Dark Shadows
December 1968

      Episode 636
      Worldvision Rerun 422
      Tape Date: November 22, 1968 (ABC #241-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 2, 1968  Monday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Having shot Adam, Barnabas runs over to him and drags him
      from the controls. Adam is very weak, and so is Barnabas. Julia 
      turns the power off.  Adam flees, running upstairs. Julia tells 
      Barnabas that they must find and save Adam or else he, Barnabas, 
      will revert to being a vampire, but Barnabas insists that it's more 
      important that they stay and take care of Vicky.  Julia, sounding 
      irked by Barnabas' attitude, asks, "Would you like me to make plans 
      for the rest of the evening too?  Would you like me to have Willie 
      prepare a coffin for you? That's what your risking". Barnabas replies, 
      "I already made that decision when I shot Adam" and tells Julia that 
      they must stay and make sure Vicky is all right. He tells Julia they 
      must take Vicky back to Collinwood because he doesn't want Vicky 
      waking up in the lab.
         Adam sneaks into Stokes' house. No one is there.  The phone
      rings.  Adam answers it. It is Jeff Clark.  Jeff asks to speak
      to Stokes, but Adam, without saying a word, just hangs up.
         Barnabas and Julia bring Vicky back to Collinwood to her
      own room and put her in bed.  Vicky awakens.  They ask her what
      she remembers.  Vicky replies that she remembers being kidnapped
      by Adam, taken somewhere, strapped down, and subjected to great
      pain.  Barnabas and Julia tells Vicky that she had indeed been
      kidnapped by Adam, but that the rescued her.  They manage to
      convince her that her other memories were all a nightmare.
      They assure her she needn't fear Adam any longer, but she is
      still afraid and asks Barnabas to stay with her until morning.
      Afraid that he may revert to being a vampire during that time,
      Barnabas tells Vicky he can't and asks Julia to stay with Vicky 
         Stokes returns home and finds a wounded Adam there. He tries
      to telephone a doctor, but Adam won't let him.  Stokes tries
      to convince Adam to let him call a doctor, and Adam eventually
      agrees to let him, as long as the doctor isn't Julia Hoffman. Stokes
      calls another doctor friend of his and tells him that he has a
      patient who needs to be treated "with discretion".
         It is some time later.  Adam is sitting on the couch, wearing
      a red plaid shirt instead of his customary green turtleneck.
      Stokes' doctor friend has apparently already come, treated Adam's
      gunshot wound and left, as Stokes, holding a pill bottle, tells
      Adam, "He said you were to take one of these every two hours
      to ward off infection".  Adam takes a pill and washes it down with
      a glass of water.  Adam apparently having told Stokes about Eve's
      murder, Stokes remarks, "So, you killed Eve.  You must learn to choose
      your friends more carefully.  I suppose it was my fault.  I started
      teaching you, but stopped before I was finished.  But now I have
      a second chance to teach you". Adam moans, "But no one will ever
      love me, I'm too ugly".  Stokes tells him, "That's the easiest part to
      take care of.  These days, anyone can be made handsome.  I know a doctor
      who can take care of that.  If you don't like the old Adam, we'lll
      make a new one". The door buzzer rings. Stokes asks, "Who is it?"
      A voice replies, "Jeff Clark".  Stokes tells Adam, "Go into the
      bedroom!"  Adam quickly opens a door to the left of the fireplace,
      goes in and shuts the door behind him*.  Stokes lets Jeff in.  Jeff
      tells Stokes he had tried to telephone him before coming, but someone
      picked the the phone and hung up without speaking. Stokes tells Jeff
      he must have dialed a wrong number, saying, "I wasn't even home.  I've
      just come back.  Actually, I was out finding these herbs I told you
      about.  But once again, I advise you against this..."  Jeff replies
      that he doesn't care about the risks, that he just has to remember
      his past, and if these herbs will help him do so, he'll try them. As
      they are talking,  Jeff eagerly opens the packet and before Stokes can
      stop him, takes out a leaf and eats it. Stokes is shocked and exclaims,
      "What are you doing?!  It must be controlled!  The ritual is the only
      way to control it!" He tells Jeff, "Sit down at this table. I will do
      the proper incantations and every time I pause, you are to eat a leaf".
      They do the ritual outlined by Stokes.  Jeff starts to remember
      his past.  Stokes asks, "What is your name?"  Jeff replies, "Peter
      Bradford".  Stokes asks, "And what was your mother's name?" Jeff
      answers, "Nora".  Stokes asks, "And you father's?"  Jeff answers,
      "Caleb".  Stokes asks, "When were you born?"  Jeff replies, "In
      Deerfield in 1770".  Stokes asks, "Why did you come to our century?"
      Jeff replies, "I love her! I love her!" and explains that it was out 
      of his love of Vicky that he found a way. Suddenly, Peter/Jeff finds 
      himself being pulled back into the past, screaming, "I'm going back!
      I can see the road!  No! No!". The herbs have proven dangerous, just 
      as Stokes warned. Peter exclaims, "I have to see her again!  Please!
      Help me see her once more!  They're pulling me back!  I don't want
      to go unless I see her once more! Vicky! Vicky!"
         In her room at Collinwood, Vicky somehow hears Peter's calls.
      She gets up and leaves the room.  Julia, who's fallen asleep in
      a chair, does not see her go.
         When Vicky arrives at Stokes' house, the ritual is still
      going on. Stokes tells Vicky that Jeff is indeed Peter Bradford.
      Jeff tells Vicky he's being pulled back into the past, that he
      has to see her one last time. Vicky grabs Jeff and tells him
      she won't let him be pulled back, that her love for him can
      keep him in the present.  They kiss. It works.  Jeff is not
      pulled back into the past.  Vicky announces, "We'll be married
      tonight!".  Jeff agrees, "Tonight!"

