Dark Shadows
November 1966

       Episode 92
       Tape Date: October 21, 1966
       Air Date:  November 1, 1966 Tuesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Vicky is sitting in a waiting room of an office next to a
       door marked, "Richard Garner, Private." Inside, a man in his
       early sixties is reading some papers in a folder marked,
       "Collins-Stoddards Corporate Holdings". He finishes, closes the
       folder, presses an intercom button and says, "Miss Partridge, send
       Miss Winters in." A few seconds later, Vicky comes in. Richard Garner
       introduces himself and greets her warmly, saying, "Miss Winters! I
       know all about you!" Vicky asks, "You do?! Who am I then?" Richard
       Garner apoligizes, saying, "Oh, I didn't mean it that way. I meant
       I knew you were the governess at Collinwood. Sorry if I gave you the
       wrong impression. Mrs. Stoddard told me about how you were trying to
       find out about your past."  Vicky replies, "Sometimes, I get the
       feeling Mrs. Stoddard knows more about my past than she'll admit."
       Richard Garner asks, "Why would she do that?" Vicky replies, "Well,
       maybe my real father was a murderer or insane or something like that
       and she doesn't want me to know." Richard Garner assures her, "No,
       I don't think she'd keep something like that from you." Vicky shows
       him the ledger sheet. He takes a look at it and tells her, "This
       looks like one of our old ledger sheets." He asks, "Where did you
       find it?" She replies, "At Collinwood with some other old papers."
       Vicky asks about the name "B. Hanscombe" on it. Richard Garner
       asks, "Hmmm. Would you happen to know what year this is from? Is it
       from a ledger with the year on it or from a box with the date on it?"
       Vicky replies, "Sorry, no. It was just lying there with a lot of
       other old papers." Vicky asks, "Do you recognize her name?" Garner,
       surprised, asks, "HER name?" Vicky replies, "Yes, Betty Hanscombe."
       Garner tells her, "Betty Hanscombe? This can't help you then.
       B. Hanscombe was the name of the Collins butler." Vicky, surprised,
       asks, "Butler?" Garner replies, "Yes. Butler. Collinwood wasn't
       always the way it is now, you know. There was a large staff there
       at one time." Vicky asks, "Do you remember the butler's full name?"
       Garner replies, "No, I don't think I ever knew it. He was always
       addressed only as 'Hanscombe.'" Vicky remarks, "It's hard to imagine
       that there was ever much gaiety at Collinwood.." Garner tells her,
       "Oh, yes, it used to be quite a happy place up there, even after Mrs.
       Stoddard married Paul." Vicky asks, "Until Paul Stoddard left?"
       Garner replies, "Yes." Vicky asks, "Do you know what this paper is"
       Garner replies, "It looks like a monthly wage record." Vicky, looking
       at the number of names on the ledger sheet, asks, "It's hard to
       imagine this many people working at Collinwood." Garner tells her,
       "Oh yes, they had two chauffeurs, several gardeners... ", ticking off
       a very large staff. "And,", he adds, "during busy times when they
       needed it, they would hire up to a dozen extra temporary help. This
       ledger sheet looks like it's from one of those times." Vicky asks,
       "The name of your firm indicates that you have a partner. Might he
       know anything more about B. Hanscombe?" Garner laughs and says, "I
       doubt it!" He presses the intercom and speaks into it, "Miss
       Partridge, could you have Frank step in here for a minute?" A few
       seconds later, a young man of about 30 comes into the room. Richard
       Garner introduces him, saying, "This is my son and partner, Frank
       Garner, the other Garner in 'Garner and Garner'" Vicky laughs and
       remarks, "Yes. I see. He couldn't possibly know anything about a
       ledger sheet 20 to 30 years old! But the ledger sheet. It says
       'Garner and Garner' too..." The elder Garner explains, "The other
       Garner at that time was my late brother. He's been dead for about
       5 years now." Richard Garner explains to his son, "Miss Winters is
       here on what looks like a wild goose chase. It's a long story." The
       younger Garner, who looks smitten with Vicky, remarks, "Well, I don't
       have much to do today. I have plenty of time to hear it." The elder
       Garner says, "Well, I don't have plenty of time. I'm due in court in
       a few minutes." and leaves.
          Vicky shows Frank Garner the ledger sheet and explains its
       significance to him. She tells him that she's looking for clues to
       her past, that she saw the name 'B. Hanscombe' somewhere else and
       had reason to believe it was of importance and then saw it on the
       ledger sheet. Frank Garner asks, "Did you ask Dad? What did he say?"
       Vicky replies, "He told me he remembered he was the Collins butler a
       long time ago, but that's all he remembered." Frank Garner tells her,
       "Well, it shouldn't be very hard to find out more about him. All we
       have to do is look through our old records. We can find out, for
       example, where he used to live by the address the checks were sent
       to." Vicky asks, "There would be records of that?" Frank answers, in
       a mock haughty tone, "Sure. The firm of Garner and Garner never
       throws anything out!" He tells her, "You must be tired. Go back to
       your hotel and rest. I'll go search the archives. It's a dusty job.
       When I find something, I come and tell you." After Vicky leaves,
       Frank Garner presses the intercom and says, "Miss Partride. Clear the
       rest of my afternoon", showing that he lied when he said he had
       nothing to do, that he's clearly smitten with Vicky.
          Later, Vicky walks into the restaurant of the "Bangor Pine Hotel."
       She sits down at a table and orders a grilled cheese sandwich and a
       cup of coffee, a somewhat incongruous order for what looks like a
       pretty fancy restaurant. Burke Devlin walks in and, seeing Vicky,
       walks up to her table and asks, "May I join you?" The waiter comes
       with Vicky's order and asks Burke what he'd like. Burke starts to
       say, "Give me double..", but then stops and says, "Give me a grilled
       cheese sandwich too." He tells Vicky, "I was going to order a double
       drink, but I'm driving back to Collinsport soon and don't think it'll
       be a good idea." He remarks, "No luck, huh?" Vicky replies, "How did
       you know?" Burke replies, "I could tell from your eyes." He tells her,
       in a soft, gentle voice, "I feel sorry for you. You look like a lost
       little kitten searching for its parents." He asks, "Now tell me
       the truth. You're trying to find out if there's any connection between
       you and the Collins family, aren't you?" Vicky denies this, but her
       expressing says otherwise. Burke tells her, "When you find out who
       you're real family is, and I'm confident you will, you'll find that
       they're much finer people than the Collinses." Vicky asks, "Why do
       you say that?" Burke replies, "Because you're a finer person than
       any of them." Burke asks, "I'm going back to Collinsport tonight.
       Would you like a lift?" Vicky replies, "Might as well. I don't think
       I'm going to find anything here." Burke tells her, "All right. I'll
       see you at about 5 or 6 then. I have some business to conduct here
       first." Frank Garner comes in and comes to Vicky's table. Vicky
       introduces them. Burke remarks, "Of Garner and Garner?" Frank Garner
       replies, "Yep. Garner and Garner, Legal and Accounting, that's us."
       Burke remarks, "I know your old man." He quips to Frank, "I hope you
       like grilled cheese sandwiches" and leaves to let Frank and Vicky
       talk alone. Frank remarks to Vicky, "Devlin? Is that the Devlin who
       was involved in the accident 10 years ago?" Vicky replies, "He is,
       but he says he's innocent. You know about the case?" Frank replies,
       "Yes. My father represented the Collins in the case. They all claim
       they're innocent. It helps with the parole board. How long was he
       in jail?" Vicky replies, "Five years." Frank remarks, "Five years.
       That means he's been out for five years. I hear he's done well for
       himself." Vicky replies, "He has. I hear he's very rich now." Frank
       tells her, "I really admire that. Me, I was born with a silver spoon
       in my mouth." Vicky asks, "Have you found anything about B.
       Hanscombe?" Frank replies, "Sorry, no, but I'll keep looking."
          Richard Garner returns to his office. He picks up the telephone
       and makes a phone call and tells the person who answers, "Roger?
       Hello, this is Richard Garner. May I speak to Elizabeth?" After
       Roger gets her, Garner tells her, "Elizabeth? I would've called you
       earlier about this, but I was tied up in court. Vicky Winters came
       here this morning and asked me a lot of questions....No, not to
       worry. Everything's in control. Just leave everything to me..."
       Episode 93
       Tape Date: October 23, 1966
       Air Date:  November 2, 1966 Wednesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Elizabeth tells Richard Garner, "I'm glad you called. I had no
       idea she'd found such a list!" After Elizabeth hangs up, Roger asks,
       "What's wrong?" Elizabeth replies, "It's Vicky. She's in Bangor.
       She asked me for a few days off. I've learned she's with Burke
       Devlin. Burke Devlin's trying to undermine the whole family! David
       thinks he's his best friend, Carolyn is half in love with him, and
       now Vicky!" Roger remarks, "I thought Vicky had decided to leave
       Collinwood. What changed her mind?" Elizabeth replies, "David. He
       persuaded her to stay." Roger, shocked, exclaims, "David?! I think
       I'll go have a talk with him."
          Roger goes up to David's room. David is drawing something on a
       piece of paper. Roger asks, "What's that?" David replies, "A picture
       of Bill Malloy's ghost." Roger asks, "Why did you ask Miss Winters to
       stay?" David points to the drawing and replies, "This! She saw Bill
       Malloy's ghost. That means he wants to tell her something. He might
       appear to her again. If she leaves, he might too. I want to see Bill
       Malloy's ghost!" David adds, viciously, "He might even tell her who
       killed him. He might tell her it was YOU!" Roger slaps David. David
       runs off.
          David runs down to the drawing room into Elizabeth's arms, crying
       "He hit me! My father hit me!" Carolyn, shocked, exclaims, "He must
       be lying! Roger would never hit him!" David cries, "He did!" Roger,
       who's come into the room seconds after David, shouts, "Yes, and I
       will again if he keeps talking about ghosts!"
          Carolyn, alone in the drawing room, telephones the Collinsport
       Inn and asks for Burke, but is told he's not back yet. Elizabeth
       comes into the room and remarks, "David's calmed down." Carolyn
       replies, "Well, I haven't. Burke's still not back. He must still
       be with Vicky." Elizabeth tells her, "Not necessarily. Burke might
       have business in Bangor." Carolyn replies, "Well, Vicky does."
       Elizabeth asks her what she means. Carolyn tells her, "I promised
       not to tell... But that was before she went with Burke." She tells
       Elizabeth about Vicky finding a list with the name Hanscombe on it.
       Elizabeth remarks, "We had a butler named Hanscombe once. Why should
       that interest her?" Carolyn explains that Vicky had found a picture
       of a Betty Hanscombe at the Evans Cottage that looked just like her.
       Elizabeth replies, "Betty Hanscombe looked nothing like Vicky!"
       Carolyn asks, "Who was she?" Elizabeth replies, "She was Hanscombe's
       daughter or niece. I don't remember. Well, if Vicky is looking for
       the Hanscombes, the Garners won't be able to help her. They moved
       away about 25 years ago." Elizabeth suddenly changes the subject
       and tells Carolyn, "You asked me once about me and your father Paul.
       Paul never really loved me. He loved the Collins money. But before
       Paul, there was a man who loved me." Carolyn asks, "Bill Malloy?"
       Elizabeth replies, "No. Ned Calder." Carolyn asks, "What happened?"
       Elizabeth replies, "I kept him dangling too long. Joe Haskell reminds
       me a lot of a young Ned Calder. Don't make the same mistake I did."
       Carolyn asks, "Are you trying to tell me I'm taking Joe for granted?"
       Elizabeth replies, "Yes." Carolyn goes to the telephone and calls
       Joe. She asks him, "What about our date tonight?" Joe replies, "What
       date?" Carolyn, in a voice full of mock surprise, replies, "OH! We
       don't have one scheduled? Hmmm, what can we do about that?"
          Roger comes down into the foyer. Carolyn runs into him on her way
       out of the drawing room, hugs him and exclaims, "Isn't life wonerful?"
       and runs upstairs. Roger goes into the drawing room and tells
       Elizabeth, "We've got to get rid of Vicky Winters! She's a bad
       influence on David." Elizabeth asks, "How?" Roger replies, "This
       nonsense about seeing Bill Malloy's ghost, for example." Elizabeth
       reminds him that there ARE some unexplained things about her claim,
       probably referring to the seaweed, but Roger brushes this off, saying,
       "There must be some logical explanation. There's no such things as
       ghosts. I tell you, Liz, you've got to get rid of her." Elizabeth
       sarcastically replies, "Is that all I can do for you? Is there
       anything else?" Roger replies, "Yes. You could sell this monstrosity.
       Sell it to Burke Devlin, if necessary. That way, we'll be rid of it
       and him." Elizabeth flatly refuses, saying, "I plan to live here the
       rest of my life." Roger threatens to leave , taking David with him if
       she doesn't fire Vicky, but Elizabeth, unconcerned, tells him ,
       "That's a hollow threat. I know you won't do that. You like the money
       here too much." Roger tries a different tack, saying, "David doesn't
       like Vicky." Elizabeth replies, "Yes he does. He persuaded her to
       stay.", but Roger explains, "He doesn't like her. He's interested in
       the ghost she claimed to see." He continues, "I asked you once before
       but you wouldn't tell me. What's between you and Vicky Winters?"
       Elizabeth replies, "Nothing. She's an orphan girl from New York and
       that's all."
       Episode 94
       Tape Date: October 24, 1966
       Air Date:  November 3, 1966 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Carolyn and Joe are at the Blue Whale. Joe is telling some jokes
       and Carolyn is laughing. Suddenly, Joe stops and tells Carolyn,
       "You're pretending to have a good time, but I know you well enough
       to know you're pretending. What's wrong? You've been nervous all
       night." Carolyn explains, "Vicky says she saw a ghost! The ghost of
       Bill Malloy!" Joe exclaims, "You've got to be kidding!" Carolyn
       replies, "I wish I were. " Joe asks, "You don't believe her, do
       you?" Carolyn replies, "I don't know." Joe tells her, "When I was a
       kid, I believed the stories about ghosts at Collinwood too, but we're
       not kids anymore, Carolyn. There's no such things as ghosts. It must
       have been a nightmare." Carolyn tells him, "I don't want to talk
       about it. Let's change subjects." Joe replies, "OK. Let's talk about
       us, then." They talk about their relationship. Carolyn tells Joe she
       was upset about his date with Maggie. Joe assures her, "We just had
       dinner. There's nothing between us."
          Sam and Maggie come into the Blue Whale. Carolyn sees them and
       shouts, "Hello!" to them. They come to the table to say hello.
       Carolyn invites them to join her and Joe. Maggie tells her, "No, we
       wouldn't want to intrude." Carolyn replies, "No, you're not intruding.
       Are they, Joe?" Joe answers, "No. Of course not."
          In Bangor, Vicky and Frank Garner are still sitting in the
       restaurant in the "Bangor Pines Hotel".  Frank remarks to Vicky,
       "You know, a lot of foundlings don't want to find out about their
       real parents. They're afraid to." Vicky replies, "I'm not." She
       tells him, "I'll tell you something I've never told anyone before.
       When I was about nine years old, a woman came to work at the
       foundling home, a nurse. She was very kind to me. I was her favorite.
       I came to love her and pretend she was my mother. She was the kind
       of mother I would have liked to have. One day, she got another job
       and left. Right then, I told myself she wasn't really my mother,
       and I became determined to find my real mother."
