Dark Shadows
October 1969

        Episode 853
        Worldvision Rerun 631
        Tape Date:  September 21, 1969 (ABC #198-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   October 1, 1969 Wednesday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Kitty goes downstairs and finds Quentin in the drawing room.
        She asks him, "What do you know about Angelique's past?"  She
        doesn't get much information from him, so she says, "I feel as
        though I've met her before", and asks, "Has she ever been to
        England before? You must know at least that".  Suddenly, Angelique
        is there and says, "I can tell you that. No, I've never been to
        England".  Kitty asks, "Have you ever been a servant before?"
        Anglique, acting insulted, replies, "Of course not!"
           Kitty shows Edward the nosegay and book which mysteriously
        appeared.  Edward replies, "There can be only one explanation -
        Jamison must have developed a crush on you and put them there".
        He looks at the book and remarks, "I didn't know we had a copy
        of Burns in the house".  He opens the cover and, apparently
        seeing some sort of mark, says, "Oh, it's from the old house".
        Kitty asks, "Who lives in the old house?"  Edward answers,
        "No one lives there anymore".  After Edward leaves, Kitty
        mutters, "Barnabas...Barnabas..."
           Quentin is in the drawing room.  He notices Kitty standing
        out in the foyer and goes out to see what she's doing.  He
        finds that she is looking at a picture of Barnabas and talking
        to it.  Edward comes down the stairs, sees this too and exclaims,
        "Where did she get THAT?!"  He tries to drag Kitty away from
        the portrait.  She looks at him, exclaims, "Joshua!", and
        runs from the house.
           Kitty goes to the grave of Jeremiah Collins and says, "My
        husband, oh, my husband, I never really loved you. I loved
        another, but I didn't want you to die..."  Edward catches up
        to her and hearing what she's saying, tells her, "That's not
        your husband! That man died a hundred years ago! He was married
        to a woman named Josette!"  Kitty says, "Yes...Josette...and
        Barnabas..."  Edward angrily tells her, "Don't ever mention
        that name!"  Kitty replies, "Don't be angry, Joshua.  It wasn't
        his fault".  Edward tries to tell her, "My name isn't Joshua,
        it's Edward, and yours is Kitty".  She angrily replies, "Don't
        call me that!", and runs off.
           Angelique goes to the rectory and gives Julia something
        the size of a thick cigar wrapped in paper.  Julia thanks her.
        Angelique asks, "When will you be needing more?"  Julia replies,
        "Tomorrow", and remarks, "It's strange meeting you after all I've
        heard about you, and even liking you".  She then warns Angelique,
        "Petofi has something planned.  Be careful. Petofi is a dangerous
        man".  Angelique admits that even she is afraid of the hand.
           Quentin runs into Kitty in the woods, but she runs from him.
           Petofi goes to Collinwood and runs into Angelique in the
        foyer.  She compliments him on his great powers, but warns him
        that she too has powers that are far from negligible, saying
        that she can, for example, raise spirits, and warns him that
        if he's not careful, one day he may be walking through the 
        woods and find that the spirit of King Johnny Romano is
        chasing him, golden scimitar in hand...
           Kitty goes to the rectory and starts calling, "Barnabas!
        I know you're here somewhere!"  Quentin, who's been chasing
        her, comes in seconds behind her.  Kitty starts for a door,
        but Julia suddenly comes out it, closing it and blocking 
        Kitty's way.  Kitty continues to call for Barnabas and tries
        to force her way past Julia to the door.  Julia cries, "Quentin!
        Help!"  Upon hearing the name Quentin, Kitty snaps out of it
        and says, "Quentin?" and runs out of the rectory. Quentin tells
        Julia, "I know why you stayed now.  Barnabas is still alive,
        isn't he?"  Julia denies this.  Quentin says, "I don't believe
        you".  Julia replies, "If you don't, all you have to do is go
        to the cave and see the body in the coffin".  Quentin replies,
        "I can't.  Edward's had it sealed up".
           In Kitty's room at Collinwood, Kitty asks Edward, "Have you
        spoken to Jamison to see if he put the things in my room?"
        Edward hesitates, then says, "Yes. It was Jamison who put them
        there".  Kitty says, "I can tell from your voice you're lying".
        Edward admits that he is, and vows to find out who did leave
        them there.
           Quentin returns to Collinwood and finds Petofi waiting
        in the drawing room for him.  Petofi remarks, "You seem
        tense.  I learned a trick in the near east for relieving
        tension.  Would you like me to show it to you?"  Unbelievably,
        Quentin replies, "Yes".  As Petofi walks to Quentin, he holds
        up his hand to display a ring he's wearing and says, "This too
        is from the near east.  It is said to allow the wearer to
        start a new life.  Wouldn't you like to start a new life,
        Quentin?"  He rubs it on Quentin's temple and Quentin falls
        asleep.  Petofi says to the sleeping Quentin, "You may awaken
        at any time, Quentin", and leaves.  Quentin awakens and is
        shocked to find the ring on his hand.  Recalling Petofi's
        words,  "It is said to allow the wearer to start a new life.  
        Wouldn't you like to start a new life, Quentin?", Quentin
        says, "No, not from you, Petofi", and tries to take the ring
        off, but finds that he cannot.  He stands up and frantically
        tries to remove the ring.
        Episode 854
        Worldvision Rerun 632
        Tape Date:  September 22, 1969 (ABC #199-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   October 2, 1969 Thursday
        Writer:     Sam Hall
        Director:   Henry Kaplan

           Aristede returns to the mill building and finds Petofi sitting
        in the dark.  Aristede says, "I've just purchased a bottle of wine.
        Would you like some?"  Petofi grabs the bottle, dashes it to
        the floor, breaking it, and says, "I'm planning to do the most
        important thing I've done since coming here, and we both must
        be sober".  He starts to telepathically summon Quentin, then
        angrily says, "He's stopped! She's stopped him!"  
           At Collinwood, Quentin is about to leave the house, but is
        stopped by Kitty, who demands to know what happened at the 
        rectory, saying she doesn't remember a thing.  She notices
        the ring on Quentin's hand and is surprised by it, noting,
        "My husband had one just like it".  Quentin asks, "Do you know
        a Count Petofi?" Kitty replies, "No". Quentin tells Kitty,
        "I was looking for someone".  Kitty asks, "Who?"  Quentin hesitates
        for a moment, then says, "Barnabas".  Kitty repeats, "Barnabas...",
        then goes to look at the portrait.
           Beth returns to the mill building.  Petofi tells her, "We will do
        something very important tonight".  
           Aristede talks to Beth and finds that she too will be involved
        in what Petofi plans to do.  Unsure if this is wise, he tells
        Petofi so, saying he thinks it is possible that Beth still loves
        Quentin.  Petofi asks Beth if she still loves Quentin.  Beth 
        assures him she does not.
           Quentin finally comes to the mill builing.  He demands that
        Petofi take the ring off.  Petofi refuses, and they argue.
        Quentin asks Petofi if he knows Kitty Hampshire.  Petofi replies
        that he does not.  Quentin says, "I know you're lying. I asked
        her if she knew you and she said the same thing, but the strange
        thing is that I knew she was lying, I knew it as soon as she said 
        it". He demands to know, "How could I know? Could the ring have
        made me clairvoyant?"  Suddenly, Quentin screams, "I can't see!
        I've become blind!" Petofi restores Quentin's sight, and tells
        him, "Go home and go to sleep.  When you awaken, you'll feel
        completely different". 
           Quentin goes back to Collinwood and finds Kitty in the
        drawing room.  He stuns her by saying, "I know why you're really
        here.  Your husband died penniless and you've come to marry
        Edward for his money".  She angrily slaps him.  Quentin asks,
        "Why did you do that?".  Kitty is surprised to find that she has 
        no memory of what he had just said to her.
        Episode 855
        Worldvision Rerun 633
        Tape Date:  September 23, 1969 (ABC #200-DRK-69)
        Air Date:   October 3, 1969 Friday
        Writer:     Gordon Russell
        Director:   Lela Swift

           At the mill building, Petofi goes into the other room, having
        told Aristede that he must not be under any circumstances be
        disturbed.  In the other room, Petofi starts to cast a spell...
           Magda goes to Collinwood and finds Quentin there.  Quentin
        complains, "I feel strange".  Magda is shocked to see that
        Quentin is wearing Petofi's ring and tries to ask him about it, 
        but he runs off.           
           At the mill building, Beth, starting to get nervous, asks
        Aristede, "What's going to happen to Quentin?"  Aristede
        replies, "The worst thing imaginable", but refuses to explain
           Quentin shows up at the Blue Whale, wondering how he got there.
        Charity is there.  He tells her, "I feel strange..."   
           Inside the other room at the mill building, Petofi continues
        to cast his spell.  Outside, Aristede and Beth continue to 
        stand guard.  
           At the Blue Whale, Quentin suddenly stands up, picks up
        Charity, dances with her, and kisses her.  He then goes to
        the piano and starts playing "her" song.  Charity tells him,
        "You play beautifully!"  Quentin replies, "I used to play
        often, a long time ago, before THEY...did it.  But I haven't
        played in a long time".  Charity remarks, "I find that hard
        to believe, you played so beautifully".  Quentin suddenly
        asks, "Played what so beautifully?", looking very puzzled.
        Charity replies, "The piano, of course".  Quentin protests,
        "But that's impossible! I don't know how to play the piano!"
        Charity, puzzled, says, "But you just did!"
           Quentin returns to Collinwood, holding his head as if he
        had a bad headache.  He goes into the drawing room and falls
        asleep on the couch.
           At the mill building, Aristede tells Beth, "I think I heard
        something upstairs", and asks her to go upstairs to check.
        Beth goes upstairs and finds Magda knocking at the door.  Magda 
        tells Beth, "I've got to see Petofi".  Beth replies, "That's 
        impossible right now".  Magda insists, saying, "You must let me 
        in! Something is happening to Quentin! Even if you don't love him 
        anymore, surely you must still care what happens to him!"  But Beth 
        just tells Magda to leave and shuts the door in her face. 
           Sitting downstairs with Aristede, Beth starts to have second
        thoughts.  She suddenly cries, "I still love him!" and runs
        out of the cellar, Aristede unable to stop her.   
           Beth goes to Collinwood and finds Quentin asleep on the
        couch in the drawing room.  She desperately tries to wake him,
        screaming, "Count Petofi is trying to do something terrible
        to you!"
  Episode 856
  Worldvision Rerun 634
  Tape Date:  September 24, 1969 (ABC #201-DRK-69)
  Air Date:   October 6, 1969 Monday
  Writer:     Gordon Russell
  Director:   Lela Swift

  ( Missed about 10 minutes of this one )

      Magda runs into 'Quentin' and notices he is acting strangely and
  remarks on it. He denies it and rushes off. She is shocked to notice he
  is wearing Petofi's ring...

