells Julia that Adam has gone
     to Collinwood to kill everyone there and tells Julia he must
     go there and warn them.  Julia tells Barnabas that he's too badly
     hurt to go and volunteers to go instead, but Barnabas tells her
     its too dangerous and he must go.  Julia tells him that in his
     condition he will never make it there, that she'll have to treat
     him first.  She goes up to Josette's room to get her medical bag.
     She glances on the bed and is surprised to see that Carolyn is
     Episode 593
     Worldvision Rerun 380
     Tape Date: September 25, 1968 (ABC #198-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 2, 1968 Wednesday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Julia goes back downstairs and tells Barnabas that Carolyn is
     gone.  Barnabas asks her if she might not have made a mistake in
     examining Carolyn, that maybe Carolyn wasn't dead, but Julia replies
     that she is certain she was.  Barnabas then says, "Then Adam must
     have taken the body".  Julia replies that she doesn't think so,
     that when she left Carolyn and came downstairs, she saw Adam
     already leaving the house and he couldn't have come back to get her
     without their seeing him.  Willie comes in and announces that
     they've got to do something about Maggie quickly, that he's not
     going to be able to keep her in the secret room forever because
     she's seen him opening the door and now knows how to open it.
     Barnabas asks Willie how he's keeping Maggie there now.  Willie
     replies that he's drugging her every time he has to leave, but
     that that won't work forever, that sooner or later she'll escape.
     Barnabas tells Willie that he has more important things to worry
     about right now than Maggie, that the experiment has failed,
     that Carolyn has died and that Adam is going to Collinwood to
     kill the Collins family.  Willie replies, "I don't think so.
     I saw him in the woods on my way to the old house, and he
     wasn't headed for Collinwood. He was just sitting under a tree."
     Barnabas asks if anyone was with Adam.  Willie replies, "No.
     He was alone".  Willie insists that they do something about Maggie.
     Julia agrees to go hypnotize her.
        Maggie awakens in the secret room and, seeing that Willie isn't
     there, slides open the secret step and opens the door to go out,
     but finds Julia standing outside.  Maggie tells Julia that she
     remembers everything now, that she knows what Barnabas Collins is.
     Julia argues that Barnabas is not evil.  Maggie argues that he is.
     They argue about this for awhile.  Then Julia tries to hypnotize
     Maggie.  At first, this seems to be working, but suddenly Maggie
     snaps out of it and screams, "I remember now!! I remember it was
     YOU who hypnotized me and made me forget!"  The hypnosis has
     failed.  Maggie announces, "If I ever get out of here, I'll tell
     the whole world what Barnabas Collins is!"
        Julia returns to the old house and tells Barnabas that her
     attempt to hypnotize Maggie again failed, that she is doubtful
     she will ever be able to successfully hypnotize Maggie again.
     Barnabas replies, "It doesn't matter anymore.  With the Collinses
     in danger, the only thing to do now is to go to Collinwood and
     confess everything to them, Carolyn's death, the experiment, Adam,
     everything".  Julia argues against this, saying that if Adam did not
     go to Collinwood to wreck vengeance immediately, he probably won't
     do it at all. She reasons, "What does he really want? To kill the
     Collinses? No. What he wants more than anything else is a mate.
     He'll probably think it over and, rather harming the Collinses,
     come and demand that we try again". Barnabas refuses to do this,
     saying he refuses to risk another life to bring the creation to life,
     and leaves to go to Collinwood.
         Barnabas arrives outside the front door of Collinwood.  He
     starts to have some second thoughts about confessing everything to
     the Collinses, but then decides to go through with it.  He knocks
     on the door. It is opened....by Carolyn!"
     Episode 594
     Worldvision Rerun 381
     Tape Date: September 26, 1968 (ABC #199-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 3, 1968 Thursday
     Writer:    Ron Sproat
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Barnabas is so stunned he cannot speak.  Carolyn tells him that
     she's all right, that she had just fainted. Barnabas asks her what
     she remembers.  Carolyn replies that all she can remember is waking
     up in her own room at Collinwood.  Barnabas asks Carolyn if she
     remembers who it was who brought her back to Collinwood.  Carolyn
     replies that she assumed it was him and Julia. Baranbas leaves.
     Outside the door, he puzzles over what's happened.  At first, he
     concludes that Julia must have made a mistake when she examined
     Carolyn and concluded that she was dead, but then figures that
     an experienced doctor like Julia couldn't have made such a mistake.      
        Adam and Nicholas Blair in Adam's room at Collinwood.  Adam asks
     Blair how it's possible for Carolyn to be alive.  Blair replies
     that he's responsible, that he has many powers.  He tells Adam that
     they'll try the experiment again, this time with a woman he'll supply.
     He assures Adam he'll love his new mate, whom Blair dubs "Eve", just
     as much as he loves Carolyn.  Adam replies that he's doubtful, but
     doesn't really care, that all he cares about right now is the fact
     that Carolyn is alive. He tells Blair he wants to see Carolyn.
     Blair tells Adam he can, but that it'll have to be to say goodbye
     as he must leave after the experiment.  Blair leaves to get Carolyn.
        Carolyn comes up to see Adam.  She tells him she's disappointed
     that the experiment and tells him she's willing to try again.  Adam
     vetoes the idea, telling her it's too dangerous.  Carolyn tells
     Adam she's willing to try again in spite of the danger.  Adam is
     very touched, but tells her he is going far, far away and must say
     goodbye to her.  Carolyn tells Adam that she'll miss him.  Adam
     asks her to think of him after he's gone.  Carolyn replies that
     she will.  Adam asks if he can hold her just once before leaving.
     Carolyn replies, "Yes".  Adam holds her, then asks if he can kiss
     her. Again Carolyn replies, "Yes".  Adam kisses her.  He then
     says goodbye and leaves.
        Adam goes to the old house and tells Barnabas that he has found
     a woman to supply the life force, that they will try to do the
     experiment again tonight.
        In the foyer at Collinwood, Nicholas Blair is talking with
     Carolyn.  Carolyn tells Blair she's disappointed that the experiment
     didn't work.  Blair tells Carolyn that she can still help Adam,
     that she can assist in a ritual to summon a woman who's been dead
     for 200 years to be the life force.  Carolyn agrees to help.
     Blair takes her takes her to a room in the basement of his house.
     There, there is a table with candles on it.  Around the table is
     drawn a double circle.  Blair tells Carolyn that during the ritual,
     she must not leave the circle under any circumstances or she may
     die, that the woman they are summoning is an evil one named Danielle
     Roget, who lived in France during the French Revolution and was
     responsible for sending at least 7 people to the guillotine, two
     of them from her own family, and later emigrated to Collinsport.
     He tells Carolyn, "She enjoys killing.  The only reason I need you
     for the ritual is to lure her here.  She will come for only one
     reason - to kill you, and she will, if you leave the protection
     of the circle". They start the ritual.  Ghostly screams are heard.
     Carolyn panics and prepares to run, but Blair grabs her and tells
     her she must remain in the circle.  Carolyn faints.  The ghostly
     figure of a woman appears.  Blair asks the ghostly figure if she
     wants to live again.  The ghost replies that she does not see how
     that would be possible.  Blair tells her it IS possible and tells
     her to appear to him again in solid form here at 3:00.  The ghost
     replies that she can only hold a solid form for a few hours.  Blair
     replies that a few hours will be enough.  The ghost agrees to appear
     at 3:00.  She asks if she may kill Carolyn.  Blair refuses to let
     her do so and orders her to leave.  He puts out the candles and
     the ghost disappears.
        Blair brings Carolyn back to Collinwood and hypnotizes her, making
     her forget everything about the experiment and everything that's just
     happened.  The clock in the foyer reads 2:45.
        Later, at the old house, Barnabas is sitting, wondering where
     Julia is and how Adam is going to find a donor.  There is a knock
     at the door.  Barnabas answers it.  Standing there is a woman
     he's neve seen before. She comes in  and introduces herself, "Hello,
     my name is Leona Eltridge. I'm a friend of Adam's". Adam comes
     walking in after her.  He tells Barnabas, "She is the one, Barnabas.
     She is the one who will supply the lifeforce for my mate".
     Episode 595
     Worldvision Rerun 382
     Tape Date: September 27, 1968 (ABC #200-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 4, 1968 Friday
     Writer:    Ron Sproat
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Adam tells Barnabas they are to perform the experiment immediately,
     but Barnabas tells him they cannot because Julia isn't there.  Adam
     asks where Julia is. Barnabas replies that he doesn't know, that
     he's looked for her everywhere but hasn't been able to find her.
     Adam orders Barnabas to find Julia.  Barnabas tries to question
     Leona Eltridge about who she is and why she's willing to participate
     in the experiment, but Adam refuses to let him do so, saying the
     woman is tired and needs to rest.  He again orders Barnabas to go
     find Julia.
        Right after Adam takes Leona Eltridge upstairs, Julia comes
     walking in through the front doors.  With her is Professor Stokes.
     Julia tells Barnabas she didn't know what else to do, so went to
     Stokes.  Stokes asks Barnabas if he's gone to the Collins family
     and confessed everthing about the experiment to them yet.  Barnabas
     replies that he hasn't, that when he went to Collinwood he found
     Carolyn there very much alive, that she says she had just fainted.
     Julia is surprised, and says, "I couldn't have made such a mistake!
     I'm certain she was dead!".  Barnabas tells Julia and Stokes about
     Adam coming with Leona Eltridge.  Stokes notes,"'Eltridge'. An odd
     name.  I don't think I've ever heard it before".  Everyone wonders 
     who Leona Eltridge is and how Adam got her.  
        Upstairs,  Leona Eltridge tells Adam to remember what Blair
     had told them - that they are not to let anyone know that there's
     any connection between her and Blair.  After Adam leaves, Leona
     thinks to herself, "If the experiment is successful and I live
     again, I'll kill them all!"
        Adam comes back downstairs.  Seeing Julia, he says, "Good! Now
     we can begin the experiment!".  Julia tells him she must prepare 
     the equipment first and goes down into the cellar to do so.  Stokes
     asks Adam for permission to question Leona Eltridge.  At first,
     Adam refuses, saying the woman is tired, but Stokes insists that 
     he leave the decision to the woman and Adam agrees to ask her.  
        Adam goes upstairs to Josette's room and asks Leona Eltridge
     if she'll allow Stokes to question her.  She replies that she
     heard about Stokes from Blair and would like to talk to him.
     Stokes warns her, "Professor Stokes is very smart", but Leona
     very confidently replies, "Don't worry.  He'll believe every 
     word I say!"
        Adam brings Stokes into Josette's room and leaves.  Stokes
     asks Eltridge how she learned about the experiment and why she's
     willing to endanger herself to help.  She lies that she knew
     about the experiment because she had known and was in love with
     Dr. Lang, and explains that she's willing to help because she
     wants to see his work completed, that she's not concerned about
     the danger because she has an incurable terminal illness and
     has only a short time left to live anyway. Stokes asks, "How
     did you come to meet Adam?", but Leona Eltridge complains that
     she's tired and asks him to leave.
        Stokes goes back downstairs and tells Barnabas Leona's story,
     saying he doesn't know whether to believe her or not.  Barnabas
     replies, "It doesn't really matter.  We'll have to go on with
     the experiment anyway".  Stokes again notes that for some reason
     the name "Leona Eltridge" seems strange to him.  Suddenly, he 
     tells Barnabas,"There's something very important I've go to do"
     and leaves. 
        Barnabas goes down to the lab and finds that Julia is almost ready.
     He tells her the story Leona told Stokes.  Julia remarks that
     she doesn't believe it because it's too pat and sentimental, but 
     Barnabas replies that the have to do the experiment whether they 
     believe it or not.  
        When everything is ready, Adam brings Leona down.  Leona is
     strapped to the table.  Julia offers her some painkillers, but
     Leona refuses, saying she doesn't like injections abd she'll be able
     to stand the pain.  The experiment begins.  Leona screams in pain,
     but then says, "The pain!" in a strange tone of voice that seems to
     indicate she enjoys it.  Suddenly, Julia notes that a gauge reads
     "50" and exclaims, "That's way to high!".  Barnabas reports that
     Leona's pulse has stopped.  Julia turns off the machines and covers
     Leona, sadly remarking, "She's dead. I don't like to think about
     what we've just done". Adam asks, "What happened? What are you doing?"