          At the Blue Whale, Joe goes to the juke box, puts in a coin and
       makes a selection. The music starts playing. Joe goes back to the
       table and tells Carolyn, "Let's dance!" They get up and dance.
       Joe asks Carolyn, "Why did you invite the Evanses to join us?"
       Carolyn replies, "Two reasons. One, to be polite. Two, to show her
       there are no hard feelings." Maggie is sitting at the table looking
       miserable. Sam remarks, "A penny for your thoughts." Maggie replies,
       "Don't waste your money. They aren't worth a penny." Sam asks, "Does
       it bother you that they're back together?", gesturing toward Joe
       and Carolyn. Maggie answers, "No", but her expression indicates
          Frank Garner tells Vicky, "The task won't be easy. Hanscombe is a
       very common name in this part of the country." Vicky thanks him for
       helping. Frank laughs and admits, "I have a selfish reason for
       helping you. If I find anything, it'll give me a reason to see you
       again!" The elder Garner comes into the restaurant and comes to the
       table. He tells his son, "You're going to have to go back to the
       office soon. The Anderson will has come up for probate sooner than
       expected." Frank Garner laughs and jokes, "Well, I've learned a lesson.
       Never tell your secretary where you're going!" He invites his father
       to sit down and have a glass of brandy. Richard Garner sits down and
       says, "Maybe just one." He asks Vicky, "How are things going?" Vicky
       tells him that Frank has agreed to help her find the Hanscombes.
       Richard Garner remarks, "That's a tall order. There are a lot of
       Hanscombes in these parts. But my son has always been a champion of
       lost causes" His son complains, "You're being defeatist!", but the
       elder Garner replies, "No, I just don't want Miss Winters to get her
       hopes too high. She might be letting herself in for a terrible
          At the Blue Whale, Joe and Carolyn have finished dancing and have
       sat back down at the table. Joe and Carolyn are reminiscing about how
       much fun they used to have going up to Eagle Hill when they were
       teenagers. It looks like everyone is having a good time except Maggie,
       who still looks miserable. She gets up and says, "Excuse me, I've
       got to go. It's getting late and I've got to be at the coffee shop
       tomorrow at 7:30." Sam tells her, "Oh, Maggie, don't go yet. I don't
       want you to walk home this late at night alone. Just wait for me to
       have one more drink and I'll go with you." Maggie sits back down, and
       to make conversation, asks, "Where's Vicky?" Carolyn replies, "She's
       taking a short vacation in Bangor." Maggie remarks, "Bangor? I just
       spoke to her a few days ago and she didn't say anything about going
       to Bangor." Carolyn replies, "It was a sudden decision. She said she
       needed a few days off." Joe jokes, "She needs a rest! She claims to
       have seen Bill Malloy's ghost." Sam suddenly starts to look very
       interested and asks, "Bill Malloy's ghost? What did it say?" Carolyn
       replies, "It warned her she was in danger here and told her to
       leave." Sam asks, "Is that all?" Carolyn replies, "That's all she told
       me." Maggie remarks, "Won't Vicky be lonely in Bangor?" Carolyn
       replies, "No, she's not alone. She's with Burke Devlin." Joe suddenly
       grabs Carolyn and says, "Let's dance." Carolyn replies, "No, I don't
       want to", but Joe repeats, firmly this time, "Let's dance!" Carolyn
       gets up and they go to dance. Joe angrily tells Carolyn, "You must
       take me for a prize sap! You didn't call me because you wanted to
       see me. You called me because you were jealous about Burke and Vicky.
       You can't expect me to be around for you every time Burke's not
       available!" Carolyn demands, "Take me home!" Maggie hearing their
       argument, gets a strange expression on her face.
          Frank Garner asks his father, "Could we talk in private for a
       minute?" They both get up and go to the door to do so. Frank asks
       his father, "What do you have against me helping Miss Winters?"
       Richard Garner replies, "Nothing."  Frank remarks, "Well, you didn't
       sound very enthusiatic about it back there." His father replies,
       "I'm all for you helping her if that's what you want to do, I just
       think it's hopeless. Just remember one thing, Mrs. Stoddard is our
       client, not Miss Winters." Frank Garner, puzzled, asks, "What do you
       mean by that?", but his father just replies, "Just remember it" and
          Joe returns to the Blue Whale. Sam asks, "Carolyn all right?"
       Joe replies,"Well, she's home." Sam remarks, "Speaking of home -
       Joe, could you take Maggie home? I need to take a walk. I won't be
       home till quite late." Joe agrees to take Carolyn home. Sam leaves.
       Maggie asks Joe, "How are your plans for getting your own boat going?"
       Joe remarks, "You're a nice girl, Maggie. You haven't asked me about
       Carolyn." Maggie replies, "I figured if you wanted to talk about it,
       you would have mentioned it yourself. Why did you come back here,
       Joe?" Joe jokes, "To get another lesson from you on how a full ship
       is rigged." Maggie laughs, "OK, first there are the jib sails..."
       They seem to be having a good time.
       Episode 95
       Tape Date: October 25, 1966
       Air Date:  November 4, 1966 Friday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Vicky tells Frank about seeing Bill Malloy's ghost. Frank
       dismisses this, saying it must've been a nightmare. He asks,
       "How did you get locked up in an unused part of the house?"
       Vicky tells him, "David lured me there and locked me up." Frank
       suggests that she leave Collinwood. Vicky refuses, saying, "I know
       it sounds strange, but I feel that I belong thare, that there's some
       connection between me and the Collins family. I'm going to stay there
       until I find out the secret of my past." Burke returns and tells
       Vicky that he'll be leaving in half an hour, as soon as he finishes
       some business. Vicky tells him, "I'll be ready." Burke walks across
       the room and joins James Blair, who's waiting for him at another
       table. Frank Garner remarks, "I'm disappointed. I'd thought I would
       give you a ride home. Could I ask you a personal question? Is there
       anything between you and Mr. Devlin?" Vicky replies, "No. I don't
       really know him very well. He's a strange man. Somethimes he's seems
       to be very gentle, sometimes he seems to be capable of great cruelty.
       He scares me sometimes."  Frank tells her, "Well, I'll be here
       looking through the files. I'll tell you when I find anything, but
       it may take a while. We have miles and miles of files going back
       all the way to 1879. Could I see you  again?" Vicky replies, "Yes."
          At the other table, Burke tells Blair, "I WANT ACTION!" Blair
       replies, "But the Logansport people want the time to consider other
       offers." Burke asks, "Are there any others?" Blair replies, "No..."
       Burke replies,"Do they really expect Elizabeth to come up with one?
       Up my bid 10%!" Blair protests, "But I don't think the Logansport
       cannery is worth that." Burke replies, "Is is to me if it means
       putting the Collins Enterprises out of business." Vicky comes to
       Burke's table and tells him she's ready. Burke introducces Vicky
       and Blair and then leaves, saying he has to get something from his
       room. Blair remarks, "Collinwood? I'm surprised to find that Mr.
       Devlin has any friends from there." He excuses himself, saying he
       has some papers he has to sigh. He takes out a silver filligree
       pen that looks just like the one Vicky found and starts to sign
       some papers. He notices that Vicky is staring strangely at the pen
       and asks, "Is something wrong?" Vicky replies, "No, it's just that
       I found a fountain pen just like the one you're writing with." Blair
       tells her, "No, that's not possible. There are only 6 pens like this
       in the world. Four of them are in South America. That's where Mr.
       Devlin bought two of them. He gave one to me and has the other."
       Blair thinks a moment then adds, "Maybe the one you found is Mr.
       Davlin's. Maybe you should tell him about it. It's a very expensive
       pen." Vicky takes the pen from Blair, studies it then announces, "No,
       I must have been mistaken. This pen is nothing like the one I found.
       The pattern is entirely different." Burke returns. Blair hands him
       the papers, telling him he needs to sigh them. Burke reaches into his
       pocket for his pen, then remarks, "Oh yes. I forgot. My pen is one of
       the missing. Could I borrow yours, Blair?" Blair hands him his pen
       and Burke signs. Burke hands Blairs his pen and the contracts. Blair
       takes them and leaves. Burke turns to Vicky and asks, "Shall we
       leave?" Vicky tells him, "I've got to make a couple of phone calls."
       Vicky goes to the phone booth and tries to call Frank Garner, but
       finds he's not there. She then calls Collinwood. Roger answeres.
       Vicky begs, "I'm in Bangor. Please come and  pick me up! I think I'm
       in danger. Burke is with me, and I think he had something to do with
       Bill Malloy's death! Remember the pen I found? I just found out it
       was Burke's. He must have lost it when he was killing Bill Malloy!
       He wants to drive me home, but I'm afraid to go with him!" Roger
       tells her, "Make some excuse to him. I'll come up right away to
       get you. Oh, one more thing, Vicky. Don't mention anything about
       the pen to Burke. You wouldn't want to arouse his suspicions."
       Vicky replies, "You can be sure I won't. That's the last thing I'd
       want to do!"
          Vicky goes to Burke and tells him she's changed her mind and
       doesn't want to go back to Collinwood tonight. Burke asks, "Why?"
       Vicky replies, "Mrs. Stoddard doesn't really need me back yet and
       I'd like to see more of Bangor." Burke is puzzled, but says, "All
       right" and leaves.
          Roger exits Collinwood. Lightning flashes. It looks like a big
       storm is coming...
       Episode 96
       Tape Date: October 26, 1966
       Air Date:  November 7, 1966 Monday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Roger arrives at the Bangor Pine Inn. Vicky is overcome with joy
       to see him and exclaims, "I've never been so glad to see anyone in
       my life!" Roger asks, "Is Burke still around?" Vicky replies, "No,
       he's gone back to Collinport." Vicky tells Roger, "I just couldn't
       go back with Burke. He might be a murderer!" Roger assures her, "You
       don't have anything to worry about now that I'm with you!"
          Roger is driving Vicky back in his car. Vicky tells him what had
       happened in the restaurant, how she had seen Blair writing with a
       pen just like the one David stole, how he explained that there were
       only two like it in America and the other one was Burke's. Roger
       warns Vicky, "Don't mention the pen to anyone." Vicky, puzzled, asks
       "Why?" Roger tells her, "Burke is a vindictive man. If you make him
       an enemy, he'll be a danger to you." Roger adds, "Anyway, the pen
       is rather flimsy evidence against Burke. He could have lost the it
       there any time, either before or after Malloy's death. Also, you
       forget one thing, Vicky. You no longer have the pen. It's your word
       against Burke's. And Blair is working for Burke. And once Burke
       learned about the pen, you can make sure that he'll tell Blair to get
       rid of his and deny what he said to you." Roger starts to drive off
       the main road. Vicky asks why. Roger explains, "On my way down here,
       I saw several spots in the main road that were just about to wash
       out. They probably have by now. I think it would be safer if we
       took the back road." Vicky remarks, "It's so desolate! I don't see
       any lights!"
          At Collinwood, there's a knock at the door. Elizabeth comes down
       and answers. It's Sheriff George Patterson. He asks her, "Is everyone
       at home?" Elizabeth replies, "Yes, except Vicky. She's in Bangor."
       The sheriff replies, "That's good. They wouldn't be able to get back.
       The road halfway up the hill has been washed out." He continues, "My
       car broke down. That's why I came here. Do you mind if I make a few
       phone callse?" Elizabeth tells him, "Certainly." She takes him into
       the drawing room and leaves, saying, "I'll go make some coffee."
       The sheriff calls his office, telling them his car broke down and
       he'll need someone to come pick him up at Collinwood. He also tells
       them about several roads he's seen washed out, telling them they'll
       have to go put warning signs there. The sheriff hangs up. Elizabeth
       returns with a tray of coffee. They sit down, have coffee and talk.
       The sheriff tells Elizabeth, "You know, Mrs. Stoddard, there's word
       that Burke Devlin is trying to buy the Logansport cannery. There
       are people in town who would be more than willing to help you..."
       The phone rings. Elizabeth answers.  It's for the sheriff. After
       the sheriff takes the call, talks and hangs up, he tells Elizabeth,
       "Just someone telling me that the back road to Bangor has been washed
       out." Elizabeth remarks, "The back road to Bangor? No one in their
       right mind would use THAT anymore!"
          Roger suddenly stops the car. He tells Vicky, "What's that? It
       looks like a pond or something in front of us!" He gets out to
       investigate. A few minutes later, he comes back. He tells Vicky,
       "The road in front of us has been washed out. It's too deep to get
       through." Vicky asks, "What are we going to do?" Roger replies,
       I looked around and found what looks like an unused cabin nearby where
       we can stay." Vicky exclaims, "Wonderful!" Roger tries to start the
       car but finds that if won't. He replies, "Not so wonerful. We're going
       to have to walk." After Roger leaves a note in the car to tell anyone
       who might find it where they've gone, they leave.
          The sheriff finishes at Collinwood and leaves, his ride presumably
       having come.
          Roger and Vicky go into the cabin. Roger lights a kerosene lamp
       and remarks, "We're in luck. There's some kerosene in it." He then
       takes some old newspapers that are lying about and uses them as
       kindling to light an old fashioned wood stove, which apparently has
       some wood in it. He looks around and remarks, "Not much, is it,
       Vicky?" Vicky jokes, "Under the circumstances, it's as good as the
       bridal suite to me!" Roger jokes back, "Maybe I should have carried
       you across the threshold, then!" Vicky jokes, "But you're already
       married!" Roger's expression suddenly turns serious and he says,
       "Technically, yes. But it didn't work out.." Vicky replies, "Yes,
       David told me it wasn't a happy marriage." Roger tells her, "Let's
       change the subject. I'd really prefer not to talk about it." Vicky
       tries to make some small talk. She remarks, "I really don't know you
       very well, Roger. What do you want out of life?" Roger replies,
       "Right now, two things. The first is to get out of this dank, dreary
       cabin. The second is that you leave Collinwood." Vicky asks, "Why?"
       Roger replies, "I don't want to sound like a broken record, it's for
       your personal safety." Vicky remarks, "There's one thing I've been
       thinking about. Why would Burke want to kill Bill Malloy? Burke
       claimed Malloy had evidence exonerating him!" Roger replies, "He
       probably didn't. When I came back to Collinwood, Malloy had to be
       demoted to make room for me. He obviously didn't like that and would
       do anything he could to discredit me. He probably hired someone to
       lie against me, and when that person backed out of it at the last
       minute, Burke and Bill must have had an argument about it, and in the
       fight, Bill must have fallen off the cliff, maybe accidently, maybe
       deliberately." He adds, "Promise me one thing, Vicky. Never tell
       anyone about the pen, not Carolyn, not Elizabath, not anyone. Not
       even the police. If it ever got to Burke, your life wouldn't be worth
       much." Vicky protests, "But that would be withholding evidence..."
       LIFE WERE TALKING ABOUT HERE!"  Sheriff George Patterson comes into
       the cabin. He tells Roger, "We found that note you left in your car.
       Good thing you thought to leave it there. Come on, let's go." He
       notices that Vicky has a strange expression on her face and asks,
       "Something the matter, Miss Winters?" Vicky replies, "No. Nothing at
       Episode 97
       Tape Date: October 27, 1966
       Air Date:  November 8, 1966 Tuesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  Lela Swift

          It is the next morning. Roger, Elizabeth and Carolyn are in the
       drawing room drinking their morning coffee. Vicky comes down and
       goes into the drawing with trepidation about what the family will
       think. She sits down and says, "Good Morning" nervously. Carolyn
       asks, in a rather cold voice, "Have a good time in Bangor?"