     Quentin (in Petofi's body) awakens and notices he is feeling strange.
  Aristide comes in and taunts him. Quentin looks at his hands and is
  shocked at what he sees and rushes out of the room and looks into a
  mirror. Petofi, in Quentins's body, walks down the stairs. Quentin asks
  Petofi why he has done this.  Petofi tells Quentin his plan. He explains
  that to travel in time to 1969 and remain there permanently, he needs to
  have a body in 1969, and that when Charles Delaware Tate painted the
  portrait of him, he did more than just remove the werewolf curse from
  him, he made him immortal, and that his body lives in 1969, the same
  age as it is now, and he plans to escape to this body.

    Quentin realizes he cannot return to Collinwood in Petofi's body and
  wonders where he can go...

    Beth, for some reason, goes to the cottage and finds Quentin there.
  Thinking it is Petofi, she tells him she will no longer work for him.
  He tries to tell her he is really Quentin, but she will not believe him..

   Episode 857
   Worldvision Rerun 635
   Tape Date:  September 25, 1969 (ABC #202-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 7, 1969 Tuesday
   Writer:     Violet Welles
   Director:   Lela Swift

       Petofi and Aristede are at the threshold of Collinwood. Aristede
     warns Petofi to be careful. Petofi tells Aristede not to worry, no one
     will notice that he is not really Quentin. He tells Aristede he plans
     to continue his experiments with the rods to find the right hexagram
     for going to the future. Aristede asks who with. Petofi replies that
     he'll be the next victim if he does not find someone for him by

       Petofi enters Collinwood and finds Trask arguing with Edward
     about Kitty living there, something Trask does not like.  After
     Trask leaves, Petofi and Edward go into the drawing room to talk.
     Edward notices that 'Quentin' is acting strangely, but Petofi
     convinces him that it's only because of stress. Edward tells Petofi
     that he has a plan to battle Trask. Saying that he needs money to
     do this, the tells Petofi that he plans to marry Lady Hampshire,
     that the Lord Hampshire was very rich and owned almost an entire
     county in England....

       { Ari + Q at cottage ??}
       {  P + Ed ???}

       Aristede goes to the docks and picks up a prostitute...

       { Q + Ed ??}

       Aristede brings the girl back to the cottage and Petofi tells her
    that they'll play a game. The girl remarks that that's rather unusual,
    but as long as she's paid, she'll do anything.

       ( Q + Ed ??}

      Petofi explains to the girl what will happen when she uses the
    rods. After hearing this, she decides it's too strange and tells
    Petofi she's decided not to participate and gets up to leave, but
    Petofi uses the power of the hand to make her 'cooperate'. The test
    commences. When she goes through the door, she sees a laughing
    skeleton and screams. Back at the cottage, Aristede is shocked to see
    that the girl has turned into a skeleton. Petofi tells him he shouldn't
    be surprised; with the rods, anything is possible....
    Episode 858
    Worldvision Rerun 636
    Tape Date:  September 26, 1969 (ABC #203-DRK-69)
    Air Date:   October 8, 1969 Wednesday
    Writer:     Violet Welles
    Director:   Lela Swift