      *  This is the last we see of Adam.  It is never explained what
         happens to him.  
      Episode 637
      Worldvision Rerun 423
      Tape Date: November 25, 1968 (ABC #242-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 3, 1968 Tuesday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Vicky and Jeff - who now has full recall of his past - return to 
      Collinwood. The clock in the foyer reads 2:50 AM. In the drawing room,
      Jeff is now again having second thoughts about marrying and tells 
      Vicky, "I'm really not here.  I belong to the past. Marrying
      me would be like marrying a corpse", but Vicky assures him that their
      love for each other will keep him firmly in the future.  He reminds
      her, "I'm still a suspect in Eve's murder", but Vicky tells him, "No,
      Roger went and told the police you were with him at Eagle Hill
      cemetary at the time of the murder".  Jeff worries, "I hope he didn't
      tell them what I was doing there".  Vicky assures him that Roger
      didn't. Elizabeth comes into the room and says, "Mrs. Johnson said
      you wanted to see me."  Vicky tells her, "We're going to be married
      and we need a witness".  Elizabeth asks, "When?"  Vicky replies, "Now".
      Elizabeth exclaims, "But it's almost 3:00 in the morning!" Vicky
      replies, "We've already decided.  The justice of the peace has 
      already been called". 
         The justice of the peace arrives and marries Jeff and Vicky.
      Vicky and Jeff go to a room at the Collinsport Inn and open a bottle
      of champagne to celebrate.  Vicky toasts, "To our future, Jeff".
      Jeff replies, "To our future".  He continues to worry about being
      pulled into the past.  Vicky continues to assure that her love
      will keep him here.
         At 4:00 AM, Barnabas and Julia return to Collinwood, their
      search for Adam having been fruitless. They wonder where Adam
      could be.  Barnabas remarks, "He couldn't have gotten very far
      with a bullet in his back".  Julia reminds him, "You forget. Adam
      is much stronger than most men". Barnabas replies, "But he's not
      immortal.  If he dies, I will revert to being a vampire".  He
      agonizes over how terrible it is to be a vampire.  Julia reminds
      him, "There's another danger we've got to take care of. Angelique.
      We've got to stake her", but Barnabas protests that they can't because
      he can't remember where her coffin is because he was under Angelique's
      spell at the time. Julia asks him to try hard to remember.  Barnabas
      thinks, "We always met in the woods...then we went to Eagle Hill
      Cemetary...That's it! The old crypt!"  He vows, "I want to drive
      that stake into her heart myself!" They decide to go there in the 
      morning.  Elizabeth comes into the room.  She tells them, "Vicky's
      just left.  She's in town with Jeff.  They were married, just about
      an hour ago".  Barnabas is shocked.    
         The next morning, the clock strikes 6:00. Julia awakens from a 
      couple of hours of sleep and goes down into the drawing room. She 
      finds Barnabas sitting there and asks, "You didn't get any rest?"
      Barnabas moans, "Why did she do it? Why did she marry him?"  Julia
      replies, "She's in love with him. You must accept that".  Barnabas
      says, "I'll accept it and wish her happiness..." Julia tells him,
      "It's dawn.  We have to go".   
         Barnabas and Julia go to Eagle Hill Cemetary, hammer and
      stake ready. They find Angelique's coffin right where Barnabas
      said it would be.  Julia finds Blair's magic mirror lying on the
      floor, broken, and asks, "What's that?"  Barnabas wonders, "A broken 
      mirror. What's that doing here?".  They open Angelique's coffin but
      find it is empty. They wonder where Angelique could be. Julia suggests
      that she might be at Blair's house, but Barnabas tells her that he
      has the feeling they won't find her there, that she's gone, but
      says, "She may be gone now, but she'll be back..."
         In Jeff's hotel room, Vicky gives Jeff a gift - a watch. Jeff
      reads the inscription on it, "To Jeff: I will love you forever.
      Vicky". Jeff starts to reminisce about what happened to them in the
      18th century - Trask, the trial, etc.  He remarks, "It's so vivid,
      almost as if it were happening right now". Suddenly, he exclaims,
      "They're pulling me back!" Vicky tries to hold him, but Peter
      tells her the pull is much stronger that it was at Stokes' house.
      Vicky goes to the phone and starts dialing frantically, telling
      Peter she's calling Stokes, saying maybe Stokes can help.  But before
      Vicky can reach Stokes, Peter shouts, "I'm going back! But I love
      you, Vicky, I love you!" and vanishes.  Vicky moans, "No! Jeff!"
      Episode 638
      Worldvision Rerun 424
      Tape Date: November 26, 1968 (ABC #243-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 4, 1968 Wednesday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Vicky goes back to Collinwood, goes into the drawing room and 
      faints.  It is now morning.  Elizabeth wakes up, goes down into the 
      drawing room and finds Vicky there.  Elizabeth revives Vicky and asks 
      her, "What are you doing here?"  Vicky replies, "I didn't know where 
      else to go!" and tells Elizabeth what happened to Jeff.  Elizabeth 
      doesn't know what to make of the incredible story.
         Maggie awakens in her own bed at the Evan's cottage. She is
      surprised to find that Julia is with her and asks, "What are you
      doing here in my room?"  Julia asks Maggie what the last thing
      she remembers is. Maggie replies that the last thing she remembers
      is being in the cottage in the afternoon. Julia tells her, "It's
      afternoon now, but not the afternoon you remember. It's 24 hours
      later. You've blocked an entire day from your memory". Maggie
      is puzzled.  Julia tells her that sometimes people block out
      very unpleasant events from their memory. Maggie asks what
      happened. Julia lies, "Yeterday afternoon, you went to Nicholas
      Blair, told him you wouldn't marry him, and fainted. You didn't
      wake up until now". Maggie tells Julia, "I can't believe I
      turned Nicholas down". Julia tells Maggie, "Nicholas told me
      to say goodbye to you for him. He's gone to Europe on business and 
      said he'll probably never return to Collinsport". The phone rings.
      Maggie answers. It's Elizabeth. She tells Maggie she wants
      to talk to Julia. Maggie gives the phone to Julia. Elizabeth
      tells Julia that something's wrong with Vicky and asks Julia
      to examine her.  Maggie, hearing that it's something about Vicky,
      tells Julia she wants to go along. 
         At Collinwood, Vicky vows to find Jeff.  
         Julia and Maggie arrive at Collinwood, Maggie stays downstairs
      while Julia goes upstairs to examine Vicky. Upstairs, Julia finds that
      Vicky is just suffering from shock. She gives her a sedative. Vicky
      asks, "Could you do me a favor? Could you call Professor Stokes
      for me and asks him to come see me tonight?", but Julia tells her,
      "It would be best if you didn't see anyone tonight.  Tomorrow,
      perhaps".  Elizabeth comes into the room and tells Julia, "There's
      a young man downstairs who says he wants to see you". Julia goes 
      downstairs and finds Maggie arguing with Chris Jennings in the 
      drawing room. Maggie shouts at Chris, "You're cruel and heartless!".
      Chris replies, "I sorry it has to be this way, but it does". Julia
      tells Maggie, "You can see Vicky now". Maggie leaves to do so. 
      Chris gives Julia some money, telling her it's for Amy's care. 
      Julia asks, "Why give it to me?" Chris tells Julia that he's changed 
      his mind and is leaving town.  Julia, like Maggie, finds this 
      heartless and starts to argue with him, asking him why he's leaving, 
      but Chris refuses to tell her. He tells her, "I have a good reason,
      but I can't tell you what it is".  
         Maggie, meanwhile, has gone upstairs to see Vicky. They
      talk.  Suddenly, Vicky gets hysterical and starts screaming.  
      Frightened, Maggie calls for Elizabeth and Julia. They come.  
      Vicky says Peter is in the room, saying, "His hand! Jeff's hand!
      I felt it touch my cheek!", but Elizabeth, Julia and Maggie see
         While everyone else is upstairs, Chris looks at the clock,
      sees that its 5:30 PM and leaves.
         Julia and Elizabeth come back downstairs. Julia gets a 
      telephone call from Windcliff telling her Amy has escaped.
      Julia tries to find Chris, but finds that he's left. While
      Julia tries to handle the situation, Elizabeth leaves,
      saying she's going to the old house to tell Barnabas about
      Vicky. The clock reads 6:50.  
         Upstairs, Maggie is with Vicky.  Vicky appears to have
      calmed down.  Suddenly, the door opens by itself.  Maggie
      tells Vicky, "It's only the wind", but Vicky cries, "It's
      Peter!" and runs out into the hallway. Maggie follows.
      Vicky tells Maggie, "Peter's gone. I don't feel his presence
      anymore".  Maggie again tries to tell Vicky, "It was only
      the wind", but Vicky finds something on the floor of the
      hallway - a watch.  She picks it up and tells Maggie, "It's
      the watch I gave Jeff as a wedding present".  Maggie asks,
      "How can you be so sure it's the same one?"  Vicky tells Maggie
      to read the inscription inside.  Maggie reads it, "To Jeff.
      I will always love you.  Vicky". 
         Elizabeth is walking through the woods on the way to the
      old house. Hearing a low growling sound, she turns to see
      what it is, exclaims, "No! Don't come near me!" and screams.
      Episode 639
      Worldvision Rerun 425
      Tape Date: November 27, 1968 (ABC #244-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 5, 1968 Thursday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Whatever it is suddenly leaves.  Elizabeth turns and sees
      a little girl of about 9 years of age standing there. The little
      girl is Amy Jennings, whom Elizabeth doesn't know. Elizabeth
      asks the girl, "Did you see what it was?" The girl replies, "Some
      sort of animal. It ran away when it saw me", then tell Elizabeth,
      "My name is Amy Jennings. I'm looking for my brother". Elizabeth 
      tells the girl, "We'd better go before it comes back" and takes the 
      girl to Collinwood. 
         At Collinwood, Julia is surprised to see Elizabeth come in
      with Amy. She asks Elizabeth, "Where did you find her?". Elizabeth
      replies, "She found ME". Julia asks, "What happened?" Elizabeth 
      says, "I'd better sit down" and collapses into a chair.  She tells
      Julia "I was almost attacked by some sort of wild animal! It ran when 
      it saw the little girl".  Julia asks, "What kind of wild animal?" 
      Elizabeth replies, "It appeared to be some kind of wolf". She 
      continues, "You might think I'm crazy, but although I only caught 
      a glance of it, it appeared to be dressed like a man!" Julia tells 
      Elizabeth that the little girl is Amy Jennings, the sister of Chris 
      Jennings who escaped from Windcliff.  Elizabeth remarks, "Oh, of course.
      I just didn't make the connection".  Julia tells Elizabeth that she's 
      calling the police to take Amy back to Windcliff. Amy begs her not to,
      saying, "Now Chris is back, he can take care of me!" Elizabeth,
      grateful that Amy "rescued" her, tells Julia to wait until morning
      to decided whether to send Amy back, and let her spend the night
      at Collinwood. David happens to walk into the room. Elizabeth
      introduces Amy to him, tells him Amy is spending the night, and
      tells him to take Amy up to a room. After David takes Amy upstairs,
      Julia asks Elizabeth to tell her more about the attack. Elizabeth
      remarks, "It's strange, but it almost seemed like the animal was
      AFRAID of Amy the way it ran when it saw her".
         David takes Amy up to her room.  He is showing her some seashells.
      Amy remarks, "They're pretty. Where did you get them?"  David 
      replies, "On the beach.  I've got a whole collection in my room.
      I'll show them to you tomorrow".  Amy replies, "I won't be here
      tomorrow.  I'm going back to Windcliff tomorrow".  David says,
      "Maybe next time, then".  There's a storm outside, with lots of
      thunder and lightning.  David asks Amy if she's frightened of
      the thunder and lightning.  Amy replies, "No, they can't really
      hurt you".  David corrects her, "Yes they can! If lightning hits
      you, it could KILL you!"  He tells her, "I guess if you're not
      afraid, I'll go then", but Amy begs, "Don't! Stay and talk!"
      They go to look into the fire and talk.  Amy asks, "What's it like
      living here?"  David replies, "It's just like living anywhere else".
      Amy protests, "But it's so big! I've never seen a house this big!
      How many rooms does it have? There must be a hundred rooms here!" 
      David repiles, "I don't know.  I bet no one's ever counted them.  
      But it's so big there's a whole wing we don't even use. The west wing 
      has been closed for a long time".  Amy asks, "Why do they keep it 
      closed?"  David replies, "I'd better not tell you.  It'd keep you
      awake all night".  Amy asks, "Is it haunted?" David replies, "Maybe".
      Amy says, "You're just trying to scare me". David insists, "No I'm 
      not!  If you weren't leaving tomorrow, I'd take you there and show
      you".  Amy asks, "Show me what?" David replies, "The ghosts!" 
      Amy asks, "Why don't you take me there now?"  David replies, "All
      right.  We'll have to go to my room and get a flashlight first". 
         David takes Amy into the West Wing. They have great fun
      exploring around. Amy points at an old portrait and asks, "Who's
      that?"  David replies, "Thaddeus Collins.  He was alive during the
      Civil War".  Amy points to a room and asks, "What in there?"  David
      replies, "OH! That's a storage room!  If you like exploring, that's
      the place to do it! It's got everything in there!"  They go in. David
      tells Amy, "This is one of the rooms that's supposed to be haunted".
      Amy asks, "Is it?"  David replies, "No, nothing's ever happened to
      me in this room".  He starts to suggest that they go to another room 
      where there's a secret passage, but Amy suddenly exclaims, "Look! On
      the floor!  A telephone!" On the floor is a very old-fashioned type of
      telephone where the mouthpiece is on the base and the earpiece is 
      connected by a wire.  It is sitting there, disconnected. David 
      suggests that they start playing a game and pretend that the people 
      who used to live here are still here.  Amy suggests, "Why don't we
      pretend to talk to them on the phone?". She picks up the receiver
      and starts speaking, "Hello, my name is Amy Jennings. What's
      yours?...That's a nice name.  Where do you live?...Somewhere
      near this place?...If David and I come looking for you, could we
      see you?....Hold on".  She tells David, "David!  You're right!  The
      West Wing IS haunted!  I think the man I'm talking to is a ghost!"  
      David tells her, "Stop pretending!", but Amy replies, "No! There really
      is someone on this phone!"  David asks, "All right, so what's this
      ghost's name?"  Amy replies, "He says his name is Quentin Collins".
      David, sounding dubious, remarks, "I've never heard of a Quentin
      Collins".  Amy tells him, "If you don't believe me, listen for
      yourself".  David takes the receiver and, says, "Hello? Hello?" and
      listens, but hearing nothing, starts to remarks to Amy, "That's
      funny.  You're ghost seems to have lost his voice...", but stops
      when he suddenly hears the sound of breathing from the other end,
      then the sound of someone hanging up...
         They take the phone back to Amy's room. David leaves and returns
      with an old family photo album. He tells Amy it has picture dating 
      all the way back to the civil war.  They look for a picture of a 
      "Quentin Collins", and finally find one of him as a boy. They look 
      for one of him as an adult, but are unable to find one. The closest 
      they come to finding one is a group picture which includes the name 
      "Quentin Collins" among the names written as a caption, but do not 
      know which person is Quentin.  There's a knock at the door.  David 
      quickly hides both the telephone and the photo album under the bed.
      Elizabeth comes in.  She tells David to go to bed.  David asks, 
      "Aunt Elizabeth, have you ever heard of a Quentin Collins?"  
      Elizabeth tells him, "He was my great uncle. No one knows very much 
      about him. He went to France while he was still young and never 
      came back. Why?" David lies, "Oh, I just read the name somewhere 
      in a family history and was curious". David leaves to go to
      bed.  Elizabeth tells Amy she'll help her prepare her bed.
         It is 2:15 AM. Amy gets up out of bed, gets the telephone
      from under the bed, and talks to someone again, "Why didn't
      you speak to David?  He was very upset you didn't!...Where do you
      want me to go?...Alone?...All right.  I'll be there.  Alone".
         Amy goes into the West Wing, and heads for the storage room.  She
      is outside the door.  She says, "I'm here, Quentin.  Aren't you going
      to come out and see me?" The door starts to open...
      November 28, 1968 No show taped on Thanksgiving.
      Episode 640
      Worldvision Rerun 426
      Tape Date: November 29, 1968 (ABC #245-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 6, 1968 Friday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         The door opens, but it's only David. Amy asks him how he
      knew she was coming to the West Wing. He replies that she had 
      to go past his room to get there, and he heard her go by in the 
      hallway.  He asks, "You used that telephone again, didn't you? 
      HE sent you here!" He takes her back to her room, upset that
      she went into the West Wing.  Amy accuses David of being
      chicken. David replies that he isn't, that he's upset because
      no one's supposed to go to the West Wing, and if she's caught
      going there, he'll be the one who gets into trouble for showing
      her the way.  To prove that he's not chicken, David picks up
      the phone and starts to talk into it, but hears nothing. Amy
      takes the earpiece and listens.  She does hear something and
      tells David that Quentin Collins is talking to her.  David,
      upset that Quentin Collins is HIS ancestor but will talk to Amy
      and not to him, accuses Amy of making it up, but then remembers 
      that he did hear breathing and the sound of someone hanging up
      earlier.  He suggests to Amy that there's a better way to contact
      the dead - a seance. He tells Amy that he's seen the adults do
      it and knows how. They start to have a seance. The door opens.
      A figure is standing outside, silhouetted by the lightning...
        But it's only Vicky, wanting to know why they are still
      up. David lies that Amy was frigtened by the storm.  Vicky tells
      David he can leave, she'll stay with Amy.  David leaves.  Vicky
      notices the telephone and asks Amy where she got it from.  Amy
      replies that she and David found it.  Vicky remarks that it's
      very old.  As Vicky is putting Amy to bed, Amy tells Vicky,
      "I've got to find Chris. He's the only family I've got!"  
         Meanwhile, in Chris' room at the Collinsport Inn, Chris is
      lying on the floor, barefoot and unconscious, a trail of mud
      leading from the door...
         THe next day, Chris Jennings comes to Collinwood to talk
      with Amy in her room. He tells her, "I'm sorry. I'd like to 
      stay and take care of you, but I can't".  Amy asks why.  
      Chris replies, "I can't explain it to you.  Maybe one day 
      I'll be able to, but right now, I can't".  Amy asks, "Can't
      I stay with you just tonight?"  Chris replies, "NO! Not tonight!".
      Amy, very upset, says, "You don't want me! You don't want me at
      all!", and turns her back.  Chris tries to talk to her, but she
      refuses to respond, so Chris leaves.  
         Chris comes downstairs and tells Vicky and Carolyn about
      his decision. They beg him not to put Amy in an orphanage,
      telling him Elizabeth has offered to let her live at 
      Collinwood.  Chris tells them he can't accept Elizabeth's
      offer because it's too generous, but they manage to convince
      him to at least talk with Elizabeth about it. Carolyn takes
      Chris upstairs to talk to Elizabeth.
         Afterwards, Chris and Carolyn go to the Blue Whale to talk.
      Chris tells Carolyn that he's buying the drinks, that it's small
      payment for Amy staying at Collinwood.  A pretty barmaid with
      short blond hair comes up to take their order.  Carolyn orders
      a daquiri, and Chris orders "a shot of Irish". Carolyn tells
      Chris, "You should think about my mother's idea that you stay
      in Collinsport for another week and help Amy adjust", but Chris
      just replies, "I'd have to think about it".  He remarks to Carolyn, 
      "Everyone must find it strange that I won't stay to take care of 
      Amy".  While they are talking, the clock strikes the hour, and
      Carolyn glances out the window and remarks, "I'm always surprised 
      how early it gets dark in the winter".  Chris suddenly shouts, 
      "Check, please!", and tells Carolyn he's got to go, saying, "I must've
      been at Collinwood far longer than I had expected to be. It's
      later than I thought it was.  I'm sorry, but I have an appointment 
      I've got to keep". The barmaid comes over and gives Chris the check.  
      He looks at the barmaid and sees a strange red pentagram floating in 
      front of her face.  The barmaid, seeing that Chris is staring at her
      face, asks, "Is something the matter?"  Chris replies, "No", pays for 
      the drinks, and abruptly leaves. The barmaid goes back behind the bar,
      takes a compact from her purse, and checks her face, but sees nothing.
      (Note: The clock behind the bar is wrong.  It says 1:00)
         Chris goes back to his room at the Collinsport Inn, takes
      a pair of leg cuffs, and shackles himself to a radiator.  Seconds
      later, he transforms into a werewolf.  The werewolf starts trying
      to free himself.
         It is 1:00 AM at the Blue Whale.  The barmaid closes up and starts 
      to clean up.  There's a knock at the door. The barmaid shouts, "Sorry, 
      all closed up!", and continues to clean up.  A werewolf comes crashing 
      in through the window and attacks her.
      Episode 641
      Worldvision Rerun 427
      Tape Date: December 2, 1968 (ABC #246-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 9, 1968 Monday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Penberry Jones