     Julia replies, "It's over. We've failed". Adam gets angry and 
     threatens to kill both Julia and Barnabas. Suddenly, a moan comes from 
     the bandaged head of the creation.  Adam unwraps the bandages and 
     exclaims, "The eyes are open!!! She's alive! She's alive!!!!"
     Episode 596
     Worldvision Rerun 383
     Tape Date: September 30, 1968 (ABC #201-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 7, 1968 Monday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        While Adam studies his new mate, Julia agonizes over the fact
     that the donor died.  Barnabas comforts her, reminding her that
     Leona had a terminal illness and had wanted to help in spite of
     the danger.  Adam suddenly exclaims that there's something wrong
     with his new mate, that she's breathing and is alive, but just
     lies there.  Julia tries to prick the mate with a pin to see if
     she responds, but Adam refuses to let Julia cause pain to his new
     mate. Instead, he tries to talk to the mate and get her to respond,
     but she doesn't.  Everyone discusses what went wrong and what to
     do. Julia suggests that maybe something's wrong with the brain
     and suggests a brainscan. Barnabas notes, "But you'd have to 
     take her to a hospital for that!".  Julia replies, "I could
     have Windcliff send an ambulance and bring her there".  
     Suddenly, the creation groans and starts to move.  Adam, Julia
     and Barnabas are suprised to find that the new creation, unlike
     Adam, can already speak.  The creation says, "It's been a long
     time!" and says she's from another time, another place, but when
     asked what she means, says she doesn't know why she said what
     she said.  Barnabas tells Eve that it's impossible for her to 
     remember anything because she has just awakened for the first 
     time, that she wasn't alive before.  This upsets her and she tries 
     to get up, but faints.  There is a frantic knocking noise coming 
     from upstairs.  Barnabas goes upstairs to see who it is.  It's 
     Professor Stokes.  Stokes rushes downstairs and asks if the 
     experiment's been done yet.  He is disappointed to find that it
     has. He tells Barnabas he has something very important to
     tell him.  Julia and Adam take the creation up to Josette's room
     to rest.  Stokes tells Barnabas, "I left my proof up in the
     drawing room".  They go upstairs.  There, Stokes shows Barnabas
     a child's learning toy, a blackboard with magnetized letters which
     stick to it.  He wryly remarks, "These letters have many uses.
     I originally bought them to teach Adam to read. Now there going to
     teach us someting". There are some magnetic letters forming the name
     "LEONA ELTRIDGE" on the blackboard.  Julia comes down into the
     drawing room.  Stokes tells Barnabas and Julia to look at the
     blackboard.  They do.  Stokes then rearranges the letters on
     the blackboard and reads it, "DANIELLE ROGET, an anagram".  Barnabas
     asks who Danielle Roget is.  Stokes tells him that she's the most
     evil woman who ever lived, that she was responsible for the deaths
     of 12 men in France, but escaped from France to America, where she
     was eventually hanged.  He tells Barnabas and Julia that he thinks
     it was Danielle Roget's lifeforce that was used to animate the
     new creation, and that he suspects that Nicholas Blair is somehow
     behind this, saying, "He conjured up Danielle Roger from the depths
     of hell to supply the life force!".  He theorizes that the new
     creation is therefore evil and suggests that she be destroyed.
     Julia is dubious and tells Stokes they're going to need more
     evidence than just an anagram to believe that.
        Julia has left. Barnabas tells Stokes he agrees with Julia
     that there's really no proof of his theory, though he admits,
     "Maybe it's because I'm anxious to see Adam leave with her".
     Stokes tells Barnabas he has some feeling for Adam and doesn't
     want to see him hurt by this evil woman.  Adam comes down the stairs.
     He tells Barnabas that he plans to leave with Eve shortly.  Stokes
     begs him not to, saying, "Do not be alone with her!".  He explains
     his theory to Adam and tells him, "That woman is evil!", but Adam
     refuses to listen to him, getting angry. Stokes tells him, "I'm only
     telling you this for your sake", but Adam angrily replies, "I think
     you are not my friend anymore!".
        The new creation awakens.  Adam talks to her for awhile.
     After Adam leaves, the window blows open.  Then the door opens
     by itself.  Eve argues with what appears to be an invisible
     presence, saying, "I remember you! You have come for me! Non,
     mon petit! I will now go back with you! I am alive now!
     I will never go back!".
     Episode 597
     Worldvision Rerun 384
     Tape Date: October 2, 1968 (ABC #202-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 8, 1968 Tuesday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Adam goes down into the drawing room and finds Stokes and
     Barnabas there.  Stokes tells Adam his theory that Eve is 
     a reincarnation of an evil woman.  Adam tells Stokes, "That's
     ridiculous!"  Stokes asks Adam where and how he got Leona
     Eltridge, but Adam is refuses to answer, saying he's tired of all
     the questions.  Stokes asks to be allowed to speak to Eve. 
     Adam refuses. Stokes says, "If I'm wrong, you have nothing to
     worry about". Adam reluctantly agrees to let Stokes speak to
     Eve, but tells him, "I must talk to her first".  
        Adam goes upstairs to ask Eve a few questions.  He breaks
     the news to her that she, like him, is an artificially created
     being.  She doesn't seem to care.  He asks her if she remembers
     the name "Leona Eltridge".  She replies that she doesn't.  Adam
     asks her if she remembers the name "Nicholas Blair".  Again,
     Eve says she doesn't.  Adam, convinced that Stokes' theory must
     be wrong, mutters, "You are not what they say you are".  Eve
     hears this and asks what it means, but Adam just says, "Nothing"
     and leaves the room, letting Stokes and Barnabas in. Adam 
     introduces them to Eve.  Eve asks, "Now I know their names.
     But what is mine?"  Adam tells her she's named Eve. He leaves.
     Stokes starts to question Eve.  He remarks that her use of 
     English seems to indicate that it's not her first language, that
     he would guess that French was.  Eve replies, "I have never heard
     of 'French'".  Stokes asks her if the words, "guillotine" and
     "Marie Antoinette" mean anything to her.  Eve replies that
     "Marie Antoinette" is a pretty name, but aside from that,
     neither it nor the word "guillotine" mean anything to her.
     Asked about her past, Eve claims to remember nothing.  Stokes
     asks her about her strange statement that she was from another
     place and time, but Eve replies that she doesn't know why she
     said that.  Eve asks if she's going to be staying here at the Old
     House.  Barnabas replies, "We don't know yet".  Eve becomes angry
     and says, "I'm used to having my questions answered!". Stokes asks
     what the means by that.  Eve once again says she doesn't know.
     Barnabas and Stokes, unable to learn much from Eve, give up and
        Down in the living room, Adam is with Julia.  He tells her he
     wants to take Eve and go away as planned NOW, regardless of Stokes'
     theory.  Barnabas and Stokes come down into the room and tell Adam
     he must not leave with his new mate just yet, that nothing she
     told them disproved Stokes' theory.  Adam is angry and argues
     with them.  Stokes again asks Adam where he got Leona Eltridge
     from.  Adam lies that she came to him, that she told him she
     was Lang's friend.  Barnabas tells Adam he cannot take Eve away
     with him yet, that Julia has to examine her for a few days.
     Julia agrees, saying everthing happened differently from the
     first experiment, and she has to observe Eve for a few days.
     Adam accuses them of not being completely truthful to him,
     saying, "There's another reason you want her to stay. You want
     to see if Professor Stokes is right or not".  Stokes admits this
     is true. Adam says, "What will she think when she sees she's being
     watched?" Stokes replies, "If she is innocent, she will think nothing.
     But if she is Danielle Roget.." At the exact moment Stokes says the
     name "Danielle Roget", the front doors blow open and the chandelier
     begins to shake.  Stokes announces that he can feel the presence
     of a spirit in the room and asks the spirit what it wants.  The
     presence does not speak, but indicates its desire by opening
     the cellar door, indicating that it wants everyone to go down
     into the cellar.  They go down and find that the body of Leona
     Eltridge is gone.  Julia notes, "That's impossible! Someone's
     been in the drawing room upstairs the whole time since the
     end of the experiment!  No one could have come down here and
     taken the body without being seen!"  Stokes replies, "When the
     occult is involved, nothing is impossible!"  Everyone suddenly
     notices that Adam is not with them in the lab.  They rush up
     to Josette's room.  It is empty.  Eve is gone... Barnabas
     exclaims, "We must get her back!" Stokes says,  "I know one
     place they could be".
     Episode 598
     Worldvision Rerun 385
     Tape Date: October 1, 1968 (ABC #203-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 9, 1968 Wednesday
     Writer:    Ron Sproat
     Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

        Stokes goes to Collinwood and goes to Adam's room to see if
     Adam is there.  He finds that he isn't, so he searches Adam's
     room for clues as to where he might have gone.  While Stokes
     is searching, David Collins comes in and finds him there.
     Stokes lies to David that Carolyn asked him to come here to look
     at some old books.  David shocks Stokes by saying, "Oh. I thought
     you were looking for Adam".  Stokes, shocked, asks, "You know Adam?"
     David replies, "Yes. We were good friends".  Stokes asks, "Were?".
     David replies, "Yes. He went away last night and said he was
     never coming back here". Stokes asks David how long he's known
     about Adam.  David replies that he found out about Adam a long time
     ago, that Carolyn had told him not to tell anyone, that he hasn't,
     and has in fact been bringing Adam books periodically.  He tells
     Stokes that when he had brought some books to Adam last night,
     Adam had told him he'd be leaving forever.  Stokes asks David
     if Adam had told him where he'd be going.  David replies that
     he doesn't remember, that Adam had talked to him about a lot
     of things, that the only thing he can remember for certain is
     that Adam had told him that he'd be leaving with a new friend
     to start a new life somewhere else.  Carolyn comes into the 
     room and tells David to leave.  David exits the room, but does
     not leave.  Instead, he eavesdrops through the door.  Inside
     the room, Carolyn asks Stokes why he's there.  Stokes replies
     that he's looking for Adam.  Carolyn tells him that Adam has
     left, that she doesn't know where he went.  Hearing the urgency
     in Stokes' voice, Carolyn asks if Adam is in any danger. Stokes
     replies, "He may be".  Outside the door, David hears this and
     rushes off.
        David goes to the cemetary to look for Adam.  Inside the secret
     room in the mausoleum,  Willie tries to talk to Maggie, but she
     refuses to say a word, giving him the silent treatment.  Willie
     begs her to talk to him. Finally, she demands to be let out. Willie
     tells Maggie he has to go to the old house to get some food. Maggie
     asks, "Why?".  Willie says, "We have to eat".  Maggie corrects him,
     "YOU have to eat".  She tells him she'll refuse to eat until he
     lets her out or dies, whichever comes first.  Willie says, "But you
     HAVE to eat!".  Maggie replies, "Eating's one thing you can't force
     someone to do.  You could fill this room with food and gorge yourself
     to tempt me, but I'm not going to eat!". He ties and gags her, then
     leaves to get food anyway.  Unknown to him, David sees him exiting
     the mausoleum.  When the coast is clear, David goes into the mausoleum
     and wonders, "I wonder if Willie was in the secret room. Why would he
     be in the secret room? Maybe there's something in there he doesn't want
     anyone to see. Maybe something HORRIBLE!" He goes into the secret room
     and finds Maggie tied up there.
        At the old house, Willie, having filled a bag with food, is
     about to leave, but there's a knock at the door. Willie answers
     and finds that it's Professor Stokes.  Stokes asks to see Barnabas
     and Julia, but Willie tells him that they're not there. Stokes asks
     Willie why he seems so nervous and asks if anything's wrong.  Willie 
     denies that there is, saying he's only in a hurry because he has
     something to do.  As they're talking, the front door opens by itself 
     again. Willie says, "Must be the wind", but Stokes points out, "There's
     no wind. Look at the trees outside, They're not moving".  The curtains
     start moving.  Willie, surprised, asks, "How can the curtains be
     moving? The window's closed!". The chandelier starts moving. Stokes
     tells Willie about the spirit that came earlier, and tells Willie
     it must be the same spirit. Stokes remarks, "It must be trying to
     tells us something, but what?".  Willie panics, shouts, "You figure
     it out! I'm leaving!" and runs out the door.  Stokes remarks,
     "Fascinating! Utterly fascinating!".