       Vicky replies, "Not really." Elizabeth asks to speak to Vicky alone.
       Roger and Carolyn leave the room. Elizabeth asks Vicky, "Did you have
       to go with Burke Devlin?" Vicky explains that she just ran into him.
       Elizabeth asks, "You went to see my lawyers, Garner and Garner."
       Vicky explains about finding the ledger sheet with the name
       B. Hanscombe on it and wondering what relationship it had to "Betty
       Hanscombe", whose portrait she saw at the Evanses and whom she thought
       greatly resembled her. Elizabeth replies, "I remember Betty Hanscombe
       quite well. She didn't look anything like you. Why didn't you ask
       me?" Vicky compains, "Every time I do, you don't give me any answers."
       Elizabeth replies, "That's because I don't have any answers. I've
       told you, there's no connection between you and Collinwood." Elizabeth
       adds, "Now I know something must have happened between you and Burke
       in Bangor, otherwise you wouldn't have called my brother to come pick
       you up,  but that's private and I won't ask you about it", sounding
       like perhaps she's hoping Vicky will volunteer the information
       herself, but Vicky doesn't.
          Roger and Carolyn are sitting on the stairs finishing their coffee.
       Carolyn asks Roger why Vicky called her to come pick her up last
       night. Roger lies, "No, she didn't tell me. Maybe Burke was drunk
       and she didn't want to ride with him. Knowing his record, that's
       probably it." Carolyn protests, "But why didn't Vicky drive then?"
       Roger replies, "Oh, you know Burke. He wouldn't let her." Carolyn,
       still puzzled, asks, "Then why didn't she just take the bus? Why
       did she call you?" Roger hints that maybe Vicky is interested in
       him. Carolyn exclaims, "You?!" Roger replies, "Well, I'm your uncle.
       Maybe I'm an old fogey to you, but I might not be one to her!" Vicky,
       having finished talking to Elizabeth, comes out of the drawing room.
       Roger quips, "Is the boss free?" Vicky replies, "Yes." Roger goes
       into the drawing room to talk to Elizabeth.
          Inside the drawing room, Elizabeth asks Roger if he knows what
       happened last night to make Vicky call him to drive her home. He
       lies, "I don't know. She didn't tell me. Maybe Burke got drunk."
          Carolyn asks Vicky, "What happened between you and Burke last
       night?" Vicky replies, "Nothing." Carolyn asks, "Did Burke get drunk?"
       Vicky replies, "No." Carolyn asks, "Then what happened?" Vicky tells
       her, "I don't want to talk about it!" She adds, "I think you should
       stay away from Burke Devlin. I think he's a dangerous man to have
       for a friend."  Carolyn sarcastically asks, "Was he a dangerous man
       to ride up to Bangor with?" Vicky retorts, "I know that was no
       accidental meeting in the diner. On the way up, he told me you called
       up to his hotel room. Are you angry because he drove me to Bangor
       instead of having dinner with you?" They get into an argument. Roger,
       having finished talking to Elizabeth, comes out of the drawing room
       and asks what they are arguing about. Carolyn shouts, "I'm trying to
       tell her her actions are reflecting badly on the family!" Vicky
       retorts, "MY actions?! How about YOURS?!" Carolyn angrily runs
       upstairs.  Vicky puts on her coat. Roger asks, "Where are you going?"
       Vicky replies, "You don't have to worry. I'm not going to the
       Collinsport Inn, and I'm not going to the Sheriff's office, either.
       I'm just going out on a walk." and leaves.
          At the Evan's Cottage, Sam Evans is singing something from some
       opera loudly and threading a needle in preparation to doing some
       sewing. There's a knock at the door. He goes and answers it. It's
       Vicky Winters. Sam tells her, "Maggie isn't home." Vicky replies,
       "I didn't come to see Maggie." Sam jokes, "So, you came to see me.
       I'm flattered!" Vicky replies, "No, I didn't come to see you either."
       Sam, with a faux look of puzzlement on his face, asks, "Hm... So
       you didn't come to see Maggie and you didn't come to see me. AH!
       I've got it. You must've come to see the cat! Here, puss puss,
       there's someone here to see you!" Vicky laughs and replies,
       "Actually, I came to look at one of your paintings. The one of
       Betty Hanscombe." Vicky asks, "Do you think it looks like me?"
       Sam replies, "Well, superficially." Vicky asks, "Is that what she
       really looked like?" Sam, pretening to be offended, replies, "Madam!
       I'm not one of those painters whose paintings are so abstract you've
       got to use your imagination to figure out what they're of. I paint
       what I see!" Vicky asks to see the picture. Sam searches around for
       awhile and finally finds it. He takes it and puts it on an easel.
       Vicky tells Sam that she's learned that there was a B.Hanscombe
       working at Collinwood about 20 years ago. Sam tells her he knows
       nothing about it, that he knows little about what went on at
       Collinwood or even Collinsport, not being one of the "natives" whose
       ancestors came to Collinsports 200 years ago. Vicky asks, "Where did
       you come from?" Sam answers, "Connecticut." Vicky asks, "So did you
       paint what you saw when you painted that portrait?" Sam replies,
       "When I paint a woman, I try to paint what's inside her soul." Vicky
       asks, "And did you paint what was inside Betty Hanscombe's soul?" Sam
       laughs, "I tried but who knows what's in a woman's soul? Do you like
       it?" Vicky replies, "I love it!" Sam tells her, "It's your's then. A
       gift from me, and I won't take no for an answer!" He wraps it up for
          In the drawing room at Collinwood, Elizabeth tells Roger, "Dick
       Garner called me yesterday and told me that Vicky had gone to his
       him and asked a lot of questions." Roger asks, "About what?" Elizabeth
       replies, "About Betty Hanscombe." Roger asks, "Who?" Elizabeth
       explains, "The daughter or niece of a butler we had here once. Vicky
       ran across a portrait of her whom she thought looked like her."
       Roger asks why that's important, but Elizabeth refuses to tell him.
       Roger remarks, "Now you've got MY interest piqued..." Elizabeth
       replies, "It doesn't matter to me if YOUR interest is piqued. It's
       Vicky's interest I'm worried about." They hear the door open and
       stop talking. The front door opens. It's Vicky. She comes into the
       drawing holding a wrapped package. She unraps it and shows it to them.
       It is the portrait of Betty Hanscombe. She asks, "Doesn't it look
       like me?" Elizabeth lies, "No, I don't think it looks like you at
       all. You must be imagining the resemblance, seeing what you want
       to see." Roger, taking the hint, voices his opinion, "No, Vicky, I
       don't think it looks like you at all." Carolyn comes into the room,
       apparently having calmed down, and exclaims, "Vicky! Where'd you
       have the portrait of yourself done? It looks exactly like you!"
       Episode 98
       Tape Date: October 28, 1966
       Air Date:  November 9, 1966 Wednesday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Elizabeth is alone in the drawing room writing a letter. Matthew
       Morgan comes in and gives her the day's mail. Elizabeth tells him,
       "Mrs. Johnson is coming here today." Matthew remarks, "I'd hoped
       you'd changed your mind about her." Elizabeth replies that she hasn't
       and tells him, "You're to do everything you can to make her feel
       at home here!" There's a knock. Matthew goes to answer. It's Mrs.
       Johnson. Elizabeth tells Matthew to take Mrs. Johnson's bags up
       to her room and takes Mrs. Johnson into the drawing room to talk.
          In the drawing room, Elizabeth and Mrs. Johnson reminisce about
       Bill Malloy briefly, then Elizabeth reminds Mrs. Johnson about her
       duties. She tells her, "They'll be as we discussed, some light
       cleaning and housekeeping, but only in those rooms that are in use.
       You'll also be expected to do some cooking, but you won't be expected
       to cook all our meals on a regular basis. The only meal you'll be
       expected to cook daily is dinner. We dine at 8:00." Elizabeth asks,
       "Any questions?" Mrs. Johnson lies, "No, I don't ask many questions.
       I like to keep to my own business." Elizabeth warns, "Oh, yes.
       There's something I'd like to warn you about. There are a some people
       here who aren't used to strangers here. Matthew and Roger. You might
       sense some hostility from them to you at first." Mrs. Johnson
       replies, "I'll make sure I keep to myself and not get in their way."
       Elizabeth adds, "And one more thing. I've mentioned to you that
       there are parts of the house that are unused which you need not
       concern yourself with." Mrs. Johnson asks, "You mean like the
       East Wing?" Elizabeth replies, "Yes. The East Wing is one of them.
       Another is the basement. There's no need for you to ever go there."
       She takes her out into the foyer to show her up to her room, in spite
       of Mrs. Johnson's protests, "I know where it is. Third door on the
       right!" They run into David, who's coming down the stairs. Elizabeth
       starts to introduce them, but David interrupts, "Why do you want to
       work at Collinwood?" Elizabeth tells Mrs. Johnson to go ahead and
       takes David into the drawing room, where she reprimands him for being
       rude to Mrs. Johnson. David retorts, "Does she know about the ghosts?
       It doesn't matter if I'M rude to her. If the ghosts don't like her,
       THEY'LL let her know!"
         Later, David goes into the drawing room. Matthew Morgan is in there
       cleaning the fireplace. David asks Matthew, "Do you like Miss
       Johnson?" Matthew replies that it's his job to work here, not to like
       or not like Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson comes in carring a plate
       with sandwich and a cup of milk. She tells David, "It's a ham
       sandwich. Mrs. Stoddard said it's your favorite. David starts eating
       his sandwich. Matthew finishes cleaning the fireplace and leaves.
       Mrs. Johnson notices David's crystal ball and asks, "What do you see
       in that thing?" David replies, "Nothing much, now, but sometimes I
       see a lot of things. A lot of secrets." Mrs. Johnson remarks, "I bet
       you know a lot of secrets." David replies that he does, "About secret
       rooms in the east wing, and secret doors." Mrs. Johnson asks, "What
       secret rooms?" David replies, "If I told you, they wouldn't be secret,
       would they?" Mrs. Johnson remarks, "Oh, there are no secret rooms
       there. They're just probabaly a bunch of dusty old unused rooms."
       David exclaims, "NO! THERE REALLY ARE SECRET ROOMS HERE!" Matthew,
       who's gotten rid of the ashes from the fireplace, has come back into
       the house and comes back into the foyer. He hears Mrs. Johnson and
       David talking about secret rooms and ghosts. He goes into the drawing
       room an orders David, "Go in the kitchen to finish your lunch. You're
       making a mess here!" After David leaves, Matthew angrily asks Mrs.
       Johnson, "What were you asking David about?" Mrs. Johnson replies,
       "Nothing. We were just making conversation, that's all." Matthew
       tells her, "It sounded to me like you were asking questions. You
       shouldn't be asking so many questions around here." Mrs. Johnson
       retorts, "I take my orders from Mrs. Stoddard, not you!" Matthew
       tells her, "I'm not giving you any orders. I'm just warning you.
       to stop asking so many questions. You'll be sorry if you do!"
          It is 10 to 11 at night. Elizabeth is in the drawing room alone,
       reading a book. Matthew comes in and tells her, "I've finished
       checking around. Anything else?" Elizabeth replies, "No, that'll be
       all." Matthew turns to leave, but then turns back and tells Elizabeth,
       "I have something important to talk to you about. It's that Mrs.
       Johnson. I don't trust her. Earlier today, I caught her asking David
       about what's in all the locked rooms and such." Elizabeth replies,
       "She's just curious about this house like everyone else. That doesn't
       mean she can't be trusted. You don't like her, do you?" Matthew
       replies that he doesn't trust her. Elizabeth tells him, "Mr. Malloy
       trusted her, and that's enough for me!"
          Later, Elizabeth finishes reading, puts out the lights and goes
          The clock in the foyer shows 3:00 in the morning. A shadowy figure
       holding a flashlight sneaks into the basement. It's Mrs. Johnson. She
       snoops around. She tries the locked door Vicky tried, but finds it's
       locked. She continues to snoop around the room. Suddenly, a hand
       grabs her and she gasps. She looks down and finds that it's David,
       hiding in a box turned on it's side. He exclaims, "I scared you,
       didn't I? What are you doing here?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "I heard
       a noise and came down to investigate. What are you doing here?"
       David replies, "I came here to look for ghosts. I saw in my crystal
       ball that ghosts are going to come here tonight." David remarks,
       "You're a friend of Burke Devlin, aren't you?" Mrs. Johnson, shocked,
       repiles, "No. Of course not! You remember how I talked to him about
       Mr. Malloy at the diner, don't you?" David replies, "Yes, but he
       didn't get mad at you. He usually would. I think  you're really
       friends. In fact, I think you're here to spy for him." Mrs. Johnson
       aghast that David has guessed the truth so easily, replies, "That's
       ridiculous!" but David tells her, "Don't worry. If you are spying for
       Burke, I won't tell anyone. Burke's my friend.  He's after my
       father, and I hate my father. I hope he gets him!" He continues,
       "You're not supposed to be down here, are you?" Mrs. Johnson asks,
       "How would you know that?" David replies, "That's what my aunt tells
       everyone. I'm not supposed to be down here either. Tell you what. If
       you don't tell her about seeing me down her, I won't tell her about
       seeing you!" David leaves, saying, "The ghosts probably won't come
       now. We've probably scared them away.  Remember, if you don't tell
       about me, I won't tell about you."
          Mrs. Johnson continues to snoop around the basement. Suddenly,
       she starts to hear a sobbing noise. She listens and finds that it
       seems to be coming from behind the locked door she tried earlier.
       She goes to it, knocks on it and asks, "Who's there?" Suddenly, the
       sobbing noise stops. Mrs. Johnson knocks on the door again and asks
       who's in there, but the sobbing noise does not start again. Miss
       Johnson goes up the stairs, a mixture of fear and puzzlement on her
       Episode 99
       Tape Date: October 31, 1966
       Air Date:  November 10, 1966 Thursday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

         It is very early morning. Mrs. Johnson comes into the drawing room
       bearing a tray containing the morning coffee. No one else is awake
       yet. Mrs. Johnson surreptitiously goes to the phone and calls Burke
       Devlin at the Collinsport Inn. She tells him, "Something happened
       here last night! Something I've got to talk to you about." Burke asks,
       "What?", but Mrs. Johnson tells him, "I can't talk to you on the
       phone about it. Someone might come into the room or pick up another
       extension! I've got to see you. In the afternoon. I think I'll be
       able to get some time off then." Burke tells her, "All right. But
       can't you at least give me a hint what it's about?" Mrs. Johnson
       replies, "This house! It's haunted!" Carolyn comes into the room
       and Mrs. Johnson suddenly says, "I've got arthritis." Burke asks,
       "Someone's just walked in, huh?" Mrs. Johnson replies, "Yes. I'll
       see you this afternoon, doctor." She  hangs up and tells Carolyn,
       "Just calling my doctor about an appointment. My arthritis is acting
       up. Do you think I could get the afternoon off?" Carolynr replies,
       "Sure."  Vicky comes into the room. She asks Carolyn, "Where did you
       go last night?" Carolyn replies, "To a movie." Vicky asks, "Did you
       enjoy it?" Carolyn replies, "As much as I could seeing a movie alone."