       In the woods, Petofi (in Quentin's body), is forcing Quentin
    (in Petofi's body) to bury the poor woman's body.  Quentin busy
    shovellilng dirt onto the grave.  Petofi tells him, "Oh, that's
    enough, my boy".  Quentin replies, I would have buried her even if
    you hadn't forced me to.  I felt sorry for the girl.  You can't keep
    on killing people until you've found the right hexagram!", but Petofi
    unemotionally replies, "Do you think I care how many people die?  All
    I care about is reaching the future, and I will reach it!...You can go
    now.  I said GO!"  Quentin refuses, "I will not go away!"  Petofi asks,
    "What do you mean?"  Quentin replies, "I'm going to stay with you!  I'm
    going to watch you!  I'm not going to let yo leave!"  Petofi confidently
    insists, "I am!  To 1969!"  Quentin says, "Not in my body!"  Petofi
    replies, "I will!  You should have known better than to accept my offer
    of help!"  Quentin asks, "Do you think I'm just going to give up?"
    Petofi warns him, "I would suggest you look out for Petofi's enemies,
    the gypsies!  Now I can sail the world without fearing them!  But when
    they find you, you will know what fear is!  But don't worry, they won't
    be here for a while.  They are, after all, gypsies. I'll let you know
    if I need any more graves dug.  You need the exercise!", laughs and
         Petofi (in Quentin's body), returns to Collinwood and finds
    Angelique there.  Thinking he's Quentin, she shows him her dress and
    asks, "Do you like it?"  He replies, "I do very much!"  She tells him,
    "It's my travelling dress".  He asks, "Are you going somewhere?"
    She reminds him, "WE'RE going somewhere.  Right after our wedding".
    He looks puzzled.  She asks,  "Don't pretend you've forgotten!"  Petofi
    grabs her and kisses her.  Surprised, she asks, "Have you gotten romantic,
    Quentin?"  Petofi replies, "I've just come to realize we deserve one
    another".  The phone rings.  Angelique answers, "Yes. It's she.  What's
    the matter?"  On the other end, Julia replies, "I don't know!  I feel
    stranger that I've ever felt before!  Angelique!  I think you should
    come here!"  Angelique replies, "Yes, I think I must come myself".  Petofi
    asks, "Is something wrong?"  Angelique lies, "It's just my milliner.  She
    can't decide what color ribbon to put on my hat, red or blue.  She wants
    me to come down and see which one I like better" and leaves.
       Quentin, in Petofi's body, goes to Beth and tells her, "I must see
    you!", but Beth replies, "I have no time to talk to you, Count Petofi.
    I'm busy."  Quentin tells her, "I'm not Count Petofi!  I'm Quentin!
    Don't you know me, Beth?  You love me!"  Beth replies, "I love Quentin".
    Quentin says, "That's why you of all people should know I'm Quentin
    Collins!" and tries to reach out to her.  Beth recoils from his touch,
    "Don't touch me!  This is my room, and I want you to go!"  Quentin tells
    her, "Go to your Quentin Collins and make him prove to you who he is!
    Go to him and ask him why Jamison rejected him!"  Beth says, "I don't
    want to".  Quentin begs, "You must!  Jamison rejected me because I hurt
    you!  You must help me, or I am lost!  Go to Quentin!  Ask him about
    Jamison!  Ask him!"
       At the rectory, Julia hears strange noises.  There's a knock at the
    door.  Julia lets Angelique in.  She tells Julis, "I came as quickly as I
    could!"  Julia hears something and asks, "Do you hear that?"  Angelique
    replies, "What?"  Julia tells her, "Sounds", but Angeliqe tells her,
    "No, I don't hear anything at all".  Julia remarks, "It's stopped.  But
    it'll start again.  It's all a part of everything else".  Angelique asks,
    "Everything else?"  Julia replies, "Yes.  I know it has something to do
    with the way I came here".  Angelique asks, "What do you mean?"  Julia
    replies, "Only my astral body came here.  Count Petofi tried to kill me,
    but found he couldn't do it".  Angelique asks, "Then if you can't be
    harmed, what are you worried about?"  Julia replies, "That I might be
    pulled back into my own time.  You must do everything you can without
    me if that happens!  The plan!"  Angelique points out, "But Barnabas came
    here first.  Nothing like this has ever happened to him".  Julia explains,
    "I've thought about that.  When Barnabas came here, he had a body to come
    to.  He was flesh and blood, not spirit like I am".  Suddenly, Julia hears
    a deep male voice saying, "I cannot determine..."  She exclaims, "Hear
    that??  I hear someone talking!  Stokes!  It's Professor Stokes!"
       Beth confronts Quentin(actually Petofi in Quentin's body) in the
    drawing room of Collinwood and mentions that Angelique is getting married.
    Petofi replies, "Oh, is Angelique getting married?  Beth, I promised you
    I'd take care of you.  You believe me, don't you?  Everything will be
    exactly as it was between us.  You believe me, don't you, Beth?"  Beth
    replies, "Yes, I believe you".  Petofi remarks, "Yes, everything's going
    to be all right!"  Beth says, "Except for one thing: Jamison".  Petofi
    asks, "What about the boy?"  Beth replies, "That's just it.  He's not
    acting like a boy, he's acting like a grown man.  He's determined
    never to speak to you again.  What could you have done to make him
    so angry?"  Petofi says, "It's a personal thing, so personal I'd rather
    not talk about it".  Beth insists, "But perhaps it would help if you
    talked about it", but Petofi says, "No!  I don't want to talk about it!"
    Betj saus. "Sorry, Quentin.  I thought talking about it might help you,
    but I see I was wrong".  Quentin says, "Yes, you were wrong. And so was
    the Count Petofi!"  Beth asks, "What do you mean Count Petofi?"  Beth
    replies, "He came here to see you, didn't he?  DIDN'T HE?"  Beth admits,
    "He came here to see me, yes.  .."  Petofi continues, "He told you to
    test me, didn't he?"  Beth apologizes.  "Sorry, Quentin"
      At the rectory, Julia continues to hear voices.  She hears Stokes'
    voice saying, "Roger?  Did you hear anyone call me?"  Julia cries,
    "Stokes!  Stokes!  They can hear me!  Stokes!  Roger!  It's Julia!"
    Stokes' voice replies, "Julia!  My God!  Where are you?"  Julia replies,
    "I'm in the past, Stokes, and I'm frightened!"  Stokes says, "Julia!
    Speak to me!"  Julia replies, "I'm in the past, and I'm alone!"  The
    voices fade away.  There's a knock at the door.  Quentin, in Petofi's
    body, comes in.  Julia tells him, "Petofi, I can't talk to you right
    now".  Quentin begs, "I must...It's important for you to hear me out!"
       Angelique returns to Collinwood. Petofi, in Quentin's body, tells
    her, "You told me you were going to your milliner's.  You didn't go into
    town!  You went to the rectory!  I saw you!"  Angelique exclaims, "You
    followed me!"  Petofi replies, "Yes, my bride-to-be, I followed you!"
    Angelique angrily tells him, "Don't ever do that again!"  Petofi replies,
    "Don't think you're going to act like this after we're married!"
    Angelique asks, Who do you think you're talking to?"  Petofi replies,
    "My future wife.  I'm giving you my name, and you'll give me your
      At the rectory, Quentin in Petofi's body has finished telling his
    story to Julia, "He needs a body to go to.  You are the one person who
    understand his!  That's why he made the exchange.  Ask me anything!"
    She does not appear to believe him. The noises and the voices begin again,
    and Quentin asks 'What's that ?'.  She tells him they're in the future,
    and that she is now convinced that he IS Quentin, because only someone
    who has a body in 1969 would be able to hear them. She tells him she
    cannot help him because she thinks she is about to be pulled back into
    her own time, but that there will be someone coming to help him.
    He asks who, but before she can tell him, she vanishes.
   Episode 859
   Worldvision Rerun 637
   Tape Date:  September 28, 1969 (ABC #204-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 9, 1969 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Quentin stands there, thinking that the only person who believes
   him is now gone, probably never to return. Suddenly, he turns and
   sees Kitty standing there and asks, "What are you doing here?"  Kitty,
   thinking she's talking to Petofi, replies, "Surely you know what I'm
   doing here.  Didn't you cause me to come here...?"  Quentin asks,
   "You felt compelled to come here?"  Kitty replies, "And you caused it!
   What have you done with the woman who lives here?"  Quentin replies,
   "She's gone back to her own time, she's gone back to 1969".  Kitty says,
   "You're talking nonsense!".  Quentin insists, "That's not true!"
   Kitty again asks him, "Tell me what you've done to the woman who
   lives here!  I know you well enough to know you've done something!"
   Quentin asks, "You know me?"  Kitty replies, "I cannot forget what you
   did to me in England as easily as you can."  Quentint tells her, "I am
   not Petofi!"  Kitty asks, "Why are you doing this?  Who are you plotting
   against?  The Collins?"  Quentin thinks to himself, "I can't convince
   her.  But maybe I can use her.  If she knew Petofi before, she must know
   about his powers an be afraid of them."  Pretending to be Petofi, he tells
   her, "In Quentin's room, there's something I want you to get for me".
   Kitty refuses, "I shall do nothing for you!"  Quentin threatens her, "You
   will! Or I'll make you disappear as that woman did!"  Kitty begs, "NO!!!"
   Petofi asks, "Remember this hand?  It has certain powers.  If I pass it
   over your face, you'll disappear".  Kitty begs, "NO!!!"  Quentin tells her,
   "Then you will get what I want.  A portrait of Quentin, painted by Charles
   Delaware Tate.  It is in Quentin's room.  You will go and get it".
   Kitty tells him she's afraid she'll be caught, but Quentin tells her,
   "Then you will have to be careful.  It is now 7:30.  I want it by 9:00"
   Suddenly, the door blows open.  Kitty shouts, "I know who it is!  He wants
   us to go!".  Quentin asks, "Who wants us to go?", but she just runs off.
      Edward is speaking with 'Quentin' in the drawing room (actually
   Petofi in Quentin's body), looking at the portrait of Barnabas and
   saying, "I'm afraid it might upset Kitty if I took it down.  Perhaps
   we should think of Barnabas Collins as just another ancestor now, no
   worse than any other".  They then start talking about Quentin's
   upcoming nuptials, Edward saying, "...your marriage to Angelique.
   You must realize that the old rules are the proper ones".  Suddenly,
   Kitty rushes in and shouts, "The rectory!  It's haunted!  The woman who
   lives there has vanished!"  Edward asks, "What woman?".  Petofi suddenly
   rushes off.  Kitty says to Edward, "The curse!  It keeps following me!
   Help me!".  Edward pour her a brandy to calm her down and asks, "What
   woman?  What did she look like?"  Kitty describes Julia to him.  Edward
   exclaims, "Then I've seen her!"  Kitty asks, "Where?"  Edward replies,
   "In this very room!  Charity Trask found her outside.  Her dress was...!"
   Nora comes into the room and complains, "Jamison won't play with me.  He
   says checkers is for girls and sissies.  Won't you play with me?", but
   Edward tells him, "There's something I must do".  He turns to Kitty and
   says, "I must go to the rectory to find out what's going on", then turns
   back to Nora and tells her, Tell you what.  Lady Hampshire will play with
   you.  I'll be back shortly" and leaves.  Nora asks Kitty, "Can you play
   checkers?"  Kitty replies, "It's been a very long time since I've played,
   but if you set up the checkerboard, I'll sure I'll remember how".  Nora
   asks, "You don't want to play with me, do you?"  Kitty insists, "I do!"
   Nora asks, "Then why don't you look like you want to?"  Kitty replies,
   "It's just because it's so late and I'm tired".  Nora points out, "But
   it's only eight o'clock.  That's not late, for a grown-up".  Kitty
   tells Nora, "When I was in England, my husband Gerald and I always
   wanted a little girl like you".  Nora asks, "Then why didn't you have one?"
   Kitty replies, "People don't always get what they want".  Nora asks,
   "Are you going to marry my father?  Is that why you're here?"  Kitty
   replies, "Your father and I are just good friends".  Nora says, "I see".
     At the rectory, Edward finds Petofi there already searching.  Thinking
   it's Quentin, he accuses him of knowing more that he's admitting. Petofi
   replies, "You're accusing me of having something to do with this woman?"
   Edward replies, "You were at the house when she was found!"  Petofi
   replies, "Edward, you have such  an imagination!  You should have
   been a writer.  Now are we going to argue, or are we going to search this
      While playing checkers, Kitty tries to pump Nora for information
   about the Collins family, but Nora merely says " You're going to marry
   my father, aren't you ? ". She is clearly unhappy about it.
      Edward returns to Collinwood and tells Kitty they didn't find
   anything at the rectory, but that 'Quentin' is still there, convinced
   that he'll find something if he searches more thoroughly. The grandfather
   clock chimes, and , noting the time, he sends Nora to bed, "It's a quarter
   of nine!  You should be asleep by now, Nora".  Nora says, "Good night".
   Edward tells her, "Say good night to Lady Hampshire".  Kitty says,
   "Kitty, please", but Nora pointedly says, "Good night, LADY HAMPSHIRE" and
   leaves.  Edward asks Kitty, "Shall we have a nightcap?"  Kitty declines,
   "Not tonight.  It's been an exacting day.  If I may be excused, I'd
   like to retire". Edward says, "Certainly, my dear".
     At the rectory, Petofi finds a piece of clothing that appears to
   interest him.
     Kitty sneaks into Quentin's room and sees what appears to be the
   portrait sitting covered on an easel, but when she lifts the cover,
   she finds that it is not there, only the empty frame. She opens the
   armoire and starts to search in there, when suddenly someone comes up
   from behind and grabs her by the shoulder.  Kitty exclaims, "AHHH!"
   and turns around...
   Episode 860
   Worldvision Rerun 638
   Tape Date:  September 29, 1969 (ABC #205-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 10, 1969 Friday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Kitty turns around and finds that it is Edward. He asks her what
   she's doing in here. She lies that she just got confused and lost,
   and asks him not to tell Quentin about this. He promises not to.
   As they are leaving, Petofi, in Quentin's body sees them from behind
   some window curtains in the hall.
      Edward takes Kitty downstairs and leaves her in the foyer, saying
   he's going to the kitchen to tell the cook to brew some tea. Angelique
   comes into the foyer and sees that Kitty is in a bad state and asks
   what's wrong. She tell's her it's just the strain of her mysterious
   visits to the rectory. Angelique, in a shocked voice, asks "You've
   been to the rectory!? '. Kitty replies that she has, and that the
   woman who lives there has disappeared. Angelique asks how she knows.
   Kitty tells her Petofi told her. Angelique runs out of the house.
   Kitty thinks to herself that Angelique knows more about this than
   she's admitting...
      Petofi, in Quentin's body, confronts Edward and asks why he and Kitty
   were in "his" room. Edward tells him Kitty told him she got confused and
   lost and went in there by mistake. 'Quentin' tells Edward that he doesn't
   believe that. Edward replies that he does, that he's known Kitty
   and her late husband for years, and he trusts her. 'Quentin' replies
   that he, Edward, doesn't know them as well as he thinks and, saying
   that he's been doing some research, has learned that just before
   he died, Kitty's husband was in jail for stealing jewels.
      Edward and 'Quentin' go into the foyer and find Kitty there acting
   strangely. They try to talk to her, but she runs out of the house.
      Kitty goes to the Blue Whale and asks Pansy to help her find out
   what's happening to her. Pansy tells her she'll hold a seance for
   her at Collinwood at midnight tonight to help her find out.
      Edward and 'Quentin' are in Quentin's room. They somehow seem
   to have made up. Quentin asks Edward to be his best man at his upcoming
   wedding. Angelique returns and asks to speak to 'Quentin' privately.
   Edward leaves. Angelique tells 'Quentin' that she has decided to
   postpone their wedding and is surprised to find 'Quentin' disappointed
   at hearing this
      Charity arrives at Collinwood and talks to Kitty in the foyer about
   the seance. Edward, coming down the stairs, hears them and tells them
   he thinks it might help and wants to participate. They hold the seance.
   The double doors to the drawing room open, and standing there is
   a hooded figure.
   Episode 861
   Worldvision Rerun 639
   Tape Date:  October 2, 1969 (ABC #206-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 13, 1969 Monday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Edward asks who it is. The figure comes in. It turns out to
   be Judith, who tells them she's been released from the sanitarium.
   Edward asks to speak to her alone, and Kitty and Charity leave the
      Judith asks Edward where Trask is. Edward tells her he went to
   the sanitarium to see her last night and he thought he came back with her.
   Judith tells him he isn't, that she didn't see him last night, that
   in fact, he hasn't been to see her at all in the four months she's
   been in the asylum. Edward is shocked, and says Trask left Collinwood
   once every week, saying he was visiting her, and remarks that perhaps in
   her state, she just didn't remember.  Judith denies that this is possible,
   saying she remembers everything that happened, that she remembers HIS
   visits, for example. Edward wonders what Trask was really doing when
   he claimed to be visiting her. Judith, as trusting as ever of Trask,
   merely replies that Trask must have had a good reason... Edward tells
   Judith that Barnabas has been destroyed.
      Quentin, in Petofi's body, comes to Collinwood and finds Kitty in
   the foyer. Pretending to be Petofi, he asks if she got the portrait.
   She tells him she tried to get it, but got caught. She tells him to talk
   softly, as Edward and Judith are in the drawing room. Quentin is surprised
   to learn that Judith is back.  He asks Kitty to try to get the portrait
   again, but she tells him she can't and runs up the stairs. Quentin muses
   that perhaps he can get Judith to believe who he is.
      Kitty goes up to her room and finds a  cryptic note on her dresser
   reading "Know yourself. Be who you must be".  She starts to act strangely
   and opens a foot locker and takes out a white dress.
      Judith asks Edward what's wrong with Charity. Edward replies that
   no one knows, that perhaps it's a spell cast by Barnabas. After she
   learns about Charity moving out, she becomes angry that no one is trying
   to help her.
      Judith talks to Charity and convinces her to move back into Collinwood.
      Ed goes upstairs to look for Kitty. He knocks on her door and
   tells her he'd like to introduce her to his sister Judith right now, but
   receives no answer. He tries the door but finds it locked and leaves.
   Right after he leaves, Kitty walks out, wearing the white dress.
      Quentin walks into the drawing room and introduces himself to
   Judith as 'Count Andreas Petofi', a friend of Edwards. He flatters her
   by telling her that he's never met her before, but that he's heard of
   her and that she looks exactly as he envisioned, beautiful. He explains
   that he knew what she looked liked even before meeting her because he
   has some psychic powers, and volunteers to demonstrate them. He takes
   hold of her hand and tells her he sees a nursury in which a young
   girl being mistreated by a governess, and sees the girl bite the
   governess, whom she names. Julia is delighted, and tells her that
   that really happened many years ago in this house, that the little
   girl was her.
      Ed goes to Kitty's room again and this time finds it empty. He
   finds and reads the cryptic note on the dresser.
      Quentin finishes telling Judith another story from their childhood
   under the guise of a psychic reading. Julia pronounces him a most
   extraordinary man. Through the open doors, they see Kitty walking down
   the stairs. Judith asks who she is. Quentin explains that it's the
   widow of a friend of Edwards staying here. They go out into the
   foyer and try to talk to her, but she merely says "I must go
   to him..."  and walks out the door.
      In the woods, the ghost of Jerimiah appears to Kitty and she
   Episode 862
   Worldvision Rerun 640
   Tape Date:  October 3, 1969 (ABC #207-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 14, 1969 Tuesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