        Willie goes back to the Collins mausoleum and is surprised to
     find David in there sitting on one of the sarcophagi.  Willie asks
     David what he's doing there.  David replies that he's searcing for
     a friend. Willie asks who this friend is.  David replies, "You wouldn't
     know him".  Willie mutters, "Him...", relieved that the masculine
     pronoun must mean David isn't looking for Maggie.  David continues,
     "Anyway, I didn't find him. I DID find someone else, though.  I know
     why you're here.  I saw her!  Maggie Evans!" Willie exclaims, "You
     SAW her?!"  David continues, "She told me a lot of things I didn't
     understand. She kept screaming for me to untie her." Willie screams,
     "UNTIE HER?!?!?!?" and opens the door to the secret room.  Maggie is
     gone... Willie moans, "You shouldn't have done that, David..."
     Episode 599
     Worldvision Rerun 386
     Tape Date: October 3, 1968 (ABC #204-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 10, 1968 Thursday
     Writer:    Ron Sproat
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Willie goes to the old house and tells Barnabas that Maggie
     has escaped.  They go out to try to find her.
        In the woods, Maggie ponders going to Collinwood, but decides
     that that wouldn't be such a good idea since Barnabas might be
     there and decides to head for town instead.  
        While searching the woods, Barnabas asks Willie how Maggie
     escaped.  Willie tells Barnabas that David had found her and released
     her.  Barnabas doesn't believe this and accuses Willie of taken
     pity on Maggie and releasing her himself. Willie vehemently denies
     this.  Barnabas, still disbelieving Willie, asks how David could 
     have known about the secret room and how to open the secret door.  
     Willie tells Barnabas that David does know how to get into the secret
     room, reminding Barnabas of the time David locked himself in there.
        Still headed for town, Maggie thinks to herself that she
     can't go the the sheriff because he'd never believe her fantastic
     story and decides to go to Joe Haskell instead.
        Meanwhile, Joe is in his room.  Angelique is summoning him, but
     he is trying hard to resist her.  He is successful and does not
     go to her, so Angelique comes to him instead, magically appearing
     in his room.  Joe tells Angelique that it's not a good idea for
     her to be here because someone might see them together. He moans
     about what she's done to his life, how she's caused him to lose
     his job, Maggie, etc.  He moans, "I wish I'd never gone to Blair's
     house!".  Angelique says, "You wish you'd never met me, but you 
     have met me, and nothing can change that now!"                     
        In the woods, Barnabas and Willie find one of Maggie's slippers
     but not Maggie.
        At Joe's apartment, Angelique tells Joe never to resist her
     summons again.  She then bares her fangs and prepares to bite
     him when suddenly there is a bloodcurdling scream.  Both Angelique
     and Joe turn towards the door and see Maggie standing there.  Maggie
     has seen them.  She faints.  Joe puts Maggie in bed and wails, "She's
     seen us!  She's seen us!  I told you you shouldn't have come here!
     What are we going to do?"  Angelique tells Joe not to worry, assuring 
     him that she'll see to it that the situation is rectified and vanishes 
     into thin air.  Maggie regains conciousness and asks Joe, "Who was that 
     woman?"  Joe tells Maggie that he'd like to explain, but he can't.  
     Maggie replies, "I DO understand".  Joe asks, "How could you?" 
     Maggie replies, "Because I've been attacked the same way! We've
     got to get out of town, Joe! We've got to get into your car and go 
     as far away as possible!" There's a knock at the door.  Maggie begs 
     Joe not to answer it, saying, "I know something terrible will happen 
     if you do!".  Joe replies, "I'm sorry, but I must open it. I can't 
     resist".  Joe opens the door while Maggie cowers in terror in a 
        Barnabas and Willie, not having found Maggie, return to the
     old house. Willie asks Barnabas what he plans to do.  Barnabas 
     replies that he's going to wait for the sheriff to come to the
     old house and when he does, he's going to tell him that Maggie
     Evans is insane.  Willie points out that this will never work,
     that Maggie will show the sheriff the secret room, and that she
     has David as a witness that they were keeping her captive.  Barnabas
     replies, "If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  There's nothing
     else we can do".  There's a knock at the door. It's Joe.  He
     tells Barnabas, "I've come to deliver a message from Maggie.
     She'd like to see you.  She'd like you to drop by at her house
     whenever it's convenient for you".  After Joe leaves, Willie
     asks Barnabas, "Why didn't she go to the police? Why does
     she want to see you at her house?"  Barnabas replies, "I don't
     know, but I've got to find out".  They leave to go to the
     Evan's cottage.  From the shadows, Joe, who has not left but is
     spying on the old house, watches them leave.
        At the Evan's cottage, Maggie is looking at some sketches. 
     Barnabas and Willie come, expecting the worst. They are stunned 
     to find that the only reason Maggie asked Barnabas to come 
     was to ask him if he'd like to have some prelimanary sketches 
     her father had drawn of him when Barnabas commissioned him to 
     paint his portrait. She then says to Willie, "You needn't have 
     come.  I only asked for Barnabas. But I'm glad you came.  I 
     haven't seen you in such a long time."  Willie says, "How long 
     has it been since I last saw you? I don't remember".  Maggie 
     replies, "Oh, about three, four weeks". Willie is shocked.
        Willie and Barnabas leave.  Outside the Evan's cottage, Willie,
     extremely puzzled, asks Barnabas what could have happened.  Barnabas
     replies that someone must have gotten to Maggie and erased her
     memory. Willie asks, "Julia?", but Barnabas replies, "No, she's
     already tried and failed".  He tells Willie, "Someone's been
     helping me, first with Carolyn, and now with Maggie. It could
     only be Nicholas Blair. He's the only person who'd be capable
     of doing it."  Willie asks, "Why would Nicholas Blair want to 
     help you?". Barnabas replies, "I don't know, but it must be all 
     part of some diabolical plan! What could it be? What could it be?". 
     Episode 600
     Worldvision Rerun 387
     Tape Date: October 4, 1968 (ABC #205-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 11, 1968 Friday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Barnabas tells Julia about Maggie's escape and loss of memory.
     He tells her he suspects Blair is responsible for erasing it
     because Blair is the only person capable of doing it.
        Meanwhile, Adam is staying at Blair's house, sitting on a couch.
     Blair notes that Adam seems unhappy in spite of the experiment's
     success and asks why.  Adam replies that he is depressed because
     Leona Eltridge died. Blair tells Adam that Leona Eltridge had a
     terminal illness and didn't have long to live anyway.  Adam tells
     Blair that Stokes had said Eve was an evil reincarnation.  Blair
     once again tells Adam not to believe anything Stokes says because
     Stokes is in league with Barnabas and is lying to him.  Adam tells
     Blair there's something else worrying him, and tells him about the 
     spirit coming into the old house after the experiment. Blair tells 
     Adam not to concern himself with that, that his only concern now is 
     to be Eve's loving mate.  Eve, listening from behind a door, gets 
     a very angry expression on her face.
        Later, Adam is alone with Eve. He tries to tell her that he 
     loves her, but Eve, speaking to him very coldly, replies that 
     it's too early to speak of love, that they've only met one another 
     and hardly know each other. Adam tells her she was created for him. 
     Eve complains that she doesn't like him thinking of her as property.  
     Adam apoligizes, telling her he didn't mean it that way. He tries 
     to stroke her hair, but she angrily tells him she needs time to be 
     alone and to think and orders him to leave. After Adam leaves, Eve 
     grabs a letter opener and angrily plunges it into a table. Blair 
     comes in and asks Eve what's the matter.  Eve replies that she hates 
     Adam, that Adam is ugly, boring and stupid, but that she finds him, 
     Blair, to the the exact opposite and is attracted to him. She suggests
     that they send Adam away so they can be together.  Blair points out,
     "But he would just come back. We would have to kill him". Eve tells
     him she thinks that would be a good idea.  Blair tells Eve he likes 
     her attitude, that she's every bit as evil as he had anticipated, 
     but tells her that she was created as a mate for Adam and will spend 
     the rest of her life with Adam whether she likes it or not.  Eve 
     angrily refuses.  Blair tells her he likes her spirit, but tells her
     if she doesn't follow his orders, he will destroy her.
        Stoke arrives at the old house and tells Barnabas and Julia that
     he's checked Adam's old hiding place and Adam isn't hiding there.
     He then remarks, "I'm still worried about the experiment.  If
     the lifeforce were indeed Danielle Roget...". But he does not
     get to finish his sentence. Once again at the mention of the name 
     Danielle Roget, the front door flies open, the spirit again comes into
     the house and starts to make noises.  Stokes asks the spirit to
     identify itself.  Julia exclaims, "Look! The bookshelf!" and  points
     towards the writing desk.  Barnabas and Stokes look. The door to the
     bookshelf above the writing desk opens by itself and a book falls out.  
     The spirit leaves and the disturbances stop.  Stokes picks up the book 
     that fell and looks at it.  He finds that it's a history of the French 
     Revolution written in 1798 by a "Phillipe Goudiet".  Stokes says that 
     this must be the spirit who has been trying to reach them and says
     they must hold a seance to contact him. 
        They hold a seance.  The spirit of Phillipe Goudiet appears
     and, speaking through Barnabas in a thick French accent, tells 
     them that Danielle Roget is his love and was with him in the spirit 
     world but that recently someone - he does not know who - came and took 
     her away from him, that she is now in a house by the sea.  Julia 
     exclaims, "Blair's house!"  The spirit, continuing to speak through
     Barnabas, announces that he will go to that house and kill the man 
     who loves his love. The spirit says, "Mon amour! Je viens! (My love!
     I am coming!"), then departs Barnabas' body.  Stokes announces, "Our
     worst fears have been confirmed.  Leona Eltridge is Danielle Roget.
     Nicholas Blair summoned the spirit of Daniell Roget serve as the
     life force for some purpose we can only guess at.  Whatever it is,
     we can be sure it's evil".  Julia warns, "The spirit of Phillipe
     Cordiet said he was going to the house by the sea to kill the person
     who loved her. That could only be Adam!".
        At Blair's house, Adam is trying to apoligize to Eve, saying he
     was too pushy eariler and will give her more time to get to know
     him.  Nicholas Blair is also in the room with them.  Suddenly, Eve
     gets a terrified expression on her face.  The door blows open.
     Eve screams, "Someone in this house will die! Tonight!" and runs
     from the room screaming in terror.  The chandelier rattles.  Adam
     begins to choke.
        Simultaneously at the old house, Barnabas begins to choke.
     He exclaims, "It's happening! The spirit of Pierre Goudiet is
     killing Adam!".
     Episode 601
     Worldvision Rerun 388
     Tape Date: October 7, 1968 (ABC #206-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 14, 1968 Monday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Blair uses his powers to evict the spirit and saves Adam.
     He tells Adam that the spirit that had been at the old house
     had come and tried to kill him, but assures him, "I will make
     sure it never happens again".
        Simultaneously at the old house, Barnabas stops choking.
     Julia theorizes that that Blair must have used his powers 
     to stop the spirit from killing Adam. Barnabas tells Julia 
     that Blair must have some diabolical plan for Adam and Eve 
     and that they must stop him.  Julia asks, "How? Neither of us 
     are a match for Blair's powers".
        At Collinwood, Carolyn tells Harry Johnson that she suspects
     that Barnabas might have had something to do with Adam's 
     disappearance, that if this is the case, Adam might be at the 
     Old House right now. She pays Harry to go and investigate.
        At the old house, Barnabas and Julia continue to discuss what 
     to do, unaware of the fact that Harry, following Carolyn's
     orders, is outside the window eavesdropping on them.  Barnabas hits
     on a plan - that whatever Blair's plans are, Eve must be essential
     to the, otherwise, Blair wouldn't have gone to such trouble to
     get her created, that therefore, if they destroy Eve, it will
     probably destroy Blair's plans as well. Barnabas tells Julia that
     they must find a way to lure Blair and Adam from Blair's house,
     then go in and kill Eve.