       Vicky, noting Carolyn's cold tone, tells her, "There's nothing to
       be mad at me for!" Carolyn replies, "I'm not mad. I just thought
       we were better friends, that's all. They start to get into an
       argument about Burke Devlin. Mrs. Johnson, unnoticed, listens
       surreptitiously but intently. Carolyn asks, "What happened between
       you and Burke last night? Why did you call Uncle Roger to come pick
       you up?" Vicky is evasive, replying, "There's nothing between me and
       Burke Devlin. He's the last man on earth I'd have anything to do
       with! In fact, I'm afraid of him, and you should be too!"
       Burke Devlin is talking on the phone to Ezra Herne, one of
       the Collins' employees he spoke to in his room earlier.  He presses
       Aherne for an answer, saying, "What's there to think about? You'll
       have a better job with shorter hours and better pay!" Finally,
       exasperated, he tells Herne, "You have till Thursday to make your
       decision!" and hangs up. There's a knock at the door. It's Mrs.
       Johnson. She comes into the room and tells him, "I'm so frightened I
       don't know if I can stay another night in that house!" Burke
       protests, "But out plans..." Mrs. Johnson tells him about what
       happened last night. Burke tells her, "It must have been the
       ventilating system. In old houses like that, they run miles and
       miles, connecting all the rooms. What you heard last night must have
       been someone crying in one of the bedrooms. The sound must have been
       carried by the ventilation system into the locked room in the
       basement." This convinces Mrs. Johnson. He warns her, "Don't call me
       again from Collinwood. No one must suspect any connection between
       you and me." Mrs. Johnson tells him, "Someone already has." Burke,
       shocked, asks, "What?!" Mrs. Johnson explains, "David has. He's
       figured the whole thing out. But he likes you and hates his father.
       He told me he wouldn't tell anyone, and I believe him." Burke remarks,
       "Well, I guese that means I'll have to keep in his good graces." He
       adds, "And that goes for a few other people there too, like Carolyn,
       and Vicky." Mrs. Johnson tells him, "Well, you're going to have a
       problem with Vicky. She's afraid of you. She said so, to Carolyn"
       Burke, surprised, asks, "Afraid of me? But why? Nothing happened
       between us in Bangor... No, wait. Something strange did happen. Just
       when we were about to leave, she suddenly changed her mind and
       decided to stay overnight." Mrs. Johnson tells her, "No she didn't.
       She called Roger and had him pick her up." Burke is shocked. He
       remarks, "She called Roger?" He thinks, "Let's see. When I came to
       tell her I was leaving in a half an hour, she was happy to go with
       me. Then, half an hour later, she was so afraid of me, she called
       Roger to get her. Now something must have happened in that half
       and hour, but what? Nothing did. I just had a business meeting,
       that's all." There's a knock at the door. Mrs. Johnson asks,
       "Expecting anyone?" Burke replies, "No." He asks, "Who is it?" A
       voice replies, "Ezra Herne." Burke hides Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen
       and lets Ezra Herne in.
       Ezra Herne tells Burke, "Me and the boys have come to a decision."
       Burke remarks, "That was fast. You had till Thursday" Ezra replies,
       "We saw no reason to wait till then. The answer is no." Burke tells
       him, "Name your price,then!" Ezra replies, "We have no price."
       Burke, now very angry, asks, "What do you guys think Elizabeth
       Stoddard is? Your patron saint or something?" Ezra calmly replies,
       "No, no saint, just a kind woman who's employed us, fed us and
       clothed us for the past many years. We know what you're trying to do.
       You're trying to drive her out of business and we want no part of
       it." Burke asks, "Do you know what you're throwing away? More money
       than you've ever seen! Look, I'll give you a little more time to
       think about it." Ezra replies, "No, that won't be necessary. Our
       decision is final." Burke angrily tells him, "I'll get other men,
       then.", but Ezra replies, "Fishermen, maybe, but not men who can
       manage things for you. They're not easy to find. That's why you
       offered us all that money." Burke shouts, "GET OUT!". Ezra replies,
       "Gladly. I've said everything I have to say to you." and leaves.
          Mrs. Johnson comes back out and says, "I heard all that. I'm
       sorry." Burke replies, "Don't be. There's more than one way to
       skin a cat. Or drop a bombshell on Collinwood." Mrs. Johnson asks,
       "How?" Burke replies, "Watch!" He picks up the phone and calls
       Collinwood. Carolyn answers the phone in the drawing room. Burke
       asks her, "Busy tonight?" She replies that she isn't. He invites
       her on a date. She accepts. They arrange to meet at the Blue Whale
       at 7:00 tonight.
          After hanging up, Carolyn, beaming with joy, goes out into the
       foyer and runs into Vicky there. She apoligizes to Vicky for being 
       angry with her. Seeing the dramatic change in Carolyn's demeanor, 
       Vicky asks, "What happened?" Carolyn replies, "Oh, nothing. I just
       realized I was wrong, that's all." then asks, "Could I borrow your
       blue scarf?" Vicky asks, "Got a date with Joe?" Carolyn replies, "No.
       Someone else." Vicky asks, "Who?" Carolyn tells her, "Burke Devlin."
       Vicky is shocked. She tries to dissuade Carolyn from going out with
       him. Though her main objection to her going out with Burke is that
       she thinks he killed Bill Malloy, she obviously cannot mention this
       because of her promise to Roger. Instead she tells Carolyn, "You
       can't go out with him. He's trying to destroy the family!" Carolyn
       replies, "He's only going into competition against Mother. She's
       battled competition before. That's BUSINESS. It has nothing to do 
       with me." Vicky tells her, "But Burke doesn't care about you at
       all! He's just using you!" Carolyn replies, "No he's not! He cares
       for me. In fact, he gave me a gift. A pen. A very expensive, silver
       filigree pen. Burke said there were only a few like it in the
       whole world. I guess that proves something!" Vicky, shocked, asks,
       "Pen? Where is it?" Carolyn replies, "Oh, I don't have it anymore.
       Uncle Roger found out about it and took it away from me. He said
       he was going to give it back to Burke." Vicky asks, "So he gave it
       back to Burke?" Carolyn replies, "No, he lost it!" Vicky asks, "Lost
       it?" Carolyn replies, "Yes. Lost it. In fact, I can remember the 
       exact night he lost it because something terrible happened that
       night. It was the night Bill Malloy died."   
       Episode 100
       Tape Date: November 1, 1966
       Air Date:  November 11, 1966 Friday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Carolyn, noticing the funny expression on Vicky's face, asks, 
       "What's wrong?", but Vicky lies, "Nothing. It's just a shame such
       a rare, valuable pen got lost, that's all." Carolyn remarks, "I
       think an expensive pen like proves Burke really cares for me." 
       Vicky agrees. Carolyn is surprised at Vicky's sudden change of
       opinion about Burke. Vicky asks, "When are you seeing Burke?" 
       Carolyn replies, "At the Blue Whale at 7 o'clock." Suddenly,
       David, who's come into the room, exclaims, "No you're not! I'm
       going to tell my father! It's not fair that you get to see him and
       I don't!" He runs off. Carolyn exclaims, "He really is a terrible
       monster!" Vicky asks, "Are you going to be using your car for the
       next few hours?" Carolyn replies, "No, why?" Vicky asks, "Could I
       borrow it for a few hours? I have a few errands to do in town."
       Carolyn replies, "Sure, go ahead. The keys are in the ignition.
       Just be sure to be back in time for me to make my date with Burke."
          Vicky drives into town, goes to the Collinsport Inn and goes up
       to Room 24, Burke's room. She tells him, "I have to talk to you! It's
       very important. I found out something, something that terrifies me!"
       Burke asks, "What is it?" Vicky replies, "I think Roger killed
       Bill Malloy!" She tells him about finding the pen, and then finding
       from Carolyn that Roger had lost it. Burke asks, "Did you know that
       pen was mine originally?" Vicky replies, "Yes. I saw the one Blair
       had. He told me you had the only other one around here." Burke
       suddenly realizes, "So that's why you were afraid of me. You thought
       that I..." Vicky replies, "Yes, then I found out from Carolyn that
       you had given it to her, and Roger had taken it from her and lost
       it." Burke asks, "Do you have the pen?" Vicky replies, "No." Burke
       tells her, "Well, then you've got to go get it. We'll need it."
       Vicky tells him, "I can't. It disappeared." Burke growls, "He must've
       stolen it!" Vicky replies, "Yes. At the time, I had thought David
       had stolen it, but now that I think back, Roger WAS strangely anxious
       about that pen."  Burke asks, "Are you willing to change your
       testimony about what time Roger left the house now?" Vicky replies,
       "No, I don't think I can do that. I'm still not sure what time he
       left. I can't say for sure he left at 10:30."
       At Collinwood, David is sitting on the stairs, a sullen expression
       on his face. Roger returns home and goes into the drawing room. David
       follows him in there and tells him about Carolyn's date with Burke
          Burke asks Vicky, "Does Roger know about you knowing he had the
       pen?" Vicky replies, "No." Burke asks, "Do you think Carolyn will
       tell him she told you?" Vicky replies, "No, she would have no reason
       to." Burke replies, "Good. Here's what we'll do next. We'll have to
       get more evidence. Roger's probably destroyed the pen by now, but
       keep your eyes open. He might have forgotten something, left some
       clue lying around. You'll be safe. You said Roger doesn't know you
       know he had the pen and don't think Carolyn will tell him."
          Roger goes to Carolyn's room and angrily forbids her from seeing
       Burke. Carolyn refuses to listen to him, saying, "I'll see who I want
       to see." Roger shouts, "Don't you realize he's a dangerous man?"
       Carolyn answers, "You sound just like Vicky did!" Roger asks, "What
       do you mean?" Carolyn replies, "That's just what she said about Burke
       earlier. She said he was a dangerous man and that I shouldn't see him
       because he was only using me to hurt the family!" Roger tells her,
       "Vicky's right. You should listen to her." Carolyn retorts, "But
       she changed her mind when I told her about the expensive gift Burke
       gave me, the silver filigree pen!" Roger suddenly asks, "The pen?
       Did you tell her what happened to it?" Carolyn asks, "Yes. Is there
       any reason I shouldn't have?" Roger lies, "No. No reason at all..."
       Episode 101
       Tape Date: November 2, 1966
       Air Date:  November 14, 1966 Monday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Roger asks Carolyn, "Do you know where Vicky is?" Carolyn replies,
       "She said she was going into town." Roger asks, "Do you know when
       she'll be back?" Carolyn replies, "Soon. She borrowed my car and
       promised to be back in time to make my date with Burke."
          David is in the foyer drawing something. Roger comes down and
       asks, "Seen Vicky?" David repiles, "Yes, this morning when she was
       giving me my lessons, but she's not here now. She left in Carolyn's
       car." Roger asks, "Did she say where she was going?" David replies,
       "No, she just said she was going into town." David shows him the
       picture he's been drawing. David explains, "It's what's going to
       happen to the man who killed Bill Malloy." The picture is of a man
       hanging from a gallows. Roger remarks, "They don't hang people
       anymore. At least not in this state!" David replies, "Well, they
       should!" Roger leaves. David goes to the closed drawing room doors,
       opens them, and says, "You can come out now, Miss Winters!" Vicky
       steps out of the drawing room. He asks, "Why didn't you want my
       father to see you?" Vicky lies, "Oh, no reason. I was just too busy
       to talk to him, that's all. Thanks for not giving me away to your
       father." David replies, "That's all right. I wouldn't give anyone
       away to my father." Vicky tells him, "Maybe someday I can do you
       a favor." David replies, "You can. You can come to the old house
       with me and see if Mr. Malloy's ghost is there." Vicky replies,
       "All right. But not right now. Some other time maybe. I can't right
          Vicky goes up to Carolyn's room. Carolyn has several dresses out
       and is studying them. She asks Vicky her opinion on which one she
       should wear on her date with Burke. Vicky replies, "I'm surprised
       you're able to go. No one found out?" Carolyn replies, "Uncle Roger
       did. David told him. He was furious at first, but then he calmed
       down." The talk about the dresses for awhile, then finally decide on
       the one Carolyn already has on. Vicky remarks, "It's strange your
       Uncle Roger didn't forbid you from going." Carolyn explains, "He
       did, at first, but then he lost interest. He suddenly got more
       interested in where YOU were than where I was going. By the way,
       where did you go?" Vicky replies, "To the drugstore to get some
       lipstick." They discuss lipstick shades for awhile, then Vicky asks,
       "Do you know why your Uncle Roger wanted to see me?" Carolyn replies,
       "No, but I think it was about that fountain pen I told you about.
       I remember he got interested in where you were right after I told him
       I told you about that fountain pen."
          Roger goes to the Blue Whale. He calls Sam Evans and asks, "By any
       chance, is Miss Winters there?" Sam replies, "No." Roger tells him,
       "If she should drop by, call me and tell me. It's urgent. I'll be
       at Collinwood."
          Vicky goes to the drawing room and calls the Colllinsport Inn
       and asks for Burke, but finds he's not in. There's a knock at the
       door. Vicky answers. She's surprised to find that it's Maggie Evans.
       Maggie asks, "What were you so upset about at the coffeeshop?"
       Vicky replies, "I didn't know it showed." Maggie replies, "It did.
       You must've been very upset about something. You left your bag."
       She gives Vicky her handbag. Vicky thanks her. Maggie asks, "What
       was bugging you?" Vicky replies, "I don't think I can tell you."
       Vicky tells her, "I think I found evidence that proves Bill Malloy
       was murdered. I even think I know who killed him. That's all I can
       tell you." Maggie asks, "Why don't you go to the police?" Vicky
       replies, "The evidence I'm talking about is enough to convince me
       I know who the killer is, but I'm not sure it's good enough for
       the police." Suddenly, there's a commotiong outside. Carolyn has
       caught David eavesdropping. Maggie and Vicky go out into the foyer
       and find Carolyn yelling at David. David squrims free and runs away.
       Carolyn says goodbye and leaves to go on her date with Burke.
       Maggie and Vicky go back into the drawing room.
         Roger returns, coming in the back way.
         Maggie continues to pressure Vicky to tell her what she knows, but
       Vicky refuses, saying, "I'm in danger because of what I know, and I
       don't want to put you in the same danger." Maggie asks, "Why don't
       you come and stay with me and pop?" Vicky declines. Maggies asks,
       "The person you suspect isn't Pop, is it?" Vicky assures her it
       isn't. Roger comes into the foyer and hears Vicky and Maggie in the
       drawing room. Vicky is telling Maggie, "The clue I'm talking about is
       a fountain pen that the person who killed Bill Malloy lost at
       Lookout Point." Maggies asks, "You sure you don't want to come with
       me?" Vicky replies, "No, I'll just go lock myself in my room until
       Mrs. Stoddard comes back*." Roger hides in the door under the stairs
       when he hears them coming into the foyer. Vicky accompanies Maggie
       to the door and outside. Roger comes out and hides to the right of
       the door**. Vicky, having said goodbye to Maggie, comes back in,
       closing the door. But as soon as she walks into the foyer, Roger
       grabs her, saying, "Don't cry out! Don't make sound!"

       *Hey! Wait a minute! She never leaves Collinwood. Maybe she's
        somewhere on the grounds...

       ** At the place where the famous portrait of Barnabas would be,
           but there right now appears to be some sort of engraved coat
           of arms.