     The ghost tells Kitty to leave or someone will kill her. She asks who
   it is that will kill her, but the ghost merely warns her to leave before
   it's too late and vanishes. Quentin (in body of Petofi) appears, and
   Kitty seems to snap out of it and wonders what she's doing here in this
   dress.  She asks Quentin, whom she thinks is Petofi, if he had anything
   to do with it. He says no and asks if she has any idea why she came here.
   She tells him she doesn't, and tells him about the last thing she does
   remember, finding the note.
     Having brought Kitty back to her room, Quentin tells Judith about it.
   Judith leaves the drawing room and goes up to see her. Quentin notices
   some envelopes which Judith has left on the desk. The top one has
   Evan Handley's name on it. He gets the idea that Evan might be able to
   help him.
     Quentin goes to Evan's house. Evan, who has never met Petofi, asks
   him who he is, but then sees the hand, realizes that it must be Petofi
   and reacts with fear. Quentin tells him not to be afraid, and explains
   that he is really Quentin, that Petofi switched bodies with him and the
   hand is now powerless, the power having been transferred to Quentin's
   body. He asks Evan to help him, saying that, with his knowledge of
   the occult, he must know some way of reversing the switch.  Evan is
   dubious that he is really Quentin. Quentin tells him if he wants to
   convince himself, all he has to do is go to Collinwood and see
   'Quentin' and he'll find he won't know who he is. Evan replies that
   even if he believes him and agrees to help, the switch will require
   'Quentin' to be here. Quentin tells him he has an idea on how to
   accomplish this...
     There is a knock on the door, and Evan quickly hides Quentin. Evan
   answers the door. It is Judith. She tells him she has learned that
   he has a document giving Trask power of attorney over her estate while
   she was ill, and asks for it, saying this is no longer necessary since
   she is no longer ill.  Evan starts to act nervously and tells her he
   can't today, that the document is in a safety deposit box at the bank,
   that he has to go to Bangor on business and won't be back until four
   o'clock, and the bank will be closed by then. She tells him to call the
   bank and tell them to stay open until he comes. He tells her that's
   impossible, that they won't do it. She tell him they will; that all
   he has to do is tell them that this is by request of Judith Collins,
   and if they don't do it, she'll take all her money out of their bank
   and open her own bank....
     At Collinwood, 'Quentin' opens the door to the drawing room and, seeing
   Judith there but not knowing who it is, never having seen her before,
   apologizes "Oh. I didn't know anyone was using this room " and prepares
   to close the door. Judith angrily reprimands him , saying that she knew
   they were never close, but his apparent nonchalance and uncaring about
   his own sister's recovery and return is just too much... 'Quentin', now
   realizing his mistake, gives some lame apology... Evan arrives with the
   document Judith requested and gives it to her.  Judith notices that
   Quentin is just standing there as if he doesn't know Evan and says,
   "Quentin! What's wrong with you. You act as if you don't recognize Evan '.
   'Quentin' lamely says, 'Of course I do. Hello, Evan..'. After Judith takes
   the document and leaves, Evan says to 'Quentin', "Are you ready for
   tonight ?' 'Quentin' replies 'Tonight ? '  Evan 'reminds' him, "Of
   course. Tonight at 9:00 at my house. I hope you haven't forgotten.
   Everyone's expecting you there tonight".  'Quentin' pretends to
   remember and replies, 'Oh yes. 9:00 tonight. I'll be there'
     At Evan's house, it is almost 9:00, and Evan goes over the plan
   with Quentin. He tells him to remain out of sight until Petofi
   sits in the chair, and then pounce quickly. There is a knock on the
   door and Quentin hides. Petofi comes in and, after a bit of talking,
   Petofi tells him the he, 'Quentin', will be conducting the ceremony
   tonight, and tells him to sit in the chair. As soon as Petofi sits
   down, Quentin bursts out of hiding, grabs Petofi from behind and
   holds a chloroform soaked cloth to his mouth...
   Episode 863
   Worldvision Rerun 641
   Tape Date:  October 5, 1969 (ABC #208-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 15, 1969 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

       Petofi knocked out cold, Evan tells Quentin to sit down, and then
   proceeds with the ceremony. During the ceremony, Quentin suddenly
   clasps his eyes and screams that he cannot see, just like the first
   time. He then loses consciousness. Quentin's body then regains
   consciousness. At first, Evan thinks he has succeeded, but then 'Quentin'
   tells him he has not, that he is still Petofi, and that he's going to
   punish him for meddling. 'Quentin' raises his hand, and Evan reacts with
   terror, shrinking from it and screaming " NO ! NO !". But when Petofi
   touches his face, Evan calms down and appears zombie-like. Petofi asks
   him , "Do you know what to do ?" . Evan answers yes. Petofi continues,
   "Good. Go there, do it, and wait for me. " Evan leaves. A little
   later Quentin regains consciousness and finds Evan gone, the plan failed.
   He asks Petofi what he's done with Evan. Petofi at first just says,
   "Evan's gone. You'll never see him again ". Quentin asks where Evan is.
   At first, Petofi pauses as if he's not going to tell him, but then
   says "I think I'll tell you. Maybe it'll convince you not to try something
   like this again. He's in the graveyard. He's still alive."
      { Petofi + Judith + Ed ?}
      At the graveyard, Evan starts to dig....
      Trask returns to Collinwood. Edward 'greets' him and asks him how his
   trip to see Judith was. Trask replies that it was very sad, that Judith
   seems to be getting worse, that this time she didn't even recognize him,
   her own husband. He tells Edward he's had a very trying time, and leaves
   the drawing room, saying he wants to go up to his room to rest.  Trask
   goes into the foyer and grabs his luggage.  Judith, who is standing on the
   stairs, greets him, "Hello, Gregory..."  Trask is ,understandably, shocked.
   Ed comes out into the foyer and gloats over the situation. Judith tells
   him she'd like to speak to Trask alone and they go into the drawing room,
   Judith closing the doors behind her. Edward eavesdrops thought the closed
      Judith asks Trask why he hasn't been to visit her. He lies that he's
   been going to the sanitarium to be close to her, but that the doctors
   wouldn't let him see her, saying that it would interfere with the
   treatments. She asks why then did they let Edward visit her. He lies that
   Edward wouldn't listen to the doctors and forced them to let him see her.
   She tells him she heard what he said to Edward about seeing her last night
   and asks him to explain. He tells her he lied to Edward, that he was really
   in Boston taking care of her stocks but didn't want him to know, fearing
   that he would interfere. She apparently believes him... After Judith leaves
   Edward, who has been listening, angrily tells Trask he appears to have
   won this battle, but vows to discover what he's really been doing, and
   tells him that when he finds out, Judith will be the first one he tells.
      Evan finishes digging. It's clearly a grave. Quentin appears and tries
   to get him to leave with him, but Evan refuses. They get into a struggle.
   Petofi appears and forces them to stop.
      Evan asks Petofi who the grave is for. Petofi replies, "It's for you.
   I'm going to bury you alive..."
   Episode 864
   Worldvision Rerun 642
   Tape Date:  September 30, 1969 (ABC #209-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 16, 1969 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