         Amy awakens in the middle of the night screaming.  Vicky comes
      running in and asks what's wrong. Amy replies that something 
      terrible's happening to her brother, she knows it somehow.
      Elizabeth comes in to see what's wrong. Asked what she thinks
      happened to Chris, Amy replies, "I don't know, but I know he's
      alone in the dark somewhere, crying". Vicky and Elizabeth try
      to tell Amy it was just a nightmare, but Amy refuses to believe
      this, so Elizabeth tells Amy that she'll goe downstairs to call 
      Chris to prove to her that he's all right, that it is just a 
      nightmare. But when she calls the Collinsport Inn and has them ring
      Chris' room, she finds that he isn't there. Elizabeth goes back 
      upstairs to Amy's room.  Amy anxiously asks, "Did you talk to him?
      Is he all right?"  Elizabeth pauses, then says, "Yes, he was all 
      right, just a little worried about you".
         Vicky and Elizabeth leave and go to Vicky's room.  Elizabeth
      tells Vicky she lied to Amy, that there was no answer to her
      telephone call. She wonders where Chris could be in the middle
      of the night. Vicky picks up Jeff's watch to see what time it
      is, but tells Elizabeth she's just noticed that the watch has
      stopped - at 11:35, the exact time Jeff disappeared.
         Later, Vicky wakes up and feels a presence. She calls out,
      "Jeff?" The door opens by itself.  Vicky feels Jeff's presence
      there, but a few moments later, Amy comes running into the
      room. She tells Vicky she's frightened and wants to sleep
      with her tonight. Vicky feels Jeff's presence leave. The door
      shuts by itself.
         The next night at 7:00 PM, Stokes comes to Collinwood and
      to talk to Vicky, she having telephoned him and asked him to come. 
      Elizabeth lets him in.  When she finds out Vicky had called him,
      she tells him, "Don't encourage her.  She must forget Jeff, she 
      must".  Stokes goes upstairs to Vicky's room. Vicky tells Stokes that 
      she felt Jeff's presence last night and says, "I have to join him".
      Stokes replies, "I am not a wizard.  I do not transport people
      through time".  Vicky asks, "Is he here?"  Stokes replies, "I'm
      sure if he were, he'd tell you to forget all this foolishness".
      Vicky replies, "No, I will not! You gave him something..."
      Stokes says, "Yes, three Indian herbs".  Vicky asks to be given
      the same herbs, but Stokes tells her, "They didn't take him 
      back in time.  They made him available, but they didn't take
      him back.  Something else did".  He tells her, "It would be too 
      dangerous anyway. You would be going back to a certain hanging". 
      Vicky tells Stokes that she and Jeff will change what happened when 
      she goes back to the past, but Stokes replies that that would be 
      impossible.  Vicky begs the spirit of Jeff to help her convince
      Stokes to help, but nothing happens.  Stokes remarks, "I'm afraid
      he must feel as I do". Vicky exclaims, "But I must be with him!"    
      Stokes makes the offhanded (and unwise) remark, "The only way
      you would be able to join him is to die".
         In her room, Amy feels a presence. She opens the window and
      calls out, "Who are you? You're crying. Why are you crying?
      Who are you, who?" 
         Vicky moans, "What can I do?"  Stokes replies, "You can forget
      all about him".  Vicky screams, "Jeff!  Tell me what to do!".
      Stokes replies, "He cannot because there's nothing you can do.
      Forget about him".  Vicky shouts, "NO!" and runs from the room.
         Amy is talking out the window in her room, "Why are you called
      the Widows? Why?".  
         Vicky runs downstairs.  Stokes is following, shouting, "Vicky!
      I haven't finished talking to you yet!" Elizabeth, seeing that
      Vicky is about to go out, shouts, "You can't go out this time of
      night with a wild animal out there...", but Vicky snaps back,
      "I am not a child!  Leave me alone", opens the front door and runs
      out. Elizabeth asks Stokes where Vicky is going. Stokes replies,
      "I don't know".  Elizabeth tells Stokes that she's worried that
      Vicky is outside, that there's a wild animal in the area. Amy comes
      down the stairs.  She asks Elizabeth, "Do you hear the crying?".
      Elizabeth asks, "Crying?  Who's crying?"  Amy replies, "The Widows.
      I opened the window and heard them".  Stokes asks, "Who are the
      Widows?" Elizabeth, shocked, tells Stokes, "It's a legend.  When
      you can hear the Widows crying on a stormy night, it means someone
      will die".
         Vicky goes to Widow's Hill and thinks about Stokes' comment
      that the only way she would be able to join Jeff is to die.
      Episode 642
      Worldvision Rerun 428
      Tape Date: December 3, 1968 (ABC #247-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 10, 1968 Tuesday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Penberry Jones

         Vicky prepares to jump off Widow's Hill, but Elizabeth and
      Stokes show up just in time. Stokes convinces Vicky not to
      jump by telling her that if she's really been feeling Jeff's
      presence, he must be trying to tell her something.
         Chris and Carolyn return to Collinwood, having been in
      Collinsport. Carolyn starts talking about the murder of the
      barmaid, saying it must have been the same animal that almost
      attacked her mother.  This seems to upset Chris.  Stokes and
      Elizabeth return, holding Vicky.  Elizabeth takes Vicky up
      to her room.  Carolyn asks Stokes if Vicky had been attacked 
      by the wild animal. Stokes just replies, "No. She was attacked
      by fate".
         Up in Vicky's room, Stokes apoligizes to Vicky for the
      unwise comment he made. Vicky replies that it was her fault,
      that she just became hysterical and panicked. The window blows 
      open. Elizabeth closes it and remarks that it's just the wind, 
      but Vicky, holding Jeff's watch, notices that the watch, which
      had run a bit earlier, is now back at 11:25.  Then she notices 
      that it's started to run again and says she feels Jeff's
      presence. Elizabeth asks, "You have psychic powers, do you feel
      anything here?". Stokes replies that he's not sure. Suddenly, a 
      ball of blue light appears.  Vicky says that it's Jeff. Stokes asks 
      the ball, "What do you want?", but after a few seconds it just 
      disappears. Vicky exclaims, "He's trying to reach me, but he can't!
      Why?". Stokes replies, "I may know a way to find out!" and goes
      downstairs. Elizabeth apoligizes to Vicky for doubting that she 
      felt Jeff's presence.
         Stokes asks Chris to stay. He tells Chris and Carolyn he
      plans to have a seance and explains to Chris, "It's vitally 
      important that another man be present, in case the spirit wishes
      to speak through you.  A spirit often prefers to speak through
      a member of it's own sex".  Chris refuses, saying, "I don't
      believe in that stuff!" (The look on his face, however, seems
      to indicate that there is another reason for his refusal).
      Stokes tells Chris that Vicky has already tried to kill herself
      once, and warns that if he does not participate, she may try to
      do so again.  Hearing this, Chris reluctantly agrees to be
      part of the seance.     
         Stokes goes upstairs and tells Vicky and Elizabeth that
      he's ready to hold the seance.  Elizabeth tells him she
      doesn't think a seance is such a good idea, reminding him
      of what happened to Vicky the last time they had one, but
      Vicky says, "If I'm pulled back in time this time, then
      that must be what Jeff wants, and if that's what Jeff wants,
      that's what I want".  They do downstairs to the drawing room.
         The seance commences in the drawing room.  Stokes calls on Jeff
      to come, "I know you were here tonight!  I know you were trying to
      talk to your wife!  If you cannot speak by yourself, speak through
      one of us!"  Stokes feels a presence and asks Vicky if it's Jeff.
      Vicky begs, "Please, Jeff, please!" Stokes suddenly announces,
      "There's a presence in this room!  Is it you, Clark?", but Vicky
      says, "No, it isn't!".  Stokes asks, "If there's a spirit here,
      tell us who you are and why you came here". Elizabeth head suddenly 
      jerks around. She gasps that she felt a woman's hand grab her and 
      turn her head, as if to get a better look at her face. The spirit 
      then enters Carolyn and starts speaking through her, "I heard the
      Widows wailing..."  Stokes asks, "Is that why you came here?", but
      the spirit continues without answering, "You must..You must stop him!".
      Stokes asks, "Whom?  Whom must we stop?"  The spirit continues, "He 
      must not come back!".  Stokes asks, "Are you talking about Jeff
      Clark?"  The spirit replies, "No...No..."  Stokes asks, "Who,
      then?  Tell us!", but the spirit just says, "You must stop them!
      He must stay where he is!"  Stokes asks, "Can you tell us who you
      are?"  The spirit replies, "Magda".  Stokes asks, "Magda, what
      is your last name?", but the spirit just spirit just keeps 
      repeating, "My curse! My curse! My curse!". Chris suddenly grabs 
      Carolyn and shakes her out of the trance.  Vicky runs crying from 
      the room. Elizabeth goes after her. Stokes asks Chris, "I would
      very much like to know, Mr. Jennings, why you did that".
      Episode 643
      Worldvision Rerun 429
      Tape Date: December 4, 1968 (ABC #248-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 11, 1968 Wednesday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Penberry Jones

         After Stokes leaves, Carolyn too asks Chris why he stopped
      the seance. Chris replies, "I don't really why I stopped the
      seance.  Something came over me.  I just had to do it".  Carolyn
      wonders who Magda could be.  Suddenly, she exclaims, "She's still
      here!  The woman who contacted us during the seance!  She's still
      here! She'ss still in this room!", but Chris becomes upset and
      says, "Stop! I don't like any of this nonsense!".  Carolyn asks,
      "What was I saying before you stopped the seance?"  Chris replies,
      "Something about a curse".  Carolyn asks, "Could it have anything
      to do with you?".  Chris explodes, "Would you please stop this
      insanity? It doesn't have anything to do with anything at all!"
         Amy goes into David's room and wakes him up.  She tells him,
      "He's angry! Quentin is angry! Something's happened to make him
      very angry!"  David asks, "How do you know?". Amy replies, "I don't 
      know how I know. I just know."  David asks, "What would Quentin be
      angry about?"  Amy replies, "That's what we have to find out! Use
      the phone!"  David picks up the phone.  He tells Amy, "I hear 
      breathing!  I hear him breathing again!", and speaks into the phone,
      "Say something to me!", but once again Quentin doesn't respond to
      him.  Amy tells him, "Give it to me!".  He does.  Amy listens for
      awhile, then says, "Yes, I understand" and hangs up.  David asks,
      "He spoke to you?"  Amy replies, "Yes".  David asks, "What did
      he say?"  Amy replies, "He said SHE will try to stop him.  He
      wants us to find him, and he wants us to do it TONIGHT!"
         Roger returns home from his work and finds Chris and Carolyn 
      in the foyer.  He excuses himself, saying, "I'm exhausted and I 
      still have work to do" and goes into the drawing room and starts 
      to go through his briefcase.  Suddenly, an old book, which had been 
      lying on top of the piano, falls off onto the floor, as if pushed by 
      an unseen hand. Roger picks it up and notices that there's a piece of 
      paper sticking out from between its pages. He takes it out and reads 
      it.  Carolyn, having seen Chris off, comes walking in through the room 
      and asks Roger what he's reading. Roger replies, "It's an old letter 
      addressed to my father Jamison, dated 1887 (should be 1897!) He must
      have been just a boy then." He reads alout from the letter to her:

         "Dear Jamison,  
            You must return to Collinwood.  I need your help.  You
          must intercede with Oscar*.  Only you can save me."

      Roger remarks, "It's signed 'Quentin Collins'.  We had an ancestor
      named Quentin, but I don't know much about him.  He spent most of
      his time in Europe". He tells Carolyn how the book fell mysteriously, 
      as if pushed by an invisible hand. Carolyn  exclaims, "SHE must have
      done it!".  Roger asks, "Who?"  Carolyn replies, "Magda.  She must
      have wanted us to see that letter".  She tells Roger about the seance
      and tells Roger Magda was spirit who contacted them during it.  She 
      remarks, "She must have wanted us to see that letter, but why? Why?"
      Suddenly, she freezes and exclaims, "Stop them!".  Roger asks, "stop
      who?", but Carolyn immediately snaps out of her momentary trance and 
      tells Roger she can't recall saying anything and asks, "What did I
      just say?"  Roger tells her.  Carolyn says, "She's still here and
      she just spoke through me!  It must be some sort of warning. Someone
      in this house must be in some sort of danger!"  Roger asks, "Who?"
      Carolyn replies, "I don't know.  It could be any one of us". Roger 
      tells Carolyn he's just been filled with a sudden foreboding and tells
      her he's going to go check on David. 
         In David's room, David and Amy hear someone coming. David
      hides Amy. Roger comes in, finds David OK, and asks him, "Why
      are you still awake?"  David replies, "I couldn't sleep so I decided
      to read".  Roger orders him to go to sleep. then tells him, "If
      you need anything, call me" and leaves.  David, puzzled, tells
      Amy, "That's strange.  He never says goodnight to me.  And why 
      did he keep asking me if I was all right?"  He tells Amy they'd
      better wait till it's late and everyone's asleep before going
      to the West Wing to look for Quentin.
         After waiting till it's suitably late, David gets a flashlight and 
      takes Amy to go the West Wing to search for Quentin. As they get to 
      the door to the West Wing, the flashlight flies out of David's hand, 
      as if wrenched away by an invisible hand. David picks the flashlight 
      up. Suddenly, he is pushed away from the door. Startled, he tells Amy,
      that he felt an invisible hand push him away, saying, "Amy! A hand! It's
      pushing me backwards!"  Amy asks, "What do you think it was?" David
      replies, "Quentin told us SHE would try to stop us.  It must be her -
      or her ghost!". David walks to the door again. This time nothing 
      tries to stop him, but when he tries to open it, he finds the door 
      locked. Amy notes, "But it was unlocked the other day!".  David 
      replies, "Someone must have locked it.  There's another way into
      the West Wing, a secret way, but you've got to promise to keep it
      a secret".  
         They go downstairs, but find that Carolyn and Roger are in
      the drawing room.  David and Amy hide in the room under the
      stairs until they hear both Carolyn and Roger go up to bed.
         David takes Amy into the drawing room.  He moves a chair
      which is standing next to the wall to the right of the cabinet
      to the right of the fireplace, then opens a secret panel in
      the wall there. The go in, and from the inside, David closes
      the secret panel. The chair mysteriously moves back against 
      the wall by itself. 
         David and Amy are walking in the West Wing, on their way to 
      the room where they found the haunted phone. Suddenly, a large
      antique grandfather clock falls in their path. David tells Amy,
      "It must be HER! SHE must still be trying to stop us!". They 
      perservere, and finally reach the storage room, but find no one 
      there.  Amy, disappointed, says, "And I was sure he'd be here!".  
      They turn to leave, but the door suddenly slams shut by itself. 
      David tries to open it, but finds that the door is locked.  He 
      exclaims to Amy, "We're locked in here!"