       Episode 102
       Tape Date: November 3, 1966
       Air Date:  November 15, 1966 Tuesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Roger takes Vicky into the drawing room. He tells her, "You think
       I killed Bill Malloy, didn't you?" Vickly lies, "I don't think
       anything..." Roger continues, "If you think I killed Bill Malloy,
       you must be petrified with fear right now, because if I killed
       Bill Malloy, you must know that I'd certainly have to kill you now,
       wouldn't I?" He tells her, "Vicky, be reasonable. If I'd meant to
       kill you, I'd already have done. I have to talk to you. I want to
       tell you exactly what happened that night." Vicky asks, "And what
       will happen after that?" Roger replies, "That'll be entirely up to
       you. I just want you to hear the whole story first." He tells her,
       "That night, when you came down and heard me talking on the phone,
       it was Bill Malloy I was talking to. I asked him to come meet me
       at Lookout Point. All I wanted to do was talk to him, to try to 
       convince him that he was wrong, that Burke Devlin had filled him
       with lies. I did leave at about 10:30 that night." Vicky interrupts,
       "And you tricked me into lying that you left at 10:45!" Roger replies,
       "Yes, but not for my sake, but for my sister's. She'd already been
       through the strain of a trial 10 years ago. I didn't want to put her
       through it again". 
          David is in the old house talking to the portrait of Josette. He
       begs, "Great great great great grandmother, I have something important
       to tell you. Bill Malloy didn't die accidently, he was murdered! 
       There's proof! I heard it! Is Mr. Malloy there with you? If he is,
       could you get him? I need to talk to him!"
          Burke and Carolyn are at the Blue Whale. Burke asks, "How'd you 
       get away from the castle guards?" Carolyn tells him, "I did get into
       an argument with Uncle Roger." Burke asks, "How'd he find out?" 
       Carolyn replies, "David told him. He was jealous that I'd get to see
       you while he couldn't." She tells him, "Roger was furious!"
          David continues to try to talk to the portrait of Josette, but
       gets no answer. Meanwhile, someone holding a lantern is coming up the
       old house stairs. David tells the portrait, "Miss Winters knows, but
       I don't think she'd tell me if I ask. I want Mr. Malloy to tell me
       what it is." David hears a sound at the door and hides. Matthew Morgan
       comes in and demands, "Who's there? No use hiding. I know you're in
       here. I saw your light from the outside." David comes out and says,
       "It's just me." Matthew asks, "What are you doing here?" David 
       replies, "I came here to see my friends." Matthew asks, "Friends? I
       don't see nobody." David explains, "My friends the ghosts. There's
       Josette Collins, there's a little girl about my age, then there's
       another girl about Miss Winter's age." He continues, "I have to help
       protect Miss Winters from the man who killed Mr. Malloy." Matthew
       protests, "No one killed Mr. Malloy! He slipped and fell!" David
       replies, "No he didn't. He was murdered and Miss Winter's knows 
       who did it." Matthew asks, "Who?" David replies, "It was my father.
       I've got to protect her from him. Will you help me?" 
          After David and Matthew leave the old house, Josett's ghost 
       materializes from the portrait and walks down onto the floor as if
       on an invisible staircase, just like before...
          At the Blue Whale, Burke tells Carolyn, "I'm going to give you a
       real night on the town! When you get home, your Uncle will be 
       FURIOUS! I want to make sure the night was worth it!" Carolyn 
       corrects him, "No he won't. He's got other things on his mind."
       Burke asks, "What?" Carolyn replies, "I think he's interested in
       Vicky. Seriously. He went to look for her." Burke asks, "Why?"
       Carolyn replies, "I think it had something to do with that pen you
       gave me. The minute I mentioned to him that I had told Vicky about
       it, he suddenly became interested in where Vicky was.." Burke 
       exclaims, "You told Roger you told Vicky about the pen?!" Carolyn,
       puzzled, asks, "Yes. Why not?" Burke abruptly excuses himself to 
       make a telephone call.
          Roger tells Vicky, "When I got to Lookout Point, I didn't see
       Bill Malloy. At first. But when I looked down at the beach, I saw
       him lying there. I scrambled down there, but found he was already
       dead. In two feet of water. It must've been as the sheriff and 
       coroner thought. He must've slipped and fell." Vicky asks, "Why 
       didn't you tell anyone?" Roger replies, "Who'd have believed me?
       I had means, motive and opportunity. But please believe me, Vicky,
       I didn't kill Bill Malloy!" The phone rings. Vicky answers. It's
       Burke Devlin. He tells her, "You're in great danger! If anyone's
       there with you, pretend you're talking to Maggie!" Vicky answers, 
       "Yes, Maggie." Burke asks, "Is Roger there with you?" Vicky answers
       "Yes, Maggie." Burke tells her, "Carolyn told Roger that she told
       you about the pen. You've got to find a way to sneak out of the
       house! I'll find a way to get rid of Carolyn." Vicky tries to tell 
       him, "But Maggie, I think you're all wrong about this!", but Burke 
       tells her, "Listen to me. Do as I say!". After she hangs up, Roger 
       asks, "What did Maggie want?" Vicky lies, "She wanted to talk about 
       the portrait of Betty Hanscombe." Roger remarks, "That's not 
       important right now. What do you think about what I've just told you?
       What are you going to do?" Vicky replies, "I don't know. I'm going to 
       have to think about it." Roger answers, "Good. Do that. Good night." 
          At the Blue Whale, Burke returns to the table and lies to Carolyn,
       "That was Blair I was talking to. He wants me to meet him about
       something important. Immediately. Sorry..." 
          Roger is in the drawing room drinking. Vicky comes down the 
       stairs quietly. Roger does not see her. Vicky sneaks out of the 
       Episode 103
       Tape Date: November 4, 1966
       Air Date:  November 16, 1966 Wednesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Roger paces around and thinks. Finally, he goes upstairs and
       goes to Vicky's room. He knocks and says, "Vicky? I'd like to talk
       to you." Receiving no answer, he opens the door and finds that 
       Vicky isn't in there...
          Vicky goes to the Blue Whale and meets Burke Devlin there. She
       tells him Roger's story. He tells her, "That's ridiculous. He was
       right. No one would believe it." Vicky replies, "I think I do."
       Burke is shocked and tries to convince her Roger's story is 
       ridiculous. He suggests that they go to the police, but Vicky 
       protests that they have no proof of anything. Burke replies, "Yes.
       We've got to get that pen. If Roger were smart, he'd have thrown
       it into the sea and it'd be miles away by now. But maybe not. I've
       got a crazy idea that might work..." Without telling Vicky what his
       idea is, he tells her, "I don't think it would be safe for you to go
       back to Collinwood", but Vicky disagrees, saying, "No, I think I'm
       safe as long as Roger thinks I believe his story." They leave, 
       Burke offering to drive Vicky up to the gates of Collinwood.
          Sam goes into the Blue Whale. Maggie is waiting for him at a
       table. Sam remarks, "Hope I haven't kept you waiting long." Maggie
       jokes, "I thought I was going to be stood up by my own father. Now
       that would be the ultimate rejection!" Sam asks, "Why'd you ask me
       to come here?" Maggie replies, "I have something I want to talk to 
       you about. I thought it wouldn't sound as bad here. Vicky Winters
       told me she had proof Bill Malloy was killed, that she had proof of
       who did it.." Sam asks, "What?" Maggie answers, "She wouldn't tell 
       me. She said she was in danger because she knew and didn't want to 
       put me in the same danger. She also said it wasn't definitive, that 
       it wouldn't convince a jury, but it convinced her." Sam asks, "Who
       did she suspect?" Maggie replies, "She told me it wasn't you, but
       she wouldn't tell me who it was. But who else would've have any
       motive but Roger Collins?"
          Roger paces around the drawing room, thinking. He picks up the
       phone, calls the Collinsport Inn and asks for Burke Devlin, but
       is told he isn't in.
          Sam remarks to Maggie, "You know Vicky Winters pretty well, eh?"
       He pressures her to call Vicky and try to get her to tell her more
       about what she knows. Maggie calls Collinwood. Roger answers. Maggie
       asks for Vicky. Roger tells her, "Vicky isn't here. I don't know 
       where she is. In fact, I called your house earlier to see if she were 
       there." Maggie replies, "My father and I have been here at the Blue 
       Whale". Maggie returns to the table and is surprised to find Sam gone.
          Vicky returns to Collinwood by the back way and starts up the
       stairs. From the drawing room, Roger hears her and calls, "Vicky..."
       Vicky replies, "Oh, you startled me. I didn't think anyone would
       still be awake this late." Roger replies, "Come her for a minute.
       Something I'd like to talk to you about. I went to your room earlier,
       but found you weren't there." Vicky replies, "Oh. I went for a walk."
       Roger asks, "A walk? You must be exhausted, walking this long."
       Vicky lies, "Oh, I wasn't walking the WHOLE time. I went to Maggie
       Evan's house for awhile", not knowing that Roger had talked to
       Maggie.  She asks, "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?"
       Roger replies, "Oh, it wasn't that important. It's late. Good night."
       Vicky goes upstairs. Roger mutters. "Pleasant dreams, Miss Winters."
          Vicky prepares for bed, changing into a nightgown.
          Roger telephones the Blue Whale and asks if Sam Evans is there.
       He is told that Sam was there with his daughter earlier, but that
       they have both left. He asks, "Was anyone else there with them?"
       He is told, "No."
          Vicky is in bed, asleep. The doorknob turns, and the door starts
       to open a few inches. Vicky awakens and screams, "Who is it! Who's
       there?" The door suddenly closes. Vicky continues to scream, "Who's
       there?" A few seconds later, Roger's voice answers, "What's wrong?
       Can I come in?" Vicky replies, "Yes." Roger comes in and says, "I
       heard you screaming from downstairs. What's wrong?" Vicky replies,
       "Someone tried to break into my room!" Roger asks, "Break in? But
       the door was unlocked." Vicky replies, "But it WAS locked! Whoever
       tried to break in must have unlocked it!" Roger tells her, "You
       must've been dreaming. I didn't run into anyone coming down when
       I came upstairs." Vicky protests, "But I remember. I locked the
       door!" Roger replies, "You must have just thought you did." He adds,
       "Oh, Miss Winters. I have a message for you. Maggie Evans called.
       She's been with her father at the Blue Whale all evening. I suugest
       call her in the morning and get your story straight. Good night."
       and leaves. Vicky locks her door.
       No studio taping November 7, 1966 to November 11, 1966
       due to location shooting.
       Episode 104
       Tape Date: November 14, 1966
       Air Date:  November 17, 1966 Thursday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          It is the next morning. Elizabeth is alone in the drawing room
       drinking her morning coffee, a fancy coffee service on the coffee
       table. Vicky comes down and comes into the drawing room. Elizabeth
       asks, "Good morning. Sleep well?" Vicky replies, "How could I sleep
       well? Someone tried to break into my room last night!" Elizabeth,
       shocked asks, "When?" Vicky replies, "I don't know what time it was.
       Ask your brother. He'd know. He heard me scream and came running.
       Some tried to break into my room. Someone who had a key." Elizbeth
       assures her, "It won't happen again. I'll have another lock put on
       your door, one only you have the key to." She suggests that it was
       a prowler who had a lockpick. Vicky protests, "But I have nothing of
       any value. Why would a prowler pick the one room in this house 
       without anything valuable in it?" Elizabeth suggests, "Maybe it
       was a prowler who didn't know this house very well." Vicky replies,
       "Or one who knows it very well", implying the person was after her
          Elizabeth comes back down into the drawing room. She tells Vicky,
       "I've talked to David and I'm convinced it wasn't him." Mattew
       comes into the room and asks, "You called for me, Mrs. Stoddard?
       Something about a prowler?" Elizabeth tells him what happened to 
       Vicky last night. Matthe replies, "Impossible. I checked like I do
       every night and the house was locked up." Vicky suggests, "Whoever
       it was could've snuck in earlier and hid in any number of places."
       Elizabeth tells Matthew to put an extra lock on Vicky's door. 
       Matthew tells her, "I suggest an inside bolt. That would be the
       simplest and best" and leaves. Elizabeth asks Vicky, "Did Roger 
       check the closed off part of the house last night?" Vicky replies,
       "I don't think so." Elizabeth leaves to check it. Vicky calls the
       Collinsport Inn and asks for Burke but is told he isn't there. 
       She remarks, "Oh, sorry, I forgot. He told me he was going to
       Bangor today" and hangs up. She then calls the Evan's Cottage. Sam
       answers. Vicky asks for Maggie. Sam tells her, "Maggie isn't here,
       but if it's last night call you're returning, she was calling for 
       me. I was the one who wanted to talk to you." Vicky asks, "Why?"
       Sam lies, "I have more information about B. Hanscombe." Vicky 
       excitedly asks, "What?", but Sam refuses to tell her, saying, 
       "Telephones have extensions. I want to talk to you in person.
       Meet me at the Blue Whale." Vicky agrees. She adds, "If you happen
       to see Maggie, tells her I've found out more about what I talked
       to her about earlier." Elizabeth comes back down. Hearing her, Vicky 
       quickly hangs up. Elizabeth comes into the drawing room and tells
       Vicky, "The prowler couldn't have hidden in the East Wing. The door's
       still locked and I have the only key." Vicky tells Elizabeth, "I'd
       better go and give David his lessons" and leaves. Elizabeth calls
       Roger's office but finds he isn't there. She tells the secretary,
       "As soon as he comes in, have him call me. Tell him it's quite
          It is now getting dark. Roger returns to Collinwood, parking
       his car right in front of the house, not the garage. He goes in
       and goes into the drawing room. He tells Elizabeth, "I came home
       as soon as I got your message." Elizabeth demands, "Why didn't
       you tell me about someone trying to break into Vicky's room this
       morning?" Roger tells her he thinks it never happened, that Vicky
       has an overactive imagination. Matthew comes in and tells Elizabeth,
       "I've put that new lock on Miss Winter's door, Ma'am." Elizabeth
       asks, "Any signs that the old lock had been forced?" Matthew replies,
       "No." After Matthew leaves, Roger asks, "Where's Vicky now?" 
       Elizabeth answers, "She went into town." Roger asks, "Do you know
       where?" Elizabeth replies, "I don't know. She just said she had to
       meet someone." Roger tells Elizabeth, "I'm worried about her. I
       think it would be best if I went and found her." 
          Vicky goes to the Blue Whale and meets Sam there. Sam orders a
       drink. Vicky orders a ginger ale. Sam asks, "How are you?" Vicky
       replies, "Oh, about the same as usual. Strange things have been 
       happening at Collinwood, as usual. Someone tried to break into
       my room." She asks, "Did you give Maggie my message?" Sam replies,
       "No, I haven't had a chance to. I haven't seen her since I talked
       to you on the phone." Vicky asks, "What do you have to tell me
       about B. Hanscombe?" Sam replies, "I wouldn't blame you if you got
       up and left right now, but I lied to you. I don't have anything 
       about B. Hanscombe. Never knew the fellow. The Evanses and Collins
       don't exactly travel in the same circles, you know. I lied to you
       to get you to come down here. What I really want to ask you about
       is the thing you told Maggie." Vicky refuses, saying, "I thought I
       had definitive proof then, but since then, I learned more about it
       and now I'm not so sure. I might have been wrong."
