Dark Shadows
November 1970

   Episode 1136
   Tape Date:  October 26, 1970 (ABC #221-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 2, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Gerard continues to question Leticia about the mask, but gets nothing
   from her. Pretending to believe her story that she's taking it to be
   appraised, he lets her go, then surreptitiously follows her. Leticia 
   returns with the mask to the cemetary, pulls the ring, goes down into the
   secret tomb, then closes the door. By the time Gerard gets there, there 
   is no trace of Leticia...
      Down in the tomb, Leticia gives the mask to Julia. The body is already
   lying there with the head attached. Leticia asks Julia when they'll do it.
   Julia replies that they'll have to wait for the electrical storm.
      Gerard goes to Collinwood. Daphne is there. Gerard asks for Julia.
   Daphne replies that she isn't there. Telling him that she's busy and has
   no time to talk to him, she turns to leave, but he asks her, "Oh, There's
   one question I want to ask you. What is your real name?". Daphne turns
   and replies that her real name is Daphne Harridge. Gerard replies that
   he knows that that is not true because she had told him that she was from
   Roxbury, but that he had checked and found that no Daphne Harridge had
   ever lived there. Daphne tells him that that's because she had lied to
   him about being from Roxbury.  Gerard asks why he would do that.  She
   replies that he's not her employer and she was irritated by his
   questioning her so she lied.
      At the tomb, Julia hears the electrical storm starting and prepares to
   start the process.
      Quentin is coming down the stairs to the foyer. He hears piano music
   coming from the drawing room.  A look of shock crosses his face.  He rushes
   into the drawing room and finds that it's Gerard playing the piano. He
   exclaims, "Where did you get that music?". Gerard, startled at Quentin's
   attitude, replies, "It was right here on the piano. What's wrong?".
   Quentin replies, "That's impossible! I burned it over a year ago!".
   Gerard asks, "Then how can it be here?". Quentin replies, "Someone or
   some thing is doing this to me!". "Doing what?", asks Gerard. Quentin
   tells him the whole story about finding the mysterious notes from Joanna
   even though he's learned that she died about a year ago, that one of the
   notes instructed him to go to the old oak tree where he and Joanna used
   to meet surreptitiously, a tree only they knew about, and finding another
   note there.  Gerard asks him how many copies of this music existed.
   Quentin replies that there were two, his and Joanna's. Gerard remarks,
   "So if you burned yours, then this must be Joanna's"  He tells Quentin
   that there are two possibilities, that either someone is trying to drive
   him crazy or Joanna is trying to communicate with him from beyond the
   grave. Quentin replies that he gets the feeling that the former is true.
   He thanks Gerard for listening to his story.  Gerard tells him he'll be
   happy to help in any way possible.  He asks Quentin if he's noticed
   any change in Leticia lately.  Quentin says no and asks what means. Gerard
   replies that she seems different to him lately, and that she seems to
   have become quite good friends with Julia.
      At the secret tomb, Julia puts the mask on Judah Zachary and attaches
   electrodes to the mask. Outside, lightning starts.
      In the drawing room at Collinwood, Quentin is sitting alone, thinking.
   Daphne comes into the room and asks him if there's anything she can get
   him. He replies, "No, thank you".  She asks him, "Is everything all right,
   Sir?  It looks like there's something troubling you".  He remarks,"Is it
   that obvious?"  She asks if there's anything she could do to help. He
   tells her there isn't and thanks her for asking. He tells her he's come
   to realize what a kind, gentle, good person she is, that he has come to
   like her very much and will do everything he can to make sure things go
   well for her at Collinwood.  She leaves. In the foyer, a strange look
   comes across her face.
      At the secret tomb, lightning finally strikes, and the the body of
   Judah Zachary, electricity coursing through it, jerks about involuntary,
   then stops as the electricity from the lightning bolt runs out. Julia
   puts a stethoscope to its chest, listens and exclaims, "His heart is
   beating! Judah Zachary is alive!".
   Episode 1137
   Tape Date:  October 23, 1970 (ABC #222-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 3, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Leticia takes the mask off Judah Zachary. Julia listens to his vital
   signs again and announces that they're very weak, that Judah Zachary is
   barely alive and that they're going to have to watch him very closely.
   Telling Leticia that she can't do it all by herself and she's going to
   have to help her, Julia teaches her to use some of the equipment.
      Gerard, back at Rose Cottage, wonders where Leticia could've gone when
   he lost her in the cemetary. He goes into Desmond's study to see what else
   is in there.  He finds the old newspapers Desmond had borrowed and reads
   them.  He finds an article dated October 3, 1803 which states, "Otis Green
   introduced a new element into his trial today.  He spoke of a jewelled
   mask, which he estimated to be of considerable value".  He finds a
   notebook entitled "The Journal of Judah Zachery".  There's a knock at the
   door. He quickly hides Desmond's papers and answers the door. It's Daphne.
   She asks to see Desmond. Gerard tells her Desmond is not home. She
   explains that when she was working for the newspaper, he had loaned some
   old newspapers to Desmond, that she had totally forgotten about them, but
   now the editor wants them back. Gerard asks what kind of papers. Daphne
   replies that they were all dated October, 1803. Gerard remarks that
   Desmond has been acting strangely lately and asks her if she's noticed
   anything. She replies that she did notice one thing strange, that when
   he borrowed the newspapers, he signed a different name. Gerard asks what
   the name was.  Daphne replies, "Judah Zachary", explaining that when it
   was pointed out to Desmond, he explained that he had absent-mindedly
   signed a pseudonym.  Gerard tells Daphne that he doesn't know anything
   about the papers, but will tell Desmond she came when he returns. Daphne
   leaves.  Gerard takes "The Journal of Judah Zachary" back out and starts to
   read it.
      In the secret tomb, Julia tells Leticia that Judah Zachary's pulse is
   weaker, that she's going to have to give him an injection. Pointing to
   a bottle on the table, she asks Leticia to hand her the adrenalin. Leticia
   gets the bottle, but drops it and exclaims, "Oh! The top was loose!". No
   matter, Julia replies. She tells Leticia she's got more in her room at
   Collinwood and leaves to get it.
      At Rose Cottage, Gerard continues to read the journal. There's a knock
   at the door. Quickly hiding the journal, Gerard answers it. It's Barnabas.
   He tells Gerard that, seeing how late it is, he's come to pick up his
   sister Julia, who had come to visit Flora. Gerard tells him he must be
   mistaken, that Flora is not home, that she's in Boston.
      Julia returns to Collinwood and runs into Daphne in the foyer. Daphne,
   recognizing her, attempts to talk to her about why she took the job in
   spite of her warning, but Julia does not appear to be interested and runs
   upstairs. Barnabas returns to Collinwood. Daphne tells her his sister has
   just returned home and has gone upstairs. Daphne leaves. Julia comes back
   downstairs. Barnabas asks her where she's been all night. Julia tells him
   she's been with Flora, as she told him. He tells her he knows that that's
   not true, that he's just been there and learned that Flora is away in 
   Boston. He demands to know why she's lying. She angrily replies that she
   doens't owe him an explanation, that her life is her own to live as she
   wishes.  Realizing what must have happened, Barnabas exclaims, "You're
   under the power of Judah Zachery!"  He demands, "What have you been
   doing for him?"  Julia replies, "I'll never tell you!"
      Gerard reads in the journal, "I solved the riddle and discovered the
   underground tomb near the unmarked stone."  He realizes that that must
   have been where Leticia went.
      At the underground tomb, Leticia exclaims, "He's getting weaker!
   Where's Julia?". Judah Zachery's arm drops limply off the table. Leticia
   exclaims, "He's dying! I've got to go get Julia!" and runs out of the
   tomb. Gerard, hiding nearby, sees her leave and goes into the tomb.
      Leticia arrives at Collinwood, sees Barnabas and Julia sitting in the
   drawing room and exclaims, "Julia!  He's dying!". Julia, being held
   prisoner by Barnabas, yells, "No!  Get away!" Leticia runs off.
      In the secret tomb, Gerard takes the masks off of Judah Zachery. As he
   is admiring it, Judah Zachery's eyes open. He sits up and gets off the
   table. Gerard turns, sees this and starts to run. Judah Zachery chases him
   around the tomb. In the course of the chase, Gerard knocks over some
   equipment, causing a fire. Judah Zachery corners Gerard and prepares to
   grab him...
   Episode 1138
   Tape Date:  October 28, 1970 (ABC #223-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 4, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      But Judah Zachery weakens and falls to the ground. Gerard flees.
      At Collinwood, Julia begs Barnbas to let her go, saying she's "got to
   go help him".
      In the tomb, a very weak Judah Zachery, surrounded by flames, puts the
   mask on.
      At Collinwood, Julia exclaims "No! I can feel flames! Suddenly, her
   tone of voice changes completely and she says, "It's over. He's dead. How
   could I have been helping him?"  She is no longer under the spell.
   Barnabas tells her this must mean that Judah Zachery has been destroyed,
   but adds that they must make sure.
      Barnabas and Julia go to the cemetary and go down into the secret tomb.
   The find the place in shambles, Judah Zachery buried beneath a pile of
   burned rubble, one hand sticking out. Julia examines it and pronounces him
   dead. Barnabas wonders what caused the fire. Julia replies that she had
   ether and a lot of other flammable fluids here. Barnabas remarks that
   they've got to tell Desmond, Quentin and Leticia about this. They leave.
      Roxanne reads the goodbye letter from Barnabas. Trask comes in and
   asks her to marry him in spite of the fact that she does not love him,
   saying that there have been many successful marriages not based on love,
   citing his own parents as an example.
      At Rose Cottage, Gerards ponders what powers Judah Zachery must have
   had to be able to get Leticia and Julia to help him. He falls asleep and
   has a dream in which he is in the secret tomb, alone. A voice tells him,
   "Find it!  Find it!". He awakens and exclaims, "Of course!" and hurriedly
      Barnabas goes into the drawing room at Collinwood. He tells Julia,
   who's in there, that he's talked to Desmond and Quentin and that they
   both agreed with him that now that Judah Zachery has been destroyed,
   there's no need to go to the police. Trask comes into the room. He tells
   them he's come to see Samantha, but would like to tell them the good news
   too. He tells them he has come to announce his marriage and invites them
   to come. Julia asks who he's marrying. Trask replies, "Roxanne". Barnabas
   is shocked.
      Gerard goes to the cemetary and goes down into the secret tomb. He
   takes the rubble off of Judah Zachery and takes the masks off of his
   face. Judah Zachery's eyes open...
   Episode 1139
   Tape Date:  October 29, 1970 (ABC #224-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 5, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Seeing the shock on Barnabas' face, Trask assures him that what he
   says is true. He goes upstairs to tell Samantha the news. Barnabas decides
   to go talk to Roxanne about this, but Julia convinces him it would be too
   dangerous because Angelique might find out and volunteers to go instead.