      *Note:  The name of the character called "Oscar" here is later
              changed to "Edward" when we finally meet him.
      Episode 644
      Worldvision Rerun 430
      Tape Date: December 5, 1968 (ABC #249-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 12, 1968 Thursday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Penberry Jones

         Carolyn wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming.
      Elizabeth and Roger come running into the room to see what's
      wrong. Carolyn tells them that she's just had a nightmare
      in which a female voice tells her, "They'll both die!", followed
      by a shadowy image of both Amy and David dead. She begs Roger
      to go check on the children.  Roger goes to do so.
         A few minutes later, Roger comes back.  He tells Carolyn
      and Elizabeth that both children are gone from their rooms.
      He tells them it's probably nothing to worry about, that David
      likes to roam the house and probably took Amy with him, but
      suggests that to be on the safe side, they should search for
      them anyway.  As Carolyn goes to put on a robe, she notices that
      black letters have suddenly started writing themselves in the 
      mirror, slowly spelling the name, "JAMISON".  The letters then 
      disappear.  Everyone is shocked. 
         In the West Wing, David and Amy, unable to get out of the
      room, decided to look around.  They find an old trunk containing
      a boy's suit and a girl's dress, both in the style of the late
      19th century. They notice that the suit is David's size, and the
      dress Amy's. Amy tells David it would be fun to dress up in the
      clothes, but David refuses, saying, "I don't like those kinds of 
      games" and tells her to put the clothes back in the trunk.  They 
      start to hear faint music. It starts to get louder.  Amy exclaims,
      "David! The music! Quentin must be playing it!" It sounds like 
      tinny gramophone music from the 19th century, a waltz, It continues
      to get louder.  David and Amy notice it seems to be coming from
      behind a wall.
         Roger comes back up from the basement and announces that
      the children are not down there either.  Having searched the 
      entire house for David and Amy and not found them, Roger decides 
      they must have gone outdoors in spite of the thunderstorm raging 
      outside, and prepares to go out to search for them, but Carolyn 
      reminds him that he hasn't searched the West Wing yet. Roger tells 
      her it wouldn't make any sense to search the West Wing, that David 
      and Amy couldn't have possibly gotten in there because he locked the 
      door himself just a few days ago, but Carolyn insist on searching it, 
      saying David might have found another key.  
         In the storage room, the music suddenly stops.  Amy wonders why 
      the music stopped.  David replies the he thinks maybe Quentin has 
      already told them what he wants to know - that what he wants them 
      to know is that he's behind the wall, that the reason he hasn't 
      appeared to them is because he's trapped there and needs their help 
      to get out. David knocks on the wall.  He tells Amy it sounds hollow, 
      that there must a secret room behind it.         
         Roger, Carolyn and Elizabeth go upstairs to the end of the 
      bedroom hall.  Roger tries the door to the West Wing, finds
      it locked, and tells Carolyn, "I told you they couldn't be here".
      They go back downstairs. As they get into the drawing room, Carolyn 
      gasps, "I felt someone trying to push me back out the door! It must 
      be Magda! She must want us to search the only part of the house we 
      haven't searched, the West Wing!". Roger exclaims, "That's ridiculous!", 
      but Carolyn is insistent and says, "If you won't go, I'll search it 
      myself!".  Roger, still dubious, decides to go with her. 
         As Roger, Carolyn and Elizabeth search the West Wing, they notice 
      the fallen grandfather clock. Roger tells Carolyn it was standing when 
      he was here just a few days ago. 
         In the storage room, David and Amy hear Roger, Elizabeth and
      Carolyn coming.  David is about to call for help, but Amy, intent
      on finding Quentin, tells him she has a better idea - they can
      hide.  The adults will open the door, come in and look around,
      not find them and leave, leaving the door open. They hide behind
      the clothes chest.  The adults come in, look around, and are
      just about to find the children's hiding place when Elizabeth
      says she thinks she heard a noise outside in the hallway. The
      adults leave, closing but not locking the door behind them.
      David wonders how they got in, saying he didn't hear the sound
      of a key when the adults came in. He tries the door but finds
      that it's still locked.  Amy says, "I'm not scared".  David asks,
      "You're not?"  Amy replies, "No. It's locked because Quentin wants
      us in here.  He wants us to do something for him.  He wants us to
      let him out".  She tells him, "I found this while exploring" and
      hands him a crowbar. David starts prying at the panels forming
      the wall that sounded hollow to his tapping earlier.  One of
      the panels - a 2 ft wide by 3 ft high section down at the bottom -
      gives way quite easily, revealing the bottom part of a hidden door 
      behind it.  The door mysteriously starts to open by itself.  David
      asks, "Do you want to go in?"  Amy replies, "I do if you do".  David
      says, "OK.  I'll lead the way".  He takes her hand and they go in.
      Episode 645
      Worldvision Rerun 431
      Tape Date: December 6, 1968 (ABC #250-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 13, 1968 Friday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Penberry Jones

         Inside the secret room - which is sumptiously furnished in
      late 19th century style - the children find the skeleton of a man
      dressed in late 19th century clothes wearing a long hairdo. All the
      flesh has rotted away.  The children become frightenedn and try to
      leave, but suddenly the door slams shut and locks them in. They look
      around.  Eventually, they find a candle and some matches. They light
      the candle. They see an old gramophone.  It starts playing by itself,
      playing the music they had heard while outside earlier. (Quentin's
         Elizabeth goes to the old house and tells Barnabas the children
      are missing, that Carolyn woke up screaming last night saying
      she had a nightmare that the children were in danger, and when
      Roger looked in their rooms, the children were missing.  She tells
      Barnabas that they've searched the whole house for the children
      but didn't find them, that Roger is out searching the grounds
      right now.  She tells him she'd like to search the old house
      because David likes to play there.  Barnabas agrees, and they
      go upstairs to search.
         In the hidden room, the gramophone suddenly stops playing,
      and an evil sounding male laugh is heard.  The locked door opens
      by itself.
         At the old house, Barnabas comes up from the cellar and
      tells Elizabeth, "They're not down there either".  Elizabeth
      tells Barnabas she's going back to Collinwood.  Barnabas decides 
      to go with her.  As they exit the old house, David and Amy, who
      are hiding behind some bushes, see them leave.  When the coast
      is clear, they sneak into the old house.  David assures Amy
      that they won't get caught because the only person living at
      the old house other than Barnabas is Willie Loomis, who's out
      of town.  They go inside.  Amy asks David, "Why are you acting
      so strangely?". David replies, "I made a promise to HIM, and I
      always keep my promises.  A promoise is a promise!"  Amy asks,  
      "Are you sure it's up there?"  David replies, "HE said it would 
      be upstairs in the attic." They go upstairs.  
         At Collinwood, Barnabas asks Elizabeth, "Are you sure you've
      searched the entire house? Even the West Wing?". Elizabeth assures
      him that they have.  Barnabas tells her, "In that case, I'll join
      the search outside".
         At the old house, David and Amy come downstairs.  David is
      carrying an old fashioned rocking cradle.  He puts it down,
      telling Amy he has to rest a bit.  Amy asks, "How will we get
      it into Colliwood without being seen?"  David replies, "We'll
      use the same secret entrance we used to sneak out". They go back
      to Collinwood, take the cradle up to the room, and place it in
      the middle of the floor.  Amy notices that David has started to 
      smile strangely and asks, "David, why are you smiling?"  David
      replies, "It's just that I like you so much.  You're my good
      friend".  Amy, looking worried, asks, "Can we go back downstairs
      now?"  David replies, "Surely we can.  We can go back downstairs
      and be ourselves again".  Amy asks, "What do you mean?"  David
      replies, "Nothing".  Suddenly, the cradle starts to rock by itself.
      David tells Amy, "Go to it, Amy. SHE needs you".
         At Collinwood, Barnabas returns and tells Elizabeth he found
      nothing.  Elizabeth moans that she's afraid the children have
      been kidnapped and starts to telephone the police, but stop
      when David and Amy suddenly walk in through the front doors.
      Amy hugs Barnabas, whom she met at Windcliff.  When asked where
      they've been, David replies, "We just went out for a walk". 
      When Elizabeth tells David she doesn't believe that, Amy says,
      "I'm going to tell even if David doesn't want me to! He should
      be PROUD of what he did instead of being embarrassed! Boys are
      like that!".  She tells Elizabeth that she woke up last night
      and became frightened by the house.  Eliabeth asks, "Frightened by
      the house? Why?"  Amy replies, "It's so big, and I felt so small
      in it.  I felt like I was lost forever!"  She continues her story,
      saying she went to David's room and told him, that he took her out 
      for a walk and thay sat in a field and watched the sun come up on 
      the house and she wasn't afraid anymore after that. Barnabas asks, 
      "If you've you been in the field the whole time, how come none of 
      adults searching for you saw you?" Amy replies, "We weren't in the 
      field the whole time.  We spent the rest of the time in one of 
      David's secret places.  I can't tell you where it is or it wouldn't 
      be a secret anymore".  Elizabeth says, "You don't have to tell if
      you promise never to do it again". The children promise.  Barnabas
      leaves. Elizabeth tells the children she'll go into the kitchen
      and tells Mrs. Johnson to make breakfast for them.  The children
      go into the drawing room.  David remarks, "We'll have to be more
      careful this time.  We'll have to wait until its late and everyone's
      asleep before we sneak into the West Wing tonight".  Amy asks, "And
      play the game?"  David replies, "Yes.  They promised us we would".
      Amy remarks, "And a promise is a promise!"
         It is 1:30 AM.  The children go into the room behind the wall
      in the West Wing. Amy sees someting, smiles broadly and exclaims, 
      "Hi, Quentin!"
      Episode 646
      Worldvision Rerun 432
      Tape Date: December 9, 1968 (ABC #251-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 16, 1968 Monday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         It is indeed the ghost of Quentin Collins standing there.
      He appears to be a man of about 25 to 30 years of age, 
      very tall (about 6-4), with dark brown hair and long
      muttonchop sideburns.  Amy asks, "Aren't you going to say 
      anything, Quentin?", but the ghost doesn't reply.  David
      asks, "We are going to play the game, aren't we?"  The ghost
      nods yes.  The gramophone starts to play by itself again.
      Amy says, "The music is beautiful!  You do like it, don't you
      David?" In an irritated tone, David replies, "What made you asks
      that? It's my favorite piece.  You know that!".  Amy, puzzled,
      asks, "How can it be your favorite piece?  You only heard it
      for the first time yesterday!"  But before David can answer,
      the ghost of a very beautiful blond woman appears.
         Downstairs in the foyer, Elizabeth tells Roger, "I have a 
      feeling she never left this house".  Roger asks, "Who?" Elizabeth 
      replies, "The woman who contacted us during the seance.  If only
      we could find out what she wanted..."  
         Both ghosts have disappeared.  The children are now in
      the room alone. Both are dressed in the old fashioned clothes
      they found earlier.  They start to play their "game". Amy
      tells David, "You look just like a gentleman!"  David asks,
      "Like Quentin?  Why don't you call me Quentin?"  Amy replies,
      "And you can call me Beth, and we can pretend this is our room".
      David says, "This IS our room!  Don't you remember, Beth?"
         Roger is in his room, packing his briefcase preparing to
      go to work.  Elizabeth comes in and asks him to try to talk to 
      Vicky, that ever since the seance she does nothing but sit
      in her room, waiting for Jeff to return. 
         In the hidden room, Amy remarks, "It's getting late".  David
      replies, "Yes.  We do have quite a bit of work to do tomorrow".
      Amy asks, "Are we really going to do what he wants us to do?"
      David replies, "Yes. This family has brought us much unhappiness.
      They'll have to pay for what they did to us!"  He tells her, 
      You'll be the one who'll have to talk to Roger". He then tells 
      her he's decided to have the skeleton removed from the
      room because they can't have any fun playing the game while
      it's here.  Amy asks, "How will we get it out of the house?"
      David replies, "I'll think of a way".  They leave.
         Later, they return carrying David's toybox.  Amy notes that
      the toybox is too big to get down the narrow staircase of the
      secret entrance.  David replies that they'll have to risk
      carrying it down in the open, then, but assures her no one
      will ask any questions about what's in his toybox. Amy asks,
      "Why are we doing this?"  David replies, "When you die, do you 
      want your bones to rot away in a room?  We're just going to
      give Quentin what his family wouldn't give him - a decent
         Downstairs, Roger comes down into the drawing room and tells 
      Elizabeth that he talked to Vicky, but it did no good, and says 
      time is the only thing that will heal Vicky's wounds.  As he's 
      talking, he notices David and Amy struggling to carry David's toybox 
      down the stairs.  He goes up, takes Amy's end from her and helps
      David take the toybox down the stairs then asks, "What are you doing?"
      David replies that he's taking some toys outside to play.  Roger, 
      finding this strange, says, "You've never taken all your toys outside
      to play before.  Let's see what you have in there", and reaches down 
      to open the box, but David tells him, "You can't.  It's locked".  
      Roger stops and asks, "Why is it locked?"  David replies, "It's a
      military secret.  Maybe I'll tell you after the funeral".  Amy 
      pretends to blab the secret, "One of David's toy soldiers broke, 
      and we're taking it outside to give it a proper burial".  David 
      indignently says, "It didn't break.  It died in action.".
         When David and Amy reach the woods, Amy asks David, "I hope you  
      remembered to bring the key"  David replies, "It's not locked.
      I only told my father it was.  He'll believe anything if you say
      it convincingly enough. You should remember that when you 
      talk to him tonight".  They bury the skeleton.  Amy asks,
      "Should we say some prayers?"  David replies, "No, all we did was
      bury Quentin's bones.  His spirit's still around".  Amy remarks,
      "Yes".  They leave.
         They go back to the storage room, where David rummages through a
      trunk.  Amy remarks, "I wish you would tell me what you're looking
      for".  David replies, "You'll see it when I find it" and continues
      to look.  Finally, he finds what he's looking for and announces,
      "Here it is".  Amy asks, "What?"  David replies, "Wire", then
      asks Amy, "Remember what you have to do?"  Amy replies, "Yes".
      David tells her, "Good.  We'll wait till 1:00, then you go get
      my father, and I'll be waiting for him downstairs. 
         At 1:00 AM, Amy goes into Roger's room and tells him she's
      frightened, that she's sure she heard a sound downstairs,
      that it sounded like someone breaking in.  Roger gets a pistol
      and goes down to investigate. 
         Downstairs, David ties the wire across one of the steps, a
      few inches off the step. He then runs down the stairs, opens
      the front door wide, and runs into the room under the stairs.
      Roger comes down the stairs, trips over the wire, and falls
      the rest of the way down.  David comes out of the study into
      the foyer.  Amy walks out of the bedroom hallway onto the
      landing.  Both stare at Roger, who is bloody and unconscious.
      Both have a cold emotionless look in their eyes...
      Episode 647
      Worldvision Rerun 433
      Tape Date: December 10, 1968 (ABC #252-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 17, 1968 Tuesday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Amy goes to Elizabeth's room, awakens her, and tells her
      Roger's been hurt falling down the stairs.  Elizabeth comes down
      the stairs and finds Roger lying at the foot of the stair, 
      unconscious.  She tells Amy to go get Julia.  Roger regains 
      consciousness and tells Elizabeth, "Someone tried to kill me!"
      Elizabeth tells him, "Amy told me there was a burglar in here".
      Roger replies, "It was no burglar! Someone in this house was
      trying to kill me! Someone stretched a wire across one of the 
      steps! I felt my ankle hit it when I tripped over it!". Elizabeth 
      tells him, "You must have imagined it. I just came down the stairs, 
      and there was no wire".  Roger, puzzled, asks, "Where is it?
      Where did it go?".  Elizabeth tells him, "No one would have strung
      a wire across the step.  It wouldn't make any sense" and takes him 
      up to his room.  Amy comes back downstairs and tells David, "I
      told Dr. Hoffman.  She's getting dressed", but David doesn't
         In his room, Roger continues to insist that he didn't imagine 
      the wire.  He then moans, "I have an appointment with Strathmore
      in London the day after tomorrow, but I can't go with things like
      this in the house".  Elizabeth finds a Tarot card on the table and 
      asks Roger about it.  He tells her he never saw it before, that he 
      poured himself a drink earlier and it wasn't on the table then.  
      Elizabeth tells him she's certain it's a message from the woman 
      they contacted during the seance.  David comes in, saying Amy woke 
      him and told him what happened.  He asks his father, "Are you OK?", 
      sounding genuinely concerned. Roger assures him he's OK and says,
      "I'll show you".  He limps over to the table, pours himself a 
      drink, and tells David, "See? I'll be perfectly all right in
      the morning".  David hugs his father and says, "I'm glad! I'm
      so glad!", sounding genuinely relieved.
         Elizabeth goes downstairs and telephones Professor Stokes,
      who is, strangely, still awake at 1:30 AM, and asks him to come to 
      Collinwood in the morning, saying she has something urgent to discuss 
      with him.  Stokes remarks, "This is quite a coincidence.  I was 
      reading a book when the phone rang, a book about the Collins Family, 
      a book from the Collinsport library no one's checked out in years".
         In the morning, David comes into the foyer from an early
      morning walk outside.  Amy is in the foyer.  She tells David,
      "I've been in the room again.  Quentin wants us to play the
      game again".  David replies, "I'm never going in there again.
      I don't like what he made me do to my father".  Amy warns him,
      "Quentin will be angry!".  Amy continues to try to convince David
      to play the "game" again.  She tells him, "Quentin likes you. He
      calls you 'Jamison'"  David notes, "Jamison was my grandfather.
      I wonder why".  Amy continues, "You could find out if you come up
      to the room and see him".
         Stokes arrives to see Elizabeth.  They go into the drawing
      room.  She shows Stokes the Tarot card and asks him if he knows
      what it means.  Stokes replies that he doesn't, but could look
      it up in a book.  Elizabeth tells him, "I can tell from the
      look on your face that you're lying.  You know exactly what
      it means".  Stokes finally admits to her, "The card is a warning".
      Elizabeth asks, "What is the warning?"  Stokes replies, "The card
      is called the Tower of Destruction.  It warns of the coming of
      great unhappiness to this family".  Elizabeth moans, "What are we
      going to do? What are we going to do? If only I knew! If only
      someone knew!".
         David goes up into the hidden room with Amy and, talking to
      an unseen Quentin, says,  "I'm not going to do what you want me to
      do anymore.  Not if it's like last time.  It's not fair for you to
      have me do something like that. Do you understand?"  Suddenly, the
      gramophone starts to play again.  David points to the cradle and
      exclaims, "LOOK!".  Amy does so.  The cradle is rocking by itself
      again.  Amy replies, "I see it, Jamison".  Amy asks, "You do want to
      play the game, don't you?" David replies, "Of course I do!"
         Stokes assures Elizabeth, "Don't worry, Mrs. Stoddard, I'll
      be back within the hour and I'll bring someone who will be
      able to explain everything that's been happening in this house".
      Elizabeth replies, "Thank you".  Stokes leaves.
         Stokes has returned with a woman psychic.  The psychic tells
      Elizabeth, "Don't tell me anything about your family, this
      house, or anything that's happened here.  I do not want to know what
      to expect.  Do you understand?"  Elizabeth replies, "Yes, Madame
      Findley".  In the foyer,  Findley remarks, "An accident has happened 
      here recently".  In the drawing room, she says, "This is the room
      where the seance was held.  There have been spirits in this room.
      They're not here now, but they've left their mark.  Shadows are
      still in this room!".  She sits down and goes into a trance,
      then says, "Are you there? Can you tell me the secret of this
      house?".  Suddenly, she exclaims, "That's not you! Who are you?".
      Stokes whispers to Elizabeth, "That means it's not the spirit
      she expected to contact, it's not the spirit from the seance".
      The psychic continues, "I can feel your presence.  Are you in this
      room?  If you are in this room, speak to me...You are not in this
      room, but you are in this house! Yes! In another room! Tell me where 
      you are! I must come to you!  A battle! There is a battle going on 
      in this house!  This house is a battleground!  I see that!  Lead me 
      to the room!  You must show me!  Yes! Yes!".  She then snaps out of 
      the trance and announces, "The fight goes on!".  Stokes asks, "Who are
      fighting?"  Madame Findley replies, "I don't know, but I will when 
      I find the room".  Elizabeth moans, "I can't believe this is
      happening!".  Madame Findley tells her, "There is much happening
      in this house you don't know about.  There is a war being waged,
      and I've got to find the one who started it".  Stokes asks
      Elizabeth, "Does she have permission to stay and find out?"
      Elizabeth replies, "Of course".  Stokes tells the psychic,
      "Please call me if you find anything" and leaves. 
         David and Amy, who have overheard Findley, go up to the hidden
      room and call for Quentin, "Quentin! There's a lady downstairs
      looking for you!  Tell us what to do!"
      Episode 648
      Worldvision Rerun 434
      Tape Date: December 11, 1968 (ABC #253-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 18, 1968 Wednesday
      Writer:    Sam Hall
      Director:  Lela Swift