          Vicky is going back to Collinwood, walking on the side of the 
       road. She notices a car on the road. Suddenly, she realizes that the
       car is coming off the road and barreling straight toward her. She
          Elizabeth is in the drawing room. Suddenly, she hears a furious
       knocking at the door. She goes and opens it. Vicky comes running
       in, hysterically screaming, "Somebody tried to kill me!" She tells
       Elizabeth that someone tried to run her down while she was walking
       back to Collinwood. Elizabeth asks, "Where?" Vicky repliels, "About
       half a mile from here!" Elizabeth asks, "Did you see what kind of 
       car it was?" Vicky replies, "No, I just saw the headlights." 
       Elizabeth remarks, "Too bad Roger didn't find you in town. He 
       could've given you a ride back." Vicky asks, "Roger isn't here?"
       Elizabeth answers, "No, he went to look for you." Vicky remarks,
       "Maybe he found me." Elizabeth, giving no signs of realizing the
       accusatory implications of what Vicky just said, tells her, "I'll
       go get something to calm you down" and leaves the room. Vicky goes
       to the phone, calls the Collinsport Inn and asks for Burke Devlin.
       Burke is in, having returned from Bangor. Vicky exclaims, "We've got
       to do something!" She tells Burke what happened. Burke asks, "Is
       Roger there?" Vicky replies, "No, he went into town." Burke asks, 
       "Was it him?" Vicky replies, "I don't know. I couldn't see the car.
       I was blinded by the headlights." Vicky hears Elizabeth coming back
       and quickly hangs up. Elizabeth hands her a glass of water and some
       tranquilizers. Vicky at first doesn't want to take them, but 
       Elizabeth eventually convinces her to. After Vicky takes the 
       tranquilizers, Elizabeth tells her to go up to her room and lie down, 
       saying, "You'll go to sleep in no time." Vicky goes upstairs.
       Episode 105
       Tape Date: November 15, 1966
       Air Date:  November 18, 1966 Friday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Sheriff George Patterson is sitting at his desk reading a folder
       marked, "AUTOPSY REPORT, BILL MALLOY, 220612". Burke Devlin comes
       into the office and announces, "I demand that the investigation on
       Bill Malloy's death be reopened!" The sheriff calmly shows him the
       file he is reading and asks, "I can't. Before a case can be reopened,
       it must have been closed first." Burke remarks, "You've restored my
       faith in you." The sheriff explains, "Collinsport is a small town.
       Everyone knows everyone else. If we had come down with a decision
       of death by person or persons unknown, everyone would have been
       suspicious of everyone else. That wouldn't have been good. So what
       we do is come down with a decision which satisfies them while we
       keep investigating." Burke tells the sheriff, "Vicky Winters has
       found some concrete evidence." The sheriff asks, "What?" Burke
       replies, "I want you to ask her that." The sheriff asks, "Does she
       really know something?" Burke replies, "Enough so that someone tried
       to kill her just half an hour ago!" The sheriff asks, "Do you know
       who?" Burke replies, "It must have been Roger. She told me the
       evidence was against Roger." The sheriff asks, "You? Why didn't she
       come to me?" Burke replies, "She thought you wouldn't be interested.
       She's from New York. She doesn't know the subtleties of how a small
       town police department works. She thought the case was really closed."
       The sheriff asks, "You say someone tried to kill her?" Burke tells
       him about someone trying to sneak into Vicky's room. He tells him
       she briefly saw a figure standing there so she knows it wasn't the
       wind. The sheriff asks, "Could it have been the boy?" Burke replies,
       "No. It was a tall figure, much taller than David. And also taller
       than Mrs. Stoddard." The sheriff remarks, "So that leaves Roger..."
          Elizabeth is sitting on the bench under the stairs. Roger comes
       in through the front doors. Elizabeth asks, "Where were you half an
       hour ago?" Roger replies, "Taking a drive." Elizabeth tells him about
       someone trying to run Vicky down and asks, "I wonder who it could've
       been." Roger remarks, "I wonder where Sam Evans was this evening."
          The sheriff tells Burke, "I really doubt that Roger would've tried
       to kill Vicky right there in Collinwood." Burke tells him, "There was
       another attempt a half an hour ago." He tells him about the car
       trying to run Vicky down. The sheriff dismisses it as just probably
       reckless driving, but Burke repiles, "No, the car deliberately drove
       on the wrong side of the road trying to get her." The sheriff asks,
       "Why would she be walking on the road this late at night?" Burke
       replies, "That's what I want you to find out." The sheriff asks,
       "What kind of evidence does she have?" Burke replies, "She doesn't
       really have it right now, but I can get you concrete evidence if
       you'll play along with me." The sheriff asks, "For how long?" Burke
       replies, "Just tonight." The sheriff asks, "Where?" Burke replies,
       "Collinwood." The sheriff says, "OK. Let's go."
          Elizabeth and Roger go into the drawing room. Elizabeth asks, "Why
       do you suspect Sam Evans?" Roger replies, "I think he knows more
       about Miss Winters than he admits. It was he who gave her that picture
       that looks so much like her." Elizabeth insists, "It doesn't. There's
       only a superficial resemblance." Roger continues, "I think the reason
       someone tried to kill Miss Winters has something to do with her past.
       I think Sam knows something about her past." Elizabeth remarks, "It
       couldn't have been Sam Evans who tried to sneak into Vicky's room
       last night." She suggests that THAT might have been a ghost. Roger
       remarks, "Oh, she just hallucinated seeing Bill Malloy's ghost."
       Elizabeth replies, "She didn't hallucinate that seaweed." They hear
       a car come up the road. They look out the window and see that it's
       the Sheriff's car. There's a knock at the door.
          They go and open the door. They find the sheriff and Burke there.
       Burke and the sheriff come in and Burke announces, "We want to see
       Vicky Winters." Elizabeth tells them, "That's impossible. I gave her
       a sedative. She was quite overwroght earlier. She was almost run down
       by a careless driver." Burke remarks, "She called me earlier and told
       me someone tried to run her down deliberately." Roger exclaims,
       "NONSENSE!" The Sheriff says, "And I understand someone tried to
       sneak into her room last night." Roger asks Sheriff Patterson, "Do
       you believe in ghosts?" The Sheriff, surprised at this question,
       replies, "No, why?" Roger explains, "Well, Miss Winters does. She
       claims to have seen them. You have to understand, Sheriff, Miss
       Winters has a vivid imagination. She sees things other people do not
       see, hears things other people do not hear. She no doubt imagined
       someone breaking into her room." Burke asks, "What about the pen
       she found? Did she imagine the pen?" He explains about the pen,
       about how he gave it to Carolyn, how Roger objected to her taking a
       gift from him when she found out and took it from her, how he lost
       it, how Vicky found it at Lookout Point. He concludes by saying
       Roger must have lost it there when he killed Bill Malloy. Roger
       remarks, "Just because it was found there doesn't mean I lost it
       there. I might have lost it somewhere else. Someone else might have
       found it then later lost it at Lookout Point. For instance, Bill
       Malloy might have found it around Collinwood and brought it to
       Lookout Point himself." Burke protests, "But YOU were at Lookout
       Point. Vicky told me you told her you went there to meet him and
       claimed to have found him already dead." Roger lies, "Delusions.
       That girl lives in a dream world. May I see the pen? How do we know
       that the pen show found is the same pen?" Burke replies, "She said
       you stole it." Roger again says, "Delusions..." Burke takes a silver
       filigree pen out of his pocket. Roger is shocked. He takes a close
       look at the pen and lies, "No, I don't think this is the pen I took
       from Carolyn. The pattern is different." Burke remarks, "Why don't
       we ask Carolyn? I'm sure she has a better memory than you." Roger
       remarks, "So what? There must be thousands of pens like this around."
       Burke lies, "No. There's only one like it in this country." The
       sheriff tells Elizabeth, "I'd like to see both Carolyn and Vicky in
       my office tomorrow."
          The sheriff and Burke leave. Elizabeth and Roger look out the
       window at the car go. Elizabeth then asks Roger, "What's all this 
       about, Roger. I want the truth!", but Roger replies, "There's
       something I've got to do right away" and leaves. 
          Roger goes to the place where he buried the pen. He moves the rock
       then digs up the pen. Suddenly, he is startled to hear a voice from
       behind him say, "Thanks, Roger. You've saved us a good deal of 
       trouble." He turns around and sees the sheriff and Burke behind him. 
       It has all been a trap. Burke remarks to the sheriff, "Well, how's 
       that for concrete evidence?"
       Episode 106
       Tape Date: November 16, 1966
       Air Date:  November 21, 1966 Monday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  Lela Swift

          It is the next morning. Vicky goes to the sheriff's office, 
       saying, "Mrs. Stoddard told me you wanted to see me." Vicky is 
       surprised to find Richard Garner there and tells him so. Garner
       explains, "I'm legal counsel for Roger Collins. I have a right to 
       be here while the sheriff questions you." Vicky asks, "Where IS
       Roger?" The sheriff replies, "We're holding him right now." Vicky
       asks, "What's going to happen to him?" The sheriff replies, "That
       depends your answers to my questions." He takes out the silver pen 
       and asks, "Do you recognize this?" Vicky replies, "Yes. This is
       the pen I found at Lookout Point." The sheriff asks, "When?" Vicky
       replies, "A few days after Bill Malloy died." The sheriff asks, "What
       happened to it?" Vicky explains, "I took it back to Collinwood. I 
       didn't know what it meant at the time, I just thought it was pretty.
       Soon afterwards, it disappeared. I thought David had stolen it."
       The sheriff asks, "Had Roger seen the pen?" Vicky replies, "Yes.
       Several times." The sheriff asks, "How did he react?" Vicky replies,
       "He didn't. He couldn't, or it would've given him away." Garner
       objects, "I object! That assumes my client is guilty!" The sheriff
       asks Vicky, "When did you recoginze the significance of the pen?"
       Vicky replies, "When I saw James Blair writing with another pen just
       like it. He told me Burke Devlin had given to him, that he bought 
       two in South America and gave one to him. I at first thought it
       meant Burke had killed Bill Malloy, but then I found what really
       happened from Carolyn, that Burke had given her the pen and Roger
       had taken it away from her and lost it. When Roger found out Carolyn
       had told me about the pen, he came to me and admitted that he had 
       gone to meet Bill Malloy at Lookout Point, but claimed that Malloy
       was already dead when he got there." The sheriff asks, "Do you believe
       him?" Vicky replies, "I did at the time, but then certain things
       started happening." She tells him about someone trying to sneak 
       into her room, then someone trying to run her down last night.
       The sheriff asks, "What time was this?" Vicky replies, "About 8 
       o'clock." The sheriff asks, "Are you sure?" Vicky replies, "Yes.
       I left town at 7:30 and the walk back to Collinwood takes a good
       half hour." The sheriff asks, "What were you doing in Collinsport?"
       Vicky replies, "Sam Evans called me and told me he wanted to talk
       to me. I went to the Blue Whale to do so." The sheriff asks, "What
       did he want to talk to you about?" Vicky replies, "Something about
       Bill Malloy's death. He kind of rambled. I didn't understand what
       he was driving at."  Garner asks Vicky, "Did you see who it was who
       tried to break into your room? Did you see the face of the person 
       who you say tried to run you down?" Vicky admits that she didn't.
       Garner remarks, "Then you have no proof against my client." Vicky
       replies, "Well, someone tried to kill me, and if it wasn't Roger,
       who was it?" The sheriff tells Vicky she's free to go. Garner 
       remarks to Vicky, "Oh yes, Miss Winters, my son wants to see you
       later." Carolyn comes in. She asks, "What's going on?" She is 
       obviously quite distraught. Vicky asks, "Didn't Mrs. Stoddard tell
       you?" Carolyn replies, "She just told me Uncle Roger was being held
       on suspicion of having something to do with Bill Malloy's death and
       that the sheriff wanted to talk to me." The sheriff asks Vicky to 
       go outside while he talks to Carolyn alone.
          The sheriff shows Carolyn the pen and asks her, "Have you ever
       seen this?" Carolyn replies, "Yes. It's mine. I lost it." The sheriff
       asks, "Where did you get it?" Carolyn replies, "Burke Devlin gave it
       to me." The sheriff asks, "And you say you lost it?" Carolyn explains, 
       "Actually it was my Uncle Roger who lost it. When he found out about
       it, he took it away from me, saying I shouldn't be taking gifts from
       Burke. He meant to give it back to Burke, but lost it." The sheriff
       asks, "Do you remember when he lost it." Carolyn replies, "The night
       Bill Malloy died." The sheriff tells her, "Miss Winters found it.
       At Lookout Point. She also says that once Roger found out you told
       her about the pen, he tried to run her down on the road." Carolyn
       gets even more distraught and screams, "NO! He couldn't have. I've
       known Uncle Roger all my life, and he couldn't have done such 
       things!" The sheriff asks Vicky back in and tells her, "You'd
       better take Miss Stoddard back home right now." Carolyn screams at
       Vicky, "Tell him, Vicky. Uncle Roger couldn't have done all these
       things. Tell him, Vicky, tell him!" But Vicky takes her arm and
       only says, "Let's go home, Carolyn." Carolyn screams, "Why won't
       you tell him, Vicky, why?" 
          After Vicky and Carolyn leave, the sheriff presses his intercom
       and orders, "Bring Roger Collins in here!" Roger is brought in. He
       grumbles, "I'm going to sue you for false arrest! This escapade is
       going to cost you your badge!" The sheriff calmly replies, "Go
       ahead. But right now, I still have my badge, and while I do, I have
       the right to question you." He asks, "Why did you bury the pen?"
       Roger replies, "Because I knew it would lead you and certain other
       people to the wrong conclusion." Garner tells Roger, "You don't
       have to answer his questions. You haven't been formally charged yet."
       Roger replies, "I want to. I don't have anything to hide." He admits
       to the sheriff that he had arranged to meet Bill Malloy for a business
       meeting at Lookout Point. The sheriff remarks, "Lookout Point? Isn't
       that a strange place for a business meeting?" Roger replies, "I 
       wanted to talk to Malloy because I wasn't satisfied with the way
       he was running the plant. I wanted it to be very private." He goes
       on, "When I got there, I found him dead. He was lying face down in
       two feet of water."  The sheriff asks, "Why didn't you come and 
       report it to me?" Roger replies, "I was confused. I didn't want to 
       become involved. I wanted to spare my sister the strain of a court
       hearing." The sheriff asks, "Do you have a complete set of keys to
       Collinwood?" Roger replies, "No, I only have the key to the front
       door and some of the rooms. My sister has the only complete set."
       The sheriff asks, "Do you have the key to Miss Winter's room?" 
       Roger replies, "Of course not." The sheriff asks, "Do you have
       access to your sister's keys?" Roger replies, "Oh, I see what you're 
       getting at now. No, it wasn't me who tried to sneak into her room."
       The sheriff asks, "Where were you at 8:00 last night?" Roger replies,
       "I was out driving around. I wanted to think." The sheriff asks, 
       "Did anyone see you?" Roger thinks for awhile and replies, "Yes. 
       I stopped for gas just a little after 8:00." The sheriff asks, 
       "Where?" Roger replies, "At a gas station in Clearwater. Miles away
       from where Miss Winters said someone tried to run her down." The
       sheriff remarks, "We'll check it out." Roger replies, "Good. Do that.
       You'll find out what I've told you is the truth. Everything I've
       told you is the truth."
          At Collinwood, Carolyn tells Vicky, "You're wrong about Uncle 
       Roger. He couldn't have done what you say her tried to do!"