      Gerard is holding the mask in his room, pondering whether he really 
   saw the dead man's eyes open or if he imagined it.  He decides that it must
   have really happened, that he felt the power within the head. He looks at
   the head, now severed again and back in the display box and gloats,
   "Between you two, I'll get whatever I want!". He puts the mask on the
   night-table next to the bed and goes to sleep.
      Julia goes to Roxanne and tells her to think about her upcoming
   marriage to Trask. She tells her that Barnabas really still loves her,
   that the relationship between him and Valerie is a strange one, that he
   doesn't really love Valerie.
      Julia returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas she thinks she made
   some impression on Roxanne.
      Roxanne comes to Collinwood and tells Barnabas she has decided not to
   marry Trask. Barnabas appears very worried that she is there and tries to
   get her to go away.  She tells him she knows they'll find a way to be
   together and embraces him.  Angelique opens the door, sees them and
   exclaims, "We'll, what have we here?". Barnabas tries to explain, "It
   isn't what it looks like..", but Roxanne blurts out, "It's exactly what
   it looks like! We love each other!". Barnabas asks Roxanne to let him
   speak to "Valerie" alone.  Roxanne leaves.  Barnabas tells Angelique he kept
   his bargain.  He tells her that he didn't go to Roxanne, she came to him.
   He begs her not to do anything to Roxanne.
      Roxanne returns home and shocks Trask by telling him that she's not
   going to marry him, that she's changed her mind. He tells her he thinks
   Barnabas is behind this and asks what strange power he has over her.
      At Collinwood, Angelique holds a doll of Roxanne and sticks a pin
   into its throat.
      At the Drew home, Roxanne suddenly grasps her throat in pain and
   orders Trask to leave.
      Trask goes to Collinwood and tells Julia what happened, saying that
   Roxanne was behaving irrationally and appeared to be in great pain.
      Julia and Trask go to the Drew home and find Roxanne lying on the couch
   with the holes in her neck open again. She utters one word, "Barnabas..."
   then is quiet. Julia examines her and pronounces her dead.
      Julia returns to Collinwood and tells Barnabas about Roxanne. They
   sadly conclude that they must stake her to spare her the misery of the
   living dead.
      Gerard wakes up. He is surprised to see that the mask is not on the
   night table where he left it.  He looks around and finds it on the table
   next to the head.  He thinks to himself, "No one could've come in here and
   moved it. I locked the door before I went to sleep."  He checks the door
   and finds it still locked. He then finds the "Journal of Judah Zachery"
   on his desk and wonders how it could've gotten there from Desmond's study.
   He opens it and finds that there's a new entry starting in HIS
   handwriting. The entry starts, "My body has been destroyed and I know
   I know it cannot be replaced." The entry then switches to another hand-
   writing, this one sloping backwards. Realizing that he had seen this
   handwriting befores, Gerard turns back a few pages and sees that this is
   the handwriting used in previous entries. He finishes reading the entry,
   "Bu I will live again with the help of one who craves the power I can
   bestow upon him!"  There's a knock at the door. Gerard quickly hides the
   head, the mask and the journal and answers it. It's Trask. He tells
   Gerard about Roxanne and tells him he suspects that sorcery is behind her
   demise, that he thinks Barnabas is behind it. He asks for his help in
   learning Barnabas' secret, citing the seance he Gerard held for him proves
   he has the knowledge to help.
      Gerard goes to Collinwood. He appears to be in a very agitated mood.
   He goes into the drawing room and looks for Leticia but finds that she
   is not there. He pauses to pour himself a drink. Angelique comes into the
   room, sees him and introduces herself, "Good morning.  I don't believe
   we've met. My name is Valerie Collins."  Gerard pauses, puts his hand on
   his forhead as if trying to remember someting, then replies, "But your
   name was once Miranda!"  A shocked expression comes across Angelique's
   Episode 1140
   Tape Date:  October 30, 1970 (ABC #225-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 6, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Angelique asks Gerard why he called her Miranda. Gerard replies that
   he doesn't know.  She asks if he's confused her with someone he knows
   named "Miranda". He replies that he doesn't know anyone named Miranda.
   She asks, "Then why did you call me Miranda?". He replies again that he
   doesn't know.
      After Gerard leaves, Angelique ponders to herself, "It's been a
   long time since anyone's called me Miranda, almost 150 years."  She has
   a flashback...
     Two people are in a room, a man and a woman. Both are dressed in the
   garb of the late 17th century. The man, Amadeus Collins(Louis Edmonds)
   tries to convince the woman, Miranda DuVal (Lara Parker), to testify a
   gainst Judah Zachery.  He tries to assure her that she's in no danger,
   that she will receive divine protection from God, that she need not fear
   the power of Judah Zachery's gaze.  He tells her if she testifies, she
   will receive receive immunity from prosecution and safe escort from the
      The trial begins its last day.  Judah Zachery sits in the dock, a black
   hood over his head. The judge announces the date, November 5, 1692 and
   calls Miranda DuVal to testify. Hearing this,  Judah Zachery gives a
   violent start. Miranda Duval is asked about what happened to one Andrew
   Bronson.  She testifies that Judah Zachery had built a model of Andrew
   Bronson's house out of sticks, then set it on fire. Moments later, she
   heard screaming outside that Andrew Bronson's house was on fire and calls
   to form a fire brigade to save it.  But the next morning, she heard it was
   too late, Andrew Bronson, his wife and two children had burned to death.
   She adds that when she warned Judah Zachery against what he was doing,
   saying it was against God, Zachery exclaimed, "God is dead!  Satan is
   King!". Judah Zachery stands up and bellows, "She lies!  She was one of us!
   She was in the house vouluntarily!".  On the strength of this testimony,
   the court find Judah Zachery guilty of 109 count of sorcery and sentences
   him to death in a manner to be decided on a later date. Judah Zachery
   stands up, rips off the hood and exclaims, "Death is merely an extension
   of life!" and vows vengeance. He warns them, "Choose well the method of
   execution, for you and yours will die in the same manner. I will have my
   revenge!". Miranda has her head turned away. On it is a look of terror...
      Angelique thinks to herself again, "Why did he (Gerard) call me
      In his room, Gerard thinks to himself, "Why did I call her Miranda?
   And why did she look so frightened when I did?".
      Quentin walks into the drawing room at Collinwood.  Saying she's just
   met Gerard, Angelique asks Quentin about him. She asks if Gerard has any
   psychic powers. Quentin laughs and replies that Gerard seems to fancy that
   he does, but that he's never seen any evidence of any. He asks her why she
   would ask that. She replies that she got a feeling he might have some
   such powers.  Daniel comes into the room and asks Quentin if he's heard the
   terrible news about Roxanne.  Quentin replies that he has.  Daniel remarks
   that Roxanne's death is shockingly like those that took place when he was
   a boy. He looks at Angelique and asks, "You remember them, don't you?".
   Quentin, surprised, asks how he would expect Valerie to know about what
   happened when he was a boy.  Daniel replies, "Oh. I must have been
   mistaken."  He leaves. Quentin goes to the sideboard to pour himself a
   drink.  He finds another note addressed to him. He opens it.  It is signed
   Joanna and invites him again to meet her at the old oak tree.  He asks
   Angelique how long she's been in the room. She replies, "About an hour."
   He asks if anyone else came in while she was in here. She replies that
   no one has. He asks if anyone was in the room when she came in. She
   replies that Gerard was.
      Quentin goes to the old oak tree. He sees a woman standing under it.
   He calls to her.  She turns around.  It's Daphne.  He asks her what she's
   doing there.  She tells him she's just out on a walk.  They talk awhile,
   then Quentin leaves . Daphne pulls the Derringer from her purse...
      In his room, Gerard goes to sleep.  He has a dream. In the dream, he
   awakens to a voice asking him, "Now you are to know what is to happen!
   Go uncover the box and you will know what is to happen!"  He goes to the
   box and lifts the cover.  Inside is HIS head, alive and looking around
   helplessly.   On his body now is Judah Zachery's. Judah Zachery's voice
   bellows, "I am to become YOU, and you are to become nothing! NOTHING!"
   The body will be yours, but the mind will be mine!  You will become
   nothing!". Gerard awakens and decides it must've been a nightmare.  He
   goes to the box and prepares to lift the cover...
   Episode 1141
   Tape Date:  October 27, 1970 (ABC #226-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 9, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Gerard lifts the cover off the box and asks the head what the dream
   meant, but receives on reply.
      Carrie shows Desmond a new dress she had bought while in Boston with
   Flora.  Daphne comes in. Desmond introduces them to each other. Carrie
   leaves.  Daphne asks for the old newspapers back.  He tells he'll refuse,
   unless she spend a few hours with him to liven up an otherwise boring
      Gerard is still looking at the head.  There's a knock at the door.
   He quickly covers up the head and answers.  It's Carrie.  She shows him
   her new dress.  Clearly having a crush on him, she tells him about a play
   she saw in Boston involving a love between an actor who looked just like
   him and a woman not much older than her.  But she finds that he's not
   listening, that he seems to be preoccupied with something.  She leaves.
   He rubs his temples, as if he has a headache.  He takes out the "Journal
   of Judah Zachery", opens it and writes in it with a quill pen, "Tonight
   I will walk!  Tonight I will speak! Tonight I will live again!".  Gerard
   looks at the writing than exclaims, "That's not my writing!"  He looks
   over at the head and says, "It's YOURS!  You won't live through me!
   You won't possess me!  Ever!"  He picks up the head and rushes out of
   the room.
      Desmond is entertaining Daphne with the Tarot Cards. He deals four.
   He asks her if she likes living at Collinwood. She answers yes. He turns
   over the first card and tells her it says she is lying. She admits that
   sometimes Quentin IS strange and moody. He turns over the second card
   and tells her it means she has a secret. She tells him she doesn't and
   know what the card might mean. He turns over the third card and tells her
   it means there'll be a sudden death. She tells him she doesn't know what
   THAT means at all. He gives her back the newspapers and she leaves. He is
   shocked to find the Journal of Judah Zachery missing from the drawer.
      Gerard, carrying the head, goes to Widow's hill. He exclaims, "I know
   if I don't do this, you'll destroy me!", he hurls the box off the cliff
   and says, "Goodbye, Judah Zachery!"  He hears a noise behind him and goes
   to investigate. He finds Carrie hiding behind the trees and pulls her out.
   He asks her what she saw. She replies that she saw nothing. He asks why
   she came here.  She tells him she followed him to see where he was going,
   to see if he was going to meet a girl...
      Daphne is at Collinwood.  Gerard and Carrie return. Gerard, now in a
   very good mood, asks Daphne for a date.  She refuses. He tells her he'll
   tell her all about his travels. When he tells her he'll tell her about his
   last voyage, the one with Quentin, she accepts.  Desmond returns.
   Daphne says goodbye.  Gerard says, "I'll see you in an hour".  Daphne
   replies, "Make that an hour and a half" and leaves.  Desmond angrily
   says to Gerard, "You work fast, don't you?"  He demands that Gerard
   stay away from Daphne.  Gerard refuses.  They argue.  Desmond threatens
   to have Flora throw him out.  Gerard counters that Flora is a good friend
   and wouldn't do that.  