     Evan begs Petofi not to kill him. He tells him it would be to his
   advantage not to do so, as he could be of great use to him, that the
   Collins family knows and trusts him. Petofi decides not to kill him.
   He tells him that his first task will be to help him solve "the
   mystery of Angelique ".
     At Collinwood, Angelique starts to make a call to Corbin's pharmacy
   in the foyer. She quickly hangs up when Charity comes down the stairs.
   Charity gloats over the fact that the wedding has been postponed.
   Angelique tells her not to, that it was she who postponed it. Charity
   replies that it doesn't matter who postponed it, what matters is that
   it gives her more time to steal Quentin.. They argue a little, and
   Charity leaves. Angelique places the call to Corbin's pharmacy again.
   This time she just manages to finish as Petofin in Quentin's body comes
   in througn the front door. She still has the receiver in her hand and
   fakes that she's placing a call to a girlfriend, saying "Oh she's not
   there?  I'll call back later" and 'hangs up '.  'Quentin' tells her he's
   disappointed that she has decided to postpone the wedding, and asks her
   out to dinner, saying he hopes it will cause her to change her mind. She
   tells him she can't, that she has a headache, and leaves through the front
   doors.  Unbeknownst to her, Evan is lurking outside....
     Charity goes to Charles Delaware Tate's studio. He is drunk.
   (Blooper: window curtains fall down). She tells him she came here to
   buy a painting. He drunkenly tells her to go ahead, take a look, that
   everything there is for sale. She looks through the paintings, noticing
   that there are many of Amanda. She selects the last one he drew, the one
   where she's wearing the brooch. He tells her that one isn't for sale.
   She protests that he said everything there is for sale, and won't let
   him go back on his word. He gets angry, and accuses her of acting on
   someone else's behalf, Petofi or Quentin. She denies it, and insists
   he sell it to her as promised. He gets an idea, and says she's right,
   he did say everything here was for sale, and tells her the price for this
   particular painting is $5000 (an exorbitant price in 1897, probably equal
   to  $25,000 in 1994 dollars). She surprises him by taking $5000 worth of
   bills out of her purse...
      Angelique clears some leaves in the midst of some trees, revealing
   a trap door underneath, opens it, goes down, and closes it. Evan, who
   has been surreptitiously following her, sees this.
      Evan goes to Collinwood and reports to Petofi that Angelique first
   went to Corbin's pharmacy and got some drugs, and that the people there
   seemed to know her. He then recounts following her to 'Shipwreck Point',
   and describes seeing her go down into the trap door. Petofi tells Evan
   to go back there and wait till he sees her come out, and then go down
   and see what's there.
      At Shipwreck Point, Evan sees Angelique leave, waits a while and
   goes down through the trap door. He finds what appear to be something
   like catacombs, with water running in rivulets. He hears something,
   and calls out "Who's there? ", but receives no answer.
     Angelique returns to Collinwood. Petofi, in Quentin's body, attempts
   to ascertain where she's been, but Angelique is evasive. Wondering what
   she went to the pharmacy for, he asks if she bought any drugs for her
   headache. She tells him she hasn't. He tells her he has to leave for
   a business appointment.
     Petofi goes to the Shipwreck Point and goes down through the trap
   door and finds Evan lying on the ground, unconscious. He revives him
   and asks him what happened. Evan tells him someone came up from behind
   and knocked him out.
     Charity and Angelique are in the foyer, arguing about who will 'win'
   Quentin. Petofi, in Quentin's body, returns. Angelique asks "Quentin" how
   his business appointment went. Petofi tells her he doesn't know yet, that
   he has an early appointment in the morning and won't know until after then,
   and excuses himself, saying he has to go to bed early since he has to awaken
   early for the appointment. After he goes up the stairs, Angelique notices
   that Charity has a look of shock on her face and asks her what's the matter.
   Charity tells her, "It ain't him ! That man ain't Quentin !!'
   Episode 865
   Worldvision Rerun 643
   Tape Date:  October 11, 1969 (ABC #210-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 17, 1969 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Angelique asks Charity what she means. Charity tells her it isn't
   Quentin, that Quentin is somehow different. Angelique, taking credit for
   this, says of course he isn't, that she's changed him for the better.
   Charity responds that this isn't what she means, that it's something evil.
   Charity tells Angelique to listen to her, that she can see such things.
   She close her eyes and sees the Mill building basement and describes it
   to Angelique (music stand, etc..) and tells Angelique that's where the real
   Quentin is.  "Quentin" comes down the stairs and , saying he heard his name
   mentioned, asks what they were saying about him. Angelique responds, "Oh,
   nothing.  She was just saying some nonsense. " But Charity blurts out,
   "It's not nonsense. You're not really Quentin and I can prove it !!". She
   then asks Petofi some questions the real Quentin would certainly know the
   answers to (What's your late brother Carl's birthday, What did Carl give
   to you for your 21st birthday [something he told her],etc), and demands that
   he give the answers if he's really Quentin.  He angrily refuses, saying
   he's not going to listen to the demands of a madwoman. Charity runs up
   to her room. Angelique tells him she doesn't like the way he handled that,
   that he should have humored her...
     In the basement of the mill building, Quentin, who has nowhere else to
   go, is sitting there with Aristide, who is sharpening a knife. Aristede
   tells Quentin he's looking forward to living in Collinwood. Quentin laughs,
   saying they'd never let him live there. Aristede respond, not the Collinwood
   of today, but the Collinwood of the future, when he goes there with Petofi.
   Quentin taunts Aristide, saying Petofi would never take him with him.
   Aristede gets angry and points the knife at Quentin, but puts it away
   when he hears someone coming down the stairs. It's Angelique. Quentin
   seizes the opportunity, and orders Aristede to leave, saying he wants to
   talk to Angelique alone. Aristede tries to stay, saying, "Excellency,
   do you really think that's wise ?", but Quentin, playing the part of
   Petofi, slaps him for questioning his orders and orders him to leave.
   Aristede, defeated, does.
     Angelique, thinking it is Petofi and still unaware of what has really
   happened, angrily accuses 'Petofi' of breaking their agreement to not
   interfere with one another's business by doing something to Quentin.
   Quentin responds that he has something to tell her that she's going to
   find difficult to believe: that HE is Quentin...
     At Collinwood, Petofi goes to Charity's room and knocks on the door,
   saying that he wants to apoligize for being so rude earlier, and asks
   her to let him in. Frightened, she refuses. He warns her to stop raving
   that he's not Quentin, or else her days are numbered....
     Aristide goes to Collinwood and tells Petofi that Angelique had come
   to the Mill building, and what happened there.
     Quentin finishes explaining what happened to Angelique, and asks if
   she believes him, saying that the only person who did was Julia, and
   that she's gone now. She tells him she believes him. Petofi comes down
   the stairs and asks Angelique what she's doing there. Angelique tries
   to be evasisve, but Quentin despairingly sits down in a chair and says
   "Don't bother. He probably already knows...". Petofi tells Angelique
   that she's very good, that at Collinwood while Charity was rambling
   on, he watched her face to see if he could tell from her expression
   if she believed it, but could not, but now that she has come here, he
   knows that she does believe, and tells her he's going to use the hand
   against her. Angelique, unworried, reminds him that she's not an ordinary
   person and can protect herself against the hand. Petofi raises his
   right hand and tries to touch her with it, but cannot bring it closer
   than an inch. Angelique turns and starts up the stairs, but is confronted
   by Aristide, carrying a burning torch. She gasps and fearfully backs
   down the stairs, Aristede following her. Petofi laughs, "Do you think
   I came here unprepared for you ? I knew you could use your powers to
   protect yourself from the hand, so I brought Aristede here with the
   fire - the one thing you are afraid of - to divide your full attention
   and power !" . He then walks up to her and touches her with the hand.
   She falls to the floor, unconscious....
   Episode 866
   Worldvision Rerun 644
   Tape Date:  October 6, 1969 (ABC #211-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 20, 1969 Monday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