          The sheriff tells Roger, "I have a few more questions. About that
       meeting with Bill Malloy at Lookout Point." Roger interrupts, "I've 
       already told you. It was about business." The sheriff remarks, 
       "That's not what Burke Devlin says. He said Malloy had new evidence
       about his manslaughter conviction. If that's true, then that would
       give you a motive for murdering him. And the meeting Malloy had 
       arranged in your office. What that was all about." Roger turns to
       Garner and demands, "Do something, Garner! This is all preposterous!"
       The sheriff replies, "No, it's not all preposterous. Someone tried 
       to kill Miss Winters." Roger replies, "Well, that someone was not
       Episode 107
       Tape Date: November 18, 1966
       Air Date:  November 22, 1966 Tuesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Frank Garner comes to the police station. He asks his father, 
       "Where's Vicky?" Richard Garner tells his son, "She's back at 
       Collinwood." Frank asks, "What about Roger?" His father tells him,
       "They're checking out his alibi right now. I'm certain it'll check
       out. He said he was in Clearwater getting gas at 8:00 last night.
       It wasn't Roger who tried to kill Vicky." Frank replies, "If it 
       wasn't Roger, then who was it? I'm worried, Dad. If it wasn't Roger,
       then that means whoever it was is still out there." Richard tells
       him, "There's one other suspect. A local artist named Sam Evans."
       The sheriff comes in. A few seconds later, Sam Evans comes in.
       He asks, "What's going on? Why did you have me brought here?" The
       sheriff replies, "Someone tried to run Vicky Winters over last
       night. I understand you met her at the Blue Whale. What did you
       do after that?" Sam replies, "I drove to the beach and walked around
       there for awhile. It was a beautiful night." The sheriff asks, "Did
       anyone see you?" Sam replies, "No. I wanted to be alone, so I picked
       a part of the beach that was deserted." Frank excuses himself and 
       leaves. The sheriff lets Sam go. As soon as Sam goes through the
       door, the sheriff picks up the phone and says, "Chris? Sam Evans is
       just leaving. Keep an eye on him!"
          At Collinwood, the clock in the foyer strikes 6:15 in the evening.
       Vicky is walking around. She looks very nervous. She goes into the
       drawing room, turns on some lights, picks up a magazine and starts
       to read it. There's a knock at the door. This seems to alarm her.
       She goes to the door and asks nervously, "Who is it?" A voice replies,
       "Frank Garner." Vicky opens the door and exclaims, "You don't know
       how happy I am to see you!" Frank tells her, "Dad told me what's
       been happening to you." Vicky replies, "I was worried about what
       Roger might do, but I didn't think he'd try to kill me!" Frank tells
       her, "Maybe it wasn't Roger. He seems to have an air tight alibi."
       Vicky asks, "The who could it have been?" Frank asks, "Is there 
       anyone else in this house who could've wanted you dead?" Vicky 
       answers, "No." Frank asks, "How about a man named Sam Evans? He has
       no alibi for that time." Vicky, shocked, replies, "Sam? No. It 
       couldn't have been him! Sam would never harm me!" Frank asks, 
       "That meeting you had with him at the Blue Whale. What was it about?
       Vicky replies, "Something about Bill Malloy's death." Frank asks, 
       "What would he be concerned about Bill Malloy's death?" Vicky replies,
       "Burke Devlin claims that Sam Evans knows that he wasn't responsible
       for the manslaughter charge 10 years ago, but withheld evidence, and
       that Bill Malloy found out about this. But he's never been able to
       prove it." Frank replies, "Well, that would give Sam a motive to kill
       Bill Malloy, and to kill you, if he thought you found out something
       about Bill Malloy's death." Vicky interrupts, "But wait. It couldn't
       have been Sam who tried to break into my room. He wouldn't have been
       able to break into the house." Frank replies, "Oh. I'd forgotten 
       about that." He pauses for a minute that says, "Wait. What if Burke
       Devlin is right? If Roger and Sam were in cahoots 10 years ago, then
       they might be in cahoots today. It could've been Roger who tried to
       break into your room and Sam Evans who tried to run you down." 
       Vicky insists, "But Sam Evans would never hurt me!". Frank replies,
       "But we do know he might have a motive." Frank tells Vicky, "I've
       got to go to the sheriff's office to see what's going on. Are you
       going to be free for dinner tonight?" Vicky replies that she is.
       Frank tells her, "Good. Then I'll be back to pick you up in about 
       an hour" and leaves. 
          Elizabeth comes down and asks Vicky, "Have you seen David?" Vicky
       replies that she hasn't. Elizabeth tells her, "It's dark. I'm worried
       about him. Where could he be?" Vicky replies, "He's probably at the
       old house talking to one of his ghost friends." Elizabeth asks, 
       "Could you do me a favor? Could you go and see if he's there?"
       Vicky replies, "Sure". Elizabeth tells her, "Wait a minute. There's
       another place he could be. Let me call Matthew and see if he's at 
       his cottage." She telephones Matthew and asks him if David is there.
       Matthew replies, "No. He's probably over at the old house. I'll go
       and see." Elizabeth tells him, "That won't be necessary. Miss Winters
       is going to see if he's at the old house. Could you go see if he's
       playing by the cliffs instead?" Matthew replies, "Yes Ma'am."  
          At the sheriff's office, Richard Garner asks the Sheriff, "How
       much longer will it take you to check Roger's alibi?" The sheriff
       replies, "Not long. We should know soon." Frank Garner comes in and
       asks, "Where's Sam Evans?" The sheriff replies, "We released him."
       Frank tells him, "You've got to get him back. I've just learned he
       may have withheld evidence in Burke's manslaughter conviction
       10 years ago." His father, Roger's attorney, tries to get him to 
       shut up, saying, "That's a dead issue", but Frank will not listen.
       He tells the sheriff how this would give Sam a motive for trying
       to kill Vicky and insists,"Sam Evans must be arrested for Vicky's
          Sam Evans is brought back to the sheriff's office. Sam complains,
       "This is the second time you've dragged me down here today. Now
       that's too much!" The sheriff calmly tells him, "I have a few more
       questions to ask you. You don't own a car, do you?" Sam replies, 
       "No." The sheriff asks, "And you don't borrow Maggie's very often,
       do you?" Sam again replies, "No."  The sheriff asks, "Then why did
       you last night? It's quite a coincidence that you would do so on the
       night someone tried to run Miss Winters over; quite a coincidence
       that it would also be you who she went to the Blue Whale to meet;
       quite a coincidence that no one saw you at the time someone was
       trying to run her over. I don't like so many coincidences."
       Sam gets angry and shouts, "I told you all about last night! Besides,
       I would have no reason to want to kill Vicky!" The sheriff remarks,
       "Maybe Vicky found out something you didn't want her to know about
       that manslaughter charge 10 years ago." Sam vehemently denies having
       had anything to do with that.
          A shadowy figure carrying an old fashioned railroad lantern goes
       up the front stairs of the old house and goes inside. A few minutes
       later, Vicky arrives near old house. The shadowy figure is now up
       on the roof, lurking behind one of the large, decorative planter urns
       up there. Vicky walks up to the front of the old house and nears the
       front stairs. The shadowy figure pushes the urn off the roof. Vickky
       hears a noise above her and looks up. She is startled to see one of 
       the urns tumbling down toward her. It smashes into the ground in 
       front of her feet, just missing her by inches. The shadowy figure 
       runs off before Vicky can look up and see who it is.
       Episode 108
       Tape Date: November 21, 1966
       Air Date:  November 23, 1966 Wednesday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  Lela Swift

          Vicky runs to Matthew Morgan's cottage, goes inside and screams,
       "Matthew! Matthew!", but finds that Matthew isn't there. A few
       seconds later, Matthew comes walking through the front door, carrying
       an old fashioned railroad lantern in his right hand. He asks Vicky,
       "What are you doing here?" Vicky hysterically replies, "I've got to
       use the phone! It's urgent! I've got to call the sheriff!" Matthew
       asks, "Why?", but Vicky just tells him, "No time to tell you now.
       I'll tell you later. I've got to call the sheriff!" She goes and
       picks up the phone and starts to dial. Matthew comes over and puts
       his finger over the phone button, cutting her off. Vicky looks at
       him in puzzlement. Matthew takes the reciever from her, hangs it up,
       and demands to know why she has to call the sheriff. Vicky explains,
       "I've got to get him up here. Someone just tried to kill me! One of
       those old urns fell from the roof of the old house and almost hit
       me. Someone must have pushed it!" Matthew remarks, "It was probably
       just an accident. Those urns are very old. Probably just fell all by
       itself", but Vicky insists, "Those heavy urns don't just fall over
       by themselves. Someone must have pushed it! Have you seen Roger in
       the last hour?" Matthew asks, "Why?" Vicky lies, "He was at the
       sheriff's office earlier. I just wondered if they let him go yet."
       Matthew remarks, "You think he did it, don't you?" Vicky exclaims,
       "I've got to call the sheriff!" and tries to pick up the phone,
       but Matthew stops her and says, "No. I won't let you! I don't you
       getting them to come here again and bother Miss Stoddard." Vicky
       cries, "But someone just tried to kill me! Isn't my life more
       important than Mrs. Stoddards privacy?" She tries to leave, but
       Matthew bars her way, saying, "You're not going anywhre, Miss
          David returns to Collinwood. Elizabeth demands, "Where have you
       been?" David replies, "Out playing by the cliffs." Elizabeth
       reprimands him for being out so late. She asks, "Have you seen Miss
       Winters?  She's out looking for you. She said she thought you'd be at
       the old house." David contemptuosly remarks, "Shows what she knows.
       No, I haven't seen her." Elizbeth tells him, "I'm worried. I sent her
       to the old house to look for you. She should be back by now."
          Vicky asks Matthew, "What are you doing?" Matthew replies, "I just
       want to ask you a few questions. What did you find out about Mr.
       Malloy's death?" Vicky lies, "Nothing", but Matthew tells her, "David
       says you did. He told me he heard you telling that Maggie Evans you
       did." Vicky tells him about the fountain pen and how it implicated
          David tells Elizabeth, "Maybe one of the ghosts got her!"
       Elizabeth, upset by this kind of talk, sends him to the kitchen
       to eat dinner. David leaves. There's a knock at the door. It's
       Frank Garner. He asks to see Vicky. Elizbeth tells him, "She's not
       here." Frank, puzzled, remarks, "Not here? But we had a dinner
       date. Do you know where she went?" Elizabeth replies, "To the old
       house to look for David." Frank ramarks, "Maybe she's still there
       with him", but Elizabeth tells him, "No, David's back home. And it
       takes less than 5 minutes to walk to the old house and back. It's
       been over 20 minutes now. I'm worried." Frank tells her, "I'll
       go to the old house to look for her." Elizabeth replies, "Wait. Let
       me get my coat. I'll go with you."
          Frank Garner and Elizabeth return from the old house without
       having found Vicky. Frank remarks, "That broken urn bothers me. I
       think we'd better call the sheriff." Elizabeth tells him, "Wait.
       Let me check one more place. The caretaker's cottage." Frank asks,
       "Why would she be there?" Elizabeth replies, "I sent him to look
       around for David too. Maybe she went there to see if Matthew found
       David." She telephones Matthew's cottage.
          The phone rings at Matthew's cottage. Matthew answers the phone.
       Elizabeth tells him, "David's come back home. Have you seen Miss
       Winters?" Matthew replies, "No, Mrs. Stoddard. I haven't seen her."
       Vicky gives a start on hearing him say this. Elizabeth tells Matthew
       to go look for Vicky. He tells her he will. After Matthew hangs up,
       Vicky asks, "What did Miss Stoddard want?" Matthew lies, "She wanted
       to see if I've found David." Vicky asks, "But she said 'her'. Was
       she asking about me?" Matthew lies, "No. She was asking about Miss
       Carolyn." Vicky protests, "But why would she do that? She knows
       where Carolyn is. She sent her into town to be with friends!" Matthew
       remarks, "You don't believe me, do you, Miss Winters." Vicky lies
       that she does. Matthew asks, "Then why do you look so scared?"
       Vicky replies, "Because someone just tried to kill me again. And
       last night, someone tried to run me over. Please, I just want to go
       home." Matthew remarks, "I still don't think anyone tried to kill
       you. That urn must've fell all by itself, and last night must have
       been an accident too." Vicky protests, "But the car came right at me!
       It must've been deliberate! He must've seen me!" Matthew tells her,
       "Not necessarily. On those dark old country roads, sometimes you
       can't see more than a few few in front of you at 8:00 at night."
       Vicky asks, "How did you know what time it was?" Matthew replies,
       "You mentioned it." Vicky tells him, "No I didn't. I just said it was
       last night." Matthew lies, "I heard Mrs. Stoddard talking about some
       sort of accident that happened at 8:00 last night." He looks at Vicky
       for awhile then asks, "You don't believe me, do you?" Vicky lies,
       "Yes I do. Let me go now." Matthew replies, "I can't. Not now."
       Vicky goes to the door to leave, but Matthew runs to the door and
       bars her way. He shouts, "You're going to go back and tell them
       I killed Bill Malloy, aren't you?" He sounds desperate and not
       quite sane now. She promises, "No I'm not." but he grabs her nad
       holds her arm in a hammerlock.
          Frank Garner and Elizabeth are waiting nervously at Collinweood.
       The sheriff arrives. Elizabeth tells him that Vicky's missing.
       The sheriff asks, "How do you know she didn't just go into town?"
       Elizabeth explains, "She wouldn't have done that. She had a
       dinner date with Mr. Garner." The sheriff tells them, "I have a
       deputy outside. We'll search the grounds."
          Vicky tells Matthew, "I don't think you had anything to do with
       Mr. Malloy's death!" Matthew asks, "Then why do you look so scared?
       Why are you shaking like a leaf?" Vicky replies, "Because you grabbed
       me and scared me! I don't believe you had anything to do with Bill
       Malloy's death. You would have no motive." Matthew seems to calm
       down slightly and remarks, "That's right. I wouldn't". Vicky pleads,
       Please let me go now!" When Matthew shows no sign that he is going
       to let her go, Vicky tells him, "Please. I feel sick. I need a drink
       of water." Matthew remarks, "Sure. And as soon as I go to get you
       one, you're going to run out that door, aren't you?" Vicky promises
       that she won't. Matthew tells her, "I'll get you a glass of whiskey.
       That'll help you." As soon as he turns to the sideboard to get her
       a glass of whiskey, Vicky starts to run to the door, but Matthew
       manages to catch her before she gets there. Now sounding really
       crazy, he shouts, "You lied to me! You think I killed Bill Malloy.
       I had to! I had to!" Vicky asks, "What are you going to do now?"
       Matthew replies, "I don't know." Vicky tells him, "They're going to
       wonder where I am at Collinwood! You've have to let me go!" Matthew
       replies, "No I don't. I have to kill you!"

       *Note: This episode starts with a reprise of the last paragraph of
              the last episode before the 'waves and cliffs' opening title.
              It is the first one to do so.
       Episode 109
       Air Date: November 24, 1966 Thursday
       No show.  Pre-empted for Thansksgiving football game.

       Episode 110
       Air Date: November 25, 1966 Friday
       No show.  Pre-empted for football game.

       Episode 111
       Tape Date: November 22, 1966
       Air Date:  November 28, 1966 Monday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Matthew tells Vicky, "I can't let you go now." Vicky promises,
       "If you let me go, I won't tell anyone what I know!", but Matthew
       replies, "There's only one way I'll believe you won't tell, and
       that's if you're dead!" He remarks, "I don't want to kill you.