      Gerard returns to his room. He looks at the empty spot where the head
   was and gloatingly says, "Good not to see you!". He picks up the mask and
   says,  "But it is good to see you".  He decides to take a short nap.  He
   has a dream. In the dream, there's a knock at the door, and Carrie's voice
   saying, "Gerard! There's the nicest man here to see you!  He's says's
   you're expecting him". He opens the door and finds a middle-aged, bearded
   man standing there (Humbert Allen Astredo).  He asks the man who he is.
   The man replies, "I would think you'd be expecting me.  You've been
   playing a very dangerous game, Mr. Stiles.". Gerard asks the man what he
   wants.  The man replies, "I don't want anything from you. I want to give
   you something.". Gerard asks,"What?"  The man exclaims, "THIS!" and holds
   up the covered box containing  the head.
      Gerard is awakened by a knocking at the door. He hears Carrie's voice
   saying, "Gerard! There's the nicest man here to see you!...". He opens the
   door. Standing there is a middle-aged bearded man. Everything happens just
   as in the dream....
   Episode 1142
   Tape Date:  November 2, 1970 (ABC #227-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 10, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      The man asks, "You didn't really think you could get rid of it, did
   you?". Gerard asks the man who he is. The man replies, "His servant, just
   as my great-grandfather was." The man orders, "LOOK AT HIM, MR. STILES!".
   Gerard looks at the head. The eyes are open and staring.  The head,
   psychically, says, "I have chosen you and you will become me! Through
   you, I will live again!  The mask!  Put on the mask!". The man brings the
   mask to Gerard.  He puts it on. Then, in a different tone of voice, he
   exclaims, "IT IS DONE!". The man tells him, "My coven and I have awaited
   you for a long time". Gerard, now Judah Zachery, asks him to call him
   Gerard. He asks how many are left in the coven. The man replies, "Six".
   Gerard remarks that they'll need thirteen. Pointing at the head, he tells
   him to get rid of that thing. He tells him he plans vengeance. He thinks
   to himself, and clearly retaining Gerard's memories, remarks that the woman
   Miranda is still alive, though she now calls herself Valerie. He vows
   vengeance on her. But he tells the man she won't be the first, that only
   one family still survives, that of Amadeus Collins, that there will be
   another trial, but this time, he'll be the witness and Amadeus' descendant
   Quentin will be the accused.
      Quentin and Lamar Trask discuss the death of Roxanne. Trasks accuses
   Barnabas of being responsible somehow for it. Quentin reminds him that
   Barnabas was here at Collinwood when Roxanne died, that HE, Trask, was with
   her at the time. Trask accuses Barnabas of having used the Black Arts to
   cause her death. Quentin pooh-poohs this.
      Trask and Gerard are viewing the body of Roxanne. A woman comes up to
   view the body. Trask speaks to her briefly, addressing her as "Miss Bell".
   He takes Gerard aside and warns him not to have anything to do with her,
   saying she's a woman of low reputation. Gerard, not listening to Trask's
   advice, goes to the woman and, saying she must be a friend of Roxanne's,
   invites her to a 'special service' for Roxanne. He tells her not to 
   mention this to Trask, saying it's only for Roxanne's friends and is being
   kept secret from him. Gerard leaves. Quentin comes to view the body. The
   woman winks to Quentin and says, "See you later" and leaves. Quentin is
   puzzled. Trask overheads.
      The woman, Lorna Bell, goes to the place where the man told her the
   special service would be and finds him the only person there. He tells
   her she's the first one to arrive and takes her into a room. She notices
   an altar.  He tells her, "For the body, of course."  She hears a grating
   sound.  She turns around and is surprised to see him locking the door.
   She hears another sound, turns and sees a man in a robe and a jewelled
   mask come out of the shadows.  The first man exclaims, "The leader of
   our coven has returned after 150 years!  We must celebrate his return!
   You will be the first offering to Him!  Meet Judah Zachery!".  He grabs
   her and drags her to the altar.  The man in the jewelled mask raises a
      Later, Trask tells Gerard that a woman's body was found on the road.
   He tells him that the woman was Lorna Bell, the woman who had come to
   view Roxanne's body.  He tells him that the body was found by a man named
   Charles Dawson and bore sighs of having been sacrificed in a satanic
   ritual.  He shows him the body - on the forehead is a circle with an
   "X" through it. He adds that he thinks Lorna Bell left the funeral parlor
   with Quentin.
      Trask questions Quentin about Lorna Bell. He asks him what she meant
   when she said, "I'll see you later".  Quentin replies that he has no idea.
   Trask tells him she was found dead, with an occult mark on her forehead.
   He points out that Quentin is wearing a ring bearing the same sign.
   Episode 1143
   Tape Date:  November 3, 1970 (ABC #228-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 11, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas is in the drawing room at Collinwood, staring into the fire
   grieving for Roxanne. There's a knock at the door. He opens it. A man
   comes in. He introduces himself as Roxanne and Samantha's brother,
   Randall Drew. Barnabas remarks that he didn't know they had a brother.
   He replies that he's been practicing law in New York. He tells Barnabas
   he's come to ask him about the death of his sister, saying that Lamar
   Trask has told him he believes she died as a result of sorcery, and that
   he has accused him, Barnabas, of being responsible. Barnabas acts shocked
   and tells him he doesn't know what to make of such ridiculous accusations.
   He suggests to Randall Drew that Roxanne's breaking off of her engagement
   to Trask might be responsible for his odd accusuations. Julia comes into
   the room. Barnabas introduces Julia and Randall. Randall leaves. Barnabas
   reminds Julia that they have to prevent Roxanne from becoming a vampire.
      Samantha is talking with Valerie. She tells her she vows to find what
   killed her sister. Valerie asks what she means. Samantha tells her that
   she thinks the thing that attacked her sister is the same thing that
   attacked Hortense, and Hortense had said something about a "Headless
   body".  Randall comes into the room and asks to speak with Samantha.
   Valerie leaves.  Randall asks Samantha what she knows about Barnabas.
      Angelique returns to the old house and is surprised to find Julia there
   talking to Barnabas. Furious, she screams at Julia, "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU
   YOU WERE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!". Barnabas asks Julia to leave, saying
   he wants to speak to Angelique alone.  Julia leaves.  Barnabas scornfully
   tells Angelique to do whatever she wants, he no longer cares.  Angelique
   remarks, "You're even more bitter towards me than before. Something's
   happened to change you, and I know what it is. It's that woman, Julia.".
   She vows to find out who Julia really is.
      At Collinwood, Samantha tells Randall that she hopes he'll consider
   staying in Collinsport, that perhaps he'd consider starting a practice
   her. He replies that he'd prefer to join an established firm, perhaps that
   of Thorndyke and Hanley.  Samantha, shocked, remarks that that is the
   Collin's family law firm.  Randall replies that he holds no bitterness
   towards the Collins family.  She replies that he should, that Quentin
   went and took Joanna away from him even though he was married to her at
   the time. Julia comes into the room and asks about the services for
   Roxanne. Angelique, in the foyer, hears Julia in the drawing room. She
   goes upstairs. Samantha tells Julia that they the carriage is leaving the
   house at 1:00 and that the services will be at 1:30, that they will be
   very brief.  She remarks that Reverend Stone will be giving the eulogy,
   that Lamar Trask had asked to, that it gave her great pleasure to turn
   him down.
      Angelique goes up to Julia room and snoops around. In the dresser
   drawer, she finds some sort of book which seems to interest her very
      Angelique goes back downstairs and finds Julia alone in the drawing
   room. In a coy voice, she asks, "Who is Professor T. Elliot Stokes, Dr.
   Hoffman?"  Julia lies that she's never heard name. Angelique continues,
   "The how about Elizabeth Collins Stoddard?  Or Carolyn Stoddard?  Or
   Chris Jennings?"  She pulls out an appointment book and tells Julia she
   knows she's lying, that she has her appointment book from the year 1970
   and knows she's from the future.  She tells her the name she's most
   interested in is the one that appears most frequently in the book,
   "Barnabas Collins".  She warns Julia she might as well tell the truth
   because she'll find out sooner or later anyway.  Julia admits that she
   is from the future, that she met Barnabas in the year 1967. Angelique
   accuses Julia of "poisoning Baranbas's mind" against her and announces,
   "You are now my enemy!".
      The funeral for Roxanne has taken place. The only people left are
   Randall and Samantha. They open the coffin and take one last look. They
   close it again and leave.
      In her room, Julia gets a hammer and stake ready.
      In HER room, Angelique takes a doll of Julia and a handkerchief of
   Julia's she stole from Julia's room uses it to cast a spell on her
   that causes her to fall asleep.
      Julia awakens, looks at the clock and is startled to see that it is
   5:45. She exclaims, "OH NO!" and rushes out of the room.
      Samantha, Randall and Valerie are in the drawing room. Valerie asks,
   "Who was that man standing next to Trask at the service?"  Samantha
   replies that that was Gerard Stiles and warns her against having anything
   to do with him, saying he is the most conniving, selfish man alive and
   not someone to be trusted.  Valerie sees
   Julia rushing out the front doors and smiles....
      Julia gets to Roxanne's tomb and opens her coffin, but it is too late.
   She finds it empty. She hears a noise behind her and turns around to see
   Roxanne standing there, fangs bared....
   Episode 1144
   Tape Date:  November 4, 1970 (ABC #229-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 12, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Julia, vampire bite on her neck, awakens and finds herself in a strange
   room. Angelique comes into the room. Julia exclaims, "You caused
   this! You knew what I was going to do and caused me to fall asleep!". 
   She asks where she is. Angelique replies,"An old lighthouse. I had
   Roxanne bring you here. She completely under my power". Julia asks what
   she plans to do with her. Angelique replies, "Nothing. I intend to let
   Nature take its course.  I intend to let you die and become a vampire."
   She sarcastically adds, "Then you'll be closer to Barnabas than ever!".
      Barnabas goes to Collinwood to look for Julia.  He finds Quentin in
   the drawing room and asks where Julia is.  Quentin replies that he doens't
   know.  Barnabas leaves.
      It's 7:50. There's a knock at the door. Quentin answers. It's Gerard
   and the mysterious man. Gerard introduces the man as an old friend named
   "Charles Dawson", a laywer who practices in Bucksport. He asks if he could
   show him the house. Quentin replies that he can. He also asks Quentin if
   he father Daniel is in, saying he has something to give him. Quentin
   replies that he is.  As Quentin leaves the room, Gerard tells Dawson,
   "Study that man carefully, for he will be the instrument of my veangence!
   Soon, the Collins' will pay!".  Angelique comes into the room.  Gerard
   introduces her and Dawson to each other.  Daniel comes into the room and
   says to Gerard, "Quentin told me you had something for me".  Gerard and
   Daniel leave. Angelique and Dawson make small talk.