         But Quentin doesn't appear.  Amy tells David, "Don't worry,
      David.  He'll tell us.  We'll just wait and he will".  The music
      starts to play...
         The psychic - Janet Findley - comes downstairs, having been
      upstairs, and tells Elizabeth, "I felt some astral disturbances
      upstairs, but it wasn't as strong as the energy down here, especially 
      in the drawing room".  She announces, "Two forces seem to be battling
      one another."  She goes into the drawing room and tells Elizabeth,
      "I feel the presence of someone whose name begins with the letter
      'M'.  It's an unusual name".  She asks to be left alone to try to
      contact this spirit.  As Elizabeth is leaving the drawing room, 
      Madame Findley announces, "There is a curse upon this house.  Even
      with what little I know, I am certain of that".  Elizabeth leaves
      and Madame Findley closes the drawing room doors and tries to contact 
      the spirit from the seance again, calling for 'M' to appear.
      This time she is successful and exclaims, "You are here!".  
      She asks, "Are the spirits confined to this house?  They are?
      Confined to a certain room? Yes?"  She asks, "Will you lead me
      there?", but the presence vanishes.
         Madam Findley comes out into the foyer and asks Elizabeth, "Are 
      there parts of the house that are closed off that you don't use?"  
      Elizabeth replies, "Yes, the east and west wings". Findley asks to 
      see the EAST Wing first, saying that's where her intuition is telling 
      her to look first.  Elizabeth takes her upstairs.
         Elizabeth comes back downstairs, leaving the psychic upstairs
      by herself.  There's a knock at the door. She answers. It's 
      Joe Haskell.  He asks to see Amy.
         David and Amy come out of the hidden room.  David asks Amy,
      "Are you sure you understand what Quentin wants you to do?
      Your part's VERY important".  Amy replies, "Yes.  I'll do 
      exactly what he wants me to do".   
         Elizabeth returns with Amy and leaves her alone with Joe in
      the drawing room.  Joe asks Amy, "Are you happy staying here at
      Collinwood?"  Amy replies, "Yes. Why do you ask?" Joe replies,
      "It's just that I don't like the idea of you staying here if you
      don't like it".  Amy remarks, "I'd rather stay with Chris, but
      he doesn't have a place for me".  Janet Findley comes into
      the drawing room. She takes the Tarot card, saying, "I'll use
      it as bait".  Amy asks, "You mean like fishing?"  Suddenly, Amy 
      asks Joe, "What's that on your face, Joe?  It's like a star!" 
      On Joe's forehead is a pentagram.  Findley looks at Joe too. The
      pentagram fades away.  Joe looks in the mirror but sees nothing
      and says, "I don't see anything. It must have been your imagination".  
      He then tells Amy, "Mrs. Stoddard said Roger wasn't well.  Can you
      go and ask her to see if he's well enough to see me? I'd like to
      talk to him".  Amy leaves to do so.  Joe remarks to Findley, "She
      has quite an imagination", but Findley tells him,  "Mr. Haskell,
      I saw the star too. The sign of the pentagram.  I wouldn't ignore it
      if I were you".  Joe asks, "But I don't know what the sign of the
      pentagram is".  Findley explains, "It is an ancient symbol.  It
      may warn of either good or evil, depending on how the points are
      arranged".  Joe replies, "And mine must warn of evil, else you
      wouldn't be warning me abou it.  What am I supposed to worry about?"  
      Findley replies, "Being attacked by a wild animal, and animal that 
      walks like a man".  Joe, finding this ridiculous, laughs and says, 
      "I guess I have nothing to worry about, then.   We don't have any
      animals like that around here".  Elizabeth comes back, as does Amy.  
      Findley tells Elizabeth, "I'd like to look in the West Wing now".  
      Elizabeth replies, "I'd like to talk to Joe outside in private for
      a minute. I'll take you to the West Wing when I come back".  She
      and Joe leave.
         Amy goes out into the foyer and tells David, "She wants to go to
      the West Wing!".  David tells her to go into the drawing room and
      talk to Findley.
         Amy talks with Findley and keeps her occupied.  They are 
      interrupted by David coming out of the secret entrance to the West 
      Wing into the drawing room.  Findley asks, "Where does that lead 
      to?".  David replies, "The West Wing".  David and Amy tell her not 
      to go in, saying there's nothing in there, but Findley feels
      something and remarks, "Yes..." and goes in anyway.  After she goes
      in, David closes the secret panel and looks at Amy.  They both smile.
         Elizabeth returns to the drawing room and find Amy and David
      sitting on the floor playing jacks.  She asks where Janet Findley
      went.  They tell her Findley left the room, but didn't say where
      she was going.  Elizabeth wonders where Findley could have gone,
      remarking, "She wanted to see the West Wing, but she couldn't
      be there. She doesn't know the way".  
         Upstairs, Findley goes into the hidden room.  She feels
      a presence and announces, "You're here, aren't you? Yes, I
      can feel your presence!" The door slams shut by itself and 
      locks behind her. 
         David and Amy come upstair into the West Wing and listen 
      at the door to the hidden room.  They hear Findley talking inside.
      They slide a heavy chest in front of the opening in the wall.
      Episode 649
      Worldvision Rerun 435
      Tape Date: December 12, 1968 (ABC #254-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 19, 1968 Thursday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Findley tries to make contact with the spirit, ordering it,
      "You must make your presence known to me!".  The gramophone starts 
      playing.  Findley tells the spirit, "I'm here to help you! I want 
      to help you!"  The music stops.  Findley continues, "Allow me to
      help you!  Allow me to help you rest! Allow me to give you peace!"
      There is no reply. Finally, in exasperation, she says, "Well, if you
      won't let me help you, allow me to leave this room!", but the door 
      does not unlock.  She asks, "Why keep me here if you don't want my
      help?  Are you trying to frighten me?  I am not afraid!"  She sees
      a candle on a table and lights it.  She feels something and announces,
      "Someone died here!  I can sense it!".  Suddenly, she feels the
      room become cold.  The candle goes out.  She says, "All right!
      I'll wait for you, then!  Appear to me!".  
         The clock in the foyer reads 6:15.  Elizabeth and Julia are in
      the drawing room talking.  They talk about Roger and his strange
      claim that he had tripped over a wire someone had stretched over
      the stairs.  Julia remarks, "Maybe Madame Findley can help". 
      Elizabeth wonders where Findley could be.
        In the hidden room, Findley asks, "Why do you keep me here?"
      She relights the candle.  She notices the cradle start rocking by 
      itself.  She mutters, "There was a child..." Then the phone rings.
      She answers, "Hello? Hello?  Who is it?  I know there's someone on
      the other end.  I can hear you breathing.  Say something!  Why
      don't you say something?"  Then she notices that the telephone cord 
      isn't connected...
         Elizabeth tells Julia she'll go look for Findley. 
         Upstairs in the hidden room, Findley continues to talk into
      the phone, "Are you trying to contact me?  Speak to me!", but
      there is no reply and she gives up and hangs up.  Suddenly, 
      she smells something and exclaims, "A scent! Perfume!  A woman's
      spirit exists in this room!  Who are you?  Who?"  The phone
      rings again.  Findley firmly says, "I won't answer it this time!
      If you want to contact me, appear to me!"
         Elizabeth comes back down into the foyer and tells Julia,
      "I can't find her.  I've looked everywhere she could be..."
      Julia suggests, "Maybe she left".
         In the secret room, the phone continues to ring, and Findley
      finally decides to answer it.  She exclaims, "Stop it! Why don't
      you leave me alone?"  But this time, a voice on the other end 
      apparently speaks to her.  A look of horror appears on her face, but 
      then she confidently retorts, "NO! I am not going to die! My will is 
      stronger than yours!"  But when she looks in the mirror, she sees a
      skeleton looking back...
         At the Collinsport Inn, Chris Jennings is in his room
      dreading the next night, a night on which there'll be a full
      moon.  Joe Haskell drops by and tells Chris that, now that
      he's broken up with Maggie, he's thinking of leaving Collinsport
      and moving to Boston, that he's already applied for 2 jobs there.
      They talk about Amy briefly, then Joe remarks to Chris, "I was at 
      Collinwood to see Amy earlier. A strange thing happened there. A 
      woman kook who calls herself a medium told me I was going to die". 
      Chris asks, "Why would she say a thing like that?"  Joe replies, 
      "Because of something Amy said she saw. Have you ever heard of the 
      sign of the pentagram?  It's supposed to warn of sudden death.  Amy 
      said she saw it on my face.  She probably heard the woman talking 
      about it earlier and imagined she saw it on my face". He laughs and 
      calls it ridiculous.  Chris pretends to laugh and call it ridiculous 
      too, but suddenly tells Joe, "I've got something important to do" 
      and asks him to leave. After Joe leaves, Chris says to himself, 
      "Tomorrow night!  I can't let it happen, not to him!  I've got to do 
         At Collinwood, Elizabeth hangs up the phone in the foyer and
      tells Julia, "Professor Stokes said he hadn't heard from Findley
      and couldn't reach her at her house".  
         In the hidden room, Findley remarks, "Silence, why is it so
      silent? I've got to get out of here!"  She tries the door but finds 
      it still locked.  She asks, "Why do you want to keep me here, why?",
      breaks down and starts to cry.  Suddenly, the chandelier starts to
      move by itself.  Findley asks, "Are you here?  Are you in this room?"
      The music starts to play again.  Findley asks, "Why do you want that
      music to play?  What does it mean?".  She sees top to the roll top
      desk roll down by itself.   There is a loud squeaking sound.  Findley
      looks in the direction of the sound.  What she sees terrifies her.
      She screams, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!..."    
         There's a knock at the front door of Collinwood.  Elizabeth
      answers. It's Chris.  Elizabeth asks, "Are you here to see Amy?"
      Chris replies, "No, I came to see Dr. Hoffman".  Elizabeth takes
      him to Hoffman, who's in the foyer, then tells Julia, "I'll go see
      if Madame Findley's car is still parked down at the gate" and
      leaves. Chris asks Julia for some sleeping pills.  She asks 
      him, "Why don't you just buy some from the drugstore?"  Chris 
      replies, "The non-prescription kinds aren't strong enough for me.  
      I need something which will put me to sleep for at least 24 hours".  
      Julia asks him why he needs something so strong.  Chris lies that he's
      been having insomnia problems that are preventing him from working.  
      Julia is reluctant to give him the pills, but Chris finally manages to 
      convince her to get him some.  Elizabeth returns and tells Julia, 
      "Madame Findley's car is still there.  It must mean she's still
      somewhere in the house".  Suddenly, Julia exclaims, "There she is!"
      and points to the top of the stairs.  Standing at the top of
      the stairs Janet Findley, standing perfectly still.  Elizabeth
      calls to her, "Madame Findley!  Where have you been?  We've been so
      worried about you!". Suddenly, Madame Findley topples over and falls all
      the way down the stairs. She is dead...
      Episode 650
      Worldvision Rerun 436
      Tape Date: December 13, 1968 (ABC #255-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 20, 1968 Friday
      Writer:    Ron Sproat
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Elizabeth and Roger talk about Janet Findley's death.  Elizabeth
      tells Roger she doesn't believe the coroner's report that Findley
      just died of a heart attack.  Vicky comes down into the drawing
      room and asks Elizabeth, "Could someone else stay with the children
      tonight?"  Elizabeth replies, "Of course.  I'll have Mrs. Johnson
      look after them tonight".  Roger asks Vicky, "Are you going out
      tonight?"  Vicky replies, "No, my husband Jeff is coming to see
      me tonight".  Roger points out, "But Jeff is gone!".  Vicky replies,
      "But he's coming back to see me tonight!  I know it!"  Roger asks,
      "Vicky, why do you think that?"  Vicky replies, "I fell asleep this
      afternoon and had a dream.  He spoke to me in the dream and told me
      he was coming to see me tonight".  Roger asks, "Vicky, is that 
      rational?"  Vicky insists, "It's more than a dream!  I know it!
      It has to happen!" and leaves.  Elizabeth and Roger discuss what
      to do about Vicky.  Roger asks, "Barnabas hasn't seen her, has he?"
      Elizabeth replies, "Not since the marriage".  Roger suggests, 
      "Perhaps it would help if he talked to her.  They've always been 
      very close".  Elizabeth agrees that Barnabas might be able to help
      and Roger leaves to go to the old house to get him. 
         Upstairs, Vicky clutches Jeff's watch, hoping that it will
      start ticking, indicating  Jeff's presence, "The watch must tick!
      Please, Jeff, come to me! Give me a sign!" but nothing happens and 
      she starts to cry again.
         Roger returns with Barnabas.  Elizabeth tells Barnabas about Vicky,
      "She's a very disturbed girl, Barnabas, and we don't seen to be able
      to help her".  Barnabas replies, "I'll do everything I can".
         Vicky continues to beg, "Please, Jeff, I know you're trying to 
      reach me! Please, Jeff, I love you!". Suddenly, the watch starts 
      ticking.  A ghostly oblong of light appears in the room.  It whispers, 
      in Jeff's voice, "Vicky! Vicky!"  Vicky begs, "Jeff! You must come 
      back! You must appear to me!"  The voice replies, "Your love brought me
      back, but I can never return!".  Vicky says, "NO! NO!", but the voice
      reiterates, "I can never return!".  Vicky exclaims, "I can never
      believe that! I won't believe it!".  There's a knock at the door and 
      the light disappears.  Vicky begs, "Don't leave me, NO! NO!".  
      Elizabeth comes in.  Vicky tells her, "He was here, Mrs. Stoddard,
      Jeff!  He said he was never returning to me.  What am I going to do?
      What am I going to do?"  Elizabeth replies, "You're going to stay
      here and we're going to take care of you", but Vicky says, "No, I've
      got to leave Colllinwood and go somewhere else".  Elizabeth protests,
      "But you're part of the family.  What are we going to do without you?"
      Vicky replies, "I consider you family too, but this house just holds
      to many memories for me".  Elizabeth asks, "Where are you going to
      go?"  Vicky replies, "I don't know yet. I haven't thought about it
      yet".  Elizabeth says, "You haven't thought about a lot of things
      yet.  Perhaps it would be better if we discussed this when you're 
      calmer". She tells Vicky Barnabas has come to see her, then brings 
      him in and leaves.  
         Barnabas greets Vicky, "Hello".  Vicky replies, "Hello, Barnabas.
      I'm so glad to see you.  If you hadn't come to see me, I would've 
      gone to see you to say goodbye".  Barnabas asks, "Goodbye?"  Vicky 
      explains, "I've just told Mrs. Stoddard I'm leaving Collinwood".  
      Barnabas asks, "Why?"  Vicky explains that there are too many memories
      at Collinwood and says, "I have to go away.  Where, I don't know, but
      I have to go".  Barnabas tells her, "I think you're making a mistake
      deserting the people who love you".  Vicky replies, "I'm not deserting
      any of you".  Barnabas asks, "Vicky, if you must go, let me take you 
      away.  Be my wife.  Vicky, I'll try to make you happy.   I'll do 
      anything to make you happy.  Please consider going away with me as 
      my wife".   Vicky replies, "You're the most considerate person I 
      know.  I'm very honored that you want me to be your wife, but I have
      to say no.  If I had never met Jeff, I'd say yes, but I still love
      Jeff".  Barnabas protests, "But Jeff isn't returning".  Vicky 
      explains, "Because of my love for him, part of him will always
      exist, in me".  Barnabas asks, "When are you leaving Collinsport?"
      Vicky replies, "I don't know.  As soon as possible".  Barnabas
      tells her, "Then perhaps this shall be our final farewell.  Goodbye,
      Vicky".  Vicky replies sadly, "Goodbye,  Barnabas".  As Barnabas
      turns to go, Vicky tells him, "Barnabas, wherever I go, whatever 
      happens to me, I'll never forget you".  Barnabas replies, "And I'll 
      never forget you" and leaves.  
         Vicky sits back down at the dresser and begs, "Jeff!  Why can't
      you return?  Why must I spend the rest of my life without you?"
      puts her head down on her arms and starts crying.  The light 
      appears again, but this time it solidifies as Jeff/Peter.  Jeff
      touches Vicky on the arm.  Vicky looks up, sees him and exclaims,
      "Jeff! Oh you've returned!"  Jeff replies, "Yes. Your love brought
      me back". They embrace. Vicky says, "I can't believe it! I thought
      I had lost you forever!".  Jeff replies, "Listen carefully, Vicky.
      I didn't choose to come back.  Your love brought me back, but 
      you've got to forget me because of what I am.  I'm Peter Bradford.
      I have to go back to my own century".  Vicky protests, "But you're
      here!  You're real!".  Jeff replies, "But only for a few minutes.
      When that clock strikes the hour, I'll go back again.  Centuries
      separate us".  The clock in Vicky's room shows a few minutes to
      eight.  Vicky exclaims, "I love you! I'll always love you!",
      and hugs Jeff.  She begs, "Take me back with you!  Take me back
      into the past!".  Jeff replies, "No, it's too dangerous.  You belong
      here".  Vicky begs, "I'll never be happy here!  Please, take me back
      with you!".    
         In the drawing room, Roger is talking to Barnabas, telling him,
      "It's too bad my business trip to London can't be postponed with
      so many things happening at Collinwood".  He asks Barnabas to 
      watch over Vicky while he's away.  Elizabeth comes down the stairs.
      She tells Roger she saw his taxi coming up the road from an upstairs
      window.  Roger takes his luggage and leaves.  Elizabeth is surprised
      to find Barnabas in the drawing room and asks, "Barnabas! What are you
      doing here?"  Barnabas asks, "What do you mean?"  Elizabeth replies,
      "I just passed Vicky's door and heard her talking with a man.  I
      assumed it was you!" They both rush upstairs. 
         Inside Vicky's room, Jeff instructs Vicky to hold both his hands
      with both her hands.  He warns her, "You may feel lost in another
      century".  Vicky replies, "Not if I'm with you".  Jeff asks, "Are
      you sure?" Vicky replies, "I'm sure".  Barnabas and Elizabeth arrive
      outside.  Barnabas tries the door but finds it locked.  He breaks
      it down with his shoulder.  He and Elizabeth are surprised to see
      Jeff and Vicky in there holding hands.  The clock is striking the
      hour.  Barnabas walks into the room and starts to walk towards them, 
      but is shocked to see them fade away into nothing...
      Episode 651
      Worldvision Rerun 437
      Tape Date: December 16, 1968 (ABC #256-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 23, 1968 Monday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Barnabas and Elizabeth discuss what they saw happen to Vicky.
      Elizabeth asks, "How is it possible?  One moment she was there,
      the next, she was gone!".  Barnabas replies, "I don't know". 
      Elizabeth suddenly starts to babble about dying again, saying, 
      "My time is near.  Soon, I am going to die...".
         At the Collinsport Inn, Chris is getting desperate as it starts
      to get dark.  He calls the switchboard and asks,"Operator, give
      me 7758 please, and hurry!". The phone at Collinwood rings.  
      Barnabas answers it.  Chris says, "I'd like to speak to Dr. Hoffman.
      She was supposed to come and see me tonight", but Barnabas tells
      him, "She can't come to the phone right now.  There's been an
      emergency with Mrs. Stoddard".  Chris protests, "THIS is an
      emergency!", but Barnabas reiterates, "It's just not possible
      for her to come to the phone and talk to you right now.  I'll
      have her call you back as soon as she can".  Chris dejectedly
      replies, "All right, please do that" and hangs up.  
         Julia comes down and tells Barnabas that Elizabeth's had a
      serious relapse caused by what she saw.  Barnabas asks, "Did she
      tell you about Vicky?"  Julia replies, "Yes".  Barnabas goes to
      look out the drawing room window and moans, "I can't imagine what
      life would be without her.  Why did he have to come back for her?"
      but Julia tells him, "It was her decision.  I had several 
      conversations with her, and she said she wanted to go back to 
      him", but Barnabas tells her, "I still blame him for taking her
      away".  Dejected, he tells Julia, "I'd like to go up to talk
      to Elizabeth, but I'd like you to be with me".  As they turn to go,
      Barnabas suddenly remembers the phone call and tells Julia, "By 
      the way, Chris Jennings called.  He said it was urgent", but Julia 
      replies, "I know what he called about.  I'll call him back later".  
      They go upstairs to see Elizabeth.
         At the Collinsport Inn, Chris becomes impatient, puts his coat
      on and leaves. 
         Joe Haskell brings Amy back to Collinwood, having taken her
      out for the night.  Outside Collinwood, Amy looks up at the full 
      moon. Joe asks, "What are you doing?"  Amy replies, "Looking at 
      the moon".  Joe asks, "Why?  It is different tonight?"  Amy replies,
      "Sometimes it scares me".  Joe assures her, "It can't hurt you.
      It's much too far away".  They go inside into the foyer.  Amy 
      thanks Joe for taking her out, adding, "Too bad Chris couldn't
      make it".  Trying to sound optimistic, she remarks, "I'm sure
      when he gets a job and a place to live, he'll be able to take
      care of me".  Joe asks her about the pentagram she had seen on
      his face, "Remember seeing the star on my face?"  Amy replies,
      "Yes".  Joe asks, "Do you see it on other people's faces?"
      Amy replies, "No".  Joe asks, "Do you see it on my face now?"
      Amy replies, "No, only yesterday.  Maybe I imagined it".   
         After Joe leaves, Amy starts upstairs.  As she gets to the
      landing, Elizabeth comes out from the bedroom hallway door.
      Amy says, "Hello, Mrs. Stoddard", but Elizabeth just walks past
      her without replying, goes down the stairs and goes out the
      front doors. 
         Later, Barnabas finds Amy with the front door open staring
      at the moon.  He takes he into the drawing room and tells her he 
      has something very important to tell her.  He tells her that 
      Elizabeth is not well.  Amy replies that that explains why 
      Elizabeth was acting so strangely when she last saw her, that 
      Elizabeth walked right past her and left the house without saying 
      a word.  Barnabas tells Amy to stay in the drawing room goes and 
      notifies Julia that Elizabeth has escaped.  However, while he's gone,
      Amy, instead of staying in the drawing room, goes out the front doors.
      When Barnabas and Julia come down, they find Amy gone.  Barnabas 
      leaves to search for both Amy and Elizabeth.  Julia, remembering
      Chris' call, goes to the phone, but just as she lifts the receiver,
      there's a knock at the front door.  She answers it.  It's Chris.
      He asks Julia for the pills he asked for earlier.  Julia becomes 
      suspicious and asks Chris why he's acting so strangely.  Chris
      replies that he's just acting strangely due to lack of sleep. Julia
      gives him the pills.
         Amy follows Elizabeth to the Collins family mausoleum.  She
      tries to talk to Elizabeth, but Elizabeth keeps talking about
      dying, saying, "The dead are here.  Soon I will join them" then
      collapses, unconscious.  Barnabas arrives.  He checks Elizabeth's
      pulse, finds she's alive and takes Amy and Elizabeth back to 
         Chris, back in his room at the Collinsport Inn, takes the
      sleeping pills.  There's a knock at the door. Chris asks, "Who 
      is it?"  He is shocked when a voice calls back, "Joe".  Chris calls 
      through the closed door that he's not feeling well, but Joe is
      insistent, saying, "It'll only take a few minutes".  Chris lets
      him in.  Joe sarcastically remarks, "Sick?  Maybe it's your 
      conscience". He tells Chris, "I just wanted to let you know I took
      Amy out tonight" and castigates him for not taking Amy out tonight
      as promised, saying, "She can't understand why you don't love her".
      Chris protests, "I DO love her!".  Joe replies, "You never seem
      to show her any sign you do".  Chris suddenly tells Joe, "Joe,
      get out of here!  You've got to leave!".  Joe asks, "Is that a
      threat?"  Chris replies, "If you want to take it that way".  
      Joe tells Chris, "You'd better start doing something about Amy,
      and do it soon, or you'll have to answer to ME!"  Chris replies,
      "All right, I'll take her out tomorrow, now go!".  Joe leaves.  
      Chris lies down in bed and goes into a deep sleep.  He then 
      transforms into a werewolf...
      Episode 652/653
      Worldvision Rerun 438
      Tape Date: December 17, 1968 (ABC #257-DRK-68)
      Air Date:  December 24, 1968 Tuesday
      Writer:    Gordon Russell
      Director:  Lela Swift