        Harry rushes to Blair's house and tells him he has important
     information about Eve which he'll tell him for $5000 (about $30,000
     in 1996 dollars). Blair agrees to pay.  Harry tells him that someone
     plans to kill Eve.  Blair gives Harry $100 bill.  Harry complains,
     "Hey! This is only $100! You promised me $5000!".  Blair replies,
     "You didn't tell me who's planning to kill Eve." Harry tells Blair
     that it's Barnabas who's planning to kill Eve and asks for his money,
     but Blair renegs and refuses to pay it. Harry threatens to go and
     tell Carolyn that he, Blair, is harboring Adam.  Blair still refuses
     to pay.  Harry angrily announces that he's going to Collinwood to
     tell Carolyn about Adam, but when he tries to get out the front
     door, he finds that it's lock.  He complains, "Mr. Blair! Your
     front door is locked!", but receives no reply.  He goes back
     into the living room to find Blair, but finds that Blair is no
     longer there. He calls for Blair, but receives no answer.  He finds
     that the living room doors have now closed and are locked too.
     A ghostly hand appears and terrorizes him.  Finally, having had
     his fun, Blair reappears and puts a spell on Harry making him his
        Harry, now under Blair's spell, returns to Collinwood and tells
     Carolyn that Adam is not at the old house, that he waited outside
     until Barnabas and Julia left then snuck inside and searched the 
     whole house. Carolyn remarks, "There's one other place Adam could 
     be!" and leaves.
        At Blair's house, Adam tells Blair that he is depressed because
     things haven't been going well.  He asks Blair when he, Adam, will
     be able to leave with Eve and go far away as promised.  Blair replies
     that they cannot leave yet because things remain to be done, for 
     example, "These scars on your face have caused you no end of
     misery.  I'm arranging to have a doctor remove them". Adam is 
     overjoyed to hear this.  There's a knock at the door.  Blair tells 
     Adam to hide in another room.  Adam does so.  Blair answers the door 
     and lets Carolyn in.  Carolyn tells Blair that Adam has disappeared 
     and asks if he knows where Adam is.  Blair replies that he doesn't.  
     Carolyn tells him that she's very worried about Adam and asks Blair 
     to call her if he hears from Adam, saying she only wants to know if 
     he's all right.  After Carolyn leaves, Adam rushes out of his hiding 
     place, telling Blair that he's got to go and talk to Carolyn, that 
     he doesn't want to worry her, but Blair stops him and tells him they 
     have a much more important problem.  He tells Adam that Barnabas is 
     planning to kill Eve. Adam angrily says, "I will kill Barnabas!" and 
     starts for the door, but Blair stops him, telling him there's a better 
     way to stop Barnabas from killing Eve.  Adam asks, "What are you 
     planning to do?"  Blair replies, "Personally, nothing.  Go upstairs 
     and tell Angelique I want to see her immediately!".
     Episode 602
     Worldvision Rerun 389
     Tape Date: October 8, 1968 (ABC #207-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 15, 1968 Tuesday
     Writer:    Sam Hall
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Blair, angry that Barnabas wants to kill Eve and interfere
     with his plans, stabs the table with a letter opener and 
     thinks to himself how easy it would be for him to kill Barnabas, 
     but cannot because he doesn't know what killing Barnabas will 
     do to Adam. He then thinks to himself, "What I plan to do to 
     Barnabas Collins is almost as delightful as killing him!".  Adam
     comes back downstairs and tells Blair that Angelique is not in
     the house.  He tells Blair that he must go and kill Barnabas, that
     it's his duty to protect his mate.  Blair orders Adam not to go.
     They have a heated argument about his.  Blair tries to tell Adam
     he need not worry about Eve because his special powers insure that
     nothing will happen to her.  Adam scoffs, "Your special powers
     cannot even find Angelique!". Blair replies that he can find
     Angelique, and ask Adam to leave to room to allow him to do so,
     but Adam insists on seeing his powers, and Blair decides to 
     allow him to stay and watch.  Using the magic mirror, Blair sees
     Angelique in Jeff's Clark's room standing over a sleeping Jeff
        Jeff awakens and sees Angelique standing over him.  He tells
     her that he can no longer help her as the experiment has already
     been completed and the equipment removed from the old house.
     She replies that he can still help her. She bares her fangs and
     prepares to bite him when suddenly she is grabbed from behind.
     It is Nicholas Blair, who has appeared out of thin air.  He
     orders Angelique to go home, and tells her he will speak to her
     when he gets home.  Angelique leaves.  Blair questions Jeff,
     and learns from Angelique's wanting to supply the lifeforce
     and about the aborted attempt.  Blair puts Jeff to sleep, then
     uses his powers to make him forget everything that's happened
     recently, and removes Angelique's vampire curse from him.  Blair
     leaves normally, through the door.  Jeff is awakened by a knock
     at the door.  He answers it.  It is Blair.  Blair tells Jeff that
     he just happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped in for
     a drink.  Jeff has forgotten everything that's happened...
        Adam is in the living room of the Blair house with Eve.
     He tells her he is worried about her safety.  He grabs her and
     drags her to a room in the cellar (the room where Blair and
     Carolyn first summoned Danielle Roget), and tells Eve she will
     be safe here, but Eve becomes terrified, saying she somehow
     remembers the room and is fearful of being sent "back".  Adam
     does not understand what she's talking about and locks her in
     there for her own safety.
        When Blair returns home, Adam argues with him about the need
     to leave with Eve and go away immediately, but Blair tells Adam 
     things will be much easier if he'd just agree to wait a little
     bit longer, that "Without your scars, you wouldn't have to hide
     anymore.  You could go anywhere you wanted! Isn't that worth waiting
     for?". Adam agrees to stay just a little longer until Blair can
     arrange for a doctor to come and remove his scars.  A frightened
     looking Angelique appears at the doorway and tells Blair that it
     is almost dawn.  Blair tells Adam he has to speak to Angelique
     alone.  Adam leaves.  Angelique asks Blair what her punishment will
     be.  Blair replies that he's in such a good mood because his plans
     are going so well that he's decided not to punish her, but will
     instead give her a treat, someething that will make her happy to be
     a vampire.  He tells her he will allow her to attack and enslave
     the man she most wants to attack and enslave - Barnabas.
     Episode 603
     Worldvision Rerun 390
     Tape Date: October 9, 1968 (ABC #208-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 16, 1968 Wednesday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Elizabeth is in the drawing room at Collinwood, looking at a
     model of the mausoleum she's had designed for herself.  Vicky
     comes into the room and asks, "Would you like to come on a drive
     with me? It's a beautiful day", but Elizabeth declines, telling
     Vicky she has something to show her, something she hasn't shown
     anyone else yet.  Elizabeth shows Vicky the model, and asks
     her to do something for her.  She tells Vicky, "If I should die
     before it's finished, make sure they finish it and put me in it
     and not just bury me in the ground".  Vicky refuses, saying, "No,
     I'm not going to promise that because you're not going to die".
     Elizabeth insists that she is. Vicky tries to reassure Elizabeth
     that she's not going to die anytime soon, that both Julia and the
     doctors at Windcliff have said she's in perfect health and that
     all her problems are psychological, but Elizabeth continues to
     babble, saying, "I will build it by the sea, by the cliffs,
     and you will be able to hear the bell when it rings, and if you
     hear it, you will know I'm not dead".  Roger, out in th foyer, hears
     this, comes in and is upset to find that Elizabeth is talking about
     death again.  He sees that Elizabeth is trying to conceal something
     from him with her body and asks, "What's that?".  Elizabeth says,
     "You'll see it soon anyway", and moves to let Roger see the model.
     Roger exclaims, "You actually had an architect draw up plans and
     make this?! Did you tell him about your plans, your fear of being
     buried alive?!".  Elizabeth replies that she did.  Roger exclaims,
     "You know what he thought?  He probably thought he was humoring
     an insane woman! The whole village must be talking about this!".
     Elizabeth replies that she doesn't care what people think.
     Roger, becoming even more upset, grabs a statue and, using it
     as a club, destroys the model.  Upset, Elizabeth runs up to her room.
     Roger talks despairingly to Vicky that he doesn't know what to
     do about Elizabeth, that she seemed to be getting better and
     now this.  Vicky tells him he shouldn't have wrecked the model
     and tries to put it back together.
        Upstairs in her room, Elizabeth hears a voice calling to her.
     She asks, "Who is it?" The voice replies, "Don't you recognize your
     own voice?" It tells her, "You must get ready! It's almost time for
     you to go to your grave!".  Elizabeth screams, "No!", but the voice
     continues, "Get ready! Get ready!"
        Downstairs, Roger despairingly tells Vicky taht he does not know
     what to do about Elizabeth.  There is a knock at the front door.
     Roger answers it and finds that it's Jeff Clark.  He asks to see
     Vicky.  Roger tells Jeff to wait at the door, then goes into the
     drawing room and tells Vicky, "It's Jeff. Should I say you don't
     want to see him?".  Vicky replies, "No, I'll see him". 
        Upstairs, the voice continues to speak to Elizabeth, "They'll
     find you in this room, they'll think you're dead!".  Elizabeth
     exclaims, "No! No!".
       Roger brings Jeff into the drawing room then goes upstairs to let 
     Jeff and Vicky speak in private.  Jeff tells Vicky that he wants to 
     make up with her and tries to give her back her engagement ring, 
     saying, "I seem to have an engagement ring that belongs to you".  Vicky
     asks Jeff why he refused Roger's offer, saying, "I just want an
     explanation! I'll accept ANY explanation: You don't want to work at
     a cannery, you hate Roger Collins, any explanation! I'll accept it,
     even if I don't agree with it! I just want some kind of explanation!"
     Jeff refuses to give her one, saying only, "I did it for you. I can't
     explain right now, maybe some day I can". Vicky replies, "Then I'll
     take the ring the day you can" and refuses to take the engagement ring.
        Roger goes to Elizabeth's room and finds she's not there.  He comes
     rushing back downstairs into the drawing room exclaiming that Elizabeth
     is not in her room.
        Elizabeth, meanwhile, is wandering through the cemetary.  Her
     own voice continues to talk tho her, telling her, "This is where
     you'll be buried, under the ground, but you will not be dead!
     This is where you'll be buried! The mausoleum will not be finished
     in time!". Elizabeth happens upon the grave of Peter Bradford and 
     remembers the time she and Vicky first found it and how happy Vicky 
     was to find that Peter Bradford was a real person and not just a 
     figment of her imagination.
        At Collinwood, Jeff agrees to help Roger search for Elizabeth.
     Vicky tells Roger that she wants to go too, but Roger tells her
     he wants her to search the house with Mrs. Johnson, that it is
     possible that Elizabeth is somewhere in the house.
        In the woods, Roger tells Jeff to go look in the cemetary while
     he goes and searches Widow's Hill.  Jeff goes to the graveyard and
     finds Elizabeth at Peter Bradford's grave.  Elizabeth, seeing
     Jeff and thinking he's Peter Bradford, screams, "But you're dead! 
     You're dead!  Don't come near me!  Don't touch me!"  When Jeff does 
     approach her, Elizabeth faints.  Jeff picks her up, takes her back 
     to Collinwood and puts her on the couch.  Vicky asks, "What happened?"
     Jeff replies, "I don't know".  Vicky asks, "Where did you find her?"
     Jeff replies, "At the cemetary". Vicky tries to feel Elizabeth's 
     pulse, but cannot find one and exclaims, "She has no pulse! No 
     heartbeat! Jeff, she's dead! She's dead!!!"
     Episode 604
     Worldvision Rerun 391
     Tape Date: October 10, 1968 (ABC #209-DRK-68)
     Air Date:  October 7, 1968 Thursday
     Writer:    Gordon Russell
     Director:  Lela Swift

        Jeff tells Vicky she's wrong and that he can detect a faint
     breathing.  Thinking that Julia's at the old house (where there's
     no phone), Vicky calls Elizabeth's doctor.