      In another room, Gerard gives Daniel his horoscope, which he says
   he asked him to draw for him.  Daniel asks him to tell him what's in the
   horoscope. Gerard tells him that it shows that he'll have a long and
   fruitful life, that the only disquieting thing shows is that he will
   become disenchanted with someone close to him.
      Dawson and Angelique continue to make small talk. Barnabas comes in
   and asks to speak to Angelique privately.  Dawson goes out into the foyer
   and closes the doors to allow them to do so.
      Gerard comes back downstairs and finds Dawson in the foyer. Dawson
   explains to him that Barnabas wanted to talk to Valerie alone. Gerard
   asks Dawson if he knows how to get to the old house. Dawson replies that
   he does. Gerard gives Dawson instructions to go there and do something ...
      Inside the drawing room,  Barnabas demands to know where Julia is.
   Angelique refuses to tell him. He tells her he knows she must have found
   out what Julia was doing and prevented her from doing so, saying he went
   to the Roxanne's tomb and found the hammer and stake there, unused. He
   begs her to tell him where Julia, saying he'll do anything she wants if
   she does. Angelique still refuses.  Angered, he grabs her by the arm,
   saying he won't allow her to leave the room until she tells him where
   Julia is.  Gerard comes into the room.  Angelique takes the opportunity
   to get free of Barnabas, quickly excuses herself and rushes out the
   front door.  Barnabas excuses himself and rushes to the front door, but
   delayed by having had to talk to Gerard, is too late.  Angelique's gone.
      Quentin comes downstairs and finds Gerard there. He angrily chastises
   him for disturbing his father with the horoscope telling him he'll become
   disenchanted with someone he's close to.  Gerard apoligizes, saying he
   didn't know it would have such a strong effect on him.  Quentin accepts
   the apology.  Charles Dawson returns.  Gerard lies that Dawson's been out
   exploring the grounds.  After Quentin leaves the room, Dawson tells Gerard
   that he's searched Valerie's room at the old house and found nothing.
   Gerard exclaims, "I know she must be Miranda DuVal. Tonight we'll find out
   for sure!"  Dawson, wondering how Miranda Duval could've survived all this
   time, warns that she might have developed significant powers in 150 years.
   Gerard/Judah glares at him and replies, "She couldn't be more powerful
   than ME!".
      Angelique goes to Julia and gloats that she's spoken to Barnabas, that
   he seems quite devoted to her, that he's searching for her everywhere,
   but adds that he won't find her.
      Angelique returns to Collinwood.  Gerard and Dawson are hiding behind
   a door.  Gerard uses a medallion to cast a spell.  The foyer darkens.  The
   ghost of Amadeus Collins appears on the landing and repeats his speech
   asking Miranda to testify against Judah Zachery.  Angelique casts a
   spell, "Amadeus Collins, I command you to leave!...", and it disappears.
   Behind the door, Gerard/Judah mutters "Now I know who you are, Miranda,
   but you do not know who I am.  You have survived this long, but soon I
   will have the satisfaction of destroying you!"
   Episode 1145
   Tape Date:  November 9, 1970 (ABC #230-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 13, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Lamar Trask and Gerard are discussing witchcraft. Trask tells Gerard
   he suspects Quentin and Barnabas of practicing sorcery, especially
   Quentin.  While they are talking, Gerard tells Trask there's something
   in his eye and, saying he forgot to bring his handkerchief, asks to borrow
   one. Trask lends him one. As he leaves, Gerard tells Trask, "Good night"
   and wishes him "Pleasant Dreams". Trask thanks him but replies that he 
   never dreams. Gerard thinks to himself, "You will tonight..."
      At Collinwood, Quentin takes Gerard to a room in a remote room in
   Collinwood and shows him a staircase.  He tells him it's a staircase to
   time. Gerard is dubious, and asks if he has any theory to back it up.
   Quentin tells him he does and leaves to get his plans to show him.
   While Quentin is gone, Gerard uses Trask's handkerchief to cast a spell
   to cause him to have a dream...
      Trask, asleep, has a dream.  In it, Trask sees Quentin dragging a
   struggling Lorna Bell to an altar....
      Quentin returns with the plans. Gerard looks through them and asks
   how much longer till the staircase is finished.  Quentin replies, "A few
   days".  Samantha comes into the room and asks Quentin to speak about
   the new governess.  She sees Gerard there, becomes angry and tells Quentin
   she'll talk to him after HE leaves...
      Samantha goes back downstairs. She runs into Trask there. He warns her
   to leave Collinwood tonight. She asks why. He tells her he's had a dream
   which revealed that Quentin is involved in sorcery, that he is responsible
   for the death of Lorna Bell, and possibly also that of Roxanne. Samantha
   replies that she has been worried about Quentin's strange behavior since
   he came back, but can't leave the house without taking Tad, but tells him
   she'd be interested in anything he finds out about Quentin.
      Samantha goes to Daniel and tells him about Quentin's odd behavior,
   that she's heard that he's claimed to have built a staircase through time.
   Saying that she thinks something happened on his last trip to destabilize
   him, she suggests to Daniel that he amend his will giving the money directly
   to Tad. Daniel refuses.
      Trask tells Gerard that he told Samantha about Quentin. Gerard asks
   why. Trask replies that he knows Samantha well enough to know she'll go
   right to Daniel.
      Daniel goes to Quentin and tells him that he won't beat around the
   bush, that he has one question to ask him.  He asks him, "Are you or are
   you not practicing Witchcraft in this house?"  Quentin assures him that
   he is not.  Daniel asks him about this staircase through time he has
   heard he is constructing.  Quentin replies that that has nothing to do
   with Wicthcraft, but is an experiment in Metaphysics.
      Quentin goes to Samantha and tells her he knows it is her who is trying
   to undermine his relationship with Daniel, that he he saw her talking with
   Trask earlier and knows it was she who went to Daniel with Trask's idiotic
   accustions of sorcery.  He tells her if she does it again, he'll enjoy
   strangling her.
      Daniel asks Gerard about Quentin's recent behavior, saying he knows
   he can get impartial advice from him.  Gerard averrs that he can't be
   impartial, that he's Quentin's friend.  Daniel asks him if he knows
   anything about this staircase through time Quentin is working on.  Gerard
   laughs and replies that he's seen it, that there's it's perfectly innocent
   and that there's nothing to worry about.  He offers to take him to it to
   alleviate any concern he might have over it.
      They go to the staircase.  Daniel looks at it and says, "Is this all
   there is to it?". Gerard does something to cause Daniel to have a vision
   of Quentin strangling Lorna Bell.  Daniel starts to have a heart attack
   and grabs his chest...
   Episode 1146
   Tape Date:  November 6, 1970 (ABC #231-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 16, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Gabriel shows up and asks what's wrong with his father. Gerard tells him
   they've got to get a doctor.    
      Quentin and Daphne are talking in the drawing room.  Gerard rushes in and
   tells them Daniel's had an attack and they've got to get a doctor.  He asks
   where Julia is, but nobody knows.
      Daniel is in his room. He is being comforted by Edith. He gasps, "Why did
   Quentin do it..."  Quentin, Daphne, Gerard and Gabriel show up.  Edith
   tells them to leave, that Daniel is too sick to see them all. All of them,
   including Edith, leave except Quentin.  Daniel asks him, "Why, Quentin,
   why?" Quentin replies that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Daniel
   tells him, "I saw your stairway. I saw into the past. I saw you kill Lorna
   Bell!"  He then loses consciousness.
      Edith hapilly tells Gabriel that she thinks Quentin has done something
   that Daniel does not approve of, that some of the things that Daniel had
   said seem to indicate this, but that she does not know what.
      Downstairs in the drawing room, Gerard apologizes to Daphne for missing
   their dinner date a few nights earlier.  Daphne tells him not to worry about
   it, that while she was waiting for him she decided she didn't really want to
   see him. He grabs her angrily. She tells him that now she's seen the look
   that's on his face right now, she'll never want to have dinner with him.
      In her room, Daphne writes that it's been a strange night at
   Collinwood. She writes that she could almost feel sorry for Quentin, but
   that she must not, that she must guard against it.
      Gerard uses a larger version of the symbol on Quentin's ring to cast
   a spell to make Daphne fall asleep.  He chants, "You will see the future,
   the future which you will share with me..."
      Daphne, feeling sleepy, walks to bed and falls asleep. She has a dream
   in which Gerard is lighting some black candles in the drawing room. She
   walks into the drawing room and they kiss. He asks her, "Will you come
   with me?". She answers "Yes".  He tells her to meet him at the gazebo
      Daphne awakens from the dream. Downstairs, Gerard puts the things he
   used to cast the spell away, saying, "Daphne, you will conciously forget
   this dream, but it will remain in you deepest subconscious..." Daphne comes
   downstairs and walks into the drawing room. She looks confused. Gerard
   asks what she wants. She replies that she left some books here. He gives
   them to her and she leaves. Edith comes into the room. Gerard kisses her.
   She reminds him he refused her advances earlier and accuses him of playing
   games with her. He offers to tell her some secrets. Gabriel comes into
   the room and sees them in each other's arms. He angrily says, "Mr. Stiles,
   I didn't know my wife was so upset by Daniel's attack to need so much
   comforting."  Gerard lies that she was.  He leaves.  Gabriel tells Edith
   that he's talked with Daniel, that he's learned that Daniel has changed
   his mind about Quentin, that Trask has told him that Quentin is dabbling
   in black magic and that he believes it and might change his will in favor
   of him.  Edith contemptiously tells him he'll screw it up with his self
   pity again.
      Quentin and Daphne are in the tower room with Daniel, who is asleep.
   Quentin tells Daphne that the doctor has told him another attack could
   kill him.
      Quentin goes to the "magic" staircase and finds Gerard there. He asks
   him, "Why did it happen? The staricase isn't even finished yet.  Why did
   he say he saw me kill Lorna Bell?  I didn't kill her".  Gerard replies that
   he doesn't know.  Quentin tells Gerard that he's noticed a pattern in the
   mysterious letters he's been getting.  He tells him he's noticed that he
   receives one every three days, that they arrive either during his
   afternoon walks, or when he goes into the drawing room at 1:00 a.m. for
   a nightcap.  Gerard remarks that it must be someone who knows his habits
   well.  Quentin replies that he intends to find out who that person is.
   He tells him that nothing appeared during his walk today, that it's about
   midnight now, so it'll have to appear at 1:00.
      Quentin and Gerard go downstairs. At the front door, Gerard loudly
   tells Quentin he's going back to Rose Cottage, and loudly invites him to
   come with him and have a drink.  Quentin loudly accepts and they leave.
   They are obviously trying to be overheard.  Minutes later, Quentin goes
   back into the drawing room, the doors of which are closed, through the
   windows and sits there and waits.
      The drawing room doors open.  Quentin is shocked to see Daphne standing
   there holding a letter and exclaims, "YOU!".