         Amy and Barnabas return to Collinwood with Elizabeth.  Barnabas
      takes Elizabeth up to her room.  Amy opens the front doors and
      stares at the full moon again.  At the Collinsport Inn, the 
      werewolf is sleeping peacefully.
         Upstairs, Elizabeth tells Barnabas that she hasn't taken
      the sedatative Julia gave her, saying, "If I do, I may not wake
      up!".  She asks Barnabas, "Can't you hear the Widows crying?"
      Barnabas replies, "Of course not!".  Elizabeth explains, "I do.
      I heard them earlier.  That's why I left the house".  Barnabas,
      not knowing what to do, remarks, "I'll get Dr. Hoffman", but 
      Elizabeth tells him, "No, there's something I must talk to you
      about.  I won't be here much longer.  You must find someone to
      take care of the children TONIGHT!".  Barnabas protests, "How
      would I be able to find someone at such short notice?".  Elizabeth
      suggests Maggie Evans.  
        Barnabas goes downstairs and finds Amy staring at the moon.  He
      takes her into the drawing room and starts to scold her for running
      out of the house earlier, but then notices that she's been crying 
      and asks her why.  Amy replies, "I'm afraid".  Barnabas asks, "Of
      what?  Of what happened to Mrs. Stoddard?"  Amy replies, "No. I was
      afraid of the moon, and I don't know why..."
         At the Collinsport Inn, the werewolf awakens and leaves the
      hotel room.
         Joe shows up at the Evan's cottage and tells Maggie, "I came 
      to say goodbye, Maggie.  I'm going to be leaving Collinsport".
      Maggie asks, "For how long?"  Joe replies, "I don't know.  Maybe
      for good".  Maggie asks, "When are you leaving?"  Joe replies, "In 
      a few days.  I didn't want to leave without making sure we parted 
      good friends".  Maggie assures him, "We are good friends, Joe, and 
      always will be".  Maggie gets a phone call from Barnabas telling her
      Elizabeth wants her to come to Collinwood.  He tells her, "Something
      has happened.  Vicky has gone.  It's difficult to explain how..."
         Joe and Maggie are in the drawing room at Collinwood.  Barnabas
      has just told them about Vicky's mysterious disappearance.  Joe
      exclaims, "Vicky just disappeared?!".  Barnabas replies, "Yes.  I 
      know it's hard to believe, but Mrs. Stoddard and I saw it happen".
      He then takes Maggie upstairs to talk to Elizabeth.
         Downstairs, Amy comes into the drawing room.  Joe tells Amy,
      "I've got good news for you.  You know what I did tonight?  I saw
      Chris.  He told me he's coming to take you out tomorrow and is going
      to see a lot more of you from now on".  Amy sees the pentagram on 
      Joe's face again.  Joe, seeing the look on Amy's face, asks, "What's
      wrong?"  Amy exclaims, "I saw it again!  The star on your face!  It
      was there for just a second and went away!  Please stay here tonight!
      I'm sure Mrs. Stoddard would let you. If you stayed here tonight,
      I'd know you'd be safe".  Joe asks, "Safe? What are you talking
      about?"  Amy replies, "I'm afraid if you go back into town, 
      something will happen to you!".  
         Upstairs, Elizabeth finishes telling Maggie about the governess
      job, "The arrangement will be the same for Vicky.  The schedule
      will be the same, unless you want a different one...".  Maggie
      replies, "It'll be fine.  When do I start?"  Elizabeth replies,
      "Immediately".  Maggie asks, "Immediately?".  Elizabeth tells her,
      "You don't have to move your things here tonight, of course.  That
      can wait till tomorrow.  I'll have someone help you move".  Maggie
      replies, "I'll need to pick up a few things, thought.  Joe's 
      downstairs.  He can drive me".     
         Maggie comes downstairs.  Joe asks, "Ready to leave?"  Maggie
      replies, "I need your help.  Mrs. Stoddard wants me to replace
      Vicky, and she wants me to start tonight."  Amy exclaims, "You're
      going to be our new governess?  Great!".  Maggie continues, "I have
      to go back to the cottage to get a few things".  Joe tells her,
      "You don't have to go.  I'll get them for you".  Maggie tells him,
      "Thanks.  I'll make a list".  Amy again begs Joe not to go into
      town, but Joe just tells her, "You should go to bed.  You're too
      tired, and you know what happens when you're too tired?  You start
      saying strange things".  Maggie gives Joe her list.  Amy says,
      "Goodbye, Joe" in a tone of finality.     
         After Joe leaves, Maggie tries to tell Amy to go up to bed,
      but Amy says, "I won't be able to go to bed until Joe gets back
      and I know he's all right".  Maggie asks, "All right?"  Amy
      explains, "I have the feeling he's in some kind of terrible 
      danger".  Maggie asks, "What kind of danger?"  Amy replies, "I
      don't know".
         Joe goes to the Evan's cottage to get Maggie's things.
      He hears a low growling coming from outside.  The werewolf
      comes bursting in through the window and attacks him.
      December 25, 1968 Wednesday - No show aired.  Christmas.
      Pre-empted for basketball. (ABC #258-DRK-68)
        Episode 654
        Worldvision Rerun 439
        Tape Date: December 18, 1968 (ABC #259-DRK-68)
        Air Date:  December 26, 1968 Thursday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Lela Swift