        But Julia is not at the old house.  She and Barnabas are up in
     her room at Collinwood discussing Barnabas' plans to kill Eve.
     Julia shows Barnabas how to use a hypodermic syringe. Julia is 
     frightened and warns Barnabas not to go through with it, saying 
     she thinks Blair may not really be human and may somehow know about 
     his plan to kill Eve, but Barnabas refuses to be frightened.  He 
     goes over the plan to Julia: Tomorrow, she and Professor Stokes are 
     to invite Blair to the old house and keep him occupied while he, 
     Barnabas, goes to Blair's house and destroys Eve with a lethal
     injection.  Julia tells Barnabas she'll fill the syringe tomorrow
     just before they begin.  Barnabas asks, "Are you sure it'll look
     like a natural death?".  Julia assures him, "Ten minutes after you
     administer it, she'll be dead.  Two minutes later, all traces of the
     poison will be gone from her body".
        Barnabas and Julia go downstairs to the drawing room and find
     Vicky and Jeff there with Elizabeth.  Vicky tells them what happened,
     telling Julia, "I couldn't find a heartbeat." Julia examines Elizabeth
     and says, "You're right. She has no heartbeat". Vicky asks, "Is she
     dead?" Julia sadly replies, "Yes".  But she is quickly proven wrong.
     Elizabeth awakens, screaming, "No! NO!!" .  Julia remarks that
     Elizabeth must have been in a catatonic state with no detectable
     pulse or breathing.  Elizabeth tells Julia that she could hear her
     pronouncing her dead, and says it validates her fears of being
     prematurely buried, saying, "If it had lasted a few days instead of
     a few minutes, you would have buried me!".  Barnabas and Julia take
     Elizabeth up to her room.  Vicky thanks Jeff for finding Elizabeth.
     Jeff again asks Vicky if they can get back together, but they are
     interrupted by the arrival of Elizabeth's doctor.
        In Julia's room, Barnabas and Julia discuss Elizabeth, and
     Barnabas notes that Elizaeth's delusions started when Cassandra
     was at Collinwood. They wonder how Elizabeth's problems can
     persist even though Cassandra is long gone.
        Having taken the doctor up to Elizabeth's room, Vicky comes
     back down to the drawing room.  Jeff again asks her if they can
     get back together.  Vicky replies, "Yes", and they kiss.  Barnabas
     happens to come down the stairs and sees them kissing.  Looking
     very upset, he leaves without saying a word.
        Later, Vicky goes to Julia's room  and asks Julia if there's any
     danger of Elizabeth falling into another catatonic trance like the
     one she was in earlier.  Julia replies that it's possible.  Vicky
     tells Julia that she fears that Elizabeth's fears may be justified, 
     that if she falls into another catatonic trance, she might be buried
     prematurely.  Julia tells her not to worry, that it couldn't happen
     today with modern advanced methods of detecting life.  Julia remarks,
     "I was very surprised to see Jeff Clark here.  Does this mean you
     two are back together?".  Vicky tells Julia that she and Jeff have 
     gotten back together.  Julia tells Vicky, "I'm very happy for you". 
     Vicky leaves, and Julia prepares for bed.  The ornate clock in
     her room reads 12:00.
        At 3:00 in the morning, Julia has a dream in which she hears
     a series of bloodcurdling screams, then the voice of Barnabas
     saying, "Julia! Julia! Come to me! I need you!".  Julia goes down
     into the foyer. The voice continues, "Julia! Please help me! Help
     me! Come to me! In the woods, Julia! Please! Come to me! The woods,
     Julia! Hurry! Hurry!". Julia goes out into the woods, where she
     finds Barnabas bloody and injured. Barnabas tells her, "You were 
     right, Julia! It was a mistake! I should never have gone to Blair's
     house", then dies. Julia awakens, screaming, "Barnabas! Barnabas!".
     Episode 605
     Worldvision Rerun 392
     Tape Date:  October 11, 1968 (ABC #210-DRK-68)
     Air Date:   October 18, 1968 Friday
     Writer:     Gordon Russell
     Director:   Lela Swift

        In the morning, Julia rushes to the old house and tells Barnabas
     that she is now certain he must not go to Blair's house, that she's
     certain Blair knows what he's planning to do and has set a trap for
     him, that he will be killed if he goes there.  Barnabas asks her
     how she could know all this.  Julia tells him about her dream.
     Barnabas dismisses it as only a dream.  Julia insists that it was
     not, that it was a premonition, but Barnabas refuses to listen,
     saying that the plan is already in motion, that Stokes is on his
     way to Blair's house to invite Blair to the old house.
        Stokes goes to Blair's house.  Blair offers Stokes a glass of
     sherry.  Stokes remarks, "Interesting.  You hardly know me, yet
     you know my drink is sherry".  Blair explains, "Carolyn talked
     a lot about you.  She mentioned that you were a connoseur of sherry".
     Blair pours two sherries, and they drink. Stokes tells Blair that
     Barnabas is having a little dinner party tonight and has sent him
     to invite him. Blair remarks, "But I got the impression that Barnabas
     didn't like me".  Stokes assures him that this isn't the case, that
     Barnabas' expressions often give people the wrong impression, adding,
     "When I first met him, I thought he didn't like me either, but I was
     wrong".  Blair then notes, "I find it strange that he sent you. Why
     didn't he just telephone me?"  Stokes tells Blair about Barnabas'
     antiquarian eccentricities, including his refusal to have a telephone
     installed at the old house.  He tells Blair, "We'll be dining by
     candlelight". Blair remarks that he finds this fascinating, and
     accepts the invitation.  Stokes mentions, "I have antiquarian interests
     too.  In particular, I am interested in old houses.  I find yours very
     interesting.  Would you mind showing it to me?"  Blair replies, "Not
     at all! I'll give you the complete tour!"
        Stokes returns to the old house and tells Barnabas and Julia
     that his visit to Blair was successful.  Asked, "Are you sure
     Blair didn't suspect anything?", Stokes replies that he is,
     that "Blair's an insufferable egotist.  He wouldn't believe
     that 'ordinary' people like us would dare plot against him".
     He produces a drawing he's made of the first and second floors.  
     Barnabas asks, "What about the third floor?".  Stokes replies 
     that Blair had said he only used it for storage and didn't show 
     it to him.  He tells Barnabas he knows which room is Eve's, 
     explaining that he knows which one it is because of the strong 
     smell of perfume there, a smell Blair tried to explain away by 
     saying he had had visitors there who had just left.  Julia tells 
     Barnabas she is worried that Adam might be with Eve when he sneaks 
     in, but Stokes tells her not to worry about this, that he thinks 
     Eve did not respond to Adam as Blair had hoped, but does not say why 
     he thinks this. Barnabas goes over the plan:  Julia is to arrive
     half an hour late at the dinner party, saying she was delayed because 
     Elizabeth had taken a turn for the worse.  She is to tell Barnabas 
     that Elizabeth is asking for him.  Barnabas will then leave, 
     supposedly to see Elizabeth, while Julia and Stokes keep Blair
     entertained.  Barnabas will then go to Blair's house to kill Eve.
     Julia again tries to convince Barnabas not to go, saying that she's 
     sure Blair knows what they're planning and has set a trap.
     Stokes remarks that Blair couldn't possible know, telling Julia
     that he thinks she's giving Blair's powers too much credit.  
     But Stokes is wrong!  At that very moment, Blair is spying on
     them with his magic mirror...
        Blair comes to the old house as planned.  Stokes and Barnabas
     entertain him with stories about the old house's history.  Stokes
     tells Blair that the house was build in 1767 by Joshua Collins
     as a gift to his new bride Naomi, and that it was occupied by
     the Collins family until they moved into the present Collinwood
     in 1796.  Blair asks Stokes how he could know so much about the Collins
     family history.  Stokes explains that he's interested in the Collins
     family history of the late 18th century because an ancestor of his, a
     Ben Stokes, had been working for the Collinses as an indentured servant
     at that time.  Barnabas wonders, "Where's Julia?  She's usually very
     prompt".  Julia comes from Collinwood and apoligizes for being
     late.  She says that Elizabeth has taken a turn for the worse
     and has asked to see Barnabas.  Blair asks what's wrong with
     Elizabeth.  Julia tells him about Elizabeth's mental problems.
     Barnabas apoligizes to Blair about having to be a bad host and
        Barnabas arrives at Blair's house and sneaks in.  Meanwhile,
     at the old house, Blair, evil bastard that he is, tortures Stokes
     and Julia a bit by suddenly getting up and annoucing that he
     thinks it would be proper if he visited Collinwood too,
     saying, "Although I never got to know Elizabeth very well, I
     did become rather good friends with Roger", and says he thinks
     it would be proper for him to give Roger some sympathy during
     his time of need, with his sister Elizabeth so sick.  Julia,
     desperate, thinks of a way to stop him, telling him, "When
     I left, Roger had already retired for the night".  Blair
     remarks, "Oh. Then I guess it'll have to wait till tomorrow"
     and sits back down, much to Stoke's and Julia's relief.
        At Blair's house, Barnabas sneaks into Eve's room and sees
     what looks like a sleeping form on the bed. He lifts the covers
     to give Eve the lethal injection, but finds that the form is
     just pillows, arranged to look like a sleeping form. He hears
     a woman's voice from behind say, "Hello, Barnabas!".  He turns,
     sees a very familiar blonde woman standing there and exclaims,
      Episode 606
      Worldvision Rerun 393
      Tape Date: October 14, 1968 (ABC #211-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 21, 1968 Monday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         Barnabas exclaims, "Angelique!  It isn't possible!" Angelique
      replies, "You thought you were rid of me, weren't you? You were
      wrong!".  Barnabas protests, "But Nicholas Blair destroyed you!"
      but Angelique explains, "But he allowed me to live again. You
      seem afraid, Barnabas.  I like that!" Barnabas says, "Stay away
      from me!"  Angelique asks, "Aren't you curious how Nicholas allowed
      me to live again?  Let me show you! This is what I am!  This is what
      Nicholas made me!".  She bares her fangs and bites him.  Barnabas
         Later, Barnabas regains conciousness and finds Angelique standing
      over him.  He moans, "I never be rid of you! As long as I exist,
      you will exist to torment me!".  Angelique replies, "You're right!".
      Barnabas moans, "I hate you!".  Angelique replies, "Not as much as
      I hate you! I loved you once, but you would not love me!".  Barnabas
      explains, "I loved Josette". This angers Angelique. She tells Barnabas,
      "I hate what I am, but I like what I can do to you!" Barnabas gets
      up and flees, stumbling down the stairs, but when he opens the
      front door to leave, he finds Angelique standing outside. She orders
      him into the living room.
         At the old house, Julia and Stokes continue to "entertain"
      Nicholas Blain.  Julia looks at the mantel clock and thinks to
      herself that it's very late, that Barnabas has been away far
      longer than planned, and becomes worried that something has
      happened to him.  Her worry shows, and Blair asks, "You seem
      nervous".  Julia lies, "It's just that I'm worried about
      Elizabeth". Blair then tells Julia and Stokes that it's getting
      late and he's got to leave.  Julia and Stokes try desperately to
      delay him, but to no avail.  Stokes tries to keep him by saying,
      "As I mentioned, I found the architecture of your house very
      interesting.  I thought perhaps we could talk about it tonight",
      but Blair replies, "No, I'm very tired.  Maybe some other time"
      and leaves. Julia gasps, "If Barnabas is still in the house when
      Blair gets home, Blair will find him!  What are we going to do!"
      Stokes replies, "Nothing.  There's nothing we can do but hope
      Barnabas is no longer in the house".
         At Blair's house, Angelique tells Barnabas that he is hers now.
      She tells him, "Blair knew everything. This was a trap. I'm
      disappointed in you, Barnabas. I thought you were more intelligent
      than that". Barnabas tells Angelique that Julia and Stokes are
      waiting for him at the old house and begs her to let him leave.
      She tells him she enjoys hearing him plead, then gives him permission
      to go, but orders him not to tell Julia and Stokes what's happened
      to him.