   Episode 1147
   Tape Date:  November 10, 1970 (ABC #232-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 17, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Quentin gets up, walks up to Daphne and demands, "Give me that
   letter!". Daphne acts shocked and whimpers, "I don't understand...".
   He grabs the letter from her, looks at it and is shocked to see it is
   addressed to Desmond. She explains that Desmond had invited her to go
   horseback riding with him tomorrow, and she wrote him a note telling him
   she couldn't.  Quentin apoligizes.  Daphne remarks that he's a very
   difficult man to understand and leaves. Quentin goes to the sideboard to
   pour himself a drink and is surprised to see a letter there addressed to
   him. He opens it and reads it. It is from Joanna. It tells him she looks
   forward to being with him again, to hearing him play "their" song on the
   piano. He goes to the piano and plays the song. Samantha comes in, hears
   him playing and applauds.  Not knowing its significance, she asks what it
   is.  He lies that he doens't remember, that it's just some song he heard
   somewhere.  She tells him that Daniel's much better, but that he's got to
   stop his insane experiments, especially the staircase through time she's
   heard about.
      In her room, Daphne writes that that causing "him" to fall in love
   with her might be to her benefit, though she hates him. She hears a
   voice behind her say, "Who do you hate, Daphne". She quickly closes her
   diary.  She turns around and sees Tad standing there.  He repeats his
   question,"Who do you hate, Daphne?  My minister says it's bad to hate
   anyone."  Daphne refuses to tell him, saying a diary is private and he
   shouldn't have snuck up on her. He tells her he didn't sneak up on her,
   that he came into her room to see her, but that she was so occupied with
   what she was doing that she didn't hear him. He arrogantly tells her it
   doesn't matter that she won't tell him who she hates, that he'll find out,
   that he has a way of finding things out...
      Later, in another room, Daphne is overseeing Tad and Carrie with their
   lessons. Carrie, looking in a book and writing on a piece of paper,
   complains, "Latin!  Why do we have to study Latin? No one speaks it
   anymore!"  Daphne replies that it'll help her to learn other languages.
   Carrie goes over her work verbally, "Amo - I love, Amas, You love,
   Amat...".  Tad exclaims, "She loves... GERARD!".  Carrie gets angry at Tad.
   Tad tells Daphne, "She does! She keeps writing letters to him she never
   gives him!" Tad and Carrie start arguing. Samantha comes in, sees this and
   tells Daphne she doesn't think much of her discipline.  She tells her
   she'll take the children to Rose Cottage for the rest of the evening.
   Daphne complains that they still have two hours of lessons left. Samantha
   brushes away her objections by saying that if she had wanted Tad to follow
   a regular time schedule for his lessons, she would've sent him to the
   town school instead of having a governess.
      Daphne is in her room. Quentin comes in an apologizes for his earlier
   behavior. Daphne tells him about Samantha's interrupting the children's
   lessons. They kiss. Quentin leaves, saying there's something he's got to
      Tad and Carrie go into the playroom, having just returned from Rose
   Cottage. Tad remarks that his mother didn't know Gerard would be there and
   didn't look happy that she, Carrie, spent so much time with him.  Carrie
   tells him Gerard gave her a gift and takes a crystal ball out of a box.
   She tells him she's psychic. He replies that he doesn't believe her. She
   tells him she'll prove it by looking into the crystal ball. She looks.
   She tells him she sees a scene shrouded in fog. She tells him the fog is
   lifting. A look of terror comes across her face. Tad asks her what she
   sees. She gasps, "I saw you, and me. We were lying here in this room.
   WE WERE DEAD!". Tad tells her that that's crazy, that they're both too
   young to die. But she continues, "We looked like we do now. It's going
   to happen soon!".
      Samantha confronts Daphne with a note from Quentin reprimanding her
   for interferring with the children's lessons gets into an argument with
   Daphne about complaining to Quentin about it.
      Quentin goes to talk to the doctor who treated Joanna at the insane
   asylum.  He asks if anyone ever came to see her.  The doctor replies, "Few
   people ever visit people once they've been declared insane."  He then says,
   "Oh yes, she did have one visitor just before she escaped.  I remember
   because she became very violent afterwards."  Quentin asks who the visitor
   was. The doctor, an aged fellow whose memory doesn't seem too good, says,
   "Um, let me try to remember...".
      It is 5:56 at Collinwood. Quentin returns and bursts into the drawing
   room. Daphne, who is in there, starts to greet him warmly, "Quentin...",
   but he interrutpts her, saying angrily, "I know who you really are!
   You're the sister of Joanna Mills!".
   Episode 1148
   Tape Date:  November 5, 1970 (ABC #233-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 18, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Quentin demands to know the truth. Daphne says nothing. Quentin tells
   her she has one hour to leave Collinwood. Daphne tells him the truth,
   that she is Joanna's younger sister. Quentin asks, "So you came here for 
   revenge, to drive me mad?"  Daphne exclaims, "No, I came here to kill
   you!" She tells him he caused her sister's death and tells of watching
   her go crazy after he left her. Quentin explains his side of the story,
   saying he wanted to divorce his wife and marry Joanna, but that Samantha
   wouldn't give him a divorce, that he then stopped seeing Joanna because
   he thought it would be easier for her to not see him at all than to see
   him for short periods every once and awhile, knowing they could never
   be together. He tells her he didn't know what his leaving her would lead
   to and that what happened hurts him as much as it hurts her. He tells her
   it would have been better if she had killed him rather than torturing him
   with the letters.  Daphne asks, "What letters?". He tells her about them.
   She tell him she didn't have anything to do with them.  Daphne, now
   realizing that Joanna's death wasn't Quentin's fault, forgives him. They
   hug. Gabriel rolls into the room and makes some snide comments about how
   little time it took for Quentin to become 'acquainted' with the new
   governess. Quentin asks Daphne to leave. She does. Quentin tells Gabriel
   that it wasn't what it looked like, that he was just comforting Daphne.
   Gabriel continues making snide, mocking comments which Quentin clearly
   does not like. Seeing this, Gabriel says, "I see you don't want to discuss
   this. Why don't we change the subject, then. What ever happened to Joanna
   Mills?"  Quentin, shocked, asks him how he knows about Joanna. Gabriel
   replies that he did some checking on him when he and Samantha were having
   their "problems".  Quentin replies that Joanna's dead. He asks Gabriel if
   he knows anything about the letters he's been receiving but finds that
   he doesn't.
      At the lighthouse, Laszlo goes into the room to torment Julia. He shows
   her a cross. Julia reaches for it, but he won't give it to her. She begs
   him to give it to her before Roxanne comes back. Laszlo refuses. He tells
   her he'll give it to her for $1000 in gold. She tells him she'll pay his
   price. Surprised, he asks, "You have $1000 in gold with you?". She tells
   him she doesn't, but that she'll write him a note which he can take to
   Barnabas for payment. He pretends to think about it for awhile, but then
   says, "No. It wouldn't be fair to Barnabas to pay for you. You're almost
   dead and wouldn't be worth the price.". He has obviously been tormenting
   her. She loses conciousness. He sees she has a nice ring on her finger,
   steals it, puts it on her own finger, remarks, "Finally, a payment for
   services rendered" and leaves.
      At Collinwood, Barnabas is in the drawing room with Gabriel. He
   continues to wonder where Julia is. Outside, dogs howl. After talking with
   Gabriel for awhile, Barnabas leaves. Daphne walks into the drawing room.
   Seeing Gabriel in there, she quickly excuses herself and turns to leave,
   but Gabriel starts to talk to her. She accuses him of just wanting to
   cause trouble between her and Quentin. He warns her about Quentin, saying
   he's involved in the Black Arts.  She is dubious about this. He asks her,
   "Have you ever been to his laboratory?  Have you been having any strange
   dreams lately?"  He sees that this gets a reaction and remarks, "I see
   you have. Do you know that sorcerers sometimes use dreams to control
   people?"   She denies that she's had any strange dreams.
      Someone sneaks into the old house... It's Laszlo. Seeing no one around,
   he call out quietly, "Angelique?"  Barnabas comes in and catches him there.
   He asks Laslo what he's doing there.  Laszlo lies that he came to deliver a
   message.  Barnabas asks to whom.  Laszlo replies, "To you.". Barnabas asks
   what it is.  Laszlo replies that a man at the Eagle paid him to come here
   and tell him to go there and meet him.  Barnabas, pretending to believe his
   story, pretends to describe a man who might be wanting him, "Was he heavy-
   set, with gray hair?".  Laszlo replies, "Exactly!". Barnabas grabs him and
   tells him he knows he's lying, that he just made up the man. He sees
   Julia's ring on Laszlo's finger and exclaims, "Julia's ring! You work for
   Angelique!", grabs him by the throat and angrily demands, "WHERE IS JULIA?"
      Quentin goes into the drawing room and finds Daphne in there. He finds
   that she is acting differently towards him and asks why. She tell him she's
   thought about it and has decided that she cannot become involved with him.
   She goes to the sideboard and finds a letter addressed to "Sister" in
   Joanna's handwriting.  Quentin says, "That wasn't in there when I came into
   the room...". Her eyes tearing up, Daphne says, "I can't read this...".
   Quentin takes it from her, open it and reads it to her. In it Joanna tells
   Daphne not to make the same mistake she did...
      Barnabas, having forced the information from Laszlo, goes to the light-
   house and finds Julia there.
   Episode 1149
   Tape Date:  November 11, 1970 (ABC #234-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 19, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Barnabas prepares to take Julia, who's alive, away, but Roxanne
   suddenly appears and tells him to leave her, saying Julia is her's.
   Barnabas stares into Roxanne's eyes and uses some sort of power on her
   and she flees. He takes Julia and goes.
      Flora and Randall are at Rose Cottage. She asks him about his plans, if
   he's going to stay in Collinsport or not. He tells her he hasn't decided
   yet. Trask comes in and tells Flora he's come to see Gerard. Flora
   replies that Gerard isn't here, that he's at Collinwood. Trask remarks
   that he hopes Gerard hasn't become too involved with anyone at Collinwood,
   that evil has crept into that house, that there's something supernatural
   going on there.  Randall makes some sarcastic comments about Trask's
   remarks.  Trask maintains that what he's saying is true and adds, "Quentin
   Collins is in league with the Devil!"  Randall continues to say he's being
   ridiculous. He's obviously a strong skeptic. But Flora says, "I don't
   know. There have been a lot of strange things happening lately..." Trask
      Walking in the woods, Trask hears a sound and yells, "Who's there?
   Show yourself!"  Roxanne comes out from behind the trees. A look of
   complete shock comes across Trask's face.  He exclaims, "No! It can't be!
   You're dead!". Roxanne mocking replies, "You're the one who's always told
   me that there's a life after death.  You were right."  She attacks him.
      Randall tells Flora it's late and he's got to leave. Barnabas comes
   in with Julia.  He tells Flora to take Julia upstairs and get a cross and
   stay with her.  Flora asks why. Barnabas replies, "I haven't got time to
   explain. I've got to go get a doctor" and leaves.