           After a fierce struggle with the werewolf, Joe manages to grab 
        a pair of scissors and stabs the werewolf in the arm.  The 
        werewolf flees.  
           At Collinwood, Maggie looks at the clock in the foyer.  It
        reads 11:30.  She remarks, "What's taking him so long?  He
        should've been back by now".  Barnabas suggests, "Perhaps he had
        trouble finding some of the things on your list", but Maggie
        replies, "There weren't that many things on the list.  Maybe
        I should call and see what's taking him so long".
           At the Evan's cottage, the phone rings.  Joe, injured, manages
        to struggle over to the phone and picks up the receiver, but
        collapses before he can say anything.
           At Collinwood, Maggie tells Barnabas, "Someone picked up
        the phone, but no one answered!  Barnabas, something's happened!"
        Barnabas volunteers, "I'll go and see if anything's wrong". 
        Maggie remarks, "Maybe nothing's wrong. Maybe it's just Joe.
        He's done so many things recently I don't understand.  Perhaps
        this is just another one of them..."
           When Barnabas arrives at the Evan's cottage, he finds Joe 
        bloodied and injured and asks, "What happened here, Joe??". 
           At Collinwood, Maggie is talking with Julia.  Maggie asks,
        "Julia, do you think I'll be able to handle David?  He was so
        attached to Vicky, I'm afraid he'll resent me".  Julia assures
        her that she will, but says, "The only question is whether 
        you'll like being a governess".  Julia goes upstairs to check
        on Elizabeth. 
           Barnabas brings Joe in through the front doors.  Maggie
        exclaims, "JOE!".  Barnabas tells her, "Go get Julia!".
        Maggie goes upstairs to do so.  
           Barnabas has put Joe in the drawing room.  Barnabas asks Joe,
        "All right?" Joe, who has given Barnabas a description of the 
        creature that attacked him on the way, now changes his mind and 
        says, "Yes.  Barnabas, maybe I was wrong when I described the
        animal to you".  Barnabas asks, "How could you have been mistaken?
        A wolf that walks like a man?  That's exactly what Elizabeth saw!
        This animal must be found!"
           At the Collinsport Inn, the injured werewolf returns to
        Chris' room and collapses.
           While treating Joe's wounds, Julia remarks to him that
        they should call the police, but Joe is adamant that they
        do not, but does not say why.  After Julia finishes and leaves,
        Maggie comes in to talk to Joe.  She tells him, "I think you'd
        better stay here tonight", but Joe replies, "No, there's something
        I have to do", but Maggie says firmly, "It's settled" and refuses to
        let him go.  She notices he is grasping a piece of cloth in his
        hand and asks, "What's that?"  Joe replies, "Nothing, nothing 
        at all".
           In the morning, Chris wakes up.  He telephones the operator
        and asks for, "Joe Haskell, on Dock St.".  He thinks to himself,
        "What'll I say to him if he answers?  At least I'll know if he's
        all right.  Why don't I say it?  Alive.  At least I'll know if
        he's alive".  But the phone just rings and rings.  Nobody answers.
        Chris tries to reassure himself, "You don't know for sure.  He may
        just be out.  Find out!  Find out!"  He changes out of his torn
        shirt, throwing it on the bureau, and leaves. 
           Maggie and Julia go to the Evan's cottage.  They are shocked
        to see how everything in the living room is in such disarray.
        Maggie remarks, "Funny, it's taken something like to make me
        realize that my future here is over.  Since Pop died, I've been
        waiting for something to happen, something to set me free, and
        now this happens.  Now I'll start the new life I knew I'd have
        to".  Julia, still astounded by the disarray, asks, "What a mess!
        What kind of animal could it have been?"   
           Chris is at Collinwood.  Amy is telling him about her new
        governess.  Maggie returns.  Chris tells her, "Maggie, I've
        been unable to find Joe".  Maggie starts to tell him that
        something's happened to Joe.  Chris grabs her and demands,
        "What happened to him?"  Maggie protests, "Chris, you're
        hurting me!", but Chris insists, "Tell me!"
           Joe is outside Chris's room, knocking on the door.  There
        is no answer.  
           Maggie finishes telling Chris what happened to Joe, "Joe
        didn't call the police.  That animal has got to be caught!"
        Chris suddenly asks, "What time is it?"  Maggie replies, "5:30".
        Julia comes down into the room.  Chris complains, "Those sleeping
        pills you gave me didn't work.  You've got to give me something
        stronger".  Julia asks, "How many did you take?"  Chris replies,
        "All three".  Julia exclaims, "All three?!"  Chris asks, "You've
        got to give me something stronger".  Julia replies, "I don't
        know of anything stronger!"
           Joe is in Chris' room at the Collinsport Inn. He finds
        a torn shirt lying on top of the dresser.  He takes out the
        piece of cloth he had torn from the werewolf's shirt.  He
        compare it with the shirt and finds they match.  Chris returns.
        Joe hold up the shirt and the piece of cloth and asks, "What
        does this mean?", but Chris just replies, "I think you'd better
        get out of here".  Joe replies, "No Chris, not until you've
        answered some questions".  Chris remarks, "The moon's about to 
        rise...".  Joe continues, "Answer me, Chris! Tell me what it is!"
        Chris begs, "Joe, you've got to get out of here!", but Joe replies,
        "I won't leave until I get an explanation".  Chris tries to 
        throw Joe out physically, but finds he can't because Joe is bigger
        than he is.  Suddenly, Chris starts to feel the wolf pains and
        gasps, "Oh! It's happening! Will you get out?!  I don't want you
        to see this!  I don't want anyone to see this! Will you get out?!", 
        but Joe still refuses to leave.  Chris warns him, "You stay here
        and watch.  After you see what happens, you'll never be the same!
        Don't say I didn't warn you!"  The wolf pains start to get bad
        and he screams, "AHHHH!!".  Joe, alarmed, tells Chris, "I'll get
        a doctor", but Chris replies, "No, it'll pass.  You've always
        wondered why Cousin Chris left town.  I should've stayed away.
        There's no time!  Get over to the drawer! Go on!".  Joe goes
        over to the drawer.  Chris tells him, "Open it! Open the drawer!".
        Joe does so and sees a revolver inside.  Puzzled, he asks, "A
        pistol?"  Chris tells him, "Take it out!  Go on, take it out!".
        Joe does so.  Chris continues, "Joe, when it happens, do it! 
        You'll know what I mean!", then turns into a werewolf.  Joe
        exclaims, "MY GOD! MY GOD! NO! NO!"  The werewolf starts to 
        approach menacingly.  Joe shoots it multiple times.  The werewolf
        at first stumbles and appears to be injured, but then recovers
        and starts coming at Joe again, apparently little affected by the
        Episode 655
        Worldvision Rerun 440
        Tape Date: December 19, 1968 (ABC #260-DRK-68)
        Air Date:  December 27, 1968 Friday
        Writer:    Sam Hall
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Carolyn returns to Collinwood to see her mother.  
           Joe goes into Collinwood in a very sneaky fashion.  He is
        acting very strangely.  
           Elizabeth has a dream in which she meets Amy in the woods.
        Cassandra appears and Amy disappears.  Cassandra walks towards
        Elizabeth, one arm outstretched, telling her, "When I touch you,
        you will die!".  Elizabeth awakens, screaming.  Julia and Carolyn 
        rush into the room to see what's the matter.  Elizabeth tells 
        them about the dream and tells them it means she'll die soon
        and also that Amy is in danger. 
           Joe sneaks into Amy's room and starts to pack up her clothes,
        all the while talking to himself, making mysterious comments       
        like, "She must not find out!" and "I've got to save her!  Save
        her! Yes, save her!".  Amy, who's in bed, awakens, sees Joe and 
        asks, "Joe! What are you doing?".  Joe replies, "We're going far, 
        far away from here!".  Amy replies, "I don't want to go!", but Joe
        replies, "It's settled!  Go get your coat!".  Amy tells him, "I've
        got to say goodbye to Mrs. Stoddard..."  Joe sternly tells her,
        "No!"  Amy cries, "Joe, I don't want to go with you!  You're
        acting so strangely!"  Joe replies, "You know what's going to 
        happen if you don't come with me?  You know what you're going
        to find out?"  He vows, "No, you're never going to find out!
        I'll see to that!  You'll never find out!  Never!".  He kidnaps 
        her without taking the clothes.
          To ease Elizabeth's mind, Julia and Carolyn goe to Amy's room.
        They find Amy gone, a hastily packed suitcase in the room. Julia 
        suggests that they check with David to see if he knows where
        Amy is.  Carolyn asks, "What should we tell mother?"  Julia
        replies, "Lie to her!  If we tell her her fears about Amy were
        right, she'll believe her fears about herself were right too!".  
          They lie to Elizabeth about Amy, then, thinking they've got her 
        safely in her room, go out to search for Amy.  But Elizabeth wanders 
        out of her room and goes into Amy's room and finds that she isn't 
        there.  Instead, Cassandra appears from the shadows and tells her 
        that it's happening just like in the dream, where Amy disappeared 
        too.  Cassandra starts to approach Elizabeth with an arm 
           Joe, carrying Amy through the woods, senses something and
        pauses.  He starts to argue with it, saying, "You can't have
        her!"  While he's busy arguing, he lets go of Amy momentarily
        and she escapes.
           At Collinwood, Julia calls the Collinsport Inn and asks
        for Chris, but is told that Chris isn't there.  She asks if
        Amy has shown up there to see Chris.  She is told she hasn't.
        She is just about to call the police when Amy comes in through the 
        front door.  Joe comes in right behind her.  He tries to grab her 
        again, but she eludes him and runs upstairs.  Julia tells Joe,
        "Joe!  Leave Amy alone!".  Joe replies, "No!  You don't understand!
        The animal!  She'll know!  She'll find out!  OH NO!  I've got to
        get her!  I'm the only one who knows!  In that room!".  Julia
        tries to calm him down, "Joe, whatever attacked you in that room
        is no danger to Amy in this house".  Joe just laughs at the depth 
        of her misunderstanding and says, "You don't know!! YOU DON'T KNOW!!".
        Julia slaps him to try to bring him to his senses then apoligizes,
        "Sorry, Joe".   Suddenly, Julia hears a scream coming from upstairs.  
        She tells Joe, "Wait here!", and runs upstairs.  Joe, disobeying
        her, leaves.  
           Julia runs up to Amy's room where she finds Carolyn standing 
        over an unconcious Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is thinking to herself,
        "What can't I move?  What can't I let them know?"  Julia examines 
        Elizabeth and tells a stunned Carolyn, "I'm sorry, Carolyn. Your
        mother's dead".  Carolyn is devastated.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth
        lies there thinking, "I'm not!  I'm not!  I must make them know!
        I'm not dead!"
        Episode 656
        Worldvision Rerun 441
        Tape Date: December 26, 1968 (ABC #261-DRK-68)
        Air Date:  December 30, 1968 Monday
        Writer:    Ron Sproat
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           Amy has taken David to Quentin's hidden room.  Amy tells David, 
        "Quentin wants to see you", but David, saddened by his aunt's death, 
        replies, "I don't want to see anyone".  Amy tells him, "I keep 
        tellling you, your Aunt Elizabeth isn't dead!  Everyone thinks she 
        is, but she isn't!"  David replies, "I don't believe you".  Amy 
        tells him, "Quentin will tell you".  Amy calls for Quentin to 
        appear.  Quentin's music starts to play.  An evil laugh fills the 
           It is a little later.  Quentin has apparently contacted the
        children.  Amy asks David, "Feel better?"  David replies, "Yes".
        Amy tells him, "I told you you'd feel better after talking to
        Quentin".  David remarks, "We'd better go down and do it".  Amy
        asks, "Why does he want us to do it?"  David replies, "We're
        not supposed to ask any questions, just do it". 
           Barnabas is at Collinwood.  Mrs. Johnson asks him if he's
        managed to contact Roger in London and tell him the bad news about
        Elizabeth yet.  Barnabas replies that he hasn't. Mrs. Johnson asks
        Barnabas why he isn't making funeral arrangements yet.  Barnabas
        explains to Mrs. Johnson Elizabeth's strange requests, that
        arrangements have already been made, that Elizabeth's entombment
        won't be an ordinary one and will be secret.  Moments later, a man
        comes calling*.  He tells them he's from the funeral home and is
        saddened to learn of Elizabeth's death.  Barnabas asks the man how
        he found out.  The man replies that someone from Collinwood - a man -
        had telephoned him and told him.  Barnabas tells him, "It must have
        been some sort of mistake" and sends the man away.
           David and Amy go up to the hidden room and apoligizes to
        Quentin for failing, telling him David made the telephone call as
        ordered, but Barnabas sent the man away.
           Barnabas tells Maggie he thinks it would be a good idea
        for him to take the children away from Collinwood for awhile
        and asks her if she'd be willing to come along on an extended
        visit to Boston in a few days to take care of them.  Maggie
        replies yes.  Later, he tells the children about the trip.
        They pretend to be delighted with the idea, but after Barnabas
        leaves, wonder what to do, as Quentin has told them never to
        leave the house.
           Mrs. Johnson and Maggie are in Vicky's room, packing Vicky's
        clothes and things away.  While packing away a green dress,
        they reminisce about how beautiful Vicky was in it.  Barnabas 
        comes in and tells Maggie to be ready in a few days.  Mrs. Johnson 
        tells Barnabas she's packing up Vicky's things and asks him what he
        want's her to do with them.  Seeing Vicky's things upsets Barnabas, 
        and he tells her, "Throw them away, burn them, do whatever you 
        wants with them!"  She shows him Josette's music box and asks about 
        that, saying, "I know you gave it to her.  I thought you'd like it 
        back".  The upsets Barnabas even more, and he tells Mrs. Johnson he 
        doesn't care what she does with that either.  Maggie lifts the lid 
        to the music box and listens to the music for a couple of seconds, 
        but doesn't seem to have any memory of it.  She shuts the lid and 
        puts it in a box with the rest of Vicky's things.  Maggie and
        Mrs. Johnson finish packing up Vicky's things, and Mrs. Johnson
        leaves.  Barnabas and Maggie talk briefly, then Maggie leaves
        too.  Barnabas tells himself, "Vicky, I've got to forget you!
        I've got to!". 
           David and Amy go to Quentin's hidden room and asks Quentin 
        what he wants them to do... 
           Maggie comes out of the drawing room into the foyer.  At the
        same time, Mrs. Johnson comes out from the door under the stairs.
        Mrs. Johnson tells Maggie she's put Vicky's things down in the 
        basement because she couldn't bear to throw them away.  Maggie
        tells Mrs. Johnson that she can't find the children, that she's
        been looking for them.  While they are talking, David and Amy
        come out of the secret passage into the drawing room. Maggie
        hears the piano in the drawing room playing.  She goes in and finds 
        them in there.  This surprises her, as she had just searched there. 
        She tells the children this and asks them how it's possible.  They
        laugh and tell her they were hiding in the drawing room all alone as
        a joke.
           Maggie goes upstairs to her room (formerly Vicky's), to
        unpack her clothes.  She goes to the armoire but finds that
        Vicky's clothes have returned.  She loudly calls Mrs. Johnson and
        shows her this, but Mrs. Johnson tells her, "I put those clothes 
        in the basement.  You saw me taking them down there yourself".   
        She suggests, "It's a sign!  It's a message!"  Having heard 
        Maggie's loud calls for Mrs. Johnson,  Barnabas comes into the 
        room and asks what's wrong.  Maggie tells him about Vicky's clothes 
        reappearing in the room Mrs. Johnson continues, "It's a sign from 
        Vicky!  She's trying to reach us and tells us she's coming back!"  
        Episode 657
        Worldvision Rerun 442
        Tape Date: December 23, 1968 (ABC #262-DRK-68)
        Air Date:  December 31, 1968 Tuesday
        Writer:    Gordon Russell
        Director:  Henry Kaplan