         Blair returns home.  Angelique tells him that's she's done as
      instructed and Barnabas is now under her control.  Blair remarks,
      "Good. Are you happy?"  Angelique replies, "I've never been happier!"
      Blair asks, "Are you grateful to me?" Angelique replies, "Very".
      Blair tells her, "Well, don't be so grateful" and tells her he's not
      going to be giving her all that she wants, that she is not to see
      Barnabas at will, that she is only to summon or go to Barnabas when
      he, Blair, orders her to do so.  Angelique agrees to do as ordered.
      Blair, surprised, remarks, "You're agreeing awfully quickly".
      Angelique asks, "Don't you trust me?"  Blair replies, "No.
      I know what goes on in that crafty mind of yours".  Angelique
      replies that he needn't worry that she'll disobey him because
      she's afraid of his powers.  Blair points out, "But you've
      disobeyed me before in spite of my powers".  Angelique points
      out that that she's now more afraid of him because she's a
      vampire and he can destroy her so easily and assures him
      she'll be obedient.  Blair tells her, "You'd better. This will
      be my only warning".
         Barnabas returns to the Old House and tells Julia and Stokes
      that the plan failed, that he snuck into Eve's room but found
      that she wasn't there, that he searched the entire house but
      found nobody there.  Julia remarks to Barnabas that he seems to
      be acting strangely and asks what's wrong.  Barnabas lies that
      he's just tired and nervous from the night's work.  Julia and
      Stokes leave.  Outside the old house, Julia tells Stokes that
      she's worried about Barnabas, that he appeared to be more than
      just tired.  Stokes tells her, "We've both worried enough for
      tonight. Get a good night's sleep and worry about it tomorrow".
         Inside the old house, Barnabas wonders, "I've got to find
      a way of escaping her, but how?" Outside, dogs howl. Suddenly,
      the window blows open. Inside the old house, Angelique
      materializes out of thin air.  Defying Blair's orders, she has
      come to Barnabas.  She tells Barnabas, "I know what you were
      thinking.  You'll never find a way to escape me!".  Barnabas
      moans, "Haven't you done enough to me for one night? Can't
      you leave me alone?"  Angelique replies, "I'll never leave
      you alone until you're completely mine!", and bares her fangs.
      Barnabas whimpers, "No! Please, no!" Angelique bites him...
      Barnabas screams pitifully...
      Episode 607
      Worldvision Rerun 394
      Tape Date: October 16, 1968 (ABC #212-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 22, 1968 Tuesday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         Blair goes into Adam's room and awakens him to tell him that
      their plan has worked and Eve is safe.  He notices that Adam
      does not react very happily to the news and asks him what's wrong.
      Adam replies that he's not feeling well, that he had a terrible
      nightmare in which someone attacked him and that he's still
      feeling frightened for some reason.  Blair notices that Adam
      keeps holding one hand to his neck.  He lifts the hand to see
      what's wrong and notices pimple-like things in Adam's neck.  Blair
      asks Adam if Angelique's been in his room, but Adam replies
      that she hasn't, but seems to respond fearfully to the name
      "Angelique".  Blair tells Adam he knows what happened and
      assures him it won't happen again.
         Downstairs, Angelique is gloating over what she's done to
      Barnabas and about what she plans to do to him in the future.
      Blair comes down and tells Angelique about what happened to
      Adam, and says, "We've forgotten about Lang's message! This must
      be the connection between Adam and Barnahas Lang talked about!".
      He tells Angelique that she must therefore leave Barnabas alone
      from now on. Angelique protests, "But I need him!".  Blair
      tells her, "Uses Joe Haskell instead".  Angelique exclaims, "You
      just want me to take care of Joe because you want that girl
      Maggie Evans all to yourself!"  She is furious.  Blair
      tells her, "The sun is about to come?  Are you going to go back
      to your coffin or stay here arguing with me?"  Angelique leaves,
      glaring back angrily at Nicholas as she exits through a door.
         At the Blue Whale, Joe Haskell is sitting at the bar, drinking.
      Maggie comes in and sees him.  She starts to turn away but
      seeing the condition he's in, decides to talk to him. She finds
      that he hasn't gotten any better, that he's still not working.
      Joe asks Maggie if she's come to meet Blair.  Maggie admits that
      she has.  Joe notes that she's been seeing a lot of Blair lately.
      Maggie admits that she has, saying that Blair is a kind, considerate
      man and she enjoys his company.  Blair arrives.  Maggie says goodbye
      to Joe and goes to join Blair.  Joe looks at Maggie longingly and 
      wishes that he could tell her what's happened to him, that he could
      tell her his bizarre behavior is not his fault, but knows he can't.
      Noting that the sun is about to set, he decides to go see Angelique.
      Blair gives his sympathy to Maggie about Joe, but Maggie replies, "I
      don't want to think about Joe Haskell.  I don't even know any Joe
      Haskell anymore".
         Angelique awakens and walks up to the living room.  Adam is there,
      reading.  But when he sees Angelique, he reacts with terror and 
      shrinks from her.  Angelique asks Adam if Blair has gone out to see
      Maggie.  Adam replies that he has.  By now, he has backed all the
      way to the other side of the room.  Angelique, puzzled, asks, "Are 
      you afraid of me?"  Adam replies that he is.  Angelique asks, "Why?".  
      Adam replies, "I don't know" and runs from the room in terror.  
      Angelique angrily notes that Blair has everything he wants
      while denying her what she wants and vows to wreck his plans.
         Joe arrives.  Angelique tells him she didn't summon him and orders
      him to leave, saying she doesn't want to see him anymore.  Joe
      accuses her of having someone else.  Angelique tells him that he's
      right, that there's someone else she wants more.  Jealous, Joe
      sits down in a chair, refusing to budge, saying, "I'll wait here
      until whoever it is comes, then I'll kill him!".  Angelique
      tells Joe, "If you won't leave, I'll show you something to make
      you leave!".  She then tells him to look into the magic mirror.
      He does.  In it, he sees Maggie and Blair outside the Evan's
      cottage.  Blair tells Maggie he has fallen in love with her
      and wonders if she could possibly ever love him, that if she
      couldn't, then perhaps they should stop seeing each other
      immediately. He asks, "Should we stop seeing each other?".
      Maggie replies, "No". They embrace and kiss.  Seeing this, Joe
      moans, "I've lost Maggie forever!".  He tells Angelique that because
      of her's he's lost everything, Maggie, his job, everything, that
      all he's got left is her. Angelique cruelly tells him, "You don't
      even have that! I don't want you anymore!".  Joe screams, "You've
      ruined my life, and you don't even care!".  Angelique coldy replies,
      "Not particularly". Joe exclaims, "EVIL! VICIOUS!",  grabs a letter
      opener from the deak, and raises it to kill Angelique, but Angelique
      just stands there calmly and says, "You know you can't kill me, Joe".
      Joe lowers the letter opener and says, "You're right. Maybe it's me I
      should kill! I hate myself! I hate everything I've become. I don't
      want to live, I want to die".  Angelique, not taking Joe's
      babbling seriously, turns her back on him and says, "Please leave,
      Joe, you don't know how much you bore me".  She hears Joe scream,
      "AHHHHHH", turns and is shocked to see that Joe has stabbed
      himself in the stomach.
      Episode 608
      Worldvision Rerun 395
      Tape Date: October 15, 1968 (ABC #213-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 23, 1968 Wednesday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         Angelique, terrified that Nicholas will come home and find
      Joe dead there, panics and, not knowing what else to do,
      telepathically summons Barnabas.  When he comes, Angelique
      shows him Joe, explaining that Joe stabbed himself.  Barnabas
      asks why Joe would do such a thing, but Angelique refuses to
      answer. Barnabas then notices the bite marks on Joe's neck.
      Angelique orders Barnabas to take Joe deep into the woods and
      leave him there.  Barnabas protests, "But he's dying!"  Angelique
      replies, "Good! If he dies, you won't have to kill him!", and
      orders Barnabas to kill Joe if he's not dead by the time he's
      brought him into the woods.
         Barnabas takes Joe and leaves, but disobeying Angelique,
      he takes him to the old house instead of into the woods.
      Julia examines Joe and tells Barnabas she wants to take him
      to the hospital, but Barnabas asks her not to, saying he would
      prefer to avoid police involvement. Joe keeps muttering, "I
      want to die!", but also keeps saying, "Why doesn't she come?
      Where is she?".  Julia tells Barnabas she thinks Joe is talking
      about Maggie and tells Barnabas that it might be a good idea
      to get her.  Barnabas asks, "Why?"  Julia replies, "There is
      such a thing as will to live, you know.  It's more than just
      a romantic idea.  Seeing Maggie might help Joe."  Barnabas points
      out, "But Joe and Maggie have broken up".  Julia replies, "Maybe
      he still wants her.  Sometimes people attempt to commit suicide
      to try to get what they want". Julia cuts the sleeve off Joe's
      sweater to get a better look at his wound and happens to see the
      vampire fang marks on his neck and realizes that Joe must be the
      victim of a vampire.  Barnabas feigns surprise and shock.  Julia,
      reasoning that the vampire who bit Joe must be the vampire they've
      been searching for, the same vampire that attacked Tom Jennings, tells
      Barnabas that this is their chance to catch it, that if they keep
      Joe at the Old House, the vampire might come for him, at which
      time they'll be able to trap and destroy it.  Barnabas leaves
      to fetch Maggie.  Joe continues to moan, "Where is she?"  Julia
      seems to get an idea...
         Barnabas gets Maggie and brings her to the old house.  Maggie
      keeps blaming herself for what happened to Joe, saying she should
      have done something to help before Joe got into such a bad state.
      Julia takes her upstairs to the room Joe has been moved and leaves
      her alone there. Maggie asks Joe what caused him to do this, but
      Joe does not answer.  Finally, she asks, "Was it her, that girl?"
      (Apparently she has some memory of seeing Angelique).  Joe
      replies, "Yes".
         After Maggie leaves, Julia tells Barnabas that they must prepare
      some silver bullets in case the vampire come for Joe, adding, "She
      might come at any time". Barnabas, surprised, asks, "She?". Julia
      tells Barnabas that she suspects that the vampire is a woman.  Barnabas
      asks, "How do you know?" Julia replies, "Just intuition. I even think
      I know who it is. Cassandra".  Barnabas protests, "But I was with
      Cassandra when she died.  She didn't die of a vampire bite".  He
      points out, "You know, I AM something of an expert on the subject".
      Julia admits she must be wrong and apoligizes for jumping to
         Later, Barnabas goes upstairs and sees Joe.  He lies, "I found
      you in the woods nearby".  Joe replies, "You didn't find me in
      the woods.  You found me at HER house, Angelique's!"  Barnabas
      whispers, "You must never mention that name in this house".  Joe
      starts to think aloud, "Wait a minute.  How did you get in?  Nicholas
      would never have let you into that house!" Barnabas lies, "I snuck
      in", but Joe, suspecting something exclaims, "She must have summoned
      you!", grabs Barnabas' collar, pulls him closer, sees the bite mark
      on his throat and shouts, "YOU! YOU MUST BE THE ONE SHE LEFT ME FOR!
      Episode 609
      Worldvision Rerun 396
      Tape Date: October 17, 1968 (ABC #214-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 24, 1968 Thursday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         At Blair's house, Adam writes a letter to Carolyn and gives
      it to Harry Johnson to deliver to her.  Eve comes into the
      room, looks out the window and remarks, "Ah! I remember days
      like this! Fall, and the first day of the year after summer has
      arrived!"  Adam is puzzled and asks her how she could remember
      such a day since there have been no such days since her creation.
      She replies that she doesn't know.  She adds that she also knows
      that soon, the leaves will fall from the trees, but doesn't know
      how she knows this either.  She tells Adam she plans to disobey
      Blair and leave the house for awhile. Adam begs her not to, saying
      he has a surprise for her today.
         Harry Johnson delivers the letter to Carolyn.  She reads it,
      then tells Harry, "Go tell Adam the answer is yes. Tell him I'm
      very happy about it".  Harry returns to Blair's house and relays
      Carolyn's message to Adam and leaves.  Adam tells Eve that this
      is her big surprise, that they're going to Collinwood to visit
      Carolyn. Eve disdainfully exclaims, "THAT'S your big surprise?!"
      and laughs hysterically.