     Angelique regains consciousness and finds herself in Barnabas's cave,
   where Petofi, who has taken her there, is with her. He tells her the
   hand has stripped her of all her powers, and demands to know what she
   has been doing, why she has been visiting the rectory so often. Angelique
   lies that she had become good friends with Julia, and was just going there
   to visit her. He tell her that can't be true because he knows she has
   been continuing her visits there even though Julia has disappeared. She
   replies that she just wants to see if she might have come back. Petofi
   tells her he knows that's not true either because he knows she's also
   been visiting the trap door at Shipwreck cove, that he knows that there's
   someone there because an agent of his went there to investigate and was
   attacked by someone he didn't see....
     At Collinwood, Kitty walks down the stairs into the foyer, apparently
   in a trance again, holding a large key. She looks at the portrait of
   Barnabas briefly (In a previous episode, Edward remarked to Quentin that
   he has decided to leave the portrait up because he thinks it would disturb
   Kitty if he took it down, that, with Barnabas destroyed, it's nothing but
   another portrait of a dead ancestor anyway...). Edward comes down and
   finds her wandering around the foyer and asks her what's she's doing. She
   snaps out of it, gets upset, and runs up to her room...
     Angelique continues to refuse to tell Petofi what she's been doing.
   Petofi tells her he will keep her prisoner in the cave until she does,
   Aristide standing guard outside....
     Kitty comes down into the drawing room and tells Edward that, due to
   the odd occurances here, she has decided to leave Collinwood, that she
   has already written and mailed a letter to her mother telling her that.
   Edward convinces her not to, to write another letter to her mother telling
   her she has changed her mind.
     Petofi returns to Collinwood and is confronted by an angry Edward, who
   is holding a letter from Charity, which he explains was delivered to him
   through a servant because, as Charity explains in the letter, she is
   afraid to leave her room because she has become terrified of 'Quentin',and
   asks him to come see her about this. Edward angrily demands to know what
   he, 'Quentin' has done to frighten her so much. 'Quentin' insists that
   he's done nothing. Edward tells 'Quentin' he's going to talk to Charity.
   'Quentin' insists on coming along to face his 'accuser'.
     Edward goes to Charity's room. She opens the door and is shocked to see
   that 'Quentin' is with him.  Edward asks what happened. She tells him
   'Quentin' threatened her life, saying 'your days are numbered'. Quentin
   responds by saying that she's not telling the whole story, that he said
   that because she was raving nonsense about him, nonsense that the wasn't
   really Quentin, and that what he meant was that if she did not stop this
   nonsense, her days at Collinwood were numbered. Edward thinks Charity
   is crazy...
     Petofi goes down to the drawing room and finds Kitty there writing a
   letter. He asks if she would mind if he played some music. She tells him
   to go ahead. He turns on the gramophone and plays some Mozart. She tells
   him she is surprised at his improvement in taste. He sits down to enjoy
   his music. Kitty finishes her letter and re-reads it silently. But it
   is not a letter telling her mother that she has changed her mind about
   staying at Collinwood; rather, it tells her that her plan is working
   perfectly, and that any day now, she expects Edward to ask her to marry
   him. She then notices the date she has written on the letter, and is
   shocked to see that it is October 20, 1797, and gasps, "1797 !!".
   Petofi asks her what's wrong, but Kitty lies that she was just thinking
   to herself, gathers her things up, and rushes out. Petofi, curious, goes
   to the bookcase and takes out a family history and looks up the year
   1797. Edward comes in and is surprised to see "Quentin" reading a book and
   listening to Mozart, and compliments him on improving himself.
     At 9:30, Kitty, apparently in a trance again, wanders out of Collinwood,
   holding the key. She goes to the old house and into Josette's room. She
   sees the portrait of Josette and remarks, "That look's just like me !",
   and sees that it is signed "COSWELL 1797 ". She pours two drinks, places
   them on a table and sits down. There is the sound of approaching footsteps,
   and the doorknob turns...
   Episode 867
   Worldvision Rerun 645
   Tape Date:  October 7, 1969 (ABC #212-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 21, 1969 Tuesday
   Writer:     Violet Welles
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      The door opens, but it is only 'Quentin', who has followed her. He
   asks her what she's doing there. At first, still in the trance, she
   tells him that "her beloved" told her to come here and wait for him.
   He asks her who "her beloved" is, but she then snaps out of it, wonders
   what she's doing here, and runs off in shock....
      At the cave, Angelique,holding a large rock, ponders if she
   "should do it or not", and decides that, with her powers gone, she has
   has no choice, and starts to break the lock on the chains securing
   Barnabas's coffin with the rock. Aristide hears the noise and comes
   running in and demands to know what she's doing. She sarcastically tells
   him she's going to pull the stake from Barnabas's heart and bring him
   back to 'life'..
      Petofi returns to Collinwood and tells Edward about following Kitty
   to the old house. Edward asks where she is now. Petofi tells him he
   assumed she had returned here. Edward replies that she has not. Kitty
   appears at the door and says "I've seen him....". Edward asks who she's
   seen. She replies "I've seen Barnabas Collins...", and faints..
      Edward revives Kitty with some smelling salts, and asks her where she
   thinks she saw Barnabas. She replies that she saw him in the woods. He
   asks where in the woods. When she tells him, he realizes that it's
   right near the cave where Barnabas was destroyed, and begins to think
   that maybe she did see him, and tells 'Quentin' he's going to see if
   Barnabas is still staked in his coffin. 'Quentin', not wanting Edward to
   go and find Aristide and Angelique there, volunteers to go, telling
   Edward he shouldn't leave Kitty alone. Edward responds that he'd prefer
   to see for himself, that Kitty seems to be fine now. Kitty agrees, saying
   she's feeling fine now. Petofi surreptiously touches Kitty briefly with
   his hand, and suddenly Kitty complains that she's feelling faint. Edward
   tells 'Quentin' that he, "Quentin, had better go....
      Petofi, in Quentin's body. goes to the cave and finds Aristide holding
   a gun on Angelique.  He asks what happened. Aristide tells him Angelique
   was trying to open the coffin and revive Barnabas by pulling out the stake.
   Angelique laughs, saying she was only toying with Aristide when she told
   him that, that that would be impossible. Petofi opens the coffin to see
   if Barnabas is still there. He is, safely staked. Petofi tells Angelique
   to take a final look at Barnabas, that he doesn't know if she has the power
   to revive him or not, but to be safe, he's going to destroy the body. He
   tells Aristide to stay and stand guard over Angelique, that he has something
   he has to go and do, and as soon as he returns, they'll destroy the body.
   Aristide suggests that they do it now, that he's afraid to stay here with
   it and Angelique, not knowing what powers she might still have. Petofi tells
   him he can't right now, but that he'll help him with Angelique by
   imprisoning her with the only thing she's afraid of, and conjures up a
   ring of fire around her to keep her prisoner.
     At Collinwood, Edward tries to convince Kitty that she couldn't have
   seen Barnabas, that she must have seen someone who looked like him...
   Petofi returns and tells them he found Barnabas still staked in the
   coffin. As proof, he produces Barnabas's onyx ring. Kitty takes it, and
   says "My beloved..". When Edward asks for it back, she refuses and runs
     At the cave, Angelique tells Aristide the fire is weakening and
   destroying her, and begs him to get her out, saying that if he does,
   she'll help him. He asks how she could possibly help him with her
   powers gone. She tells him she knows many secrets, and that she'll
   tell them to him, and with the knowledge he'll gain, he'll no longer
   have to be content to be a servant.  Greedy, he takes her out
   of the circle of fire. She manages to struggle free and runs out of
   the cave. He chases after her, but outside, she picks up a rock and
   hits him on the head, knocking him out, and runs off.
     When Aristide regains consciousness, he sees a male figure standing
   above him . His vision blurred, he cannot see who it is and asks,
   "Petofi ?". The figure replies weakly, "Help me... Help me...".
   Aristide's vision clears and he is shocked to see that it is not Petofi
   stanging above him, but Barnabas.....
Note: Episodes 868-872 were originally the last five of Cycle V, but were
relocated to Cycle VI when five missing episodes were added.

  Episode 868
  Worldvision Rerun 646
  Tape Date:  October 8, 1969 (ABC #213-DRK-69)
  Air Date:   October 22, 1969 Wednesday
  Writer:     Violet Welles
  Director:   Lela Swift

    Aristede gets up and runs away. Barnabas collapses.
    Edward goes into the drawing room and finds 'Quentin' in there reading
  a book and listening to classical music. Petofi tells him he thinks he's
  discovered what's happening to Kitty. He tells him he's reading the diary
  of a Ben Stokes, a servant of Barnabas in the last century, and has
  discovered that Barnabas had been in love with a woman named Josette
  and that he thinks for some reason Kitty is reliving all this, becoming
  possessed by Josette periodically, and that if something isn't done, she
  may be in danger of being possessed by Josette permanently. Edward thinks
  this theory is ridiculous, and, fearful of what might happen to Kitty
  mentally if she learned of this, orders Petofi not to show her the diary
  and angrily leaves the room.
    The phone rings and Petofi answers it. It is a Dr. Ian Reade, asking
  for Edward. Petofi tells him Edward has gone to bed and asks to take a
  message. The doctor tells him a very sick, weak man has appeared at his
  office asking for Edward. When he describes the man, Petofi realizes that
  the description sounds like Barnabas and tells the doctor he'll take care
  of it. He takes out a gun and loads it with silver bullets...
    Petofi, in Quentin's body, goes to the doctor's office and finds that it
  is indeed Barnabas.  Disturbed by "Quentin's" odd behaviour and the fact
  that he came without Edward, the doctor leaves the room saying he has
  something to do.  While the doctor is away, Petofi pulls the gun and prepares
  to shoot Barnabas, but is stopped by the doctor, who comes back into the room
  and tells him he has called Edward again. Edward comes, and the doctor,
  trusting Edward, leaves the room. Edward and Petofi discuss the situation
  and agree that Barnabas must be destroyed, and Petofi takes out the gun
  and prepares to shoot him again. Barnabas asks why they're doing this.
  Petofi tells him he knows well why.  Barnabas claims he doesn't, that he just
  came here from England and doesn't know any of them. Edward tells Petofi
  that he can't shoot Barnabas, that the doctor is just outside and will
  hear the shot and have them arrested for murder, but that there is a
  better way, that dawn is approaching and that they can let the daylight
  do the job for them.
    The sun rises. Nothing happens. They ask Barnabas who he is. He replies
  that he is Barnabas Collins, that he is from the English branch of the
  family and came to visit Collinwood, but that the was attacked by someone
  who looked just like him and kept him prisoner until now, the attacker
  returning periodically to feed...  Edward believes him, but Petofi does not.
  Edward suggests that they take Barnabas to the cave and see if the
  staked body is still there. Thinking that Aristede and Angelique are
  still there, Petofi tries to think of an excuse for not doing this, but
    As they are walking out with Barnabas, the doctor tries to stop them,
  saying the man is too weak to travel. But they insist, and the doctor
  asks the man if he wants to go. He says he does, and the doctor,
  disgusted with the situation, tells them to go, saying he washes his
  hands of the entire affair.
    They take Barnabas to the cave. The door has been unsealed. Petofi
  thinking Aristede and Angelique are still in there, tells Edward that
  he'll go in first to see if everything is all right (with the intention
  of telling Aristede and Angelique to hide) but finds that they are not
  there. Edward comes in, sees that the coffin has been unchained, and
  suspecting that Barnabas did escape and that the man who came to the
  doctor's office is the same, gives the gun to 'Quentin' and tells him
  to point it at Barnabas's heart, and that he'll open the coffin, and if
  it is empty, to shoot.
  Episode 869
  Worldvision Rerun 647
  Tape Date:  October 9, 1969 (ABC #214-DRK-69)
  Air Date:   October 23, 1969 Thursday
  Writer:     Gordon Russell
  Director:   Lela Swift