      Later, the doctor having examined Julia and left, Barnabas tells
   Randall that he's stopped the bleeding and that Julia will be all right
   if they can find the person who attacked her.  Randall asks what he means.
   Barnabas tells him that Julia's been attacked by a vampire.  He tells him
   that the vampire is Roxanne, that she's arisen from the grave...
      In the woods, Trask now looks a lot calmer. He is obviously under
   Roxanne's control now.  She tells him, "Whenever I need you, I will summon
   you and you will come..."
      Randall, forever the skeptic, tells Barnabas he doesn't believe him.
   Barnabas tells him he saw Roxanne with his own eyes. Randall still doesn't
   believe him. Barnabas tells him he'll prove it to him. They leave.
      Flora goes into the drawing room at Rose Cottage and finds Trask
   sitting in there. She notices he's acting strangely and asks what he's
   doing. He replies that he's meditating. She tells him that she thinks
   there's something to what he said earlier, that Barnabas found Julia and
   something supernatural obviously happened. Trask doesn't seem very
      Barnabas and Randall return. Randall has a stunned expression on his
   face. Flora tells them that she's seen the the bite marks on Julia's
   neck. She tells them that she's read about the occult and thinks she's
   been attacked by a vampire.  Randall replies, "Yes. The vampire is
   Roxanne."  He explains that he and Barnabas went to her tomb and found it
   empty.  Flora tells them Trask has returned and is acting strangely.
      Barnabas and Randall go into the drawing room and find Trask sitting
   there. They ask him why he returned.  Trask,speaking in a monotine, tells
   them he decided to come back and wait for Gerard.  Barnabas asks him if he
   met anyone while he was in the woods. Trask lies that he didn't.
      Roxanne summons Trask.
      Trask gets up to leave.  Barnabas asks, "I thought you were going to
   wait here for Gerard". Trask answers that he's changed his mind and leaves.
   Randall remarks to Barnabas that Trask appears to have changed completely.
   Barnabas replies, "He's lying. He must have run into Roxanne in the woods.
   We must follow him. Perhaps we can find Roxanne through him".
      Randall and Barnabas follow Trask to the cemetary. They see him go into
   a tomb.
      Inside the tomb, Roxanne opens her arms and bares her fangs. Trask
   prepares to go to her. Suddenly, Roxanne hears something, exclaims, "You
   must have been followed!" and disappears.  Barnabas and Randall go into the
   tomb and find Trask in there alone with an empty coffin.  Barnabas tells
   Randall, "She'll have to come back here before dawn."  Giving him a cross,
   Barnabas tells Randall, "You've got to stay here and keep her from going
   into that coffin!"  Randall, shocked, asks, "Me?  You won't be here with
   me?".   Barnabas replies that Trask is in Roxanne's power and would try to
   help her and that he's got to get him away.  He takes Trask and leaves. We
   know his real reason, of course...
      When dawn nears, Roxanne returns to the tomb and finds Randall there.
   He holds up the cross and blocks her way to the coffin. She begs,
   "I've got to get into the coffin!"  He continues to bar her way and
   answers, "NO! I can't let you in there! This is the only way you can find
   Episode 1150
   Tape Date:  November 12, 1970 (ABC #235-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 19, 1970 Friday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Roxanne begs Randall to let her into the coffin. Randall refuses.
   She begs for mercy, saying she's his sister. He still refuses, saying
   she's not human anymore.  The sun comes up.  Roxanne screams, "Help!
   Barnabas! I need you!" and burns up.
      At Rose Cottage, Julia awakens, feeling OK. She exclaims, "It's over!
   Roxanne's dead!".
      Randall puts the cross on the spot where Roxanne had burned up and left
   no trace.
      Daphne re-reads the letter from Joanna.  Quentin comes in.  He tells her
   he's just learned that Julia's been found and is at Rose Cottage.  She
   asks him how she is.  Quentin replies that he doesn't know. Daphne tells
   Quentin she thinks the letters from Joanna might mean her spirit's not
   at rest while she's in the house and that she's thinking about leaving
   Collinwood.  He hugs her and comforts her.  He tells her he's got to go to
   Rose Cottage to bring Julia back to Collinwood and begs her not to make
   a decision until he returns.
      Randall Drew goes to the old house and goes in. (The door is unlocked.).
   He calls out "Barnabas?", but receives no answer from him.  Instead, he
   hears Lamar Trask voice coming from the cellar, "Randall?  Is that you?
   Let me out of here!". He goes to the cellar door and finds Trask on the
   other side.  Trask complains that Barnabas brought him here, locked him in
   the cellar and left.  He tells Randall that something must've happened,
   that he felt a change.  Randall tells him that Roxanne has been destroyed.
   He wonders why Barnabas locked Trask there and left. Looking for a key and
   finding none, he tells Trask that someone at Collinwood must have another
   one and leaves to get it.  Trask goes back down into the cellar.  He starts
   to hear the sound of ghostly chains...
      Quentin brings Julia back to Collinwood.  He tells her he is surprised
   she is so well, that Flora had told him she was near death.  He asks her
   what attacked her. She lies that she doesn't know, that it happened too
   fast for her to see what it was, that she lost consciousness almost
   immediately.  Randall comes in. He asks Julia how she is. She replies that
   she's OK. He asks, "Then you know it's all over?"  She replies, "Yes.".
   Quentin asks, "What's over?"   Randall, surprised, asks Julia, "You mean
   you didn't tell him?". Julia replies, "I thought it might be better to
   keep it a secret".  Randall, obviously not agreeing with this, tells
   Quentin that a vampire had attacked Julia, and that the vampire was
   Roxanne. He tells him the complete story of how he and Barnabas tracked
   down Roxanne and how she was destroyed.  Quentin asks, "Who made Roxanne
   into a vampire"?  Randall replies that he doesn't know.  Randall asks if
   they know where Barnabas is, saying he had locked Trask in the cellar of
   the old house and left. They tell him they don't know. Randall asks
   Quentin if he has key to the cellar. He replies that he doesn't. Julia
   tells him she has one.  Quentin tells them not to tell anyone else
   Roxanne was a vampire.
      In the cellar of the old house, Trask continues to hear the sound of
   ghostly chains and ghostly moaning.  He thinks briefly to himself that
   it might be his imagination, but then listens more carefully and decides
   that it's not, that it seems to be coming from behind a brick wall.
      Quentin tells Daphne that Julia is now OK. She tells him she's decided
   to leave Collinwood.  He begs her not to, saying he believes that the notes
   are not from Joanna, that someone else is behind them.  He tells her
   there's one way to find out, to contact Joanna. 
      Randall and Julia go down into the cellar.  They are surprised to find
   Trask with his ear to a brick wall.  Randall asks, "Is something wrong?"
   Trask answers, "Indeed there is.  Someone's behind that wall!  I heard chains
   and moaning". Randall remarks that he doesn't hear anything. Trask answers
   that the sounds stopped when he and Julia came down the stairs. He tells
   them he thinks they ought to tear down the wall.  Julia replies that she
   thinks that would not be a good idea, that no one could be alive back
   there because the wall is obviously very old, and adds that it might be
   dangerous to tear it down for structural reasons.  Trask continues to
   maintain that there's something strange going on in the old house and that
   further investigation is warranted.  Randall agrees.  Julia expresses
   surprise that he would agree with Trask.  Randall explains that he's found
   her brother Barnabas' behavior suspicious, that he seems to know an awful
   lot about vampires, that he took one look at Trask at Rose Cottage and
   knew he had been attacked by one, that he knew to follow him to Roxanne,
   that he knew how to destroy her. Julia replies with a analogy, "Just
   because a man knows how to put out a fire doesn't mean he should be
   considered an arsonist".  Randall adds,"Roxanne called out to him in her
   last moments when she was being destroyed by the sun."  He tells Julia
   he finds this suspicious. Julia replies that she doesn't, that Roxanne and
   Barnabas were in love and it wouldn't be surprising that she would call
   out to him in her last moments. Randall agrees that she might be right.
      Quentin and Daphne hold a seance to contact Joanna in the drawing room.
   The doors blow open. Standing in the doorway is a shadowy figure...
   Episode 1151
   Tape Date:  November 16, 1970 (ABC #236-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 23, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Quentin and Daphne run to the figure, but it disappears. Quentin tells
   Daphne they've got to contact Joanna again and try to get her to tell them
   what they want to know, but Daphne disagrees. She tells him if Joanna had
   wanted to say anything she would've, and anyway, she tells him she thinks
   that Joanna's appearance means she's uncomfortable and that she's decided
   to leave Collinwood. Quentin begs her not to. Daphne finally agrees to
   stay with the proviso that they never be alone together.
      At Rose Cottage, Desmond snoops through Gerard's room and finds the
   "Journal of Judah Zachary" in a desk drawer.  Gerard returns to his room
   and catches Desmond.  Desmond shows him the Journal, says, "I thought you
   said you didn't know where it was!" and accuses him of stealing it.  Gerard
   lies that he found it lying on a table just yesterday.  Desmond tells him
   he doesn't believe him and will have him evicted from Rose Cottage.
      Later, Gerard goes into the drawing room of Rose Cottage and finds
   Flora in there writing.  She tells him she's starting a new book, that
   she's discovered a fascinating new subject, vampirism.  Surprised, he asks,
   "Vampirism?"  She tells him about Roxanne being a vampire.  He asks her if
   she's seen Desmond lately. S he tells him put something in the cupboard
   and left.  Gerard goes to the cupboard and tries to open it, but finds it
   locked.  Telling Flora he left a copy of one of her books there, "The
   Call of the Wild Goose", he asks her for the key.  She replies, "Isn't
   it there?  It always is."  Gerard replies that is isn't.  Flora replies,
   "Desmond must have taken it.  No matter.  I have another copy of that book.
   I'll give it to you."
      Gerard and Trask talk about the strange things that have been happening.
   Trask tells Gerard that he's convinced that Quentin and Barnabas are both
   in league with the Devil and are responsible for Roxanne becoming a 
   vampire . Gerard asks why they would do that. Trask replies, "To use her
   to destroy their enemies, of course.  I was one of her first victim."
   Gerard asks, "Why did Barnabas help Randall destroy her, then?"  Trask
   replies, "Remember, she attacked Barnabas' sister Julia also. They must've
   lost control of her and decided she must be destroyed".  Trask adds that
   he thinks Quentin might be the more dangerous of the two. Gerard asks why.