         At Collinwood, Jeff and Carolyn are in the garden.  Jeff is
      waiting for Vicky and Carolyn is keeping him company.  Jeff tells
      Carolyn he thinks he hears a noise outside the fence, but Carolyn
      replies that she hears nothing, then tells Jeff that she's going
      inside, that there's something he has to do.  She tells Jeff she'll
      also see what's taking Vicky so long, then goes inside.  Jeff
      announces loudly, "You know, I think I'll go inside to see what's
      taking Vicky so long too", but instead of going inside, ducks
      behind some bushes. Someone comes into the garden through the
      gate.  It's just David.  Jeff asks David what's wrong. David
      replies that he's upset that he, Jeff, is going to marry Vicky
      and take her away to Boston.  Jeff tries to console him, promising
      to let him visit them in Boston often, saying, "You probably know
      Boston pretty well, you've been there so many times with Carolyn
      and your Uncle Roger".  But David, still upset, shouts, "I heard
      THEM talking! I know you're really Peter Bradford! You were in
      Boston in Revolutionary times! You should know all about historic
      Boston!"  Jeff grabs David and shakes him angrily, saying, "I'm
      not Peter Bradford!", but then quickly stops and apoligizes
      to the boy and starts to speak to him gently.
         Inside, Adam arrives at his old hiding place, where Carolyn
      is waiting for him.  They tell each other how happy they are to
      see one another again. Carolyn then asks, "Where is she?". Adam
      brings Eve in.  Eve looks around and sneers, "THIS is where they
      used to keep you?!".  Adam tries to tell her he had a good time
      here.  He tells her about the books, card games with Carolyn, etc,
      but Eve continues to sneer.  She walks over to the window and
      looks out into the garden, where she sees Jeff and David talking.
      Both Carolyn and Adam warn Eve to get back away from the window
      as someone might see her, but Eve refuses.  Adam goes to Eve and
      tries to pull her away from the window, but Eve angrily shouts,
      "Don't touch me! I don't want you to ever touch me again!" and
      stalks out of the room, saying, "I'll go home by myself! I know the
         In the garden, Jeff finally gets David to believe that he's not
      Peter Bradford and gets him to accept his marriage to Vicky. He
      tells David he wants him to be the ring-bearer.  David seems happy.
      Jeff looks at his watch and tells David to go up and get Vicky,
      joking, "Tell her she's just broken the world record for making
      someone wait".  David leaves to get Vicky.  Eve walks in
      through the gate and exclaims, "Peter! Peter Bradford!".
      Episode 610
      Worldvision Rerun 397
      Tape Date: October 18, 1968 (ABC #215-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 25, 1968 Friday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         Jeff replies, "I'm not Peter Bradford. I'm Jeff Clark", but
      Eve notes that he responded to the name and insists he's Peter
      Bradford, that they once knew and loved one another, though she
      doesn't remember exactly where or when.  She tells him she's
      surprised to see him.  He continues to deny he's Peter Bradford,
      but Eve just says, "You ARE my Peter Bradford, and I've found
      you at last!"
         Inside, Vicky walks into the drawing room and sees Elizabeth
      there writing some letters. She tells Elizabeth that she's glad
      to see that she's better.  Elizabeth tells Vicky that she'd like
      her to thank Jeff for what he did.  Vicky tells her, "You can do
      that personally. He's come to take me to a movie".  She tells
      Elizabeth that she and Jeff have gotten back together again,
      that they plan to be married, though they haven't set a date
      yet.  But Elizabeth is not better... She remarks sadly, "I don't
      know whether I'll be alive to attend the wedding or not".
         Hearing someone coming, Eve hides in the bushes.  Vicky comes
      out into the garden.  She notes that Jeff is acting strangly
      and asks what's wrong.  Jeff lies that he's just worried about
      his new job, which he'll be starting in a few days, that he's
      already let Roger down once and doesn't want to do so again.
      Vicky and Jeff leave.  Eve comes out from behind the bushes and
      watches them go.  Elizabeth comes out into the garden. She sees
      Eve, who's dressed in a jet black dress, and panics, screaming,
      "I know who you are! You're the angel of death! You've come to tell
      me my time has come!".
         Eve returns to Blair's house. She notices that Blair looks
      very angry and asks, "What's the matter?"  Blair angrily replies,
      "You're doing everything you can to ruin my plans, and you
      ask, 'What's the matter?'!", telling Eve that Adam had told him what
      had happened at Collinwood.  She derivesively remarks, "Poor little
      Adam, the slightest problem and he goes running to Nicholas". Blair
      angrily slaps her for daring to talk back to him.  Eve, however, is
      unrepentant and tells Blair that she's not afraid of him, that
      she knows he can't do anything to her because she's indispensible
      to his plans.  She demands to know who she was before the
      experiment. Blair asks, "Why do you want to know?".  Eve tells
      Blair, "I saw someone I knew I loved in a previous life,
      but I couldn't remember when or where.  Nicholas, who was I?"
      Nicholas exclaims, "That's fascinating!", and asks who the man is.
      Eve refuses to tell him, saying, "I wouldn't want to endanger
      him.  I know you'd harm anyone who could get between Adam and me".
      Nicholas promises not to harm him, and tells her he'll make a bargain
      with her, that if she'll tell him who it is, he'll tell her who she
      was.  Eve tells him, "He now calls himself Jeff Clark". Blair
      remarks, "If he is indeed someone you used to know in the past,
      this indicates that there are forces at work I don't know about".
      Eve, now wanting Nicholas to fufill his part of the bargain,
      starts to say, "Now I'd like you to tell me...", but Nicholas
      interrupts, saying, "No, I'd like YOU to tell ME!". He tells Eve,
      "I'd like you to look at this candle, into this flame...", hypnotizing
      her and sending her back into the past...
         Eve flashes back to a scene in the 1790's.  She is standing
      next to Peter Bradford, who is seated at a writing stand. Eve,
      in the flashback, looks very nervous and asks, "What are you going
      to do, Peter?"  Peter, rather coldly, replies, "I haven't decided
      yet".  Eve says, "But he would have KILLED you!".  Peter remarks,
      "So you killed him. Simple as that.".  Eve remarks, "After four
      years of the French revolution, the shedding of blood means
      little to me. I killed Phillipe for you!" Peter tells Eve, "I'm
      going to turn you in to the authorities for killing Phillipe!
      But I'll give you more of a chance than you gave poor Philippe.
      I'll wait until morning before I go to the authorities to give you
      a chance to leave Collinsport. Now get out of here! I never want
      to see you again!".
         Eve snaps out of the trance and exclaims, "He IS Peter Bradford,
      and I love him!! I love him!".
      Episode 611
      Worldvision Rerun 398
      Tape Date: October 21, 1968 (ABC #216-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 28, 1968 Monday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         Eve continues to say she oves Peter Bradford and wants to be
      with him, but Blair tells her she belongs with Adam.  Eve
      continues to insist she loves Peter Bradford, saying she once
      loved him enough to kill for him.  Blair explains to her that
      the "Phillipe" she killed was one Philippe Cordiet, her lover
      who came with her from France.  He tells her that after coming
      to America, she fell in love with Peter Bradford and killed
      Philippe Cordiet because he wouldn't let her go. Eve remarks that
      that's probably why she feels so much like killing Adam.  Blair
      orders Eve to pretend to like Adam and be with him.  Eve
      angrily walks out of the room and out of the front door.
         Adam, coming down the stairs, sees Eve leave and goes into
      the living room and asks Blair where Eve is going. Blair lies
      that Eve has a headache and is just going out for a breath of
      fresh air.  Adam tells Blair, "It's this place that's making her
      miserable", and demands that they leave immediately. Blair at first
      says they cannot go and refuses to do so.  Adam continues to argue
      with him, and eventually Blair agrees to leave, but tells Adam
      he has one last arrangement to make before they can leave. He
      tells Adam it won't be just the three of them leaving, there'll
      be a fourth.  Adam asks who.  Blair replies, "Maggie Evans".
      He tells Adam that as soon as he, Blair, can convince Maggie to
      go with them, they'll leave Collinsport.
         Eve goes to Jeff Clark's apartment.  Jeff, surprised, asks,
      "How did you find me?"  Eve replies, "You told me what name you
      were going by now.  It wasn't hard", and tells him she knows he
      is Peter Bradford.  Jeff insists he's not.  They argue about
      this.  At one point, Jeff notes that he cannot be Peter Bradford
      because Peter Bradford died 200 years ago.  Eve retorts, "So
      you've heard of him! You know who Peter Bradford is!"  Jeff lies
      that he read it somewhere. Eve asks who the girl she saw him with
      last night was.  Jeff replies, "Leave Vicky Winters alone!".
      He tells Eve that he loves Vicky and is going to marry her.
      Eve replies, "I am the one who loves you! Don't count on marrying
      Vicky Winters!" and leaves.
         Blair goes to the Evan's cottage and proposes marriage to
      Maggie, saying he's sorry about the abruptness, but he may have
      to leave Collinsport in a few days, never to return. Maggie
      tells him she's sorry, but she'll have to reject his offer,
      that she would have accepted had the circumstances been different,
      but she can't accept right now because she's worried about Joe
      Haskell. Blair says, "I thought you broke up with him". Maggie
      replies, "I have, but I'm worried about him because of what's
      just happened".  She tells Blair about Joe's suicide attempt and
      her visit to him at the old house. She also tells Blair that
      he was right, that she learned that there was another girl
      in Joe's life, that Joe kept asking for "her" in his delirium,
      but that she, Maggie, didn't know who this mysterious "her"
         Eve returns to Blair's house. Adam tells Eve that he has
      good news for her, that Blair has promised that they will leave
      Collinsport in a few days, and asks, "Aren't you happy?".
      Eve replies in a very sarcastic tone, "Delighted!" and
      goes upstairs.  Blair returns home and tells Adam it may take a
      little longer than he expected to leave Collinsport, that Maggie
      Evans wouldn't agree to go.  Adam angrily asks, "How much longer?"
      Blair replies that he doesn't want to force Maggie to come, that
      he wants her to come of her own free will.  There's a knock at
      the front door.  Blair tells Adam it's Harry Johnson, whom he's
      summoned to run an errand for him, and asks Adam to leave the
      room so they can speak in private. After Adam leaves, Blair
      lets Harry in.  He gives him a vial and tells him, "This is
      poison. At 6:00 tonight, you are to sneak into the old house, go
      upstairs, and find the room Joe Haskell is in.  There, you'll find
      a tray of medicine. You are to poison his medicine with this".
      He remarks, "By tomorrow morning, Joe Haskell will be dead!"
      Episode 612
      Worldvision Rerun 399
      Tape Date: October 22, 1968 (ABC #217-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 29, 1968 Tuesday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         At the old house, Barnabas and Julia are with Joe in some
      bedroom. Julia wonders aloud, "Who could have bitten him?".
      Barnabas tells Julia that she looks very tired and recommends
      that she go get some rest. Julia agrees to do so, but tells
      Barnabas he is not to leave Joe alone in the room for any reason
      in case the vampire comes, and to prevent Joe from leaving should
      the vampire summon him.
         Harry Johnson is at Collinwood, preparing to go to the old
      house to do as Blair had instructed.   He watches the clock
      nervously, saying, "It's almost time.  I'll have to go and
      do what Nicholas wants me to do.  I don't want to, but I
      have to. I can't disobey him. I don't know why".  The clock
      strikes 6:00. As Harry turns to leave, he hears his mother call
      his name.  He turns and finds her standing there.  She accuses
      of being up to something, saying she's noticed that he's been
      acting strangely all week.  Harry insists that he's not, but
      his mother tells him, "I know you are! I can always tell when
      you're lying".  Harry replies, "I'm not. I don't have time to
      argue with you about this.  I'm going for a walk", and leaves.
         At the old house, Barnabas hears Angelique summoning him
      telepathically, but resists. Joe too hears Angelique's summons.