     Edward opens the coffin. Barnabas is still in there, staked. The other
  Barnabas gasps, "That's him ! The man who attacked me!" and faints.
     At Collinwood, Charity takes the portrait of Amanda she had bought and
  sets it up on an easel in the drawing room and goes into foyer, closing the
  doors behind her, and sings. Trask comes into the foyer, reprimands her for
  singing. They get into an argument, as usual. Trask goes into the drawing
  room and sees the portrait of Amanda. He asks Charity what it's doing
  there, but she tells him she know nothing about it and leaves.
     Trask hears the front door open and close, and looks and sees Edward,
  'Quentin', and Barnabas in the foyer and is shocked. Edward tells 'Quentin'
  to take Barnabas upstairs. He then explains to Trask that this is not the
  same Barnabas. Trask is dubious. Edward sees the portrait in the drawing
  room and, thinking Trask brought it here, angrily remonstrates Trask for
  bringing it here with Judith back. Trask replies that he had nothing to
  do with the portrait, and that there was nothing going on between him
  and Amanda. Edward scoffs, saying that even the servants know that there
     Upstairs, with Barnabas in bed, Petofi tell him that now he's alone
  with him away from Edward, he can tell his 'friend Quentin' the truth,
  that he knows that Angelique and Julia were doing something to revive
  him. But Barnabas replies that he doesn't know what he's talking about,
  that he's already told them the truth...
     Trask is still dubious about Barnabas and continues to argue with
  Edward. Edward tells Trask that he's overlooked the obvious: that this
  Barnabas can't be a vampire, that they brought him here during the DAY.
  'Quentin' comes back down, and Edward leaves, saying he's going upstairs
  to see how Barnabas is doing. 'Quentin' notices the picture. Trask accuses
  him of bringing it here. Petofi denies it. Trask tells him that there's
  one way to find out, to go to Charles Delaware Tate and ask him, and
     Petofi, still dubious about Barnabas, goes to the cave. Thinking that
  there must be some connection between this body and the Barnabas at
  Collinwood, he has brought with him a container of kerosene with the
  intention of burning the body to see what effect it has on the Barnabas
  at Collinwood. Edward comes into the cave too, apparently still wondering
  about what happened, and asks 'Quentin' what he's doing. 'Quentin'
  explains, and Ed tells him to proceed. 'Quentin' douses the coffin with
  kerosene and burns it up...
     At Collinwood, Trask goes into the bedroom where Barnabas is resting
  and asks him how he's doing. Barnabas replies that he's still weak. Trask
  tells him he's brought something he thinks may help him, and pulls out
  a large cross. It has no effect on Barnabas, who merely thanks him...
    Edward goes into the drawing room and finds Charity there. He tells
  her about finding Barnabas alive, but explains to her that this is not
  the same Barnabas who was the vampire, rather, he was a victim of the
  vampire. Charity is not so sure, and is frightened...
     After Edward leaves the drawing room, 'Quentin' walks in. Frightened,
  Charity tries to leave, but he won't let her. He tells her not to be
  frightened of him, that right now he is as frightened as she is,
  frightened of the Barnabas upstairs. He tells her he wants her help,
  saying that with her clairvoyant powers, she may be able to tell if
  it is the same Barnabas or not.
     'Quentin' takes Charity upstairs to see Barnabas and asks her if it is
  the same Barnabas who she staked in the coffin or not...
  Episode 870
  Worldvision Rerun 648
  Tape Date:  October 10, 1969 (ABC #215-DRK-69)
  Air Date:   October 24, 1969 Friday
  Writer:     Gordon Russell
  Director:   Lela Swift