           This upsets Barnabas again.  Mrs. Johnson points out that
        the music box is back too, sitting on a table, then exclaims,
        "Her scent!  The scent of lilacs, the perfume Vicky always
        wore!".  Barnabas dismisses this, saying, "Of course.  This
        was Vicky's room.  Of course you'd smell her perfume in here"
        and tells Mrs. Johnson to leave.  Maggie asks, "Barnabas, do
        you really think she's trying to reach us?"  Barnabas replies,
        "NO!  She'll never return.  We'll have to face that fact whether
        we like it or not!". Amy and David come into the room, pretending 
        to be excited about their upcoming trip. Amy tells Barnabas that 
        they've taken the clothing they want to take with them out and 
        asks for help in packing them.  Maggie accompanies Amy to her room 
        to help her pack,  David going along too.  After they all leave,
        Barnabas picks up Josette's music box, opens the lid and plays
        the music. 
          But when Maggie, Amy and David get to Amy's room, all the 
        clothing which Amy says she had put on the bed are back in the 
        armoire.  Maggie is baffled.  Barnabas comes into the room.
        David tells him what happened.  Amy theorizies, "Maybe someone 
        doesn't want us to go away!" and asks, "Do you know who, Barnabas?".
        Barnabas replies that he thinks they're making too much out of
        nothing and tells them to pack. 
           Chris comes to Collinwood and asks Mrs. Johnson, "Has Amy
        gotten any visitors recently?  In particular, I'm talking about
        my cousin Joe Haskell.  I've been looking for him for several
        days and haven't been able to find him".  Mrs. Johnson tells
        him that Joe had been here.  Chris asks who Joe talked to.  Mrs. 
        Johnson replies that she thinks he talked to Barnabas.
           Maggie helps Amy pack.  David and Amy asks Maggie, "Maggie,
        I heard you and Barnabas talking.  Why did Vicky leave?  No one
        really explained it to me".  Maggie replies, "She went away
        with her husband.  She went to live where he lives, far, far
        away".  David asks, "Will she write to me?  It's funny that
        she hasn't written to me already".  Maggie, visibly upset by
        all this, now becomes angry at David and shouts at him to stop,
        then apologizes, saying she has a headache.  She continues 
        packing for Amy.  The children look at each other and smile.
           Barnabas comes down into the foyer to talk to Chris.  He
        tells Chris, "Come into the drawing room.  There's something
        I want to talk to you about".  They go into the drawing room.
        Chris nervously asks, "What's it about?"  Barnabas replies,
        "It's about Amy".  Chris, sounding relieved, says, "Oh, Amy".
        Barnabas tells Chris, "I'm planning to take her on a trip to Boston.
        Do I have your permission to take her?"  Chris replies, "If she 
        wants to go, fine.  Sorry if I seem distracted, but I have something
        else on my mind.  I've been looking for Joe Haskell for a few days.
        I heard he'd been here".  Barnabas replies, "Yes, here.  Be prepared
        for a shock.  Joe is mentally ill.  He tried to kidnap Amy.  He
        was sayin all sorts of strange things".  Chris asks, "What?"  
        Barnabas replies, "I don't remember.  He wasn't very coherent".
        Barnabas notes, "You don't seem very surprised.  Why?"  Chris 
        replies, "I've seen it coming for quite some time".  
           Maggie finishes packing Amy's things and leaves.  Amy tells
        David, "David, it isn't working!"   David replies, "It is. 
        You can see they're becoming scared".  Amy points out, "But not
        scared enough!  We're still going to Boston!".  David replies,
        "Then we'll just have to scare them some more".  Amy asks, "How?"
        David replies, "I don't know.  I'll just have to ask Quentin.
        He'll know.  Don't worry.  We'll never have to leave this house!"
           David goes and tells Mrs. Johnson, "Mrs. Johnson!  My clothes! 
        They've come back in my closet too!"  Mrs. Johnson, getting 
        suspicious now, asks, "David, you children aren't playing a prank, 
        are you?"  David denies it and suggests, "Maybe someone's playing
        a prank on US!  Maybe a ghost!"  Mrs. Johnson seems to becomes
        frightened by this.
           Later that night, Maggie is in her room reading a book.
        Josette's music box opens by itself and starts to play.
        Maggie finds a note on the dresser.  It reads, "I am alone.
        Help me!  Help me!".  
           Barnabas is down in the drawing room with the children.
        Amy asks, "Will you take us to the Boston zoo?"  Barnbas
        replies, "If you're good, Amy".  Amy remarks, "I've never been
        to a zoo before".  David tells her, "You'll love it!  It's lots
        of fun!".  
           Maggie rushes downstairs into the drawing room, where she finds 
        the children talking to Barnabas, pretending to be excited about 
        seeing the Boston zoo.  She tells Barnabas, "I've got to talk to 
        you!"  and tells the children to go to bed.  The children
        pretend to leave, but actually hide in the foyer and eavesdrop.
           Maggie tells Barnabas, "I found this in my room.  The music
        box started to play all by itself, then I found this on bureau".
        Barnabas reads the note and gasps, "I didn't want to believe
        it before!".  Maggie asks, "Do you think Vicky is trying to 
        contact us?"  Barnabas replies, "Yes".  Maggie asks, "What are
        we going to do?"  Barnabas replies, "There's one thing we can't
        do.  We can't leave this house.  Vicky needs our help and we're
        going to and help her!".
           The children go upstairs, ecstactic that their plan to
        stop the trip has worked.  But then Amy notes, "But Maggie also
        said the music box opened by itself.  Quentin can't do that!"
        David says, "That's right!".  Amy asks, "Then who did do it?"
        David replies, "I don't know".  

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