   Trask replies that he thinks he killed Lorna Bell and explains that the
   symbol found on her forehead is the same as one on Quentin's ring.  Gerard
   explains that it was he who bought the ring for Quentin.  Trask, shocked,
   asks him to explain.  Gerard replies that when they were in South America,
   a crew member got very sick and they brought him to be treated by a witch
   doctor.  Trask, shocked, exclaims, "You brought a Christian soul to be
   treated by a pagan?!"  Gerard replies that Quentin had insisted.  He
   continues the story, saying that while the witch doctor was treating the
   crew member, he saw Quentin admiring a ring the witch doctor was wearing
   and after Quentin left bought if for him as a surprise.  After Trask leaves
   the room, he takes the larger version of the symbol he used to cast the
   spell out of a box and laughs.                                       
      Desmond goes to Quentin and tells him he's going to try to get his
   mother to evict Gerard from Rose Cottage.  Quentin asks why.  Desmond
   replies, "Because he's a dangerous, evil man".  He tells Quentin about his
   stealing the "Journal of Judah Zachary." Trask comes by and hears them
      Quentin goes to Gerard and tells him about Desmond's accusations.
   Gerard assures him that they are groundless, that he found the Journal.
   Quentin, believing him, tells him he'd better go talk to Flora before
   Desmond gets to her.  He also tells Gerard that he's fallen in love with
   Daphne.  He leaves.  Gerard angrily says to himself, "You always get what
   I want!"  He then corrects himself, "No. Quentin always got what Gerard
   Stiles wanted. I am Judah Zachary and I will have her!"  He takes out
   the magic symbol and casts a spell on Daphne...
      At Collinwood in the drawing room, Daphne, reading a book, falls asleep.
   She has a dream in which she and Gerard are in the drawing room. They are
   in love and kiss. He tells her, "Whenever you want to see me, you must
   come to me!" and leaves.  Daphne awakens. She gets up, walks into the foyer
   and leaves through the front doors.
      Daphne goes to Rose Cottage and to Gerard, who is in the drawing room.
   She is puzzled at why she is there and says, "Why did I come here?"
   Before anything can happen, Desmond comes in, sees Daphne and asks, "What
   are you up to now, Gerard?"  Daphne leaves. Gerard angrily leaves too.
   Desmond unlocks the cupboard and takes the "Journal of Judah Zachary" out.
   He wonders what Gerard could have read in it to cause him to act so
   differently.  He opens the journal and starts to leaf through it.  Unknown
   to him, Gerard has not left, but is spying on him from the hallway.
   Suddenly, Flora comes into the hallway and says, "Hello, Gerard!" and
   goes into the drawing room, where she finds Desmond.  Gerard leaves.
   Desmond starts to talk to Flora, but before he can say anything, Gerard,
   now in another room, takes wraps a handkerchief around a doll of Desmond
   and tightens it.  In the drawing room, Desmond starts to choke.  Gerard
   runs into the drawing room, sees Desmond choking, pretends to be concerned
   and pours a brandy for him.  Desmond knocks it out of his hand.  While
   Flora has her attention on Desmond, Gerard picks the "Journal of Judah
   Zachary" up and leaves.
   Episode 1152
   Tape Date:  November 13, 1970 (ABC #237-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 24, 1970 Tuesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Flora asks Desmond why he refuses Gerard's help.  Desmond replies that
   it's because Gerard did this to him.  Flora replies, "That's impossible!
   Gerard wasn't even in the room when this happened!"  Desmond starts to get
   worse. He exclaims, "Get Julia Collins!"  Flora, not wanting to leave
   Desmond alone, calls for Leticia. She comes.  Flora tells her about Desmond
   and tells her to go get Julia.  Leticia looks at Desmond and exclaims, "I
   know what it is!  It's the Devil's work!". Flora tells her to hurry and go
   get Julia. Leticia leaves to do so.
      In the drawing room at Collinwood, Trask is questioning Julia about
   what happened to her. Angered by her lack of cooperation, he asks her,
   "Why are you so uncooperative?  Don't you want to get to the bottom of
   this mystery?". She replies that she is, but is uncooperative because
   she is offended by the accusatory way he is talking about her brother
   Barnabas. She explains his absence by saying he's somewhere mourning for
   Roxanne. Trask replies, "All right. I'll stop asking about your brother
   and start asking about you."  He asks her who was guarding her at the
   lighthouse during daytime when Roxanne was resting. Julia lies that
   no one was. Trask asks her why she didn't escape, then. Julia replies that
   she was too weak to.  Trask finally leaves and goes upstairs to see
   Samantha.  Leticia rushes in and tells Julia that something is terribly
   wrong with Desmond and to come quickly to Rose Cottage.
      At Rose Cottage, Desmond, in his delirium, says, "Quentin!  Quentin,
   listen to me!  It's dangerous business!  I warn you, stay away!  Quentin,
   stop!". Flora, who is in the room with him, is puzzled.
      The grandfather clock at Collinwood strikes 8:00.  Leticia is waiting
   in the foyer for Julia.  Julia comes running down the stairs with her
   medical bag.  Just as they are about to leave, the door opens and Angelique
   steps in.  She sees Julia and in a surprised voice says, "Why it's my dear
   sister-in-law.  I haven't seen you in such a long time I had given you up
   for dead!"  Julia tells her there's a medical emergency at Rose Cottage
   involving Desmond and she has no time to talk.  She and Leticia leave.
   Angelique walks into the drawing room and wonders, "How did Julia escape?"
   She starts to try to summon Roxanne.
      Julia and Leticia arrive at Rose Cottage. Julia examines Desmond and
   tells a shocked Flora that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him,
   that there's no physical reason he should be choking. She shocks Flora
   by leaving. Flora remarks that she doesn't understand what's happening
   at all. Leticia tells her she does, that it's the Devil's work, that
   someone is using Black Magic against Desmond. She uses her second sight
   and sees a vision of a doll with an ascot around its neck. She remarks
   that she recogizes the ascot, that it's Desmond's. She remarks that she
   sees the doll lying on a staircase somewhere, that she can sense that the
   staircase is not far from here, but does not know where it is.
      Angelique continues to try to telepathically contact Roxanne, with no
   success. She concludes," Roxanne is gone!  I can feel it!  How did Julia
   do it?"  Trask comes downstairs and asks where Samantha is, saying he
   didn't find her upstairs. Angelique replies that she doesn't know. Trask
   asks her why he always sees her alone, never with Barnabas. She deflects
   the question by telling him to ask Barnabas about that. Trask replies that
   he doesn't know where Barnabas is. Angelique replies that she doesn't know
   either. Trask asks where Julia's gone to. She tells him she's gone to
   Rose Cottage to help with some sort of medical emergency involving Desmond.
      At Rose Cottage, Flora tells Leticia that a nurse is now watching over
   Desmond and puzzles over the strange fact that Julia left rather than stay
   and help. Trask comes in and asks what's wrong. Flora tells him about
   Desmond and, in a despairing voice, tells him that no one can help him
   because no one knows what's wrong with him. Trask announces, "One person
   can, the person who caused it, Quentin Collins!"   Flora asks what he
   means. Trask replies that Quentin is practicing Sorcery and has done this
   to Desmond. Flora tells him he's being ridiculous. Trask tells her that
   he heard that Julia had come to examine Desmond and asks what she said.
   Flora tells him that she found absolutely nothing wrong with him. Trask
   replies that this proves witchcraft is involved. Flora admits that maybe
   this is true, but that she can't believe Quentin is responsible. Leticia
   tells Trask about her vision, about seeing a doll with an ascot around
   its neck on a staircase. He asks her where the staircase is. She replies
   that she doesn't know, only that she knows it's somewhere nearby. She
   describes one strange fact, though, that the staircase appears to lead
   nowhere. Trask becomes excited, exclaims, "Thank You!" and quickly leaves.
      Julia returns to Collinwood, tells Angelique about Desmond and accuses
   her of being responsible. Angelique replies that she's not responsible,
   that she doesn't harm people just for the sake of harming them, that she
   doesn't even know Desmond and has no reason for harming him. Angelique
   asks Julia how she managed to destroy Roxanne. Julia tells her it wasn't
   she that did it, that Roxanne's brother Randall found out about her and
   destroyed by preventing her from getting back into her coffin before
   dawn.  Julia tells Angelique it would be to her benefit to help Desmond.
   Angelique asks what she means.  Julia replies that if Desmond dies, then
   there will be an investigation and that if that happens, she would be
   under scrutiny and that the authorities might uncover things about her
   she'd rather not be known.
      While Julia and Angelique are talking in the drawing room with the
   doors closed, Trask sneaks into Collinwood.
      Angelique tells Julia to keep watch at the door and goes to the fire
   and casts a spell to find out who's responsible for Desmond's plight.
   She sees a ghostly head of Judah Zachary appear in the fire, then
   disappear. She gets up, a shocked look on her face. Julia asks who she
   saw. Angelique replies that she didn't find out who it was. Julia asks her
   why she has such a shocked look on her face, then. Angelique lies that
   it's just that she felt some evil vibrations.
      Trask sneaks into Quentin's workroom and goes to the "Staircase through
   Time.". On it, he finds the doll.  He picks it up and triumpantly says,
   "Now no one can refuse to believe the truth!  I have final proof at last
   that Quentin Collins is a warlock!"
   Episode 1153
   Tape Date:  November 17, 1970 (ABC #238-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 25, 1970 Wednesday
   Writer:     Gordon Russell
   Director:   Lela Swift

      Trask walks into the foyer and is about to leave. Daphne runs into
   the foyer and tells him she saw him coming out of Quentin's workroom
   and demands to know what he was doing there. At first Trask refuses to
   say but Daphne continues to demand to know. Finally, Trask takes the doll
   out and blurts out, "Tell Quentin I found this. This proves that he is
   practicing Black Magic. With this proof, I'll have him convicted of
   Witchcraft!" Trask leaves. Daphne runs upstairs to  find Quentin, but finds
   that he isn't in there and comes back downstairs. There's a knock at the door.
   She answers. It's Randall Drew. He asks for Quentin. She tells him she
   doesn't know where it is.  Randall remarks, "Don't I know you?". Daphne
   replies that she doesn't think so.  He asks what her name is. She replies,
   "Daphne Harridge". Randall thinks for a moment then says, "No, I don't
   think I'm familiar with that name."  Quentin returns. Daphne tells him
   about Desmond and tells him there's something else she'd like to talk to
   him about privately. Randall leaves. Daphne tells Quentin about Trask's
   sneaking into his workroom, finding a voodoo doll and saying he's going
   to use it to prove he's practicing Black Magic. Quentin becomes angry and
      Trask goes to Rose Cottage and shows Gerard the doll, saying it proves
   Quentin is practicing Black Magic.  Gerard pretends to act doubtful and
   suggests that maybe someone planted it there, that maybe it has nothing
   at all to do with Black Magic. Trask replies that there's one way to find
   out. They go to Desmond's room.  Trask unties the ascot from around the
   doll's neck. Desmond immediately gets better. Trask asks him if he
   recognizes the ascot. Desmond replies that he does, that it's his. Trask
   shows him the doll. Seeing the expression on Desmond's face, Trask asks,
   "I see your reaction to this. Do you know what it is?". Desmond replies
   that he recognizes it, that he bought it while on a trip to South America
   and gave it to Quentin as a gift when he came back...
      Quentin arrives at Rose Cottage and finds Randall alone in the drawing
   room playing solitaire with a deck of cards.  He asks where Trask is.