       I've never killed anyone before." Vicky asks, "What about Bill
       Malloy?" Matthew explains, "That was an accident. I didn't mean to
       kill him. I ran into him at Lookout Point and got into an argument
       with him about him causing trouble for the Collins family. I wanted
       him to stop. I got angry and grabbed his arm. He lost his balance,
       slipped, and fell from the cliff. When I got down there, he was
       already dead. I heard Roger coming and hid behind some rocks.
       I saw Roger find Bill Malloy's body." Vicky remarks, "So Roger was
       telling the truth...." Matthew continues, "Now, I have to kill you,
       Miss Winters." Vicky shouts, "No you don't! Don't you see, it was
       just an accident that Bill Malloy died. If you kill me now, it'll
       be cold blooded murder! The penalty for that is severer!" Matthew
       replies, "Not if I'm not caught. But if I don't kill you, it'll mean
       years in prison!"
          Elizabeth and Frank Garner are waiting nervously in the drawing
       room. Frank Garner remarks, "What's taking them so long?" Elizabeth
       replies, "You don't know the size of the estate. It could take quite
       a while to search the whole thing." There's a knock at the door.
       Elizabeth answers. It's the sheriff. He tells them he's found no
       trace of Vicky yet and is going to telephone the office to get more
       men. Frank Garner asks, "Have you searched the entire property?"
       The sheriff replies, "Not the woods. I'm going to need more men
       for that. That's what I came here to do." He calls the office and
       tells "Chris" to send more men down. The sheriff asks, "How many
       buildings are there on the property?" Elizabeth answers, "Three
       houses. This one, the old house, and Matthew's cottage. There are
       also numerous barns, stable, sheds, etc. I know she's not in any
       of the houses. She's not here, Mr. Garner and I have already
       checked the old house, and I telephoned Matthew earlier and Vicky
       wasn't there. "
          Vicky tries to convice Matthew that if he kills her, he'll be
       caught, that when her body's found, it'll be obvious who killed
       her, that there are only four people on the estate right now, David,
       Elizabeth, Mrs. Johnson, and him, and that he would be the most
       likely suspect. Matthew thinks for awhile then announces, "I'm
       going to have to kill you. I know a spot, a cove about two miles
       from here where your body'll never be found." Vicky starts to cry.
          Elizabeth and Frank Garner are now alone, the sheriff having
       left. Elizabeth tells Frank, "I'm worried that she might have had
       an accident. There are a lot of places on the estate where she could
       have had one, places the police might never find. The caves over by
       the beach, for example." Frank asks, "Couldn't you provide them
       with a list of those places?" Elizabeth replies, "No. Even though
       I've lived here most of my life, I don't really know the whole
       estate. Neither does my brother. There's only one man who does, the
       caretaker, Matthew Morgan. By the way, I asked him to look for Vicky
       earlier. I think I'll check up on him." She telephones Matthew's
          At Matthew's cottage, the phone rings, but Matthew doesn't answer
       it. Vicky asks, "Why don't you answer it?" Matthew replies, "Because
       I know who it is. It's Mrs. Stoddard. She thinks I'm out looking for
       you. That's what I want her to think. After awhile, I'll go to the
       house and report that I searched everywhere and didn't find you."
       Vicky runs to the phone, but Matthew gets there before her and puts
       his hand on the receiver, preventing her from picking it up. Finally,
       the phone stops ringing.
          At Collinwood, Elizabeth and Frank continue to sit in the drawing
       room, waiting nervously. Elizabeth asks, "What time is it?" Frank
       replies, "A few minutes after eight." Elizabeth remarks, "That's
       all? It feels like a lot longer than that." Frank tells Elizabeth,
       "I'm worried. Maybe Vicky wasn't in an accident. Maybe the same
       person who's been trying to kill her is responsible for her
       disappearance." Elizabeth asks, "But why would anyone want to kill
       Vicky?" Frank replies, "I don't know. Maybe she found out something
       about Bill Malloy's death." He asks about Bill Malloy. Elizabeth
       tells her that on the day he died, he came to the house and told her
       he'd have to do something that would harm the family, that he didn't
       want to do it but had to. Frank suggests, "Or maybe it was someone
       who wanted to protect the family."
          At the cottage, Matthew is just standing there. Vicky asks, "What
       are you doing?" Matthew replies, "Thinking." Vicky asks, "Thinking
       about what?" Matthew replies, "About the best way to kill you!"
       He tell her, "I wasn't quite telling the whole truth earlier when
       I told you I never killed before. I did. Once. A dog. An old dog.
       I killed it to put it out of its misery. I didn't want it to suffer,
       so I killed it the quickest way I could. It never knew what happened,
       it happened so fast. I broke its neck. I'm not going to make you
       suffer either." He lunges at her and grabs her by the throat and
       prepares to break her neck. Suddenly, Elizabeth comes in through
       the front door and shouts, "MATTHEW!" Matthew lets Vicky go.
       Vicky screams, "He tried to kill me!"
       Episode 112
       Tape Date: November 23, 1966
       Air Date:  November 29, 1966 Tuesday
       Writer:    Ron Sproat
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Elizabeth asks, "What's going on?" Vicky shouts, "He killed Bill
       Malloy, and he just tried to kill me!" Elizabeth turns to Matthew
       and asks, "Is that true?" Matthew replies, "It is." Elizabeth gasps,
       "I can't believe it!" Matthew explains to her what happened to Bill
       Malloy. He finishes up by saying, "I was only trying to help you,
       Ma'am." Elizabeth replies, "I understand, Matthew." She tells him,
       "I won't let anything happen to you." Matthew just stands there with
       a dubious look on his face. Elizabeth tells him, "You can trust me.
       Have I ever lied to you before?" Matthew replies, "No. You've always
       been good to me." Elizabeth tells Vicky, "Vicky, go back to the
       house." Vicky heads toward the door but Matthew rushes to block it,
       screaming, "NOOOO!" He explains, "I trust you, Mrs. Stoddard, but I
       don't trust her." Elizabeth asks, "Vicky, you promise not to say
       anything, don't you?" Vicky replies, "Yes.", but Matthew, still not
       believing this, refuses to allow Vicky to leave. Elizabeth tells him,
       "All right, Matthew, we'll keep a watch on her. We won't give her a
       chance to telephone the sheriff. Let's all go back together." Matthew
       asks, "Why?" Elizabeth, "I just want to talk to you." Matthew asks,
       "Why not here?" Elizabeth replies, "I'd just prefer to talk at
       Collinwood." Matthew asks, "Why the hurry to get back to the house?"
       He guesses correctly, "The sheriff's there, isn't he? You must've
       called him earlier to look for Miss Winters." He suddenly yells,
       "YOU LIED TO ME! YOU SHOULDN"T HAVE DONE THAT!" He lunges at her,
       his hands aimed at her throat, but he stops, his hands inches from
       her throat. Shocked at what he's just tried to do, he screams and
       runs out the front door.
          At Collinwood, Frank Garner is talking to the Sheriff. The sheriff
       asks, "Couldn't Miss Winters be with Carolyn?" Frank replies, "No,
       Mrs. Stoddard sent Carolyn into town to stay with friends earlier
       today." They hear the front door open. Vicky comes running in,
       shouting "It was Matthew!" Elizabeth comes walking in after her.
       She explains, "Matthew admits that he killed Bill Malloy. It was
       an accident." The sheriff asks, "Where is Matthew?" Elizabeth tells
       him, "He drove off in his car, an old station wagon." The sheriff
       leaves to inform his deputies. Frank asks Elizabeth, "How did you
       know where to find Vicky?" Elizabeth replies, "Something you said
       about there being someone who might want to protect the family
       got me thinking." The sheriff comes back and asks Vicky what happened.
       Vicky tells him about the urn almost hitting her, going to Matthew's
       cottage to use the phone, etc. After she finishes, Elizabeth tells
       him what happened after she got to the cottage. The sheriff asks
       Elizabeth, "Do you know where Matthew might have gone? Any relatives
       or anything?" Elizabeth replies, "No, I don't really know anything
       about Matthew's private life."
          It is a little later. Vickly and Frank Garner are alone in the
       drawing room. Frank tells Vicky, "I'm going to take you out to have
       the biggest steak Collinsport has to offer!" Roger returns and comes
       walking into the room. Vicky asks, "Have you heard what's happened?"
       Roger replies, "Yes. It was quite a shock." Vicky tells him, "I'm
       very sorry that I suspected you..", but Roger replies, in a very
       sarcastic voice, "Sorry? About what? Thinking I was a maniacal
       murderer? Putting me through the worst experience of my life? Think
       nothing of it!" and leaves. Vicky tells Frank, "I feel terrible!"
       Frank tells her, "Come on, you'll feel much better after you've
       had dinner."
          At the cottage, Elizabeth and the sheriff are going through
       Matthew's personal possessions. They find a letter addressed to
       a brother in Coldwater. The sheriff calls his office and orders
       that a watch be put on the road 105 to Coldwater. He is told that
       Matthew's car was already spotted on 105, that he was going at 80
       miles an hour. Roger comes in. The sheriff leaves. Roger demands
       that Elizabeth fire Vicky for having put him through so much public
       humiliation. Elizabeth refuses, saying what Vicky did was reasonable,
       that it's his own fault he looked so suspicious, that if he had come
       foreward earlier instead of trying to cover everyting up, he wouldn't
       have. Roger remarks, "I'm not going to argue with you. I know it
       wouldn't do any good. I'm just glad this whole thing is over."
       Elizabeth replies, "It isn't over. There's still Burke Devlin.
       He won't stop until he's destroyed us. Or we destroy him first."
          Frank and Vicky return to Collinwood from dinner. Vicky tells
       Frank, "I feel much better now." Frank asks, "How about coming to
       stay in Bangor for the weekend? I'll show you the town. Maybe we'll
       find out more about B. Hanscombe." Vicky replies, "If I can arrange
       it." Elizabeth returns. Frank asks, "Mrs. Stoddard. Would it be
       possible for Vicky to have the weekend off?" Elizabeth replies,
       "Certainly. By the way, we needn't worry about Matthew anymore. He
       was spotted driving to Coldwater, 50 miles away." Vicky is very
       relieved to hear this. Frank tells Vicky, "I feel much better now
       about leaving you here now that I know you're safe. Goodnight. I'll
       see you tomorrow" and leaves. Vicky apoligizes for suspecting
       Roger and putting him through such an ordeal. Elizabeth tells her,
       "You don't need to apoligize. You only did what you thought was
       right." Vicky replies, "Your brother doesn't think so." Elizabeth
       tells her, "He's being unreasonable. Don't worry about it." Vicky
       remarks, "I feel much safer now I know Matthew isn't around."
       Elizabeth assures her, "You don't have to worry about Matthew
       anymore. He's miles away from here by now."
          But Elizabeth is wrong. A few hundred yards away, Matthew Morgan,
       carrying an old fashioned railroad lantern, mounts the steps to
       the old house, goes up to the front door, opens it and goes in...
       Episode 113
       Tape Date: November 25, 1966
       Air Date:  November 30, 1966 Wednesday
       Writer:    Francis Swann
       Director:  John Sedwick

          Matthew goes into the old house and walks up to a bookcase built
       into the wall to the right of the fireplace. He pushes a secret
       button and pulls open the bookcase, revealing a secret room behind
       it. He goes in and closes the bookcase.
          Mrs. Johnson goes to the Collinsport Inn and goes to Burke
       Devlin's room. There, she tells him about what happened, about Matthew
       being behind the attempts at Vicky's life, about Matthew having
       killed Bill Malloy. Shocked, Burke exclaims, "I can't believe it! Why
       would he do it?" Mrs. Johnson replies, somewhat sarcastically, "He
       thought he was protecting the sacred name of Collins." Burke, still
       shocked, remarks, "I don't believe it! I was so sure it was Roger
       Collins!" He asks her, "You know, the original intention of putting
       you at Collinwood was to get evidence that Roger killed Malloy, but
       now this has happened, I'd like you to stay at Collinwood..." Mrs.
       Johnson interuppts, "I have no intention of leaving. I still think
       Roger is really responsible for all by lying about that accident
       10 year ago. I intend to find evidence of it!"
          A few minutes after Mrs. Johnson leaves, there's a knock at the
       door. It's David. Burke remarks, "I suppose you came here to tell
       me the good news that it wasn't your father who killed Bill Malloy."
       David replies, "That's not good news. I hate him. I wish it had
       turned out to be him and they took him away for it!" Burke tells him,
       "Davey! But he's your father! How could you hate your own father?"
       David replies, "Because of the way he treated my mother! I still
       think he did it. I saw it in my crystal ball. I saw him standing
       over the body." Burke tells him, "Well, maybe he had found Bill
       Malloy already dead, just as he said." David remarks, "I can't
       believe YOU'RE defending him!" Burke replies, "I have a strong
       aversion against framing an innocent man."
          At Collinwood, Mrs. Johnson is dusting in the drawing room. As
       she is doing so, she is surreptitiously opening the drawers in the
       various cabinets and snooping through them. She hears the front
       door close and quickly closes the drawer she is snooping through.
       She looks in the foyer and sees that it is David. David has hung
       his coat on the bannister knob and is going up the stairs. Mrs.
       Johnson shouts, "David! Is that the way you hang your coat up!"
       David takes the coat and hangs it up on the coat rack by the door.
       He remarks, "I saw you in town today." Mrs. Johnson lies, "I was
       running some errands." David asks, "At the Collinsport Inn? I saw
       you coming from there." Mrs. Johnson lies, "You must be mistaken.
       I was nowhere near the Collinsport Inn. What would I be doing
       there?" David replies, "To see Burke Devlin." Mrs. Johnson lies,
       "Now what would I be doing seeing him? He and I have nothing in
       common." David replies, "Yes you do. We three all do. We all
       hate my father." Mrs. Johnson exclaims, "That's nonsense!", but
       David replies, "I know you hate him. I can see it in the way you
       look at him." David puts his coat back on and tells Mrs. Johnson,
       "There's something I've got to do." Mrs. Johnson protests that it's
       almost dinner, but David tells her, "This is important. I've got
       to go the the old house and asks my friends what really happened."
       Mrs. Johnson, puzzled, remarks, "But there isn't anyone living at
       the old house." David replies, "My friends aren't alive. They're
          David goes to the old house. He goes to the portrait of Josette
       Collins and asks, "Who really did all those terrible things?"
       Suddenly, David is startled by a hand grabbing him from behind. He
       turns and is surprised to find that it's Matthew. Matthew asks, "What
       are you doing here?" David replies, "I want to help you." Matthew
       asks, "Why?"  David replies, "Because I know my father really did
       all those things, not you. I want you to stay here until I find
       evidence to prove it." Matthew begs, "Do me a favor, David. Give me
       some time. Don't tell anyone you've seen me here until I've had
       time to get away." David tells him, "No, don't leave. I won't tell
       anyone you're here. It would be dangerous for you to try to run away.
       There are police everywhere." Matthew asks, "But I can't stay here.
       I would need food." David tells him, "I'll get you food from
       the house. I'll sneak it out." Matthew tells him, "I don't know..."
       David tells him, "Nobody'll ever find you here, Matthew, nobody."
       Matthew agrees to stay, saying, "OK, I'll trust you."

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