      He mutters "Angelique", jealously exclaims, "You! It's you she's
      calling!", and tries to get up, but lapses into unconciousness.
      Barnabas finds that he can resist Angelique's calls no longer
      and leaves.
         Outside, Blair sees Barnabas leave the old house and
      mutters, "He's leaving the house, just as Nicholas promised
      he would". He sneaks inside and finds Julia asleep in a chair
      in the drawing room.  He goes upstairs, finds Joe's room, goes
      inside, and poison Joe's medicine. Julia awakens and goes
      upstairs. Harry, hearing Julia coming up, hides behind the
      curtains. Julia comes into the room and finds that Barnabas,
      contrary to her instructions, has gone.
         Barnabas meets Angelique in the woods.  She tells him she
      is very angry with him because she knows he let Joe live
      instead of killing him as she had instructed.  Barnabas replies
      that he just couldn't do it.  Angelique tells him, "You WILL
      kill Joe Haskell!".  She tells him she wants him to do it
      because she wants him to bear the guilt for all eternity.
         At the old house, Julia wonders where Barnabas could have
      gone. She leaves the room, goes downstairs, opens the front
      door and calls for him.  Harry quietly comes down the stairs,
      and seeing Julia looking out the front door, sneaks out the
      back door.  Julia hears the back door close. Thinking that
      it must be Barnabas, she calls out, "Barnabas?", but there's
      no answer.
         In the woods, Angelique, having told Barnabas what he
      must do, asks him if he's understood her instruction.  He
      replies that he has, but says that he won't do it. To ensure
      that he does, Angelique bites him.
         Harry, on his way through the woods back to Collinwood,
      finds Barnabas and brings him there.  Mrs. Johnson asks the
      dazed Barnabas what happened.  Barnabas lies that he was
      walking through the woods when, suddenly, he felt dizzy and
      passed out, that the next thing he remember is awakeing to
      find Harry standing over him.  Mrs. Johnson tells him she'll
      call a doctor, but Barnabas tells her not to, saying he'll just
      have Julia check him.  He leaves to go beck to the old house.
         Barnabas goes back to the old house.  Julia reprimands him
      for not following her orders to stay with Joe, then asks him
      where he's been.  Barnabas lies that he heard dogs howling
      outside and was certain that someone was outside the house
      and went to investigate.  Julia asks why he didn't wake her
      to watch over her when he went to investigate.  Barnabas lies
      that he didn't think he'd be away for long, and wasn't.
      Julia tells him that it HAS been a long time, that she's
      been awake for at least an hour.  Barnabas replies that he must
      have lost track of time while searching in the woods.  Julia
      tells him he thinks someone might have snuck into the house
      while he was gone, but that she's not sure. Barnabas tells
      Julia he'll go upstairs to see how Joe is.  He asks her if
      she's given him a dose of medicine while he was out.  Julia
      replies that Joe's already had his dosage for the night.
      Barnabas tells her to stay downstairs and get some more rest
      while he goes to check on Joe.
         Barnabas goes up into the room Joe's recuperating in.
      He pours a spoonful of the the poisoned medicine into
      a spoon and prepares to give it to Joe, thinking to himself,
      "I know this will kill Joe.  Why must I do this? I must
      do this because it is her command..."
      Episode 613
      Worldvision Rerun 400
      Tape Date: October 23, 1968 (ABC #218-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 30, 1968 Wednesday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         But Barnabas is interrupted by a voice calling, "Barnabas!"
      He turns and sees that it is Julia, who has decided to
      follow him up.  She asks him why he's giving the medicine to
      Joe even though she's told him Joe has already had enough
      medicine for the night.  Barnabas manages a confused explanation,
      saying he's tired and confused and thought it was already morning.
      Julia takes the bottle of medicine and the spoon, and pours the
      medicine back into the bottle and leaves, taking the bottle with
      her, saying, "In case you get confused again" to Barnabas.
         Barnabas continues to watch over Joe.  Eventually, Julia comes
      back and asks Barnabas again, "Why were you giving Joe that
      medicine?".  Barnabas replies, "I've already told you. I was
      tired and confused."  Julia says, "I'm afraid I can't accept that
      explanation completely right now".  Barnabas asks, "Why not?"  Julia
      replies, "Because I've made an analysis of the medicine".  Barnabas,
      pretending to be puzzled, asks, "Why? You know what it is. You
      prescribed it".  Julia replies, "Yes, but there's one crucial
      difference now".  Barnabas, continuing to feign puzzlement and
      ignorance, asks, "What?"  Julia replies, "There's now a deadly
      poison in it.  You were trying to kill Joe!" Barnabas replies,
      "That's ridiculous! I'm the one who saved him in the first place!".
      Julia asks, "Who else could have done it?". Barnabas reminds her
      that she had thought someone had snuck into the house while he was
      gone and she was asleep and suggests it may have been the intruder.
      Julia agrees that that could have been the case, then thinks a bit
      and wonders why, if an intruder had poisoned the medicine, he didn't
      give it to Joe to finish the job.  Joe, conscious but feigning sleep,
      has overheard the conversation and thinks to himself that
      Barnabas is trying to kill him to have Angelique all to himself.
         Maggie comes to the old house to see how Joe is doing.  She
      tells Julia she doesn't want to see him, that she just wants to
      know how he's doing, but Julia convinces her that it would be
      best for Joe if she did go up and see him, and asks her to
      tell her if Joe mentions this mysterious "she" he keeps talking
      about.  Maggie goes upstairs.
         When Joe sees Maggie, he tells her she shouldn't be there.
      She tries to find out who the "other woman" is, but Joe refuses
      to tell her and orders her to leave. As Maggie is about to go
      out the door, Joe calls her back and tells her, "If I should
      die, Barnabas is responsible! He's planning to kill me!".
      Maggie tells him, "That's ridiculous.  He's the one who saved
      you in the first place".  After Maggie leaves, Joe thinks to
      himself, "Don't worry, Maggie.  Barnabas won't kill me.  I won't
      let him.  But how can I stop him? There's only one way! I've got
      to kill him before he can kill me!".
         Downstairs, Maggie tells Julia that Joe was delirious and
      didn't tell her who the "she" was.  She thanks Barnabas for
      saving Joe's life.  After Maggie leaves, Julia tells Barnabas
      that she thinks Maggie still loves Joe.  Barnabas agrees.
      Julia tells Barnabas that she has to go to Collinwood for awhile
      and asks him to keep an eye on things at the old house.  Barnabas
      asks her why she would leave him alone at the old house with Joe
      after she had accused him of trying to murder him earlier.  Julia
      replies that she no longer thinks that now and now trusts him.
      Barnabas tells her, "I'm honored by your new found trust in me".
      Julia tells him that now it's morning, it isn't necessary for
      him to stay with Joe, since the vampire is sleeping again.
      She tells Barnabas it would be better for him to let Joe rest
      alone, and stay down in the living room.
         When Julia gets back to Collinwood, she runs into Mrs.
      Johnson, who asks her how Barnabas is. Julia asks, "What do you
      mean?".  Mrs. Johnson recounts what happened last night, about
      Harry finding Barnabas in the woods, etc.
         At the old house, Joe, having decided to kill Barnabas before
      Barnabas can kill him, gets out of bed and looks for something
      to use as a weapon.  He thinks to himself, "I've got to kill him
      first! I don't have a choice!  But how?  How am I going to do it?
      I've got to find something! Anything!" Finding little in the room
      that can be used as a weapon, he thinks to himself, "There's
      nothing here!  My hands! I'll choke him to death!  No. There's no
      strength in them".  He looks around again he finally settles on a
      section of rope from the curtains.  He goes downstairs and finds
      Barnabas asleep in a chair.  He puts the rope around Barnabas' neck
      and proceeds to strangle him.
      Episode 614
      Worldvision Rerun 401
      Tape Date: October 24, 1968 (ABC #219-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  October 31, 1968 Thursday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Sean Dhu Sullivan

         Joe shouts, "You tried to poison me! No one's going to do
      that to me! No one!" and continues strangling Barnabas with
      the rope.
         Joe is interrupted by Mrs. Johnson, who walks into the room,
      sees what's going on and screams.  She tries to tear Joe away
      from Barnabas, but is unable to do so.  Eventually, Joe, looks
      at Barnabas and, being no murderer at heart, is shocked at
      what he's doing, releases Barnabas and runs off. Barnabas
      doesn't move...
         At Collinwood, Roger pulls a bell pull to the left of the
      fireplace to summon Mrs. Johnson, but she doesn't come.
      He remarks to Elizabeth that he would have liked Mrs. Johnson
      to have brought some tea because it's always good to have
      some soothing tea when you're discussing problems.  Elizabeth
      remarks, "You heard me talking to the contractor on the telephone
      about my mausoleum, didn't you?"  Roger tells her that he's
      concerned about what people will think when she builds her special
      tomb, saying, "The kind ones will call you eccentric..."  Elizabeth
      finishes his sentence for him, "And the unkind ones will say I'm
      mad".  Roger asks, "And you don't care?"  Elizabeth replies, "I'm
      more concerned about being buried alive and suffocating to
      death in a coffin".  Roger admits, "I am concerned about our
      reputation. I admit it. But not for myself, but for David
      and Carolyn". He tries to convince her to instead secretly modify 
      the existing Collins Family mausoleum at Eagle Hill instead of
      building a new one, that that way, no one would know what was going 
      on.  Elizabeth replies that she doesn't care what people think, but 
      Roger convinces her to come to go the the cemetary with him and take 
      a look at the mausoleum he's talking about, telling her, "If you
      agree to use the tomb, I'll take over the job and make sure it's
      modified to your specifications".
         Mrs. Johnson manages to revive Barnabas.  He tells her she must
      keep what happened a secret, that she must forget that it ever
      happened, that she must not tell anyone, not the police, not
      the Collinses, not even Julia.  Mrs. Johnson is greatly puzzled
      at this strange request.
         Joe is wandering around in the woods, wondering where he will
         Elizabeth and Roger arrive at the cemetary.  They look at
      a headstone that says, "Jonah Collins, died June 15, 1863, Age 23."
      Elizabeth starts to think she hears the dead trying to talk to her.  
      She tells Roger she has changed her mind and wants to go back to
      Collinwood, saying, "The dead are here! They're all envious of us 
      because we're alive! Can't you feel them?", but Roger dismisses this
      as her imagination and insists they look at the mausoleum first. They
      go into the Collins family mausoleum. They hear a groan coming from
      inside and find Joe in there, leaning against a wall.  Joe collapses.
         Mrs. Johnson rushes back to Collinwood, where she finds Harry
      in the foyer.  She tells him, "Everyone around here is crazy!
      I'm going to call the sheriff!".  Not thinking, Harry blurts out,
      "You've been to the old house?"  Mrs. Johnson replies, "Yes.
      If I hadn't been there, someone could have been killed!"  Harry asks,
      "You saved Joe Haskell?" Suspicious, Mrs. Johnson puts the
      phone down and asks Harry, "How did you know Joe Haskell was mixed
      up in all this?". Harry tellls her that it's just that he knew Joe
      was staying at the old house.  Mrs. Johnson asks, "But why would
      he be staying at the old house? He has his own place to live".
      Harry replies that Joe is sick.  His mother retorts, "Not too sick
      to try to kill Mr. Barnabas!". She notices that her son, having heard
      this, seems anxious to leave and accuses him of having something to
      do with what happened.  She accuses him of wanting to leave to tell
      an accomplice what's happened.  They are interrupted by Elizabeth
      and Roger coming in through the front doors.  With them is Joe
      Haskell.  Mrs. Johnson, on seeing Joe, screams to Roger, "How can
      you bring that madman into this house?!?!?".  Roger and Harry take
      Joe into the drawing room and put him on the couch. Mrs. Johnson
      continues to scream that Joe is a madman, that he had tried to kill
      Barnabas earlier.  Roger says, "That's ridiculous!", then asks Joe,
      "Did you try to kill Barnabas?"  Joe replies, "I have to kill Barnabas
      Collins before he kills me!".  Roger goes to the telephone and calls
      the operator, saying, "I want to speak to the police".

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