   Randall replies that he's upstairs with Gerard and Desmond. Quentin 
   angrily remarks that he'll go up and drag him down here. Randall 
   recommends that he not do that to avoid upsetting Desmond, that Trask'll
   be down soon. Quentin asks Randall what he wanted when he came to 
   Collinwood asking for him. Randall tells him he'd prefer to tell him later
   after he talks to Trask. Changing the subject, Randall asks Quentin about
   Daphne, saying he could swear he'd seen her somewhere before. Quentin lies,
   "No. I don't think that's possible.". Randall remarks, "Nothing's 
   impossible.I used to believe it wasn't possible for anyone to get between 
   me and Joanna, but then she met you. Tell me, do you still see Joanna?"
   Quentin tells him he doesn't anymore, that she's dead, that she committed
   suicide. Randall suddenly remembers where he saw Daphne before and
   exclaims, "I remember now! Daphne is Joanna's younger sister! I remember
   seeing her years ago. She was only a child then, of course, but I
   recognize the face!". Seeing Quentin's reaction to this, he exclaims,
   "You knew!". He accuses him of having destroyed Samantha and Joanna, and
   now wanting to destroy Daphne. He vows to stop him. Trask comes into the
   drawing room. Quentin and Trask argue about the doll. Trask tells him it
   proves that he is practicing Black Magic. Quentin admits that it is his,
   but says it is just an curio he collected, that he's not practicing Black
   Magic. He threatens to have Trask arrested for breaking and entering and
   leaves. Trask shows the doll to Randall. Randall remarks that Quentin and
   Desmond are good friends and asks why Quentin would want to hurt Desmond.
   Trask replies that he heard Desmond and Quentin arguing yesterday. He
   tells Randall he's going to the authorities with his evidence at 10:00.
   Randall, now apparently an enemy of Quentin's, agrees to help Trask
   investigate. He tells Trask he'll meet him at 9:45 to go to the
   authorities if he finds anything.
      In the drawing room at Collinwood, Daphne shows Gerard another notes
   she has received, ostensibly from Joanna, telling not to make the same
   mistakes that she did. Gerard remarks that he thinks something
   supernatural is going on. Daphne tells him about the seance. Gerard tells
   her he'll help her any way he can. They embrace and kiss. Daphne abruptly
   pulls away and, with a look of shock on her face, wonders why she did
   that. Quentin returns. Gerard leaves. Daphne tells Quentin about the
   second note.
      Randall goes to Desmond and tells him he heard he had an argument with
   Quentin and that Trask believes that Quentin was responsible for his
   choking, the argument being his motive. Desmond replies that he doesn't
   believe Quentin could be responsible. Randall asks who he believes is
   responsible. Desmond replies that he thinks the subject of the argument,
      Randall sneaks into Gerards room and snoops around. In a dresser
   drawer, he finds a box. He takes the box out and opens it. Inside, he
   finds a jewelled golden mask. He hears a noise and looks at the door.
   The doorknob turns and the door starts to open...
   Episode 1154/1155
   Tape Date: November 18, 1970 (ABC #239-DRK-70)
   Air Date:  November 26, 1970 Thursday
   Writer:    Sam Hall
   Director:  Henry Kaplan

      Randall quickly puts the mask back into the box, closes the box and
   puts it on the table. The door opens and Edith Collins comes in. Randall
   asks what she's doing there. She tells him she came to deliver a message
   to Gerard from Gabriel. Randall, probably not believing her since that is
   something Gabriel would've had a servant do, implies that there's 
   something going on between her and Gerard. Edith denies it and asks him 
   what HE'S doing in Gerard's room. Randall tells Edith he won't tell 
   Gabriel she came here if she doesn't tell Gerard he was in here. She
      A man(Thayer David) comes to Collinwood and finds Gabriel in the 
   foyer. Addressing him as "Mr. Grimes", Gabriel asks him what he wants.
   Mr. Grimes tells him he's looking for Quentin. Gabriel replies that
   he's not home. He asks him how things are at Weatherly Farms. Mr. Grimes
   replies that they're not so well, but that he still refuses to sell it
   to the Collins. Gabriel remarks that his cows broke through the southern
   fence and came onto Collins property a few days ago and he should make
   sure it doesn't happen again. Mr. Grimes scowls and remarks, "You don't
   have to worry about that. They're all dead now."  Gabriel jokes that he
   seems to be a very strict disciplinarian with his cow. Mr. Grimes exclaims
   angrily, "I didn't kill them!"  Quentin returns. Mr. Grimes tells him
   about his cows dying and accuses him of using witchcraft to kill them to
   get him to sell the farm to him  because he's wanted his land for a long
   time but he's always refused to sell. Quentin remarks, "You've been
   talking to Lamar Trask, haven't you?"   Grimes replies, "No. The whole
   town has been talking about you practicing witchcraft".  Quentin denies
   this, saying it's ridiculous. He mocks Grimes by holding up his hands,
   waving them in the air and threatening to cast a spell on him. Grimes
   runs off in fear.
      Walking in the woods, Grimes hears the sound of someone walking behind
   him. He looks back but sees no one. He yells, "I heard you there. Who is
   it?"  He receives no reply. He demands, "Show yourself. I know it's you,
   Quentin Collins".  Still no reply. He pulls out a pistol and fires a shot
   in the direction from which the wound came. Randall Drew, who's also
   in the woods, hears the shot and comes running. He finds Grimes there and
   greets him, "Mordecai Grimes!"  Grimes, recognizing Drew, replies that he
   didn't know he was back in Collinsport.  Grimes tells him what happened.
   They go the where Grimes heard the sound come from. They don't find anyone
   there, but find a piece of paper affixed to a tree with a dagger. On the
   paper is drawn the symbol on Quentin's ring. Grimes tells Randall that
   his must be a warning from Quentin to him, saying that he the symbol is the
   same one he saw on Quentin's ring earlier. Saying that evil things are
   going on at Collinwood, he warns Randall to get his sister Samantha out
   of there before she meets the same fate as Roxanne.  Randall asks Grimes
   to tell him everything he knows about Quentin and witchcraft.
      Gerard goes into his room and finds Edith in there. He isn't happy that
   she's there. She blurts out, "You should be glad I was in here...", but
   abruptly stops. He asks her what she means. She refuses to tell him.
   He forces her to. She tells him that she found Randall Drew in here when
   she came. Gerard looks around and finds the box on the table. He checks to
   see if it is still locked and exclaims, "It's been opened!  The lock's
   been forced open!"  He tells Edith to go back to Collinwood and spy on
   Randall if he's there.  If not, to find out who he's talked to.
      Edith returns to Collinwood and runs into Gabriel in the drawing room.
   He demands to know where she's been. She lies that she's been at the Old
   House. He makes a snide remark implying that she's having an affair with
   Barnabas and insultingly adds, "I wouldn't have thought someone like you
   would be his type. He's too refined for you". Edith asks if Randall is
   there. Gabriel replies that he doesn't know. Now implying that she's having
   an affair with Randall, he tells her he doesn't believe she was at the old
   house and demands to know where she's really been. They are interrupted
   by Randall Drew coming in through the front doors. He tells them he
   now believes that Quentin is guilty of practicing witchcraft and is going
   to go to the police. He tells him, "Before I go, I'd like to hear your
   explanation for what's been going on!"  He briefly summarizes his
   evidence: Mordecai Grime's cows' dying mysteriously and the note with the
   symbol to him, Desmond's strange illness, and its sudden stopping when the
   his ascot was untied from the doll which belonged to Quentin. Gabriel
   replies that he'd have to talk to Quentin about that, and that Quentin's
   not home. Randall replies that he has to meet Trask in 20 minutes and
   can't wait. He leaves. Edith gleefully remarks to Gabriel that if Quentin
   is arrested, they'll inherit the Collins money. Quentin returns. Gabriel
   tells him about Randall. Quentin leaves to stop him.
      Randall goes to the place where he is to meet Trask. He finds that
   Trask is not yet there and waits. He hears footsteps coming and asks,
   "Trask?". The person comes into view. Randall exclaims, "YOU!".
   Apparently it is not Trask. The unseen person grabs Randall by the throat
   and strangles him.  He drops a piece of paper with the occult symbol on
   it on the ground next to the body, affixes it there with a dagger and
   November 27, 1970 Friday - Pre-empted by day after Thanksgiving Basketball.
   (ABC #240-DRK-70)
   Episode 1156
   Tape Date:  November 19, 1970 (ABC #241-DRK-70)
   Air Date:   November 30, 1970 Monday
   Writer:     Sam Hall
   Director:   Henry Kaplan

      Quentin finds Randall and kneels down to examine him. Trask comes, sees
   him there and accuses him of killing Randall. Quentin denies this, saying
   Randall was dead when he got there and he was only examining him. Trask
   does not believe this. Quentin turns to leave, but Trask pulls a gun on
   him and forces him to stay.
      At Collinwood, Gabriel tells Samantha about Mordecai Grimes and his
   cows, and his accusation that Quentin killed them with witchcraft. Trask
   bursts in and tells them Randall is dead, that Quentin murdered him, that
   he found Quentin kneeling over the body. Samantha is grief stricken. 
      Quentin is at the police station, Trask apparently having brought him
   there. He is being questioned by a Constable Ward. Quentin convinces him
   that there isn't enough evidence to hold him, and the constable agrees to
   let him go if he agrees not to leave Collinwood.
      Gabriel and Trask are talking in the foyer at Collinwood. They hear a 
   carriage outside. Gabriel suggests that Quentin might have been released
   by the police and that it might be him. Not wanting to confront Quentin,
   Trask leaves, saying he's going to the study. Quentin comes in. Samantha,
   who's in the drawing room, sees him, runs out and screams, "Why did you
   kill him?  Why?". Quentin denies killing Randall. Samantha does not believe
      It is 11:40. Constable Ward is at Collinwood questioning Gabriel. He
   asks him about why Randall had visited Collinwood. Gabriel lies that he
   came to tell them he was going to the police to ask them why they weren't
   working harder to stop the animal attacks that had been going on. The
   constable tells him he suspects he's lying.
      Downstairs, Samantha asks Trask what she is to do when she is
   questioned, tell the truth and risk the chance of putting Quentin in jail
   and devastating Tad, or lying to protect him. Trask convinces her that
   Quentin would be a danger to everyone, including Tad if he is not put in
   jail. Samantha decides to tell the truth. The constable comes downstairs
   and questions Samantha.
      Trask goes upstairs and convinces Gabriel to tell the truth, saying
   Quentin is a danger to everyone. Gabriel agrees. Trask gets the constable,
   and Gabriel tells him the entire story, starting with Mordecai Grimes
   coming and complaining about his cows, about Randall finding Mordecai
   Grimes and the "warning" affixed to the tree, Randall telling them that
   he was going to the police, and Quentin exclaiming, "I must stop him!"
   and running out of the house when he heard about this.
      The constable tells Quentin that, in view of the evidence he has heard,
   he is arresting him for murder.

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