     Charity looks at Barnabas and tells 'Quentin' that it isn't the same
  man who was in the coffin. Petofi is shocked, and asks her if she's sure.
  She tells him she is. He finds this hard to believe, and accuses her of
  saying that because she is afraid of Barnabas, but she insists he isn't
  the same man..
     In the drawing room, Edward tells Judith about the new Barnabas, and
  tells her he is convinced he is telling the truth. Charity comes down,
  and Edward leaves. Charity and Judith look at the portrait of Amanda,
  and Judith asks Charity if Trask has seen it yet. Charity says yes.
  Charity asks Judith why she had her go and buy it, why she, Judith,
  didn't just go and buy it herself. Judith replies that she thought there
  was a better chance that Charles Delaware Tate would sell it to her, Charity.
  She remarks that everyone has always underestimated her, including her
  husband Trask, and says she thinks she'll hang it in their bedroom...
     Kitty walks down into the foyer, apparently in the trance again.
  She hears a pulsating heartbeat, and goes and stares at the portrait
  of Barnabas. Suddenly she seems to snap out of it and screams, "Stop it!".
  Hearing this, Charity and Judith rush out into the foyer and ask her
  what's wrong. She tells them she isn't feeling well. Judith asks if she'd
  like to have a doctor called. She replies no, and Judith tells Charity
  to take her to her room.
     In Barnabas's room, Petofi stands over a sleeping Barnabas, talking
  to himself, saying there's one way of learning the truth, the hand.
  He prepares to touch Barnabas, but is interupted when Edward comes in.
     Kitty and Charity are in Kitty's room. Charity notices the music box
  sitting on the desk and picks it up, remarking that it's the music box
  she saw in her vision. She prepares to open the lid, but Kitty, upset,
  takes it from her. Edward comes in and tells Kitty he heard what
  happened. Charity leaves. Kitty tells Edward that she's decided to leave
  Collinwood again. Edward begs her not to. She asks if there's any reason
  for her to stay. He tells her there is, and proposes to her. She accepts.
     Later, Barnabas,Judith and 'Quentin' are in the drawing room. Barnabas
  explains his story to Judith. She apparently believes him. "Quentin" is
  still dubious, and starts to ask him about England. Edward and Kitty
  come into the drawing room. Barnabas gets a funny look on his face when
  he sees Kitty. Petofi continues to ask Barnabas questions about London,
  saying Kitty is from there and asks him if he knew her husband the Earl
  of Hampshire, Gerald Soames. Barnabas says no. His questioning is
  interuppted by Judith, who remarks that it's time for dinner. They all
  go to dinner.
    After dinner, they all return to the drawing room. 'Quentin' asks
  "Who wants brandy ? ", but Edward says, "There'll be no brandy tonight",
  and takes out a bottle of champagne. Asked what the special occasion is,
  Edward announces his engagement to Kitty. Everyone seems happy except
  Barnabas, who has a shocked look on his face. 'Quentin' notices this...
    At midnight in his room, Barnabas calls out to Josette. In her room,
  Kitty hears, but tries to resist. Barnabas continues to call, thinking
  to himself that he can't let this happen again, let her marry someone
  else. Eventually, Kitty comes, and tells him, "I am your Josette, and
  will always be." They kiss...
   Episode 871
   Worldvision Rerun 649
   Tape Date:  October 12, 1969 (ABC #216-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 27, 1969 Monday
   Writer:     Violet Welles
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas vows never to let anyone get between them again. Suddenly,
   the window and door blow open. Josette cries, "It must be Jeremiah !",
   then snaps out of it. she is shocked at finding herself in Barnabas's
   room, and accuses, "YOU ! You've been doing all this to me !" and runs
   out of the room. Barnabas thinks to himself, "I was wrong. There is
   someone who can come between Josette and me. Kitty Soames.."
      The real Quentin goes to the rectory. Angelique, who has apparently
   summoned him, is there. He asks her how she managed to escape from
   Petofi. She tells him that doesn't matter, it only matters that she
   did escape.  She tells him there's someone else here, and brings
   Barnabas in from another room. Quentin asks how this is possible.
   Barnabas explains what happened to him. Saying that once Julia arrived
   from the future, it became possible for him to be cured of vampirism,
   but that it was necessary for everyone to believe that the vampire was
   dead, and explains how he had Angelique create a doppelganger, which
   they then allowed to be destroyed. He further explains that after Julia
   disappeared, Angelique continued to give him the injections, all except
   the last one, because she had been captured by Petofi, that when she
   didn't come, he wandered out looking for her, weak and sick, and
   eventually found himself in a doctor's office. He explains how Petofi
   and Edward came, and decided to wait for the daylight to destroy him,
   and nervously waiting for sunrise, not knowing what would happen, and
   that when it did, nothing happened..
       Charles Delaware Tate is in the mill building basement, drinking.
   The real Quentin returns, and Tate, thinking it is Petofi, begs him
   to give him his talent back. Quentin tries to explain that he isn't
   Petofi, but really Quentin, that Petofi switched bodies with him.
   Tate doesn't believe this and angrily pulls a gun and points it to
   Quentins's head, but is interuppted by the real Petofi coming down
   the stairs. Petofi uses his powers to force Tate to drop the gun,
   and Tate realizes that Quentin was telling the truth. Petofi tells
   Quentin to leave, saying he wants to talk to Tate alone. After
   Quentin leaves, Petofi tells Tate that he'll make a deal with him,
   that if he agrees to do something for him, then MAYBE he'll restore
   his talent. He opens a drawer and pulls out the rods and asks Tate
   if he knows what they are. Tate replies that he does. Petofi explains
   what he wants him to do, adding that this time, as a safety measure,
   he'll keep his fingers on his temples and try to use his powers to
   save him if something bad happens. The perform the ritual. Tate tells
   Petofi that he sees the drawing room at Collinwood, but that it is
   different. He continues that in the room, there are two children, a
   boy and a girl, and a woman. Another woman enters the room, and the
   people greet her as "Julia". The woman sits down and starts to read
   a newspaper. Petofi asks Tate if he can see what the date on the
   newspater is. Tate replies that he can, that it's October 28,1969.
   Petofi beams and gloats that he's found it, found the right hexagram
   to travel into the future, and that now no one can stop him....
   Episode 872
   Worldvision Rerun 650
   Tape Date:  October 13, 1969 (ABC #217-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 28, 1969 Tuesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      'Quentin' is in his room, packing to leave. Beth, whom he has
   apparently summoned, comes. She complains that it's been a long time
   since they've seen each other. Then she sees that he's packing to leave
   and becomes angry that he's planning to leave, without taking her or
   even telling her.  He tells her he IS planning to take her. She notices
   some jewels he's packing and notices that they're Petofi's, and exclaims
   that he must have stolen them and that's why he's leaving. He tells her
   not to worry about Petofi, that he's escaping to the future where Petofi
   can't find him. He rolls up the portrait of Quentin, and she asks if he's
   taking that too. He replies yes. Knowing how the rods work, she asks him
   how he plans to take all this stuff. He tells her that's why he needs
   her: that he wants her to bury the stuff for him, and that he'll dig it
   up in 1969.
       Charles Delaware Tate goes to Collinwood. He finds only Charity in
   the drawing room. He acts strangely, rambling that he wants to talk to
   Quentin, that Quentin is going to the future. He then runs out of the
   drawing room and runs upstairs. Barnabas, who has just come into the foyer,
   sees him run upstairs. Charity comes out into the foyer, and he asks
   Charity what's bothering Tate. She tells him about Tate's ramblings.
       In Quentin's room, Tate demands that Petofi restore his talent, as
   promised. Petofi refuses, saying that he only promised that he MIGHT do
   this, and has decided not to. Tate becomes angry, and takes the portrait
   'hostage'.  Petofi approaches him threateningly with his hand raised...
       In the drawing room, Barnabas tells Charity that she should go see
   Quentin. She asks why. He tells her he's going to tell her a secret, and
   whispers it into her ear.
       In Quentin's room, Petofi tells a compliant Tate - who he has
   apparently done something to - that he should find other things to do
   with his life than painting and orders him to leave.  As he is leaving,
   Charity enters the room.  'Quentin' asks her what she wants.  She tells
   she knows his secret - that it is his birthday and invites him downstairs
   for a drink. Not wanting to arouse suspicions, he goes with her.
       They go down into the foyer. Beth comes in at the same time. Charity
   goes into the drawing room to pour the drinks, and 'Quentin' stays to
   talk to Charity. Beth has an envelope with her, and tells him it's the
   money he wanted (apparently he sent her to the bank for him). He tells her
   good, put it in the suitcase, and gives her a map telling where he wants
   it buried.
       Upstairs, Barnabas sneaks into Quentin's room and starts to search.
   He hears footsteps coming, and hides behind the drapes. Beth comes in,
   takes the suitcase, and leaves.
       Downstairs, 'Quentin' and Charity are drinking champagne. Through the
   open door, Petofi sees Beth leave Collinwood with the suitcase. A few
   seconds later, he sees Barnabas come down the stairs, and invites him in
   for a drink to celebrate his birthday. Barnabas begs off, saying that
   he has an appointment, and leaves.
       Barnabas, outside, cannot see where Beth went...
       Barnabas comes back inside and finds Charity alone in the drawing
   room.  He asks where Quentin is. Charity replies that she doesn't know,
   that he excused himself, saying he had something to do..
       'Quentin' is in a room somewhere, using the rods. He sees the door.
   It opens, revealing the exterior of Collinwood. He goes in, and enters
   Collinwood. It is the Collinwood of 1969, with electric lamps. Somewhat
   disoriented (his vision is blurred), he calls out 'Edward ?? Judith ??'.
   In the drawing room, he finds a newspaper and reads the date: Tuesday,
   October 28, 1969, and exults, "I've made it !!".
   Episode 873
   Worldvision Rerun 651
   Tape Date:  October 14, 1969 (ABC #218-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 29, 1969 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Maggie Evans, having heard Petofi call out, comes downstairs to see
   who's there. But when she goes into the drawing room, no one is there..
      Back in 1897, 'Quentin' writhes on the floor in pain.  The pain stops,
   and he finds Beth with him. She tells him she brought him back by knocking
   the rods off the table. He becomes angry that she did this and asks why.
   She explains that the portrait is missing, that when she got to the place
   where she was to bury the suitcase, she opened it to put the money in and
   found it missing. Petofi ponders who could have taken it. He considers
   'Petofi', but Beth (who doesn't know about the switch) tells him it can't
   be since Petofi hasn't been in the house. He then suspects Barnabas, and
   that Charity's strange invitation may have been part of a plot...
      Beth takes Charity to Quentin's room, saying he wants to talk to her.
   In the room, 'Quentin' accuses her of being in a plot with Barnabas
   against him, but she denies it and runs out.
      Barnabas finds Kitty staring at his protrait.  When she sees him, she
   tells him she wants him to step into the drawing room for a talk. Inside,
   she angrily tells him she wants him to leave Collinwood, saying she
   knows he's responsible for what's happening to her. He denies it,
   reminding her that from what he's heard, these things started happening
   to her before his arrival.  He tells her he thinks he knows what's
   happening to her, that he thinks she's the reincarnation of a Josette
   DuPres, that she must be because she knows things only Josette could
   know. She retorts how could HE know this, since it would require him
   to know things only Josette would know too. Barnabas pauses for awhile,
   taken aback by the logic, then responds that as a child he saw a copy
   of Josette's portrait and fell in love with it and became obsessed with
   it and has spent years reading histories and diaries to find out all
   he could about her. Kitty angrily tells him she thinks he's insane...
      Charity goes to sleep and has a dream in which she and Quentin seem
   to be on good terms. He invites her to dance, and they dance a waltz to
   'her' music. When they finish, they kiss. During the kiss, Charity
   closes her eyes. When they finish kissing, she opens her eyes and finds
   that it is not Quentin standing there, but Petofi. She screams...
      Petofi goes downstairs and finds Barnabas standing in the drawing
   room. The clock strikes midnight. Barnabas tells 'Quentin' that he's
   returned from his appointment and hoped he could drink to his birthday,
   but that it's too bad but it's now too late. Petofi remarks that it
   must be quite wonderful for him to be able to enjoy the daylight again.
   Barnabas replies that the doesn't know what he's talking about, that
   he's always been able to enjoy the daylight. Petofi exasperatedly
   remarks, "Why don't we just stop this and admit the truth ?". Barnabas
   replies, "Yes. Why don't we, Count Petofi?'.  Petofi tells him he knows
   he stole the portrait, and demands to have it back.  Barnabas denies any
   knowledge of it. Petofi raises his hand, and tells Barnabas he has two
   minutes to tell the truth, or he'll use it on him.
       Kitty goes to the Mill Building to see 'Petofi', not knowing it is
   really Quentin. She begs him to help her. He tries to tell her he cannot,
   but she refuses to believe him, saying she saw his power when he was
   in England, that she remembers the party where he played a 'game' where
   he touched people with his hand and caused them to tell the truth, how
   her own husband said things that even she had not known.
       At Collinwood, Petofi tells Barnabas his two minutes are up. Barnabas
   still insists that he knows nothing about the portrait.  Petofi, not
   believing him, ponders what he'll do to Barnabas. He dismisses killing
   him, saying that that would be too simple, then settles on turning him
   back into a vampire.  He touches Barnabas, but nothing happens....
       At the Mill Building, 'Petofi', probably just to convince her that
   he really has no powers, utters some words saying that when he touches
   her with the hand, she will know the truth about herself, then touches
   her. She suddenly gasps, "Oh no! He's right. I AM JOSETTE !! And Kitty
   Somers too...". Quentin looks at the hand in amazement...
   Episode 874
   Worldvision Rerun 652
   Tape Date:  October 15, 1969 (ABC #219-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 30, 1969 Thursday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Kitty recounts how she, as Josette, came to Collinwood a hundred years
   ago with her father and a servant, Angelique. She wonders how Angelique
   could be here now too.  
      Petofi is shocked that his hand does not work. He tells Barnabas he
   suspects Angelique has cast a spell over him, Barnabas, to protect him
   from it.
      Quentin tells Kitty he has something important to do and leaves.
   At Collinwood, he finds Charity alone in the drawing room. She tells him
   she now knows he is really Quentin and not Petofi and volunteers to help.
   He tells her not to get involved because it's too dangerous.  Barnabas
   comes, and Charity leaves.
      Kitty goes to the old house and to Josette's room. There, she hears
   Josette's voice calling to her...
      Quentin tells Barnabas what happened with Kitty. Barnabas tells
   Quentin he must find her.
      Petofi ponders what to do. He decides to test his theory that the
   hand didn't work on Barnabas because Angelique is protecting him and not
   because he has lost the power by removing the spell he put on Charity.
   He finds Charity and touches her with the hand and tries to remove the
   spell which he put on her making her think she is Pansy, but it doesn't
   work; she still thinks she is Pansy.
      At the old house, Kitty continues to hear Josette talking to her.
      Petofi, understandbly upset, rushes out. Beth runs into him as he is
   leaving. Seeing Charity, Beth asks what's wrong with Quentin. Charity
   tells her that what's wrong is he's in the wrong body, and explains it
   to her. Beth doesn't believe this incredible story. Charity tells her
   that there's a way for her, Beth, to prove it.
      Barnabas finds Kitty in the old house and comforts her. They kiss.
      Beth finds 'Quentin' at the Mill building. She tells him they won't
   have to worry about Petofi for much longer. He asks what she means. She
   tells him that some gypsies who are after him have just arrived at
   Collinwood. 'Quentin' reacts with fear, and tells her he must leave this
   place, that it's only a matter of time before the gypsies learn about
   the Mill building. She asks him why. He lies that he just doesn't want to
   be here when they find the place and leaves. Beth thinks to herself,
   "It's true !!!"
   Episode 875
   Worldvision Rerun 653
   Tape Date:  October 20, 1969 (ABC #220-DRK-69)
   Air Date:   October 31, 1969 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Beth ponders what to do. She decides that she must tell someone and ask
   for help, but realizes that no one will believe her ridiculous story. Then
   she thinks of Tim, and, knowing that he has had enough experience with
   Petofi to know about his great powers, might believe her and goes to
   his room at the Collinsport Inn. She tells him about the switch. He finds
   it hard to believe. She tells him he can prove it to himself by going
   to 'Petofi' and asking him. Tim leaves, telling Beth to stay there.
      Barnabas finds Quentin at the Mill building, searching for something.
   He asks him what he's looking for.  Quentin tells him he's just thought
   of something, that Petofi must have used something to cause the switch to
   happen, and that he is looking for it to switch again. Barnabas tells him
   that's probably not the case, that most of Petofi's powers are in his hand,
   and that now that he seems to have the power, maybe he can make the switch.
   Quentin decides to try. He warns Barnabas to leave, that if he is
   successful, Petofi will be here and it may be dangerous.  Barnabas tells
   him he will if it looks like it's succeeding.
      Tim, who did not believe Beth and thinks she's gone insane, returns
   to his room with 'Quentin'.  Beth is horrified. 'Quentin' takes hold of
   her and thanks Tim, saying he'll 'take care of her'.
      At the Mill building, Quentin starts the process and goes into a
   trance. Barnabas quickly leaves.
      'Quentin' suddenly touches his head and complains that he's feeling
   dizzy. Beth takes advantage of the opportunity to struggle free and run
   from the room. 'Quentin' chases after her...
       Beth runs through the woods, 'Quentin' in hot pursuit. Suddenly,
   'Quentin' collapses to the ground.  At the Mill building, 'Petofi'
   screams. 'Quentin' screams.
       Quentin regains consciousness and finds himself in his own body.
   He hears a noise and goes to it. He finds Beth standing near the cliff.
   He approaches her, but she shrinks from him, tells him she knows he's
   really Petofi and tells him to stay away from her..

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